White Dragon, The (1968) Movie Script

Never thought I'd join the jiangwu
I don't like violence and killings
It is most stupid
"If you lose, you die"
"If you win, revenge will come"
And my face might be scarred
I only plan to have fun
with hubby
"I, Phoenix Black never dreamt"
I've to work before I find a hubby
By catching criminals using force
Did you play that tune just now?
Enchanting. Why stop?
"You're"Chicken Feathers"?"
Why? You want to play it again?
I'm here to catch you
Why do you all want to catch me?
They all deserve to die!
You're the killer. You deserve it!
Who are you?
"I'm White Dragon Jr., the chivalry"
You'll lose to me. Go now
""C.F."kills with eyes closed"
No wonder. Because he is blind
You want to annoy me?
Too bad... you did it
Hey... I don't wanna die
"Please, don't scar my face, Mister"
Too bad he's blind
"If he sees me, he'll fall for me"
And comes after me
My story started 7 days ago
I was still an average student
I'm good at choosing friends
"Tweetie, look at her"
"Daisy, see how fat she is"
Mandy looks okay beside her eyes
"Hanging out with them,
I get more attention"
"Daddy always makes these, boring"
You can have it
"Slimy birds nest again? No, thanks"
You can have it
This is Sweetened fresh birds nest
It's all saliva! And fresh too
"You're welcome,
I'm going to school"
I don't know you have a kind heart
"Okay, quickly...
Good morning, Mr. Principal"
"Wait not, youth. You'll regret"
Time has come...
"Kid, is this book yours?"
I know you can do it. Work hard
Must improve communication skills
"Good morning, Mr. Principal"
It's very important
Where are your schoolbags?
They're here
"Are you okay, Mr. Principal?"
"Proud in class, fail in exams"
My dream man...
Must be a poet
Poet? They are poor
"Poets always lie, be careful..."
"Lie about your looks, wisdom..."
Lie about your perfect figure
How about yours?
Mine? Simple...
he must be powerful
Then problems become no problem
Only man worthy
to be my husband...
"Is Second Prince, Tian Yang"
Dunno you dream to be a princess
I think you're smart and..."
Very sexy
You're sick!
Me sick? Compared to her?
"Look at Daisy, that's sick..."
They say Second Prince
will watch our show
I'm excited though
he's not here yet
I entered with you
watching the guards
Why do you think
I jump right then?
Second Prince
"Sorry, I have come late"
You are Miss Phoenix Black?
I missed your performance
Can Miss come to the palace
And perform for me again?
Thanks for being interested
I am pleasured to perform for you
Superb! We will meet in the palace
Let me down.
Something scary happened
in the dorm
Why is there endless rubbish
Let me... have some birds nest
""Chicken Feathers"?"
Principal Wong
You're looking for Principal Wong?
He's in his room
Go and find him yourself
I'm not learned but don't fool me
It is right for you to study here
Our school has excellent teachers
Violence doesn't exist here
Come back in the morning
Why pretend to be calm?
You're afraid?
Why does your heart beat so fast?
I can't hear it
Listen to your heartbeat...
I know it. You're Principal Wong
Then pretend you don't see me
I can't see
"Hero, let me go! Hero..."
Read it out to me
Then I don't have to die?
Read... now
"I, Honest Wong,
took advantage of..."
Female students to massage for me
I even further abused them...
By fondling them
I even want it again and again...
I remember one day...
a girl stayed behind on punishment
"I tore her clothes off,
and her skirt"
Her legs were exposed
Then I used a strong and thick...
Enough! How dare you!
""C.F.", you've killed many"
When... do you plan to stop?
All those I've killed
are justified
You've tried so long to get me
When do you plan to stop?
Stubborn old fool!
"Auntie, let me get the doctor"
What do you want?
It's fate...
for me to meet you here...
Before I die...
Let me pass to you...
All my powers
What did you say?
I said again
Let me pass to you...
All my powers
I hope you'll put it to good use
And help the needy
Prepare to receive!
"After that night, I can't find her"
It is too strange. I'm afraid
Most frightening is my acne
"Heat removing tea, good"
Look at your acne
I wonder why I have this big acne
How can I go to see Second Prince?
"Phoenix, you've violated the rule"
To go to your date with an acne
He will run away when he sees you
"That's right, Phoenix"
That's what Mr. Lee did
when I had an acne
It looks like there is pus inside
Enough. I was not angry before
Now I am very angry
Don't be angry...
I'll take you to JaJa
"To buy Whitening &
Moisturizing Serum G2, okay?"
You don't know G2? Generation Two!
Cu-Ilagen has been added
Kill what?
It'll cure not only your acnes
It can even cure hemorrhoids
Insider's secret...
"Gene again, this sissy"
I think
he's a brother of one of us
"Last night, Principal was..."
No way!
Do you know who did it?
Who? Who?
There were chicken feathers
all over
It's "Chicken Feathers"
Chicken feathers?
""C.F."is a first class killer"
Since he's around
I made a habit these few years
To collect feathers
I've a big collection of feathers
"Sun chicken, pearl chicken"
fired chicken...
I'll be the chicken feather expert
Why kill the Principal? He's kind
Kind? He's kinky!
"Look at this, what is it?"
You're sick!
"Not me, it's the Principal"
This was found in his office
"Tweetie, did he touch you?"
Of course not. Nonsense!
"Me neither, how about you?
Me neither"
I don't wear them
Thank god
Linda is not as lucky as you gals
How do you know it is Linda?
My mom told me before
If a stranger wants our virginity
Remember to cry
That bitch...
Nice figure
You call this nice?
"Phoenix, you bitch!"
You told everybody about me
and him
I didn't
You didn't?
Why are you showing my underwear?
Gene gave it to me
I don't care!
I have proof now. Nothing to say?
Ruined my name
took my music award
Today I've to get it back!
You've guts. You want revenge?
You have friends and so do I
I mean...
We're friends...
we can talk it out
Talk it out?
"She can fly, run..."
"Hey, here!"
Why are you up there?
Don't ask. Get a ladder for me
Come down the way you went up
No I can't. I'm frightened
Let's get a ladder for her
Go now...
Such a big acne. Power?
What's the use
You'll leave a scar
if you break it
"Weren't you dead, Auntie?"
"Luckily, I'm not"
I can still help
the weak and needy
Why are you the
cleaning lady here?
As a cover up
"I'm here to catch"C.F.""
I was defeated by him
the other day
I thought I'd die
I often eat your birds' nests
So I can keep on living now
I see
Do you want to remove the acne?
"Yes, you can help me?"
It'll go away if I d/I your power
Why is it
different from last time?
Last time I used broadband
Last time I used broadband
It's not so dangerous
It's not so dangerous for me
"Not you, it's me"
"This isn't d/I, it's called hit me"
I didn't want to. I didn't know...
It's my body's virus
from the injury
I don't think I can d/I power now
No. I want you to d/I it now
I don't want it.
I want my looks...
I have another solution
Helping others
will bring happiness
A kind heart stimulates blood flow
"Blood flows well, acne disappears"
Then what should I do?
I don't do evil deeds
Rob the rich and help the poor
Just do it with a kind heart
Why worry so much?
We are both women
Don't you know all women
care is their looks?
What are you doing?
"My savior, what's your name?"
Are you White Dragon?
"No, I'm White Dragon Jr."
Freeze! Robbery...
"Son, sounds like a robbery"
Helping the poor really work
"Thank you, my savior!"
Your Majesty the Prince
Miss Black
The dress of Miss...
shows character with elegance
"Thank you, Your Majesty"
You look wonderful yourself
Thank you
This is my brother
"Brother, let me introduce to you"
This is Miss Phoenix Black
"Miss Black, my brother"
"Phoenix wishes you well,
Your Majesty"
"My brother, not bad"
"Your Majesty, you are very good"
You like it?
"My brother, practise with me"
She said she likes it
"Brother, we leave you to practise"
"Then... I'll leave you to your girl,
"Goodbye, Your Majesty"
That's how my brother is
"Don't mind him, Miss Black"
How would I?
Is His Majesty biting
on a slice of orange?
Why is that?
If you do it when you practise...
It can protect your teeth
That's why
"Sorry, Your Majesty"
I'm okay...
"I wrote a book, want to read it?"
Chicken Feathers?
Feathers doesn't mean anything
Maybe a chicken will run in here
Or maybe someone
is making a duster
They are probably mistaken
Chicken Feathers are never wasted
You are the Second Prince
It is the palace here. He dare not
No. He is really daring
I have been assassinated before
Although Father always tell me...
Don't be afraid
if you want to be somebody
"Buds fall when seasons go by,
who will see the new buds open?"
I only know...
When fate ties two strangers
their love is firm as
heaven & earth
"Tian Yang, I won't let you die"
Tian Yang
Let's go to West Lake next week
"Auntie told me"C.F."likes flute"
I'll play it and he will come out
Stop if you don't want to die
"Okay, then let's fight again later"
If you play your flute for me
that's fine
That's no big deal
I'll appear when I hear your flute
We must think of a solution
Why this sudden interest to get
You have bad breath and phlegm
Stick out your tongue
You have so many flaws
"Eyes not working, tongue so short"
Stick it out more
"I know, for love. Am I right?"
Is it worth it?
Then we will have to outwit them
My fighting skills are excellent
Fighting is different
from sleeping
Then am I going to die?
"No, don't worry"
"Use tian ma,
citrus peel, tu fu ling"
Cook it in water until thick
"If it is bitter, add 2 tsp sugar"
Make it once only
Take it in two days.
You'll be fine
How much?
How much?
"No, I mean my pay"
Here's for killing
Principal Wong. Check!
2 and a half tael missing
That's my share
You've increased your rates?
A good man has his weak points
Weak points?
You are saving money
for your eyes?
Even I can't heal them
Because that's you
"With money, I have hope"
Is it that important to see again?
You want to try being blind?
No thanks
Do you want a new case?
Does he deserve to be killed?
"Oh yes, very much"
"If he does and is rich, I'll do it"
This guy's special. Be careful
"Just find the weak spot of"C.F.""
Stab at it straight
""C.F." will be "T.F.",
tears on face"
This time you are dead meat!
Nothing else to stab?
It's broken
Your leg
"That's right, you got my strongest"
Don't move
You can't beat me
Your leg is broken
And the slap. You are injured
Where do you live? I'll bring you
Don't touch me!
I can't. How can I look so ugly?
Are you beautiful?
None of your business.
Can you see?
Where's the W.C.?
Over at the water wheel
"So horrible, how can I go there?"
How? I can help you
What's wrong?
Get lost! How? With you watching?
Just like this
"Get out, out!"
Why do I have to get out?
How can I go with you watching?
I can't see!
Why do I have to go out?
"I can't see, why do I have to?"
The house is mine
"I can't see, why do I have to go?"
How can I go?
You haven't eaten all day
"Have a bun, I made it"
I don't want to!
You're hurt. You have to eat
"After you eat, you'll be strong!"
Leave me alone! Shut up!
I'm sleeping
"I can't see, can't talk,
and have to go"
Which bed is mine?
Where do I sleep?
"Brother, your turn"
Which one should I choose?
This one
This one?
I'm afraid it might tumble
Don't be. We can start again
"Hurray, I've won again!"
"Brother, you've lost again!"
Youngsters never worry
You can't start again
in everything
We've just begun
I really don't want to let it go
I wonder what Phoenix is doing now
Do you know
I'm staring at you now?
"If you don't tell me, I don't know"
I'm starving!
Have a bun
It's hard as rock. Order delivery!
"Too far, no one is willing to"
Then go buy it yourself!
Play your flute for me
I don't want to go
"Buy candle, paper,
pen, ink, pigeon"
Then you have to play another one
I'm only getting food
What's that?
I told you no buns.
Are you blind or deaf?
I thought mine were too hard
So I bought some soft ones for you
MacD's buns are known to be soft
I get a free gift too - Chickie
Go away!
You've got problem! Chickie?!
Have you finished with it?
You've been playing all day long
Tian Yang
we are on a music charity tour
I can't see you for some days
Please postpone trip to West Lake
We can travel after I come back
Waiting for your reply. Phoenix
"He thought I'm playing, he'll know"
"You're dying, Blindie!"
What is it?
Have you fallen down?
Did you drop the flute
in the water?
Are you okay? Let me...
I don't need your help!
His weak point should be
on his back
Leave it there. It's so late
Tidy up tomorrow
"To me, it is night time anytime"
Here are two coins I've picked up
I'm in debt to your kindness
Eat some
I really don't want to eat buns
This has fillings. It's not a bun
Try one
Is it good?
Better than buns
It's my creation
Do you know what I call them?
White Dragon Dumplings
Do you know why?
Cause they are made for you
- White Dragon Jr.
"Eat more if you like them,
I'll make more"
White Dragon Jr...
Likes to eat
White Dragon Dumplings
Why is it not
White Dragon Jr. Dumplings?
Because they were not made by you
What are you fishing for?
I'm fishing for your flute!
Fishing for my flute?
"Then take your time, aim well"
White Dragon Jr.!
White Dragon Jr.!
You've fished my flute?
What bait did you use?
"Blindie, where's your Chickie?"
I've had enough of it. Too noisy
You don't like it noisy
What's your real name?
No wonder you like Chickie
How come you are blind?
I like stars when I was small
I always lie down to watch stars
That night I was watching stars
"Suddenly, a torrent came pouring"
"I kept watching,
wishing for the rain to stop"
But it didn't
I kept staring at the sky...
it became darker and darker
Stars never came back out
"At the end, it was so dark..."
I can't even see my own hands
My body was wet and cold
I remember mama hugged me tight
Screaming to ask if I can see her
"Then, I knew I can't see anymore"
Where are your parents?
"One day, they brought me to market"
"Very noisy, sounds like a market"
"I was holding their hands, then..."
"Pa, where are you?"
Ma... where are you?
"Papa, Mama, where are you?"
I remember I was so frightened
"I kept yelling, but nobody reply"
They won't reply
You've had a difficult childhood
"Want more, come and get it"
come and get it
Give them back to me!
He is eating shit! Taspe good?
"Blindie, remember me!"
I'm Eagle. Remember this eagle!
Let's play elsewhere
"If you can,
what d'you want to see?"
"Stars, the ocean, the earth..."
Let me bring you to see something
Want to watch stars?
"Yes, I want to"
Look at the sky
Is it pretty?
So many stars
This is for you
I thought you like it very much?
If you give something out...
It should be something you like
For you
"Blindie, let's go play"
"Blindie, weather is nice today"
The sun is very strong
We need to buy suntan
I want to try becoming tanned
"You are, you just can't see it"
"Be careful, the road is slanting"
"Blindie, you're really something"
"You can make wheelchair, cane"
And make White Dragon Dumplings
Thank you...
What else do you know?
I can fix this and that...
"And you can speak, but blind..."
Or else girls will fall for you
Why will girls fall for me
You're quite handsome
"Big eyes, striking nose,
white teeth"
I am that handsome?
I don't know
I'm actually good-Iooking!
I'm handsome!
What I mean is you're not ugly
"Not ugly, quite handsome"
Quite handsome is not ugly
How about you? I...
Are you quite pretty?
I am... very pretty!
I am... very pretty!
Very pretty is... beautiful!
Very pretty means beautiful
Quite handsome is not ugly
Very pretty means beautiful
Quite handsome is not ugly
Men need to be praised
"Butter up thick, he can never tell"
Let him pay
while he is enjoying it
Today we must shop till we drop!
You said you are window shopping
I'm not you - buy
when you can't see
I'll buy the minute I see it
Let's go
You try it on... let go
You've to pay for hurting my leg
You pay for everything I buy today
I'll lend you but you've to repay
"Okay, no problem"
I have nothing but money
Okay! Stop...
New Season!
"Blindie, you can't give me an eye"
"Have a walk, just come back to pay"
Deer Tailt...
Can you do me a favor?
What favor?
Where to?
Describe that girl to me
Which one?
The one with bamboo
tied on her leg
The crippling one
What? I'm looking
She has eyes like olives
Nose like a pear
Mouth like a red date
Face in the shape of a raisin
Her hair is silky like angel hair
Look at it yourself
These two are like her...
"No, hers are nothing like that"
These are my drinks. Want some?
Just take a sip
No thanks
Please read this letter to me
She wrote this?
Please read
We had the first rehearsal today
A new member liked my flute
"And made these
"White Dragon Dumplings"..."
Always like to use inverted commas
For me to taste
They are delicious
Though I'm not good
at something art
What something art?
I want to make you proud
in both kitchen and living room
Full stop. From Phoenix
Looks like our gourmet has a lover
You really like her?
Mess it...
You don't need to know that
Neither does she
Don't think so much
Do your work. Client wants it done
Why don't you cure your eyes?
Furry edition is here. Wrap it up
Sorry. That lady has reserved it
Then get me another one
There's only one
for limited editions
I know
Get it for her. Wrap this for me
I can't. She saw it first. Sorry
Do you know who I am?
"Miss Miss Phoenix Black, I'm sorry"
Do you know how often
I shop here...
I know... I'm really sorry
"White Dragon Jr.,
what are you doing?"
That bitch... took what I wanted
The furry
checkered limited edition
She took it
Don't worry
Let's come again next time
I must get what I want!
Come over here!
Does this color go with you?
"Whatever, I can't see it anyway"
It's the same whatever I wear
"Clothes are for others to see,
not for ourselves"
Don't you know
the joy of shopping?
Wrap this up in all your colors
"Yes, Miss Phoenix Black"
"Manager, going to storeroom!"
Feels so good after shopping!
Is your real name Phoenix?
What's wrong? Let's shop again
Everybody get out
Come over here
They're only here to shop.
Let them
Where are you going?
No... nothing
"He's blind, can't see.
You can continue"
Continue for what?
Lucky draw
What are the prizes?
Second Prince
Don't be crazy
Men's section outside
I know
It is for Miss Phoenix Black
Let's go elsewhere Yes
Can you not kill Second Prince?
Can you not love him?
My weak point...
is here at my back
Before you eradicate my power
I want to see something
Play it for me
You don't have to kill him!
Play! Play!
I don't want to look at stars!
And not the ocean!
Then what do you want to see?
I want to see you!
This is not you!
I can't see!
Not like this! Again!
I give up!
I give up... I can't!
You're eradicating my power!
Eradicate it? You can see me?
You've eradicated my power...
You can see me?
You're blind! You can see me?
Eradicate it? You can see me?
I like... you
"If you can,
what d'you want to see?"
"Stars, the ocean, the earth..."
Why? Why?
I quit my job as an assassin
You've to pay seven times
to compensate
"Take all these, should be enough"
That's not a problem. Rethink it
I've decided
This involves a lot
Deer Tail
"Let me tell you, my power is gone"
I can't kill anymore
For what?
Take your money with you
How can you live?
But this...
I'll take care of it
"Deer Tail,
I've known you for so long..."
Without knowing how you look like
It is simple
I've big eyes...
Pointed noise... olive shaped face
Many female patients like me
Imagine it for yourself
Stop feeling me
Imagination is the prettiest
I know roughly how you are
"Master, Second Prince is here"
He wants to see Miss
Second Prince is here to see Miss"
Your Majesty
"Uncle Black, you're excused"
"Thank you, Your Majesty"
may I ask the purpose
for your visit?
His Majesty is proposing
for marriage
Proposing for marriage?
Isn't that a hurry?
"No, not at all"
The faster the better!
I 've always thought life is easy
Until I see two ants in the garden
Their feelers touched
and they parted
"I knew then,
to be able to meet you..."
is not easy at all
letters delivered by pigeons..."
make me so happy I can't sleep
"That too, is not easy at all"
If I'm to exchange for your heart
I can sacrifice anything
"I believe, what I treasure most..."
is you
"If you say yes,
I'll be the luckiest..."
and the most blessed men on earth
Is it safe?
Look over there
"Sorry, you can't see"
Let's go over there. It's pretty
What are your hard buns good for?
Walk faster! Out!
"Run, faster!"
Run? Come out! Go...
Stand over there... properly!
Stand properly!
I know someone here...
"is the"Chicken Feathers""
I'm not...
"Deer Tail,
tell me or I'll kill again!"
I tell!
""Chicken Feathers"...that's him"
Don't die... don't die...
Fooling me?
"I am"Chicken Feathers"!"
"Don't kill them,
they are innocent!"
""C.F.", you have killed many"
You tell me not to kill? Nonsense
Don't waste time. I lost my power
Do what you want to me
Lost your power?
Take him!
"He's ruined, no use at all"
"Your Majesty, Eunuch Chan is here"
So what?
"If we do it now,
he'll tell His Majesty"
That you over exercised your power
Listen up
"Listen up. Escort"C.F."back"
Take him with you!
"Tian Yang, can you let"C.F."go?"
Why would you help a criminal?
He has lost his powers.
He can't harm you
But he is a criminal. I can't
"I don't want him killed,
like I don't want you hurt"
"Go, go, go!"
Why hasn't he been executed?
"Your Majesty,
time has not come yet"
I am the time. I say it is time
White Dragon Jr.?
"I eradicated"C.F."'s powers"
"When I knew that he'll kill you,
I tried to go near him"
To crack his weak point
so he can harm you
So why are you begging for him?
I don't know.
I just know he needs me more
"Tian Yang,
the wedding is cancelled"
You will help him?
Don't execute!
Has committed serious crimes"
He has to be executed now!
Why execute him in a haste?
What do you mean by that?
You think you are the Emperor?
"If you won't execute, I will!"
You are helping him escape?
"Let me take care of you,
White Dragon Jr.!"
"I'm here to help him escape, so?"
"White Dragon Jr.,
soft suppresses hard"
Like a chicken feather
"Bastard, scar my face? Watch Out!"
Who do you think you are!
"Sheng, you did this for my throne"
"You want so much to execute"C.F.""
Because you paid to kill Yang
I didn't
"Hello, there are two suspicions"
the chicken feathers found..."
have been analyzed
and proved to...
from the Royal Chicken which...
only the Royal family can consume
Second is a security issue
Who can someone enter the Palace?
""C.F."can't place the feathers"
We can deduce
it's an insider's job
But you can't say it is me
To catch the real culprit
I've developed a quick blood test
"Thank you, papa"
If you haven't touched
that kind of chicken feathers
Your blood test will be negative
Which means you are innocent
And vice versa
While you were drank the wine
I've tested your blood sample
And the results are...
You are the person behind it!
The throne should be mine.
It's unfair!
Shut up!
"Guards, lock him up in jail first"
"I'm the real Emperor, I am..."
Nobody but me!
What are you doing? Let go!
I am the Emperor!
didn't you lose your power"
I don't have any weak points
No weak points?
To know you is my weak point
What are you looking at?
Can you see me?
"Father, they..."
You can choose
from the throne and the beauty
""C.F.", though
your crimes are serious"
But you've also did well this time
I have decided not to execute you
"Thank you, Your Majesty"
But you must promise
never to use your powers
"Your Majesty,"C.F."has died"
He does not exist in this world
Good. About your eyes...
The Palace Doctors will cure you
"Thank you, Your Majesty"
"Phoenix, come forward"
"I am crowning you Chivalry,
White Dragon Jr."
To look after people's living
in the Capital
You can report directly to me
"Remember, don't rob! Report!"
Phoenix wishes Your Majesty
With the help of everybody
Become a kind Emperor
I can't see
I've seen you once already
You are always so beauful
"If anything happens, I have my rod"
"Phoenix, give me my rod"
I'll be your rod
"You don't let go, I won't let go"