White Chamber (2018) Movie Script

[V/O] I Citizen-General
address you as a leader
of the United Kingdom
Liberation Army.
This morning, martial law
was imposed upon our nation
after His Majesty's government
was declared unfit to rule.
This after decades
of corruption, greed,
xenophobia and racism.
Yet your freedoms
diminish further.
Oppressed by an unelected
military council
interested only in power
and your subjugation.
It is we, the UKLA,
who started this revolution.
We, the UKLA militia,
who fight for the freedom
of the British people.
We, the UKLA's blood,
that stains Britain's green
and pleasant land.
My fellow countrymen,
you have my word.
This regime will burn
and from its ashes,
our nation which once led
the world will rise again.
This is a declaration of war.
Is anyone out there?
Okay... Okay...
Are you hungry?
Take it.
The wrapper is sealed.
Theres nothing in there
that shouldn't be.
Not a trace.
Hows your head?
Who are you?
Has the bleeding stopped?
What have you done to me?
How about you stop answering
questions with questions?
What do you remember?
I remember...
I was...
hand-delivering a document.
What document?
I don't know,
I was just delivering it.
What's your name?
My name is Ruth.
I'm an admin girl.
I handle deliveries.
I transfer calls.
I make coffee runs.
So you know where you are?
Are we still in
the facility?
I've only been here
two months!
They keep us on
bi-monthly cycles.
Are you still there?
I don't know why you
put me in this thing
or who told you
to put me in here...
It's getting quite
hot in here.
Do you know what wet-bulb
temperature is?
It's a combined measure of
dry temperature and humidity.
The highest wet-bulb
temperature ever recorded
was 33 degrees Celsius.
That's what you're
feeling now.
What do you want?
Answers, Ruth.
Answers about
what was going on here.
You okay?
Do you need some help?
You're pretty calm and
collected for a mail girl.
I'm under no illusions.
You're the one in control here.
I need more convincing.
What do you mean?
You need to keep
moving, Ruth!
It's so cold...
Take off those wet clothes!
Your resolve is admirable...
but the purpose
of this chamber
is to break that resolve,
isn't it?
Can you dry these?
Surely you could just
turn the temperature up
in that bit of the room
or something?
I prefer you like this.
What have you got to hide?
I see that now.
Drop them in there.
I'll get them dried for you.
That was quite a fight
you put up
at minus 15 degrees Celsius.
I'd be dead now
if I hadn't started moving.
What would you
have done then?
Moved on.
You don't seem very useful.
So what are those
2 tattoos on your wrist?
Just thought
they were pretty.
How can you
see me so well?
Are my clothes ready?
I'm not hungry.
Take it, Ruth.
You animal.
Take it or Ill make you wish
I'd let you freeze to death.
What have you done?!
Why are you doing this?!
You see,
I'm not afraid
to get primitive.
Put it back now.
What the fuck
was going on here?!
I told you,
I don't know.
I'm just an admin girl!
I don't know what goes on here,
it's miles above my pay grade!
If you know nothing,
you're of no use to me.
I'll talk!
I'll talk!
I'll talk!
Talk then!
Let me see your face first.
I want to see
who I'm talking to.
I didn't realize you were
calling the shots
all of a sudden!
I'm not saying that...
I'm not saying that.
What's your objection anyway?
Citizen-General Zakarian...
Our reputation precedes us.
What's it like out there?
Now give me the answers
you promised.
Rumors were,
they were working on
something big
for the war effort.
What could they possibly...
But nothing more ever
trickled down from the top.
Well, no matter.
They're going to need it.
We have control of the North
and most of the
southern counties.
I've seen your speeches.
Your calls to arms
claiming to fight
for the good of the people.
You've made this country
a war zone.
You've killed innocent people
in bomb attacks!
You're a butcher
who uses kamikaze tactics
with no regard for the lives
of his own men!
Such rhetoric they spin you.
Why would so many join
such a man?
We need to stand together,
not kill each other.
Stand together?
This country's rotting!
Families are starving
because there are no jobs.
Thousands have died
without healthcare!
And having a foreign name
marks you for persecution.
Intervention was imperative
and we've done
what we needed to do.
Because only the aggressive
are heard these days.
Zakarian! Come back!
We found your food
storage room.
The size of it!
Makes sense that you were
here for months at a time.
I have a question.
All the people
that you've killed,
how do you reconcile
taking their lives?
In your own mind?
It hurts every time.
To take the life
of a fellow countryman.
A fellow human being.
But they've made
themselves my enemy
and that means,
it's me or them.
I have enough belief
in my cause
to justify my life
over theirs.
You agree with me!
No. No.
Just light on sleep.
Where are you from?
I'm British.
Same as you.
You know what I mean.
What is that?
I see.
Look, just because were on
different sides doesn't mean...
What were you doing here for
the National Security Council?
That's all.
We have run out of time
for you to lie to me.
I told you the one
thing I'd heard.
Doctor Chrysler.
The facilities Head
Weaponry Engineer.
What about him?
In fact, the document
I was delivering was for him,
before I got knocked out.
Oh, it was for Chrysler,
was it?
So he was leading this
big project you speak of?
Can't have been
this chamber alone.
I think you know more.
The great emancipator
of men.
Chilean dictator,
General Pinochet,
would strap his enemies
to a parrilla.
A metal frame pumped
with high voltage,
shocking them over
and over.
I guess you could say,
you are now walking on
one big parrilla.
Had enough?
Go to the glass.
I cant...
I can't, Zakarian...
I can't!
I said,
go to the glass.
What's happened to her?!
This is human cruelty
The reality of this
country's regime.
What now, Zakarian?
What more?
I have nothing.
I literally have nothing.
I'm no good to you!
Our new assistant.
Thank you. Uh...
Uh, no ID cards
in this wing.
The guards make sure were the
only ones allowed in or out.
I'm Ed.
Hi, Ed.
Sandra's just setting up
the chemical work station.
Oh. Hi, Sandra.
- Your name?
- Oh! Sorry.
I wasn't sure if
you wanted to know.
Were not machines,
my dear.
I'm Ruth.
Good morning, Ruth.
I'll be right down.
Doctor Elle Chrysler.
An honor!
Have you been handling nuts?
Uh, yes.
In my hand cream.
You should have been told.
All of you just meet me
on the lower level.
We'll go via the bathroom.
Wash your hands thoroughly.
Come on.
This is the final task
of your bi-monthly rotation.
As ever, your country
thanks you for your service
in this time
of desperate need.
Today we welcome Ruth
to our team.
In the space
of a few months,
Ruth has gone
from admin girl
to the brightest brain
in our chemical
engineering development team.
She will be assisting us
over the coming days.
Welcome to the Principal Wing.
Thank you, Doctor Chrysler.
You know the protocol.
No communication
with the outside world
during the testing period.
Once it has concluded,
it never happened.
There will be no record of our
work or even presence here.
Your loyalty and commitment
must be absolute.
Any information leak can
and will be traced back to you.
On pain of death, you must say
and do whatever you have to,
to protect our work.
Become someone else
if need be.
Very good.
You may return
to your work stations.
Doctor Chrysler.
I'm so sorry,
I didn't know.
Are you prepared?
- Sorry?
- For what ever lies ahead.
Are you prepared for it?
Yes, Doctor.
Of course.
I'm here to prove myself.
You have received
little information
about our task
for good reason.
Vocal alteration, please.
You're awake, Zakarian.
Good morning.
Is it morning?
It is.
Early morning in fact.
The guys before you
didn't let me see
the sun either.
So what is this?
Welcome to the
White Chamber.
White Chamber.
Well, for the millionth time,
if you want some information,
I have none.
We aren't interrogators.
You've been given to us
for a very different purpose.
You going to speak
in riddles all day, mate?
Mate? Miss?
Cant really tell
with the sci-fi voice.
You're here to help us
develop a new weapon
in the war effort.
Against my own forces?
Are you stupid?
When you're down there,
never let him
see your face.
Could I get a deodorant
or something?
I forgot to pack
a change of clothes.
Got me wearing
this stupid shit.
Anybody in there?
What about a toilet?
I'd hate to soil this
gleaming White Chamber.
Beautiful by the way.
Well done.
Would you like me
to mute him?
Not for now.
And what's the deal
with this metal floor?
I like the little holes.
Could I get a chair?
Armchair would be preferable.
A mattress?
A nice throw rug?
Maybe some socks...
That was lovely.
Could you turn the lights
down in here?
Or are you guys old school?
It's alright.
I had the sleep deprivation
training in the SAS.
What about a little, um...
Mind readers.
[DISTORTED VOICE] You're worth
far more to us alive, Zakarian.
Do you have much
to live for?
More than you can imagine.
You have my word.
Compliments to the chef.
I'm sure she slaved
over this for hours!
Dessert's next, yes?
Oh, yeah!
Woo, yeah!
Come on!
Let me out of here!
Instantaneous absorption.
Secretion of dopamine
and norepinephrine
have spiked already.
You're showering him again,
Doctor Chrysler?
The water hitting his body
is 2 degrees Celsius.
Body temperature
remains unchanged.
All is normal.
His nociceptors have been
totally desensitized.
His brain isn't registering
the temperature change
even though his skin
is on the verge
of first degree burns.
Come on!
Why'd you stop?!
Turn the fucking water
back on.
- Mute him, please.
- Turn it back on!
For Gods sake, you fuc...
Watch him closely.
How much did they
disclose to you
about what we do here,
They just said, military
related chemical testing.
Follow me, please.
This is Pervitin.
A once legal form
of methamphetamine
used by Nazi soldiers
in World War 2.
It galvanized
their front line,
giving them the focus and
impetus to charge into battle.
Hitler himself was
a known exponent of this.
Hallucinogenic mushrooms
made Zulu warriors
feel immortal when
fighting the British
in the Anglo-Zulu Wars
of 1879.
The Americans in the
jungles of Vietnam
used cannabis and heroin
to cope with the hellish
Used by child soldiers
in Sierra Leone.
You see, Ruth,
drugs have been a tactic
in warfare for centuries.
We are to produce
a new stimulant
to help our troops defeat
Zakarian's militia.
A super-amphetamine,
with minimal side effects.
But something this sensitive
and dangerous
can only be achieved through
rigorous trial and error.
Which is what this is?
That's what we built
this chamber for.
For scientific testing.
For progress.
This is where
we are right now.
We call it Argo on account
of its silver color.
Which is achieved how?
Not actual silver surely?
No, a harmless
coloring agent.
And his food was laced
with this... Argo?
Three point five grams.
An eighth in street terms.
On the insistence of the
National security Council,
he is our test subject.
Is that alright, Ruth?
This war needs to end.
Whatever it takes.
Put these away please,
If you don't mind my asking,
Doctor Chrysler.
How did they capture
Citizen-General Zakarian?
I'm not privy to what
goes in the field.
We must carry out our task
indiscriminate of who
or what they are.
Sandra will get you up to
speed on the precise chemistry
involved here.
Thank you, Sandra.
I'll get your
protective clothing.
Thirty years as
a chemical engineer.
You've got some stories
to tell, I bet.
Nothing worth recounting.
Especially when one considers
what we face now.
I, uh... noticed
Doctor Chryslers perfume.
Her attention to detail
is all encompassing.
A well-scented woman
exudes control.
Unless they're masking
the smell of fear.
I'll finish clearing up.
Something wrong?
This is Malusmercury.
I didn't think it was real.
How do you think our Prime
Minister was assassinated?
But no one was ever caught?
It's a slow killer.
Symptoms of poisoning
didn't show for over a week.
By then it was too late
to save him
or catch the perpetrator.
So I suggest you hold
that bottle with two hands
or don't hold it at all.
Well done today, Ruth.
Your proficiency with chemicals
is quite outstanding.
Thank you... Sandra.
I'm going to get
a few hours rest.
Wait here until someone
comes to relieve you.
- Of course.
- They wont be long.
There's a panic button
in case of emergency.
Got it.
And I will inform the guards
on my way out.
I told you,
he does not see your face!
I... I'm sorry.
I don't care
how talented you are.
One more gross neglect
of protocol and you'll wish...
Please just do as I say.
It's very sensitive work
were doing here.
I'm sorry, Doctor Chrysler.
It's just that the monitors
upstairs aren't on so...
So I...
Hello, Zakarian.
Wakey! Wakey!
I'm still here!
Oh Doctor,
you need to join me.
I've been sitting here
making love to the wall.
Have you noticed
how white it is?
It's so bright...
He's still high?
He should just
be coming down.
Longevity is good.
Get back to work shortly.
For what?
I'm sorry?
I just meant...
alertness, energy,
numbing of pain receptors.
The current recipe seems to be
exactly what were after?
The tests will end
when the Council are happy
that the safest product
has been produced.
We can only ascertain
what that is
by trailing different batches.
You may go to your
sleeping quarters.
Yes, Doctor Chrysler.
Aren't you going
to get some sleep?
That's none
of your concern.
Somebody talk to me.
Talk to me, please!
What kind of
interrogation is this?
You drugged me
so I'd give you answers?
You're wasting your time!
God knows
I've been wasting my own.
Who else is in here?
Are these your tactics?
Is this your warfare?
Well I'm a Zakarian
and I fight for what I want!
If you're not going
to let me sleep...
I'll do it myself!
What the fuck?
time, Citizen-General Zakarian.
You must think I'm a clown.
Would you prefer it
in pill form?
Go fuck yourself!
Those were the
consensual options.
Oh yeah?
So what are you going
to do now? Huh?
Good morning.
On the control pad today
please, Ruth.
But I haven't been trained?
You haven't what?
I should be right
in assuming you deduced
basic functionality by watching
me over the past 24 hours.
That's the impression
I got last night.
Basics, yes.
Well it all follows
logically from the basics.
I'll talk you through
today's tests.
The smoke contains
a batch of si50.
Slightly modified
and hopefully improved.
Open the vents.
Can you hear me, Zakarian?
Oh yes, Doctor!
Loud and clear!
Good to see you
so compliant.
Well of course!
Lie down on the floor.
Oh Doctor,
you haven't even
bought me dinner yet.
On the floor, please.
See where a few
manners get you?
One milliampere
of electrical current, please.
So how long do you
want me like this?
Fifteen milliamperes.
Oh, that tickled!
Inhibition of nociceptors
is still excellent.
Fifty milliamperes.
Amplified strength,
thats what we were hoping for.
Come on!
Lets go!
Impressive, Zakarian.
Let's see how you handle
80 milliamperes.
Be mindful,
anything over 100 milliamperes
will most likely
cause organ damage.
Shut it off.
[DISTORTED VOICE] You can get up
now, Citizen-General.
Very good.
Your pain threshold has
increased exponentially.
Next, your heart rate
will speed up
as a result of catalyzed
secretion of...
You're Doctor Chrysler,
aren't you?
Yeah, we got intel on you.
That you were brought in
as Head Weaponry Engineer.
So this is what
you came up with?
A torture chamber?!
And were the ones
portrayed as reprobates?!
Should I mute him?
- Look at yourselves in the mirror.
- No.
One hundred and one
Answer me!
Do it.
Answer me!
That's not fair!
You should warn me first!
Doctor Chrysler.
Yeah, Doctor Chrysler,
I just remembered something!
That's enough from you,
Rumors were that you
only joined the battle
after you lost one
of your own to the war!
That we killed him!
I'm sure he was a stinking
coward, just like you.
Hit him again.
Hiding behind this...
I wish I knew if it was me.
I wish I knew if it was me
who killed him.
Blew his brains out
over the battlefield!
He was just a number,
you know!
A means to a better end!
We can end this test!
Did you disobey me again?
How dare you?!
I didn't!
I promise!
You're finished here.
Do you understand
what that means?
Do you realize what
will happen to you?!
We got all we needed.
But... Jamie...
Thanks, Ed.
I'm trying to give them up.
Thanks, but I don't smoke.
I bet you're a vegan as well.
Why are you here, Ruth?
Why are you on our side
and not theirs?
It never crossed my mind,
I guess.
To join a rebel cause
always takes a leap of faith.
I was lucky.
I had a great education.
Was able to pursue
my passion.
My family are all safe.
Everything that
led up to this
sort of passed me by...
until it was too late.
Do you want to know
a secret?
I've never even voted.
All I know is...
war isn't a solution
for anything.
I'm sorry about Eleanor.
We try to leave our demons
outside the facility
but were helpless
when they chase us in.
Jamie wasn't just a number...
he was my son.
You're Doctor Edgar Chrysler!
You created the Chamber.
Eleanor and I.
She was my assistant
every step of the way.
I protected her identity
all these years.
Now, I assist her.
Then there was Jamie.
He was...
He was a wonderful boy.
The free spirit
of the family.
Even so, he had no hesitation
about conscripting for service.
He got me this from Africa...
our Jamie.
Elle lost even more.
Her husband David
was also killed in battle.
This war pulled away
the two pillars in her life,
but in opposite directions.
Her husband fought
for the UKLA?
Civil wars divide
allegiances, Ruth,
even amongst family.
Doctor Chrysler.
Who's watching Zakarian?
Everything is under control.
Are there, um, any more tests
planned for today?
Am I a monster, Sandra?
Most certainly not.
You disagree with some of
what you've seen, don't you?
These... tests.
I've never experienced
anything like it before.
What if I let him go?
Would there be another way
to achieve what were doing?
Some way that doesn't
reduce us to their level.
Why Zakarian anyway?
Isn't he more use to the
Council as a bargaining chip?
Would you rather we did
these tests on a civilian?
No... no, of course not.
I would have once asked
myself the same question.
Until the Coronation Day
when the UKLA took my
entire family away from me.
Just like they've
taken from you.
Without remorse.
There is no right
and wrong in war, Ruth.
No good and evil.
Just a difference
in perception.
It's a great shame
what happened to David,
but because of David,
you know Zakarian.
They revel in our loss
in their crusade.
Zakarian promised
to rejuvenate democracy.
Empower the neglected.
So neglected were they,
they turned to a war-monger.
The White Chamber is where
that animal belongs.
We cannot let our country
fall into the hands of him
and his kind.
Violence is the only language
people speak now.
We have no choice
but to learn it ourselves.
Continue to monitor
the subject.
As you wish, Doctor.
They're getting closer.
Where did you go?
Just a walk.
Help, he's begging for help!
What's happening in there?
His body temperature
is rising... a lot.
Help me!
Get it out of me!
It'll pass.
Please! Help!
We'll sort that out
in the next batch.
Where's Doctor Chrysler?
The National Security Council
asked to see her.
It's time to feed him.
He can wait.
We need to clear his system
for the next batch.
Go ahead, Ruth.
Voice alteration is on.
How are you feeling?
Like boiled crap.
Am I looking good?
You're having
withdrawal symptoms.
I'm going to
give you a meal.
You haven't eaten
in 24 hours.
Well could you...
could you season the grub
with a ton of that
junkie stuff, please?
Is it in there?
Don't worry.
The pain will pass.
You sound like Chrysler
but you're not him are you?
What's your name?
My name doesn't matter.
I just wanted to feed you.
The National Security
Council have informed me
that they've sent over
a new test subject.
We were after a female
weren't we, Sandra?
You may return upstairs,
God, how did they get you?
I asked you to run.
I guess I'm not good
at listening to your orders.
I can't... Stop.
they will come for us,
I am a Zakarian!
- A Zakarian who was about to abandon his comrades.
- No.
No, we built this rebellion
on honor.
They will not forget me.
Their brother.
Their blood.
I love you so much.
we will get out of here.
I promise you.
We will get out of here
and we will run far,
far away.
That's very sweet,
but we have use
for both of you yet.
If you do anything to her,
I will kill you, I swear!
What are they talking about,
What is this place?
Anya, come to me.
Come to me.
We will be fine.
We will survive.
Look at me.
Anya, baby.
Oh no.
What's wrong, baby?
I feel great.
This is...
I've never felt anything
like this before.
Imagine what fucking
on this would be like.
and adrenaline levels
have all spiked,
just as Zakarian's did.
Let's test her
pain threshold.
Anya! Anya!
Leave her alone!
Do whatever you want to me
but leave her alone!
What's up?
Why not just use hot water
like with Zakarian?
Ruth, please.
But if anything, it's...
it's poor experiment practice.
There are now two independent
variables instead of one.
But these are
not experiments.
These are chemical tests
and testing is the assessment
of the presence,
genuineness or quality
of a product.
What are you doing?!
You're just destroying us
for sport now?!
I'm going to rip
your hearts out!
What will happen to them
after this?
Their fate is none
of our concern.
- Doctor Chrysler!
- Yes, Ruth.
Is there a problem?
Any problem at all?
Would you like me to assist
you with the next cook?
They don't want the food.
Just the Argo.
Then come up here.
Doctor Chrysler
will be returning soon.
Everyone gather round.
The National Security Council
are satisfied with our product.
The testing process
is complete.
All hands to the pump now,
we need to produce
an Argo cook
for prototypal tests
in the field.
Batch si47.
The recipe was fairly
straight forward.
But that was one of our
earliest batches?
This often happens
in trial and error, Ruth.
Ruth, I find it quite
strange that even now
I have to question
your professionalism.
Are you going
to cook with us?
Were nearly done,
my dear.
Then you can go back
to the real world.
You can go back to your
family knowing that you've
played your part in securing
a safe future for them.
Until the next time, right?
- There wont be a next time if you don't...
- Eleanor.
I'm sorry I sounded
Is this batch si47?
That is what remains
of batch si58.
- Shall I dispose of it?
- No. Give it to the female subject.
But we just gave them
both a dose each!
That's an order, Ruth.
You're really
slowing us down now.
I'm sorry.
Look at my face.
Remember it.
My name is Eleanor Chrysler.
And You killed my brother
and you sent my husband
to his death.
Your husband fought for us?
What was his name?
I know the name of every soldier
who died for our cause.
His name...
was David Marcus Yearwood
and he was the love
of my life.
I knew him.
Don't you lie about him.
Don't you dare!
Son of Pamela
and Isaac Yearwood.
You see, I know
because I called them myself.
Told them how brave
their son was.
How he was one of our finest
Company Commanders.
You see, we care for
the people of this country.
What are you
to the Council
but a tool to fortify
their autonomy?
By doing this,
you're destroying everything
that David lived for.
Fought for.
Loved for...
and died for.
Witness hell, Zakarian.
What are you doing?
Oh God!
Oh God.
Anya. No.
No, baby. No.
God, what are you doing?! No!
Oh, God, Anya!
No! No!
I'm going to rip you apart,
There we are.
The last of the silver dye
and the last cook.
Thank you.
Thank you for the opportunity,
Doctor Chrysler.
Well done, Doctor Chrysler.
Thank you, Doctor.
Once you've cleared up,
you may return
to your quarters
to gather your belongings.
You'll then be escorted
from the facility
and transported back
to your civilian homes.
If you're wondering
about the test subjects.
I imagine an armed unit will
be picking them up shortly.
To take them where?
You're intelligent enough
to work it out, Ruth.
We're living under
martial law.
They're enemies of the State.
They will be dealt with
What are you doing
down here, Ruth?
You're just going
to put them down?
What I've seen
over the last 5 days
has dismantled every principle
I've lived my life by.
These tests.
No one...
no thing deserves this.
He's right.
We are monsters.
just stop right there.
That's all this was about
for you, Doctor Chrysler.
You were driven by revenge.
What drove you, Ruth?
To prove yourself?
"Whatever it takes."
Those were your words.
You're just as responsible
for all of this as we are.
Now just step away
from the control panel.
The world needs to know
what's gone on here.
The truth about this regime.
I hate that I was too afraid
to say anything...
and that I played a part.
Do you know what
the Council would do to you
if you tried to talk?
I don't care!
This is wrong.
This is evil.
This isn't what Jamie or David
would have wanted.
You're a disgrace
to their memory.
Doctor Chrysler?
What have you done?
She... she...
She was...
She was...
- She was going to...
- I just want to get you sat up.
Now Ruth, listen.
Listen to me.
We need to put pressure on it.
We need to put pressure on it
and were going to get
help for you.
I've got to get her
medical assistance.
No. No. No!
You can't tell anyone.
This is murder.
Oh. What now?
Now, outside of the chamber,
death shocks you?
When it becomes real and
not just pixels on a screen!
What compassion
did they show Jamie, Dad?!
We're trying to restore
peace to our country.
I couldn't let her
leak any...
You're out of control.
Why don't you give me
your lab coat
and I will...
dispose of it.
Ruth, listen to me.
going to be alright.
You're going to be fine.
Now listen.
- Sandra's going to get help. Alright?
- Yes. Yes.
- She's going to get the medics.
- What have I done? What have I done?
- They're only a few minutes away. Alright?
- Oh my God.
But we have
to keep pressing.
We have to stop
the bleeding.
- Oh my God.
- Eleanor.
We have to get help
for this young woman.
Yes. Yes!
You never should have
built that thing, old man.
It was me.
I'm responsible
for all of this.
Eleanor Chrysler.
The most beautiful devil.
You're a hypocrite.
stronger than you look.
Run, Eleanor!
Oh, thank God!
Please help us!
Please help us!
Who is responsible for this?
This one is still alive.
Who is she?
What now, Zakarian?
What more?
I have nothing.
I literally have nothing.
I'm no good to you.
Why did you
let me kill her?
Anya was a...
she was a cancer
to the UKLA.
Worse than the one
growing in my lungs.
She turned my brother's head.
Convinced him
to abandon our cause...
after all these years.
But I'm... just...
Yes, you're just
an admin girl aren't you.
Eleanor Chrysler.
Just kill me then.
I did all of this.
I tortured your brother.
And I...
I killed a girl.
An innocent girl.
I have nothing left.
I deserve to die.
I deserve to die.
Get dressed.
There's work to be done.
This stuff.
It took my brother
beyond humanity.
I've found it, haven't I?
Chrysler's weapon.
The weapon thats going to put
an end to this conflict.
I've seen how much you value
your life, Eleanor.
Everything I put you
through in that chamber
and yet it's one of these
that breaks you.
No more lies.
No more wasting time
I don't have.
You win this war for us
and you can name your price.
You know what
you need to do.
What this country
needs you to do.
What David would have
wanted you to do.
Somewhere along the way,
this country turned
its back on grace.
The same grace
that made it great.
That which welcomed two
little orphan boys from Halabja.
Helped them build
a better life.
The paradox of waging war
to regain that grace
is worth dying for...
or at least thats what all
who fight for me believe.
But you and I both know
that when this ends,
there will be no winners.
Only survivors.
I need more coloring agent.
Got it.
Lets get geared up.
Safety first.
Got a long night ahead.