White Mile (1994) Movie Script

Yeah, that's it!
Left turn, left turn,
take it in, come on!
Head on down!
Looks good!
That's it,
power on!
OK, here we come,
A nice big left run
coming up!
Keep it going!
Keep it going!
Dig in!
Keep it going!
You guys,
here we go again!

OK, so the single most
compelling idea,
what is it?
They fit...your feet.
Old people want comfort,
kids want omnipotence.
You wear these, all your
problems are solved.
Emotion, emotion.
Well, speaking for
myself, personally,
wearing these sneakers has
solved all my problems.
But how do we
show that?
Look, we've got
four hours 'til dawn.
Two hours to go home,
change and shave
and we'll still have
two hours before we
present this to Dan.
And we'll have the afternoon
to look for new careers.
He's frustrated,
he's off his rhythm.
And the other players
aren't that hard to beat.
In his mind,
they turn into nuns,
school girls
with uniforms!
He's having
a really bad day.
Then he remembers
his Adidas.
He puts them on
during a time out.
Suddenly, he's up against
gigantic guys.
He is flying through the air,
he's dunking shots.
Then the tag line
Adidas, they give you
that extra lift.
What do you think?
Basketball players
turn into nuns?
I know, it's terrible,
forget it,
we haven't slept.
You do that
with a dissolve?
A dissolve, a cut--
it's fantasy.
We have Danny Manning or
maybe we have Danny Manning?
We'll know tomorrow.
The client is gonna
want a specific shot
that says "comfort".
Oh, Danny Manning
puts on his Adidas
and then we see
this incredible
look of comfort
flooding his face.
There, boom.
I don't want to
offend Catholics.
The nuns are
gonna be treated
with absolute respect.
People are gonna have
great recall on this.
Danny Manning
and the nuns.
And the nuns.
I don't like celebrity
How do we know he won't
do something
in his private life
to hurt the product?
Andy, this is a man of
the utmost integrity.
I recommend
we go with it.
How would
the nun part work?
Box out now,
box out!
Come on!
Here we go!
Watch the base,
watch the base!
Come on!
Here we go!
Got it!
Good rebound,
let's go again,
right away!
What did Thornell say,
He said the commercial is
better than it was before.
Those are his
exact words?
He said it's
better now, yeah.
Because if those were
his exact words
we're fucked,
he hates it.
How is it?
I don't think
the client is happy.
OK, good rehearsal!
I have this feeling
he's putting us in review.
Oh, yeah?
He's a $20 million
He is not putting us
in review.
I'm gonna show this tape
to the guys at the
meeting tomorrow.
You're gonna see sheer
terror on those faces.
What is it?
It's our next trip.
It just came in from
the Canadian guide.
It's great, the boat's
bouncing all over the place,
the guy nearly
loses the camera.
They're gonna shit.
You don't want to ever go to,
like, Kauai?
Kauai, yeah,
that's great.
We can really
test ourselves
negotiating our way
through the lobby.
Believe me, Andy,
we'll take care of it.
How we doing?
These two young guys
worked very hard on this.
Do you think
we have a problem?
You know what it is,
I feel like there's
this big hole
where Nick Karas
used to be.
Let me tell you
Art Stefanoff
and David Koenig
are two of the brightest
young guys we've got.
Otherwise I wouldn't have
given them Nick's accounts.
Nick was a friend,
it wasn't easy for me
to hear he was
off my account.
Andy, he retired.
Yeah, I know.
Andy, we miss Nick a lot
but he's moved on and
we have to move on, too.
You know what I mean!
Well, I think I understand
all this pretty well, Jack.
I mean, as I recall, Nick
hired you, didn't he?
Yes, he did.
I seem to
remember that.
Let me get you together
with them, all right?
These are very bright guys.
And if you're not happy,
then we'll work
something out, OK?
Is that fair?
Nothing would
make me happier.
Nothing would
make him happier.
You know what that means?
Who are you calling?
Nick Karas,
I need some advice.
Kill the nuns.
Right, kill the nuns.
Just make him nervous,
it's too far out.
Plain, ordinary
basketball players, guys.
And kill the
school girls, too.
Anytime, anytime.
Yes, one second, please.
It's Thornell.
I love how
retired you are.
Hi, Andy.
No, no, I think
you're right.
Yeah, kill them.
The main thing
is the shoes.
If you were selling nuns
it would be
a different story.
It's all right, I'm glad
to be of help, Andy.
OK, thank you,
thank you, nuns.
Thank you, ladies.
You did a wonderful job,
all right, thank you.
I hope that appeases him.
This is not
a happy guy, Dan.
He is not
fucking dropping us,
he's our client.
He goes when I tell him
he can.
Let's put him on the list
for the Canada trip.
You think he'll go?
Yeah, he'll go.
And you know what?
Let's put Nick Karas
on the list, too.
You don't have a problem
with Karas?
No, why would I have
a problem with him?
You invite Thornell,
I'll call Karas...
I can't wait
to see those faces.
Rehearsal right away.
This is where some
of us are going next month.
It's an hour's flight
north of Vancouver.
It's called
the Chilko river.
And this, right here, that's
known as the "White Mile".
Holy shit.
When I got this job
I was charged with
doubling our billings
in four years.
We did better than that.
We went from 153 million
to 400 million.
And I had a great time
doing it.
This is fun for me.
If you're not having fun,
you shouldn't be here.
You know what
I'm hearing now?
I'm starting
to hear fear.
Fear of losing your talent,
losing your clients.
"What did he say,
how did he say it?"
You start working from the
fear of losing, you lose.
This is not
gonna happen, guys.
Why do you think
we take these trips?
Anybody have any idea?
Marty, why are we
going on this trip?
Well, frankly, Dan,
I think these trips
are one of the best things
you've done for this company.
After we've slept out on
the ground with them,
cooked the fish
we've caught together,
they're not just
clients anymore,
they're like family.
Yeah, so in other words,
it's a way of
cementing relations.
Yeah, well,
that happens.
What's it really about?
You don't really know,
do you?
This trip is to
get your balls back.
The stakes are very high
in this business.
When they're this high
what do you think
makes the difference?
Hard work?
Everybody works hard.
No, you know
who wins?
The guy who can walk up
to you in the school yard
look you right in the eye
and say,
"I want your lunch."
You got to be able to
go into the wilderness
with nothing but a knife
and a little nerve
and come out not just
having survived it,
you come out owning it.
You want to
keep this client?
You take him
by the throat,
you hold him
to your chest
until you can feel
his heart beating
and you say,
"You're mine, pal.
"From now on, you don't
want what you want,
You want what I want."
That's what this trip
is about.
Jesus, this guy's
a pisser.
So who's he taking on
that river?
You, David and me.
I haven't been here
that long.
You think I actually need
to get my balls back?
I'm a little nervous.
Don't worry,
you'll do fine.
He couldn't be happier
with David's work.
Just relax.
This is Diane Koenig.
Hi, I'm Dan cutler.
Hi, it's nice
to meet you.
We'll get together.
Art and I,
and you and David.
Great, I'd like that.
Thanks, Michelle.
Come on in.
Can I offer you
A cup of coffee,
a Perrier?
No, I'm fine, thanks.
Here, have a seat
over here.
Is anything wrong,
Mr. Cutler?
Oh, no, I should've
had Michelle explain.
I just like to meet
with the spouse
of anybody new here.
I see.
You know, so we can
get to know one another.
It's a big adjustment,
you know,
new city, new friends.
There are a lot
of pressures in
this business, too.
I know David had to work
all through the night
a few times on this
Adidas thing.
It can get to you
Well, David likes
to work hard.
Oh, David's terrific.
We're all crazy
about him here.
I just want to
make sure you're
happy, too.
You guys are a team.
So how are you coming
with the house hunting?
Well, we found a place
that we like
and we're just about
ready to close.
Can I help on that?
I'm a pretty good
Well, if we have
a problem--
What about you,
what are your plans?
I know you were
teaching back East.
Well, I thought that
once we got settled
I'd look around.
You know what?
My wife plays bridge
with a couple of people
on the school board.
I'm gonna have her call you,
just to get acquainted, OK?
Well, thanks,
that's very nice.
Anything we can do to help,
really, I mean it.
I'm glad you came in.
nice to meet you.
You, too.
Well, she's a tough cookie.
Well, if he starts
complaining about the hours
or the working conditions--
yeah, right, it'll be
coming from her.
Hold it--what?
I just spoke to Thornell,
he'd love to come on
the Chilko trip.
Good, Karas is
all set, too.
We still have
that release form
from that trip we took
a couple of years ago?
I need a bunch of copies,
legal ones.
All right, let me look.
Ah, she'll be
all right.
Just keep your eye on her,
all right?

The trips are led by
experienced rafting guides
who have seasons
of experiences
with Miller Tours, Inc.
Conditioning and safety
are top priority...
So we have
to decide is it
college players
versus Danny Manning
or Cub Scouts?
That's good.
Tiny Cub Scouts.
Do we want actors,
do we want--
I want to say bye.
Hi, Diane.
Hi, Jack.
How'd it go
with Dan?
Ah, sort of weird,
but basically fine.
Ohh, good.
Do you have an hour
for me, angel?
Could you pick up
a sleeping bag
at this place
on Ventura?
Yeah, sure.
Hey, you need
a place to crash?
You know, we just bought
a whole house.
No, it's for me.
But thank you.
Dan's taking some
of us to Canada
next month.
Kind of an outdoor
with some
of our clients.
Hmm, you, outdoors?
No way.
It's corporate bonding,
stuff like that.
You're gonna catch
you'll get lost.
I got to go,
it's part of the deal.
Snake bite is?
Are you going
on this trip?
Oh, I've been here
too long,
it seems sane to me.
Wouldn't it be nice if
the job was just this?
Mmm, bye.
Bye, Jack.
Love you.
He's just tying
one last fly.
I'll get him.
I don't want you
to open this
until you are wading
in a river, all right?
It's a surprise.
A surprise?
What is it?
Oh, a little something
for your trip.
But you got to
promise to use it.
What did you get me?
I'm not telling you.
I'm not saying.
Extra warm
electric socks?
Oh, you wish.
Electric condoms?
I have to tell you,
you are getting real cold.
you're not upset because
I'm leaving, are you?
Oh, please...
I've got plenty to do
while you're gone.
They've got
steelhead trout,
I've always wanted
to go up there.
No, really?
You carry pictures
of fish in your wallet.
You think normal men
do that?
I only carry pictures
of you, babe!
Oh, yeah?
Holding a fish.
Hey, Jack!
We don't see too much
of you anymore.
I know, we got to do
something about that.
Let's have dinner
when we get back.
You be sure to put that
in your book now, huh?
That's a promise.
Promises, promises.
I didn't know
you fished!
Just try not to
get the hooks
caught in your pants,
What do you say, Art?
Hey! How you doing?
Where's Dan?
He's gonna meet us
in Vancouver.
He and David are taking
a different route.
David Koenig, as in
my co-replacement?
He's a good guy, Nick.
That's nice.
What's the drill?
Chilko Lake by charter,
two days R and R, then home.
See you in a couple
of days, babe!

So who's
going with us?
well, Dave Koenig
and Dan, of course.
Uh-huh, who else?
Pete Wiederhorn.
Oh, yeah.
Big dog at Merrill lynch,
Right, right.
And jerry Taggart,
C.G. and L.,
you know him.
Yeah, we had a good time
on the last trip.
Who else?
Tom Horton
from Wells Rich.
A little superior,
but not a bad guy.
And...Andy Thornell.
My assignment,
should I accept it
is to crawl in Andy's
sleeping bag at night, right?
You know, I think
there's a good chance
we're gonna have
a great time up here.
I hope for nothing,
I fear nothing, I am free.
How's that?
It's all Greek,
a writer.
That was his philosophy...
his epitaph, too.
Hey, David!
Say hello to your
This is Nick Karas.
Hi, Nick,
I'm David Koenig.
I've heard a lot about you,
a lot of beautiful things.
Hello, David.
Good to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Jack, you want to hand out
the release forms?
I got 'em.
Release forms?
Yep, here.
Jerry, take a look.
What is this, in case
we lose our credit cards?
Hey, Pete.
Release from what?
It's a lawyer thing.
Just sign it and we can
get out of here.
The legal department
asked for it,
don't worry about it.
Look 'em over,
I'll collect them later.
Who's not here yet?
Spencer, he should
be here any minute.
Did Dan say anything about
rafting when he invited you?
Rafting, yeah. Yeah.
look who's here!
Bill Spencer!
I don't believe it!
An hour out of Cleveland
I realized
I haven't packed my gear.
Thank god there was a sports
store just down the road.
Oh, I'm glad
you made it.
Here's a release.
A zillion and a half dollars
in his budget
and the guy leaves home
without his fishing tackle.
Chilko lodge group?
Yeah, that's us.
Come on!
Get the luggage in.
Deluxe accommodations.
Welcome aboard!
Watch your step.
Are there phones
where we're going?
Beats me.
What's the plan, Dan?
Are we sleeping out
No, we're staying
at the lodge.
Tomorrow we have a choice
of fishing or floating.
On Saturday,
everybody floats.
Go down through
Lava Canyon.
We'll meet the plane here,
we'll come back here.
We all float on Saturday?
Well, we're all on this
rafting trip here,
I presume we're all
floating, yeah.
Any more questions?
Yeah, could you have the
plane stop at 45th Street?
You plan to float
the Chilko?
That's white-water,
isn't it?
Have you got a guide?
A guide who knows
the river?
Yes, I do.
Yeah. He's only rafted
this river 200 times,
so we may have to take
a cab part of the way,
but, yes, it did occur to me
to get a guide, yeah.

Feels like camp.
Great, huh?
I'll have to call
my mother.
I've got two questions
when do we eat
and who's cooking?
Not us.
We've got a couple of young
women, a couple of guides.
Great cooks,
really great.
All right!
This is great!
Ralph, Ralph Mozart.
Now I'm at 30.
What are we?
Are we the big ones
or the little ones?
We're solids.
Who's playing
this game with me?
So, you do it on top of
the oven for how long?
For how long?
Just until
you get it brown
and then you can put 'em
in the oven--
Hey, please, Jerry!
And then make a white wine
reduction sauce.
This is the wrong guy
to ask?
The wrong guy
to ask about...
No, I'm absolutely
the right guy to ask.
I don't mean wrong
in the--
In a pejorative way.
You mean wrong
in the nice way.
He's the wrong guy,
"I mean that
in a good way."
What do we have to
do here? Jack?
You better stick
to advertising.
Leave a number,
and the you...
One more.
Ed, hi.
Good morning,
Mr. Cutler.
This our boat here?
Well, we've got a couple
we can choose from.
Are you ready?
I thought we were gonna get
going a little sooner.
How many is
in your group?
Today, half a dozen.
Tomorrow, everybody goes,
10 of us.
Well, today,
if you've got six,
I've got a couple
German tourists
who want to go down.
We can put 'em all
in one boat?
No, wait a second,
wait a minute.
You want to mix tourists in
with my guys?
Why can't the tourists
have their own raft?
Well, I suppose
they could, but--
No, let me explain
something to you.
Just listen to this.
We can do it,
I mean, it's--
Well, it's one thing
to say you can do it
but I don't think I've
made an impression...
Yeah, OK.
Are you ready?
I thought we were
gonna be going
a little sooner
than this.
It'll just be
a few more minutes.
Are you--I mean--
is this gonna be--
do we have an understanding
about this group?
Other trips
we're gonna take?
Are we clear
about this?
OK, we're all set.
Let's get the guys out here
who are rafting today.
What about Karas?
He doesn't
want to float.
He wants to fish today.
OK, and I think you
want to fish today, too.
I want to get going,
as soon as Miller
gets his stuff together.
Whenever the hell
that's gonna be.
How bad
is it, Steph?
What we've got here is
your basic mud puddle.
Aw, man.
What are you doing,
wait a minute, what's that?
It's a come-along.
Put it around that
tree over there
and we'll be out of here
in a couple of minutes.
No, no, no,
forget that stuff.
I'll take care of this.
Put it away,
put it away.
All right, David.
Get some of those
dead branches over there.
Stick 'em under
the wheel.
Here we go.
I can do,
I can do.
See if you can find some sand
or gravel or something,
stick it in
the mud there.
You got it, pal.
What the hell's that sand
gonna do for that mud?
I don't know,
but it's gonna do a hell
of a lot for Wiederhorn.
Yeah, rocks.
You get some rocks.
Come on, branches,
let's go, let's go!
Let's do it, come on!
You go over here,
I'm gonna go down here...
No, come on, everybody,
together, all right?
All right!
One, two, three!
Woo woo woo woo!
Ha ha!
Good work, guys!
Hey, I thought you guys
were gonna wait for me
to bring the, uh,
the sticks back.
Nick, you think this
kind of fishing
is ever really gonna
catch on in a big way?
Man, excuse me.
Sorry, I got it.
There are about
a billion people
in the country
who think so.
I got it,
I got it!
I got it.
The fish is gonna reel you
unless you get that
attached properly.
I got it.
Here, I just got it
a little turned around...
I got to get the touch
you have with this thing.
You just have to do it
a lot, that's all.
Sometimes when Gena
watches me pack,
she sees
the fly rod go in,
she starts pounding
her head like this.
Oh, that reminds me.
I promised her I'd use
her gift out here.
Let's see what we got.
All right!
Ha ha ha!
A thing of beauty.
Who needs to fish,
with a hat like this?
It's you, it's you,
it's you!
Forget it!
She kills me.
You miss
the day-to-day stuff?
I know you were
very close to Thornell.
You really think he might
pull the account?
You think maybe I should
talk to him?
You know, that would be
a great idea.
Jack, I don't want to
embarrass you,
but you're
positioning me,
aren't you?
Yeah. Ha ha ha!
You know what I've
learned, going
from river to river?
the fish are where
you think they are,
and sometimes
they're where
they're not
supposed to be.
So you have to
sort of develop
your own instinct,
your own style.
Otherwise, you'll
always be where
the fish are not.
I'll give
you the book
on Thornell.
He's a decent guy.
He's honest.
And if you try to
pressure him...
he'll walk.
You know, we were
meant to live
in the wilderness.
Our bodies crave
fresh air.
Tom, stop, I'll be
crying in a minute.
Food caught with
your own hands...
You're stinking up the
wilderness with that cigar.
Sleeping under the sky
in a boat...
I was not meant to
live in the wilderness.
You know, they did
a study that says
that sleeping under
the sky with a book
over your face
can actually help
your immune system?
Put a book up your ass,
I'm trying to rest here.
Well, look who's here,
the royal Canadian navy.
How many made it?
One, two, three,
four, five...
That's the idea.
Pete, how was
the river?
Oh, forget the river,
the drive back was a killer.
Half my spine
is up in my skull.
Class-5 rapids in the river,
class-6 bumps in the road.
Hey, you should've
been with us.
You should see this girl
with an oar!
No, no, no way you're
getting me on the water.
Tomorrow I fish,
today I slept.
No, tomorrow you got to
come with us.
I told him!
Oh yeah, you got to.
You know what
this class-5 and
class-6 stuff is?
I mean, what it means,
River talk!
As far as
I'm concerned, Nick,
you have to go a
long way before you
beat the classics.
Take a look at this.
Now, this is
a classic.
If you're talking classic,
take a look at this.
The royal coachman.
Oh, yeah!
Oh, that's the one you
were telling me about.
This dry fly
has caught more trout
than any dry fly in
the history of fishing.
And it looks
like it, yeah.
Compare this, Jack,
to the kind of thing
that's going on today.
Why, I bet
the fish can spot
that a mile away.
Yes, they can.
They can spot it
a mile away
because it's all
tinsel and flash.
Do fish like that?
Las Vegas fish
like that.
It happens every time,
I get a parking ticket.
Nick, you made that?
That I did.
There's no justice.
Who gets justice?
People get what
they can pay for.
Well, that's a pretty
broad statement.
No, I studied this
in college.
They told you in college
there's no justice?
What college
did you go to?
Maybe I can
help out here.
This is what we were
talking about before.
I was trying
to explain that I think
justice is irrelevant.
Your pro bono cases...

OK, let's go!
Spencer, wake up
Tell him he's having
the time of his life.
Spencer's asleep.
Well, give 'em
both a shot.
David, leave your
stuff here.
You won't need anything
that's not in the boat.
Come on.
Dan, what's
the deal here?
What's the deal?
We're going rafting,
that's what we
came up here for.
Because I could happily
hang around the lodge
and fish all day today.
You came all this way to
hang around the lodge?
Nick, let's go,
a little hustle!
Set an example
for the younger ones.
What, it was a joke.
Yeah, was it?
What, you a little cranky
until you get your Ovaltine
in the morning?
Are you needling me?
No, I'm not
needling you.
Yes, you are.
Why do you do that?
Do you enjoy that?
Tell you what,
let's get in the boat.
We can do group therapy
on the way home.
Let's be straight with
each other for a minute.
Why don't you let up, Dan,
I'm not a threat to you.
You know, I always admired
how relaxed you were.
You had perspective,
you had distance.
I guess I'd rather
stay in the game.
Well, if you
want to play games,
first find out if
anybody wants to play.
What is your
problem today?!
Come on.
You guys up for this?
I'm up for this.
Let's go.
Watch it!
I got it!
It's quite
a Viking thing!
OK, everybody,
for those of you
who didn't go down the river
with us yesterday,
this is a Sotar
inflatable raft.
It's got a couple very
important features,
one of which is that
it's a paddle boat.
But you, all of you are
the power behind the boat,
and we'll be needing
that power
in order to
avoid obstacles
as we head on
down the river...
You mean, we're all
gonna get into that?
We won't all
fit in there.
I'll be sitting in
the back of the raft,
steering and ruddering
as we head on down the river.
I'll also be yelling
different commands...
You think one boat's
Usually they'd use two rafts
for a group this size.
Ah, probably not important.
If we had to have two,
we would've brought two.
Let's just make
the best of it.
OK, everybody,
go ahead and finish
putting on your life jackets,
cinch 'em up tight
and come on down.
what'd he
say about weight
I, uh, don't think
he said anything.
OK, I'll be right back.
Can you, uh,
can you explain
this class thing to me,
like what is class-3?
Class-3 is what
we did yesterday.
That's how they rate
the rapids,
on a scale of 1 to 6.
Today we'll be
hitting some class-4
and class-5.
Right, so...
so what is class-6?
Class-6 is basically
OK, boys.
Come on, let's get in,
let's do it.
If we're going,
let's go.
You know, I don't want
to do this.
If you don't
want to do it say no.
Well, how rough is it?
I don't know what the hell's
going on out there
any more than you do.
I'll be OK, huh?
OK, 5, 6, 7, 8,
let's do this.
OK, let's go forward.
We come in peace!
It was good,
it was good.
Even cadence.
OK, we're gonna practice
a few of our strokes.
When I say, "left turn,"
the left side back paddles,
the right side
goes forward.
OK, left turn!
Dig it in,
left turn!
Looking good!
What, do we
just copy the person
in front of us?
OK, right turn!
Right side back paddles.
Will there be cocktails
on this flight?
OK, left turn.
Left turn.
You got a whole new
career ahead of you.
I think I've got
a hernia!
All the way around!
And left turn!
And left turn, left turn.
Everybody paddle together.
Entering our first
rapid, coming up, stop!
OK, let's stop.
Entering our
first rapid.
Let's go
to engines!
And stop!
OK, here we go!
All right, Jack,
ramming speed, buddy!
I'm going below
for a nap!
OK, easy forward now,
straight on down.
Good luck to us all!
Don't give up
the ship, men.
Left turn! Stop!
Oh, oh!
Right turn!
And forward!
OK, left turn,
left turn!
And forward!
OK, let's go
forward again.
Easy strokes, lookin' good,
you look great!
Who was it
that recommended
the eggs benedict?
That's it, nice around the bend.
Looking good.
It's gonna pick up
a little bit now.
Get ready.
All right, get ready.
Let's do it! Dig in!
OK, I broke a sweat.
All right, we're just
about through to where
the Bidwell Rapids start.
with some class-5.
Yeah, that's it!
This is fun!
Yeah, it's fabulous.
Welcome to Lava Canyon,
gentlemen, looking good!
That's it,
keep it going!
Right forward stroke,
here comes another drop,
gentlemen, dig in!
Dig in!
Here comes a rock,
OK, paddle!
Right side,
right side!
Here comes
the White Mile.
Oh, great!
You need to really
focus in here.
Right turn,
right turn!
Come on, guys,
let's keep it together!
Come on,
let's kick it in now.
OK, forward, let's go,
dig in!
Harder, come on,
Forward, come on now,
keep it going!
Forward, that's it!
Big drop coming up!
Back paddle,
come on!
We need to focus
on this!
That's it, dig in,
keep it going, back paddle!
Come on, harder!
Back paddle!
Big drop!
Hold on!
To the right!
To the right!
Back paddle, back paddle!
Watch it!
Hold on!
Keep your feet up!
Help me!
Help me!
Help get me in!
Get me up!
Help, help me!
I got you!
Get in
I can't!
Wait a minute.
You're dragging me.
Come on, Andy!
Don't let me go!
I can't do it,
hang on!
Hang on!
I'm gonna get the boat
safe, hang on, Andy!
Hang on.
Swim to shore!
Come on!
Hurry, Jack!
Hang on, Andy,
almost there!
I don't know
if I can!
I'm--I'm cold!
Talk to me.
I'm cold.
God, I'm cold!
Hang on.
Hang on, Andy,
we're almost there.
I don't think I can!
Hang on!
I'm cold!
Hang on.
I gotcha!
On three, you got
to give me all
you got, OK?
One, two, three!
Come on.
I got you, OK?
We'll get you warm,
we'll get you warm.
Get this off.
It's OK,
keep talking.
Keep talking to me,
keep talking to me.
Come on, hold me,
hold me, come on.
I need the raft!
We hit a rock,
everybody went in.
Oh, god.
I've got to go back up
and refloat the canyon.
Oh, no.
You've got to go over
Lex's Creek
and get some help, fast.
The van's been
I'll get a ride
with them.
Call air rescue!

Take my hand!
Take my hand!
Nick, can you see me?!
Take my hand!
Chopper 3, this is base.
What is your position?
This is chopper 3.
We're proceeding
along the river.
No sign of anyone yet.
Is second chopper up?
Chopper 3, this is base.
Chopper 4
is on the way.
ETA 10 minutes. Over.
Where's the road?
What road?
Miller said there was
a road south side
of the river.
this is the north side.

Over here!
Over here!
Over here!
Is there anyone else?
Come here!
Have you seen
the others?
Come on, Mr. Taggart.
It's gonna be
all right.
I can't get in,
I can't get on there.
It's gonna be
all right, Jerry.
It's gonna
be all right.
Climb in the boat.
I can't get over there.
Come on, come on now,
you can do it.
Let's get you
in the boat.
Here we go!
Look, over there!
Over there,
Keep going,
keep going!
Get out of here!
Go on, get out!
Don't stop for me!
Go find the others,
come back for me later!
Just get in the boat,
Mr. Cutler.
I'm all right!
Listen, your leg's hurt,
we're not going downstream
without you!
Goddamn it,
get out of here!
For Christ's sake, Dan!
Shut up and
get in the boat!
Just get in the boat,
Mr. Cutler.
We're wasting time,
goddamn it!
I got you,
I got you.
Watch yourself.
Yeah, I'm all right.
Any idea
where we are?
We got to keep
Over here!
Over here!
Who is it?
Here I am!
It's Pete!
Let's go!
Ha ha ha!
It's good to see you!
Are you OK?
Yeah, are you all right?
Are you OK?
Yeah, that water
was cold.
Have you seen anybody?
No, I got out about
an eighth of a mile
back down that way.
We saw Nick and Art,
they were in the water--
Stop, stop!
Let's go, let's go!
See anything?
Over there!
Get over there,
get over there!
The far side,
over there!
Come on!
Base, this is chopper 3,
approaching Skinner's Falls.
There, right there!
We have three survivors
right there!
Base, this is chopper 3,
we've sighted three survivors.
Roger, chopper 3.
People, move to the
clearing ahead of you,
one quarter mile south.
Over there!
Right, right over there,
over there!
Oh, my God.
Can you see?
Who is it?
It's Spencer.
Come and help me!
No, no,
leave him here.
We take the time now,
they'll all be dead.
Get in the boat, come on,
get in the boat!
Maybe he had
a bad heart.
A bad heart?
Well, what was it,
what happened?!
These rapids had me
for almost an hour.
I'm 55.
You're telling me
a younger man
wouldn't have made it
if he was healthy?
God, everybody knows
how to swim.
Chilko's not
a swimming hole.
Just row the
fucking boat.
Base, this is chopper 3,
we're arriving at
the takeout, over.
Paramedics, we have
one injured.
Three on board,
clear the area.
Prepare to unload.
OK, they're down!
Chopper 3, this is base.
Stand by
for instructions. over.
We got a bruise here!
Maybe some broken ribs,
some hypothermia!
What about the others?
How many
have you found?
They didn't all
make it, sir!
They didn't all make it.
I've got to
get the bags.
I've got to get the bags.
Are you all right?
Help the others.
Looks like you got
some broken ribs,
but your lungs sound clear.
They don't seem
to be punctured.
Pete, Andy,
I got your bags.
Why don't you guys
go on ahead, huh?
Hold the tow line, hold it.
Good, now let it up
easy now.
Hold it down there.
Who is it?!
Who is it?!
We found three
so far.
Bring it back up.
Hold the tow line,
watch the spin.

He doesn't look so good,
bring a stretcher.
Are you OK?
It's good to see you,
are you OK?
Did you see anybody?
Spencer, Spencer.
It's all right,
it's all right.
I'm all right.
Hey, Dan--
Wiederhorn and Thornell,
they're here,
they're OK.
Did you see Art?
Or David?
Did you see Nick?
Dan, what about the others,
did you see anybody?
Sir, I need you
to stand back
and just give us
some room, all right?
Just relax a bit.
We'll get you
to the hospital.
I had Karas in my hands.
I was looking in
his face, you know?
I could see his eyes.
Then I just lost him.
The river just
took him away.
That goddamned rock.
Fucking fuck!
Inspector Costello.
I'm sorry,
but we need for you
to identify the bodies
of these five gentlemen.
Did you and your friends have
any rafting experience?
Some of us did.
That's David Koenig.
Did anyone instruct you
on how to handle
yourselves in the
rapids on this trip?
Um, not much.
Tom Horton.
There was some
The Chilko's a pretty
powerful river.
that's Art Stefanoff.
Bill Spencer.
11 men...
that's a lot to have
in one raft.
Nick Karas.
Is your knee
hurting, Dan?
No, it's fine.
How are you?
Maybe you ought to ask them
to give you a pill.
Do you want me to make
the calls to the families?
No, I'll call them.
You go back home.
Make sure people
don't fall apart.
You know, there's
a lesson here.
I didn't motivate
them enough.
If I'd just built
a fire under them,
we wouldn't
be here now.
I let myself down,
you know?
You were great
out there, Jack,
you ought to be
proud of yourself.
Kauai, yeah, that's great.
We can really
test ourselves
negotiating our way
through the lobby.
I can't wait
to see those faces.

Welcome back, chief.
It's good
to see you.
Yes, we've
missed you.
Good morning!
Hi, Alma.
Didn't realize
you'd be on a cane.
Were you badly hurt?
No, a couple of weeks
and I'll be fine.
Anything I should know?
Marty wants to see you
when you have time for him.
Tell him to come in.
And Diane Koenig is in the
building to pick up a check.
She asked if she could
see you on her way out.
Thought you'd
want to see her.
Yeah, it'll be OK.
Set up lunch for you
at your desk.
You got me
that cheesecake.
Welcome home.
He can see you now.
I thought I'd wait
until you got
back to work
before I hit you
with it.
I have to tell you, Marty,
I find this hard to believe.
Who filed the suit?
The company is being
sued by Gena Karas.
Now, you're not
a defendant,
but they are holding
the corporation
for your actions.
And Ed Miller's.
Gena Karas.
She has no case.
Nick signed that release,
everybody did.
Well, there are problems
with the release.
The wording
was pretty vague...
they should have been
issued before the trip.
It's probably invalid.
That's great...
I saw Nick's face
this close to me,
seconds before
he drowned.
I can still
see his eyes.
I'd have given my life
to have saved him.
Dan, I know
you know this,
but you can't let this
get to you personally.
Look, I understand
her bitterness.
I understand that.
Letting somebody destroy me
is not gonna bring him back.
Well, just thought
I'd let you know
what was happening.
Yeah, good, thanks.
Diane, please,
come in.
I'm very sorry.
have a seat.
I'm just finishing up
some lunch.
Alma got me a piece
of the best cheesecake
in the city.
You want to have
a little with me?
No, thank you.
It's pretty good.
I haven't been able
to eat very much lately.
Diane, what you should know
about David's death
is that it was
very sudden.
We didn't see that rock
until the last second.
Then we were caught up
in this amazing swirl
of water.
Well, thanks.
I guess it helps
to know that.
Did they have
a check for you?
Well, that ought to
help a little.
I'm really grateful
for that 72 cents.
Diane, I'm sure no one
could miss David
as much as his wife can.
That's right.

Dan, how are you?
I've been looking at that
stuff you did on the bank.
You got it!
Yeah, you liked it?
I made one or two
little changes,
but you got it.
that's fine work.
Thank you.
You got right back
on the horse, didn't you?
Everybody else around here
is in a coma.
You've really
risen to this.
You took over on the river
when I was in too much shock
to even know
what I was doing.
I realize how much
I rely on you.
I don't rely on
many people, you know?
You comfortable in here?
You get all that
afternoon sun.
Talk to Marty,
you might as well
take the corner office
on the north side.
I couldn't take
David's office, Dan.
No, take it.
We got to
move on, kid.
I need you to.

How is it,
you like it?
Thank you.
Let some light in,
it's dismal in here.
It is hard, isn't it?
For everybody.
Gena must be
going through hell.
She must be
out of her head.
She wouldn't have
brought that suit
if she were
thinking clearly.
Maybe you ought to
talk to her.
What would I say?
Help her understand
it isn't in
her best interest.
I don't have to
tell you what to say.
I'd really feel
talking to her
about the suit.
Suit? No, uh-uh.
No, she's going through
a very difficult time.
Be supportive.
Dan, I'm sorry,
I can't do that.
You can't do that?
Maybe it is in her
best interests.
Well, whatever
you think is right.
You know, I'm asking
you to help her
not do something
that would
waste her money
with no chance of
bringing him back.
I'm not asking you
to do anything
disloyal to anybody.
I'm asking you
to be loyal.
Is there any reason
you can't do that?
Hello, Jack.
Gena, I'm so sorry.
Thank you for
your letter,
it was really
Would you like
to come in?
I don't want to
disturb you.
I just...
Let's walk.
You know, I admired him
He was a wise person,
such a core of decency.
He was very funny.
He used to do these
imitations of me.
Really made me laugh.
I couldn't get
mad at him.
It's funny
what you miss.
Here we were a few weeks ago,
piling into that car...
and now--
Jack, I have to
ask you something.
Don't suffer
at me, OK?
I can't carry
your pain, too.
I'm sorry.
You're gonna have to
forgive yourself.
You're right.
You know...
people have been
coming to see me.
They have these really
warm words about Nick
and condolences
for me,
and then there'll be
this little pause
and they tell me I
have to put Nick's
death behind me...
and that I don't
really have a chance.
Is this one of
those pauses?
No, I won't
tell you that.
You've been
through enough.
Well, yeah, I have.
The pause was about
something else.
Suppose I testified.
Your lawyers
took my deposition.
Maybe they'd like me
to take the stand.
Oh, I don't think so.
Why not?
Because I think
you really want me
to say no,
don't you?
This is
the best yet--
an actual offer
of help.
Sounded real good
there, Jack.
I'll tell you what,
you got a pen?
This is my
lawyer's number.
If you actually
feel this way
give him a call.

I'm telling you,
this is a very,
very difficult client.
You're selling me.
Do the research
and sell the client.
This commercial is
very high profile...
Why are you
doing this?
These things
don't happen
in a vacuum, Jack.
As soon as you
contacted them,
they contacted us.
They're obligated to!
So far, all I did
was call them, Marty.
You realize that
if we lose this suit
Dan will almost surely
have to step down?
Maybe leave the company,
you understand that?
Marty, I'm just
trying to figure out
what's the right thing
to do.
The fact is, they
don't even need you.
They have
an expert witness.
Leslie Wayne Bechdel.
The guy wrote a book
about river rafting.
What can you
possibly add to
what he's gonna say?

You still have time to
reconsider, Jack.
I wish you'd
think about it.
Good night.
I feel like
I've got a few things
I need to square
with you, Jack.
First of all,
I'm very aware
that when you pulled me
into that boat
I had about another three
minutes left on Earth.
Andy, you would've done
the same thing for me.
Secondly, I'm sure
it's no surprise,
we're moving
our account.
No, it's no
surprise at all.
I'm glad you
told me personally.
OK, now I have to
ask you something.
It's been bugging me
for a couple of weeks.
How ashamed is
anybody over there
about what happened?
Everybody's taken it
pretty hard.
Do you think
taking it hard is
good enough?
Look, I know why we went
on that trip together.
You weren't positioning
the client?
Sure we were.
That wasn't the only thing
the trip was about.
Did your company
write any of it off
as a business-related
Dan handled that.
Well, maybe you should
talk to the accountants
and maybe you can
tell me that
taking it "pretty hard"
is good enough.
Andy, we've been
rocked by this.
I'm thinking of
testifying for Gena.
You're thinking
about it?
I don't know if
I have anything worth
getting up there
and saying,
I don't have any
hard evidence
that could
clinch it for her.
There's no point in
an empty gesture.
If there's something
you could say
that could
possibly help her,
then, goddamn it, say it.
These cases
aren't decided
by some crucial
piece of evidence.
You don't have to go
in with a smoking gun,
all right?
All you have to do
is have the nerve
to stand up
when your turn comes
and tell
the goddamn truth
the way you know it.
Andy, why are you
beating me up about this?
Because I'm helpless.
When I saw Tom Horton's
body floating by me
his head looked like
something inanimate,
like a melon.
He was already
half dead,
not 30 seconds before
he was joking
about how wet
his socks were.
Now listen to me,
Peggy Horton can't
explain this to their
because he can't talk.
He doesn't know
where his father went.
He's never gonna know
where he went.
So if you have anything
you can do, anything,
then do it!
Do it!
Mr. Bechdel, do you
have any opinions
concerning the conduct
of Burrows-McCain,
the defendant
in this case?
Yes, I do.
What are your
opinions, sir?
Well, the first thing is
that they should not have
invited Mr. Karas along
in the first place.
He had no experience.
In fact, he didn't even
think he was coming along
on a white-water trip.
He thought it was going to be
a fishing trip.
You do not take a novice
on the Lava Canyon.
Well, when he
asked me about this
and told me that he'd
always wanted to fish there
my comment was, "So go."
had there been any mention
by Nick of that trip
involving anything
other than fishing?
Did the words "white-water
rafting" ever come up?
He certainly wanted
to go on that trip.
And he knew it was
white-water rafting.
What else is it about
Burrows-McCain's conduct
that you believe was
wrong in this case?
Well, it became
apparent to me
after reading the
literature provided to me
that Mr. Cutler put a lot
of pressure on Mr. Miller
to make this
an exclusive trip.
He didn't want any
strangers on this trip,
which made Mr. Miller
run a single raft trip.
Well now, shouldn't
Miller have insisted
that he go on two rafts?
Yes, he should have.
In my classes, I talk about
the need to be forceful
and to sometimes say no,
even though it might
displease some people.
If you're going to
compromise safety,
there's a time that
you have to say no.
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
the next witness will be
presented to you
by way of a videotape
For reasons of geography,
the witness is unable
to be here,
but I instruct you
that you should consider
the videotape deposition
in the same manner
that you would consider
any other testimony
by a live witness.
Well, that morning,
Ed said,
"Why don't you--you better
just go on down ahead."
And we didn't discuss it then
but, you know,
later on, in later
discussions with Ed
we talked about the idea
of the single boats.
And he kind of said that
he felt a little pressure
to keep it
an exclusive trip.
All aboard!
Hey, hey, hey.
here comes a boat.
Hey, buddy,
come on over!
We could use
some help here!
No more sardines
here, pal.
When that order was
given to Ed Miller,
Ed Miller and I had
an agreement.
And in order for us to put
our compatible group together
there would be,
roughly, 10 of us,
and we wouldn't be mixed in
with another group
of strangers.
I did not put
pressure on him!
Mr. Wiederhorn, did you,
shortly after the accident
make some notes to
yourself on that trip?
I'm gonna show you
plaintiff's exhibit 113.
Would you, uh,
would you read that, sir?
What does it say?
"No safety instructions."
Thank you,
Mr. Wiederhorn.
He gave us the instructions
when we were gathered there
as he was checking the vests
and before we pushed off.
The first time
was before we put in,
when he was getting
everybody into the rafts...
when we were going out.
How long did that take?
I would guess no more than
a couple of minutes.
The longer one occurred
above Bidwell?
He told you if you
go in the water,
get your feet
in front of you.
Is that right?
He said, "when I say
go to the high side,
go to the high side fast."
That's gonna help prevent
the boat from flipping over.
Thank you.
The court stands
in recess for one hour.
How you bearing
up on this?
Oh, OK.
How are you doing?
I'm kind of
enjoying it.
Come on.
Might as well.
Another adventure,
you know?
Have a seat.
Today's the day, huh?
You ready to testify?
You know you know
when someone's
in a position like this
where anything you might say
could hurt a friend,
the only thing you can do
is tell the truth.
Hey, come on, of course.
I guess I'm wondering
how you'll color it.
Color it?
Color it, what will it
sound like?
What flavor is it
gonna have?
The truth doesn't
have flavors,
I'm just gonna go in there
and tell them what I saw
and what I heard.
You can say
the same thing
in a lot of
different ways, Jack.
You know that
as well as I do.
We do that
for a living.
This isn't a product
we're selling,
it's the truth.
You self-righteous
little prick.
I fought for my life
in that water
just like
everybody else.
You're telling me
I abused these people?
I suffered as much
as anybody who made it.
And I can't call back
the ones who didn't.
I'm not God, Jack.
Are you?
What were you doing, Dan?
What does that mean?
Taking everyone up there
and organizing it
so everyone ended up
in one boat?
I was making better
people out of them.
Until we hit that rock,
I gave them
the greatest experience
of their lives.
I gave them their
deepest selves.
They found a bond
that only comes to men
who have bullets whistling
over their heads.
They can live with
their wives for 50 years
and never get that close.
Well, I guess that's
the spin you put--
Yeah, that's right, that's
the spin I put on it, right.
Well, I think
it's wrong.
Maybe it's OK to color
things and flavor them
if you're selling
corn flakes,
but with people's lives,
I think they're entitled
to decide for themselves
how much risk
they'll be exposed to.
I don't think it makes
you a good leader
to keep people
in the dark
and drive them
past their limits,
I think it
makes you a bully.
Well, see, I made you
a better man, too.
Oh, wait,
hold it a second.
What, what?
You want me to say
I was a bad boy,
that I made a mistake?
If you have anything
to say that I
ought to hear,
then tell me.
I'm not gonna plead
my case to you.
Go in there and
tell them what you saw.
We hit a rock, Jack!
We hit a rock.
Let's talk about them
for a minute.
They were, what, what,
6-year-olds who
wouldn't cross the street
without my permission?
No, listen to me,
listen to me, goddamn it!
I know how rough
that sounds,
but this is
the fucking truth.
They weren't just grown men,
they were executive officers
of some of the biggest
companies in this country,
and they blindly did
what I told them to do
and I killed them?
That's a load
of crap, Jack.
They had every opportunity
to get out of that boat,
you know they did.
I'm sick that
those men are dead.
I'll live with that
for the rest of my life.
But what about
their part in this?
What about their
personal responsibility?
What about yours?
That's a good
What about my
As I understand
the objection, Miss Chung,
Mr. Leslie Wayne Bechdel
was not entitled
to the right of expression
of an opinion
relative to his belief,
re the professional conduct
of Burrows-McCain
as a professional...

Mr. Robbins...
Mr. Robbins?
Would you please take
the witness stand?
I couldn't hear everything
they were saying.
I didn't want to
get too close,
it seemed to be
What I saw and what
I heard was this
Miller had another group
that he was planning
to put with us.
And Dan said he had
worked hard
to put together
people for this trip
that could enjoy
one another and relax.
And he said,
"Ed, what's going on?
"What's going on?
"It's difficult enough
when you have a group,
"some of whom were
coming together
for the first time,
without having strangers."
... who we don't know
in our boat with us.
Is that clear?
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Miller understood
what he wanted.
When we got to the first
minor set of rapids,
yes, sir, I was aware
that the boat was
acting differently.
Because when it would
go into a trough
it would take longer
to come up.
And it didn't seem to have
the same snap action
that you were accustomed
to seeing in the raft?
Yes, sir.
Is that because after you'd
had time to think about it
you finally realized
that it was because
there was much more
weight in this raft?
I didn't
have to realize it.
Miller addressed the group
that had gone rafting
the day before,
and he said, "If you'll notice,
the raft is somewhat slower
because there's
more weight in it."
Thank you, Mr. Robbins.
Have you arrived
at your verdict?
We have, your honor.
Please hand it
to the bailiff.
"We, the jury,
find for the plaintiffs
"and against
the defendant.
And further find
the following..."
The total amount awarded
to the Karas family
was $2 million.
No, no,
listen, listen, listen.
We don't pay
the whole thing.
Some of the negligence
in the accident,
45% of it was attributed
to the men themselves,
so, the award was brought down
to a million-one.
Right, that's right--
45% them, 55% us.
Turns out the other guys
were 45% responsible.
I guess the truth isn't
all that simple, is it?
Oh, so that
makes it all right.
You, you still don't
get it, do you?
What exactly is there
to get?
I mean, besides the fact
that you caused
a lot of wreckage
in there.
I don't consider
a few dollars
for Nick Karas' widow
I think our company
can afford it.
Our company?
You think
either one of us
is gonna stay very long
at that company
after that testimony
you gave in there?
I guess I thought
a few other things
were more important.
Like what?
Why did you do this?
You could have
got up and said
what you had to say.
You had to go that
extra inch, didn't you?
You gave her that
St. Bernard sincerity
and you just...
just tipped it
against us.
Why did you do that?
I don't know.
I had this thought
that maybe
I should help someone
who wasn't me.
Wild...isn't it?
I'll see you, pal.