Why Cheat India (2019) Movie Script

'In this country,
dreams are sold on pamphlets.'
'Be it losing weight in a week,
or looking fairer.'
'But the country is
swept by a wave of madness'
'when enrolments begin for Engineerin
Medical and Management courses.'
'These enrolments guarantee fancy car
flashy suits, and hefty salaries.'
'These dreams are seen by parents,
but fulfilled by their children.'
'It's one big circus'
'and 'I' am its Ring-master.'
'And I mean it when I say that
many have been dancing to my tunes.'
'But this one is special.'
'Trapped in the quagmire
of his father's dreams.'
'This is Sattu.'
'Aka Satyendra Dubey.'
For four years, he's been in Kota
the hub of India's education factory
'serving a rigorous life-sentence
in its coaching mines.'
'Sattu's father, Yogesh,
has nestled him'
'in a rented apartment
with the necessary amenities.'
'And his phone has enough balance jus
to receive calls from his father..'
'or his elder sister, Nupur.'
'Sattu's landlord
is his local guardian.'
'He ensures that Sattu doesn't have
to step out even to buy a toothpaste.
'For this, he charges Sattu's
father an additional Rs. 1000.'
'But this is no laughing matter.'
'Going out to buy even toothpaste
can waste 10 precious minutes..'
in which Sattu can easily
solve three Calculus equations.'
'All these saved minutes, days
spent in solving Calculus problems..'
'and the months and years, are
all taking Sattu towards the moment..
'when his exile in Kota will end and
he will appear for the Entrance Exams
'And, Sattu will begin living his fat
dream believing it to be his destiny.
Stop here.
10 rupees more.
I'll take that.
- How much from the station till here
Bless you.
All good?
The poor chicken had to
be martyred because of you today.
Aren't you going to eat?
Did you have a change of heart?
Mum, did she cook it?
You wish!
She's only good for making small talk
She's afraid of breaking
a nail while cooking.
Are you planning to feed
your husband only frozen food?
Not again.
Remember what we agreed on?
No discussion about marriage
before I don't graduate.
But you never listen.
It's not easy to find a suitable groo
Even if I start now, won't take me
less than 2 years to find one. - Satt
Mother, did you have your tea?
Hey, hero!
Hello, grandma.
Hello, uncle.
- Hello.
Dad, can I...
Yeah go, we'll continue this
conversation over evening tea.
Come on...
- Let's go.
Yogesh, you're eating
chicken on a Tuesday?
My son has returned home from Kota.
Once he secures an Engineering seat..
I guarantee a special
treat for everyone.
From Nafeel.
Sattu. Sattu.
Drink this.
Stir it well.
You always leave the
powder at the bottom.
'Just like the legendary Abhimanyu
who broke through the quagmire...'
'Sattu is under pressure to crack
his engineering entrance exam today.'
'The next three hours will decide'
'whether his years of hard work
and effort were in vain or fruitful.'
Walk carefully.
Five minutes to go. Do a quick revisi
Look, the bell has rung.
All the best!
Bless you.
What happened to you?
Tried committing suicide
just to escape studying.
- Then?
Then what?
His father's a jerk.
Got him fixed up and
brought him here for the exam.
No one will make any noise please.
How was the exam, son?
- It was okay.
Will you pass?
We'll see.
Would you rather see
the sole of my shoe instead?
Dad, two questions in Physics
were out of the syllabus.
Everyone outside was
discussing the same thing.
You have to clear the exam.
Dad, this isn't the only
Engineering Institute in India.
There are many others.
Why do you always
make a fuss about this?
Come freshen up.
- Listen..
This 'fuss' is how I raised you,
my dear.
And this is how I
paid for your education.
It's how I afford a square meal.
This man who creates a 'fuss'
is not your enemy, he's your father.
Running a family is not easy.
Money is the key here.
We don't hail from a wealthy family.
When I come home every day,
earning a buck by hook or crook..
You never say that
I am making a 'fuss'.
Did you ever ask?
Did you?
And I am making a fuss, eh!
You always fall sick when we need you
- Just go.
No one's ever died of a little fever.
- My body is hurting.
Listen. Do you know anyone else
out there? - No.
Let me speak to him.
Why would anyone go so early
to check the results?
What happened?
You know dad can't wait.
He's had his fourth
cup of tea since morning.
And hasn't even been
to the washroom yet.
He sent brother Sonu all the
way to Kanpur to check my results.
But Sonu couldn't
go because he fell sick.
It's a matter of one day.
The result would've been
declared in the news paper anyway.
One day, huh.
How are you so calm?
Aren't you stressed?
I think I didn't make it.
Till date, dad has spent
Rs. 575,000 on me.
Even if I commit suicide, dad will
recover that money from my dead body!
Do you want a slap?
Stop worrying about money.
Are you worried about my dowry?
Don't be.
So you're planning to elope and marry
That's not a bad idea, Sattu.
Think about dad.
He won't have to spend
a fat amount on my wedding.
And people won't get a chance
to dislike the food behind his back.
And.. for this idea,
I'll give you a treat.
Learn to make flatbreads first!
Thank you! Thank you very much!
My son's been selected, sir!
Call Nafeel for the biryani.
- Of course, sir! Of course!
Where are you?
What happened?
- Wait, I'll tell you.
Sattu did it!
I just found out.
Mom, you can forget
about your diabetes today.
Brother Sattu, you did it.
Brother Sattu. Brother Sattu.
Brother Sattu, you did it.
Sattu, you were fantastic.
Brother Sattu. Brother Sattu.
Can you hear the hullabaloo, brother?
It's confirmed. It's him.
You're the pride of Jaunpur.
He hung up.
- Hung up.
I hung up, Brother won't hang up.
Now pay up.
Rs. 5,100 for the achiever.
Take a picture.
And a sewing machine for the daughter
Take a picture.
Mixer-grinder for the sister-in-law.
Brother Sattu.
Listen, you guys need
to move to the row below.
But we've bought
tickets for these seats.
Are you high? Or are you blind?
Haven't you seen his
posters around the city?
This is Babban.
No, no, he's just got
admission in Engineering.
And he hasn't watched a single
film for years, so he's excited.
Is that what all
the excitement is about?
My father got into Parliament.
Do you expect me to dive
into the screen and hug Bobby Deol?
Get up.
Get up!
Hey. The children were
smart enough to understand.
Do you need a separate invitation?
I am not getting up from this seat.
I learned that from your father,
the Politician.
Let the children watch the film.
They will vote for
you when they grow up.
Are you taking us for granted?
It will be curtains for you
even before the titles start rolling.
Let's go from here.
- Wait...
Please enjoy the film.
Go up there.
- Yes. I'll check.
13 and 14 are our seats.
Please come.
Come on, we'll continue this
show in the Police Station now.
Enjoy the film.
And by the way, Kajol is the murderer
Come on.
Thank you, sir.
So how was the celebration yesterday?
Don't ask, sister.
You won't believe
what happened yesterday. - Why?
He really beat the
crap out of those goons.
And they were not some ordinary goons
They had guns.
But the guy was full of confidence.
Hope he wasn't a goon himself.
No, you didn't hear him speak, sister
And, what if he hadn't shown up?
You shouldn't be going to such places
Now don't talk like mom.
So what about your
post-graduation plans?
Leave it.
I am trying to forget about it.
Don't remind me please.
Give me a hand here.
Hey, that's the same guy.
Hold this.
What happened?
- Hold this.
At least lend me a hand...
Take it.
Thank you brother.
Come, let's get something to eat.
So what rank did you score?
And thank you for yesterday.
Forget it.
There's no sorry and
thank you amongst friends.
You nailed it, didn't you?
Mr. Agarwal's son in Shashtri Nagar
cleared the medical entrance exam..
For which he got
his son a 156cc motorcycle.
But you deserve a helicopter!
Can you fly one?
I see.
How many hours did you study?
5 hours of sleep.
6 hours in classes..
1 hour for miscellaneous
stuff and 12 hours of self-study.
Which coaching center?
B.K. Agarwal, brother.
The one on Singhura Road.
Near the Confectionery shop.
What's the owner's name?
Madan Chauhan?
- Yes.
That bloody, he must have
robbed your father of a heavy sum.
What does he do?
- Service.
I see.
Any side income or is
he struggling with his debts?
Actually, he had to
borrow a pretty big sum.
What are his plans to repay the money
I guess that comes
after your placement, huh?
Son, it's clearly visible on your fac
The responsibility.
Who else is in the family?
An older sister.
Old enough to get married.
My mother, who's keeping sick.
I just want to make it in life, broth
Getting emotional?
Need a handkerchief?
You have a long way
to go before you make it.
But your family must
be under tremendous pressure.
I have a couple of options
for people like you.
I've helped boys like you before.
Any intentions of appearing
for Regional or local entrance exams?
Your mind must be fresh.
Will you appear for them?
Now there's no need for that, brother
Human needs are endless!
Opportunities come to an end.
Dreams come to an end.
Even bloody life comes to an end.
But 'needs' never end.
Well anyway, I thought
you can easily earn Rs. 50,000.
But let it be.
Brother, what does one get
50 million for?
Forget it.
You enjoy your vacation, young chap.
If you need help, call me.
My name is Rakesh Singh.
And if you run into any spoilt kid of
a politician next time,
just take my name.
Everything will be fine.
After breaking the Provident Fund,
Rs. 0.6 million to Rs. 0.7 million
can be arranged from which the demand
of the groom's family can be fulfille
But Sattu's tuition
fee will still remain!
Hello, son.
Sit. Sit.
Take these divine offerings from
the temple of Kanthenath.
Surely you can take these!
Or have you forgotten God after
clearing your Engineering Exam?
Go on.
Why were you sounding like
an old scooter on the phone?
Yes, sir! Coming.
Brother, yesterday you
said I could earn money..
And I thought that
even I can make some money.
Of course, you can.
Anything is possible
if you put your heart in it.
Have you ever looked
around in the exam hall?
Ever wondered how many
kids in there are just blank.
Was everyone in Kota as smart as you?
No, but they worked hard.
Yes. There were a couple
of guys who didn't study at all.
There are many who
rub the Engineering Lamp.
But the genie only
comes out for Aladdin!
There are millions of candidates.
And how many seats?
Around 10,000.
And, what about those
trying for regional, or local..
Or anything they
can get their hands on.
Very less. Hard to say.
I help such people.
Now, if someone answers
the exam for these kids
on their behalf...
Won't that be great?
You mean someone else writes the
paper instead of the actual candidate
Look, son.
Let them dip into your knowledge..
And you dip into
their pool of wealth.
Father's debts, sister's marriage
are all trivial.
The point is...
You're smart, I know.
But can you be smart in copying?
I see a 7-figure salary
on your face in the future.
That's nice.
You'll definitely get a job,
but after four years.
I am saying this only because you sai
your family's going through a tough t
I know you won't get into vices like
buying a motorcycle or other debauche
But you will have a girlfriend,
won't you?
Wouldn't you want to take her out?
Have you heard about
Newton's Fourth Law?
No one loves a poor man.
Congratulations, sir.
Thank you.
I am from Gyaan Bhandaar
Coaching Centre.
There's still considerable
time before you join college.
You must have spare time.
If you can give some guidance
in the evenings on Physics and Math.
Our regional exams are coming up.
Only two hours in the evening,
four days a week.
We're prepared to pay
you as much as Rs. 15,000.
I thought you'll easily earn 50,000.'
You're smart, I know!
But can you be smart in copying?
So Sattu, what have you decided?
You should do it, Sattu.
It's not a bad offer.
There's no harm in putting
your knowledge to good use.
And even I'll be relieved
that my son's lending me a hand.
But dad, I just received
another offer today.
And I wanted to discuss with you.
Who else did you talk to?
Who gave you an offer?
Good morning sir.
- Good morning.
Good morning sir.
- Good morning.
You do know tobacco causes cancer,
don't you?
Then double your quota
from tomorrow and die early!
You do look like you have a death wis
Unless you don't show your
colourful mouth to the client
it doesn't prove you're a star, does
- Hello sir.
Did your father accompany you?
- Yes.
Very good.
You think it's funny.
Get going.
So you are Rakesh Singh?
I am Rakesh Singh ji.
From the Bengali Kali Bari Temple.
You too.
No wonder you found one so soon.
It's God's grace I tell you.
And your good wishes.
God listens to wishes,
but I take only cash.
So tell me, is he okay.
Or a dunce, like my son.
Well, he cracked the entrance
exam at first attempt.
I'll be surprised when your
son won't make it to the Top 10.
What are you saying?
Is that even possible?
Your son's just like you, Mr. Yadav.
And that's possible.
But you must have heard...
Stand up! - That teachers
ask questions in the class.
Smart kids are called up to the
board to solve equations. - Not you.
I just hope your son
doesn't embarrass you.
It's a plethora of problems, Mr. Yada
Your son is a bloody...
Did you spit out your tobacco?
Here you go.
- No.
Just half the amount now.
And the rest when the
results are declared.
Along with a box of sweets.
Here starts Sattu's journey
of answering exams for others.
"You are so successful."
"You are like a rising star."
"You focus on the money in your hand.
"My sweat and blood for your dreams."
"You are..."
"You are..."
"Yes, you are accountable
for all my sleepless nights."
"You are so successful."
- Bye.
"You are like a rising star."
- Is it for me?
- How?
Where are you getting the money from?
- Bye.
He's become the star of Kota.
I've always had my eye on him.
The coaching center students
have become his fans.
Hello, aunty.
How are you?
I am fine. How are you?
- Offerings for you.
All okay?
- Yes.
By the way,
what's the current rate these days?
The Tutorials in Patna offer
up to a million to rank holders.
What for?
You mean you didn't get anything?
Advertisement, uncle.
Flashing pictures of achievers guaran
business growth for coaching classes.
It's business. Everyone's doing it.
Do you have a passport-size
photo of Sattu?
Oh, yes, I do.
Shall I get it now?
Write your exams properly, okay.
Do you want to pass?
- Yes.
We can help.
- How?
Go with him.
- I'll note down the details.
Would you prefer Mechanical or Chemic
Ravi Arya.
- Yes, sir.
Kamal Rakshit.
- Yes, sir.
Tanuj Garg.
- Yes, sir.
All of you shift to the front row.
Like a gentleman.
And Champak Tiwari.
- Yes, sir.
Sayyed Abbas.
- Yes, sir.
Raghu Sharma.
- Yes, sir.
Please sit on the last bench.
You have performed very poorly.
Last row, flop stars!
Front row, superstars!
Don't worry about the last bench.
I guarantee you we'll make him pass.
- No, I don't want.
What's the point of wasting your mone
We'll help him pass directly.
No, I don't want it.
- But listen..
I am sure you're willing
to spend at least Rs. 0.5 million.
How much did he score in Class 10?
And frankly,
the future doesn't look too bright.
But I can guarantee
you an engineering seat.
Without wasting a penny.
Even if he does get selected, what th
Now you're sounding like a novice,
Mr. Tiwari.
Till today, 15 of my boys
are in different college campuses.
They will be your son's seniors.
"He stayed up all night to work hard.
"Let things take its course."
- You seem to be engrossed in studies
From studies to ragging to placements
they will handle everything for your
Life will soar...
Through the skies on autopilot.
"You'll go for tuitions in a car."
If you're guaranteeing
me an engineering seat
then I am prepared to
pay you even Rs. 1.5 million.
"You just make money."
"This is not your cup of tea."
If tomorrow I run away with your mone
You tell a couple of
people about it and make a mess.
He guaranteed you an engineering
seat and you believed him.
Any kind of slip?
Maybe a cheque number?
No. It was all in cash.
Then do you want me to
register a case for heartbreak?
Well, he did promise
my son an engineering seat.
It's definitely a case of cheating.
If we start registering complaints
about breaking promises,
then we'll have to arrest Politicians
Romeos and Godmen.
But why get into all that mess?
We're happy with what we're doing..
And you should be happy
being called an Engineer's dad.
It's a business of human capital.
These Einsteins are our human capital
Just like one state buys
excess power from another state..
To diminish its darkness.
I use my Einsteins' excess knowledge.
For spreading knowledge
whenever required.
Thank you.
- Bye.
Why don't you organize a family
trip for me instead of my commission?
My wife's keen to see Europe.
Yeah, Yeah, that's fine.
Another one of your last
benchers was supposed to come.
Well, he died!
It was in the newspapers as well.
He hung himself from the fan.
You shouldn't make these
meek children sit on the last bench.
So now?
Now what?
The same old.
A routine inquiry.
The demand for suicide-proof
fans will go up.
A handful of people
will make some extra bucks.
You know what.
Even if we put an
"Injurious to Health" quote
at the entrance of our Coaching Centr
kids won't stop keep queuing up.
And yes, I've made arrangements
for those banking kids you'd asked fo
Just meet them once.
You guys are having a ball!
And Rakesh sir,
you're giving him too much credit.
Not at all.
Of course, you are.
Mom and dad think they've
given birth to gold.
And you're just driving him up a tree
I should eat something too.
- Nupur.
Shall we go?
- Yes. Come on, Sattu.
"It's the wedding night,
so better look tip-top."
"On the tune of this drum,
sing this song hip-hop."
"It's the wedding night,
so better look tip-top."
"On the tune of this drum,
sing this song hip-hop."
"Don't stop shaking
that waist non-stop."
"It's a romantic night to remember."
"romantic night to remember."
"So stupid is my beloved,"
"doesn't even hold my hand."
"So stupid is my beloved,"
"doesn't even hold my hand."
Now listen carefully.
There's a banking exam coming up.
What are they paying?
Bravo son,
straight to the point like a bullet.
You'll be paid just fine,
since this one's an outstation gig.
You might have to stay overnight.
Eat all you want.
And the ladies are stunners too!
"Stupid beloved..."
"I can't sleep.
Can't sleep. Can't sleep..."
"I've lost my peace.
Lost my peace. Lost my peace."
Good night, brother.
Come, sister, let's go.
Well, Sattu will be leaving
next month, but you must visit us.
I often go to Kanpur,
so I'll keep checking on him.
And, I'll have to come back for
your stale fritters and tasteless tea
If you keep coming over,
the tea will keep getting better.
I am not stupid.
I often travel for business.
And now I'm even getting to know you.
We'll stay in touch.
Good night.
- Good night.
Are you dead?
Get up.
Brother, please amp
up the air-conditioning.
Rich kids enjoy themselves in college
The middle-class is still worried..
Because their success is judged
by a distinction on the mark-sheets.
Wait a minute.
It's Rakesh sir.
- That's Shashi.
Let him know if you need anything.
Okay. Enjoy.
Poor Sattu
had the additional responsibility
of appearing for others.
After all, he had tasted blood;
the blood called 'big bucks.'
What are you looking at?
Show me. Show me too!
Hello dad.
- Hello, Sattu.
Please give Nupur the phone.
- Wait, I'll give her the phone.
How are you, Sattu?
Hello, sent your birthday gift.
- Okay!
Take a look, daughter.
Not again.
I don't want to get married now.
Should I order juice for you?
Have this sweets.
Have it, please.
It is very special.
Listen, you're going to Kolkata now,
You'll be earning double.
- Yes.
Have you made the necessary
arrangements for Sattu's Kolkata trip
You know what,
let's move to America instead.
The trains here are too noisy.
Doesn't matter where I am.
But dad won't rest until
he doesn't make me slog to death.
I wonder what was so important
before the Musical Nite!
I was hoping to finalize
a couple of deals here.
You've always underestimated me.
I would've taken care of everything.
Of course.
But you must first fix
the problem you created..
By sending that text
to the Nainital uncle's daughter.
You mean the one where I spelt
'love' with a 'w' instead of a 'v'?
Silly mistake.
Uncle shouldn't have fed
you so much of this boosting tonic.
You could barely play a game of kabad
But you're all ready to be a father!
Brother, can I say something?
Yes tell me.
- But only if you don't get angry?
Well, I can't guarantee that.
I'll say it anyway.
I think you should have
a word with Sattu's sister.
She's a girl, not some job or busines
Do you want me to send
her lovey-dovey text messages?
You should tell her
that you're not single.
Or at least put a picture
of my sister-in-law on your phone.
So that she doesn't get shocked...
Why don't I place your
dead picture on my phone instead?
- I'm just saying..
Hello, father.
Why didn't you just catch a flight?
Now you won't make it
to Jhansi before tomorrow.
Sameer's flight will land
in Gwalior in the morning.
I've already arranged for a car.
And also sent him the driver's number
Fine, fine.
But your brother and sister-in-law ar
coming over for your sister's wedding
It's important for someone from the
family to be present to receive them.
I wonder when you'll
understand social etiquette.
I'll take a look.
- How are you?
What took you so long?
- How is everything?
Everything is just fine.
- Chandu!
- The guests will be arriving soon.
Brother, what did you get me?
Bless you.
The train was delayed by
two hours, wasn't it? - Yes.
Fine. Go on.
Don't follow your father's footsteps.
- God bless you.
Did you get a mixie for me?
- Yes, it's in the car.
Look at that stubble.
- Get the luggage from the car.
Have you eaten? You haven't.
Sit. Chutki!
Now you look like a hero.
Can I take the pictures of you?
- They are taking a picture.
Brother Sameer!
Brother Sameer is here!
Come, son.
How are you?
How are you, son?
- Bless you.
So good to see you.
Nice to see you.
Lovely to see you, dear.
- How are you?
Come on.
- How have you been?
I hope you had a pleasant journey.
How are you?
Papa is always praising you.
He is very hard worker.
They have had a long journey.
He has made our family proud.
He's the one,
he adds so much glory to our family.
There. There. Yes.
- How long will it take?
Sameer is exceptionally brilliant.
He was a state rank holder.
- As is Rakesh.
Rakesh was never interested in studyi
Entrance exams must be difficult too.
Roopali's daughter
tried thrice apparently.
Sir, uncle clearly asked for pink
lights to go with the marigold flower
Where in the world will I put this
up now? What am I going to do with th
Shove it in your mouth!
Just put them up where dad asked you
Don't ask silly questions.
- Okay.
It was clearly my fault.
It's not an easy job to become a doct
Business has picked up pace.
But let's see..
Running Coaching Centres
is hardly a profession.
Sameer is a surgeon at John Hopkins.
He charges a huge fee
for extracting a single tooth.
Yes, dad. But that's now.
All this while, it's been brother
Rakesh who paid for our wedding..
And now even Chutki's.
And he's been looking
after the entire family too.
Bablu, come here!
- Coming.
What's wrong?
Why do you look so stressed?
It's just the work getting to me.
Do you need anything else?
Will I get what I want?
Why? Did I forget something?
There's your glass of water, milk,
your undergarments, mosquito cream.
No, it's all right.
So... Have you been well?
I hope you didn't run into
any problems when I wasn't here.
Well, Savitri didn't
show up for two whole weeks..
So I had more chores on my hand.
But she hardly does any
work even when she's here.
I've to literally stand on
her head and give her instructions.
The amount of oil she uses for cookin
someone's definitely going to fall si
But I bought her a can
of butter and clearly told her..
That this should last an entire month
or else she will be in big trouble.
I also visited my mom.
Everyone was asking about you.
My elder sister-in-law
fractured her leg.
So now she's on bed rest.
And you know what? My brother
installed a bell next to her bed.
Whenever she needs anything,
all she does is ring the bell..
And someone's there to help her out.
She's become static.
And was advising me to go out.
I told her she must be crazy.
Who wants to go out in this weather?
The cops raided the hotel.
But it's all settled now.
What happened?
Nothing, it was a raid
and they took him in as well.
I tried calling you,
but you didn't answer.
But then Sattu called Bablu.
How much did they settle for?
Around Rs. 10,000.
Give the phone to him.
Brother on the line.
- I've been to jail many times.
Once one of my candidates got arreste
And while trying to free him,
I got slapped by the constable.
But you said I wouldn't get caught.
This was not an arrest, son.
Listen, there's a local tradition her
Dial 100 to call the cops
and pay 100 to drive them away.
I'll hang up now.
Come on, don't worry.
Time for your exams.
What's wrong with you?
- What's wrong?
I was on the telephone all night,
and my eardrums are exploding.
I haven't had the chance
to even visit the washroom.
And this place is filled
with a bunch of idiots.
No one knows how to make coffee.
They gave me turmeric milk,
and now my insides are burning.
I am going to nap now.
And then see you in the
evening when I've freshened up.
- Why!
After long, I'll hear you
sing instead of mouthing expletives.
"So what if we parted ways."
"But I'm happy..that we met anyway.."
"So what, if our paths separated."
"At least, together,
we walked a few steps."
"We'll meet again
at some point in life.."
"and continue the
unfinished conversation."
"I'll be seeing you for today."
"We'll meet again someday."
"We'll meet again someday."
"I know we're parting ways."
"We'll meet again someday."
- Please sit.
This is for you.
- Thank you.
No need for this.
- Come sit here.
"Breaking your heart before I leave"
"is not my intention at all."
"A tear trickling down my face"
"isn't more valuable than your smile.
"Without parting ways, there's no fun
"There has to be a rift."
"It won't come to an end."
"We'll meet again someday."
"We'll meet again someday."
"I know we're parting ways.."
"We'll meet again someday."
The real deal is about fees.
And even parents only
care about the degree.
We need an empty plot of land.
There's no need to
build an institute either.
I'll have it put on the list
of Eminence even before it's built.
And we'll receive the grant!
Stamp paper,
letterhead, signatures will all be mi
And you'll handle the rest.
Click the photo properly.
This is not the right time.
- Brother. Brother.
Leave me alone.
- Brother.. The wedding..
Attend the wedding.
- Go from here.
That's Uncle Ashok.
The groom's elder uncle.
Believe it or not,
but he's a big gambler.
What does he do?
He's a manager at some Government Ban
Tejaswani Bank, I think.
Some branch in Lucknow.
That girl in blue
is his daughter, Jahnvi.
What are you thinking?
Let me do the thinking.
You shouldn't think.
I think you should double
up your protein shakes.
What do you mean?
Mr. Ashok, please come with me.
You can play all you want.
I'll arrange a separate
room for you in the guest-house.
Come. Careful.
Do you have money?
- Yes.
Come, Uncle.
Come on.
Let me help you.
You can play all night there.
You guys continue.
Hello, Jahnvi.
Please come, he's your papa after all
Watch your step.
Uncle, don't sit down here.
We've to go ahead.
Come on.
I've heard that even you
are a champion of the game.
Not at all uncle, I am just
a messenger carrying out orders.
Not at all son, you're a maverick.
- Be careful.
Be careful with him.
- Yes.
Listen, I wanted to say...
Thank you, brother.
I am sorry, but I was about to call y
Son, this is Sattu's father.
Hello, uncle.
Is everything okay?
He's been rusticated, son.
Please give the phone to Sattu.
He's locked himself in the
room and refuses to speak to anyone.
He hasn't even eaten
anything since morning.
Where is Nupur?
She's gone to fetch the doctor.
Why don't you try talking to him?
Uncle, ask her to call
me as soon as she returns.
I am attending my sister's wedding.
But I'll call back soon.
Don't worry, everything will be okay.
Listen. Time for a family picture.
Come on up.
Wait, brother.
Can't you see His Highness
is on an important call?
Yes, brother.
I was trying to call you yesterday.
I am attending my sister's wedding.
You strictly said no messages.
- What happened?
They found drugs on him.
On week days,
he gives his college exams.
And on weekends,
he appears for your clients.
He was under tremendous pressure.
He would study all night
and smoke joints all day.
I told him a dozen times not to do it
But he wouldn't listen.
You had no clue. Then why
the hell have I hired you there?
What could I do?
Someone must have complained.
And the checking was done when
you sent him to Kolkata.
Call Shashi now!
"They were supposed to lead the way"
"but they showed
me the ladder instead."
"They were supposed
to teach me to walk"
"but they taught me to climb instead.
"I couldn't touch the sky"
"nor be one with the winds."
"I couldn't breathe"
"and the rest of you
were applauding instead."
Stop here.
Park up ahead.
- Come, brother.
He's been put on drips.
I tried to give sister Nupur money,
as you asked me to. But she refused.
"And now the book's torn."
"And the answers are wrong."
"And, no..."
"And, no one's accountable
for my dreams."
I know you're angry right now.
And you're right.
I couldn't come earlier.
There was a wedding at home.
And the arrangements
were my responsibility.
Mom, dad, my family, and...
My wife.
All I had was a little understanding
and a handful of dreams.
For every ordinary person,
the rest of the world is a star.
The same way I thought about you.
Wait a minute.
Do you think that it's my fault
that your brother's in the hospital?
You think I brought him the drugs?
Sattu will be fine.
I've got him a job in Qatar.
I have connections.
That's pretty generous of you,
Rakesh sir.
You made a small-town girl see
the entire world right from her home.
But I won't be satisfied
with my old dreams.
My father won't have to
worry about his daughter anymore.
And you won't receive any
more unwanted text messages from me.
Am I speaking with Mr. Rakesh Singh?
Who is speaking?
- I'm Shashank Shekhar.
We spoke about the admission.
We met at your coaching centre.
I don't remember.
Maybe you dialed the wrong number.
But you guaranteed me a seat for my s
You are mistaken.
Are you Mr. Rakesh?
That's my name, but I think
you're confusing me for someone else?
'Are you Mr. Rakesh?'
'That's my name, but I think
you're confusing me for someone else?
What happened, sir?
He's refusing to even recognize you.
And it's difficult to trace the guy w
appeared for your son's exam for him.
But yes, if at all we
file a case for cheating...
then you can get arrested as well.
Why me?
Actually you should be arrested.
Sir, what if we find the proxy guy?
Don't talk rubbish.
How will we show the connection?
There is no way to recognize his face
Even if that boy recognizes him...
How are we going to prove it?
We won't get a warrant.
There's no paper trail or evidence.
Except for a lot of promises and cash
Lots of cash.
What happened?
- He was cheating.
The money will be
delivered by the evening.
He's one of our boys. The money
will be delivered by the evening.
Don't worry.
Here is your degree.
Look after yourself in Qatar.
Take it.
His condition is not hidden from you.
Keep this money.
- There's no need for this.
Keep it.
Thank you sir.
Bye sir.
Brother, Sattu's father was calling.
No need to answer his call.
The Sattu chapter is over.
New year, new batch, new Sattu.
I won't get on it.
- Come on..
Climb on it.
- Come on, Brother Bablu.
Climb on it. Come on. - Won't you
listen to your beautiful sisters-in-l
People climb on a horse,
but you get to climb on a peacock.
But, sister-in-law...
- Come on.
Don't touch me.
- Let me help you.
No. Don't.
It's okay, Bablu. Just get on it.
There. Happy now?
You guys are embarrassing
me at my own wedding.
Give me your hand.
Come on, let's go.
What now?
- This is your wedding.
So you don't get to
leave before you pay up?
Pay! Why don't you cut out my heart?
You made me climb on that peacock.
Give her the money.
- Come on!
Brother, don't give them too much.
- I don't have money.
Wait. Take this.
Here you go. Are you happy now?
- This is just Rs. 10.
You're such a cheapskate.
- Okay, sing a song for us.
Sing a song.
Listen. Come here.
- I am not a singer, let's go.
This is just Rs. 10.
Don't be such a cheapskate.
Make him sit, sing a few songs.
I'll go get the money.
Brother, please..
- Come on, sing a song.
- I'm coming.
Come soon.
Brother, don't leave me.
I beg you, sister-in-law, let me go.
What can I say?
- Will you say something, father-in-l
Go on, go on,
but first make them happy as well.
Oh, God.
Even my father-in-law isn't on my sid
You're the center of attraction today
So just make them happy, Bablu.
Sing for them.
You think this is funny.
Sing a song..
Who is it?
Sir, I need your keys to move your ca
Who are you?
- Special branch, raid warrant.
Look. Excuse me,
I know Mr. Jatin Shukla.
I am sure you do.
Go ahead, call him.
We'll get better headlines
if the MLA comes here.
Where do I go?
The wedding is over.
Now let me go.
- You seem to be in hurry.
Look at her, she is getting sad.
Let me go.
Brother is on his way,
he will give you the money.
This is my residence,
what are you looking for?
Sir, I think you are mistaken.
We're just checking.
Let us do our job.
It's a raid. Let's see.
Look you're just wasting our time.
Very good.
The house is registered
under the name of Mr. Sampat.
Mr. Rakesh has no connection to it.
There's no point in telling me all th
Tell the court.
Bail is ready.
What happened?
Thank you.
- Shall we go?
Give me the car keys.
I'll come later.
I see. So now you're
going to try harder.
Cash? Cheque? Demand draft?
Or maybe a gift?
But your efforts are in vain, Rakesh.
Because those who make an honest livi
Are out of your league.
I am not some politician
to be afraid of your honesty.
I respect those who
make an honest living.
It took you your life's
earning to build your little home.
But wouldn't it be sad to squander
all of it for your son's admission?
After all, it's not black money
which you can give in a donation.
Your son couldn't clear
his Engineering exam twice.
But you never thought of requesting
your seniors to help out
by putting pressure.
And now, you're shuttling between pri
colleges to get your son's admission.
You really think they
will give him an admission
through means of your honesty?
Can you tell them that your
honesty is out of their league?
Let your son appear for the
Open Board this time, Mr. Qureshi.
If he doesn't get the
engineering seat this time
then Mr. Qureshi, the look on
your son's face shouldn't remind you
that his father sacrificed his son's
future on the altar of his principles
But don't worry, nothing will happen.
Do you think before doing your job
or do you just dart off like a bullet
I had a tight schedule today but
had to drop everything and come here.
But sir...
- Please don't blame Mr. Qureshi.
He's just doing his duty.
I am sorry, Rakesh.
- I am sorry.
You had to take time
off your busy schedule. Sorry.
Come, let's go.
Let's leave. - Mr. Qureshi.
Meet me at my residence today.
Just a second.
Mr. Qureshi, I couldn't clear my medi
entrance exam even in three attempts.
And even if I had cleared it,
I would've made for a pathetic doctor
Because I always wanted to be a singe
My younger brother
is a surgeon in the States.
Even today my efforts are
directed towards making sure
that my father has no complaints.
All the expenses of my family...
Wedding, reception,
donation, prayer meets, dad's pacemak
Are incurred in Indian Rupees.
Not in Dollars.
I know what your son's going through.
Those without any kind of solution
for rote-learning for exams
are deemed useless by their family,
relatives and society.
And if I've to invent a solution that
shut them up for good, then so be it.
Good bye.
Fine, fine, okay.
Give it. Give it.
Good. Good.
Nothing. Nothing.
Continue. Continue.
Give it.
No one passes without bribing.
You too, son.
Yes, pay up.
My fee.
I see.
Pass the book.
Did you already know the questions?
No, sir.
I see.
What does your father do?
Government job.
Sorry, your paper's cancelled.
- But, sir. Sir...
Your exam's over.
No help without paying commission.
- But, sir...
- Sir...
- Get lost.
Don't do it, sir.
- I said get lost.
What is it?
You slapped me.
I will get even with you.
We have worked hard for it.
What is this?
Have you lost your mind?
It will turn to ashes.
- No.
The entire exam will get cancelled.
Get lost!
Go away.
What are you looking at?
I am not joking.
Move back.
- I will burn this.
What is happening there?
Students, what's going on there?
Go ahead and eat,
Mr. Qureshi is a friend.
You haven't started
accepting capitation fee yet.
Please take something.
- OK no, problem.
Everything can be managed.
You're back.
- Yes.
How was your paper?
- The invigilator tore my answer shee
- But I was saved...
But what exactly happened?
Rocky arrived in the nick
of time and handled everything.
Rocky? Who?
He said he was your friend.
You know what?
The invigilator today was
collecting money from everyone
and letting them cheat.
I didn't have any money on me!
So he cancelled my paper.
Then brother Rakesh arrived
and took charge of everything.
He actually made that
invigilator write my exam for me.
I think I'm going to
top the exam this time.
Will you take poison
in the name of help?
Did you have to humiliate
your father like this?
One doesn't have to fail
in life to pass an exam. Get it?
Are you sick or something?
- No.
Then why are you wasting
your time eating fruit?
This buffet costs 1500 per head,
get the main course.
You know today's Tuesday and I fast.
Keep some food in the bag then.
We'll have it for breakfast tomorrow.
We're in Mumbai and she
still can't let go of her Tuesday's.
Buffet in a 5-star hotel, brother.
I guess you have a fantastic
scheme on your mind.
All this is for you.
If I don't work hard,
then who will feed your children?
Why am I blamed for every scheme?
Tell me.
You definitely have
something on your mind.
How much do we earn in Engineering
per seat, not counting expenses?
How much?
Around a million or maybe two.
- Yes..
A million or two.
This is the big MBA game.
Profits will be double.
Come on.
Wait a minute.
And, what about Kota?
Cricket and exams don't have a season
Yes, they don't.
I get it.
Just tell me that
we can retire after this.
And settle down together
in one of those beautiful places..
They show on National Geometry.
That's Geography.
- Yes.
Money couldn't stop me
from spending a night in jail.
The real game begins beyond money.
And do you know who has power?
The signatory.
Someone who doesn't
need to show his wealth.
Someone who doesn't break
the law using his money.
He just makes laws according
to his convenience.
The real fun will begin when Lucknow'
Department, Delhi's Government,
New York's Company, and the
people on the highest post will owe m
And then just watch.
We'll have all the
files and permissions.
We'll make the rules and
we'll break them at our will.
I got it.
I'll have to work harder now.
Only salaried people work hard.
Rich people hatch scams.
Big scam.
Go on, eat your fruit.
5 million,
and I'll guarantee the MBA seat.
That's fine.
But how can you guarantee?
Am I asking you for money?
I am not.
This is my first time as well.
Think about yourself.
Even after mugging up RD Sharma,
HC Verma, OP Bansal, and model papers
What has been the success
rate of your tutorial?
1 percent or less.
And my commission?
10 percent.
Parents and..
What the bloody hell!
- You don't have any sense?
I told you to get
the letterhead printed.
You can't do a thing right.
I will have to talk to your boss.
Yes, sir. How can I help you?
You can't.
Even if someone wants to help you,
then how can he?
Speak to the lady politely.
Or you might get arrested
for noise pollution.
Sorry, sir.
Not sir.
Sorry, ma'am.
It's okay.
Thank you. I didn't have your number.
Give me your phone.
Thank you.
"The heart's following in your wake."
"And all I could do is watch."
"There's something left in our hearts
"yet to be conveyed".
"A feeling which
I could never express"
"but, I want to say this to you."
"You dwell in my heart"
"and my eyes"
"since the day I saw you."
"You're the one that
dwells in my heart"
"and my eyes"
"since the day I saw you."
You have not changed even a bit.
One needs a reason to change,
which I don't have.
But you look completely different.
Can't say if I am looking different.
But I definitely feel better.
No more excuses,
and a new reason every day.
Sattu's in Qatar.
He's okay.
I did come over to your house
once but I think you guys had moved.
Yes, dad got transferred.
- Ginger tea, or has that changed too
Two ginger teas.
- Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
So... All well at home?
In a way.
Dad refused to speak with me for a ye
But now even I am
capable of earning money.
So we do talk to each other
on my birthday and on Diwali.
I guess he feels that even
though I didn't get married,
at least there's no more burden
on him now.
Look, Nupur...
- No.
No need for an explanation.
No, there is a need.
You don't know how important it is.
Sattu must have told you
where all the money was coming from.
But Nupur, there's a young timid
Jhansi boy behind my dazzling present
Who had neither a degree
nor his father's wealth to flaunt.
And, even if I had found a job
the right way,
then what do you think
would've happened. A long wait.
I would've lived only to pay bills.
Bought a TV with my Diwali Bonus.
And watched the rich
live their life on it.
I have no intentions to be a hero.
No time to be a villain.
I am just a player, playing a game.
Pardon me, but your father
only saw Sattu as an investment
and he saw you like a deal.
But the two of you were very special
and I always knew that.
Rakesh, I am embarrassed
about one thing.
You're married, and I didn't know.
Nupur, I did get married,
but not willingly.
I have a wife who finds joy in taking
care of my family, chores, and shoppi
Nine years ago,
while fixing my marriage
dad said that a useless boy who
couldn't even clear his entrance exam
is hardly going to be
able to find himself a girl!
And I couldn't.
I found you a bit late.
"I am a crazy wanderer"
"my feet don't stop anywhere."
"But then in my waywardness"
"I couldn't stop thinking about you."
"I am a crazy wanderer"
"my feet don't stop anywhere."
"But then in my waywardness..."
"I couldn't stop thinking about you."
- Congratulations for the new office.
"Love is a strange prison."
"No one wants to be free."
"You dwell in my heart"
"and my eyes"
"since the day I saw you."
"Love's conspiring in a way"
"that we meet again."
"You dwell in my heart"
"and my eyes"
"since the day I saw you."
"Since the day I saw you."
Wait a minute.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Rakesh.
Happy birthday to you.
- Thank you.
We are missing you a lot.
See, we even ordered cake for you,
Made out of fresh fruit.
Now take a bite.
It's nice, smells delicious.
Are you busy in a meeting.
Or are you in a lift?
I can hear a song playing at the back
No, I came out for dinner.
All okay.
- Yeah.
Are you busy?
Here, talk to mom.
Hello son.
- Hello, mother.
Is your TV working fine?
- Yes, granny was saying...
Yes, I'll send one for her too.
- Yes, son. But I was saying..
Rakesh, I've to go. - Listen.
Go to Siddhivinayak tomorrow.
Okay, talk to your wife now.
So what did you have for dinner?
I will call back later.
I must go now.
Okay, okay, take care.
Convey my regards to the person.
Nupur, you're so late.
The boss has been waiting for you.
Where were you?
Fine. Rakesh, 5 minutes please.
- What is it?
Where have you been?
Sir, I...
- This is no time to come in.
Come in.
I've been trying your number.
I want this entire presentation
on my desk in one hour.
But sir, Ajay said...
Ajay is your senior.
I am sure he has other
important business to attend to.
What were you doing today?
Didn't I tell you to come early?
And you were on a call..
You are supposed to work 24/7.
Rakesh, I guess it's going
to take me longer than expected.
Can we meet later?
Is everything okay?
- Yes.
You can donate your cash
in religious organizations, sir.
It will go as anonymous donations,
and then come back to you.
Mr. Vaidya's political party
is pretty new in this field.
He'll lend you his complete support.
20%, that's all.
20% is too much,
and you know that.
Rocky sir, that Jatin
is taking too much credit.
Don't judge me by my looks.
I can route your money through Panama
You can start some companies with me
out there, under pseudo names of cour
Or maybe in the name
of one of your family members.
Let's keep the family out of this.
There's no need for that, sir.
We can open a company
even with a PO Box number.
We'll transfer the cash there,
show some profit..
Pay some taxes on that profit
and your money will become legal.
And you can transfer
that money to my party fund.
And a year later..
You'll have everything like permissio
tenders, education loans, etc.
I get it.
But if brother Jatin finds
out that you came to see me,
he'll make you run naked.
Look. We'll handle him.
Everyone wants to do business.
Make me a shareholder.
Or else?
Or else what?
Or else...
I am not threatening you.
Well, I'll be taking your leave then.
Bablu. Come here.
- Yes.
Talk to him.
He's really scared of threats.
Talk to him.
Rocky sir...
Do you want to threaten me?
And then I left immediately.
Are you alright?
Did your boss misbehave with you?
I can't go for the Zurich offsite.
I am more of a slave
than a junior employee.
I make all the presentations..
But I am not allowed
inside the presentation room.
And they call me
PPT Usha behind my back.
Go ahead, laugh.
Forget it.
And find yourself a new job.
As soon as someone refuses
to be their eye-candy...
And starts using her skills,
they start feeling insecure!
Give me your CV.
It won't matter, Rakesh.
I've talked to everyone I know,
but it's the same old story everywher
Then why don't you apply for MBA?
Because promotion and job
security will only come after that.
Otherwise, you'll be slogging
for the rest of your life.
But one needs to prepare for it.
And I have an Arts background
so it'll be much more difficult for m
Why don't you try at least?
I agree.
Fill the application form first.
Then we'll see.
One more drink.
Sure, sir.
Yes tell me.
Yes, brother.
I know you said MBA game, double prof
What do we have to do?
Wait just a minute.
Not to you, brother.
I am talking to Jahnvi.
For Engineering, it was
one candidate at a time.
But in MBA, we'll make
millions in a conference hall.
Book a hotel.
Sir, they are booking a room.
Keep me informed.
And, who are our top students?
Yash Sharma, Pune.
Atul Mohan, Lucknow.
Shubham Roy, Chennai.
Call them to Mumbai on 9th
December to crack the MBA paper.
Okay, brother.
And then?
When are we going to
put your father-in-law's
bank job to use, you idiot?
Okay, brother. I get it.
Is it something special?
The envelope will reach directly
to one of your bank lockers.
On 9th December.
I know it does every year.
I'll inform you as soon
as I find out which branch.
Do you have a tiff with
any of the bank managers?
No, there's no such thing.
What is this all about?
Nice shot.
All the envelopes that you
receive between 9 a.m. and 12 noon...
I want to check all of them.
In all the branches?
Listen carefully, dad.
We'll find out which branch first.
Then, after that.
You're not listening at all.
What if I check it myself?
No! You won't understand the document
I'll just take a peek and keep it bac
It will take all of 15 minutes.
'In order to fool the system...'
'One must cultivate
the fools in the system.'
'Today these fools
will shine like stars.'
Did anyone come?
We're from the Education Board.
- Please sit.
Please inform your Manager.
He's expecting us.
Thank you.
Yes, sir. They are here.
Oh, it's you.
- Good morning.
Please come.
- Yes.
Be right back.
Please switch off your phone.
- Sure.
Why are you sitting there?
We have checked them.
No, go check again.
Go quickly.
They have booked an entire floor.
And they are not letting
any one go out either.