White Panjab (2023) Movie Script

You can always see the scars of bravery
on the bodies of the courageous.
Baba Nanak told the wrongdoers,
"Stay here and thrive."
And for the righteous,
He said, "May you be uprooted."
He instructed the wrongdoers
to remain there to ensure that
their negative
intentions are confined.
And Punjab continued
to face displacement.
It tries to find stability,
but it becomes a
target of conspiracies.
Perhaps, knowingly or unknowingly,
we are following Baba Nanak's words.
Let me tell you a story
about two boys in Punjab.
The story of Durlabh and Kesar.
Bro, you know our business took a major
hit after the COVID-19 crisis
Brick kiln business is in loss
and showrooms shut their doors,
and even kids started going abroad.
Here's our family's bank statements.
See it for yourself.
Open up, bro. It's just me.
Howdy, Head.
Well, well,
you sure took your sweet time.
You know, it's best to avoid stepping out
on eerie nights or in isolated places.
Use the code word.
And don't knock so hard, man.
Heart attacks can happen
at any age these days.
Death seems to find any excuse
to pay a visit. I am hopeless these days
Why do you worry?
You've got Sonu Badana, your buddy,
standing strong by your side.
No need to fret.
I'll make the rupee more powerful than
the dollar and solve all our problems.
Nah, bro.
This is the matter bro,
earlier we were happy
at village with just Few bucks
that made us feel like a millionaire
enjoy poppy husks
Yeah, exactly.
We could pick up odd jobs
and enjoy life like kings.
Ever since we joined the group,
we became the terrorizers for sure.
We made a name for ourselves,
became famous.
But life isn't the same anymore.
We're cut off from everyone we know.
Can't even have mobile phones.
It's been ages since
I last spoke to my parents.
My sister must be all grown up now.
I have no idea if anyone
even remembers me anymore.
We're all carrying our own personal
prisons, living like caged birds.
Constantly moving from
one place to another.
I'm sure jail will be better
than this life we are living.
But enough about me,
how's life treating you, bro?
I always wondered about
this but never asked before.
What is it?
Is Badana actually your last name?
"Let it go. Don't touch that wound."
Well, that's a long story, bro.
Alright, then don't tell me.
Sonu Badana never kept any
secrets from his friends, though.
I feel like I want to die, but...
When I was a kid, there used
to be a temple near our house.
Every Tuesday,
I would dress up like Jackie
Chan and go to the temple.
My family thought
- I was super dedicated to worship.
- Alright.
Little did they know, I was actually
going to eat Badana there.
I would first ask
the priest for some,
then I started stealing
it from other kids.
I got braver and braver,
no fear at all.
And then?
When I grew up, I fell in love with
the daughter of a Badana seller.
She was a real beauty,
and my love for her was as
sweet as her father's confections.
Natrajan Sweet's daughter.
I was head over heels in love.
I would go to their shop and
order and eat Badana all the time.
- Was she working there?
- Nah, man!
I was just trying to support
my future father-in-law financially.
- That must've worked well for him.
- It did.
He became successful,
got her married to a grocer
and gave Maruti 800 car as dowry.
But I had to sell my
own City 800 after that.
- My heart was shattered, you know.
- Okay.
- So then, the artist in me awakened.
- Okay.
That's when I thought
I should become an actor.
Moved to Chandigarh
to pursue my dreams.
And then?
Well, no moviemakers
wanted anything to do with me.
That's when I realized
the underworld needed a
guy like Sonu Badana desperately.
And from that point on,
there was no stopping me.
"Color me saffron."
- Kesar bro has come
- Huh?
"Color me saffron."
Oh my God,
our group's secret phrase makes us sound
like the most patriotic people ever.
It's like we would literally die
for our country, draped in its flag.
"A tub that's broke,"
"A tub that's broke,"
"Water keeps drip-dropping,"
"Through the sink it slithers,
like a sneaky serpent slipping,"
"Boy used to have a better life
back in the village.
Wait, Baba.
I'll play a song for you.
Here you go.
"I am crazy about useless things,
I don't fill the desk of any girl."
"God knows what will happen tomorrow; today is all
about celebrating with friends to the fullest."
Your non-alcoholic beer.
"God knows about tomorrow, today is all about
celebrating with close friends to the fullest."
"God knows about tomorrow; today, it's all about
celebrating with good friends to the fullest."
- Sonu.
- Yeah, bro?
Did you call the idiot?
Yeah, I did.
He's all talk, no action.
- Kept coming up with excuses.
- Really?
He had the nerve to say that the company
invests and makes all the money
and he only gets to enjoy
Snapchat and Instagram reels.
Well then, call up the
"Company" guys.
I already did.
- That guy seriously thinks he's so smart.
- Really?
He even said that
they started off great,
but are struggling now.
Now the game's changed and digital
guys are taking all the money.
Well, then call the digital guys.
Already did, bro.
I ended up feeling sorry for him,
can you believe it?
He told me that my phone call saved
him from doing something drastic.
He was about to consume poison.
I asked why.
He said they have no money left
because YouTube made ads expensive.
I even thought about giving
him some cash out of my own pocket.
They're all just great actors.
Tell them, if they're really
struggling, they should join us.
We'll give them jobs and money.
They even topped Manpreet Badal's
statement about empty coffers.
You know what,
let's do something.
Instead of shooting anyone
during these elections,
let's scare them like hell.
Then they'll come
to us with bags of money.
when you get that money,
spread it out on a bed.
I want to sleep on it.
I want to sleep like
there's no tomorrow.
There you go.
Sleep is such a beautiful thing,
isn't it?
Beer with carrots, seriously?
And we call ourselves gangsters.
Hey, Referee!
Your wrong entry could
get us all killed one day.
Actually, I prefer to
be called Umpire, not Referee.
Someone to let uncle,
I mean Baba know.
Why is everyone so down?
Look at me!
Your has cracked
an important RAW Code
Did you kill Durlabh?
Nah, not that big.
Where's Kesar Bai?
Hi, bro!
You'll be proud of me,
I found out where Durlabh is hiding.
They're hiding
in Haider's Farmhouse?
Are you sure?
I swear on Sonu Badana.
Damn you.
Hold this.
Proud of you.
Listen up, everyone.
We've been at this for 8 months now.
We finally know where
Durlabh is hiding.
We have to strike
before he escapes again.
He's only here for a few days,
so we won't have another
easy chance to find him.
We need to take down
Durlabh and his whole group.
If he escapes,
then we wont stay alive.
Don't worry, bro.
We'll tear them apart.
I say we go on a killing spree.
What do you think, Baba?
Our group lacks the
skills to handle this.
I don't want to
invite death upon us.
Come on, Baba.
You are worse
than Ludhiana's budhanaala
Be positive.
- Encourage the group.
- Right.
- Sonu.
- Yeah, bro?
If anyone in our line of
work is afraid of a good fight,
they don't deserve
to be called a gangster.
I think you don't have wisdom teeth
I don't think they know
how to be real enemies.
I think you're clueless.
No, everyone goes to him for
advice because of his experience.
They have AK-47s and
they'll shoot us nonstop.
While we'll be stuck with our toys.
They have Pinta Mardkhere wala
in their gang.
I've spent time with him in prison,
he's crazy.
He never sleeps at night.
We've struggled a lot
to get this opportunity.
There has to be
a way to make it work.
Forget about it.
Durlabh is a master
at plotting schemes.
What if this is a trap?
It's Umpire.
- Head.
- Yeah, bro?
Let's bring out our secret weapon.
- Let's go.
- Come on, Baba,
get ready for a surprise.
Hold this, Referee.
Breaking news!
Kesar gang launched a dangerous
attack on the Durlabh gang.
They used cooker-bombs.
Kesar gang and Durlabh gang
are expected to have a faceoff.
Bomb blast quivers Giddarbaha.
Serious gang war
is expected to unfold.
Kesar gang managed
to do the impossible.
Do you happen to know why they
became enemies in the first place?
Well, they're not exactly enemies.
The older gangs, on the other hand,
want to maintain their dominance
and prevent new gangs from arising.
They are causing a lot of mess.
They keep calling any and every one,
demanding huge sums
like 500,000 to 1,000,000.
It's like they hosting a fundraiser,
and are not dangerous gangs.
They keep demanding
money as if it's nothing.
It won't be surprising
if we soon end up with gangsters
asking for 200 rupees through Google Pay,
saying they'll send us a QR code.
- Sir.
- DCP,
when did you open Pakistan's border.
I didn't get you, sir.
Didn't you say you sent
all the gangsters to Pakistan?
What happened, sir?
They tied a cooker bomb on
your tail and celebrated Diwali.
Kindly listen to me, sir.
Please, sir.
No, you listen to me.
I need them.
Dead or alive.
You know I received a complaint
about you from a woman in Muktsar.
If it comes to it, I'll make sure
you get so caught up in that case
that even your future descendants
won't be able to forget it.
Got it?
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Give me five minutes.
I'll use my network to nab
them and throw them at your feet.
I have already given
you a year and a half.
Now it's my turn to show
you how to handle this situation.
Sir! Sir! Sir...
We received reliable information.
That suggests we
have a spy among us.
It's okay, though.
If they have people informing on us,
we also have sources
within their group.
As for the person who
leaked this information
I won't go much.
I'll just gouge his eyes out
and play with them.
Let's assign Umpire to handle it.
I find hunting humans more
enjoyable than hunting animals.
We believe that God has
assigned this task to us,
so we will carry it out.
I want Kesar dead by this winter.
Anyone who was with them,
no matter how much support they provided,
from any distance, will face a fate
that will be remembered in
the history of Punjab's gang wars.
Durlabh Bai has sent
his regards to Kesar Bai.
It was on that day
when I finally understood
how much the purveyors
of death fear their own demise.
We decided to head to Manali
that night after our failed attack.
Meanwhile, Durlabh's gang
went on a killing spree in Punjab.
We would've ruled Punjab if the
cooker-bomb scheme had worked, Baba.
We were hasty.
We should have planned it better.
Do you have any cookers remaining
or did you destroy them all?
I was in the mood
to easy something tasty.
I thought we could cook some meat.
you got a nail cutter?
You don't.
Come here.
Come here, I said.
How about a
manicure-pedicure instead?
Yeah, bro.
I'd love a body-to-body massage too.
There are a lot of places
in Manali that offer it.
I know a center that provides
excellent body-to-body massage.
CIA staff Moga.
Get in, I'll take you there.
"Body-to-body massage."
Were you a part of
the cooker-bomb team?
Speak up.
Durlabh's men are looking for you.
How are you?
Should we all get
mourning clothes ready?
We also have to attend
Durlabh and his gang's funeral.
Right, Referee?
we'll attend their funeral for sure.
They wont listen!
Rooms have been prepared
to stay bro!
I really want a girl child.
I've already started dreaming
about her little feet.
Look bro, if you have a boy,
he's sure to be a
troublemaker like us.
Nowadays, girls have the
skills to manage the household
and also look after their parents.
Satnam's daughter asked
him to join her in Canada.
Where's his son never
even took his calls.
There you go.
His daughter is taking care of him.
Satnam got lucky.
He would've ended
up dying from drug abuse.
He has so many enemies.
Someone would have shot him dead.
I suggest we should some booze.
If it's a girl we'll
drink to celebrate.
We'll drink even if it's a boy.
- No problem.
- Okay, bro?
It's okay.
I'll go and get the stuff.
How are you doing?
- I'm good. How about you?
- Pack me 2 kilo sweets.
Right away, sir.
- Here you go.
- Here.
- It's not needed, bro.
- Keep it.
Yes, mom?
Hurry up. It's a boy.
Hurry up. Come fast.
I'm on my way.
My bones are aching.
How about some tea?
Tea! Tea! Piping hot tea!
Let go of the old grudges
and enjoy the tea made by Umpire.
Move back a little.
Whenever you are
at an unknown place,
and someone offers you
something to drink or eat,
never take the one they offer.
Neither from this side,
nor from that side.
Then don't have it.
No, take it from the middle.
Take it from the middle.
- Got it?
- Yes.
And never take the same route again.
Its a rule for people like us
Keep changing your route.
Keep changing them again and again.
Keep changing them again and again.
But never change your sides.
You should sacrifice
for the side you choose.
Scholars also say...
You shouldn't stand and drink water,
it's not good for your knees.
What are you saying, bro?
But my buffalo always
drank water while standing
and her knees never hurt.
Well, humans and animals
have different bodies and needs.
I'm going to kill him one day.
Hey, city boys.
Don't ruin the language.
Get it right.
- Bro.
- What?
Sonu, bro,
I dreamed about you last night.
I usually dreams about Sweetie,
Rita and Pinky.
But yesterday, I dreamed about you.
Damn you.
Not that kind of a dream.
In my dream, your photo was
in the front page of the newspaper.
You swear?
- I swear on you.
- Okay.
- Big headlines. English newspaper.
- Okay.
Guess the headlines.
Sonu Badana aka Robinhood?
How is that?
Yeah, it's good.
But was something bigger.
I'll take a guess.
Haryana's deadly
gangster Sonu Badana.
Think big, man.
This is English newspaper,
not a local newspaper.
Forget these illiterates.
You guess it. It's got to be big.
I can't, you tell me what it was.
Feel it, bro. Feel the vibes.
Big photo.
Colored photo. Famous newspaper.
Full length photo.
- Full frame setup, wide shot.
- Okay.
And in big bold letters...
in big bold letters...
You are wearing all white
in that photo. You look like Raghu.
"500 grams of gold!"
I'll make do with 400 grams.
Just like the actor!
"500 grams of gold!"
- You are wearing sunglasses.
- I'm wearing sunglasses.
- Ray-ban?
- Yeah, Ray-ban.
You're holding a gun in your hand.
On the other hand, bro.
Sonu Badana uses both
hands to shoot, bro.
Yeah, you're holding
guns in both your hands.
You got the vibes.
- It big bold letters it says...
- What?
Sonu Badaana Head
of Dognapper's group Arrested.
Damn you!
No! No! No! Kesar Bai help!
Don't mess with him.
Kesar Bai always
comes to your rescue.
You are incorrigible.
It was a joke.
He is so cunning.
He shouldn't have said
that dog thing. That is wrong.
Kesar Bai,
I'll make a call to Punjab and get
an update on the current situation.
- Baba?
- Who me?
I think so.
Your name is Baba, right?
If you think I am
Baba then let's go.
Let's go.
- Be careful.
- Okay, bro.
Bro, you got a phone?
Give it here. I need to make a call.
Thank you, bro.
Yeah, bro.
How are you?
What's the situation out there?
Rained heavily last night
with hailstorms
Don't lie. Rain can't happen even
when the sun is this blazing hot.
Go easy on the stuff you consume
and ensure they are of high quality.
Sir, you seize all
the high-quality stuff.
We are left with scrapes.
And scrapes make you see rain
even when the sun is blazing hot.
And it makes you talk a lot,
it seems.
You can obtain high-quality
stuff from us at the police station.
Clouds have gone red, bro.
And Prabh had a son.
Did you have a word with him?
What's with the suspense?
Tell me already.
Prabh had a son, bro.
I too want to talk to
him and congratulate him.
Let's go.
They shot him dead, bro.
We'll never be able
to see him again.
How could this happen, Baba?
"Bones have turned
into a handful of ashes."
"Why did we have
to face such struggles?"
"Bones have turned
into a handful of ashes."
"Why did we have
to face such struggles?"
"My tears become my drink."
"I swallow my sorrows."
"Don't worry, your son
will eventually return to you."
"What's wrong, mother?
Please don't cry for me."
"Take care of my nurturer,
my world, dear mother."
"She will treat you
like her own daughter."
"Don't let my son..."
"Don't let my son
follow the path I chose."
"Otherwise, untimely death will
call him, just like it did to me."
"Don't worry, your son will
eventually come back to you."
"What's wrong, mother?
Please don't cry for me."
"What's wrong, mother?
Please don't cry for me."
Be on alert, brother. Times are bad.
Ask SSP to give you more security.
I too will send a couple of boys.
Durlabh my Brother
I don't need more security.
And who would dare to hurt me.
That is true, brother.
Brother, we are losing
control over the Baradari SSP
He keeps searching our vehicles.
Reign him in.
Talk to him.
Don't worry.
I'll gift him a car this Diwali.
This is the best part
about Punjab's government.
We take care of everyone.
Okay, bye. Take care.
Okay, brother. Goodbye. Take care.
True is the name of God.
"You flew away like a bird..."
- Oh my!
- Simply dressed,
with boots on her feet.
- Oh my my!
- Oh my my!
Looks like she is from Ropar, right?
She killed me.
Did you see how she looked at me?
Let's find out where she is from.
Get going then.
Hello, dear.
Don't charge them, bro. Got it?
Put it on my tab.
Come on dear,
why aren't you responding?
What is going on?
What the hell is going on here?
What's your problem, huh?
Do you want me to tell
you what my problem is?
Careful or you'll end up
missing the presidency elections.
Robby Bro!
I'll bash you
Will watch you later
I'll tear you apart.
Stop the coercion! Stop it! Stop it!
Stop the coercion! Stop it! Stop it!
Stop the coercion! Stop it! Stop it!
Stop the coercion! Stop it! Stop it!
It's not a new thing to see
girls being coerced and troubled.
This has been happening
for generations.
If incidents like these
occur even at university,
it reflects poorly on our society,
our system, and the way people think.
Today, they try to stop us, tomorrow,
maybe they'll even grab our hands.
And the day after that, it's like
they might resort to throwing acid on us.
We'll keep protesting until
we get the justice we deserve.
This protest won't stop
until the police take action
and file a case against
those responsible.
- Stop the coercion!
- Stop it! Stop it!
Make the girls' hostel
allocation process transparent.
Make it transparent!
Make it transparent!
Increase the timing
of the girls' hostel.
Increase the timings.
Increase the timings.
Respect the girls.
Respect the girls.
- Stop the coercion!
- Stop it! Stop it!
Head, Kesar Bai is soon
expected to return from Chandigarh.
Okay then, bro. See you later.
We'll get together
and fight the election.
- Okay, bro.
- Okay.
I respect Kesar Bai.
- Really?
- I was stunned
When he shot the rapist
outside the court...
- Oh.
- It was great.
- We are from the same district.
- Really?
Yes, he is from Krishangarh.
Tanks attacked their village
during majhara leher
My village is 10-12
kilometers away from his.
- Okay.
- I'm from Hanjibai village.
We fall under the same
police station and district.
That's great.
Don't worry.
You've already got
the perfect mustache
and the classic white clothes
that college presidents often wear.
Sorry, bro.
- Okay, bro.
- Okay, bro.
See you soon.
Okay then, bro.
- It was a pleasure meeting you.
- See you soon.
- See you soon.
- Okay, bro.
- Pleasure.
- Let's go?
Bye, bro.
Please have a seat.
Kookie has grown up now.
Listen, son,
people are always
in a state of confusion.
And when another
party enters the show,
they get completely bewildered.
You know how the people think, brother.
You can read and change
their minds whenever you want.
It is easy to read Punjab's mind,
but Chandigarh...
just impossible.
The election at Punjab University
directly impacts the elections
in Punjab and Haryana.
But now,
it's also starting to affect regions
as far as Himachal and Rajasthan.
That's why these elections
have become so crucial.
Mr. Bedi
Please come over here.
Provide them
with whatever they need.
We must win these
elections at any cost.
Here's what you're going to do.
Assign 2 Members of Parliament
and 4-5 Members of Legislative
Assembly for the campaign.
Don't worry, brother.
You focus on your constituency.
The university is our home.
That seat is guaranteed for us.
It's not a big deal.
You have our support.
We will hand you the
presidency on a platter.
Okay then, brother.
Allow us to take your leave.
We'll keep visiting.
We'll celebrate after we win.
Okay then.
See you, bye.
It's embarrassing even looking into
the eye of this leader's dog
It feels as if he ask, "I hope your life's
not messed up as an unlucky servant."
I only kept thinking what
booze do these big shots drink?
You are incorrigible.
You don't hunt lions.
Dogs are the ones who get hunted.
Come, let's sit indoors.
No, little brother. Bring
the tea here. We'll sit outside.
Come on.
Take a seat.
When I first came
to the university...
Harry was the president.
He helped me with admission
and getting a hostel room.
That's why I still remember him.
We have built this
with our sweat and blood.
Tell your girl to stop the protests.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure they
aren't bothered anymore.
Okay, bro.
We will put an end to the protests.
You have given us your assurance,
and that's enough for us.
They are just useless, barking dogs.
He is a really good guy.
Have some tea.
Have some tea, little brother.
Please, have some.
You should have some tea too.
Listen, little brother.
If we work together,
nothing can harm us.
Even storms will bow down before us.
As far as student
welfare is concerned,
we care about our
students' welfare too.
We are standing with you on this.
We will stand strong
wherever you need us to.
No problem, brother.
Let me discuss this
with other party members.
I can't make such
a big decision on my own.
Kids these days take
a long time to make decisions.
It's alright, brother.
Take all the time you need.
Put your heads together
and think about it.
But remember, SUP is a brand.
- Yes.
- If we stand with you,
even the wind will hesitate
before passing by you.
Got it?
Yes, brother.
It will also elevate your standards.
Yes, brother.
Let's go, guys.
Okay then, little brother.
See you, brother.
Bye, brother.
Listen carefully.
Schools are becoming
more heated by the day.
So, also pay attention
to schools along with colleges.
Okay, bro.
Support their causes
whenever you get the chance.
Make them so influential that they
can't afford to lose our support.
Don't worry, bro.
I'll set everything right.
There are two types of students.
The ones with intelligence
and the ones with physical strength.
Both types of students
are important to us.
What the hell!
- Vote for...
- NOI!
- Vote for...
- NOI!
- Vote for...
- NOI!
All my friends standing here
in white shirts black pants,
Our candidate Robin is contesting
the election on behalf of the NOI.
Everyone should vote for him.
Will you vote for him?
Will you vote for him?
- Vote for...
- NOI!
- Vote for...
- NOI!
- Vote for...
- NOI!
"After seeing your
car rally yesterday,"
"The girls already
took a treat from me."
"After seeing your
car rally yesterday,"
"The girls already
took a treat from me."
"I've been putting up
your posters everywhere."
"I'm thrilled!"
"I stand with the girls
and shout your slogans."
"Because you are nominated
in the elections."
"I stand with the girls
and shout your slogans."
"Because you are running
in the elections."
"I stand with the girls
and shout your slogans."
"Because you are running
in the elections."
"I stand with the girls
and shout your slogans."
"Because you are running
in the elections."
"I stand with the girls
and shout your slogans."
"Because you are running
in the elections."
"Because you are nominated
in the elections."
As you all know,
it's once again election
time at the university.
So this time NOI party's
representative is Robin.
And he has Kesar Bai's support.
NOI party's is Sartaj Singh Sidhu
is contesting for presidency.
He is a nice boy.
So you should vote for Robin.
What is that boy's name, that
wild cat with a twisted mustache?
He would not do anything.
He won't be able to do anything.
You don't run universities
with protests.
We aren't like those monsoon frogs
who only show up during elections.
Well said.
Vote for NOI!
Con... consumption of alcohol
is in... injurious to health.
You shouldn't drink alcohol, bro.
It will kill your liver.
It's not like our liver will make us money
that we should worry about it's death.
I'm not talking about you.
You already have an STD.
Sonu, you shouldn't drink alcohol.
How will you become the gangster of
Punjab if anything happens to you?
Come on darling,
don't you know the
benefits of alcohol?
Tell me, where are you sitting?
Where are you right now?
On the rooftop.
- On the rooftop?
- Hmm.
We are roaming in Dalhousie
in the chilled winds
In the mountains Bro!
In the mountains
Go, get us some snacks.
Shouldn't' I get you biryani?
This is not how you
talk to your little brother.
This is how you should talk to him.
Come on darling,
get us something to eat.
Please, sweetheart.
I'll also get a Frooti for myself.
Get two.
Stay awake!
Let them sleep.
"Stay awake!"
Asking people to stay awake
in the middle of the night.
Come on, give me a chance
to be at your service.
If I don't set everything
right then I am not...
I got the vaccine.
Did you get the vaccine, bro?
What vaccines have you been
seeking for the past three years?
Don't you know that using
phones is strictly forbidden?
Why wouldn't I know?
Of course, I know.
It was a mistake.
Do you love your group or not?
I'll never use it again. I swear.
One last chance, please.
Should I go and let Kesar Bai know?
What are you saying, bro?
Why would you tell Kesar Bai?
I'll never use it again, I swear.
I swear on you.
I swear on Sonu Badana.
- Can I go?
- Go.
Please don't tell Kesar Bai.
Here are your snacks.
What the hell is this?
Do you want us to
get a heart attack?
How is this different?
This is the difference between
those who watch Discovery
Channel and other people.
It only has fangs. Once you
defang it, you can even have it raw.
I at least got it roasted for you.
I have stopped eating
meat since yesterday.
Keep it away from me.
You are no snake charmer's son!
Say Whatever,
I'm not suffering from STD like you
You don't want it?
Here, it's delicious.
Durlabh had approached him.
He should contest if he wants
to run as an independent candidate.
But not to get along with our group.
I have heard about him.
- He's not into politics. He is firm.
- Exactly!
Even the opposite
parties praise him.
I think that seat is safe.
Bro, I suggest you
you shall go to Gora Baba's Dera
for its capture
And it will Gain us 5-7 lakhs
for elections.
Also Durlabh's gang isn't keeping
an eye on that location
Okay. Right. I'll visit him.
Durlabh won't be watching
his place, right?
I don't think Durlabh does.
- It's safe, bro.
- Come on.
There you go, bro.
He would toss it in this manner.
Do you possess that
level of strength?
He could throw balls
at a speed of 160km/hr.
Cops are here, bro.
Throw the ball at them,
like it is money.
Hello, bro.
- How are you doing?
- Great.
This is all we got, bro.
This should work,
but the SHO has cautioned that
he doesn't want any
incidents in his area.
Otherwise, he will use lethal force.
No, we stopped engaging
in those activities a while ago.
We're doing this
for a better future.
Would you all like some tea?
Maybe next time.
You okay?
How are you, bro?
What brought you to my area today?
How are you doing, son?
Who is he, bro?
He is follower of lord Ravidas.
He follows Baba Guru Nanak.
Okay, bro. Let's go.
Take the next turn.
Kala Ramgarhia
Where did they come from?
- We will have to leave.
- Get in, everyone.
- Robin!
- Let's match it.
I couldn't reach you on the phone.
Anyway... Taqdeer has
been kidnapped from school.
They have sent a message.
They're saying they'll
release the girl unharmed
if Robin withdraws
from the elections.
What? How is that even possible?
They don't control the entire world.
My uncle is the SSP in Mohali.
- I'll call him right away. Just hold on.
- Yes.
Do you think the
police will support us?
The SHO, DSP, SSP, Chief Minister,
and even the Prime Minister know
who has my niece.
The party wants their
candidate to win at any cost.
I don't want to risk a child's life
for these insignificant elections.
Don't rush, bro.
Try to understand the situation.
- The people are supporting you,
- Robby...
I, Robin,
in my right mind,
sever all ties with
the political parties,
and withdraw my name
from the university elections.
send them my message.
I am no longer affiliated
with any party.
They should release my niece.
- Bro...
- Yeah?
Robin's niece has been
kidnapped from school.
All because of the elections.
- Because of the elections?
- Hmm.
Why do they involve
children in such matters?
They are our own people.
Rinka and Rodda are responsible
for this kidnapping.
Those stupid junkies!
I'll make sure they...
How did the guy from Ramgarh
manage to reach that place?
He used to be in prison.
He is associated with Durlabh.
Kala and Durlabh are now frequently
seen together in the city.
They even received
a delivery from Pakistan.
Durlabh had killed Kala's
brother in the marketplace.
He forced him to flee for
his life and then killed him.
Kala is no longer the same person.
He is addicted to a
substance called "White."
Everyone is consuming
it these days, Baba.
Even milk is white.
- Right.
- Milk, yogurt, butter - all white.
White shirts,
white tops, white pants.
This white substance which
leads to people's demise...
It messes with their brains.
I'm sure to pop a vein one day.
Kala is not loyal.
Give him drugs and
he'll start supporting you.
Drugs destroy your conscience.
Let's go, Baba. Come on.
Let's go, Baba.
- See you later.
- See you later.
Okay, bye.
Uncle, please take me home.
Uncle, I want to
go back to my parents.
Uncle, please.
Uncle, no, please.
Uncle, please take me home.
- I said be quiet.
- Uncle, please.
Robby's niece suffers the
consequences for Robby slapping me.
Come back, bro.
Planes are flying!
Uncle, please.
Take me home.
Uncle, please take me home.
I want to go home.
Uncle, please.
Uncle, please take me home.
Uncle, please.
'Uncle, please take me home.'
'Please, uncle.'
'Uncle, please take me home.'
That girl had asked
me to take her home.
We should have dropped
her to her place.
She had already passed
away by the time we got there.
Let's go.
No, she said uncle take me home.
We should drop her home.
Forgive me of my mistakes.
Show a right way to the lost.
Don't Leave me alone.
"Lord Almighty, Lord Almighty."
Lord Almighty."
I told you student politics should
only be kept within the student realm
and not involve outsiders.
Nobody suffered any losses,
except for the fact that
we tragically lost a child.
How can I bring her back?
You should come and tell me how to.
Don't you want to?
Brother, come with me and
help me provide answers to them.
When war affects women and children,
it signifies that the end is near.
We also feel remorse for her death.
However, her death was accidental.
Her death may have been an accident,
but her kidnapping was not.
If you aspire to win, you must
also be prepared to face defeat.
Alright then,
meet me and I will ensure
that your soul also rests in peace.
Let's meet then.
Meet me at Dana Mandi
Market at 5:00 pm.
I'll tell you who's better.
Make sure you get there.
What's up? How are you?
I am good, Baba.
- And you?
- I'm good.
Given the group of people you're with, there
is a potential for significant losses.
See if you can defuse the situation.
Talk to him instead.
He's a nobody,
but he has an inflated ego.
- Don't do that.
- No,
I want to break his skull today.
"The responsibilities assigned to the police
should be fulfilled by the police themselves."
"Greed often overpowers the value of
hard work, may Baba Nanak show us mercy."
"We perceive time as a ticking time
bomb, so please stand by our side."
"The underworld is conducting its
operations quite openly in Punjab."
"The underworld is conducting its
operations quite openly in Punjab."
"You have nurtured us as your own sons, you
represent India and I represent Punjab."
"They are causing harm to you, they
intend to destroy something beautiful."
"They find shelter due to the
support provided by the government."
"The underworld is conducting its
operations quite openly in Punjab."
"The underworld is conducting its
operations quite openly in Punjab."
"Underworld is running its
business in Punjab quite openly."
"Underworld is running its
business in Punjab quite openly."
"Underworld is running its
business in Punjab quite openly."
Pick him up and put him in the car.
Didn't you have a
word with the minister?
I thought I should meet
the junior minister first.
"Underworld is running its
business in Punjab quite openly.
Do you know who you have arrested?
Let him go.
Let me handle it.
Rajaram, you don't know him.
Let him go.
Baba, you shouldn't have pushed me.
would you like to eat something?
He's my son. He used to do drugs.
Then he joined hands with Durlabh.
The other gang members killed him.
That is his father.
He sacrificed his life as a soldier.
Now I am all alone...
waiting for my death.
God bless you, son.
May God give you a long life.
We have just received breaking news that the
mastermind behind the Karnala jailbreak,
Baba has also tragically
lost his life in this gang war.
This development raises
a significant question.
Previously, it was widely
believed that Baba had fled abroad,
so his sudden demise in
Punjab raises important concerns.
These questions need to be
answered by the government, police,
and other government
agencies involved.
Friends, Ladies and gentlemen,
as you are all aware,
there are numerous active
gangster groups operating in Punjab.
Incidents are being reported daily,
making it increasingly difficult for
people to leave their homes without fear.
As you all know yesterday,
we witnessed another such incident.
We have successfully
apprehended several gangsters
and encountered some
well-known ones as well.
Thanks to the relentless efforts of our capable
officer Rajaram and DSP Gurpratab Singh,
many armed gangsters
have been taken into custody.
That's Sona, Saadaa, Baba, and Babla and
Wait a minute
- Babla?
- Babla Paprali
He also met his demise
during the encounter.
Yes, that's correct.
Babla Paprali, a dangerous gangster,
was killed in an encounter
by our skilled SHO Rajaram.
Didn't DCP Sadar receive
a promotion one and a half year ago
after eliminating the same Babla Paprali
The same person
got encountered twice?
Only the Punjab police
could accomplish such a feat.
Thank you all for attending
today's press conference.
We conclude the conference now.
- Sir...
- Just a minute, sir.
- Please answer my question.
- Please, sir.
No more questions, please.
- At least answer my question.
- No more questions, please.
Thanks to the efforts
of the Chief Minister,
the Punjab police have successfully retaliated
against the gang culture prevalent in Punjab.
As a result, a notorious gangster
named Durlabh has been apprehended.
Hello, bro.
Good to see you here.
A few wannabes are cropping up here.
Anyway, now that you are here,
we'll teach them a lesson.
'Uncle, please take me home.'
'Uncle, please take me home.'
'Uncle, please take me home.'
Go to sleep, Gurmukh.
God will be with you.
I know it feels
odd in the beginning.
You will slowly get used to it.
Give me a packet of milk.
Sonu bro...
Damn it.
Sonu bro...
Sonu bro...
Pee ka boo!
"If you want me dead, my love..."
"Here, I brought a gun for you."
You are having just milk?
I got badaana sweets for you
Here you go.
Come on, damn it!
It gets stuck at the wrong time.
Why doesn't it work
when I need it the most?
You should grease the pistol
before stepping out to shoot anyone.
It's okay, I'll go get some for you.
Hey you!
Where the hell is he?
Damn it.
Swords aren't greased
they are washed with blood.
What's up?
Get up.
Besides yourself,
who else I am at Sector 17?
Who provided Pinta
with the information?
Sorry bro, perhaps under
the influence I might have.
I don't know.
I did not have any ill intentions.
Sorry, bro.
Those who have passed
away will be resurrected.
They will return.
Those who have passed
away will be resurrected.
They will return.
They are coming back!
They are coming back!
They are coming back!
They need clothes!
Prepare yourself
for making sacrifices.
Throughout our history,
we have had to make sacrifices
on various occasions.
Yes, I know.
It is also important for you
to be prepared to make sacrifices.
All we ask for is your blessings.
Please continue to support us.
'Jag Bani - Another fake spiritual
leader apprehended on charges of rape.'
We have a connection with him,
and he has a connection
with the Chief Minister.
Ironic, isn't it?
Thank goodness we
left that place in time;
otherwise, the police would have
arrested us before capturing him.
We narrowly escaped.
I have to say,
Police will beat him so severely that
he will start to see the dead for real.
Bro, I think we should
also get our horoscopes checked.
Our fortunes don't seem
to be favoring us either.
To be honest,
we have gone too far.
I feel like abandoning everything
and permanently moving to the mountains,
living a discreet life.
I never aspired
to become a gangster.
But there was something
I always desired.
If anyone goes to a tailor,
they should request a
dress similar to Kesar Bai's.
If they visit a cobbler,
they should ask for sandals
like those of Kesar Bai's.
And if they go to the gym,
they should strive
for a physique like...
- Kesar Bai!
- Kesar Bai!
To be honest,
this respect must be earned.
It is the only genuine accomplishment.
Otherwise, we will become those unfortunate
sons of Punjab who will die in Punjab,
and our demise will
only benefit the government.
Bro, is there no other
option besides death?
I had discussed this with a lawyer.
I asked him to help me surrender,
outlining a few conditions.
I wanted all my cases to be consolidated
and tried together in one courtroom.
I demanded the dismissal
of all false charges.
And I requested to be spared of any
third-degree torture by the police.
However, lawyers often
prioritize their own gain.
The longer the case drags on,
the more the lawyer benefits.
Bro, who are those
old men over there?
I hope they're not old men
from ship Kamagata Maru.
You'll find out who they
are when the time is right.
If Kesar Bai could,
he would gather all the old folks
and tell them to stay
here and have a good time.
Damn it.
I think you were really
close to your grandfathers.
Yes, I was.
Kesar Bai, I was saying...
Durlabh is locked up.
The city is in a void.
This is the perfect time to take over
his businesses like bars and sand mills.
We can take over his businesses
like bars and sand mills.
Sometimes I think he got
himself arrested on purpose.
He's in a safe zone now.
I also heard he's interested
in getting into politics.
Corrupt politicians want thugs
like him to do their dirty work.
And that's exactly
what Durlabh is doing.
If he doesn't do it,
they'll find someone else to do it.
You're right.
Kesar Bai,
can you come with me for a minute?
Brother, give me a bullet on loan.
I want to give death
an advance today.
Please don't refuse me today.
Amarjeet Bro,
you still have to see Durlabh die.
- We still have to get our revenge.
- Nah brother,
don't try to hold me back today.
I can't be a burden
on our group anymore.
I can't keep making
you take care of me.
Don't you dare say that again, brother.
It feels like a slur.
Would you have shot me
if I had been at your place?
No, brother.
If I don't make sure he
pays and seek revenge for you,
then my life won't have any meaning.
We are brothers.
Be strong for me.
Hey, bro...
I got something for you.
It's a bulletproof vest.
I stole it from
the Hoshiarpur army cantt
It can cost up to 300,000
rupees internationally.
My little sister
is getting married soon.
Can it really stop bullets?
No bullet is getting through this.
It might even stop a cannon.
- For real?
- Absolutely.
That's awesome.
Will it fit me?
Help me put it on.
In the name of God
My little sister is getting
married soon, so I needed the cash.
I could use some money, you know...
Looks good on you.
Don't I look like one of
those soldiers in the movies?
It suits you.
Great job finding this.
Hey, if can you spare some cash?
You have done a great job.
I will shower you with money.
Got it?
Now enjoy your tea.
My money, bro?
Damn it.
I won't leave empty-handed.
The government is going easy
on these gangsters these days.
They're even helping them
rehabilitate and start over.
The government is really
trying everything to...
get them back on the right track.
They will provide them
with security and support.
they can have a fresh start.
DCP, sir,
we've already lost
our kids to that world.
You can say due to our irresponsibilities
or maybe carelessness.
But sorry to say
but your department has
some corrupt officers too.
Because of them, many boys
were pushed down the wrong path.
Time will bring us justice
God is always watching.
And when it comes to punishment,
they should be held
accountable for their crimes.
But you know,
whenever something happens,
you charge an innocent guy
while the real culprits get away.
I'm sorry,
but all this makes people like us lose faith
in the government and the administration.
I understand your sentiment, ma'am.
But you should still
try and talk to your son,
Harinder "Head," and
convince him to surrender.
Sir, we haven't been
in contact with him.
If you happen to run into him,
please try to get him to
reach out to us before you kill him.
We really need to ask him
what we did wrong.
It's just not right that he
abandoned his elderly parents like that.
Hey, Pinta, you're looking great!
Seriously, I can't believe
how perfectly this jacket fits you.
Give me a cold drink.
Sure thing, sir.
Here's an energy drink for you.
Is there anything
else I can help you with?
Um, well...
Come here.
It's bulletproof.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
You one-armed rascal,
I cut off just one hand to make
sure you can still carry on your business.
I didn't want you to face any
trouble. I didn't want to wrong you.
And now you are aiming
a gun at me with that very hand?
You made a mistake.
You left me with an arm.
Let me take that off too.
It's not a big deal.
Please don't shoot.
Please don't shoot.
No need to worry...
You came prepared to kill me.
You'll be grateful.
I always allow my enemies a chance.
His bravery will be the end of him.
I dislike people who don't pay me.
That's my brother-in-law's jacket!
What jacket will he wear when
he goes to the border to fight now?
Do you even know how
to spell bulletproof?
Welcome, sir.
SSP sir has been waiting
eagerly to meet you.
I've heard that your sharpshooting
skills have been really impressive lately.
Keep up the great work!
Please, come.
Have a seat.
Sir, this is Referee.
Actually, it's Umpire, not Referee.
He used to be a Referee
when he was younger
and automatically transitioned
to being an Umpire as he grew up.
Sir, let me tell you one thing...
He is very intelligent.
Not only is he a skilled sharpshooter,
but he's also a state champion.
That's great.
He's very smart.
Sir, we should request DIG
sir to send him for the nationals.
My brother-in-law happens to
be the president of his association.
I can get it done right away.
Hi, brother.
I need a small favor
if you don't mind.
I know a boy and I'm
sending him your way.
Just take care of him for us.
He's one of our own.
Thank you, brother. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Alright, kid,
I've taken care of your task.
Now it's your turn to do our job.
Your job is already done.
That's amazing.
Good, good.
Get up.
Hey! Get up!
Yes, sir.
Kesar Arrested Sir!
They have turned this
place into a terrorist camp.
They were planning something big.
Sir, we have arrested
Harinder "Head" and two others.
- Let's clean up.
- Search the place thoroughly.
Okay, sir.
Search the area properly
If something is found update me
I'll get back to you, sir.
- Got it?
- Right, sir.
Ask for the orders
and we'll take them out.
I am sure we will
also find drugs here.
- Since he is here.
- I'll search.
Search the place.
Speaks Gibberish
- What?
- Valsova is your village?
- Yes.
- You stay near the Gurudwara?
- Yes.
- I'm from your town.
Top-class guns.
These are the same weapons
that were stolen 6 months ago.
Sir, it looks like they
are minting money as well.
They have Mr. Gandhi with a hat on.
It's not Mr. Gandhi.
It's Mr. Jinnah.
It's Pakistani currency.
Okay, sir.
- Seize it.
- Okay.
Search each and every
part of the house.
See if you can find anything else.
Ask for the orders, sir.
We'll take care of them and leave.
Order, sir.
Sir, order to shoot, sir.
No shoot, only arrest.
- Sir...
- Just follow my orders.
Copy, sir.
We are ordered to arrest
them and not to shoot them.
Take them away.
Get him out.
Get them out.
"The sky too breaks
down and not just a star."
"The river too breaks
down and not just the shore."
"Our world came crashing
down not just our home."
"You didn't break just our
friendship you broke my heart too."
"You didn't break just our
friendship you broke my heart too."
Sir, he was a burden for us?
Brother, give me a bullet on loan.
I want to give death
an advance today.
I can't keep making
you take care of me.
Don't you dare say that again!
It feels like a slur.
"You have taught me a lesson."
"You were so fed up with
me that you gifted me death."
"You signed my death warrant."
"You were so fed up with
me that you gifted me death."
"I am seeking revenge for you and
this is how you are repaying me?"
"And this is how
you are repaying me?"
"You didn't break just our
friendship you broke my heart too."
"You didn't break just our
friendship you broke my heart too."
DCP Gurpratab Singh is a
capable and talented police officer.
It is thanks to such police officers
that people can sleep peacefully at night.
And women feel safe.
Rubbish. He's a pervert.
I have a small question, sir.
We all know that Kesar
and Durlabh want each other dead.
But you still kept both
of them in the same prison.
It looks like the government
wants one of them dead.
Sir, rumors are that Durlabh
was going out of control,
so the government decided
to pull its support.
And they hired a new goon
Kesar so that he can end Durlabh.
Our job is to maintain
peace in the city.
If we wanted them dead, we could've
got them killed during an encounter.
Trust the police.
Brother, Kesar is like
a father figure to us.
If anything happens to him in there
then our group wont be left alive
They are quiet because
he is in prison.
Brother, I request you to
help him out as much as you can.
Don't worry, little brother.
I will also try to talk to the DIG.
And I'll make sure
he gets good food.
He was with me in college.
He is a decent guy.
Hello, sister.
Hello, brother.
I seek your blessings.
What were you two talking about?
Nothing much.
Okay, let me tie the sacred
thread of Rakhsha Bandhan.
Your right hand.
This works for me.
It's always tied on the right hand.
What have you got yourself into?
You had come to Chandigarh
for modeling, right?
How many times do I have to tell you that
my husband will take care of everything?
He will also get
your sentence reduced.
He might even get you pardoned.
You should surrender, brother.
Please, my brother, my son.
Please surrender.
This is like a quicksand.
Once you get in it
only pulls you deeper.
Moreover, it is better to take
police bullets than endure their batons.
No matter what little life
I have left, I want to live free.
Why are you saying such
things on such a festive occasion?
My brother will live for 100 years.
Do you have any idea
what you are saying?
You are all I have left.
When in the future my
baby asks where is my uncle?
What will I tell my child, huh?
I couldn't even save him?
Take care of Kesar Bai, brother.
Kesar and Durlabh,
leaders of rival gangs,
have been placed in the same prison,
despite their enmity.
Despite knowing
that they are enemies.
People are speculating about
the reasons behind this decision.
- May I come in, sir?
- Hmm
Some believe that the
government wants them to fight,
while others have
different opinions.
There's talk about prisons becoming
safe havens for gangsters nowadays.
They even have access to phones and
continue running drug cartels from inside.
Sir, we need to get Durlabh out.
Our business is
suffering without him.
The supply is decreasing day by day.
We have another breaking
news about Kesar and Durlabh...
Elections are approaching, sir.
We don't have enough time
to experiment with someone new.
Even though they
know they are enemies.
Get on a WhatsApp
call with the DIG, sir.
It's ringing, sir.
Mr. Gupta.
Sir, the minister has
sent his regards for the DIG.
Okay, sir.
If you have the time, why
don't you meet the minister as well?
No, sir. You know the
elections are almost here.
I have to leave for Delhi.
Alright, I'll pass on
your message to DIG, sir.
Okay, thank you. Thank you.
How are you doing, man?
You seem weak.
Get me out of here
as soon as possible.
I'll start naming
names if I lose my mind.
The opposition has offered
me money and a seat.
Stay calm, son.
Do you know the minister
can't sleep at night?
He can't even eat properly.
He's prouder of
you than his own kids.
You're smart.
So many guys have died in prison,
and their deaths
were never investigated.
Many were even killed
by injecting AIDS.
We need you.
You have a bright future.
Don't worry.
we have received
an inquiry against you.
And I need to send a
report about it by tomorrow.
I also got a call from the minister.
A guy called Durlabh
is in a prison under you?
Yes, sir. He is under me.
I am your disciple, sir.
I cannot go against you.
Just get rid of this case for me.
Proud of you, officer.
See, successful people,
make decisions firmly and quickly.
Very good. Well done.
Sir, just take care of this.
I am on the verge of retirement.
Sure, you need not worry.
Walk him to his car.
See to his needs,
and make sure he leaves a happy man.
- Okay, sir.
- Okay?
- Okay, sir.
- Okay, bye.
Jai Hind!
The pigeon is about to flee.
Orders came from higher-ups.
He'll be flying
away in a day or two.
Can I get a nail or a wire?
I can't do that.
Security is right in prison.
They have become quite strict,
especially these days.
Let me know if there's
anything else I can help with.
What do we do now?
I have no idea.
There's a rope set up near the tank.
Hey Lion, We came to jail
to get the revenge from you
Instead of rotting in here, let's
go outside and settle our scores.
You're amazing.
We came here to settle
scores with you.
How can we face God if
we don't settle things with you?
Kesar Bai! Kesar Bai!
Kesar, my brother, keep your eyes
open. We're almost at the hospital.
It won't take long.
Sorry, buddy.
I'm leaving you in between
Don't say anything to Referee
I asked him to inform
the police about our location
Durlabh must die, at any cost.
Yes, bro.
Promise me.
No, call him Umpire...
Promise me.
Yes, bro.
You should live to see old age.
We'll all grow old and die.
Just a little longer.
Keep your eyes open.
- We're almost there.
- Old age...
- Keep your eyes open, brother.
- Old age...
Kesar Bai...
- Kesar Bai...
- You...
Kesar? Kesar, my brother...
Kesar Bai...
We have already lost Adhru.
Now you too are leaving me, bro.
Please don't do this to me.
Kesar Bai, I am all alone.
Kesar, my brother...
- Open your eyes.
- "Life taught me some valuable lessons
and so did you."
"I was sad, but I didn't cry."
"I forgot everything I had learned."
"I will lose everything
you told me."
You are Head, right?
Tell me more about
my father Prabh, please.
I heard he was a good friend
of Durlabh
'Jag Bani - The new
kingpin of the crime world,
Referee aka Umpire,
is out of police custody.'
"I'll complete all
my tasks and return home,"
"Then sleep with my head resting
on your lap, O my dear mother."
"I'll complete all
my tasks and return home,"
"Then sleep with my head resting
on your lap, O my dear mother."
"I don't seek victory,"
"Nor do I desire any
accolades or medals."
"I don't seek victory,"
"Nor do I desire any
accolades or medals."
"One day, I will leave behind all the
worries of this world and be gone forever."
"I'll complete all
my tasks and return home,"
"Then sleep with my head resting
on your lap, O my dear mother."
"I'll complete all
my tasks and return home,"
"Then sleep with my head resting
on your lap, O my dear mother."
"I understood we will all die alone"
"Perhaps that's why I don't like fairs"