White Rabbit (2013) Movie Script

What were you thinking?
I was thinking about everything.
Tell me.
What do you wanna know?
Why don't you start from the beginning.
All you got to do is blow them out, boy.
You gotta sing to him first.
He don't need no
singing... hey cut that out!
You want him to grow up wrong?
Only girls play with dolls.
God, that is the stupidest thing...
Don't call me stupid in front
of the kids, Ruby, I swear to God!
Stop that wailing!
They're kids, Darrell!
Keep it down, hey, hey, go to your room!
Hey baby, happy birthday.
Darrell, have you been shaking him again?
I told you you cannot shake the baby!
Baby, I didn't shake Harlon!
Then what are those marks?!
I don't know, I gotta be up at
four in the fucking morning, honey,
I can't deal with this shit, okay?
He's a fragile kid, you
touch him he bruises!
And what is he, fucking retarded?
He won't blow out the goddamn candles...
- Darrell!
- You got retards on
your side of the family, honey?
Harlon ain't retarded!
He is a normal little boy!
Alright, boy, make a wish, Harlon.
You'll make a wish and blow.
That's what it's all
about, wishing and doing.
You do anything you want you
put your shoulder into it.
Okay, so you just, just
blow like that, okay?
I'm gonna help you out.
Were gonna do it on three.
Okay, one, two, three...
Where did you get the gun?
It doesn't matter.
Come on, Harley.
It's just the way life is here.
At some point you learn to shoot
just like you learn to walk.
Son of a bitch, goddamn Mackey's back!
Walt, good to see you,
friend, good to see you!
Hey boys!
- Mr. Mackey.
- I told you I'd be in today.
Yes you did.
Yes I did.
Thinking about getting the boys some guns.
Something small for rabbits and whatnot.
Yeah, that's a beaut, isn't she?
Which kind of hunting you gonna do?
Turtles in the pond?
Some squirrels maybe?
How about a big ol' turkey?
You shot it?
Mmmhm, yup.
I like it, what do you think, Perry?
See how it fits there.
Think you can shoot a rabbit with that?
Hey Harlon, come on over here, boy.
We got to get a gun for this young man too.
Alright, you're not
thinking about shotgun, huh?
That wasn't bad, I'm gonna get my camera,
- you stay right there.
- Okay.
Harlon, you stay right there!
Harlon, Harlon, hey boy, I'm gonna
get the picture of you, turn around.
Yeah, with the gun, with the gun.
Move over a little bit like
that, little bit like that.
There you go, give me a smile,
I want you to look proud now.
That's it, alright this
time look real mean, alright?
Like a hunter, like you mean it.
Hey Perry, Perry.
It's over there.
Over here.
Holy shit.
Shit, I think that's one
of them albino rabbits.
Ain't never seen one before.
Pull the trigger, Harlon.
Will I kill it?
Yeah, shoot!
Hoo hoo hoo, finish him off!
He's stuck on something.
It's called hunting, son.
Shoot the animal and you kill it,
that's what the rifle is for, killing.
Now stop being a pussy and
pull the goddamn trigger.
Do it, son!
Good work.
Be a cold day in Hell before
you see one of them again.
Hey Perry, bring that bag over!
We got another one.
Hey that's not fair, it was my turn!
You just jealous you didn't get it.
What are you doing?!
Jesus Christ.
Almost finished here.
Ahhh, Mom, Dad!
Hey, what's going on?!
He was gonna shoot me!
You gonna shoot your brother?!
He was teasing me about
how I killed the rabbit.
Perry, what the hell
are you teasing him for?
You know he's a crybaby!
Perry, get over here, I want
you to quit teasing your brother!
Did I not tell you that?!
I didn't want to kill him.
Kill what, the rabbit?!
Who gives a shit, Harlon, it's a rabbit!
Get over here, Perry!
I'll tell you something, listen to me.
Don't you ever aim a gun at nobody
not unless you plan on using it.
You hear me, Harlon?!
And these are contrary to one another.
So you cannot do the things you do.
But if you late be lead by The Spirit,
you are not under the Lord.
Now the works of the flesh are manifest.
Of which I tell you before as
I have told you in times past.
And now would you join me in Hymn 232
to sing Amazing Grace for the Lord.
You're supposed to talk with God,
but He never talked to me.
Instead, all these other things started to.
What's up with you, kid?
I don't know.
You scared, kid?
Big man.
Wait, can't you satisfy me first,
then humiliate the boy?
I'm sorry you had to see that, Harlon.
Do you like me?
Do you want some?
Hey, come on, they'll see you.
Steve, turn around.
You cool?
I'm cool, you cool?
Okay, let's go, man.
Hey bro, check this out, check this out.
Hey Mackey, Stevie.
Good to see you this morning.
Mackey, what are you
going to school for, man?
Stop being a jerk, Dayton.
You wanna say that again?
God, you know what?
If you wanna beat me up, just do it, okay?
Prove that you can beat me up!
Would that make you happy?
No, it wouldn't!
Why don't I just fuck you
like your daddy used to?
Would that make you happy?
Shut your little faggot ass up!
You know what, Mackey?
You all thirsty?
Pick up the fucking dollar, Mackey.
Pick up the fucking dollar!
I want an orange soda.
There are no sodas.
There's a machine up by the snack stand.
I'll miss the bus!
Not if you run!
Really fast!
Don't do it.
Shut the fuck up, Stevie!
Stay down!
Mackey, go get me a soda.
I can't be late for school!
Go get me a fucking
soda, I swear to God, kid,
if you don't do what I tell you to,
I'm gonna rip your goddamn face off
and feed it to your little boyfriend.
- I won't do it!
- Get me a fucking soda!
Get me a fucking soda, Mackey, go!
Run, bitch, you lanky motherfucker!
Run, stupid!
Run, motherfucker!
You better bring that soda to class, bitch!
Harlon, why are you late?!
I missed the bus.
But why'd you miss your bus?
Mr. Linert, can we please
talk about this later?
No, we can't talk about this later.
I want you to learn the
meaning of responsibility,
now why did you miss the bus?
I don't know!
Well then who does know, Harlon?
They got here, why didn't you get here?!
Because I went to go get a soda, okay?!
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Why you gotta do this to me?
- Hold on, hold on!
- What did I do to you?!
Harlon, what's going on?
I don't know!
Why did you have to embarrass me
in front of everybody like that?
- Why are you crying?
- Fuck off!
Come on, stop crying.
Mr. Linert, I can't go to school.
I can't do it no more, everybody hates me!
No, they don't hate you.
Just go to the library
for now for a minute,
I'll send your stuff down.
Come on.
Go ahead, it's alright, it's gonna be okay.
Harlon, don't be pussy.
You sound just like him.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Crying like a little bitch.
Listen to us.
What can I do?
Stand up for yourself.
I'm trying.
Harlon, did you say something, hun?
Listen to us and start playing the game.
No, ma'am.
Steve Eastman is really my only friend.
Sometimes he cries for no reason.
Takes pills, but it doesn't always help.
Try to do things to make him feel better.
You can change somebody
if you try real hard.
It just takes time.
Hey, let's see if we can
try to get up here this time.
Or we can make it to the roof.
Woo, dude, you suck!
Here, let me try again.
Good job, dude.
I don't wanna shoot that wall,
it'll come right back at us.
Hoo hoo hoo!
Oh man, that was fucking awesome!
Dude, you hear something in there?
Come on, let's go.
No wait, here, hold this.
God, dude, you're not going in there.
Yeah I am.
Alright, just be careful.
No no no, don't touch it!
Dude, someone obviously tossed it in here.
It ain't got rabies, man.
And it's not a piece of trash either.
Come here, puppy, how are you?!
Aw man, I've always wanted a dog.
Oh, she stinks!
Almost worse than you.
Come on, let's go!
Think your parents will let you keep her?
Come on, let's go home,
puppy, let's go home!
We gotta name her.
Here, trade me.
Think they'll let you keep it or not?
What do you say, come on, come here!
Think I can let her off the leash?
No, dude, come on.
I did it, I did it!
Come on!
She gonna run off!
Come on, come on, let's go!
Let's go!
Good luck.
Yeah, gonna need it.
You guys are always saying no.
- Stevie...
- No no no no no.
Look, right there, I can put him outside!
No, he's not gonna crap
in the yard out there!
How would you feel if you were
left inside a dumpster...
Look, we don't want this
damn flea bitten down
in the house, alright?
Okay, we won't put him in the house,
look, we'll put her right outside!
No, no, he's not going... Stevie...
Come on, you guys have always
said I need responsibility, and this is it!
Stevie, look...
I'll take him out of here!
No, I'll do it!
- Alright!
- God!
What they say?
They said no.
Fine, I'll just take it to my house.
Dad's not gonna let him keep him.
Hey, you never know, he might.
Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine.
I gotta get back in the house,
my mom's freaking out on me again.
Okay, come on, pup.
After I finish up here, you put
on your jacket, we'll take it to the pound.
The pound's closed, Dad, it's late!
I know it's closed, that's the point.
I ain't paying them nothing.
Maybe just for a little while.
A dog might be nice.
Honey, don't you get into this.
Pound's just gonna put him to sleep anyway.
Goddamn it Ruby, it
ain't a him, it's a bitch!
You don't even know what it is!
Next thing you know there's pups
running everywhere, I
ain't running a kennel.
Now go put it in the truck, Harlon!
Come on.
Come on, dog.
Go on.
Harlon, you don't do it, I will.
Come on, pup.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on, let's go!
Carburetor's acting up again.
You doing okay?
Did ya'll see what all
that ruckus was about?
What ruckus?
The sirens and all over on Maple Street.
What happened?!
Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hey, hey,
listen, you take a step back, you
take a step back on
that sidewalk right now.
I know them!
- Where's Steve?
- Take a step back
onto the curb, take a
step back onto the curb.
Yeah, I got him, I got him.
Step back onto the sidewalk.
I think he's a friend of the boy.
I think you should head
on home and get some sleep.
Go on home!
Hey, man.
Steve, what happened?
Mom freaked out.
Dad had to call the cops.
What did you do?
I gotta go, okay?
I really wish I could have kept that dog.
Like this.
Like this.
Now if you locate it on the graph here...
Or you can do this.
Give it to me.
I didn't...
Yeah, moving on.
Okay, um...
Well if we take this variable,
it's Y, and replace it...
Harlon, we have a problem.
Mr. Linert and I have been going
over your progress for the last two years.
Your grade point average is extremely low.
And in all good conscience, we
need to recommend repetition.
You're sending me back?
Harlon, you're failing
almost every subject.
Everybody's gonna know!
You can't do this to me!
It's school policy,
we've made our decision.
Mr. Linert!
We just feel like it's in your
best interest at this
point to hold you back.
That's it, Harlon.
The hell you been, boy?
What's going on?
I got some news from school.
Yeah, what's it about?
I got sent back a grade.
I gotta do the eleventh grade again.
I failed.
What time is it?
About seven.
You mad at me?
It'll be alright.
How do you know?
Cause you my son.
Hey, gots an idea.
Man, you got a bad day, you gotta
do something make you feel better, come on!
I don't wanna tell you, I want you
to see it with your eyes.
But I think you're gonna like it.
Come on, Harlon!
You're gonna love this.
Hey, what's happening, man?
I got my boy Harlon with me.
Hey, can we get a lap dance from Victoria?
Hey, it's okay, she's friendly.
It's okay.
She's my friend.
Just relax, Harlon.
Harlon, put your chin up.
She's a friend of mine,
that's an all American girl.
Look at her eyes.
Don't be embarrassed.
Sometimes things happen in your life,
and it doesn't seem like much at the time,
but it changes everything.
Hello, hi, can you buy me this soda?
Can you buy me this soda?
What do you mean?
I mean I need you to take this soda
and I need you to pay for
it at the front counter.
There you go, thank you, I'll take that.
Go ahead, I'll meet you outside.
Just this.
Oh shit!
Ah, fuck!
Why thank you.
That was weird.
I'm Harlon.
The name's Julie.
I haven't seen you around before.
Are you from here?
Moved here about three months ago.
I've been here all my life.
That sucks.
You a Senior?
I'm supposed to be.
I got held back.
You got held back?
I hate school.
Oh yeah.
You want one?
When I was a kid, I used to go
to old construction sites
and smoke all the butts.
Holy shit dude, that is fucking gross.
I guess that's what you do around here.
Smoke people's butts.
I like your hair.
Alright, well what do you do in this town?
Oh, nice wheels.
I'll be right out.
Dude, I can't just stay out here,
it's fucking creepy.
Dude, you got a lot of mags.
I've been collecting
them for a couple years.
It's pretty cool you read, I
mean even if it is this bullshit.
Most people our age, they just
have their faces shoved up against
a phone 24/7 texting, blah, it's pathetic!
It's a gun.
You ask me what we do around here.
What the fuck is this place?
I don't know, old factory or something?
There's a lot of cool shit in here.
I come here a lot with my friend.
Steve Eastman, you know him?
We go shooting here sometimes.
Okay, well let's go shooting!
Let's do this.
Alright, so you wanna hold this
up to your shoulder real tight,
squeeze this and squeeze this, and
- that's how you do it.
- Okay.
When I was a kid I
actually shot right handed.
You hold that?
It's all ready, just gotta fire.
Holy shit!
Did you see that?!
Oh my God, that was fucking awesome!
Oh my God, I have to do that again,
I wanna do that, I wanna do it!
Dude, you're smoking?
They're Julie's.
Do you even know anyone here?
She does, I didn't even wanna come.
Have you kissed her yet?
That's for me to know and you to find out.
Then why don't you go dance with her?
I don't wanna go out there and dance.
Ah shit, it's Dayton.
I can't believe she's doing that.
I thought you guys had something going on.
That's fucked up.
Shut up!
Where are you going?
She's a slut.
Shouldn't be dancing with him.
Something is going on between them.
Leave me alone.
She didn't know who she was.
I can't.
I don't understand.
Who are you talking to?
Well I heard you talking.
He's doing it again.
I'm worried about him.
Babe, you talk to yourself all the time.
Nuh uh, not like this.
Like what?
I don't know, it's like he was
having a conversation.
He's a lonely kid.
Come on!
Baby, I don't know what you want from me.
You get home alright last night?
Did your friend ever show up?
Could've met him, but you were
too busy dancing with that guy.
Oh yes, the guy.
Sorry, I was totally loaded.
I'm such a lightweight.
I didn't do anything with him, I promise.
You know who that guy was?
He said his name was Thomas.
He's a jock.
He's just an asshole to everybody.
Did you kiss him?
No, gross, no way,
I would never go for a guy like that.
You know what?
I'm sorry, okay, sometimes I just
do stupid ass shit, okay?
It's cool.
You know my own dad thinks I'm a freak?
The way I dress of course.
Whatever, it's his own fault.
Look, I don't wanna
talk about my dad, okay?
I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
When I was younger, he...
He used to make me do things, like these...
horrible things.
I bet you wanna know
what they are, don't you?
Only if you want me to.
He used to make me...
It's okay.
What the fuck?!
I got you so good!
I got you so good!
God, you're sick!
That was awesome!
Come on, dude, that was fucking awesome!
Hell yeah, got you bitch!
That was fucked up!
And you are a pussy!
God, I hate Summer, you know?
It's all boring and hot and sucky.
I like it better than school.
Yeah, but at least school is a challenge.
Hey Harlon, you ever kiss anyone?
Have you ever kissed anyone?
How many girls have you been with, Harlon?
I'll let you kiss me if you do something.
Jump with me.
If I jump, will you catch me?
Julie, come on.
One, two...
That was scary.
What the fuck!
Let's get out of here!
Sorry, look, I'm sorry.
Come here.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I think you and me are very much alike.
That is not a good thing.
You take my crescent wrench?
Hey Dad.
How do you know if a girl likes you?
What you talking about?
You got a girlfriend?
Not exactly, not yet.
Woo, no?
You got your eyes on some
little tenderoni, huh?
That what this is about?
What do you think I should do?
Well I tell you what you should do, Harlon.
You ignore the girl.
Ignore her?
See, if you start acting all nice
and being pussy whipped,
women don't want nothing to do with you.
You act like you don't give
a shit, they come running.
It's the world, son,
it's all fucking bullshit!
You just do the job, don't
be a gentleman about it.
Son of a bitch!
Hey Harlon.
Glad you ain't a faggot.
Hey, is your dad gonna know this is gone?
I'm almost done with it.
Who cares, dude?
Who cares?
Oh, and also I have something for us.
What are those?
I'm alright.
Okay, well if you want some,
I'll put them over there for you, okay?
You're all sweaty.
What's wrong with you?
You pray, Harlon?
Not really.
I do, I pray, I pray a lot.
I pray to anybody who will listen,
I pray to, I pray to Buddha, and I
pray to Aleister Crowley,
and I pray to Edie Sedgwick
and none of them, none
of them answer to me,
not one person answers,
isn't that crazy, Harlon?
Fucking crazy!
Get up!
Get up!
Julie, get up!
I got it, I got it, I got it.
We're here.
Why are you... stop tripping.
So cold.
I didn't see her for the
rest of the Summer after that.
I was alone again, but this time
every day just got worse and worse.
I always thought my brother was
crazy for joining the army,
but I almost did the same just to get away.
But I couldn't.
I wasn't like those people.
Who's in there?
You've been in there half hour.
What are you doing?
You jacking off?
No, you sure?
I'm gonna take that silence as a yes.
Alright, I don't wanna see your pee pee,
I'm coming in.
The hell...
Is that hair color, you
coloring your hair, boy?
I don't know, yeah.
You decide to go with pink?
Whatever, you don't understand.
Well I understand you might be queer.
Looks cute though.
Hey Harlon come back, color my hair!
I don't know, it doesn't matter anyway.
It does matter, it matters a lot.
What are you doing?
He dyed his goddamn hair!
You see that?
Well leave him alone,
maybe his girlfriend likes it like that.
Think she ain't around
no more, isn't that right?
What I wanna know if the
rug matches the drapes.
How much did you do, Harlon?
Come on, leave him alone.
He's in there for a half hour,
I don't know what he's dying.
You gonna cry like a little baby, go ahead.
Cut it out, that's enough!
Get him out of the house.
Harlon, get in the car,
something happened to
Dad, he's in the hospital!
Let's go, get in the car, motherfucker!
Get in.
Where is he, Harvey?
He's back there with the doctor.
Oh my gosh, what happened?
He just collapsed in the dock.
He hit his head pretty hard too.
He hit his head?
He hit his head, I put him in
the back of the flatbed
and got him down here.
Well I need to talk to somebody,
I need to find out what's going on!
They're gonna be out in a second, alright?
You just need to be cool.
I wanna see him!
Are you Mrs. Mackey?
Yes I am.
I'm Doctor Clayton, we just received
our EKG report results and it appears
your husband had a mild heart attack.
Oh my God, a heart attack.
He's resting now.
Oh my God.
Call Perry, okay?
Do you have the phones with you?
Call Perry and get the
CO at the base, okay?
Oh my God...
Well hey, that's pretty
good news, ain't it?
I'm just glad it didn't
happen when it was hot.
He'd surely been a goner.
I'm sorry.
Don't, okay?
You could have died, Darrell.
I'm sorry, baby.
You could have died!
You gotta stop all this, all of it,
the drugs, this drinking.
I know, I don't wanna die.
I love you, Darrell.
I love you too.
Please take the kids out,
I don't want them to see me crying.
You kids wait outside, okay,
your daddy's gonna...
I love you, Dad.
I love you too, baby.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm gonna be okay.
Two months ago Darrell came to us
looking for the light of God!
And since that day Darrell has foregone
alcohol and drugs!
Now Darrell, I baptize thee
in the waters of repentance.
Praise God, praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!
Praise God.
Welcome to the home of the Lord!
Brand new Christian here!
My boy, my boy!
Dude, what the fuck happened to her?
Is that Dayton?
I'll talk to you later, okay?
You sitting here alone?
I am now.
Can I sit down?
It's a free country.
I like your hair.
Don't you wanna know where I've been?
What are you wearing?
And why are you with him?
I went away.
To a hospital.
What, like a loony bin?
I wasn't right, Harlon.
I was doing a lot of bad things.
A lot of self destructive things
that I couldn't control.
And I wanted it to stop.
Look, we can still be
friends and everything.
Okay, we can, I just...
I can't do those things that we used to do.
Everything that's happened to me
it's a good thing.
It is.
There's one more thing.
We got to know each other at church
and he's really a great guy.
He has something that
he wants to say to you.
No fucking way.
No, come on, just hear him out.
Julie, no!
Please, just listen.
Hey Mackey.
I'm pretty sure you remember how
I used to torture you.
I just want to say that I'm sorry.
I was a real jerk back then, but
I kind of did some growing up,
and I realize that all that stuff
I did to you was wrong.
I just wanted to apologize, okay?
Yeah, listen, also...
Don't know if you're interested or not,
but we meet with a student prayer group
three times a week before school,
thought maybe you'd wanna come.
I don't know.
Okay, well you should just think about it.
Guess we'll see you around then.
Thanks, man.
See you around.
I'll let you kiss me if you do something.
They're all liars!
All of them, keep writing.
All of them, yes, yes, good!
Harlon, what up, dude!
You got any money I can borrow?
Come on, bro, you're holding out on me.
I only got like 75 cents.
That's all I need, bro!
Just for like a bag of chips or something.
I need it for later.
For what?
I don't know.
Oh yeah?
I'll remember that, motherfucker!
Ooooh, that's messed up.
What did you say?
You say something?
I heard you.
You trying to fucking throw down, bro?
Cause I'll kick your
fucking ass right here, bro!
You both need to grow up.
Blow it out your snatch, slut!
You trying to throw hands, Harlon?
Over your lousy 75 cents?
Shouldn't have called him fatass.
Oh, is that what you called me?
You don't have to fight him, Harlon.
Not if you're a gaping vagina!
Fuck off, Duane!
Get up!
Get up, come on, get up!
Come on, get up!
Get up!
Get him, boy!
You guys, stop!
Let him go!
The fuck off of me!
Kill him, kill him.
I'll fucking kill you!
I'll fucking kill you!
Fucking do something!
Hey, baby.
Oh my God, Harlon, what happened?
Nothing, mama, I'll be alright.
What do you mean ...your face, oh my gosh!
- What's going on?
- Oh my gosh,
what happened to you?
Ah, Jesus Christ.
It's nothing to worry about.
Look at him!
Yeah, he got a black eye.
- Go get some ice, honey.
- Did you get in a fight?
Oh my gosh, he got in a fight!
It's okay, he got hit in
the eye, just get some ice.
- Why are you guys freaking out so much?
- You okay?
I'm fine!
Hey, he's fine, honey, he's fine!
You're not a fighter!
You don't get in fights!
Baby, baby, just take a deep breath.
Put this on.
Mom, I got it!
Mom, let... hey, hey, let
him put it on his face.
What the hell?!
It's okay, it's okay, honey.
Oh my God, he doesn't get in fights!
No, he doesn't get in fights,
we'll deal with it, okay?
So who was it?
Duane Brubaker.
That big kid, huh?
Didn't you play with
him when you were little?
Who won?
I don't know.
Shouldn't be fighting, Harlon.
I didn't start it, he did.
Got this letter from school.
Apparently you've been missing a lot.
You already failed once.
You cannot fail two times.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna come by tomorrow,
we gonna talk to the principal,
see if we can't straighten this thing out.
What, no, I can't meet you at school, Dad!
Look Harlon, I'm trying real hard here.
I'm trying to help you Harlon, okay?
Things is gonna be different,
changes have to be made, okay?
I want you to get rid of all this stuff.
What stuff?
This is weird, I don't like it,
I don't want it in the house.
You been into this stuff
for too long, Harlon,
it's got to stop today!
I can't, I'll be alone!
These are my things!
No no no, right now I want you
to tear all this down, we gonna
take it out backyard, okay?
Yes, I'm your father, and
I'm putting my foot down!
Now are you gonna do it, or am I?!
That all of it?
You ain't got any on your mattress,
in your closet, nowhere else?
I don't want to have to
be policing you, Harlon.
I don't want anymore in
the house, you hear me?
Tomorrow at school, you meet me in front.
Is everything okay?
Is Steve home?
I really need to talk to him.
It won't take very long.
Come on in, Harlon.
Hi, Mr. Eastman, sorry it's so late.
Tell him what you told me.
Is Steve home?
What is this?
Are you alright, boy, why you asking that?
Where is he?
Harlon, where do you think Stevie is?
I don't know, in his room?
Look, Harlon, remember that day
you boys found that dog?
Stevie isn't here anymore.
Remember what Stevie did?
No, uh uh, I gotta talk
to him, he's gonna help me.
Why is he saying this, Al, stop say that!
Helping you with what, Harlon?
I can't do this without him.
Harlon, can't do what?!
He's gotta help me!
With what?!
With what?!
Harlon, Harlon, Stevie isn't here, alright?
You know that.
Tell me where he is.
You know what he did!
You know what he did!
What do you want from us?!
What do you want?!
I can't do this without him!
What the fuck, dude?!
What'd I tell you?
You know how they are, right?
My mom's whacked out in the head,
and my dad just has to
go along for the ride.
I say we pick them off right here!
No, we're gonna wait until first period.
I would strike just before the bell rings,
the halls will be filled.
What do you think your
parents are gonna say?
Your mom and dad?
My head's killing me.
Shut up!
Why did you bring me here?
Why do you think I brought you here?
Can I fix it?
It's time to go, Harlon.
It's time to go.