Whores' Glory (2011) Movie Script

Stop blocking the mirror.
I'm in a hurry too.
Don't push.
Do I look pretty?
Ein triptychon.
Here I can show my faith
and express my wishes.
I pray hard to become
rich and successful.
Some of my customers want
me to suck their penises.
I tell them Allah didn't create
my mouth for that purpose.
I tell the holy death: You
exist, but God is higher.
God will always be
higher than you.
Stop here!
Here you go.
Emma, wait for me!
299 please.
Oops, I have to do it again.
What's wrong?
Let's pray so we will
get lots of clients.
I prayed to get many. So did I.
Have you already eaten?
Not yet, I'm having my hair done first.
Well, let's clock in.
Give us money, luck and all
things good and beautiful!
- Have you eaten?
- No, not yet.
Let's have our hair done
first and then go eat.
What do you feel like eating?
I don't know.
Wow, lots of girls here today.
Let's go.
So many girls. Hope I get a client.
It'll be tough.
Sure would be good if I got one.
That's right.
But business is
slow at the moment.
The fishtank Bangkok, Thailand.
- Taste good?
- Yes!
Are you almost done?
Like yesterday with big
curls and everything.
I made them loose and bouncy.
There are hardly any Johns left.
Have you been here a longtime?
Emma, the guy with glasses is
looking at you. Go for it!
He's been watching
you for a while.
Look, he's asking if you
want to go with him.
- He wants you!
- She's right.
He wants you again.
He's asking if you remember him.
I don't think so. Or maybe...
Yes, I remember.
Welcome. Come in.
Look how pretty the girls are!
Do you have new ones too?
We have girls for 1,600 bhats for 2 hours.
All inclusive.
Red numbers: 1,800 for 2 hours.
"Sideline girls": 2,200for 90 minutes.
What kind of a girl
would you like?
I recommend 243, 210, and 280.
We offer an all-inclusive service.
The blue numbers cost 1,600.
That's for 2 hours too. It
includes a bath and blow job.
What about 232?
Sure, 232 is good too.
I assure you, you won't
be disappointed.
Okay, 232.Andwhat about you?
I need a girl willing
to do everything.
210 has a good attitude.
She is perfect.
- And she's pretty too.
- Right.
And who else? - 280.
And 243.Allthree are very good.
None of them will
disappoint you.
- I'll take 210.
- Okay, 210.
One moment please.
107. Please come out.
Just a moment. They
will be right out.
I promise you beautiful
bodies and good service.
The cashier is there.
You pay over there.
- Your girl, sir.
- Hello.
232 for you, sir.
210. This way please.
Payments here, please.
That makes 1,700 for you.
By credit card, ok.
That makes 1,800 for you.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Right this way.
You won't regret it.
Take good care of him.
Enjoy yourself, sir.
Everything paid for? Good.
I come here to buy myself
a little happiness.
Only briefly, 30 minutes or an hour.
2 hours at the most.
We talk and get along even if
it's only for a short time.
There's no comparing these
girls with my wife.
My wife is my lifetime partner.
We've been through thick
and thin together.
We understand each other.
We men are a commodity here.
We supply the money.
And for a short time we gain
access to their bodies.
It's a clear deal and when
it's over, it's over.
My mother is a pain in the ass.
I've been living at home for 4
years, but now I've had it!
It's more fun here because you
have people to chat with.
At home I was always surrounded
by children and old people.
The children get on your nerves.
My family gives me money,
but I don't like that.
Yeah, that's a pain.
I'd rather earn my own money.
But, it's boring putting on
makeup to just sit around.
Not to me, the money is good.
It's boring to me.
A job is a job.
We have to enjoy what we do.
Otherwise it would
make us unhappy.
But it's no fun if
no one picks you!
Why are you here? Don't
you have a wife?
I just want to talk with the girls.
Your wife can't make you happy?
I'm single.
She must have forgotten how.
Lots of us have
the same problem.
Without these girls it
would be much worse.
Excuses, excuses. Your wife was
pretty and you loved her once.
Just having dinner with
her was pure bliss.
But now we have them
day in and day out.
And you know why?
It's because they have
us in their pockets.
What I like is the variety.
They even smell different.
Button me my wife
is still number 1.
Don't mention my wife to me.
She is a cold fish now.
But it still hurts
when she cheats on me.
Your wives might be fooling around
with the neighbor right now.
You know how people say: "Your
kid looks like your neighbor."
I hope that never happens to us.
You never know.
"Never say never!"
I can get you something
very special.
210 and 201.
I can vouch for those two.
Will they do everything?
You'll go home happy.
What about you? 201?
I'd like something on the wild side.
Then I recommend 201.
What about 231? She's fine too.
- I'll take 231.
- Okay.
210. 231.
I heard the attendants get
to test the girls first.
No, we just look
at their bodies.
I heard you get to test them.
No, only with our eyes.
If we get involved,
they won't obey us.
I think I'll look for a second job.
On the weekends?
You should learn massage.
Do you think so?
But classes are expensive.
Once you start working,
you have to payback.
How much does it cost? - 3,000.
But you can pay it back
when you start working.
Does it involve sex?
You learn something new.
I want to know if there's sex.
Yes, some want massage,
some want sex.
I always give sex too.
I don't do just massage.
It makes me tired
and frustrated.
And it's strenuous.
But you earn a lot.
And we're not earning enough here.
There are many new
girls, younger girls.
Older ones too.
But there isn't enough work.
There's too much competition.
A few days ago they brought
in five new ones. Good ones!
That means less work for us.
You said it!
One John per shift won't
even pay for my bus ticket.
How much?
Emma, is this your size?
Is there a sexy top for it?
I'm quite big.
It could fit.
It looks good. Try it on.
It's too sexy for me.
Are you living alone now?
What about your boyfriend?
My boyfriend comes
from Hong Kong.
You're going with a foreigner?
Yes, but we don't live together.
Have you ever had a
crush on a John?
- No.
- Why not?
Maybe because I already
have a boyfriend.
Of all the foreign Johns, which
ones do you dislike most?
I'm scared of the Malaysians.
- Why?
- They're mean.
I don't want any africans.
I've never had one.
They have huge dicks.
They fuck you so hard it
hurts, and they're sadists.
And the Indians stink.
What do you think about Indians?
To me the Malaysians
are bad enough.
- Can I have her for 1,300?
- No.
1,800 is quite cheap.
I don't have so
much money today.
Take pity on the girls.
And who will take pity on me?
Oh please, sir.
I'm low on money and I
still have to eat dinner.
In Japan you would pay ten
times as much for a girl.
Please, make me a better offer.
Sorry, I can't.
- Give me a discount.
- I can't.
1,800 is cheap enough.
Can't you make me a better offer?
I don't understand.
Sometimes I wonder if I'll find
a husband in this lifetime.
I don't need a man, but kids are important.
Or am I too old?
A girl should quit
working at 30.
- And I'm 27.
- What can I say?
I'm nearly 40.
But you still look good.
aren't always easy.
But you have a hot
temper yourself.
How am I supposed to be?
He doesn't listen.
He always has to have his way.
I'm not a machine.
He even wants sex when
I'm doing the laundry.
I'm always careful
with relationships.
But I'm in a mess this time.
I'm too patient
with my boyfriend.
I put up with everything,
except when he drinks.
What's the problem? He's an old
diabetic with high blood pressure.
But he still wants to fuck, all the time.
I know!
How do you stand it?
I do what he wants.
Last time in the car
I just sat there.
I can imagine what happened.
He wants to fuck but can't get it up.
So you must help.
And it never ends.
Don't I know it!
I couldn't stand it.
I figured that's how he is!
With me it's just for money.
I have to feed my family.
At work it's all
over in 30 minutes,
or in a couple of hours.
At home, they never
leave you alone!
My boyfriend is okay,
but he wants sex all the time.
All the time!
The one in the pink
dress is fresh.
Maybe she worked
somewhere else before?
No, she went through
training here.
The one in black
has a good figure.
If you're into big tits.
I like 293 and 210.
209, 280, and 243 too.
- Service guaranteed.
- I see.
Please come out.
You again.
I hope his penis is
too big for you.
She doesn't look
older than 15 or 16.
She is 19 and wonderfully
light skinned.
- Show him a goodtime.
- I will.
Hi, what's your name?
My name is Ann.
Ann, how pretty you are!
243 please.
You come from chiang rai?
How much? - 1,800 please.
That's expensive. No discount?
No, and I expect a tip.
No tips. I'm a stingy foreigner.
A little bit.
Here you go. I'll be nice today.
Thank you! Thank you very much.
For you, child.
Treat him well!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I've been working here
for more than 10 years.
Often the girls have problems,
and I'm here if they need me.
I try to give them
warmth and intimacy.
Most of the girls
need lots of love.
I'm like a second
mother to them.
To relax they go to host clubs
and spend time with bar boys.
That can lead to problems.
If they like a guy, they
spend all their money.
Everything they earn goes
to pampering these guys.
Have a seat!
Can I take my pick?
Have a seat first.
Usually I pick out a guy first.
- A bottle?
- Of course!
A bottle of red label, please!
Can I pick?
I want toh.
Wat, and the one with
the spiky blond hair.
Hey, have toh come
over for a three-way.
Sit next to me.
One more? The one
with the big hair?
Say hi. This is Pam.
What did you order?
Whiskey. But I can't
get any service.
See what a gentleman he is!
With soda and coke!
I don't want a drink. I want
to sleep with you. Really?
Ok, but then you'll
be my customer.
I have to pay?
Sure, you want, you pay.
I wouldn't charge you.
Well, I will.
How does it work? I pay and
you give me my money back.
And love at first sight?
Would you turn down
an older woman?
I like the ones under 30 better.
How old was your oldest one? 40?
- Older even.
- No way!
How old was the very oldest one?
Almost 50? You
should have said no.
She was a customer,
she bought me drinks.
Then put up a sign:
Nobody over 40 allowed!
255 please!
Aren't you coming?
You don't want to
fuck me anymore?
You have to do what?
You're probably tired of my pussy.
You fucked me so many times.
Now you don't want to anymore.
You were here, I saw you.
Come see me and I'll do you
good like I always do.
We'll see, but first come over.
Just get over here.
Have I ever disappointed you in bed?
Don't you like fucking me anymore?
That's a matter of taste.
If you still liked
me, you'd be here.
Why don't you come over?
Am I not as pretty as before?
You're my sweetheart.
But you can't forbid
me to share my body.
I've seen you go into
other girls' rooms.
So come over.
You're getting on my nerves.
Come over now!
Why are you doing this to me?
faridpur, Bangladesh.
Want to come to my room? Sure.
50 is too cheap.
I charge 200.
50 or nothing.
Can't you pay 100?
And only if you're pleased.
Don't make problems.
No I won't.
I won't make problems.
But if you like what
I do, you come back.
Take him!
How much farther?
It's right here.
- Should I come in?
- Yes.
Treat me well!
I'll show you a goodtime.
I'll be right back, I'm going
to get a condom from my mother.
Have a seat.
A condom please!
I'm closing the door now.
What about the client
you had yesterday?
When is he coming back?
The day after tomorrow.
And the one who stayed so long?
When will he be back?
Tomorrow, he said.
Ah, tomorrow.
Your face is the prettiest
on the whole floor.
You will earn well in the
future, God willing.
Hold your head still.
In the morning I woke
up and showered.
Then I rested in my
room and had breakfast.
Then I went downstairs.
I picked up a client. He
was 20 or 21 years old.
That guy wore a panjabi.
After he was done with me,
I had a one-legged man.
After him came an old
grandpa with a white beard.
Right after the old man
I got another customer.
He mishandled me and
I got very angry.
I told him: "You may never
come back to my room."
More followed after that,
around 10 clients altogether.
They were all nice. No
others treated me badly.
One of them was a very
good-looking young man.
He was very nice to me.
He really was.
Another one was a midget.
He was okay.
I've been working in this
job for more than 20 years.
First I was in dinajpur,
but we were driven out.
So I went to saidpur.
After saidpur I came
here to faridpur.
I fell in love in faridpur.
His name is bablu.
We've been in love for
more than 12 years.
But love needs money. Without money
neither love nor lovers last.
At the moment I have four
girls working for me.
We live on a share
of their income.
Without my girls we'd
be on the street.
The street is our future.
The money I earn isn't
enough for a house or a car.
You have a daughter.
Yes, a daughter and a son.
I need a condom.
This is mina. She
has many customers.
I have 3 other girls. One is
pregnant, so she isn't working.
All my girls are the same to me.
I am equally fond
of all of them.
I love them like
my own children.
They are my livelihood,
after all.
I teach them and guide
them about everything.
This is our whole life.
What else do we have?
Think of my daughter.
I live in a brothel district.
Because her mother is a whore,
no one will want to marry her.
If someone does marry her,
it will only be for money.
When there is money, he will love
her, if not, he will kick her out.
And then what? She'll
probably become a whore.
When I am very old, I won't
be able to support her.
She'll have no choice.
She'll become a whore.
The outside world pushes us
out of the way to make room.
Those people are our clients.
Outside, they are disgusted by us; In
here, they love us and our bodies.
Come in with me.
You have on too much makeup.
Leave me alone.
Don't use so much
makeup, sweetie!
Don't you want to come in?
Not today.
Because of a pretty girl downstairs?
Those girls tried, but I said I
have something better upstairs.
I meant you.
So she let me go.
What's my name? Tell me.
Maybe you have no name.
If you told her my name,
you can tell me too.
I said your name is little bird.
You're like a little bird.
Give me a break.
I really did say that.
You're sure you don't
want to come in today?
I don't have enough money.
Show me. I'll take
everything I find.
I only have 15 takas on me.
Come on! And if I find more than that?
Then you can have it.
Really? I'll take everything you have.
Show me.
I had nine customers today.
All nine were really fine. They
were perfect gentlemen with me.
It always depends on
the man's family.
If he comes from a good
family, he has good manners.
If he comes from a bad
family, he has bad manners.
If he comes from a good family,
he should have good manners.
But it depends on
my behavior too.
If I treat him badly,
he treats me badly.
If a girl behaves badly, she
gets a bad reputation quickly.
Customers tell each other:
"Don't go to that girl."
If I lose a customer, then
his friends stop coming too.
I treat my customers right,
so they keep coming back.
Otherwise I would be
left with nothing.
A customer would come
once and never again.
I've been here for 2
months and 6 days.
Today I had 4 customers.
One didn't work with me.
The other 3 customers did.
I asked him: "Why don't
you work with me?"
He said: "I don't want to.
I just want to talk."
I said: "What do you want to talk
about?" He said: "All kinds of things."
I'm not going to work with you.
I said: "Okay, then talk."
We spoke, then he left.
He didn't work with me.
Why are you hesitating? Come
on, let's go to my room!
Don't laugh.
I can't help it.
Laughter always
brings sadness too.
Why cry? I've cried
enough for a lifetime.
I can't help it,
I have to laugh.
Laughing, crying. Both
are a part of life.
No one can see what
is buried deeper.
There is so much
sorrow and pain.
We try to forget sadness
with a little laughter,
but the pain still remains.
After a long hard day's work,
we go there to enjoy
ourselves and have fun.
We have girlfriends
there: Shima, rima, uma.
We spend our spare
time with them.
They give us satisfaction
and we make them happy too.
We fuck in our spare
time, then we go home.
After we eat, we go back again.
Having fun with them
makes us feel good.
Are you done?
Yes, I go to the red-light district. I
have a girl there. Her name is shilpi.
I like her very much. I
sometimes see her twice a day.
She is really nice to me.
She has very pretty eyes.
Everything about her is pretty... her
hands, feet, eyes, eyebrows, lips.
And she's a good girl too.
I only go to other
girls if we fight.
But she finds me.
"Come with me now, she says."
And I go to her
because I love her.
When I have a break, I go
to the bazaar and fuck.
To enjoy myself.
I go at least once
or twice a day.
It's all I think about.
Without the faridpur
brothel district,
women couldn't go out on the
street without being molested.
Men would be so horny
they would rape them.
Without those women, men would
be screwing cows and goats.
The brothel is definitely
good for the area.
If you take it away, the younger
generation would surely suffer.
Me too, because I go
there to relieve myself.
How much?
300 takas. Yes or no?
Can't you charge less?
Not less than 300.
- Go away.
- No, I like her.
She's a poem.
Don't pull me. That is the way!
Some penises work on me too long.
It is hard for me to take them in.
If someone fucks too long, it hurts,
and I have to skip a few customers.
And some penises are too big.
That's another problem.
Putting a big one in
me can hurt too much.
Then I have to skip
a few customers.
But sometimes I do it anyway.
I use creams and oils
to ease the hurt.
Some men come in drunk
and want too much.
To eat my pussy and take
off all my clothes.
Or they try to make me
suck their penises.
If I refuse, they won't
call on me again.
Men don't realize how we sacrifice
our sense of shame for money.
600 takas allows fucking
twice in one hour.
Some penises need time
to get hard again.
You have to drink or eat with
them before the second time.
You can't just push a
button to make it hard.
Hey, jhorna, not with me!
Or I'll fuck with you too.
Sounds like you're itching.
I'm horny, I want sex!
Hi, sweetie, come to mama. Don't
walk by without saying anything.
My heart is beating like crazy.
Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
- Home.
I'm done here.
Coming back tomorrow?
Let go of him.
Is it your business?
I wasn't talking to you.
Fuck off!
Mind your own
business and shut up.
Hey, behave yourself.
Sorry, sorry.
Come on, let's go.
You be quiet.
Where are you going?
What's her name?
All right. Go!
If they say a name, it's okay.
Show me your money.
So later you can't
say you have none.
Come on.
To hell with educated men.
This is a whorehouse.
Here educated and uneducated
men behave the same.
Wait, wait, what's the hurry?
Let go of me.
I just want to talk. What's wrong?
Come with me!
I said leave me alone!
What are you going to do?
Come with me!
If I ask nicely, you
should come with me.
If you're not satisfied, you can leave.
I heard you the first time.
Go in the room!
I'm staying right here.
Grab that coward
and drag him in.
- Get up!
- Don't rush me!
You're asking for trouble.
Get up and come with me!
This is a fucking whore house,
not a family dinner!
Your honor has no place here.
Let's talk outside.
The girl can wait here.
Let's go talk outside.
Stay here, girl.
I'm just going next door for a moment.
I'll be back to talk to you. Okay?
You must be hungry.
Your cheeks are hollow.
Okay, let's go.
How much do you want?
A girl like that
isn't worth 8,000.
I'll take her if you
lower your price.
I have to borrow the
money and pay interest.
What is your offer?
5,000 maximum.
So? What is your answer?
Alright. But not
this low next time.
Bring me a good girl
and I'll pay more.
But I won't pay more for her.
The next one will be better.
I hope so.
Our deal is 5,000. Here.
Count it.
Stay here, I'll be right back.
I want to talk to her first.
Girl, listen...
Where do you come from?
- Comilla?
- Yes.
- Do you have parents?
- Yes.
- Are they alive?
- Yes.
Do you live with
your real mother?
A stepmother.
How long have you
worked the street?
I started 6 years ago.
6 years.
- Yes.
Was that the only work you did in dhaka?
Girls work as whores for me.
Is that clear?
Your hands and feet
are dry and chapped.
Let's see your hair.
Oh dear.
Show me your breasts.
They'll pass.
We'll manage somehow...
Let's see your legs.
What's your name?
- My name is ruma.
- Ruma?
You must stay here one year.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Then I will take care
of you in the future.
After one year, you can
work for yourself.
Do you understand? You
must earn money regularly.
And you must be well-behaved
and use nice language.
You have to solicit clients.
Otherwise how can I give
you a better future?
Do you understand?
Yes, alright.
You can't change your mind after two days.
- What?
- No.
- So what do you say?
- Yes.
Later, you can't say:
"I don't want to stay."
The money I used
to pay for you...
I had to borrow, and I
have to pay it back.
I have to buy you clothes
and fix up your body.
You need makeup too.
I need peppy girls.
Boring girls don't sell.
You're as hot as Bombay chili,
as spicy as garam masala.
No one in this city dares
lock horns with you.
How long will you live
from turning tricks?
How long will you live this way?
Hey, taxi driver, your
fare is 100takas.
You drive back and forth.
That's your own small world.
Why should my job
bother you so much?
I met a madam from
here who said:
"Come with me. You can
earn 500takas a month.
'You'll have a job and a room
for yourself and your child."
I came and saw all of this.
But I didn't know anything
about prostitution.
At first I didn't understand
why there were so many men.
What were all these
men doing here?
I didn't understand any of it.
Slowly I began to figure it out.
When I came here, my
hair was very long.
They cut it and gave me new clothes.
They fixed me up.
My first client...
He was very brutal.
I'd never experienced
anything like it.
I knew how a wife
treats her husband.
But being with strangers?
I didn't understand, but
gradually I learned everything.
Don't do everything a
client asks of you.
Tell him: "I sell my
body but not my soul."
Politely say: "You may use
me up to a certain point."
"I cannot go beyond my limits."
"I am not a slave you
can buy."Understand?
"You cannot cross the
lines I have set."
If a client wants you to put
his cock into your mouth,
say: "No, my mouth is holy. It
recites the sutras of the koran."
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Let's assume you have hugged a
man and tried to arouse him,
but he still can't
get an erection.
Then you wait and let
him touch you all over.
You let him fondle your
breasts until he is hard.
Then you put the
condom on his cock,
lie down, and spread your legs.
When he sees you like
that, he will get horny.
He will push your knees apart, and
penetrate you, with your legs around him.
How much? - 100.
Who got hit?
The crazy girl.
We're not as envious
as they are.
Yes you are! Stop criticizing
the other girls.
You're all the same.
No, they're not as bad.
Don't praise them.
That bitch is so envious.
No customers all day and
finally one came along.
She wanted him, but
he wanted ruma.
She was desperate for business.
I told him: "Ruma isn't here,
but I have another girl."
"She hasn't had a customer all day.
Go to her."
"If you have friends, send
them to that other one."
Listen to her wail.
Don't beat her anymore.
Her crying is going to
drive customers away.
Hey mina! Is your
client still in there?
Rita should have been her madam.
Rita would have stripped her
naked and spread her legs,
shown her pussy to everyone,
then tied her to the toilet.
She wouldn't have fed
her until late night.
And I scold the cook,
when my girls haven't had
breakfast by 7 or 8!
That's why they are
such fat cunts.
You bitch at clients.
They pay for sex and have
to listen to your bitching.
You think there is a shortage
of good whores here?
Are your cunts so special?
Stuck-up idiot!
Does she think she's miss world?
She's got the face of a monkey.
Monkey face!
Get up and dress, idiot.
Right now!
I'm getting rid of you!
Change into your own clothes.
Go back where you came from.
You, get up!
Wash your hands and face.
All the sandals I've bought you!
Wash your hands and face!
Watch it! I'll whip you!
I won't fight anymore.
I don't want you anymore.
Why stay with me?
Go back where you came from.
Look at the shit I
have to put up with!
- Get out!
- Forgive me!
Forget it.
My mother wasn't a whore. If you
don't work, I can't feed you.
- I'll try harder.
- Fuck that.
Take your things down
and get dressed. Now!
Make me mad and my hand
will do the talking.
Get dressed.
Two customers came in and
I said: "I've got them."
But ruma wanted them.
She grabbed them, but I
didn't want to let go.
One wanted to stay.
She tried to take
him with force.
I said: "He's mine."
Madam came and slapped
me in the face twice.
Then she told ruma:
"This is your fault."
She told me: "You know
ruma is always jealous."
After she hit me she told me:
"You stay here and I'm
going to send ruma back."
But she still won't
get any customers.
She just stands there.
I know it was my mistake.
That's why I got slapped.
I sometimes had good,
sometimes bad customers.
Some customers treated me well.
I spend a lot of time waiting.
But some days I have
no customers at all.
I am sad when I don't
have customers.
And my madam gets
angry and scolds me.
Most of my customers
have been good to me.
There's something
else I'd like to say.
We women are actually
very unhappy creatures.
It is very hard to
survive as a woman.
Why do women have to suffer this much?
Isn't there another path for us?
Is there a path at all?
Who can truly answer
this question?
I used to get so many clients.
More than you can imagine.
Now I'm older, and
business is slow.
It's hard for me.
Time doesn't stop.
I've grown old,
and that makes this life hard.
No clients wait for me.
She knows they hound
me every day.
Nothing but trouble! Try
and earn your keep!
Every evening they come
here and squeeze me dry.
And she acts like a queen and
doesn't turn a single trick.
There aren't any men.
What can I do?
I give the collectors everything
and they still complain.
We only eat when you work!
I give the collectors everything I
have, but they won't leave me alone.
That whore is the worst!
She just wiggles her ass.
I'm going to whip
your ass, bitch.
They turn off the power every
night at the same time.
Click, and it's gone.
Then the landlord goes around,
collecting the rent from everyone.
He gets angry with me.
He wants me to vacate my room.
Since I have no clients,
he wants me to move out.
He yells at me and
humiliates me.
I endure all this.
Where else can I go?
I have nowhere to go.
In order to crush
the devils head
you need the power of God.
In order to crush
the devils head
you need the power of God.
Crush him! Crush him!
Crush him with your power.
Crush him! Crush him!
Crush him with your power.
The blood of Christ
has the power!
The blood of Christ
has the power!
The blood of Christ
has the power!
The blood of Christ
has the power!
In his name.
In his name!
I'll tell you about the girls!
I like to come to
the zone because
I like the tall, skinny chicks
with their red panties.
Fucking makes me feel good.
I come here once a week.
I like to fuck them in the
ass, but they charge more.
I like pounding ass,
fucking, blowjobs.
I like everything.
What about you?
I like coming to
the zone because
our girlfriends don't
do what these girls do.
These girls aren't as uptight,
they do anything
you can imagine.
They let you finger them
and fuck them in the ass.
Sometimes I pay to
watch them masturbate.
I like to watch.
It gets me hot so I
feel like fucking them.
What about you?
I like to eat their pussies.
But they've been fucking
lots of other guys.
I like the young ones,
the high school girls.
I like to eat their pussies.
And I like to fuck them in the ass.
But then they fart.
I peel off their
thongs with my teeth
and eat them out.
I like chicks here and I
like tattoos, gringo.
Thezone reynosa, Mexico.
You could have brought
me hot chocolate!
Today we say farewell.
Who knows until when?
Perhaps for the
rest of our days.
Someday we might remember how
much we meant to each other,
that we loved each other.
But today we are
only acquaintances.
And if we should meet again
on a street one evening,
you will pick up your pace,
and I will cross the street,
as if I hadn't seen you.
Here we get Hondurans,
Cubans, Guatemalans,
Americans, Israelis, Chinese,
Indians, arabs,
puerto ricans, venezuelans...
From everywhere.
I've fucked men from
all over the world.
I've worked in Cancun,
Tijuana, veracruz, tampico,
Monterrey, Guadalajara,
agua prieta, mexicali,
and Mexico city. Many places.
But always in brothels.
I don't have a steady
boyfriend or lover.
But I'm human, a woman,
and I'm not frigid.
I like cocks. I get
horny, I have orgasms.
I get paid for it,
and I enjoy it.
I'm paid to have fun!
Come here, baby. I'll
show you a goodtime.
I've never fallen in
love with a client.
No, it's against my rules.
Even if they have a superstar
or a super model at home,
they come here because
it's different.
Steak and fries gets boring
if you eat it daily.
You don't eat steak and
fries every day either.
She can be fat or short, as
long as she's different.
Because sex with the
same woman gets boring.
Hey, sweetie! How
about a blowjob?
Almighty father, I
offer myself to you
that thy will be done.
Release me from my servitude
and my selfishness.
Help me to achieve all this,
I put myself in your hands.
You're nervous.
I can feel it.
I'm drawing the evil
from your body.
I free you from black
magic and spells.
Almighty father!
Holy death!
Here and now.
I thank you for releasing me
from evil spells,
from black magic,
from witchcraft,
from illness.
Prayer to holy death.
Lord, in your divine
presence, almighty God,
father, son, and holy ghost,
I beg for your permission to
turn to my most holy death,
my white lady...
You glorious and powerful
goddess of death,
I beg you, my
protector and master,
grant me this favor.
Invincible woman that
you are, I implore you,
make carlito fall
deeply in love with me
so that he sees not on my appearance
but the beauty of my soul.
May he come to me submissive,
faithful and on his knees.
Lord, in your divine
presence, almighty God,
father, son, and holy ghost,
I beg for your permission to
turn to my most holy death,
my white lady...
You glorious and powerful
goddess of death,
I beg you, my
protector and master,
grant me this favor.
Invincible woman that
you are, I implore you,
make Juan Pablo fall
deeply in love with me
so that he sees not on my appearance
but the beauty of my soul.
May he come to me submissive,
faithful and on his knees.
Lord, in your divine
presence, almighty God,
father, son, and holy ghost,
I beg for your permission to
turn to my most holy death
I got this holy death tattoo
to help me die a good death.
If you want to go, you go.
If not, you stay.
That's all.
Your mind is your prison.
That's how I've
always looked at it.
I can check out if I
want; If not, I stay.
That's all.
If she doesn't take your life,
you have to do it yourself.
That one fucks good. Fantastic.
Real nice.
And she sucks cock
without condoms.
That's what I like most.
Cheers, my friend!
Hi, mamacita!
I like to come here
and get drunk.
All these hot asses. It's great!
Not many whores out today, too cold.
I'll turn around.
I'm going to fuck one of these
whores real good tonight.
Mamacitas! Goddamn, bitches!
I'm horny as hell.
Fucking whores!
These bitches can be
fucking sluts sometimes.
Yes or no, babe?
They're scared of my huge rod.
Green-eyed cat, you little slut.
This place is nice.
But it's deserted today.
Too cold.
Fucking shit.
The fucking street is full of potholes.
Fucking zone!
But if you want to fuck, this is the place.
These girls are hot.
He there!
How's it going?
I love these girls.
They sure knowhow to move!
It costs 100 pesos. 200to fuck.
200 includes everything.
Blow job and everything.
Anal and everything.
But with a condom.
Fucking aids!
Fucking whores!
Nobody here today.
Not even the bitch in room 124.
She fucks like a dream.
That one, holy shit!
The queen!
They're scared.
That one is hot!
I'm crazy about 147, but it
doesn't look like she's working.
Too cold for her.
I'll cruise the zone
tomorrow to fuck her.
I promise.
Hey sugar, how much? - 500.
For everything?
Blowjob and fuck.
Where's your room?
Let's go!
I'm a virgin because
they say after 90 days
the vagina closes up again
if you don't have sex.
The last time I had a cock
in me was 3 years ago.
I'm retired from cocks.
But for 25 years,
I was number one.
I used to have40 Johns a day.
I sucked and fucked.
I showed my tits: Chocolate and vanilla.
Come here, daddy.
These, like this.
I showed my tits and
said: "Come and get it!"
Chocolate and vanilla
for a tit fuck.
But blow jobs were my specialty.
I gave rim jobs and
frozen blowjobs.
What are those?
A blow job with an ice cube.
You put a piece of
ice in your mouth,
then you suck on the head of his
cock with your tongue and the ice.
You run your lips over his veins and balls,
with the ice cube still in your mouth.
You maneuver the ice cube over
his head and nibble on it.
Then you jerk him off and rim him,
sticking the ice cube up his ass.
Rimming is the best because
it makes them moan.
If his asshole is dirty,
prepare a bowl of chlorine.
Wipe it clean with a towel. If
it's still not clean, bleach it!
If it doesn't stink anymore, you
can put the ice in his hole.
Once the ice is in there,
they bleat like goats.
They roll their eyes and bleat.
Works on everyone. Like a vibrator.
Job done!
Generally, when a
man comes here,
he is only interested in coming.
The woman doesn't matter.
They come here like animals.
They enter...
They want you ready. 100
pesos for normal sex.
Normal means they
spread your legs,
they climb on top and fuck.
Many want to kiss,
but it's disgusting.
Their breath can smell
like they ate a lion.
Or they take off their socks
and it stinks like toe cheese.
But you just bear it.
100 pesos is money.
Now every time you change positions,
it costs another 50 pesos.
We did everything
for 100 in my day,
back when I was still
working as a whore.
When I worked, I wasn't just
any whore, I was the whore.
What did I do? Doggie
style, for example.
You get down on all fours and
his balls are dangling...
I don't want my delicious
drink to fall over.
He's standing over you with his
balls swinging like church bells.
Like the bells in an
old village church.
Then there is the fake fuck.
You climb on top of him and
wrap your hand around his cock.
But before that, you put
lubricant all over your hand.
Then you moan and
act like it's real.
"'Yeah, daddy, that
feels so good."
He thinks he's inside you, fucking you.
Poor fool.
It's all just a trick.
There are lots of tricks,
for blowjobs too.
Lubricate your neck
for his cock to rub.
Play with his balls with
his cock on your neck.
He thinks it's in your
mouth, but it's not.
In the old days we
worked without condoms.
Blow jobs were raw.
You think you're getting
fresh baby milk.
Or yogurt, but some guys gave
a mouthful of sour cream.
One guy squirted
chunks of cheese!
But it was money.
They would come in your
face, your its or ass.
I'm a proud person,
and I don't want
people to see me cry.
And I tell everyone:
"Look at me!"
"A napkin please!"
"I need to cry."
"I need to cry."
And then I do this
so I don't have to show
that I'm really crying.
"I'm crying!"
What a clown I am!
A clown with a happy face.
The whole world
thinks I am laughing,
but inside my heart is crying.
So I do this,
and I am being ironic.
But I don't want
anyone to see me cry.
No matter what the situation is.
You want to hide your feelings.
But you aren't even crying.
No, I'm not crying.
Who says you are crying?
People cry tears of
happiness too, right?
Once when I was down and
out you gave me clothes.
You had to hide the
bag full of clothes.
You took the bag over there
so the others wouldn't see.
I said, that's okay,
I'm not ashamed.
And when the tears fall off,
I just use a little spit
and stick them back on.
I'd rather have the others see these tears.
It's the truth!
The tears are real!
The pimps come from
tenancingo, puebla, tlaxcala.
Lots are from tenancingo
or San Pablo del monte.
They usually spend a week in
villages, looking for naive girls.
This works for them because the girls
see all that money for the first time.
The pimps promise
them a better life.
It's easy for the pimps
to persuade them.
They show them affection or
actually pretend to love them.
And the girls end up
staying with them.
Or the pimps threaten to hurt
their families and children.
And then there's no escape.
Some of the men use black magic.
They put a spell on
the girls' underwear.
And then they can't
leave anymore.
Some clients send their sons.
These young men are
really well-behaved.
They come to us and tell us
their fathers sent them.
We come here because...
We want to fuck.
We want anal sex. We
want to pound ass!
And sometimes it's cheap,
but sometimes those crazy
bitches charge too much.
And cops wait outside the gate.
To bust us, those cocksuckers!
And make us pay.
This guy likes older women. Why?
They're a good fuck.
They know what to do.
Ooh baby!
You're still a fuckin' faggot.
Once a father came with his son.
He had just turned fifteen.
He wanted his son to
feel like a real man.
I was supposed to make his
first time a good experience.
I treated him right.
He went away happy because
we took our time.
He was so happy.
His father came and thanked me.
And later the boy
came back again too.
He brought a friend.
He told his friend:
"This woman took my virginity."
"She turned me into
the man I am today."
Once I had a client...
He was totally in love with me.
He wanted to marry me. He
was young and still single,
but he was extremely fat.
And I wasn't in love with him.
He told me he would do
everything in his power
to make me to fall
in love with him.
I said: "Okay."
"Fine, whatever."
After a while he came back
and he had had an operation.
He was very skinny and
said: "Look at me."
"This is the way you
like your men."
And I said: "What did you do?
Are you crazy?"
He said: "I did it
because I love you."
I said: "Oh no! You
shouldn't have done that."
"You're crazy.
That's not right."
"It doesn't matter," he said.
"I did it for you."
"Because I love you."
I said: "I'm sorry, I can't."
"I can't lie to you."
How should I explain it?
"I can't be phony and
pretend I love you."
"Truth is, I don't love you."
I don't want to trick people
by pretending I love them.
Maybe you can fool a
client for a while,
but that's all.
But with love?
I can't fake love. No.
Not with people who really
mean something to me.
I want to be honest. It
should come from the heart.
You are.
Like a precious stone.
Like divine jewel.
Truly valuable.
My eyes don't deceive me.
My eyes don't deceive me.
My eyes don't deceive me.
Your beauty is unequalled.
How's it going, sugar?
How are you?
How much?
100 pesos.
For everything?
Different positions cost extra.
We discuss it inside.
Look what you get.
100 please.
100 plus what?
You pay extra for
different positions.
How much?
Depends on what you want.
A blow job costs 100.
Sex in different positions
costs another 200.
So altogether 300.
I'll give you 200.
No, 300.
I just have 200, girl. Alright.
But then be fast.
For 200 it's fast, okay? Okay.
- Do I pay afterwards?
- No, now.
The condom is the
most important thing.
Double wrapped?
What's your name?
We don't ask that here.
Last position. If you don't come,
it's not my problem. Okay?
That's it, honey, 20 minutes.
- Already?
- Yeah.
That quick?
If you want more, it costs more.
- I don't have anymore.
- Sorry.
Come back with more money and
I'll do whatever you want.
You didn't tell me your name.
No names here, honey.
Just between us.
Forget it.
- Why?
- Just because.
- It was good, babe.
- Thanks.
Open the door!
- See you.
- Bye.
- Who is the Saint for?
- No one.
- Who is the Saint for?
- No one.
- To honor her.
- Right.
I swore I'd get tattooed,
but I never did.
One day in the baston bar,
I had just finished working
all day and night,
I went to my room
and spoke to her:
"Please don't let anyone
harass me anymore."
She appeared to me that day.
And no one has
harassed me since.
I call that awesome.
If she were here,
I'd eat her pussy.
And besides...
You want me to say that again?
She helps you die a good death.
She takes you by the hand.
But she brings you back too,
even from the devil himself.
You bet your balls.
That's the truth. We've
tried it ourselves.
How many times have
we killed ourselves?
And then she says: "Aren't
you smoking crack today?"
And I say: "Nooo."
Or I'll turn into a demon.
But that's not what it's about.
Why are you acting like this?
Because it's true.
Why are you so different?
Because I want to be and I can,
and because my pussy
is driving me crazy.
Yes sir!
Smoke this, silly.
Look at my sneakers. They suck.
I'll buy you new ones tomorrow.
If not, I'll buy
myself new ones.
Should we continue?
Next lesson!
Oh shit.
You're terrible.
Don't be chicken.
Do you want to fight?
Don't talk about the zone.
Why not?
This place is the pits, but you
stay and suck cock and smoke crack.
True, but it's none
of your business.
I can smoke and let myself go if I want.
I deserve it.
Nothing's free around here.
No one gives me anything.
Just when they stick
their cocks into me.
I gave you something.
I came into my room and there
was money lying there from her.
"For you."
"Go get yourself a
rock of crack."
And what did I want?
What did I want?
Tell them what I wanted, bitch.
But I said:
"Hey bitch, now
here's my money."
"And you eat my pussy."
- Did I do it?
- No.
I'm not into that.
You'd fall in love with
me if I ate your pussy.
All that aside, here's to
good times and good vibes.
I'm not kidding. We're losers.
- Here's to good times!
- Yeah.
It's December. Christmas Eve.
Presents for the whole family.
And us?
We're getting fucked.
With the residents of
faridpur in the cityof joy,
the residents of
reynosa in the zone,
the ladies and staff at
the fishtanks in Bangkok.