White Nights (1985) Movie Script

Oh, shit.
Just tell me about
this French actress.
Is it serious or just another
one of his flings?
Did you talk to Dr. Harris yet?
I don't need to see him, I'm fine.
Yes? Who is it?
Listen, Anne.
Tell me when he's going to England?
Yes? No. No.
My name is Charles Serfiss. I wonder if
we could see Nikolai? This is my fiance.
My father is Lord Strathhammer,
and he's giving a party this evening.
We're leaving early in the
morning for Japan. I'm so sorry.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the captain.
On our left, you have a clear view of
the Arctic coast of the Soviet Union.
We're experiencing
the famous Soviet white nights.
I suppose you could say in summertime, the sun
never sets on this part of the Soviet Union.
So if you care to sleep,
please pull down your window shade.
Every time I leave New York,
doesn't matter how many years go by,
I just get edgy.
Tokyo's absolutely our last date.
I'm glad we cancelled Sydney.
Just couldn't face it.
Sounds like a gypsy song
that's hiding. Right? Thank you.
What are you doing?
Giving notes to my conductor.
See, I'm putting music into the
one channel and my notes to another.
What's that?
I don't know. I'm sure it's nothing.
I'll go and see.
Oh, my God! What is it?
Some kind of electrical short circuit.
No oxygen!
The pressure's dropping on number 3.
Could that be a leak?
Is the fire spreading anywhere else?
There's no way of knowing.
Lan, have you found us
a diversion airfield?
There's a military airfield
75 miles from here.
Hydraulic pressure's dropping fast!
Prepare the passengers
for a rapid descent.
Raise the blinds.
Excuse me, wake up.
Got to get ready, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your
attention, please. This is the captain speaking.
We have developed electrical problems
and will have to land immediately.
There is a Soviet military airfield
about 75 miles from here.
Where are we? Are we landing?
Where are you going?
What do you mean?
We're landing in Russia!
Get back here!
You must sit down!
Let me go!
We're gonna crash!
Please, sit down.
Please! Please!
Please, tell us...
Strap yourself in.
What's the safety height?
3000 feet.
Okay, we'll level at four.
Keep your heads down. Keep down!
We're in a rapid descent!
They won't allow us to land
on a military base.
Oh, for God's sake! We're
coming down to 6000 feet.
If those flames find the hydraulic
fluid, we've got a real problem.
We won't make it
to any kind of airfield.
We're leveling out. Into emergency
landing drill. Please stay in your seats!
We're going to give you
emergency procedures!
You will follow the lights.
Will the person who spoke English
please come back on?
This is an emergency!
We have a fire!
How long did you say
this runway is?
It's too short.
Decision plus 100.
We have a fire onboard.
Secure yourself! Hold on!
Come on.
Stay down!
Don't move! Stay down!
Watch out!
Come on, come on.
Come on.
We're gonna hit them!
We're gonna hit them!
You're not wrong. Hold tight!
Brace yourselves!
It could have been
a terrible tragedy.
Four people were killed?
Yes, there are 20 passengers
here in the clinic.
Thirteen Japanese,
six British nationals,
and one with no passport.
No identification of any kind.
All we found was this.
I have him isolated.
My, my.
This woman was with him.
I want you to phone Moscow
nice work.
I serve the Soviet Union.
Hello. You're very lucky
to be alive.
Amazing anyone lived.
Forgive me,
you don't speak English?
I am French.
Excuse me.
Could I please speak
to the French ambassador?
We haven't found your passport.
Can the French
ambassador help us?
Yes. Of course.
Wouldn't it be simpler
to call American Embassy?
Or have you recently defected
from America to France?
I've seen you dance, Rodchenko.
Welcome home, Nikolai.
Can I have a cigarette?
Of course.
Please feel at home.
I refuse to speak
anything but English.
Please inform American Embassy
that I am here.
I am an American citizen.
What you call yourself
is no concern to us.
Here you're just a criminal.
The world will demand
that you hand me over.
The world.
What an ego. The world is overjoyed
that we allowed the plane to land.
We saved hundreds of lives.
Only four people died.
Who? What were their names?
Don't worry, don't worry.
Your promoter was not hurt.
I sent her home
along with the others.
I'll explain your condition to her.
My condition? What condition?
I demand that you let me out of here!
You demand, Rodchenko?
I always admired you as a dancer.
Our great dancer.
But what a pathetic man.
In a few hours,
you'll be flown to Moscow.
Seven passengers who can be released
from the clinic will go with you.
What about the others?
Now look,
there are 13 other passengers...
I want to know
the condition of my friend.
The name of your friend? Please.
Nikolai Rodchenko.
Yes, I'm his manager.
I'm sorry to tell you that your friend
was seriously injured.
Yes, I know.
They're not sure he'll recover.
I'm so sorry.
Well, I must see him.
He's very ill. They're having
a specialist brought in from Moscow.
I won't leave without seeing him.
That you take up with your embassy.
Oh, I will. You can't let...
You can't leave.
So Moscow approved your plan?
Is it night?
These white nights
would drive me crazy.
Raymond! Raymond! Raymond!
Raymond! Raymond! Raymond!
Sister, that Porgy ain't gonna be
no witness now.
They gonna lock him up in jail.
Lock him up?
Ain't nobody home now but Bess
and old Sportin' Life
giving you the stuff for scare
away them lonesome blues.
Happy dust!
I ain't want none of that stuff.
Take that stuff away, buzzard.
And remember, there's plenty more
where that came from.
Showoff American bastard.
Tamara, calm down.
Hey, pretty baby.
What's your name?
I'm not that kind of girl.
I won't tell you.
You won't tell me, huh?
No, I won't.
Then I'll kiss it out of you.
You were very good, Raymond.
Colonel Chaiko.
Long time, no see.
What are you doing here?
Great play, isn't it?
So much ahead of its time.
Very neglected in America, I'm told.
Raymond, Raymond, Raymond!
They really like you.
We wanna do West Side Story next.
I saw it in New York.
The original cast. Years ago.
Marvelous. Marvelous.
A very accurate picture
of the race conflict in America.
You should perform it in Moscow.
You should come back to Moscow,
both of you.
Maybe something
can be worked out.
That'd be great.
Standing out there tonight,
watching you,
and I remember
when you first got here.
How scared you were
at that first press conference.
Your beautiful interpreter
was already at your side.
I think I have to take a lot of credit
for bringing you together.
Funny, the way things turn out.
I remember when you said, "I don't
know how to say it," and I said:
Say what is in your heart.
People were so moved
by your heroism.
I'll never forget that day.
Long time ago.
Seems like yesterday.
I couldn't get in touch with you...
I was so busy.
But when I learned that I'm going
to be in this godforsaken area,
I just had to see you.
There's something you can do for me.
I'll wait outside.
He's waiting outside for us.
What is he doing here?
Why are you talking to him?
I don't want him in our lives again.
Did you hear what he said?
He can help us get back home.
I think he helped us enough already.
Don't worry about this now.
Everything's gonna be all right.
"Raymond, your beautiful interpreter
was already standing by your side. "
There's a large haematoma here.
Evidence of a concussion,
swelling of the brain.
What's your opinion, Art?
From the evidence of these x-rays, it would be an
idiot risk to move him. He could very well be in a coma.
How do we know
these are his x-rays?
You got to insist that they release
him to us. We have to go there.
There's not a chance. I've tried.
That is a highly secret military base.
I'm surprised they even let
the plane land there at all.
Well, you can't just sit here.
He's an American citizen!
Not to the Soviets.
By their rules, he's a criminal.
Eight years ago he was tried in absentia and
sentenced to 15 years. He's got no rights at all.
We have to appeal to the U.N. I am going to
schedule an international press conference.
No! Right now they're taking credit
for saving 250 lives.
Oh, please.
Soviet PR has never been better.
He's an embarrassment to them.
They're asking us to keep a low
profile till he comes out of it.
I don't believe this. You're
gonna let them get away with this?
Anne, go back to New York. The State
Department will keep you informed.
I am not leaving this country
without Kolya.
Where am I?
Oh, hi, you're up.
Hi, Raymond Greenwood, New York.
Nice to meet you.
Thought you'd never come.
I asked to call American Embassy...
I'm not from the embassy.
But you're an American citizen,
I'm American.
That's my wife, Darya.
We're gonna look after you for a
little while till you get on your feet.
I am on my feet, I'd like to go home.
You got pretty shaken up
in that crash.
You ought to be glad you're alive.
I am glad.
I suppose she's from New York too?
I am from Moscow.
We work in the theatre here.
Yeah, I'm a tap dancer.
Tap dancer?
Of course. You're from New York,
she's from Moscow.
And you live here, in Siberia.
It's only temporarily.
Of course.
Nobody's here permanently.
Am I under arrest?
No, no, you're not under arrest.
You're free as a bird.
And you're not my guard?
No, I told you, I'm a tap dancer.
I can go out and get some fresh air?
Yeah, sure. I'll go with you.
What if I wanna go alone?
Go ahead.
It's cold out.
I thought I was free as a bird.
Just hanging out for a while with
another dancer. A tap dancer, right?
I'm sorry. I just don't like
people making long-distance calls.
You and your wife are paid informers.
Stool pigeons. Lowest of the low.
Watch your mouth.
If they tell you to, you'll kill me.
Anything to survive.
You're a real American paranoid.
I think they brought me back here.
How do they feel about you
back home in New York?
Shut up!
Had enough?
Yeah, the herring was just great.
I'm so glad.
Has your life in Russia always
been like this? Like in a storybook?
No, I think it's only your life
that has been like a storybook.
You know, you're not as tall as I
thought you'd be. Dancer of your stature.
Please, don't drink if it'll make you
bigger pain in the ass.
We're in Russia. And in Russia,
we open up a bottle, we drink it.
It's all right.
You can leave it in the bottle.
Come on, drink up.
You used to be Russian.
I'm still Russian. I'm just not Soviet.
You're amerikanetz now, I forgot.
That's right, I am.
Are you Soviet citizen now?
Amerikanetz, that's just fabulous.
It's a wonderful country.
What the hell do you know
about America anyway, man?
You ever been to Harlem? Like, on your
way to an airport? You ever look inside?
You ever dance at the Apollo?
You go on your tippy-toes
to the White House.
Tell me...
why did you come here?
I'm surprised you never heard of me. I was
right up there in the headlines for a while.
I was a big star.
Not as a tap dancer, of course.
You're a defector.
I'm a selector, not a defector.
Oh, you got fed up with freedom?
Or you thought that audiences in
Siberia are better public for your work?
Very clever.
You know the funny thing about me?
I can't imagine.
I used to feel the way you do
about America.
I was a patriot.
The greatest country in the world.
I was also a tap dancer,
which, for a black person,
is not that unusual.
I mean, I don't know whether you know
this, Nik... Mind if I call you Nik?
Most black people in America
can tap.
I don't know, it's just a thing.
You're born, you're black,
you can tap.
Don't get me wrong, I love to dance.
Love to dance.
And I got work. I was cute.
Cute little colored kid. They
called us colored in those days.
A cute little colored kid,
tapping away.
Oh, I was a real novelty. Yeah.
Of course, by the time I grew up,
it was a different story.
"He's an adult black man now.
He's not so cute. Give him a broom. "
The rich don't patronize tap, Nik.
So I'm 18.
I can't get a job.
I cannot get a gig.
My mother says... She says:
"Raymond, don't worry.
This is your year.
Something good's coming.
Something good. "
She was right.
She was right.
Somebody did want me.
Uncle Sam.
And right!
Yeah, Uncle Sam wanted me,
wanted the whole ghetto.
He said,
"I want all y'all! Get on in here!"
I said, "Wow, this is it.
I'm gonna get myself a real career.
I'm gonna get involved in electronics.
Become a communications expert.
Defend my country against
communism. Where are they?"
But when they made me the offer,
nobody said,
"You're gonna become a murderer.
You're gonna become a rapist.
You're gonna maim and rob people. "
I kept saying to myself, "This war
has gotta be about something.
We can't just be hired killers. No,
it's not possible. We're Americans. "
A little voice in my head said,
"Ray, you're being used.
They're trying to kill you.
They don't even think you're human,
and they want you to die for them.
Make them richer. "
It was all very clear.
Now I remember you.
Sure, I was big news
while they needed me.
It's still a better place than this.
Don't talk that shit to me, man.
I know about America.
I know what makes it tick.
You don't fool me for a second.
You're no hero.
You just made a run
to where it pays better.
I can't remember. I can't.
I think I'm going crazy.
What am I doing?
Did you tell him he would
be given the opportunity
to live the life he had before?
No. I mean...
Why not?
He's had a big shock. Plane crash.
Lot of bad luck.
I don't wanna blow it.
Get out.
What did you mean last night, huh?
You were "hot news"
while we needed you.
You mustn't think you're being used.
This country gave you a shelter,
an education, a forum for your views.
I was drunk. The guy's a pain in the
ass. He's driving us nuts staying there.
He's a prima donna, isn't he?
Yeah, he's a big star.
You can't walk up to him and say,
"Look, you gotta dance here, or else. "
It's not that kind of atmosphere.
A man gets old before his time
in places like this.
Look at them.
Modern man is so confused,
But finally, it's better to work
in a theatre than in a mine.
Raymond, are you all right?
Yeah, yeah.
What did he want?
He wanted to chat. He's got a big
ego, he likes to keep tabs on people.
No, what did he say to you?
"Modern man is so confused. "
Listen, I'm sorry about last night.
It got a little out of hand.
Everyone drinks too much here.
It helps.
Yeah, well, I don't think I'll ever be able to
look another bottle of vodka in the eye again.
Want some coffee?
I am sorry about last night.
I just... I got embarrassed.
A big star like you having
to stay in a dump like this.
I know it's not what you're used to.
Anyway, you're home now.
I guess you consider that
a lot of bad luck.
Unluckiest guy in the world, right?
But on the bright side, everybody
here is so glad you're back.
Who's everybody?
Well, you were so popular
when you were here.
I think it'd would be fabulous for
everybody concerned if you danced again.
People would love it.
The people and the higher-ups too.
Is this an official proposition,
or just your advice to me,
comrade to comrade?
Look, man, your situation here would improve
a thousand percent if you danced again.
My situation?
Why don't you just go lie down.
Listen, you're here now. Face it.
Make the best of it.
Here in Siberia?
Well, not here. Russia.
I think they would
bend over backwards for you.
They would?
They'd let you have
your old life back again.
My old life.
The whole thing.
They'd be delighted.
I'd have to make sure
they were sincere.
It's no problem.
I'd have to go to Leningrad,
see what sort of situation
they're talking about.
It's a piece of cake.
How does it feel to be back?
What do you want me to say?
Oh, these are yours.
Your luggage is in the boot.
Amazing what they were able
to recover.
The Kirov Ballet. This is where Pavlova,
Nijinsky, Balanchine were taught.
Oh, yes, Nikolai Rodchenko
shouldn't be forgotten.
All of them dance here in the Kirov.
And all of them left here.
A new season opens in 10 days.
Your appearance on the opening night will
be a great moment in the history of dance.
I'm sure of it.
I'd see.
Actually, it's a terrible embarrassment
to us, you being back here.
There were many
well-publicized defections.
Yours was the worst.
However, we have not thrown you
in prison, have we?
Everyone wants you to know
that our offer is sincere.
No one will hold your
past mistakes against you.
Hello, Pasha.
How is your mother?
She died four years ago.
I'm very sorry.
This is where you lived, huh?
Eight years ago.
It's just the same.
It was kept just as you left it.
I wouldn't moan
about coming back here.
I hope you can see how sincere the
offer is. You have everything you need.
A rehearsal studio,
a car at your disposal.
Food, drinks, anything.
Raymond, look.
Raymond, tomorrow you start
at the dance studio.
Six hours a day.
I need him on his toes.
I'm a tap dancer...
That's your problem.
This is the place for you, Kolya.
Your history is here. Your culture.
If you return, you will be respected
as a cultural hero.
In America, what are you really?
A curiosity.
A momentary fad.
In a few more years,
you'll be a has-been there.
Think it over.
Damn it!
I wish we could lose ourselves here.
Just you and I.
With no one watching us.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I wish we could just disappear.
Things are gonna get better
for us here.
Your friends should hide
their mikes better.
So, what about it?
They want you to be fit.
You gotta work out.
Please forgive me.
For some mysterious reason,
I don't feel like dancing.
That kind of attitude's
not gonna get you anywhere.
You've learned to play the game,
haven't you?
No one's gonna hold a gun
to your head, but if I were you...
No, no gun. How smug you are.
If I dance, you and your wife get
crawl up the ladder. Just a little bit.
You see the difference?
I dance when I feel like it,
you only dance when you're drunk.
Shut up and work out.
You want me to dance?
I'll dance anything for you.
A little ballet? A little ballet.
A classical ballet. Coming up.
How about that?
That's what they want?
Very funny.
This is good stuff. Who is it?
Good, huh?
Maybe you should plug your ears.
It's dangerous stuff, don't enjoy it.
People might be watching.
Okay, I'll dance for you.
You want a tap?
You couldn't tap to save your life.
Save my life? Freudian slip?
Okay, okay, enough playing around.
Let's get to serious business.
Some serious ballet?
It's about time.
How much money you got?
How much money?
I got about 10 rubles.
Okay. Watch.
One pirouette, 1 ruble. Two
pirouettes, 2 rubles. And on and on.
You a betting man?
Yeah, what do I get if you lose?
That's good question.
They took my money. My watch?
You're a black-marketeer as well.
That's right.
Okay, 7 rubles
against my tape recorder.
No, no, no. I got 10 rubles.
I want 10 pirouettes for it.
Be serious.
I'm very serious.
This isn't ice-skating rink. Impossible.
Ten rubles, 10 pirouettes.
You're a betting man. Wait a minute.
Eleven rubles.
Eleven pirouettes.
Eleven rubles?
Can you count?
Yeah, don't worry. Just spin.
Eleven pirouettes...
11 rubles.
Sweet, sweet rubles.
You're right.
This music feels good! Woo!
Rubles! You know,
I forgot how small they are.
Very impressive.
My God, it's you.
Turn it off.
Galina Ivanova.
Raymond Greenwood.
Would you please wait outside?
Yeah. I'll wait outside.
Galina. How many years?
How's your life?
I'm very well, thank you.
I heard you were married.
Not anymore.
You look wonderful.
I'm older.
But why are we speaking Russian?
You're no longer Russian, are you?
I thought I'd never see you again.
Did it make it easier for you, Kolya?
Easier to forget?
No, harder.
You bastard!
I had to go. I had to do it.
It wasn't right to say anything to you...
You knew what was right?
I was choking here, you knew it.
When I came back from London,
I had to defend myself to the KGB.
They didn't believe you stayed
in the West without word to me.
I couldn't believe it myself.
I'm sorry.
They took away my passport.
For four years,
I was not allowed to travel.
And for three years, I was taken
every week to answer their questions.
Every week,
the same stupid questions!
You answered well.
You are an important person
at the theatre.
just as you always wanted.
I heard you're driving a Mercedes.
And what do you drive
in America, Nikolai? A donkey?
Yes, I rebuilt my life. I was supposed to give up
everything so that you could live in Disneyland?
I'm sure you know why I'm here.
I want to offer you
a place at the Kirov.
It's a very generous offer, and I think that
it's one that you're not in a position to refuse.
What are you saying?
You know what would happen with me.
I cannot play their games anymore.
I'll be finished.
Don't exaggerate.
Get word to the West that I'm well
and they are keeping me here.
Why should I risk anything for you?
You see foreigners every day
at the theatre.
All you have to do is to tell one
that I am here.
You haven't changed. You're just
as selfish as you always were.
You've never thought about anyone
in your life but yourself.
I didn't want to leave you.
I was in love with you.
Oh, you'll say anything
to get me to help you, won't you?
I've never lied to you.
Help me!
A lady from the past?
She was a great dancer.
I'm not talking about her feet.
I hurt some people when I left.
Didn't you?
It happens.
I'd like to take a shower,
a long one. Do you mind?
No, go ahead.
Was he receptive to the offer?
I'm sure he'll consider it.
Did you do your best
to convince him?
Yes, of course, Vladimir Ivanovich.
I hope you were persuasive.
If he dances at the gala,
what position will he be
given at the theatre?
I suppose he would dance
the opening night,
but I don't think he'd be available
for the current season.
He'd have to take time off
for a long debriefing.
But ultimately,
it's a political decision.
Hello, kids.
Who's your teacher?
Semionov, we're old friends.
Give him this note, please?
No. We are rehearsing here.
I am Nikolai Rodchenko.
I studied here too.
I danced with Ivanova.
No, I am not.
I am Nikolai Rodchenko.
You're lying. We know everyone
who has danced with Ivanova.
You've never heard
of Nikolai Rodchenko?
He's crazy.
Of course, how would you know?
Get out!
I'm going, little one.
Little shit.
Nice music, isn't it?
It's much more
rhythmically complicated...
Don't you miss all that?
Yeah, sometimes.
But there's nothing there for me now.
I'd be arrested if I went back there.
It's a different era now.
Things have changed.
You don't know shit, man.
You don't know.
My father won't even say
my name anymore.
My brother's ashamed of me.
My brother's ashamed of me.
My mother got sick.
I tried to call.
I just wanted to talk to her.
I wanted her to hear my voice
and try to explain to her
why I did this.
Nobody would take the call.
They say I killed her.
I can't go back.
Mr. Greenwood,
the KGB is giving us a feast.
Let's enjoy it.
The chair of honor, right there.
It's the best rubles can buy.
They're really trying to impress you.
Don't kid yourself. You know
how elite live in this country?
Any pleasure, any perversion.
Name it.
They're as decadent here
as in New York, Tokyo or Rome.
They just keep it all hidden.
There's a lot you don't know.
But tonight, I want to try
some of this decadence.
Since you know so much about it.
Be my guest.
Start with the caviar.
That's so good.
Now I need something else.
You know?
You want some?
Raymond, come on!
Thank you.
Come on, blood!
Let's get down to the food.
You know what I'm trying to say?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, folks, welcome to my house.
It's good to see you smiling.
Get out!
You, go, pack quickly! One bag!
She's going away.
Today you let Rodchenko talk
to a group of students.
What? I didn't...
Don't say anything. Don't argue!
Now you'll see what happens
when you lie to me.
What students?
I don't know anything.
From the time you came here,
I treated you as an intelligent man.
I show you respect,
but now, no more.
What's happening here?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Wait a minute!
You helped him to betray us again!
Leave him alone!
Don't argue with them.
Don't do this!
He's just a goddamn dancer!
Yes, I agree.
Not worth her life, is he?
Take her downstairs.
Lock them in the apartment.
What's happening?
None of your business.
What's the hell's he talking about?
The window in the shower.
I crawled out. I'm sorry.
You crawl..? You son of a bitch!
You're sorry?
That woman is the best thing that ever
happened to me in my life! And you're sorry?
You're sorry, Nik? You know
what that was? That was half!
That was half! I promised myself
I'd never use that against anybody.
But if something happens to my wife,
I'm gonna kill you! You hear that?
Tonight, this is what her life is.
You did it to her.
Don't blame it on me.
Face it, you did it to her.
You can't deny it.
Stop it. It's okay. It's okay.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Now I'll talk to you.
I've got no choice.
I've got to trust you.
I'm so glad you came.
Nothing much has changed, huh?
Do you still listen to Vysotsky?
Yes, of course.
But he's an outlaw. He's unofficial.
Vysotsky's songs
can't be sung in the theatre.
But we have made progress. Look,
these are for an evening of Balanchine.
I very much hope
that you'll dance at it.
We were talking about
this evening 10 years ago.
Nothing ever comes of it.
It's a dream.
The Ministry of Culture assures me...
Ministry of Culture.
That they will consider
the possibility?
I remember.
I did it. I danced Balanchine.
You're still waiting.
I want to assure you that your position in this
theatre will be as important as when you left.
You know what I've done since then.
Has any other theatre in the world
been like this for you, Kolya?
Or any other audience?
The Kirov.
It's beautiful.
You were to be a legend here.
Now the young ones
don't even know your name.
How does that feel?
How does it feel? I was born
as a dancer in this theatre.
It will always be a part of me,
like Russia.
But for eight years, I've been free.
Do you know what it means
to be really free? Do you?
No, it's like Vysotsky.
You whisper his songs.
I won't whisper what I feel.
I want to scream like he does!
I can't lie anymore! Look at me.
Look at me!
You are working for Chaiko,
aren't you?
I'm sorry.
He made me.
"He made me. "
Galina, you used to hate him
as much as me.
You ran away, I had to face them.
Yes, I was selfish. I still am.
I'm not a hero, I'm just a dancer.
It's all I can do.
It's what I live for.
But they will never let me dance
for myself here.
No matter what they say.
I can't start all over again.
I can't risk everything
that I've fought for.
I understand.
Oh, Kolya, I'm too frightened.
It's all right.
It's all right.
I won't let them destroy you.
How can I?
Mr. Scott!
Hello, colonel. How are you?
I'm fine.
Have you met Miss Ivanova?
No. No.
It really is a very great pleasure
to meet you.
Wynn Scott,
from the American Embassy.
Watch out, Galina, he's a spy.
No, no.
Now you're exaggerating, colonel.
I'm not a spy.
Today, the slang expression
is "spook. "
No. We don't like that word. In fact, we
just get real sensitive about that one.
Mr. Scott worked in Iran before he
came here. Before that, in Saigon.
Oh, really?
He makes it sound worse than it is.
Excuse me. Very nice to meet you.
Rodchenko is awake
here in Leningrad.
I still have a lot of contacts with
the Minneapolis Art Center.
There's just so much interest
in ballet back there.
If they wanted to get in touch...
Ploschad Mira Bazaar, Friday at 11.
Well, I'll have them write you there.
Thank you so very much.
My God, Minneapolis.
These Americans are
really hopeless.
What do you know about
this Galina Ivanova?
They were lovers before he defected.
Now, after you call Washington,
I'll call The New York Times.
Wait a minute, I talked to Washington.
We can't move until we get proof.
We've got proof! She saw him.
But she was with Chaiko!
It's a plant, I know it. I know it.
He's trying to manipulate us.
Stop this cloak-and-dagger bullshit and
do something. He's there, I can feel it.
This guy, Chaiko,
has put together something fantastic.
He's got eyewitnesses to the fact that Rodchenko
was severely injured, you included, I might add.
He supplied us with the x-rays and
they look alarming. What do we got?
The word of a ballerina who happens to be a
jilted girlfriend. Forget it. Nobody's seen him.
Oh, who asked you? I can focus
world opinion, and I'm going to do it.
Let me play devil's advocate here,
Ms. Wyatt, and tell you:
If you were to jeopardize their present
sweet-smelling position with world opinion,
they just might try
to protect themselves.
They could fly him to Siberia,
give him an overdose of drugs,
and say he died of his injuries.
Oh, my God.
I'm being as blunt as I can, Ms. Wyatt, because I don't
want you to kid yourself about the press conference.
That sort of thing
just doesn't fly over here.
Anne, get yourself a cup of tea.
It's gonna be a long day.
Please, this man is very special.
I'll do all I can.
Believe me.
Goddamn I wanna get
this rat-fucker Chaiko!
You got any ideas?
I'm gonna go back to Leningrad. You
may have to join me there in a few days.
We might even be able to use her,
and her international press contacts.
Come on, get off your ass!
You're supposed to be my shadow,
aren't you? Let's see you move.
Listen, man, I'm not your servant
and I'm not your babysitter.
Brings up an interesting point.
What exactly are you?
Fuck you.
Let's go.
Where's that famous natural rhythm?
What, did you lose it in Siberia?
Here it is. You see this?
Good morning, young lady.
Buy some flowers?
No, I'm waiting for someone.
Come on, darling,
potatoes from Estonia.
Not very fresh.
Look, you can eat it raw, first quality.
Not today.
Where are they hiding him?
It's okay to talk.
I'm from the embassy. Scott sent me.
Just tell me quickly and quietly,
where are they keeping him?
Don't walk away from me
when I'm talking to you.
You are boring me.
I'm not a fool. I could see the way you were
looking at Darya. You better watch it, man.
You've done a great job
taking care of your wife.
Look, you asshole...
Why don't you go take a shower.
No problem.
Better think about what I said.
I will.
God, he's an asshole.
Why did you want to talk to me?
Look, I can't take it anymore.
How do you expect me to feel,
being locked up with that?
He's scum.
Something out of the sewer.
I found it repulsive.
What's that?
How she could have married him.
The wife. Darya.
Ah. You know, some women.
Shock value.
She was very young.
And you know what they say about...
black studs.
To see an extraordinary woman
like her tied into this...
I can't look at it.
She could have any man she wanted.
You should have seen her
when she was younger.
It's fine for one night,
as a curiosity or cheap thrill.
But how could she have married that?
I can't believe it.
I don't know. I find it myself
completely unappetizing.
You fancy her, don't you?
No, I'm simply amazed that
it would have been allowed.
If you're truly interested...
She regrets it. I can feel it.
She really does.
She's wasting herself on this...
Chaiko let me go. He just let me go.
I'm so sorry.
I'm all right.
Really, I'm all right.
You're all right?
Don't worry.
Oh, baby.
Come on.
Living like this,
we're like rats in a cage.
When he took you away...
It doesn't matter.
It does matter.
We can't live like this, Dasha.
If it wasn't for me...
It was gonna be one of them.
Silent, numb. I couldn't have been
any happier than I am with you.
I'm nothing. I failed at everything.
I didn't get you back. Nik did.
Listen to me.
Pretended he was into you.
Listen. None of this matters.
I learned to ignore...
You can't ignore them all...
Raymond! I'm pregnant.
We're going to have a baby.
Oh, Dasha.
I don't care what happens.
They can't imprison me anymore.
I feel so strong.
I feel I could fly over the city.
I can't tell anymore whether
it's morning or nighttime.
It's 4 in the morning.
You didn't sleep?
For what?
For getting her back.
He fell for the racist bit.
Yeah, you did it.
Now you have to make up
your mind. I'm going.
Whether you help me or not.
I won't turn you in.
But are you sure
you can trust Ivanova?
Then we're going with you.
Don't be crazy.
I'm willing to risk my life. But I won't
take responsibility for both of you.
You need us to get out of this building.
Either count us in, or forget it.
But you told me that...
She's pregnant.
It's the first thing in a long time
that's given me some hope.
Know what Chaiko will do
if you're caught?
You're taking the risk, aren't you?
They almost destroyed me.
I'm not gonna give them a chance
to do that to my kid.
And Darya agreed?
No, she doesn't know yet.
She won't want to go.
Whether it's one or three,
the odds are against making it.
You better think about it.
After midnight's the best time. These two
guys down here, they get into a chess match.
They play for hours and hours
every night.
I've been watching them too.
They get very involved.
I'm pretty sure they're the only ones
watching the building.
Give me a break.
We're not gonna try that again.
You're never gonna learn this.
I need the exercise.
And besides,
your primitive steps amuse me.
Come on, teacher.
This is the last time I'm doing it.
Let's show him
how effective you've been.
Remember when you said you wished
we could just disappear? Fly away?
Why don't we do it. Just go.
Take control of our own lives.
Be serious.
I'm very serious.
I feel this baby growing inside you.
I feel very strong and clear.
We gotta leave here, Dasha.
Shh. Be quiet! It's impossible.
Nik's getting out of here tonight,
and we're going with him.
Are you crazy? It will be suicide.
Listen to me.
We belong here.
Listen to me.
It's a chance for the baby
to have a real life, be free.
We can't ask a child
to grow up in this prison.
You know, you always talk about
freedom. You never ask me what I want.
I'll choose what I will do, nobody else.
The baby will make it worse for us.
They'll never leave us alone.
I won't leave.
This is my home! I'm Russian!
Things will change.
Our lives are worthless.
Look what we've become.
How dare you insult our lives.
What good am I gonna do to my kid
in a labor camp?
Stop it!
If we can make it to the consulate,
we'll be safe.
Kolya put pressure on
the State Department to get us out.
Please. It's dangerous.
I'm gonna do something right
this time.
Raymond, I love you.
Let's get this straight.
If I dance here again,
I'll dance only what I choose.
How dare you come in here like this.
You certainly won't be choosing
what I dance, and with whom.
Your ego is really incredible.
You're stuck here, face it.
And you'll dance, like it or not.
If you're clever,
you will not alienate me.
That's better.
Look. This is a tape of you I found
when you first came to Leningrad.
Ah, you see how young you were?
It was 20 years ago.
But now you're back here
where you belong. Accept it.
If you can cross Griboyedov Canal
by midnight,
there will be an American diplomat
waiting for you at the Lion Bridge.
His name is Scott.
He will drive you to the consulate.
Thank you, my love.
Tell me, if I had asked you
to come with me the first time,
would you have come?
Probably not.
I wish you could come with me now.
You know I can't.
My place is here.
I'll never see you again.
Don't forget me.
I'll always love you.
Go now, please. Go fast.
We're getting rid of
your friends tomorrow.
We're going.
Cut the shit!
I know what you're up to.
I'm so tired of your vulgarity.
Leave her alone.
Listen, she's my wife!
Is that the law of the jungle?
You little asshole.
Will you please stop it!
Yeah, I'll stop it.
I want you out of our lives,
right now!
You'll get your wish soon enough.
Stop. Calm down.
Calm down? You see what
this little shit is trying to do?
All I have to do is tell Chaiko
I want you out of here tonight...
and you're gone.
You arrogant little punk!
You just did it for the money.
That's why you defected. Admit it!
Turn around.
What's the matter?
Just do as you're told.
You heard him.
If I were you, I wouldn't
piss Chaiko off anymore.
Look who's buddy-buddy
with Chaiko now.
Raymond, please, leave him alone.
He's scared. A little pressure
and he loses his backbone.
No more Mr. Tough Guy talk, huh?
Just begging to dance here now.
I've listened to enough
of your insults.
Either go in your room
and shut up...
or I'm calling Chaiko now!
Go ahead and call him.
He's right. Let's go to our room.
We're out of here tomorrow.
You're right about that one.
Raymond, come on!
Let's go to the room.
I'll be there in a minute.
I'm sorry for losing my temper.
It's a little late for apologies.
Don't make this any harder
than it already is.
Have you set your mind on staying?
Do I have a choice?
So, what happens to me and Darya?
You've done your job. Stool pigeon.
I don't care about you,
but I feel sorry for her.
You can't stand it, can you?
That she loves me.
It disturbs your racist consciousness.
Good luck.
The proletariat has nothing to lose
but its spare change.
Hurry up.
Come on.
Come on, little more.
Well, colonel, now what?
I want to go up to
the monitoring room.
Come on. Let's move.
The door's locked.
Get the landlady down, stupid!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I love you.
Where is he going?
I don't know. Let's go.
Where is he going?
Let's go.
If it weren't for what they'd do to me
and my wife, I'd break your neck.
It took you long enough.
You should have come in the front.
Is everything okay?
Of course.
All decent people are asleep.
I want to hear
what's going on up there.
Damn it!
They're blocking the side entrance.
Through the lobby.
I won't go without Raymond!
We've gone too far.
I don't care.
Raymond's only chance is for us
to make it to the consulate.
Get back!
Let me go.
What's happening up there?
I've got to talk to you now!
Let him come.
Quickly, the transcripts.
How recent?
Half-hour ago.
Keep inside.
I'm not gonna have my dick cut off
for that little shit! I'll kill him!
Calm down or I'll have you subdued!
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Come inside. I want to talk to you.
I'm sorry.
Sorry. I lost my head.
You want to talk?
I'll tell you something too.
He's leaving in a couple of days
anyway, right?
Come and have a drink.
Now, Raymond.
What is it?
Get him out of our lives.
Are you ordering me now?
She's my wife!
You gotta get him away from my wife!
You're a man, you should understand!
I'm sorry for losing my temper.
It's a little late for apologies.
Don't make this any harder
than it already is.
Let me listen.
You can't stand it, can you?
That she loves me.
It disturbs your racist consciousness.
Is this a recording?
No. It's live.
Don't try to out-drink a Russian.
It's in our blood.
What is it?
You should hear something.
But, Colonel Chaiko...
Captain Kirigin,
can't you see I'm busy?
As you wish.
Be careful.
Come on.
He should be on the other side.
I don't know.
Somebody named Scott.
Wynn Scott.
We should leave your friend here.
She's going with us!
I'm going back.
You know what would happen
to you and your baby?
This is meaningless unless
we can get back to the consulate.
Let's go.
You know, Raymond,
your wife is Russian.
She has a mind of her own.
You have to give her
a chance to think.
It's finished.
Let's open up another bottle.
You've had enough.
You set this all up, didn't you?
Trying to get him to fall for my wife.
Get him in my bed.
Now I can listen. Get up!
I won't listen to anything
you put together.
Come on. Sit down,
have another drink.
Get up!
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
I don't want to hear it!
Come on back inside.
You black bastard.
Son of a bitch! You're too late!
Too late, motherfucker!
Everybody downstairs. Now!
I tried to tell you.
Call out the militia.
Cover all western consulates!
Can you drive faster?
We don't want to blow it by speeding.
Take it easy. It's not far.
Just try to relax.
Are you hungry? There's a party
at the consulate tonight.
A lot of Third World diplomats.
Every one of them
a non-aligned, unbiased witness.
Chaiko can't call them
American liars.
Could you hurry?
Hang on, it's not far.
We're getting closer all the time.
Straight or by the church?
Go right, it's faster.
There it is.
Inside those gates, you're home free!
I told you we'd make it.
Look out!
Traffic boys, not KGB.
Get out of the car.
Try to be seen.
I'm from the American consulate,
with diplomatic immunity.
These people are with me.
That's only Scott's car!
No, it's him.
The car's too far away to tell.
You can't go outside those gates!
We've got to be sure it's him.
Ladies and gentlemen,
come right ahead.
Come on, everybody!
Come right ahead.
Damn it!
Block the entrance.
Get that one! Shoot that one!
Nice try, Mr. Scott.
We've got cameras, colonel.
Too far.
Not with a telephoto.
A 200 mm will get a nice close-up
from there.
Those are Third World diplomats.
Explain Rodchenko to them.
A good night for a walk.
Peruvians, Africans, Asians.
Just keep walking.
Are these countries you want
to impress with your Soviet idealism?
Get your hands off me,
I'm an American diplomat!
Don't be a fool, Rodchenko,
you're still a criminal.
Think about it, Chaiko. The world's
gonna know Rodchenko was here.
I'll have you shot if you resist.
Keep walking.
There are witnesses!
Tell them to open the stupid gate.
I can't.
They're too far away.
It's got to be a positive identification.
You'll be held responsible, Chaiko!
Moscow will hold you responsible!
You're playing with your friend's life.
Don't stop.
She's a Soviet citizen.
I'm warning you, Rodchenko.
Arrest her!
No! No!
Take your hands off me!
You record that! Look at that woman.
Anne! It's me, Kolya!
There he is!
The last thing you need now
is evidence of Soviet repression.
There's your proof.
Release her with me.
I'll shut up about everything.
What are you doing? Release her!
Make sure the videotape is rolling.
She's just a little overexcited.
That's right, here he is.
Don't forget I have her husband.
Rodchenko, how were you treated?
Very well.
Now, wait. Wait. We've got to record
it. Don't do anything to spoil it.
All right, open the gate.
Stay right here.
The superiority of Soviet medicine
has saved a great artist's life.
Our generous return of this convicted
criminal to his adopted country,
is, we trust, the proof
of our continuing struggle
towards world peace
and brotherhood.
Nik! I never gave up on you.
Come in here, darling.
Come in. I knew it!
Here he is, everybody! Rodchenko!
I told you.
Back where you belong.
Secure these gates.
I'm always relieved
when the white nights are over.
I'll be very relieved
when the whole business is over.
Don't you feel well?
Prison made you a bit pale.
I want to get a message to my wife.
We'll send her your things.
They got out, didn't they?
Funny, the Americans didn't want you
any more than we did.
Get out.
Tell me why...
Get out, black ass.
Get him out.
So long, Greenwood.
Rifles up!
Don't shoot me in the back.
Just walk.
Welcome, comrade.
Thank you, comrade.
Help our Latin comrade to the car.
Raymond. Raymond.
You're across the border. Raymond.
You're free. You're free.
I thought I'd never see you again.
How? I don't understand.
You were traded.
Yes. We exchanged a scum
for a hero of the people.
What's the American expression?
"Something for nothing. "
You can pretend anything you want,
Chaiko. But you lost...
and you know it.
Don't expect any "welcome home"
signs, Mr. Deserter.
I'm going home.
For better or for worse,
I'm going home.
Thanks, Nik. Thanks.