Where We Belong (2019) Movie Script

Have you been abroad before?
No, it's my first time.
First time? And in Finland?
Not bad don't you think?
Why do you deserve to be selected
for this scholarship?
Because I passed all
the requirements.
Can I answer like this?
Don't ask me.
Now, can you tell me about yourself?
Well then...
What do you know about Finland?
Well... I don't know but...
It's probably cold.
And why did you choose Finland?
I just picked anywhere
to get away from here.
Come on! Who would let you pass
with an answer like that?
But you told me to tell the truth.
I simply told you to be yourself.
Some truths don't have to be
told, right?
So... be myself,
but don't say everything I think.
Can we try again?
Sun, rice stick noodles
for table 7 is ready.
Check, please.
Table 7, here you go.
Good morning.
Hello Belle.
Hi. Thank you.
- So, have you told your dad?
- Yeah.
How was it?
Not good.
Don't worry.
You guys will be okay.
He's your father.
He'll forgive you anyway.
What did I do wrong?
Why would he have to forgive me?
Pook, what's up.
What the hell did
you do to your hair?
C'mon, we've finished high school, dude.
Can I do what I want for just a bit?
I think it's too much.
Seriously, you like this style?
Not really, they messed it up.
I even showed the
hairdresser a photo.
But she said my face
wasn't right for it.
So she did this to me instead.
I was confused.
It's my freakin' head!
Bad luck.
Why is everybody
here in this gaming place?
Don't they have homes to go back to?
Nobody wants to be home these days.
There's so much pressure
from their parents.
No, I know my results already.
What? That's quick.
Home Economics.
Wow, good for you. Congratulations!
Wait, since when did
you dig home economics?
Bitch, I'm not like Sue.
I can't even chop vegetables.
It's called strategy.
I had to choose something
easy that I was sure to get into.
If I didn't have a place to study
my parents would give me hell.
Now I'm the only one who has
to wait for the next round?
What about you?
Going all the way to Finland?
That's why I'm here.
You've gone abroad before, right?
Tell me how to prepare.
Well, my only
international trip is...
Does that count?
Poipet, where is that?
Where is it?
They only have...
May I help you?
You work here?
Miss, how many days
are you going abroad for?
So I can recommend a proper size.
How many days...
How the hell would I know?
The pattern sucks.
It's all I could afford anyway.
Better save money for Finland.
I didn't know suitcases
are this expensive.
I think the prices are normal.
I had no idea.
Then it must be durable.
Can I go faster?
I guess.
Sue, where are you going?
Tips for packing a suitcase.
Tips? Really?
One website at a time, would you?
I'm clicking them all just in case.
Wow, that's quite a list.
universal adaptor.
What is that?
Is this one universal?
Do you know the difference?
A passport.
Ouch! My foot!
You move over!
You look so dorky!
I took it before my mom died.
Little Sue.
Yes, that's me.
Put that away.
No, let me take a look at it first.
I've never had one yet.
Aloe Vera.
For sunburn?
USB Hub.
For charging stuff.
Toss it here.
It's very old.
Ziplock bags.
Where did I put it?
- Two sizes.
- Shit!
TSA Lock.
There isn't any information here.
Try another website.
I don't know what it is either.
Is it read ta-sa?
Ta-sa my ass.
Ah, I see.
Wet tissue.
This is extremely important,
because normal tissues
will make your butt itch.
I don't think I can finish it.
Let's do it this way.
It's simple.
Pile all your belongings
in the middle of the room.
Then pick only what you need
and ditch what you don't.
You aren't helping me at all.
You're just reading cartoons.
Return it to Yok for me then.
Hey. I've got an idea.
- What?
- Let's make a checklist.
Sanitary napkins, too...
Yeah, and menstrual cramps pills.
- Maybe they will have those there.
- But I don't know what it's called.
Don't forget to group them. What you
already have and what you need to buy.
- Now you draw a dead me.
- I draw you! It looks exactly like you.
I don't have space to write
because of your drawings.
I'm gonna decorate this
some more for you.
Shut up, my drawings look good.
I can't really make it out.
It looks like a dead person.
- I'll do it myself.
- You wrote on me!
- See? You're doing it, too.
- But I'm better at it than you are.
- Because I'm good at this and you're not.
- No.
- Get outta here!
- What the hell is that supposed to be?
Is that everything?
Only ten things?
But I think that's enough.
I'm tired.
I think it's not
fair to blame Jenny.
Nowadays, acting talent is useless
if you are ugly.
But it's the talk of the town because
her ex feels like she fooled him.
They feel the face they love
is not real, it's fake. Right?
That's why she had to lie.
People can't accept the truth,
but it's her face.
She didn't kill anyone.
So... how about you?
Would you want to try a makeover
if you get the chance?
Do you want a new face?
Of course. I wanna go to Korea.
I'm gonna be a Korean girl.
If I had a new face,
I'd have a new life.
And I can flirt with anybody.
I can be a bitch.
All right. Okay, okay.
So, you finally passed?
You have to take these extra documents
to their office in Bangkok.
Can I just send them by e-mail?
Nope. You'll have to have
your interview there as well.
How's it going?
Have you practiced at all?
It would do you good to find
some information about Finland.
Are you excited?
Not really.
Really? You're not nervous at all?
I usually watch
videos on YouTube and...
Also tons of foreign movies.
I really don't think
it's going to be the same.
You know,
When I traveled for the first
time... I was terrified.
- No way!
- It's true!
Even now,
I still get nervous when I travel.
But you have been to so
many, many places.
Have you ever sat on a plane before?
I hate airplanes.
Every time I decide to stay somewhere
it's when the plane is landing.
On the outside is a
land unfamiliar to us.
It greets us with
a booing and threatening sound.
Wherever we go,
it's always the same.
Do you miss Germany?
I'm never going back there.
Set prac... practice.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Did he say he loves me?
That Sue. Thought she'd never
return them in this life.
That's why she asked me
to return them instead.
Check out those giant boobies!
Why did they have to cover them up?
What the hell are you doing?
You have to buy the magazines!
I'll spank you!
Let's get outta here.
Dumping my magazines again.
Whoa! Big boobs!
- Perverted brats!
- My boobs are big?
So, will you pay late fees for
Sue, too?
Okay, what is it?
Nothing, really.
Just... What to to about our band?
What's there to do?
I've sent a message into the
chat group and zero response.
Dead silent.
What do you want me to do?
Sue told me that...
She wants to see us play again.
How about this.
On Sunday, you go to mass at church.
Prae and Pahn
will be there to perform anyway.
But the problem is,
they still don't talk to each other.
And what the hell's wrong with you?
Always doing what she tells you to.
Returning books for her.
Regrouping the band for her.
Seriously, are you her
friend or her errand boy?
Do you know she's leaving soon?
So what?
She'll be back before you know it.
Welcome, have a look.
Do you want my dad's style?
They all look the same to me.
The darker ones will be
easier to take care of.
Find anything?
Be careful, the pavement is uneven.
This way, slowly.
Be careful not to fall.
Do you remember my friend, Sue?
She's sitting outside.
Let me comb your hair.
Get your hair out of your face.
That's me. Was I pretty, Grandma?
These are your wedding photos.
How come you're not smiling?
My dad told me to find a part-time job
while waiting for the exam results.
But I prefer to take
care of Grandma.
I don't know how much
longer she'll be with us.
Do you think I can take care of
her without having a job?
Taking care of her
is more of a job than anything else.
Mr. Karn is handsome...
Here we go again.
Mr. Karn lived in
that house over there.
We saw each other every day,
but we never talked.
He kissed me.
Promise me.
You will be here tomorrow same time.
Promise me.
I promised.
But he never came back.
The Legend of Mr. Boob Grab.
Who is Mr. Karn?
Your grandfather?
Hell no.
He liked to grab boobs.
His hands were so soft...
Mom. No, no, you shouldn't do that.
- It's embarrassing!
- It's my boob! I want to touch it!
- Stop it, Mom!
- Leave me! It's my boob!
No, the kids are here...
So, the scholarship that we give.
Will cover the tuition fee
and accommodation fee.
The cost of living there
is still quite expensive.
Do you think that
you will be able to handle that?
What skill or special
talent do you have?
In case we can find a part time job
for you while you're studying.
Are we doing an interview right now?
Not really.
But, the way it is...
That's a direct question
that I'm asking you.
I can answer bluntly, right?
Other than English,
the only thing I'm good at is...
Cooking noodles.
Would you like
to open a noodle shop in Finland?
Yes, maybe.
As for your study there,
do you have a goal or a dream?
I don't have a dream yet.
Is getting away from here
considered a dream?
I mean,
If I don't go,
I will not know what my dream is.
But I think that if I go to Finland,
which has the best
education in the world,
It might help me to
find my dream easier.
You have some missing documents.
You need a signed testimonial
from your parents.
But I'm already 18.
Technically, I don't need
a signature from parents.
You're only 18,
of course you need it.
But 18-year-olds have
the right to vote.
Have you voted before?
Okay, you can send
it to me by e-mail.
As long as it's before the deadline.
Why does it look so little in foreign
currency? Only a few thousand.
Is this the place they say
the milk tea is good?
How would I know?
- This one!
- Cute! What's that?
- Egg yolk?
- Ice-cream?
I don't know. Anything is fine.
You want one?
No way.
- A small one won't hurt so much.
- So? It's still going to hurt.
Those pants are cool.
I'm going to get them.
The ad says to be yourself,
so why would you imitate them?
You have to find your
own kind of pants.
Shit, that's too deep.
Hello, Belle!
Hi, honey! Belle.
What have you been up to?
- Hello.
- Hi, Sue!
You're so beautiful I don't even
recognize you! Gee, I'm old.
Sue, you're doing well?
Yes, ma'am.
And you, sweetie?
Kinda... okay.
How about your entrance exam? I can't
wait to hear about the results!
If you get a seat in Bangkok,
will you come and stay with me?
Sue, I heard you're
going to Finland?
Aw, what a smart girl.
Does your scholarship
cover accommodation?
I think so, but I have to pay for
miscellaneous expenses myself.
Super! Belle,
do you want to go like Sue?
But I think English
is also very important.
How about this,
I'll pay Sue to be your English
tutor while she's still in Thailand.
What did you say?
Sounds good?
You guys just speak to each other
in English. It's perfect!
I don't think it's a good idea.
You don't?
Okay, let's order something.
This is the food menu, the drinks menu
and this is the Italian food menu.
Thank you.
Go ahead and order
anything you want.
Can I have the shrimp
fried rice please?
Make it two, please.
You think that's a good idea?
How about I order for you.
Let me see...
We'll have the signature lobster,
And Caesar salad.
And Parma ham pizza, please.
Belle, this is so cute. Try it out.
You like it?
Seems like you don't.
How about this one?
Your jean jacket is
a little too boyish.
I think this one is better.
Very pretty.
Let's put them in the trunk.
Let's go.
- Belle, why don't you come sit with me?
- I want to sit with Sue in the back.
I can't believe
today is almost over.
Is my driving okay? Smooth enough?
Do you have fun hanging with me?
You want to sleep, to talk
or watch TV in the car?
I don't usually talk much...
Let's get more snacks
for the two of you.
Belle, take good care of
yourself, okay?
Don't worry.
Come here. Let me give you a hug.
My sweet girl. Belle.
I hate it.
Don't you want to go live
with your mom in Bangkok?
I'll probably be... uncomfortable.
And if I do, who will help
my dad take care of Grandma?
I don't want to be like my mom.
I don't want to end up
like your grandma either.
Ready to help those
with weary hearts.
Return to His kindness.
Surrender your life to His Grace.
Look at them.
They're not even
looking at each other.
Believe in the Lord.
Take comfort in his solace.
He's the rock of your life.
they both have a crush on Tong?
He is the Lord. He is the strength.
See the world as our...
Hey, isn't that Mr. Choke?
Why did he attend mass?
Isn't he a Buddhist?
Buddhists, Christians,
everybody prays here these days.
You really want our gang to split
up while still holding grudges?
The one who holds a grudge is Pahn,
not me.
The other day my mom lost her ring,
so she made a vow here.
She eventually found it.
She fulfilled her vow by presenting
a giant bouquet of flowers.
So if you're worried about anything,
try praying to God.
Sue is going to leave soon.
Let's play for her.
We've got nothing to lose.
Why do we have to play for her?
And why the hell not?
If I make a wish and get what I want,
does that mean I have to come back here?
Why? You're not
planning to come back?
Don't fret over it.
Sue's not even in the band.
Even though she's not in the band, but
she did bring all of us together.
If it wasn't for me,
this band wouldn't have been formed.
Well, the band isn't
making it anyway!
That's a shame.
You two were best friends.
You're so nosy.
I'm just sayin'.
Can I ask you honestly?
What went wrong
between you and Prae?
Is it about Tong?
Not your business.
You and Mew stopped talking
to each other for two years,
and I never stuck my
nose in to ask any questions.
You guys wait here.
So, which one do you like? Pick one.
You give them hope. You've
turned best friends into enemies.
Yeah, you gotta pick one.
I don't like either of them.
We're waiting for you.
You should have
called me up earlier.
Now the band's complete!
Stratosphere is back
and ready to kick ass!
I really want to know who the fuck
gave the band that name.
- This one. In front of you.
- Yes, me.
No wonder we don't become famous.
That name is such a mouthful.
Don't blame me! I love the band so
much I gave it such a beautiful name.
It was well thought through
and has a deep meaning.
What is it?
Stratosphere is the last layer
of the Earth's atmosphere.
- Where humans can breathe.
- Hey!
Is that Mew?
Hey, guys.
You're working here?
That's our table. Over there.
We're all here.
So how are you guys doing?
- We're fine. You?
- Like you see here.
Wow, you look so
sexy in this outfit.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- One more time?
- Okay.
My bad again. Guess I'm hungry.
- What does that have to do with anything?
- I want chicken with sticky rice.
- Do you know where we can find it?
- At the entrance to our street?
- Let's go.
- Sounds good.
If you guys are not going to take it
seriously, I say we should quit.
Pahn, chill out.
No, I won't.
The reason this band is goin' nowhere
is because no one takes it seriously.
Honestly, I never believed
we'd pull this off.
Playing drums in your tank top and you
expect anyone to care about your music?
They'll only come to check out
your little rack.
Bitch, you've crossed the line.
But it's true.
- Why? Do my little boobs bother you?
- Yes, they do.
Hey, don't get worked up on this.
Why do you always treat your friends
like this? What do you want from us?
I had to sneak out and now this!
So why don't you
start taking it seriously?
Told you I'm starving!
Sue, where are you going?
We're all here because
you wanted this!
Bitches, I'm outta here.
Go on, get out of here.
I will!
What's it going to be, Dad?
You're not going to sign it?
Don't you want to
continue your dad's business?
I can't imagine myself doing that.
But I'm sure you can
without much effort.
And why does she have to do it?
Why is it her burden to bear.
Has any of you ever even asked her
if she really wants to do it?
And how would you know!
Of course I know!
She told me hates the smell of noodles
that's always on her clothes.
Belle, that's enough!
You have to continue
your family's legacy.
It's a cultural heritage of our
town, this herbal pork noodle.
Didn't you hear what I just said?
Keep the stupid
heritage to yourself!
I said enough!
What the hell is wrong with you?
I'm defending you here.
You don't have to speak up for me
all the time.
You think I'm intruding?
I'm on your side.
We're not that close
that you can speak for me.
So I have to be as close to
you as Mew to speak for you?
That's too much.
I can't even mention her name.
I know you only want
me as her substitute.
You're talking rubbish now.
Then explain it to me!
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Everyone was there last night.
For who?
So what? It didn't work out anyway!
You think you're a fucking princess
that everyone has to put up
with your shit all the time?
And what are you
going to do about it?
Leave me alone then!
You don't have
to fucking come help me pack.
I don't want to see
your face anymore.
Go wherever the hell you want to go.
You're not planning to
come back anyway, right?
Eat shit!
Next time you're going to blow a
steam, give us a warning first.
So we can take
precautions for the shop.
Does this look like his signature?
I bought this for you.
Do you think I'm that kinky?
Wow, thank you.
These also. You sneaked in to
try them on all the time, right?
For real?
Are you happy that I'm leaving?
Not so fast.
Do you think you have the final say?
No, too much fat.
I'll choose it myself.
I'm usually the one to do it anyway.
What the hell?
What do you want me to do?
What I'm doing right now,
I'm doing it for you.
So will you at least let me pick
a piece of meat by myself?
I pick the good pieces,
so what's your problem?
Why are you here today exactly?
To stop me from going to Finland?
You know more about this meat than
about that entire shit country.
Because I only know about this shit meat,
I've never learned about anything else!
Make it good, Sun.
Don't mess it up.
You'll look like a mess
if you keep complaining.
What did you do to Dad again?
He got so mad he almost slapped me
in front of everyone in the market.
I saw him come back and just
sits there sulking in his room.
This isn't what you call angry.
Seriously, Sun.
Are you sure you can
take care of the shop?
Well, I don't know.
But once you're gone,
it won't be your problem anymore.
Please welcome our trainers.
I've already heard.
What took you so long to tell me?
Just save the best for last.
My exam results are out, too.
I got into Fisheries
at a university here.
That's awesome. No surprise there.
You're smart.
You helped me with math.
So I've helped you all
the way to Finland.
Cool, you can train dolphins.
Seems like it's my calling.
They are not tamed
right at the beginning, right?
You mean dolphins?
Just give them a lot of food,
show them a lot of love.
Build mutual trust,
and they'll listen to you.
You're very good
when it comes to dolphins.
I'm sorry I won't be around anymore.
It's okay.
It's a great opportunity.
That day... we went a bit too far.
But I really feel that way.
I know.
Too bad, we'll never know
what will become of it...
Do you really have to go?
Why should I stay here?
Why not just leave...
to be somewhere, anywhere.
I don't know any other places.
And it's good enough for me here.
Is it not good enough for you, Sue?
I don't know.
It probably is good enough.
If you feed them enough...
Show them lots of love...
They'll do what you want, right?
The dolphins, I mean.
Let's talk.
Come on. Let's talk properly.
How long are you
going to let me talk to myself?
Come on.
People will think I'm crazy, talking
to myself in front of a fridge.
It's lonely, packing by myself.
Come back and help me.
Do it yourself.
I won't intrude again.
You've always been this touchy.
Are you really here to make up?
I'm here to meet Sue.
She's lost a document so
I'm bringing her a new copy.
I'm meeting Sue here as well!
Me too!
Where is she now?
May I sit here with you?
Okay. Please sit.
Do you want to eat something?
What would you like?
I like...
White men...
- This is also delicious. It's recommended.
- All right.
Happy now?
He will give me a
discount for his class.
But you don't plan to go anywhere,
why study English?
To become his wife.
It's beautiful.
Whose song?
I wrote it myself.
I like it.
I wrote it for you.
Just because you set me up, doesn't
mean I'm still not mad at you.
You're too much.
Ma'am, do you have a minute?
I'm not interested. Thank you.
Auntie, do you have a minute?
Why did you bring me here?
You told me you wanted to
clear things with her.
Tell me honestly...
why did you two fight?
You guys were so close.
Even closer than me.
It was some dumb shit.
I'm listening.
Do you have to know everything?
Why is everyone calling me
nosy these days?
Thank you.
Are you running away
from a customer?
I'm going to study abroad.
You've heard, right?
I miss the time when
we were friends.
When I saw other
friends greeting you,
hanging out with you.
I feel empty.
Like I'm invisible.
Like I don't exist.
And I hate that feeling.
I'm tired of ignoring you.
Avoiding you.
What can I do to make things better?
I really don't know
what I did wrong.
But I'm here to apologize to you.
Are you done?
That day... I shouldn't have told
anybody about your...
And I even left you alone.
You used to be my best friend.
She came all the way here to talk
to you! Why are you being so rude!
Fuck off!
Fuck you!
Stop it!
I shouldn't have meddled
with your problems.
Everything is a mess.
It's not your fault.
One night I had a dream.
In the dream I was talking to Mew.
Talking like nothing
had happened between us.
But it was really strange.
Like I was aware
that it was definitely a dream.
And when I realized that,
I knew it will never
happen in real life.
I cried like a baby.
Like a crazy person.
Then everything around me...
Started to fade away.
Leaving me alone in the dark world.
Everything I thought I
had wasn't mine at all.
I wasn't even in there?
It's just a dream.
Don't read too much into it.
Sometimes I don't understand you.
You always keep your distance.
I tried to be a part of your life
but you don't let me in.
And it really makes me sad,
that I can't understand you.
Like I'm a shitty friend.
None of this is your fault.
I'm sorry, Belle.
That this is the best I can do.
You are not the owner
of you own life.
You are also not the owner of the breath
that goes in and out of your nostrils.
Everywhere gives you a sense of
familiarity and takes it back.
Everyone makes you
believe what is right
and will turn you away,
just like you do unto others.
Whose is this?
Don't know.
Maybe my mom's.
Your mom read this kind of stuff?
My mom was sometimes so eccentric.
I still don't get why
she ended up marrying Dad.
She kept saying
that my dad gave up too easily.
I don't understand.
Is life meant to be this sad?
Do you want to take this with you?
What if I suddenly change my mind
and cancel everything.
Everyone is going to be so confused,
After all, I've gone around
saying goodbye to everyone.
Who cares if they are confused?
You just won't be going.
You're not the center
of the universe.
You can change your mind
whenever you want.
If I don't go, will you be happy?
Of course.
Can I hug you?
You're heavy.
Your hair stinks.
Let's go.
My daughter is going abroad.
I tried to stop her,
but she won't listen.
So I want her
to say goodbye to her mother.
Where are you going, honey?
How are you, my dear?
I made an offering last month,
did you receive them?
The fish balls were delicious.
Sue is about to leave.
I couldn't stop her.
We have to let our daughter go.
She needs to live her own life.
Say hi to your mother.
Say goodbye to her, Sue.
What's wrong with you people?
Excuse me, sir.
I just don't buy this hogwash.
You can fool anyone you'd like.
But don't try to fool me.
You haven't changed at all.
So headstrong.
Just like her mother.
This is insane!
Stop this nonsense!
Her heart was taken out of her body.
How could she be here?
Your wife has donated her
organs to the hospital.
Has the family been
informed about this?
What do I have to do?
Actually, your signature
is already on the
document as a witness.
You'll just have to sign the consent
form to allow the donation to proceed.
She forged my signature for sure.
We would appreciate
if you could make a decision now.
It's a matter of life and
death for another patient.
- It's what your mother wanted.
- Dad...
Dad! Don't do this!
Dad! No!
My body, my organs...
don't mean anything at all.
What remains is my spirit
that still watches over everyone.
This isn't funny.
I don't blame you.
It was me who told you...
that we both didn't
belong in this place.
Have you closed the bank account?
I'm sorry
that I couldn't save
up more for you.
This isn't right.
Yes, it's your mother.
No, this is not her.
Your heart is in another body.
How could you be here?
Is it really you, Mom?
You said you'd be going to heaven.
Why did you come back?
I've been there, dear,
but then I realized
that I wasn't as happy in heaven
as when I was here.
So I came back.
To be with everyone.
Because I still care for all of you.
I found out that...
even though I never
liked this place,
And I never felt
like I belonged here,
There's no need to run away.
Why don't you try to make it better
right here?
I miss you, Mom.
I talk to you every night.
Do you hear me?
Of course.
I hear you.
I hear Sun.
I hear your father.
I hear everybody.
If you really want to go,
I won't stop you.
I just hope that the new place
will truly become yours.
I miss you.
I've missed you, too.
I signed it.
I know how tough
the women in this family are.
Can I ask you one thing?
You have to come back.
Check, please.
Sue. It's time for class.
Special discount 50 baht.
- Yesterday I...
- Learned.
Okay, let's just remember to...
Keep the past tense
in the assignments.
And I noticed that there's
still a little bit of a problem.
With the past and present tense.
How was your class, Sue?
So so, not that bad.
How about Ja-ae? I saw your
romantic messages in Line.
Don't be shy.
Tell me who he is.
- I saw you that day with someone.
- What did you see?
It's nothing special. Studying in
Bangkok you have to make some friends.
I'm still single.
What kind of adults
will we grow up to be?
Aren't we grown-ups already?
I'm talking about in ten, 20 years.
Maybe we'll grow up to become the
kind of adults that we used to hate.
When we get to that point in life,
and think back about your old self
20 years ago,
I bet you won't remember much.
Mr. David Gural,
an Australian science professor
aged 104, has arrived in Switzerland
with his family
and his favourite dog
to bid him final farewell.
Surrounded by reporters, asking
him about his intention to undergo.
Euthanasia. Mr. Gural said he was glad
to have moved on to the final step.
Before meeting with his doctor later today
and a press conference on Wednesday.
Do you remember when
we were in 10th grade?
When I was punished?
It wasn't just me actually.
All my friends ran away so
I had to take the blame.
What a hero.
I had a crush on
you since that year.
Pull over.
What's wrong?
Hey, Sue?
- Who the fuck are you?
- Can you stop being a cunt?
- What was that for?
- Why can't you be better.
Butt out! Fuck off, bitch!
Give me back my mother's heart!
What the fuck are you talking about?
Hey! Knock it off!
Are you okay?
Can you get up?
You once told me
if it doesn't work,
I'll have to make it work.
I lied to you.
It'll never work.
Where is Sue?