White Orchid (2018) Movie Script

[piano music playing]
[seabird calling]
Hello. Is this
a David D. Finch?
Uh, yes. Yes, it is.
My name is
Claire Decker.
I'm a freelance investigator
for San Luis Obispo County
for Social Services.
I found a birthday card
from 1992.
It's great work again,
You sure I can't
hire you full-time?
You know, uh, my nephew,
he still talks
about you.
He's an associate professor
now at Cal Poly.
Thank you.
That's very sweet,
but I don't think so.
I'm sorry.
Well, I had to try.
I want you
to take this case.
I couldn't.
Sure, you could,
and it'll do you good.
You're always saying how all
you do is sit around at home.
The truth be told
is I don't really want
to give this
to one of my people.
I think this case would be
best handled out of house.
I don't know.
You know, we're so seldom
assigned murder victims,
and there has never been a case
like this in our department.
This is important to me.
Now, you'll have to meet
with Sheriff Mann.
He and I have a little
bit of a history,
so he's gonna angle to try and
get you thrown off the case
at every corner, but the fact
is that after six months,
if the decedent has
no known relatives,
then they are required
to report it to us.
You could be doing
some good here, Claire.
You're an excellent
You are.
[motor chugging]
Have fun.
Thanks a lot.
[seal barks]
[camera clicking]
MANN: I like you, Claire.
We've worked together before,
but this is
not what you do.
This is not some spinster
found dead all alone.
This is not some old man found in a
remote farmhouse on Black Mountain Road.
This is not that.
I'm simply
following protocol, sir.
I called Vivian--
Ms. Hershey--directly.
I asked her
not to intervene.
She does this
just to spite me.
Claire, look.
She was shot
through the heart.
Her head severed
from her body
with almost
surgical precision.
Both of her hands removed,
cut clean through the bone,
most likely with
a medical power saw.
Her breast implants
were sliced from her torso
with a scalpel
or very sharp razor.
This is the picture
that the public sees.
is what I see.
This is why
I can't sleep at night.
How are your daughters,
They're good. Heh.
They're great, actually.
Loves of my life.
They've really
bounced back since--
well, since my wife died.
Sir, I haven't had a chance
to tell you personally,
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
I've made you a confidential
copy of the case file.
As you know,
our victim took great pains
to make sure that her
identity was a secret.
Her driver's license, social
security card, both fake.
That's not even her picture,
just some actress from L.A.
She rented
the Chandler house
almost exactly three months
before the murder.
It's hidden up there,
but it's really one
of the most beautiful
houses on the coast,
so it's not cheap.
She kept mostly to herself.
She did do some volunteer work
for a local food bank
delivering, you know, meals to
the elderly, to the infirm.
There's a list in there.
She also had a series of...
one-night stands,
both men and women.
You'll find wigs, perfume...
sexual items
up at the house.
She would lure
these people there.
They'd drink
and do drugs and...
She was not a good girl,
not like you.
Claire, your job
is strictly her identity.
Do not get involved
with the murder investigation.
The caretaker has the keys.
He knows you're coming.
You'll have access
for 24 hours a day,
whenever you want to
at the house,
although I don't know
what you'll see.
We've been over every inch.
What do you think?
To be honest...
I'm afraid she might find
something we missed.
He thinks
I'm this wallflower.
Well, you are a wallflower.
God, I can't believe
you're on this case.
Don't you have to be at
rehearsal or something?
Your--Your boyfriend James,
he just got a new car.
Why don't you go take
a long, hard ride?
I'm playing Chopin
at the festival on Friday.
I'll leave two tickets.
Can you drop it?
I don't know
if I can do anything,
but I'll try.
[seabirds calling]
Listen, when she moved in,
was the house completely empty?
except for the phone.
She told me she had bad
credit and no credit cards.
They'd made her put
the phone in my name.
She even used my old
answering machine.
Who uses those anymore?
There's one now.
the lookie-loos.
They'll drive right up
here in her driveway.
I even catch 'em sneaking
around the yard.
I should remove it.
[tone whining]
[tone stops]
[car stereo]
I see her every day
She come out,
but she don't play
Red heels, red lips
TINA: What's with
all the plants?
Yeah, I picked them up
last night.
I just realized it seemed
so empty in here.
Her house is amazing.
She has such nice things,
her makeup, her perfume.
Are you
wearing contacts?
Yeah. I hardly
ever wear them, but--
The thing is that I know that Mann
is gonna get me thrown off the case
if I find
anything substantial.
You gonna go back there?
She has a whole drawer
full of sex toys.
We need to go shopping.
Hey, Claire.
Good morning, Annie.
You're here like
clockwork every week.
Oh, and what's this? Are
we getting kinda fancy?
Going out
this weekend?
It's gonna look
really good on you.
[bag rustles]
[car door closes]
[tires squeal]
[garage door rattling]
[engine rumbling]
[revs engine]
[clears throat]
[turns off engine]
Hello, Claire.
Thought I'd swing by,
see how you were doing.
Doing fine.
Find anything?
There's not much
to see so far.
Nice car.
It's beautiful.
You know, keep me informed
if you find anything.
Of course, sir.
I'm gonna go around and talk to
some of the neighbors tomorrow.
You look good, Claire.
[water splashing]
[cell phone buzzing]
Vivian, hi.
Hey. Just checking in.
Yeah, I was gonna just
call you in the morning.
I'm still
going through stuff.
Hmm. Have you
found anything?
No.Well, just so you know,
Mann called again
this morning,
asking me to take you
off the case,
and I just politely
told him to fuck off.
Thank you.
Well, you find anything,
you let me know.
Have a good night.
I like the new look,
[perfume sprays]
She brought strange men back to
that apartment time and time again.
This is
a nice community.
It's respectable.
[dog whimpers]
She was
amazingly beautiful,
and she seemed
like such a nice person.
[doorbell rings]
Oh, you said
you'd come back.
Um, no,
I'm sorry, ma'am.
My name is
Claire Decker.
I'm a freelance
for San Luis Obispo County
for Social Services.
I don't talk to police.
I'm sorry.
I'm--I'm not police.
You're wearing her perfume.
I am.
She was
a very nice young lady.
Ma'am, would it be okay
if I asked you a few
questions about her?
We'd like to find out
who she was,
settle her estate.
My name is Teresa Suskind.
Come in.
Please, sit down.
I would
offer you coffee,
but I'm out of supplies.
Juliette used
to bring me supplies
from the food bank
every once in a while.
So how well
did you know Juliette?
Oh, she'd stop by
once or twice a week.
She liked to talk.
Did she ever tell you
anything about her life,
any places that she
had lived before?
That perfume.
I'm so sorry.
If you'll forgive me,
I just need a moment.
Of course.
Are you all right?
Juliette is
not coming back.
I've seen...
photographs. Uh...
It's so very sad.
Teresa, do you
have any family?
Would people know who to contact
in case of an emergency?
It's back there, dear,
in the closet
just before the bedroom.
It's something
you should have.
On the floor.
The last time
she was here,
she left it.
If she's not
coming back for it,
well, you'll know
what to do with it.
[telephone rings]
Hello. This is
Juliette Towne.
I'm not here right now,
so please leave your name
and number. Thanks.
[answering machine beeps]
[man chuckles]
Hello, Claire.
[soft jazz playing]
[safety clicks]
[overlapping chatter]
[soft music playing]
Right. Well--
You like my dress?
Yeah. It's nice.
[piano playing]
[piano continues]
[liquid pours]
[cell phone buzzing]
Good morning,
Detective Mann.
Claire, there was a
break-in last night,
an elderly blind
woman, Teresa Suskind.
She lives in that yellow
trailer on Scott Street.
Oh, my God. Is she okay?
She's fine.
The place was ransacked.
Nothing was taken.
It was a man.
Now, Claire,
the landlord said
that she saw you
at Teresa's yesterday.
I did speak
to her yesterday, yes,
and some other people
on the list.
So you spoke to a woman
who never talks to us,
and, that night,
there was a break-in?
Is there anything you're
not telling me, Claire?
How's it going?
Her name is Jessica.
These were given to me
by an elderly neighbor
of hers,
a woman who she used
to deliver meals to.
Now, the woman is blind, but
they had many conversations.
Wait. Are you sure
these are the decedent's?
I mean, maybe she had a child. No, I know.
I haven't brought these
to the attention
of the Sheriff's
Department yet.
Now, Vivian, you know that as soon
as I find a substantial lead,
he's gonna throw me
off the case.
I can find out more.
Well, look, it's been
six months since the murder.
I suppose a couple more days
isn't gonna hurt anything.
You do what you need to do,
but you make sure it does not
reflect badly on this department.
Thank you.
I'll call you.
Our little girl,
she's all grown up.
Hey. You going on a trip?
Could I ask you
a small favor?
Could you watch this
for me for a couple of days?
Uh, hide it?
I know that it
sounds really strange.
It's a long story, and I
can't get into it right now,
but it's really
important to me.
It's fine. Don't worry.
I'll hide it for you.
Oh, and...
don't open it.
I'm not gonna open
your suitcase, Claire.
Great. Thank you.
Who's that? That's my daughter.
She's coming to town
for a few days.
I'm really excited.
I did not know
that you had a daughter.
Yeah. There's a lot
you don't know.
Maybe, uh--maybe
you can meet her.
We can go for a picnic
or something like that.
Or maybe I can just watch
your suitcase for you.
Thank you.
[gravel crunches]
[telephone rings]
Hello. This is
Juliette Towne.
I'm not here right now,
so please leave your name
and number. Thanks.
[tires squeal]Adios.
[answering machine beeps]
[man laughs]
You think you can get away
with this, Claire?
That smells delicious.
You didn't turn in
the suitcase, did you?
I did not.
Feels good to do the wrong
thing sometimes, hmm?
It does.
Be a bad girl.
I'm sorry
about the break-in.
He was looking for that
suitcase, wasn't he?
Of course, my dear.
Did he speak?
Did he say anything?
I spoke to him.
He was not very happy by the
time he walked out that door.
Is he the killer?
Oh, no.
He was an errand boy.
Have you always
been so shy, Claire?
I'm not shy.
I'm not shy.
I just like being alone.
I was the same way,
my dear,
until I met my husband.
It's amazing
how love changes you.
Your hair changes,
your clothes,
the way you speak.
But it happens
on the inside, too.
One day, you wake up...
and you're
a different person.
[woman vocalizing]
[door rattles]
[door rattles]
[door rattles]
[door rattling]
[crickets chirping]
[door rattles]
[door rattles]
There's someone in there.
Oh, God.
[footsteps shuffling]
Oh, go, go.
[boat horn blows]
[cell phone buzzing]
Good morning, John.
Claire, were you
here at the house
around midnight
last night?
No, I left at 8:00.
Well, I received an e-mail this
morning from "The Tribune"
with a photograph
they're gonna run with.
A photograph?
Yeah, it's on
their website already.
Do you have
your house keys?
Uh, yeah. I have
them right here.
Well, there must have
been a break-in.
Oh, my God.
You did lock
all the doors when you left?
Could this image
have been manipulated?
"Trib" assures me
that it's not.
It was given to them
by two teenage girls.
They even admit
to being here last night,
even trying the door.
Oh, this is spooky.
I'm gonna need
to dust for prints today.
Are you coming by?
No, John.
I have other plans.
[trolley bell rings]
Welcome to Hotel Rex.
Hi. I'm just curious
about the orchids
that you have
in the window.
Oh, yes. We have fresh flowers
in all the rooms.
We also have a delivery
service for our guests.
We do weddings, events.
Oh, we also deliver for the
medical center up the street.
Thank you. Is it okay
if I just have a drink?
Of course. Please.
Enjoy our happy hour.
[siren passing outside]
[piano music playing]
Well, good afternoon.
I'll have a vodka...
With a twist?
How 'bout dirty?
All right.
[ice rattling]
...he's coming in,
and he's busting my chops...
Can I put it
to your room?
No. I'm not staying here.
A friend...
stayed here,
and she recommended it,
so I thought I would try it.
Well, it is
a great place.
Seems like a nice area.
Oh, yeah, it is. I mean, we're
so close to Union Square,
great shopping,
and museums,
and we're lucky to have the medical
center right up the street.
What kind
of medical center is it?
I shouldn't really say,
but it's mostly
plastic surgery.
We have deals with
many of the doctors.
Their patients
stay here.
You know, they check in the night
before they have a little work done.
My friend did that.
there's one of the
doctors right there.
He comes in almost every
day for happy hour,
Dr. Barry Hardin.
Nice guy.
Thank you.
I'll be right here.
Enjoy your drink.
I am fairly certain
that she was here.
Is there any way that you
could look it up for me?
I'm afraid you're gonna have to put
that request in through corporate.
I'm not allowed to give that kind of
information about guests who stay here.
Of course. Thank you.
[car horn honks]
[camera clicks]
You're back. It's getting late,
and I don't want
to drive home.
Do you have any available
rooms tonight?
We do, actually.
Let me see what we have.
the SLO News Radio archive.
The FBI have announced
that apparent suicide
is the probable cause for the
disappearance of Sylvia Hardin,
the wife of San Francisco
plastic surgeon Barry Hardin.
[cell phone buzzing]
She disappeared an estimated
100 miles east of Oahu...
Claire. I've been
at the house all day.
No locks are broken.
There's no signs
of forced entry.
There's no new
fingerprints except yours,
and they are everywhere.
Well, it's my job to be there
and go through everything.
It's hard to find
a print of the victim's.
You seem to have
taken over.
I'm assigning
a car out front
for the next
24 hours.
Are you
coming by tonight?
I'm in San Francisco.
Not to do
with the case?
It's the anniversary
of my parents' death.
They passed away in a boating
accident in the bay here,
so I--I come up
every year.
I'm sorry
to hear that.
Thank you.
Anyway, I'll be
heading back tomorrow,
and I will be going
to the house,
so should only need
another day or two,
and then I'll file my report
and give it over to you.
That's the one.
I saw her
wearing it.
...probable cause
for the disappearance
of Sylvia Hardin,
the wife of San Francisco
plastic surgeon
Barry Hardin.
She disappeared an estimated
100 miles east of Oahu
while on a South Seas
cruise three weeks ago.
After intensive interviews with the
doctor and numerous witnesses,
no charges
have been filed.
Sylvia Hardin
was 34 years old
and a noted philanthropist
in the city.
Despite a three-day search by the U.S.
Coast Guard,
no body
has been recovered.
[trolley bell rings]
[overlapping chatter]
[woman vocalizing]
Here's your martini.
[vocalizing continues]
It's almost last call.
May I, uh,
buy you another martini?
I was going to call you, but Tina
said you were out of town working.
Yeah. What's up?
There was a guy at your door
last night when I got home.
I'm pretty sure he
was trying to break in,
so I called out to him,
but he used your name,
said he was
a friend of yours.
Ah, it's nothing
to worry about.
He had a gun, Claire.
Yeah, I saw it
underneath his jacket.
Does this have anything to do
with that suitcase you left me?
Is that
what he was after?
I knew you'd
surprise me one day,
but I never
expected this. Um...
look, I'm happy to help out a
neighbor, help you out, Claire,
but I can't have that,
You understand?
I have my daughter
in town.
I can't be involved in
anything illegal or dangerous.
Of course.
I'm really sorry.
I can come right now,
take it back.
Okay, good, 'cause this
needs to be a safe place
all the time, but
especially when she's here.
[Teresa wheezes]
Can I ask
a small favor?
I've put the suitcase back in the closet.
I'll be back for it.
So nice of you
to stop by, Juliette.
Teresa, I'm Claire.
Claire. Of course.
I'm sorry, dear.
I can't keep the suitcase
at my house,
but the man
who's looking for it,
he won't check back here.
No, he won't.
Teresa, are you all right?
I'm just fine.
I have some advice
for you.
Don't ever get old.
Could this body be
the doctor's wife, then?
No, can't be.
The cruise with
Sylvia Hardin on it
left San Francisco three days
after that body was found.
Also, that body was
never in the water.
[sighs] Oh, God. Uh...
That body is Jessica.
So Hardin has
an affair with Jessica.
The wife can't take it.
She commits suicide.
There are eyewitnesses
that saw Sylvia Hardin
at the railing
of the cruise ship.
Hardin was in the bar
at the time.
He has an alibi, but...
Jessica was
at the Hotel Rex.
She stayed there.
Hardin's there
all the time.
He works
down the street.
It can't be
a coincidence.
And he's a doctor.
So Hardin's the killer?
He's involved somehow,
and there is only
one way to find out.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna go
back up there tomorrow.
Oh, well, I have a gig.
You should stop by.
I'm confronting Hardin.
I'm gonna confront him in
the bar of the Hotel Rex.
If he did it, if he's
involved somehow...
I'm gonna know.
That's too dangerous.
What if he's the kill--
Look at this.
I don't care.
I have to know.
As soon as I do it,
I will turn everything
over to the police.
What are you gonna say?
I'm not gonna have
to say a single word.
[siren passing]
And what can I get you?
I'll have a vodka martini,
I don't believe it.
I'm sorry?
Y-You're not Jessica.
No. My name is Sylvia.
Dr. Hardin,
good evening.
The usual?
No, thanks.
I know.
What was that all about?
I don't know.
He must have taken ill.
It looked as if
he'd seen a ghost.
Ah, that's it.
You look very much like a
woman that used to stay here,
Jessica Dupont.
She knew the doctor.
Did you know her?
Yeah, she'd come in for a
drink every now and then,
sit right there.
WOMAN: Excuse me.
Are you Jessica?
I heard that man.
Yes, I am Jessica.
I'm Bianca.
I had a friend who stayed here
about a year ago,
and I swear she met you.
Oh. Who was your friend?
She was only here
for a night.
I doubt you'd remember her.
But she described
in great detail
the most exquisitely
beautiful ice blonde
that she met here
at this bar.
Would you like
to join me?
If you'll excuse me,
I just have to make
a quick phone call.
Shouldn't take long.
I'll be back.
[cell phone buzzes]
John, it's Claire.
Claire, I was
just about to call you.
Teresa Suskind had
a very bad stroke.
Her landlord found her. What?
I went over there myself.
You have to get
back there right away.
Th-There's a suitcase in the closet.
It belonged to Jessica.
It's very important
that you get it.
Yes, I found it.
It's sitting
right in front of me.
Claire, I need you
to tell me everything.
Who's Jessica?
Juliette Towne's
real name is Jessica.
Last name
might be Dupont.
She spent a lot of time
here at the Hotel Rex
in San Francisco. That's
where I am right now.
I believe--I know
that she was murdered
by a plastic surgeon
named Barry Hardin.
Get a pen.
Start writing things down.
Here you go. Enjoy.
CLAIRE: That's it.
That's everything.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'm so sorry.
That took a little bit
longer than I expected.
It's perfectly all right.
I ordered you
another drink.
Oh, thank you.
Extra dirty.
Ah, that's
how I like it.
You're so beautiful.
Thank you.
That phone call
seemed a little intense.
Mm, it's been
quite a week.
It's over now,
which I guess is good,
but I'm a little sad.
I had to find
something out,
and I did.
A good friend of mine
used to say,
"Don't cry
because it's over.
Smile because it happened."
I like that.
[rock band playing]
I see her every day
She come out,
but she don't play
Red heels, red nails,
ripped jeans
And we all can tell
Half trash, half class
Oh, I'll never get a pass,
no matter how hard I try
Mmm, Mother, may I?
So hot,
she could stop a clock
I can't shake it,
gotta walk this off
Black hair, black hat
Beware her spell
We all can tell
Her voice, my vice
Oh, she'll
make me pay the price
'Til the day I die
Mother, may I?
[song continues]
[trolley bell rings]
[trolley bell rings]
[song fades]
[trolley bell rings]
[trolley bell ringing]
[phone line ringing]
[cell phone buzzing]
Good morning, John.
Claire, SFPD went by
Hardin's early this morning.
They found him dead,
murdered, shot right
through the heart.
That can't be.
He's responsible
for Jessica's murder.
I know. He might have
even done it himself.
I'm certain. I confronted
him last night
in the lobby
of the Hotel Rex.
You did what?
I confronted him.
Hardin confessed to you?
No, but I could tell
by the look on his face.
Claire, there's a blonde wig
missing from the house here.
I have it.
I need you back here
or I'm gonna put a warrant
out for your arrest.
You have
withheld evidence.
You have
confronted a suspect,
and now he is dead.
Immediately, Claire!
Yes, sir. I'll head back
right away, first thing.
Start the paperwork
for a warrant.
Can't be.
[woman vocalizing]
Oh, no.
Hey. I thought you were
coming to the gig last night.
I saw someone who looked
like you, but...
couldn't have been you.
You still in town?
I'm headed home.
Hardin was murdered
last night.
And I know who did it.
Hang on.
I'm gonna call
you back, okay?
Wait. Claire--[beep]
You can't do this to me!
MAN: Be at the Chandler
house midnight, Claire.
WOMAN: Bring
some more champagne.
MAN: Oh, bring some good champagne.
dressed up as Jessica.
You confronted Hardin, and
that's the end of the story?
Last night after we
spoke on the phone,
you just went
back up to your room?
Tell the truth,
Hardin was murdered
last night.
I need to know whether or
not you have an alibi.
Vivian, this is
completely unacceptable.
I'm turning this entire thing
over to the County Supervisors.
They'll love
to hear how Claire
solved a case
that you couldn't.
But she didn't solve it.
Did you, Claire?
Hardin killed Jessica.
Who killed Hardin?!
I don't know.
Where were you
last night?
Did you kill Hardin? John, I don't like
the tenor of
this conversation.
If you're accusing
Claire of something,
then she needs
a lawyer here.
I want the truth.
Don't you want the truth?
You don't have
to say anything.
Claire, what else
do you know?
[woman vocalizing]
[key jangles]
[door closes]
It's nice
to finally be back.
You've kept the place up
so nicely.
The white orchid.
That was a nice touch.
I'm so glad
to finally meet someone
who understands how much
work this all is.
[glass scrapes]
[glasses ring]
a worthy adversary.
But you cost me $500,000
in that suitcase.
That was your mistake,
not mine.
Why did you
leave that behind?
I leave money
many places...
in case I need it
in a hurry.
This isn't the first time
you've done this.
And it won't
be the last.
Dr. Hardin was very good.
I can't tell
you've had any work done.
Barry was an artist.
Chin implant?
You're a natural beauty,
Some of us,
we need work.
I just love the way you
confronted Barry at the Rex.
You were incredible.
That look
on his face,
I live for moments
like that.
You killed him.
You'd be amazed at what people
will do for money, Claire.
You can hire someone
to do anything.
You've planned everything
so meticulously,
every last detail.
Well, that's how
it works, Claire.
I don't get caught.
That wouldn't
be any fun.
I always have
an escape plan, always,
so just when you think
you've got me,
think again.
Do you even remember
this little girl?
She doesn't matter.
She doesn't matter.
This time tomorrow,
I'll be somewhere else.
I'll be someone else.
is it all
just about the money?
Not the money, the game,
the sex.
But I must say,
that woman...
at the Rex
last night, Bianca,
she was stunning.
Is there anything
that you don't know?
To be honest, I'm not
exactly sure what you know.
Would you like me to lay
it all out for you?
Allow me.
You research.
You find a prominent
and wealthy plastic surgeon,
Dr. Barry Hardin.
You arrange to have
some minor work done,
and you lure him
into an affair.
But a man can't
just murder his wife.
She has to disappear
in plain sight.
I am so enjoying this.
Hardin does
more work on you,
just enough to make you
look like Sylvia,
the nose,
the larger breasts,
so that with a wig and her
beauty mark and her clothes,
you could
easily pass for her.
After you heal up,
you move away
to a small town
like Morro Bay,
and you establish yourself as
the mysterious Juliette Towne.
Three months later,
according to your plan,
Hardin murders his wife,
and that night, it's time
for Juliette Towne to disappear,
but before you go, you meticulously
clean this entire house,
and you leave behind
Sylvia Hardin's hairbrushes
and her toothbrushes,
her DNA.
That way,
the Sheriff's Department
connects that mutilated body
on the beach
with Juliette Towne, the mysterious
woman who lived in this house.
Not only does
the DNA match,
but now Juliette Towne
has disappeared.
But the truth is...
that the body on the beach,
Juliette Towne,
the body known
as the White Orchid,
is really Sylvia Hardin.
And then, three days later,
on that South Seas cruise
that's been booked for weeks,
that Sylvia must have told
all her friends about,
you board the ship
with Hardin.
The two of you lay low
for a couple of days,
and then you go for drinks
one night in the ship's bar.
You get into a fight just loud
enough for other people to hear.
You leave the bar.
Hardin stays there behind,
and you make sure that people
see you crying by the railing,
but then
when no one's looking,
you break the glass.
Poor Sylvia Hardin.
She's disappeared.
She jumped.
Maybe she fell.
It doesn't matter.
She's gone.
Bon voyage.
You're supposed to meet back
up with Hardin, but you don't,
and I don't know where you've
been for the last six months,
but you've blackmailed Hardin
for everything he's worth,
and here we are.
The story
comes to a close.
It's time for you
to disappear again.
You don't know
just how close you are.
You confess?
It's not the crime that's the
hard part, is it, Claire?
It's the getting away,
the disappearing.
Why did you risk
coming here tonight?
Came here to meet
the great Claire Decker
and to thank you.
I'll need to be much
more careful next time.
What makes you think
that I'm gonna let you go?
I knew if you
showed up here tonight,
you'd let me go.
And besides, well, I've
let you go, haven't I?
I mean, if I wanted to,
you'd be dead by now.
You're not
gonna shoot me, Claire.
You're gonna let me walk
right out that front door.
Do you know why?
Because you and I...
the same person.
You're not Jessica.
Until we meet again.
[door closes]
[tires squeal]
[car door opens]
[radio] That's a direct order.
Do it now.
[siren blares]
The suspect
is in custody.
[radio chatter continues]
It's all clear.
Go through the house,
and secure
the backyard, okay?
Are you okay, Claire?
Something's not right.
We heard everything.
We got it all.
It was way too easy.
[siren blares]
[woman vocalizing]
JAMES: She likes you.
She's a cool kid.
She's at that age where
she doesn't like anybody.
Hey, Daddy, check it out!
You guys have
an amazing relationship.
Thank you.
We're best friends.
That's awesome!
What's up with the case?
Oh, um, there was a break-in
at the house last night.
Somebody stole the white orchid
out of the window.
[chuckles] No way.
I'm surprised
it lasted this long.
[cell phone buzzing]
Shoo. Get outta here.
Be right back.
Claire, you were right.
It was too easy.
This morning,
Jessica confessed.
Jessica confessed
to being Sarah Richards,
an actress from Los Angeles.
She was paid $400,000
to meet with you
and play the role
of Jessica.
She even had
plastic surgery done.
[motor revving]
She had an earpiece.
We found it
in the patrol car.
Someone very nearby
was coaching her.
Claire, are you there?
The White Orchid
is still out there.
She did have an escape plan.
BIANCA: A good friend
of mine used to say,
"Don't cry
because it's over.
Smile because it happened."
[instrumental playing]