Whity (1971) Movie Script

The pudding's not to their taste.
A lot of things are not to their taste.
You don't understand me, I think.
I want them to like everything
we do for them.
They're waiting.
You shouldn't sing songs like that.
What songs?
Black songs.
We should have him put to sleep.
There are so many ways today.
Just a prick of the needle...
He wouldn't feel a thing...
and he'd fall asleep...
He's fond of you, Kate.
you'd be a sweet memory.
you're just a nuisance, a useless creature.
He's a Nicholson.
Yes, you're right.
Forgive me.
You'll learn to get along with us.
I beg your pardon, Massa.
I... thank you, Massa.
What's that nigger doing here?
Who is he?
He's the Nicholson's butler.
What does that mean?
He's the wealthiest
rancher round here.
That's enough.
Come on, boys.
Or are you yellow?
Throw him out!
Do not kiss me Seora
Someone might come.
Then Garcia won't be happy anymore.
No one can disturb us.
you foolish Mexican.
Only Davie...
and not even someone like you
need be afraid of him.
Now tell me...
What does my husband have?
Is it serious?
Soon he'll die.
Everything eaten up.
All rotten, Seora.
I love you.
Oh, I love you!
Beat me, beat me!
You'd... like to be rich?
That wouldn't befit me.
Kill my father, hmm?
Oh, yes.
Yes, sir.
The doctor says you're dying.
Don't look at me like that, Ben.
Is it my fault...
you're sick?
We'll make the time
you've got left...
just great, won't we Ben?
You must think
of my future, Ben, hmm?
One can get used
to so many things.
Have you been working, Frank?
I was riding out
over my father's land.
Whity's made a number
of suggestions, Katherine.
The blacks should be given
more rights.
Then they wouldn't get up to...
so much mischief.
- Yes?
I think so, too.
We need the blacks to do the work.
And if there were trouble...
it wouldn't be good...
for the work, I mean, would it?
I've acquainted myself...
with ideas like that, too.
It might be...
useful later, Pa.
- Close the door.
I shall implement
some of these ideas.
Of course, Pa.
Come here.
To hell with you, baby!
Who was that?
A customer, darling.
Anything wrong?
Just a feeling I had.
Let's go East...
the two of us.
Why not?
I'm content here.
Davie spied on us last night.
Ben couldn't get it up.
That's why he's so mad.
Whip me instead of him, Massa.
OK. Strip off!
Yell, Whity! Yell!
Its better you do what I want.
He's taking a beating for Davie.
That was pretty good, Whity.
Yes, that's it.
Here you are.
Has my telegram arrived?
Would you mind?
- Are you in a hurry?
You're in luck. It's arrived.
She believe it immediately.
Her eyes light up.
Then she pull me onto bed
and scream I should beat her.
Now I get the money.
I play your doctor well?
Oh yes.
And then?
Then he boasted that he had...
raped my wife.
Is this your husband?
Mr. Nicholson's telling the truth.
I... heard it all.
It'll soon heal.
Ben Nicholson's a very sick man.
He hasn't much longer to live.
Then there'll be no one in charge
of the Nicholson estate.
Or do you think Frank,
or even Davie would be capable?
I reckon...
the two of us...
would be able to...
We're tough.
You must get rid of Frank.
Nigger's whore!
My mother is a whore.
It's crazy!
He's going to her now.
I knew you'd come.
You called, madam?
Bring me a glass of water.
With ice.
Yes, madam.
You called?
Give me a candy, Whity.
And quick about it.
Thank you, Whity.
I don't want one after all.
Very well, madam.
You called?
I'd like a candy too, Whity.
Thanks, Whity.
I love you, I love you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I knocked the bell over.
I don't understand you.
You don't want to be free.
You like it when they beat you.
You swine.
and dependent.
You don't deserve any better.
Come and lie down with me.
I can pay if you like.
Get dressed and get out.
do I appeal to you?
Come here, my boy.
Comb my hair.
But you mustn't hurt me.
Don't I have soft hands?
Why haven't you killed my father?
Stay where you are,
you damned nigger!
Stop that.
You must be crazy.
Letting a Nicholson peel potatoes.
He likes doing it.
Don't forget...
you're a Nicholson, too.
I'm a nigger.
You called?
Frank was just here.
You insulted him.
Since when may a black...
insult a white man?
You're the curse of this family.
You know you have to be punished.
Yes, I deserve it.
My God, he's crying.
He's really crying.
A human emotion.
And I always thought
you blacks weren't human beings.
You're right.
We're not human beings.
Why haven't you killed Frank?
I implored you to.
Didn't I implore you?
We wanted to share the property.
Just think it over.
Who else would give
the likes of you...
a chance like that?
I can't do it, milady.
She'll be down at once, mister.
Hello, Ben.
- Hello. Dave.
Can I bring you a sherry?
That'd be nice.
Take a seat!
- Thanks.
How are things
with your young wife?
Everything still OK?
I... I'm getting a divorce soon.
I knew it.
That woman's a she-devil.
You can go now.
Tell me all about it.
believes I'm about to die.
She's just waiting
to inherit the estate.
We'll keep her in suspense
a bit longer.
Then wham.
She'll be out on her ear.
No one cheats a Nicholson
and gets away with it.
You want to keep her in suspense?
No. That's marvelous.
Its fantastic.
Mr. Nicholson wishes
to address us in the hall.
Please come down, milady.
Thank you, Whity.
Mr. Nicholson wishes
to address us in the hall.
Please come down.
Do you know...
what it's all about?
No, sir.
Thanks, Whity.
Is it something important?
Please wait...
till everyone's here.
Well, then...
My physicians have informed me...
that I don't have long to live.
The entire Nicholson estate
will pass,
on my decease,
in equal parts...
to Katherine Nicholson,
ne Stanwyck,
and Frank Nicholson.
Whereby it should be noted that...
a part of Katherine's rights,
yet to be determined,
shall pass to Frank Nicholson...
as soon as he...
enters into wedlock.
In the event of Katherine remarrying,
she shall forfeit her entire share
of the Nicholson estate,
which shall pass to Frank Nicholson.
In return for which,
she will receive
a cash payment of $50,000.
The validity of this last will and
testament shall be dependent...
on the following provisions:
David Nicholson shall,
until the end of his days,
be fed and cared for in this house.
Samuel King,
known as Whity,
and his mother, Marpessa,
shall receive in this house...
and good treatment...
for the rest of their lives.
This will was drawn up
on April 29, 1878.
Signed: Ben... Nathaniel...
Richard... Nicholson.
I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow.
I've got a job as a singer.
The pay's good.
It'd be enough for the two of us...
at least at the beginning.
I'm staying with my family.
I'm fond of them.
All of them.
You've no idea
what that family's really like!
You realize why your father
killed that Mexican?
Because he pestered Katherine.
Oh no.
He had to pretend to be a doctor...
and kid Katherine
that Ben was about to die.
Once his job was done,
Ben shot him down...
like a rabid dog.
You and your family!
He gave me money.
A handsome sum.
To hell with it.
Kill them! Do them all in!
Free yourself of them.
You're a human being, too.
I must go down now.
A bottle of whiskey.
Can I join you in a game?
If you've got the money.
- Sure.
Two for me.
- One.
My God, how funny you are!
Why are you laughing?
She laughed at me, Pa.
You're the only one of my sons...
who has something from me.
Frank's sick.
David's sick.
Katherine's a hyena.
I command you to kill them all.
You will inherit the estate.
Oh, no!
Please don't shoot!
You can have the whole estate.
Just let me...
Let me live!... I beg you.
You realize we'll die of thirst now?