White Island (2016) Movie Script

As you know, it has been a
difficult time of late.
Had to make several
...and I'm afraid we had
to make some more.
Your team has not been
doing very well.
I sacked Marcus. I
want you to take over.
I see a lot of myself in
you Connor.
It's a career defining move.
It's an excellent
opportunity for you...
...to set yourself up
for life working here.
You start first thing in Monday.
Can I help you officer?
Is this about my daddy or uncle?
- Connor!
- Sorry. Sorry.
You promised you take
this seriously.
What? I just failed.
Allright. Take this in, I'll do
better I promise.
Please give your f..g bag.
Can I come in?
Miss Searle.
You don't know what my
f..g name is yet Connor.
This supposed to be right.
Need another round.
- Right.
- What the f..k are you doing?
You know this is natural and
I'm trying, ok? I'm trying.
Don't be like that.
This time, ok? I promise
I'll get it right.
Yes, heard that before.
Can I help you officer?
I'm here to see Rick
and Barry Searle.
Well, you found me.
Well, then I should
come in, don't you?
Come here.
What are you looking for, officer?
Cuff me.
Connor. Connor! Connor!
Connor, thats a little too tight.
Sorry babe.
- You can still get that off right?
- Yeah.
Bolt cutters, that's what we need.
Will my dad have any?
What do they look like?
They look like the sort
of thing you use to cutt
people's fingers off.
Thats what they look like.
I think he's got
some in his lock up.
- How long is he going to be?
- An hour maybe less.
S..t. As quick as that.
- Where's your door keys?
- Downstairs on the table.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be back.
Connor. Connor! S..t.
Mate. Do you have any bolt cutters?
Bolt cutters?
I'm in bed man, call me tomorrow.
Bounty FM.
Ok, shout out to Ray
from Bernice in Tollshill.
Alright. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ibiza.
Whole summer man.
Last show tonight.
Whos on DTI lookout?
It should be Titch, but
he would have called first.
F..k. Police.
I don't know.
It's Connor open up.
Jesus. No wonder
you've been swerving me.
- What is this?
- Yes, I know.
Yeah mate listen.
Focus. Focus alright.
Bolt cutters are they
still up on the roof?
Yeah. I thought you were
keeping out of troublee
building a future.
No man, I've been banging someone.
Need those bolt cutters. Stop it.
Ibiza, I'm leaving tomorrow.
Forget Ibiza I need your help now.
Luke, Luke take over.
She's waiting in the bedroom.
Your dad.
Guys it's not funny.
She's going to kill me.
Take them.
Titch just called. DTI.
What we going to do?
Jesus, boys you scared
the life out of me.
DTI. Whats going on?
I live downstairs.
The old girl who owns the place
said thered been some kidss
up here playing with a hose.
Then I worked out they were up
here nicking the transmitter.
How long ago?
About ten 15 minutes.
You said it.
Thanks Officer.
Cheers guys. Lets just
hope we catch them hey.
We'll get them.
Don't worry.
That was amazing. Go on. Go on see.
I told you he was a legend. Mate.
I'll see you boys later.
Lets hope we catch them, man.
I'll come down tomorrow
to Ibbza mate, adios.
Back on it.
What happened?
- I'm still a cop.
- F..k off.
Babe I was as quick as
I could be, seriously I...
I only...
Whats up with you,
got piles or something?
Its not piles.
I've had a rectal abscess removed.
Still got the stitches in.
Well sit down then.
Same batch as
before. Vacuum sealed.
Gina your dads here.
- Dad?
- Gina.
- Dad!
- Gina.
You're f..g idiot.
You know that Connor?
You're such a f..k.
You know that.
You emberess my family.
And yours too.
Serious. I'm a f..g idiot.
Just keep it down love.
We have got visitors.
Gina I'm...
I'm going out the front window.
I'm sorry, allright?
- There you go.
- Thank you very much.
What, aren't you gonna count it?
Good old fashioned trust.
Nice doing business with you and...
good luck with the...
F..k off!
- Hi babe.
- Hi, will you come around?
- Yeah, but now?
- Yeah.
I think we should
talk about things.
Yeah, allright.
We good?
Yeah, we're fine.
I'm on my mum's house.
Ok, cool, see you in a bit. Bye.
Babe. Im sorry, sorry, sorry.
Listen I...
Seriously? Come on babe.
Connor, what the hell is this?
Gina decided to cut
all my clothes up.
My god, you really get off
on the danger don't you.
Just a little bit yeah.
I'll leave them in there
to protect the records.
Do you ever think about her dad
when you're having s..x with her?
- What?
- Just a thought.
- How is that even a thought.
- They look alike. They look alike.
I don't think I would
be able to get over that.
I have never thought
about that. Ever.
- Alright. I just...
- Ever.
You will now.
Look, I know she is mental,
but the s..x is insane.
Now you'll never heard that
noise when you have s..x.
That's really creepy.
The best of Bernard Cribbins.
That's coming with me.
Come here.
Have an amazing time.
If you want to visit, you know.
No I'm staying well clear
of that place, just...
try not to get in too
much trouble alright.
Me, trouble? Never. Ever.
Hello boys.
- Wheres our f..g gear?
- What?
Don't play innocent. Gina said
she saw you put in your bag.
Sorry, what bag?
A big khaki one, now go and get it.
I don't have it.
Dex has got it. I...
I put some records
in there for him.
It was a gift. What
are you boys on about?
F..g Dex?
It was Gina. She set me up.
Watch what you f..g
say about our Gina.
Now f..g go and call Dex.
Yeah, Ill do that. I can't...
Just let me go. Ill do it.
What? Jesus boys. Listen this...
Its gonna sound weird. I...
I would phone Dex right now, but
thing is hes on a Spanish SIMM
and its not
registered yet because...
No. No. No. B...
Barry please. Barry not the TV.
Please. Please. Please. Listen...
Its his English contract.
He hasnt paid it.
You know what, hes like. Jesus.
Barry. Turn this f..g
gaff over will you.
You're not going to find anything.
I promise you. I promise you.
This is Gina. Shes having a laugh.
You say one more f..g
word about my daughter andd
it won't be just your
flat that we pull apart.
Now where the f..k are my drugs?
Honestly I...
I don't know. I don't know.
How much was there anyway?
Mind your own f..g business.
You are walking a
very fine line my son.
Now you are going to
get our coke back now.
I can't miss work on Monday,
Ive just got a promotion lads.
That's alright. Well
call them for you.
Tell them you've had an accident.
Please, don't call them.
Are you honestly saying thatt
Dex is on his way to Ibiza with
a s..t load of coke in his bag?
Our s..t load of coke in his bag.
F..k... At this time of year...
...the ferry is going to be
teaming with police dogs.
I have to stop him.
F..g right you have. Now
Barrys going to go with you.
- And you're paying for the flights.
- Yeah.
That's him.
That's him, stop the car.
Hang on, he told me not
to let you out of my sight.
I'll be back in two seconds.
- Get back here!
- Dex!
- Connor?
- Hey mate... How...
Excuse. Excuse. II
Whats that? What do you say?
What you f..g say?
Yeah, sorry...
Its his fault. Ok. You forgot it.
- I am... Did I forget my passport.
- Justt
- Are you f..g mug.
- The f..k? You doing?
Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.
Go where? What?
Get my d..k a what?
Get my d..k a what?
The three of you is
it? Takes three of you.
Get your f..g patsy
dog away from my fanny.
Over there!
Get back here you!
F..g hell.
This better be in here.
F..g hell.
Thats my favourite shirt.
F..k it. Alright.
I've to go to the toilet.
My stitches are falling out.
Don't go anywhere.
What the f..k is
that doing in my bag?
You nearly went on
the ferry with it.
Why didn't you check
your bag properly?
I don't know. Don't check my bag.
Honestly, that f..g clown...
...all he talks about is
drugs and fighting and...
that f..g operation on his a..e.
These next few hours are
going to be a nightmare.
Here's a question.
Hows he getting it back?
It's got nothing to do with me.
No? From what you said, it's
obviously not going up his a..e.
What mine? F..k off, mate. No way.
Maybe not. Maybe not. But
do you really want to travel...
...back with someone carrying that?
What am I supposed to do, were
on the same flight together?
Come with me. Come
on. As soon as we dockk
I'll take you
straight to the airport.
You won't even know
you're in Ibiza, mate.
I just promised myself
Id never go back.
Is it Leo? Mate...
I didnt even see him last
season, hes a nobody. Its fine.
Mate. Ive have to
get on this ferry.
Come on. A..e full of
Charlie or cocktails on Bosa?
F..k. Alright. But no f..g about.
Straight to the airport alright.
Yes. I'm so excited.
Flight S72 is now delayed.
Please wait in the
airport terminal.
In the meantime, please
do not leave any baggage...
...unattended or it
will be destroyed.
Hello sir. Where are
you flying from?
And what was the
purpose of your visit?
- Business.
- Yeah what kind of business?
None of your business.
I had a meeting love.
I notice you're walking
funny why is that?
I've had a rectal abscess
removed the other day, alright.
Would you like to
follow me please sir?
We'd like to take
a look in your bags.
Well I'd like to take a look
into your bags, but I'm not...
...making a big f..g song
and dance about it, am I?
Thats it. Call
security. Here they are.
Tweedle Dum and
Tweedle f..g Dumber.
Sir, this way please.
Alright. Alright. Alright.
Mr. Searle. Can you tell me
why you would wrap a kiloo
of glucose to look like cocaine
and then hide it in a stash tub?
Just don't touch it there!
You'll never guess what happened.
What's the matter?
They switched it.
What do you mean switched it?
They switched the
Charlie for glucose.
Glucose. F..g glucose. What Connor?
He must have done.
The little f..r.
Ill f..g kill him.
Take me home Rik.
F..k that Barry.
We're going back to area.
Right now.
Are you sure theres
no flights tonight?
No, Im already on your
website, no thats fine.
I just want to get out of here.
Ok, yeah, that first one tomorrow.
Thanks. Bye.
Gracias. You saved my life.
- Be careful.
- I didnt mean to.
Excuse me. Excuse me. I was...
You're lucky to be alive.
Is that your friend?
She just saved my life.
She knows. Look.
Focus on not getting killed
whilst you're on the island ok.
Come on. Jump in.
Mate, you don't believe what
just happened.
- Did you see that girl?
- Yes, she is Marina.
She works in
a private dive school.
Mate, can you not do that. I
nearly jumped out my f..g skin.
- Did you see her in the wall?
- No.
She's a dive instructor.
Take me to her.
Let's get you together.
Focus on her, focus on me.
I'm doing that.
Allright. She might be in Lantice.
It's connected to dive school.
Look at this lot. Hippy p..s.
You know him?
No carling left.
Want something else?
Come here you.
- You cheeky b..d c..t.
- What?
Welcome to Atlantis.
What do you think?
Yeah I think you're going
to look great in that.
Yeah. You know I will.
I can play other gigs too
as long I plug this place.
As my profile grows,
so does theirs.
- Thats the way it works right.
- Yeah.
Thats... that's Kyle up there.
The owner. My boss.
Comes from a rich family.
A trastafarian.
Usually plays it down.
Apart from the super yacht.
Hes got a super yacht?
Yeah. I DJd a party on
it last year its f..gg
He charters it on behalf of
a friend for a dive school.
- Welcome back.
- Thank you.
This is Connor. Connor Young,
my best friend. Used to DJ here.
Taught me everything I know.
Well, Ive got a lot
to thank you for then.
Now, I know I said Id
have your contract readyy
but give me a couple of
days. Its been pretty hectic.
No problem really.
And one thing. You know
my attitude to drugs.
Theres going to be a lot
of undercover this summerr
so if I see anyone with as much
as a spiff I could get closed down.
And you... youd never work
in Ibiza again, understood.
- And if you're staying with him...
- No. No. No. Im out of here.
Look, I don't want to be
the fun police. But you knoww
we get people coming to this
island who think drugs are legal.
Anyway. I better
shake this staff up.
I've got customers starting
to arrive, and you...
get the partying out
of your system quickly.
Its going to be a long summer.
Connor, enjoy the
rest of your stay.
Well thats got to be a
sign that we should ripp
the a..e out of it tonight mate.
See? The island does provide.
Go. Chase her. Go. Chase her.
- Hola!
- Hi!
I didn't get a chance
to thank you earlier.
You saved my life.
It's fine. Anyone would have
done the same.
- Im Connor.
- Marina.
Are you not working
at the dive school?
No, I'm working the bar here today.
Two jobs. Two jobs Marina.
Thats got quite a ring to it.
Everyones got to have a
nickname around here havent they?
In that case its
three jobs Marina.
I work at the Ocean Beach
as a lifeguard as well.
I'm surprised you've got time
to save the lives of d..ss
who can't cross the road properly.
Listen, Im...
Can I take you out,
please? Just a...
Just a drink or dinner or anything,
it's my way of saying thank you?
- Sorry. Im busy.
- Ok.
But you can share my lunch
break tomorrow if you like.
I'm flying home tomorrow.
If you're after a one night
stand you're better off...
...trying the West End.
- No. I...
I have to get ready I don't
want to end up two jobs, Marina.
I... Wh...
- Get her number?
- No.
You've lost your touch mate.
Come on. Lets knock these back.
Going to bounce my calls and
get back to London anyway.
Cheers. A medium
sized one tonight.
- Just a quiet dinner, ok.
- Yeah yeah.
- What have you done to me?
- What?
Feels great, right.
Just a bit of MD
mate. Just a bit of MD.
Are you sure this
is MD? I feel f...
You just havent done
it in a while mate.
Embrace it. Embrace it.
Shes tiny. You can fit her in
your pocket. Tiny little pocket.
No mate. No seriously. F..k off.
Shes so small that she
wants to dance with you.
Seriously when I come down
I am going to f..k you up.
But right now you got to love me.
So annoyed with you right now.
Hes back. Hes
back. Hes f..g back.
Thats your thing. You do the
pushing as I do the pointing.
And I do...
Want to bet I can make it?
It's Leo.
- Ill bet you five Euros.
- Ten.
Leo! What the f..k Leo?
Hi mate.
You could have killed yourself.
What are you doing here?
Give that to your mate,
he's a f..g legend.
Come on f..k Leo
man, hes a wash out.
Lets keep this party rolling.
No Dex. No f..k you.
- You think Leo is loser?
- Yeah.
He lost everything because of me.
Hes a grown man. He
can make his own choices.
No, Dex you f..g
idiot. You never listen.
You just hear exactly
what you want to hear.
Do you know what, you're
becoming the same selfishh
p..k that I was. Spiking my drink,
who the f..k do you think you are?
- I'm sorry. I...
- No, Im sorry.
I'm sorry for getting
you into all of this.
I'm going to go back to London.
And Im going to build
a future for myself.
But good luck, mate. Good luck.
- Hello.
- Hello Mr. King.
Hi, its Connor.
Yeah, no I got...
I got the message you're
going to be late in.
Is everything ok?
Theres been a family issue and Im
really sorry I can't come in today.
What? So you're not
coming in at all?
Yeah I know its short notice
but I... Look I wouldn't ask if...
I'm in Spain Mr. King, I'm sorry.
I need a little bit more time off.
Something came up at the weekend
and I really thought Id be back.
If I'm going to focus
on this promotion...
Yeah. Listen. I persuaded them to
give you that promotion, Connor.
I'll see you Wednesday.
Thank you Mr. King.
Thank you so much.
I promise I won't let you down.
See that you don't.
What you doing?
What do you mean? Trying
to blend in aint I.
Blend in. This aint a jolly.
We're supposed to be working.
Put my sunglasses back on the
colour of that f..g thing. Come on.
F..g hell.
- Hi.
- Connor?
- Whats happened?
- What do you mean?
Wheres Leo?
I don't know, I just
changed my flight.
I thought I was going
to find him here.
He didnt come home last night.
And I found a pile of wet clothes..
Yeah don't... Don't
worry about them.
Whats going on Connor?
I don't know. But
Ill find him, ok.
I know where he would be.
What? What?
Your winnings from the last jump.
Keep it.
The kid that bet you said
you were a legend. I...
I put him straight about that.
I thought Id find you here.
Good. The drugs havent
completely eroded your memory.
I've straightened myself up.
Ive got a new job. Good money.
I got a promotion. I
don't even DJ anymore.
That sounds like
a bundle of laughs.
This is where you proposed to
Katia isnt it. Its a good spot.
Shes worried about you,
she thinks you owe money.
You've been to my house?
- So are you here to help?
- If I can.
I'm guessing the debts are
because of the bar andd
thats my fault, right.
There are no debts. I
don't owe anyone anything.
Then why the f..k
are you doing this?
You taught me the value of life.
I taught you the value of happiness
now would you leave me alone.
I was immature before.
I took your advice to living
life to the full.
No regrets, because
it bust you over.
I'm maybe boring,
but I could help you.
Whats wrong with you?
Thats right.
I can help you now.
I'm sick. I'm dying.
Everyones dying butt
I'm just doing it a little faster.
I got ALS.
It's a moron neuron disease, it...
Its cool. You know. Thats
why I really don't want too
leave Katia with all that,
taking care of a vegetable.
Wheres the nobility in that.
I didnt live like
this to die like that.
What did she say?
I didnt tell her.
You've have to tell her. I mean
surely shed want to be with you.
You don't think Ive
thought about all of this.
Ok. Do it.
Its... Its private. You don't
just do this in front of people.
Well lets do it together. You're
right, my life in London is shit.
I'm boring, right. and here I
might as well be dead anyways...
Excuse me. How does
this become about you?
Why are you shitting
all over my suicide?
Only you would do this.
So I tell you what, you goo
you jump. Ill watch you.
- What the f..k? Wow. What the...
- Alright. Im done...
I'm not going to f..g do it.
Just testing your
reflexes. F..k, man.
I've seen what it
does, you know. its...
It is a terrible terrible way
to die. No one deserves that.
I'm scared.
Come on! F..k me! That
was a washout!
- F..k.
- You know what Dex?
F..k you.
Good luck.
Have you seen Dex?
He was DJ here?
I don't know.
Marina! Marina!
Hey. Have you seen Dex?
My mate, hes supposed
to be DJing here?
He works in Atlantis with you.
- Hes been arrested.
- What?
That's all I know.
You should get out of here.
Why, what you think Im involved?
I can't be seen talking with you...
What were dealers?
I work in recruitment.
I've just been given a promotion.
I'm not a dealer.
Do you know what, forget it.
No hope at all.
Dex... Dexter Wood. Is he here?
Is that the Chief?
Excuse me.
Shall I just sit down?
Yes. Before...
Before I forget.
Keep them mate. I can't
take them on the ferry.
This flat is swanky. I like it.
Its nice right.
I love what you've
done with the place.
I've got a surprise
for you. Theyre yours.
Mate I...
No, I can't take these.
What? That is not the
reaction I was expecting.
Come on you said yourself, you
didnt see what the big deall
was playing other
peoples records.
Yeah. And then I realised it
was a big deal by watching you.
I just...
I thought that maybe one day...
...we will going to play
back to back and I...
Yeah, well, you know
I thought it.
It didn't work out for me, ok?
Look at me. You don't need
me to hold your hand, right?
Come here.
- Have an amazing time.
- If you want to visit, you know...
No, I'm stayin well clear
in that place, just...
...try not to get too much trouble.
Me? Trouble? Never? Ever.
Mate. Whats going on?
I thought youd gone home.
I only just found out.
Of course I wasnt
going to leave you here.
I'm glad you didnt.
Something about last night.
No. Im sorry. Ok, Im
sorry about last night.
I'm sorry about the last few years.
I've been a complete p..k to you.
I have. Ill get you through this.
Just tell me what happened.
El Gardia, they raided
the apartment this morning.
They smashed in the
door, guns the lot.
They found drugs. They werent
mine. I swear they werent mine.
- Last night you had loads.
- Just a bit of personal.
They said they found enough
to send me down for years.
You have to be honest
with me. Tell me the truth.
Last year right. Yeah.
Just a bit here
and there just to...
to get my foot in the door. I
just wanted them to like me a bit.
Silly. I made them promise
this year it was just about...
just about the
DJing and the music.
Are you saying they set you up?
I'm saying this had
nothing to do with me.
I know. I know.
You've got to do
something about this. Ok.
- Right.
- I promise... I promise...
No touching. No touching.
Are you... You'ree
You're Marinas friend, right?
I'm the guy from earlier,
nearly got run over.
Yeah. Sit down. Please.
Did you come over here with Dexter?
And where are you staying?
I was just about to
go back to London.
I've just been staying in a hotel.
So... you arrive yesterday and
you fly back today, thats a...
very short holiday no?
You werent staying with Dexter.
No. No we had an
argument last night.
What about?
Were friends from
school, I mean...
We argue the whole time.
I'm Bartolo. You?
I'm Connor. Connor Young.
You still planning on
leaving today, Connor?
Is that a problem?
Well see.
My god. Look at it.
How cool is this?
My god, this place is incredible.
Need to keep our resident
super star DJ happy don't we?
You did well for us last year.
Did my best you know.
So is Karl done Atlantis?
Doing some work for once
rather than leaving it all to me.
- Did you like the villa?
- Amazing, really.
So much better than we expected.
There is going to be a lot
of undercover this summer.
so if I see anyone with
as much as a spliff...
Thank you so much for this.
- Mac by the way.
- Connor.
We need to talk.
What the f..k are
you still doing here?
My friend has just been
arrested, thats what the f..kk
I'm still doing here.
Well he shouldnt sell
drugs then, should he?
F..k you. Dex told me he was
shifting gear for you last year.
Really? Whilst hes
sat in his police cell...
...looking for somebody to blame.
Dex didnt bring that gear in. Now
who was in the villa before him?
I can't remember. What the f..k
do you mean you can't remember?
Surely you must know someone.
He's on his own now.
If I were you got off this
island before it drag you in.
Now f..k off.
I have got a job to do.
- Hola!
- Hola!
Ok, so we complated final check
and you're all set to go.
Listen, I have to
work. Why are you here?
I need your help. Please.
You should have seen Dex in
the station, it was just...
Every single person on this island
just seems to have a go at mee
but all I'm trying to
do is help my friend.
Even your boyfriend interrogated
me like Id done something wrong.
My boyfriend? Who is my
boyfriend? Please tell me.
Bartolo. He is my friend.
Since we were...
Why am I even discussing
this with you? I have to work.
But listen, hes a good guy.
What about Mac?
Is Mac a good guy?
You know why I think Kyle
could be my only option.
I need to talk to him.
No. Kyle is militant about this
kind of thing. If I lose my job...
How angry can he be? I
just need to talk to him.
I'll think about it. I have to
get in the water. Are you coming?
No... I have got a lot
to think about.
Kyle. I'm sorry...
I really appreciate you seeing me.
Thats ok. But lets make it quick.
Busy days around here just now.
I went to see Dex. Ive
known him for years.
And I know when hes
telling the truth.
Dex told me about last year.
He said that Mac was getting
him to shift some gear for him.
I mean is there any chance that
Mac was using it as a stash house?
Thats a serious
allegation, Connor.
Are you saying Mac
is a drug dealer?
But you know what the bars
and clubs are like around here.
Not my bars and clubs. Look.
There was some coming through
last year, but we put an end to it.
Mac put an end to it in fact.
And if hed have known that
Dex was dabbling we wouldd
never have employed
him. Too much to lose.
So what am I supposed to do?
If I was you, I would ask her
out. She obviously likes you.
Otherwise she wouldnt
have risked her job for you.
Thanks but... I meant about Dex.
Listen. If someone has set up one
of my DJs in one of my propertiess
then that's my problem
too. Ill look into it.
Thank you. I really appre...
I heard you two had a
bit of a tangle earlier.
Don't worry about him.
He knows whos boss.
Now, give me your number.
Ill let you know how I get on.
There. Now you've got mine.
Not a lot of people have that.
Appreciate it.
Mac. Come with me please.
I mean now.
- Here you go.
- Whats this?
Have a look.
- No. Not this one? Come on.
- No. Come on honey.
- I used to wear this whole time.
- Yeah I know.
- I washed it.
- Thank you.
No, thank you. Youre
advice about telling Katiaa
it was the right thing to do.
Just happy to see you both.
Connor, losing the bar was the
best thing that happened to me.
Seriously, it freed me up for
stuff that really made me happy.
So thank you, you little p..k.
Don't you think its weird how
when people come to the islandd
they always the same.
Even after they've run themselves
off in a drug crazed stupor?
I'm terrified about what I
become when Im here. Ive...
- Ive been...
- Hiding?
No, Ive not been
hiding. Ive been fixing.
I've been mending myself
and its been full on.
Don't worry. Shell
help you face it.
I was talking about the island,
but maybe Marina will help you.
Basically we try to relax everypart
of your body, its like meditation.
You just focus on the breath
and try not to panic.
So now you have to practice with
three breathes. Inhale. And exhale.
And now because
you're a beginner...
...we will practice,
you top out the breath.
Stop. Take it seriously.
Now we try three breathss
and you then you see if you can
stay under the water for a minute.
Are you ready?
I mean everyones got to
find that thing, the thingg
that makes them feel
alive, for the right reasons.
Whats yours?
I want to open my own
business. My own dive school.
Thats pretty cool.
I have to call Mac, we have
a dive tonight and I have too
sort out some technical...
Time to pay the bill.
Have you any f..g idea...
...how long its
taken us to find you?
What are you boys...
Sit down. Either you've got a
lot of friends covering for youu
you're not such a
big shot around here.
Yeah, the the latter.
What the f..k is going on?
I can normally read people.
I didnt think you had it in you.
Is this about...
Leaving you at the port.
Mate, I thought you were going
to make me carry the drugss
thats all it was.
Jack- a- f..g- nory.
We're onto you my boy.
- So come on, when did you do it?
- Sorry, what?
When did you swap our kilo
of cocaine for f..g glucose?
And more to the
point, where is it now?
Or if you sold it,
wheres the f..g money?
- What?
- You saying it wasnt you?
Of course it wasnt me. What
the f..k are you talking about?
Dex. That snivelling little s..t.
No. No. No. No. No.
No. Because he...
He didnt even know he had it.
Well lets f..g ask him shall we?
Yeah. He was arrested. But
they raided him because...
- What the f..k.
- Now listen to me.
You little f..g idiot.
Nothing will give me greater
pleasure than to cut these off.
No, I swear.
Shut the f..k up. Or Ill
show you more than swearing.
You f..g p..k waking
t..r pervert c..t.
Now just nod yes or f..g no. Do
you know where Dexs place is?
Good. Because you're going to take
us there. So we can for ourselves.
Now when we stand up and
walk around that corner.
Are you going to make a
scene or try to run away?
No. No. No. No. No.
Right. Lets f..g go.
What the f..k are you doing?
If thats Dex in there your tiny
b..s are in big f..g trouble.
Come on.
Two bags to this and were going
to add the stuff for tonight still.
Well put that with
the other six, ok.
Rory what you doing here?
More to the point what the
f..k are you two doing here?
So you know each other?
Dex introduced us.
What you've seen him.
Only Connor is saying
he's been arrested.
Sorry, what the f..k,
Dex introduced you?
You still think hes innocent?
Didnt expect to see you
two boys over in Ibiza.
That lot of gear that
Rory brought round...
this little s..t and his mate
swapped it for a kilo of glucose.
Hang on, hang on. Sorry
Mac sold you the coke...
...that turned out to be glucose?
No. That was Rory.
So Rory f..d you over.
- P..k!
- Come here you c..t!
I'm going to f..g have you.
Barry. Barry!
- What?
- Shooter!
You f..g mounth!
Let him go. Get the f..k
over here. Theres a good boy.
Come on. Well gents, shall
we try and work this out?
Like the good friends
we've always been?
Rory. Did you do it Rory?
Have you been a naughty boy?
There we go. Its all
out in the open now.
Arent we all glad hes owned up?
- Yeah.
- So let us f..g going to sort this.
Easy tiger. Hey. The way I
see it weve got two options.
Behind door number
one, the deal breaker.
I would love to use it.
But behind door number two and
I think you'll prefer this idea.
Spend a few more days in Ibiza,
get into the spirit like Barry...
here and whatever the f..k it is
you're wearing, Im not suree
that thats your
colour mate but...
And Ill sort you five kilos of the
purest cocaine this island has...
ever seen at a price that
means nobody misses out.
In fact you know what
Ive got a sample here.
Take that. Friends again?
- Alright yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah of course. Rory
open the f..g door.
Don't worry I'll get
this splint to Ibiza.
Get the f..k out. Get
the f..k out. Not you!
Youre coming with me.
- What the f..k.
- You can drive.
I told you to get off
the island, didn't I?
I mean I get it.
Dex is your friend.
But I got this a liability.
You're a f..g awful
driver by the way.
You should have cut him loose
once you have the chance.
What the f..k are you doing?
So your boss did this?
He always made me feel uneasy but
I never thought he would do this.
I think you should call the police.
I'll call Bartolo.
Well leave you to
it. Come on. You too.
But really like him.
I don't know what to say.
I can't believe I missed judged
Mac so badly. I'm sorry. Really.
Its ok.
Hes going to be in
hospital for quite a while.
Hes got a broken nose, the works.
A car crash in the town centre. Do
you know damage this has caused?
Connors life was in danger.
Are you with him now?
- Is she with you now?
- Yes.
I'll get the police all
over the dive school.
Said that Mac was using
it as a cover for...
who knows what. They found
a stash of cocaine in his car.
Marina. This man is not good for
you. Surely you can see this now.
I've got the chief of police...
...coming to the Babylon
tonight to discuss it all.
Could you ask Marina to come?
She knows where its moored.
Is she in trouble?
No. No I don't think so. But...
She worked there with Mac.
Maybe she saw something that
might have seemed insignificantt
at the time you know.
Do you think itll
help get Dex off?
Well if Mac framed
him, its got to help?
Look. Ive got to get
on top of this tonight.
Of course. Do you know
where the Babylon is moored?
The yacht? Of course. Are we
going there now to meet Kyle?
No. Marina listen to me,
you should not go there.
Its dangerous. I know...
Well see you soon.
Alrighty. You want to give
me a call when you're done.
I'll come pick you up. Unless you
two are going out or something...
or definitely call me, ok.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
Please. Come on. Its an antique!
I went to Dexters villa
where he was arrested.
It looked like Mac
had built a false wall.
You tampered with the crime scene?
No. No, god no. I didnt...
I didnt touch anything.
Theres no law against
building a wall.
But, that was the property that
he tipped you off about right?
Maybe Mac was trying to set
Dex up so that he could use itt
as a stash house later, perhaps.
Its possible. I must
go. Kyle has my number...
...in case you have any more ideas.
Thank you.
Thanks for your help.
Kyle why didnt you say anything?
Whats going on?
Just relax. Were going
to go on a little trip.
Good evening boss.
Kyle what the f..k is going on?
Just calm down. Hes not
going to shoot you in here.
Imagine the f..g mess.
You silly boy. Try to rip me off.
I know it wasnt just
the Searles Rory.
Do you know how much
hassle you've caused me?
Connor, true love. Best you stay
alive so you can enjoy it. Now...
You broke Mac's nose.
I'm going to need someone to do
a spot of diving for me tonight.
- Any volunteers?
- Diving for what?
Shes going to take a few things
down, bring a few things up.
No big deal. And I'm going
to need it done tonightt
so if we could get a move on.
So the dive school was
a cover for all of this.
Shut the f..k up Marina.
Mac, Mac...
I think we can assume you
know were being serious?
Now she's going to do the dive
for me and then you're going too
leave the island
tomorrow first thing ok?
No f..g way.
Carlos. Have you
got another iron bar?
I got a bit carried away earlier...
...and I threw my last
one into the sea.
Let's see what I can do
with these in the meantime.
You don't even want
to be here Connor.
You said so yourself the other day.
This next one thats coming is
for Mac, but you see Mac hes...
would you say you're p..d off?
I'm philosophical.
He's philosophical. But
he has got a f..d up nose.
So... Now give me that iron bar.
Let's do this properly.
Move out the way this is
going to get f..g messy.
I'll do the dive.
That is good news isn't it Connor?
Carlos, get the lady a towel.
Lets protect her modesty.
And no peaking. Were
not perverts. Well, Mac is.
- Marina!
- Pipe down.
She's a real catch that
one. Ill give you that.
Its lovely out there this
time of night. Peaceful.
You can almost hear yourself think.
Just pop those into the box,
bring up the last two bagss
and we're done. And
don't forget to lock it up.
No need for her to see this.
Horrible image to
take to your grave.
Kyle! Let him go! Kid.
Alright, let him go.
Or what? You're going
to fire your flare gun?
Yeah thats right I am and...
cops are going to come because
I already radioed Bartolo.
Now put that down.
Ferrer wouldn't give that clown
a f..g pedlow never mind a boat.
You know it's people
like you that give a...
Is it bad?
I hope so.
Get in the water.
F..k your broken nose.
No loose ends.
You're surrounded by armed
police. Drop your weapons.
Okay Leo.
You were right.
This is where I belong.
Unlike the Sears.
He never get that gear.
Excuse me. Sir.
Which was lucky for them.
Thanks to Bartolo Dex got
out straight away.
Really was right about him.
He is a good guy.
But we can never tell
him the whole story.
You see, on the
night of the dive...
...Marine couldn't let them
got at all.
So she hide the last money bag
and leave it in the box.
We have to be careful not to
attach too much attention.
But Marina and I opened
a new dive school.
So I had to tell Mr. King that
I couldn't take the promotion.
He took it well.
No, no, no let me
interrupt you there.
I think you'll find it's a case of
no, f..k you, you little f..g s..t.
Try that for f..g Ibiza.
I guess it's same with with
any good releationship.
Change is hard.
You have to work with it.
Enjoy the good times.
And have to forgive.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Apperanly he wanted that ashes
to be here after what happened.
He may be go for that.
I'm going to belong
that place the same.
It's funny.
Feels like I'm coming home.