Whispers (1980) Movie Script

The most beautiful mothers
ls the one who waited her son
The most beautiful mothers
is the one who waited him
The most beautiful mothers
ls the one who waited her son
The most beautiful mothers
is the one who waited him
And he returned
He returned as a martyr
She cried two tears and a flower
She cried two tears and a flower
And she didn't isolate herself
in mourning clothes
The war didn't end
But he returned
His rifle wilted
And his hands unprejudiced
The most beautiful mothers
ls the one who waited her son
The most beautiful mothers ls the one
who waited him And he returned
The most beautiful mothers
Is the one that her eyes never sleep
She remains watching a star
hovering on a corpse In the dark
ls the one who waited her son
The most beautiful mother
is the one who waited him
The most beautiful mothers
is the one who waited him
And he returned
He returned as a martyr
She cried two tears and a flower
She cried two tears and a flower
In the name of God the Merciful,
the all mighty
the all mighty
Praise be to God
God of the universe
The Merciful, the all mighty
Owner the day of judgment
Thee (alone) we worship
Thee (alone) we ask for help
Beirut became ruins
By time ruins are beautiful
But I will never get accustomed
Beirut was ugly
But it was my city
It was bad
But it was my city
Historically many other cities were also
I feel sorry but not as much as I feel sorry for
my city
How many times we said
"Beirut needs to be burned"
We repeated this many times
But now ifs different
Beirut is my city
and someone destroyed it
and every time I think of what happened
I feel that I have the ability to kill
Yesterday, I came back
Every time I return I find that
Beirut has changed time after time
Every time I say may God bless those who
stayed in Beirut God help those who left
Nabil, was from those who stayed
Nabil, who took me to Beirut streets
Who took for me pictures
At Hajj Dawoud caf
And introduced me to Marcel Khalif e
Nabil, who's going to Tyre,
was born out of war
Nabil and his friends became the children of
Who is Nabil? Or who is Abol Nobol"? And
not Nabil
Nabil is a group of multitude of noblemen
Nabil the photographer
Nabil the Don Juan
Nabil the politic
Nabil the gentleman
Nabil the greedy
Nabil the intruder , The sniper, the liar
I don't know from where I should start
From which Nabil
I will start by Nabil the liar that was obliged to
be a liar during the war We were obliged to lie
Since it was a part from our job To lie to
those who were sitting behind the trenches
So they get closer to move forward with u concerning
certain military and political necessities
in order to give an accurate picture of war for
the journal
Under these circumstances one must lie to
Maybe one must also lie to live as well
As for Nabil the photographer who is working
day and night
To eat or buy a car
To get married on clay to buy a suit
for the holiday or to hang out with friends
Now about Nabil the Don Juan he's a guy like
any other
He must have a relation with a girl
To hang out and have money in his pocket
One must visit hairdresser at least once per
or borrow a car
Nabil is a modest man, calm
Who speaks the right words at the right time
Who is shy, no not shy but modest
What is the war? What did I do during the
The truth is that as a photographer I was
working with a newspaper
I was supposed to follow the war and what
was happening during it
And through this door I entered the war
I didn't want war from inside
I know that war is bad
I hear that war is bad
I watch on television, in cinema that war is bad
Many people die, I didn't want war
I went and started to take pictures for the war
What is war? I didn't know before
People are fighting others are dying
For example, I was walking with someone
and suddenly a missile fell beside us
He was only a meter away from me, I looked
at him and he was on the ground bleeding
At the beginning of the war I was lost
What shall I do?
Should I take a photo or save him?
I started shouting for someone to help him
I waited for someone to save him and then I
took a photo
Sometimes I was afraid and sometimes I
I wasn't afraid no...yes I was
What is death? I don't know
Death is when you can no more see
anything... this is death
Death is that people forget you the next day...
this is death
Because they don't want to forget me
I stayed alive
And in order for them to say
Abou I'Nobol" came Abou I'Nobol" left
"Abou I'Nobol" come take for us a picture
I think it is a psychological issue
Like were in the war
There were some people who refused to be
They preferred to stay away from the lens of
the camera
On the other hand others liked to be pictured
Sometimes they came to the journal to ask for
their pictures
Asking me to enlarge it
So they can show it to their mothers, fathers
and friends
Look this is me in the picture
Most of them like to take their pictures with heavy weapons
and not with the weapons that they were fighting with
Not with Kalashnikov they used
Those who used the Kalashnikov
They put it aside and took pictures with
or on a Tank " during the war, to show that he
was driving a " tank
they used these pictures after
one would say take a picture for me before I die
Maybe you will use it to sell it and get money
Shit!! I will earn money from this picture'?
One of them said to me, take me a photo and
sell it when I die
Do not die, fight!
When you die we'll take care of that don:
I saw many people who died
But the ugliest scene was a child dying
It was the only time that I could not take a
I was staring at the child, I didn't not want to
forget him
There were some people fighting because it
was a new idea
One was a student, worker, labor other was
an owner of a shop
There is war
Weapons, shooting and fighting
They were excited by the war
You were fighting
Some didn't even know why they are fighting
Others knew very well
Something encouraging to visit Tyr more than
any time before Bishop Khoury Bishop of Tyr
I told Abou Ali that I was coming since
a month and a half
But I couldn: Yesterday I called
What can you tell us about Tyr?
Are people visiting it?
People are coming back attached
to their country more than before
Despite everything that happened in this
You know that when Tyr was bombed last
The city was bombed as if you are sewing
a piece of clothes
As a result Dr. Ali Khalil from Tyr visited me
He asked me: how many people stayed at
their homes?
I told him: I counted them they were not more
than 17
And at the city they were overall around 100
But today about 60 % returned
Others hesitate and wait for God's grace
so they can rebuild their homes that were
severely affected
to fix one room of their home at least
so they can live in it
I hopefully expect that when they can fix
one essential room to live in
I think most of them will return, if not all
I think that Lebanese specially
people living in South
Despite all the misfortunes
Just like when the sun shines, you forget the
Lebanese are like this
They love their country and homes also are
attached to it
Despite all the obstacles and need
they are still attached to their country
We left Tyr What a beautiful sea at Tyr
Its color today is the color of fear
I have only been here two days ago
I've heard so many opinions and I got lost
Yes, lost
When I left the airport
I felt like I'm am a foreign
What will happen to us?
We will not stop leaving?
Carrying our houses on our backs
Like birds who got crazy
From village to village
From region to region
houses are empty
and they tell me: nobody cares
and they say: no one is responsible
A country, a nation is ending
You think that what is ending
must end?
And what is born, must be born?
This is the first time I see Bekaa winter
We use to come at summer
Bekaa meant the summer
Baalbak festivals, Chtoura
Cafs on the banks of Berdawni
Raw Kebbeh, Arak and fried frogs
Karicheh, yes karicheh (cream)
and Labneh
This is the first time at winter
you think summer will come back?
Mousse Freij l-Hawch Snaid
I have never left my land
I was born on this land
Even when I was networking here in
I returned after a week or 10 days
To see my land and the plants
In my opinion, the land is not a business
Land is passion
I can even tell that it is a love story
The person who really feels independent
in this world
Is the one who works in the land
It became a national duty for everyone
who can produce whatever fruit,
radishes or lettuce
you said you've never left you land
and that you was born in this house
and even when you managed Casino de
You came back to this land
But now you are back
How can I say it?
You spend most of your time here
You practically live here in the Bekaa
In these circumstances that we live it now a
This is very important, right?
And I hope that others will follow my example
because today I live in my house
in my land that I always loved it
I think that today I should prove for all
those who have the ability
to come to their land and take care of it
and their plantations
and everything that comes from the
fertile land of Bekaa
Of course we cannot forget this misfortune
that we face
from 5 years ago
But we can say that the Lebanese
Have had enough of vital energy
To return back to their land even during the
This vital energy is very important
Absolutely, and we proved it in all fields
Although I believe that today I am not an
But I can participate a little
I have always participated a little
Lebanon must remain Lebanon
Because God created it like this
And that because Lebanese feel that it should
not change
Especially in this region
Perhaps at a certain time, people became
But now you can be sure that
they are no longer arrogant
I speak in the name of the majority, Muslim
They want to preserve Lebanon even more
than others
In the city I proved that I am a city man
But here I prove that I am a farmer
son of a farmer and a small-farmer's son
Hermel is so far
When I was little Hermel was a kind of tale
before the war, I remember I had friends
they left Beirut and went to live in the Jurd
People told them they were crazy
me too I was surprised
Today despite the borders that are increasing
in Lebanon
And distances are getting longer
But people are getting closer from each other
And the far Hermel is getting closer
Hassan SAAB
The village compared to our agriculture
We use to plant wheat and barely
Wheat was planted but apricots is better
But now we planted apricot
we cannot plant apple trees
because We do not have good pesticides
We went to the Syrian land
and we looked for apricots
but it did not work
So we took from Nabi Othman, Al Ain, Jdeide
and Bekaa
It worked better we planted our lands and it
began to reap
Regarding water
in the village
We go to the Assi river
Each man with his wife, he carries a pot and
so does she
Then they use donkeys to take it to the village
We are like camels, we hold water on our
while we are thirsty
This land is a barren desert
Government says that it is going to fix the
water problem
But it didn't
We left our land and went to work in Beirut
Now we left beirut and return to our villages
We started to work and produce depending on
We plant corn and barely,
tomatoes and many kinds of vegetables
Thank God ifs going well
But we are suffering from the water issue
The effects of war
Thank God
we are not sectarian we are Lebanese
Our heritage is Lebanese and it is true that we
are Arabs
Our language is Arabic, we are of Arabian
Frankly I will not love my aunt as much as I
love my mother
We were born in this country Lebanon
Lebanon is for everyone not for certain people
Not for Christians nor for Muslims
We have the Lebanese identities that we kept
But we are not a part of any project
Our children got homeless, others died
For unnecessary wars, it was their destiny
Some were killed and they were not even
concerned in the war
shooting became a joy to treat people like
As if they did not exist
What if one or two are killed?
Those who kill have no more pity
Neither Jesus nor Mouhammad asked to kill
Neither the Koran nor the Bible, we believe in
How much? This is an addition
All for the country,
for the glory, for the flag
From the beginning of centuries, our pencil
and sword
All for the country
for the glory, for the flag
From the beginning of centuries, our pencil
and sword
Oh my teacher
The wolf came
He came to eat us
What shall we do?
Oh my children
Oh my beautiful children
Stay where you are
Listen to me
Oh my teacher
The wolf came
That you talked about
He eats meat
My children
don't get afraid
He only eats the afraid children
Are you afraid?
Oh my teacher
We are small
We don't know how to defend our homes
Oh my children
Watch how
I carry the rifle and how I fill it up
Where is the wolf
Oh my teacher
Oh my children
Where is the wolf?
Where you are oh wolf?
Michel Alouf
5 years of crisis but the hotel never closed
We stayed here despite all the problems
Specially working problems
Tourism is 100% our revenues
But as long as there is crises the are no
Anyway we are not leaving
This is my country
Where can I go?
First I don't like to leave
Because I like the sky here I like water
I like the citadel
I was born here, I live here
I learned lot of things here
I learned about life
the sky and the sun are beautiful
and temples
it's hard but we continue
it's hard because there is no work, it is logic
The hotel has daily expenses
If there is no clients or there is
You should pay salaries, gasoline,
electricity and raw materials
We are going to stay here we have hope
Maybe it will get better I am optimistic
like all Lebanese
We are optimistic because it must get better
Everything indicates that it will get better
In a year, in 10 years, but it will get better
frankly, during the war I stayed in Beirut
during the war I was exhausted
my feelings, my thoughts
every few weeks I started to love coming to
it is a way to retrieve my memories and my
we see parents
I felt that I have new feelings
like nostalgia for the family
It seems that I lost this feeling from a long time
Now when I come to Baalbeck I feel comfort
between my parents
I remember school time and childhood
I see my school friends
I really feel good
It helps you in your an?
No doubt
It helps sometimes times on the other hand
there are things that makes me feel sad
You return to Baalbeck, you are from
But you draw and live in Beirut
Honestly, I've lived in Baalbeck, I'm here
I think that I swallowed
The spirit of Baalbeck, nature, its rituals, its
I was an impressionable child
always surrounded by nature
forests, valleys, mountains, trees
During the war, I drew people isolated by their
selves and sanctuary solitary
return to loneliness, isolation, Sufism and fear
rejecting today's life
return to oneself and searching for a dialogue
with it
through one or two people meeting
on one point
Rafic CHARAF Baalbeck
Maya, come here
People always tell you that you're pretty?
Yes, they all say that I am and I'm pretty
God has made me pretty
yes I am pretty what shall I do?
I am very pretty my face is pretty
I'm fully pretty
the prettiest in thing in me is my eyes that's
my mouth, nose, ears, forehead and
And my hair
I would like to be a doctor
I do not like to be an actress, I do not like
Uncle Rafic is beautiful and talented
Talented as a painter, he is the best
Five years of war Who knows when it will
Whenever we see the light somebody comes
and turn it off
5 years
Some are dead, others lost their children
Some are homeless others lost their homes
some left, others gone mad
5 years of war
what we changed during the war
We listen to each other talking about the war
and we say no problem and everything is
going well
suddenly, there is war and everyone closes on
and the world then ignites, everything was fine
who is lying?
I miss Beirut nights and days
AI Borj square, the fish market
European market, Our Lady of Nourieh
Newspaper sellers and when the bridge was a
I miss the voices of my friends
I miss the days when we could quarrel
And then reconcile
Quarrel was nice because we had the liberty
to reconcile
I miss watching children throwing stones on
each other
I miss Marjeyoun and it's Labneh
I miss going to the Cedars and after a while
arrive to Zahle
Then go back to Sawfar
And on my way I change my mind
Then pass through Barouk
Down to Damour
If I like to eat fish I continue my way to Tyr
Lebanon was like a fist
We toured it in one clay and a night
It was our home
Henri Pharaon
Lebanon is a symbol that depends on its
Which is very important to us
I know about the conflicts you have faced
I'm looking at the port and my heart grows
How do you explain your success?
Lady Nadia port as you have said
The port is essential to the life of a country
So we considered we should do all what we
can do
even at the risk of our lives as the men port
To open the port and keep it active
The reasons that led us to open the port
are economic, financial and social
Regarding the economic and Finance you
know that
a great part of the country resources
are from the port of Beirut
On the other hand, the closure of the port
encourage smuggling that increase the prices
So from an economic point of view it is a
vitality issue
On the other side of the point from the social
15,000 people work in port
And the majority of them are daily workers
So if they do not work simply they will not
survive if they do not work they do not eat
the majority of these workers are from South
so their problem is doubled
Being in Beirut and not work
Frankly, men port are many
They risked their lives for the duty under these
Nations pass through hard times
We've been through these hard times maybe it
was harder than others
Despite all these difficulties we had a duty to
The men of the port completely performed
their jobs
They were not employees and workers
They were soldiers and the port a front
The Association for the protection and
improvement the Arab horse race
Not only to run horses
but also to give people the chance to meet
in brotherhood and coexistence
which is the reason of our existence and
Today I can say that this coexistence I's
necessary, not like before
but more than before
since the circumstances are difficult so we
Every Lebanese need the unity of Lebanon
wants one heart for Lebanon
Beirut wants Neither East nor West
Fouad ChOUCAIR Sinn El Fil
Today we started working
Like all Lebanese factories
Our problems were the migrating workers
we were forced to hire new teams
and modernize equipment because the
market's demands have changed
because we stopped working for 2 and a half
during which new machines were designed
It was difficult because we needed the factory
to be independent
We just need more income
to provide the factory with new equipment
Due to the crisis in Lebanon in the Lebanese
There is less money at the market
We were forced to deal with external markets
African and European
We continue working because it is a national
And since we live in this country so it is our
we must support
Central Bank
The banking sector was prepared to play a
major role
As a main financial position in the Arab world
What helped was the presence of a good standard
of infrastructure, services and transport
In addition to the presence of skilled and
qualified human resources
All this has paved the way
To rate an increasing role in the region
And plays a great role in transferring
the Arab treasury to investments
Whether in Arab countries or abroad
This situation prevailed before the war
So with the start of the events
the bank sector could get
out and establish new branches
in the Lebanese regions
to serve the people and the Lebanese
In addition, the Central Bank tried to face
a large number of Lebanese left to work
it tried to ensure modern services
to serve the Lebanese working in Europe
or Arab countries
It is true that many banks have profits in
recent years
But most of these profits are hypothetical
and can only work if debtors pay their debts
War leaves its effects for long time after it
The banking sector was affected
by this even though it doesn't seem like that
The results are related to motive, development
and growth
of the economic sector in Lebanon in general
We can ask him we
We have the opportunity to ask
the question we want
If the computer is programmed to reply
We need to ask certain questions
If it have the information then we ask it
and it answers for each question
However, if it is programmed in this meaning
Future House Nakkach
Since the early days of the war
We wondered how we can serve Lebanon
after the war
Concerning the future of Lebanon
of its people and of us
At the begging it was very difficult
to get all the equipment needed
And having the qualified people
in order to originate this center to serve
and of course at the same time to
benefit for ourselves
At first it was really hard but we succeeded
because we have in Lebanon qualified people
to revive the economy and to
develop information in Lebanon
and create a new way of thinking
and reach international levels
Either computer science or other in other
When you look at him you must have seemed
to say something
Look at me
Stay as you are
You, sit down
That is good
The training that you are watching
is preparing the new program of Caracalla
The end of the Ottoman Tango
The war was terrible
it terrified us when we approached
But we were not scared
to changing our nature as Lebanese
it is in the nature of Lebanese
to always take initiatives
and have individual activities it is from
and nature of members in this group
members of Caracalla troupe
with their passion for art
this what made the group
to continue its training during the war
This studio has been three times in
then we worked on rebuild and then escape
It was renovated for three times That's
This group has done its best to give a
beautiful image
Of Lebanon values and Lebanese talent
at the same time we will indirectly
serve Lebanon after all the disasters it was
gone through
This is what we feel in our hearts
every artist shines best in his country
We have a great desire
that the situation allows us
to perform in front of the Lebanese audience
Despite our successfully abroad
we have this anxiety to perform
in front of Lebanese audience
we shined abroad in front of
international audience
I think it's phenomenal for Lebanon
Particularly, for the world of dance
which didn't exist before this phenomenon
Probably because we were forced
To work more war made us work more
sacrifice more and give more to cover
everything that happened
because we realized that the image
of Lebanon was shake abroad
We began to have the sense of challenge
we had to prove ourselves
with our lebanese education and culture
Lebanon is crazy, yes and may be it is
Salim DIAB
The problems that the country had
that forced people
to change their lifestyle
and their way of working
We were forced as an enterprise
to take provisional
and take the decision that makes us
work in a better way
and made us think that instead of
having offices
and houses to use the garden
These gardens which we could no longer
sit in it as before
So we use it for business
So we transformed the garden
outside the house
to offices in two months
we had two new offices and showrooms
to display our building materials
Behind the house there was a garden
that we also changed it to depository
It is a difficult choice for someone
to transfer his house
and comfort into business but we were forced
Our social life has changed a lot
and that made us feel concern about
our life in Lebanon
The experience proved to be an experience
of tolerance
The ability to tolerate exist
And the Lebanese ability to tolerate
is not found in any other people
We tolerate more than
other people
and I think till now,
we are still tolerating
Where we can reach?
I don't think that anyone can answer
this question
How much can we also tolerate?
No one knows
Lost, no But confused
I'd like to work more in Lebanon
I'd like to stay more time in Lebanon
I'd like to feel that I am benefiting from
my time at Lebanon
Unfortunately this is not the case
I feel that I can give to Lebanon
feel that this country needs people
who can work
and people who trust Lebanon
Everything can be used
How much this road will cost?
The total cost? Yes
It does not make sense, if it is not done
it does not make sense
So let us plan now and postpone
the execution
He studied the case why it does not work?
In fact, when someone feels he will lose
something expensive
He begin to appreciate more
I was not in Lebanon during the war
and I felt how much I am attached to it
not only to Lebanon but also I returned
to my roots in Choueifat
I felt it was my duty
not only what Lebanon gives me
but I also had a duty towards it
I realized that in the municipality
I could give the best of what I have
Applying the law is not easy,
there are lot of irregularities happening these
in the current situation
sometimes it is necessary to accept
an abnormal situation in Choueifat
We are trying continuously to convince, to talk
that the advantage of every citizen is to
understand the law
and obey it
Khaled SAAB
It took seven years to finish
this humble but significant accomplishment
for the continuity of normal life
in Lebanon
and to be an example and a model
For many Lebanese
to encouraged them to rebuild this country
Lebanon as we all know is the lung of the
Arab world
The only place where Arab can breathe
We had a slogan from one week
conference was held for Ministers of Arab
Social Affairs
Their logo was "Every Arabian has two
one at his country and another in Lebanon
This is one of the things that encouraged us to
Because this is the natural place of Lebanon.
War times were very difficult
for business in Beirut
Especially for a company as TMA that is
Who works in Tokyo, New York and around
the world
And Beirut is a station for maintenance and
The difficulty lay in the fact to keep drivers and
And everything in Beirut working
While there was fighting, shooting and
It was the most difficult time we passed
the worst problems to solve
Today we are in a position of waiting
We spent 3 years fighting to keep the
company standing
The company must progress, but progress
Does not come without rest (peace) and a
strong economy
and the country with the presence of the
government will be strong and capable
If we do not progress quickly others will
precede us
so we need rest (peace) for good progress
instead of waiting to see what will happen
We are in a waiting state
But we find that we will wait for a longtime
So we will then take action to progress
without waiting for the security to get back
One of our biggest problems is
the Lebanese immigrant brains
who have been educated and trained
went to other Arab countries
Those with university degrees
and were trained for 6 or 7 years
and leaving they at least 20 or 30 or 40
It will be difficult for us in our work
For all industries
TMA is a Lebanese company in Lebanon and
it will remain in Lebanon
TMA will continue to work hardly
It will remain among the best
Lebanon will remain and TMA also
I lived the war here
At the end I had enough
Morally and materially
I can no more tolerate
I decided to travel
and I received a job offer in Gulf countries
I went enthusiastic
I wanted to make money and change my life
But it did not work
I felt I had two lives
I lived there and here then I decided to return
When I returned to Beirut I thought
that things had calmed down
Asked about one of my friends
I was told that he was dead but nobody
confess how
Nobody told me why
I was very disturbed
many other things also
I dreamed of war
In addition, my friend decided to travel
then I had to go
and I could no longer travel
I do not want to leave anymore
Since I am unemployed
and I cannot find
So it is getting more and more difficult
but I decided to stay anyway
I want to stay here, I have friends
I feel that Beirut is empty
There is still war
My friend is dead
my friend has traveled or want to travel
Today I am 26 years old
The war began on 75
I was 21 years old
5 years of my life passed
5 years I have not seen anything
5 years have passed
I do not know how
If I want to find out
what I have done, nothing
at night all Lebanese looks like each other
perhaps because fear increases overnight
All night the streets are empty and
celebrations begin
And partygoers are actors who want to forget
The Saturday Night fever which is in the world
Exist in Beirut every night
Fever of getting old, fever of running after life
If only for a moment
The fever of fear of losing time
The fever fear of tomorrow
They are all beautiful every girl is a butterfly
Each young man is a prince
The generation that grew up in the bombs
The generation of those who do not know how
tomorrow will be
The generation that has inheritance the war
The generation that must not love him
but we love
Every girl is a butterfly every young man is a
Put it behind the Nahar International
put it behind the "Ousbou AI Arabi" behind Al
I sell newspapers from more than 13 years
That's how I live
And despite the crisis I kept selling
That's how I lived, I have nothing else
I love reading, I like politics
I do not have any other work than to sell
newspapers and magazines
I did this job to read and live at the same time
I am optimistic because it is my country
I believe one day things will return normal
We are optimistic Lebanese and workers
When this is over we'll rebuild
Better than before
We Lebanese are like the Phoenician bird
rising from the ashes
I searched for Mr. Mikhael
But I was told that he had traveled
I thought Mr. Mikhael will be the last person to
But he has to support his family
Lebanon is rebuild
but it needs more hands
Many have left to send money to their families
and they do it because otheerwise
who knows what would have happened
everywhere in the world you can find
Lebanese working
One day they will return because
the Lebanese don't live only with money
The work is being done in the rain
And this is an evidence of the strength of the
This is one example among many of projects
at this time
Whether in the field of trade or industry
even in the banking sector
So thank God
the economy is doing well despite the war
Through these five years
economy remained strong
whenever the crisis stopped
the export and projects worked
I think we've prove-n
the economy was strong
So we can say that we are working
on many projects
But of course the political situation and the
Prevent us from producing as much as we
All this makes us confident
and gives us the strength and certainty that
one day the country will pass over all that
So all this makes us confident
and will return even better and stronger
E I-Khalil
We were in Nigeria for 11 years, I worked
it's been two years since we think to get back
to Beirut
and start a business
Why to go back to Lebanon?
Why salmon returns to its birthplace
when he wants to give birth he returns to
the place where he was born
Why pigeons cross miles to return home
why? Lebanon is my country
I have lived here and I have been raised here
I ate from its vegetables
I was warmed by its sun
I swam in its water
The war has made me feel that I am
It made me feel the necessity to unite with
other Lebanese
to deal with this wave
war made me feel that there is Lebanon
Perhaps that is in Nigeria 11 years
knew that Lebanon was there or I go
there on vacation
But I never really thought of coming back
because there was no danger, but now there
is danger
Lebanese fought and spread all over the world
Now it is their duty to return and think
that Lebanon is for them
If they are not in Lebanon there will be
no Lebanon
Khaled ITANI
We are now in the hall of Broadway cinema in
the Hamra
This is not an adventure this is our country
and we are committed
We have always been pioneers
Lebanon went through many crisis
but we remain pioneers
ll did not like the movies
I don't think I would make any activity
10 to 15 hours per day between movies and
We must continue to build,
there are people who build
and others who destroy
As much as people would like to believe
that it can tell so many stories
In fact this is true
but most of these stories
are difficult to solve
because the crisis is not really over
Taking a problem to solve
at all levels
If you want to be realistic
He realizes that there are still lot of taboo
Telling it like it is
actually very difficult
There is a state of armed chaos
a state of non-democracy
Unlike those who think there is freedom
It is a freedom due to chaos and not
constructive freedom
I don: believe any party accepts the truth
They could react violently to what we would
tell them
Honestly, there-Es a state of confusion that
we're all going through
I don't exactly know how things are happening
A while ago, when the war
was taking place
There was more clarity than the times, wa-z-'re
going through now
Nowadays, you feel that all the positions of the
May change at any time
That is why it is so difficult to manage
current changes
I see no future
Ziad sees no future
Yes I dream or I dreamed
That suddenly became an adventurer in
An adventurer whose imagination
is large and his magic is strong
A crazy adventurer who mixed all cards
Players no longer knows how to play
He then took the opportunity to kidnapped
and saved us all
I stayed in Beirut because the university was
still opening
and there are those who want to learn
It was one of the reasons
but not the only
because I wanted to live in Beirut
despite everything that happened
I do not like to hear what would happen after
I don't regret
We are going from the old section
to the new one that we build
We started building in 75 then stopped 2 years
and we take now to build
we have around 200 workers 200 workers
We are working on export
mainly with Arab countries
We have a new market, the European market
We export, especially to Germany
We export the goods and our relations are
and we hope to export to France
To export to Europe to Germany for example
Our production costs less expensive than
This is due to the fact that labor
here is cheaper
the developed countries do not have this
This is how a market has been created
Where we are strong
We are competitive people we can
match our prices
We hope to export 60%
of our production to Europe
We have one problem is to ensure
the adequate number of workers
Convince them not to leave and bring back
those who have left
Some of the workers returned from Australia
And they came back
we had a show for 2 years
An international exhibition in Cologne
exclusively for offices
Some were surprised to see a
Lebanese stand with a Lebanese flag
They thought in Europe that Lebanon
no longer exist
We had a hard time explaining to them
that we still exist
they said your country does not burn?
We replied: we are still standing!
Lebanon is so crazy and maybe it exploded of
its craziness
Its craziness will save it
A country that was condemned and yet
still living
A country with half its people and yet
still alive
A country of walls and streets and yet
still alive
This country is crazy because it will not die
Because it still knows to laugh
Lebanon is crazy!
This war that started by something and ended
with something else
Others war that is happening inside everyone
and we all know yet, we are always lost and
Lebanon is crazy
The profession that was the most affected is
the lawyer profession
Why? Because the Justice Palace was
And everything that has to do with judicial
Lawyers have had to adapt to these new
So many lawyers were obliged to treat the
new situation
We managed in several ways
For example: concerning the Justice Palace
we applied arbitration
to resolve conflicts
On the other hand the paralysis of
the Justice Palace encouraged
Parties of the conflict to reconcile
where possible, of course
But it encourages reconciliations
Concerning inner conflicts
Concerning external conflicts
The lawyers had to adapt these changes
Some have left Lebanon
Our culture in Lebanon was a major factor
allowing these lawyers to get used
to the external circumstances
The spread of these lawyers worldwide
followed the businessmen spread
lawyers have therefore followed the company
and Lebanese companies
My beliefs and my experience in this subject
made me trust my theory that Lebanese
businessmen and companies are with
retaining their position in Lebanon
and exiling their business had a positive
on the Lebanese economy
Because it showed
the potential of Lebanese businessman
I see continuous progress in Lebanon
We should not be afraid of it
progress is very natural
Lebanon is like other countries
is able to move forward and progress with new
The individual faces cases
and there are no acquired cases worldwide
It is true, there are no acquired cases
Did we learn that?
5 years, we all tried to adapt with the situation
I'm afraid that we get used
I am afraid that we forget
I fear we forget the 70,000 people who died
If no more
Ruined villages and burned lands
disfigured faces, homeless Families
who said that the Lebanese have short
I'm afraid we forget
Ain El Mreiseh
I am 46 years old I have been on the sea
since 43 years
I opened my eyes on the sea
I practiced it as a hobby then
it became my profession
Like my father before me, I always practice
Ain El Mreiseh, my home I like it
because it is quiet
everything is natural
What prompted me to sail for this profession
is my love for nature
because everything in nature is taken
from the sea
Anyone who has not seen Lebanon from sea,
did not see beauty of life
No matter how many countries they visited
The view from Lebanon to the sea
is a rare picture
Especially at night
In summer
you see the moon and the mountains
flicker their lights
you can see every corner
every mountain
and everything is absolutely magnificent
It is difficult to express you passion in words
Lebanon is like a fisherman
because when a fisherman goes to sea
he faces the water, wind, to rain etc.
And when he comes home he thank God
for being alive
Lebanon is similar
Beirut is like this Everyone
shares his pad equally
Beirut is for everyone She takes us
towards her
Nobody tries to take it towards him
Haitham HAD AD
I studied architecture at the
American University of Beirut
I love music I play with a band in AUB
I love this painting why, I chose architecture
And that's how I spend my time in music,
all the time
It bothers me to play music outside
when there is war
But sometimes I think that the music
helping people get out of bad mood
celebrations at the schools is a good thing
they must not think that we don't care for war
Absolutely this is wrong because we are
against war
Not long ago a film was
Apocalypse Now
I loved it was very strong
It had bothered me that I had recalled the war
But it was very violent
It proved to me that the war has no meaning
it is not necessary to get results
Before the war there was a club
scouts for school
Obviously the war stopped it
Two years ago, the IC school near my
asked some of us to revive the club
We then called some students now there are
many scouts
They play, sing do many things
There but the most important for
Scouts is the camp
But we cannot do anything now
This country Lebanon
The country people, climate and nature
There is everything in Lebanon
Haitham love music it protected
him from war
Music is a force against war
this is what he says and what
his friends also say
young people who live in island
in Beirut, inside the fear
Piano, guitar, violin
to cover the sounds of war
I wonder where Nabil might be perhaps
he is filming a military parade
and Ghazi, has he found work?
Did he receive a letter of his beloved?
What did Ziad do in his play?
How will be the songs of Marcelle?
I leave tomorrow
and I will miss
I will miss
The Mediterranean Bank
To all Lebanese
working silently
Lebanon will stay
With Nadia Tueni
Caroline AI Mohtar