Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1998) Movie Script

Frankie was probably the most
naturally talented performer
I'd ever seen.
He was...
Energetic, dynamic, charismatic.
He got on that stage,
and, baby, he was huge,
bigger than life.
See, you all got to understand.
By the time I met Frankie,
he was a record-deal-needing,
Hell, the boy had
so many needle marks on him,
I thought he was
a goddamn pincushion.
Hmph. A cute pincushion,
who could sing
his little ass off.
Frankie was a perfect gentleman.
We had a wonderful courtship.
He used to bring me flowers
and write me poetry and...
Nobody could do it
like Frankie Lymon.
He was a junkie motherfucker.
He was the love of my life.
I don't know what I can
say about this next act.
What can you say
but "sensational"
all over the world.
Frankie Lymon
and The Teenagers!
Yeah, da-doom bop,
da-doom bop
Da-doom bop
duh duh
Ooh wah ooh wah
Ooh-ooh wah ooh wah
Ooh wah ooh wah
Why do birds
sing so gay
And lovers await
the break of day?
Why do they fall
in love?
Why does the rain
fall from up above?
Why do fools
fall in love?
Why do they fall
in love?
Why do birds
sing so gay?
And lovers await
the break of day?
Why do they fall
in love?
Cute, huh?
Diana Ross' new song.
Miss girl don't
cut nothin' but hits.
Fall from up above?
Why do fools
Where you going?
Look, it got to call my lawyer.
Since when you got a lawyer?
Since just now.
Information? Is there some
kind of 5-5-5 number
for a l-a-y-w-e-r?
A lawyer.
Come on, this is information.
I need some information
about a lawyer.
For that fool is me
Tell me why
Peter Markowitz,
attorney for
Elizabeth Waters Lymon.
Sign here, please.
Elizabeth Lymon.
Elizabeth Lymon.
Oh, Mrs. Lymon.
Elizabeth, I'm... I'm
Peter Markowitz.
Elizabeth Lymon.
Why they send you?
Uh, legal referral sends
whoever's available.
Uh, my contact said
there was a dispute
over royalties.
Is that...
How old are you?
You look kind of young.
I'm 30.
30? Damn.
I swear, if you're
broke or in jail,
you get the kids
just starting out
on the bottom rung
out for a buck.
I'm hardly bottom rung,
Mrs. Lymon,
or should I say Mickey Waters,
alias Elizabeth Phillips,
alias Josephine Phillips...
Ok, ok, so you did your
homework. Whoop-Dee-doo.
Don't have a cow, all right?
What are you in for, this time?
I ripped off some clothes
and shit, but look...
I only got seven months left,
so let's just move on.
Now, you know anything
about the record business?
I know I like music.
You know you like music.
Look, I was married
to Frankie Lymon.
Frankie Lymon, sang
with The Teenagers,
remember them?
Before your time.
Anyway, look, when
Frankie was alive,
he wrote a lot of tunes,
and one of them was called
why do fools fall in love.
That's the song
Diana Ross has out.
Diana's singing it,
but Frankie wrote it.
Since he died, they've
been using that song
in the film American Graffiti,
a greeting card commercial,
and now Diana's
turning it gold again.
I'm his wife, so I
should get paid, right?
If Frankie wrote the song,
then he must own
at least part of the publishing
and its copyright,
thereby making it
part of his estate,
so, uh, yeah, you'd
be due those earnings.
Oh, yes! All right!
That's what I wanted to hear.
I'm gonna get paid, sister.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Mrs. Lymon,
what label was he on?
Uh, roulette records.
Call the owner.
Morris Levy. All right?
But if you do,
spray the receiver.
The guy's so slimy,
you might get head lice
from the phone.
Tell me why
Ah ah ah
Ah ah hiy
Tell me why
Ho ho ho.
Merry Christmas.
Thanks a lot.
Happy holidays.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, Santa.
Here you go.
Merry Christmas.
Ha ha ha.
Jingle all the way.
Merry Christmas, sister.
Jingle bells.
Jingle bells.
Jingle all the way.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
May I help you?
Yes, I'm Elizabeth Lymon.
I'm here to see Morris Levy
about my check.
He's expecting you.
That's what I wanted to hear.
Follow me.
Merry Christmas.
Elizabeth, with radio: we wish
you a merry Christmas
We wish you
a merry Christmas, we...
Hey, Elizabeth.
What are you doing here?
We have a situation.
The only situation
I'm interested in
is where is my dough?
Hey, Morris.
This is Lawrence Roberts.
He's an attorney from LA.
And this, it seems,
is Mrs. Frankie Lymon.
Oh, no.
Oh, miss thing knows me.
As you can see,
we seem to have one
Mrs. Lymon too many.
Wait a minute. I know you ain't
came all the way up to New York
in that cheap-ass
nylon wig talking shit
when you know that me
and Frankie was married.
Oh, please.
He dropped you like
a whore's panties.
Why, you bald-headed,
fake-fur-wearing bitch.
Sit your nappy-headed
ass down, bitch.
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Ladies, come on.
Zola. Elizabeth.
Come on, it's obvious
that I've got a vested interest
in this situation.
You know?
So somebody please tell me...
Who was married to Frankie
when he died?
This is Frankie and Elizabeth's
marriage license.
It's dated January 23, 1964.
Screw that.
It's about this.
Miss girl here was married
to Charles Phillips back in '59.
Well, she was obviously
divorced by the time...
No, I don't think so.
This is a copy
of the divorce decree.
Your client and Charles Phillips
weren't divorced until 1965.
Meanwhile, I married Frankie
October 8, 1965,
in Mexicali, Mexico.
Plus we have a contract
with Mr. Levy
stating that Zola gets 15 grand,
plus 20% of future royalties
as long as she proves
she's Frankie Lymon's widow.
Wait. This is the same deal
you cut with Elizabeth.
And tried to cut with me.
I tried to stop them, sir.
It's all right.
Emira, this Elizabeth Waters,
Peter Markowitz,
Lawrence Roberts
and Zola Taylor.
Everybody, this is...
Mrs. Frankie Lymon.
And this is my attorney,
Ezra Grahme.
That's right. And we're
on our way to court
to file a stay against
these proceedings,
and we are suing you,
Mr. Levy,
for all back royalties
you illegally collected
when you put your name
on Frankie's songs.
Excuse me?
Frankie and I were married
June 30, 1967,
in Augusta, Georgia.
We were still married
when Frankie died.
I paid for his funeral,
and I don't recall
seeing any of you there.
Oh, please, don't even play me,
not coming in here wearing
white after labor day
looking like some old
down-home schoolmarm.
Yes, I am a down-home
I teach high school English,
a class you obviously skipped.
Oh, no, she didn't.
No, she didn't!
It's bad enough I've got
to deal with this bitch,
let alone now
your country-apple ass!
Who you calling a bitch?!
Should I call the cops?!
Yeah, baby, you call the police
and tell them we got
two impostors up here
running a scam, because
I'm Mrs. Frankie Lymon.
I'm Mrs. Frankie Lymon!
I am
Mrs. Frankie Lymon.
Jesus Christ,
it's a goddamn game show.
She lying.
You lied to me.
What do you mean, I'm lying?
I buried Frankie.
All Mrs. Lymons
shut up, damn it!
Don't you tell me to shut up!
Who the hell
are you telling to shut up?
Hear ye, hear ye,
surrogate court
of the state of New York
is now in session.
All rise.
The honorable
Sarah d'Angelo presiding.
Draw ye near
and ye shall be heard.
Please sit.
This proceeding is
for letters of administration
for the estate of frank
Joseph Lymon deceased.
Is that correct?
Yes, your honor.
Yes, ma'am.
And am I to understand
that there are three women here
claiming to be the alleged
widow of the decedent?
Yes, your honor.
Yes, your honor.
Ok. Mr. Roberts, present
your first witness, please.
I'd like to call
Mr. Richard Barrett
to the stand, your honor.
My name is Richard Barrett.
For 32 years, I've managed
and produced entertainers.
And during those 32 years,
Mr. Barrett,
did you have the occasion
to manage Frankie Lymon?
I managed and produced Frankie.
Mm-hmm. And when was
that Mr. Barrett?
You see, in 1955,
he and his group
used to sing outside my window.
Do fools
Fall in love
Hey, Mr. Barrett,
give us a record deal!
Come on!
Who wrote that song?
We did.
I'll be right down.
I knew Morris Levy
and George Goldner, his partner,
and they were looking
for Latin groups to record.
Now, Herman Santiago,
the lead singer at the time,
is Puerto Rican.
I sold Morris on The Teenagers
by telling him
they were a Latin group.
On the day of the audition,
things didn't go exactly
the way I'd planned.
I called him three times.
Call his house!
I'll call him.
Sherman, is it ringing?
Please be there.
Hey. Here he is.
Here he is.
Mr. Barrett,
he's sick.
What are we supposed
to do, postpone?
No, it's ok. We don't
postpone. We go on.
We go on, we do it.
I got here, all right?
Wait a minute.
I wrote the song with Herman,
and I know the high part.
I could sing it.
Yeah, he could do it.
Don't bullshit me.
I can do it. I can.
I promise.
Very good.
I'll get back to you guys.
Hey! How you doing?
Pretty good, yeah.
These are the guys
I told you about.
How you doing,
Mr. Morris?
These guys look
pretty un-Spanish.
Just listen to them, all right?
Good-bye, boys.
Muchas gracias.
Muy bueno.
Get off my back.
Come on, you can do this.
All right, ok, all right.
Take it easy.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Hey, doom bop,
da-doom bop
Da-doom bop
da-duh duh
Ooh wah ooh wah
Ooh-ooh wah ooh wah
Ooh-ooh wah ooh wah
Why do fools
fall in love?
Yeah, doom
Why do birds
sing so gay
And lovers await
the break of day?
Why do they fall
in love?
Why does the rain
fall from up above?
Why do fools
fall in love?
Why do they fall
in love?
Morris was out
of the mambo business
and into the doo-wop
business. Ha ha ha.
We got a deal?
We got a deal?
You know something? He made
beaucoup bucks on Frankie.
That's right.
What's your name?
Frankie Lymon.
The record went gold,
and Frankie was a hit.
And the women...
Ha ha...
They couldn't resist him.
And was Zola Taylor
one of those women?
Oh, yeah.
Zola was one of them.
Mm-hmm. And did you
know about a marriage
between she and Frankie Lymon?
Yeah. It was
public knowledge.
No further questions,
your honor.
Hey, everybody!
The real thing is in town!
And don't you ever forget it.
I am the originator.
I am the emancipator.
I'm the man that started it all,
and before me was nothing.
I've been abused. I've been
misused. I ain't no fool.
Settle down.
Mr. Penniman.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Mr. Penniman!
Yes, Bailiff.
Raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear the
testimony you're about to give
in the matter pending before
this court to be the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth, so help you god?
I do, do, do, do, do!
I do!
State your name and
occupation, Mr. Penniman.
My legal name
is Richard penniman,
but I'm known to everybody
as little Richard,
the architect of rock and roll.
I am the originator!
I am the innovator!
I am the emancipator!
I'm the motivator!
I conceived and achieved it,
defined and refined it.
Mold and souled it.
Then the white man stole it.
All right.
Oh, yes. Stole my...
Stole my wop bop a loo bop
a lop bam boom.
Took all my copyrights.
Put out covers on me.
Why do you think they
call it rhythm and blues?
And, Mr. Penniman,
do you think that's what
happened to Frankie Lymon?
Baby, Morris didn't
even use no Vaseline.
Shut up.
Now, then, Mr. Penniman,
do you know Zola Taylor?
Oh, yes.
Hi, babe.
Hey, babe.
And did you know
about a marriage
between she and Frankie Lymon?
Everybody knew about it.
Besides, I knew they was married
'cause frank
was crazy about her.
And how did you know that?
Go ahead, Richard.
Tell it.
Me and Frankie
were best friends.
And I was there from the jump.
We used to tour together
with the Alan freed show
back in 1956.
Take your time, please.
Tickets. Tickets right here.
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Come on!
In the balcony!
Ooh ooh
Too real is this feeling
of make-believe
Ooh ooh
Too real when I feel
What my heart
Can't conceal
Oh, yes,
I'm the great pretender
Ooh ooh
Just laughin' and gay
Like a clown
Ooh ooh
I seem to be
What I'm not
You see
I'm wearing my heart
Like a crown
Pretending that you're
Still around
Still around
Fabulous, huh?
The Platters.
Baby, you are one fine thing.
Ouch! You want me
to get you some ice?
Boy, you better leave
that street shit
in the streets for her.
Sweeping the charts today...
Well, uh, you just hang here
and experience
some of my street shit.
Go get 'em, daddy-o.
Go, go, go, go.
Baby, baby
Baby, baby,
how I want you
Baby, baby,
how I need you
Baby, baby,
you're the only one
3, 4
Baby, baby,
how I miss you
Baby, baby,
long to kiss you
Baby, baby,
say you want me, too
4, 5
my favorite number
All that counts is you
I'm so glad
it's you I want
I'm so glad
you want me, too
Baby, baby,
want to bring you
Baby, baby,
a wedding ring, too
Baby, baby,
so we'll be 3
5, 6
Come on, baby, baby
When I'm near you
Baby, baby,
I would like to
Baby, baby,
have a number 7
9, 10
my favorite number
All that counts is you
I'm so glad
it's you I want
I'm so glad
you want me, too
Baby, baby,
I will thank you
Baby, baby,
you know you like to
Baby, baby,
till the clock strikes 9
11, 12
Go home.
That's all.
That-a-way, Frankie!
Yeah, Frankie had the heat,
and everybody felt it.
Camera one.
Sound. Action.
Yeah, doom bop,
da-doom bop
Da-doom bop
duh duh
Ooh wah ooh wah
Ooh-ooh wah ooh wah
Ooh-ooh wah ooh wah
Why do fools
fall in love?
Keep it going.
Ok, sound is perfect.
Very good. Ok.
Ah ah hiy
Tell me why
Hey, who's that girl?
Who is this?
He's dancing with a white girl.
Get that girl off the stage now!
It's a little late.
It's live TV, guys.
The show was live.
And, baby, Frankie danced
with a white girl
on TV in white folks' homes?
Caused a scandal, honey.
The network canceled
the big beat
before I could even get on it.
So you know it was
a scandalous thing, child.
But it helped to make
Frankie the man.
Baby, lay me,
lay me, lay me low
Somebody need to lay you all
to rest 'cause you're flat.
Maybe you should change
your name to the flatters.
Baby, lay me,
lay me, lay me low
Baby, lay me, lay me,
lay me low
Baby, lay me,
lay me, lay me, lay me
lay me, lay me, lay me,
lay me low
Hold it down.
We in Cicero now.
Just eat, pee,
and don't piss off
the white folks, ok?
In other words,
be incog-negro, y'all.
Oh, man.
I need
Hungry love
Richard, can I borrow
a couple of bucks?
Hell, all I know is I'm hungry.
Oh, lord.
I guess chitlins
is out of the question.
Shut up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
How come you always
stompin' on my heart?
You prefer I pee on it?
That's what's gonna happen
you don't let me off this bus.
Well, is everybody hungry?
Hey, how come y'all didn't...
How come
y'all didn't wait for me?
We figured you know
your way to the table.
Excuse me. We'd like
to order, please.
Food, sweetheart.
Aren't you little Richard?
Well, I better be.
And you! Why,
you're Frankie Lymon!
Aah! Jeez, it's Frankie Lymon
and little Richard!
They're here!
Oh, jeez, hi.
I have all your records.
Could I just get
a little autograph? Yeah.
Can we get a little
something to eat?
Little Richard
and Frankie Lymon are here!
Oh, man!
Oh, you can just have
anything you want to eat.
Will you just hold my hand
for a second? Oh, god.
Ok. Oh, The Platters!
Ooh ooh ooh
What's wrong?
What's wrong with the teenager?
I don't know.
Say, uh, dig that.
Dig what?
Right there.
It's a shame.
Hey, Frankie, where you going?
Leave him alone.
He's just being Frankie.
Look at your business.
Say, hold on a second.
You want to come in
for a cup of coffee
or some lunch or something?
Why don't you
take this all right?
Just don't drink it all up, ok?
Be cool.
Thank you.
That was decent.
I know. Most of those
guys are alcoholics.
Could've been my dad.
I mean, he's sort of...
Well, he's kind of a bum, too.
Come on. Let's get
something to eat.
So tell me about your daddy.
Uh, he left us eight months ago.
I don't know.
It must've got to him
I was the one
making enough money
to pay for all the bills,
and he wasn't.
You know, he's the one
who started me singing.
He had a gospel group
when I was a kid,
and me and my brothers
used to sing with him.
We used to have a lot of fun.
It don't matter now.
He was a drunk.
Anytime I turned around,
he was beating on us.
When you're ready.
Uh, let me take care of this.
Because if you haven't heard,
my record's number three!
That's right.
Number three.
No, no. You better let me
take care of this,
'cause if you haven't heard,
my record is number one.
You tell him, Zola.
That's right, Frankie.
Wop bop
a loo mop a lop bump bump
oh, rutti
Tutti-frutti, whoo
hey, oh, rutti
oh, rutti
Tutti-frutti, oh, rutti
No, no, no! The King,
you stupid platter.
Are you playing to lose?
Come on!
Stop it!
This is business!
It's business!
It was not my decision, ok?
Talk to Morris, all right?
No, you talk to me!
Don't you walk away
from me, cabrn!
I started this group, ok?
Don't ever turn your back on me!
I will kick your ass!
Come on! Hey!
Don't you see he's
trying to break us up?
You've been walking
with this all damn night.
What does this say?
Out in the cold again.
And on the other side,
miracle in the rain.
That's Frankie Lymon.
There's no Teenagers.
There's no group.
There's no nothing.
This solo shit has been planned
from the gate, wasn't it?
You knew all along.
We were a family!
We came up together!
I swear, it wasn't my decision.
You want to walk? Fine.
But family doesn't do that.
Family ain't bound by contracts.
That's low.
We're still family.
No, Frankie.
Thanks a lot, Frankie.
Frankie, he's crazy.
You want a drink?
I don't want a drink.
Just leave me alone.
What are you doing?
Herman was right.
I... knew they wanted me
to go solo two months ago.
But the way Morris handled it...
So chickenshit.
Well, he's
a chickenshit guy, Frankie.
I thought he'd at least
keep The Teenagers
together, you know?
Those are my friends, Zola.
We grew up together.
We did everything together.
We're like family.
More family than my own,
and this...
This is how I treat them.
Really, I understand.
No. You...
I do. Really.
Why don't you and I
go for a walk?
We can maybe get a drink.
We can talk.
It'll make you
feel better. Hmm?
Come on.
Now, sooner or later, Frankie,
you are going to have
to realize, ok,
that it's you
people come to see.
You and that fabulous
voice you have.
Come on. Here's to
Frankie's voice.
Ahh, man.
You know, sometimes my voice,
me being on stage, it's like...
It's like all I got going.
When I'm out there, I'm not just
some colored kid from Harlem
or some guy record execs
are fighting over.
You know, man, I'm just me,
and that audience... ha ha!
I feel alive. I feel free,
and I love it!
First time I heard you sing,
I was standing in the back,
I saw you and said,
"this guy is so special.
He has got to be
touched by god."
What you have, Frankie,
it's so... Amazing.
I can't even...
It's what?
I... I...
Frankie, you know,
I think it was a mistake
that I asked you
to come up here.
Maybe the mistake was...
Not asking me sooner.
Frankie, hold... hold on.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Frankie, what are you doing?
Wait. Frankie,
what are you doing?
Wait. Frankie, wait.
You're gonna rip my dress.
Oh, I...
It's over here.
Right. Right.
Do it like that.
Oh, man. Mmm!
Ha! Wait.
Frankie, wait!
Frankie. No.
Oh. Right.
It hooks in the back.
Thank you, god.
Frankie told me
what happened the next day.
But I wasn't no fool.
Even ray Charles could see
the two of them was like
white on rice after that.
You know what I mean.
Thank you, Mr. Penniman.
No further questions,
your honor.
Fine. Then this witness
is dismissed.
State your name and address
for the records, please.
Elizabeth Waters Lymon,
3639 south 22nd street,
when did you first
meet Frankie Lymon?
In 1961.
See, my first husband
had split on me and our baby,
so I left Yolanda
with my mama in Philly,
and I came to New York
looking for work.
Well, one day I was out shopping
and I ran into Frankie.
I didn't know that
he was Frankie Lymon.
Yes. I'd like to see
this perfume here, please.
Of course.
Just a moment.
Thank you.
Excuse me, miss.
I need you to empty
your pockets for me.
Excuse me?
I've been looking
all over for you.
Did you find the perfume
you've been looking for?
Are you two together?
Yes. This is the perfume
that mama loves.
Let's not forget
the bracelet for my mother.
The rest of our things
are at the counter.
Let's pay for it.
I'm watching you.
What the hell are you doing?
You should thank me, doll.
For what?
I ain't done nothin'.
Then what is all this?
Damn, baby.
You got a nursing school?
What's this?
What's your angle, huh?
Hey, I don't want to see
a cute thing like you
wind up in the 43rd.
It's a shithole.
Hey, what kind of a dog is that?
A somma dog.
A somma dog?
Yeah. Somma this,
somma that.
Ha ha ha! I like it.
He's cute. Yeah.
So you got a daughter
or something?
Yeah. I got
a little girl.
Her name is Yolanda.
She's eight months.
Bet she's beautiful,
just like her mama.
So tell me, is her
daddy still around?
He told me he was a singer
and gave me two tickets
to his show that night.
I never been to this club.
I hear it's nice.
Mickey, who is he?
I don't know,
but he sure is cute.
He's cute!
But before I go,
I just want to say
if I've offended
anyone here tonight
or upset you
by anything I've said,
let me address that with this...
Kiss my ass.
Funny man. One more time.
Redd Foxx, y'all.
And now coming to the stage,
one of the all-time greats,
put your hands together,
ladies and gentlemen,
for Frankie Lymon!
Bah-oop doo wop
Doo wop a wop
Bah-oop doo wop
Doo wop a wop
Bah-oop doo wop
So you met someone who
set you back on your heels
Goody goody
So you met someone and
now you know how it feels
Goody goody
So you gave him
your heart, too
That's him!
That's your friend?!
Now how do you do?
So you're lying awake and
singing the blues all night
Goody goody
So you think that love's
a ball of dynamite
Hooray and hallelujah
You had it coming to ya
Goody goody for him
Goody goody for me
And I hope you're satisfied,
you rascal you
So you met someone who
set you back on your heels
Goody goody
So you met someone...
Bullshit! Frankie didn't
wear no open shirt.
He was a class act.
All right.
Your honor.
You making him out
like a whore like you.
You shut up!
You shut up!
I'm the one telling
the story, Missy.
It's an a and b conversation.
Frankie was classy.
Miss Taylor, quiet!
That doesn't sound
like my Frankie.
Sit down, miss Taylor, please.
Sit down.
Sit down.
All right.
Continue, miss Waters.
You've been taken
for a ride
And I hope you're satisfied,
you rascal you!
You sure my friend Paula
is gonna be all right?
She'll be fine.
Come on.
Ha ha ha!
Better get a towel.
This is it.
Come on in here.
Make yourself at home.
Have a seat.
You know...
This is normally not this messy.
I stay so busy, I'm always gone,
I haven't had time
to clean up the place.
I thought with you being
a star and everything...
You thought because I'm a singer
I should have maids
and servants.
Well, I don't.
Sure don't.
In fact, this ain't
even my place.
I share it with a roommate
who's always gone.
That's cool.
I'm not judging you.
I think it's fine.
You fine, too.
Thank you.
You can sing, too.
Thank you again.
That's Zola Taylor, huh?
Yeah. She's
a good friend.
Mmm. She's pretty.
So, you goin' out with her?
Oh, no.
See, that's old news.
I just don't understand.
Why me? I'm a nobody.
I'm not some big star
like miss Zola.
I'm just Mickey.
Maybe it's because
you're not some big star.
Maybe it's because you
thought I was a nice guy
before... before
you knew who I was.
I still think you're nice.
I think you're nice, too.
Mmm. Come on.
What's that?
We moved in together.
I know, girl.
Said five minutes.
I been here five hours.
Ok. Right here
by the wall.
I ain't doin' this all day now.
Right there.
Wastin' my Saturday.
Girl, I'm a little woman.
I'll catch a hernia
messing with you.
Girl, I'm sorry
I had you dragging
this heavy thing up
here with me.
I should have got
one of the fellas.
It's all right.
I love dragging that bad boy
up four flights of stairs
just so you and your
broke-ass junkie boyfriend
can be comfy-cozy.
How you gonna talk
about my man like that?
Come on now, Mickey.
The boy got a $10-a-day habit.
Where you hear that lie from?
Who do you think
you're talking to?
He's taking you for a ride.
Seen it happen every day.
I'm from the streets.
I know what it look like.
When's the last time
he had a record?
He's been trying.
I got a record player.
I ain't heard no records.
You're too hard on him.
No, no,
no, no, no, no, no
Well, it was true.
Frankie hadn't recorded
in years,
and by '61, music had moved on,
and Frankie's career,
it was on the downslide.
How you doin'?
Make sure you get
a good book, all right?
Will do.
Hey, Mrs. Johnson.
Tell Vernon to come see me.
I will.
Ahh, Mickey, sweet Mickey.
Easy for us.
Up we go!
Now, how come you
can't do that, huh?
Teach him.
Hey, Frankie.
Aw, baby,
it's looking good in here.
Well, I still got
to paint and stuff,
but it's coming along.
Hey, I got something
for you, sunshine.
For me?
Oh, that's so sweet.
Oh, my god!
Frankie, god, is it mink?
Of course, it's mink.
Try it on.
Help me.
Nobody ever done nothing
like this for me before.
I love it.
I love you.
Frankie told me
he was gonna give me everything.
Strut your stuff.
And he did.
He was so good to me.
I was happier
than I had ever been.
When I was with him,
he made me feel like a star.
Yes! Told you
I was gonna show you things,
now come on, woman!
But then reality hit...
Big time.
Frankie's drug thing...
Well, it forced me to find
new and interesting
places to hide cash.
Hey, Frankie.
You talk to Morris
about an advance?
What did he say?
What you think?
He told me to beat it.
Forget him, Frankie.
Find yourself a new label.
Don't let folks
control your fate.
You know, I saw on
what's my line?
Where this guy Nietzche said,
"I am the master of my fate,
the captain of my soul."
Do you know what that means?
I don't want to hear
no bullshit about Nickiski
or whoever the fuck he is.
I need a gig, man!
Fine. I was just trying to
say some kind words to you.
Stay at roulette
and stay broke, then.
Can't say nothing to you.
You're always lecturing me.
Look, um, I need some money.
No! The rent is due
I'm gonna give it back
to you on time. Damn!
You said that shit last month.
That's why we
ain't got no phone.
Don't embarrass me.
I got this landlord asking
for the rent tomorrow.
Frankie, what are you doing?
Where the money
I gave you to hold?
You ain't gave me
no money, Frankie.
You hid it.
No, I didn't.
Frankie, this shit
has got you acting crazy.
You want me to look
through stuff?
Frankie, what are you doing?
Want me to look for the money?
Where the fuck is my money?
Stop that, Frankie!
That shit got you acting
like you're crazy!
You fucking crazy!
Where the money at?
What is wrong with you?
You're what's wrong with me!
You're why I can't get
off the fucking dime!
Always lecturing me!
I ain't done nothing!
I know you got the money
somewhere around here.
Acting like you crazy!
You got the money!
What's gotten into you?
You're supposed to be my woman!
What is all this shit
playing games...
In your eyes
Smoke gets in your
I don't need this shit.
I damn sure don't need you.
You remember that.
I'm gone.
He's mine
Yes, he's
really mine
He's mine
Wop doo wop
doo wop
He's mine
Wop doo wop
doo wop
He's mine
Wop doo wop
doo wop
Really mine...
Frankie, I want
my money, damn it!
I'll get you, Frankie!
I'll get you!
Frankie, what are you...
Did you go see Zola?!
No! No!
Oh, my god! Frankie!
Frankie, what are you doing?
Frankie, why are you running?
Get him! Get him!
Go! Go!
Frankie, I'm gonna kill you!
Frankie, open the door!
Get in!
Frankie, what is going on?
Oh, shit!
Wait a minute!
You ain't got time to say
"hi" to an old friend?
Get that motherfucker!
Get that boy!
Leave him alone! Oh!
What y'all doing?!
Unh! Unh!
Unh! Mickey!
So you try to pop
and run out on me?
Here. Here.
Here! That's all
we got! Take it!
This ain't shit.
Oh, no! No!
Ok! Ok! Ok!
Oh, no! Please!
Wait! No!
No! Please!
No! No, please!
It's mink! It's mink!
It's real!
Next time your man
wants some of my shit,
he pays up front in cash.
Get my money!
It's ok. Just go.
Just go.
Oh, baby.
It's ok.
Why you give them
the mink, baby girl?
I'll get a new one.
That was your gift, baby.
I'll get another one.
Shouldn't have gave it to them.
Shouldn't have gave it to them.
It's ok.
Because I gave Coop that money,
we couldn't pay our rent
and we got evicted,
so we had to move in
with my mama in Philly.
Oh, she may be weary
Young girls,
they do get wearied...
We lived in
Philadelphia for two years.
Boy, they were hard times.
Frankie was hardly ever working,
and we never had no money.
He was struggling
with his drug thing.
He really tried to quit.
And I still believed in him.
One time we drove down
to Virginia for a gig.
What are we doing here?
Come on.
Say, we want to get married.
We do?
Did you change your mind?
No! No!
Of course I want to marry you.
Baby, I told you.
I'm gonna give you everything.
I promise.
Let's get to it.
I'm a little nervous.
S-sign here.
Right here? Ok.
I'd like you to take a look
at this document. Do you
recognize the signatures?
Yes. They're
Frankie's and mine.
And can you tell me what it says
next to the words
"status of applicant"?
I'm sorry.
I couldn't hear that.
It says, "single."
Could you explain to the court
why you wrote the word "single"?
Actually, Frankie
filled in that part.
I guess he didn't want
any confusion to stop us.
So you admit there was confusion
because you were still married
to your first husband.
You lied on your application.
Not intentionally.
I didn't know
I was still married.
This lawyer told me
I was free to marry again.
Isn't it true you'd
have done anything
to marry Frankie Lymon,
including lie?
Don't answer that!
I loved Frankie!
And, yes, I would have done
anything to save his life!
I'd like to know
That your love
Sha la la la
Pay first, get high later.
Take your fucking money.
I got a show to do.
True love
So tell me now
Where the fuck is he?
I don't know.
...ask again
Will you still love me
And that was the single
will you love me tomorrow?
Very good. Very good.
Now let's have a big hand
for the boy wonder himself,
Frankie Lymon!
I see nobody!
Hi, baby.
Go get 'em.
Make him feel welcome.
Frankie Lymon!
Let's hear it!
Mmm mmm mmm
mm mm mm mm
Mmm mmm mmm
mm mm mm mm
Mmm mmm mmm
mm mm mm mm
Mmm mmm mmm...
Mmm mmm mmm
mm mm mm mm
Mmm mmm mmm
mm mm mm mm
Mmm mmm mmm
mm mm mm mm
Mmm mmm mmm mm
Go go go go-oo-oo
Whoa oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh
Little bitty
pretty one
Come on and talk to me
Lovely lovely
lovely one
Come sit down on my knee
Whoa oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh...
Whoa oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh
Tell you a story
Happened a long time ago
pretty pretty one
I've really
watched you grow
A fucking junkie.
Oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh
I'm dropping him!
If you're smart,
you'll do the same thing.
Somebody help me!
Help me! Oh, Frankie!
Frankie! Come on!
Help! Frankie, please!
Come on, Frankie, wake up.
Get an ambulance!
Frankie was my husband,
and I had to do something...
So I checked him
into a hospital.
It was expensive,
but the Bible says...
That a wife should do anything
to save her husband.
Nowhere to run to,
Nowhere to hide...
Ain't shit happening tonight.
Right here, baby!
Hey, sugar!
You want to have
some fun tonight?
I'll lick you like a lollipop.
You'll lick me like a lollipop?
Come on. Hop in.
See you, girl.
All right.
I think this isn't
your lucky night, hon.
Damn! Man, what?!
I can't go to jail.
My man is in the hospital.
I'm just out here...
Get off me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Frankie, what are you
doing here?
I'm paying for you
to be at that hospital.
Baby, I didn't like that place.
Them people mean.
They didn't treat me right.
Smell like
a damn distillery. Ugh!
What you drinkin'?
I've been drinking some liquor.
What you doing with my bottle?
Oh, man.
Look, why don't you
pack your stuff up?
We're getting out of here.
You're going back to
Philadelphia with your mama.
I'm going out to LA
with Zola.
Yeah. She got some gigs
lined up for me, baby.
We gonna make it this time.
Boy, I am out here
hooking for your ass
'cause you can't stay clean
and all you can think about
is your snot-nose
old girlfriend?
Well, fine! Take your
sorry, junkie stank-ass
and get on out of here!
'Cause you don't want shit,
you ain't got shit,
and you ain't
never gonna be shit!
You know who the fuck I am?!
I know who you were.
I swear... I swear...
Frankie, what are you doing?
I'm gonna toss
this motherfucker.
Frankie, don't do it!
Don't play with the dog
like that!
I'm sorry!
Get on your fucking knees
and apologize to me!
Yeah! Uh-huh!
All you care about is
this stupid fucking dog!
I'm sorry!
You don't care about me!
All you care about is
this stupid fucking dog!
Look at your ass.
Please don't play with the dog.
Look at your ass.
"Frankie, please."
What the fuck you want, Ming?
I'll throw this motherfucker!
I'll throw this... ha ha!
I ain't gonna
do nothing. Get up.
The motherfucker bit me!
Oh, shit!
I'm sorry, baby!
Frankie, you killed my baby!
He bit me! He bit me!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
You killed my baby!
I didn't mean to do it.
Get off of me!
I didn't mean to do it.
She bit me!
Get off of me!
Get out of here!
Get out of here.
I'm sorry.
Get off of me!
Get out, Frankie!
You gotta go!
I can't take no more.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Just go. Go!
I didn't mean it, baby.
I didn't mean it.
Your honor, may I request
a short recess, please?
Yes. We'll take
a 10-minute recess.
Thank you.
Did you ever see Frankie again
after the unfortunate
incident with the dog?
Yeah. Later,
in 1965 in LA.
Did Frankie mention
he married Zola Taylor?
He ain't married no Zola.
He was still married to me.
In fact, he wrote me in Philly
telling me things weren't
working out with her.
He didn't tell you shit.
And begged me
to come and see him.
And I went to see him.
But I didn't know
we were staying at Zola's house.
I'm glad you came out to see me.
I was... I was missing you, baby.
I want you to know,
I'm really sorry about
the way things turned out.
They say the best way
to put the past behind you
is start all over.
Start over?
What the fuck is going on?
Put your clothes on.
Hey, Z.
This is my friend...
I don't give a shit
who the fuck she is.
What the hell is she
doing in my pool?
He invited me for the night.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
For the night?
You're getting your shit and
getting the fuck out now!
She's leaving.
Wait! Are those
my clothes?!
Are you putting on my shit?
Are you crazy?
Out there with my man
in my pool in my shit?
I'm going to kill her!
Wait! Hold on!
Frankie, you up here
with that bitch
that brought you
down in New York?
Who you calling bitch?
I'm gonna put my foot
so far up your ass
that you will be
sprouting shoelaces!
Damn! Frankie!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
No, wait!
Get her out!
Get me? Goddamn it!
That is a lie, your honor!
You know it didn't
go down like that!
Miss Taylor.
Lie after lie after lie.
Do something.
Will you chill?
You're supposed
to be a class act.
I am a class act.
Then act like one.
It's after 4:00.
I suggest we end today's session
and resume tomorrow at 9:00.
We are adjourned.
Your honor, I'd like to call
Zola Taylor to the stand.
Do you solemnly swear
the testimony
you're about to give
will be the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
so help you god?
Yes, the real truth.
Miss Taylor,
can you tell me how long
you and Frankie Lymon
were involved?
On and off for 10 years.
What happened in 1962?
I had to tour Europe
with The Platters,
and Frankie's play dates
started to dwindle.
And I believe
that was the time when...
He started using.
When Frankie
couldn't get that high
from being on stage...
I think he...
Tried to find it elsewhere.
You see, Frankie's career
was never the same
after he split
from The Teenagers.
I was on tour,
traveling with The Platters,
and I saw Frankie less and less.
I still had my place
in New York, though.
Frankie still had the key.
Ha ha! Hey, Z!
Zola Taylor, you tried
to sneak in town
and didn't tell nobody.
Come here.
It was obvious
that he had been
doing some drugs.
Strung out.
My mink stole, Frankie.
Where is it?
You askin' the wrong person.
I don't... mink?
I do...
I thought you took it.
Look, Frankie,
I only came back here
to do this Ed Sullivan show.
And then I'm packing up
all my stuff,
as you can see,
and I'm going back
to LA.
For good this time.
For good?
While I was on tour
this last time, Frankie,
I, uh...
I got married.
I... I know it's all
kinda sudden for you,
but you know,
he lives out in LA.
He used to be a drummer,
but now he's a carpenter.
Out of the blue?
Just like that?
He's a really nice man.
He's stable.
Do you love him?
I told you, Frankie,
he's a nice, good man.
I didn't ask that!
I asked you, do you love him?
I love him, ok?
No, no.
That's bullshit.
You said marriage
would tie you down.
You just didn't want
to be tied down to me.
I never said that, Frankie.
Oh, yeah.
That's what you said.
Let me tell you something.
You gonna always
be tied down to me,
whether you like it or not.
We're like magnets.
Frankie, please.
Don't do this to me, Frankie.
Don't leave me right now, Zola.
I'm married.
That was a mistake.
That was a mistake!
No! I got a life,
and it ain't gonna include you.
Now you got to go.
Get out!
...that you sang
So sweetly
You called it
Our love refrain
Out in the cold again...
I didn't see Frankie
for another three years.
And then one day,
out of the blue,
he called me up.
And he said that his career
had completely nose-dived.
He wanted to know
if he could come out to LA
and if I could help him
get some gigs.
I said, "Sure. Come on out."
'Cause, see, I knew Frankie.
And I knew
that he needed to sing
like he needed
the air to breathe.
Zola! Zola!
Oh, wow!
Damn, Frankie, you look...
Well, come over here.
All right.
Yeah, I got all dressed up
to come on out here.
Well, first you need to
come up out that conk. Yes.
You in LA, baby.
Out here, we ain't colored
no more. We're black.
Oh, and you need
to wear these. Really.
Ok. Right on.
It's the law out here, baby.
Groovy, baby.
Dig it.
Dig it.
Say it loud
I'm black,
and I'm proud
Say it loud
I'm black,
and I'm proud...
All right, brothers!
All right!
God, this is far out!
You'll dig it out here.
I'm already digging it.
Hey! Peace! All right!
Everybody's into a different bag
out here, Frankie.
It was a beautiful day.
I took him to my house.
Frankie couldn't believe
my house.
I don't believe it.
This is... this is beautiful.
Ha ha!
Whoo! Man!
Y'all got a pool.
Wow. Man,
y'all got every...
Look at this.
Look at this!
I'm on the top of the world, ma!
Actually, I don't think
it was the day.
No, no, no. I'm mistaken.
It was nighttime, actually.
Yeah, because I remember...
The lights were twinkling.
I'm on top of the world, ma!
I remember.
It was really romantic.
This is great!
Wow. Man.
You got everything.
Y'all got an extra
bathtub outside?
It's a jacuzzi, Frankie.
Oh, a jacuzzi.
I'm gonna try that out.
Now, look,
you know I'm on leave
from The Platters, right?
Got walking pneumonia in may.
They changed me
like a light bulb.
11 years... boom.
I'm out.
Wow. That's...
That's heavy, man.
So what you doing now?
Oh, I got my own little act.
Zola Taylor's all-male revue.
I'm doing ok.
I can see.
Now, look, Frankie,
this is the guest room, ok?
You can sleep here
as long as you want
until you get yourself situated.
That's beautiful.
I appreciate that.
Wait, I gotta ask you,
how does your husband
feel about me be...
Frankie, look,
when you called,
I said I might be able
to get you a few gigs.
That's it, ok?
Don't expect nothing else.
Ok, I'm not, I'm not.
Ok, it's cool.
I can dig it.
So tell me, when do
I meet the carpenter?
I divorced him
in Mexico, Frankie.
You divorced him?
In Mexico?
Where's the divorce decree?
Uh, your honor, there are
extenuating circumstances
regarding the divorce papers.
But miss Taylor
will testify that...
Miss Taylor?
Actually, your honor,
all my papers got destroyed.
Well, did you try to get a copy?
Most certainly.
I contacted
The Platters' lawyer,
Ruben Rodriguez,
to see if he could put me
in touch with Mr. Worrell...
He was the attorney
that arranged
the whole Mexican divorce
in the first place.
But, uh, I found out
that he was dead.
Is Mr. Rodriguez alive?
Yes, but he's in the hospital.
He's in the hospital.
Yes, with his feet cut off.
Let me just
get a handle on this.
You got divorced in Mexico,
but nobody can find any records.
Your Mexican divorce papers
were somehow destroyed.
Your ex-husband is dead,
your Mexican attorney's dead,
and your lawyer...
Your lawyer just had
his feet amputated,
so he can't come here
to testify for you?
Basically, yes.
Ok, Mr. Roberts,
Thank you, your honor.
Miss Taylor...
Did you marry Frankie Lymon?
Yes, I did.
And can you give us
the circumstances
surrounding your marriage
to Frankie Lymon?
Frankie, had just done
hullabaloo show.
I'm not content
To be with you
In the daytime
Oh, man, it's been a long time.
Been a long time,
but, baby, you still got it.
I still got it?
You still got it.
How's my hair?
Hurry up.
You're up next.
Oh, yeah,
All day and night
I'm yours
Leave me never
The only time
I feel all right
Is by your side
I want to be with you
All of the time
All day
and all of the night
All day
and all of the night
All day
and all of the night
Yeah, smile.
And places!
Frankie, you're on.
Oh, I'm on.
I'm on!
Show 'em who you are, ok?
In 5, 4, 3, 2...
Cue the applause.
Now with a blast from the past,
let's give a big welcome
to Frankie Lymon!
Do wop she do,
boom boom boom boom boom
Do wop she do,
boom boom boom boom boom
I'll always want you
Because my heart is true
Come, come, come closer
And I'll tell you
'bout the abc's
Darling, believe me
Every day
my love grows strong
Find a place
there in your heart
And I'll tell you
'bout the abc's
Gosh knows I love you
Heaven knows it's true
I want to be near you
J, k, l, m
N, o, p, q
You'll make me love you
God always told me so
W, x, y, and z
I've told you
'bout the abc's
Oh oh ohhhh!
Oh ohh oh ohh ohhhh!
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh ohh oh ohh ohhhh!
Oh oh oh ohh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Run, honey,
and don't be blind
you stay on my mind
True love
is hard to find
I'll tell you
'bout the abc's
Tell you of the abc's
I still got the moves.
Ooh oom ooh.
You do, baby.
You like that?
It was like I never left.
It was beautiful.
I mean, it was like...
It was like the waves of love!
I'm not surprised, Frankie.
You got it, baby.
You still got it.
Ohh, don't you just love
that feeling
when it seems like
the whole world loves you?
And they want you,
you know what I mean?
You're traveling.
You're on the road
going on tours,
and you're making
all this good money.
And all of a sudden, man...
It vanishes. It's gone.
That shit's hard, Z.
It's real hard.
You start feeling like
you're worthless to them.
All of a sudden, you just...
Start feeling like you're
worthless to yourself.
And then you go to the drinking,
You think
that's gonna handle it.
Before you know it,
drinking and drugs
has a handle on you.
That's what happened.
Until tonight.
Because you believed in me.
Uh-uh. No.
Frankie, don't give me
the credit.
You only needed
to believe in you.
And you did that tonight.
I wanna kiss you, Zola.
Frankie, uh-uh.
No, I...
Let's not do that.
Zola, ain't nobody else for me.
Listen, I know that.
I love you, Zola.
Only you.
I keep telling myself
that I don't need you.
I do need you, baby.
Let's stop playing.
Let's get married.
Let's get married?
Let's get married.
You want me to marry you,
Say yes.
Yes, Frankie.
Whoo! I feel good
I knew that I would now
I feel good
I knew that I would now
So nice
So nice
I got you
Bump bump
bump bum oom
So good
So good
I got you
You got me, baby.
I got you, baby.
I got you!
Mmm. You got me.
And we drove to Tijuana,
and we got married.
Really? In Tijuana.
Now, in your sworn
pretrial deposition,
you, uh...
You said Mexicali.
Oh, ok.
Mexicali, Tijuana.
I don't know.
One of them Mexican towns.
You are under oath.
Now, did you marry Frankie Lymon
in either Mexicali or Tijuana?
Your honor,
I have obtained certifications
of nonexistence of marriage
for frank Lymon and Zola Taylor.
One from Tijuana, Mexico,
one from Mexicali, Mexico.
I don't care
what you think you have,
I married Frankie,
and she knows I married Frankie.
I even showed her my ring.
You lying.
Miss thing did come to my house,
just like she said,
but she was the one running
around like a wild banshee,
not me!
What the hell is going on?
Frankie said I could stay.
Frankie said?
Yes. What part
of "Frankie said"
don't you understand?
The "Frankie" or the "said"?
You crazy.
What part of "get out"
don't you understand?
The "get" or the "out"?
Oh, god.
You Zola Taylor!
I'm a big fan of yours!
Man, you're incredible!
Well, fan your ass
on out of here.
I don't need this shit, ok?
Forget you.
And you can take
your little funky attitude
on back to wherever
you just came from, Missy.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Are you putting on my clothes?
Your clothes?
See, I can see
why Frankie is sick
of this whole bullshit LA thing.
You know,
I got every Platters
45 you ever recorded.
Only you...
Ok, great.
Where is my husband?
Your husband?
Yes, my husband.
Where is he?
See, that wig you got on
must be too tight
if you think that Frankie
is your husband,
because he is my husband.
I got that third album,
too, wi...
Shut up!
Your husband?
Yes, he is my husband.
Frankie, is my husband.
Where is he?
Frankie, who are these people?
I just saw you
on hullabaloo, man.
Talking 'bout the abc's.
Who is this guy?
You don't know
who these people are?
You went and got
yourself married?
I told you not to invite
any company here.
When was you gonna tell me?
I said no strangers.
I have an insane,
black woman in my house.
No, I know her.
Put the phone down.
I'm gonna show you.
I'm sick of this!
Wait a minute!
Wait, wait, wait!
Get over here!
I'm sick of your...
Oh, shit.
My wig! No!
I got her hair
Zola ain't got no hair
Then when I asked Frankie
about it,
he told me that Elizabeth
had broken into the house...
...and told me that
she was married to Frankie
just to hurt my feelings.
And I believed him
because he was my husband.
And if he wasn't my husband,
why in the hell
would I have trusted him
with my most prized possession?
My house.
Come on, now, Z.
Four months on the road
over in Asia?
It's gonna feel like forever.
you're gonna be just fine.
Can't they give you
a break or something,
so you can come home and...
Baby. Baby, listen...
Take this, ok?
There's enough money here
to pay for the mortgage,
the bills, everything.
Zola, you know I don't like
taking money from you.
Baby, it's our money.
How am I supposed to
remember all this?
I wrote it down, ok?
You'll find it.
Are you sure you'll come back?
I'll be back.
You'll find time
for a break, right?
It's gonna go by in no time.
Frankie and I weren't in touch
until about five months later.
One day I called
and my phone was disconnected,
so I asked my sister
if she would go over
and see what was going on.
And when she picked me up
from lax,
she told me
that Frankie had
had some woman at my house
and that a neighbor had
to call the police
because of all the arguing
and fighting going on.
And I knew exactly
who that woman was, too.
And then my sister told me
that I couldn't go home,
'cause I didn't have one.
Oh, Frankie.
Frankie, you fucking
son of a bitch!
Everything I'd worked for...
When I went to the bank,
there was no money, either.
I tried to call Frankie
in New York,
but his numbers
were all disconnected.
Then I heard he had been
drafted into the army.
I had nowhere to go,
so I had to move in
with my sister.
It was a real nice house.
And I'm real sorry
about it. I am.
But I swear to you, Zola,
I never went back up there.
It's been 18 years.
You'd think I'd be through
with all that by now.
State your name
and address for the records.
Emira Eagle Lymon.
2110 Clairview Drive,
Augusta, Georgia.
Mrs. Lymon,
could you state your
educational background
for the record, please?
After high school,
I attended Morris Brown College
for about a year.
Then Albany State College,
Augusta College, Plaine College.
And I've done studies
at Savannah State College,
as well as
the University of Georgia.
Do you hold any degrees?
Is the pope an old white man?
I have a bachelor's degree
in social studies
as well as a bachelor's degree
in education.
Now, with all
your accreditations
and degrees,
how did you come
to meet Frankie Lymon?
He marched
right into my bathroom.
I was getting out of the tub,
and he said...
Looking good, doll.
And I said...
Aah! Get out!
Go! Get out!
Hold up, Emira.
You know who this is?
I don't care who he is!
It's Frankie Lymon, the singer.
Tell him to sing
his behind on out!
Wait, wait, wait.
No disrespect, ma'am.
Eddie said I could grab
a beer from the fridge.
I was only looking
for the kitchen.
Are there usually toilets
in the kitchen?
There was a cockiness
about him, you know?
A bravado.
And he was so cute...
In a real street sort of way.
Let me help you there.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
Just wanted to help out.
They're oatmeal.
I made them myself.
Em's a great cook.
She oughta be owning
a restaurant
instead of teaching
Mmm. I love oatmeal cookies.
They're my favorite.
Uh, look,
I really wanna apologize
for barging in on you.
I didn't mean to walk in
and to see what I...
Wait, let me introduce
y'all formally.
Uh, Frankie,
this is Emira Eagle,
my fiance's sister.
Emira, this is Frankie Lymon.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too, Frankie.
After that,
Frankie kept showing up...
...and showing off.
They're beautiful.
Thank you.
Well, I was hoping
I could walk you home again.
Oh. All right.
He was just incredibly sweet,
a perfect gentleman.
Never made a pass
or came on strong again.
And he didn't curse around me.
Hey, Frankie.
Hey, Emira.
I brought you a present.
Where'd you find the puppy?
At the pound.
Can't resist him, huh?
Oh, it is hard.
He's so cute.
Mmm. What's smelling
so good?
Chicken and gravy.
Pecan pie.
You hungry?
You know, Eddie was right.
You sure can cook.
The Greens are from my garden.
We would've had carrots,
but the rabbits had
a feast this week.
Well, um, I could make
a net box for you,
if you like.
For a city boy,
he was pretty handy
with a hammer...
Just right at home gardening
and working in the earth.
A hammer?
Frankie wouldn't know a hammer
if it hit him in the head.
Please, Peter,
object to something,
'cause gardening?
She got to be lying.
Then one day he just floored me.
Oh, man.
That was such a good movie.
Yeah. This way.
Um, Emira...
I wrote something for you.
I hope you like it.
Uh, don't laugh.
All right.
Here goes.
"The wonder of you fills me up,
"takes me to your depths,
"and I bare my soul to you,
"o cherished queen of Sheba.
"When you smile,
you give light."
"When you speak..."
"You give life."
"And when you leave,
you take my love."
I fell in love at that moment.
I-it's not finished.
I still have some more work...
Oh, I love it.
I love it. It's great.
Next day, we got engaged,
and about a month later,
we got married.
Thank you. Thank you.
Don't look.
Oh. Oh, right, right.
I won't look.
I mean, until you tell me...
When I should look.
It's ok.
Play your harp
Play your harp
Was a shepherd boy
Killed Goliath
And satisfied god
Play your harp
Play your harp
I prayed that Frankie
was happy with me,
but every now and then,
I'd just catch him in a place
that I knew
my love couldn't heal...
Play your harp
And I'd feel helpless.
Then one day...
is all right
Out of sight...
Come on.
What are you doing?
I wanna see you dance.
Come on. Get up.
I don't know how to dance.
You don't know how to...
Let me show you.
This way. That.
Put your hips into it.
Everything is all right
Out of sight
Come on, turn around.
is all right
Ha ha ha!
Frank G. Lymon.
Come with us.
For what?
What's the problem?
Absent without leave.
Wait. There must be
some misunderstanding.
Frankie, wait.
No misunderstanding.
Wait. What's wrong?
Listen, there's some
Get in the back of the Jeep.
Wait. Where
you taking him?
It's ok. It's ok.
I'll handle this, all right?
Just go back in the house.
He had been awol for four months,
and he was
dishonorably discharged.
Mrs. Lymon,
can you tell us
how long you were
married to Frankie?
I'm still married to Frankie.
Thank you, ma'am.
No further questions,
your honor.
All right,
we'll take our lunch recess
and resume again at 1:30.
Thank you.
Prissy little thing, ain't she?
Doesn't seem
like Frankie's type.
Seem like anything in a dress
was Frankie's type.
Bringing a book to lunch.
Shit, she should've brought
a damn hairdresser.
That was a good one.
Aw, Zola.
You know what I'm thinking?
I'm thinking 50% of something
is sure better
than 100% of nothin'.
Look, wait, wait.
Check it out.
If I win, we split it 50-50.
You win, same thing.
Are you trying to get
in cahoots with me?
'Cause I know
I was with Frankie,
and I know you was with Frankie.
But her?
She was with Frankie, too?
What do you mean
you made a deal?
Mr. Markowitz.
No, because it's unconscionable
for you to cut a deal
and not include me.
Mr. Markowitz!
I'm sorry.
Is our little hearing
interrupting you?
I apologize, your honor.
Your cross, please.
Uh, miss Eagle,
when was the last time
you saw Frankie Lymon?
This is my favorite.
Little Laura
made this one for me...
You know,
from my second grade class?
Oh, Frankie, there's the door.
Put the, uh... this one up, too.
Got a package for Frankie Lymon.
Oh, all right.
Sign right there, bro.
You Frankie Lymon?
The singer?
For real?
Oh, man, wait till
I tell my wife.
I thought you was dead.
Man, we used to dance to
your stuff all the time.
Man, you great.
You're fantastic.
Have a happy holiday.
God bless you.
Frankie Lymon.
I delivered a package
to Frankie Lymon.
Ha ha! Wow.
Merry Christmas.
I know you don't understand
this music business,
but you're in school,
and you're a teacher.
You know...
No, Frankie.
I understand.
Ok. Ok.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Your book.
Your poetry book.
Oh, great.
I'm so happy you understand
that this is what
I gotta do, you know?
It's my life.
Your lunch.
Oh! My lunch. Yeah.
All right.
And, uh, I want you
to make me a pecan pie,
so when I get back
I can have something
nice for dessert.
All right.
I been thinking...
Let's start a family, you know?
I mean, we got such
a good life here.
We should share it
with somebody.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Gotta go.
But you think about
a family, all right?
I'll miss you!
I'll miss you, too.
I'll be back soon.
Call me when you get there, ok?
All right.
All right.
That was the last time
I saw him...
About a week later,
Frankie's brother called me
to tell me
that Frankie had overdosed.
No further questions,
your honor.
Do you think we could
take an hour's recess,
please, ma'am?
All right, Mr. Grahme.
Look, just let me
talk to you for a second.
Emira... Emira, wait!
Wasn't it enough
I couldn't have him in life?
Can't I at least
have him in death?
None of us can.
That flat-footed little weirdo
played all of us.
He sure did.
Why don't we go have a drink?
That's a good idea.
Come on.
But I don't drink.
Well, honey, you about to start.
You can have an iced tea
or something.
You don't have to drink.
That lying, no-good,
house-losing bigamist!
A trigamist.
Who gardens, no less.
Honey, come on.
Frankie and flowers?
Gimme a break.
I don't even know
what I saw in that little...
It wasn't like
he was some bronze Adonis
or some shit.
I thought he was talented.
Ok, he could sing.
He could sing me
right out of my panties.
I got to give it up for that.
The boy was a good fuck.
Ohh, come on, Emira.
Now, you know you got
that rock of Gibraltar.
Come on now!
You guys are talking
about my husband.
Your husband?
Your husband?
He was all of our husbands.
But I just don't understand.
How could he write me
those beautiful love poems,
knowing he was still married
to at least one of you?
Come on now.
That was Frankie being Frankie.
Frankie just...
Needed something different
all the time.
Something different.
My god, look at us.
Could we be more different?
I mean, look at you.
You're a glamorous singer.
I'm just a Southern
And, you, Elizabeth,
look at you.
I mean, you...
I'm not sure
what to think of you.
I mean, no disrespect.
It's just that...
What did Frankie see in you?
Girl, now,
what you talking about?
Shoot, back in the day,
I was a sho'nuff fine
foxy thing.
Tell her, Zola.
You was there. Tell her.
I was there and...
She was all right.
No, you didn't.
But foxy?
You were more poodley.
Forget y'all.
Maybe there were
three separate Frankies,
and each of us got a piece.
I think Frankie was like
that broken record.
Maybe that's what happened
that last day.
It got so painful...
He couldn't put himself
back together.
I just wish
we would've been there
to save Frankie
from himself that day.
Girl, you don't know
how many times
I tried to save Frankie
over the years.
Shoot, he wore me out.
It just couldn't be done.
I wonder who this next
surprise witness is.
Better not be another woman.
Hey, how you doing?
All right.
Frankie Lymon here
to see Morris Levy.
Do you have an appointment?
Uh, no.
Uh, not... not actually.
Uh, I'm an old friend.
He knows me, you know?
Mr. Levy?
A Mr. Frankie Lemon
is here to see you.
No, no, no.
Frankie Lymon.
Get rid of him.
Hey, Morris!
Long time no see.
Excuse me!
You ain't got a minute
to talk to an old buddy
who's made you
a couple million bucks?
Hey, Frankie, your last
album was eight years ago,
so don't pull the "old
friend" bullshit on me.
Now, what can I do for you?
Look, I'm glad you asked.
All right, I'm gonna be
straight with you, Morris.
I'm ready to get back out there.
Now, I went down south
for a while, and I got married,
but I've still been writing
and still singing, man,
and people still
seem to know who I am.
Jeez, where are the violins?
No, you don't understand.
I still can do the sp...
Well, I can't do
the splits right now,
but I'm telling you,
I still got it.
Still got it?
Who the fuck cares,
you still got it?
In case you don't know it,
doo-wop is dead.
The Beatles stomped it out,
Motown kicked it out,
and Hendrix
took it someplace else.
Now get out of my office.
No, no, wait, man.
Let me just do a demo
or something.
Why don't you call one
of your cronies up and...
And what?
Tell them I got
a blackballed junkie
in my office
looking for a comeback?
Hold on now, Morris.
You're taking it
too far now, ok?
I'm not a junkie any...
I don't shoot up, man.
I'm clean.
Please! You shoot up,
and you're a no-show at gigs.
Hey, only an asshole
takes a chance on a junkie.
I told you I'm not
a fucking junkie!
Didn't you just hear me?!
Do you know who the fuck
you're talking to, huh?
You see what I mean?!
This is why
you're not booked
at the Orpheum tonight!
You understand that?
You're a crazed maniac.
Look, Morris...
You're not a cute kid
anymore, Frankie.
You're a loser,
you're a has-been,
and you're a fuckin'
drug addict!
Now get your fuckin'
ass out of here.
You're fuckin' dead!
Get security up here.
That you do
Oh, you're my dream
come true
My one and only you
This guy is so special...
He has got to be touched by god.
Marry me, Zola.
What you talking about, Frankie?
You will always
be tied down to me.
You do
And fill my heart
With love
For only you
Only you
Can make
this change in me
For it's true
You see
I'm wearing my heart
Baby, you are one fine thing.
Oh, you're my dream
come true
My one and only you
You keep a-knockin',
but you can't come in
Keep a-knockin',
but you can't, whoo!
Keep a-knockin',
but you can't come in
Come back tomorrow night
and try it again
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Come on!
Come on!
Ow! Ow!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Next time, you better
have all my money.
Well, well...
If it isn't Frankie Lymon.
Long time no see.
If it isn't Frankie Lymon.
Hey, Coop.
I knew you'd come back.
What's up?
How's life been treating you?
Let's take a walk.
Ooh, why
Ooh, why
Ooh, why
Why do fools
fall in love?
Take my hand
Deliver me
And let me stand
I get so tired
Am weak
Am worn
The stars
Lord, here's my hand
And lead
Lead me
Lord, lead me home
I paid for Frankie's funeral.
So sad.
He was so talented.
Mr. Levy, do you
know what this is?
Yeah. Sure. It's why
do fools fall in love.
Oh, uh, Mr. Levy, whose names
appear as songwriters on this?
Lymon and Levy.
Uh-huh. Well,
how did this come about,
you writing the song
with Frankie?
I don't understand.
Did you two sit down
together at the piano,
uh, he plays some music...
No, no, no.
You get together,
and you kind of put the words
and the music together.
You get a beat going.
I mean, I'm not saying
that I'm writing
songs like Chopin.
Like Chopin.
That's very funny.
Very funny, Mr. Levy.
It's not quite as funny
as this, though.
Now, whose names are listed
as songwriters on this record?
It's "Lymon, Santiago,
and Goldner."
Uh-huh. As in
Herman Santiago,
the original lead singer
of The Teenagers?
What's the name of this song?
Why do fools fall in love.
Why do fools fall in love.
So, in fact, Mr. Levy,
you didn't write the song.
You just slapped your name on it
so you could collect
songwriter royalties
and copyright entitlements.
Listen, counselor,
I'm a businessman.
It was just business.
Mr. Levy, how much money
have you made over the years
from the song
why do fools fall in love?
Who knows?
Try $4 million, Mr. Levy.
$4 million!
And how much of
that money, Mr. Levy,
have you tried to pay
to Frankie Lymon's estate?
I got accountants
for that kind of stuff.
The answer is zero,
Mr. Levy. Nothing.
Not one single penny,
Mr. Levy!
No further questions,
your honor.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
You're all acting
like I was the only one
doing business that way.
Everyone was doing it.
Every record producer,
every owner of a label,
every promoter.
It was standard
industry practice.
All right, Mr. Levy,
that's enough.
And another thing, there
would be no Frankie Lymon
if it wasn't for me.
I discovered him first.
I invested in him first.
I promoted him first.
And you're sitting here
talking like I'm the one
who put that smack
into his veins.
All right, Mr. Levy,
I said that is enough.
I just wanted you to know...
Mr. Levy,
you are excused.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
All right, we're going
to adjourn for today.
We'll reconvene
tomorrow morning at 9:00
at which time
I will render my decision.
Thank you.
Scotch and soda.
Strawberry Margarita.
Iced tea, please.
Long island iced tea.
$4 million. Do y'all
believe that shit?
Shit, when Frankie was alive,
he didn't have two nickels
to rub together.
I heard that.
Money like that
I only read about
in fortune magazine.
You read fortune?
Yes. It's got forecasts,
futures, you know, stock tips.
Oh, thank you.
Mmm. Mmm.
That is delicious.
That long island iced tea
flavoring is tasty.
Ooh, excuse me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You know, I wish we could
rethink this whole court case
and refuse to let
our lives be dictated
by Morris and Frankie
and all these vultures.
Honey, I wish we could
tell our lawyers
to kiss our big butts.
Well, here is to telling
all of our lawyers
to kiss our big butts.
Big butts!
Juicy booties.
Ooh, 'cause I know my butt
has gotten a little big.
But you know what, ladies?
Why don't we tell all
of them where to go
and walk out of here friends?
Baby, I could be
a much better friend
with 4 million bucks.
Wait. If we do your plan,
we can all...
What plan?
What are you talking about?
Wasn't it you that said
50% of something
is better than no percent
of nothing?
Then you split
your 50% with her.
What about you?
It's gonna be 30-30-30.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
What are y'all talking about?
'Cause whatever it is,
it sounds illegal to me.
It's not illegal.
It is not illegal.
It sounds illegal.
We can do what we want.
It was her idea.
It sounds illegal to me.
Fuck it, all right?
Look, here's the deal:
Whoever won, me and her,
we was gonna split it 50-50.
Now we can cut you in.
We don't need to leave here
until we can make
a deal to get paid.
Come on, Emira.
That is a million-
three-hundred gs each.
Well, I could use a new car.
You could get yourself
a Cadillac, girl.
Ooh, well, that is
Kool and The Gang!
I knew we could get her.
Met someone who knocked you
back off your heels
Goody goody
You met someone, and now
you know how it feels
What was at issue in this case
was determining which
of the three alleged widows
is the lawful surviving
spouse of Frankie Lymon.
Widow number one,
Elizabeth Waters,
that she and Frankie Lymon
lived as common-law
husband and wife
and that they were married
in a civil ceremony
in the state of Virginia,
and all of this, apparently,
while she was still married
to someone else.
Now, widow number two,
Zola Taylor,
claims that she married
Frankie Lymon
in either Tijuana or Mexicali,
depending upon which day
of the week it is.
But, unfortunately,
miss Taylor was unable
to provide any substantive proof
of either her marriages
or her divorces.
Which brings us
to widow number three,
Emira Eagle,
who was married to Frankie
in a church ceremony
replete with white wedding gown
and a honeymoon suite
in Augusta, Georgia,
and all of this would
have been well and good,
except for the fact
that New York state
upholds the Pennsylvania law
which recognizes
common-law marriage
as legal and binding.
And since Elizabeth continued
to live with Frankie
after her divorce
from Charles Phillips
and based on the statutes...
Cross vs. Cross,
commonwealth vs. Highland,
and Skinner vs. Skinner...
Both the common-law marriage
and the Virginia marriage
were indeed valid,
and since neither marriage
was dissolved
at the time of Frankie's death,
it is the determination
of this court
that the lawful, surviving
spouse of frank Joseph Lymon
is Elizabeth Waters Lymon.
I told you!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
We did it!
Stop! See,
she said that we won,
so that mean that y'all lost,
so talk to the hand,
'cause me and my counselor
got to go.
You Jheri curl-wearing,
ghetto bitch!
I'm gonna whup your ass!
Order in the court.
Elizabeth won
and told the rest of us
exactly where to go.
She got us.
But, you know, hey,
I didn't really care,
because I was tired of
the courts and the lawyers
and the whole thing anyway.
I wasn't having it.
I filed suit in
the U.S. court of appeals.
It was a mess.
It took years.
But they ruled in my favor.
So, you see,
the schoolteacher
won Frankie's estate after all.
But the final tee-hee-hee
was on her.
See, Frankie's estate wasn't
nowhere near no $4 million.
And after all miss thing's
lawyers' legal fees
and expenses,
she only ended up with 15 grand.
The same amount
that Morris had offered her
from jump street.
Now, ain't that nothin'?
Well, honey,
I could've told them
wasn't none of them
gonna get no money!
Ain't nobody
ever gave us nothing!
Goody goody for me
And I hope you're satisfied,
you rascal, you
Oh, you lie awake just singin'
the blues all night
Goody goody
So you think that love's
a barrel of dynamite
hooray and hallelujah
You had it comin' to ya
Goody goody for him
Goody goody goody
for me
Your love
has been denied you
You've been taken
for a ride
And I hope you're satisfied,
you rascal, you
Packed up all the pain
Left the tears
outside my door
And I'm not gonna
be the one who's left
Out in the rain no more
I see it so clearly
The writing
is on the wall
Tellin' me I'm gonna be
all right after all
Now, I've opened my eyes
And I'm finally wise
No, no
No fool no more
No fool
No more
Not like before
Not the way
It used to be
No fool no more
No tears this time
'Cause this time,
I'm wise
To the game
that's been goin' on
And I'm not gonna
be no fool no more
I'm gonna pull
my heart together
Gonna leave
the past behind
Gonna get
to something better
Put you out of my mind,
yeah, yeah
I'm gonna be strong
I'm gonna be fine
I just want you to know
That I'm not gonna
be no fool no more
No fool
No fool no more
Not like before, yeah
Not the way
It used to be
Ooh hoo ooh
Baby, baby, baby
Ooh-ooh wah-ah ooh wah
Ooh-ooh wah-ah
ooh wah
Why do fools
fall in love?
You want to be the one
I call on, right?
You want to be the one
to tell me you're so right
Well, y'all cats
is all alike
Let me say this here
This year,
'bout this miss here
This clique
won't drip tears
But you can kick
the with wick
This fit, gonna leave
if he don't kick his shit
And who gonna
get rid of this fool?
Who? I ain't dead
What you do
is choose to disappear
My man
He had game,
he gave me things
And he bought me gifts
Ooh ooh ooh
He let me
drive his wheels
And so I trusted him,
I trusted him
All above
Why do fools
fall in love?
Why does the rain
fall from above?
Why do fools
fall in love?
Why do they fall in love?
Tell me
Why does the rain
fall from above?
Why do fools
fall in love?
Why do they fall
in love?