Who We Are Now (2017) Movie Script

We're gonna be late.
You know, it's Tuesday.
I know, I was just
in the neighborhood.
I've said you can't
just pop by when...
Just five minutes.
All right.
I'm not just gonna leave you
standing out in the snow.
Really quick, we're
on our way out.
Okay, yup.
Beth's here, Sam.
Hey, Sam.
He has soccer practice
and then a sleepover
at one of his teammates' houses.
Rather have one with me.
All right, you can have a minute
but we just gotta go.
Thank you.
Want a soda?
No, thank you.
Wanna sit?
Is that the sports pages?
Anything interesting about
your beloved Knicks in there?
There's nothing beloved
about the Knicks at the moment.
Alec is doing really well.
That's good.
He's happy.
That's good.
It is good, Beth.
You know what, Sam?
Can I barrow your warm hat?
Hey, Alec.
Which one, the blue one?
You bought that for me.
I know.
No, you can't, no.
What? It looks better on me.
It doesn't look better on you.
When the kid is right,
the kid is right.
That kid is all right.
You do look better than me.
Give me one of those fists.
You said hey to Auntie Beth?
You wanna tell her
what Coach James said to you?
He said that he might
make be the goalie.
What did Coach James
say to you about it?
He said that...
Big stretch.
He said the most
trustworthy person
has to have it.
That position.
That's you?
That's a huge honor.
Dude, where's your trumpet?
Here, tell her about band.
I'm only second trumpet in band.
I should be first though.
But Dillon Moore sucks
up to the music teacher.
Oh, doesn't he?
Dillon Moore sucks.
I got you...
No sucking.
I got you a present.
A Wynton Marsalis CD.
The guy at the store said that
he is the best
trumpet player ever.
Pretty cool, huh?
This is pretty cool.
Yeah - Bud?
Do you mind if I
hold on to this thing for you
until after you finish Mr.
Pearson's science project?
Good idea.
And then you can play it
over and over and over and over.
Why can't we listen to it now?
What's your science project?
It's for the water cycle.
We have to make a diagram
of how the water cycle works
and stuff.
We get to show it off.
All right, guys,
we're gonna be late.
Yes, you're gonna be late.
You guys should go.
Yup, all right.
I do think you left your
trumpet in your bedroom.
Let's go get your
trumpet. Come on, let's go.
See you later.
Oh, did you say bye?
Bye, Alec,
I'll see you next time.
You gotta call before
you come over, please.
Yes, yeah.
I'm sorry about the CD.
I never heard of a kid who
liked that kind of jazz.
Is he any good?
It's just,
we don't just give presents.
He earns rewards.
We're not gonna spoil him.
If you run into people
in the neighborhood.
We don't want people...
Just don't go telling them
your whole life story.
I'm sorry, we had to
move out of Fort Green
and now we have a good
reputation for the family.
Is that okay?
All right.
I'm gonna go.
And I'm gonna get you the
stuff that mom left you.
It's in storage but I'm gonna
have that for you next week.
That's great.
Do you hear me?
Oh my god, can I go?
We have that meeting
tomorrow, right?
That's relaxing too.
Is this okay? Not too hard?
You are late!
You have customer waiting!
I'm sorry.
Hurry up!
What's up, Adele?
How are you?
They were lies because
I didn't hit her.
But yeah, I hit her,
but it was self defense.
Okay, well look, we're
on your side, Maria.
We are not the ones
you have to convince.
Well I have good news.
And all of this bad news.
No, good news.
Because of your good grades and
Miss Perez's recommendation,
the learning center
I told you about,
Better Options,
has agreed to give you a full
scholarship to their program.
Half or full?
Full. Everything.
No, no.
She says, "Are you lying to me?"
It's the truth.
It's a full scholarship
and we're gonna appear
in court later this week
to get the judge to
approve your transfer.
So soon.
I wanna study.
I know, you will.
How exciting.
And my baby?
Am I gonna get him back?
I think right now it's
one thing at a time.
But your mom is doing an
amazing job with Mickey.
She said he's happy.
And he's healthy.
Do you have photographs?
I don't have any.
But we'll get some,
we'll bring you.
We'll make sure we'll
bring her some pictures.
Yeah, from her mom.
You'll be able to hang
up all your pictures
at Better Options.
It's okay.
I was gonna say she
can talk to her mom
but I know if she can
so don't say that.
So close.
Tell her, so close.
And just, you know,
no more.
I didn't hit.
I don't hit.
They attacked me.
Don't admit to anyone
else that you hit her.
It was self-defense.
I know.
Feels nice with it, yeah.
It's like a princess nightgown.
This is the dress.
That's my vibe.
You don't
even need the lingerie.
Just keep
cutting pieces of it off.
I think it's just lovely.
I think the form is perfect.
I mean, do we have
thoughts, ladies?
I don't know.
I'm gonna cry.
I'm gonna cry.
I love the lace.
Aw, you're gonna cry?
Do you think it's
too much with the belt?
- I was wondering.
- No.
- Absolutely not.
- You don't think?
Mom, I think she
wants to see it without.
This comes off.
We can just see it without it.
Can I untie it?
Sorry, is this okay?
Yeah, yeah, definitely.
Just wanna show her the options.
I just want her
to be able to see
what it looks like
with it off, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, no, this is what
I wanted. It's fine.
Look in the mirror.
She wants to see the options.
She wants to see
what it looks like.
Just let her see.
That's how
the dress is designed.
She just wants to look.
I'll stay out.
I think we need the
band back on anyways.
It looks better with it.
You're right, Jess is right.
I don't think it's too much.
I think it's beautiful, really.
It's perfect.
Is there a slit in it too?
Oh, I love it.
Oh my god.
That's like a happy surprise.
Jesus Christ.
No veil.
I feel like this green
is too Earthy for me.
I don't really feel like this is
the dress for us.
Because it's like forest green.
Like, we look like trees.
We have a lot of other options.
Green, I know
they're green, mom.
You know how I feel about green.
What are you talking about?
Green is meant to be bad luck
for people who work
in the theater.
We can't have that.
No bad luck.
Not now.
No, it's really,
it's a bad thing for
people in the theater
because Molire, he was
an actor and a playwright,
and he died in the
middle of a play
and he was wearing green.
So it's just tradition that
we don't like to wear green.
Let's try blue?
Blue would look beautiful
with a beach wedding.
Are you okay with blue?
Yes, yeah, it's fine.
Are you sure?
Just tell her no.
No, it's fine, it's fine.
No, it's Monica's wedding.
If she wants green, then
we're wearing green.
It's not.
It's really okay.
If you wanna do
green, we'll do green.
To show off their figures.
We'll just at least try blue.
Do you want everyone
to try another dress?
Okay, everybody, let's
try another dress.
Try pink, I love pink.
Blue. Blue.
Everyone will wear blue?
Okay, let's just go.
Yeah, it's fine.
Can you just, can you pin?
Oh yeah, sorry.
No, it's okay.
Are you kidding me with that?
Name one play by Molire.
So let's...
Backtrack because everything
is kinda interrelated.
And let's talk a little bit
about the landlord situation
with the residence
that you were at.
Because if we can
deal with that,
maybe we could
alleviate the situation
with what's going on in
terms of the shelter.
The point is that you
bringing a photo forward
will make perfect sense
along with the citation.
But the problem is if we don't
have photographic evidence
then they can just
fight it and say,
"It's not true. It's not true."
Hey, Jan.
How're you doing?
I'm good, nice to
see you guys again.
Good to see you,
good to see you.
Say hi to Miss Jan.
How do you do?
How do you do?
He was just explaining
to me a little bit about
the situation with the
shelter that they were in.
So if we actually took
a picture, got caught...
You can't get fired from
a job for taking a photo.
Is the avenue we need to
go down to find out what,
what happened there
with the payment plan.
And any of the eviction notices
that they might have gotten
or might not have gotten
because that happens
all the time too.
You want it to be in
the system that you went,
that you were, you know.
It doesn't meant anything
if you just tell a
neighbor or something.
That doesn't hold up in court.
So we definitely need
you to go see a doctor
and have that documented, okay?
Did you guys already talk about
what happened with his landlord?
Is there any way we could just...
We're definitely
having trouble with that.
You know what I'm saying?
It was the final notice and
it was only the first notice.
No having
stamps on the paperwork.
Right. Right.
You know, conniving stuff
and I don't have a
way of proving it.
I don't have a, I
can't afford a lawyer.
You called several times.
You hit the right place.
We've got investigators who
can be able to deal with that.
Thank you. I really
appreciate you.
Yeah, we've seen
this a lot, unfortunately.
You wanted to see me?
Judge agreed to
release Sean Jones.
That's great.
What pushed it over the edge?
Other than your genius.
The knife.
He realized that the prosecution
was trying to sluff
over the screw-up.
They were.
So I'm gonna need you
to come with me tomorrow,
if you can, to pick this kid up.
I don't think I can tomorrow.
I can help you...
Believe me, I'm not asking
because I wanna hang out
with your amazing self.
this kid has been in jail
for fucking three years.
I need some help keeping
him on the steady
and you're really
good with that.
Just seems like big bad Carlos
is scared to go by himself.
Oh, please.
I gotta use everybody's
best assets here, girl.
You're a pretty white girl.
Sean's gangbanger friends
are gonna be there
and I would quiet like
to have them focused in
on looking good for you
as apposed to being
all bent out of shape
and out for blood
because their boy, Sean,
was wrongfully arrested.
Yes, I'll be there.
Let me know if there's
anything else you need me to do
other than be your bodyguard.
Maybe you can try to
excavate that little charm
from that cynical pit that
you call a personality.
That would be cool.
I'll dig deep.
For you.
I actually do
have something else.
Grab a seat.
Good or bad?
that all just depends on
who's hearing it, right?
I'm hoping for you
it's gonna be good.
She got offered this job in D.C.
And she's taking it, she
told me this morning.
Good for Deb.
Yeah, good for Deb.
Good for Deb.
Good for you too.
Come on, Jess,
you were like third in your
class at Columbia, right?
I'm offering you a job.
Oh god.
Carl's fine, thanks.
I've only been a junior
litigator here for a year.
I mean, there's like
five people ahead of me
for that promotion.
I run a meritocracy, here, Jess.
I don't want them.
In or out?
I'm flattered.
Don't be flattered.
Be concise.
I got like a sit down with
apposing council and a client
in like an hour, so, yes or no.
It's an amazing opportunity.
I just...
I don't know what I
wanna do with my life.
I mean, let alone with my job.
I mean,
I kinda came to the Watch
Dogs to figure that out
and taking a senior
position here
is a very, very big commitment
and I thought I'd have another
year to figure that out.
Well, you don't.
And the caveat to
this whole thing is
that with this change,
I'm gonna have to offer your
current job to someone new.
Someone who's willing
to come in here
and establish themselves.
I told you what I'm
trying to do here.
I'm trying to establish
these permanent teams.
I'm trying to build
something here
so we can actually do
something for this community.
So it's kinda like shit or
get off the pot time, kid.
Okay, so is that an exclamation
or is that an answer?
Just give me a second.
I mean,
it's my mom.
I still live at home and...
You still live at home?
You shouldn't tell
clients that, though.
You should pay me more.
Well maybe that's what I'm
in the middle of trying to do.
my mom freaked out when
I told her I was coming
to the Watch Dogs for a year.
She wanted me to go
to a big, fancy firm.
I'm not offering
your momma the job.
So obviously it's
best for all of us
if this goes as
smoothly as possible.
With the least amount
of stress for everyone.
"Less stress."
That's the operative word here,
especially for young Alex.
- Alec.
- Alec.
Alec, yes.
I'm so sorry.
Been a long week.
So what we've initially
proposed here...
It's no longer acceptable.
We talked about this on
the phone this week, Rebecca.
What we're talking
about is shared custody
in favor of your clients.
We're not even asking
for time at Christmas
or summer vacation.
What's changed?
My clients have changed.
They've changed their
minds which is their right.
Gabby and Sam, they both feel
that Alec needs consistency
and they're worried
that moving him
between two houses regularly,
it might but a strain on him.
That's bullshit.
You need to be quiet here
because she's gonna be writing
down everything you say.
Okay, just let me do this.
The child is already confused
about who your client even is.
Due respect, that's
because your clients
never even told the boy
that my client existed
while she was incarcerated.
Which fell within
their discretion,
as the child's legal guardians
the second your client
signed the consent form.
My client signed a form
when she was in a prison
hospital on suicide watch
under the influence of major
sedatives and mood stabilizers.
That's a really nice
image for the judge.
She signed it, Carl.
The legal guardians are not
willing to adjust custody.
Excuse us, please.
What're you doing, Bec?
I'm doing what my
clients asked me to do.
My client's looking
for a permanent job.
She's looking for
two bedroom apartments
that she can hardly afford so
that she can be with this boy.
Come on, Bec.
Advise your clients
not to do this.
This is family, here.
It's a family.
We don't wanna go before
a judge and argue this.
Your client doesn't
want to go before a judge.
Our side, we're fine with it.
It's not my clients who are
going to hear the words,
"drug addiction,"
"maximum sentence"
attached to their names.
They don't don't wanna
walk into a court room
frightening Alec.
Not your way.
off the record,
you need to say yes to
what I'm about to propose
because the yare very
concrete about his
and if you don't agree
to this new offer,
I'm gonna leave this room,
I'm gonna go into court
and I'm gonna push
for no contact at all.
She got out early on
good behavior, Rebecca.
Look at that woman,
she's completely
transformed herself.
Hey, Gab.
Shut up!
I'm just...
Hey, I'm begging you.
I'm so sorry I came
by without calling.
I'm so sorry about the CD.
It won't happen again.
I was just trying to
be friendly, you know.
- We are willing to.
- I was hoping that
- offer your client.
- We could be friends.
- Shut up!
- Supervised.
Shut up!
- Beth.
- Visitation.
Once a month.
- No!
- Becca.
Supervised visitation.
Once a month.
I'm begging you.
I'm begging you, Gabby.
Try to ask
your client to calm down.
Can you please?
I will do anything
to make this go away.
Beth, okay.
I'll do anything.
Stay with me for a second.
Stay with me.
You gotta calm down.
I don't know what the fuck...
You gotta calm down.
You gotta calm down.
We can agree to
this for right now.
We can agree for this.
It's the first step.
We agree to this
and then in a couple of months,
everybody's a little
bit more comfortable.
Yeah but they lie.
And then we renegotiate.
They lied.
Do you see what
they're tying to do?
They lied.
They're trying to bait you.
They want you to lose your
shit in this room, Beth.
Don't do that.
Don't do that for your boy.
Give us a second, Rebecca!
I'm so sorry, could you
please give us a second?
It's not over.
This is not over,
I promise you that.
Come on.
Okay, so for the
moment we agree.
All right.
You motherfucker.
You're just gonna sit
over there and laugh?
You put her up to
this, didn't you?
That's enough.
It was your idea, wasn't it?
We're leaving.
Because she'll never love you
as much as she loved
Jeremy, is that why?
Is that why you hate me?
Because I tried to get
them back together?
Come on, let's
go. Stand up, we're done.
Pull yourself together.
Is that why you don't like me?
Pull myself together.
Let's go.
We are done.
I advise that you
get your client to calm down.
Hey Sam, I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to get
angry, I'm so sorry.
Keep her away them!
Hey, Gabby, I'm really sorry.
All right, stop.
I'm sorry that I got upset!
It won't happen.
It's okay.
Beth, you need to
sign some papers.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Another satisfied
customer, huh boss?
I hate to lose.
What happened?
They refused to share
custody with her son.
It's really messed up.
They had agreed on
terms, you know,
and then they sprang
it on us in the office,
hoping that she
would lose her shit.
Mission accomplished.
I'm sorry.
I'll be surprised if she
ever sees that kid again.
La La, come here, La La.
There's my girl.
I wanna give you
my phone number.
Good point.
Well argued.
I didn't do as well on my
midterms as I woulda hoped.
You know, school can
be kinda hard on us.
And so I stupidly
had a few drinks.
A huge mistake that I'm
extremely sorry for.
And worse than anything,
when I got in that car,
I put a lot of people's
lives in danger
and that's unforgivable.
I stand here today,
a changed man,
thanks to the help
of my councilors,
my family,
and my sober
brothers and sisters.
And I ask for that very thing.
And also, to become
a living amends
to help out other young men.
Face the truths of
their own demons.
And on that note, I wanna
thank Officer Ramirez
and I wanna thank
you, your honor,
for giving me that wake up
call that I sorely needed.
thank you, Mr. Beckett.
You've obviously done a
tremendous amount of work
in your outpatient program.
I see no reason why a young man
with such a bright,
promising future
should have his
whole life ruined
because of a momentary
laps in judgment.
A laps in judgment that you
are so clearly remorseful of.
Thank you, your honor.
That being said,
there's the issue
of Mr. Vaperelli
and how he's unable to work.
He's been in that
situation ever since you
hit him three months ago.
How do you propose
to rectify that?
I don't know, your honor.
You see, I do.
That's why I get
to be the judge.
Here's my idea.
I think that you, now that
you've completed your program,
that you should work
with Mr. Vaperelli
at his bodega for three months.
For free, of course.
Till you pay him back for
all the time he's lost
and help pay for some
of the replacement staff
he's gonna need to keep
that place running.
What about my
school, your honor?
After school and
on the weekends.
Your honor,
man, I'm grateful, I really am.
Your honor, I got
finals coming up, man,
and I don't know how I'm
gonna be able to do both.
You're a smart guy.
You'll figure it out.
Good luck on finals
and with your new job.
Thank you, sir.
But just...
We're done. Come on.
People versus Mendez.
How are you councilor?
Hi, Maria.
Thank you.
Your honor, as you know,
being incarcerated is
traumatizing for anybody
but especially for somebody
as young as my client.
I'd like to request her
handcuffs be removed
while she's in the courtroom.
The state has no
objection, your honor.
Okay but I'm...
I'm reading the case history
right here, Miss McCabe,
and it seems that your
client found the fortitude,
while she was
incarcerated last week,
to attack two other inmates
and put one in the infirmary.
Your honor, with respect,
my client was the
one who was attacked.
Here's a hint if you're gonna
ask the judge for something,
try not to interrupt him.
Your honor, a special
program called Better Options
has offered to take Maria into
their high school
equivalent course.
She could continue
learning English
and she would get individual
treatment for both whore...
Excuse me.
Individual treatment for
both her mood disorder
and her learning disability.
It's all right here
in a scholarship
and they could
take her right away
and even offer daycare
for Maria's baby.
I really...
Not yet, Maria.
Please, I really want to go.
Maria, not yet.
No, yes, I promise.
I promise you that
I will listen.
Start by listening to this.
Don't talk unless somebody
asks you a question.
Just make sure she understands.
Okay, okay.
Mr. Fischer?
One second, your honor, please.
I have no objection.
I'm not convinced of this
unless your client's
behavior improves radically.
So, we're gonna revisit
this in two weeks.
Your honor, with respect,
they may not hold the
scholarship for two weeks.
Maria could lose
this opportunity.
No, Maria.
Tell her to be quiet, please.
I'm not prepared to
send her out into society
after such a recent
act of violence.
So we will revisit this
in two weeks, on the 29th,
and then I will decide...
Your honor?
This is the point where
you say, "Yes, your honor."
Yes, your honor.
Maria, Maria.
Maria, look at me.
Just wait two weeks.
Sonya, tell her, explain to
her that everything's okay.
Bruce! Bruce!
Get her out.
Tell her to calm down.
Young lady!
Young lady!
You will not come in to
disturb my courtroom.
Okay, calm down.
Calm down.
Thank you, your honor.
I don't wanna be arrogant.
You have my permission.
Sound as arrogant
as you like, Beth.
I'm strong-willed.
If I commit to something,
I'm not gonna quit, I'm gonna
see it through to the end.
What else?
I'm a people person.
What does that mean to you?
I was hoping you
weren't gonna ask me that.
I mean that I think I
have a pretty good sense
of what people want
and I think I can
give it to them
without them feeling
weak for needing it.
Very clever.
That's one of the secret
keys of the service industry.
And the third?
I'm good on my feet.
I could only think of
that strong-willed thing
and then I pulled that people
person thing out of my ass.
So, I mean...
Excuse me, out of the air.
Yeah, sorry, I
don't usually curse.
I don't usually curse.
Oh no, don't worry about it.
well, look, I'm not
gonna lie to you.
I need somebody for
this position yesterday.
My last waitress just
walked out on me.
Went to live with her
boyfriend in San Francisco.
Now you can excuse my curse.
What's with the the ten year gap
in employment history, though?
Did you have a child?
I did, actually,
but that's not why.
I went to prison.
But I was released on
good behavior a year ago.
That's fine, you don't
have to get into the details.
You want to ask me
anything about it?
I really want this job
and I feel like
I've fully benefited
from the rehabilitation
that I received
while I was serving my time
and I wanna be totally upfront
with any potential employers.
May I ask what the charge was?
Do you want me to
tell you what happened?
We'll call you in a few days.
We'll let you know.
I thought you needed
someone yesterday.
That bitch in San Francisco.
Yeah, no.
I am available immediately
if you do need someone.
I know.
We do.
I just...
My supervisor needs
to look things over
and he may have some other
people that he wants me to see.
You know how it is.
thank you for your time, Beth,
and good luck.
Please, please.
I just...
I really need this job.
I'm trying to get my son back
and I need this job so I
can pay a decent lawyer
and have a chance against them
and I just need someone
to take a chance on me
because every time anybody
hears about my record,
then they just...
I just need...
I just need one person
to stand up and take a chance
and I will...
I'll do anything.
You all right?
Yeah, no.
That was...
Sorry, I have to...
- It's okay.
- I gotta get back.
We probably shouldn't
tell anybody.
It's okay. We're good.
I just don't wanna...
I'm not telling anyone.
Okay, cool.
Will you call with the schedule?
Just give me a day or two.
All right, cool.
Thank you.
There's a side door in the hall.
I'll find it.
I'll find it.
Just, I don't want...
I'll see you.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Were you from?
I'm from Fort Green.
How long you been working here?
A few months.
Kim's my normal girl.
I know.
She told me to be nice to you.
Yeah, she's a sweetie.
She's got real future
ex-wife potential,
if it hadn't been for the
whole language barrier thing.
Oh, surprise, surprise.
Fucking dick just
gave me three dollars
for a 75 dollar treatment
massage and pedicure.
Three dollars.
Fucking dick.
At least you get your
share at the end of the day.
Oh, Mina, I don't
wanna hear it, okay?
Look at you.
Maybe if you worked a little
harder you'd get your share.
What is up with you?
Go fuck yourself, Beth.
What the fuck did
you just say to me?
You deaf?
Why don't you say it again?
Why don't you come over
here and say that to me again?
You shouldn't have said that.
You provoke her.
Okay, come on.
I'm sorry, Kim,
that wasn't fair.
If I were you, I'd say "that's
fine" pretty quickly, Kim.
"That's fine,
pretty quickly, Kim."
Did I scare you?
You looked scared.
So what're you gonna do?
I don't know.
All I can think about
is going to their fucking
hous and taking him
after I beat the shit
out of my brother-in-law.
And then what?
Listen, I didn't say
it was a good idea.
I'm not gonna do it.
I'm just saying I
can't think about it
without feeling like I'm
gonna fucking kill someone.
Maybe you gotta think of this
like a test or something.
Of your spirit.
Oh my god.
Mina, my spirit has
had too many tests.
I don't think I
can take any more.
It can.
No, I think it can.
But you have to decide the
next part of the story.
We decide in life the
results we deserve.
What is that, some
Chinese proverb?
Dr. Phil.
You're a mess, you know that?
Are these all gels?
I don't know.
I think gels ruin your nails.
What about red?
Judge Alonzo does not like that.
He likes modest girls.
Oh does he think
someone's intellect
hinges on their nail color?
Yes, he does.
Who's getting the manicure?
Uh, me.
Great, I'm your girl.
Come this way.
You don't really take
care of these, do you?
You sound like my mom.
Somebody has to say something.
You're a pretty young woman.
You've got the nails
of a ten year old boy.
She's always getting on
me about stuff like that.
By the way,
you're much, much
younger than my mom.
I didn't mean.
Are you coming on to me?
I mean, I'm flattered.
I think, actually,
since I'm technically
employed by you right now,
it's not really appropriate.
No, I wasn't coming on to you.
You're messing with me.
I am.
Okay, great.
Oh, girl, no.
You're not bitting
these, are you?
Are you bitting your nails?
Okay, I'm about to
change your life.
This last thing I'm
gonna put on today,
it's a solution that prevents
people from bitting their nails
but if you put your fingers
anywhere close to your mouth,
it's gonna stink.
I know, my mom used
to put that on me
when I was a little girl.
See that?
I'm liking this mom of
yours more and more.
Think of me fondly every
time you look at your hands.
Do you have any kids?
I just mean,
you seem like you know
what you're talking about.
You know what, this is
kinda tricky, actually,
so I should probably
concentrate on this for now.
Mom, I'm so, so, so sorry.
I really am.
We waited an hour
but then I thought it was
best we start eating because.
Daniel's parents wanted
to go to Time Square
before their flight
took off this afternoon.
Do we have to do this?
I'm sorry.
Daniel left just
like a half an hour ago
but Monica's in the bathroom.
Is she mad?
You can ask her
but I don't think she is
because we're used to it.
Get off the fucking cross,
mom, we need the wood.
I mean...
Don't swear at me right now.
Are you kidding me?
Also, who has a brunch
in the middle of the day
in the middle of the week, okay?
I have a job.
Oh you work? That's lovely.
I work too.
You sister worked,
your sister worked really
hard on this brunch.
We show up.
We show up for our family!
And just wipe off that look.
Now is not the time
to be indignant.
Now is the time for me
to be apologetic, right?
You know, that's
why you love this.
You guys get to be perfect
and I'm the fuck up,
so I'm sorry.
I do not love this.
Okay, it's just.
I don't...
Well, I was just to
totally embarrassed.
Give me a break!
I mean, did anyone
try calling me?
It's really not
our responsibility
but we did try to call you.
I am sorry.
I know.
Okay, I guess my
phone was on silent.
I've been in court all
day fighting for this girl
who just got sent
back to juvenile hall.
I don't care.
I really don't care.
I know it sounds terrible
but I don't care
about this person.
I care about my
family, is that okay?
So do I.
Is that so stupid?
- I don't think so.
- I care too.
I do.
You care?
I am going to work, okay?
I have to learn 28 pages.
Maybe you can meet Daniel's
parents at the wedding.
Unless, of course,
there's one of the downtrodden
you have to save that day.
She's being a little dramatic.
Yeah, you know the
story, I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I'm gonna go look after
mom, make sure she's okay.
I'll see you later.
I like that color.
I'm sorry, we're closed.
I was just.
Hi, excuse me.
I just wanted to talk
to you for a second.
Did you leave something here?
Um, no.
What can I do for you?
I just wanted to
apologize to you.
For what?
When I came in and saw you,
I pretended like I
didn't know who you were
but I actually I recognized you.
I know who you are.
Who am I?
I saw you the other day
outside the Watch Dogs
with your lawyer, Carl.
He's my boss.
I work there.
That was a bad day.
Yeah, he told me.
I mean, nothing specific.
Yeah, well he's not
supposed to tell you.
Isn't that...
All he said was that
things hadn't gone your way,
which, to be honest,
a blind person in the
street could've guessed.
Do you need something?
do you wanna get a drink?
I don't really drink
with people I don't know.
Okay, well I wasn't
trying to be weird.
I just got in a huge
fight with my mom
and I need a drink.
I know, can you
give me a second?
I'll come have a drink with you.
Pretty much all I do is
drink with strangers.
you'll do.
It's gonna be like
10, 15 minutes.
Are you sure you're okay
sitting here, by the way,
near the bathroom?
I'm fine.
Sorry, what were you saying?
Go on.
I was saying that your
boss, Carl, fucked up
and now I'm screwed.
What's your situation?
The Watch Dog's, it's
like a schoolyard.
You know, everybody
helps everybody out.
We share case info.
Etcetera, etcetera.
All under legal
privilege, of course.
I know it's about a
kid but that's it.
See, I told you it works.
I know, I do it
like twice an hour.
Eventually it's gonna
break you of the habit.
You'll be thanking me.
My mom makes me so angry.
She just really knows how to
push my buttons, you know?
Of course she
does, she made them.
It's my son.
My sister and her
husband took care of him
while I was in prison.
I went to prison but I
assume you know that.
And then I made Gabby
Alec's legal guardian
because he was just a tiny baby
and now they won't
share custody.
I mean it's understandable.
What's understandable?
Just, you know.
Fuck you, that's
not understandable!
They won't let me see my son.
Well, no.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
Forget I said that.
I was trying to
think like a lawyer.
I don't wanna make
a big deal about it,
but don't ever touch
me again, okay?
It's a touchy subject.
So sorry, so sorry.
It's okay.
Need anything else?
I'll have another one.
Do you want another one?
I apologize.
I need to just use the
bathroom real quick.
Well look who we have here.
Tell me you're not
torturing yourself
for not letting me
give you my number.
Okay, I'm not torturing myself.
God, you're killing me.
What're you, stalking me?
Yeah, I'm stalking you
at my neighborhood bar,
where we met least night.
I did leave a really big
impression on you, didn't I?
Let me see that for a second.
One tiny, quick little second.
You'll have it back before you
even know it left your hands.
There you go.
Now you have my number.
Okay, now you have mine.
I'm on to you, pal.
you got me.
You might hear from me.
Then again, you might not.
You probably will.
Was that a friend?
Maybe, not really.
He's cute.
So what happened?
What happened what?
With your mom.
It's kind of a touchy subject.
She doesn't want any
visitors today, ma'am.
Are you sure you
spoke to Maria Mendez?
I talk to the girl every day.
Right, of course, I'm sorry.
Okay, can you ask her again?
No, ma'am, she was very clear.
Do you think you could maybe
give her a message?
Tell her that I got the
program to hold her spot
and that she will be
transferred in two days.
Have her sit tight until then.
Tell her it will be okay.
Thank you.
That's weird, yeah?
Is it weird?
I mean, day drinking?
I'm in if you're in.
Fuck yeah, let's do it.
All right.
I mean, look,
it's one of the perks of
being the boss, right?
What's up?
So weird, I was just hang out
and you guys should walk by.
It's crazy, right?
- Hi.
- Hi.
I didn't get a new phone.
I did not get a new phone,
in case that's why
you didn't call.
You thought I had a new phone.
I didn't, same phone.
Thought you were gonna call me.
Um, I can...
No, no, no, sorry.
Is that the new waitress.
Are you the new waitress?
Beth, here,
was just walking past, let' go.
I'm not walking past.
I'd like to talk
to you, actually.
Do you mind?
I do.
Why don't you just...
What? Suck a dick again?
You want me to suck
your dick again?
Do you have to suck his dick?
Did you maker her
suck your dick?
Is that how you got the job?
You know what, I'll
meet you back inside.
I forgot a draft of the menu
anyway that I wanna get,
so can you ask Jamie
to print one out
and I'll be right in.
I'll be right in.
Just stay warm.
Be right there.
Where does this go?
In your mind, when you were
planning this whole thing out,
where is the best
place that is goes?
I don't like what you're
saying to me right now, Beth.
I don't like it.
It's scary.
You're scaring me, Beth.
What are you talking about?
You come up and you threaten me
and the girl I gave the
job you wanted to, that's...
No I didn't.
I'd say you did.
You may have even told me
that you were gonna kill me.
You may have said that you
were gonna hurt my daughter.
I have a daughter, by the way.
You may have even told me that
you have been watching her
go to and from school.
All because I didn't
give you this little job.
I don't wanna see
you again, Beth.
Do you understand me?
I do.
Okay, I was thinking about it
and no, absolutely not.
- Yes.
- No, no, no.
Yes it was.
Yes it was.
It was.
It most certainly was.
It doesn't make any sense.
Remember, Bobby went in drag.
Oh my god, he
was Marilyn Monroe.
So awesome but it
was jus the makeup.
Just the face.
The rest, he was still
in his school uniform.
His makeup was amazing.
He was so much better at it.
Got married?
I can't believe
the idea of that man
confining himself to one dick
is mind-blowing.
Okay, hang on. Hang on.
The debate doesn't
make any sense.
None of it makes any sense.
We were 15.
So you're dressed
as a beat poet,
you're a...
Love child.
Love child.
And Bobby is Marilyn Monroe?
That's right.
What's the topic?
Something about the 70s.
The 70s were a bad influence.
Yes, that's it.
Why weren't you there?
I had been suspended, remember?
Oh my god.
For having sex with James
on the basketball court.
That was then?
I mean, please.
The infamy, the fame.
No autographs, please.
Okay, I will let this die...
Oh, god.
After the question.
Where you for the topic
or against the topic?
I don't think we
had any fucking idea,
to be honest with you.
I just remember you kept talking
about the Seven Deadly Sins.
Yes, oh again, no relevance
at all, what-so-ever.
And you kept repeating "lust."
"Lust, Fiona, you can feel
it deep in your breast."
I think that's probably
why we were disqualified.
Yeah, you think? Maybe?
Totally worth it.
That's because you
didn't have to go
in front of the entire school
and apologize the next day.
Totally worth it.
You were always
trouble, you were trouble.
You were.
My mom used to always say
you're gonna wind up in jail.
Shit, I'm sorry, Beth.
It's all right.
Oh Sally, don't worry.
I don't forget I went to jail.
It's fine.
Actually, they call it prison.
It's fine, who
wants another drink?
I want to but I...
Oh, come on. Don't
let that be the...
It's not, it's fine.
It's fine.
I thought that a
half an hour ago.
Yeah, I kinda have to kick
you guys out in a little bit.
Don't let this be weird.
I really don't want it.
I know, I'm sorry.
It's not weird at all.
It's not weird at all.
I have to go to a birthday party
with my stupid kid tomorrow
because it's so freaking early.
Yeah, it's Henry's
only night off.
He's gonna be home
in a little bit.
Oh and they haven't
fucked in two months.
Sad but true.
True facts.
I'd like to meet him.
Yes, we gotta arrange that.
This month is a little tricky,
but I think next
month I'm wide open.
So hopes Henry.
It was so, sorry, you have
to have give that to me.
It was right out there.
It was right out there.
It was hanging there
waiting for me to pluck it.
Okay, so you call me
and we'll go to that new
Japanese place on Houseton,
I was telling you about.
That place isn't new,
it's like three years old.
Well it's new for.
One of us disappeared
for ten years.
It's weird.
It's okay.
It's a little weird.
It's a little.
It's a little weird.
Okay, here's a dumb question.
I'm gonna ask it.
Uh oh.
Did you, are you able to
color your hair in prison?
I wanna know.
That would be so important.
That's one of my big fears.
Hold on.
I'm not able to...
Let's go on the
record as saying,
we agree it's a dumb
question, right?
We agree it's a dumb question
but we also agree
I need the answer.
Yes you can.
You can?
Want some nuts?
I'm good, thanks.
More wine?
No, thank you.
Are you on for a repeat
performance from last week?
Get me drunk, I mean.
Because you don't
have to get me drunk.
I'm pretty sure you're gonna
get lucky tonight, okay?
Is that right?
I'm gonna have,
do you want more wine?
You drink the wine.
Fuck this, you know
what I do want is...
Hey, excuse me?
Can I get a scotch,
double, please?
Sounds good.
I didn't even know
I had this jacket.
It's nice.
You trying to impress me?
Well, you already did that.
So I should stop trying?
You don't have to.
I was glad you called.
I was glad you answered.
I haven't done that in...
forever, called a girl.
I was actually nervous
coming over here.
You were pretty confident
putting your number in my phone.
Thought that was a bold move.
Well, my life is
generally one badly thought
out move after another.
So take that for
what it's worth.
You were nervous.
That's nice.
Tell me.
My ex-wife.
I'm sorry, this is a
stupid topic to bring up.
Tell me.
I don't know how
this is gonna come out
but I'm just gonna say it.
The shit I saw over there,
in Afghanistan,
is some of the most horrific
shit that exists in this world.
But I miss it.
Because I knew who
I was over there.
And I knew who my friends were.
And trust meant something
and it was a fucking nightmare.
But I was awake.
But this shit with my
old lady and my kid,
this is...
someone who...
I trusted completely.
She destroyed me,
she took away everything I had.
Took a different
kind of nightmare.
Because I know that
there's a monster out there
and I can't see it
and I can't fight it.
How do you not
think of your daughter
every second of the day?
I do.
Will you take me home with you?
Can I get the
check, man, please?
It's okay, I don't
care about the drinks.
I'll pay for them.
Well that's mine.
This one's yours?
This is yours
and that's Sonya's.
I'm making a mess here.
As usually.
I do! I do!
We've been drinking a lot.
All right.
To Monica.
To me.
To you!
To the bride.
To the blushing bride.
Beautiful bride.
We forgive you.
Thank you all for coming.
And thank you for
planning all this.
He's the best, right?
He's the greatest.
I'm not so in
love with the in-laws,
but I guess that's
tradition, right?
Are they weird?
Yeah, they're a little weird.
Are you drunk? What's happening?
Let's open presents.
All right.
Okay. This one is from...
Me! Me! Me! That's mine!
I was getting to that.
This one is from Felicity.
Oh, okay, really? Thank you.
There's a card in here.
Wait, don't read the card.
Don't read it out loud.
Read it! Read it!
No, cards should
be read the next day.
It's true.
This is beautiful.
It's like the one you had.
You left the sticker on though.
It's like the one you had.
But I got it red.
Shut up.
Thank you.
We're sticking
with this tradition.
What is it? What
is it? What is it?
Show us.
Come on.
We knew someone had to
get you something sexy.
Put it on.
Sonya, no phones.
No phones.
I'm sorry, it's the Watch Dogs.
No phone zone.
It's Carl, he says
your phone is off.
Did you hear that?
My phone is off.
My phone is not
even in this room.
Jess, take it.
Tell him I'll call him back.
Where were we?
We're passing out gifts, mother.
He needs to talk to you.
Okay, I'll be really quick.
I promise.
I'll be quick.
No, I'm at my sister's
bridal shower.
Yeah, we're supposed to...
We're supposed to go
back to court tomorrow.
Yeah, I know who you
are talking about.
What about her?
I, I, I...
Yeah, I'm here.
I just, I gotta call
you right back, okay?
No, no, no, I'm fine.
I like that sound!
Play your best song.
We're doing great.
I think we'll have
even amounts, right?
On both sides.
Tickle those.
It's got all these messages.
Shooting star.
You have ten seconds.
Ten seconds for what?
Wanna tell me what
you're doing here?
I'm helping with the concert.
I'm helping volunteer
with the parents.
I made sure he
got raised properly
because you couldn't
do it yourself.
That help you sleep at night?
It's called delusional reframing,
in case you're interested.
Thank you.
What do you call it when
a person re-imagines
all the disgusting
things that they did
as somebody else's fault?
What about that?
What did you think was
gonna happen when I got out?
You were just gonna lie to him?
Till he was old
enough to be safe.
What do you mean, safe?
Safe from what?
Safe from me?
I'm sorry, I don't wanna fight.
Yeah you do.
You wouldn't come like this.
I know you're in a
hard position with Sam.
I know he hates me
and he doesn't want
Alec anywhere near me.
But could you just
ask him if he could...
Can you just tell him
that I'll be nice?
Can you just tell him...
Can you just tell him
that I'll do anything?
I'll force him to like me.
It's not Sam.
He actually convinced
me, originally,
to share custody with you
and I changed my mind.
Because I want to protect Alec.
If you just show
up like this again,
at his school, at the house,
anywhere that he's gonna be,
next time I'm gonna
call the police.
Thanks for calling me first.
You got it.
You know we don't pay
overtime here, right?
You've come to
drink with me, great.
If not, fuck off.
Hey, for the record,
that's concise.
Oh, damn.
So the landlord, he put alarms
on the front door last week
and they tend to go off when
the door gets open after hours.
Yeah, the security guard
arriving with his gun drawn
was kind of a
giveaway, thank you.
The answer's yes.
Oh, well,
I didn't hear from you so I
kinda spoke to Terry about it.
Well kinda unspeak to Terry.
The job's mine.
I thought maybe after today...
You thought after today, what?
I'm not going out on that.
You think that's the
kind of person I am?
No, I don't.
I'm never gonna let that happen
to one of my clients again.
Yeah, you will.
No, I won't.
I won't allow that to happen
to anybody ever again.
Yes, yes you will.
It's gonna happen, Jess.
It's gonna happen over
and over and over again
and that's just the
way it's gonna be.
You're not gonna let
that happen, huh?
Oh really?
Who the hell do
you think you are?
I mean, if you can
stop it from happening
then I can definitely
stop it from happening.
Don't you think I
would if I could?
All you can do is fucking
give it your best.
Shit like today is definitely
gonna happen again and worse.
And that girl dying, it
doesn't really mean anything.
I mean...
It's a very sad situation
but it's not like you're gonna
learn some romantic lesson
from all of this and use it
to save all the other girls.
No, Jess, no.
It's just one endless slog.
Why tell me that?
Because you need to hear that.
Bad shit happens to people
who don't deserve it
every fucking second of the day.
That's why we do
what we do here.
That's why what we
do means something.
It means something.
Forgive me for saying this,
maybe it's a little heroic.
I'm gpnna deny every
using that word
if you ever hit me
up with this again.
Know what you're saying yes to.
The answer's still yes.
Don't stay out too late here.
I need you bright-eyed
and bushy-tailed
when you come to
work in the morning.
Hey, the seniors here,
we're the ones who
set the example.
Hey, Carl?
There's a condition.
Oh my god.
Did you get the
restraining order?
The restraining order.
I don't wanna talk about it.
I told you I don't
wanna talk about it.
I don't like talking about
it in front of my job.
Well, you're probably
gonna have to get
used to talking about it
since I'm the one who's
representing you now
in the custody dispute.
Have you been drinking?
How much?
All of it.
So just to be clear,
you didn't concent,
even verbally,
to your son being told
that your sister's
his biological mother?
All I know is that she
stopped bringing Alec to visit
and then, when my mother died,
she stopped coming altogether
and whenever I talked to
social services about it,
they said that you can't
force someone to visit
and especially once they're
the child's legal guardian.
It's hopeless.
It's not hopeless until
I say it's hopeless, okay?
You need to understand
one thing, Beth.
I am the one who's running this,
not you.
Do you understand?
Okay, good!
what have you got on her?
On who?
You mean, besides
she stole my kid?
And that she's a bitch?
Was she violent?
Did she use drugs while
you were growing up?
Did she cheat on
her first husband?
Has she ever committed a crime?
I need something I can use
that is going to scare
the living shit out of her
so she gives us what we want.
Why do you wanna help me?
This girl I was representing
killed herself today in custody.
She was 17.
I had just gotten
her into this program
that was gonna help her
graduate high school.
We were gonna appear
in court tomorrow
to schedule her release.
I failed her.
It was my fault
and she fell through the cracks.
A judge refused her
a release last week
because Maria didn't
fit the picture
of what a good person is
supposed to look like.
Neither do you.
Do you want my help or not?
Yes, please.
What do you have on her?
When she graduated college,
Gabby worked as a teacher
and there was a field trip
fund that the class had
to go to the zoo.
There was a new
litter of lion cubs.
Don't need to hear
about the lion cubs.
And the class was raising
money so that they could go
and Gabby got caught
stealing the money.
200 dollars.
She had a gambling problem.
What happened?
She got fired and that
was the end of the story.
Does Carl know about this?
No, it was eight years ago.
Okay, well I'm going to make it
seem like it was yesterday.
Your sister...
got fired from being a teacher
because she was stealing
money from children.
We're gonna go for full custody.
I mean your sister lied
to your son about you
and she has a history
of child abuse.
Child abuse?
Taking money from kids
that are in your care,
that's child abuse.
Is that child abuse?
It will be when I'm done
telling the court that it is.
She doesn't gamble
anymore, she went to therapy.
I don't care.
And neither should you.
You're protecting her.
Do you think she's
protecting you?
Do you know the things that
are gonna be said about you
in a courtroom in
front of a judge?
Things that your sister
is going to allow her
lawyer to say about you.
we need this.
If this doesn't go your way,
you may never see Alec again.
When you're gonna punch
someone bigger than you,
you get one chance.
You have to make it a good one.
Do you need to throw up again?
I probably should.
Good, huh?
He's good.
Sounds nice.
Alec, that's my son,
he likes jazz.
He started listening to it
when he was basically a baby.
My mom told me.
So I've been listen to it.
Where is he?
Some of the notes sound wrong.
I don't get it.
You're gonna laugh at
me, that's all right.
It's okay.
I'm not laughing at you.
Sounded like you were laughing.
I'm laughing
because you're right.
It's called dissonance.
So that when it resolves,
there's a sense of completion.
No, I was gonna say you
didn't let me finish my thought.
Excuse me, I apologize.
It's okay.
I was just gonna
say what you said.
That I know it's
supposed to sound wrong
so that it will
eventually sound right.
Yeah, right.
I guess.
I mean, I didn't like
it at first either.
I really think, with
the exception of my kid,
I think that a lot of the
really important things
in my life, the things
that I really enjoy,
I didn't like them at first.
They kinda had to grow on me.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, you know.
Maybe they're rude or abrasive
in my first experience of them
but then they get a
lot sweeter and nicer
and I figure out
how to handle them.
You're a douchebag,
you know that?
Oh, there she is.
Welcome back, thank
you for joining us.
You seem really good.
I am.
It's nice.
It's always helping
me, which feels good.
Helping you with what?
With my son.
Excuse me.
I'm really sorry to interrupt.
Are you from Fort
Green by any chance?
Did you grow up on Willowbee
Street in Fort Green?
Yeah, I lived on Willowbee.
It's Elizabeth, right?
Beth, no one calls
me that anymore.
Do I know you?
Yeah, come on, it's George.
You know, I grew
up on the corner.
Oh yeah, maybe.
Yeah, maybe.
I was sitting over
there and I was like,
"I know that girl
from going up."
I thought, "No way,
that can't be true."
You know?
It's a small world, there,
aye George from the corner.
What's going on, man?
Can I help you with something?
You can get her to give my
best friend his sister back.
You filthy fucking cunt!
What the fuck did you say?!
What the fuck did you say?
You wanna fucking talk
to a woman like that?
Why don't you show some
fucking respect, huh?
You might know her but you
really don't fucking know me.
I will take your
fucking head off
and not even think about it.
Stop it!
You fucking hear me?
Come on!
You fucking hear me?!
Fucking piece of shit!
I will kill you.
Michael said that all I
had to do was drive the car.
That's it.
That he would go
in, rob the store,
we'd go home.
Easy as pie.
I heard the gunshot
and when he came out, his
face looked different.
Like he was a completely
different person
and I knew that something had...
And he just told me to...
He screamed, "Go!"
And I just slammed on the gas
without even
looking at the road.
I almost didn't
even feel the thud.
Until the whole car
bounced in the air
when we ran over whatever
it was that I had hit.
And I slammed on the breaks
and I looked out
the back mirror,
back window.
There was just a little shape.
I couldn't even
really see anything.
And he screamed, "Drive!"
And so I just took off.
And we passed a squad
car a few blocks away
and they chased us
because I was speeding
and then I hit a traffic light
and Michael went through the...
Thorough the windshield.
Most of him did, anyway.
It was pretty graphic.
Natalie was on her way to get
chili powder for her mother,
who was making dinner,
and she had her headphones in,
so she hadn't heard the
shot, didn't hear my car.
My lawyer said that
since Michael was gone
that the judge was probably
gonna want someone to blame
and that I should
expect a harsh sentence.
I think it was especially
hard for my sister
because she had finally
gotten over her own problems
and suddenly she known as
the sister of a child killer.
I served...
ten years out of 15.
I got out a year ago.
I understand that you
probably hate me now, so...
Let me drive you.
Thank you.
My clients agreed to this
meeting only due to the fact
that there was an
obvious surprise
the last time she was here...
Yes, well thank you.
Having said that,
we are expecting
something definitive.
I'm glad you brought
that up, Rebecca,
because we do have
something definitive
to put on the table today.
Go ahead.
What I'm about to say,
my client has agreed,
to keep in the confines
of these four walls,
but in order to keep it
out of the courtroom,
we are going to
need your complete
and totally agreement
to our new terms.
New terms, right.
Okay, get to the point or
I'm walking them out of here.
I wouldn't do
that if I were you.
Some new and disturbing
information has come to light
about one of your clients.
It seems that when Mrs.
Bradly was a teacher,
she decided it would
be okay to dip...
You can have full custody.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna contest.
I will visit him if and
when you want me to.
Alec is a little boy.
Growing up is confusing enough
without putting
him through this.
I don't want him to be...
I don't want him to be my age,
dealing with the
consequences of this shit.
You raised him.
You're his parents.
You did a good job, Gab.
Beth, do not do
this to yourself.
So I put myself in your hands.
Stop, you can't do this...
Listen, stop.
I can't tell you
how much it means
that you wanted to
stand up for me.
But this is it.
You know where to find me
if you want us to meet up.