Whiplash (1948) Movie Script

Mike Angelo takes another left to
the head. And a right to the chin.
The 4th round in a 15-round bout for the
middleweight world championship title.
A fairly even contest up to now.
But, the challenger
Mike Angelo is fading fast.
Where's the dynamite he packed
to hang up 12 knock-outs in a row?
Something is missing tonight.
He's heavy on his feet.
His defense is ragged and he
seems to be fighting in a daze.
"What's the matter with that guy?
He's counting me out."
"He has it all wrong. I can take it.
Wait a minute."
"Hey, chum. I'm getting up."
"I've gotta get up. Wait."
"Listen to 'em. They're after blood."
"What am I doing here
waiting for the kiss-off?"
"I'm not the boy they want."
"I am a long way from home."
"I got to tell them that."
"I am not your boy."
"Do you hear me? I belong on a beach."
"A nice, quiet beach."
"I want to hear the water."
"That's it .."
"That's it .."
There you are. It's finished.
How do you like it?
It's great, Mike.
Thank you, ladies and
gentlemen and art lovers.
Gee, you must see a lot of fights, Mike.
One or two.
- Who is that guy?
That is Kid Alexo.
A Greek boy and a great fighter.
You didn't ever fight him, did you?
Just once.
Did you take him?
In the fourth round. He got kinda tired.
Gee, you must be a fighter or something.
Well, 'something' just
about covers it, George.
How about showing me the ropes?
Okay. Come on.
Stick your chin in. Keep it in.
Now take your left out.
Guard up. Alright.
Come in swinging now.
Sam wants you on the double.
What about?
- I don't know.
He said it was important.
See you tomorrow, George.
I'm out every day about this time.
Don't forget. Keep your chin tucked
in and come out swinging.
Okay. Goodbye, Mike.
- So long, kids.
Where have you been?
Making mud pies. What's on your mind?
What's on my mind?
Wait and see.
Well, what's so important?
What is so important?
What is it?
Look around a little.
What's eating you?
We have sold a picture.
Sold a picture?
- Uhuh.
Say that again.
You don't hear so good today. Come here.
We have sold a picture.
For 75 dollars.
I didn't even make sales talk.
You mean somebody cm in here and paid
you 75 dollars for one of my paintings?
That is right.
Maybe I could have gotten more.
Sam. I knew I couldn't trust you.
I told you not to sell them.
They are crude. They're just studies.
Taking 75 dollars for one of
those paintings is like ..
Like rolling a drunk.
No. I didn't do any rolling.
A dame comes in here.
I know. Full of beer. So you give a fast
shuffle from the bottom of the deck.
Sam, you clipped her.
No. You got it wrong.
She was not drunk.
You said it was a dame?
Well, a dame is a dame.
This dame was a lady.
Ah Sam. I'm ashamed of you.
I let you hang my stuff up here
because you heckled me into it.
But you shouldn't take
advantage of anyone.
Where does she live?
I will tell you.
Mike. All the time you are
talking about going to Paris.
With nickels you don't get it.
I know. But I stopped taking candy
from a baby when I was twelve.
You are talking crazy. Look at this ..
Money folds.
- Uhuh.
No sale, Sam. No sale.
She probably thought that she was
buying something to match her drapes.
Look, I like this folding stuff
as well as the next guy.
But not this way.
Now, where does she live?
I ask you to please take
the money. Take it.
Don't make me nervous with the money.
Rembrandt should have
had you for a salesman.
Where did you say she lives?
I didn't say.
Did I say where she ..?
Wait a minute. Come here.
I did say.
Her name is Laurie Rogers.
She's living at the Casa de Oro.
Bungalow C.
I don't understand you.
I sell your first picture and
you don't want the money.
Here. Cry into this.
Laurie Rogers. Casa de Oro. Bungalow C.
Anybody home?
What are you doing here?
Look, Miss Rogers.
I know it looks bad.
You come in here and find a
strange guy in your apartment.
But I can explain. Will you listen?
Fair enough.
I've come to get the painting.
Who sent you?
The guy who painted it. I take care
of him. I keep him out of trouble.
Then you're not up on your job.
I've paid for it.
This afternoon at Sam's place.
You can ask him.
I have.
- And?
And I've come to take it back.
Is anything the matter with my money?
You just hand it out too easy.
You paid 75 bucks for that painting.
It isn't worth it.
Sam made a mistake.
I saw it, I liked it and I bought it.
Would you mind telling me why?
Because it's good. It shows imagination.
That siren on the rocks.
The man who painted it
knew what he was doing.
So you think it's great, huh?
No. I don't think it's great.
I think he was trying. Crudely perhaps.
But trying to be original.
You don't understand what I'm
talking about, do you ..
Mister ..?
Gordon. Mike Gordon.
Michael Gordon.
You painted this.
- Uhuh.
So you think it's a pretty good try?
- You wanted it to be.
And that's worth 75 dollars?
That kind of effort has no price on it.
That is why I wanted it.
I am glad you bought it.
You know, when I came in here I expected
to find a different kind of a dish.
What kind?
The kind that uses one-syllable words.
You talk.
It's good to hear you talk of my stuff
like you knew what it was all about.
I like it, but most of the
time I'm a minority.
It's lonely being a minority.
I think you know that.
I like to be alone.
Maybe you do but I don't.
Right now I'd like to convert you.
How about dinner tonight?
No thanks. If I can keep the picture
we've nothing more to talk about.
You have a very short memory.
I just hinted.
As a matter of fact I asked you for a
date but you haven't answered.
I'm rotten company.
You just paid me some
very nice compliments.
That makes us friends.
I'm not such a bad guy and you're not
exactly having the time of your life.
How do you know that?
You've got your guard up all the time.
That can't be much fun.
No. It isn't.
Look. Miss Rogers.
You probably bought many paintings but
how often does an artist sell his first?
Only once.
There you are.
This is an occasion. Today you came and
paid real money for one of my paintings.
I can't celebrate alone. You gotta help.
I pick you up at 7 o'clock.
Very nice. 7 o'clock.
No thanks.
Afraid you might talk?
About what?
- Yourself.
You want to, don't you.
There's nothing about me
that would interest you.
That's where you're wrong.
Everything about you interests me.
Look, I've told you a whole
bookful about myself.
I'll settle for just one page.
Even a paragraph about you.
What can I play for you, Mike?
Anything you want, Bill.
Okay. Wheel her in, Joe.
You play awfully well.
I don't know Chopin from
Cole Porter but I try.
What will it be?
- He knows two pieces.
He's jealous because I can play
them both at the same time.
That is a nice tune.
Just For Now, isn't it?
Yeah. It is a nice tune.
Oh, just ..
For love.
Let's call it romance.
For love.
Let's take a chance.
I used to sing a little.
For fun or for bread and butter?
- For bread and butter.
Let's go, Mike.
Thanks, Bill.
Miss Rogers, you are leaving?
Yes, Sam.
- She is nice.
Will you put on the cuffs, Sam?
- There's no more play from the cuff.
I put it on the house.
Goodnight, Sam.
- Goodnight.
Goodnight. I enjoyed the evening.
Thank you.
You say 'thank you' like a little kid.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
We aren't finished, Laurie.
Aren't we?
- No. I have to talk to you.
A drink?
- No thanks.
You don't need that.
Remember what I told you
about keeping your guard up?
You think that stuff
helps you but it doesn't.
No. It doesn't.
Laurie, what are you?
You know all the answers.
Not to that one.
I cannot figure you out.
Don't try.
Maybe you'd better go.
Anyway, it's too hot to sleep.
Let's go for a swim.
There won't be any more questions.
I swear it.
Then I would like to.
That was good.
Did you like it?
- Yes. It was good.
Warm enough?
- I am now.
You know something?
- What?
I wasn't afraid.
Why should you be?
I was with you all the way.
I know you were. I think that
is what made the difference.
Mike. I had fun.
- It's good to hear you say that.
I feel as if somebody
had given me a present.
You are a nice guy.
But I ..
But there is a hitch, huh?
- Mike. We live in different worlds.
I guess a beach swim and a half-baked
painter isn't what you're looking for.
I didn't mean that.
I suppose this will hand you a laugh.
It doesn't make much sense.
I've only known you a short while.
Six hours to be exact.
But I'm in love with you.
Mike, you can't be.
Don't say anything. I guess from where
you sit it looks like a phony build-up.
But all I can say Laurie is I've never
been more on the level in my life.
You don't know, Mike.
This is crazy.
Laurie, I love you.
This is it. It's the whole show.
It's what they set to music.
I'm a new guy.
Mike, tell me.
- Oh, Laurie.
Together we can hold the world
in the palms of our hands.
I don't care what happens.
I want you to tell me again.
Laurie. Don't fight.
Good morning, Miss Rogers.
Good morning.
Good morning, Sam.
- Please.
What can I get you?
- Nothing.
This must be an occasion. I haven't been
saying I don't want anything in years.
You want me to cook
you up some breakfast?
We don't have much but ..
I can take a bunch of
this and a chunk of that.
You've sold me.
Has Mike been in yet?
You like Mike, don't you?
You like him here.
Tell me about him, Sam.
Well, Mike is a good boy.
His papa was a fine man. A painter.
He used to drag him down here.
He taught Mike to box
right here in this room.
He told him that if he wanted to
paint he had better learn to fight.
You know. Anybody can fight.
But painting? That's different.
He's going to be great someday.
Like him? We have only got one.
You know, Miss Rogers.
I have seen him with lots of girls.
He never looks at them.
Like he looks at you.
You make a nice couple.
I am not right for him, Sam.
He has to find that out
now before it's too late.
I'm not worried about you.
For Mike, it is only the best.
And you are the best.
Now I go and fix something nice.
You want some coffee maybe?
- I'd love some. Black.
Sam, have a cup with me.
I have already invited myself.
I have a chunk of that.
Miss Rogers?
Maybe she's afraid of my cooking.
Pretty cute, huh?
Toys for a big girl.
Sam, she's like a kid.
And if you have a bottle older
than '45, put it on ice for tonight.
We're having a party.
You know I don't carry fancy liquor.
One bottle I had.
It was opened five years ago.
Then borrow one.
I can give you one that ..
If you don't look too close,
it's like champagne.
Sam, look. I'm not drinking
it to wash something down.
We're planning to celebrate.
Laurie hasn't been in yet, has she?
Yes. She was in, only ..
Only what?
You know ..
She left.
What kind of a shuffle is this?
She came in. She went out.
That's all I know.
How should I know? I was out the back.
Maybe she went back to the hotel.
How did she act?
What you mean, how did she act?
Like anybody. How should she act?
I mean, was she happy or excited?
Look. I take care of the bar.
I'm not a psychiatrist.
Casa de Oro hotel.
Miss Rogers please.
Laurie Rogers?
- That's right.
She checked out.
Checked out?
How long ago?
About 15 minutes ago.
Did she leave any message for me?
This is Mike Gordon.
No message, Mike.
Anything I can do for you?
No thanks.
I called about Miss Rogers.
You're sure no message for me?
Sorry, Mike. There's nothing here.
Did she leave a forwarding address?
- No. She didn't.
Did leave this and asked
us to mail it for her.
Can I use this?
- Sure. Go ahead.
You have been sitting
here for three days.
Reading this address.
You ought to know where it is by now.
That's right.
You have not picked up the brush.
Since she left.
- That's right.
That's right. That's right.
What are you waiting for?
The sound of a Lorelei singing.
You are crazy.
That's right.
Maybe she knocked you down, Mike?
Nothing of the kind.
I may have been tilted a little. But ..
When are you leaving?
I am not.
In New York.
They've got a lot of girls
who like to be painted.
You could pick up some money and ..
Hunt for whoosis at the same time.
And if you don't find her you can
get on a boat and go to Paris.
Just like we talked about.
Sam, you are quite the old
nursemaid, aren't you.
You are using up all my matches.
That is all.
What would I do in New York?
Just what I told you.
Maybe that ..
Doctor Vincent knows
something about her.
Nobody knows anything about her.
You are sure?
- She is the dark lady.
You are no good to me anymore.
I am going to find me a painter
who takes his work to heart.
Take it.
And if you don't find her.
Forget her.
How about putting that to music?
I'm telling you. You won't be any
good to yourself if you don't.
Can I go not, Pop?
- Yes.
And don't come back until ..
Until you are alright.
Take the money.
You're alright, Sam.
You're alright.
How is the charming keeper of
the gate this lovely morning?
Just like I've been every
morning since you came.
Has the ..?
- No.
Dr Vincent ain't come back.
What's the matter?
Is the good doctor sick?
That isn't funny.
No. It isn't.
I wouldn't come around here
any more if I was you.
By a happy biological
coincidence, you're not.
See you tomorrow.
[ Door knocks ]
Howdy, neighbor.
Coming up to my place for tea?
No thanks, Chris. Not hungry.
Nor am I, but I just can't break myself
from the revolting habit of eating.
You don't mind if I invite myself here?
I have an obsession about dining alone.
Now words yet?
- Nothing.
I don't know why I dealt you
into my sob story, Chris.
Maybe it's because I have
such a friendly face.
You know, I've seen guys on the end of
a routine like this and laughed at them.
I keep telling myself to forget it.
And there I am knocking on that doctor's
door at 10 o'clock on the nose each day.
What did you say?
I check every beauty parlor in New York
and pound the pavement hunting for her.
I've gone through Sam's roll.
I've hocked my watch.
And here I sit like I'm hatching an egg.
I can't figure it.
I can, I am sorry to say.
It is love.
Why don't you tuck that
little souvenir out of sight?
It's the best thing I've ever done.
Funny, isn't it?
- Hilarious.
Mike, look. I'm not exactly
beautiful but I am available.
I'm kind to my mother and I
make very good spaghetti.
Sorry. I don't like spaghetti.
You can learn to love it in time.
And I would be very
patient and understanding.
[ Door knocks ]
This charming, spacious studio apartment
will be vacant in the very near future.
This was once one of the finest
homes in New York, you know.
Back in the early 17th Century.
And this is the kitchen.
What was that?
- What was what?
Oh. Mice.
We don't mind them. They're sort-of
cute when you get used to them.
But, Mrs Gruman. I wish you'd do
something about the bats in the kitchen.
Nonsense. There's never been
a single rodent in this building.
How can you say that?
I've seen them with my own eyes.
When they come out at night
to catch the roaches.
Pay no attention to her, sir.
All artists are crazy.
My friend.
You don't mind a little
criticism, do you?
I do.
It has no heart.
No feeling.
Art is not a slavish copy
of nature, my friend.
You must transcribe its inner state.
You must feel it deep down inside.
As it struggles to make
its way to the top.
My friend, you can get the same results
with a good dose of bicarbonate.
Nevertheless, this painting,
if the price is right, of course.
I think I can sell it to
the Blue Dragon caf.
No sale.
You are behind in your rent, right now.
You will sit there and tell me you're
turning down a perfectly good offer?
I don't mean to sit here
and tell you anything.
The apartment is only $125 a month.
Don't you have something more elaborate?
I will have shortly.
As soon as a certain party
falls behind in her rent.
Out. Out, out, out.
You too, buddy. That's a good boy.
Nice to have met you.
That is her favorite routine.
Showing prospective tenants through.
She is just trying to scare
the rent money out of you.
I suppose you think I'm cracked too.
That's a lot of picture to me.
Well, that's one consolation
about being an artist.
At least you can paint the
things dear to your heart.
Even if you can't always have them.
Now don't eat too many.
We have a date tonight.
The Pelican Club. By invitation only.
Who invited us?
My Texas oil gusher invited me.
And I invited you.
Listen. Millionaires are almost extinct.
This one has a sweet little aunt
who wants her portrait painted.
She feels she's the Mona Lisa type,
and you need a job.
Someone ought to cut themselves
a slice of that cake.
It seems it has your name on it.
- I guess I'm just not hungry for it.
Texas is the sweet, dumb
'can't we be alone' type.
Yikes. What a struggle.
That guy? I thought all he does
is talk about his oil wells.
That's what you think.
Say, if that hunk of
Texas ever corners me.
Remember The Alamo.
White meat or dark?
Evening, Miss Sherwood.
- Evening, Texas.
Did you get the orchid I sent you?
No. This is one I grew myself.
Texas, I've asked a friend
of mine to join us.
Miss Chris, it will be a pleasure
to escort two young ladies.
Well, this young lady is a young man.
That's mighty irregular, Miss Chris.
Mighty irregular.
- I see what you mean.
Why, Sugar. You're not jealous, are you?
Well, I guess not.
But you must have some explanation.
No. But I'll think of something.
Here he is now.
You remember Mr Gordon - Mr Sanders.
Evening, sir.
I wouldn't barge in like
this but as it's business ..
What kind of business?
- I'll tell you later, pet.
I think you can come
back about one o'clock.
Honeychild will love it here.
Hey, Honeychild.
Now, I've heard his mother
came from Alabama.
His father was a gay
ranchero from Brazil.
His Papa loved the southern
accent of his Mamie.
Every time he heard her
speak he got a thrill.
So they were married and
they had the cutest baby.
From his Ma he got the
southern hi, y'all.
Now he's the perfect combination.
Alabama and Brazil.
He's the caballero with
the Spanish drawl.
Wow, wow, wow.
We're in love with the guy
with the Spanish drawl.
Wow, wow, wow.
Until you meet him you
just haven't lived at all.
Wow, wow, wow.
How we go for the guy
with the Spanish drawl.
When he says.
That's my name mucho.
You know.
How we go for the guy
with the Spanish drawl.
Am I crowding you?
Next time round I'll
try for the brass ring.
I have a surprise for you.
I've named my biggest
oil well 'Queen Christina'.
You're honored.
- How cozy.
What about that commission for Mike?
- I don't know, honey.
Well, ask your aunt. He only
consented to do it as a favor to me.
I can't ask her, Sugar.
She went back to Texas this morning.
Oh no.
Let's not talk business, sweetheart.
In that case I think I'll mosey along.
Thanks for everything.
Don't go, Mike.
You'd hurt Mr Sanders feelings.
Wouldn't he, junior?
Would he?
Let's call it romance.
For now.
Let's take a chance.
We both know.
Chris. That girl.
- What about her?
That's Laurie Rogers.
What a break. For you.
Let's not be clever.
Just for now.
Let's just be gay.
And come what may, that certain day.
Will find us somehow.
And it will be always.
Instead of just for now.
So come what may.
That certain day will find us.
And it will be always.
Instead of just for now.
I don't know you.
- What? You don't know me?
Wait a minute.
We had a date, remember?
Maybe this will refresh your memory.
Mike. Go away now. Now.
Tonight. Don't ask any questions.
Look, I came 3,000 miles to find you.
Don't give me this goodbye routine.
Don't hang around, Mike.
I don't want to see you get hurt.
- Run along, buddy.
It's not allowed here.
- Laurie, please come out.
Come on. Shove off.
Laurie, please. I got to talk to you.
- Look. I said, shove off.
Let me handle him, Costello.
Watch this, honey.
- Look, buddy.
You know you shouldn't come in here.
- Get away from me.
Oh, no you don't.
I just put him to sleep for a while.
Don't worry.
He won't bother you no more.
Come here.
This guy is either drunk or nuts.
He was trying to break into
Mrs Durant's dressing room.
Wake him up.
What hit me?
You walked into one of my boys.
Maybe you'd like to tell
me how it happened.
You see, my wife doesn't
like to be annoyed.
Your wife?
- That's right.
Laurie always likes to be left alone.
So I see to it that she is.
You get it. Don't you?
I'm just beginning to.
I'm a little slow about
things sometimes.
I got it straight now.
I am sure Mrs Durant understands.
Now, if you call your gorillas
off I'll get out of here.
Where is he? Where is that guy?
You can't do this, Durant. You can't
make a sucker out of my fighter.
What are you talking about?
- He knocked us out. Unfair advantage.
You mean this boy took Carney?
Yeah. The kid took a couple of Carney's
punches and then shot one himself.
Let me at him.
- I said cut it out, Carney.
Get your boy out of here, Markus.
This is a private office.
And don't come hanging
around this club again.
Hey, you.
You interest me.
Ever done any boxing?
Enough to know that one lucky
punch doesn't make a fighter.
That's very smart. I like smart boys.
Maybe you and I ought to get together.
What's your racket?
What's it to you?
Talk nice.
I am an artist. I paint.
Maybe that's what it takes
to put Carney on canvas.
Do you know who Carney is?
He's one of the leading middleweight
contenders. Probably the next champion.
Unless I can find somebody to take him.
I am not your boy.
I've taken all the slapping
around I'm going to.
What's your name?
What is yours?
Durant. Rex Durant.
Gordon. Mike Gordon.
I said my name is Rex Durant.
I heard you.
Is it supposed to do something to me?
Wait a minute. It does ring a bell.
Listen, you.
I used to be a pretty
good fighter until ..
I retired.
That's when I knocked out Kid Shelley.
Two rounds.
All in all, I fought 18 main events
16 knock-outs and 2 decisions.
Why did you quit?
I haven't quit.
I will get that crown one day.
I'll get me a boy who has
the same stuff I had.
That is Kid Welsh.
Next in line for the championship.
He lasted exactly three rounds with me.
It was after that that I retired.
That's pretty tough.
Gordon, you're an artist.
If you lost your eyesight
what would you do?
I'll tell you.
You'd get somebody to see for you.
Well, I am still a fighter.
All I need is another pair of legs.
Fast and light.
Like mine used to be.
So. Why don't you stop round tomorrow?
The gym is right upstairs.
You'd be making a mistake.
I make lots of them.
Goodnight, Mrs Durant.
You can spend years
looking for something.
Then all of a sudden, bang.
There it is, right in your lap.
That kid may be it.
Good build. Good condition. Clean cut.
Not bad, eh Laurie?
I'm awfully tired, Rex.
Do you mind if I skip the last show?
Not at all.
We'll go home together.
If that is what you'd like.
Funny about that boy.
- What about him?
It seemed as if he knew you.
I've never seen him before tonight.
A nice-looking kid.
- I didn't notice.
I am terribly tired.
I don't blame you.
A woman gets tired being
cooped up all the time.
You once got very tired. Remember?
I came back.
After Trask finally located you.
- Rex, what difference does it make?
I am here and I am going to stay.
That's right.
Remember that.
Laurie. Kiss me.
Wait for me in the car.
It's right out here, madam.
- Thank you.
Golly, Moses.
Where do you want the remains sent?
Is it that bad?
- What happened, Mike?
These women in New York
are mighty unfriendly.
Quiet, junior. What happened?
I had a little trouble.
Run along, Chris. I'll see you later.
Fine. I mean goodnight.
You're sure you're alright, Mike?
- I'm okay.
Well, come on sugarplum.
I want you to know I'm sorry
about what happened in there.
That's very nice of you, Mrs Durant.
Don't call me that.
Baby, it seems you're up to your neck
in that name and all that goes with it.
I should have had you
tagged from the start.
The phantom lady. No questions.
A quick slip and things
begin to get out of hand.
Oh, very neat.
I can't blame you for feeling that way.
What do we do, have a cry about it?
- I should have told you only ..
Only you wanted to keep
it on the light side.
I know. Maybe you had your reasons.
You told me once I had my guard up.
I have. You're right. There are reasons.
- I don't want to hear them.
I got the love and kisses part.
Don't give me phony postscripts.
I'm not going to. Listen to me, Mike.
Don't get mixed up with Durant.
Just exactly whose side are you on?
It isn't that I'm not going
to see you anymore.
But I don't want you to
get in over your head.
You cannot drown a man twice, Laurie.
Did you wait that morning?
Nothing doing, honey.
I'm not telling you anything.
Is this making you feel good?
- It helps.
Mike, don't.
- Look.
As far as I am concerned you can ..
What are you waiting for?
I wondered if that fight
offer was still open.
Report to the gym tomorrow
and we'll look you over.
Mrs Durant and I.
She has a good eye for fighters.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Shall we go, Laurie?
What were you two talking about?
He was just apologizing.
- Oh.
Where will I find Durant's trainer?
He's over there in the second ring.
Come on, mix it up in there. Mix it up.
Those are boxing gloves you
got on, not powder puffs.
Or maybe you'd like me to strew
some rose petals around.
Come on.
That's it.
What do you want?
Rex Durant told me to see you.
My name is Gordon.
Durant told you to see me?
What did you say your name was?
- Gordon.
How would you be spelling that?
- G-o-r-d-on.
No. You don't mean Gordon.
You mean Gargon.
I know the name well.
Fighting sons of Erin, them Gargons was.
My name is Mike Gordon.
I was born in San Francisco.
Terrance O'Leary is my name.
I'm an Irishman.
- You don't say.
Yes, I do say.
And it's happy I am to
make your acquaintance.
I guess the first thing you ought
to do is go and see the doctor.
That's the first door to the right.
For a physical check-up.
He'll see if you've any
blood in your veins.
What's the matter?
You anxious to spill some of it?
Are you sure you're not Irish?
Sure as there's Gordons in Kerry.
- Well, be off with you.
If you are busy, I'll wait.
Come in.
O'Leary told me to see you.
So you're the new pigeon.
Michael Gordon. The one who left about
89 messages for you at your apartment.
Your heart was bothering you, wasn't it?
Wrong diagnosis, doctor.
You sound as if you've
made a complete recovery.
That's right.
Even so, Mr Gordon.
Without going further
into your case history.
I can prescribe for you
a change of scenery.
Say, three thousand miles.
California. The seashore.
Let's stop playing games.
Why did she send the picture to you?
She happens to be my sister.
And don't you think the picture shows
to a greater advantage here ..
Than in her husband's library?
Do you always cover for her?
Under the circumstances
I'll let that pass.
Rex Durant is a special kind of husband.
He likes to stick pins into people.
Laurie, for instance.
- You are breaking my heart.
Maybe you haven't got one. Let's see.
Take off your coat and
unbutton your shirt.
Ever do any fighting?
Ever since I was a kid.
I mean, real fighting.
Just amateur stuff.
Ship's champ in the navy and
a few bouts on the west coast.
Roll up your left sleeve.
Got any serious diseases?
Outside of this present symptom
of weak-mindedness.
Forget it.
Passing yourself off as a fighter
just to be around Laurie.
I said forget it. I'm in this
for dough and that's all.
I wonder if Durant has got your number.
Look. I wouldn't have Mrs Durant if I
won her in a crap game with phony dice.
Shut up.
He'll live, won't he Doc?
His strength is the strength of ten.
Because his heart is pure.
My heart is pure.
- Don't mind, him lad.
When the liquor is in, the wit is out.
Morning, Gordon.
They treating you alright?
No complaints.
I've been thinking about you.
If you shape up into
any kind of a fighter ..
We may be able to hit the
papers with something hot.
A 'fighter painter'.
We ought to get you a
fight name to tie in with it.
A big-timer like ..
Michelangelo was no slouch.
That's not bad.
O'Leary. Take Mike Angelo and get him
some trunks, a locker and some shoes.
I'll come in and look him over.
- He's practically got them on now.
Is this a professional visit or ..
I wouldn't let you give me an aspirin.
All I want you to do ..
Is to keep my fighters in good enough
condition to go into the ring.
And be carried out of it.
You ought to lay off
the fire-water, doctor.
It's making you nervous.
What do you think of my new boy?
Like all the rest.
Six months of fighting for you and ..
That's not what it says here.
Heart and blood pressure both okay.
Even the legs.
You did check his legs,
didn't you doctor?
I wanted you to pay particular
attention to his legs.
Yes. I looked at them.
Something like mine used to be, huh?
I don't remember.
Imagine that. He operated on
me and he doesn't remember.
Well I do. The whole works.
Including this.
Listen, Durant.
I wasn't responsible for your
accident and you know it.
Do I?
Want a drink, doctor?
Go ahead. Have a slug.
Have two.
Hello. This is Durant. Put my wife on.
Yes, sir. Mrs Durant.
Laurie, I want you to come to the gym.
I'm about to rehearse.
What do you want?
I'll let you know when you get here.
Seeing the sideshow?
- Rex sent for me.
A command performance?
- Mike, why are you hanging around?
He's paying for my time.
I know you try to get back at me
but this isn't the way to do it.
You know a better way?
Get some gloves on Angelo
and put him in the ring.
You're sending him to the ring?
Yeah. I want to watch him
work out with Rocky.
He outweighs the lad by twenty pounds.
He'll murder him.
Put him in.
You're going in, son.
Rocky is always hardest when you
first face him. Now watch his left.
And his right.
You aren't watching, Laurie.
This boy is pretty good.
You'd better stop it, boss.
Your new lad is getting hurt.
It's a tough game and the faster he
learns it the better he'll come along.
He had no business fighting Rocky.
- No.
Where are you going?
The show is over, isn't it?
- The boys play too rough for you?
That wasn't a fight and you know it.
- I took as much when I was in the ring.
If he's going to be my boy
he can do the same.
Why did you call me up here?
I thought he'd show off nice for you.
I have to get back to my rehearsal.
Run along.
You still think it's worth the money?
How do you feel, Angelo?
I say, how do you feel?
Like I was fighting a locomotive.
I like the way you looked in there
but you are right-hand crazy.
You've got two hands. Use them.
That you'll learn. And you'll
have the best teacher there is.
Costello. It looks like I've
picked myself a fighter.
And in this corner.
At 158 and a half pounds.
From California.
Rex Durant's sensational middleweight.
Mike Angelo.
Stay down, Mike. Stay down.
He's not hurt.
Get in there and finish him.
Vince, what's happened to him?
Tonight, we have witnessed
the fall of valor, sister dear.
Your beloved husband did the pushing.
After his first fight, when he left
the ring he was sick. He hated it.
Now he lives for it.
Boys, you had your first look at
the next middleweight champ.
Not bad, huh?
- Swell, Angelo.
I'm ready for the big time right now.
Mike, you were kinda
hard on that kid tonight.
You haven't seen anything yet.
I am prime.
I'd hate to get hit by that right hand.
- How about the left? It worked good.
Alright, lads. He must take a shower.
Now give us a break.
See you in New York, Angelo.
Good luck in your next fight.
- Thanks.
Thanks very much.
- You are welcome.
You'd better hurry up, lad.
We got to catch the midnight.
- Okay.
What do you see?
Hello Laurie.
Things have changed.
You have changed, Mike.
- That is right.
Ex fall-guy. Ex chump.
I like it better this way.
- Mike, what's happened?
Why do you let Durant do this to you?
Look, baby.
Nobody does anything to me anymore.
Durant dishes it out just as I want it.
- I know Durant.
He'll let you fight your heart out
for him and turn you into a killer.
Fix you so you can't
see or think or feel.
So what?
I like it this way. It's on the level.
I saw once.
I thought and I felt
once and I got gypped.
You can remember that, can't you Laurie?
I don't like deals from
the bottom of the deck.
This hasn't anything to do with us.
I'm not asking you to forgive me.
I am asking you to think of yourself.
Kid Lucas wasn't in that ring tonight.
It was the girl who ran out on you.
You don't have to hit back at him.
I am here now.
I could kill you.
- Then to it, Mike.
Only don't sell yourself out for me.
I'm not worth it.
You said it, baby.
How does it look?
- A little to the left.
Back a bit.
That's it.
Thanks, Costello.
Where did you get that?
One of the boys found
it in Mike's apartment.
I doubt it would make any difference
if I told you I didn't pose for it.
Save your breath.
Apparently, you have been on his mind
for a long time. Ever since California.
Alright, Rex.
Now you know.
I always win.
You haven't won anything.
I love him.
And you're married to me.
What are you going to do about it?
There's nothing I can do.
Nobody is going to get out of line.
I am going to make him a champ and
you're going to keep clear of him.
If you are a good girl, I'll do it fast.
If not, I'm going to let him get tough.
Real tough.
I've seen boys in the ring like that.
They'd kill their own brothers.
Hello Mike.
Still on the bandwagon?
Chris. How are you?
- I am holding up.
Sit down.
- Thanks.
Good to see a friendly
face for a change.
If you'd let us know where you hide out
you'd see this friendly face more often.
You don't know how I
have missed you lately.
Hey, you have a fight coming up.
What are you doing in this joint?
Well, baby.
You said you liked this joint.
I do, peachy.
But then I'm not in training.
Although maybe I should be.
Gosh, Mike. It's been a long time.
Yes. It has.
How is the fight racket?
I love it. It's so gay.
You should see my battle scars.
That reminds me. What happened
to that girl who was singing here?
You know, the one you took
such a shellacking over.
Did you ever corral her?
I want you to meet some friends of mine.
Miss Sherwood, Mr Sanders.
Mr and Mrs Durant.
- Good evening.
How do you do?
This is Mr Costello.
I don't like noise.
Cut it out, Durant.
Have you got the jumps, Gordon?
I am alright. Just lay off the kid.
That's all.
Sure. Sure.
Beat it.
- Yes, sir.
We're all having wine.
We're going to drink to Mike Angelo.
The next middleweight
champion of the world.
If he listens to me.
I've listened to you so far, haven't I?
But I have to see Mr Durant, I tell you.
Will you lay off me? He knows who I am.
Get out of here.
You can't bother Mr Durant now.
I ain't no tramp. I tell you I am
Kid McGee. He's my manager.
Durant, why don't you tell
these monkeys who I am?
Something on your mind, Kid?
Yeah, yeah.
I've not heard from you, boss.
You promised me a match
and I am all set for it.
I've been training awful hard.
Excuse me, lady. I'm in the pink.
Yeah. Look.
I can knock off those
palookas in one heat.
You see.
I'm just as good as I ever was.
Hey, boss.
You said I was going to be the champ.
- That's right.
You see, I've been out of town
for a few weeks. Florida.
Besides, I must get just
the right spot for you.
This will tide you over.
I'll call you later.
Thanks, boss.
I always said you was the greatest
manager in the business.
Don't forget. I'll be waiting.
You thought I didn't know him, huh?
You heard what he said.
He'll make a champ out of me.
I can still take those guys.
Did you see me go?
I can knock those
palookas off in nothing.
Do you want to know something?
He is punch-drunk.
Now what's wrong?
Texas, your powers of observation
are simply astounding.
McGee has been washed up
for years, Mr Sanders.
I saw him fight once. He was no bum.
He is like a ghost out of the past.
We're all phantom-hearted, Mr Gordon.
Sorry I am late.
I had a few calls to make.
Miss Sherwood, Mr Sanders.
This is Dr Vincent.
Who always manages to get a head start.
I have got a longer way to go.
A double brandy.
Where is my glass?
You drink milk, Angelo.
Lay off, Durant. Tonight I want a drink.
- Tonight you drink milk.
You want it straight, buddy?
- Look.
Once crack out of you and
I'll knock your brains out.
Why don't you save that
for the ring, Mike?
Go on. Beat it.
Look. This music is costing
me a lot of money, Sugar.
Yes. And you want to take back
every cent of it out of my hide.
We might as well get it over with.
Would you like to dance, Laurie?
- No thanks.
I am sure Mike is a very good dancer.
- No thanks, Rex.
Go ahead. She just wants to be coaxed.
Consider yourself coaxed.
Go on.
I ain't had so much fun
since I left Texas.
I can imagine.
This must be the next best
thing to a cattle stampede.
What's the matter?
Am I tramping on you, Sugar?
No. I always limp like
this when I am hungry.
'Hongry', that is.
Hongry? Well ..
Let's put on the feedbag.
Oh, Texas.
Sometimes you are
practically irresistible.
He planned this.
Mike. I had to tell him about us.
What are you talking about?
Not here.
Make it short.
Rex found a painting you did of me.
Didn't you miss it?
No. I've been sleeping in the gym.
So he found the picture. So what?
- Mike, why did you paint it?
When I was a kid I was
bitten by a rattler.
I couldn't get to a doctor.
I knew the only way to get the
poison out of me was to cut it out.
That picture got you out of my system.
You hit awfully hard, Mike.
I'm down. You don't have to kick me.
Why don't you stay away from me?
- I want to. Only, I'm poison too.
Mrs Durant, I looked all over for you.
You're on in a few minutes.
Thank you, Jimmy.
There's a drink in the cupboard.
My reputation always
seems to precede me.
This does more than mortals can.
To justify God's ways to man.
I think that is misquoted.
But it's a rousing sentiment.
Mrs Durant. You are on.
In a minute, Jimmy.
Want to talk about it?
Vince, you've always been
around to patch me up but ..
This time.
This time it calls for a
knight in shining armor.
I hardly qualify. Is that it?
There is nothing you can do.
He's finally gotten to you too.
We live to say the dog is dead.
Vince, don't be a fool.
Laurie, this has been
coming for a long time.
We've both known it.
I'd have done it long ago
if I'd had the nerve.
Well, I have got it now.
He wants you to try this.
He planned it this way.
What chance do you have
against him and Costello?
50/50. I'll take it.
You're the one who will be killed.
I've been dead for years.
Vince, think what you're doing.
I can't see this through without you.
Don't keep me from my pleasure, Laurie.
Please listen to me.
- I'm tired of talk.
If Costello should turn
out to be a better shot ..
You'll get out of all this, Laurie.
Stop doing penance for me.
Promise me that.
There must be some other
way to work this out.
We'll talk about it.
- No, Laurie.
Wish me Godspeed.
Mrs Durant.
Mrs Durant. We're waiting for you.
- We're waiting for you.
Tell the dancers to go on.
- Yes, ma'am?
Close the door.
I want you to do me a favor.
Take this note to Mike Angelo.
Be sure no-one else sees it.
- I get you.
And hurry.
- Okay.
Your friends went back to their
own table. Where is Laurie?
She was called back for a number.
Here is your milk, sir.
- Get it out of here.
I think I'll hit the sack.
Mr Angelo. One of your lady
fans would like an autograph.
Tell her I broke my arm.
Sign it. It's good box office.
See you around.
Laurie still thinks she's
her brother's keeper.
Don't come any closer.
Don't be a chump. Put down that gun.
It looks like a toy, doesn't it.
You're supposed to feel something
when you use it on a man.
That's what they tell you in books.
That you don't feel anything.
Nothing at all.
You'll feel plenty when they
slap you in the hot-seat.
Keep away.
You're nuts.
Put down that gun.
Gordon, this has to be done.
Neither you nor anyone will stop me.
What do you mean it has to be done? Why?
Laurie hasn't told you
anything, has she?
Well, I'll tell you.
Laurie has been tied to Durant
all these years because of me.
She found out what he was like
soon after they were married.
Vicious, tormenting, sadistic.
She filed for divorce.
One day Durant persuaded
her to go for a drive.
He asked her to forget
about the divorce.
He threatened her.
The car got out of control.
Went off the road.
Durant was pinned underneath.
Laurie phoned. I rushed to the hospital.
I performed an emergency operation.
He had a 50/50 chance.
When it was over ..
I had failed.
When Durant realized
he'd never walk again ..
He accused me of deliberate bungling.
I knew I had done my best.
But he kept accusing me. Hounding me.
I began to wonder if he was right.
Perhaps my hatred for him
had affected my hands.
Even Laurie believed I was guilty.
Durant threatened to
bring criminal charges.
Laurie promised to stay with
him if he dropped them.
From that day on.
Laurie has been bearing my cross.
Doing penance for me.
It's got to stop.
Give it back to me.
This isn't the way.
Thanks, Mike.
And what you've done isn't
the right way either.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because there's nothing
you could do about it.
What do you mean, nothing I can do?
You're not a prisoner.
He can't hold you.
I was afraid to tell you.
I knew you'd want to start something.
Please don't get mixed up in all this.
Look. I've been mixed up
in this for a long time.
I won't let you take
any kind of beating.
No, Mike.
- Laurie.
Laurie, I love you.
Your happiness is important to me.
I thought you were
going to hit the sack.
You have to fight tomorrow.
You're not very smart, Durant.
There isn't going to be a fight.
Mike Angelo is dead.
I have a contract that says he's very
much alive until after the title bout.
And that's anybody's guess.
That sounds like a threat.
- Yeah.
Beat it.
My, my. What big teeth
you've got, grandma.
Listen. I'm giving you
a chance to pull out.
Take it.
And leave Laurie here
holding the bag? Uhuh.
We got some talking to do.
You won't like this story
so I'll make it short.
I'm walking out of here.
Laurie is going too.
You'll get just about
as far as that door.
Okay. If you want to play that way
I'll shake the aces out of my sleeve.
You can put a fighter in the ring.
But you can't make him fight.
Top that.
What are you talking about?
- Laurie gets a new deal or no fight.
What she does with you
is her own affair.
But you'll give her a chance to
find out where she goes from here.
Hold it, stooge.
What's the big idea?
I'm collecting hardware.
Costello. Give me a hand.
Get him up to my office.
Somebody blew the top of my head off.
You took a fall.
You'll be okay.
Just take it easy.
How is he?
I have to recheck the
plate after it's dry.
So far, the X-Ray shows no fracture.
But he definitely has
a severe concussion.
He came round quick enough.
That doesn't mean much unfortunately.
He could walk around and
act normally for a day.
A week.
Then suddenly.
An embolism might form.
A blood clot.
He'd go out like that.
What about the fight?
If he stepped into a ring I doubt
he would ever come out of it alive.
A serious head blow might finish him.
That boy must go to a hospital.
If that's where he belongs,
let's get him there.
Drive my car round to the front.
Costello will bring him down to you.
Costello, you'd better go with him.
He's had a lot of excitement.
You might even tie him to a bottle.
Maybe a couple of bottles.
I want you to be in shape for
the fight tomorrow night.
Maybe you didn't hear what I said before
I began playing leapfrog with Costello.
You mean about Laurie?
Don't stall, Durant.
Does she get out or not?
I am not trying to make
a pitch for myself.
That accident of mine rocked
me back on my heels.
I guess I took it out on Laurie.
- In spades.
Gordon, you know what it is
to have your hand in the air.
Tomorrow, you'll know
what it is to be a champ.
On the gravy train. Riding it all
the way. Nobody can stop you.
I've trained with you, fought with you.
Taken your punishment.
You can't walk out on me now.
I told you before and
I'll tell you again.
Laurie gets out.
Suppose she does?
- Then you get your fight.
If you win it for me she
can do what she wants.
Now, you're talking.
The fight is in the bag.
[ Whistle ]
"Hear that?"
"That's the warning. That means you."
"On your feet, cluck."
"Look around. You see all the people?"
"I'll tell you a secret."
"You're at Madison Square Garden.
You're topping the card."
"You're a cinch to win."
"Duke Carney is like
picking daisies in a field."
Flatten him, lad.
Then, when we're through with him he'll
be the sorriest man in seven parishes.
Carney is sure to take
Angelo this round.
Angelo is groggy. He's out on his feet.
No surprise after taking
all that punishment.
He's got plenty of what it takes.
But every time Angelo makes headway
Carney gets in a blow to the head.
And Angelo goes into a daze.
I've never seen Angelo fight like this.
One second he's the aggressor.
The next, Carney beats him to a pulp.
The referee separates them now.
But Carny comes in quick
with a left to the body.
And a fast left to the chin.
Angelo throws a desperation
right to the ribs but it's wide.
Another right by Angelo
high on Carney's head.
Carney comes back with a left jab.
Then a right to the body.
A left jab to the mouth by Carney.
Carney charges in with two jabs.
A right to the head, a left to the body.
Now they exchange lefts and rights
to the body. Carney has the best of it.
Angelo doubles up at the
ferociousness of Carney's attack.
Angelo's legs are wobbling.
This may be it.
Carney jabs lefts to the mouth
and rights to the head.
Angelo tries to defend himself
but his punches lack power.
Here come Carney again powering
in with a left to the head.
And a right to the body.
How anyone can stand up under this
punishment is more than I know.
Carney comes in fast with a right
uppercut from the floor. But misses.
Angelo hooks to the midsection and
starts a right but Carney blocks it.
It's a long way down, Doc.
Why don't you go back to bed?
Carney comes through with a left.
Angelo blocks it and
lands a right to the body.
Angelo's blows don't bother Carney.
His footwork is fast and shifting
Carney scores a terrific
right to Angelo's head.
Carney throws left jabs to the nose.
Angelo is struck with a right cross.
He does little to defend himself.
Carney lands a right to the nose and
comes in with two jabs to the jaw.
Carney drives both hands to the body.
Angelo has been trying to
get inside Carney's lead.
He finds it tough to penetrate.
Angelo takes an awful
battering this round.
He's still on his feet but
only by sheer instinct.
Carney drives in a left
cross that staggers Angelo.
A jab to the chin by Carney.
Carney stalking Angelo.
Lands a left to the head.
Angelo backs up.
Another left to the head.
Carney throws a haymaker.
Angelo sidesteps and
drops a left to the head.
Carney lands a swinging right
uppercut to Angelo's jaw.
Carney comes back with a swinging right
cross knocking Angelo to his own corner.
Do it, now! You got him going.
Listen, stranger. If you want a
fight let's get up in the ring.
Angelo sidesteps a right to the head.
And comes in with a left
and right to Carney's jaw.
Carney is in trouble.
Angelo is acting strangely.
He's on the ropes.
Carney drives in with a
hard right to the body.
Stay down.
Rex, why don't you stop it?
That's alright with me. What about him?
What's happened here?
What's the matter with the lad?
- Don't worry. He'll snap out of it.
Hold on to him, Mike.
Hold him. Hold him.
Get back. Break it up.
Come on. Break.
Come on, break it up.
How do you feel, Mike?
You want me to stop the fight?
If you do, I'll break your neck.
- Okay.
Go in there and wind it all up.
Cut him and hurt him. Put him away.
Get him out of the party now.
It's been too long now. Right, Duke?
It will be alright.
Get it over with. Come on now.
Use your left.
Let me through.
Where you going?
- Let me in.
I must get in there and stop that fight.
- You do?
There's a boy being killed in there.
- Yeah. By Duke Carney.
Angelo lands a chopping right to the
face and a left to Carney's body.
He's coming alight.
The one-two.
How about a beer?
- Sure.
On the house.
- Thank you.
He went into the fight
with a concussion.
Rush him to hospital and get Dr Ainsley
to perform a trepanation at once.
The X-Ray plates are in my office.
Vince, what happened? Where were you?
- Never mind. Where is Durant?
He was here a moment ago.
Take me out the back way, Costello.
- Right. Look out.
Out of the way.
You've come to the end
of the long road, Durant.
What are you talking about?
You are loaded again.
You sent that boy into
the ring to be killed.
I have X-Ray plates to prove it.
But you won't do anything
about it, will you.
You will take another
drink and forget it.
Not this time.
You will get ten years
for what you've done.
And if Mike doesn't
recover you'll get life.
We'd better get out of here fast.
Vince, darling.
- Don't move him, lady.
Forgive me, Laurie.
Of course.
I didn't see the fight.
Did he win for you?
Yes, Vince.
As your physician.
I prescribe a change.
Go away, Laurie.
Take time.
Clear yourself from all this.
Light me a cigarette.
I sold another picture.
To whom?
To whom?
She's here?
Who else would buy your pictures?
- Where is she?