Where Your Heart Belongs (2022) Movie Script

Another night, another party
with my favorite
brand consultant.
So, which brand
do we want to tackle next?
I heard
the Goldmine people are here.
I heard they were looking
for a new marketing team.
I know...
But what, Tristen?
Mac, you know I'm not one
to sugarcoat the hard stuff...
Okay, so don't start now.
Goldmine is simply the best.
What, they're going
with the self-proclaimed
branding selfie queen!
Seems to be
the trend these days.
What about authenticity?
It doesn't even make sense.
She's an influencer.
They're gonna trust their brand
to one person?
Trust me, I know.
What about
the Hamperton account?
They're going with Jasmine, too?
Look, I wanted to make sure
my gossip was correct,
but, clearly, it is.
Jasmine started
a whole network of influencers,
young up-and-comers
who follow her brand style
without the established
influencer pricing
to peddle the products.
I can't believe this.
I thought all these accounts
were in the bag.
Me too, girl.
Talk about a low blow.
Listen, this just means
that we, a.k.a. you,
need to work a little harder
on the pizzazzy side
of social media.
I can't believe this many people
will line up for breakfast
on a weekday.
Well, most of these people
probably aren't pediatricians
who work 16 hours a day, so...
It looks good, though.
Thank you so much
for meeting me,
especially after
last night's news.
That's what best friends
are for,
plus I could not do
another hospital lunch.
The timing is perfect, though,
because I actually have...
something to talk to you about.
I still can't believe
that she won.
I mean, "Most Influential
Marketer of the Year"?
Mac, you are awesome,
and you are real.
Your clients will remember that,
and they'll come back.
Tristen said I just need
to add some more pizzazz
to my branding.
Maybe I'll start by,
you know,
capturing original moments,
like this beautiful plate.
You don't need...
big eggs
to compete with that girl.
You're brilliant.
Now, can you put your phone?
Because I need
to ask you something.
Right. I'm sorry. Hi.
Mac, you've always been there
for me when I needed you.
Well, I need you again
for my wedding...
back home...
in two weeks.
Two weeks?
We're moving the wedding up.
By a lot!
You know how I always wanted
to get married
at St. Augustine's,
but they're booked
straight through?
Well, they called yesterday,
and they've had a cancellation,
and if I don't book now,
we'll have to wait
another year, minimum.
You know I love Stuart,
and I'm gonna marry him
so who cares if the wedding
is nine months earlier
than planned?
I'm so happy for you, Liv.
Happy enough
that you'll come home
to Sweet Grove
and help me get it organized?
Sure. When?
And you're driving.
Ready to go home, country girl?
See what you've done, Stuart?
You can't be mad
for a guy wanting to marry
the love of his life, can you?
No, but I wouldn't mind
some photo ops
from a destination wedding
in the south of France.
France smance.
Oh, by the way,
thanks for helping us out
while I'm on call
at the hospital.
You know I appreciate it.
Yeah, of course.
There's nothing
I wouldn't do for you all.
I can't wait for the honeymoon.
All right, enough PDA.
Come on.
I don't want to get a ticket.
Let's go.
Bye! Love you!
See you next week!
Last chance to have
a sleek city wedding
and save us a trip
to our sleepy town.
You're so hard on Sweet Grove.
Is it the beautiful vistas
you find so unbearable?
Or is it because you hate
that you can't check your phone
when you're driving up there?
Sweet Grove.
Yup, it's definitely been
a minute since I've been back,
that's for sure.
Oh, Mac...
I'm such an idiot.
I didn't even think about it.
You haven't been there
since your mom's funeral.
I have not,
but hey, this trip
isn't about me,
it's about you.
So, what are we talking here?
Short and flirty dress,
or long and sleek?
Super short.
I knew it!
Come on, Mac, you have to admit,
Sweet Grove is cute.
It's small enough
that the Ma and Pop stores
are still in business,
but big enough that it still has
all the amenities we need
to plan the wedding.
Okay, so what
am I tackling first?
Venue? Catering? Flowers?
Let's start
the way life should be...
Dessert first.
Okay, wedding cake testing.
All right, that'll be fun.
The wedding cake testing
will be later,
and you can handle that,
but I was thinking
two of the diner's
famous chocolate shakes
for old times' sakes.
Is that Rainnie?
Hey, Rainnie.
Hey, girls.
Are you back in town?
Yeah. You still making
those famous
chocolate shakes of yours?
Don't you know it.
We'll take two.
Coming up.
Planning will be easy-peasy,
especially with the help
of your assistant.
No. No, no, no, not exactly.
I recruited my cousin
to help you.
Your cousin?
Dylan. You know,
who works for your dad?
Yeah, right. I remember.
I know who Dylan is,
thank you very much.
Hopefully, that thing
between you two
doesn't get in the way.
We didn't have a thing.
Not even a little one?
You're being serious,
aren't you?
Dylan is going to be my new
wedding planning assistant?
He's my cousin,
and he's Stuart's best friend.
We can't get everything done
without his help.
Then touch.
Don't worry.
He's much older
and not nearly as handsome
as he was when you last saw him,
which was when?
You two got pretty close
when your mom was sick.
Yeah, we did.
He's still really close
to your dad.
Yeah, so I've heard.
Stuart and I talk
about it a lot.
Thank you.
How it always seemed like
he wished he was with you,
even when we were kids.
Okay, the girlfriend
he got engaged to
makes your statement to me
make no sense.
He's currently single.
You didn't tell me that.
Well, you told me
not to talk about him.
Right, yeah, totally.
Don't look at me like that.
Like what?
Like that.
All right.
Okay, great.
Could we get some fries
over here, Rainnie?
A girl who knows
the key to my heart.
Well, aren't you
a sight for sore eyes.
Hey, Dad!
Hey, Bug.
It's so good
to have you back home.
It's good to be home.
Traffic okay?
Yeah, it's not too bad.
All right.
Let's see what you got.
Traveling light, as usual?
Well, actually,
believe it or not,
this is me traveling light.
Good to know
things don't change.
Oh, Dad,
why don't I help you with that?
No, it's okay.
I got it.
How are you feeling, by the way?
Are you asking
about my pacemaker?
I am.
I got a little app on my phone
that tells me it's just fine.
Just asking, is all.
Well, what you should be asking
is if your old man can still tap
more trees in one day
than most people can in a month.
Dad, you're the hardest-working
maple-syrup producer
in the United States.
I don't have to ask
anybody that.
Don't you forget it.
So how is the farm going,
by the way?
Bug, you worry
more than your mother.
It's fine.
All I want to do is go inside,
get a cup of tea,
catch up
with my favorite daughter.
Your only daughter.
Just like I said.
Sorry, I...
didn't recognize you.
you got taller.
Thanks... I guess?
I barely recognized you
without that big old Discman
you used to jog with.
Yeah, yeah.
I've definitely stepped up
my tech game, so...
I guess that comes in handy
for organizing flash mobs.
Flash mobs?
Yeah, that's...
Those aren't a thing anymore.
Oh, right.
Block parties?
I think you should
probably stick to maple syrup.
Where are you getting
all this faulty information
about my events, anyway?
Stuart. Olivia...
and your dad,
who talks about you
all the time.
Though I'm pretty sure
he just thinks
you organize county fairs
in Times Square.
You know,
a Times Square county fair
with the right vintage-y twist
and vendors...
Or hog ties.
There goes my inspiration.
You were being serious?
You know, I don't expect
somebody that thinks
Instagram is a type of cereal
to understand what I do.
There's that biting
Mac Sullivan wit!
Should make wedding planning
a little more interesting.
On that, by the way,
to be clear, I will be doing
all of the wedding planning,
and you are simply
following my directions.
You got it, boss.
Well, the first thing
we need to do
is pick out
a wedding cake, okay?
Let me know when, I'll be there.
Great. All right.
Cell number?
Of course.
Should have figured.
Okay, well, then I will
just send you a message
via pigeon carrier,
and we'll go from there.
Just leave a note on my truck.
It's parked...
Or you'll just tell me
when you see me.
Come over here!
Look! Come here!
I can't believe
it's still there.
We carved that
when we were 16 years old,
kissed right here.
Anyhow, enough about that.
Let me show you inside.
You're gonna love it.
It's so cute!
In here, D!
Long time no see.
When did you two catch up?
A few minutes ago, in fact.
I've just been unloading
these decorations
from the truck.
I'll get the rest,
if that's okay with you, boss?
So what do you think,
Ms. Event Expert?
Isn't this perfect?
Yeah, you know,
it could use a little dusting.
You know, maybe fresh flowers
might be best.
Hey, do you know
if there's Wi-Fi in here?
Last I checked you didn't need
the Internet to get married.
And then we can do dancing
in the garden after dinner
if the weather cooperates.
We'll get a photo booth outside.
Of course,
we've gotta figure out
some sort of lighting set-up.
And we need a stage
for the band.
Remember, think big,
but keep it simple...
The motto for the wedding.
Look, please,
it will be beyond simple.
I just want everyone I love
together in one room
with no distractions.
You're giving me that look
you give me
when you're about to call me...
Saint Olivia?
I don't care if it's not cool.
Hey, I think this is
really, really sweet.
I mean, it's not exactly
the Soho House,
but I promise
I'll work my magic.
I'm sure you will.
In the meantime,
I'm just going
to head back to the farm.
And your pigeon-express mail
never landed.
So are we talking
2:00 p.m., bakery?
1:45 p.m., actually.
Looking forward to it.
Later, cuz.
Don't worry.
I'll keep her in check.
I heard that.
It's the acoustics in here.
Speaking of magic,
when did you two
bump into each other?
Who are you, TMZ?
Well, he's really grown up,
hasn't he?
Yeah, sure,
if by driving a truck
and telling the same lame jokes
that he did in high school
is grown-up,
then, yes,
he's grown up quite a bit.
A little different
than the dot-com-rich,
self-indulging tycoons
you've dated?
I don't know when my dating life
made its way
into your wedding planning.
When my super-hot cousin
seemed to make you blush.
Okay, you know what,
I actually need to go get
some real dot-com work done
so that I cam drum up my work,
so that I can do your work
for your wedding.
But this is
really, really perfect, Liv.
I love it.
Still no Wi-Fi.
Yeah, I see that.
The last of the sap's boiling.
Should have everything bottled
by the end of the week.
Ahead of schedule.
Now we can start
marking trees for next year.
About that, Elliot,
can we discuss the updates
I suggested to you?
Appreciate how hard
you work, Dylan,
but we've been over this.
I know, we have,
but going modern
doesn't take away from the fact
that you built this place
into what it is today.
Yes, it's true we produce
some of the best maple syrup
out there,
but come on, Elliot,
you and I both know
that's not enough
to make ends meet.
Things could be easier for you
if we just invest
in some newer equipment,
which I've told you
I can help with.
Now is not the time.
Until I pass
this business along,
we're going to stay
true to our roots.
Now, I know that may seem
old-fashioned to you,
but that's the way
it's gonna go.
Now, I... I gotta get to work.
I'm done talking about this.
It's nearly impossible to get
cell reception in this town.
Is that so?
So, as I was saying,
this one is chocolate.
- Just chocolate?
- That's what she said.
And this one is...?
Let me know what you choose.
You know, I was thinking,
maybe we could do something,
you know, that makes
a little more of a statement.
Do you have Wi-Fi?
Keep it to five minutes.
Perfect. Amazing.
Okay, so I saw these cakes
on Pinterest
that I think would be
really great.
Okay, here we go.
Maybe like a spiced chai cake,
or a lavender-infused cake?
Or one of these
hand-painted watercolor looks?
I could write their names
on the cake.
Birdie, do you think you could
give us a minute, please?
This isn't Starbucks, Mac.
You know Birdie only makes
two kinds of cake and that's it.
It's been that way
since we were kids.
Remember that time Liv asked her
if she'd make cheesecake
for her birthday?
Birdie's hard no
is definitely coming back to me.
But come on, Dylan,
I mean, this isn't
some 11-year-old's
birthday party.
We're talking about Liv's wedding.
I need it to be perfect.
Perfect for her,
or perfect for you?
What's that supposed to mean?
Liv chose
to have her wedding here
because she loves her hometown,
boring cake flavors and all.
Now, try the chocolate.
It's better than whatever fancy
lava cake you could get in the city.
Okay, I highly doubt that.
Okay, yeah, it is...
It's pretty good.
You think she'd do
a chocolate-vanilla swirl?
No, I don't.
- All right, see you later.
- Okay, see you later.
Sorry, I've got a phone call.
Hey! So is the Big Apple
still shiny without me?
Girl, how long
have you been gone?
Do you still recognize me?
So I've got good news.
I may have let it slip
to a few clients
that the wedding
you ran off to plan
is big...
Like Empire-State-Building big,
like Jasmine's-ego big.
Yeah. What are you trying
to say, Tristen?
I think you know.
Listen, I can't lie.
Who said anything about lying?
I'm talking about spinning.
Country chic is having a moment,
so you might as well
capitalize on that
to get your clients back.
That would be great,
except I have my hands full
trying to save Olivia's wedding
from becoming the most basic
event of the century.
Plus, Liv's super-tall cousin
would never let me
expand the horizon.
I'm sorry, did I just hit
my very symmetrical head?
I thought I just heard
my experiential marketing queen
say that she was letting
someone else
take the reins of a party.
Get yourself together
and get creative.
Okay, I know what you're thinking,
and the answer is no. I can't.
What do you have that no one else
in that little town has?
Use them
to make Olivia's big day
even dreamier
than she could ever imagine,
and, while you're at it,
let your clients see that spark
they don't yet know
they're missing.
I guess it wouldn't hurt
to see if DJ Anizege
is back from his gig in Zurich.
Now we're talking!
Win, win, my girl.
Your best friend will have
the wedding of the year,
and you will be back
in your clients' contact list.
Think about it, act on it,
and text me later
so we can get things moving.
Okay. Bye.
Stealing my Wi-Fi.
Is it weird
that I find writing in cursive
so soothing?
I have some news for you.
I like the sound of that.
I may have just booked you
the hottest DJ in America,
maybe the world.
I know someone
who knows someone who knows him.
Quick question...
Will the hottest DJ in the world
be able to play
some crowd pleasers?
Crowd pleasers?
You know,
like the electric slide,
the cupid shuffle, the macarena.
Okay, maybe not that one,
but definitely
some old-school Sheryl Crow?
You know I can't have
my wedding without her.
Okay, Liv,
he's more of an artist,
you know, kind of
stream-of-consciousness kind of guy.
Yeah, but
will stream of consciousness
make Grammy want to dance?
I totally hear you.
Great, so no "best of Ibiza"
DJ sets, right?
Liv, who has known you
the longest?
I would not book something
if it wasn't right.
Yeah, let's hope so.
We're supposed to be
looking for flowers, Mac,
not followers.
Very funny.
What, they don't fly in flowers
like the rest of the world?
These look nice to me.
Dylan, it's a wedding, okay.
We at least need
a rose or something.
Mackenzie Sullivan!
I haven't seen you in years!
Mrs. Aaronson, hi!
It's so nice to see you.
And what a welcome surprise,
the two of you tying the knot!
I always thought you two
made such a cute couple.
We're not...
We're actually helping out
my cousin, Olivia,
for her big day, Mrs. Aaronson.
Of course, you are!
Okay, well,
enough of the chit chat.
Why don't you two
take a look around?
If you find anything you like,
you let me know.
Okay, great.
Those trendy enough for you?
Yeah, I was just thinking
these were
my mom's favorite flower.
I don't know if you remember.
She used to grow them
in our garden,
and she would always
be fussing over them,
making sure
they got enough water.
- She sure had a green thumb.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, she did.
For you, let me guess...
You've never even had
a houseplant.
Not even a cactus.
I don't have time.
For a cactus?
You should never be too busy
to have a life, Mac.
Have you ever considered
that slowing down a little
might actually feel good?
That's enough about me.
Let's focus on
Liv and Stu's wedding.
Mrs. Aaronson, do you have
any arrangements in the back
maybe that you could show me?
Yes, of course.
Right this way, sweetheart.
Are you trying to give yourself
another heart attack?
My heart's fine.
Hey, come on.
Isn't this why we hired Dylan?
So you don't have to do
this kinda stuff anymore?
You sound just like him.
But this is an old battle axe,
just like me,
and we chop wood
just the way I like it.
No sugar coating it
with you, is there?
Finesse was
your mother's department.
She knew just when
the syrup was ready,
and she could see details
no one else could.
I miss her.
I do, too.
But I see a lot of her in you.
I don't know...
Don't argue with your father,
or at least help me
move this wood while you do.
All right.
Are you trying to avoid me?
I was... I'm...
Are you trying to follow me?
That doesn't even make sense.
I work here.
I meant on social media.
I was about
to go hang some of these.
Think you can manage
holding something
other than your phone
for a little while?
Okay, you know what?
I may wear designer jeans,
but I'm still a Sullivan.
All right, I'll get
the first tree started for you,
remind you how it's done.
I know how it's done.
Please, just pass me
the drill, all right?
Why don't you be
my bucket holder?
Tap, please.
Now this.
If you're looking
for a career change,
I just might hire you.
You would hire
Mackenzie Sullivan at Sullivan Farms?
Provided you make it
through the job interview
without too much name dropping.
Yes, as Head of Operations,
I could hire you.
All right, well, good to know.
That's very kind of you, sir.
I mean, not entirely sure
whatever a "pop up" is
as relevant work experience,
but if you needed a job...
I just might.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, I don't really
want to talk about it.
How come you're doing this
so late in the season, anyway?
I like to keep
a few buckets going
for the kids in town.
Stealing sips out of the pail
is a rite of passage
around here, you know?
Yeah, we certainly did
our share of it as kids.
Yeah, we did.
So I should take a picture
of the bird over there,
because, you know, social media.
I gotta...
Yeah. I guess that's why
they call it a Tweet.
Nice one.
I need to get this phone call.
Yeah, I'll give you
some privacy.
Hey, you.
Your look
is getting more
"Little House on the Prairie"
every time we talk.
I was just tapping trees.
I probably got some in my hair.
Sounds cool,
although I have no idea what
that means, but good news,
I mentioned to none other
than Muccia Bianchi
that you are in the midst of planning
a super-secret VIP wedding,
and she was practically begging
to send you her new line
of wedding dresses.
Tristen, she is
the hottest designer,
but her dresses
aren't exactly Liv's style.
One-of-a-kind haute couture
isn't her style?
Come on, you've met Olivia.
Couture is everyone's style.
Look, I've already
sent them your address,
so they're coming
tomorrow morning.
I don't know about this.
But what we do know is
that getting a photo
of your country bride
wearing one of them
will help the resurrection you need
when you get back to New York.
Babe, there are only
two absolutes in this world...
The sun always rises, and free
publicity is always worth it.
- Are you coming?
- Yeah!
Yeah, I'm right behind you.
Listen, I can't really
talk about this right now,
but maybe you are on
to something.
I'm always on to something.
Here you are, Olivia.
I hope these are close
to what you imagined.
I selected based off
the photos you sent me.
I love this one.
Try it on.
Oh, my.
I'm gonna need
my Spanx for this.
Can you grab those puppies
out of my purse?
So, Liv, I forgot to mention,
after this rack,
I have a few more options
you might want to try.
What do you mean?
Well, you know,
I had a few more options
flown in from New York.
I don't know, Mac.
This kind of feels like the one!
If you could...
You look so, so beautiful.
But before you lock and load,
hey, Betsy,
would you mind bringing out
that second rack
that I brought in?
I love it.
Stuart's going to love it.
Yeah, he will.
Of course, you know,
it's not good to commit
to the first dress
that you try on.
Maybe we should just give a few
more a try, just so you're sure.
I'm not sure these qualify
as understated,
but there you go.
Now, this swept a runway
in New York, Paris and London,
I think Tristen said.
Tristen's picking out dresses
for me now?
Well, just give it
a try, please?
Pretty please?
And don't forget...
Why not?
Okay, I just have to...
Help, please?
That's the elbow, I think?
Or the shoulder.
No, that's the shoulder.
No, bend this way.
It's going to be great.
Ca-caw! Ca-caw!
Don't worry.
You only have to get it on once.
Except, this...
needs to go in your hair.
Liv, this is a dress.
This is the dress
that you deserve.
This doesn't...
It just doesn't feel like
it's me, you know?
Well, would it feel
more like you
if I told you it was free?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All we have to do
is post a few pictures
of you in it, and that's it.
I see.
So this is about your business.
Wait, no.
No, no, no.
No, that's not it.
Just hang on.
Mac, can you look at me?
Mac, I really appreciate
you helping me with my wedding,
but I'm not one of your clients,
and I don't care
if my wedding
is written up in "The Times."
It's just that, Liv,
you look so extraordinary in this.
Promise me you'll at least
think about it, right?
I mean, Liv,
you look like a star, honestly.
A star about to explode.
Let me just get this off
and I can start my thinking.
I hear what you're saying,
Dylan, but it's my farm,
and I'm gonna be the one
that decides how it works.
But this isn't
an empty threat, Elliot.
You need to make some changes.
Listen, just hear me out...
Hey, Bug.
Hey. Hey, Dad.
I invited Stuart and Olivia
over for dinner,
because Stuart's in town,
and I was thinking about
making Mom's famous pot pie,
but is there anything
I can help you all with?
Pot pie sounds just the ticket.
You wanna stay for dinner, Dyl?
I've never known Mac
to make a pie smaller
than a hubcap,
so we're gonna need
Okay, I'm gonna
go set the table.
So, Dad,
I've been meaning to ask you.
How's the season going so far?
Well, you know the rule.
We don't talk
business at the table.
It's just that...
It's fine.
Everything's fine.
Now, let's just dig in and
enjoy some of your mom's pie.
Compliments to the chef.
Yeah, Mac,
this is actually really good.
What do you mean "actually"?
Well, you weren't always...
how should I put this...
an accomplished chef?
I mean, you have
a lot of God-given talents, Bug,
but cooking ain't one of them.
What? Come on!
Okay, what about Home Economics?
My baked mac and cheese
won "best dish."
I might have stuffed
the ballot box a bit.
You looked so proud of it.
I saw you eat
a full plate of it.
You didn't see
how sick he looked after.
Okay, fine.
What about the spring bake sale?
My cookies sold out
three years running.
Yeah, the bake sales
cost your mom and I
a lot of money,
but the horses were happy.
How come I never knew
about this?
I'm just glad we settled
on the fact Birdie is making
the wedding cake,
because I was afraid
Mac would insist on baking
a pumpkin-spice-chai-
I-don't-even-know-what cake.
Poor Dylan can't be expected
to eat a whole wedding cake.
Though I bet he might
if it was for Mac.
I can't believe you guys.
Bottom line,
you've come a long way.
Thank you, I think.
Okay, well,
enough about me and my cooking.
How about you two?
Are you getting excited
about the big day?
It's completely surreal,
but I would be overwhelmed
if it wasn't for
our all-star duo
of wedding planners.
Yeah, you two make a good team.
They sure do.
Well, only because
Mac certainly knows
how keep me in line.
Well, you don't make it easy.
Eating chocolate cake with me
must have been torture.
I've already
called my therapist.
Happy to know you guys
aren't afraid
of my food anymore,
because I've actually
made dessert.
You didn't invite a flash mob
to do that for you?
No, but I did produce
a top-rated podcast
about the best
cleaning products.
I must have missed that one.
The episode
or the Internet in general?
Come on, I thought
I'd at least get some credit
for the flash mob reference.
So, how's the rest
of the wedding planning
coming along, boss?
Nothing I can't handle.
I'm sure there's very little
you can't handle.
Yeah, I've just got
to figure out a way
to make the party pop, you know?
You know, I want it to be big.
Because it's
Liv and Stuart's wedding.
I mean, they're one in a million,
so the party needs to be exceptional.
I'm just the best man,
who has yet to make it
to my own wedding day,
but isn't it how Liv feels
that should matter most?
You know, Liv told me
that you and Emily broke up.
That must have been hard
so soon after the engagement.
I'm sorry.
- I'm not sorry.
- You're not?
It wasn't anyone's fault.
We only looked good
on paper, you know?
We were so used
to being together,
we never stopped to think
if we were actually happy.
She never made me laugh,
didn't have any
of that signature Sullivan wit.
Just think about what makes
someone feel truly loved.
When you're planning
this wedding for Liv and Stu,
just make sure
it's what they want
and not what you think
they should want.
Yeah, I know how to make
my best friend happy.
Morning, Dad.
How'd you sleep?
Like a log,
even though I was still stuffed
with that pot pie you made.
Not sick?
What a revelation!
It was great
to have a family meal,
see all you kids together again,
just like old times.
Good to make
two cups of coffee again.
Every morning, I would get up
and make the coffee strong,
just the way your mom liked it,
and then I would ramble on
about whatever dust up
was happening in the farm,
and she'd listen,
and then she'd come up
with a solution,
easy as taking a breath.
She loved to set you straight.
Would've driven me crazy,
but she was right all the time.
I wish I hadn't taken
that for granted.
What do you mean?
Finding someone
who will tell it like it is.
That's what it's all about, Bug.
Someone who will protect you
and support you
and still have the guts
to be honest with you,
who will make you better.
I miss her.
I am so glad
I had the opportunity to spend
those 30 years by her side.
I'm glad you did, too, Dad.
There was a point in that.
For me?
Well, I don't know what it is.
You finished top of your class.
You'll figure it out.
Well, I guess
I'd better get to work.
Maple syrup
won't deliver itself.
See you later.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thanks for helping us
get this place into shape.
It's better than
riding shotgun with you
while you try to remember
how to drive stick.
Come on, I'm not that bad.
Guess you don't get
much practice
driving trucks in the city, huh?
Hey, that's like
the fifth time
you've brought up "the city."
Something on your mind?
Mac really loves it there,
doesn't she?
New York?
I'm sure she did.
I'm not so sure anymore.
To be honest,
she hasn't seemed so happy
the last year.
She kinda became a busybody
that never took time
for herself,
if that makes sense.
So you going to ask me
what you really want to know,
or just pretend like
I don't know that
you wanna ask me something?
You know
I work with kids, right?
I'm used to working
with difficult patients.
It's just...
how come this is the first time
Mac's been home in years?
I mean, not even a phone call.
Well, you never called her,
did you?
- Do I call anyone?
- Exactly.
I kinda always felt like
she was avoiding me a bit.
Well, you know
how hard it was for Mac
when she lost her mom.
You held her hand
as much as Olivia did.
Now, I don't wanna claim
to be a love expert,
as much as my future wife
may say I am,
but pining for a guy
who was off limits during
might have been
a little rough for her,
even if he does have
a solid beard.
It's true.
So how's the vibe
between you two?
Liv's telling me the old flame
might be lit again.
You know better than anyone
there's always been
something between us,
from as far back
as I can remember,
but right now she seems,
I don't know, distant,
closed off, or something.
Emily and I didn't work out
because there was
no real spark...
but Mac?
She's a light show all her own.
I just don't want
to hold her back.
Hold her back from what?
Big successful life
in the lights of New York City.
I just fear that she and I
only make sense out here.
Well, it sounds to me
like you need to show her
that life out here makes sense.
See what I'm saying?
Yeah, I do, all right.
And maybe a smooch
on the cheek, too.
That would...
Actually, no, on the forehead.
Girls love kisses
on the forehead.
All right, all right,
Prince Charming.
A little gentle thing.
Tr... Hey, it works.
Ask Olivia.
She loved it.
Enjoying the great outdoors?
Well, I was just enjoying
a peaceful moment alone.
You two do make a cute
couple, you know?
You and your phone.
I'll make sure you get
an invite to our wedding.
So let me get this straight...
It's a perfect day out,
and you're looking at your phone
instead of everything
that's in front of you?
Well, when I hold
my phone like this,
it is what's directly
in front of me.
Oh, come on!
You gotta at least make yourself
useful around here.
Follow me.
So what?
Now we're enjoying
the great outdoors?
Now we're going to get
the rest of the syrup
ready for delivery.
If we don't get it done,
you're dad's gonna
sneak in here and do it.
Trying to get him
to work less, you know?
I really appreciate that.
Are you serious right now?
Oh, it's on.
Stop it.
Oh, no.
Don't you ever get bored?
Of hanging with you?
I just mean doing this
day in and day out,
the same thing every day.
No more boring than watching
your Twitter feed, I'm sure.
I like being able
to take my time.
I like the pace of life here.
I don't get why people
are in such a rush all the time.
I waited in line
for a cronut once.
Totally not worth it.
Here I thought we were having
a real conversation.
About what?
I don't know.
About whether or not
I stick around to read signs
that misled me in the past?
Well, then here's
my real answer.
No, I don't.
I move on,
because that's
what history taught me
is the safest thing to do.
What about happiness?
Shouldn't that
work into the equation?
New York calling?
No, I set an alarm.
I've gotta go get
changed and get ready.
I'm taking
the girls out tonight.
See you later.
If you're lucky.
Hello, hello!
Who's ready for
her sassy bachelorette party?
Mac, I told you
I didn't all the clich
bachelorette stuff.
You are not having
a clich bachelorette party.
Just promise me there won't be
any "kiss the bride" t-shirts.
I can make no such promises.
Going to be so much fun.
Am I going to need
night goggles?
I mean, as much as I appreciate
a tour of the Sullivan farm,
like, I'm not dressed
for a hike.
Where are we going?
Not much further.
Here we are.
Have a seat.
Come in! Come in!
What do you think?
Oh, my gosh!
Our old camping spot!
You girls shouldn't have!
Of course we should've!
Okay, so we have
all of the essentials
from our old
school camping days,
plus some fine adult comforts...
our modern fire pit,
and all of the fixings
to make gourmet s'mores.
Please note that I have added
dark chocolate and sea salt.
My favorite.
I know.
Our old tent was great
when we were eight,
but Mac thought
an upgrade was time.
Come on, let's get cozy!
Here you go.
Remember our tent
when we were kids?
We tried
to squeeze ourselves into it
until the end of high school.
Remember our feet sticking out
while we were telling secrets?
Speaking of which...
Oh, my gosh!
Look at us!
I love it!
The secrets that tent has heard.
Many of which
I'd like to forget.
Okay, ladies,
for the first activity
of the evening,
we are going to play...
Never Have I Ever...
with marshmallows.
Girls, you can't make a bride
eat a bunch of marshmallows
right before her wedding.
Come on, Liv.
We'll take it easy on you.
Okay, I'll start.
Never have I ever
kidnapped a hamster
from Mr. Shefford's class.
He was so sad and lonely!
It was a rescue mission.
Sweet Olivia.
All right, all right, my turn.
Never have I ever...
fallen for the best man
while planning my BFF's wedding.
Well, that is
incredibly specific, Clare.
You know, if this is the way
you're going to be playing,
we are upgrading to s'mores,
and you might want to be careful
before taking aim at me,
because I have enough ammo
for at least five marshmallows
based on
some high-school mishaps
with a certain Billy Jenkins.
Good one!
This sea salt is incredible.
I know.
Oh, my goodness.
All right, I think
eight s'mores
is probably my limit.
I'm so full.
Okay, we'll go get some water
to put out this fire.
And then we have some more
surprises for the bride.
Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
I actually have
a surprise of my own,
but I don't want
to tell the girls yet.
That's intriguing.
Come on, tell.
Stuart and I joined
Doctors Without Borders.
Doctors Without Borders?
Yeah, we're going to go abroad
for six months or a year.
Who knows.
After I finish my residency.
That's really why we wanted
to get married here and now.
I'm really happy for you, Liv.
That's huge.
I mean,
I guess that means you're...
You're leaving New York?
We always planned
on leaving New York,
and it just feels like
the time is now, you know?
Because before long,
I'm gonna want to come back here
and start a family.
I know, you can't imagine life
anywhere but New York, right?
I mean...
I can't believe
I'm actually saying this,
but it's been kind of nice
being back.
I mean, you know,
my pores are starting
to unclog and...
it's been nice
being back with my dad.
And Dylan?
Liv, you are relentless.
I don't know.
We're just...
we're different, you know?
Maybe too different, and...
I don't know,
my career's in New York and...
Mac, your career can be
anywhere you want it to be.
Well, I don't even know
if I have that career anymore,
to be honest, so...
Which is why
I should focus on that.
Stuart would be so mad
if I told you this,
but Dylan has clearly
been thinking about you.
He told Stuart that.
He did?
Mac, as much fun as it is
to torture you both,
can you just think about
whether you still have
feelings for him?
Think of it
as a wedding present to me.
What would I do with
that life-sized ice sculpture
of you that I bought, though?
It was very expensive.
I'm serious.
I know, I just...
I'll think about it, okay?
All right,
but enough sentimental stuff.
We have one
very important stop left.
Oh, boy.
Is it me, or does the beer
always taste better here?
Probably because
it doesn't cost a month's rent
like it does in New York.
It's good to have you home, Stu.
It's good to be home
and almost getting married.
Liv finally said yes.
Well, it only took me
what, like, a decade and a half
to convince her to marry me?
You got moves, Stu.
Can I get you another round?
I think I'm good, Michelle.
You sure?
You're looking kinda thirsty.
Okay, sure, yeah.
Yeah, I'll grab...
I must say, it is an honor.
What is?
To be in the presence
of the county's most eligible
and oblivious bachelor.
Come on.
Don't "come on." What...
Like, what are you doing?
Aside from trying
to enjoy my beer?
Okay, see,
most guys in your shoes
would be milking this situation.
Says the guy who's been with
the same woman since puberty.
This "situation,"
it's not really
what I had in mind.
Like I said,
you need to change it.
Things don't just
fall into place.
- I know that.
- Oh, yeah?
So what are you trying to say
that you're not saying?
It always comes back to Mac.
I can't get a read on her.
See, that's
the mystique of women.
We're not supposed to.
One minute, seems like
we're on the same page,
and then the next,
she's a million miles away.
Maybe there's someone
back in New York
that Liv
hasn't told you about yet.
I highly doubt it,
and it's not because
she isn't beautiful and smart.
Okay, let's break this down.
Have you asked her?
Not in so many words.
Sounds like not in any words.
Okay, I don't want
to lecture you...
But we're not in high school
anymore, bud, okay?
We're getting older.
Clock's a-ticking.
Okay, these long, gazing stares
aren't going to cut it,
and we both know
how stubborn the Sullivans are,
and we both know you'll regret
screwing this up,
so get to it, Dyl, all right?
Did you?
Isn't this supposed
to be bad luck?
No, I think that only applies
the night before the wedding.
Of all the bars...
Well, this is quite literally
the only bar in town.
So what do you say?
Rack 'em up, tall guy.
I've been waiting
to cut you down.
Last I remember,
I beat you so bad,
you left the bar crying.
Not quite.
I would call it more sobbing.
That was a fluke.
On the house.
On the house?
Being a local has its perks.
Okay, Sullivan, let's go.
All right, you watching this?
Oh, boy.
You hustling me, Sullivan?
Looks like you beat me again.
They're playing our song.
We have a song?
Ninth grade.
You don't remember?
May I have this dance?
This feels...
Yeah, it does.
Last night was fun.
Did you guys
make it home all right?
We hit the diner for some fries,
and I was in bed,
asleep like a baby by 11:00.
Hey, you need a hand?
Nah, this is the last case...
but I could use some company
for this delivery
if you're feeling up for it.
I can't believe
they still serve breakfast
at the alley.
Some of their best customers
are the morning regulars.
Another one of our songs.
Another one?
How so?
I would happily dust off
one of the mix CDs
you made me in middle school
to prove it.
I did not make you mix CDs!
I made those for Liv!
Okay, sure.
You put Boyz II Men
on a mix CD for Liv,
and it somehow
ended up in my bag?
Stop it!
So, any urgent conference calls,
or can I borrow Sweet Grove's
most successful export
for a little while?
I guess the world
of event planning
could survive without me
for an hour or two.
What do you have in mind?
What's the most exciting thing
you can think of right now?
Starting a business
that catches Oprah's attention
and then becoming
friends with her.
Can't quite deliver that today,
but how about a little bowl
down memory alley?
Are you sure you're ready
to go down
after last night's
fall from grace?
Hey, Tim, size 12 and a size 6.
How do you know my shoe size?
You haven't changed
as much as you think you have.
You know,
when we were growing up,
I couldn't wait
to leave this place.
I don't know that you can ever
leave your home behind,
not entirely.
It's funny.
I mean, I thought I'd miss
the energy of the city more,
it's kinda nice being able
to hear myself think.
And what are you thinking about?
How I need to get
some fresh perspective
so I can win back my clients.
Win back?
despite my killer
marketing skills...
...there's a new girl
who's been taking
all the business
I normally count on,
I don't know.
I always thought
that if you worked hard,
you got what you wanted.
What do you want?
It's not that easy.
Life can be simple, you know.
Simple doesn't mean boring.
Yeah, well, in my world,
simple is boring,
and simple is the kiss of death.
not that you asked for it,
but if you wanted my opinion...
your world
sounds exhausting, Mac.
That's why I drink
three coffees before noon!
something we can agree on.
What would happen
if you didn't look?
I wouldn't know
who needed me for something?
what if I told you
I needed you for something.
I need you
to just stop for a minute...
because there's a whole world...
one maybe you might just love...
beyond your screen, Mac.
This is an alarm.
I have to go.
I have an appointment in town
for something, but...
Wedding stuff?
No, just something else, but...
I'll tell you later.
So, Mac,
to what do I owe the pleasure?
I want to talk to you
about the farm.
Now, look,
before we go any further,
I really can't discuss
the farm's finances
without your father
being present.
Well, you don't have to tell me
about the foreclosure notice,
because I saw it printed
in bright red.
Yeah, I'm really sorry
you had to see that.
So you can understand
why I'm concerned.
Well, look, if you can get
your father's authorization,
I'm happy to walk you through
what's been happening.
Frank, we both know
he doesn't want me to worry,
and I'm really far beyond that,
but I'm not a child anymore.
You should talk to him, Mac.
Just if there's anything I can do,
you'll let me know, please?
Mac, you and I both know
that your father,
he's as stubborn as a mule.
So we're going
to have to sell the farm?
Well, like I told Dylan,
that would be hard to do right now.
Yeah, he-he mentioned
that to me.
Well, then I'm kind of surprised
he didn't share the rest
of the details with you.
No, he did. He did.
He told me everything.
He just...
I mean, he can't do more
than I could do, right?
Right, and as I said to Dylan,
I can't just hand
everything over to him.
Now, what I need is to have
your father here himself
to sign those documents.
Because Dylan wants
to transfer ownership
of the farm over to himself.
Look, Mac, I really shouldn't
be talking to either of you two
without Elliot being present.
Now, I know that Dylan
has power of attorney.
Power of attorney?
When did that happen?
Well, ever since the last bout
with your father's health issues.
What about me?
Look, Mac, I'm not sure.
Now, I know that your father
didn't want to add
any more pressure to your life,
given how busy
things are for you in New York,
and besides,
the fact of the matter is,
I can't really consider
either one of you two
doing anything with the farm.
I mean, for that to happen,
your dad would need
to be deemed unfit,
and you and I both know
that his stubbornness
is not likely to stand up
as a medical condition.
I really wish I could help.
I know.
Thank you so much, Frank.
I appreciate it.
Sure. Look, one of my tellers
needs my help.
You're going
to have to excuse me.
You take care of yourself, okay?
You too.
Well, maybe if I hadn't been
busy playing Cinderella
while bowling,
I would have seen this coming.
The Annual
Sullivan Family Sugar Of.
You know, this has always been
my favorite meal of the year,
so thanks for having us, Mr. S.
You're welcome.
It's great to have you all here,
and it's great to have
my Bug home.
And on that note,
I'd like to propose a toast.
Thanks for being here,
all of you.
This farm is more about
the people around this table
than it is about the trees outside,
so cheers.
It definitely is.
I remember Liv and I
had our first kiss on this farm,
right behind the barn.
Second, hon'.
The first was our tree
by the church.
Right, the tree!
Anyways, what I'm trying to say
is we owe a debt of gratitude
to the Sullivans
for bringing us together.
Maybe you could name
your first child Elliot or Mac.
Certainly not Dylan,
because loyalty would be
a key component
in naming their child.
You know, my favorite memory
of growing up on the farm
is just watching my parents
dedicate themselves
to the family business,
growing it from the ground up
as a family farm.
Well, you'll all
remember this one...
Sorry. Excuse me.
I just...
I can't got down
memory lane anymore.
I got it.
What's going on
with you, Sullivan?
What's going on with me?
Nothing is going on with me.
If that answer
wasn't so convincing,
I'd swear you're mad at me.
Why would I be mad at you?
Is there anything
that you've done recently
that you think might upset me?
What are you talking about?
I can't do this
right now, Dylan.
I promised Liv
that I would get
these wedding favors ready.
- These?
- Yeah.
I'm going to fill
each and every one of them
with our liquid Sullivan gold,
one for each guest.
Well, here,
let me help you with that...
I don't need your help.
We don't need any of your
grand plans, in fact.
My family, my dad, me.
I'm clearly missing
a piece of the puzzle here.
I'm just saying
I think it's about time
my dad made
some changes around here.
What kind of changes?
Because I've been meaning to
talk to you about some changes.
You know
your dad's been struggling?
I've been thinking
that everyone loves
a country getaway, you know,
and-and maybe,
with the right trendy touches,
I could attract
a higher-end clientele.
And who'd you have in mind?
That's funny.
I haven't quite figured
that part out yet,
but I do think that, you know,
maybe if I did
some exclusive VIP gatherings,
maybe some
immersive experiences,
I just think there's so much space
on this farm to do so much more.
This farm has too much heart to
become some country conference site.
What's your big idea, Dylan?
You have any secret ideas that
you want to tell me or my dad?
Just that we need to get
this place outfitted
with modern equipment,
so we can produce enough syrup
to get our product out there.
Once people get a taste
of how special this place is,
we won't need to worry
about hashtags or guest lists.
Okay, so why
haven't we done that?
Good equipment
costs more than we have.
Well, if you want
to attract investors,
you need to get attention.
You know the saying...
If a tree falls in the forest
and there's no one around
to hear it...
Sullivan Farms
isn't making a sound.
If you want to know
what I've really
been thinking...
it's just, well...
you and I...
we could do it together.
We've always made
a great team, Mac,
and on this farm,
I know we could turn it around.
Is there something
that you want
to say to me, Dylan?
Yeah, lots,
I'm not sure telling you here,
with everyone in earshot,
is the right time.
Okay, great.
I figured as such.
You know what?
I have a career to save
and a wedding to plan,
and then
I will just get to this.
I can't do this right now.
Hey, Tristen.
What's up?
Girl, this isn't good.
I don't know how much more
I can take on
in the bad news department,
She just stole
another one of your clients.
Look, you know I love you,
but the big boss is saying we might
have to make some changes.
I've been giving you a door out,
but it's up to you
to make a move
and to fight
for what you've earned.
But how can I do that
from over here?
I know the timing isn't ideal,
but you've gotta figure out
a way to show her
that you're still on top,
and do it fast,
because if you're not back
in the city soon,
your clients won't even
remember who you are,
and your job is gone.
Are you going to tell me
what's going on?
You know me!
Just making a mess of the kitchen,
my career, everything.
Well, maybe it's time
to just slow things down a bit.
No, Liv, I can't just slow down
and watch my career fall apart.
Besides, anyway,
I have to meet the DJ today.
He's coming, and I need
to show him the church gardens.
- Well, Dylan can do that.
- No, he can't.
What is going on
with you two today?
He's... I just...
I don't trust Dylan
to do things like that.
I don't really trust him
to do anything right now.
Slow down there, Mac.
That's my cousin
you're talking about.
Yeah, I know, and my best
friend since high school...
One of them...
And... so I thought.
Mac, you have cut him out
of your life for the last decade.
- That's not the point, Liv.
- What is the point, Mac?
What are we even talking about?
It's just...
caring about someone
and trusting them
are two completely
different things.
Meaning what?
I don't know.
I don't know. I...
I don't know anything anymore.
Look, I'm going
to go to the church.
I'm going to talk to the DJ.
Everything's going to be fine,
and we'll talk about
all this later, okay?
I... I love you.
I love you, too.
Hey, Anizege.
Ani-zee-gee, right.
I'm Mackenzie.
Welcome to Sweet Grove.
Babe, when you said
it would be an intimate gig,
I thought you meant
Mykonos-beach-at-sunrise intimate.
This is really not my brand.
I don't know what my publicist
was thinking.
I know that, babe,
but different is good, right?
It's what made you...
I mean...
So I just wanted
to tell you to get comfortable,
and let's make this a show
no one will ever forget.
You had me sweating
for a minute.
I thought you were going
to ask me to play the macarena
for grannies.
Okay, here's what I'm thinking.
We do a stage right in there.
And let's get
that light set-up from Berlin,
the flashing one
you can see from space, huh?
Let's get it going
before we get going.
I don't mean to interrupt,
but you do know the wedding's
in two days, right?
Yeah, but for tonight...
...I'm doing the pre-show.
Putting this out
on social right, right?
It was kinda the deal
for the freebie, I was told.
The pre-show?
The country show
before the show?
Yeah, right.
Of course.
We should probably talk
about posting guidelines.
Hey, Dad.
Finally, Mac!
It's your dad.
You need to get home.
Oh, gosh.
Just... okay.
- Dr. Scott!
- Hey, Mac.
What happened with my dad?
Deep breath. Your dad's fine.
He's in his room.
- A heart attack?
- Minor.
Your dad's a strong man, young.
He just needs
to take it easy for a few days
and make some changes.
Now, I gave Dylan
the medication for him,
and I'll check back tomorrow.
Thank you so much.
Of course.
Simmer down, Bug.
You wouldn't want to blow a gasket
like your old man, huh?
That's not funny.
It's just a scare, that's all.
A little rest,
I'll be right as rain.
Somehow, that's not
that comforting.
You and I both know there are
no promises in life, huh?
But I'm here.
I'm fine.
- It's just...
- I know. Come on.
Come here.
Come on over, sweetheart.
I just couldn't live
without you, Dad, okay?
So you gotta take it easier.
I know.
Honey, could you get me
a cup of hot water?
Yeah, sure.
I'll be right back, okay?
Took a tumble there.
Just a fall.
I'll be right back at her
again tomorrow.
Actually, no.
No, you won't, Elliot.
You are going to relax.
Let me do the job
you hired me for.
I'm gonna be fine.
You're set in your ways.
I've always respected that,
but you gotta loosen the reins.
That's two strikes
you've had now.
We don't want a third.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Okay. Okay, I'll...
I'll take it easy.
But since we are on the topic
of being set in our ways,
have you ever considered
the possibility
that you might be sidestepping
a few unhealthy ways
of your own?
These trees on our land,
they will be here long after
we're both in the ground.
Losing a plot of land
ain't nothing.
Losing a love...
that's something to fret over.
Elliot, I'm not...
You've always made a point
of being honest with me, son.
Maybe it's time
to be honest with yourself.
Take the leap.
If you do,
you might just score yourself
a pretty dapper father-in-law.
I sure as heck have always
considered you to be a son.
- Hey.
- Hey...
hey, can you stay
with my dad for a little while?
Of course.
Where are you going?
I'll tell you later.
I've gotta go to the church.
No! No, no, no, no, no.
What have I done?
I was just going through
Grammy's old stuff,
and look what I found...
Her old compact!
It can be my "something old."
What's wrong?
It's just that...
What is it?
I'm so sorry, Liv.
"DJ Anizege plays wedding theme
countryside party live"?
He had a pre-show
for his followers.
Is that our tree?
And our church?
I didn't think that...
Please tell me this is a joke.
My best friend
didn't sell out my wedding
for 15 seconds of Internet fame.
I've just been under
a lot of pressure at work, Liv.
I, I, I.
I am so sick
of hearing about
what's being done to you, Mac.
Your work did this.
The DJ did that.
Dylan can't be trusted?
You're the one
who can't be trusted, Mac.
You have no one but yourself
to blame for your unhappiness.
Look, I can fix this...
You've done enough.
No chocolate shake with that?
I messed up, Dylan,
like really, really messed up.
How bad is the church?
They trashed it.
I mean, I cleaned it up,
but the yard's a mess,
and the tree is still stained,
and I don't know
how I'm gonna fix that, but...
Still standing, though, right?
I just thought
that if I was going to help Liv,
and then somehow
get some work going for me,
you know, and...
And there, Sullivan,
there's your problem.
Yeah, I get it.
My life and my work
need to be background noise.
That's not what I'm saying.
Fine. What are you saying?
It just seems like
your values are in the crossfire
of a life I'm not entirely sure
you want...
or need.
Well, what I want and need
is for my dad to be healthy,
and what I want and need
is for my best friend
not to hate me,
you know, as much
as it pains me to admit,
what I actually want
is for my life
to not just
be circling around the drain
after I've given
everything I have to my career,
and I'm starting to think
that the latter
makes me a bad person, so...
So fix it.
Fix it?
All of it.
Yeah, I'm trying.
And no thanks to you.
I mean, come on, Dylan.
When were you going to tell me
that you were running
my dad's business
into the ground?
Is that what you think?
I went to the bank, okay?
instead of worrying
about me and my life choices,
maybe you should worry
a little bit more
about how you can look
yourself in the mirror.
Mac, you're missing
some information.
Frank told me everything.
I mean,
power of attorney, Dylan?
I can't talk about this
right now, Dylan, all right?
I just...
Let's just focus on
Liv and Stuart's wedding, okay?
I don't even know.
I don't know, I don't know.
All I know right now
is that...
I probably never should have
let you back into my life,
or my dad's.
I mean, my life, fine,
you know, my life is a mess,
but my dad's wasn't,
and at least
maybe then I could help him.
Seems like you've already
made up your mind about that.
You know what?
I don't have time for this.
Dad, what are you doing
out of bed?
Just a little paperwork.
But the Doctor said...
Yeah, the doctor said
it was okay for me to sit
at my own kitchen counter.
Okay, I know that look.
What's up, Bug?
Okay, look,
I'm just going
to come out and tell you.
Dylan's trying
to take the farm from you,
and now he knows that I know,
and with power of attorney,
he's just gonna
take it from you.
That's what you think?
Bug, Dylan has been
working like a mule
to drag this farm
into the modern world,
to drag me
into the modern world,
because I'm the one
that didn't want to change.
Dad, he went to see Frank
behind your back.
No, honey, he went to the bank
to shoulder some of the debt
to get them off my back.
It's hard
for your old man to admit
that he's driven things
into the ground,
but here it is.
Why didn't you just tell me?
I figured I would
figure a way out of it.
I didn't want to take his money,
even though I trust him
as much as I trust you.
looks like we could both use
that fixing gene
mom had so well.
Hey, you remember
those saplings that we...
we planted together out back
when you were a kid?
How you wanted them
to grow overnight,
even though I told you
over and over again
that that is not
how maples grow...
That they need space
for their roots to spread out,
and they need time
to stand strong and tall.
Well, you've got
your strong roots right here.
Now it's time
for you to stand up tall...
time for both of us
to stand tall.
Come here.
You're going to figure it out.
Talk about trying to find
a needle in a haystack,
Tristen, what on earth
are you doing here?
Well, you sounded
so pathetic in your texts,
I just had to come
and rescue you.
Oh, my gosh, I love you.
Okay, listen, I think I know
how to fix this wedding,
but you're going to have
to follow all of my directions.
Sorry, girl,
Tristen Chu follows his
inspiration wherever it leads.
Now, if we're going to fix this,
we actually have to follow
Liv's vision.
You think I came all the way
over here not to help you fix this?
Step one...
turn off my phone.
Well, now that's a cry for help,
if ever I've seen one.
I really need to focus.
Not worried about missing
any calls from that hot farmer
you've been trying
to talk yourself out of?
How did you know about that?
I know everything,
or at least I like to allude it.
Maybe curl the lip.
We're going to have
an archway, right?
Hi, you've reached Mackenzie.
Leave a message
and I'll call you back.
There certainly
is something about the country
that makes a person
breathe easier.
I'm sorry, did I just hear
Tristen Chu
say something complimentary
about a backwoods town?
Don't tell anyone.
do you think
we saved the wedding?
Oh, boy, do I hope so.
You were baby besties.
She'll forgive you, Mac.
No one is perfect...
except maybe me...
I know that I haven't been
a good listener lately,
and so it's ironic
that I'm asking you
to listen to me now.
Liv, I've been
so focused on myself
and the obnoxious
selfie queen Jasmine,
and I've lost focus
of what was really important,
which is our friendship, and...
I'm sorry,
and I hope you'll find
a way to forgive me.
You have been
a little frustrating recently.
Will you let me
make it up to you?
Have I ever been able
to stop you from doing anything?
Good point!
Listen, your wedding's still on
for this afternoon,
and while I love this look,
I think we can do better.
Come in.
Liv, this is the dress.
You look so stunning.
Don't cry, because I'll cry,
and I don't know if I'm wearing
waterproof mascara.
I'm so sorry that I broke
your grandmother's compact,
so I've been thinking
maybe we could use
all of our memories
as your something old...
until I found this.
The mix CD
you made me in high school!
I found it in my bedroom.
Can we listen to it quick?
I think we should probably
get you married first.
Good point.
Yeah. Yeah.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Sure, sure.
Okay, now go get your seat.
We're almost ready.
What was that all about?
Nothing at all.
Are we ready?
We sure are.
You look so beautiful.
Thanks, Mac.
Okay, let's do this.
Come on, Dad.
Hi, Mom!
Love doesn't always come easily,
but when we nurture true love,
it's powerful.
It makes us brave
and gives us the courage
to be the best versions
of ourselves.
Today's world
can be complicated,
but the golden rule
of marriage is simple...
Love your partner
for who they are
and help them become
who they want to be.
So, Stuart,
do you take Olivia
to be your wife?
Do you promise to love her
for who she is
and who she aspires to be,
for all the days of your life?
I do.
Olivia, do you take Stuart
to be your husband?
Do you promise to love him
for who he is
and who he aspires to be
for all the days of your life?
I do.
Thank you.
You may present the rings.
It's here somewhere.
Thanks, buddy.
Well, in that case...
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
Well, they didn't wait for me,
did they?
Girl, this wedding is major.
Yeah, Olivia seems
really happy, huh?
You should be happy, too.
#Love is trending!
Videos are going viral
and your clients are freaking.
This authentic vibe
is exactly what they're after.
Tristen, I said no social media.
Maybe you should ask
your bride about that.
Your former clients
are sliding into my DMs,
begging to be back in business.
Are you hearing me?
You've still got a job.
For now, enjoy the wedding,
and we'll talk through the details
when you get back to the city.
The thing is...
I think for the first time
in my entire life,
I actually know
what I want and need,
and I'm not so sure
that's in New York.
Well then,
you better go and get it, girl,
because that tall drink of muscle
might get scooped up quick.
Okay, will you hold my drink?
Maybe after your speech first?
Shoot, I almost forgot.
It's why you have me.
Hi, everyone.
Thank you so much
for being here tonight.
You know,
over these past few days,
I have been reminded
of so many things...
How supportive and forgiving
our amazing community is,
and why it will always be
my home...
and how special it is
to witness two people
who truly love each other.
Stuart, I am happy
to share Olivia with you,
and, you know,
you can even come
on our weekend campouts,
but only if you promise
to do those amazing dance moves
we all just saw you do.
congratulations, you two.
And word on the street
is we actually have
an old-school CD player
that might just be able to play
one of those old-school songs
I've seen you two dance to
so many years ago.
So, to the dance floor
with your beautiful bride,
well, you're already there,
so step one done...
and here is
to many dances to come
and your very first slow dance
as a married couple.
Go and get it, girl.
You wouldn't happen to be
as forgiving as your cousin,
would you?
Try me.
I think that pretty much sums up
what I want to say the most.
You think?
Yeah, I think so.
Because I was hoping
maybe you might say...
"I love you."
You love me?
Was what I was hoping you'd say
would express
what you most wanted to say.
Because I sure as heck
love you, Mackenzie Sullivan.
I always have.
I love you, too.
And I have something to ask you.
Dylan, I don't know
if I'm ready for that, though...
Mackenzie Sullivan,
will you...
stay in Maple Grove...
to be annoyed by me...
for long as you shall let me?
Yes, I will.
Hashtag #love.
I'm sorry.
It's just
you're just so trendy right now.
Never thought I'd say this,
but if trending's a good thing,
let's give 'em all we've got.