Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1972) Movie Script

Come all
ye fair and tender maids
Who flourish in
your prime, prime
Beware, beware,
keep your garden fair
Let no man steal
your thyme, thyme
Let no man steal your thyme
'Cause when your
thyme is past and gone
He'll care no
more for you, you
And many a day that
your garden is waste
Will spread all
over with rue, rue
Will spread
all over with rue
A woman is a branchy tree
A man a clinging vine, vine
And from her
branches carelessly
He takes what
he can find, find
He takes what he can find
Now, darling.
Be a good girl.
Sleep tight.
Mummy will see you
in the morning, hmm?
Oh, Mr. Benton,
how lovely of you to come
out on a night like this.
Always glad to try and help you, Mrs.
Yes, Albie?
I thought, madam, perhaps Mr. Benton
would appreciate a warming glass.
Ah. Uh, that is, if convenient.
Of course. Excuse me.
What would you like?
Mr. Benton prefers
the brandy, I believe.
On such a night, the
elements, the storm...
I-it does help
sometimes, doesn't it?
It should, it should,
but one never knows.
I remember,
the closest contact
I ever had with her was...
was during a storm.
Of course, it was only a
month after she had...
just before the war.
A storm helps.
Perhaps, perhaps, but sometimes
when one has just passed over,
the spirit wanders, it cannot
focus on those left behind.
But now, with clasping hands,
with believing hearts,
we ready ourselves and we
call on the great beyond.
Mrs. Forrest, whom
should we seek to reach?
My daughter,
My daughter Katharine.
Katharine, Katharine Forrest, if
you hear me, reveal yourself.
Come to us, Katharine!
Come to your mother!
Is it her?
Is that Katharine?
Katharine! If you hear me,
let us know that you are here.
darling, come to me please.
I... I'm trying to come to you.
Where are you, Katharine?
Where are you, darling?
Please let me see you again.
Katharine! You've got the
strength to come through to us.
Speak to us, speak
to us, Katharine.
Here I am, mummy.
Please, baby,
let me hold you again.
Let me hold you!
Mummy, I have to leave now.
No, Katharine!
Katharine, doll, don't go!
Don't go yet! Talk to me some more, baby!
Talk to me!
No! Please, Katharine, stay!
Stay, my darling!
Please, forgive me!
Forgive me, give
me another chance!
I love you so much.
Oh, Katharine!
I need you. Stay
with me! I'm so lonely!
Stay with...
When will you pay me?
Say the bells of Old Bailey
When I grow rich
Say the bells of Shoreditch
Here comes a candle
to light you to bed
Here comes a chopper
to chop off your head
Chip chop chip chop
The last man's head
Oranges and lemons
Say the bells
of St. Clements
I owe you 5 farthings
Say the bells of St. Martins
When will you pay me?
Say the bells of Old Bailey
When I grow rich
Say the bells of Shoreditch
Here comes a candle
to light you to bed
Here comes a chopper
to chop off your head
Chip chop chip chop
The last man's head
Oranges and lemons
Say the bells
of St. Clements
I owe you 5 farthings
Say the bells of St. Martins
When will you pay me?
Christopher and Katy Coombs!
Don't you know you're due
in the dispensary at 9:00?
Well, it's just over there!
Oh, come along.
This game of silence with your
sister will gain you nothing!
Peter, I'm delighted to tell you
that not only are you
normal in everything,
You are disgustingly normal.
Then can I go to the Gingerbread
House for the Christmas party?
I didn't go last Christmas
and Cynthia went
2 years in a row.
The children selected
by this institution
to go to Mrs. Forrest's
lovely party
must earn the privilege.
So I suggest you stay
on your best behavior.
And the first
thing is not to call.
Forrest Grange the
"Gingerbread House."
Yes, ma'am, I'll try.
But please, choose me!
Do you realize that
Christopher and Katy
haven't addressed a single word
to any of the staff since they
ran away and were brought back.
Not even to
complain about the food?
You can't be too familiar
with these children.
You'll lose their respect.
Christopher, take off your boots and
your jacket and stand on the scale.
Uh, we've been advised
by the probation department
to put a ban on his reading.
Good old probation department!
Books, apparently, are too
stimulating for his condition.
What condition is that?
Being abandoned?
He's an inveterate liar!
He invents fantasies about
witches and ogres and giants.
It can be very terrifying
to the younger children.
Miss Henley's right,
you know, Christopher.
You shouldn't
frighten the little ones.
Good morning!
Good morning, Mr. Harrison.
Morning, Mr. Harrison.
Going to have a big Christmas
party this year, then?
That's right.
Hold it a minute.
Mrs. Forrest hasn't
paid me that 5 pounds
for the meat for last month yet.
Don't worry, She's good for it.
She's got plenty put away.
That doesn't help me to
pay my debts, does it?
Look, the next time you come,
I'll have the money for you.
Good morning.
Oh, wait a minute!
You wouldn't want to cheat
them poor little orphans
out of their Christmas
dinner, would you?
Yeah, well,
if it wasn't for them...
There we are.
I'll have the money for you
in a few days, Mr. Harrison.
I'll give it my
personal attention.
Happy Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Good morning, madam.
Good morning, Albie.
A nice spot of breakfast?
No, I'm not hungry.
Just coffee, please.
A sleepless night again?
Yes, I don't
think I slept at all.
I know.
The nights that Mr. Benton
does establish communication,
We all think an awful lot,
all night long, don't we?
Yes, Albie.
That must have been it.
Albie, the reason I rang is,
I haven't heard
from Miss Henley yet
about the children's
Christmas party.
I thought surely by now I'd have
a list of the children selected.
I'll take a spin over this afternoon.
Don't worry, madam.
Thank you.
Oh, Mrs. Forrest, I hate
to bring this up,
but, uh, Mr. Harrison,
the butcher, is downstairs.
Oh, yes, I asked him
to bring another
extra fat turkey for
the Christmas dinner.
He did. He's also
asking to be paid.
I will pay him when I
have time to do my bills.
I told him that last week.
He doesn't wish
to leave the turkey.
What a bother! How much
did you say it was?
8 pounds 10.
How many children are we
expecting this year, madam?
I think about 10.
Here we are.
5. 10.
I have an announcement to make
about Mrs. Forrest's
Christmas party.
But first, those not invited
will be under the supervision
of Matron Wilcox.
There will be
apples, nuts, and sweets
and they may stay up for
an extra hour and play games.
the 10 guests,
all of whom
deserve the privilege,
are Karen Lillie,
Robin Christy, Reggie Pike,
Jonathan Hughes, Peter
Brookshire, Angela Barnes,
Bertha Jones, Sally Denham.
And the last 2, I'm happy
to say, have in the past
so improved their behavior,
that we all thought
they should attend.
They are a brother and sister.
Frederika and Frank Fillmore.
Inspector Willoughby,
has very kindly again
volunteered his car this year.
So we shall be leaving for Forrest
Grange at 6:00 precisely.
Last year, Mrs. Forrest let
me have 3 helpings of turkey
and 2 kinds of ice cream,
and after I throwed up,
she let me have seconds!
Oh, Angela, really, darling!
What's this American lady
really like, Ralph?
Well, I can't say I know her.
I mean, I meet her once a year like
this when I volunteer to drive.
What's this story
about her daughter?
Well, you were on the
case, weren't you?
Yes. Did you ever see
her husband on the stage?
Oh, it's a pity. I saw him
once just after the armistice.
He was, without doubt, the
greatest magician I ever saw.
Quite a catch for Rosie Miller of
the Floradora Girls, they said.
Sounds like a perfect match.
She liked his tricks
and he liked hers.
And a partridge
in a pear tree
On the 3rd day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
3 French hens
2 turtledoves
And a partridge
in a pear tree
On the 4th day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
4 calling birds
3 French hens
2 turtledoves
And a partridge
in a pear tree
Happy Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Welcome to Forrest Grange.
Happy Christmas. Thank you.
Happy Christmas.
Children, there
are sweets for everyone.
Everyone in the drawing room.
I've heard too many stories
about what happened to
Katharine Forrest, Ralph.
What's the truth?
Would you believe me if I told
you we don't know the truth?
The case is still open?
All we know is, a little girl
called Katharine disappeared
from this house, as if she was
part of her father's magic act.
She's never been seen and
she's never turned up.
Children don't just vanish.
Ah, now, you see, you're
being cynical, like me.
You're a cynic?
Only about human
beings. Come on.
Come on.
And Merry Christmas to you.
What's the matter?
Cat got your tongue?
Looks like it's there,
but if it's no good,
we'd better cut it out.
Here are some very special,
tasty gingerbread men,
just like we have in America.
Everyone gets one.
Robin, Angela.
Thank you.
Can I have one?
Of course, Peter.
Thank you, Mrs. Forrest.
Peter, call me Aunt Roo.
I mean, thank you, Aunt Roo.
Peter, you mustn't be so greedy!
Oh, Miss Henley, it's Christmas!
Let them fill themselves.
You always spoil them,
Mrs. Forrest.
Oh, but they're so beautiful.
Isn't it a shame there isn't a
way to make time stand still?
Keeping the children
just as they are tonight,
preserving their
wonderful years,
pure and perfect,
before the ugliness and evil
of the world crushes them.
Don't you think?
Well, yes.
Yes, Albie?
I found these 2 little lost souls
wandering around the back, madam.
Can't get a word out
of either of them.
Whatever has got into you two!
They're not supposed to be here!
They are the most incorrigible,
the most uncooperative...
Miss Henley, Miss Henley,
There's always enough room
for children at
the Forrest Grange.
There's more than enough
of everything. Right?
Now, tell me,
what are your names?
This is my sister, Katy,
and I'm Christopher Coombs.
How do you do?
How do you do?
And thank you for
allowing us to stay.
What lovely manners.
You're going to have to catch up
with the other children!
How on earth did they get here?
Couldn't have walked,
it's over 3 miles!
Merry Christmas, Miss Henley.
"'Twas the
night before Christmas."
"And all through the house."
"Not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse."
"The stockings were hung
by the chimney with care."
"In the hope that St.
Nicholas would soon be there."
"As I drew in my head
and was turning around."
"Down the chimney St.
Nicholas came with a bound."
"He spoke not a word,
but went straight to his work."
"And he filled all the stockings
then turned with a jerk."
"And laying his
finger aside of his nose."
"And giving a nod
up the chimney he rose."
"And he sprang to his sleigh,
to his team gave a whistle."
"And away they all flew,
like the down of a thistle."
"And I heard him exclaim,
ere he drove out of sight."
"'A Merry Christmas to all
and to all a good night'."
Who's that?
Well, that's me!
About 100 years ago
when I was a soubrette.
Angels, when you
come in this house,
you're taking a
stroll down memory lane.
Are you really 100 years old?
Oh, much more, Katy.
Your Auntie Roo is a child of the
Cakewalk and the Turkey Trot.
I was once the rage of Paris
and I gave up a
brilliant career for love.
Did you?
A dashing young English magician
by the name of Col. Forrest
thought I was the cutest
little thing he'd ever seen.
Especially when I did my turn.
I'll tell you what,
tomorrow night we'll have a
pantomime and I'll do it for you.
And I can recite.
All right.
Anyway, I married my hero,
packed away my dancing shoes
and I became the
Lady of Forrest Grange.
Is he dead now?
Col. Forrest.
Yes. No...
he's just gone to the
other side of the mirror,
but I talk to him often.
I saw a dead person once
and he couldn't talk.
Perhaps, Christopher,
there was no one there
who knew how to reach him.
It's time to go to sleep.
Uh, no food upstairs and
wash your sticky fingers.
And Father Christmas
will not come
unless you're all,
all fast asleep.
Hurry, hurry,
hurry! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
You're absolutely marvelous.
Goodnight! "Merry Christmas to
all and to all a good night."
Anything else, madam?
Yes, Clarine,
Did you find the old nightclothes
for Katy and Christopher?
Oh, yes, and I laid them out
on the bed just like you said.
Good. It was a
lovely party, Clarine.
Thank you, madam.
You know the best part?
Miss Henley, the way she looked!
Katy! No! No! No!
Don't! Don't!
Oh, baby.
Sweetheart, wait for me in the carriage.
I won't be a minute.
You're always late.
Be a good girl. Go
to bed. Sleep tight.
Mummy'll see you in the morning.
Please, mummy!
All right,
slide down the banister
and mummy will
give you a quick kiss.
No! No!
What is it?
Uh, nothing.
Katy, you promise me
never to do that again.
It's very dangerous.
I'm sorry. I promise.
All right. Go up
to bed, dear. Go on.
Are you all right, madam?
Yes, I'm all right.
Yes, I... I... I think I'll change.
Clarine? Would...
Yes, madam?
Would you like to join
the circle tonight?
Oh, thank you.
No, uh, I still have
some washing up to do.
If Mr. Benton gets here,
have Albie show him
into the study right away.
Yes, madam.
I wish she'd adopt us,
Then nobody will be able
to call us runaways any more.
We'll live in a big house
and call all the
others runaways.
I'd like that, too.
Come to bed.
Tell me a story first.
I'm too sleepy.
All right.
"Once upon a time,
near a big forest,"
"lived a woodcutter"
"with his wife and 2 children,."
"Hansel and Gretel."
"They were very poor"
"and when the famine came,"
"they could get no
more daily bread."
"One night, the woodcutter
said to his wife,"
"'How are we to
feed our poor children"
"'when we have
nothing for ourselves?'"
Mr. Benton, I must get
through to her tonight.
You've a very strong
aura tonight, Mrs. Forrest.
It's very, very purple.
Is that good?
Purple is the color of desire.
It means your needs are great.
Yes, I need to speak
to Katharine tonight.
I need to speak to her about
something very important.
Katharine! If you hear me,
come to us, Katharine.
Katharine, in the
far distance of the unknown,
come to your dear mama.
Come to your mother, Katharine.
I'm not getting
through to the other side.
Oh, please, Mr. Benton,
please! Keep trying.
Perhaps something
belonging to the departed,
some object imbued
with her vibrations.
Oh, what about her
little teddy bear?
Shall I hold it in my lap?
No, no! Let it join the circle.
Let us join hands.
Katharine, we're calling you.
Katharine, if you
hear me, come to us.
Listen to your little bear.
Katharine, come through to us.
Katharine, I'm calling you.
Katharine, we ask you to
come through to us.
Katharine, if you hear me,
make yourself known.
Come to us,
Katharine, with the vibrations
of your little bear,
speak to us if you can.
Please, darling, please
come through tonight.
We are waiting.
Katharine, we are
calling, Katharine.
So many voices trying
to get through to us.
At times they
cannot find their way.
Be patient, Katharine
will come through to us.
Come to us, Katharine.
Come to your mother.
I'm here, darling. I'm here.
I see children.
Are there some other boys and
girls in the house tonight?
Yes, my darling.
It's our Christmas party.
I wish them to
enjoy a Christmas party.
Do you hear me?
This is Katharine, Mummy.
This is Katharine.
Why don't you come to me?
I am very close, mummy.
I can almost see you.
Yes, my darling child.
Let me see you.
Let me hold you again.
Mummy, I feel close to you,
but I have to leave now.
Goodbye, mummy.
No, don't go yet!
Don't go, Katharine.
Stay and talk to me, darling.
Oh, Katharine, baby!
Don't leave me!
I need you so! Please.
Katharine. Katharine.
We are calling, Katharine.
Speak to us.
No. No, darling.
Don't be naughty
tonight, Katharine.
Mummy has to talk to you about
something very important.
Oh, Katharine.
Oh, Katharine,
my baby! At last, Katharine!
It's Katy, it's not Katharine!
I heard talking.
They were calling.
Oh, yes, of course.
It's Katy, it's not
Katharine. It's Katy.
I used to have a teddy bear
like that named William.
Please, may I have
him sleep with me?
It's not my Katharine,
it's Katy.
Please, it's just like William.
All right, Katy,
But just for tonight.
I'd better get you to bed.
Mrs. Forrest, perhaps
we might, uh, settle...
Oh, yes, of course.
Excuse me, I...
I'm sorry we
didn't succeed to...
Perhaps you did.
Perhaps you did,
more than you know.
Thank you, Mr. Benton.
Thank you.
you know, you really
are... are a marvel.
The merriest of
Christmases to you.
And to you and to
yours, Mrs. Forrest.
To all of yours.
Goodnight. Goodnight, Albie.
Goodnight, madam.
We'll be seeing you, Albie.
See me now, you old soak.
Oh, uh...
Slipped my mind.
Merry Christmas to you.
And a rotten New Year to you.
Christopher, what's the matter?
What is it, dear?
There's someone in that
room and the door's locked.
Why would anyone be in the service
room at this time of night?
And the door is never locked.
Well, go on in,
see for yourself.
You see, Christopher.
There's nothing.
Children! Children! Wake up!
Wake up! It's snowing!
And we have to get
dressed, and go downstairs
and have breakfast!
And then see what Father
Christmas has brought us.
Where's William?
Katy, there's something much more
marvelous for you this year.
But I want William!
Listen to me, my darling.
I've been thinking about
something all night long.
Do you like Aunt Roo's house?
Do you think you'd like to come
and live here with me always?
She always lives with me.
We'll have tea and
crumpets every single day
and we'll play games,
we'll have so much fun!
We have our fun together.
Christopher, Katy is
still a very little girl.
She needs a mother.
You know, there was
once a little girl,
very like you, who
lived in this house.
What happened to her?
You think about it, all right?
Let me see your finger!
It's so thin! What a
thin little finger!
Oh, you're so thin! I'm going
to have to fatten you up
with lots of goodies.
Let's hurry up! We're going
to miss all the fun!
Get dressed. Hurry!
"" 'A little
thin, ' the witch said,
"'but once I fatten her up,"
"'she'll make a dainty morsel.'"
Are you all here?
Are you all here?
Is it now?
Wait and see.
What do you want?
I don't know.
Merry Christmas.
It's Christmas day
and Christmas day
is for presents.
Come and see what Father
Christmas brought you!
Oh, aren't they beautiful?
I love children so!
It must've cost a lot
of money this year, madam.
What's the difference?
It's a dazzler, madam.
Prettiest tree we've ever had.
You did a beautiful job, Albie.
Don't fight, Don't fight.
Ooh, there are more toys.
There's more toys back here.
Thank you, Aunt Roo.
This pen is just what I wanted.
I'm so glad, Christopher.
Children, empty your stockings
and then play with your toys
and if you're
good, you can go out
and play in the
snow till dinnertime.
Can I guess what's for dinner?
All right, guess.
A big, fat Christmas goose!
No! A big, fat Christmas turkey!
And cranberry sauce?
Yes, cranberry sauce.
And chestnuts?
And chestnuts
and roast potatoes.
Katy, dear, come here.
I have a very special present
that I want to give you myself.
Now here.
A brand new William
for your very own.
Thank you, Aunt Roo,
but it's not like William.
Oh, he's better. He's all new!
He looks different.
But thank you, anyway.
Oh, Katy.
...On a bright winter's day
Shake hands
Before you leave her
You leave her
You leave her
I expect birds could
put their nest in
there, Christopher.
Yes, I expect they could.
Katy, come here!
What is it?
This is Col. Forrest. Remember?
She said he was a magician.
This is all his magic stuff.
This is a magic cabinet.
It's all right, Katy.
Come back. It's only a trick!
Wouldn't it be nice to live
with Aunt Roo for always?
She likes you.
She wants to fatten you up.
She's got a drawer
full of real jewels
in her desk in the study.
Now, Katy, we did promise
that we could lie
to other people,
but never to each other.
I'm not lying!
She's got a drawer full
of diamonds and things.
It's a secret drawer. She opens
it and presses the inside.
A secret spring?
Yes. What's this?
It's a head-chopper.
It almost looks
real, doesn't it?
Let me show you.
Come on, up you go.
Are you sure?
I don't think...
It'll just be pretend.
There you are. Now.
There you are.
Stay there. Lie back.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
the great Christopher Coombs,
magician to the
King of Alakazam,
will now demonstrate
chopping off a head
and putting it back on.
Before you lies the queen,
sentenced to lose
her whole head.
I pull the magic rope.
I say the magic words.
I don't mind, Christopher.
I'd rather have William anyway.
He slapped at his chest
as he sat on that bough
Singing "willow, oh
willow, titwillow!"
And a cold perspiration
bespangled his brow
Oh, willow,
oh, willow, titwillow!
And he sobbed and he sighed
and a gurgle he gave
Then he plunged himself
into a billowy wave
And an echo arose
From the suicide's grave
"Oh, willow,
oh, willow, titwillow!"
Everyone join in the refrain.
Now, I feel just as sure
as I'm sure that my name
Isn't willow,
oh, willow, titwillow
'Twas blighted affection
that made him exclaim
"Oh, willow,
oh, willow, titwillow"
And if you remain
callous and obdurate, I
Shall perish as he did
And you will know why
Though I probably shall not
Exclaim as I die
"Oh, willow, oh,
willow, titwillow!"
shall we all do it once more?
Let me see. I have to...
You... you gave him
to me once, Aunt Roo,
and I didn't like
the one this morning.
I gave you my teddy bear
for one night only
and then you promised
to give it back.
Now, didn't you?
Yes, but I want this one.
But the new one is better.
It has black shiny eyes
and the fur is all smooth...
Then you keep the new one
and let me have this one.
Katy, I'm sorry.
Excuse me, dear. Um,
Tell me, what's so special
about this teddy bear?
I told you, I used
to have one like him
a long time ago.
Of course.
Of course you did!
And now you found him again!
You mean, I can keep him?
Yes, certainly!
Dear, you can keep him.
Aunt Roo?
Do you love me?
Because I love you.
Oh, yes! I love you
very much, darling.
Let's go back to the party now.
Please, Aunt Roo.
Please, let me keep him.
A woman is a branchy tree
A man a clinging vine, vine
And from her
branches carelessly
He takes what
he can find, find
He takes what he can find
But when
your time is past and gone
He'll care no
more for you, you
And many a day that
your garden is waste
Will spread all
over with rue, rue
Will spread all over
with rue
A woman is a branchy tree
A man a clinging...
He takes what
he can find, find
He takes what he can find
Come on.
Now, darling.
Be a good girl.
Sleep tight.
Mummy will see
you in the morning.
My darling. Be a good girl.
Sleep tight.
Mummy will see
you in the morning.
Thank you, Aunt Roo!
You're welcome,
You're welcome, children.
Oh, Miss Henley, they've
been such good children.
Thank you, Aunt Roo.
Well, thank you,
Peter, thank you.
Thank you, Angela.
And I hope you can all
come again next year.
Thank you, Aunt Roo.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year. Happy...
Oh, Miss Henley,
here's a gingerbread cake.
Thank you.
And this is for you.
Oh, Mrs. Forrest, you
shouldn't! But thank you.
And thank you again
for all of us.
Oh, it's such a lovely season.
I... I think I enjoy it
more than they do.
Last, as usual, Christopher.
Get into the car.
I can't. Katy's not here.
I'm not surprised.
I am sorry, Mrs. Forrest.
Children, is Katy Coombs
in one of those cars?
Katy Coombs.
No, ma'am.
I don't understand it.
We all had breakfast together.
We were playing all morning.
I know, but she
left something behind.
Katy, Katy, the cars are here!
Listen, she's done
something bad to Katy.
What a terrible thing to say!
She's got a mummy
in a secret room!
What? What?
I apologize for him.
He's a congenital liar with a
rather over-active imagination.
You'll be very severely
punished when you return.
No, no, please. I'm sure
she's just hiding somewhere.
I'll find her and send her
on after you've left.
Christopher! Come back here!
I think he likes it.
Just put him into the car.
Come on, young bleeder.
Get in, you!
Christopher, don't
worry about your sister.
She's all right.
I know she's all right.
Happy New Year, children.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, Christopher.
"" The next morning, the
witch locked Gretel in the barn.
"And brought food to her."
"'When she's good and fat,"
"'I will stuff her and
put her in the oven"
"'and eat her.'
she told Hansel."
Albie, hmm,
Well, come in. Come in.
Uh, would you please...
Well, the party's
over, Mrs. Forrest,
and I think we have something
very important to discuss.
Uh, certainly, Albie. Certainly.
I'm sorry, dear, but I've
been so preoccupied lately.
Mrs. Forrest, I think
it's time to settle accounts.
Yes, of course.
But, dear, could you run downstairs
first and get me some lunch?
Get it yourself, Rosie Miller.
Rosie Miller?
Albie, I don't recall ever
giving you permission
to call me by my
professional name.
I'm going to tell you
what to do for once.
You're gonna write me a check
for 2,000 pounds.
2,000 pounds?
Then we're gonna wave bye-bye
to you, me and Clarine.
You can go back to
vaudeville or roll a hoop
or talk to the spirits all night
'cause we won't be around.
Albie, you and Clarine
wouldn't desert me,
Leave me alone in this big
house after all these years?
I'm sure you'll manage, madam.
Unless you give
me 2,000 quid, Rosie,
I'm gonna have to
report to the police
that you've become a kidnapper.
You've got Katy locked in
the nursery, haven't you?
Haven't you?
Go get me my checkbook.
2,000 pounds.
2,000 pounds?
That's more money than you've
seen in your whole life,
Isn't it, Albie?
Don't be a tightwad, Auntie, I'm
sure you won't even miss it.
Besides, from now on, you can
get Benton at half rates.
He won't have to split with me.
Split with you?
Benton split with you!
You're lying! I know
that you're lying!
You think so?
Next time you have a sance,
he won't have Clarine
calling down the
dumbwaiter shaft.
"" Just before
they ran out of the house,
"Hansel and Gretel took the
wicked witch's treasure."
Is that you?
We had turkey for
tea and ice cream
and gingerbread biscuits
and butterscotch.
And Aunt Roo said I could
keep her teddy bear,
as long as I stayed.
What happened?
Did she kidnap you?
And lock you up in here?
We played hide-and-seek
and hunt the slipper.
Now, listen to me.
You can't stay here.
Aunt Roo is a witch.
I don't care!
When they come and find you,
Miss Henley will send
you to a reform school
and we'll never get adopted.
Aunt Roo has adopted me already.
She's stolen you.
She's keeping you a prisoner.
She only gave you
William to trick you.
She's going to drug you
and take him away again.
How do you know?
I know.
Then she's bad?
I told you, she's a witch.
Now, come on.
There's not enough room.
Come on, this way.
Press that button.
You children don't
want to leave here.
You have a home now, forever.
Inspector Willoughby!
Good morning. Come in.
Come in. Come in.
Thank you very much, it's
rather cold out, I must say.
Inspector, have you heard
anything about the little girl?
No, I'm afraid not.
As a matter of fact, her
brother has run away, too.
Oh, that's dreadful.
Oh, those poor orphans!
Oh, thank you. Here you are.
Inspector, do you remember
when those children arrived
here Christmas eve, they
were running away then.
Do you think they
could have planned this?
Where could they have gotten to?
Well, we're all
wondering that as well.
Mrs. Forrest, I'm
sorry to trouble you, but
I'd like to look through
the house, if I may?
Inspector, I've gone
through this house
with a... a fine-toothed comb.
I... I... Oh, but,
of course, I'll do anything to
help you find those children.
Why don't we start in the
kitchen and work our way up?
Thank you, if that's
not inconvenient.
Inspector Willoughby,
You really think that I have
those orphans, don't you?
Mrs. Forrest, I'm sorry, but the
chief constable was very insistent.
I mean, he even wants me
to search the grounds.
Go ahead, say it. Stop
beating around the bush.
You've searched the house.
Search the barn.
Search the grounds!
Crazy Aunt Roo has kidnapped
a couple of orphans.
If we have a definite charge,
you'll be the first to hear of it.
All right, then, I'll thank
you to get out of this house,
You're here without a warrant.
Yes, I am.
That's true, I am.
I'm sorry to have upset you.
I'll see myself out.
And this is the thanks I get for
trying to give orphan children
a lovely, warm,
friendly Christmas.
Good day, Mrs. Forrest.
Haven't got the scent yet, sir.
Keep at it until you do.
Very good, sir.
Any luck?
No, sir.
More like Madame Tussaud's in there.
No little girl.
I see. Right, Edwards, you
go and search the woods.
I'll be down at the pond.
Nothing here, sir.
I see.
Nothing in the house.
Nothing in the grounds.
Odd. Very odd.
I've just said that,
Harrington. Come on.
Hello. What are you doing?
I'm hiding the jewels.
What jewels?
The real jewels.
If no one adopts us,
when we grow up,
We can sell the jewels
and buy a big house.
Like Aunt Roo's?
Quick, she's coming!
Here's your lunch, pets.
I'm sorry it's so late.
Lots of good things to eat.
Now, eat it all up now.
Why do you keep us
locked in here all day?
Christopher, it's just
for a few days.
Till, uh, till the New Year.
Gives me a chance to
fatten you both up.
We have roast potatoes
and Brussels sprouts
and apple pie for dessert.
Well, I'm hungry.
All right, Katy, darling.
Here, come over here and
I'll fix you a little table.
There you are, sweetheart.
Oh, come on.
Christopher, angel!
Have a Brussels sprout.
Mmm, sweet?
Oh, and that reminds me.
My blessed mother used to say,
"There's only one thing
to do about temptation,"
"and that's to remove it."
I'm sure you've noticed
this, Christopher.
You're a sharp little boy.
So sharp that I know you
wouldn't do anything
as foolish as
trying to run away.
Because the police
would just catch you
and take you to a
terrible reform school.
Hey, you! You!
I will not be abandoned.
Everybody tries to abandon me.
I shall take steps.
I'll be with you
in a minute, pet.
You'd better remember and
you had better understand
that if you try anything,
if you try anything,
I've got her.
Do you understand? Do you?
Do you understand, Christopher?
Good afternoon, young man.
I... I wish to see Albie.
Get the police! She's
keeping us prisoner.
She wants to cook us and eat us.
Christopher, be quiet.
Mr. Benton, your good
friend, Albie, is gone
and I don't wish to
see you ever again!
How dare you even come here?
My dear Mrs. Forrest...
You are a disgrace to the
profession of a medium.
Any confidence I had in
your spiritual force is gone.
Albie finally told me
the truth about you.
Which truth?
Which truth? You've been
deceiving me for years.
You have been in cahoots
with him, taking my money.
And to think I was so
concerned about you
that I was going to give
you my last 2 bottles
of Napoleon Brandy
for Christmas.
Please help me!
What in heaven's name is
the matter with that boy?
Christopher, for the
last time, I'm warning you.
Mr. Benton, please, just go.
Mrs. Forrest,
You don't understand.
Allow me to clarify.
I will never give
you another penny.
I don't even wish
to speak to you.
Mrs. Forrest, Mrs. Forrest,
We've understood each other
in a very special way.
All these years, I thought
you were trying to help me.
I did help you.
And now I shall leave you.
I see your aura is angry.
I am at peace. I am not angry.
To prove it, I shall
accept your offering.
Please. Please!
Au revoir, Mrs. Forrest.
Katy's locked upstairs.
I fear this young man
is extremely confused.
You know imagination can get a
person into a lot of trouble.
Christopher, you know
There's only one way
to really see the
New Year in properly.
That's with the most delicious,
tasty, succulent dish...
What's the matter, pet?
Now first, we get a
nice hot fire going.
"" But although
she did not tell him,
"Hansel knew that
the wicked witch."
"Was going to eat him, too."
Christopher, you haven't seen
to Katy's tray. Wash it up.
Christopher, are you
through with Katy's tray?
Well, then, we'll need
some more wood, won't we?
Take the basket.
De de dee dee dee
La lee la la la lee la la
La la lee la la la lee
La lee la la
Dee de dee dee de dee
dee dee dee dee
"An apple grows
so bright and high,."
"And ends its days
in an apple pie."
but not this beauty.
Mmm. Mmm.
We're going to need
more wood than that.
More wood.
Why do you sit,
singing "Willow... "
All this time for
only 2 baskets of wood?
We need a lot of wood.
A lot of wood.
We have to get the fire hot.
Do you understand "hot"?
Get some more. Get some more!
stuffings, gravies, forcemeat...
oh, forcemeat.
Dee dee dee dee dee dee
Dee de dee dee dee
TA tee ta ta ta
Quick, she's making
stuffing for us.
The fire is getting
hotter and hotter.
Well, come on.
That wicked boy!
He'll never get this one.
Wait. I forgot teddy.
Naughty, naughty boy.
No, you shall not have
her! Give her up! No!
No! No! No!
Come on!
You naughty children.
You bad children.
Come here! You
come here! Come here!
Come to mummy.
Please, dear. Come.
Please, come to mummy.
You wouldn't dare. You wouldn't.
I promised you candy
and ice cream
and chocolate cake
every day, remember?
Knives aren't
anything to play with.
They're not for children.
They're dangerous.
Give me that knife!
Christopher, give it to me!
You could get hurt.
You could get hurt.
Katharine could get hurt!
You might get hurt, Christopher.
Bad, bad children.
bad children.
I don't understand.
I loved her so much.
I loved her. Why
did she run away?
Why did she run away from me?
Katharine, mummy's
coming, darling.
Mummy's coming.
Yes, I'll come back.
Katharine, I'll come back.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I have nothing. Nothing!
My dinner.
I have to get my dinner ready.
I have to get the
dinner ready for, uh...
I have to fix the
stuffing for, uh...
I have to fix the stuffing...
Aunt Roo?
Aunt Roo?
You try. She likes you better.
Aunt Roo! It's cold in here!
Please, Aunt Roo!
You mustn't disturb the cook when
she's making something delicious!
Please, Aunt Roo! Please!
I promise never
to run away again.
So do I.
Say, "Please, mummy."
Please, mummy.
Please, mummy.
It's time for tea, pets.
Christopher? Katy?
It's time for tea.
You are
both naughty children!
Pets, open the door!
Aunt Roo made a chocolate cake for you.
Children, let me out.
The key! We forgot the key.
Pets, let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
She's getting out!
Help me!
Quick, pile some wood
against the door.
Let me out!
Bad children!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Bad children! Bad! Bad!
Bad, children, bad!
Witch! Witch! Witch!
"" They shoved the
wicked witch into the fire.
"And slammed the bolt
on the oven door."
Come on!
Don't leave me alone!
Christopher! Don't leave me.
Don't leave Aunt Roo all alone!
Don't leave me!
We've left teddy behind!
Don't leave me all alone! Katy!
Aunt Roo will be so lonely!
Don't everybody
leave me all alone.
Aunt Roo will be so
lonely. Don't leave.
No! No!
Hurry, Christopher!
Christopher! Hurry up!
You take teddy.
Hello there,
young fella, me lad.
Is she in? Mrs. Forrest?
I've brought her a
baby roasting pig.
What's this? The
bloody house is on fire!
Mrs. Forrest? Mrs. Forrest?
Mrs. Forrest?
Mrs. Forrest?
You said she
was going to eat us!
She was. Later.
Keep clear of the house!
I'm going to get that
fire brigade, quick.
Keep clear!
A lousy lot they are, but they'd
better get out here quick.
Come on, my beauty!
Come on. Come on.
Come on!
Bloody good fire!
Apparently, it started
in the kitchen.
Tragic. Really tragic.
She didn't stand a chance.
We tried to help,
But we just couldn't
get down there.
Too hot.
Of course. Now, it's not
your fault, my dears.
Shall we take them home?
Yes, come on.
Let's get in the car.
We'll all go home.
There we are, darling.
We'll go home. Good girl.
There you are, look
after my stick for now.
Poor little devils,
they'll probably have nightmares
till the day they die.
"" Hansel and
Gretel knew the wicked witch.
"Would never harm anyone else.
"And they were happy.
"They also knew that with the
wicked witch's treasure,
"They would
never be hungry again,".
"So they lived
happily ever after."