White Line Fever (1975) Movie Script

- In watching television
and going to the movies,
you might get the impression
that the great human dramas
of today happen only to affluent people.
People who live in and near the cities.
You might say the so-called sophisticates.
The truth is that real
dramas are taking place
every day to real people.
During the recent trucker's strike,
I talked with some Americans
that the media seems
to have overlooked.
About how long have you been
driving a rig like this?
- About 15 years.
- [ Arnold ] Do you work for a company?
- No, I'm an independent.
- [ Arnold ] Independent driver that means
you own your own rig.
- Yeah, me and the bank.
- What sort of investment
does a rig like this
take to own?
- About 38 thousand dollars.
- I imagine that puts quite
a bit of pressure on you
making monthly payments.
- My wife works.
- What kind of work does she do?
- She's a bartender.
- How do you stay ahead in business?
How do you get your loads lined up?
- Oh independent brokers,
if I don't get anything
well I just sit.
- So if someone controlled
the brokers and the shippers,
they'd be controlling
the trucking industry.
- They do.
- You told me before that
you carry a gun with you,
is that true?
- Damn right.
- Why do you?
- To protect myself, if
someone tries to sneak
into your cap, just show them the gun.
And they'll mosey on down the road.
- Just how far would you go
to protect your rig and your profession.
- You never know, until
you're put to the test.
( "Drifting and Dreaming
of You" by Valerie Carter )
# Long lonely years here without you
# Long years to call out your name
# Wondered along through the desert
# Lord how I prayed for the rain
# Long years and finally it came
# Darling it's so good to hold you again
# Fear was my constant companion
# Holding me sleepless each night
# Memories danced in the shadows
# Cast by the first rays of light
# How can you hold a shadow tight
# I wanted to hold you
with all of my might
# Friends and neighbors came to call
# Found me staring at
the picture on the wall
# They would talk to
me like old friends do
# But I was drifting and dreaming of you
# Darling it's so good to hold you again
# Friends and neighbors came to call
# Found me staring at
your picture on the wall
# They would talk to
me like old friends do
# But I was drifting and dreaming of you
# But I was drifting and dreaming of you
- This kind of money's a
little out of my ballpark.
- Well, we've got this
WT9 Valden Ford down here
I was telling you about.
We had to repossess it, the
boy couldn't keep payments up
on it but for the kind of
money we're talking about
it outta make you a
good piece of equipment.
It's got a NTC 350 Cummins in it,
RTO9 513 transmission.
- Still talking about
an awful lot of money.
- [ Salesman ] Talk it
over with your Misses,
see what she thinks.
I'll tell you what, I'll
even throw in a paying job
to you specification just
to help you young folks out.
( southern rock music )
- Fellow shit kickers, this
here is Carol Jo Hummer
and I'm commencing
broadcasting to you today
from my new bucket, which
from now on will be known
as the Blue Mule, we're
in business for ourselves,
me and the mule, and we aim
to get our butts outta Hawk.
So all you turkeys better watch out
we don't get all the work.
- Amen to that.
- [ Driver ] Happy honkings Blue Mule,
say what's that you got
between your legs sonny?
- It's the blue mule a happy honky.
Got a Ford WT9 thousand Cummins.
- [ Driver ] What are you
Hummer, some kind of outlaw?
- That's right, owner-operate,
gotta operate to own.
- [ Driver ] Amen to that
You're acting awful
blue for the half owner
of a brand new truck here.
- You're not gonna spend
more time with this rig
than you are with me?
- That's not likely.
You know what they say
about drinking and driving.
- Then stop driving.
( southern rock music )
( horn honks )
( horn honks )
- This your bucket?
- Yep, 'til the bank says different.
- Hi honey, something I can do you for?
- I want to see Duane Haller.
- Hey Duane, somebody's here to see you.
That's his office over there.
He's pretty cute too.
- Hey CJ!
- Birdy, what's been happening?
- Oh nothing.
- Hey that ain't the
same old bunch of boys
out on the dock there is it?
- It sure is.
- What happened to Jack?
- Died.
- You going for work.
- I hope so.
- Hey listen kid, do like I
do and keep your blinders on.
And stay on the highroad you hear?
( knocks )
- [ Duane ] This ain't the
ladies room, come on in.
Well bless my ass, Carol Jo Hummer,
you little son of a bitch you.
- How you doin Duane?
- Well dang I've been expecting
you since last Monday.
- Oh the bank held me up, I
got payments up the wazoo.
Hell you getting fat Duane.
- Oh shut up, sit down and have a drink.
Hey, tell me you got your papers.
- Old money.
- God damn, this is a nice rig.
- At least it's mine, ran
into Birdie outside, word is.
- Got a new bunch of boys working for me.
They get the job done.
Of course it ain't like it
was when your daddy and me
was driving.
Just ain't been the same
since he passed away.
Hey you know what I got,
I got you an Arizona special to Akron.
I would appreciate it if
somebody could find my secretary
and send her into the office
I have a little bit of work
for her to do today.
- Here's a present for ya.
- What's this stuff?
We ain't slated to haul cigarettes.
- You ain't nothing but
a little country boy.
- You just gotta have a
little more patience Pops.
Look, I'll see if I can't
slip a hall pass book
to you later in the week.
- Duane, don't you ever
get tired of singing
that same old song?
Good god almighty, do my eyes deceive me?
Where have they been keeping you boy?
- Up in the air Pops, how you been?
- Oh come see, come saw, mostly come saw.
There's been lots of
laying off around here.
- Later Pops, I got business
with Duane right now.
- I'll be across the way here,
you know it's your obligation
to by old Pops a drink.
( knocks )
- Come in.
- You know what's going on out there?
The boys are packing contraband.
- Now what are you talking about son?
- Cigarettes, slot machines.
- Now what's wrong with that?
That's just a little bit of
untaxed tobacco out there.
- When did all this start Duane?
- Shoot, you gotta keep up son.
- What are you telling me?
- I'm telling you heres
a chance to pick up
a little easy piece of change.
Get something nice for Jerri.
- Duane you know if they
catch me hauling that stuff
I'm liable to lose my license.
- Oh shit boy be sensible.
There ain't nobody getting hurt out yonder
except uncle sam, and hell
he's getting too much already.
- How bout you Duane,
how much you getting?
- Now don't get hot with me boy.
I ain't asking you to do a god damn thing
that the rest of them ain't doing.
We ain't trying to break the law,
just bend it a little bit.
- That and a piece of change
supposed to make it all right huh?
- Well it don't make it wrong.
You know good paying work
ain't that easy to come by.
- Duane, Duane, here you gotta-
- Yeah I know.
I'm doing you a big damn favor
just slotting you in here
at all.
- That mean I don't haul
that stuff, I don't drive?
- That's right, just keep your mouth shut
and do as you're told.
- You know something Duane,
I think you've gotten
fat in the head too.
- Don't sass me you little son of a bitch.
Let me tell you something,
times has changed.
You ain't gonna get any place pulling your
fly boy heroics around here.
- Well I'll tell you what,
times have changed but I have not.
You can take that Arizona
special and shove it
right back up the cow's ass.
- You're about to walk off a cliff boy,
there's a lot more to
this than just you and me.
- Unload it, all of it!
( southern rock music )
# Well I'm going where
the water tastes like wine
Hey pops.
Whiskey and a brew.
- Hey you're new around here aren't ya?
- Something sure is.
- And this wino was sitting
right next to us and-
- Here you go Pops, filling
my obli-god damn-igation.
- Oh you got your father's
good taste in whiskey.
you remember Carol Jo don't ya?
- Yeah I remember him.
- Oh now cut that mess out.
- Pops, you're not his
Daddy's nigger no more,
and I ain't gotta kiss his ass.
Hey look man, the only thing
that you and I have in common
is that we're both
competing for the same job.
- And if you're waiting for an
invitation, it ain't coming.
- Damn y'all.
Don't pay no attention to
those amateur mow mows.
We got enough trouble around
here without their foolishness.
- Well I'm finding out.
- We're just shoving this
shit back up the cow's ass,
( laughs )
Hey you learned your lesson darlin,
now why don't you go back
to mommy and tell her
when you growed up some,
we'll let you play with the big trucks.
- Get your hand off my shoulder.
- What'd you say pardner?
( thuds )
( groans )
( banjo picking music )
( dispatch speaks )
- Well Mr. Carol Jo Hummer.
I heard you were back.
- What is this Bob a social call?
- Not really, I thought
I'd just take a look
at this new rig you've
been bragging about.
It's mighty nice, what it set you back?
- I'd rather not say right now.
- You in a hurry?
- No.
- That's good cause I'd
hate to have to give you
a speeding ticket.
Of course I could site you
for using foul language
over that two-way radio of
yours, you know that don't ya?
Improper inflation, now that's dangerous.
You know better than that.
- [ Dispatch ] 411 in progress at speedway-
- Well that's Momma calling.
And when Momma calls I gotta come runnin.
- What the hell are you
doin Bob, you know me!
- Just hold it right there,
you stay put.
( tense music )
( spits )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
- Pick him up.
( thuds )
( hums )
- What you got?
- I got some apples and tangerines.
- I bet you got them hard apples.
You know I hate em.
- Naw I got some soft ones for you,
you can gum these.
- Yeah well get one out for me.
Hey did I ever tell you the
one about the peach picker.
( acoustic guitar music )
- Oh yeah, you told me that.
- You know there was this peach picker,
he was supposed to be the expert squeeze,
and this farmer had this wife,
she had tits on her as big as cantaloupe.
- Pops, I already heard this joke before.
- Wasn't it funny?
- Yeah it was funny.
- Well what's wrong with
hearing it a second time?
- It won't be funny a second time.
- Well why not?
- Because I already heard the joke.
I know the punchline, there's
not gonna be any surprise
to it and I won't laugh.
- Why not?
- Because it won't be funny.
- Look, I laugh at your
jokes when you tell em.
- Yeah well I'm not
gonna laugh at this joke.
- Oh well I'm gonna tell it anyhow.
This farming had his wife and she had
- [ Both ] Titties on her
as big as cantaloupe.
- I know already.
- Yeah well I think you're
losing your sense of humor.
- Yeah well I think you're getting senile.
- Watch your mouth boy.
Isn't that Carol Jo's rig up there?
- Hey Pops, let's just
get out of here man.
Whatever it is, it's between him and them,
you ain't got nothing to do with it.
- I happen to like the kid alright.
( dramatic music )
- Buck.
- Business or broads?
- Buck what the hell do
you think you're doing?
- Slow down, just slow
down, don't get your bowels
in an uproar.
- Now what's the idea of
busting that boys ribs?
- Oh, Clem just kinda
took it personal interest
in that one's all.
- Well damn it you've
gone too far this time.
- What's eating you?
Never bothered you them other times.
- Well hell, the boy's practically family,
why me and his daddy-
( laughs )
- Now I understand, I see
what you're driving at.
Now what do you figure
those ribs is worth,
one hundred, two hundred,
now tell me Duane, 250?
I don't think you oughta be
socializing with that boy
while he's nursing them ribs.
( country music )
- [ Radio ] Private Bob Herps
requested that one for Nadine.
Makes that m'mm good truckers
stew, and now for all you.
( machine buzzes )
- [ Woman ] Hummer!
You're paid to work,
relax on your own time!
( dog barks )
- Another tough one huh?
- Mm hm.
Damn supervisor, another speed up.
Bitch doesn't know what she's doing.
I just can't work that fast
I mean she, come here honey.
Come on Sadie, hello you're so
lucky you don't have to work.
It just gets too confusing around there.
I gotta get a job where
I can use my brain,
this assembly line stuff.
Oh spaghetti again.
- I'm going for work tomorrow.
- Oh honey, the doctor said
that you wouldn't be ready-
- I don't give a damn
what the doctor says,
he doesn't have to come up
with the two thousand dollar
payment for the bank this month.
- It's not gonna heal
your ribs any faster.
- Hun look, if we lose that rig out there,
we lose everything we've been hoping for.
- You're not gonna go back to
that place Red River are you?
- Good paying work's
more important right now.
Not hungry huh?
( dramatic sympohnic music )
( engine rumbles )
( jack hammer putters )
( honks )
- [ Loudspeaker ] Would the
fella that came in on that
rig from Kansas please
report to the office.
- Howdy.
- Oh good mornin'.
- I hear you're hiring.
( phone rings )
- Carol Jo Hummer, then you heard wrong.
We ain't got no loads today.
None all week.
- You know when you might be short?
- Sure don't.
- Thanks.
( phone rings )
- Howdy, I'm an owner
operator looking for work.
- You've come to the right place mister,
see Mr. Fogel in the corner office.
- [ Loudspeaker ] Will the
owner of the 1966 Ramser
station wagon please
come to the secretary.
( knocks )
- Yes sir.
- Yeah, I'd like to do
something with my truck.
- Henry Fogel.
- Carol Jo Hummer.
- Oh well we only lease by the year.
- Girl out there said you
was looking for drivers.
- [ Henry ] She don't run this company.
- Well who does?
- I do.
- I see.
( harmonica music )
( horn honks )
( horn honks )
Hey, where's that trailer going?
- Dallas.
- Thanks.
Well that's my ass,
ain't that right Duane.
- Be careful with that god damn thing.
Now look boy, I was a dirty son of a bitch
that had them muss up your
rig but never had nothing
to do with the rest of that.
- You just sign me that Dallas load.
- I can't, Buck, they'll kill me.
- Who's Buck?
- Come on, higher, come on, higher.
Hey you ain't got nothing
there to be ashamed of.
( gun cocks )
You wait outside for us will you Janie?
Close the door.
Who the hell are you?
- Give him the work order.
- Find a roost Duane.
- Sign it.
Sign it!
- Alright boy, you want work?
You got it.
Set up the uh, what's
the name of your rig?
- The Blue Mule.
- Set up the Blue Mule for Dallas.
Now we pay on delivery.
- You're damn right you do.
( upbeat music )
- Up on the truck!
- Get down, come on move.
Get over there, get!
Get up!
Against the beer, go on get up!
( glass breaks )
- You drive careful now, you hear?
- Let's go.
( gun fires )
( southern rock music )
( horn honks )
( laughs )
( funky rock music )
( horn honks )
- Looks like we got a
visitor, silver Thunderbird.
- You gotta get out of state!
- What!
- They got people all over,
they'll be looking for ya!
- Not gonna be putting much stock
in what you gotta say Duane!
- Be careful boy, they're
mean bastards, turn back!
- Aint likely!
- Maybe we oughta call the
police before for protection.
- Old Buck's got enough
protection already.
- Hey I ever tell you the
one about the peach picker?
- The farmer's wife with the jugs.
( blues music )
- What's going on?
- I don't know, but I
think we got company.
( tires squeal )
( gun fires )
( crashes )
( banjo music )
Pops, get over here and do some driving.
- Be careful son.
( gun fires )
( gun fires )
( crashes )
( explodes )
- Well you have yourself a good time?
- Not bad let's get going,
we got a load to deliver.
- Oh man.
- Ain't nothing wrong with the
way you getting paid is it?
- I don't know, it's just
getting so there ain't enough pay
anymore to keep on laying that old goat.
- Well everybody ain't lucky enough
to enjoy his law and order.
( laughs )
( buzzes )
- Adeline, I told you to hold my calls.
- Glass House on five Mr. Wessle.
- Thank you, you got Buck.
- [ Cutler ] Buck.
- Could you hold on
just minute Mr. Cutler.
Get Clem in here.
- How are things at the house.
- Fine, fine, what's
going on up there Buck?
That order of cigarettes
ain't got to Galveston.
You've never been late before.
Now I hope it's nothing you can't handle.
- Oh I can handle it, jigaboos
and white trash is all,
I'm getting on it right now.
- [ Bobby ] Yes sir, what we got here is
a sure case of improper inflation.
And I'm an expert on the subject.
You truck drivers never learn.
Now take this tire, now that's dangerous.
- Oh come on Bobby, those tires are fine
and you damn well know it.
- I sure do now don't
you quote me on that.
Ah, ah, ah, temper temper.
- You know Bob, it's people like you
that give the police
department a bad name.
- Aint that the truth,
well lookie who's here.
Howdy Clem.
- Hey Bob, you know these peckerwoods left
part of their load down by
the road a piece ( thuds ).
Thought we'd bring it to em.
- That's mighty nice
of you to help the boys
out like that.
- Hey I got some stuff in the truck,
you want to help me load it up.
- No you got your job and I got mine.
- What are you on a vacation?
( screams )
( laughs )
( fiddle music )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
- Alright that's enough.
( thuds )
That's enough I said.
( gun fires )
Clem, I think it's time you went home.
- What do you say we have
a smoke on Buck Russel
and the rest of them turkeys, huh?
( southern dance music )
# You got to wait upon
the darkness 'til mornin
# Just to hold you tenderly
# If you try to look in on your head
# Somewhere my love is bound to be
# Somewhere my love is bound to be
( applause )
( claps )
- You boys enjoying the party?
Good, that's good.
And this must be Mrs. Hummer.
- That's right.
( southern rock music )
Come on let's play some pool.
Hey you know that guy
Buck is more afraid of you
than you are of him.
- What you sitting over here moping about?
Why don't you come over here
and join us for a drink?
- Nigger's day in the sun huh Pops?
- It's been 20 years coming
and I aim to enjoy it.
- Even though he gave it to you?
- Oh even as particular as you is.
- You stupid old man!
You think that he's gonna get you work?
He's only gonna get you dead man.
( pool balls clatter )
- He gots four balls, and
up jumps this Scotsman
and he says, walk proudly
man, walk proudly.
( laughs )
- My ain't that formal attire.
- See I hate standing here,
it's a hell of a place to hold meetings.
- What's all this you got over there Buck,
some kind of rigger's revolution.
- What I got up there is
cigarettes and slots out the ass.
First some hero, goodie
goodie ain't trucking em,
next thing you know, he's
got niggers and crackers
carrying on like they above the law.
I tell you Duane's behind this.
And Duane's running scared.
He's got more respect for that old nigger
than he has for the glass house.
- Why don't you throw
me the ball on this one?
- What do you got in mind Roy?
- Oh, little friendly persuasion.
Buck, what did you say
this hero's name was again?
- Hummer, Carol Jo Hummer.
- Honey, what college did I got to?
- You didn't.
- Pima, P, I, M, A.
- You oughta be careful,
they check on that sometimes.
- No, they never check.
Previous experience, hm.
Well what kind of previous
experience you supposed to have
to be a nursery school teacher?
- I don't know but you ain't got any.
- I could say that I
worked in an orphanage.
- Daycare center, say daycare center.
( phone rings )
- Carol Jo, this is Duane.
Hey something come up and old Buck
and them's up in Scottsdale.
- Yeah what you got this time.
- It's a double rigger of Mexican avocados
coming through here jack knife.
They want to get somebody to haul em on in
to Salt Lake City.
It's plum whip cream.
- What kind of money we talking about?
- [ Duane ] Two grand and some
change if you can land in there
by tomorrow, pay on delivery.
- Better be on the level Duane.
- Oh, honest to god boy.
Meet em out east on I-10.
Tow will help you hook up.
I promised them that you'd
haul ass and get that stuff
in there before it goes soft.
- Alright you got your boy.
- Hey have a good trip.
( emotional music )
( glass shatters )
( banjo music )
( truck honks )
- Hey cowboy, you're all over the road.
Little case of white light fever huh?
Time for a coffee break?
- How far to the next truck stop?
- You got a Triple J about
a mile down the road.
- [ Carol ] He hun would you
get me a cup of coffee to go,
in a great big hurry.
- [ Server ] You betcha.
- [ Man ] What are ya carrying.
- I got five thousand pounds of avocados
I gotta get into Salt Lake
City by noon tomorrow,
or else tonight's just
a big sight seeing tour.
- Damn brother, someone's
sure busting your balls.
- Well I ain't got me
no inherence you know.
- Uncle Sam's not gonna
give you one either.
- He sure ain't.
- Here you go Carol Jo.
- You Hummer?
- Mm hm.
- Well it's on my Hummer.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
( smooth music )
( phone rings )
( emotional music )
- [ Jamie ] You haven't
told CJ about this, huh?
- No, please don't tell him Jamie.
The last thing I need is
him working 20 hours a day,
seven days a week and that's
exactly what he's gonna do
when he finds out.
- Sooner or later you gotta
tell him, you know that.
- I want to borrow some
money from you Jamie.
I think that I want to get an abortion.
And I think it's the best thing.
There's a lots of time
for us to have a family.
Just gonna have to wait
'til things get better.
See if I have the baby,
I'm gonna have to quit my job.
Now how am I gonna get
by if I'm not working.
- You can't do this all by yourself.
You've got to talk to CJ about it.
- See if I tell Carol Jo,
he's gonna want to keep the baby.
He wants a family so bad.
And now is just not the right time.
I'm not gonna have him
on the road all the time.
- Hi, how are you doin?
About a half an hour late aren't ya?
- I've been pushing he awful hard.
- Still pretty good time.
Like them avocados huh?
I can't stand em myself.
My wife, she likes em, she
makes that green Mexican stuff
put them Fritos in, tastes
like green piss to me.
- Hey Joe Bob, get a load of this.
- Damn they must've
been picked a year ago.
What a waste of diesel.
I don't know what
Duane's doing down there.
- Oh Duane watch the road!
( laughs )
- Oh I'd rather watch you sugar.
you know what I got for you?
- No what you got for me?
- Lemme show ya.
- Oh Duane jeez.
- How about that?
- You know I'm on a diet.
- All the way from Europe.
- Well big deal, that won't make it good.
- No but it sure makes it expensive.
- The insides is good,
the rest just tastes like
old car seat.
That's the biggest cherry I ever ate.
- Hey you still got your cherry?
- Oh Duane.
- I bet you got the box it come in.
( laughs )
Hey, tell me honey, why'd
you bring me clear out here?
- What's a matter Duane,
don't you like surprises?
- I sure do.
- Well it's gonna be a real surprise.
- God damn.
- Those guys don't seem to know
what they're doing, do they?
- It's a god damn convention.
( horn honks )
- Come on Duane why don't
you just pull over and stop?
( horn honks )
( grunts )
( splats )
( country music )
- Have another on the house.
- Alright.
- Hey how'd it go man?
- Well they set me up.
- Oh what happened?
- 30 hours hauling rotten
produce for nothing,
and I sucked it up like a two bit turkey.
- Oh god, why don't you go on home?
- I ain't leaving here
'til I see Duane Haller.
Jerri thinks I'm coming home
with two thousand dollars
in my pocket, I got nothin.
I thought that fat son of a
bitch was a friend of mine.
- Come on CJ let's go home.
Jerri's waiting to talk to
you and you need some rest.
- I ain't going.
- Come on it's no good-
- Deputy Sheriff, you're under arrest.
- Aw what is it this time Bob?
- Get back, hands on the
bar, spread your legs.
- What the hell is this?
- Head on the bar.
You're under arrest for
the murder of Duane Haller.
- What the hell are you crazy!
- And we got an eye-witness.
( intense music )
- Carol Jo, I brought you a lawyer,
this is Boyd Agnes, you
know he won that big case
up in Prescott.
- Might as well give a listen
to what I have to say Hummer?
- Looks son, for the money we're paying,
Perry Mason ain't likely
to walk through that door.
- Talked to the scum that calls
himself a public prosecutor,
wants to make a deal with you Hummer.
Says he'll get the grand
jury to indite you on
involuntary man slaughter,
means you'll spend six months
chucking bricks on the county farm.
But if you ain't buying that,
you're looking at murder one.
And that means thirty years
punching license plates
at Florence.
- What about the trial?
- Well that comes after the grand jury
sets down the indictment.
But let me tell you, you've
got an ice cube's chance
in hell of getting justice in that court.
The last thing they want is
your ass back on that highway
organizing them drivers.
- What the hell you
talking about organizing?
It ain't gonna do no one
no good you going to jail
for 30 years, least of all me.
- If I go away for six
months, we can forget about
the family and everything
else we've been planning.
The bank ain't gonna wait.
- The bank, you're talking as
if the bank runs our lives.
- Well don't they?
- No they don't.
Just take the deal, please,
take the deal and let's get
the hell away from here.
- There's a lot more to this
than just what happens to us.
What about this grand jury,
are they like a regular jury?
- 16 of your peers, signed,
sealed, and delivered.
Just like the constitution says.
- [ Prosecutor ] In your
practical opinion, Mr. Davidson,
you would say that Mr.
Hummer had been drinking
long before he entered
the bar where you were?
- [ Mr. Davidson ] I certainly would.
- [ Prosecutor ] And once again,
he was speaking threateningly
of Mr. Haller.
- That's what I said.
- Thank you.
Mrs. Fore lady, and members of the jury.
You heard four witnesses
who saw Mr. Hummer
enter Duane Haller's office with a gun,
you've heard the arresting
officer's testimony
as to the violent nature of Mr. Hummer,
and you just heard that he
had been drinking heavily
on that evening.
Now we will present an
eyewitness who saw Duane Haller
run down by the accuser.
You saw the running down of
Duane Haller did you not?
- I did sir.
- [ Prosecutor ] How did you
happen to be on that stretch
of the road, that afternoon.
- Oh I recently received a
rather large inheritance,
and I was investigating
the land in your area
for potential investment.
- Describe what you saw.
- Man was trying to fix a flat tire,
and as he was waving down
a truck to give him a hand
he stepped out onto the road
and the truck ran right into him
and continued on the road.
- [ Prosecutor ] What did you do?
- Well I made a mental
note of the license number
and then I went directly to the police.
It was obvious there was
no helping the poor man.
- Can you identify these photos?
- Well this looks like the
man with the flat tire.
And that is definitely the
truck that ran him over,
I couldn't help but not the name.
- Thank you Mr. Miller, you may step down.
- I think I'd like to ask
Mr. Miller a question or two.
What kind of property around
here were you looking for,
Mr. Miller?
- I was looking at land primarily
as an investment for the future.
- I hasten to remind our
distinguished Fore lady
that the purpose of this
proceeding is not to establish
the guilt or innocence of the accused,
but rather to determine whether
or not there is probable
cause to warrant a trial.
Finally we will call
Mrs. Hummer to the stand.
- Do you swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth so help you god?
- I do.
- Please be seated.
- I remind you, that Mrs. Hummer was told
that she did not have to
testify against her husband.
Now Mrs. Hummer, all of us
understand how difficult it is
for you to give evidence,
and the court appreciates
your desire to get all the facts out.
No matter how painful they might be.
In your own words, will
you tell us about the phone
conversation between Duane
Haller and your husband.
- Duane called, offered Carol Jo-
- Excuse me Mrs. Hummer,
speak up please Mrs. Hummer,
so the jury can hear you.
- Duane called and
offered Carol Jo a load,
cause a rig jack knifed down the road
and they needed someone
to drive it on through.
- [ Prosecutor ] What exactly
did your husband say?
- He said that Duane
better be on the level.
- Those were his exact words?
- [ Jerri ] Well I can only
tell you what I heard.
- Just a simple yes or no.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- [ Jerri ] My husband didn't kill anybody,
he didn't kill Duane.
Carol Jo had a right to be wary of Duane.
It was Duane who had Carol Jo
come to him in the first place
for a job and when he came
home it was with busted ribs,
he couldn't work and I was
working double shifts and-
- Thank you Mrs. Hummer.
- Please, I'd like to say
something else if I can.
- Certainly, go right ahead.
- See I didn't want this,
I didn't want to come here.
I didn't want this in the first place.
See they offered Carol Jo a
deal that if he went to jail
for six months, then we
could leave here and we could
start our family elsewhere.
That's what I wanted.
But you see Carol Jo, he figured
that six months or 30 years
it wouldn't make a difference to them.
They wanted him so bad,
they wouldn't quit until
they had him in a place
where he couldn't fight back.
- [ Radio ] Melville, you
big son of a jackass!
( banjo music )
- Melville.
- Hey Pops this is
Brady, Carol Jo is free!
- He's free!
( laughs )
- [ Man ] What's that about Hummer?
- [ Pops ] He's free!
My boy Carol Jo is free!
- [ Man ] They didn't believe them lies!
- [ Trucker ] Amen to that.
( laughs )
- [ Man ] Grand jury didn't indict him!
- [ Trucker ] Carol Jo's outta jail!
- [ Man ] He's free, he's outta jail!
- [ Trucker ] Honk your horns for Hummer!
( horn honks )
- He's free ( laughs ) he's free!
- Go get em Carol Jo!
- Alright what is it?
- You were lucky today
Carol Jo, damn lucky.
- I was innocent.
- Christ, who do you think
got you off, the tooth fairy?
- The truth got me off.
- I got you off!
And next time you might
not just be so lucky!
I ain't looking forward
to raising our kid alone.
- Don't you understand that
we're finally making a place
for ourselves with all
that happened here today?
- We have a place for ourselves!
Being together and raising a family
was what was most important to us!
- [ Carol ] Still is.
- Is it?
- Hell yes it is!
Look, I don't want to raise our kids
knowing that their daddy
left a fight half fought.
- You're just so damned
impressed with yourself,
you can't even hear what I'm saying!
- Well what the hell are you saying?
- Stop the car.
- Will you quit acting so damn crazy?
- Stop the car, I said, I
don't want to be with you.
Stop the god damn car!
( tires squeal )
- Get in here.
Damn it I said get in here.
- Why don't you get out
here and kick my ass,
that seems to be your style.
( emotional music )
- Watch the car Buck.
Now y'all are blowing my game,
I got a five hundred buck national
going with the governor's nephew.
- Well Roy almost blew our game today-
- That's not what's cross, I
scraped our cathouses clean
and lined up a bunch of
cow brains for the jury,
but Norm here couldn't even
get his story straight.
- No wait a minute Roy,
it wasn't my idea to put
that Hummer lady up on the stand.
- Shut up.
- Who the hell are you?
- You remember Norm,
he was a witness for us
in the Montana case.
- Get him outta here.
- Wait a minute, this
isn't getting us anywhere.
Look, we got a problem.
- Yeah, pretty soon every
trucker's gonna start believing
in a god damn union.
- They all think they
have a god given right
to haul what they want
to, when they want to.
- This is gonna give the green light to
a lotta horse's asses think
they can run their business
without dealing with the Glass House.
- Alright, fellas this Hummer
business has gone far enough.
( tense music )
( rattles )
( gun fires )
( dogs bark )
- I'm sorry.
I know things must've
been pretty awful in jail.
- Yeah.
I've always thought of
myself as a strong man,
I can't be fighting the whole world
and you at the same time.
- I know,
and I don't mean it to
be that way, I just-
- You don't have to say anything.
- I do.
I'm pregnant Carol Jo.
And I've been thinking I wish I weren't.
- I was always planning
on having a family.
Just getting started a
little bit early, that's all.
Money will come.
- I'm just not gonna have
you working all the time.
- Bank ain't gonna keep me
away from you and our family.
I don't give a damn if I'm
in debt 'til the day I die.
( scary music )
( screams )
- [ Clem ] Hey Buck, I
wouldn't have brought my girl
to this party, had I
known there was gonna be
a tar baby coming.
- [ Buck ] Hell I think
I know why he's here.
Ain't that right boy.
- Yeah, only we call it justice.
( screams )
( thuds )
( upbeat music )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( glass shatters )
( glass shatters )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( crashes )
( glass shatters )
( crashes )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( crashes )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( ominous music )
( tense music )
- Gentlemen of the road,
before you go jumping
to any conclusions, lets
take a look at the facts.
Fact one, we're responsible
for more housing development
and land reclamation in this here area
and a lot of outfits that
you think are real big.
Fact two, you can't drive down a highway-
- Could you spare a few
words in private Mr. Hummer?
- Sure.
- [ Man ] That hasn't
been partially paid for
by this here company.
Fact three, our interest
in oils and minerals
help keep your trucks moving
on down the road I can say.
- Well I admire the way you
handled Buck and his boys,
they play rough.
- So can we.
- Clearly Mr. Hummer, that's
why we'd like to offer you
a proposition.
- Well we came here to
talk to you Mr. Cutler.
- That you will.
But hear me out.
We had a very profitable
arrangement with Buck,
and would like to see the
same kind of thing with you.
I can tell you it'd be very
beneficial to your drivers.
Now don't decide right a way,
why don't you stay here
with us for a few days,
get to know some of the boys, and gals.
- I believe I've already
decided Mr. Cutler.
- You're a very charismatic
man, Mr. Hummer,
what you want is going to go a long way
in deciding what they want.
Remember at the Glass House
you'll be in a position
to help truck drivers all over the state,
you get my meaning?
- We know the things you have
to have to have the good life.
You take your children, you
want to send them on to college.
Name any school house in
America, I think we can offer you
some additional advantages other than what
I've already discussed with you.
First we got a-
- Hold it a minute Hyde.
- We all came here today to
tell these fellas to stay
the hell out of our business.
That we want to make our
livins without anyone from
the state, Uncle Sam, or the Glass House
telling use what to do.
But Mr. Cutler here has
seen fit to offer me a job,
because he feels that I have
some influence over you.
So I'm asking you, do we
want to go to work for
the Glass House and surely
make a lot of money,
or do we want to work for
ourselves and take our chances?
I guess you all know what mind I'm of.
Anybody here feels any different
now's the time to speak up.
- Well gentlemen, it's a
big state, 14 counties.
I don't suppose it would hurt very much if
we was only operating in 13 of them.
- We don't aim to go into
competition with you Mr. Cutler.
- You're a fine sensible man
Mr. Hummer, I can see that.
There won't be anymore Buck
Wessels, I can assure you.
And remember, our door will
always be open for you here
at the Glass House.
( southern rock music )
- I almost wallpapered
the wall with your head.
- Next time I'll throw
my hat in the door first.
Any trouble?
- Nah.
- So tell me, they give
the hero a big welcome?
- Red carpet treatment.
- That don't mean much.
- That don't mean shit,
I know that bunch of scum
will slip another Buck Wessel on us.
That don't mean they're
gonna mess with us though.
- And what about me, can
I still mess with you?
- Anytime you want.
( emotional music )
( tense music )
( thuds )
( thuds )
( fire crackles )
( glass shatters )
( weeps )
- [ Loudspeaker ] Dr. R A
Smith to geriatrics please.
- Jerri.
- Mr. Hummer, I think you
should speak with the doctor.
- [ Doctor ] Mr. Hummer you
were advised to talk to me
before you went in to see your wife.
- I don't need no permit to see my wife.
- But we could've explained.
You see she's under heavy sedation now,
but we do expect that she'll
be able to lead a normal life.
The baby aborted.
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that your wife
is not going to be able
to have any more children.
( dramatic music )
( tense upbeat music )
- Deputy Dog, you know who this is.
You call em and tell and
tell em I'm coming hear?
( sirens blare )
( crashes )
- This is mobile two five,
to two one three four eight,
four eight.
- Yeah, sorry about your car Bob.
Dusty what are my appointments.
- The usual with Roy this evening,
I've confirmed your reservation.
And with Joe Dante at five.
- That's fine, get Sam
Nedrose, tell him I have Tucson
troubles on the way, tell him to get on it
and take care of it personal.
And honey, be sure and tell
Sam I said personal, got that?
- [ Sam ] Gentlemen, you're
standing in front of 30 million
dollars of private property.
You're here to protect it.
Now when that truck comes down
that drive it's trespassing,
anything you do is then
is legal, stop him,
do whatever it takes, take your positions.
( laughs )
- Here's to money and love
and the time to enjoy it.
( guns fire )
( guns fire )
( crashes )
( crashes )
- [ Arnold ] On a normal day
this truck stop would be loaded
with the big diesels
carrying food to the markets,
steel to the factories,
lumber to the mills and more.
But this is not a normal day.
Today Arizona's truckers are on strike.
But they're not on strike
for wages or for hours
or for benefits, they're
on strike for a man.
Carol Jo Hummer.
- Listen, lets go outside for a minute,
there's something you oughta see.
( emotional harmonica music )
( "Drifting and Dreaming
of You" by Valerie Carter )
# Long lonely years here without you
# Long years to call out your name
# Wandered alone through the desert
# Lord how I've prayed for the rain
# Long years and finally it came
# Darling it's so good hold you again
# Fear was my constant companion
# Holding me sleepless each night
# Memories danced in the shadows
# Cast by the first rays of light
# How can you hold a shadow tight
# Wanted to hold you with all of my might
# Friends and neighbors came to call
# Found me staring at
your picture on the wall
# They would talk to
me like old friends do
# But I was drifting and dreaming of you
# Drifting and dreaming
# Drifting and dreaming
# Drifting and dreaming
# Drifting and dreaming
# But I was drifting and dreaming of you