White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf (1994) Movie Script

Dear Henry,
All I can thinkabout
is White Fang and Alaska.
Alex, Belinda and I continue the repairs
on the hotel and will reopen soon.
I apologize again for leaving
you in the lurch, but...
after seeing the destruction
caused by the earthquake...
I now understand why they
were so desperate for my help.
In truth, though,
my heart is with White Fang,
and I will return to the claim
as soon as possible.
Thanks again
for taking care ofhim.
Or, is he taking care ofyou ?.
Bythe time this letter
the ice will have thawed, andyou will
have survivedyour firstAlaskan winter.
Didyou stand it all right ?
Spring is a great time
for adventures with White Fang.
Let hi m run, Henry.
Let hi m guide you.
He always knows the way.
Your friend,
White Fang!
White Fang !
Wait up, boy.
White Fang.
What the--
Sorry, boy.
Guess it's potatoes again
C'mon, boy.
Atta boy, Fang.
Come on,
get a drink.
Hey !
You lookin'forsomethin' ?
Huh, hey !. Howdy-hey there, boy.
Ha-ha-ha. Name is Halverson.
Lloyd Halverson.
I-I hate the name, so you
can just use what you like.
Now the, uh, wolfhere,
I recollect him vividly. Ha-ha-ha.
I don't believe I know you,
Where's, uh... Where's the otherboy ?
Uh, what's-his-name ?
You tell me.
Jack ! Hey ?.
Jack, uh... Conroy !
Right, huh ?
Jack Conroy ?
Always did have me a...
- mind for names,
all the good it done me.
Jack went back to San Francisco
about a year ago this time.
I s he, uh...
he your brother ?.
Friend. He left me in charge
of his claim.
Yeah, me and Jack,
we, uh, set a spell.
What, uh... two, three years back,
when I was passin' through.
I been west ofhere.
Bellied up at least a dozen digs.
The whole country's been...
picked clean.
Sad to see.
What'syourname ?
Henry Casey.
You, uh... You here
all byyourself ?. Hm ?.
Well, Henry.
How do I know you ain't killed that
other boy and just took overyourself ?.
Move on, Mister!
No ! Hold on, boy, hold on. I never--
Hold yourwater. I'm-- I'm leavin'.
Get outta here!
- Get a hold ofhim !
- He does what he wants.
Just don't move real fast.
I know whatyou're thinkin'.
You're thinking how you're gonna
spend your share. Am I right ?.
My little pals.
Too many ofyou.
Gotta get you to Dawson.
What is it, boy ?.
Yeow-ow !
Oww ! Ooh !
Oh ! Oh !
Down boy ! Down !
Agh !
Get this trap
off my butt, boy !
Or shoot me where I lie.
A-A-Ahh. Oh !
There'll be more
comin' through.
Gotta get that gold to a bank.
Whatta ya saywe...
drag out that raft ?.
Float on into Dawson ?.
We need supplies.
You up for it?.
We leave in the morning.
Thykingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our--
I mourn the passing
ofyour father, Moses.
I'll pray foryou
in your time to lead.
Thankyou for sharing your food.
I'll return the favor.
We expect nothing
in return, god-man.
Get away from there.
Come on. Go, go, go.
- No, no.
- To refuse is an insult.
There is something ofyours
I want.
Yoursoul, Moses.
- Safe trip back.
- You wonder why God's punishingyou ?
We've done nothing
to angeryour god.
And yet your people
are starving.
There must be a reason
for that.
My grandfather spoke often of the time
when the caribou would disappear,
a time when the thunder
in the earth would be followed
by the coming ofthe wolf.
Ifwe are patient, we will be instructed
how to restore the balance.
These are stories, Moses.
You cannot liveyour life by that.
In your book,
there are stories.
Ifyou care foryour people,
you'll take them to live with
your relatives on the island.
You wear the same collar
as the one beforeyou,
butyourwords are hollow.
Reverend Michael
underestimated the situation.
Why let this suffering
continue ?.
Moveyour people
before it's too late.
It is good
you have a concern.
You came to me in my dream,
you and the wolf.
You showed me the way.
You will leave in the morning.
- Where am I going, Uncle ?.
- To bring back the wolf.
He will lead us
to the caribou.
- Where will I look ?.
- He'll find you.
C'mon, boy. Boat's sailin'.
C'mon !
What is it?
It's safe.
Don'tyou wanna go ?.
Come on, boy.
Come on, boy.
Come on. Aw.
Good boy.
Relax. Relax. This is the easy part.
When the sun burst across the
horizon, it swept away the dark.
That's when Ice Woman,
your namesake,
led her people away from the ice
that crushed the villages.
This is her crest.
It will shield you
from danger.
Don't be fooled
bywhatyou see.
The wolfis a powerful being.
He might not be visible toyou.
He can change shape.
He might not be a wolf.
When I do find the wolf,
- what should I dowith it ?.
- You will know.
% Oh, mydarlin'
Oh, mydarlin'Clementine%
%You are gone
and lost forever %
% And your shoes were number nine %%
Hold on, boy.
It'll be okay.
This look familiar, White Fang?.
The water seems high.
Movin' right along, boy.
Hang on, boy!
Staylow !
Staylow, White Fang.
Ohh ! Oh !
Hang on ! Hang on.
Hang on.
White Fang!
White Fang!
White Fang!
Who areyou ?.
Where are we goin' ?.
To myvillage.
Did you see a wolf?.
Did he go
in thewater ?.
Did he
come back up ?.
Where is he ?.
Me ?.
I don't understand.
Did he--
Did he get out ?.
White Fang.
My gold !
I lost my gold !
- Sit down.
- No, no, no ! We have to go back !
- Be still !
- It's got to be somewhere
in this damn river !
I have
nothing left.
She's here !
She's arriving !
To the water!
The canoe is arriving.
What's that all about ?.
Who is this,
Lily ?.
This is the one, Uncle.
- This boy.
- I saw the change.
The wolfwent under the water.
The boy came back up.
No, no. Now wait.
J ust a minute.
No one changed
into anything.
The wolfwas my friend.
I lived with him.
And I lost him
in the river.
You live with the wolf ?.
Yes, sir.
This is very good.
Welcome to ourvillage.
I am Moses Joseph,
chief ofthe Haidas.
Henry Casey.
San Francisco.
Henry Casey.
Casey Henry.
Funny name.
At the time of my
grandfather's grandfather,
our mother, the earth, shook,
and part ofthe mountain
you call Devil's Thumb broke off.
Many ofourpeople died,
but in return,
the Creator gave us
the caribou.
Eachyear they come to us
from Devil's Thumb.
For this reason, we respect
the mountain and do not go there.
For two years now,
the caribou have not returned.
Eight hunters went to find them.
They, too, have vanished.
Without the caribou...
the balance in our lives
is gone.
Without this balance,
my people...
die, move away.
Ifmy dream showed me
the way ofthis god-man,
I would ask my people
to move.
But the dream
told ofthe wolf...
that would lead us
to the caribou.
And now, Henry Casey,
you are here.
Me ?.
Got the wrong man, sir.
I'm not much ofa hunter.
I'm more ofa miner.
That is very interesting.
That wolfyour niece
saw me with...
was a pet.
He's the hunter.
He was something.
But he's gone now.
He could be alive insideyou.
The wolfhas the power to change.
Into me.
I guess that's okay
to believe, sir,
but I don't.
I'm no wolf.
I'm a man.
That's all.
This boy is free to leave
when he wishes.
I need supplies. I need to wire
San Francisco for some money.
There must be
a town near here.
When you are ready,
we can showyou the way.
Ifit's all right with you, I'll stay
here tonight. I'll leave in the morning.
Good idea. Katrin can showyou
where to lay down.
Sleep now, Casey Henry.
- We can talk again tomorrow.
- Okay.
He's a nice old guy, huh?.
Old guy is my father.
- Who areyou in his house ?.
- I didn't mean anything.
Henry, this way.
White Fang.
I should have known.
You don't see.
I didn't askyou
to bring me here.
- I sang the healing song foryou.
- What's that supposed to mean ?.
I gaveyou backyour life.
Doyou believe that stuff ?.
All you believe in
is your gold.
I'm grateful
whatyou did for me.
But I'm not gonna go to some
godforsaken place to hunt caribou.
We thoughtyou were the wolf.
The wolfis a great hunter
with a warrior's heart.
You are like every other
white man.
Follow the river.
Before darkyou will come to it.
- Major.
- You shouldn't be here.
I told you not to--
- Yes, sir. Hyah !
- Let's go. Hyah !
Morning ! Hi, there.
I figured
the best thing to do is keep movin'.
- At least I wouldn't
be eatin' their food.
Then Lily,
the I ndian gi rl--
She walked me to the stream
and pointed me here.
Why didn't you stay
and help them ?.
Why ?. I'll tell you why.
You're Indian, right ?.
I thought so. Soyou probably
understand them a bit better than I do.
They believe...
s-strange things up there.
Like their dreams.
They need help.
I thought I saw some soldiers
while I was comin' in.
Where are they quartered ?.
The army's in Dawson.
No, I just saw them.
You just saw somebody
passin' through.
So nowyou'll go home...
and forget these people
who helped you.
IfI thought
I could help them, I would.
- They thinkyou can.
- They think I'm the white wolf.
Maybeyou are.
That's him, Uncle.
That's thewolf.
The otherhalf. It's a goodsign.
Good sign.
Don't be afraid, my brother.
Don't be afraid.
Sad, isn't it ?.
I'm goin' back.
Was there any mail for me yesterday,
Mr. Hale ?.
- One for Rev. Michael.
- Uh, I'll take that.
How long you figure ?.
Telegram will be there
in two, three days at the most.
Ofcourse, whenyourmoney comes back
is anotherstory.
At least a week, maybe more.
Can I get some credit ?.
I'm leavin' for the village tomorrow.
I was hopin' to
take some food out there.
Sorry, kid. No credit.
I'll pay for it, Mr. Heath.
Give him what he wants.
All right.
I'm Leland Drury.
- Henry Casey.
- I couldn't help but overhear.
I go to the village often.
Their suffering is hard to ignore.
I have some mules
that know the way,
ifyou'd care to use one.
Yeah, thanks.
You're savin' me a trip.
Walks like a soldier.
You understand the problem.
I want him out ofthe way !
Do it now !
All right.
This is foryou.
Whywould I wear this ?.
I don't know.
I thought it would look pretty.
Pretty like a white girl ?.
No. Tell you what.
Don't wear it.
See ifI care.
Here, give it back.
What do I have to do ?
Look, I'm here !
And I came back
to find those caribou,
believe me or not.
Maybe one ofthese days
when this is all over,
you'll realize I 'm not as worthless
as you think I am.
Henry Casey.
- He was here looking foryou.
- Who was ?.
The wolf.
- White Fang ?. He's alive ?.
- Yeah.
- Are you sure it was him ?.
- Same wolf.
- Well, where is he ?. Where'd he go ?.
- Be patient. He will find you.
Lily. Go find Katrin.
Tonight we do the ceremony.
Mr. Heath ?
He's just a boy, Leland.
That boy could ruin
Do I have to do
everything myself ?.
I shouldn't be down here.
Let the wolf
inside you free.
That's White Fang.
Go. Go.
White Fang ?.
Wait here.
White Fang ?.
Is that you, boy ?.
White Fang.
Aah !
Hyeh! Hah!
White Fang !
White Fang !
Come on, boy !
You found a friend.
Henry Casey!
Wanna come, boy ?.
That's okay.
You missed me. I knew it.
The White Wolf.
These belonged
to my brother.
For the hunt.
I was wrong aboutyou.
That's okay, Lily.
Sleep well...
White Wolf.
She likes me.
She likes me, boy.
This is tishlinjao.
Devil's Club juice
and saltwater.
For three days you will fast
and drink only this.
To hunt is a sacred act.
You must purifyyour body
to be worthy ofthe kill.
Your mind must be clear
ofall else,
no distractions.
You care for Lily.
Yes, sir, I do.
Lily does not
yield so easily.
- She's tough.
- All Haida women are like this,
but Lily learned
when she was veryyoung.
- Why's that ?.
- Already death has
visited her three times.
Her mother, her father,
her brother.
All taken by the smallpox,
white man's plague.
So Lily has found
her strength.
It is out ofyour hands,
White Wolf.
Haida women do the choosing, and
the sun will set on top of my head...
before Lilyyields.
Put her out ofyour mind.
That's not
gonna be so easy.
Drink this.
All the way.
Drink it all the way down.
Thereyou go.
That's a nice shot.
Hello !
Who's out there ?.
Who's out there ?.
Was that you ?.
I can teach you.
There's nothing else
in the world...
butyou, this arrow
and the tree.
And you are all one.
Let it go.
We have the wolf.
Why do we need the boy?
They're one and the same.
In the dream, it was a wolf.
- Dreams have many shapes.
- But--
I know. I know.
This is very hard on you, son.
Be patient.
Your time will come.
Your time will come.
Grandfather's bow.
- I couldn't take this, sir.
- You will need it.
Let Peter and Lily
come with me.
Women don't hunt.
Why ?.
Old ways.
But, Peter,
can't he go ?.
He's ready;,
you know it.
I will speak
to the holy man.
How do I look ?.
You can go on the mountain.
You can hunt.
Uncle, in the pack,
it is the femalewolfwho runs down--
- Lily, you can't go.
- But I am betterthan Peter
with a bow. You know this.
- Stop. My head aches.
- Who found the White Wolf ?.
He found you.
What else
did he see ?.
One will not return.
Whereyou come from
there are no women ?.
You don't see them.
Only men.
No, no. There's women.
Beautiful women.
They're just too soft
for livin' up here.
- Soyou want a Haida girl.
- I want Lily.
My cousin's a princess.
Doesn't matter to me.
We don't buy presents.
Ifyou want to tell a Haida girl
you care for her,
you come up behind her,
putyour chin on her shoulder,
and you talk softly
in her ear.
That's it ?.
- And she'll understand ?.
- Or breakyour nose.
You don't choose a Haida woman.
She chooses you.
Aw, man.
A miner's pack.
Mygrandfather's pole.
It tells of
a great Haida chief.
Bear clan.
His father, the Wolf.
Calm Woman With Fish.
My father.
To be remembered by a pole
is a great honor.
In my clan, there have been
many chiefs and warrior women.
I carry all of them
inside of me,
even those
yet to be born.
And they carry me.
We belong
only to each other.
And no one can
take that away from us.
Do you understand ?.
Since I've been here,
I've even felt that way myself.
You know,
part of something.
I've never felt
more at home anywhere.
When you go back
to yourworld,
I hope you won't forget.
I'll never
forget you, Lily.
I won't forget you,
White Wolf.
The river delivered you
at my feet.
there's gotta
be a way.
What do you
want me to do ?.
Tell me. I'll do it.
- It's not possible.
- I wanna be with you.
- Don't talk like that.
- I want us to be together.
I'm LilyJoseph.
My grandfatherwas a chief.
I will marry
one of my own.
I wanna make this
my home.
I wanna learn your language.
I wanna be a part ofthis with you.
- Thatwill change.
- No, it won't.
- You'll change.
- I'm not gonna change
how I feel aboutyou.
You'll leave.
It's not possible.
- Lily.
- No.
Lily, please.
It's not...
Believe me ?.
Believe me.
Get dressed, you pig.
- What for ?.
- We're going to the village.
He brought us here.
A good sign.
Devil's Thumb.
Beyond the mountain
you will find the path.
It will leadyou to the caribou.
Morning, Moses.
Walk with me, Henry.
Have some good news.
Yeah, what's that?.
Friend of mine's shipping
a load of gold to Fort Tongass.
He needs someone to help
that we can trust. It pays $1,000.
That's enough to getyou home and
then some, butyou have to leave today.
I can't do that.
I gave Moses myword.
Tomorrow White Wolfleads a hunt
to Devil's Thumb.
White Wolf ?.
Henry Casey.
I'm losing my patience
with you, Henry.
These people might think
you're something special,
but I knowyou're not.
Now, I'm warningyou,
don't go back up that mountain.
Warning me ?
What kind of
religion are you ?.
The same as you, boy.
I don't know who you are
or what you want with these people,
but I know
it ain't right.
So why don't you pack up your things
and get outta here ?.
Don't show off at my expense.
It'll come back
and hauntyou.
I said get outta here!
I'll pray foryou.
Get the men ready.
The boy's going
up the mountain.
I brought you food.
Lily, I--
You were in my dreams.
- But that is where it muststop.
- Why ?.
Because ofwho I am,
and who you are.
That is the way it is.
Are you prepared to die?.
Nobody's gonna die.
You must be ready.
When I die, I will
come back as a raven,
live in the forest
behind the village,
make so much noise, no one
will be able to sleep.
White man's tricks.
I must cut him down.
What is it, boy ?.
Peter !
I could always
outrun a horse.
- Peter, no.
- Find the caribou.
Peter !
Whoa !
Where's Peter ?.
He went that way.
Lily, you should
go get help.
No. We stay together.
I'm goin' with him.
You found 'em, boy,
just like Moses said.
That's why the caribou
haven't returned.
That wall
is blocking the pass.
Come on.
Let's go find out
who built it.
Are you okay ?.
Where are we ?.
Looks like the air shaft
of a mine.
Does your family
know this is here ?.
This is a gold mine,
- You know what that means ?.
- Money.
Lots of money. That's why
theywanna keepyou away from here.
- We gotta get outta here,
get some help.
The caribou will turn
and not come back.
- We can't help that.
- We need to knock down that wall.
- We need dynamite.
- Miners have dynamite.
Now !
Come on.
The hunters.
- This way.
- That's Heath.
Come on! Get going!
Back to work !
Stop ! Or I'll put a bullet
between your eyes !
Is that you, Henry ?.
You're the first one
to get through.
Get back !
You sound
very sinister, Henry.
I've toldyou: You and I,
we have the same religion.
Who are you ?. I sure as hell know
you're not a preacher.
No. I'm just another
greedy American, just like yourself.
- I'm not like you.
- Oh, come on now, Henry.
You, if anyone,
should understand.
All this gold.
They aren't miners.
They never came up here.
- Who wouldit hurt ?
- Who ?
You starved these people
and stole from them at the same time.
That's not the way
I plannedit.
I thought they'd move.
You're sick, Mister.
And you'll burn in hell.
Harsh words, Henry.
Very harsh words.
But I'm not gonna letyou
turn on your own people.
I'm prepared to offeryou a piece of
everything we take out ofthis mine...
from here on in.
What do ya say ?.
It's not yours to give.
- Well, sure it is, Henry.
- Get back !
Do we have a deal ?.
Get him !
Get him!
Get him!
Come on !
- Lily !
- Go on, White Wolf!
Go ! Go !
Leland ! Leland !
Let the boy go.
He's probably halfway
to Dawson by now to get help.
He's got dynamite.
He'll blow the wall.
- Get the girl.
- What ?.
Get the girl !
Come with me.
I got him!
Henry ! We're
leaving now, Henry !
Put her in the wagon !
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
Come on! Come on! Hyah! Hyah!
Hyah ! Come on !
White Fang !
- White Wolf!
- Peter! Wait!
Peter !
Where are we going ?.
Where are we going ?.
Hyah ! Hyah !
Hyah !
Hyah ! Hyah !
Hyah !
Untie me !
I can't get it!
That's my gold.
That's my gold.
Here, boy!
White Fang!
Here, boy !
White Fang !
It's done.
Theycouldn't catch myson.
Theyshot him in the back.
That's impossible.
He was just running with me.
Right beside me.
Peter loved to run.
I will watch him.
Lily !
White Fang !
Come here, boy.
Come here.
Here, boy.
Hey, boy, how you
feelin' ?. Okay ?.
That's Peter.
J ust like he promised.
Lily, would you stop ?.
What is it ?.
What's wrong ?.
You found it.
Now you can go.
I don't wanna go.
Lily !
Where willyou go now ?
I don't know yet.
Where's home ?.
San Francisco.
But there's nothing
there for me.
Not anymore.
Nothing ?. Not even
for a man with gold ?.
I'm interested in.
Nothing I want.
Ifyou see Lily--
Thankyou, Moses.
For everything.
It was you
who did the giving.
May the Great Spirit...
and all the spirits...
keepyou and protectyou.
You are a human being...
of courage and ofhonor.
When we speak ofyou,
it will be with pride.
Henry, come back in the spring!
White Fang !
Come on, boy !
Come on, boy !
Let's go, boy.
Come on, let's go !
White Wolf!
White Wolf!
White Wolf.
I choose you.
I choose you, Henry Casey.
Whoa !
Hey, White Fang!