Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher (2014) Movie Script

Jesus sales status eyes and will present
to the father faultless all who will be
de-phase name and Trust in his film
background father's save the soul into a
tree to the server and came home in
Christ not early is almost lunch man
game misogyny salvation really jump - do
you really gotta go through with this
sure if you don't live in yourself
ain't nobody else gonna let me believe
it what are you rested then I want to
hear that preacher anymore willow
20-fold urban what is it always having
Eugene hey take it easy remember check
me half justice alright I shall not come
into condemnation but is passed from
death on July that's right not him
Esther you are there is nothing be
test LCS in season free in the waxy p SS
es businesses
in the braces
okay you believe you ought to do this if
we don't then if not today win
who do you think you are we don't serve
color here well that's good cause I
don't needle they'd make me burp just
give me two hot dogs just like me two
hot dogs.
I'll have when he has me too same for
the rest of us
that's mustard
yeah okay oh yeah.
there are some playful I can't go
but I am sure this one day
my void is real oh I can feel him deep
is real
and I call.
God is real.
for me
my god is real
I cannot tell how you play
when Jesus to your name
all away
but since that day
hey I'm Bush and me too
y'all don't have to go home push chug
have to get out of here see I worked
more bright merrily right yeah yeah
it'll be early here it is so I figured
the best way to show the man that we
mean business
it's let alone be ready to walk out if
you don't hire people get a man he met
said keep on walking no way will he say
that man if we organized staying
together he knows he has big trouble his
hands if we all walk and who's gonna
tell him you won't you know hey not tell
but you're crazy J hey if you don't
believe in yourself ain't nobody else
gonna believe in you
good luck mate thanks I'm gonna need it.
Thank You Brooke yeah it's open come on
in well James lon Jeff Seaton tell me
what's eatin now if it's about another
race no it's not about a raise the
council's been talking for a while about
fighting some solutions to a problem
that we see problem what kind of problem
is it
well Fergus seems like each time a new
shift is hard that the new faces look a
hole I like the old faces
you know this man's cousin that man's
brother another man's son somebody's
neighbor and Frank like it or not and a
black face of the bar James you know
we're doing all we can to be fair
whenever there is an inequity in
actually look
actually the whole our entire sense for
the new third shift now listen Frank
there's a new ship being hired this love
and if things go the way they did the
last time we're gonna walk now James
none of us needs that kind of publicity
well looks right nobody wants to work
more than we do but it seemed like the
will that don't squeak don't get no I
hear you James I'll keep my eye on the
next tire yeah we keep our own - you got
my word neither will they be persuaded
though one rose from the dead I'm long
as their treat home are already open
without apology if somebody came out the
graveyard and preached on Main Street
you got some folk kids wouldn't listen
to it bad luck I hear it hard Mary more
than enough number working here here too
Luke 16 testifies that death does not
end at all Luke 16 testifies that
eternity does not destroy the memory of.
Earth he said son remember in your
lifetime you had good things lassithi
now you're dead in hell and you can't
get one drop of water Luke 16 teaches
that eternity does not offer a second
chance when you shut your eyes sister
when you shut your eyes in that your
destiny is fixed you spend eternity in
hell if you're not born again now this
is a picture of Earth's madness
everything prepared everything furnished
everything free everything ready and all
in the world the master of the house
asked the guests to do is to simply come
and that's all Jesus asked you to do
come unto me all ye that labor heavily
than I will give you what him to come
into me I will no lies watch the stage
the brides say what let him that heareth
say what and let him that is thirsty do
what come and drink of the water of life
freely come come come come all in the
world that you'll as a poor sinner can
do is come to Jesus and let Jesus Savior
all things are ready and it's madness
it's insanity it's foolishness to hear
the story recognize the needleless story
and now that you're hungry and then put
brown and business and a family ahead of
Jesus Christ and if one soul gets saved
here tonight heaven will announce it and
they'll be singing oh my.
dear God I know I know I've made a mess
in my life
but no no what would that preacher
oh Jesus I want you to forgive me I
sense lord save me from myself and
please do the save changes' from his
sins too
tell me what happened to you I mean in
the kitchen this morning I found Jesus
Christ honey action to save me from my
sin and he did you found Jesus where he
must have lost them because I don't see
him anywhere but you know what I think I
think that he's had in 7 how about you
goes out there and looking for and why
are you there fix me something to eat
I'm often looks ok honey can't we just
didn't talk soon honey I'll be home
before it's too late we can talk then
okay looks something wonderful is
happened to me
crisis forgiving me for my sins you know
James can't none of us be what we should
by ourselves we need Christ to have our
sins forgiven
yeah yeah right oh it's my plane sugar
you know James Canton none of us be what
we ship ourselves we need Christ to have
our sins forgiven it can none of us be
what we should by ourselves we need.
Christ to have our sins forgiven
we need Christ to have our sins forgiven.
I have two hot dogs
oh so I will stab your wife sir
I've been a naughty boy
you naughty you need some help maybe
need to see that preacher man
oh yeah.
Hey I'm home
huh Oh where's my good shirt
I thought you were home tonight honey I
made your favorite for dinner and we
need to plan for the new baby honey I
got to get going where's my shirt I
didn't wash it if you didn't wash don't
tell me you've been too busy praying
right tell you what I'm gonna get me a
shower when I come out almost my shirt
so since she's so good at praying pray
them I should be ready when I get out
please Lord turn my James heart to you
he needs him more than he knows please.
Lord Jesus save my husband okay I'm here
now where's my shirt Oh how'd you do
there James I love you
please read this it tells you about
Jesus Christ you need to ask them to
forgive you for your sins
look something wonderful is happened to
Christ has forgiven me for my sins you
know James can't none of us be what we
should ourselves we need Christ to have
our sins forgiven
we need Christ to have our sins forgiven
okay enough and remember they won't ship
ourselves we need Christ to have our
sins forgiven we need to give
none of us we want to ship ourselves we
need Christ our sins forgiven
we need practice
none of us do what we ship ourselves we
need Christ to have our sins forgiven
we need Christ to have our sins forgiven
you there by the television let's do
this very carefully John 3:16 my dad for.
God so loved the world that's people
that's not mountains and valleys and
rivers for God so loved the world that.
He gave His only begotten Son
that's the Lord Jesus Christ that who
shall believe in him should not perish
but have everlasting life
to believe in him more preaching not
just intellectually seriously wasn't you
know I have a bunch of facts lined up in
your head but to believe in your heart
for who's ever that's anybody believes
in him should not perish that means not
go to hell but have everlasting life
have everlasting life that's a present
possession my friend
let me ask you a question
do you have everlasting life I don't
have it last
if not you can just your simple is I
don't have a decent life if you repent
of your shin you're calling upon the
name of the Lord I'm going to hell and
ask him to shake so and you'll do just
that I'm sick and tired of the way that
I'm living dying at those peace oh god
I'm sick and tired and believing in
myself I'm not too sure Who I am
but whoever I am I'm not God you gotta
help me all these years hiding behind my
heritage hiding behind the church crying
behind these black God you gotta save me
for myself
show me the white hell
that's a while I'm a sinner
oh did God
I know them a sinner but I believe that.
Jesus Christ down across my sins that he
was buried and he rose on the third day
and I'm asking you Jesus to come into my
heart and save me amen.
Anyone snitch I just got saved my
question with all the terms save me but
I ask God saving I believe he did
so the way I see it now we've got the
advantage so we can't let up we've got
almost all we asked on our last your
heart why not go for the pancreas water
iron's hot
yeah change me you ain't said a word in
two weeks now are you gonna sock it to
him for us or what she talked oh hey all
you do is look at that little hey what's
that it's a little Bible New Testament.
Psalms scott ninnie Eugene it's not
what's got into me is what got out of me
I stopped believing myself and I start
believing in God man I can't do this
you've been doing a great job for us and
why you don't give up now man all that
we doing here and in the church in the
movement to try to get things change
trying to straighten folk out without
chasing our hearts without getting them
saved we've been pouring all of our time
and money and energy down a rat hole
but goddess of Mines I've been sitting
in the seat of the scornful so hey you
want to see me come on in
yeah James I've been looking for you for
the past two weeks now sit down and shut
up I want to talk now you got everything
you wanted that last tired and I've been
expecting you to come in here
grinning from ear to ear and saying
something like the squeaky wheel got all
the oil and I ain't seen hiding the hair
you for the last two weeks there's
something different going on here James
and it's about to drive me crazy now you
sit down you be quiet
I love you I asked God to save me and he
did and I just want to say that I'm
sorry for the way that I treated you
I mean hey you were just doing what
you're supposed to do would you forgive
me sure James
you know my my wife she's a she's a
first-rate oh no I didn't know that but
I have been praying for you change your
sound and just like how about a cup of
don't mind if I do thank you yeah that
is why God has left a remnant here on
the earth to tell others the good news
of salvation of deliverance of rescue
from sin and death thank you Lord for
the chance to talk to Frank only through
the blood of Jesus Christ
now what we haven't only he can
reconcile us to God only he has paid the
sacrifice with his blood Jesus Christ
before he ascended to heaven commanded
all born-again children of God to go
into all the world and preach the gospel
and they are to preach that gospel that
good news of Jesus Christ preached the
gospel to every creature
she's the does literally to all the
creation preach the gospel for all the
creation suffers from the scourge of sin
and death people need Jesus Christ and
that changes everything
can I help you find something yes I look
for a Bible what kind o
school feel well you're in the right
section Scofield is a Study Bible and
these are in different colors they're
leather-bound hardbound
I heard the radio preachers say Scofield
on this that's all he said what do you
plan to use it for I think God wants me
to preach really well how long have you
known the Lord I was saved
10:45 p.m. to segoe Tuesday well praise
the Lord I'm Bob brother glad to have
you here I'm James brother yeah I'm your
brother in Christ now and despite a lot
of serve you well yeah hey this whole
do you have a payment plan I have a good
job out the factory I can don't worry
about that just take it with you and pay
as you can you mean that I sure do and
I'll be glad to help you with the study
helps in the back would you really do
that I sure would brother hey Jane hey
Luke what are you doing in there man hey
I just got me a Scofield Bible
sculp us a white guy too you know what I
don't know he's white black yellow
purple really don't know and don't care
but I know that you love the Lord I mean
you really have turn your back on the
movement no no I'll turn my back on
anger and bitterness what's gotten into
you man hey tell you what drop by the
house tonight and I'll what got
into me I want you to meet him Adam I
got a poker game to win yeah what's you
come and you probably have that honky
come on over to lunch
hey what doesn't I make if I did listen
to yourself who are you man are you a
black man or not who are you anyway
hey Sonny junebug got a question for you
we're gonna die right now
good morning ma'am that's not Trax about
the good news to do this christ-like to
have one please
it's just different to how these prices
down across from the Sam's we have no
concern about you eternal state kids you
want to hear a story about Jesus
okay look high ball chain bars my wife.
Beatrice Peterson for me this is the
father this
yes I'm frustrate I want to share the
gospel with my people but every door I
try to open keep getting slammed in my
well James you know the Apostle Paul
said I am made all things to all men
that I might by all means save some
it may be that there are other means for
you to reach out other means like what
well if God has truly called you to
preach the gospel he will open the door
you know the Apostle Paul was thrown
into prison for preaching the gospel and
yet he said that even that his
imprisonment fell out to the furtherance
of the gospel you know when God closes a
door he opens a window say brother you
say that Paul was in prison when he
wrote that that's right you know what
I think that I don't found me a window
and a captain I want to share my kiss
now I guess I heard John 3:16 all my
life but I was not save until I applied
it to my life for God so loved the world
best people like you and me shiny game
is only begun.
I repeat if anyone whether you're black
and white whoever believes in Him will
not perish that means dying go to hell
but will have everlasting life for the
word of God go to space
for whosoever should couple them along
with or they'll be saved
that's anyone who put their faith in
trust and ask Jesus Christ to come and
save them from their sins yes Justin
what is it sin that's a good question
sin is anytime we disobey God's law
we're all sinners and Jesus Christ came
to save us from sin so this verse is
saying that whosoever believeth in him
should not perish but have everlasting
I repeat if anyone could have faith in
the Lord Jesus Christ
that means the pain or rely on trust on
will not perish that mean go there don't
what the hell do you will have ever
lasting life you will live forever
sister there's no fountain of youth
there's only one way for each other life
last of the blood of Jesus that means
anyone can go to heaven live with God
forever and ever
all you have to do is accept him as your.
Lord and Savior all you have this belief
put your faith in Jesus Christ and he'll
forgive your sins
that's the dolphin's cured you changed
my life and you change your life too.
Oh what you got set and something to say
because I can't lose it right there you
hear the preacher what's your name
my name is Jang Hye JA I'm James how are
you doing bad man
I'm losing you know I lost many a game
of chance in my life but I finally won
the game of life I know you talking
about religion no you say you realize
you can change your life but I don't do
no I'm not to my religion but a
relationship with Jesus Christ man
listen you preachers come here and you
preach to us but you don't know what
we've been through and you don't know
where I've been.
Joe let me tell you something there is
nothing that you have done or could ever
do that could separate you from the love
of Christ
hey once you got shut up over there and
get over here listen to what this
preachers got to say I mean young here
now kid open you hurry up you got
something to say you'd be listening to
go picture you know what they listen to
you maybe you could be my sergeant
orange might come here and preach
consider it a captive audience.
Thank You mr. Solid in arms well you
know it's just like I told him at the
prison today it's not about religion
it's the gospel of Jesus Christ that can
change a man's heart well it is that
preacher why haven't I heard about this
my pastor down at the church don't talk
like that
he's always talking about our good works
miss Elvin good works are wonderful but
they never saved one single soul from
the Bible says that all of our actions
is as a filthy rag now I want to start a
church where the gospel of Jesus Christ
and the plain teaching the Scriptures is
the first the last of the only thing
preached where I declare if you started
I'll be there every time the doors are
open how about you John
well I'll be there too but how you gonna
get this church started I really don't
know John I've been praying about that
well we'll just have to keep on praying
there's got to be a way yes there's got
to be your way
just keep it thank you very much hey
brother Bob got idea this morning
what's that James well I was thinking
that maybe folks will come out to the
church if they knew that I had something
to say so what I need is some basic
Bible training yes you know if I'm gonna
preach the word I need to study the word
well that's true but but what well to
tell you the truth I don't over Bible.
College around here that would take you
I'm sorry but it's a fact it's because
I'm like but why is that
I don't know James I just don't know but
there's got to be a way well there is a.
Bible correspondence course from a Bible.
School you mean I can study the word in
my own home you could now I've made a
lot of work
hey I'm used to hard work and I can keep
my job at the factory in a day and hey
that's that that's the answer
and there's child evangelism fellowship
oh what's that
well it's a Christian organization that
teaches people how to reach young people
with the Word of God
can I get in contact with them yeah I've
got the address here somewhere
they brother Bob do they make these just
a little bit darker I'm sure they do
James tell me this how do you keep such
a positive attitude well you know I just
figure out if I don't believe in God
ain't nobody gonna believe in him either
so David walked up to that ugly old
giant and he said I know what he said
self no you don't if you do what did he
saying this self he said yeah mister.
Goliath your sandals on time that's not
what he said Seth yes it is Sam why
would David killed Goliath of the shoes
a long time
well then way he can walk up behind him
and it was a slingshot
at least this pie would have done
so you think the new a pretty good
fighter huh that's right I'm the
greatest I'm like Floyd Patterson I have
once at the line the other is steel if
the right don't get you in the other one
will what even those self had to use
tricks to find his bottles that's not
what David did they were use no tricks
David simply put his trust in his faith
in God and God deliver him and God must
do the same thing in you you don't have
to resort the tricks put your faith and
your trust in him and just like David
who deliver you also right safe fast
right I'm the greatest hey Pat one day
look at you to everyone first line I
can't get a steal on TV get the right
don't get hey look at vana glama
unlike Sam don't hand will use tricks
that fight your battles and win your
brother David put his face that was
wonderful thank God gave him delivers we
all number she's about same things
what's wrong that's what's happening in
your community today so keep an eye out
preacher Earl's and friend Seth may be
coming soon to a street corner us people
here you never had somebody on to you oh
yes it's the same yeah yeah I still
can't believe you guys on TV
mmm-hmm that's your dad and Meyers who's
that oh what it who is talking to you
yes I can do that tomorrow afternoon oh
dad it's uh american-owned at 4:30 yes
I'll be there
thank you yes thank you who is a James
honey that was the top of the station
simul to talk to me yeah they want to
train me to do the news on television
what me do the blues on television can
you believe that
oh man this is too much mr. Ellis yes
they're ready right okay thank you
come on in and have a seat mr. Lacy
mister you call me can't pay it okay
okay I've seen the footage shot by Tommy
over here and I want you to know I was
impressed by you and what's-his-name.
Seth but you and Seth very impressed
very impressed very impressed thank you
question which one wasn't it pressure
the most listened to a natural
personality by the way where did you get
the name what is it that's safe that is.
CEF that is short for child evangelism
fellowship that's the organization that
helped me learn to to reach children
flow the Lord those same people gave
them to me for free so I named them self
oh that's nice
here's a deal James you may or may not
be aware but channel 6 is actively
recruiting minorities for all on camera
positions my news director and I we saw
the footage of you and Seth and we could
tell right there that you have talent
and that's what we're looking for we
will train you we will pay you the
industry standard which ain't too bad
and we'll see to it that you have a
secure career for years to come so what
do you think you know after the phone
call last night uh my wife and I prayed
about it and
I'm sorry but I'm some have to say no
I'm grateful but I've been called to
preach the gospel of Jesus Christ you
can still do whatever you want on your
weekends this job is only five days a
week so you can do whatever man I like
understand I spend most of my week going
out trying to get my folk come out on to
church on Sunday morning so I have
something preached to and I need to do
even more you know so I'm grateful but I
have to say sorry but no thank you wait
wait wait wait I have an idea
speak up son well I was just thinking
that maybe you could find some
opportunity here that would be a better
fit mm-hmm spell it out for me well
we've been wanting to do some locally
produced programming even something for
kids why not have James and Seth do what
they're already doing telling Bible
stories to kids they can do it right
here in the studios instead of out in
the street would you consider a
children's show.
Witek you mean that I can teach the
Bible TV sure just like you did
yesterday let's say Saturdays and
Sundays for a half an hour each week of
course we couldn't pay you it'd be part
of our community access program man and
artists for the Bible is all the pay I
need so do we have a partnership yes sir
yes we do thank you thank you thank you
good one more thing
yes do you do any stories from the Old.
Testament what
the one we saw yesterday David and.
Goliath that's the Old Testament yes
well maybe I'll learn something too
maybe you will I thank you again sir
thank you you have a good day you'll
also thank you
whenever God closes a door he always
open for me thank you lord thank you hey.
Seth Sal yeah how a sense good class
this morning it was great well what did
you do
we drew pictures of the Bible only mean
old Bible stories yeah
uh and what did you draw I drew a
picture the baby Jesus hold the nativity
yeah may I see it sure it's right here
this is in here this is Joseph right
yeah and this is the Virgin Mary yeah
and that's the baby Jesus right mm-hmm
okay when we get this right why is there
an airplane here in this scene and who
is that hanging out of the airplane
oh that's Pontius Pilate well hi how you
doing I think you'll find that contrary
to bring up some value to you now about
your church oh yeah you know now it you
all have a place to meet I think it
would be a real good idea if you
attended the state fellowship of
fundamental Baptist churches average is
on the toe I'd rather have Jesus than
houses or land I'd rather be led by his
nail tears that to me the key
a vast domain or be held in says dread
sway I'd rather have Jesus and
anything this world affords today thank
y'all for coming out this morning as you
know this building used to be a massage
parlor but now we come for a message a
message of hope mrs. Of Life a message
of Jesus Christ and that same message is
being preached in pulpits all across the
state there's a meeting this week of the
statewide fellowship and as your pastor
I'm going to go the gospel of Jesus
Christ is what brings us together the
independent fundamental Baptist.
Association is where we come to get our
batteries recharged and it's good to see
such a good group here is there anybody
here for the first time yes my name is.
James Arnold my pasady mayor's role.
Baptist Church good I'm glad to see you
here anybody else
more coffee yes please thank you have a
long drive home
but what brings you this way oh I'll
stay why pass the fellowship
really who wears the fellowship
you know there are a lot of people who
don't know what we're doing here to them
what we do don't make any sense a
fundamental Independent Baptist Church
where people of all races are welcome
and they saying what kind of church is
that well I'll tell you what kind of
church that is that's the type of church
that I read about in the New Testament
and I want to stand where the Bible
staying and if that means that we're
different from other churches so... but
but we're not going to be different
simply for the sake of being different
we stand with the word of God staying so
as long as I'm pastor here our
association will be fundamental and
independent music we'll be honoring to.
Jesus Christ and our preaching will be
according to the Father word of God and
for those who don't like it let me quote
the words the famous black theologian
who wrote hit the road Jack and don't
you come back no mo no mo no mo no more
hey excuse me sir James Earl's how you
doing I'm oh you're taller good track
for you here have a question ask you if
use it if you were to die right now do
you know where you'll spend eternity no
would you like to know yes well the Word
of God steaks the number one all have
sinned and fall short of the glory of.
God you can see can see that right there
see if I said the word with us income
from world states right there sin came
from your great-great-great
great-grandfather Adam so by once in for
our one man sink him to the world and
death by sin and so death spread to all
men for all have sinned so that was good
to know that you are center I was a
sinner we all are sinners okay not
because the things we do but we do the
things we do because we're sinners then
it goes on a little bit deeper here and
you progress dated the Paycheck after
working forty hours you strike the.
Paycheck right yes sir with the word of.
God stays the Paycheck of sin is death
he goes on track for you hey Steph are
you ready for your Bible Conference in
sure oh how we getting there
well we're gonna fly Oh
Jesus not with you when you fly self how
can you make a statement like that well
Jesus says David.
I say
he's taught me and bought me with his
yes he loves me
except use Christ as Lord and Savior
give him the courage to step out in
faith and trust you and we thank you in
Jesus name Amen
preacher you know what I like I like see
you tell it like it is you watch the
huh yes I watch the show but preacher
that something has been nagging there's
a question I want to ask and what's that
you know every time I hear you preach
you sound like a white man's house boy I
mean you don't sound like any black man
I've heard before
for some reason preacher it just doesn't
seem right you know what I get that a
lot Joe and it really doesn't bother me
because God knows my heart and he knows
the prayer of my heart is for all of my
people to come to know God through Jesus
Christ I mean the white man's God or the
black man's God but God who was a
creator of all of us and if folks can't
understand then I'm willing to bear that
approach see that's why I like to be
easy you tell it like it is you know
what you're not afraid to stand alone
are you
no I'm not but Joe do you know that
you're saying I'm not ready for that
preacher okay okay but you're still my
son all right
yes I am okay I'll see you later okay
I'm praying for you
put it back it all Nikki poppy I'm right
straight to run this race
look at
to see him face - no no no no we're not
singing that song in this church now
that's why I draw the line but pastor is
such an old favorite alcohol it is we're
not gonna sing that song in this church
not today not ever pickup him
we're paid anything man this ain't black
music we don't sing black music use
preaching like a white man
this ain't no black church sound like
white folk are you finished what color
the page
white Walker the nose
black there was singing black music
now this is the land I want to hear
about the type of visit we sing around
here here we would have seen the great
field of the faith and this is not good
enough for you goes up myself no no with
any question see you later sweetie mmm
but daddy I've got to tell you something
but honey dad is gonna be late for the
state fellowship but daddy suite is a
two-hour drive
okay what's the matter honey it's the
Armstrong kids next door
what about them they won't let us come
and play because we have white people at
our house honey daddy wishes that you
didn't have to hear meanness like that
tell you what we're gonna prove them
okay okay okay I love you I love you too
I can't tell you how happy we are to
have you coming to the fellowship James
hey it means more to me than you ever
know to come out and be Fey about the.
Word of God the Bliss is all mine
brother don't think you understand what
I mean James what'swhat's that you have
to realize that when you walk into that
meeting how long ago was that
oh it's been several years now has it
been that long
yeah about a couple of years well when
you first started coming to the meeting
we were shocked we think you'd you were
some plant from one of those militant
black groups or the federal government
oh hey it's getting late
oh I gotta get going
when I say
saying I have a belly full of fish I had
a little black folks and I had a white
folks I had with you and I had it with
your Bible
look I'm gonna read it just one more
throw it away I'm sick and time I'll
this stuffing for white folks every
black folks I'm too white for blacks
into black and white
oh god I just can't go on like this
anymore Oh Lord
please show me the way
follow peace with all men and holiness
bless any root of bitterness springing
up trouble you and thereby many be
defiled this may he isn't it Lord
I'm the root of bitterness Oh Lord you
you gotta say but you got to help me
please deliver me from the bitterness of
my own heart Lord show me something in
the word
be not as the horse are as the mule
which have no understanding whose mouths
must be held in with bit and bridle less
they come near unto thee o God help me.
God please I don't want to be like this
I'm letting people dictate how I'm gonna
act God give me the victory
changing black flatnose gospel
your skin is black huh that's how God
made you
you know this flat cause God made it
that way that's who I am no God what do
you want me to do all that anger all
that bitterness from my days in the
militant movement I've been coming out
in me
and I want you to know that I'm sorry
and I want to ask you a few piece but
I'm still with that now is Grace.
God has given me the victory and if you
don't like the way I look look someplace
because God stuck me behind this face I
don't have to look at
but if you never hear another word I say
hear this I am NOT a second-class
citizen you know why I'm a child of the.
Most High God and I'm basketball Jesus
Christ I'm a child of King that's why it
for you
oh whatever
I love my new test Oh baby I love you
hey what's looking for I'm looking for
my sergeant at arms
Joe yeah where is it you ain't heard
heard what he was only here till the
governor decided his appeal appeal stay
of execution used on death row for
what are they moving to governor turned
down preacher you may send him up to the.
Statehouse and carry out the sentence
he's been executed I'm sorry about
everybody but didn't somebody tell you
that he left a message for you.
What did he say he said to tell you he
see you in heaven totally playing around
me now it's the truth preacher the
gospel truth yeah
and I walk back through my neighborhood
that day I prayed dear Lord if I don't
ever reach another soul it's been worth
it all my prayer for my people is that
they be saved oh dear God reach down and
help my people health model spiritual
slavery of ignorance tradition and
religion Oh Lord don't let me rest too
every one of my people is a child of the
king and Lord thank you for showing me
who I am a child of the king
I'm a child of the Most High God I'm a
child of the king that's the way who are