Who's Crazy? (1969) Movie Script

[combo, with violin: free jazz]
[woman] When
a' You're sad a'
a' Don't cry a'
a' Won't stop crying a'
a' For long a'
a' If you do a'
a' Then you smile a'
A' A while A'
a' Not for long a'
Sadness a'
Ennui a'
a' Let's cry a'
Or smile I
[music box: lullaby]
[chorus chanting]
[chanting continues]
[free jazz]
[woman] ls God?
Is man? r
Is God? r
Is man? r
[woman 2] ls man God'?
-ls Goa'...
-[woman 1] Man?
a' It's a great question a'
a' That tantalizes a'
-: Believers r
- Believers.
- And. ..
-4' Atheists a'
- Who possibly. ..
- Suspect that the...
That the answer is God'
-. Is man? a'
u' Is man? a'
-. Is man God? r
a' Is man God? a'
-. Man? God? a'
-. Is man Godf? a'
a' And if you are man a'
What is man? We have to begin...
What is man? r
We have to begin with man
because it as man that we ask these. . .
A' Quest... a'
[free jazz, up-tempo]
[shouting, shrieking]
[woman] Come on.
[barking continues]
[door rattles]
[all shouting, laughing]
[nervous laugh]
[man murmuring]
[woman humming]
[high-pitched whistling]
[pots and pans clatter]
[high-pitched whistling continues]
[man] What?
[Shouting] What? What?
[people chattering]
[child chattering]
[continues blowing]
-[low whistle]
[man laughing]
[laughing, chattering]
[monkey-like chattering]
[monkey-like chattering continues]
[monkey-like chattering continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[man] Oh, our matchmaker.
- Ha,ha,ha,ha!
-[woman] Who's the matchmaker?
[woman] Who's crazy?
-[imitating dog howling]
-[imitating cat yowling]
[woman, laughing] You're crazy.
You're crazy.
[deep breath, low whistle]
[man] You are fucking mad.
[woman] With the more sophisticated
societies of the ancient world...
cosmological... a' Nothing a'
was proved
that there were many gods.
[bell tinkling]
Much closer to the deity
of modern monotheism
was the
a' Egyptian sun god Aten a'
which the pharaoh forced
on his polytheistic people
a' As the only god a'
[high-pitched yelp]
[person clapping]
[bell tinkling]
[woman] Come on!
[low chanting]
[all chanting]
[all chanting]
[all chanting]
[chanting stops]
[blowing note]
[woman] What is man?
What is the purpose
Of this existence? a'
What is life?
[stove clatters]
Where's the water?
Water. Water.
- Water for coffee.
- Where's the water?
Where's the water?
Wa... ter!
[woman] Water
- Wawa!
- Water!
[all] Water! Water! Water!
- Water!
- Water! Wawa!
-[man] Glug, glug, glug!
- Water.
-[all chanting] Water! Water! Water!
-[all chanting]
- Wawa!
[chanting continues]
[man] Water!
[singing, indistinct]
[low, indistinct]
[low, indistinct]
Water appears as ocean
Stop trying to pity me.
Don't dominate me.
I've never tried to dominate you.
I want you to rest.
You'll help me more by resting.
Don't explain. I understand.
Yes, I will explain.
You started it when you started
talking about that man.
You think I couldn't see
what you were driving at?
- Mario!
If the milkman says indecent things to me,
he does to you too.
But you love mingling.
You'd better see whether everything...
You'd better see whether
everything is in order.
As monsieur says,
he's always finding the maid's hairs
on the pinks of the roses.
You love mingling.
So it's not enough...
not enough to be raped by a milkman
who goes blithely through our garrets.
Besides, we haven't got time
to start a scene now.
But it's my turn to dominate you.
It's been terrible under that guy.
There's water here,
and he won't tell us where it is.
We tried everything.
- I think we should call a court.
-[man] A court!
Come over here.
We're gonna have a meeting.
Gonna have a meeting!
[chairs clattering]
[man] Everything in order.
[man] How can we ever possibly
exist here without water?
[man 2] Without water.
[man 1] We know that there's water here.
[man 2] We want this water.
[man 1] Why don't we
put this guy up on trial...
...and find if there's water?
Look, we've got to have water.
- In order to try this guy...
- Guilty.
...there's got to be a legal court.
We need a real court.
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
But we can all be the judge.
Who's going to ask him to come here?
[water running]
[loud banging]
[man] Court is in session!
Ah! Ah. Come on.
- Prepare the indictment.
- The defense.
- Who's going to apply the handwrit?
- What's that?
The handwrit.
Case for the accused.
Who's preparing the case for the accused?
Im thirsty!
- Cross-examination!
- Cross-examination!
- Stand! Stand for it.
-[man chattering]
Case for the accused.
He talks, she talks, he talks.
- Talk.
- Talk.
- Where's the water?
- Say something.
I'm trying to help YOU-
Where is the water?
Where is the water?
Jean, answer for the accused.
Jenny, answer for Jean.
Henry, watch them.
Case for the accused!
- What is wrong with this?
- What?
- What's that?
Im not anything at all
without these robes.
- Quickly.
- Im grading him.
[banging on table]
There is nothing here about a vote.
Jean must decide.
[woman] He cannot be judged.
He's crazy.
[others murmur]
Water. He's crazy.
- Crazy.
- Hmm.
-Crazy has to be proved!
- Let the court decide.
- Well, who decides?
- The court.
The court.
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Thank you. Thank you.
- There's water!
- Agua!
- Where'd you get the water?
-[all shouting]
- Water!
- Water!
[exclaiming, shouting]
[all chanting]
[chanting continues]
[chanting continues]
[chanting continues]
[man] Dessert! Dessert!
[chanting continues]
[chanting continues]
Who wants eggs?
How about... How about...
How about my glass?
[man, indistinct]
I have something else over here.
[man] Hello!
- Help!
- Hello!
[playing flute]
[blowing single note]
[man exclaims]
[both laughing]
I want to show you something.
Do you want to see something pretty?
[humming continues]
All brain functions that
go along with consciousness
take place in a more intense way.
In a state of expanding
consciousness... [indistinct]
...to sharpen oneself,
to know oneself better.
...realize the one seen by others.
Very important.
...the one seen by others.
And can always be seen,
and it always looks different.
Sometimes you're right side up,
sometimes you're upside down.
It's very important.
Very important concept.
Instruction or information
through a dream or vision.
[huffing continues]
Should you desire to receive
reliable instructions
in regard to something
through a vision or a dream,
then purify yourself
by fasting and bathing.
Pronounce the Psalm with
the holy name Jah seven times.
[woman] Jah.
[man, huffing] Jam
[woman] Jah!
Jehovah, verse one. Napshi, verse three.
And according to
the alphabetical order Aasch Bechar,
according to which the letters
'He' and 'Nun'...
[huffing strenuously]
[singing, indistinct]
[singing, indistinct]
[singing, indistinct]
[discordant notes]
[no audible dialogue]
[chanting gibberish]
[man chanting gibberish]
[all chanting gibberish]
- Hold it, hold it, hold it.
-[drumming stops]
That man is sleeping.
He's dancing.
Like all of you. You're dancing.
But in his sleep, we awoke...
had a dream.
And in this dream...
I was in an abyss.
And in this abyss,
who were all together...
and there was a holy man there.
Holy man, his voice dripping with love,
and he said, There is no sin to me.
And I said, Yeah!
And the abyss trembled.
The abyss, the institutions
and the detention homes...
that penal colony of...
chamber of horrors!
Drifting where, in the world,
all the maledictions
and the outcasts
and the scum
finally, eventually meet together.
- We are together.
[playing softly]
If you happen to speak...
speak only when it is necessary.
So I speak to you now,
but soon the vibrations...
you will feel them.
Vibrations of love...
are very strong!
Space, no distance.
[all vibrating]
Everything is holy.
The poem is holy.
That man said it.
The games of children,
pure and free like the wind.
Look up, look and see the sun shining.
And the blue, the cobalt blue...
it's all around us.
And you don't see it.
[man] That's crazy.
- Everything is nothing.
-[man] Crazy.
-[woman] Crazy.
- Yes!
-[man] You're out of your mind.
- With a new freedom.
Im going to marry this woman immediately!
[no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
[man] With this stick...
we end all evil.
With this holy stick, we end all hate.
With this holy stick,
we end all sorrow.
And now you will become
eternally united...
happy, content.
[bell tinkling]
This white liquid...
is the male.
This bread...
the female.
[all chanting]
[chanting continues]
[all vocalizing, chanting]
[vocalizing, chanting]
[speaking German]
Damn snow.
I think it's this, uh, house.
[speaking foreign language]
[sharp whistle]
[man] It brings...
eternal life.
Freedom and peace.
health and sanity.
[shrieking, vocalizing]
[chattering, singing]
[man] Some more of this.
-[banging on table]
-[man shouts]
-[all laughing]
Ah, yeah!
Yeah! Yeah!
[all vocalizing]
[man] Bread. Bread.
[man moans]
- You weren't looking.
Nice people do not sit in this place.
[man] What?
-[loud belching]
-[man] Bravo!
[all groaning, muttering, coughing]
Come on.
It's supposed to be eight o'clock.
This is too insane. Very strange.
It's always eight o'clock.
Everybody knows that.
[all exclaiming, shrieking]
[loud clattering]
[all shouting]
[shouting in foreign language]
[engine cranking]
[horn honking]
[coughing, gasping]
[voices chanting, vocalizing]
[woman vocalizing]
...and everything starts again
in the direction of the sun.