White Irish Drinkers (2010) Movie Script

- Get the necklaces.
Go. Go.
Hey, fuckface.
What's wrong with that one?
- Uh, nothing.
It's got a thing. That's all.
- What thing?
- A what do you call it?
Like, you know, an engraving.
- So what.
- So you can't sell something-
that's got somebody's name on it.
- What are you, the fucking
stolen goods monitor?
- No, I'm just saying
that you can't sell it if it's-
- take it; I don't give a shit
whose name's on it.
- Come on, danny; It's
somebody's birthday cross, man.
What the fuck?
- Don't waste my time.
If you don't got the balls-
- look, I'm not gonna take
this one, okay?
- Then get the fuck out.
- What?
- You're fucking useless.
- You asked me for a favor.
- You're my brother.
I'm doing you a favor.
Now get out.
I'll do it on my own.
go the way we came in.
Leave the flashlight,
I should have known better.
- Yeah, me too.
- # oh I got into a fistfight #
# on my first day of school #
# oh I came home
with a fat lip #
# and a blackened eye to boot #
# oh it seems
the local bullyboy #
# oh he didn't like me much #
# when he knocked me down
I got right up #
# oh what else could I do #
# oh I came home to my old man,
told me what I had to do #
# 'cause tomorrow
that same bullyboy #
# be waitin' there for you #
# oh there's good
and there's bad #
# in this world
that we live in #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # oh believe what you feel
not what you heard #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # I met a girl at 16 #
# and she broke my heart
in two #
# oh I learned to drink at 17,
had my first woman too #
# oh the times
they were a-changin' #
# and my old town I outgrew #
# had to see the world
and live my own life #
# so many things I had to do #
# well I quit my job
at the cannery #
# and saved a buck or two #
# oh I knew I'd miss
old mom and dad #
# well it's what I had to do #
- When are we gonna get
some more es, whitey?
- People get the idea.
They don't need to see
every fucking letter.
- You seem crankier
than usual today.
- We cleared 3 grand
on this chuck berry thing,
but it's only gonna
keep us going for a month.
- I'll find us another act.
There's plenty of these guys
from yesterday
that would come and play
for a lump sum.
- Well, I'm running real low
on lump sums,
especially with a shylock
up my ass.
- Maybe we'll get one of
the big movies at christmas,
run it for a couple of weeks.
- If we make it till then.
- We've got to advertise.
Look at this.
There's two pages
for the rolling stones
at madison square garden.
It's the first tour
with ron wood.
- Who the fuck is ron wood?
Sounds like a porn star.
- The new guitarist.
You know, it wouldn't kill you
to stay up on that shit.
- That's what I got you for.
Besides, the rolling stones
have all kinds of money.
They can afford to advertise.
We can't.
see if you can get buddy holly.
He was big once.
Now he's not doing shit.
- That's 'cause he's dead,
- Well,
that's no good.
They got to at least be alive.
- You really have your finger
on the pulse of today.
You seen it?
- Seen what?
fuckin' freak show.
They'll play a week,
never be heard from again.
Stop bustin' my balls
and get back to work,
you little shit.
- Maybe a concert every month
and the rest of the time movies.
- So you think up the ideas,
and he makes the money.
- It's not like that, ma.
He throws me a little
something extra when he can.
He's barely hanging on as it is.
- So you're really
on the ground floor
of something fantastic here.
- We're gonna turn
that theater around.
- You should turn around and get
yourself a serious line of work.
- I like what I do.
- You like it.
What's that have to do
with a job?
- Sorry, I lost my head there
for a second.
- You need benefits,
job security, a pension.
You got a good
catholic school diploma.
You're gonna throw it all away
on a movie theater
owned by a guy named whitey?
- People are always gonna want
to see movies, ma,
not just on tv,
in theaters.
- Eat.
- It's too hot.
- No, it isn't.
- It isn't?
The only thing missing
are the firemen.
- Where's danny?
Should I put something out
for him?
- Sure, you should put out
the fire in this soup.
- That's very funny, brian,
tonight, very funny.
Maybe you'd rather wear
your dinner.
- Hey.
What's up?
- Dinner's ready.
- Mmm, pork chops.
What a surprise.
- I'm going to
the butcher tomorrow.
- Uh-huh.
- I'll get some chopped meat.
- Hey, brian.
What do you call
an irish seven-course meal?
- A six-pack and a potato.
- Oh.
That's not funny?
- I heard it.
- Gets a laugh at clancy's
every time.
Where's the other guy?
- Out.
- Yeah, I can tell he's out,
because he's not here.
He's out where?
- I don't know.
- Paddy, just-just eat
before it gets cold.
- There's no chance
of it getting cold.
- There's a chance you'll
be making your own dinner
from now on.
- Hey,
let's not get hysterical.
- You don't know where
your own son is?
- He's old enough for me
to not know where he is.
- I don't give a damn
how old he is.
He's living in my house.
Tell him as long
as he's living here,
I want to see his ass
in that seat at dinnertime.
I'm not running a hotel here,
and tell him to get
his hair cut.
You got a problem?
- What?
- Something you want to say?
- Paddy, just eat.
- Never know what's going on
inside that brain.
It's like I've got an alien
living here
or something like that.
Hey, big bri,
how are things on planet pansy?
Ah, come on.
Come on.
Laugh, get pissed off,
Show me you've got some stones.
Maybe you're adopted.
I don't know.
- Dad.
- What?
- Don't.
That's very...
- What?
[Michael campaga
and the average johnsons'
off to see the wizard]
- Come on. We gonna follow
the yellow brick road.
Here we go.
# well I'm off to see
the wizard #
# get my business fixed #
# with all the problems I got #
# I'm gonna need
a wizard's tricks #
# working and worrying #
# lord it's all I ever seem
to do #
- When I tell them to be
at the table for dinner,
you better make sure
that they're there.
- Tell them yourself.
- I will.
I'm laying down the law
right now.
- # 'Cause you know the people
with all the money #
# puttin' a scare
on people like me and you #
# well I'm going down
to the 7-eleven #
# yeah I'm gonna play
the lottery #
# even though you know
I know you know I know #
- Hey, faggot.
Don't worry about it.
That one sucked anyway.
Is the old man looking for me?
- Yeah.
- Got something for you.
- What's this?
- What do you think?
- I thought you fired me.
- Look, I made a good deal
with jimmy cheeks.
I'm giving you half.
Don't bust my balls.
And don't take everything I say
so fucking serious.
Let me ask you something.
What good are all these
fucking drawings?
I mean,
what can you do with them?
Can you sell them?
- Probably not.
- Who'd buy them with all
the people out of focus?
What is that?
- I don't know.
Maybe I need glasses.
- Maybe you need a kick
in the balls.
- You've already given me
one of those, thanks.
- Come on; I haven't kicked you
in the balls in years.
- Yet somehow, that feels like
it was just yesterday.
- You're too easy on them,
the both of them.
They walk all over you.
- I can't talk to you
when you're like this.
- Sounds like a seven.
- He broke something before.
- Make it a nine.
Hey, I got an idea I want
to talk to you about.
- You know what?
I've actually got to go.
'Cause I'm gonna meet
my friend todd.
He just got back from college.
We're gonna go meet him
at the kill car.
- What was he doing at college
during the summer?
Must not be that smart.
- Yeah,
I'll ask him for you.
- I got a friend coming back too
next week... From prison.
Oh, yeah, well, I mean,
that's, you know,
that's cool too.
- Look, I got something new
in the works.
It could make us
some real money.
- Danny, listen, I don't want
to sound like I'm being-
- all right,
go if you've got to go.
I'll talk to you about it later,
all right?
- When I applied, they said,
"at this school,
"you're not just a number.
You're a person. "
I get there.
All they ask is, "what's
your social security number?
"What's your I.D. Number?
What's your course number?"
- That's a heartbreaking story,
- Seriously.
Wake me when it's over.
- I don't know why
you want to go
to four more years
of school anyway.
Get a fucking job.
- Civil service.
That's what it's all about, man.
Look at me; I'm pulling down
9 gs with the transit authority.
I got bennies up the ass,
major medical, major dental.
The best part is that
they can't even fire me.
- That is just great news
for subway riders everywhere.
- There's more to life
than getting
your root canal paid for,
ya hump.
- Fuck you, hump.
My old man says college means
you're haunted for life.
You're afraid to go out there
and work.
- Your old man must be
a fuckin' phd, then.
Fuck you, flanagan.
The best part of you
is still dripping down
your old man's leg.
- Here's the other thing.
He's studying, like, technology
and computers and shit.
- See,
trade school I understand,
you know, car repair,
refrigerator repair, like that.
I mean, how the fuck
are you gonna make a living
off of computers?
- I've got one word
for you guys.
I want you to try hard
to understand.
The future.
- That's two words,
you hump.
So much for college.
- I need more beer.
I'm actually losing
small chunks of my brain
from this conversation.
- I don't get it.
I'm not getting it.
It's not registering.
- Hey.
We don't serve your kind
in here.
- No disco in here.
Disco sucks.
Move back to bensonhurst,
you disco fucks.
Get the fuck out of here.
- So how's it feel
having just wasted
your whole fucking summer
with that college?
- I had to.
I'm so fucking over my head.
They let me take
these prep courses
just to get a jump start.
I must be the dumbest fuck
on that campus.
- Why do it?
- Gets me out of here.
They got this computer.
The fucking thing is so small,
it fits in one room.
The shit that...
Look, I know I'm the asshole
of the hour because I'm leaving.
You know, we always said college
was bullshit.
- You always said college
was bullshit.
- Well,
I was wrong.
I got a chance,
and I fucking took it.
- Oh,
you want a fucking cookie?
- Here,
I got this for you.
Just to check it out.
- Oh, no, no.
- It's not just
a technology school.
They've got a kick-ass
fine arts program.
Andy warhol went there.
I hear they even got
naked chicks
that pose in the art classes.
It's a great place.
You'll love it.
They even got scholarships
for underprivileged kids.
- Who's underprivileged?
- Me and you and every other
numbnuts we know.
That's who.
- Hey, I'm not some
fucking charity case over here.
- Look,
it's just a way in.
How do you think I got accepted?
- Just always assumed
there was a blow job involved.
Look, they got
an early admissions program.
You could come back with me
at the end of the month.
- Look,
I'm saving up my money.
I'm trying to get an apartment
of my own,
maybe over on 75th street.
- Different perch,
same cage.
- Hey, I'm not gonna make
believe I belong somewhere else.
- Which one of us
is making believe, brian?
- Hey, what's going on?
Hey, buddy.
Hey, there is a broad
standing over by the bar
who is just checking you out
with her provincial vision.
- Do you mean peripheral?
- Yeah, that too.
- Wow.
Do you know her?
- So do you.
She went to bishop clancy.
She's a couple years
ahead of us.
Shauna somebody.
- Well, then, go over there.
- Oh,
get the fuck.
- Oh, here,
have another bottle of balls,
and go over there,
ya hump.
- She didn't talk to me then.
She's not gonna talk to me now.
- All right, well...
Don't say I didn't give you
the first shot.
how you doing?
My name's manny.
- Manny your dreams.
- Oh, wow.
It's good to meet you finally.
- It's nice to meet you too.
- Yeah, this is...
- Really?
Yeah, hi. I'm todd.
That's a very unique name.
- Wow,
your skin's so soft.
- # There is no love #
# she was sent from above #
# and I need her #
# I love her
every day of my life #
# there is no love
like my baby's love #
# when I call her
I know she will answer #
# I don't have to worry
because she's always there #
# early in the morning
or late after midnight #
# I know that my baby
will make it all right #
# she will make it all right #
# and there is no love
like my baby's love #
# there is no love #
# she was sent from above #
# and I need her #
# I want her
every day of my life #
# there is no love
like my baby's love #
# I know that there is no love
like my baby's love #
- You win.
- # There is no love
like my baby's love #
# I know that there is no love
like my baby's love #
# there is no love #
- Fucking knock.
- What's the matter?
You afraid I'm gonna catch you
stretching the old duke?
- What do you want?
- Where's the old man?
- The bar, I guess.
Where else?
He's pissed you didn't come home
again last night.
- Fuck him.
I want you to hold on
to this for me.
- New slippers?
- Just hide it somewhere and
keep your mouth shut about it.
- What is this?
You giving me a fucking gun?
- I'm not giving you shit.
It's mine.
I just want you
to hold on to it.
Nobody will think twice
about anything
mr. Goody-fucking-two-shoes has.
- You hide it.
- Don't be a pussy, brian.
Help me out.
I think the old lady
goes through my stuff.
Just for a couple weeks
until we need it.
- What's with this "we" shit?
- I told you.
I got something new.
- No, dan, that's too much.
You do something with a gun,
that's some serious
fucking time.
- Are you kidding me?
First offense.
Besides, I'm not even
gonna load it, okay?
Hey, pop.
- Where your mother?
- She's at church.
- What's in the box?
- Nothing.
It's brian's.
- Oh,
let me ask you something.
I come home,
every light in the house is on.
It's like we're living in the
las vegas strip or something,
so this made me mad.
I'm asking you,
should this make me mad?
- I don't know, pop.
Should it?
- You crack wise,
I'll put you through the wall.
Give me a straight answer.
- Yeah, pop,
it ought to make you mad.
- Why?
- Because you got to pay
the bills, pop.
That's why.
- Who dialed your number?
- I'm just saying, we know
you got to pay the bills.
- Outside.
- Pop,
I didn't mean anything by it.
- Outside.
It's always something with you,
isn't it, huh?
Nice of you to show up.
You come home
to fucking change your clothes?
You gonna have a fucking shower?
Fucking asshole.
Well, here, how about this, huh?
Come here.
Yeah, maybe you'll remember this
next time you don't come home,
all right?
- Danny,
you coming in?
- Shh.
I'll be right in.
It's just a storm.
Don't worry.
- I can't thank you enough,
You have no idea
what this means to me.
I understand.
Okay, pete.
I'll see you on the 28th.
You know who that was?
- Wild guess:
Some guy named pete?
- Pete rudge.
Mr. Rock and roll.
Pete rudge, the rolling stones'
tour manager.
- Get out.
- I'm not kidding.
I met him at a hotel bar once
five, six years ago
over in the city.
His wallet got stolen.
I lent him money,
gave him a ride to the airport.
Long story short, he says,
if I ever needed anything...
- No fucking way.
- Wait,
so I see he's in the city
with the rolling stones.
I figure maybe he's at
the same hotel.
I call the hotel.
He remembers me
like it was yesterday.
So I tell him about
the fiscal complexities
that I find myself in-
- you're not gonna tell me
that the rolling stones
are coming here.
- One night only,
the 28th.
They play for an hour,
and they're gone.
We can only advertise
the day of,
no advance tickets,
door only.
The fucking rolling stones
are coming to the lafayette.
Both: Ahhhh!
- You're a fucking genius.
- No, it's you.
I never would have had
the balls to ask
if you hadn't gotten concerts
going here
in the first fucking place.
- God,
but we can't advertise it?
- Not in the papers,
but you've got to get out there
and spread the word, brian.
Let the rumors fly.
We'll have a line from here
to fucking kansas on the 28th.
This is gonna do it finally.
I'm gonna be
in the fucking black again.
- Again?
- Okay,
for the first time... Ever.
Both: Ahhhh!
- Got a shitload of work to do,
and especially you.
You've got to talk
to your friends.
You've got friends,
- Yes,
I have friends.
I will have a million people
at this theater.
- Just a couple of hundred
will do.
- Car three,
where the fuck are you?
A guy's waiting on 75th street.
- Hey, phil,
I just went by there.
There's nobody there.
- Hey, faggot,
how you doing?
- How you doing?
- Forget about it; I stayed
on my feet the whole time.
The son of bitch
never knocked me down yet.
- Come on.
Take a ride with me.
- Looks like you
already got a fare.
- He's shitfaced.
Don't worry about it.
Get in.
Help me out here.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Oh,
what is that smell?
- Don't ask.
- Yeah,
it's all right.
- See that place
across the street?
Jimmy cheeks told me
he's got a guy
who's looking to buy
cases of liquor cheap.
- Are we just gonna
leave him there?
- Yeah,
his wife will bring him in
when she gets home from work.
He's a regular.
- You got some classy clientele.
- Anyway, liquor central
gets a shipment in
every saturday night,
so if we hit them on a sunday,
we can clean 'em out.
And jimmy cheeks will get us
$500, maybe even a grand,
for how many cases
we can carry out.
- Look, danny,
I don't want to do that.
- You don't want to split
a grand with me?
- No, I'd love to, but I don't
want to steal anything anymore,
and let's face it,
I'm not exactly
a criminal mastermind, okay?
- I'll teach you.
That's what brothers are for.
- Oh, not really,
but I appreciate the thought.
- You know, I'm trying
to look out for you over here.
I'm trying to help you out
a little bit.
You know,
I could ask anyone to help me,
but I asked you.
- Look, I've got other things
going on right now, okay?
I mean,
you're not gonna believe this,
but the fucking rolling stones
are coming-
- w-w-what are you saying,
- Come on, danny.
- If you came to me like this,
you think I'd say no?
- I don't come to you like this.
- That's 'cause you got
no fucking loyalty.
- How do you get from talking
about robbing a liquor store-
- you're a spineless
little prick.
You know that, brian?
- It's been really great
talking to you.
- I tell you what,
I'll wait for my friend ray
to get out of jail.
At least he's a pro,
who won't fuck it up,
like you will.
- Oh, yeah?
If he's such a fucking pro,
what's he doing in fucking jail?
- Watch your fucking mouth.
- Don't fucking hit me.
- I'm not hitting you,
you faggot.
It's a slap,
like a girl.
You don't even deserve
a man's punch.
- Don't fucking hit me!
Don't fucking hit me!
- Or what?
Or what?
You're a fucking misfit,
Remember that.
That's all you are.
That's all you ever will be,
a fucking misfit, mother...
Piece of shit.
- What?
- You got my beer?
- Oh,
look at this.
- Are you shitting me?
- I shit you not.
- The rolling stones
are gonna play lafayette.
- Why not?
You think they're too
fucking good for the lafayette?
- Fuck yes, jerry.
The harmonicats are too good
for the lafayette.
- Fucking college snob.
- Well,
it's simple probability theory.
Is it possible the stones
are coming to brooklyn?
Is it likely?
- Well, you just can't stand it
that something big is happening
right here in brooklyn.
See carnegie fucking mellon
on the stones tour.
- Yeah, what kind of
fucking university name is that?
Was it a deli or a fruit stand?
Believe me, if todd goes there,
it's a fucking fruit stand.
- Anybody?
- Fuck that, man.
I don't do weed.
- Yeah, man, me neither.
- What are you,
the fucking boy scouts now?
- No, just fucking tradition,
you hump, all right?
We don't do smoke.
We don't do pills.
We don't do needles.
We are white...
Irish drinkers.
We drink.
That is what we do.
- Brian?
- No, my tradition's
all tied up in beer.
- Oh, hey, hold on.
What is this?
- Hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Leave my shit alone.
- New york city department
of sanitation?
- Ohhh!
- You fucking did it,
didn't you?
You applied.
You fucking applied.
- It's a good job.
It's a good job, and garbagemen
get paid more than teachers.
- You say that
like you're proud.
- I am.
- Listen, jerry,
I'm telling you,
civil service,
you can't beat the bennies.
Look at me.
I got major medical.
I got dental.
- Yeah, we know what you got,
- Yeah, you tell us
every chance you get.
Oh, by the way,
do they cover you for having
a big fucking mouth?
- They cover me for having
a big dick.
it's a small policy.
- I take the physical next week.
Who's got a cigarette?
- Pardon me, jerry, you know,
I don't mean to offend,
but you're a big,
fat fuck.
They're gonna want you to lift
a couple of hundred pounds.
I mean,
can you do that?
- I don't know.
Let me see.
- Hey,
get the fuck away from me.
- Next stop, flat on your ass.
- Yeah, I can do that.
- Watch the closing doors,
- I didn't think
you wanted a job
that you had to get up
early for.
- They're just harder to find
than you might think.
My parents are getting
a little ambivaless
about me living here.
- You mean ambivalent?
- What are you,
fucking shakespeare?
- It's a word.
- Well,
I've got to do something.
I've got to find my own place.
- Oh, man,
my parents expect me
to live at home
till I'm married.
It's like a fucking law.
- My mom is gonna need oxygen
when she finds out
I'm getting my own apartment.
- These are all, man.
If I had money,
I'd buy a fucking car,
never mind an apartment.
- If got on fucking sanitation,
I will be set for life.
- You would.
- You know it?
That's paid vacation,
good bennies, everything.
- Everything.
- Yeah.
- Bennies, baby.
- But is that what you really
want to do?
- Wait,
who are you?
- Don't look down on garbage,
my friend.
See, they even got people
who study what you throw out.
It tells you all kinds of things
about your personality.
- Ohhh,
what are you gonna do,
examine people's garbage
and tell them why
they lack self-esteem?
- Jerry flanagan,
garbageman psychiatrist.
- The shrink with the stink.
- Yeah, well, fuck you all.
How about that?
How about fuck you?
Yeah, and, leary,
what do you do, hm?
You're a movie usher.
You spend your entire day just
fucking scraping gum
off of armrests.
- And no bennies.
- You know,
I got a lot of options.
I could always go into business
with my brother if I wanted to.
- Yeah, your brother.
Like what,
gladiator school?
- Hey, you guys,
I'll be right back, all right?
Aww, come on.
- We were fucking joking.
What's up, man?
- So when do you think
you want to go?
- I don't know.
- Yeah, come on.
- Were you gonna say something,
or are you just gonna
keep orbiting?
- I am gonna say something,
as soon as I think of it.
How about this?
How do you know jerry?
- Who?
- It's fine.
It's fine.
It's completely fine.
It's completely fine.
Continue the party.
- Jerry flanagan,
your host.
- I just heard
there was a party.
- Let me ask you a question.
What's it mean when an artist
does that?
- That.
No idea.
- Where'd you learn to draw
like that?
- It's just something
I could always do.
- What's your name?
- Brian leary.
We went to the same high school.
You're shauna friel,
- Hm,
I don't remember you.
- Got to go.
- Oh,
he's my best friend.
- Okay, well, I was wondering
if maybe sometime-
- you're not gonna ask
if you can draw me
in the nude,
are you?
- No, I always wear clothes
when I draw.
I was going to ask you if maybe
you wanted to have lunch
- Lunch.
- Yeah,
lunch is harmless.
First date,
I always ask about lunch.
Dinner's too open-ended.
What happens after?
You ask about breakfast,
you get an instant slap
in the face,
so that leaves you with lunch.
- I can't.
I'm very busy at work.
- Where do you work?
- Olympic travel.
- You a travel agent?
- You are quick.
- So book yourself a trip
to lunch.
- Got to start packing.
I'm moving to I.A.
- How come?
- Olympic's gonna transfer me.
I'm opening up
the west coast shop.
- No shit.
- I wouldn't shit you,
- Brian.
- # Here is safe #
# here is fun #
# this is where I need to be #
# here is mine #
# here is there #
# just across the line #
# this is where I choose to be #
# I just need some time #
- Former charles manson follower
lynette "squeaky" fromme...
- Brian.
- What?
- For attempting to assassinate
president ford.
- Look at you.
You look like
who did it and ran.
What are you doing down there
in that basement?
- Working on a cure
for dandruff.
- You spend too much time
down there, smart-ass.
- Did they say why she did it?
- What,
there has to be a reason?
You kids are all crazy,
out of control.
- Ma, what are you doing
to that thing?
- Cleaning it.
- I thought it was broken.
You were throwing it out.
- I am.
- So why are you cleaning it?
- I can't put something
this filthy out in the garbage.
People will think we're pigs.
- So you're cleaning
the garbage?
- Just eat
and mind your own business.
- You know, you should
really meet my friend jerry.
You guys both have a similar
healthy respect for garbage.
I don't understand
how you can make food
that's hotter than actual flame.
- It's good for you that way.
- Yeah,
if you live on the sun.
Where's dad?
- Where do you think?
- Parenting seminar?
- Look...
I had two detectives here last
night looking for your brother.
Thank god your father
wasn't here.
- What did they want?
- They wouldn't tell me.
You know anything about this?
- No.
- I couldn't trust you guys
when I'm at work
to stay out of trouble.
Now I've got cops
coming to my door.
I don't know what to do
with the pair of you.
- What did I do?
- I don't know,
but there's something going on
down in that basement.
Don't make me have to
come down there after you.
- Ma, there's nothing going on
down in the basement.
- Don't you talk back to me.
- You just stay the hell
out of there.
That's all.
I find out
you're doing drugs down there,
I swear,
I'll break your legs.
- Well, what do you think
we should do, huh?
What's your big idea?
- You've got to fire
half of them.
I'm telling you.
- You looking for danny?
Who are you?
- I'm his brother.
- You're his partner in crime?
It's all right.
I'm the fella
your brother sells to.
There's some nice bulk liquor
coming my way.
- You're jimmy cheeks?
- Maybe so,
but nobody's
fucking stupid enough
to call me that to my face.
- I'm very sorry,
mr. Cheeks.
- You work for whitey,
How come he can afford
to pay you;
he can't afford to pay me?
- You're the one
that whitey owes?
- Don't ask so many
fucking questions, huh?
If you're looking for danny,
he's picking up his friend ray.
- Prison-guy ray?
Oh, sorry, another question.
- Well,
he ain't good-samaritan ray.
That's for sure.
Danny's meeting him
at rikers island right now,
giving him a ride home.
Your brother is good that way.
He'd give you the shirt
off his back.
- Okay, well,
when he comes back,
can you tell him that I came by?
It's important.
- Yes, I will write that down
right now.
- Right, okay.
thanks for all your help.
- I don't know.
- I'm telling you,
nights are better.
- Yeah, yeah.
- People tip better when
they're going out for dinner
and stuff like that.
What are you doing here?
- It's nice to see you too.
I just came by to tell you
that the stones
are gonna play the lafayette
on the 28th,
and I wanted to invite you.
- The rolling stones.
- No,
the kidney stones.
the rolling stones.
You coming?
- Why would the rolling stones
play brooklyn?
- What is it with you people?
You act like brooklyn is some
sort of fucking hick town.
It's the fourth-biggest city
in the country.
- Brooklyn is not a city.
- If it was,
it would be.
- Yeah, well, the rolling stones
are gonna take one look
at the lafayette and have
their 20th nervous breakdown.
- Shit,
I can't get no.
- No what?
- Satisfaction.
You coming or what?
- I'll be gone by then.
- That's too bad.
You don't work on sundays,
do you?
- Work from home.
- Come on.
- I'm serious.
I read up on airline deals.
Got to know what I'm doing
backwards and forwards
before I get to I. A...
It's not just a little store
like this.
It's, like, five times as big.
- Just take two hours off.
We'll go somewhere,
just a walk.
- Same category as lunch?
- Exactly, it's harmless,
and this particular walk will be
historically educational.
- Brian,
why do you want to do this?
I'm leaving in a few weeks.
- I didn't say we had to go
pick out curtains, shauna.
I'm talking about a walk.
- No.
- If no, just say no.
- I say no every time I see you.
- Would you make up your mind?
Look, if you don't like it,
all you got to do is avoid me
for a couple of weeks,
and you're in the clear.
- And if I do like it?
- Well, then, we'll make
a mutual suicide packet.
- All right, tomorrow.
- Tomorrow,
uh... Not available.
- There he is.
Join me in some fucking pussy.
- Dah-dah-dah.
Check it out. Check it out.
Uhh, you got to-
you got to make it sharp.
- That's a small dick
you got there.
- Hey,
there he is.
It's vincent van faggot.
- I've been looking all over
for you.
- You and everybody else.
- The cops have been
coming around asking questions.
- No shit.
There you go.
- The detectives talked to mom.
- No one's looking for you,
if that's what
you're worried about.
- That's not what
I'm worried about.
- This is my little brother.
Fucking spends hours and hours
down here by himself
painting drawings,
while the rest of us
are out drinking
and getting laid.
He wants to draw pictures
for a living,
except he ain't got the balls
to admit it to anybody.
- Get the fuck out.
- What are you gonna do,
tell mommy?
You don't have to worry.
No one even touches you,
this little fuck.
He's a good boy.
Me, I sneeze too fucking hard,
I catch a fucking beating.
- What do you want?
- I came to get my shoe box.
- It's in my room.
- All right.
- Get out.
- Ohh, don't be upset,
little boy.
I just want to put some color
on your cheeks.
- You fucking asshole.
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
You fuck!
- You mother...
You fucking raise your hand,
you better be ready
to finish it.
You hear me?
- You fucking jack me?
You fucking jack me?
You're fucking dead.
You motherfucker.
You're fucking dead.
You're fucking dead.
You're fucking dead.
You piece of shit.
You're fucking dead.
You hear me,
you scumbag?
You're gonna fucking die
for that.
Get the fuck out of here.
All right.
All right.
Little fucker!
- Danny.
I hear noises.
- It's just a storm.
- Does the thunder mean
god's mad?
- Yeah,
but not at us.
We're okay here.
Hey, look.
Watch this.
- Well,
I guess this is historic.
- Hey, anybody can take you
on a walk through prospect park.
- Ah,
but a cemetery.
Now, that's class.
You gonna tell me what happened
to your face?
- Oh, I was practicing
for this walk, and I fell.
- Shit, brian,
who did that?
don't bullshit me.
Who did that to you?
- My brother.
- Your brother.
- It's no big deal.
It's nothing new,
except this time,
I hit him back.
- You guys need a new hobby.
- All families fight,
I guess.
- Not mine,
not like that, anyway.
- There's always been plenty
of hand-to-hand combat
in our house.
Me and my brother used to
stay up at nights
and listen to my parents.
We'd give them a number
on the temper scale.
- My parents never raised
a hand to me,
fight with silence,
cold shoulder.
maybe that's worse.
- So you've never been hit?
- No.
- Not by anybody?
- No.
- Wow.
- I knew who you were,
you know.
I remembered you
from high school.
- Why didn't you say something?
- I used to see you
in the halls,
sometimes on the train,
always just watching everything.
And I used to-
I used to try to figure out,
what's this guy thinking?"
- Me too.
- I remember one time
in the school yard,
you were getting your ass kicked
by brother dominic.
- Gentle friar.
- He had you by the hair,
and he slapped you
till you fell down.
But you never made a sound.
You just took it,
and your face was so red,
and your shirt was coming out
of your pants,
but you didn't even cry,
kept your dignity.
Brother dominic lost his.
You know, they got a cemetery
just like this in paris.
- You been to paris?
- Oh,
I've been all over.
When I got out of travel school,
we took these
familiarization trips,
"fam trips,"
they call them.
Some travel agent, they've never
even been anywhere.
You know, the girls I work with,
forget it.
How can you do that?
I mean, how can you send people
all around the world,
and you've never even been out
of your own
freakin' neighborhood.
- That sounds like
the perfect job for you.
- It's a good future too.
People are always gonna be
going places,
and there are always gonna be
travel agents to book it.
I've been to london.
I've been to rome.
I was even in alaska once.
I'm gonna go all around
the world by the time I'm 25.
- I was in piscataway,
new jersey, last year.
I ate like a king.
- Don't you want to travel?
I mean, don't you want
to walk down the street and know
that when you turn the corner,
it's all gonna be new?
- I like it here.
Why do I always feel like
I have to apologize for it?
- Can I tell you something,
all this death around us...
Really makes me horny.
Don't ask me why.
- I wasn't gonna.
- I was at a wake once
for my uncle.
I was climbing the walls.
- Do you dare me to run naked
through this cemetery?
- I don't know if I dare you,
but I might beg you.
- I'm not gonna do it alone.
Oh, come on, brian,
nobody here.
Just a bunch of dead people.
- Might I point out
that it's a bit chilly?
- Ahhh!
- Keep your eye on me,
# Ooh, ooh, yeah #
# I've been down so low,
I got nowhere to go #
# don't you know I've been
a little down on my luck #
# I've been a little bit stuck #
# I've been down low down,
but things are sure lookin' up #
# well, I have some money,
and I have me a wife #
# I had a sweet life,
and then those times got tough #
# she done gave me up #
# I've been down low down,
but things are sure lookin' up #
# yes they are #
# yeah, well, I'm looking up,
can't you see #
# baby I'm movin' up,
look at me #
# I'm comin' up,
yeah, it's me #
# I said I've had enough #
# I'm breaking free #
# from where I stand, baby,
things are sure lookin' up #
- What is this place,
- Belongs to the deli upstairs.
They let me hang out here.
- Did you do all these?
They're beautiful.
- Yeah.
And some charcoal,
some just pencil.
- Why are the people so blurry?
- Maybe they don't know
who they are.
- I like this one the best.
What is that?
- It's just woods.
My brother used to take me
camping when we were kids...
Back when he liked me.
- And you don't show these
to anybody?
- Like who?
- I don't know.
I just-
it just doesn't seem right
to keep all of this
hidden away down here.
If I could do this,
I would never shut up about it.
- Well,
you never shut up anyway.
- I'm serious.
I mean,
this makes you special.
Don't you know that?
- You think so?
- Yeah.
- Well, it's, like,
a hobby, really.
I mean, it's not like I could
make a living out of it.
- It's more than that,
and you know it.
Why are you so afraid of it?
I better go.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
I've just got to go.
That's all.
- What, do I need a breath mint
or something?
- I can't see you anymore,
You're a really great guy
and all,
but I just can't,
and don't come by the store,
and don't call.
Just-just let it go, okay?
- Excuse me.
Come on.
God damn it.
Son of a bitch.
Jesus christ.
What the hell is this?
Hey, maggie.
What the hell is this,
The mailbox is crammed
with this.
You ever check the mail ever?
- Every day.
What are you talking about?
- Every day?
That is bullshit.
There's 9,000 bills,
junk mail.
God knows how long
it's been sitting in there.
- You're gonna have to do better
than this, paddy,
if you want to fight.
I empty the mailbox every day.
- That is bullshit,
and I'll tell you something.
This is the reason that we're
late with the bills every month.
- We're late with every bill
because you drink half the money
every week.
That's why we're late
with the bills.
- That's why?
All right,
I'll tell you what.
How about this month,
we have no bills at all, huh?
What do you say?
There, look, no bills at all.
How about that?
How about that?
How about that, huh, margaret?
- What the hell is wrong
with you?
- You happy now?
- Jesus... Christ.
- Your garbage can get out
of town.
This is gonna be the cleanest
fucking neighborhood
that you ever saw, and if
the christmas hits are right,
it's gonna stay that way.
- Another dedicated
public servant heard from.
- Mock though you will.
Just remember, certain people
are wasting their lives
in college, while I'm
pulling down 10 gs a year.
- Yeah,
you'll be pulling something.
- Brian.
I told you he'd be here.
It's like when the swallows
return to captain strano.
- Hey, shorty.
Can you put these up somewhere
where people can see them?
- What am I,
your own personal billboard?
- Hey, do we get a discount
to this concert, or what?
- Who says you're invited?
- Oh, look, he's hobnobbing
with the showbiz crowd.
He doesn't need us no more.
- You guys seen todd?
- Look at this.
I stand before him
in the uniform
of my chosen profession,
and you can only ask
about college boy?
- Some people just don't get
excited over garbage, jerry.
- You passed the physical.
- Yeah.
- They had to give him oxygen.
- Only for an hour...
Once I stopped crying.
- That's great, jerry.
- Not only did I make it,
but I made it
in the top ten percentile.
How about that,
college boy?
- The man knows garbage.
- The man eats garbage.
- So will you if your house
is on my route, you fuck.
- As long as you're on the job,
why don't you take care of this?
- Hey.
- Oh, wow, look.
It's my first bag of garbage,
and it came from you.
- No,
most of it came from you.
- New york city department
of sanitation coming through.
Hot garbage here,
hot garbage.
- Doing all right?
- Yeah,
how about you?
- Yeah.
Hey, listen, I...
I heard this somewhere.
I don't even remember where now,
like, maybe on tv or something,
that when you hear back
from a college,
if they send you
a thick envelope,
it means that you got in,
and if they send you
a skinny one,
it means that you didn't.
Is that true?
- Usually,
a thick one is yes.
They send you all sorts of forms
and paperwork and shit.
The thin one is no,
straight to the point.
- That's what I thought.
- It's all right.
Don't worry.
No, we're good.
We're good.
Come on.
- Whoa.
- You all right?
Come on.
There we go.
- What?
- What?
- Just trying to picture
your brother doing this.
That's all.
Probably shit in his pants
by now.
- He's been with me before.
He could do it if he had to.
- Bullshit.
That kid's a faggot
through and through.
- Who the fuck are you
to say that?
- What?
- What the fuck do you know
about my brother?
- I know he's a pussy.
Everybody knows that.
- You keep your fucking mouth
shut about brian.
- What?
I saw you call him a fag
to his face, and you were right.
- I can say what I want
about my brother.
You fucking can't.
What motherfuck...
- Fucking step here,
You know where I've been
the last eight fucking months?
I've cut guys
for a lot less than that.
- Fuck you.
I don't give a fuck
where you been.
You fucking pull a knife on me,
you better use it quick,
you little cunt.
- On your feet.
Let me see your hands.
Let's see both hands.
All right,
stay right there.
Keep 'em up.
- I can't take a pinch,
I'm on parole.
I could do hard time.
- Keep your hands up.
- Tell them I mugged you.
I dragged you in the alley.
I tried to take your money.
- I got my gun on me,
all right?
I'm fucked anyway.
- Thanks, danny.
- Don't you ever fucking
come near me again.
- What are you assholes
doing here?
- Yeah, that's right.
He's my son.
What for?
What precinct?
Sergeant mckeene, yeah.
Thank you, yeah.
Damn it.
Damn it,
Didn't I tell you
not to come down here?
Didn't I?
What the hell are you doing
down here?
Your brother's been arrested.
You better go get your father.
- So when she gets home,
she's wearing a-
like, a mouse.
Anyway, he says,
"jesus, katie.
What the hell happened to you?"
And she said,
"I don't know.
"I asked mrs. Garber,
I said,
"'mrs. Garber,
what's a specimen? '
"And she told me to go piss
in a bottle.
"So I told her to go shit
in her hands,
and that's when
the fight started. "
- I'll see ya.
- Pop.
- What's the matter?
- It's danny.
He's down at the 68th precinct.
They arrested him.
- What did he do?
Son of a bitch.
Get in the car.
- Just so you know...
Just so you know,
that was my christmas money
I bailed you out with.
- You'll get your money back.
Don't worry about it.
- Yeah?
I'm gonna get my money back?
What, are you gonna mug somebody
with a gun?
You're a fucking thief now?
I should have let you rot
in there.
- I didn't ask you
to bail me out.
- Yeah, well,
it's the last time, never again.
Look, you don't come home
tonight, huh?
I don't want you
in the house now.
I don't want you there ever.
You hear me?
- Okay by me.
- Fucking bum is what you are.
That's what you turned out
to be, a fucking bum.
You understand?
- Takes one to know one.
- What did you just say?
- Nothing.
- What did you just say to me?
- Dad, stop.
Get off him.
- Hit me.
Go ahead.
Hit me.
- Hey, you didn't knock me down,
all right?
I slipped.
You remember that.
You did not knock me down.
- So what.
My old man hit me
ten times harder
than I ever hit you, and I
didn't go down neither, huh?
You coming?
- No.
Whitey won't show up till noon,
so we're good till then.
Get some blankets and shit
from the house,
and we got soap and all
in the men's room.
- Have to give that one a ten,
- North.
- You know I haven't been
in here since I was a kid?
Old man used to take me.
I remember we saw
the dirty dozen.
He loved that one, pop.
- Remember, he used to take us
on walks
across the brooklyn bridge?
- Yeah, yeah, and we'd take
the train back, right?
First car, so we could look down
the tracks.
- I don't know why he hits you
and not me.
- Who knows?
He probably don't even know.
That's just the way it is.
That's all.
I keep having this dream.
He hauls off to let me have it,
and I clock him.
I hit him so fucking hard.
He looks at me
like he can't believe it.
And I hit him again.
He goes down like a rock.
He looks up at me...
Knows he can never hit me again.
Maybe someday I'll have
the balls to do it.
- What are you gonna do now?
What's whitey charging
for the stones?
- $50... Cash at the door,
no advance.
- What you got here,
like, 600 seats?
- Give or take.
- That's 30 grand cash
just sitting here that night.
- No way, danny.
- We can do this.
You know where
the money's gonna be.
You know how to get it.
- This is whitey we're talking
about here.
- Whitey's not family.
We're family.
- Shit, danny.
- What are you gonna do?
You gonna stay here
the rest of your life?
You gonna be an audience?
You gonna be the guy who watches
what other people do?
We can get out of here
and go somewhere
and live real fucking lives,
do what we want to do,
not just see if we can
get through a fucking day
without getting hit.
- You really think
that it's possible?
- Yeah,
and we've got to take it.
No one's gonna give it to us.
I need this, brian.
You need it.
- I don't know much
about this kind of thing.
They said they were the best.
As long as your father
burns bills,
I figured,
what the heck?
I want you to tell danny
to come back home.
- Danny's leaving.
Me too.
He hurt him bad,
- I won't let him do that
- What are you gonna do,
reason with him?
- Look,
your father's not easy.
I know this.
But there's good in there.
I know you don't see it,
but I do.
I remember things,
things you don't
even know about,
things that happened
before you were born.
Thing are not all one way,
He knows how hard it is
out there.
He's trying to teach
your brother how to be a man,
and you too.
- You really believe that,
Why do you stay with him?
- Where am I gonna go?
I don't need anybody
feeling sorry for me.
I made my choice,
like the church says,
for better or for worse.
- I don't see anyone
from the church here
when he comes home drunk.
- Don't talk that way
about your religion.
And watch what you say
about him.
He's still your father.
- He doesn't like to keep cash
in the box office.
He always moves it to his office
in the back of the theater.
- Who takes care of it?
- Me, usually.
He'll probably have me
taking it back there
every ten minutes or so.
- What's near the office,
doors, a window?
- There's a door right next
to the stairs that go backstage.
- Can you make sure that's open?
So the concert starts at 9:00,
so by 10:00,
all the cash
that's gonna be there,
should be there,
- I guess.
- So by 10:00,
you've got to make sure
whitey's not backstage,
Keep him busy in the lobby.
I'll get through the door,
find the office, grab the cash.
You meet me back here at 10:30.
- You should at least
say good-bye to mom.
- Danny.
Look at me.
Look at me,
I'm sorry what he did to you.
- I'm all right.
- What kind of trouble
are you in?
- Look, I've got to give
something to pop.
Then I've got to get out
of here.
- He's sleeping it off.
You don't want to wake him.
Trust me.
Let me make you guys
something to eat, okay?
I've got some sloppy joes
on the stove, okay?
It will just take a second.
Go-just sit down,
and I'll bring it right out,
you got a phone call before.
- I did?
- Yeah, some guy,
lynn burger or lam burger
or some kind of "burg"...
Carnegie dally.
- From carnegie mellon?
- Whatever.
I wrote his number down
on the napkin holder.
- Ma.
Tell pop this is the money
I owe him.
- Ahhh.
- Oh, come on.
Just put it down
and let it cool off.
- You need the iceberg
that sunk the titanic
to cool this off;
Let me tell you.
- So what are you,
mr. Gourmet all of a sudden,
food critic from
the brooklyn spectator?
- So do you use, like,
an actual flamethrower...
- I'll give you a flamethrower.
- No, not the towel.
- You gave me
a good scare there, boy.
Yeah, I didn't think
he was gonna make it.
I heard your head hit the ground
and went out like a light.
He was out cold.
- My head didn't hit the ground.
I told you, you never-
- sure as hell did.
I heard it hit the ground,
and all of a sudden, pop.
The sprinklers by the... The...
What the hell do you call it,
You know,
the kiddie pool.
You mean... You mean,
when he was a kid?
- Must have slipped
or something.
I don't know.
- He doesn't remember that,
He was five or six.
- You went down,
and you didn't move.
And I run over,
and I picked you up,
and just as limp as a...
Like a rag doll.
You was white as a sheet.
And I had you in my arms,
and I ran all the way
to the hospital.
I run in the emergency room,
and you wasn't moving,
wasn't even breathing,
and I'm...
And I'm holding,
you know,
and I look down at you,
and you're so small,
so still,
and just there for that minute,
I hated you.
And I thought you was gonna die.
I thought you was dead already,
And I said to you,
"don't you die.
"Don't you go and make me...
"Care like this
and then go die on me. "
And then they took you away
from me,
and everybody starts
running around,
and they're doing whatever it is
that they're doing,
and they made me go outside,
and I yelled at them.
I said to them,
"you give me my boy back.
You give me back my little boy. "
Yeah, you gave me
a good scare there, danny boy.
- Paddy.
Go back to bed.
- Ehh...
- Let me take you back to bed.
It's all right, paddy.
It's all right.
- Thanks for getting back to me.
I sent you a letter.
- Yeah, I didn't really get
a chance to read it.
- Well, people don't usually
send us polaroids of their work.
We wrote to tell you that you
have to send in an application.
- Um-
- the stones want
a wah-wah pedal.
What the fuck is that?
- I don't know.
Ask one of those guys.
- Pain in the ass.
- Right, application.
I don't know.
- The thing is,
I've had these polaroids
up on my bulletin board here,
and a lot of people
are commenting on them,
and I see by your zip code
that you might qualify
for some hefty student-
- I'm not underprivileged.
- Okay,
I understand.
What school are you in now?
- Um...
University of lafayette.
- Mm-hmm,
don't know it.
Anyway, I'd like to send you
an application.
We think this could be
a good fit.
- Look, those pictures,
I just sent them
because I was curious.
It wasn't, like,
a serious thing.
- I'm not sure I understand.
- Same to me or anyone else.
I'm making you a promise
right here.
If I don't have all my money
by noon tomorrow,
I will come back here
and burn this fucking theater
to the ground and you
along with it, understand?
Say yes, whitey.
Say yes.
- Whitey?
Hey! Hey!
- It's okay, kid.
I'll be right with you.
- Next time you see me,
I will not be talking.
You came along just in time.
Scared me off,
you did.
- You okay?
- You kidding?
I had him right where
I wanted him.
Come on.
Don't give me that look.
I got this all under control.
After tonight,
I'm gonna be in the clear.
Come here.
I got something for you.
It's gonna get busy tonight,
so I wanted to give you this
before I forget.
I put $1,500 in there for you,
just for you,
'cause you help me out
a lot here.
- You don't have to do this,
- No, I do.
Really, I do.
Jimmy cheeks will get his,
believe me,
so I put aside for you.
- I don't know what to say.
- Well,
that's a first.
- I don't deserve it.
- Don't say that.
You're a good kid,
You can't hide it.
If you were my son,
I'd be nothing but proud.
we have a lot to do for tonight.
After lunch, we've got to find
some kind of dressing room
for these guys.
I hear they're fussy bastards.
We got ten kegs of beer coming
at 4:00.
Make sure you're here,
ya little shit.
- I'm not gonna do it.
I just can't, danny.
I'm sorry.
- What's the matter?
- I can't rob whitey.
I wish I could be like you.
I really do.
I wish I had your balls.
I wish I wasn't
so fucking afraid of everything.
I wish-
no matter how hard I try,
I'm never gonna be like you,
and you're always gonna hate me
for that.
- I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about.
- Yes, you do.
You do.
- Brian,
you're my brother.
- I know.
Can't that be enough,
just that?
Take this.
It will get you out of here,
at least get you set up
somewhere else.
Don't rob whitey,
You can do something else.
It doesn't have to be this.
- I wish I could do what you do,
make something out of nothing,
instead of always
the other way around.
- I've been thinking a lot
about the tent lately,
about you and me camping.
Sometimes I wish it could be
simple like that again.
- I'll see ya.
- Danny.
I'm sorry I jacked you
that time.
- Don't be.
I never took you camping,
you asshole.
- It's gonna be good.
- How are we doing?
- They're still not here?
- They're on their way.
Pete called; Look out for a limo
the size of new jersey.
I'll cover for you.
Put that in the office,
Okay, how many?
- Two.
- Two, okay.
- Come in. Have fun.
Enjoy the show.
- Look like you're gonna have
a good crowd, whitey.
Too bad it's for "1 nit only. "
With all the money
I spotted you,
maybe you could have bought
a few es.
- A couple of es.
I should get some es.
I'm gonna get some es.
How many?
- Hey, hump.
- Where the fuck
have you guys been?
- Is mick here?
Did he ask for me?
- Yeah, he wants to know
who the fat fuck is
who's gonna block his spotlight.
- They're not here yet,
and what the fuck is that?
- What?
- What do you mean, what?
You look like you've got a camel
strapped to your chest.
- Guys, we've got, like,
9,000 kegs of beer in there.
- Yes, but that would involve
an exchange of currency.
- Yeah,
unless you can also arrange
for a student by platis.
- You mean gratis,
- Okay, you guys,
just sit somewhere
and try not
to fucking embarrass me.
- Okay, one ticket, $50.
Thanks very much.
Have a good time.
Come on in.
I.D., ladies?
Just kidding. Come on in.
Come on in.
Very good.
Thanks, very much.
How many, one?
One, $50, a ticket.
Here we go.
No checks.
- I can't believe
we're almost there.
- I know.
- Ahh.
- Good thing we got here early.
- Just one?
The world's gone mad,
I tell ya.
One ticket.
Thanks, very much.
there's your change.
One for you.
All right, very good.
Ladies, ladies, come on.
Time's a-wasting.
How many? Two?
- Yes.
- Oh, there you go.
Come on in.
Come on in.
Enjoy the show.
Enjoy the show.
- Thanks.
- How many?
Just one?
This is very sad, very sad.
Go in. Meet a boyfriend.
You'll have fun.
- I can't believe
we're almost there.
- We sold out.
I just locked the doors.
They're three blocks away.
- You're drinking the beer
that I brought in.
- Get the fuck out of here
with that commie shit.
- Oh, oh.
Hey, hey, hey.
Thank you.
Love you.
- I told you
that we do not do pills.
We do not.
- No, I got it.
- Thought you'd be gone.
- Um, long story.
- I wish I had known.
I would have let you in
the vip entrance.
So what happened?
Your trip get postponed
or something?
- Yeah,
it's just temporary.
Thank you for the gift.
- You liked it?
- Nobody ever did anything
like that for me before.
- So just out of curiosity,
what did I do to scare you off?
- You didn't do anything,
anything you could help,
- Here.
- Oh, thanks.
You know,
when my mother was my age,
she was married already.
She didn't really want to be,
but she met my father.
She just fell in love with him
right away.
She had all these plans.
You know, she was gonna go work
for the airlines,
and she wanted to be
a stewardess,
but she just
couldn't help herself.
She was, like,
20 when they got married.
I never thought you could feel
like that about somebody
so soon like that.
You know, like, enough to want
to give up everything else.
I just couldn't let anything
like that happen to me.
- Would that be the worst thing
in the world,
to stay here
with someone you like?
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah!
- Come on, mick.
Come on, stones.
Let's go.
Come on, stones.
- Fucking bullshit!
- You're not gonna get away
with this.
- Give me my fucking money!
- You're not gonna get away
with this.
- Who's running this joint?
- That's the little prick
who works here.
- Where's our money?
Give us back our fucking money.
- Hey, hey, hey.
I don't know what happened.
I don't know what happened.
- Where's our money?
Give us back our money.
- Get out of the way.
Get out of the way.
- You're fucking dead.
- Look,
I don't know what happened.
- Get out of my way.
Get the fuck back.
Hey, brian!
I'm coming for you.
- I got you. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Get away.
Get the fuck off me.
Get off me.
Come on.
- You're bleeding.
What'd they fucking
do to you?
- You all right?
- What the fuck?
- Fuck.
Danny, no.
No, danny, danny.
Danny, danny.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Danny, danny, danny, danny.
- It fucking hurts.
- No, no, no, no, no.
don't, don't, don't, don't.
Don't take it out.
Don't take it out.
Don't take it out.
Don't take it...
No, no, no, no, no.
- Shh,
it's all right.
It's just a storm.
I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.
- Don't leave me.
Don't leave me here.
- I'm not going anywhere.
Nothing bad is ever
gonna happen to you.
I'm gonna make sure.
I'm not leaving.
- Eternal rest grant unto him,
oh, lord,
and let perpetual light
shine upon him.
May his soul and the souls
of all the faithfully departed
through the mercy of god
rest in peace.
Into your hands, oh, lord,
we humbly entrust our brother,
In this life, you embraced him
with your tender love.
Deliver him now
from every evil-
- don't take away my son,
Don't take away my boy.
It should be me.
It should be me,
- Pat.
- Take me.
Take me.
give me back my little boy.
- Come on, pat.
- It will be all right,
- Easy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We got you.
- You okay?
- Tell you the truth,
I had a lot more fun
last time I was here.
I'm glad I got to see you
before you leave.
- I'm not going to I. A...
They gave that job
to somebody else.
- Shit.
Shauna, I'm sorry.
So you hook up somewhere else.
- Mm-hmm.
- All the experience you got,
all the places you've been,
no problem.
- I never been anywhere,
Never really been out
of brooklyn,
and now I'll never get out.
- It's okay.
Come on out now.
You okay?
You're not scared anymore?
- It's all right.
He got it out of his system.
Just make sure
you're both asleep
before he comes back.
You okay?
Can I...
Can I get you something?
- How's pop?
- Asleep.
- What is this?
Camp rockaway.
When your brother was a kid,
we thought it would be
a good idea
to send him to summer camp.
You know,
let him get some fresh air,
things like that.
Your father saved up for it
all year,
but danny...
Danny didn't want to go.
No way.
Took him to the bus anyhow.
I was determined.
L-oh, he cried.
He-he-he held on to me.
He-he begged me
not to make him go.
He even promised he'd be good
all summer.
So I took him back home.
I don't know if I did it
for him or for me,
but I couldn't bring myself
to put him on that bus,
and to this day,
I'm sorry I didn't.
It would have been so good
for him,
would have given him a chance
to see what he could do
out there in the world.
The thing is,
he wasn't strong enough to go.
And I should have been
strong enough to make him go.
- The stones come to brooklyn.
Pretty fucking stupid,
- Hey,
it could have happened.
- No, it couldn't.
- Think they'll ever
find whitey?
- I hope not.
He really pulled it off.
He rented all the equipment,
the whole nine yards.
Even jimmy cheeks thought
the stones were coming.
- Everybody's wondering
if you knew.
- No.
I probably should have,
I always believed
everything he said.
Are you going back
to pittsburgh tomorrow?
- Yeah,
classes start next week, so...
- Yeah.
How long you think it will take
to get there?
You all right?
- They even have travel agents
in pittsburgh?
- I wouldn't worry.
I have a feeling
people in pittsburgh
really like getting out
of pittsburgh
every once and a while.
- We've got a stop to make.
- Been a long time
since I've seen you around here.
- I just came by to tell you
I'm leaving.
- Yeah,
your mother told me.
Going to school
to draw pictures.
- Gonna try.
- Any good at it?
- Looks that way.
- Make a living with it?
- I don't know.
- You, uh,
need any money or anything?
- No,
I just came to say good-bye.
- Well...
I guess you said it.
- That's for my brother.
- # oh I got into a fistfight #
# on my first day of school #
# oh I came home
with a fat lip #
# and a blackened eye to boot #
# oh it seems
the local bullyboy #
# well he didn't like me much #
# when he knocked me down
I got right up #
# oh what else could I do #
# oh I came home to my old man,
told me what I had to do #
# 'cause tomorrow
that same bullyboy #
# be waitin' there for you #
# oh there's good
and there's bad #
# in this world
that we live in #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# oh believe what you feel
not what you heard #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # I met a girl at 16 #
# and she broke my heart
in two #
# oh I learned to drink at 17,
had my first woman too #
# oh the times
they were a-changin' #
# and my old town I outgrew #
# had to see the world
and live my own life #
# so many things I had to do #
# well I quit my job
at the cannery #
# and saved a buck or two #
# oh I knew I'd miss
old mom and dad #
# well it's what I had to do #
# oh there's good
and there's bad #
# in this world
that we live in #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # oh believe what you feel
not what you heard #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# oh I left home
where I was staying #
# and I didn't get a hug
and we said good-bye #
# oh take care he said,
you'll do all right #
# forget what I told you #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# oh pop was right that night #
# could've been
all round the world #
# sometimes I think
about my hometown #
# people I left behind #
# oh maybe someday
I'll settle down #
# and meet
a lovely little girl #
# until then,
I'll go wanderin' #
# it's the life I choose #
# I carry in my heart
the words he said #
# it seems like yesterday #
# my pops been gone now
a couple years #
# still remember what he said #
# oh there's good
and there's bad #
# in this world we live in #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # oh believe what you feel
not what you heard #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # oh there's good
and there's bad #
# in this world
that we live in #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # believe what you feel
not what you heard #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
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- # I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # I'm tellin' ya son #
# I'm tellin' ya son #
- # I'm tellin' ya son #