Whisky Romeo Zulu (2004) Movie Script

Let's go!
Let's go, 3- 1- 4- 2.
Let's go.
- Do i turn this off?
- Yes.
6, 2, 8, 8... 52,
report clearing 3000.
Start switches?
- Low ignition.
- Transponder.
- On.
- Strobe light.
- the girls?
- "Seatated"
- did you seat them?
- No, you.
Cabin crew, prepare
for take-off.
Taking off, one, two.
Taking off.
Move over, adrian,
or i'll run over you.
- No, no, no, no...
- who's next?
What the hell is going on?
Good morning, follow me.
I don't know what it is,
but everything is ok.
Eighty knots.
Holding short, good evening,
Good morning.
Good morning.
Let's start.
It's 3:55 am, and it's pouring...
over buenos aires. The storm
will be clearing by sunrise.
Cut it out.
- Congratulations, captain.
- Thanks.
Weather is fixed,
good weather.
How much do you want?
- What's our alternate?
- Crdoba.
- Passengers?
- Sixty-two.
- Cargo?
- None.
- Make it ten thousand - eight.
- Athousand - eight?
- Ten thousand - eight.
- Oh, ten thousand - eight.
How wonderful!
Would you take a picture?
Let's show the stripes.
I'm a captain, right?
- Captain.
- Everything ok?
Yeah. Hydraulic leakage in a flap.
Maintenance says it's within tolerance.
Anything else?
The apu starts false fire alarms.
They said not to use
the fire-extinguisher.
Yeah, right...
the company grows
and uniforms shrink.
- Are we giving these out?
- Yes, why?
"Four planes close to collision."
I guess not.
- Gordo?
- Yes.
Request start up,
there are delays.
- Where's the purser?
- No idea.
Aeroparque, one-five-zero
requests start up.
Hey, come here!
- Hey!
- What?
We're number nine for start up.
- The fire-extinguisher is empty.
- We don't have any in stock.
I can't fly without it.
It's been like this for a week.
That's not my problem.
Get me a fire-extinguisher.
Leave it to me.
Captain, what's your estimate
for boarding?
When we finish refueling and
we get the fire-extinguisher.
Captain, there's no coke.
- Can't we board while refueling?
- No.
Gordo, tell catering
to bring the coke.
And the papers are missing.
Sandra, block it off
before somebody trips.
Traffic requests boarding.
I've just spoken to them.
Fire-extinguisher dealt with.
- Are you ok?
- I'm great.
- To board, i mean.
- Of course.
"Dear madam,
i'm writing to you because
something unexpected occurred,
and i would like you to know.
I guess i should introduce myself,
and i should start
by telling you my name.
But i won't since i doubt
you'll remember me.
So i'll introduce myself otherwise.
We went to the same school,
and i took bus number one...
with the famous driver, "cholo".
Nothing could beat the feeling,
of passing by you on
my way to the back.
This was the best part
of my day.
No doubt, looking at you
for a few seconds...
was worth the ride.
I remember an event,
which gave me vague hope...
that your indifference
wasn't such.
I was talking to luigi...
- do you know marcela fabbri?
- No, why?
She told me that
you knew each other.
- She really said that?
- Yes, why?
Well... it's just strange!
Well done! Great!
You guys are fantastic!
Why don't you just sit down,
chat and forget the game!
"We lost because of that goal,
but i felt like a winner
after years of loving you
in silence,
here at last was a sign
that you had noticed me.
Adolescence wasn't easy...
and i went through many things,
including an indelible love.
The love i had for you."
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- How did it go?
- Fine.
Request descent.
Mendoza, 150 calling.
Mendoza, 150 calling.
Mendoza, 150 calling.
Go for blind transmission.
Mendoza, 150
transmitting blind,
no dme.
Estimating 55 miles out,
request descent.
Vor doesn't work either.
Tune in to radio nihuii,
see if we get a bearing.
Ladies and gentlemen, this
is the captain speaking.
The air traffic control
of the argentine air force...
with its usual efficiency,
is apparently in a complete
power failure.
We have no radio contact
or assistance,
and we'll keep flying
in a holding pattern.
If we can't establish contact
within the next 20 minutes,
we'll have to proceed to
our alternate airport.
A fax from com. Trapattoni,
of the air regions command.
He's very upset, and the boss
wants you to apologize.
Tell the commodore
to fix mendoza's vor...
so i don't have to use a broadcasting
to find the airport.
First flight as a captain
and you already raised hell.
- I did nothing!
- They set you up?
Come on, adrian,
you know how it is!
We started here together.
- But now i'm your boss.
- And the beard?
- What about it?
- Look at yourself.
- Up to 3mm is ok.
- De angelis doesn't like it.
I don't want to argue with you.
The company is growing,
and we have to help!
Could it be swelling,
not growing?
Maybe this isn't the company
for people like you.
Is that a compliment?
I thought a promotion
would stop silly comments.
Your tickets. You're leaving
on monday for the simulator.
And this is the latest
operations bulletin.
Did you read the bulletin?
- No.
- Here. Read it.
"No doubt we will achieve it.
With our efforts,
and god's help, we'll be able
to show a 99/o fulfillment...
and a very high efficiency level.
We have plenty of human resources.
Just make an effort.
Let's go for it!"
But this is crazy...
imagine the passengers' faces...
knowing that we need
god's help to fly.
We could pray the rosary
before take-off.
Or three our father
to save fuel.
- Luigi, i'm going with you.
- Fine, let's go.
- Bye, gordo.
- Bye, guys.
We're going to simulator
training to rio.
Why to rio?
We don't have simulators here.
Stop drinking!
No, we go every six months.
You snore very loud.
- You'll snore when you grow up.
- No, i won't.
Why did you get divorced?
she was mean, and she hit me.
Come on, why?
Because 95/o of all marriages
don't work out.
- Mom and dad worked out.
- They must be in that 5/o.
Who broke up, she or you?
- She did.
- Why?
I'm not sure.
I think she doesn't like pilots.
As soon as i know something
i'll call you, ok?
Are you sad?
Dad says to lock the door...
and take the keys.
We can't be flying like this. Have
you read the operations bulletin?
Of course.
Don't be dumb.
Just do your job.
Shut up and
be more diplomatic.
Don't be a fool.
Before you start fighting,
consider what's at stake.
Very well, apologies accepted.
Make sure it doesn't happen again.
with all due respect,
worse things are happening.
What do you mean?
Mendoza had a total
electrical failure.
What if i needed to make
an emergency landing?
What do you expect?
We're in argentina.
"More than becoming a pilot,
i wanted to marry you.
Nothing, absolutely nothing,
could beat the feeling,
of that november 28, 1969.
You turned to me, so naturally,
and trapped my mind and senses
with this question:"
Which book do you use?
"Your words had the greatest
impact on me.
I didn't quiver, no,
my whole body was shaking.
I couldn't believe my ears.
You were talking to me.
If i had to choose among
the best moments of my life,
this would be one of them.
When fantasy meets reality,
it's normally disappointing.
But sometimes fantasy is
contained in a wish so strong...
that reality becomes fantastic.
That night, reality and fantasy
seemed to meld.
I decided we would live
in patagonia,
by a lake at the foot
of mount tronador.
Just you and me. Nothing would
get in the way of our happiness.
Despite my father's opposition,
whose parents had died
in a plane crash,
i had already decided
i'd become a pilot."
Let's go, let's go.
Let's go, 3, 1, 4, 2.
Let's go.
- Do i turn this off?
- Yes.
6, 2, 8, 8. 52.
- Sure you don't need help?
- I'm sure. Thank you.
What is it?
- Engine one failed.
- Restart it!
Restart it!
Dead, no reaction.
Sorry, i couldn't freeze it
on time.
Why was the only working
engine burned?
You didn't reduce thrust!
You must set maximum continuous
in the operating engine.
How many times do
i have to tell you?
Can we do it once more?
Ok... your turn now.
So, what happened?
What happened...
you saw what happened. I crashed.
That's what happened.
I'll go back to being a co-pilot.
The manuals are in english.
They throw them at you
and say "learn them".
That's all the ground school
you get.
I know they do that, but...
can't you study on your own?
Don't forget, i didn't go
to a bilingual school.
The mexicans get
translated manuals.
At aerolineas they get
english courses.
What can i do about this mess?
I can't set standards that
the company doesn't.
Hello, captain.
How are you?
I have an appointment with
the human resources dept.
Just a minute, please.
Are they there?
"Dear madam, i'm writing to you...
because something unexpected ccurred,
and i would like you to know.
I guess i should introduce myself,
and i should start by telling
you my name.
But i won't...
he asked me if i wanted to leave
a number, i said yes.
Then i realized that it would
be hard to understand.
I said i'd write a letter instead.
That's what i'm doing.
It was the last day of school.
We talked the whole way
i hadn't slept much.
I had to do something
to cope with such joy.
You got off, and summer began.
3 months without you...
and the end of elementary school.
Summer wasn't a problem,
since i had waited for years.
What worried me was how we
would resume our conversations.
Because in high school
there was no school bus.
Walking up the tronador or by the lakes,
i planned the reunion.
My three main activities
were to plan,
think of you,
and love you madly.
After 3 months of planning,
i made my decision.
On the first day,
i'd go to the station,
wait for you and, using
all my charm, say:
Do you know what time it is?
Marcela, do you know
what time it is?
"I later knew that your parents
had sent you to another school.
This letter is a tribute
to my childhood...
to yours,
and to a one-sided romance."
- 3140, operations.
- Continue.
Adrian speaking.
If there's a fire alarm in the apu,
don't use the extinguisher,
it's probably a false alarm.
How do i know if
it's for real, or not?
Just don't use it in fl ight.
What if both generators faii
and i need to use it?
Or if it catches fire on ground,
what shall i do?
Operate with caution.
- I can't believe it.
- What are you going to do?
Have you heard the story of
the shepherd and the wolf?
Standard take-off, run-way three-one.
From zero to eighty knots,
we will abort by any alarm,
from eighty to v1...
only engine failure, aircraft
unsafe or unable to fly.
- 80.
- Crosscheck.
Positive climb, gear up.
316, direct to rosario.
I'm marcela fabbri
from alya consulting...
we're here for an internal survey.
Let's see...
- roberto?
- Yes, here.
i'm one short...
oh, the gentleman...
right... well... i need you...
to fill out these forms...
if you have any questions,
feel free to ask.
Please explain this to me.
I don't know.
I know as much as you do.
- Be careful with the cable.
- What a situation, right?
- I guess you got my letter?
- Of course.
The nicest letter
i've ever received.
- Really? You liked it?
- Yes, very much.
That you'd set eyes on me.
- I mean, when i was a kid.
- Well, i still do.
I swear... i was moved.
I couldn't stop reading it.
I loved it.
I'd love to keep talking,
but i have a meeting,
i have to go.
Could we have lunch some day?
Sure! Yes! Bye.
Don't you like real food?
Yes, when i have the time.
Why are you always busy
at noon?
We usually have evaluation
meetings at 1:30 p. m.
What do you evaluate?
The company's image.
You think they will
like what you don't?
I don't think they'll like it either.
Poor gonzalo.
That brazilian overdid it.
It wasn't so bad.
You saw it was no wind shear,
it was a simple failure.
A plane is one thing,
a simulator's another one.
Apu fire switch, pull and rotate.
Apu off.
Get the apu fire checklist.
Declare an emergency,
set the transponder to 7700.
And request clearance
to aeroparque.
Request all emergency services
upon arrival.
Now you've grounded
an aircraft.
We had to endorse all tickets
to other airlines.
Your joke cost us 25,000 dollars.
It was an apu fire!
I told you it was a false alarm.
A mess for no reason.
You're screwing us up.
You can't request fire services
for a false alarm!
Alarms call for execution
not discrimination.
Books are not reality.
This is a low-cost carrier in expansion
that needs a hand.
We're screwing it up.
I checked 100 technical reports.
In four months,
we've had 96 false alarms.
This is risky.
I'm serious.
Look, kid.
You need good judgment.
That's what makes a captain.
Do as everyone else does
or you'll have a hard time.
I won't say it again.
Hurry up, you have
the iguazu flight.
Gonzalo with four stripes?
Is he flying as a captain?
He went with adrian to the simulator,
now he's a hot shot.
No log entries.
Write failures on a napkin...
and pass them on to maintenance.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Any problems?
- No, absolutely nothing.
Thank you.
Everything ok?
We have no apu. The gyro my side
doesn't work,
a pack's out of order
and both dmes are inoperative.
Does mel allow us
to fly like this?
Yes, but...
- before start, checklist.
- Will you fly like this?
Gordo... don't be a pain in the ass.
If it's legal, i fly,
...if not, i won't.
- I wouldn't.
I didn't ask you.
Before start, checklist!
Excuse me, captain.
Emergency exit lights.
- No smoking, fasten seat belts.
- On.
- Window heat.
- On.
And we requested this meeting
because we want to make it...
absolutely clear...
you have our full support
in this case.
Thank you very much.
In any case,
you have been indicted.
No interview was requested...
and this isn't a meeting.
Anyway, i want to call
your attention to our concern.
Some lobbies want to end our
control over civii aviation.
I don't follow you.
No, just a second, please.
What i mean is...
we're a bit worried...
with the course
of the investigation.
You should be worried.
- Ok, i forgive you.
- Thank you.
Hi, anything to drink?
No, thanks.
Have you seen the waterfalls?
- How are things?
- Fine, not many people.
This blond girl in the aisle,
bring her in.
Come on, gordo,
stop messing around.
- Hi... excuse me...
- how are you?
Hi, what's up?
Cool! So many instruments!
Yes, have you seen this?
D'you remember them all?
We study all the manuals.
What's that?
Hey, gordo. Don't you feel
the pedals vibrating?
I'm serious... check it out.
Yes, i can feel it.
Is everything ok?
Yes, go back to your seat.
We'll be landing shortly.
Fine, thank you.
You might end up
floating in the river
i'm sending you this
from maintenance. Recognize it?
Did you feel the vibrations?
They sent you out with a crack
on the tail fin.
This could have killed you.
Things are worse than you think.
File a report: The repair's listed
in the maintenance log.
The owner hires air force staff
as pilots.
When there're problems,
they cover for each other.
Get it?
Guess what they called
the latest plane.
It's crazy, we're going to crash
and nobody gives a damn!
- What are you doing about it?
- Nothing.
Well, i wrote some reports.
Boss, with all due respect,
this is a serious issue.
Yes, i know, i know.
- We could have been killed.
- You're right, absolutely.
But this guy is still out there
certifying planes.
Let me give you some advice.
Don't argue with maintenance.
They'll win in the long run.
- You know they hate pilots.
- This guy nearly killed us.
- Let me talk to them.
- Fine, but...
take it easy,
i'll handle it.
I'll handle it.
- Are your vacations up to date?
- Yes.
- Sure?
- Yes.
Why do you think pilots
are given days off?
Safety reasons, a tired pilot
is a safety hazard.
- Recognize this?
- Yes... that's my file.
- Is this your signature?
- Yes.
- Do you know you're under oath?
- Yes.
Are you aware that perjury
is a crime?
According to this, you are
owed six years' vacation.
What am i doing here?
- Who knows?
- Tell me about you.
- What?
- I don't know, anything.
The usual story...
- my father left us...
- oh, no! How old were you?
You shouldn't joke about
those things.
It's true. He got divorced
and disappeared.
Thank you.
Real food.
Want to come up?
No, no. I don't want to,
i don't want to.
- I don't want to.
- What do you mean?
I just can't.
I'm sorry... i just can't.
Don't laugh.
Do you know what it takes
to get a woman this far?
I feel like it,
but i don't want to.
It's too complicated for a man
to understand.
I understand everything.
- Satisfied with your work?
- What do you mean?
- Are you tired?
- Yes, i woke up at 6 to get here.
I can imagine.
- When was your last holiday?
- A long time ago. Too long.
They won't let me go.
That's not legal.
- Are you nervous?
- No.
Do you get depressed?
Or feel like crying?
My question makes you laugh.
Are you amused by depression?
- Does it scare you?
- No.
The tests.
You're going to draw here.
And answer some questions.
On another shee you're going to draw
a man, a woman, and a house.
My colleague will test you, too.
- Why do i have to do this?
- Because i need you to.
I've been flying for 17 years,
and i've never done this.
Things change in 17 years.
We need an assessment.
The sooner you finish,
the sooner you can go.
To your success.
- To yours.
- To theirs.
- Everything will work out fine.
- Cheers!
- Any news?
- Several.
I called you at operations,
but you'd already left.
The horizons and gyro
are all inoperative.
- What does the mel say?
- The mel states:
"No night fl ying
without standby horizon."
- Hi.
- How are you?
This plane is inoperative
for night flight.
We've been flying like this
for a week.
Not my problem.
We can take it to a hangar
and cover it up.
Whatever. Fix it
or give me another one.
- I can't fly like this.
- No planes.
The golf foxtrot is grounded
in salta.
Well, then i'm very sorry.
Tell operations we're no-go.
The technical log, please.
Operations, one-six-zero.
Go ahead.
Two horizons and a gyro out
of order. We are no-go.
Ok, roger. They're not departing
2 horizons...
and a gyro out of order.
He's such a pain in the ass!
Any other pilots around?
Stop loading,
...we are not flying with this plane.
- Why not?
Two horizons
are out of order.
Is that serious?
Julia, once you're done with catering
come to operations.
I'll see you in operations.
Are they crazy?
Two horizons don't work.
- Are they flying like this?
- They're crazy.
What the hell are you doing?
Rules are one thing, reality another.
That's how we fly here.
Yes, the place sucks,
and the planes are crap.
This is madness!
What if the only functioning
horizon fails?
It won't faii tonight.
Hi, this is perez.
You have my support.
What happened today was a disgrace.
That's all...
see you, man.
Captain, operations calling.
You're grounded for
the rest of the month.
Who gave the order?
Ok, thanks.
Lapa chief pilot.
I insist on the very serious reports
i handed you.
With the current state
of maintenance,
a lapa aircraft will most likely
be involved in an accident.
This is not only predictable
but also almost inevitable.
Hello. This is gonzalo.
I'd like to meet you
today at noon.
Well... i'd like to talk to you.
Did you know i was suspended?
I know. I didn't want it
to end up like this.
I know how the plane was.
I owed them for the simulator
what kind of a favour is it?
Cash, man. It makes a
big difference.
In your financial situation
i'd also follow the rules.
- I've no choice.
- Now they got you.
One day it'll be over.
We'll fly like a normal company.
Did you file a report?
- What did you write?
- The truth.
- Are you submitting it?
- I don't know, why?
And if you do?
- What do you think will happen?
- You know best.
You tell me.
In a normal company, they'd fi re
me, here they'll fire you.
In a normal company we wouldn't
be discussing this.
In a normal country, we wouldn't
be discussing this.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- I've got some letters.
- For whom?
For adrian.
With copies to everyone.
The owner, managers,
general director.
- They've stolen my computer.
- What?
Have you got a back-up?
Are you ok?
I'll check my house.
Call you later.
- I'm home.
- I can see that.
We called this informal meeting
in order to talk.
Only after we threatened
with mass resignation to the union.
If we cool down, we might
be able to talk.
What should cool down are the union
attacks on the company.
What attacks?
Punta cana's flight captain
was not defended.
He flew without life jackets.
What attacks?
Who told you? Was it him?
It was reported by
the cabin crew's union.
Anyway, the seats serve
as life jackets.
Sorry, seems we have
a different opinion here.
No, they're not.
They're flotation aides.
It takes a conscious passenger
strong enough to grab them.
The regulations for flights
over 50 miles from the coast...
- that's a subtlety.
- No, it's not. It's a flotation device.
It keeps an unconscious
passenger out of the water.
Only life jackets do this.
- That's not true.
- Shut up!
- No, i won't!
- Stop attacking the company!
I didn't attack the company!
- He's attacking the company!
- No, i'm not!
And that letter?
How can you prove
a plane will crash?
You have the evidence,
the technical logs.
Besides, i was asked to fly
at night without two horizons.
Perez, you were the co-pilot,
you remember what happened.
Tell us what happened.
Yes, it's true, the gyro and
horizon were inoperative.
But the standby horizon had
an inclination due to apron slope.
So it was perfectly operative.
Like this...
we've grounded you,
initially for six months.
- Why?
- You know you're not well.
I'm fine but safety is not.
What business does the
company doctor have here?
Let's focus.
Writing such an ominous letter,
you're describing a fear.
Exactly. I'm afraid
a plane might crash.
- Or do you fear that you will?
- No, i'm careful.
If the plane
isn't safe, i refuse it.
- You'll undergo treatment.
- Why? What is my diagnosis?
You're always running away
from your melancholy.
What entitles you to talk
about my melancholy?
You're missing the point,
pilots face a dilemma.
They either comply with
rules and risk their jobs...
or they break the rules
and compromise safety.
As state representatives
you should do something.
You think our goal is
to provide safety?
You think it isn't?
Do you realize you're
very querulous?
- What does querulous mean?
- Quarrelsome...
i'm a complete idiot.
We already know that,
but please specify.
I did just what they
wanted me to do.
- What did you do?
- I argued with the psychiatrist.
Oh, well...
you definitely are an idiot.
Look, they published your article.
Look, look.
"On aprii 15, 1912,
rms titanic went down.
1,515 people lost their lives
in the shipwreck.
The life boats only had space
for 1,178 passengers...
of the 2,224 on board.
Abandon ship procedures
were never practiced.
It was the first case
of catastrophic industrial pressure.
85 years later,
they're investigating if a flight...
flying ba-caribbean
came back without life jackets
without life jacket
for the passengers.
Despite the time and lives spent,
we learn nothing from it.
Hey, moron, wake up...
answer, dammit,
i've good news for you.
De angelis has been fired.
- Hello, how are you?
- Fine.
Have a seat.
We'd like to talk to you.
Sorry, i didn't introduce you.
Ms. Fabbri is our new
pr manager.
We'd like to talk with
you about...
your conflict with
the previous management.
They did things in a way that would
have led to an accident.
I just warned them.
We appreciate your concern
for safety.
And we're already dealing with
many of these issues.
I'm glad to hear it.
If you'd like to work with us,
there shouldn't be a problem.
In fact, there is one.
Although i have my american
and english medical,
in my last check-up the air
force denied me a certificate.
That can be arranged.
The director of the certifying
board is a friend of mine.
Well, then there seems
to be no problem.
There is a favor i'd like
to ask you.
It's about the letter you wrote.
It went public.
And it drew a lot of attention
in the aviation community.
The ny times quotes you
foreseeing a disaster.
I didn't know they'd published it.
Yes, i happen to have a copy.
If anything happens,
your letter becomes a time bomb.
We can't work under
these conditions.
If you respect the law,
it won't harm you.
The letter's for adrian
the public sees us as a company,
not as individuals.
- Are you asking me to take it back?
- Please, don't get me wrong.
You should make some changes...
so we can work peacefully,
- i wouldn't know how to do it.
- You're smart enough.
That letter is well-written.
Think of something.
You don't have to answer me now.
Take your time, give it some
thought... and call me.
Very well.
- Do you know him?
- No.
Write something.
Some nonsense, anything.
I can't help you
if you won't let me.
If i write that,
they'll let me fly again?
- I'm sure.
- I'm not.
Think what it will be like
if you can't fly any more.
I know it's important to you.
I don't want you to quit flying.
Neither do i.
When i was a kid, i'd stare
into the sky for hours.
- What did you think about?
- Well... i dreamt of the future.
How did it turn out?
Ok... well, sort of.
All this about you and flying
is strange.
Your grandparents...
- all this trouble you've caused.
- I didn't cause any trouble.
I wonder where it all
comes from?
I used to live under
the airport locator.
I looked up and the only thing
i saw were planes.
When the austral dc-9 crashed
in fray bentos...
the plane that flew into a storm?
- He never flew into a storm!
- He did, it was a pilot error.
How can you work for an airline
and speak of pilot error?
Pilots make mistakes, i guess.
Of course we make mistakes,
but that's not the point.
It's the procedures,
that's what it's all about.
They cost a lot of money. That's what
your manager doesn't get.
I investigated the crash on
behalf of the pilots' union.
I was at the crash site
for three days.
Then i went to washington,
heard the voice recorder.
It was the worst thing
i ever heard.
Both pilots knew they were going
to get killed.
You know what i found in the crater?
Three of the captain's fingers...
on the speed brake lever.
He died trying to save his plane.
Of course, the government and
the air force blamed the storm.
Was he an idiot that ran
into a storm?
A suicide?
Very convenient, isn't it?
Do you know why that plane
came down?
It didn't have an alarm the air force'd
regulated as mandatory.
See how easy it is to blame
it on pilot error?
Are you ok?
- What now?
- Nothing...
we'll sell the house,
that's all.
I'll paint a sign right now.
Why don't you retract?
You'll never fly again if you don't.
They'll just file it.
Don't be a fool, he can't do that.
You're right.
If i had his financial position,
i could afford not to retract.
You know what, gordo?
Keep drinking beer, that's
what you're really good at.
I can't do it.
- What?
- The retraction you asked for.
Why not?
It's not right... why do you want it
so badly? I don't get it.
Yes... you hardly understand anything.
Don't be arrogant,
i want to help.
It's not arrogance.
We've explained it
in so many ways.
- We're trying to improve things.
- How do you know?
Because i'm there.
How do you know technicalities
are true?
Because we supervise.
Who? Adrian is still chief pilot.
What supervision?
- If he lies, we'll notice.
- What will you do? Ask me?
You're so whimsical.
- It's not a whim.
- You don't get it.
This is not a game.
It's a job. And jobs are necessary
for a living.
Stop, stop. I'm just saying
a plane will crash...
if you keep this up.
I even put it in writing!
Please don't do me any more favors.
Can't you see...
that our childhood is over?
I'm not the girl
you dreamt with.
Flying is not what you
thought it would be.
You're not the boy in the letter now.
Nothing's like you imagined.
- But?
- I'm fed up!
How the hell did
i end up here?
I can't keep dealing with a guy
who ruins everything.
You ruin everything!
You ruined your marriage,
you want to ruin mine.
You ruined your pilot dreams.
You want to ruin the company.
The company is my job.
What do you care?
get away with it anyway.
Get out of the car.
Take your letter and go!
Congratulations, he's resigned.
A few accusations, but hey...
good morning, follow me.
Good morning. Ready?
Let's start.
These are 100 technical reports.
There were 96 false alarms
in four months.
How does this affect
flight operations?
In the case of such degradation
of company standards,
a pilot is unlikely to react
adequately to an alarm.
I'm from the company operations.
- Where are they?
- Everywhere.
I need simulator and vacation files,
...and whisky romeo zulu's technical logs.
They may not be here.
I'll get them.
- Coffee?
- No, thank you.
Cabin crew, prepare for take-off.
On august 31, 1999 a lapa b737
registered whisky romeo zulu,
crossed costanera ave.
And caught fire
after a failed attempt
to abort take off.
62 passengers were killed,
together with the captain,
the co-pilot, the purser
and two passers by.
33 passengers suffered
injuries and burns.
On december 2000,
a federal court charged
the following people
with criminal ravagement or failure
to comply with the duties
of a public officer:
Lapa airlines: Owner & president,
general director, operations mgr,
human resources mgr,
former operations mgr,
b737 line mgr;
argentine air force:
Air regions commander,
director of medical certifying board,
director of licensing dept.
There's a registration over there
with the name whisky romeo zulu.
I think it's lapa, not lap...
president, there're several deaths.
A estimate of 100 people...
it's a terrible tragedy.
Dr. Olivera has given me
some details.
We don't know if the plane
was landing,
or aborted take-off.
We still don't know if it was
a take-off or a landing...
but it ended, as you can see,
with these consequences.
There is also a list of survivors.
As a pilot, i can only think of
a simultaneous engine ingestion,
due to a flock of birds...
are you denying engine problem?
I'm not denying anything.
We are replacing these planes
with new ones,
but we have problems with the
famous school teachers tax.
I'd like to add...
that we're also victims.
...ex-pilot for lapa,
who filed a serious denounce...
on control and maintenance,
one of the hot topics in buenos
aires and the whole country
what did you report?
What did you see?
I offered the judge the letters...
that i wrote to the
lapa managers in 1996.
If company policies
were continued,
this is not only predictable
but also almost inevitable.
I noticed the presence
of the former lapa pilot.
Secondly, i noticed his disloyalty...
to the company
that had employed him.
He didn't seem to be in a good
psycho-physical condition.
The pilot was overdue
for 27 days.
It could prove that he wasn't
qualified to fly the plane.
Can the air force reassure
the flying public?
They can feel safe.
I consider...
the controls performed by
the authorities in argentina...
are better than those in any other
transport system in any other country.
Mr. Deutsch, just a few words.
4 years since the accident.
What can you say to the relatives?
That i'm very sorry.
- There are claims of ravagement.
- No.
- No ravagement?
- I don't think so.
Do you think you made a mistake?
Any regrets?
No, a human error.
It happens.
The judge doesn't think so.
He says the company didn't
consider the risk...
of not performing adequate maintenance.
Maintenance was 100/o,
better than other airlines'.
- Was it all capt. Weigel's fault?
- Totally.
Why was a pilot selected,
who took-off without noticing...
an alarm indicating that the
flaps had not been activated?
We'd picked him before that.
Two years with no holidays.
Other pilots, six years.
That's not true.
You're making it all up.
- The personnel files prove it.
- Have you seen those files?
- The judiciary has seen them.
- Is that so?
Why have you never asked
the relatives...
if they needed some kind of help?
We did. The insurance company
paid a lot of money.
Is it cheaper to pay insurance
than to maintain the planes?
Maintenance is 100/o.
Aren't you listening?
I'll say it again.
Lapa has been flying
for twenty-two years.
This was its first crash.
Its president, a pioneer,
has been crucified.
With the money andy deutsch
received for selling tiastores,
he could be in cote d'azur.
Sun, beautiful ladies.
Instead, he has to deal
with journalists who ask:
"Are you going to pay
the insurance?"
We're scaring off pioneers.