White Lily (2016) Movie Script

You're drinking again?
- Haruka.
- Yes.
Please, the back!
Thanks, keep working.
Today's programme is a party
by the sponsor, right?
Although it is quite boring,
but at least I've to show up.
If possible, please show up
during lesson sometime.
The students will be very happy.
You can handle it all by yourself, right?
They're only amateurs.
When will you come back?
I will come back later, you sleep first.
Your right hand is
exerting too much force.
Use auxiliary feeling.
This is your bad habit.
Sorry... thanks a lot!
Oh, please take care!
- Mrs. Suzuki.
- Yes.
- Any problem with the thickness?
- Yes.
Please pay more attention
to the overall balance.
- Haruka.
- Yes.
Can you examine it for me?
Mrs. Saito, you use too much force,
just gently extended it.
Let me show you.
Well, like this...
Extend it evenly, then
you have a beautiful outcome.
Oh, it has already started?
Ah, so late!
Remote control! The remote control!
In recent years more and more
people began to learn pottery.
There is a saying in the pottery world,
Pinching takes three years,
while molding takes eight years.
Teacher Tokiko is terrible.
And many people say,
Pottery is simpler than imagined. "
Recently people of all ages learn it,
and pottery is especially
welcomed by young women.
I See.
Just like teacher lnui had said,
at first many women only want
to try the experience,
and become students...
would like to drink some more.
Welcome home!
I'm home.
This is sale representative, Kao.
What is it?
I thought you would like to have dinner...
I told you I would come back later,
so probably I would have dinner
before returning home, right?
But it looks delicious.
Just help yourself if you're hungry.
Tasty, fast!"
Let's go.
Come here.
I'm coming.
You don't have to see me off.
I just come to lock the door.
Today's blaze is not strong enough.
sorry to trouble you.
Finger or tongue,
what would you prefer'?
You decide it...
Don't look!
It feels...
Good morning.
- Morning.
- Coffee please.
I think you should you drink less.
I just want to drink.
It's no good for health.
It's so tasty!
have interest in pottery?
Ah, no.
Want to learn?
Don't exaggerate,
he will stay here for a month.
I'm Satoru Nikaido.
Mr. Nikaido.
Do you know him?
He's the son of teacher Nikaido.
left home after quarreling with
his father when he finished high school.
You said you want to
inherit your father's skill.
What are you doing lately?
Playing music with friends,
nothing special!
It makes your father at ease.
Let me see...
very nice...
fingers of a ceramist!
Slender fingers are the best,
like this.
Washbasin's here,
after jiggering, put the excess clay here...
How big?
Like that,
keep the clay here for next time...
I want to know your age.
Why do you ask?
I know, you're 281
Really, we're at the same age,
I'm also 25.
I think you're older than me.
I don't mean you're old,
I just think you're more mature.
I find it, this is for you.
Work clothes?
Put it on!
No need to be shy, you're a boy!
You've got a good figure!
Don't embarrass me!
His fingers are terrific.
It's so exciting.
So tasty!
Mr. Nikaido, where are you staying tonight?
Business Inn in front of the station.
Why? Staying here with us will be fine.
Haruka, prepare a quilt.
I've suddenly changed to live here...
Why should I lie to you?
I'm worrying about you,
and you're replying not very often lately.
Is that so?
I'm sorry.
Hey, Satoru.
Do you find me annoying?
No, not at all.
If you find me annoying then tell me.
I don't think you are annoying.
What's up?
Bye, talk to you next time!
You've been here,
do you remember?
Are you ok?
I have a girlfriend.
Does having a girlfriend
have anything to do with this?
It's really lovely, so cute!
Come here.
Touch me, use these fingers.
Oh, good morning.
Good morning, Haruka.
Good morning.
Let me do that.
It's ok, I'll handle it.
I'm sorry.
Last night was a joyous evening.
Teacher, that was...
She wouldn't mind at all,
because she accepts everything I do.
You've promised me, right?
What's today's programme?
Interview with Gotou at 11,
broadcast recording at 2,
and dining with Ninomiya
at night is canceled.
By the way,
have you got the dress cleaned?
Yes, it has been put into the wardrobe.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Why do you ask?
Not for any reason.
I don't have any boyfriend.
Are you satisfied with the answer?
You don't have any boyfriend...
and then...
What then?
You may as well ask me.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Although I have a girlfriend...
I may change it to Haruka.
Stop joking!
You are a strange woman.
It's only because we have
different values at things.
What's your relation with teacher?
What you do mean?
I think there's a limit
for accepting everything.
Anyway, teacher is terrible.
A woman who is so determined on TV,
would make such a sound,
and asked me to give her more.
Hey, what's the problem?
Don't get carried away!
Sooner or later you'll be thrown away.
So, you like teacher.
Have you ever been thrown away by man?
- No.
- But you like woman?
Because she's teacher.
I don't like woman,
I only like teacher.
What's wrong, she's wet all over!
Get inside, you may catch cold easily!
Come on!
Tokiko, please take care of her.
Where do you live?
We have to contact your parents.
Please wait!
What happened?
Would you mind telling me?
It's ok even if you don't say a word.
would you like to try some pottery?
We are running a pottery workshop here.
Right, Kosuke?
Well, she will be your first student.
You don't need any special skill,
just concentrate on talking to the clay.
Talking to the clay?
That's right!
Open your heart, use your fingers,
honestly speak with your heart.
Relax your shoulders,
you have a completely
different outcome, right?
I don't know what happened to you,
and you don't have to tell me.
Please believe me,
otherwise you can't discover your potential.
How's that?
Very tasty!
That's great!
I have prepared a lot,
you two can have some more.
Tokiko's burger is super delicious!
Thanks a lot!
That's my fiance,
doesn't has any problem
at kneading and broiling.
- And also soup.
- That's great!
Teacher, we can't let
Mr. Nikaido stay here.
Why do you say that?
He's got a girlfriend.
It doesn't matter, right?
In short,
he's impossible to slay here,
please make him leave.
What are you talking about?
What happen to you?
Don't get obsessed with such a guy.
Please look here!
Please look at me!
I'm feeling...
I'm scared...
that teacher will change back again.
What should I do?
Don't go beyond the rules.
Bath water,
got it prepared?
Right, that's it!
Your heart has opened!
Yes I
Kosuke is returning home,
we'll show him this.
Yes I
Yeah, he's returning.
He probably has forgotten
to bring the key.
It happens all the time!
I'm a Kanagawa's police.
Excuse me, are you Madam lnui, please?
Do you know Kosuke Nishino?
Mr. Nishino was sent to
hospital in emergency,
he passed away not long ago.
Teacher, you should at least take some...
Look here.
Look at me!
I'm here.
I'm right here by your side,
and in the future,
as long as it takes.
I won't let you be lonely.
I will accept everything of teacher.
I promise.
What happens?
Don't stop!
You wear the same clothes as yesterday.
This? It's more convenient.
You are big boy.
If you don't have any clothes to change,
I'll buy you some.
I'll choose with you.
That's great!
Teacher, it's about time to leave.
are you coming to learn pottery?
Oh, no!
What, have I told you
to wait outside the entrance?
I just want to see you earlier.
This is the girlfriend I told you before.
Excuse me, can you help me
cleaning my room?
It's full of bad smell of alcohol.
Don't you have to practice?
Please don't tell teacher about it.
Bus's coming...
Why do you have to live there?
You raise the matter again.
The girl is lovely,
she sure is your cup of tea.
And also the Teacher on TV,
is also very pretty.
Please give me peace.
Don't exert too much force there,
as if you are caressing an important person.
Mrs. Kimura, important person.
Must be your husband!
I have not touched my
husband for many years.
What are you coming here for?
Get out of here if don't want to learn!
Hey, Haruka.
You asked why we are here.
We come here just for fun.
At this age,
we never expect to become a ceramist,
and it's also impossible.
We are only trying to have fun,
isn't it allowed?
The way Haruka conducts a class,
to be honest, is very boring.
What do you really want?
I'm sorry.
How many times have I told you,
everybody is only learning for fun.
Just teach them to enjoy
the joy of pottery will be fine.
- But...
- There's no but I
What's wrong with you?
Lately you've been acting strange.
I'm sorry.
I'm tired of hearing sorry.
Starting tomorrow, I'll hand
over the workshop to you.
seems to like you.
Don't take it personally,
teacher is not serious about that.
you're so terrible that
you still like these words,
and never hate her.
Because I promised
to stay by her side.
It's only me,
she couldn't live without me.
Teacher is a good person,
she's always taking care of me.
She's a very great 9"'!-
I'm accepting it all.
I was excluded in school or at home.
This is the only place I belong to.
I don't think so.
What do you know?
In fact,
teacher has changed completely.
But that's all my fault!
It's all because of me!
really like teacher?
You think you are constrained by teacher,
but actually I think you're constraining her.
Why only alcohol-free?
Forget it!
Talking to you is useless.
can you help me buying
some alcohol drink?
Of course.
Who's it?
At this time of the day?
It's you!
Please give Satoru back to me.
It's you...
who cheat Satoru.
What are you saying...
It's me!
Let's come home together.
What are you doing here?
You didn't reply the message,
nor answered the phone.
I wonder what's happening,
and I want to find out the reason.
Now I understand,
you're forced
to do something.
Actually you want to see me,
but you can't,
I think that's it, right?
I am really sorry.
It's okay now,
let's go home together.
What a troublesome woman!
really love Satoru?
Or you're only satisfying yourself?
In fact you're pitying yourself,
intoxicate yourself in misery, right?
I'm taking a bath.
I'm sorry to disturb everyone.
just like her.
Pitying myself,
intoxicate myself in misery,
or submerge myself in grief.
I think...
you should leave here.
You hate me so?
I can't betray teacher.
You've got to think for yourself.
My own feeling?
Am I disturbing you?
So while I'm not around,
you both are enjoying this.
No, it's not like that!
Obviously you're betraying me.
No, it's not like that!
That's a misunderstanding.
That's enough.
You both get out of here, now!
I don't want to.
Please let me stay.
is my whole life.
I want to stay with teacher forever, please!
In that case,
continue on what you've started.
What were you planning to do?
Do it here before me.
You have said,
you'd accept everything of me, right?
Didn't you promised me that?
make it with her.
- We ain't that...
- Haruka,
you ask him for it.
Please take me.
I can't hear it.
Please take me, please.
No, don't!
take off your clothes now.
Stop it.
Why do you stop?
What a beautiful body!
love it.
This girl
has only made it with me.
it's so wet!
You say I'm your everything,
in the end you want a man.
No, it's not like that.
So, what's it like?
I only want teacher,
just teacher alone.
So let me see your determination.
Is it a good idea?
Hurry up!
Don't keep a woman waiting!
What's wrong?
This is weird.
It softens!
It's no good!
In that case,
I'll make it hard again.
Teacher, please stop.
does it get hard?
use your mouth.
Come on!
Teacher, please don't!
- Come on!
- Don't!
Come on!
That's right!
That's great!
That's right!
What are you doing?
What are you doing with that girl?
It's really queer!
All of you are crazy!
Go back!
Look here.
Look at me.
I'm prettier!
Stop it!
It's disgusting, let me go!
die for you!
Stop this!
What a troublesome woman.
Die if you want to.
You don't realise the meaning of death!
It's been a long time.
Please look here.
Look at me.
Look here, look at me!
Please make me feel good.
Thank you!
Look at me.
Take a good look at me.
are you coming back?
Ever since you went away,
this home,
is filled with emptiness.
The rain...
seems to have stopped.
Thanks a lot!