White Elephant (2022) Movie Script

[ Clacking ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Footsteps ]
Happy birthday, baby.
[ Sighs ]
Sorry I'm late. My apologies.
No worries.
I won't keep you long.
I have a deposition
to prepare,
and I understand that
today was your wife's birthday.
It is, yeah.
I do not enjoy pulling you away
from your remembrances,
but I'm sure you understand
that some conversations
are best had in person.
Now, you're sure your associate
is prepared to do this thing?
He is.
Because the results
need to be definitive.
It will be.
And where Luis is concerned,
our intentions are clear?
-GLEN: Good.
This deal with the Russians
is too important
to let Luis Velasquez
get in the way.
Arnold will need to make haste.
Because they want a cash deposit
in my office
by the close of business today.
Not a problem.
GLEN: Very well.
Onwards and upwards.
Have a good one.
[ Soft piano music plays ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Cellphone chimes ]
LUIS: Hey, Carlito.
Excuse the search.
I got, uh, trust issues.
I don't even trust myself.
[ Chuckles ] You understand.
I understand.
LUIS: [ Speaks Spanish ]
Yo, corrier, bring him
some, uh -- some, uh, tequila.
[ Chuckles ]
I know you're strictly business.
[ Rap music plays ]
Let me bless you
with information
that might save your life.
They're never gonna
trust you here.
To people like Arnold Solomon,
you're just
another fucking beaner.
Just when you need them
the most,
they'll throw you under the bus
because they don't like you.
[ Speaks Spanish ]
I'm Luis Velasquez.
I'm loved and respected
And you can be, too.
You see, in light of
the Russian threat,
Mr. Solomon thought that
having us as your partner
would be a form of insurance.
[ Laughs ]
Yo, this guy kills me, man.
Are you serious?
You take those
"Soul Train" shoes
and get the fuck out of here.
You stay your side
of the tracks.
I'll stay on mine.
You understand?
-End of negotiations, then?
"End of negotiations."
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I should have fucking Hector
just kick you in the ass.
I don't need you
or Arnold fucking Solomon
to deal with the Russians.
What if...
What if Mr. Solomon
raised his offer?
LUIS: Let me think about that.
Fuck Solomon.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
MAN: Hey!
[ Laughs ]
Ah! Oh!
WALTER: That was a hell
of a game yesterday.
I mean, winning isn't
but it beats the hell
out of coming in second.
You don't care for football
where you come from, do you?
Nah, you're all hockey crazy,
I bet.
You sure this is it?
Looks like
my accountant's building.
My CI has wagered
a parole hearing on it.
We're good.
So, doing anything nice tonight?
I'm impressed, Detective.
It was an alert on my phone.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
[ Police radio chatter ]
Can't scare it away
with a hangover, Flynn.
I'm fine.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
Who the hell is the slick suit?
SS neck tattoo on a distinctly
non-Aryan-looking customer.
Marine snipers use that tattoo.
They're not supposed to,
but Scout Snipers tend
to make their own rules.
Sounds like someone else I know.
Bite me, Koschek.
In your dreams, tough guy.
VANESSA: Look at him.
I should run his plate.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
Smile, little piggy.
He fucking made us.
I'm bringing him in.
[ Car alarms blaring ]
[ Flames crackling ]
PARAMEDIC: Look at my nose.
[ Radio chatter ]
[ Siren chirps ]
Everything checks out,
You're free to go.
Neighbors didn't see anything.
Nothing to go on other than
what we saw or didn't see.
We were stupid.
Should have tailed him.
Oh, geez.
-VANESSA: Oh, Jesus.
This is some crazy shit,
Hell of a day.
Like Bourbon Street
after Mardi Gras.
LANIER: Yeah, well,
the party's over.
Me and Daley are taking over.
Captain wants you two
to go home.
That's fucking bullshit.
This is our case.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, down, girl.
-WALTER: Dial it back, Flynn.
What did you just say?
Hey, we're just following
Captain's orders, alright?
But we had eyes on the suspect.
And then you let him get away
and all hell broke loose.
It's not worth it.
Screw you, Lanier.
[ Folk music plays ]
[ Laughs ]
I wish to the Lord
I had never had been born
Never shone my eyes upon
the flesh of you and yours
Never have to love again,
my lover loves no more
I made a little bit on
the falling of the sun
That sunny day was had
And now my race
is nearly run
Take me on my word, dear Lord,
before my time is done
[ Folk music plays ]
He's ready to see y'all now.
[ Folk music plays ]
[ Music ends ]
The case goes to Follett.
He'll know what to do.
Carlo handled Velasquez
like an ice-cold pro.
He didn't want to negotiate,
so your message
has been delivered.
Well, you can't say
I didn't try.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
GABRIEL: Tell him.
CARLO: [ Sighs ]
Two possible witnesses.
They were cops.
Can they tie the hit to you?
Or you to me?
No, they were probably
staking out Velasquez.
I mean, pure coincidence.
ARNOLD: This is your fault.
-I know.
-You should have been there.
GABRIEL: He'll fix this.
In many ways, Carlo is
better at this stuff than I am.
ARNOLD: This is your mess.
You clean it up.
You got 48 hours.
CARLO: Consider it done, sir.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
You better.
We need addresses.
Yeah, I called my department
contact on the way here.
I'm just waiting for him
to crack open their files.
Then we're good.
I got a picture
of their license plate,
so it should be a done deal
in no time.
GABRIEL: Good, good.
I got to get this shit
over to Follett.
Then I'll help you finish up.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Bell tolls ]
I think the Russians
will be happy
with the Mexican out of the way.
Very well. Erica.
With the successful conclusion
of this deal,
Arnold is going to become
an extraordinarily powerful man.
Thank you.
Real estate's
never been my thing.
Yeah, too bad.
Velasquez should have known
don't go along with him.
Do you know much about
the ancient Greeks, Gabe?
Well, they valued
their liberty highly.
The Greeks encouraged a kind of
self-reliant individualism.
There were no laws to speak of,
so police weren't necessary.
Sounds like my kind of place.
But the ancient Greeks
drew a line in the sand
when it came
to stealing or robbery.
They did not like
their cattle being stolen
and they did not like
their homes being broken into.
But with no police,
how would they find the culprit?
Actually, they had various
methods to determine guilt.
One of them involved
rounding up 12 suspects.
And a judge would give
each of those suspects
a stick 6 inches long,
but he would tell them
that the thief's stick
would grow an extra inch
by the next morning.
Invariably, the guilty party
would chew off
one inch of his stick,
and then the next morning,
he would be there holding
a 5-inch admission of guilt
stick in his hand.
The point is,
for the 30-something years
that I've been
a defense attorney,
I have learned
one irrefutable truth,
and that is criminals
are their own worst enemy.
Can't say I disagree with you.
Well, listen,
I appreciate the delivery.
And this deal with Vlad is gonna
make everyone a lot of money.
Arnold seems to think so.
You don't?
It really doesn't matter
what I think.
Arnold trusts you, and trust
is a valuable commodity.
He trusts you to protect him
on the street,
and he trusts me to
look after his legal
and financial interests.
In that respect, we're alike.
We've known each other
for a few years now,
right, Mr. Follett?
You've been very kind to me,
and I appreciate that.
we are nothing alike.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
You're reaching.
Come on, now.
-[ Groans ]
You can't keep
going on like this.
The anger's gonna eat away at
you until there's nothing left.
-VANESSA: I know.
-JIM: In Afghanistan,
we both lived through
some really bad things.
But you were a cold professional
back in the sandbox.
You still are
when your head's on straight.
But you seem determined
not to want to get any better.
Think I should go to
some overpaid shrink
and spill my guts?
Couldn't hurt.
At the very least,
you might save your career.
I already know
what's wrong with me.
Every time I meet someone,
I automatically think about
the best and most efficient
way to kill them.
[ Chuckles ]
I can't switch it off anymore.
JIM: We've all been
where you're at.
You just got to learn
to leave the outside outside.
I got a class.
You need anything,
you know where to find me.
Yo, guys.
There you go. There you go.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
That's the guy --
Detective Lance Koscheck, 52.
Past his prime.
Look at him.
What a sad fucking life.
No family, orders takeout,
eats it alone.
My inside guy said
that he and his partner
got booted off the case
this morning, so...
Let's get her done.
[ Wheels rattling ]
[ Car door closes ]
[ Gunshots on TV ]
[ Knock on door ]
[ Thud ]
-[ Knock on door ]
Hey, brother.
I'm sorry to disturb you,
but I'm the distraction.
What the fuck are you
talking about, asshole?
-[ Body thuds ]
-Oh, Lord, you know I have
[ Whirring, crunching ]
No other friend like you
If heaven's not my home
Oh, man.
It's gonna rain.
I can feel it in my bones.
...all have beckoned me
Getting old's a bitch.
My brothers and my sisters
Over in that glory land
I don't expect to quit
[ Grunts ]
Oh, look at that shit.
[ Grunts ]
You gonna help or what?
CARLO: No, honestly, you're
doing very well on your own.
...feel at home
In this world anymore
CARLO: Does your wife ever
ask about your job?
GABRIEL: It's easy to lie
to someone who trusts you.
Half truths aren't lies.
You keep telling yourself that.
I admire you, you know,
spending time at her grave
like you do.
I like it there.
One day, I'll probably
have to stay longer.
Ever wish we could have
done things differently?
What's it matter now?
How long have I been training
you to be my replacement?
Two wonderful months.
Don't let Arnold shake you,
When I go, just act like me.
In time, he'll trust you.
I hope.
I really want the respect that
comes with this job, you know?
What's the fucking point?
[ Clears throat ]
What about the other witness?
Don't worry about it.
It's my mess.
I'll clean it up.
You sure about this?
You know how important this is
to Arnold.
CARLO: I got a few hitters in
mind, so we'll take care of it.
You should go home.
It's Alex's day.
Look, I appreciate that.
By the way, what you get
from this job, it ain't respect.
It's fear.
It's always fear.
Remember that.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Kettle whistling ]
Happy birthday, baby.
I miss you every day.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
[ Trapdoor Social's
"Second Chance" plays ]
The corks are capped,
the floors are being waxed
I know the moment's passed
And everyone has left
and I'm about to be run over
But I can't quite seem
to wake myself
Both worlds collide,
I'm dancing in my sleep
Lanier, Webber, to the front.
You're with me.
Do not hold back.
Let's terminate this bitch.
[ Dog barking ]
[ Dog barking ]
[ Dog barking ]
Who are you?! What do you want?!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Grunting ]
Wait, stop, Flynn!
It's me! Lanier, stop it!
Shit, Lanier?
-[ Gunshot ]
-[ Gasps ]
[ Air hissing ]
[ Engine revving,
tires screech ]
[ Dogs barking ]
[ Groans ]
[ Groans ]
[ Groans ] Fuck.
GABRIEL: Yeah. What's up?
GARCIA: We have
a situation here.
-The three guys I took are dead.
-She's alive.
-Are you serious?
I know. I know.
It's fuckin' shit.
We fucked up.
Okay. I'll call Arnold.
[ Speaking native language ]
Arnold will see you now.
Stay. He don't want to see you.
Are you fucking kidding me?
GABRIEL: Morning, sir.
You think I need to hear
this shit from the Russian?
Sorry. It's being taken care of.
ARNOLD: Put a bullet
in this bitch's head.
Or I'll put one in yours.
Like I said,
it's being taken care of.
And I think you should rethink
those last few words.
They're insulting to both of us.
Yeah. Alright. I'm sorry.
You know my mouth.
Just get rid of the cop.
It'll be done.
No worries.
You have my word.
Let's get out of here.
Jesus Christ!
Scared the crap
out of me, Flynn.
-How are you?
-How are you?
Tell me what you know about
the Velasquez hit yesterday.
DALEY: Forget Velasquez.
Tell me where you been?
We found machine guns,
three very deceased John Does,
and a stack of spent brass
at your house.
-Three John Does?
-Yeah. Three.
One on the lawn looked like
he'd been put through
a meat grinder.
No dental records, no prints.
Guy on the lawn was Lanier.
Oh, bullshit.
VANESSA: It was him.
Did you know?
-No, no, fuck no, Vanessa.
-Did you know?
-Of course not.
-You're his partner.
You're fucking in on this, too.
Yeah, I'm his partner,
but I'm not married to the guy.
If he's dirty,
it's got nothing to do with me.
They had my home address, Daley.
I didn't know. I swear.
Has anyone heard from Koschek?
Look, you need to come in.
Captain's pitching a shit fit
this morning.
She's about to issue
a BOLO for you.
I think I'm better out here
for now.
You're crazy, now. Look...
we'll just go in together.
We'll just ride right over
to the precinct.
Listen, you got to find Koschek.
Put him in a safe house.
If this guy came for me,
he's probably gunning
for Koschek, too.
He killed Velasquez, now he's
coming for the witnesses.
Then you definitely
need to come in.
I got to go, Daley.
Where you going, Vanessa?
You know it isn't safe for me.
What do you mean it's not --
[ Cellphone buzzes ]
You finally decide to return
my call, you fucking asshole.
Did you kill Lanier?
Did you kill my partner?
GARCIA: Excuse me? [ Laughs ]
No, no, no, no.
I ask, and you answer.
Get it?
Where is she?
She's on the run.
Now, listen.
This whole plan of yours
is getting good cops killed.
You're going to make me cry.
[ Laughs ]
Listen, I want out!
GARCIA: There's no out here.
You want out?
You go buy yourself
a fucking razor blade
and cut your fat fucking wrist,
you dirty cop.
I hear nothing.
So you find her.
Get me an address.
Or I'll pay you a visit.
[ Line clicks ]
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
We definitely
underestimated her.
She's well trained.
Daley's sending me
her file, actually.
He's another loose end,
you know?
He's good with computers.
He's smart.
Best thing of all,
he's scared of me.
-I'm serious.
He's terrified.
He'll do anything I say.
For now.
As soon as he ceases
to be an asset,
he's a ghost, so...
By the way, we need someone
to clone Flynn's phone
so we can trace her
when she answers.
You got someone?
I don't, but Arnold does.
[ Clears throat ]
I'll give him a call.
[ Gasps ]
Oh, Walter.
Hey, I need to talk to you.
It's important.
I need your help.
Of course. Anything.
I need you to get me
some info on someone.
Who's the lucky guy?
Uh, Scout Sniper.
I think he's local.
Pull up a chair here.
See what we got here.
VANESSA: Can't find anything
on our database.
-Guy's a damn ghost.
-Lucky for you, my database
starts where the P.D.
leaves off.
Wait. That's him.
Scout Sniper courses
takes men like this
and teaches them to do things
that most of us would find
difficult to stomach.
Some men are just
good at killing.
Yo, V, if you want me
dig in deeper,
I need to know,
what's our level of emergency?
He killed my partner
and another officer last night.
What can I do?
If you run, he'll find you.
-[ Scoffs ] That's comforting.
-That's the truth. This, uh...
This is Carlo Garcia
is in a whole nother league.
You're fighting out
of your weight class.
I'm going to put a cap
in this fucker.
You're gonna get
yourself killed.
Well, I can't run.
I can't fight.
They have someone
inside the department,
so I can't turn myself in.
Doesn't look like
I got a lot of options.
Shape your battlefield and wait
till he comes for you.
It will be unexpected.
So you've got to be ready.
And then?
If you're lucky,
you'll get your shot.
Hm, that's, uh...
terrible advice.
I know, but you don't
go chasing the devil.
So you fucked up.
Now you need my help.
GABRIEL: She has her cell,
and we have her number.
All we need is someone
to hack into it,
track her down, Carlo, and I
will take care of the rest.
No big deal.
This is his problem.
I know, but he's my partner.
ARNOLD: Only for two months.
You think he'd do
the same thing for you?
GABRIEL: I would hope so.
I want to say something to you,
and I mean this as a friend.
Go ahead, shoot.
I'm concerned that
you've become unreliable.
GABRIEL: It's been
a rough couple days.
We'll clean this mess up,
and then it's clear sailing.
No big deal.
I think you need a vacation.
You're getting old.
[ Scoffs ] Yeah,
both of those are correct,
but be honest with yourself.
You looked in the mirror lately?
-[ Chuckles ]
-I'd trade my soul
to be 20 again.
What are you two
rambling on about?
That youth is wasted on
the young.
And unfortunate
that experience is wasted
on those who don't
take time to enjoy life.
Arnold, I have a lot to do.
We'll be back here this evening.
Let's go.
I'll call my guy.
He'll be in touch.
Take care, Gabe. Let's go.
Later, boss.
[ Birds chirping ]
Seven languages.
Combat action ribbon.
Firearms instructor.
Detective Service ribbon.
Police star.
April 2nd.
April 2nd.
[ Crickets chirping ]
[ Line ringing ]
This is Officer Lopez.
-I'm looking for Daley.
-He hasn't come in today.
I'm covering his desk.
-Where is he?
-Ma'am, that's not --
This is Detective Flynn.
I need to speak with him.
LOPEZ: Detective Flynn?
I'm under strict orders
to advise you to come in.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Damn it!
-Good to see you.
-Oh, nice to see you.
If you guys need anything else,
I'd be more than happy.
Business or pleasure?
What do you mean?
What you're thinking about.
Well, well,
a little bit of both.
Yeah. I'm thinking about Gabe.
What about him?
Honestly, he's becoming
a liability.
I don't want to pry
into your business.
You know that.
But remember, Gabe doesn't just
work for you.
He's your friend.
That's what makes it so hard.
MAN: Hey, what the fuck?
Hey, what are you guys doing?
[ Screaming ]
ARNOLD: Give me the fucking gun.
[ Gunfire ]
Look at me, motherfucker.
[ Gunfire ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Yeah? What's up?
CARLO: Gabe, they've hit Arnold.
-Took one in the arm,
but he's okay.
-Who was on point?
Arnold was having dinner
with his wife.
They made a mess of her.
-Where they at now?
-City medical center.
Second floor.
[ Siren wailing ]
[ Indistinct talking on P.A. ]
He's been asking for you.
How's Tomi?
She died on the operating table.
Arnold is going
to be raising hell.
As official counsel,
I must strongly advise
against that course of action.
We spent too many years
turning this into
a legitimate business
to throw it all away
over a base desire for revenge.
So your ancient
Greeks don't believe in
an eye for an eye, huh?
GLEN: Well, actually, they
called it necessary reciprocity.
When Odysseus returned to Ithaca
after the Trojan War
and found that his wife Penelope
had been unfaithful,
he murdered all 108
of her noble suitors,
and then he slaughtered
and mutilated his own servants
for allowing
the indiscretions to happen.
Sounds like a man who brought
his war home with him then.
He did indeed.
And everyone paid the price.
So I'm leaving.
Whether or not I return
will depend on
Arnold's course of action.
But I am not
interested in fighting a war.
Having said that,
I don't think you and I
will be seeing each other again.
I like you, Gabe.
Don't get caught
in the undertow.
They killed her.
They killed my wife.
Clear this room.
Get out of here now.
CARLO: Alright, everyone.
Let's go. Do as the man says.
Get out of here, boys.
Don't move.
I'm sorry.
-Boss --
-Shut up. Don't talk.
You see that?
You see what you fuckin' did?
Stop it!
Get the fuck out of here.
Go! Go.
Close the door!
Carlo, stay.
I want them to suffer.
Don't you worry, baby.
They will.
First, you're going
to need some rest.
-Not if they're still breathing.
-They won't be for long.
We go to war, we need you
thinking clearly, alright?
Stakes are way too high.
ARNOLD: You're right.
You're always right.
GABRIEL: I'm gonna
stay here for a while.
Go find out what you can.
I'll see you later, man, okay?
Thank you.
[ Indistinct chatter
on radio ]
I loved her.
She loved you, too.
I'm sorry, brother.
ARNOLD: I really loved her.
I know.
Oh, fuck.
[ Siren wailing ]
Shooters were professionals.
Not from around here.
What kind of gun they use?
In Mexico, it's known
as a cuerno de chivo
because the magazine looks
like a goat's horn.
They just love it,
and they definitely use it
to make a statement.
If you asked me, the money is
on the Colombian Mexican.
Someone tied to Velasquez then.
Or made to look that way.
Oh, yeah? Who do you figure?
Have we heard from Vlady?
I don't know, boss.
What motive would he have?
Me out of the way.
Makes things a lot easier,
doesn't it?
Follett's gonna be pissed
if we move on Vlady.
That's for damn sure.
ARNOLD: Fuck him!
I'll handle that son of a bitch.
It's my call.
You sure about this?
ARNOLD: You're goddamn right.
They killed my wife!
We're talking about her!
Fine. You got it.
It'll get done.
CARLO: The hit had to be
retaliation for Velasquez.
Vlady has no motive.
I'm telling you,
Arnold's losing it.
This is a mistake.
You don't just hit a Russian
mobster 'cause you're pissed.
[ Cellphone buzzing ]
Got a hit on the girl.
She's at the Terrace Motel.
Great. Deal with this,
then I'll finish her off.
Question. Look.
I'm trying to hide it
in the front.
Looks like a big fat dick,
so I just --
I don't -- I don't
know what to do.
How do you hide a gun
with a camera?
How do you do it?
[ Sighs ] Buck up, man.
CARLO: What?
The sounds of sundown
Turn the skeleton inside out
And make
the unfamiliar sound
You know just how close
you came to spilling
No blood inside your veins
There's something
you should know
About the wind
And which way it will blow
Even though he knows,
you know
Where the reaper fears to go
GABRIEL: Hey, hey, Big Mike.
I'm gonna head up
to see Vlady, huh?
What's up, man?
How's the Russian doing?
He up there yelling
at everybody, stressed out.
Geez. What's new?
Hey, keep an eye
on this guy for me, huh?
And I'm still here
at the kids table, huh?
They don't let you listen to
the grown-ups talk either, huh?
-Disrespectful is what it is.
Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey.
No, no, no.
Strict orders, no visitors.
Arnold called Vlady.
I have a delivery for him.
-Don't you go in there, Gabe.
-Why do you say that?
I have an appointment.
I am making a payment.
-I don't give a fuck.
-Look, I have an appointment.
Here is the envelope.
Listen, Vlady makes
his Russian calls,
but I make all his American
calls on the accountability
that he does not
speak great English.
-You're lying, dude.
-[ Chuckles ]
I don't know, man.
Maybe they texted each other.
But it's going to be me or you.
Either way,
he's going to have to get it.
You want to take it to him?
Go ahead. I'm sorry, Gabe.
Thank you, brother.
It's been tense. He's fucking
losing his mind. I'm sorry.
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Knife plunges ]
[ Clattering ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
[ Groans ]
[ Panting ]
[ Gunshot ]
You should have just shot him.
CARLO: Tell me again.
Why are we burning this place?
It's called sending a message.
-Is it done?
-You watching the local news?
-No witnesses this time?
Good. They'll blame
the Mexicans.
You mean you'll
blame the Mexicans?
What's with the attitude?
We just kicked a hornet's nest
for no good reason.
ARNOLD: I gave the order.
That's all the reason you need.
What's the deal
with the fucking detective?
You gave me your word.
So take care of her.
-I will.
-Don't tell me.
Show me.
I'm telling you. He's losing it.
Drop me at my car.
CARLO: Got to
take a shower anyways.
I'm all fucking covered
in Esteban.
REPORTER: Bodies of a nightclub
owner and three of his staff
were discovered in the charred
remains of a property fire.
A pair of audacious
cartel style killings
rocked the city yesterday
when gunmen opened fire
on a restaurant in Jackson.
One of the shooting victims has
been identified as Tomi Solomon,
wife of local real estate
magnate Arnold Solomon,
who's long been suspected
of having ties
to organized crime.
Solomon, seen here --
You went after the competition.
But the competition hit back.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Keys jingling ]
[ Door opens ]
GABRIEL: Gabe here.
Leave a message.
CARLO: Hey, Gabe.
Where the fuck are you?
This is the third time
I've called.
We're here at the motel
waiting for you.
This is going down
whether you're here or not.
No answer from Gabe. Let's roll.
You want it all, don't you,
[ Footsteps approaching ]
[ Lock clicking ]
[ Man talking indistinctly
on television ]
[ Pounding ]
On the floor quick!
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
What the fuck is
going on out here?
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Tires squeal ]
Get in!
Fuck you!
Get in or you're dead!
[ Gunfire ]
Come on!
[ Gunfire ]
[ Engine revs, tires squeal ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
Yeah, go ahead.
What the fuck
are you doing, Gabe?
Have you lost your mind?
You don't understand, man.
CARLO: Quit the fucking bullshit
right now.
Just bring her back.
You're playing with my life.
GABRIEL: Ain't gonna happen.
You know what happens now?
I wrote the book.
You do what the fuck
you go to do.
[ Carlo speaking Spanish ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Sighs ]
Put your safety belt on.
[ Siren wailing ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
[ Ringing continues ]
Go ahead.
What the fuck is going on?
GABRIEL: I'm done, man.
I'm tendering
my resignation, sir.
ARNOLD: You quit when
I say you quit.
Now, where's the girl?
GABRIEL: She's with me.
That's where she staying.
If you're smart,
you'll let us both go.
You think I'm going
to let her walk away?
GABRIEL: Listen, man.
You were with me when
Alex died, right?
Tomi is dead now.
ARNOLD: You bring that up,
you piece of shit?
Don't let it ruin your life,
my friend.
I'm going to hunt you down.
Don't make promises
you can't keep, okay?
You know what this means.
Have a good night.
[ Beep ]
[ Sighs ]
Bring me that bastard's head.
Let me bring you in.
You can turn state
against Solomon.
We'd both be dead
before I could testify.
That guy, Carlo Garcia,
he your partner?
GABRIEL: Yeah, he was.
If we're lucky,
he'll put as much distance
between us as he can.
I had lots of luck lately.
All of it bad.
Oh, relax.
How much worse can it get?
I've got a feeling
I'm gonna find out.
[ Clattering ]
[ Cork pops ]
Sit down.
We can both use this.
Is this your wife?
Yes. Yes.
VANESSA: She passed.
You okay?
Look, you've worked for
Solomon for years.
You could have dropped me back
at the motel.
[ Chuckles ] Now we're
having drinks.
I made someone a promise.
She wanted me out of this life.
Get away, escape to Africa.
Put my experience to good use,
protect the elephants.
Fight the good fight.
She discovered she had cancer.
After she was gone, I was lost.
Arnold was all I had left.
[ Sighs ]
I'm sorry about your wife.
And I'm thankful you
let me live.
But you're still a mob soldier,
and I'm still a cop.
GABRIEL: Yeah, well,
I'm afraid all I've done
is delayed the inevitable.
We're both probably
going to die tonight.
VANESSA: So what's
your plan, then?
What, have a drink,
drown your sorrows,
and wait for them
to come calling?
Yeah, well, pretty much, yeah.
I built this place, designed it.
The walls, the furniture.
Everything's reinforced
and fireproof.
And Alex's bathroom
is a de facto panic room.
It's a fortress.
You got booby traps?
[ Chuckles ] I've got guns.
-That's all?
-A lot of guns.
And I know how to use them.
Plus, those guys
are coming to me.
Got home field advantage.
I've killed people
for a lot less.
You have, haven't you?
Yes, I have.
Let's get ready for our guests,
shall we?
They'll be here soon.
Nothing short of a direct hit
from an artillery round
will breach this room.
If things go south,
and they will,
lock the door
and lay in the tub.
Hiding is not my style.
Sometimes it's a difference
between living and dying.
Well, if shit hits the fan,
I know where to find you.
In the tub.
Duly noted.
I don't know what happened.
I mean, that fucking cop.
Just get rid of them both.
Whatever the cost.
But he's my partner.
He's one of my oldest friends.
I got no choice.
I mean, is this even worth it?
Survival of the fittest.
CARLO: When Gabe brought me on,
I knew there'd be a day
when I'd be the one you'd call
when things needed to be taken
care of.
He made his choice.
Now you make yours.
You got it, boss.
[ Door closes ]
[ Vehicle approaching ]
A bunch of serious
looking assholes.
And a guy with
a porn star mustache.
GABRIEL: LaFontaine.
Open the damn door, Gabe!
VANESSA: He dangerous?
Could use a better
deodorant maybe.
Come on.
I ain't got time
for this horseshit.
Don't nobody do nothing
unless I say.
Gabe, I'm taking
that lady cop back
to Mr. Solomon.
With or without your consent.
GABRIEL: Just like that, huh?
So, what's it gonna be?
So let me get this straight.
I let you take her,
I go free.
Sure, Gabe.
For old times' sake.
Sounds like a good deal.
For old times' sake.
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gags ]
You done fucked up now, Gabe.
[ Gunshot ]
It'll take them
a while to regroup,
but they'll be back.
[ Birds chirping ]
VANESSA: You had it good
for a while, didn't you?
Cars, big house in the country.
Plenty of money
to save lots of elephants.
I'm guessing
your wife never knew
where it all really
came from until she did.
And that's when you had
to make your promise.
I sleep soundly knowing
I put away the bad guys.
Well, I guess there's no softer
pillow than a clear conscience.
One time,
a meth dealer on the east side.
We served a warrant and kicked
in his door at 4:00 a.m.
He had three kids. Daughters.
What he made them do.
Parents are supposed
to protect their children.
I drew down on him.
Not an officer
there would have talked.
So, what did you end up doing?
I called CPS and arrested him.
I believe in the law, Gabriel.
I guess that's why
you're a better person than me.
Just like my Alex.
The guy we're waiting for,
how good is he?
GABRIEL: He thinks
he's as good as I am.
He is younger.
Not very reassuring.
Yeah, well,
it wasn't meant to be.
What if he's better than you?
Bath time.
Because you'll be next.
[ Crow cawing ]
[ Doorbell rings ]
Mind if I come in?
I've asked him for five minutes
to talk to you.
You owe me that.
Come on.
I got it.
[ Exhales deeply ]
Some people claim
there's a woman to blame.
But I know...
...it's my own damn fault.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Caused a lot of trouble,
You sure you want this?
What's done is done.
We have five minutes before
those guys come
storming up in here.
Ex-agency shooters,
SX contractors.
You know, the real deal.
I'm sure you'll tag
some of them,
but they'll get the job done.
Why are you doing this?
She's no one!
Man, don't make me kill you.
You're assuming a lot.
Like a fucking western, huh?
Like a fucking western.
Love it.
[ Sighs ]
I'm much younger than you.
Much faster.
Better looking for sure.
I'm ruthless.
I can kill you in a heartbeat.
[ Groans ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gags ]
[ Gagging ]
What a waste.
[ Groans ]
GABRIEL: It's time.
Solomon's not paying you enough!
Go home!
Live to fight another day.
Any of you fuckers want
to leave, I'll kill you myself.
Our mission is to take
this motherfucker out!
None of you get paid --
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Glass breaks ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Gunfire ]
I'll go.
I can cover the driveway.
Go! Go ahead!
Go! Go! Go!
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Explosion ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Gunshot ]
I thought you said this house
was impenetrable.
I thought so, too.
I'm a contractor killer,
not a contract builder, okay?
[ Sighs ]
This doesn't look good.
Come on! Take that out now!
Time for me to get
some fresh air.
Bath time.
There you go.
Stay hydrated.
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
MAN: Over here!
Behind the truck.
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire, bullets ricochet ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Explosion ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Grunts ]
VANESSA: Jesus Christ.
Men that work for me
must be capable of violence.
And also understand the power
of a well-placed threat.
Yes, sir.
Marine Corps?
Navy. SEAL Team 4.
ARNOLD: I need new shooters.
My last guy moved on.
Won't let you down.
[ Groans ]
This is for Luis Velasquez.
[ Gunshots ]
[ Door opens, closes ]
[ Crickets chirping ]
Do me a favor.
Take care of this for me.
Sure, I'll do that.
I got your back.
MAN: You alright, Gabe?
Yeah, man, I'm good.
[ Elephant trumpets ]
[ Elephant trumpets ]
-You okay?
-All good, all good.
Come on, guys.
Let's get it done.

I can't help
but keep the notion
I don't know
what's good for me
When all I'd ever learned
is how to lie
Well, the hidden hands
of wisdom
Holds all that it can keep
And all I know is
the trouble in my time

Well, I don't
turn over stones
There wasn't nothing
there but me
So I dug a little deeper
just to find
That it ain't a lazy man
who hangs high upon the tree
And all he knew he was
the trouble in his time

I sit right back and listen
This here bears to repeat
Well, he who points the finger
holds the fire
And he hides
himself asunder
From Aquarius at night
But all he knows is
trouble in his time

Every time you
get to drinking
You talk loud about
your dreams
And you hoist them up
like flags upon a line
Run up the angry needle
Get as high as high can be
'Cause all you know
is trouble in your time

Well, I searched
for destination
There she was chastising me
And the words she chose
were meant to make me pine
Well, she said go
see the girl
That used to sew
your old black chains
If all you know is
trouble in your time