Who Killed Teddy Bear (1965) Movie Script

[Dramatic music]
Warm were his eyes
now they're all cold
That's why my cries
can't be controlled
He wasn't just another toy
Another toy you love
and then destroy
Tell me who killed Teddy Bear
Doesn't anybody care
That I miss him
Now I'm alone
lost in the world
He cared for me
the best he could
He can control
my horrid dreams
His little sawdust
heart torn up the seams
Tell me
[Suspenseful music]
- [Screams]
- [Thudding]
Tell me who killed Teddy Bear
Doesn't anybody care
[Alarm ringing]
[Lighter clicks]
[Phone clicks]
- [Phone line buzzing]
- [Phone whirring]
[Phone ringing]
Is there someone there?
[Phone clatters]
- [Phone line buzzing]
- [Phone whirring]
[Phone ringing]
Look, I know
there's someone there
and it's six o'clock
in the morning.
MAN: I-- I know--
I know you don't know me,
but I know you
very well.
Who is this?
MAN: I know what
you look like right now.
I can see your skin--
I don't have
to listen to that!
Go sober up!
[Phone clatters]
- [Chattering]
- [Upbeat music]
Born to be bad
that's what they say
And everyone warned you
to keep away
I come from the slums
brought up with bums
Thought you'd be bad
Thought you'd be bad
yeah, leap on tires
But I'm gonna work
and get some cash
'Cause I got a plan
to be a big man
I'll do it for you
So give me your hand and stand by me
through rain or shine
Get on the run, baby, baby
if I know you're mine
I love you be bad
that's what they said
But they're gonna come
that happy day
I'll make you so proud
and we'll show the crowd
I'm not gone
Won't you be bad?
So give me your hand
and stand by me
It could have been me
walking by your side
It could have been me
but oh, girl, I lied
And cheated on you
You didn't answer me.
What did you say?
I just wanna borrow it.
Maybe rent it if I have to.
Oh, Miss Freeman, it seems
like there might be some trouble
at the record bar.
No needle, right?
I thought a cover charge would
keep those bums outta here.
Well, sometimes people
just don't know what to do
with their money.
Well, I don't want you
to have that problem, Lawrence,
so I tell you what you do.
You do a little
waiting on tables, okay?
Set me free
it could've been me
Thank you.
Where's Carlo?
In the kitchen.
Do you want him?
He's eating.
No, no let him finish.
The poor guy hasn't
much to do around here.
Not like the old place.
Lock, I'll tell you what you do,
you stick to your French
accent and the reservations,
is that a deal?
[Speaking foreign language]
That's right.
Nora, why don't you take
your break now?
It's your turn
in the barrel, Cookie.
Yes, ma'am.
And Cookie, keep 'em dancing, huh?
Yes, ma'am.
Thanks, Marion.
That was some creep.
You gotta learn
to handle 'em, baby,
if you're gonna make it
in show biz
you're gonna run
into some pretty weird types.
Of course, that is assuming
you mean to make it on your feet,
so to speak-- sorry, no offense.
Well, you'd be surprised
what happens outside of New York,
even in Rochester.
No, to tell you the truth,
in the three months I've been here,
no one's brought it up.
That is unless you count
what happened this morning.
Some crazy drunk got me
on the phone.
Well, I must say, I think
you're stupid living in that silly
walk-up all by yourself.
You know,
what he said was pretty raw.
Raw enough,
but it was the way he said it.
Carlo, I'm lookin'
all over for you.
Did you have your dinner?
Did you have your dinner?
Well, come on,
then there's a guy
I want you
to keep an eye on.
It's all right, Nora.
You can stay here
and finish your cigarette.
[Phone ringing]
[Phone clatters]
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were in here.
It's all right.
Well, I guess it couldn't
have been very important.
You know,
you look very tired.
I am.
Well, I hope you don't mind
my saying so.
No, of course not.
Well, Marion said you were on TV.
Oh, you should have seen it.
It was this big.
It was nothing, really.
Well, look, it's a beginning.
Next time you'll do better.
By the way, my name's Nora.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, and I'm Lawrence.
You're mine
I'm born to be bad
that's what they say
But they're gonna come
that happy day
I'll make you so proud
and we'll show the crowd
Usually goes around
and around, sweetie.
You know where it comes out?
Hey, you know
where it comes out?
It comes out here.
Look, why don't you do us
both a favor and give up.
Hey, I'm hungry.
Yyou hungry?
Let me buy you a frankfurter.
Through the back.
CUSTOMER: Hey, let go!
Let go!
Ow! Let go! Ow!
Let go of me!
Ow! Let go of me, ya punk!
- [Blade snicks]
- [Ominous music]
Movin' 'round from town to town
Every day's like every night
No one or nothing
ever hangs me up
I always try to travel light
Toothbrush and comb
Toothbrush and comb
That's all I need
Any place I go is home
My friends all work
from dawn to dark
They struggle
'til it's time to die
Their backs ache so
from bending low
They haven't got to see the sky
Toothbrush and comb
Yeah, now, toothbrush and comb
That's all I need
Any place I go is home
My daddy always told me
not to settle down
'Cause there's a lot of world to see
He said don't tie your hands
and-a strap your soul
'Til you find your destiny
Toothbrush and comb
Oh, toothbrush and comb
That's all I need
Any place I go is home
And I see because of
the reflection of the lamp
that the guy is coming
at me again
so I turn and sidestep
and spin him
and he falls and makes
this funny noise.
And when I turn him over,
he has a knife in his chest,
I don't know I'm cut
until I pass out inside.
Is this your statement?
Okay, Carlo, put your
Johnny Hancock right down here.
Just write your name, sweetie.
We're almost finished, Lieutenant.
Well, the hospital finally called.
The guy was lucky
and so's this monkey.
You gotta be
a little neater, Carlo.
I could have been
home two hours ago.
It was an accident.
And look at him,
I thought he can't hear.
Well, you see, he reads lips.
Uh-huh. Maybe he can talk, too,
if he wants to.
I've known them a long time, Dave.
They had a joint in the village.
Okay, book 'em.
What do you mean, "book 'em"?
It was an accident, baby.
Look at the statement.
Aw, my day's over, Louise.
You can talk
to the district attorney's office.
Marion, they may not charge him.
Anyway, you can get bail
for him in the morning.
Hey, uh, about this other girl--
Is she a tramp?
Oh, wait just a minute.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Take it easy, Marion--
Take it easy?
I'll take it to the commissioner.
Manners from a cop,
I don't expect,
but you abuse the privilege.
Is the girl a tramp?
No, she's clean.
Thank you for coming down.
Oh, it was my pleasure.
Will you see
that she gets home?
How about dropping
the other girl?
She lives right near you.
I saw.
Put her in a cab.
Wyatt boy's there.
How's your little girl?
Oh, fine.
Is it all right if I wait here?
The other man said
something about a cab.
Sure, in front.
Miss Dane.
I understand you received
a threatening telephone call.
No, not exactly threatening.
It's all right, really.
Anything you say.
I'll check that
address for you.
What's the matter
with you?
As long as you're here
why didn't you tell him?
And spend another hour
filling in forms?
No, thanks.
I'm tired, Marion.
Miss Freeman.
I'm just trying
to help you.
What did he mean, threatening?
just some foul-mouth drunk.
The guy you had
trouble with tonight?
No, no.
Do you get
these calls often?
Do you mean, do I imagine them,
hear voices,
see burglars
under my bed maybe?
Do you get
these calls often?
No, this was
the first one.
Look I was gonna report it
but it's just a phone call.
I was the one
who called you this morning.
Oh, I don't believe you.
Well, can you swear
it wasn't me?
Well, what kind
of a question is that?
What are you
trying to do,
scare me?
I'm suggesting it could
be somebody you know.
Nobody's inviolate,
including virgins.
Suddenly, my sex life has
become the topic of conversation.
I don't think you're
in the least bit amusing, Leutenant,
whatever your problem is.
Come on,
I'll drive you home.
Not if I were bleeding
in the street!
[Lighthearted music]
Goodnight, Miss Dane.
[Lighthearted music]
[Phone ringing]
Oh, it's you.
Yeah, I just got in
a little while ago.
Oh, by the way,
did you get a chance to see him?
Oh, no, it'll be
all right, Marion, I'm sure.
Say, Marion, listen,
I'm pretty tired.
Can we talk
about this tomorrow?
Okay, yeah, you bet.
[Phone clatters]
- [Ominous chord]
- [Ominous music]
- [Phone clatters]
- [Phone whirring]
[Phone rings]
Hello, my love.
I wanna talk to you.
Look, mister, I don't know how
you got my telephone number
or what you think can possibly
happen by your calling me.
I'm a man and I--
I will make you feel
like a real woman.
You're sick, you know that?
You're really sick!
Look, why don't you just
hang up and leave me alone?
I know you so well.
I know every inch
of you so well.
I know every area--
Now, look here, you shut up!
I've already told
the police about you.
You'll never let me alone.
Nora, I wanna
caress your skin.
Why did you call me Nora?
Oh, Nora, my love.
I wanna rip--
rip your clothes, Nora.
[Phone clicks]
[Dramatic music]
WOMAN: Mommy, daddy!
My window's open
and my dolly says she's cold.
She can't sleep.
Well, he knew my name,
my number and my name.
You're listed, aren't you?
That's just it,
I'm not.
This is a sublet.
The girl's a dancer on tour
with the National Company
for six months.
You know anything
about her, her friends?
Well, she was recommended to me
by a friend of our family.
And she seems to be
a very nice, normal girl.
Oh, Lieutenant,
what should I do?
Change the number.
I can't. It's not mine.
I can't just cut her off
from her life.
That's very nice of you.
I'll see that they include it
in the eulogy.
Hey, wait a minute,
you said that he gets his kicks
just out of listening
to me react.
I said most of the time.
With them,
you don't get a guarantee.
Why should they be different?
Nothing lasts,
nothing's safe.
There's no protection and rules.
Thanks a lot.
What more do you want,
a fairy tale?
That's the way it is.
Accept it
and maybe
you'll live to enjoy,
well, whatever it is
you wanna enjoy.
Would you like
a piece of cake?
I think
you're wrong, you know.
Maybe in your business
you do have to think that way,
but some things do last,
and by rules.
Well, we were discussing
the telephone psychotic,
which is generic,
like saying "animal."
It's a beginning period,
then you start to break it down.
Lion, giraffe, mouse.
That was no mouse
that called me.
Some are fetishists,
some are sadists,
some are masochists.
Then there are the simple
voyeurs, the pedophiliacs.
But even that's too neat,
too much like rules,
so we have the combinations,
and I'm not talking
about your uncle, Charlie,
who buys pin-up calendars.
I mean the complicated pairing,
the sado masochist,
the voyeur masochist,
the exhibitionist, the necrophiliacs.
You seem to know a lot
about these things.
Someone should.
In the meantime,
what happens?
Couldn't you trace
his calls or something?
Think you could keep him
on the phone
for about six minutes?
I could try.
You might invest
in a police lock,
and get someone
to stay with you.
You're saying
that he might come up here.
If I knew what
he was going to do,
then I'd be him,
wouldn't I?
[Dramatic music]
[Engine rumbling]
[Dramatic music]
- [Water splashing]
- [Dramatic music]
[Ominous chord]
Oh, hello, sweetheart.
Daddy, you're home.
Where's Miss Neilson?
I'm here, Lieutenant
You don't have to worry about
my being here.
DAVE: Goodnight.
Goodnight, baby.
See you in the morning.
Gee, I'm glad
you're home.
Hiya, honey.
I'm glad.
You're very late tonight, Daddy.
At a vehicular homicide?
Uh, no. I'm sorry.
Well, bedtime, Pam.
Oh, gee, Dad,
you just got home.
Now look, I've got
something important to do.
Try to understand, huh?
Goodnight, Daddy.
Goodnight, honey.
Sleep tight.
DAVE [On recording]: B-127, July.
Mrs. Rachel Marvin, housewife.
File three, telephone.
RACHEL [On recording]:
I assumed it was somebody I knew,
or just--
I said, "Yes? Who is this?"
And there was
another moment of silence,
and he said, "You are the blonde
Mrs. Marvin, aren't you?"
And I said,
"Oh, come on, who is this?"
And he said, "Did anyone ever
tell you how great you look
"in Bermuda shorts?"
DAVE [On recording]:
Well, then what happened?
What did he say?
RACHEL [On recording]:
He, uh, said he'd like to take me
for a drive in the country.
DAVE [On recording]:
Did he go further than that?
Did he...
RACHEL [On recording]: Yes,
he said once we got to the country,
what he intended to do.
DAVE [On recording]: I see.
RACHEL [On recording]:
He was saying those ugly things.
I wanna tell you, my husband,
he don't talk that way
and he's my husband.
DAVE [On recording]:
Number 207, Wendy Solomon, student.
WENDY [On recording]: I mean,
there I was, alone with my baby
sister, and he was saying
all those terrible things
and I didn't know when
the folks were coming back
and I was screaming and
I think maybe I fainted.
I pushed the couch
against the door
and I took the bread knife
to bed with me.
I didn't go to school
for two days.
But he sounded
like such a scabby old man.
DAVE [On recording]: Had you
ever heard this language before
used by anyone?
WENDY [On recording]:
Well, in school, you know.
But not like the way
he said it.
DAVE [On recording]:
That was three days ago.
Have you had
any more phone calls?
WENDY [On recording]:
No, nothing,
but my mother said
once during the day,
when I wasn't there, it rang
and then someone hang up,
just when she answered
the phone.
DAVE [On recording]: Well,
it was probably a random caller
and it won't happen again.
Won't you be mine
Oh, look at the one
in red, the blonde.
So give me your hand
and stand by me
Through rain or shine
I can own the world
with you baby it's mine
Madame, Monsieur,
this way, please.
I'm born to be bad
that's what they say
But they're gonna come
that happy day
He wouldn't leave a message.
I think it's important--
sounds like a job.
Let's hope so.
Make it fast, will you darling?
Yep. Hello?
MAN: Nora, Nora, I was
right about your body.
You are beautiful in that
little bikini you wore.
What do you want
from me?
MAN: I wanted to reach out
and touch you today,
Nora, don't you see?
I'm with you everywhere.
You look so beautiful,
your skin--
[Phone clatters]
It was that nut, right?
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
He must've been
following me
because he knows
where I've been all day.
Nora, I don't think
you oughta go home tonight.
I mean,
alone anywhere.
Well, for a couple
of days, you can--
you can stay
at my place.
I mean, by that time,
those dumb cops
will figure something out.
No, I'd like to go
home, Marion-- I mean now.
It's your life.
I'll get Carlo
to take you.
No, no!
I'll be all right.
Toothbrush and comb
Oh, toothbrush and comb
That's all I need
any place I go is home
- [Dramatic chord]
- [Gasps]
That's what happened
when I touched it.
And no one you know
could have left it?
No, that's why
I called you.
Easy does it, Miss Dane.
It's just that I'm
just a little shaky.
Is that all?
It's all we need for now.
We're putting
a tap in just in case.
Now, if he calls, make sure
you keep him on the phone
as long as you can.
He knew exactly
where I was.
I know, you told us.
We'll have a line
cut in for 36 hours.
But suppose--
suppose he doesn't call?
I'm sorry, that's all
we can do for now.
I suggest you try
and relax, Miss Dane.
Oh, I'll be all right.
No sign of a jimmy.
Of course with a sublet
like this, you never know
how many people have a key.
I mean,
she would've told me.
You don't need one for this.
A loid could spring it easy.
What's that?
A thin piece
of stiff celluloid.
A 10-year-old kid can use it.
All he has to do is--
Aw, if you're finished, Frank...
Oh, sure.
We'll take this
down to the lab
and maybe they'll find something.
I feel so vulnerable,
you know, knowing
that he could come in any time.
Excuse me, but you don't
really know it was him.
Oh, we'll report it
and all,
but there's no proof
of any felony.
What kind of proof do you want?
Me lying on the floor?
Take it easy. Suppose we let
Miss Dane get some rest.
Hey, Lieutenant, what's up?
Good morning, Dave.
Well, I saw the car downstairs.
Lou filled me in.
You seem to keep
show business hours, Lieutenant,
even on your day off.
You look like you could
use a drink.
You have a kid, Dave.
They don't make them
like this anymore, do they?
Mouldy isn't it?
What does it mean?
Well, it must mean something
to whoever left it here.
Well, we'll see you again,
Miss Dane.
Goodnight, Miss Dane.
I thought you might
have a lead, Dave.
When Miss Dane called tonight,
she asked for you.
She was under the impression
that the squad was handling
the telephone calls.
I'm handling it personally.
Okay, Dave,
see you later.
I'm kind of tired, Lieutenant.
Oh, now, don't be funny, please.
You look like you're ready
to climb the walls.
I'm gonna fix you a drink
and I want you to tell me
all about that phone call
and see that you get
that drink down.
Ah, here's the booze.
Old Doc Madden's magic elixir.
I could almost believe you.
Make yourself one.
Oh, I'm way ahead of you.
Well, I guess
I might as well go change.
I'm off duty, right?
So why not, I say?
I can't hear you.
I say, nostrovia!
Who bought this stuff?
No, it was here
when I moved in.
Well, it says on the bottle,
"Brewed by the House of Borgia."
Oh, wait a minute,
there's some small print.
For external use only.
Oh, well, it sounds
pretty good to me.
Well, coming right up.
Oh, make mine with water.
Haven't you had enough
chlorine for one day?
[Dramatic chord]
Ah, but you've had
enough day for one day.
Running around the way you do,
is it worth it?
Grabbing coffee and a hamburger,
what kind of lunch is that?
I had a steak for lunch.
Oh, some steak.
Lady, you're no 10-year-old.
You need your energy--
in and out of theaters,
and to top it off,
spending a whole hour
making like Johnny Wisemiller.
Correction, Esther Williams.
I'm sorry,
I'll wait in the other room.
Here's your drink.
Uh, no, thank you.
Look, I'm feeling
very tired.
Would you mind going, please?
What's the matter with you?
Nothing. I-- I just got
a little startled when you came
to the door.
What's going on
in that head of yours?
I told you,
I'm just a little tired.
You think because I have
a drink with you,
I'm gonna wrestle you
around the room.
Every scrawny broad thinks
she's the only one entrusted with
the crown jewels,
and that she'll die if she loses 'em.
Not that you're
so scrawny.
And you're not
a broad, either, are you?
Stay away from me.
I think you're flipping--
I'll kill you
if you come near me.
What's the matter--?
Don't touch me!
Don't you dare touch me!
All your talk about perversions.
It was yourself
you were talking about.
Get outta here!
Get outta here!
I don't care
what your problem is
and I don't care
if you are sick.
To me, you're an animal.
You, with a wife and a child at home--
You're a dirty, disgusting animal!
Leave me alone!
Animal? Animal?
Don't you put me
in their class, not me!
[Dramatic music]
Do you like
to go to the movies?
Well, three years ago,
my wife went to a movie.
It was just down the block
from where we lived.
She never came home.
They found her the next morning
just before daybreak.
She was behind a staircase
in the basement
of an old building.
She'd been raped, mutilated--
horribly mutilated.
They told me he'd done that
after she was dead.
If I could only believe that.
Well, they never found him--
at least no one
who ever admitted to it.
I'm sorry.
So I could tell you
anything you wanna know
about perverts and degenerates.
I've gone 10 steps
beyond any psychiatrist.
I've catalogued
the condition of their teeth
and the type of soap
they use when they shave
and it's paid off, believe me,
it's paid off good.
The only record
I don't have
is how many of 'em
I've sent away.
[Phone ringing]
Answer it.
Answer it, and if it's him,
don't hang up,
no matter what he says.
Do you understand?
Do it and make
a date with him.
[Phone ringing]
Yes, well, I--
I was on edge then.
Yes, yes, I'm--
I'm very much more relaxed now.
But I don't understand you,
I still can't hear you.
[Phone clatters]
He hung up.
[Phone clicking]
Lou, Dave Madden.
Did you get it?
[Phone clatters]
He started off
the way he usually does,
and then, I don't know,
something must've happened.
He started shouting and...
I couldn't make out
what he said.
It's all right.
We have the tape.
Look, I wanna speak frankly.
Believe me,
I don't wanna frighten you.
There was a case in Utah
about six months ago,
a similar pattern.
I'm afraid
he's not gonna be satisfied
with the telephone anymore.
Whatever you say.
Well, tomorrow, see if you can
get someone to stay with you--
at least a week
to make sure.
Well, what happens tonight?
The easiest would be
my place.
Easy for who?
You said you were tired.
You know, there's
some things a girl prefers
to pick out herself.
And high on the list,
right underneath lipstick,
is a bed partner
and it's not really funny.
Well, tell me,
does my 10-year-old daughter
get to make
the same choice?
[Gentle music]
I'll get my toothbrush.
[Gentle music]
Hey, do you always
keep this shade up?
Well, who's gonna see me?
A peeping brick?
[Suspenseful music]
I wonder
what set him off.
[Suspenseful music]
- [Match strikes]
- [Dramatic chord]
You ready?
You wanna see?
I put it on
all by myself.
Oh Lar-- Lar, it's a beautifully
gorgeous birthday present,
almost nicer
than the cake.
Only I-- I didn't do
the buttons too good.
No, you did fine, Edie,
you did fine.
It's gonna look very pretty.
Now Edie,
come on, don't cry.
Come on. It looks very nice.
Now, here.
Edie, come on, don't cry.
Shhh. Edie, come on.
Don't you--?
Look, didn't you like
the birthday cake
with all the candles on it?
Edie, look at the nice
present that you have.
Sh-shh. Come on, sh-shh.
Edie, come on, don't cry.
There's nothing to cry about,
is there, huh?
You-- you promised me.
You-- you promised me
a new teddy bear.
Where's mine, Lar?
What happened to mine?
Edie, now, come on.
Edie, stop crying.
Please? Please?
I miss him, Lar,
I miss him.
I-I loved him so much.
What happened to him?
Edie, look, I told you
a long time ago.
He was in an accident
a long time ago.
He died, didn't he?
I forgot.
It was an accident, Edie.
Who did it?
Lar, you're my brother.
You should tell me.
Who killed him?
Lar, Lar,
how did teddy die?
Please, Edie,
now come on, stop it.
Edie, come on.
I told you, Edie a long time ago,
it was an accident.
[Eerie music]
- [Screams]
- [Thudding]
[Eerie music]
She's very pretty.
Is she a hooker?
No, she's not what--
what you said.
Well, how long is
she gonna stay?
It's Saturday.
Now don't worry, honey.
We'll go to the zoo.
I didn't forget.
It's only 10 o'clock.
Well, then, I think
I'll have me a bath. Ta-ta.
Well, now, you didn't have
to do the dishes.
I don't recall you
mentioning that before I started them.
You know something?
I feel very relaxed here.
Well, good. Pam wants you
to come to the zoo with us
this afternoon.
Oh, you are a liar, Lieutenant.
You're still a liar, Dave.
PAM: Yes, Daddy?
Oh no, no,
don't put her on the spot.
Okay, I'll come with you.
Never mind, honey.
The answer is yes.
She knows all about it,
and no, it doesn't
bother her, okay?
Look you don't have
to defend yourself to me.
I told you once,
no one is invulnerable.
One day she's
gonna go on a date,
and when he brings her home,
he'll want to kiss her goodnight.
What do you suppose
will happen?
Oh, I'm sorry, Dave,
but a child's life is being free,
living in a world of sunshine.
Do you wanna hear it?
Catalogue A-17.
Nora Dane, actress.
Telephone calls--
All right,
maybe I am scared now,
but not when I was eight,
and not when I was 18,
and even now,
in spite of this,
I'm not gonna
shut out the world,
I'm not gonna
be forced to become
something that has
to run and hide in comers.
Not by him,
and not by you.
Nora, would you come
to the zoo with us this afternoon?
[Lighthearted music]
- [Chickens clucking]
- [Lighthearted music]
- [Rooster crows]
- [Lighthearted music]
- [Pigs snorting]
- [Lighthearted music]
- [Ducks quacking]
- [Lighthearted music]
[Lighthearted music]
[Lighthearted music]
- [Ducks quacking]
- [Lighthearted music]
Oh, Edie,
where'd you get that?
It's mine!
No, Edie, we left yours
at home, remember?
Oh, is this yours?
Hey, Larry,
I don't believe it.
I said you were
full of surprises.
Oh, this is Dave Madden.
Larry Sherman.
He works at the discotheque.
Looks like we're all
night people here today.
My daughter, Pam.
This your sister?
Yesterday was my birthday.
I got a new dress.
That's very nice.
I put it on
all by myself.
Yeah, we've got
an appointment and we're late.
It was nice meeting you.
Come on, Edie.
She's nice.
I like her.
You act so funny, Lar,
like when Mommy and Daddy went away.
Well, they didn't
go away, they died.
They did, too, go away.
They went away
after they died.
Look, Edie, will you
go play or something?
Look, I'll get you
your puzzles
and you can play
with your puzzles.
Now, you want me to get
your puzzles down for you, Edie?
Why can't I stay
here with you?
You know what Mrs. Shultz said?
She said that I need
a different brassier
so it won't hurt me.
She says that I'm pretty.
Well, look you're not
to go down there again.
You understand that?
I have to.
She said,
"Thank God, child, you're pretty."
Where did you get
those shoes?
Where did you get them, Edie?
She borrowed them to me.
Well, you take them off
right now, you understand me?
But they don't--
but they don't hurt... honest.
Listen to me you take them off.
[Cries out]
Oh, well, now, you look
at yourself, Edie. Look at yourself.
You look like a whore!
Button up!
No! No!
Oh, Edie,
I don't ever want to see you
wear these things again.
Edie, now you listen to me,
I don't wanna see you
wearing those things again,
I don't wanna see you
dressing up like this.
And where did you get
all that stuff on your face?
Edie, you're not
to wear this anymore.
Do you understand me?
I don't wanna see you
dressing up like that.
Well, not you!
You let the others wear it.
You let the others dress up.
The ones that wanna tease you
and the ones
that they wanna lead you on
and they wanna tear
your guts out.
Not you, Edie, not you.
I liked the shoes.
Edie, Edie, listen to me.
Listen to me, will ya?
You, you're--
Edie it's not your fault,
but the way you are,
you can't...
Edie, you can't act like this,
do you understand me?
Tell me you do--
Do you understand me? Huh?
- [Mumbles]
- [Cries out]
[Door bangs]
Like what, Lar?
Ike, we're a man
short tonight.
Lawrence phoned in sick.
You wouldn't need him tonight.
I dig.
We got a new carton
of 45s in today.
Hmm, I noticed.
I haven't had a chance
to check on those yet.
Did you get the key?
I was just gonna ask you.
Oh, it's in an envelope
in your middle drawer.
Why don't we go
home together?
It suits me.
We could share a cab.
Are you sure
you don't mind waiting?
Closing sometimes takes forever.
What do you mean, "mind"?
I'm very grateful
that you're coming along.
Don't be silly.
See what you can do
about that music
or we won't last
until closing.
I've seen dead nights
in this joint
but this is ridiculous.
[Dramatic music]
Oh, Marian,
why don't you use my robe?
Oh don't be silly.
You'll freeze to death.
I'll wear your coat.
I dig fur anyway.
You know, when I was
a kid, I used to cry
because the blanket was
too rough.
I used to cry
like the devil
and beg my mom
to buy me a fur blanket.
Are you ready for that?
I dig soft things.
Don't you?
[Gentle music]
[Dramatic music]
Can't trace
a few crank calls.
How about those cops?
Well, he hangs up too soon.
Funny thing.
Cop can see
through a wall,
tap your phone
with an old razor blade,
but he can't figure out
a way to trap a stupid moron.
Well, it, uh... it could be
a technical problem.
After-- After all, there are
a lot of telephones in the city.
You know what I think?
I think there's a little bit
of this jerk in every guy,
including the cops.
Maybe they've all got
a guilty conscience.
[Phone ringing]
Now let me get that.
No! Wait!
He doesn't scare me.
Let it go.
[Phone ringing]
Nora, maybe it's
a wrong number.
It doesn't matter.
[Phone ringing]
Just stay with me, please.
Where I can see you.
[Phone ringing]
I'm gonna die, Marian.
He's gonna kill me, I just know it.
Don't talk like that,
baby, don't.
I'm so tired of running
and wondering how
and when it's gonna happen.
Look, stop it!
Now stop it!
I don't know
what he wants.
I don't know why
he would want to kill me.
I keep imagining all kinds
of terrible things. [Sobbing]
Oh, come on,
come on, that's it.
Let it out, honey.
Get rid of it.
Oh, baby, shh,
that's right.
That's a baby.
That's a good baby.
Come on, let it all out.
It won't do you any good inside.
Come on, let it all out.
It just makes you sick.
Put your arms around me
and cry, Nora, go ahead.
That's a baby.
Just a sweet baby,
that's a good baby.
That's a sweet baby.
That's a good baby.
That's my baby.
Come on, let it go.
Come on,
I wouldn't let anybody hurt you.
Nobody's gonna do a thing
to you while I'm ar--
What's that?
What's the matter?
Something wrong, Nora?
No, nothing, nothing.
I just felt...
Oh, it was nothing.
You can tell me, Nora.
You can tell me anything.
Look, Marian, I...
Get outta here, please.
I don't get it, sweetie.
Look, I may be wrong,
and if I am, I'll apologize,
but I think it'd be much better
if you just go right now.
Yeah, but I don't under...
I don't understand.
Get out of here, please.
Look, doll baby,
I think there's something
the matter with you.
I think you're sick.
I think those telephone
voices of yours,
maybe they don't exist,
maybe you drummed that up, too.
I went out of my way
to be nice to you.
Maybe too nice.
You're all wrong, baby.
If I am, I apologize.
Oh, yeah?
I'll look forward to it.
[Door slams]
[Suspenseful music]
Nora, wait!
[Suspenseful music]
Nora, wait!
Nora, wait!
[Suspenseful music]
- [Banging]
- [Suspenseful music]
[Dramatic music]
You said we'd never be
seeing you again, Adler.
I meant it, Lieutenant.
I mean, tell me
they pick me up for something?
I got caught doing something?
Something about a stocking, right?
Some guy did it
to a woman
and ripped off
her stockings, right?
So get Adler. Everybody knows
Adler likes stockings.
Get Adler!
How are things
in Green Paint Sutter?
Hey, this is
a big mistake.
I'm not a stocking man--
maybe him, but not me.
You should know that, Lieutenant.
I know.
Dresses and hats,
right, Sutter?
Silk dresses
and big, fruity hats, right?
Sure, I knew that.
Then why'd you make them
pick me up for stockings?
Because I thought maybe
you'd changed your diet.
ADLER: Yeah, it's
a big joke to you, right?
Well, who do we hurt
with our special likes?
Where do you think
we got your address?
In the phone book?
Do you remember
Wood Haven?
Oh, well,
millions of women in the city,
why do you suppose
we choose this one
and not that one?
Because we can tell,
that's why.
Like a cat or a dog,
we can tell.
Shut up, Adler.
These broads are
looking for it.
But they gotta blame
somebody, right?
Gotta yell rape.
Rape! Rape! Rape!
That way
they stay clean, right?
That way they get it
and they stay clean.
Put him on ice.
Dave, this belongs
to Homicide, not us.
So we save them
the trouble.
Come on, book him.
On what charge?
New York penal law,
Article 16, Section 197.
Davy, I can't do that.
No dangerous animal permitted
to roam the city streets.
I guess you know
they've been sending weekly sheets
on you downtown.
Yeah, I heard.
Can't you see?
That junk you got
in your apartment,
did it help you
in any way?
Or did it just help
a 10-year-old kid
talk like a vice
squad detective?
Dave you're over the line.
You've gone over.
What do you mean?
You've joined them.
The animals?
We're all animals, Dave.
The line, I mean, divides
the sick from the well.
[Dramatic music]
[Door slams]
[Dramatic music]
[Water splashing]
Oh, boy.
Here, you wanna use it?
I didn't know that you came here.
Oh, well, I work out
in the gym upstairs.
I think
everybody should work out.
You have a very nice body.
Well, I like to work out.
I don't like it
when men let themselves get fat.
It's nice around here
without anybody, isn't it?
Well, actually, you know,
it doesn't get crowded until
about 5:30. That's when
everybody's off from work.
You gonna go
to work tonight?
Well, I don't know,
I guess I'd better.
What about you?
You think you might go?
How's your sister?
Oh, she's fine.
She's very sweet.
How old is she?
How old is she?
She's 19.
I remember
when I was 19.
That's when I decided I was
gonna take the world by storm
and become a big star.
I used to have to travel
up and down to New York every day
and started off
by taking acting lessons...
[Eerie music]
And then, at the first
audition I went to, they said,
"Do you sing?"
So then I started
taking singing lessons,
and then another audition,
they said, "Oh, that's fine,
"but do you dance?"
[Eerie music]
The guys said to me,
"Oh, we like everything you do,
"but you're just not
the right type."
Hey, you haven't listened
to a word I've been saying to you.
Come on,
let's go swim, huh?
[Water splashing]
I'll help Miss Nielsen
with the dishes.
Good girl.
I oughta slug you.
You weren't supposed
to leave the apartment.
Well, I had to get out.
You know, I was thinking, Dave,
if I hadn't sent Marian
out last night--
Oh, now, stop it.
Come on.
Now, how are you gonna get home
after work tonight, huh?
Wells Fargo is sending
an armored truck.
Oh, I'm laughing.
Oh, come on now.
You know if he was
really out to get me,
he's had a million chances.
I'll get Michelle
to take me home, okay?
Okay, and call me
as socon as you get to the club.
I just wish
you wouldn't worry so much.
Especially about me.
Look, I don't give a damn
what happens to you.
Yeah, I know.
DAVE [On recording]: Well,
how'd he sound-- as if he knew you?
WOMAN [On recording]:
In a strange sort of a way,
he was familiar.
DAVE [On recording]:
Did he use your name?
WOMAN [On recording]:
The words threw me,
and beyond that,
I can't remember.
Night, Sam.
Business as usual tonight.
Better than usual.
I guess we're gonna have
to look for some other jobs.
Oh, Nora.
Would you like a cigarette?
No, no thank you.
Are you gonna go back
to teaching dance?
No, thanks.
Anyway, Marian only worked
for the owners.
I don't think
they'll close the club.
Well, that's good.
That's good,
'cause I like it here.
I bet you do.
Watching all those
young chicks.
Don't think I haven't
noticed you and Michelle.
Maybe him, not me, no.
Oh, well, now,
there's nothing wrong with it.
I mean,
I'm not putting it down.
Don't think I haven't envied
those sleek young blondes.
Oh, no, no,
you're too busy.
I mean, well, you don't
get a chance to see them.
The way they move,
all the time,
the way they're moving, it's...
It's very suggestive.
Well, so's walking
if you think of it.
But have you seen
their faces?
No, they're cold and they're
without any emotion at all.
Oh, come now,
what do you suppose you look like
when you're dancing?
What goes through your mind?
No, I don't dance.
I told you that.
No, no I don't dance,
not like that.
Give me your coat.
Come on, come on.
Ready, pussy cat?
Oh, do you have 15 minutes?
Darling, tonight's Monday--
not even five minutes.
Oh, well, then you go on.
I'll go home alone.
If you're sure.
[Upbeat music]
Come on, it's easy.
All you have to do is shake your hips
from side to side.
Try it.
One, two, one, two.
There you go.
PAM: Miss Nielsen,
can I have a glass of water?
Miss Nielsen?
WOMAN [On recording]:
Called once but hung up right away.
DAVE [On recording]:
He hung up?
Why did he hang up?
WOMAN [On recording]: Because,
I think he thought I was
somebody else.
DAVE [On recording]: Did he
continue to use foul language
in the second phone call?
Look, Daddy,
I can see you in the mirror.
WOMAN [On recording]:
To be very nice
so I would listen to him.
DAVE [On recording]:
You're a widow, Mrs. Goran.
I mean, do you go
with anyone in particular?
Do you have a boyfriend?
GORAN [On recording]: No.
Dumb, dumb, dumb.
Miss Nielsen,
wait 'til I come back.
[Suspenseful music]
Wait a minute.
[Suspenseful music]
[Dramatic chord]
Hello. Don't be afraid.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm a police officer.
Where's your brother?
I was afraid
of the noise.
Who, who was banging
on the door?
We met,
don't you remember?
At the zoo.
My daughter gave you
her ball.
Where's your brother?
[Upbeat music]
It could've been me
walking by your side
It could've been me
but girl I lied
And cheated on you
And now that we're
through what can I do
It could've been me
but I blew my chance
It kills me to see
your new romance
I was such a fool
but now I'm in pain
For having my way
I never thought
you'd put me down
But now I'm walking around
with no place to go
And I miss you so
I wanted to shout it
to the world
That you were
my one and only girl
My eyes have been red
since you set me free
It could've been me
It could've been me
but I blew my chance
It kills me to see
your new romance
I was such a fool
but now I'm in pain
For having my way
I never thought
you'd put me down
But now I'm walking around
With no place to go
And I miss you so
I wanted to shout it
to the world
That you were
my one and only girl
My eyes have been red
since you set me free
It could've been me
I never thought
you'd put me down
But now I'm walking around
With no place to go
I miss you so
I wanted to shout it
to the world
That you were
my one and only girl
My eyes have been red
since you set me free
It would've been
it should've been
It could have been me
Are you all right?
No, I'm not.
Nora, I love you.
I waited so long
to touch you.
Nora, please.
Nora, please, te-- teach me.
Nora, show me.
Larry I--
Nora, please,
please show me.
Don't throw
my love away, Nora.
Don't! Don't!
Please let me.
Please, I'll do anything.
Don't touch me!
I'll do anything, Nora,
if you--
Don't touch me!
[Cries out]
Why-- Why would--
with everybody else but me?
Why with every slob
in the world but me?
Why, Nora?
You're the same. You're no
different than anybody else.
You're the same
as any of them.
You're no different
than anybody else.
[Crying out]
No! No!
Oh, God,
I've been watching you.
[Crying out]
Oh, no, God, no!
[Crying out]
[Crying out]
Oh, you've been
begging for it.
[Crying out]
I know, it's the way
you look at me.
I've seen you.
I've been watching you
and you've been
begging for me.
[Crying out]
Oh, Nora, Nora.
[Crying out]
[Morose music]
My shoes.
I lost my shoes.
[Dramatic music]
[Horn beeping]
[Dramatic music]
- [Police whistle blowing]
- [Dramatic music]
- [Tires squealing]
- [Dramatic music]
- [Horn beeping]
- [Dramatic music]
[Gun firing]
[Dramatic music]
[Guns firing]
Tell me who killed teddy bear
Doesn't anybody care
That I miss him?