Who Dares Wins (1982) Movie Script

ALL: We don't
want a nuclear war!
Five, six, seven, eight,
we don't want to radiate.
One, two, three, four,
we don't want a nuclear war!
Five six, seven, eight,
we don't want to radiate!
One, two, three, four...
MAN: What do we want?
ALL: Ban the Bomb!
MAN: What do we want?
ALL: Ban the Bomb!
MAN: What do we want?
ALL: Ban the Bomb!
MAN: What do we want?
ALL: We don't want
a nuclear war!
Five six, seven, eight,
we don't want to radiate!
One, two, three, four,
we don't want a nuclear war!
Get him over to
the other side of
the parade now.
Andrew, could you go
over the other side, we
need some more noise there.
ALL: Five six, seven, eight,
we don't want to radiate!
One, two, three, four,
we don't want a nuclear war!
Five six, seven...
One, two, three, four,
we don't want a nuclear war!
Five six, seven, eight,
we don't want to radiate!
One, two, three, four,
we don't want a nuclear war!
Five six, seven, eight,
we don't want to radiate!
One, two, three, four...
WOMAN: My God,
what happened to him?
PICKLEY: They're bold
bastards, aren't they?
A parade, police everywhere
and with a damn crossbow.
And here we are,
high officials from
Special Branch,
the Yard's C-13,
MI-5 and the SAS.
They've murdered
Andrew Wilcox
and we haven't got
the slightest idea
what's going on.
Well, we know
one or two things.
It is to be
we know it's due soon
and Wilcox was convinced
that it is to be directed
against a foreign power.
Fine. Domestic issue is out.
I can name at least
twenty foreign embassies
that the People's Lobby
might want to
blow up tomorrow.
We can all name
50 other possibilities.
What about the
missile sites?
"No nukes on U.K. soil."
That's their bloody war cry.
They call it a peace cry.
Now we must remember
that the vast majority
of the People's Lobby
are sincere pacifists.
POWELL: We are
dealing with the
hard-core revolutionaries,
who are using
the peace movement
as a cover.
It's a marvelous strategy,
though, isn't it?
Known terrorists hiding
right out in the open,
behind ordinary decent
people committed to peace.
Anyway, let's
get back to
the point.
Where are they
going to do it?
And how're we
going to find out?
I have a small suggestion.
Hello, Steve,
what's this then?
They're going to
need it after this.
Come on then.
Neil, got a jam.
Well, get it
cleared then.
BAKER: Neil.
BAKER: Where's Colonel Hadley?
Hadley, I think he's
at the Killing House.
BAKER: Thanks.
All right.
It looks like there is
no saluting in the camp.
That's right,
but if you wave to them,
they'll wave back to you.
Hold it there, Steve.
STEELE: Ready to go?
MAN ON RADIO: Ready, Major.
All right, Steve.
BAKER: There's the boss.
Ah, gentlemen,
Colonel Hadley.
Captain Hagen, sir.
US Rangers.
Captain Freund. GSG9.
Come with me.
Ten seconds to go,
Captain Skellen.
Ken, you're still
framing the doorway.
Terry, keep your head up
on target, you're still
looking at the ground.
Thank God,
it's Friday.
FREUND: You can
say that again.
HADLEY: Captain Skellen.
I'd like you to meet
Captain Hagen,
of the US Army Rangers.
HAGEN: Captain.
Captain Freund
from West Germany GSG9.
Pleased to meet you. Hi.
Joining us for three
months to be trained
in our techniques.
You'll be in Captain
Skellen's group.
He'll show you around.
And you're not here
on holidays, gentlemen.
Oh, your training will
start tomorrow with
a little trip to Wales.
Beautiful countryside.
Morning, gentlemen.
This exercise will
take the form of
a cross-country pursuit.
at the top of that.
Captain Hagen,
Captain Freund
are the hares.
Captain Skellen
and his team will
be the hounds.
Now you two gentlemen
will be given a
one hour head start.
Now at 1300 hours,
the chopper will be at
the top of the mountain
to take you all off.
Those who aren't there
will have an
even longer walk back.
Remember, Peter,
a full one-hour's
head start.
All right, gentlemen,
off you go.
And good luck.
Better get going.
FREUND: There they are.
HAGEN: I'll be a son of a gun!
I would have bet
a year's pay we
had you guys beat.
Hey, what is this?
Stand still!
What are
you doing?
Ah, you son
of a bitch!
Shut your mouth!
Are you out of
your fucking mind?
Hood them up.
Come on, move it!
Come on,
kneel them down.
I'm going to ask one,
one question only, now that
shouldn't be too difficult.
Are you two alone?
I don't know...
I don't know what
you're talking about.
That's not the answer.
I said are you alone?
Why don't you
try to find out,
you asshole!
Thank you, I will.
Okay, Fritz, are you
going to talk to me? Eh?
As the English say,
"Go and fuck yourself."
Oh, do they?
Now I want an answer
in two minutes.
And if you're not going to
speak to me, I'm afraid
you're going to have to choke.
In this outfit we're allowed
a certain mortality rate
on field exercises
and I'm well
within my quota.
So you'd better
start thinking.
You've got 30 seconds.
Hello, Fritz.
Are you crazy?
PILOT: There they are,
sir, just down there.
All right, John,
one more time around.
Wake up!
Ah, you're going to
sleep on me, are you?
Come on,
no one's talking!
There were two guys
killed last week.
I don't think anyone's
going to miss you,
are they?
What's going on here,
Captain Skellen?
Interrogation, sir.
Cut them loose. Now!
HADLEY: Captain Skellen.
When the SAS is
called upon to do
what we are trained to do,
we have been likened
to a surgeon
cutting out a cancer.
It's a filthy
and difficult job.
We don't like doing it,
but it's our duty.
Now you are beginning
to enjoy it too much.
I could have you
court-martialed for
torturing two of your men,
but I'm not going
to do that.
The fact is Captain Skellen,
I don't give a damn about you
but I do care
about the regiment.
So I'm having you
returned to your unit.
I'd rather be
court-martialed, sir.
What you'd rather
is completely
beside the point.
I'm not being RTU-ed
after six years.
I'm SAS or nothing.
Then I'm afraid
you're nothing.
I intend to resign
my commission, sir.
That is your privilege,
Captain Skellen.
Now get out of my sight.
You've stopped
at the right stall, sir.
All genuine antiques
at unusual prices.
Unusually high
or unusually low?
Ah, now that's unkind sir.
Honest to God, I lose
money on every sale,
that's a fact.
You're now going to
tell me that this is
early 19th century
and once was a gift from
Queen Victoria herself to
Lady Somebody or Other, right?
You must be an expert, sir.
Colonel Hadley
promised me you were
a darling actor, Peter.
I still feel for those
two poor bastards.
He got the chopper
in just in time.
Okay. How much
do you want
for this rubbish?
Ah, now don't be
taking the mickey, sir.
Honest to God,
I'd just about break
even if I let you
take it away
for a pitiful 60 quid.
Speed's very
important to us, boyo.
SKELLEN: Understood.
Just two people
seem to be running
the People's Lobby.
A woman, Frankie Leith,
and a fellow, Rod Walker.
Whereas who's behind them
is anybody guess.
Frankie Leith, Rod Walker.
They hang out at the
Black Horse Club in
Marlborough Road.
They're planning
something. We've got to
know what it is.
Now look at that
glorious creation, sir.
The glitter of it!
And the history.
Study it well!
Very nice.
There's a thousand
pounds in the envelope.
You know the numbers
where you can reach me.
If we decide we need
a code name,
let's call it "Destroy."
"Destroy." Why not.
Straight ahead, sir.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Morning, sir.
Let me see
your passport, please.
And what is the purpose
of your visit to the
United Kingdom, Mr. Malek?
Pleasure first, and
some business meetings.
Do you have
anything to declare?
No. Just quite a
lot of money to spend.
How long do you
plan to stay?
Ten days, perhaps.
Possibly a bit longer.
I've given you a month.
Enjoy your stay.
Thank you, I will.
JENNY: About time too.
Hello my beauty.
Here's your favorite man.
Come on, up you come.
There you are. Now then,
who do I have to kiss
first today? Eh?
Me. I'm the eldest.
Ah, only just.
Sorry I'm late.
Anything I can
do to help?
No. Go and sit down.
Oh, sit down, sorry.
Put her in the high-chair.
You're starving,
aren't you?
She's not starving.
She's eaten already.
There you go.
There you are, Sam,
tear that apart.
What's this?
It's for you.
Thank you.
And she's not Sam,
she's Samantha, remember?
Is she? You don't
like being called
Samantha, do you? No.
There you are, she
likes that name. You
sure she's not a fella?
You just said
it louder.
Smoked salmon.
What do you think?
Peter, how much
did this cost?
A fortune,
never mind.
It means, of course,
I won't be able to take
any leave for awhile.
But you only live once,
don't you? Here you are,
let me give you a hand.
Are we celebrating that?
Now then, madam, what
have we got for you?
I bet you can't wait
to get your fingers
on this, can you?
Here she comes.
Now that is
Say hello.
Ah, she likes it!
She loves it!
She's gone
for walkies.
Here, come on.
What's that?
You've had it before,
it's minestrone.
It looks like
army rations.
Here you are, sweetheart.
There you go.
Thank you.
Peter, whatever it is,
when does it start?
Tomorrow morning.
I'm going to be
away for a while, Jenny.
Any calls,
I'm overseas, okay.
Say yes.
Now don't look at me
like that, it's not
serious, I promise.
Morning, sir.
Six hundred thousand
pounds, Mr. Malek.
And no pence.
To be distributed as usual.
To these worthy charities.
The International Group
for Workers Control,
Radical Action for Peace,
The Marxist Institute,
Right, it shall
be done at once.
Oh. Mr. Malek,
my wife and I would like to
invite you to dinner and the
theatre one night next week.
Any night.
That's very kind of you.
Unfortunately, I have to
leave for Boston on Sunday.
There are some equally
deserving causes over there.
Maybe when I get back.
Mr. Malek, this list
only adds up
to 500,000 pounds.
What about the rest?
Please transfer the
other 100,000 to the
account of the People's Lobby.
A new institution my
principals wish to assist.
Here are the details of
their bank and account number.
Now we've gone over the
9mm Ingram sub-machine gun
carefully enough
for all of you to be
completely familiar
with it.
You recall it's American
made, it takes a magazine
of 32 rounds.
It can fire 1,000
rounds a minute,
with an effective target
range of 100 meters.
It is one hell
of a murderous weapon.
First four to the table.
Pick up your weapons.
Inject magazines.
Cock guns.
What's the matter with you,
Kevin? We've done that
a thousand times, now do it.
Right, put on earphones.
Ready? Now remember,
short bursts.
Commence firing.
Hello, Frankie.
Hi, sorry,
that chair's taken.
Yeah, Peter Skellen.
No, no.
This is my table.
Oh, is it?
Two large vodkas and tonic,
please, thank you.
Are you a policeman?
Oh no.
What do you think I am?
I think you're a jerk.
I saw your poster,
it's, um, very exotic.
So, how do I compare
in the flesh?
I wonder.
How did you find this place?
Oh, I just saw
a queue of radical,
chic fun-lovers
and just followed them in.
And you're a radical?
No, I'm chic and fun loving.
No, actually these
places have begun to
interest me lately.
Oh yeah, why's that?
Oh, a long story.
Well, you've got
nothing better
to do, obviously,
so why don't you
tell me all about it.
In private, maybe.
So, what do you
think of the show?
I thought it was
a load of
anti-American crap.
That's quite a
penetrating analysis.
Dancing was good,
er, you made
a sensational rocket!
Are you always
such an intellectual
No. I have been
dying to meet you.
So has half the world.
What's your excuse?
I'd like to take you to bed.
You got a car?
Then why don't you
drive me back
to your apartment
and I'll tell you
all about me.
Why would I want to
know anything about
you, at all?
Then why are you
still talking to me?
You're a confident
bastard, aren't you?
I'm not an easy lay,
you know.
Don't worry,
I won't hurt you.
Who the hell's that?
What I should be saying
to you now, is piss off!
I'm glad you didn't.
I still may.
The option's always open.
where are you going?
Oh, why?
No particular reason.
Peter Skellen,
Rod Walker.
Hello, Rod.
Good night.
See you in the morning.
Well, you didn't get
all this decadent luxury
from cavorting around
in your underwear,
did you?
Do you rob banks?
Not that it's
any of your business.
But, once upon a time
I had a very rich daddy
who divorced mummy,
then died and
left it all to me.
Oh, I am sorry.
Oh, don't be.
He was a bastard,
sort of like you.
Well, I'm happy for you.
All this wealth and
beholden to no one for it.
Now that is
what I call a bed.
The floor has its
own peculiar charm, too.
What are you thinking?
FRANKIE: I'm thinking
that you make love like a man
who's just got out of prison.
Was I that frantic?
FRANKIE: Oh no, no.
You were absolutely
No, you're very
good at it.
SKELLEN: Thank you.
FRANKIE: Okay, you're going
to tell me all about yourself.
Are you married?
And separated.
In the process of
getting a divorce.
So what kind of
work do you do?
I don't.
What do you mean?
I'm out of work.
Well, what kind of
work did you do?
Well, whilst being
an officer and
a gentleman,
I killed people.
I was a Captain
in the SAS.
The SAS?
I'm impressed.
Don't be. I wasn't.
You say you were in
the SAS, what do you
mean? What happened?
I was kicked out.
Political problem.
What kind of political
problem was that?
It's a long story,
But you were going to
tell me all about yourself.
Yes, but that's rather
personal and it gets
me a little bitter.
And it's not that kind
of evening, is it?
So, um, what were
you doing
down at the club?
Or what would
you call it,
radical hangout?
Well, I wouldn't
exactly call that radical,
flitting about in
tights on a stage.
What were you,
the Dove of Peace
destroyed by capitalism.
I was a missile.
Oh the missile, the rocket.
I'm afraid
that was 50 years ago.
Oh is that right?
Well, I think
if you had a look around
you would find it's pretty
much what's happening today.
SKELLEN: I'm fully aware
of what's happening today.
But what are you
going to fight it with?
Your People's Lobby?
They're bunch of
powerless middle-class
wandering down a street
with their little banners,
ministers and mothers
wheeling babies in prams,
it's a bloody
Sunday outing.
You couldn't knock down
a paper wall,
let alone a society.
So you don't think
public opinion can
influence politics?
No, I don't.
Well, it might
surprise you to know that
those middle-class families
are desperate to survive.
And I am desperate
to survive and to see
those babies grow up.
I don't relish the thought
of armies sweeping up
piles of radioactive ashes...
It may surprise you
to find out, that I am
desperate to survive
and I have a 12-month
old baby that I don't relish
seeing in a pile of ashes.
I know more about
nuclear devastation
than you ever will.
So what are the SAS
going to do about it?
The SAS will do
what the politicians
tell them to do.
They're the people
you've got to hit.
The people at the top
with their finger
on the button.
So, what are you
going to do?
I'm going to try that bed.
My knees are killing me.
Hello, how are you?
Nice to see you.
Hello. Yes,
I'm fine, thanks.
Are you well?
Good. Have a good day.
We will. Goodbye.
Oh Frankie, this came
for you this morning.
Thanks. How're you?
Fine, thank you.
What do you think
of the new
boyfriend, Ray?
I never noticed.
You know what she's like.
None of my business.
ROD: What the hell
is he doing here?
Following me.
Sorry, am I
in the way?
I'd like a quiet
word with you,
Frankie, and now.
Okay, I'll just be a second.
Take a look around,
make yourself comfortable.
ROD: You don't know
damn thing about him!
I think I know enough.
Look, I'm not speaking about
our personal relationship.
Oh, I'm glad we've
got that straight.
We are very close to
pulling off the biggest coup
this country has ever seen.
You and I are the only people
in this building even to know
what we're going to do.
And you walk in here
with a complete stranger.
Listen, have you still
got your contact at Whitehall?
Yes, why?
'Cause I need
something checked out.
All right, who is he?
He's ex-SAS.
Listen to me.
They've thrown him out
for some kind of
serious political conflict,
and I think that
he's on our side.
And you know all this
because you spent one night
in bed with him. Well that...
Would you listen to me
for a minute?
It's highly likely
we're going to be
confronted with the SAS.
Nobody knows how
they operate, we've got
one of them right here
who probably knows
every technique they own.
Don't you think that
might be helpful to us?
And you believe him.
How do you know
he's still not SAS
undercover, uh?
Because you're going to
check your contact
and find out.
Frankie, I don't
want him around.
Well I do!
If he wants to stay.
So you check him out,
Close the door.
Nice guy.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Look, I'd like you
to do something for me.
It's a bit early,
isn't it? Hmm.
Fire away.
I want you to join us.
What? The People's Lobby?
Not my style.
It might be interesting.
Look, separated or not,
I've got a wife
and kid to support.
That takes a real job.
We could pay you.
Okay, what do you
want me to do?
Oh, a bit of everything.
And how much are you
going to pay me?
Five hundred pounds a week.
Five hundred pounds a week?
What, for a man
who doesn't know anything
about what you do?
I expect we'll
need your expertise.
Is it a deal?
Well, of course it's
a deal. I'm not crazy.
Oh, there's
one other thing.
I could make life
a bit easier for you.
You can move in with me,
if that interests you.
I've got a problem.
The mice in my flat.
What about the mice
in your flat?
They'll miss me.
I'm serious.
Well, bring them
along, then.
Would you like
some coffee?
I'll make some more.
Two sugars.
Ministry of Defense.
Mary Tinker, please.
Thank you, one moment please.
Reference Section,
Miss Tinker speaking.
Hello Mary, it's Rod.
Listen, I'm sorry to be
so abrupt, but can we
meet at the usual place?
Er, 1:00?
Well I have made
plans for today.
We need some help.
I don't know, I...
It's very important, Mary.
Look, I wouldn't
ask you if it weren't.
Yes, I know.
Oh, all right, I'll be there.
So far so good.
He's moving fast.
Oh yes, he seems
to be enjoying himself.
Says the job has some perks.
Oh, just one
other thing, sir.
Ah, wait, hold on a minute.
He did manage to
get a quick look
at a bank notice.
Apparently the Banque
Generale recently forwarded
100,000 pounds
to the People's Lobby account.
100,000 pounds?
Keep in touch.
He took a boat to Greenwich
from Westminster Pier.
Now why would he do that?
I don't know.
He went straight upstairs,
stood next to a man and
they started talking.
Well, did it
look pre-arranged?
How should I know?
I mean, it could have just
been two blokes chatting.
No. Greenwich.
Only tourists go
to Greenwich.
Right, gentlemen,
I should watch
this demonstration
very carefully.
'Cause you're on next.
Well did you get that?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Good. On your bikes.
At least they've got
an ambulance down there.
I sure hope they've got
a hospital to go with it.
Who's up, Andy?
Hagen and Freund.
Well, that was
no sweat.
Yeah, that was
not bad.
You didn't check
that other carriage.
You bastard!
Live bastards,
dead soldiers.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Learning anything?
Oh yes, sir.
A lot, sir.
Good. I just came across
a piece of information
which might interest you.
Now just by chance,
I happened to find out
where Mr. Peter Skellen
happens to be living
in London.
Just in case
you wanted to say hello.
We would, sir.
Very much.
Thought you might.
Give him my regards.
We will, sir.
Thank you, sir.
MARY: Rod?
I've got that information
you asked for.
Just hold on a second,
would you.
Get Frankie. Quick.
I shan't be a second, Mary.
All right Mary, go ahead.
Peter Skellen was
chucked out of the SAS.
He resigned his commission.
He's now a civilian.
The minister wants you
right away.
All right, thank you.
I've got to go, Rod.
All right, Mary,
thanks very much.
Well, you look
I still don't trust him.
I don't know why.
I do, it's a not
a question of trust.
You just don't like him.
Yeah, that too.
Listen, you know,
when you get bored with
this peace business
I reckon you ought
to take up
grand prix racing.
With me, peace is
not a business,
you'd better damn well
remember that.
Hi there.
FRANKIE: Peter! Stop!
Stop it! Leave him alone.
Bastards, leave him alone.
HAGEN: You get up again
and I'll fucking kill you.
You bastard!
C'mon, you
son of a bitch.
Get up.
HAGEN: Come on,
how does it feel? Huh?
Well. That evens
things up.
You can get up now,
and productivity agreement
is expected
to be reached today.
The Foreign Secretary was
at London Airport yesterday
to receive a delegation of
American statesmen
on the first leg of their tour
to inspect present
and future missile sites
here and in Europe.
The distinguished group
includes Arthur Currie,
the Secretary of State,
General Ira Potter,
Head of the United States
Strategic Air Command,
several senators
and congressmen
and a number of
high level aides.
Now, there's
a lovely target for you.
A whole pride
of American statesmen.
Just one well placed bomb.
I wouldn't waste it on them.
As well as the official
welcome, there's been
an unofficial welcome
by supporters of
the People's Lobby
to protest against the arrival
of the Americans and
the purpose of their visit.
look at that.
That's great.
Terrific. Now,
that's what I call
good coverage.
That's all I need.
To wake up to
a demonstration.
It's better
than a bugle.
So, how are you feeling?
I don't know.
How do I look?
Oh yeah?
Stay away from mirrors.
Thank you.
Look, I've got to go now,
I'm a bit late. So why don't
you just stay here and rest.
What more can a man ask?
No, no...
Just want to
kiss you goodbye.
Hey, you smell lovely.
Do I?
It's not bad
for a revolutionary.
Oh, Jesus!
You look as though
you've been trampled
by a herd of elephants.
Oh thanks, Andy.
Well, if it's any
Hagen and Freund
aren't exactly
beauty contest
winners either.
Hagen has
a broken nose.
I'm happy to hear it.
Anything new?
The girl was with me,
she got stuck into the fight
like a bloody pro.
Ah, that's beautiful,
that's just what the
Colonel wanted.
He had you set up
to strengthen your
credibility with her.
He sends his
apologies and hopes
you'll understand.
Boss, it's for you.
Ryan, here, sir.
Have you got anything?
No, nothing
of interest yet.
What the hell are you
calling me for?
I'm just reporting in.
Oh in fact,
there was one thing.
He'd just like to thank you
for a really gorgeous
kick in the bollocks.
He's welcome.
Now that was bloody rubbish,
get back up and do it again!
Something's burning
Of course you only
Did your best
But how much time is left
Is anybody's guess
One thing's certain
If we throw you
A ten for effort
When nothing's left
You won't pick up a two
Well, now you came
Right on time
Push those nukes
You're doing fine
It's only life after all
So burn it up
And have a ball
Makes me wonder
When I look at us today
How we came so far
Just to throw it all away
Our wish is clear
If you'd take the time
To listen
There're a great band,
aren't they?
I said they're a great band.
I can't hear you,
there's this
great band playing.
So many people here,
it's fantastic.
Well it's free, you see,
they'll sit through
a few speeches for that.
It's only life after all
So burn it up
And have a ball
You know you came
Right on time
Push those nukes
You're doing fine
Sieg heil.
So burn it up
And have a ball
You came right on time
You came right on time
You came right on time
MAN: Friends, comrades.
Would you please give
a warm welcome
to the very
Reverend Horace W. Crick,
the Bishop of Camden.
Thank you.
The truth is
there are times when
I would rather listen to
than to myself.
So would we, mate!
Then, dear friend,
we are in
complete agreement.
the doomsday clock
is ticking away.
And the time has come
for all Christians
to declare themselves.
Jesus Christ
was a militant radical
and were he here
physically today,
he would be standing at
the forefront of our ranks,
eyes blazing with anger
at the destructive horrors
that humankind has
heaped upon itself.
And do you know
what they would call him?
They would call him
a subversive.
Jesus Christ, our lord,
would be termed a subversive.
Perhaps even a terrorist.
Shut up,
you commie bastard.
WOMAN: Sit down, damn it.
Not true! Not true!
REVEREND: I have neither
of those qualities.
WOMAN: You troublemaker.
They would try to crucify him.
But they would fail.
For there is a new force
alive in the world today.
You! Shut up!
Sit down and...
You must say to our
lords and masters
no more, no more.
No armaments, no missiles,
no bases, no death
and destruction.
Time is running out and the
people are beginning to say,
"Enough! Enough!"
Shut up and get
on with the music, eh?
Please! Please!
You're destroying your
brothers and sisters'
good hopes.
Stop this carnage!
I beg of you to stop!
We've besmirched
the very cause
for which we have
come together for tonight.
You make
a mockery of our efforts
to persuade the government.
You degrade yourselves
in the name of humanity.
Come on.
This is sacrilege here
in the eyes of
our lord Jesus Christ.
This is madness.
All people should
long for peace.
All of you should
long for peace.
If you make war against
each others' hearts,
I ask you why.
Stop this!
I beg of you to stop this!
Come on sir,
you're going to
get hurt, please.
Beautifully staged.
I can see
"Skinheads Attack
Peace Group."
Up we go with the birds.
There's a good girl.
You've seen that.
Would that be a good idea?
Here you go.
I'm not here, Jenny.
Oh God, Peter,
what happened to you?
I was mugged,
believe it or not.
I'm okay,
just temporarily ugly.
I can't stay,
I just wanted to
see you both.
How is she?
Wonderful, like her dad.
I best be going.
When will I see you?
Don't worry, everything
is going to be all right.
You take care now.
You too.
I love you, Jenny.
And I love you.
Who is she?
His wife and child.
Nobody gave you
I took the initiative.
I told Mac and Helga
to follow him.
We do not operate
independently from each other
in this organization.
Whatever you think
my motives are...
I know
what your motives are...
No you don't.
Now he's met
the same man
twice so far
and in unusual places.
On the boat to Greenwich
and on the South Bank.
Now they make
it look very casual.
But it's not.
I'm sure the
man's a contact.
The Police, SAS,
MI-5, I don't know.
But Frankie, he's informing
on us and I want him out.
And I want him in.
Don't worry,
I'll make sure
he behaves himself.
Frankie, he could
destroy everything
we've been working for.
If it begins
to look like that,
I'll destroy him.
Now leave me alone.
Hi, peace sister.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
Come on,
what is it?
Nothing's wrong.
What's wrong with you?
No, I'm fine. No problem.
Look, do you mind
sleeping on the couch
tonight? Cause...
I don't sleep very well
when we're together.
I've got a very
busy day tomorrow.
Sorry, I'm in a bad mood.
You're getting on?
No, it's all right.
You lost him?
It's today.
What is it?
I don't know.
What time?
I have no idea.
I can't get a thing
out of her.
Oh, that's beautiful.
That's really beautiful.
Well, for Jesus' sake, boyo.
If you do find out anything,
anything at all ring me.
That's the number.
I'll be there all day
and all night.
Any more fares?
Any more
fares please?
Thank you.
Hydrogen cyanide gas?
Your man Skellen
wasn't exceptionally
cautious, was he?
Well, what's
done is done.
The dangerous thing is,
our pipeline's cut.
We still don't know
what's going to
happen or when.
Skellen will
make contact direct.
I wouldn't have
thought that he even knows
his contact is dead.
I wouldn't either.
Scotland Yard,
Central Operations.
Skellen might even be dead.
That's possible, isn't it?
I think we should put
a watch on his house.
Hey, get rid of
those earrings.
Two inches.
How are you doing?
Almost ready.
ROD: Yeah.
We're almost ready.
Okay, give me
a minute.
Listen, we're going. Get
them all dressed and ready
by the time we come back.
FRANKIE: Hurry up,
will you?
Frankie! Frankie!
Shall we?
Rod and I are going now.
Nobody's to leave this barn
while we're away.
Where are we going?
We'll explain it to you
when we get back.
WOMAN: Helga!
SKELLEN: Frankie!
Okay, where
is she?
She's waiting.
We'll take
you to her.
MAN 1: Thank you for it.
MAN 2: Thanks a lot.
MAN 1: Hey, what are going to
sing tonight, anyway?
Are you all right, ma'am?
Get in the bus.
Hey! What are you doing?
What's this?
Move! Move
back now!
Stay down and
no noise!
Shut up and keep still!
What the hell's
going on here?
You'll find out
in tomorrow's newspapers
if you keep your mouth shut.
You're driving too fast.
Will you slow down, will you?
Watch out!
No! No!
MAN: Please!
If anyone moves again,
we're gonna
kill the lot of you.
There's no turning back now.
ROD: Boys, out! Let's move!
Come on, move it!
I want this bus
cleaned out.
Come on.
Get those bodies
over there. Move!
Come on, over there.
Move it, move!
Over there!
Move it! Move it!
Over there!
Come on, move!
Get down on your knees!
Hands on your heads.
Face the wall.
Face the wall!
All right everybody,
let's go. Let's get
the name tags off.
I want them tagged up
right away.
So what's this place?
This is it.
Good luck.
And to you.
ROD: Over here.
FRANKIE: Yes, fine. Yes, okay.
except what the hell's
going on?
Put that uniform on
and you'll find out.
How do you know
it will fit me?
It'll fit you.
What have you
come up with?
Nothing but possibilities
at the moment, sir.
Greenham Common.
The intended base
for the deployment
of cruise missiles.
Yes, I know that.
That would be
a permanent target,
wouldn't it?
What's immediate?
Well, there's
several things, sir.
First is the EEC
Conference that
starts on Monday.
Of course,
there's any number
of foreign embassies.
Yes. Three different
state visits in one week.
Missile site.
Every foreign
airline office
in London.
Quite a list, sir.
And not a clue.
We'll have to spread
ourselves awfully thin
to cover all of them,
wouldn't we?
Yes, sir.
Plus everything else
we're responsible for.
Yes, sir.
Not exactly the most
comfortable situation,
is it?
No, sir.
Carry on.
Yes, sir.
Carry on! With what?
A dinner is being
given tonight
at the home of
the American Ambassador.
There's going to be
a number of high-ranking
officials there,
including the American
Secretary of State,
and the
British Foreign Secretary.
We're going to
take over that place,
and we're going to hold it
till our demands are met.
Now remember,
we're taking
those guns along
for a reason.
Okay, let's go.
MAN: Come on, move along.
I suppose there's no chance
that I'll be given a gun?
You know ma'am,
your trust is
Still, I'm surprised
you need me, really.
It's very well organized.
I'm impressed.
I've got to
tell you something.
Your wife and child
have been taken hostage.
Now it only takes
one phone call.
So you better cooperate.
What gives you
the impression
I won't cooperate?
What the hell do you
think I'm doing here
in the first place?
I wondered.
Come on, we're late.
Tariq, you stay here.
Nobody leaves the barn.
If they give you
any problems,
kill them.
TARIQ: Got it.
We're in position.
Roger. Keep in contact.
I'm sorry,
you can't go
in there.
But why not?
We're friends
of the Skellens.
I said nobody goes...
What the hell
are you...
I got a break in
at Skellen's mews,
get everything down here.
Get over there.
MAC: Get over there.
Oh God!
Get his hands.
Oh, sweetheart!
Blast you! Shut up!
Tell me what you want.
Take your kid
and sit over there.
You give me a problem,
I'll kill you.
Both of you.
Can I help you?
Oh, excuse me, sir.
Not unless you play alto sax.
We're the band for the party.
Yes sir, we expected you
about 40 minutes ago.
Keep this to yourself,
but we got lost.
Yes, sir.
Okay, let's go.
Hold it right there.
What's the problem?
Where the hell
do you think
you're going?
In there.
No way, buddy.
The service entrance
is around the side.
Come on, this way.
Service entrance.
How about that?
It's an honor.
Get that bus out of sight.
Come on.
MAN: Get that bus out of here.
It's the band at last.
You're welcome, Captain.
Can you show me
where we set up?
We're late.
Right this way, sir.
Hey, what's going on
here? Who are you?
We're from Lakenheath,
a very hip dance band.
The hell you are.
I've never seen
you around.
Now, don't move!
Guns out!
Collect all
the servants
and aides
and take them
to the dining room.
You two,
get rid of that body.
Move! Go, go!
What do you think
you're doing?
Everybody quiet.
Now let me explain this.
Firstly, you are now hostages
of the Revolution for
Peace Movement of the
People's Lobby.
Anyone here who gives us
any problems at all
we kill immediately.
And third...
We're going to make demands
on the government,
which, if they're not
carried out promptly,
will result in the death
of everyone here.
Now, I suggest...
Why don't you all go out
and hijack an airplane,
it's a lot more fun.
Quite please.
Hell, kids can
hijack a dinner.
stop that damned crying
in front of this rabble.
Shut up!
Sit down.
Right now!
I said sit down!
I think
he means it.
What are your demands?
Where's your nearest
telephone, please?
It's over there.
FRANKIE: Put me through
to Commander Powell,
it's urgent.
MAN: Thank you.
Who's calling please?
This is Frankie Leith.
Thank you.
Quiet, everybody.
They've made contact.
Yes, this is
Commander Powell.
This is Frankie Leith
of the People's Lobby.
Well, good evening.
And what can
I do for you?
It's a bit complicated.
We've taken over
the American Ambassador's
You wouldn't believe
the number of important people
we have here.
Oh I believe it.
The American
Secretary of State,
General Ira Potter...
We've got good old
Harold Staunton, your
beloved Foreign Secretary.
Various senators, generals,
God knows what else.
And what are
your plans, Miss Leith?
Right to
the heart of the question.
Not plans, demands.
They're quite simple.
We'd like a nuclear missile,
one of those we Americans
have so graciously planted
in your country,
to be fired
at the Holy Loch
Submarine Base.
Yes. I understand.
We want this to be done
in the name of peace.
And what if
we refuse to give you
your nuclear explosion?
Then we begin killing
everyone here.
It's 9:00 p.m. now.
You've got
until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow.
And we demand
that the missile launch
and the explosion
at Holy Loch be televised
so it can be seen
all over the world.
We want everyone,
every nationality,
all the billions of us
to be reminded
of the devastation
of a nuclear explosion.
To see it live.
Miss Leith, have you thought
about the population
in Southern Scotland?
I have. Evacuate them.
You've got 18 hours.
Again, this is being done
in the name of peace.
Thank you, Commander Powell.
Well, we go.
Have your men
standing by.
They already are.
You can't really believe
they'll fire a nuclear missile
at Holy Loch.
Well, Mr. Secretary,
with a gun at your head,
yes, I do.
You're out of your mind.
You can kill every one of us,
push us out the door
one at a time,
no one will ever
push that button.
We're all expendable.
(LAUGHS) You're
far too modest.
Now I'd like all the
men to be separated
from the others.
Servants, wives,
aides and so on to be
moved to other rooms.
Let's start doing
that now.
Move. In the middle.
Come on, over here.
Get on the floor.
In the middle, move!
Get on the floor!
Could I, er,
talk to you
for a minute?
I'm curious.
What do you
expect to accomplish?
I'm Arthur Curry.
Oh, I know that,
the American
Secretary of State.
I'm honored to be
in your presence.
Cut the bullshit.
On the level now,
do you really think
what you're doing
will make the world
a better place?
Could it possibly
be worse?
Yeah, I think so.
Consider a nuclear war.
Which is exactly
what we're
trying to prevent.
What the hell
do you think
we're trying to do?
But let's stick
to your little caper here.
No one's going
to fire that missile.
So you kill all of us,
then they'll kill all of you.
Now what does that serve?
At the very least,
it rids the world
of all of you.
Ah yes, the power seekers.
And you're the meek
that shall inherit, right?
But aren't you forgetting
all those other power seekers
in every country in the world,
just waiting in the wings?
And God only knows
what they have in mind.
You haven't got
the faintest idea
what we're on about, man.
Well, let me guess,
just let me guess.
Peace on earth, right?
Oh, I think he's got it.
Oh, smart boy,
you ought to be in politics.
Well isn't it a bit strange
that you resort to terrorism
to win your peace?
We represent
the common people.
We don't have access
to diplomacy,
which is just another name
for corrupt power politics.
And that hasn't succeeded
too well, has it?
Ah. And you think
the common people want
to be represented like this?
When they understand
they are being represented
not manipulated, yes.
And the use of terrorism
doesn't upset you?
I don't believe
this guy.
Right now, terrorism
suits our purpose.
Well suppose you succeed?
Which we will.
I imagine you've thought
about the horror
of a nuclear explosion?
Oh, indeed I have.
The death, the devastation,
mutilation, the agony
carried on
to the next generation.
All of it, the horror
never leaves my mind.
But that doesn't
bother you?
Yes, it bothers me.
It destroys me.
Well, now,
that's encouraging.
So why do you want to drop
a bomb on a base in Scotland?
Because we want
the world to see,
what just one bomb can do,
not in theory but in fact.
My God, you really are crazy.
In the name of peace,
you could trigger
World War III.
Okay. You tell me
what country could retaliate,
and against whom.
We're not a nation here,
we're fourteen people,
you're the ones, man,
you're the ones who are
trying to tell us all
that what you call
a limited nuclear war can
sound almost gentlemanly.
The word was feasible,
and I don't happen
to agree with it.
Look, there are ways
to find a permanent peace.
But what you're
trying to do here,
it's total insanity.
Frankie, there's
no point to this.
Yes, there is.
What kind of person
do you think I am?
Well we could start with
dangerously irresponsible.
Come on, Arthur,
that's so goddamn mild,
it's almost pleasant.
She's a fucking lunatic.
Am I? Well, what was
President Truman? Did he
toss and turn and weep
before he dropped
that first atom bomb?
Yes, I imagine he did,
before and
until the day he died.
(SCOFFS) But pragmatism
won out over humanity,
didn't it?
You talk about humanity.
At least Truman was
fighting a war. He dropped
the bomb to save lives.
100,000 people killed
in Hiroshima is one hell
of a way to save lives.
Why don't you bring up
the fire-bombing at Dresden
while you're at it?
I was about to.
You do recall a chap
named Adolf Hitler,
don't you?
Oh, the Foreign Secretary
is heard from. Yes, I do.
You show a remarkable
grasp of history.
And she can't make
a distinction
between codes of behavior
during war and peace.
Yes, I can.
You tell me where
you see peace in this world.
It does not exist,
not now, we are at war.
We are?
I hadn't noticed.
Well, then you're
a damn fool.
There's a world revolution
going on right now.
Ah, the dedicated
Yeah, that's right.
Committed to disarming
Western Europe.
Absolutely. Rod...
Well, it's nice to have you
out of the closet.
You smug bastard.
Rod, come on.
We're committed
to disarming the world.
But the Western
democracies first,
We're a couple
of dumb bastards.
Good evening,
sir. Police.
We've got a little bit
of trouble next door,
I wonder if we can just
step inside your house?
MAN: What sort of trouble?
Well, if we go
inside, I'll tell
you all about it.
MAN: All right.
Thanks, very much.
Is there anybody else
in the house?
Er, no, I'm by myself.
My wife's away for a few days
visiting her sister.
Why? What's
GUARD: That's
a lovely baby.
MAC: You! Shut up!
What's his name?
I said, shut up.
No conversation at all.
Do you understand that?
Yes sir.
Try not to be frightened.
Mac, shut him up!
GUARD: Everything
will turn out all right.
These things generally do.
POPE: Avoid
the chimney breast,
then what we need
is a point on
the parting wall for you.
What do you think?
That wall there.
Right, come on lads.
Got the plan
of the house there,
Is that all of them?
Yes sir.
Shouldn't we be spreading
the hostages to different
rooms in the house?
No, it spreads
your men,
they'll be out of contact.
Makes them less effective.
What'll the next move be?
They'll want to talk.
If I refuse?
Well you can't,
if you want to get away.
I presume you want
TV and press coverage?
that's absolutely essential.
Well, there you are.
They'll just talk your
ears off with a lot of
psychological mumbo jumbo.
They won't move
until you kill someone.
Not sure if
they'll move then.
I think you've got them
where it hurts.
As for me, personally,
I'd say the same thing
about you.
To hurt was
not the intent.
Pick an upstairs room
and keep watch.
Any one moves towards us,
you shout it out. Okay?
I want to know
what's going on
at all times.
POWELL: Miss Leith,
this is Commander Powell.
I'd like to talk to you.
There it is.
You can show yourself
at a door. Or open window.
It's quite safe,
I give you
my personal guarantee.
I'd like to talk.
It's safe,
they won't
try anything.
I want this take over
to be announced
on all radio
and television channels
And given to the press
for tomorrow morning's
And I mean immediately.
Very well. Consider it done.
I should like to ask
something in return.
You have a group
of servants in there.
I can't imagine
why you'd want to keep them.
It would show good faith
in our negotiations
if they could be released.
All right,
you've got them.
Good. Thank you very much.
And you also have
a number of wives and aides...
No. Just the servants.
Miss Leith,
considering the number
and international importance
of your hostages,
why do you need
the wives and aides?
Surely they could
only be a burden to you.
No they won't.
I enjoy their company.
Just the servants,
that's final.
Very well.
I'd like to propose
something that would make
things easier for all of us.
I would like your
permission to put
a tap on your telephones.
In that way, should you wish
to talk to me you would simply
ring me and vice versa.
All the phones
have been ripped out
except the one in here.
Well that's fine.
We only need that one.
I'm sure that my men
will find the line.
Why do you think?
It makes sense.
Can they tap
into our phones here?
Yeah, they can do that anyway.
He's asking permission.
It'll be more convenient.
All right.
Thank you very much.
We've got the
television line.
Music, Mr. Martin.
Rather loud.
WOMAN ON TV: Members of the
Revolution for Peace Movement
of the People's Lobby
have broken into the residence
of the American Ambassador,
Mr. Harrison Franklin,
and are holding a number
of internationally renowned
people hostage.
We're interrupting
this program to go over
to the American
Ambassador's residence,
where Robert Snow reports.
SNOW: Just over
half an hour ago,
armed terrorists burst
through these gates and
into the official residence
of the American Ambassador,
Mr. Harrison Franklin.
Although it hasn't been
officially confirmed yet,
it's understood that they're
holding several hostages,
the Foreign Secretary,
Mr. Harold Staunton,
the American
Secretary of State,
Mr. Arthur Curry.
And the Head of the U.S.
Strategic Air Command,
General Ira Potter.
As well as
the Ambassador himself.
MAN: I wonder if
we've got any chance
of going to the bathroom.
What do we do about
going to the bathroom?
For the time being,
you don't.
I'm going to say
this one more time,
no talking.
Sooner or later
you're going to
have to
make arrangements
for the bathroom.
You may not need
the fucking bathroom,
We're going to
need more time.
For what?
Well, to evacuate the area.
It's an enormous operation.
That's your problem,
there'll be no more time.
Without more time,
we cannot handle it.
Well, you'll have to,
won't you?
Now, what's happening
about the missile?
Miss Leith,
you don't understand.
No, you don't
Now I want to know
about the missile.
The Cabinet
is meeting on it now.
But your President
will have the final word.
And that will take time.
You know I'm getting
bored saying this.
You have until
3.00 p.m. tomorrow.
Miss Leith,
we are trying,
believe me.
But we cannot
meet the deadline.
Then you get me
someone who can.
You simply have
to give us more time.
We simply...
I said you put me on
to somebody who can
make decisions now.
It's already
at the highest level.
Miss Leith?
Miss Leith,
are you there?
Then you get the highest
level moving. It's 3.00 p.m.
tomorrow, no change.
Look just a few hours more.
Now please, a few hours,
that can't make
any difference to you.
Now we can have a plane
standing by, already fuelled
and ready to take off.
We don't need a plane.
Well what do you mean?
How are you
going to get away?
We don't.
And what exactly
does that mean?
It means that
if our deadline isn't
met, then we all die.
All the hostages,
all of us and probably
even some of you.
No, no, no, no.
That is not the way.
Believe me, no, no, no.
Now, Miss Leith,
listen to me. Please...
I've got nothing more to
say to you. When I want
you again I'll call you.
Go into the library
and keep Mr. Skellen company,
and away from the phone.
Well, what a lovely sight?
How is everyone?
STAUNTON: We seem to be
holding up rather well.
How about you?
Oh I couldn't be happier,
Mr. Foreign Secretary,
thank you.
Can I ask you
a question?
Whether you get them to fire
that missile or not, you won't
change history by one inch.
So I'm beginning to wonder
what are you getting
out of this personally?
What do you get
out of being a general?
Well, a tremendous
amount of salutes.
Do you know what you're
going to get? You're going
to get killed either way.
Well, I thought it
would be a little difficult
for you to understand.
If everything doesn't go
as I expect it to,
you'll be killed also,
No shit, lady,
that's the business
I'm in.
Where are you going?
To the bathroom.
All right,
I'll show you where it is.
Thank you.
Hey, there's somebody
I'll get the Commander.
It's Morse code, sir.
Thank you.
He's signaling SAS,
it must be Skellen.
Get me a flashlight.
Code name "Destroy."
It's Skellen all right.
break in...
for exactly 1000 hours.
Will arrange diversions.
If okay,
will cut power to house...
Three seconds...
Message received. Out.
Down to the
plaster, sir.
I'm going to check upstairs.
Be still for Christ's sake.
Here they are.
Right what we got up to now.
You've got a microphone
through the wall?
And we've got
a camera through the wall.
And that's the picture
we're picking up.
And where's the baby?
See the bottom
of the screen there?
That's the bottom
of the wall there.
So they're just inside.
Okay. Right, I want
the whole place cleared.
The whole place.
Let's get it clear.
Are the SAS here yet?
No, I shouldn't think so.
They'll be alerted though.
They'll just wait.
No one's in a hurry
to kill anyone.
Police will continue
to try and talk you
out of it.
Say the missile
can't be launched at 3:00.
Technical problems.
They'll ask for
a couple more hours,
and they'll expect you
to give them time.
They'll be looking
for an extra day.
Maybe two.
It's just tactics.
Trying to wear you down.
I don't wear down.
It's 3:00 today
or the killing begins.
Help yourselves.
POTTER: Help yourself
to your morning heartburn,
And the thrill
of staying awake
all morning.
God, this smells
like varnish.
Since these bastards
aren't wearing any masks,
I guess you know
what that means.
They couldn't give a shit
whether we see
their faces or not.
We're dead.
We've got to
do something.
I'm going for that gun.
No don't do it, Ira.
What happened?
STAUNTON: He's dead.
General Potter's
been murdered,
Miss Leith.
Who killed him?
Who killed him?
You fucking idiot!
I'm sorry. I...
I didn't intend
for anything like this
to happen.
You bitch!
Isn't it remarkable
how your love for peace
killed a good man?
I said I was sorry
and I am.
There may come a time
when I'm not.
I'll get that.
What were those shots?
One of my men
was a little careless,
and now there is a lovely
little cluster of bullets
in the ambassador's ceiling.
I heard gun fire,
what's going on?
So nobody hurt?
Nobody hurt.
I assure you,
when it becomes necessary
for us to start throwing
bodies out of here,
you'll be
the first to know.
She said the gun
went off by mistake.
I think she's lying.
Sergeant, get me
the Home Secretary,
he'll be at COBRA by now.
Home Secretary.
I think one of the hostages
has just been killed.
Yes, sir, they guaranteed
that nothing would happen
until after 3:00.
No sir, I have no proof,
but we just heard shots
from in there.
Sir, I am convinced
that they intend to go through
with their plan unless we
launch that nuclear missile.
And we know
that we will never do that.
Therefore, sir, I do
expect a massacre in there
and at the mews.
Unless you give us
your permission to move now.
Very well, sir, yes.
Talking with
the Prime Minister.
Just a thought,
if you storm that house,
the media will swarm
around you like bees.
If you kill
all the terrorists,
you're damned.
And if you don't and some
of the hostages get killed...
You're damned.
Difficult to win.
Nature of the beast.
Sir? Yes, sir.
Very well, thank you.
Over to you.
Hereford 456, Hadley.
PILOT: Hereford 456,
go ahead.
Operation "Destroy," go.
Come on, move your ass.
Hereford Unit 1,
request permission
air clearance for take off.
ROD: Come on, sit down,
sit down! Stay where
you are. Sit down!
What's going on?
SKELLEN: The shortest
power failure in English
history, I should think.
Is everything all right?
Yeah. Everything
seems to be okay.
Shut up your kid.
Or I'll take it upstairs.
I'm trying to.
She'd shut up
by herself, if you'd
stop frightening her.
One more word out of you...
JENNY: Please, sweetheart.
MAC: That bloody kid's
getting on my nerves.
Now, shut that kid up.
I bloody mean it.
Give her to me.
Don't you touch her.
I said give her
to me.
I'll bloody not.
Give her to me.
JENNY: Get off of me.
Easy, Miss,
think of yourself.
Oh, bloody bitch!
MAC: You two, pack it up!
MAC: Helga!
Helga, stop it!
MAC: Helga...
Come on, you two,
that'll do.
I'll kill you.
I'll fucking kill you.
For Christ's sake,
you'll ruin everything.
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
MAN: You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Could you blokes
do that again?
It was a bit fast for me.
Are you okay?
Colonel Hadley.
Make it 0947. Mark.
We want to know what
the helicopters are for?
SKELLEN: Oh, could be half
of Downing Street arriving
to give moral support.
Or it could be
the army brass arriving,
or the police.
What are they doing?
Just aerial observation.
COMMANDER: Go, go, go.
Come on, come on...
What's going on?
You keep quiet!
COMMANDER: Unit 2, go, go, go.
Keep them covered.
Keep them covered.
SOLDIER 1: Unit 1 in position.
Three terrorists
in room below you.
Unit 2 down safely.
SOLDIER 2: Unit 3 down.
Squad all okay.
MAN: Did you see anything?
Well look for fuck's sake.
SOLDIER 1: Three clear.
Sighting terrorists,
top windows, north side.
There are
three helicopters.
They landed over there.
I couldn't see
who got out of them.
Okay, you chaps,
come with me,
you might learn something.
Come on, answer it, damn it!
Answer it!
What the fuck's going on?
They're getting
ready for something,
I can feel it.
Come on lads,
calm down.
Get back to your positions.
Come on, stay there.
Shut up!
Shut up!
They're coming in.
What are we going to do?
You shut up.
Hello? Hello...
When are we going
to start shooting?
When you see something
to shoot at. Now get out!
Come on.
Two terrorists
Right! You,
grab that gun.
If any of these
bastards come in
here, you kill them.
Somebody help me.
Hold on.
SOLDIER 1: Going into
dining room.
Hostages unguarded.
One hostage dead.
Looks like Potter.
No! The guards
are dead in here,
in the office.
SOLDIER 1: Curry, Staunton,
Ambassador all okay.
Three terrorists dead here.
TERRORIST: Down! Get down
for God's sake. Get down!
Ambassador's office.
Sit down.
Shut up! Shut up!
SOLDIER 1: Women hostages
and aides are safe.
Three terrorists dead.
Clearing second floor.
SOLDIER 1: Terrorist
on balcony, stay under him.
Terrorist dead, third floor.
Still clearing second.
I've got a jam.
Second door.
Third floor, terrorist dead.
SOLDIER 2: Unit two,
moving hostages out.
Come on, come on.
SOLDIER 1: Hostages on way
down main stairway now.
Haven't seen Skellen yet.
Near main door,
seems all okay so far.
what's happening?
All right. It's Skellen.
We've found Skellen.
Is he all right?
Yes sir.
They've found Skellen.
Nice to be recognized.
Are you okay?
Yes, Steve, I'm starving.
Anyone seen the girl?
Right, on me boys.
SOLDIER: We're going
after the girl.
Slowing down
a little, Peter?
Come on man,
move your ass!
Are you all right?
Yes, fine. My family?
They're fine.
Good to see you. Well done.
Thank you, sir.
Well done indeed.
Thank you.
Thank you.
There's some American airmen
being held at a farm,
Ashley Farm, I think.
Just outside Richfield.
We'll handle that.
Ok, let's get you
out of here. We'll
talk later, all right?
Yes, indeed.
Apologies to the
President for any
damage to the wallpaper.
HADLEY: Well done, Dave,
get the boys out fast.
Hello lads.
How's your nose?
How's your
entire body?
I think I left it
in a room somewhere.
I volunteer to go
and pick it up
for you, okay?
All right,
let's go now,
shall we?
Well, I'll say one thing,
Harry, you sure throw
a hell of a party.
Thanks for dinner.
You're welcome.
That was a damn close
run thing, yesterday.
But what a brilliant
action by the SAS.
I deplore the
use of violence to
attain one's aims.
But this national
wave of euphoria.
The media slobbering
with joy over a
brutal slaughter.
That's something
I find disgusting.
Well what are we supposed
to do with these maniacs?
Invite them into tea?
Well, all right,
they may be misguided,
but actually
they were committed
to our own objectives.
In a perverse way,
we have strangled
a desperate cry for peace.
Peace in our time,
eh, Richard?
Oh, Sir Richard,
your luncheon
guest is here.
Ah, thank you.
Andrei, how good to
see you again.
A thousand apologies,
I got caught in the traffic.
Not at all,
that's what
traffic is for.
How did you leave
our friends on
the Continent?
Fine. Absolutely fine.
A bit disappointing,
that episode yesterday.
But success is measured
in many ways, my friend.
It caused a glorious uproar.
Consider that.
And there will
be many more.
We have plenty of time.
Of course we do.
All the time
in the world.