Who Am I (2014) Movie Script

If I had known how everything
was going to happen.
I would have done everything differently.
I would have stayed invisible.
A nobody.
But I'm no longer a nobody.
I'm one of the most wanted
hackers in the word.
Who am I?
I am Benjamin.
And this is my story.
He's learned his lesson.
He claims he's done with hacking.
He said he can lead us to
Friends and Russian cyber mafia
He wants to talk only to you.
And you are... who am I?
There's a reason why you're here.
A reason I'm here for.
Everything is somehow connected.
Everything that has a beginning has an end.
It's a mix of everything.
And I'm in the middle.
I always wanted to be a superhero
with a superpower.
I wanted to do things that
nobody thought possible.
In reality I already had a superpower.
I was invisible.
And I also had a superhero costume.
Paradise Pizza: The end of the rainbow.
Every superhero needs a
tragic family story:
Spiderman's parents.
Batman's parents.
Superman's parents.
I actually had the best requirements.
My dad ran away to France when I was born.
I've never met him.
A similarity that I share with my grandma.
Her father died in the Second World War.
The only memory she has from him
are three bullet casings his comrade
brought from foreign countries.
My mom took her own life when I was 8.
The best material for a hero story.
My grandma took care of me
and later I took care of her.
I'm not a psychologist.
I don't care about your dreams.
What do you know about CLAY?
About your alliance with the Fr13nds?
Everything you want to know.
But every detail is important.
Hacking is like magic.
They're both about deceiving the others.
Since I was 14 I spent my
time in front of the PC.
I learned programming languages.
Hacked my first system.
A universe of infinite possibilities.
For the first time I felt
like I was good at something.
In real life I was a zero among ones.
An outsider.
A loser.
A freak.
But on the Internet I felt
a sense of belonging.
A refuge for people like me.
Everyone who wasted their
time on the World-Wide-Web
met here in the so-called "darknet".
The Internet within the Internet.
Here I could be whoever I wanted.
I spent days and nights on the PC.
Then I slept in the real world.
But there was an antidote
I got the idea from my biggest idol.
There are a lot of great hackers out there.
There was only one true hero for me.
He called himself "MRX".
He is from nowhere.
No one knew who he was.
He could hack into any system.
He was a real star.
One of his most famous hacks
was a social network attack.
He didn't take anything
or anyone seriously.
He was the superhero among all hackers.
I wanted to be like him.
He had an exploit used to
manipulate an online pharmacy
to get Ritalin.
The hacker's watchman.
MRX had 3 rules:
3rd: Have fun in cyberspace and meatspace.
In other words, don't limit your fun, don't
enjoy things only in the virtual world.
But the real reason I sit here now
why everything happened this way
is Marie.
Hey! Just resting hasn't
helped anyone so far.
Hope is the rainbow over
the waterfall of our life.
Do you still want to pass the exam?
Try with learning!
Or do you hope someone will steal
the exam questions for you?
I called Superman but he had no time.
What kind of weirdo bird are you?
Paradise Pizza.
The end of the rain-...
- bow.
During the school time I was
desperately in love with Marie.
But after ten years no one still
remembers the freak from the last row.
That'll be 34.28
I said without anchovy
I'm not paying for this!
I said without anchovy
I'm not paying for this!
Don't be an ass, Oscar!
The rest is for you.
What? Are you crazy?
Mr. Anchovy gives you a hundred
more if you get the exam questions.
Bachelor of Laws.
The world doesn't need a savior
but everyday I hear people crying for one.
That's Superman.
It's okay.
You're such a jerk!
I finally wanted to be a superhero.
Marie had a problem
and I could solve it.
I just had to get her the exam questions.
She'll remember me.
We'll fall in love
get married
have kids
be happy together.
The bachelor exam questions were stored on
the central server of the university.
All I needed was access.
It was way too easy.
Most of the hackers only pass through.
They appear in the system
without changing a thing.
Others leave a hint
and many take a souvenir.
I was Superman, Spiderman, Batman.
What are you doing there?
I was an idiot.
No entries, no previous conviction
50 hours of community service.
Do something with your life!
It's up to you!
My 50 hours of community service meant
cleaning a city I didn't care about.
It couldn't be any worse.
Not even the ritalin worked anymore.
But everything had to
change in one fell swoop.
And? Why are you here?
Can't you speak or what?
Then no.
Let me guess...
you're one of those guys who
thinks life's unfair for them
who feels like only passing by
just as the rest of society.
In school you weren't even beaten up
because nobody gave a damn about you.
That's all really really sad.
Do you know what I think?
It's all just a scam.
Computer stuff.
And you?
This and that.
What kind of things? Huh?
DDoS attacks?
Or are you just a script kiddie?
I hacked the University's server.
How did you manage to gain access?
Using a 0Day Exploit.
You know how to read machine language?
Simply as that?
I am Max.
Any plans for today?
I keep wondering if there's a moment
that pulls all strings together.
That moment which changes everything.
The later the evening gets, the
more drunk the guests become.
How do you like my modest temple?
I don't even know half of these people.
All shit suckers!
Max was the total opposite of me.
Self-confident, charismatic.
A winner.
Close the door!
Let me introduce you.
This is Benjamin.
Benjamin Engel.
Stefan was the software master.
He could find a bug in any application.
He's always been completely insane.
He loved the thrill
and so on.
No last name.
Paul was the hardware freak.
Give him a paper clip and a motherboard
and he'll build anything you want.
Like me, he lost his mother early.
His rich father left him at an orphanage
so he could focus on the important things.
Don't worry! His smile muscles
were removed at birth.
Max said that you can
read machine language.
Machine language?
Anyone can say that!
It's not something that's easy to prove!
Prove it!
Or you won't leave alive.
Just Benjamin.
The fun begins now!
Don't worry!
We're not the swindlers.
What? Did you think that I live here?
Come on!
Come on! Go!
Make way!
You're the pizza bird!
Do you know each other?
It's his party!
What the fuck?
No last name.
I always stopped at warnings
never asked myself again after that
I can't anymore
I can't go any further.
See ya after!
Now I remember you!
Benjamin! Benjamin Engel!
Our teacher forgot about you
and then you had to take
the train back home!
It was interesting...
the evening.
We all knew that this day will come.
Your grandma needs professional help.
You must let go!
She's on really good hands.
My grandma was diagnosticated
with Al zheimer 4 years ago.
Since then it's like an invisible
eraser deletes her borders.
Tickets, please!
I thought the cops have caught you!
It wasn't a good idea in the very
first week to close the exit.
What's wrong?
You'll feel better.
Come on! I show you something!
Come on!
I should have stayed there sitting.
But it was like between
us was an invisible rope.
He told me how he started with hacking.
I was all ears.
There are people out there,
they think they're safe.
They have no idea what's going on.
Security. Everyone wants security.
Security doesn't exist!
Once you understand this, you know
it's like you have the
world served on a plate.
You only have to get it!
Even though we were so different,
we had something in common.
First: Don't enjoy your actions
only in the virtual world.
Second: Aim for the impossible
3rd: No system is safe.
Never hide behind your computer.
MRX already knows this.
The main vulnerability isn't
in applications or servers.
Man is the main security flaw.
You hack people?
The most effective of all hacking
methods, the great art of deceiving:
Social engineering.
Man is by default trusting and confiding.
Social engineering uses
these two components
so that you can get anything you want:
Passwords, secret information, login data.
Hold this!
How many chocodonuts do I get for this?
It's a new sales pitch? Huh?
Pay for 10, get 8!
For those with chocolate
it wasn't available.
What would I stand here for?
Who required this?
That blonde from there!
Come on! I'm hungry and got things to do!
There you go!
Have a good evening!
All good!
You must be bold enough!
Then the world is at your feet.
Oh! Already late!
Are you ready?
Come on let's go.
Where are we going?
Come on!
G o!
Why did you bring him?
You don't know if we can trust him!
You already saw what he can.
You can drive.
Don't make a big deal out of this!
We'll bring it back!
Looking like this, you'll never get in!
Why does he come?
I thought I come with you!
What are you up to?
Not "you", "we"!
Come on! Get dressed!
This wasn't part of the plan!
Let's go!
Good luck!
Don't you come with us?
I'd rather not!
Let's go, my young boy!
The identification card was a
small simple piece of paper.
Five minutes of Photoshop.
Two minutes for printing.
Any idiot could do that.
Identity card?
Without despatch!
Fellow of the Danish Federation.
Without despatch.
One of the guest speakers!
Danish people's front!
What has this to do with hacking?
The presentation's laptop
must be connected to another wifi network.
This is your job!
Don't forget! Aim for the impossible!
Shit! Shit!
What other network?
I don't trust the small one!
You don't trust anyone not even yourself!
Listen! They're sick of this!
The Federal Intelligence
Service has people everywhere!
They're between us! OK?
They have this kid that never said a lie.
I'm invisible!
I'm invisible!
I'm invisible!
You assholes!
Time for a bit of blasphemy!
Dear fellows,
we're presenting you now our new wallspot!
A small flame that will
burn in german's hearts!
Cut! Cut!
The lamers are coming!
Stefan! The keys!
I don't have them!
That was our first action together.
The birth of something real big.
And I was a part of it.
How do I know that what you're
telling me, is for real?
What did you say?
Your insurance number.
Born in Friedrich
studies in Germany.
Graduated as the best of the year.
Investigator at the European
Cybercrime Center in Hague.
Two bank accounts: One at Densk Bank
other at Holland Direct Bank.
During the study period, you had a problem.
Since then you couldn't have kids anymore.
Because of an uterus disease.
Your colleagues consider you cold
I consider you lonely.
We needed a place for hacking.
My grandma's house was the perfect place.
This reminds me of the old times.
Having a computer crib or something.
1 million views!
We need a name!
We must become a brand!
We must become famous!
All what attention generates
is counterproductive.
We're staying off the radar.
Fuck the radar!
Brand is awesome!
Like Anonymous or Lizardsec!
Like MRX!
Are you all completely nuts?
Max had an idea.
If Max had an idea, nothing could stop him
I no longer do this shit with you!
Take the surprise from chocolate!
Take it!
Sure! No problem!
I follow the polls!
Who is "for"?
We still need a name.
How about "CLAY"?
As in "Clowns laughing at you"
because it's all about fun
and because of the mask.
Nominated with 4 votes.
Clay's next move was a small
greeting to the financial world.
We had taken a liking to this.
Our next target was a big pharma company.
Max was right.
The bolder you were, the
more you could achieve.
We hacked everything we got our hands on.
The ritalin kept us awake.
We didn't take anything
and anyone seriously.
Who hides behind this mask?
Is it a criminal organization
or just a group of rebel teenagers?
What are you doing?
Me? Nope.
I'm looking for the man of the rainbow.
Marie? Are you coming?
We must stop meeting in secret!
And also leave our covers!
You're such a fiasco!
You... for you it's easy!
You're... you're different!
People are listening to you!
You're cool!
Maybe you're right!
When life gives you lemons,
ask for salt and tequila.
Max was marching on
but his mood could change in seconds.
For weeks he tried to get from
MRXa reaction about CLAY.
He wanted appreciation
from his biggest idol.
We are fucking losers!
But MRX didn't give a fuck about us.
Abroad there was another player.
Around this time she entered the game.
Now I call on Hanne Lindberg, lead
cybercrime investigator of Europol.
Yesterday night, was a cyberattack on
the European Central Bank of Frankfurt.
We found out that the
same hackers are involved
which are also behind the attacks
on the German Army's servers.
They call themselves "Fr13nds".
Fr13nds is part of the Russian cyber mafia.
They hacked as in the past years
many international targets.
The group has 4 nicknames to locate
3 of them are:
The last one is still unknown.
The data they got was sold
on the so-called "darknet"
and consumed by the Russian cyber mafia.
According to our newest
investigations, at least one
of the Fr13nds members seems
to operate from Berlin.
Our commission joins the
Europol investigations.
Nobody knows the Fr13nds and their past
actions better than Hanne Lindberg.
Is it true that you're tracking
the Fr13nds for 3 years
without success?
OK. Any other questions?
I just wanted to say...
Glad to see you!
I hope you don't have
any problems with this.
No. I'm glad to work with you!
One more thing...
The fact that we were together,
no one must know it.
People are talking. Must
lose the information!
While she was hunting
the Fr13nds, Max tried
to get rid of the
frustration caused by MRX.
Wanna take a ride?
Max and Stefan borrowed one of Paul's toys
and tampered the transmission line
of a radio's prize competition.
They interrupted all the lines but one
so that Max could be put through.
My name is Benjamin Engel.
The correct answer is B: Ottmar Hitzfeld.
Are you crazy?
What has this to do with CLAY?
What kind of fucking message
is behind stealing a Porsche?
It's not like that!
It's not like a shitty Renault!
Superheros need a superhero car!
Moreover it's not stolen, it's won!
Forget it!
Excuse me, girls!
We were a bit late!
These guys are like Windows: It
takes a while till they boot up.
You can be whoever you want!
Check this out!
Be open minded!
You achieved everything when you
completed your ultimate challenge.
So can Benjamin, for example, he has a
huge potential, but he doesn't use it!
He hides behind the others.
He doesn't open his mouth!
If someone must always pull you
then you'll never go far!
Most of the people can only follow rules!
It wasn't enough!
Max was right. I had to
finally change something
I passed the exam!
What are you up to now?
Do you know how I made it?
I've intentionally answered
wrong the questions.
There are so many possibilities outside.
I had the feeling that is not carved
in stone that I pass the exam.
Like all the doors shut forever.
But now I've decided on a door.
Why are you driving a Porsche?
I'm the employee of the month.
Or maybe I'm also a superhero
and this is my superhero car.
Yeah... maybe.
Come on! Believe in yourself!
Be like Max.
Aim for the impossible!
I'd better go out.
It fits to Porsche.
Oh look who's here!
The pizza bird!
Get your hands off Marie!
Nothing has changed.
Everything's alright?
Don't ask.
MRX sent a message!
MRX hasn't missed a single word about CLAY
until this moment.
In front of us we had the
confidential cybercrime
investigation document
they sent to Europol.
It was a marked paragraph about CLA Y.
The packet's purpose was only one:
He wanted make this clear to us.
CLAY in his eyes wasn't more
than whining babies.
We'll finish the fucker!
Let's do an attack that tops all!
We could hack a big bank!
Yes! The money of a famous company!
We need an attack on something real huge!
Something able to reach the Olympus!
The Federal Intelligence Service.
The king class.
The German Secret Service.
Bullshit! It's unhackable!
No system is safe.
And aim for the impossible!
The BND action must be the
most complex we ever did.
Here you go, you pussy!
With the right bait
you can catch any fish.
Without knowing, Gerdigranted us access.
But from her system we still
couldn't access the main server.
Gerdi was the jackpot, though.
Gerdi was responsible for the card cloning
and for distribution of
the entry-cards to BND.
Accepted by password or address?
It was the all time
biggest breaking clich.
Many tried to hack the BND before.
But you can't do this only
by hiding behind your desk.
Where's Benjamin?
No idea.
Where have you been?
We really made it.
That was the Olympus.
We haven't just climbed it, we
also have put a flag on its peak.
As for BND, the employees will get the
next day the shock of their lives.
That was my night.
Leave me alone!
Let us in!
Don't act like a kid!
And you like an asshole!
You're nothing without us!
A nobody!
It's enough.
without the others knowing it.
I stole secret data from BND server.
First he has manipulated the printers over
the communication protocol
then he bypassed the security firewall
and stole data.
Our unhackable system
has been hacked in 2 minutes 23.
You're saying this like you
were excited about it.
Whoever did this is a genius.
We should have had recordings.
They deleted all the video
files and left something.
But everything has a consequence.
Every single fly flap.
That was found about his body.
He was found in the woods.
Moritz Lauer, better known as Krypton.
Get out!
Get lost!
What the fuck? You need us!
I need you?
Or maybe you need me!
Do you know what?
You're nothing! You're nothing
more than a shitty impostor!
All you can do is using
people and manipulate them!
Stop! Stop!
Be quiet!
This morning was found the dead body of the
hacker which has the pseudonym "Krypton".
His dead and the German Secret
Service hack of the last night
confront the BND with something that might
be the biggest scandal of its history.
N ear to the dead body, was
found the stolen data from B ND.
A secret employees list
proving that Krypton worked for the BND.
It seems that Krypton belongs
to the hackers group Friends.
Financed by the B N D to collect
information about hackers.
At this time, the hackers group CL A Y
seems responsible for the BND breaking.
You were the only one in the server room!
What have you done there?
We said that we don't touch anything, take
anything and turn on only the printers!
Did you leave any data?
I've found a hidden
partition on the BND server
I have... I've cracked the password
and then downloaded some
kind of employees list
I don't know...
I sent it to MR X.
Are you crazy?
I wanted to prove him!
I wanted to prove you!
You thought I'm a nobody!
Sometimes we hold so tight a
photograph we got from someone.
It was like I couldn't
recognize myself anymore.
Everyone sees what they want.
Suddenly, it was crystal clear.
MRX has sold the stolen data
to the Russian cyber mafia.
MRX belongs to the Fr13nds.
When he found out that Krypton worked
for the BND, he eliminated him!
Now everyone thinks that we did it!
It's only his fault!
Austrian product.
Krypton has been admitted to the
government agency and was eliminated.
What has this to do with CLAY?
I don't know.
We could fail.
I received a call from Hague.
They wanted me to make an evaluation
of you.
Your work
I didn't know that your chair isn't stable.
Why didn't you tell me?
Where are you going?
To find some fun. This isn't fun anymore!
Krypton is dead, Max, dead!
And we'll get fucking blamed
for all this scandal!
Benjamin could hand himself
over to the police
and tell them how he built
alone his shit CLAY!
Do you want sacrifice one of us?
You always wanted to run away!
I don't fuckin' care what
you're doing, I'm out!
Stefan! Wait!
This is all my fault!
I must find MRX!
And then what?
It's not about us! It's about MRX
the Fr13nds
they are the target!
Benjamin is right. Running
away doesn't solve this.
There are so many tracks left there.
It's just a matter of
time till they catch us!
We deliver them MRX and the Fr13nds
and we'll become invisible again.
When I said "we" I didn't mean "you" too!
Oh my god! What happened to you?
I'm fine.
What do you want?
Last night you suddenly
disappeared and...
and I thought that...
You came here for Max.
Max? No!
It's better that you go now.
Are you building there a bomb or what?
Anything else?
What's wrong with you?
You're completely weird.
That's all you can see, right?
The freak weirdo.
Do you know what?
I wish I had never met you!
We had to find MRX.
I was the decoy.
We were lately so paranoic that
we could use only public networks.
Oh! Here are you!
Come on fast!
He tried to contact MR X.
His IP address is spoofed
he uses 100 different servers in Europe.
He's changing his location
at every 3 seconds!
I think I got something!
The server he uses more often
points to this IP address.
In Berlin!
Get as much information as you can, Katja.
He gave me access to his private channel.
What are you waiting for?
We're running out of time!
I almost have it.
They're here!
Did you get it?
Let's get outta here!
We'll meet downstairs!
Nothing! As if the earth
had swallowed him up!
I am suspended.
They're looking for
someone else from Hague!
I'm sorry.
What did MRX ask for?
He wanted us to send a
Trojan to the Europol system.
If someone has access to Europol,
can track investigations
and tamper.
What was your plan?
We wanted to know who is MRX.
His identity in exchange for our freedom.
We wanted to prove that
he's behind Krypton's death.
We wanted to disappear from the
1st position of the wanted list.
We only wanted to be... invisible again.
To get access to MRX's computer
we had to reach deeply
into our bag of tricks.
Stefan called the application
"the pregnant horse".
It was a Trojan horse
inside of a Trojan horse.
The second when MRX would log on to
the Europol server using our backdoor
we could be able to access his computer.
And MRX's mask would fall.
But before we had to
destroy all the evidence
I want to apologise...
for the blue-eyed
like Marie.
You knew all the time what she means to me
and you didn't give a fuck.
What can I say? I'm an asshole.
The statement is true.
I'm an impostor! I could
never do what you can
I'm just a fucking script kiddie
I can't do more than copy/paste!
I don't even know how to program!
I didn't know that.
Do you like this?
Love birdies!
We were on the way to Hague
to Europol.
We had to get in the lion's den
but the road was long.
We tried several methods.
No success.
Our old phishing methods.
We even tried to get in
across the canalization.
It's the only entrance.
What are you doing there?
A fucking nail!
Take it out!
We had to admit that it was
impossible to enter the Europol.
What are you looking at?
It was my fault.
I've dragged us in this.
I also had to get us out.
Man is by default trustful and confiding.
Social engineering.
Come on! Believe in yourself!
With Paul's box I could access a network
and then a second one, in
parallel, a so called "evil twin".
If someone had logged in from one
of the offices in that network.
I could access their laptop
and then the server.
MRX gave us an access key
to a darknet channel
where we could find the instructions.
I only had to give MRX
the manipulated Trojan.
As soon as he would log
in in the Europol server
his mask would fall.
But MRX foiled our trick.
MRX won the game
and I lost everything.
Max, Paul, Stefan
they're all dead.
I want to be Benjamin again
I want to be invisible again.
This is Anne! Call me
as soon as you wake up!
You must come here immediately!
Finally no one else.
You came...
Yeah, I came.
Oscar said that someone hacked the
University's server some months ago
and stole the questions
for the Bachelor exam
and got caught.
You once said that
you must find out who you are
and that there are a lot
of opportunities outside
but you can be whoever you want
you can be anything.
Do you understand?
I can be the federation!
You're a weirdo!
Do you come with me?
I already said that you're crazy!
Wherever you want.
You can go anywhere and
want to go to Copenhagen?
Why not?
Why not.
What else do you know about me?
Do you know that I'm suspended?
You want to be invisible again!
But the Fr13nds know who you are!
You want a new identity
you want in the witness protection program!
That's all you always wanted!
For this I give you MRX, the Fr13nds.
It's not that easy!
The Federal Criminal Police
Office will be successful
politics and media, pleased.
You are rehabilitated.
Let's say I agree.
How will you get MRX?
Using a magic trick.
There are holes in his story
as big as the Death Star!
He's nothing.
A no one!
He played with fire and got burned
but he can lead us to MRX!
If we have him we will
also get the Fr13nds!
You're suspended!
The promise of the witness
protection program must end.
I need you for this!
How should work this magic trick?
We will attack MRX's weakest point
his pride!
We got him!
What's his real name?
19 years old
from New York.
You should be the last one too
so that you're not alone.
That's from Superman!
In a few hours you're a freeman!
New name, new city.
There are holes in his story
as big as the Death Star!
I'd like to ask you some questions.
Do you know this person?
He said you were in the same class.
The freak!
Have you seen Benjamin lately?
Excuse me.
What's this all about?
Benjamin is under the BKA's attention.
He declared that in the
last months you met often.
We did what?
He's completely crazy!
I'd never like to meet such a guy!
Thank you for having time for me!
It's about Engel.
Or better said "your angel".
You know him?
Since he was young.
I have curated his mother.
What can you tell me about him?
He's uncommunicative
No wonders in his story.
His mother took her own life
Benjamin has grown up in
unclear circumstances.
His mother had an identity problem.
Multiple personality disorder.
She had multiple personalities
thinking they're all herself.
The medication kept her at bay.
In the end she couldn't endure anymore.
Is it inheritable?
What is it caused by?
It can be caused by a
predisposition to other substances.
Some medicines can make the
symptoms even stronger.
There are several triggers.
Ritalin is one of them.
But what it's all about?
Is everything alright with Benjamin?
The laboratory results are here!
Let me guess! The bullets
are from the 2nd World War!
How did you get this wound?
What did hurt you?
Why were the car keys at you?
It is supposed that Stefan
has driven the car!
What did you tell me about Paul?
About his mother?
She died when he was young.
That's you!
They're all you!
No. They're dead!
There are no dead bodies! No evidence!
In any damn hotel in Hague!
What you saw in the hotel room
doesn't exist!
You made them up in your imagination!
CLAY - that's you alone!
You are Max.
What? Did you think that I live here?
You are Stefan!
You are Paul!
Every action, it was you!
I don't even know one half of the people!
All shit suckers!
We need a name!
We must become a brand!
We must become famous!
All what attention generates
is counterproductive.
We're staying off the radar!
Nothing off the radar! Brand is awesome!
Like Anonymous or Lizardsec!
Like MRX!
Fucking nail!
I'm not like my mom!
I know who I am.
That means that our agreement
disqualifies you for the
witness protection program.
No! You said we have a deal
a caution!
I get the witness protection
program, that's what you said!
I'm sorry!
They killed Krypton
I betrayed MRX. They'll find me!
Do you understand?
We had a deal! I get the
witness protection program!
That's what you promised me!
I'm sorry.
You're sick!
I'm not like my mom!
I'm sorry!
The Fr13nds will kill me
like they killed Krypton!
I want witness protection program!
You promised me!
The collaboration between the Europol and
BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office)
has been from the start a cornposite of
efficiency, professionality and certain.
Responsible for this is Hanne Lindberg
an exceptional fighter
against the cyber mafia.
The Internet is not a legal black hole
its doors aren't invisible!
Anyone can be traced.
I asked them to bring you to the court.
I'm sorry for hacking you!
It wasn't fair.
The witness protection program
is literally a program.
You have 5 minutes.
What will you tell them?
That you're on the way to the courthouse.
Won't you be fired again?
They wanted MRX, the Fr13nds.
You're a nobody to them!
You're invisible to them!
Promise me that you're done with hacking
I promise!
No magic tricks anymore.
Just one more thing.
How do you make this trick?
If you know how's working,
it's less deceiving.
Everyone sees what they wanna see.
Ta ke ca re!
She swallowed it hook, line and sinker.
The all time greatest
social engineering trick.
Not even the Europol knows now who you are.
What name did you pick?
No name.
O K. Who am I?
I'm Benjamin.
I'm a hacker.
And this is my story.
Hacking is like magic.
They're both about deceiving the others.
Where have you been?
They have my computer!
They know who am I, we all
gotta get outta here!
What happened?
I was at Europol.
How did you get in there?
I pretended to be one of the students
from a group it doesn't fuckin' matter!
The task.. was a failure! They got..
They have all my personal details!
Everything! Do you understand?
We gotta get outta here! Immediately!
Come on! What are you waiting for?
You're one of us!
We don't forsake you!
Now what?
No system is unhackable.
Excluded from the witness
protection program
are persons having
psychic diseases.
Once again.
Give her very detailed information
this works only if you trust yourself.
And if she doesn't feel manipulated!
You can do it!
Only this is left.
We're all invisible!
What if she checked?
Don't worry!
She has checked.
But she has what she wants.
No more magic tricks.