Who You Think I Am (2019) Movie Script

Shr. Nillud?
This can be done later next time? I
'm not in form in the morning because of the Valium.
We will discuss this later.
Dr. Zimman understand it.
We always did it after lunch.
I get it.
What misfortune Dr. Zimman
have suffered a stroke soon now.
We have to start all over again?
It's like I'm repeating myself.
No, we will not repeat. We will discuss
things from a different point of view.
This change can be very helpful.
You seem to want to ask questions
about my position. Or not?
About my work.
Her name is Catherine Bormans,
you're a doctor,
It specializes in psychiatry
and is a psychotherapist.
You have 20 years of experience in different
and may in the short term to
replace Dr. Zimman this clinic.
I could find it on Google.
I imagined you differently.
Do you know the most important things.
Where should I start?
Wherever you start?
It is better to talk about Ludo.
- A new project?
- Yes.
A bar across the sea.
Beautiful pictures.
- It was Alex who did.
- Alex?
- He lives with me. A photographer.
- You did not want people there, is not it?
It's different, I knew him.
We play together.
Just be abandoned.
- It's beautiful, you have a beautiful appearance.
- You think?
- I have to go, I called a Uber.
- You have to leave now?
- The owner of the bar wants to see me tomorrow.
- We would spend the weekend together.
You are in a bad mood now?
You're not too old for this?
Do not play boring.
I do not understand why you do it.
- Is that ...
- Why do you call me
if you have no desire
to be with me?
I love to
enjoy my time with you.
You sometimes see me as your children?
I could be their brother.
- If you prefer not to see me again ...
- I do not mean it.
You tell me.
You can leave me out front, please?
We talk, huh?
What happened to Laclos
after the scandal of risk relationships?
This writer is primarily
a man of action.
A soldier, an engineer ,
and a man of conviction.
The French Revolution is the time for him to
write the story.
Even being a disciple of the Duke of Orleans,
he is suddenly caught in ...
He was arrested in ...
He was arrested in ...
In 1793?
In 1793. Thank you.
He goes first to the arrest of the Armed Forces
and then to the cemetery of Picpus.
Who do you think who will be a year later
locked between the same walls?
Hello, I'm talking to?
Ludo's friend.
Who are you?
You can ... you can put it on the line for a minute?
- No, he's opening oysters.
- I'm Claire.
Claire, Claire, quem?
- Do you know a Claire?
- No, I do not know Claire.
- Excuse me.
- I think you're wrong.
You can put it on the line for a minute?
I'm Alex, Ludo assistant.
He will call you as soon as possible.
Okay, okay, but I can talk to Ludo?
He is not here.
- I just heard it.
- He just left home.
Listen, no fun.
Ludo has not accepted your invitation.
You are on social media, Dr. Bormans?
For people like me, they are both,
a shipwreck and a ferry.
You float in the digital world.
Sometimes you're the spider, sometimes it can
Clara ...
Clara Antunes.
Date of birth.
24, 25 ...
I did not have Alex in mind.
I did not know, he did not tell me anything.
I approached him on Facebook
to approach me Ludo.
sent friend request
I did not have to wait long.
Glad you like my photos.
They are magnificent.
Wow!! Thanks.
You have a lot of talent.
Have a good night.
Hang on!
Which do you prefer?
All. I can not choose.
what kind of job do you do?
I'm in the fashion industry.
Do not get carried away.
I organize fashion events.
As a trainee.
They pay a lot of money.
I do not know that expression.
My boss is a big miser.
petty man.
My boss is a loser ...
but looks good on my resume.
I have time, I'm still young.
How was it?
We left.
You did something special?
We play.
- Well, it was not pleasant?
- Yes.
She was there?
It does not bother me anymore.
- Sure.
- Really.
Why are you asking?
It's like Siamese twins.
They are so stupid.
Who won?
The first time she and Dad after that.
I believe.
Not you?
- He was the last, the loser.
- Shut up.
We can speak French here
is good.
Max, not on the table.
"Child, do not envy for our age,
in which the heart is rebellious slave
In the saddest laughter
are tears
Do not rush your thoughts
Enjoy the morning, spring
His days are as tangled flowers
Not colhas prematurely leaves "
Not really inspiring.
Sorry, it's for the elderly.
Well, you get the theme,
it's something.
And what should I do now?
I do not have to pass a final exam this year.
Always meeting ...
What figures of speech he uses?
What is the standard of rhyme?
You do not know?
I want to help
but think for yourself too.
Ok, ok, too.
Do not be angry.
It is a cross rhyme, ABAB.
There are three figures of style.
Have you heard of metaphors?
This small green light ...
indicating that the other is also online,
just like you ...
on their screen.
How did you feel when you saw this green light?
A Ventolin capsule (medicine)
and I could breathe better.
I am ...
very ugly ...
and very old.
The excitement ...
It is also funny.
Maybe he's watching what you do,
the photos you said,
the music you hear ...
Very mad
that they know everything about you.
You are not in the Calls?
Social networking, photo and video sharing,
mobile platforms ...
It's not my style
to do what everyone else does.
You can buy tickets over the Internet.
It will be difficult for you. Why
you can not live without me.
- Only with a priority pass, you have no queue.
- It's faster.
Claire, how are you? Something wrong?
No, or indeed.
A rude guy.
Tell me. Who is it?
Nothing, just a boy
who is enthusiastic.
- A student?
- He likes to play with fire. Do not.
- Perhaps.
- You will not play with it like a puma, are you?
I do not play.
This is serious.
We call Cougars women
who do like men?
He is a man, right?
Men with younger women are always there.
You know, they think rightly so.
It is not the same, not really.
It's a different level.
The devil's advocate.
I want to know exactly what you want.
You intrigue me.
Their behavior ...
How I behave?
If we want to find a writer
independent in the 20th century,
It is necessary to analyze the personality of Marguerite Duras.
"Too fast," she wrote,
"it was too late in my life.
It was too late to 18 years.
Between 18 and 25 years
my face went in an unexpected way.
I never asked
if everyone asked this
but I had heard about the progress of time
from the moment that sometimes you get caught
while in his youth,
the most celebrated years. "
Each word was chosen carefully.
A small mistake on my part,
a poor choice of words and
magic can go up in smoke.
You know what I like?
Tell me!
A photo Real OF YOU !!!
I could not refuse him this picture.
Why not?
Then he would suspect something.
I could not go back.
That excited me, I think.
It was then
my spiral began.
A spiral?
I would give a real face
to Clara Antunes.
It's Clara.
You have a limited number?
I want to make sure that you do not
It is a psychopath.
I get it.
- I do not seem Dexter?
- Not.
His voice sounds ...
Strange, it is different
than I had imagined.
Well I ...
Excuse me.
It is not necessary. You ...
You have a beautiful voice.
Honestly, I find my own voice
terribly irritating.
No, it's not.
That's nice of you.
His voice sounds
very young.
How old are you exactly?
You're an adult, right?
24, no?
Almost 25.
- You look younger.
- I often hear it.
I posted a photo.
You do not like?
Yes I loved it.
So you like it, huh?
Yes, you could say that.
Have you seen my comment?
How not like this sublime creature?
Good ...
Can I have your phone number now?
Not just unlocked,
but it will be great.
Who was this picture?
I have no idea.
I chose by accident.
This does not bother you, the way Alex
would imagine you, the fact that he did not see you
but another woman?
No, not really.
He said he liked my voice.
My words, my way of thinking,
this really is me.
If I had told the truth and
posted a real picture on Facebook,
he would not accept me as a friend.
At least he would have no desire to
want to meet a woman like me.
"A woman like me?"
Yes, a woman
with heavy eyelids
and a pale complexion.
It is important for you
people think you're young, beautiful.
I never wanted to give up this pleasure.
I like to think that people will
look at me and will find me beautiful. Not you?
And yet, it is precisely for this man
who sent a photo of another woman.
Yes, I did the opposite.
As if ...
I did not give me a chance to
be in his sight.
Now you can call me whenever you want,
Clara, the changes.
Baudelaire analyzes the Marquise de Merteuil,
a female character always one step ahead
and above Valmont.
But what most interested him,
was not his superiority Valmont,
but his rebellion as a woman,
his rebellion
against a hypocritical society.
Open your books
and go to page 81.
9 missed calls
When I was with him,
I felt fly for life.
Mrs.. Merteuil soon decided to
create a unique self.
I never felt so full of life.
I do not pretend to have 24 years.
I was 24 years old.
Did you know many men?
No Facebook?
No, I mean,
- men who meant something to you.
- A man really mattered to me.
You do not have 25 years.
You have much time.
You still think about him?
Preferably ...
I remember
only the beautiful moments, but
it's difficult.
What did you talk about?
Of theater, art,
Okay, so you've been with an intellectual?
- Yes.
- He was older than you?
A little.
You'll be bored to death
with a man like me.
I pass that impression?
Not really.
It's been a long time
I did not feel so comfortable
with someone.
That reassures me.
- Clear?
- Yes?
I think something is happening.
This is not so
in one day.
Sometimes yes.
This is proof.
- Hello how are you?
- Yes, it was well your new haircut.
- Thanks.
- You look great.
- You too, by the way.
- I'm watching my condition.
- 10:11 in Caluire, 12 in Lausanne 14 in Geneva ...
- Gilles, I shit for their tour of the theater.
- I will explain. I will take them a few weeks later.
- We will not change the schedule.
Solve with his girlfriend.
She's not a fucking to do.
A fuck?
And a French teacher says so.
- She can take care of them now?
- I changed my mind.
So nice to be selfish. It cost me
over 20 years with you to learn this.
Do not ask me why.
You met someone.
- Would you like to know, is not it?
- I just want to know how you are.
I met someone,
if you want to know. He is handsome.
He's suit.
And with it all is
- to relax.
- Congratulations.
I begin to free myself from you.
It is very cool.
How was the party?
- It was terrible.
- Truth? Why?
The average age was 55 years.
- You do not mean it.
- What the hell!
I can not believe.
They were trying to win you.
- You're already at home?
- I'm already in bed.
What are you wearing?
A low-cut sweater,
You're naked under your sweater?
I put my hand on her belly.
Do you feel it?
Yes, I feel it.
Slip slowly
in your chest.
- Yes ...
- You have beautiful breasts.
Round and robust.
- I want to kiss them.
- Kiss them.
I kiss your nipples.
Do you feel that I am sucking her nipples?
You know what I want
while I suck your nipples?
You put your hand inside her panties.
I want too.
- You want it, right?
- Yes.
Say it.
I want
a finger inside my panties,
let it slide.
Then do it.
How do you feel?
- Warm.
- Hot and wet?
Very hot and very humid.
You feel your pussy?
Go ahead, do it.
I am very excited that you are touching.
I want to hear you moan.
You make me go crazy.
I'm coming at you.
So let's go.
Is so ...
Oh dear.
I miss making love.
Not only the ...
But the kisses, caresses ...
touching each other
or actually being touched.
What is love without desire?
Tell me about you.
I tell you everything and you ...
You do not say anything.
I'm just temporary confidant of
a message that was not for me.
- So you're not flexible?
- No, I'm a doctor.
Your doctor.
Not your friend.
You've never been in bed
with a client?
This happens often,
someone wants your therapist,
We can say
that sometimes part of the process.
The process.
The healing process.
Yes, for the patient,
but what about the doctor?
We learn something of ourselves
with each patient.
Sometimes we have a benefit
sometimes theoretical and
personal benefit.
It made you excited?
This scene in the car with Alex
on the phone, huh?
Claire, there are limits that have been established
by medical codes of conduct.
- So we can not see?
- Not next week.
- I have to take care of my niece.
- You promised.
I really have no time.
Excuse me.
We can not continue like this.
I want to see you.
It's complicated. I understand now.
I really do my best, but
unless you do not think about anything else.
What is she doing?
Did she forgotten us?
I'm madly in love with you, Alex.
Same. I feel comfortable with you.
I also want to see you, feel you.
Than all the rest does not exist.
I'm in the car now.
I'll call you back. OK?
It was his father.
Come on.
It is a lack!
That judge ...
Buy a fucking spectacles.
- Mom, sit down.
- He looked me dirty way, but it's true.
You have kids, Doctor?
You must have a brilliant man.
Or not.
It is not frustrating
never be able to give your opinion?
If you know
what goes through my head sometimes
you fall from your chair.
We talked about the kids.
Yes, my children.
My children.
When they were with the father ...
- I found it difficult.
- Why so hard?
So I let myself go.
Until where?
Until the time
I felt more like Clara than Claire.
You imagine me
like any other girl.
Clara ...
But you do not know me.
I know that you are unique.
You should not go too fast.
Even if it is difficult for both of us.
That drives me crazy.
Ok, this one to Mr. Ongeduld.
You have not said
where it comes from this photo
or this video.
Yes, see your notes.
It happened to find them on Google.
By chance, really?
Why would I lie?
This is the face he loves.
The photo of this young.
It is not
nothing or unimportant.
He was a stranger.
You can easily find the photos
and videos of a stranger?
In what world do you live in?
Of course it is easy.
Facebook and show others your life.
It is there to pick up.
Claire, is not an interrogation and if you are not
telling the truth, I can not help it.
Well, what difference does it make?
You will enjoy it.
It was a picture of my niece Katia.
Do you get along with it, is not it?
Your niece?
A beautiful blonde.
Alex preferred blondes. And it all.
- And it all?
- Yes, no more.
Tell me about this niece.
Well, but there is little to say.
Katia is the daughter of my brother.
After his death
with his wife,
she suddenly orphaned.
Only that.
- I do not understand what you mean.
- I took my niece home.
I took care of her like a daughter,
though I knew very little before.
She knows
you used this photo?
No, by the way, we do not see ourselves
After the issue of inheritance was settled,
Katia went to Norway.
So you have her face, her age,
her story.
What are you looking for?
Another life?
No other life,
my own.
I did not go out yesterday.
It was raining.
Also here.
I thought ...
Maybe she has time to call me.
I have to go to bed.
You want me to stay?
I am falling from fatigue.
Sometimes you talk like a mother.
You still like me if
I stay old?
How old?
50? It's still possible.
We still have all our lives.
- You waited for me?
- Clear.
- Very kind. What did you do in the meantime?
- I prepared my trip.
What trip?
I'm going to Goa at the end of the month.
No, with my roommate.
You know, Ludo. I told you about it.
- How much time?
- Two months.
Are you afraid of not being able to live without me?
How long have you known?
Long time.
And you just say that now.
You came unexpectedly beautiful.
What do you know? Come with me.
- I can not.
- Yeah, just get out of your internship.
We live only once.
What will change for us
while I'm in Goa?
I think scary to think
that you are far, so far.
Not that we meet
can improve, right?
I miss you.
Do you want to see me?
Makes sense. Is that you?
Yes but
I'm so afraid ...
- I'm afraid to disappoint you.
- No, of course.
I know for sure.
I'm also afraid to disappoint her.
What are you doing here?
Come on out?
I need fresh air.
OK, let's go.
I can not forget.
What you can not forget?
He is the center
of my universe.
During your trip to Goa, we talk
every day. Often up.
If only it could stay like this ...
When he returned,
he began to push more and more
and it became more difficult to
keep the boat out.
A surprise?
I landed this morning.
Alex will be with Clara in three minutes.
I was there,
in the same town as you.
I could not today.
Wait, is depressing.
You're a psychopath.
You do not care about me.
- Are you crazy.
- Not me ...
- What are you doing here?
- It's Sunday.
Of course, I was already waiting for you.
I was already a little worried.
Leave quiet.
- What is it?
- I'll set the table.
Who was? What do you do...
Some friends arrived unexpectedly.
- You speak softly. Do you have a party?
- I have to turn off. I'll call you.
No, you do not mean it. Are you
kidding me? Clara, I'm sick of it.
I always adapted myself to you. We can not
even call us now? What is your problem?
- The refrigerator is empty.
- I'll make pancakes.
It has no eggs.
Is that...
I have something to tell you.
Is that...
I have a relationship.
We live together.
How long?
A few months before you.
I do not know so well.
Damn it. And you tell me ...
- You could not have said this before?
- I tried.
He knows me?
Do not.
Gilles is very jealous and paranoid. Things are not going very well between us. So ...
Well I ...
Now I understand why you do not want to see me.
- You kept me online for weeks.
- I'm sorry, Alex.
it hurts.
Excuse me.
I have to turn off.
I have to deal with it.
Excuse me.
Hello, Clara.
I do not know how you are,
but I'm completely lost
for being so captivated by you.
I can not do anything.
I am getting crazy.
I will be in Paris on Thursday next fair. My train arrives at Montparnasse at 15:02.
Do not call me or send me messages.
If you really care for me,
be there.
You do not imagine
how much I'd like to meet you.
It became unbearable. I needed to
cut the knot, there was nothing.
It broke my heart.
But when I saw him on the bus,
so young and vulnerable,
I knew the moment had come.
It hurt me a lot.
Alex, something unexpected happened
Gilles asked me to marry.
I said yes.
Let us leave to live in Brazil.
He accepted a job there.
I know I'm making the right choice.
You and I live in a dream
with our eyes open.
It was wonderful
but it was just a dream.
Do not be mad with me.
I always keep a place
for you in my heart.
I resumed my old life
as you close a novel.
When I wanted to get in touch again,
it was too late.
The page I was gone.
When disappearing, Alex became more radical
than me and somehow
stronger too.
I was busy. And it all.
What wit, huh?
I did not hesitate long. It was the only way
to get information about Alex.
- You are magnificent.
- Thank you very much.
I did not stop this year
between my publication and the course.
Is that you?
Continues its construction projects?
- Quiet.
- You look tired. How are you doing?
Yes Yes.
- It's a bit difficult now.
- Difficult?
You remember my friend Alex?
- The photographer.
- Yes, vaguely.
He was in a car accident.
He fell into a cliff.
Amazing, no?
Because of a psychopath who he met
on Facebook, but never found.
The police saw that he did not brake the car.
He is dead.
Excuse me.
If someone dies,
what we do
with your virtual identity?
We leave it as is?
We exclude?
What kind of choice do we have?
I wrote.
It was vital, necessary.
I want to hear your opinion.
Is important.
I will read.
Secrets Royal
by Claire Millaud
For a long time, the idea that nothing
happened between us was unbearable.
Stop was like giving up on life.
In the end I was crazy
for this man.
Why give up?
How much would it cost me to try?
The fear of Clara is
unable to replace?
Alex, he would be unhappy?
But I could comfort him.
Sorry, I think I know you.
- Excuse me.
- I think I know you.
- You're no friend of Ludo?
- Ludovic? Yes...
I know, I'm your ...
A friend from the past.
No memory?
- That the oysters on the phone.
- Ah yes.
Are you still living with him in the Somme?
He has not kicked me out.
So you must have a good character.
You are photographer?
More or less.
I'm working on an exhibition.
Ludo had told me about it.
He had shown his photos.
I found them very beautiful.
I have to get off at the next.
You also do portraits? I mean,
not exposed photos in the street,
more portraits ...
Yes, me too.
I do portraits, photo albums.
I do everything except marriages.
I need a photo
for my next book.
They usually send a photographer,
but now ...
It's funny I know you.
Maybe you can ...
Yes, certainly.
I'm looking for a job.
Then that would be great.
- That's crazy. Can I have your phone number?
- If you are interested ...
- Sorry, I forgot your name.
- Claire.
My name is Claire.
But it's mostly about Nora
at Ibsen mode. A dollhouse.
The doll, the good woman,
responsible mother.
She is like this.
The play speaks of the awakening
of his conscience.
The emancipation of a woman outside
a pre-defined role for society.
And today, over a century later, we can
say that this question us still
we must refuse to conform and submit to the rules within which we are locked.
How did he do it?
What? Who?
Ludo. As he did to be with such a beautiful woman? You're super photogenic.
Very good.
Come on , maybe,
- loosen the top button?
- From my blouse?
The book is for college.
I do not know if ...
One more reason to
entice the reader.
- And ....
- You can relax a little more?
- Sorry, I got out of position.
- I do not care.
- Are you married, children, divorced?
- Indeed.
- I hit all three.
- And in the right order.
And all around his 30 years.
You are hiding something from me.
I can
try something?
- Do you agree or want to take a break?
- No, continue.
I have nothing to hide.
I was married for 20 years
to a man who was everything to me.
Before him I was with two guys, but
that was long ago. I forgot about them.
I had two children.
Two boys.
I thought it would be a good mother
if I gave them the breast.
My breasts never recovered,
nor my stomach.
My husband left me for a woman
who could be my daughter.
When it happened, I thought I
would die of grief.
I am very passionate about.
This is the right word.
But I can also be happy.
So I think
you know almost everything.
It's crazy.
O homeland?
Anything. Our meeting.
That's crazy.
So, here is where you cut into the picture.
It's a little cleaner.
I like it.
This is beautiful and we also have
one with a smile and I like it.
- You too?
- Yes.
We made love day and night.
We had to catch up.
We started living together very fast,
or actually he moved in with me.
"Close my eyes
I still be able to see you
Close my ears
I still be able to hear you
And no feet,
I can still follow you
And even without mouth
I can still call you "
- Read the following.
- Not you.
- Please.
- Come on.
"Break my arms and I embrace
you with my heart, as if with one hand
Hold my heart and my brain
will hit, igniting my brain
My blood will take you "
I love you.
I love you so much.
I love you too.
You know what I like?
but it is his voice.
Claire's voice is clear.
Of course, he always thought of her.
I thought so naively
that my face would replace it?
How could I forget that I was a consolation
because he had lost?
Even worse. He loved her through me.
There is no rival greater
than that which does not exist.
Alex, I could not forget you.
Gilles ended.
I'm back in Paris.
I love you, I missed you.
I do not know where you are, but if you still have
love for me, to come to the French cafe.
I'll be there between 18h and 20h. Try
not to call. If you do not come,
you'll never hear from me.
I promise. Your Clara.
- You're ready?
- Yes.
- Here we go.
- Yes.
- You really do not want to stay home?
- No, I want to have lunch somewhere.
The fact is, I'd rather eat you.
Let's go to the movies?
No doubt.
See what happens.
I'll get a sweater.
I am cold.
Welcome, Clara.
We heard shouting, screaming brakes, a coup.
And finally silence.
In a film could end like this.
Yes, and in fact?
Why do not you find a happy ending?
Even in a fantasy world, you do not allow yourself to
be lucky, as if to hurt
Who hurt you, Claire?
Who hurt you?
You know what I stole from Katia?
It took me long to realize
but the attitude of Katia, my niece,
became hostile with me
over time.
Gilles is his uncle,
only through our marriage.
I was told often enough,
no blood relationship.
"She loves me, I love her , no
aggravating circumstance, only love."
His words.
Indeed ...
The age difference of 27 years
for 20 years of marriage.
Katia did not return to Norway.
She moved in with my husband.
I could not tell you.
Even write.
They destroyed me.
She destroyed me.
But she was his rival
you chose to incarnate?
I wanted her beauty,
her childhood.
I envied her for her happiness,
she stole mine.
I was jealous.
Everything happens as if you recussasse the truth,
as you escape the truth.
The desire for eternity,
the illusion of eternal youth, yes.
We all want to get away from us,
from the perspective of our death.
I do not mind dying
But yes, to be abandoned.
There is no age to be small.
I wanted to be dreaming,
calm, even with illusions.
After how long?
It happened about nine months.
It was far enough.
Alex was completely captivated by it.
So bad that it took me one day and
showed a message.
I immediately recognized his voice.
At first I could not believe it.
I thought it was a game.
I did not say anything to Alex,
but I tried to show for it
this girl, that Clara,
it was too perfect.
Then he began to doubt.
When Clara was gone,
he deleted his profile.
A few months later, she called me.
I said he was killed because of it.
He had committed suicide.
My friend and I went crazy ...
I do not like to be fooled.
So I lied.
I dont understand...
He's not dead?
Do not.
He even became a father.
He lives in southern France.
He's married.
He became a father last month.
From a girl.
Sometimes we think we are guilty,
but no.
I come to say goodbye.
Sometimes a patient has something in it
that we had and we lost.
I took his advice seriously.
I'm still working on my manuscript.
It was good to realize
that everything is possible again.
That there is only one end.
Do not.
Do not.
See you soon, Claire.
To JDB & Mia - Celkurtz