Why Do You Love Me (2023) Movie Script

I can hardly wait to meet you.
We can have conversations.
We can hold hands.
We can
Good morning, Baskara.
Would you like to take a shower
or have breakfast first? I
Wait. I forgot that I had to
I had to call our gas dealer.
Just say the word when you're ready.
I know, my bad.
So, Hendro's kid is getting married.
That's quick.
He's Baskara's age, isn't he?
Yes, hon.
That's great.
They'll have grandchildren soon.
Right. Sorry, Bas.
That's it, Mom. I'm full.
Then the prince stands up
And admits
Her voice is drop-dead gorgeous.
The princess
She is drop-dead gorgeous.
"I would like to apologize."
I can't seem to smell her.
Miko, don't.
Just enjoy the show from here.
Hey. Does she have long or short hair?
Straight or curly?
It's wavy.
What about her skin?
She's your type, Ton!
And they live
Gather around.
Over here.
Come on, Mik.
I don't want to be a loser my whole life.
What's gotten into you?
There, behind you. Read it.
What is it?
"Cowards die many times
before their real demise."
I don't want to die a coward.
What do you mean?
Read that one.
"Our actions do not guarantee success."
"Our inactions guarantee failure."
Now's the time to take action.
What action, Bas?
I can't get what you're getting at.
Would you two rather die as virgins?
Have you even done it, Bas?
That's what I'm saying.
See, that would require us
to have a girlfriend.
I know.
But when was the last time you had one?
Middle school?
Before you had a brain tumor, right?
Anybody who'd find you desirable?
- There should be.
- Right.
What does the fact say?
Never mind that.
Let's cut to the chase.
What's that supposed to mean, Bas?
We're going to the Dolly Alley.
Dolly Alley.
Dolly Alley, Surabaya?
What is that?
It's a brothel.
- The biggest in Southeast Asia.
- Yes.
- Can't we find a brothel in Jakarta?
- Miko!
We can.
But they wouldn't serve people like us.
I thought rich people
could do anything in Jakarta.
You're mistaken. I did my own research.
They have a special treatment
for people like us.
Dolly Alley - Surabaya
Ton, check your inbox.
I sent you an email.
What is it?
Are these girls serious about this?
What girls?
- Hello.
- Hi.
Thanks for listening to my storytelling.
I'm Karmila.
I'm Danton.
This is Baskara and Miko.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I want to give you my storytelling book,
but I only have one left.
We don't mind.
This one can't read.
That one can't even turn a page.
You can find the address
of my doll workshop in the back.
Come visit me any time you're in Jogja.
Well, I should get going.
It was nice meeting you.
Ton. Ko.
What about our plan?
It's pointless.
Our parents wouldn't take us
to a place like that.
They don't need to come.
Well, they wouldn't allow us to go.
There's a book next to you.
Trip to Java. Grab it.
I'm sure
we'll be more self-reliant
after this trip.
And we'll remember this trip
all our lives.
- A road trip to Surabaya?
- Yes, sir.
A trip across Java, to be exact.
It will end in Surabaya.
We'll travel along the north coast
and eat jackfruit stew in Jogja.
This seems all too sudden.
Don't worry. Everything is taken care of.
Hotel, accommodation, transits.
We'll take a plane back home
from Surabaya to Jakarta.
How many days is it gonna be?
- Four
- Seven.
I mean, four plus three equals seven.
Right, Bas?
Without us?
We've rented a special vehicle.
The caretaker will be the driver as well.
He'll take care of us during the trip.
Bas, are you sure about this?
I won't be there, Bas.
- Ton, you could relapse
- Mom.
We just want to be self-reliant.
This trip could teach us that.
It's not about that, Bas.
You've always been self-reliant.
Then what is there to worry about?
I don't want that, someday
I kick the bucket as a loser.
- Don't say that.
- I have to, Dad.
This trip might not end up well.
It might end up a mess.
But at least we'll have had a go at it.
We'll be fine.
And we promise that we'll get back safely.
Despite being disabled,
we'll get to be happy.
Did your mom agree to this, Ko?
Do you remember that time
when we were planning a trip to Jogja?
I do, but I wasn't able to take leave.
I get it.
You're so busy at the hospital.
You've always worked hard for me.
That's why we prepared
a trip for us three.
Me, Danton and Baskara.
We're planning
on traveling across Java, Mom.
I'm the only one
who can move around freely.
I can help them.
Can I, Mom?
But you must take care of yourself
and your friends.
We'll let you go.
But only after we meet
this caretaker of yours.
If we find that he's not qualified
then, sorry.
Cancel your trip.
For me, their safety is my priority
on this adventurous trip.
Go, team!
Yes, sir!
Hi, Amanda.
What's the matter?
Mom said you're going on a trip
with your friends.
That's right.
Don't miss me.
Yuck. Why would I miss a jerk like you?
The secretary is getting more curious.
On the other hand, she seems
to find that boss of hers unbearable.
It's driving me mad.
I really want to see them get together.
- Get married, have children
- Mom.
I want to get married too.
Have my own family.
I know, honey.
Good night, honey.
I can hardly wait to meet you.
Call Danton.
I think it's fine if he wants to spend
his time with his family.
We're his friends.
- But his family
- But we're his friends, Miko!
He's selfish.
What are we to him anyway?
He's dumping us for his own good.
Why can't his tumor be patient?
- Why can't it let us...
- Let's go.
Ton, consider your condition.
I'm not here
to talk about my condition, Miko.
We go on with our plan to Surabaya.
With what?
I've canceled everything.
Including Wisnu.
Then we'll find a replacement.
What about your parents, Ton?
I don't think it's possible.
They won't allow you.
They don't need to know.
Neither do your parents.
If we do this behind their backs
You, Ko.
You have to help me carry my luggage.
I can't do it on my own.
You got heavier, Bas.
Well, they feed me.
Sir, ma'am, I'm going back home.
Okay. Take care, Mik.
- See? I told you.
- I saw it coming.
Where are you going?
I won't tell anyone.
As long as you're honest with me.
I'm not going anywhere.
Amanda, wait.
I'm going to Surabaya.
With Baskara and Miko.
What? Wasn't the trip canceled?
No, but don't tell anyone.
But Dad said he'd plan a trip for us.
A vacation.
- While there's still time for
- For you.
While there's still time for you.
But not for me.
I need this trip, Amanda.
I have to go.
I'm leaving.
Take care of yourself.
Come on.
You're too tough to cry.
I'm not crying.
Why would I cry for a jerk like you?
I want you
to do as our parents say.
Take care of yourself.
I will.
Thanks, Amanda.
I'm proud of you.
I know.
And I'm proud to have a sister like you.
Where is it?
Have patience.
- We've waited long enough, Bas.
- Patience!
Is that it?
That can't be.
We're going in that?
Is it that bad?
That's our car.
Is that Endang?
I thought Endang was a man.
Our driver is a woman?
Hey, Endang!
You're one hour late.
It's "Endang."
That's right.
Okay, time to go.
Move it, we're burning daylight.
Bas, since she's a woman
what if she finds out
why we're going to Surabaya?
Who cares?
She'll be in charge of looking after
and driving us. That's it.
Are you sure we'll get there
safely with her?
What more do you want, Ton?
Should we call it off?
I don't want that.
Hey, I got a question.
Does she have long or short hair?
It looks like noodles.
What about her skin?
Fair, I guess.
She's my type, Ton. For sure.
If you say so.
What are we waiting for?
What's taking so long?
At least open the door.
I'm waiting for the deposit.
We're not going without it.
- What? Wisnu said
- It doesn't work the same.
If you'd like to hire Wisnu, go ahead.
No skin off my back.
Hold on a second!
Ko, get the envelope.
It's in my bag.
Front pouch.
Give it to Endang.
It's "Endang."
You're good.
All right, we can go now.
Excuse me.
You smell so good.
- Get in.
- So good.
Good to go?
We were good to go an hour ago.
You're all dressed up this early.
Going somewhere?
I'm meeting up with Lisa.
Breakfast comes first, though.
Wake your brother up.
I made him some pancakes.
Sure, Mom.
Coffee time.
Here's your coffee.
Thanks, hon.
Come to think of it,
how does a trip to Bandung sound?
Bali would be too far for Danton.
He said he's still sleepy,
he'll eat breakfast later.
That won't do.
He needs to take his meds.
And for that, he needs to eat.
- I'll take it
- I'll do it.
So, what do you think?
Hold that thought, hon.
Where's your brother?
Hon! Honey!
Let's go after them.
They haven't gone far.
- I need to change my shoes.
- No time for that.
- We're going to lose them.
- Wait.
- Let's go.
- Be safe.
- Drive safe.
- Okay, hon.
You should've realized that
you're putting your brother in danger.
I've had it with you.
- Ko!
- What?
We reached the Cikampek toll, Ko!
This is the farthest I've ever been!
This will be my sickest experience!
God, it's hot!
Don't you guys feel hot? Endang!
Dang, turn the AC on!
I told you already, there's no AC.
What's that?
You lied to us! Wisnu said you had AC.
Just open those windows.
Ko, please open the windows.
A call!
Who is it?
- Our parents?
- Yes, Bas.
- Throw them away.
- What?
I said throw them away!
Why would we do that?
We can just turn them off.
They'll track us down, Ko!
You want them terrorizing our trip?
They're not picking up.
Try tracking Danton's phone.
What if my mom...
Who cares? Throw them away!
It's a good point, Ko.
If we want to be free,
we have to be free all the way.
Miko, get mine from my bag!
Front pouch. There.
Throw them away, hurry!
Hurry, Miko!
We're free.
Hey, why are you stopping?
Why didn't you tell me you left
without your parents' permission?
- You should've told me.
- What's it to you?
- You got our money already.
- It's my business to know.
What if something happens to you?
I don't want to take responsibility.
What's wrong with Danton?
Ton, are you okay?
What's wrong? You skip breakfast?
Oh, my.
Here, have some.
Where are your meds?
- Bag.
- In your bag?
- Where in the bag?
- Front pouch!
How is it? Feeling better?
Let's go home.
What are you talking about?
Did you see him? We're turning back.
No. Take us to Surabaya, Endang.
Okay, we'll continue.
But you must follow my rules.
If anything bad happens,
we're going back to Jakarta, got it?
- Got it.
- All right, then.
What's with this thing?
It doesn't make sense.
How is it?
The signal points us here.
But no one's here.
That's what I'm saying.
Baskara is ahead of us
when it comes to technology.
Endang! Why are we heading to Bandung?
If you'd like to enjoy your trip,
leave it all to me.
You can't do that.
Take us straight to Surabaya!
Surabaya can wait.
You've come this far. Are you going
to see the tollway all day long?
Who gives a crap?
I don't care.
We're going to Surabaya right now.
Go back to our previous route.
Surabaya, pronto!
Cut it out, Bas.
Let Miko enjoy the view.
With what? He can't see!
Are you trying to insult me?
Despite my blindness,
I can hear and smell just fine.
Just keep going, Endang!
Thanks, Endang.
Don't leave Miko behind!
- Just leave him.
- No!
What is this?
- Please wait.
- Thanks, miss.
Anyone wants to take a leak?
- Me!
- Me!
How about you?
And you'll hold it for me?
No way.
All right, then. Come on.
Let's go pee.
What are you looking at?
Never met cool people?
Wait here, Miko.
Hold on a second.
Good. I'll wait outside.
Thanks, Endang.
Miko, your turn. No one's here.
This way.
Don't take long.
Shit! Watch where you're aiming!
Are you blind or what?
Sorry, he is blind. Sorry about that.
Oh. Sorry.
It's okay.
We're the ones who should be sorry.
- I can't pee with you standing behind me.
- Right.
- Let me feed you.
- No.
Miko will.
He's eating.
I'll just wait.
- Sure.
- All good?
Sundanese food is great.
Yeah, it's so good.
Are you sure you're just going to wait?
Don't use your hands. It's disgusting.
My hands are disgusted
by that mouth of yours.
Open wide.
Not taking a nap, Miko?
I can't sleep.
Endang, do you wear perfume?
Do I smell that bad?
No, you smell so good that I can't sleep.
Well, thanks for saying that.
I can't hold it anymore!
What now, Bas? We're just chatting.
I don't care!
Do backflips for all I care.
I really have to take a pee!
Endang, stop the car, now!
We're not far from the hotel.
No way. I can't hold it any longer!
It's your own fault for not going earlier.
I'm going to wet myself!
Go ahead and wet yourself!
Endang, I think we should pull
Why does it smell like pee?
Screw you, Endang!
- Good afternoon, ma'am.
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Gather round.
Good afternoon.
Bas, wait!
See, Endang? You should have pulled over.
He must have been embarrassed.
I could've pulled over
anywhere you wanted.
But he won't let me help him
no matter what.
He just wants Miko.
I'm his caretaker, not Miko.
This is your room.
Baskara, your room's here!
- Miko, will you help me?
- Of course.
I booked you the largest room.
You have three beds.
Where are you sleeping, then?
Don't worry about me.
I can sleep anywhere.
All right, have a nice rest.
We'll meet again at dinner
in the restaurant.
- Endang.
- Yes?
- About our bath
- We can do it ourselves.
Just go.
What's your deal, Bas?
- She's just trying to help us.
- Whatever.
She just wants our money.
Come on.
Just say you're embarrassed.
You don't want her to see you naked
and touch your dong.
Gross, Ko.
Now, give us a shower.
You're not eating much.
I said enough.
You're no longer needed here.
If you say so.
But she hasn't eaten yet.
I'm good.
I'll find some outside.
See you tomorrow.
You went too far, Bas.
Don't treat her like that.
It's not about her, Ton.
It's about the girl behind you.
My two o'clock. Take a look.
The guard dog's angry. He's jealous.
The girl brought a dog?
Yes, a wild one.
Brace yourselves.
The dog's coming.
- Is the dog cute?
- Ko!
Leaving already?
Think you're better than us?
Your poor girl.
She'd be better off with me.
- Am I right?
- Bas, stop being weird!
Are you talking to a dog?
He's in front of you.
Is he a good boy?
What did you say?
I'll kick your ass! Don't mess with me.
Who are you? Don't get in my way!
Their caretaker.
I'm looking after these kids.
What's going on?
These kids.
They're looking for trouble!
What trouble?
They're flirting with my wife.
I can't stand them!
You mean these kids?
- Flirting with your wife?
- Yes.
And she's into them?
That would be weird.
Can you not see?
Were you seriously
about to harm these disabled kids?
You're a big man. Have you no shame?
Calm down and just go.
What are you waiting for? Go!
We don't need your help.
How would you solve a problem like that?
With your mouth?
Spouting crap as your friends
got beaten to a pulp?
Don't be ridiculous, Bas.
Don't drag your friends into your mess.
You can't be serious.
Come on, Danton, Miko, let's head back.
Let's go. Come, Miko.
- Thanks, Endang.
- Sure. Good night.
We're still going to Jogja, aren't we?
Sure. We're going by Wisnu's plan.
We'll get to Jogja tomorrow
and arrive in Surabaya the day after.
- Okay. Thanks, Endang.
- Anytime.
All right. Good night.
Good night, Miko.
Can I hold your face?
For what?
I'm just wondering what you look like.
Maybe not, Miko.
Use your imagination however you want.
Well, then. Good night.
Done. Good night, everyone.
Where in Surabaya would you like to visit?
I might be able to arrange your itinerary.
- Dolly Alley!
- Hey!
It'll be easier if she knows, right?
He's just messing with you.
We're virgins, Endang!
Hey! What the heck, Miko?
So that's your secret. You're all virgins.
None of your business!
What's the deal with you, Baskara?
Loosen up a bit.
What's wrong with being a virgin?
Ashamed? You think I'm going to mock you?
Do I have to pay you more to be quiet?
Just go with the contract.
Drive and keep your mouth shut.
"How much should I pay you?"
You think I took up this job
merely for the money?
Am I wrong? What else do you want?
Endang, don't listen to him, okay?
Let's just focus on the trip, okay?
I refuse.
I have to clear it up.
You're not the only one who has a secret.
I have my own too.
Truth be told, I'm a murderer.
Endang. That's hilarious.
Dear me.
Before you hire me as your caretaker,
you should've found out who I really am.
She wasn't kidding, Bas.
I just got out of prison a week ago.
I was accused of murdering my own patient.
And now
you're my next patients.
Stop it, Dang!
- No!
- Where is she taking us?
Let us go!
Dang, please!
Endang, I'll do anything!
Please don't kill me!
You will share the same fate
as your friends.
You keep being so cranky.
And now you're crying.
What kind of man are you?
Have mercy, Endang!
Water, Bas!
Welcome to our lunch spot, Baskara!
So, was our acting convincing?
That was not funny!
We're not trying to be funny.
It was Danton's idea!
It was.
After we got back from the restaurant,
Endang wanted to take us here,
but we know you wouldn't be on board.
That's why we came up with this.
And then?
What about the newspaper?
Was that also fake?
I didn't expect her
to have the fake paper so quickly.
I did get out of prison a week ago.
That's not a lie.
Why were you in prison?
Kolim shared some of his wealth with me.
His family heavily disagreed.
Then used the What is it? CCTV recording.
They used it against me,
claiming I had murdered Kolim.
I got locked up in the slammer.
Then, six months ago,
someone took pity on me.
They came with the evidence.
In reality,
Kolim had already signed the contract.
The euthanasia contract.
And so, I was free.
Ton. Ko.
How about we spend the night here?
- Deal!
- Deal!
This place is comfy.
That's good.
Do you have a crush on Endang?
Stop it. I just want to know her face.
You should hold your desire for Endang.
Because in Dolly Alley
there are a lot
of beautiful and sexy girls.
I still can't imagine
what we're going to do there.
Me too.
Listen, everything you've ever imagined
can become a reality.
- Anything?
- Anything.
You can even do the helicopter.
You mean I can go round and round?
Round and round until you're finished.
Ko, there's a chair in front of you.
Miko, I'll leave Baskara to you to feed.
Where are you going?
I'm going to fill up the car.
- Thanks, Endang.
- Sure.
I won't be long.
Hi, Karmila.
How did you get here?
- Who did you come with?
- Them.
Hi, Miko!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Ko, come here!
Your trip must have been so fun.
I've never traveled across Java.
I really admire your spirit.
Do you mind if we take a picture?
- Of course.
- You don't mind?
Nice to meet you. I'm Baskara.
He's my friend, Miko.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So, I made a doll.
Inspired by our meeting that day.
- Do you remember?
- Yeah.
I'm going to grab it for you.
Stay here, okay?
- Just a sec.
- Okay.
I got you, Danton.
How about we have lunch together?
We can keep you pretty girls company.
We'd be having a blast.
Get to know each other.
I'm sorry. We need to get back to campus.
I got it.
Where have you been?
What took you so long?
Sorry, I was...
You shouldn't have taken us here!
What a waste of time.
- It's Danton, Bas.
- He's selfish!
He leave us for his darling.
He's sick, Bas.
He's sick? Where is he now?
He's in the car. Walk straight.
Bas, I don't think Danton can make it.
- I think we should
- What? Go back home?
- If anything, his parents
- You want to crush his dreams?
His dreams or yours?
You wouldn't get it, Endang.
You think this trip is for me alone?
Danton came all the way here
just for Karmila!
Shut up! Get me in the car, now!
Hold on a minute, Bas.
We'll continue our trip to Surabaya,
but Danton has to go back
You don't get it, Endang!
Get me in the car already!
Look, Bas.
Let him go home.
Don't you care about him?
He's your friend.
I don't want to let him down.
You don't know him like I do.
Ton, now you tell us,
do you want to continue this trip?
Danton, answer me! What do you want?
I want to continue this trip.
Endang, did you catch that?
- Did you hear that, Dang?
- Yeah, I heard that all right.
We're going to Surabaya!
Ton, I love you! I love you.
Danton, sorry to keep you waiting.
It's not finished, but
Where are you going?
- Dang.
- Yes?
You promised us
to take us directly to Surabaya.
What are we here for?
The manager want to speak with you.
Said that we can only get
the cancellation refund in person.
Have him meet us in the car.
This is such a hassle.
I couldn't agree more.
Miss, excuse me.
- Can you take them inside?
- Sure.
- Let me take you.
- Thanks.
Follow her lead, okay?
Take it easy.
Thank you.
That bitch.
- Move it, Ton!
- Bas!
Danton, stop!
Have a seat.
We were worried sick.
Were you okay during your trip?
We're okay, Mom.
We go back to Jakarta, right now.
Why? The trip isn't over yet.
Danton. You left without saying anything.
You had us so worried.
We're not going home.
We still have to carry on.
Because I need this trip.
Ton, please understand.
Dad, Amanda, and I just want
to spend time with you, Ton.
- While
- While there's still time for you.
Please let me use that time.
Give us a little freedom.
We want to do things
we never got the chance to do.
Danton has had his checkup this afternoon.
the doctor said he only has
several days to live.
I'm so sorry to hear that, Von.
Please take care.
I'm asking you, please.
Please pray for him.
I want to apologize
about what happened at the hotel.
I'm so sorry.
I actually feel bad for you guys.
Wisnu made me do it.
He said, "If you don't
take those kids to the hotel,
I'll report this to the police."
I was terrified.
What if they send me to prison?
It's okay, Endang.
I'm actually glad
that we're not making anybody worried now.
- Right, guys?
- Yeah.
Hold on. Don't be so sure.
We'll forgive you
if our trip to Dolly Alley
goes without a hitch.
Aye, aye, sir.
We'll be on our way soon.
- Dolly Alley!
- Dolly Alley!
Wait, Miko!
No! Miko!
There's a pool in front of you!
A pool?
Danton, Baskara,
they have a swimming pool here!
Let's go for a swim!
Endang is full of surprises.
So what?
You like her too?
It's not like that.
I don't want to compete with Miko.
Mine's not long enough.
What's not long enough?
My time.
Look at you guys.
You look so handsome. Let's go.
All set?
Come on, this way.
Mind your step.
Hold it.
Let me ask first.
See you around.
Hey, miss!
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
Why is it closed?
Didn't you hear?
They closed all the brothels here.
It's officially shut down.
Where did the girls go, then?
To their hometowns.
I see.
- Thanks for your help.
- Endang!
- Endang, Danton!
- What?
Danton! Oh, my God.
- Danton, we need to go to the hospital!
- No.
What do you mean? You're having a seizure!
Please, Dang. It's no use.
She's right, Ton.
- You need a hospital!
- No, Bas!
It's no use.
I'll die anyway!
I don't want to just lie down on a bed,
surrounded by IV tubes,
waiting for my time.
We must finish what we started.
The thing is,
Dolly Alley is gone for good!
The mayor shut it down.
I just talked to a local.
I told you not to toss our phones!
Look what happened!
- You're putting the blame on me?
- Who else?
It was all for nothing.
That's not true, Ton.
Okay, listen up.
I won't let this trip be for nothing.
Let me handle this. We're going.
Endang, are we still doing this?
Endang, what's taking so long?
Endang, I'm getting bored.
Come on already!
Hi, Baskara.
Are you ready?
Hi, Danton.
Are you ready?
Please don't take it to heart.
I can't do it
if it's not with the person I love.
I'm sorry.
It's fine, Miko.
I'm leaving, then. Thanks.
Hey, wait!
Is that you, Endang?
How can you tell it's me?
Now I'm embarrassed.
You can't fool me with your nice smell.
Hey, Miko.
I'd like to apologize.
I've searched everywhere.
So, apparently,
there were only two girls
available for tonight.
So, I figured
I mean
Don't, Miko.
I'm not like what you had in mind.
You'll just be disappointed.
I bet you look prettier than I imagined.
Thanks, girls.
You're welcome, Endang.
All according to the instructions
you gave us.
We never disappoint, Endang.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
Is it good?
- It's good. Thanks, Endang.
- Sure.
Hey, where are Danton and Baskara?
Why aren't they joining us?
I told them to come already.
Good morning, guys.
- Endang!
- What?
What's with him?
- Endang, can you help me?
- Sure.
So, are you starving?
You bet I am.
- Endang.
- What?
Thank you.
Breakfast time.
Here are your tickets
to go back home tomorrow morning.
Only three?
You're not coming with us to Jakarta?
I told you already.
I'm staying here, Miko.
Okay, listen.
I promise,
when I get the chance to come to Jakarta,
I'll let you know, okay?
- We'll meet up.
- Yeah.
So, what's the plan for today?
No idea.
Here's an idea.
To express our gratitude towards Endang,
how about we dedicate
one full day to spoil her?
Are you bored yet?
It's getting late.
Let's stay here for a little while.
But your flight is tomorrow morning.
I still want to stargaze.
I didn't bring any tents.
Where do we sleep?
Relax, Endang.
You don't need to take care of us tonight.
All right, then.
Danton and I got something for you.
What is it?
Your flight ticket.
Hey! Why did you tear it?
If you still want to be here,
you don't need to go home with us.
What about his mom?
Just relax.
We'll buy her a ticket to Surabaya.
Get her on vacation with you.
Bas, Ton, thanks.
No problem, Miko.
- Ton.
- Yes?
If it wasn't for you,
we probably wouldn't be here right now.
I did it because I didn't want you
to think I'm selfish, Bas.
And you proved it.
You're a good friend.
We should do this more often.
The beaches.
The mountains.
Lying down under the stars.
Sumatra. Right?
But there's no Dolly Alley there.
Come on, now.
Hey, as long as I'm with
you, Miko and Endang,
Dolly Alley doesn't matter.
Look after Miko, Bas.
It should be the other way around.
Look after each other, then.
What about you?
I'll look after you two.
Ton. Danton!
Ton, come over here!
Danton, come over here!
Danton, come over here!
- Danton!
- Danton!
Danton! Danton!
BORN: 21 JUNE, 2000
Remember your promise.
You said you'd look after us two.
Farewell, Ton.
See you on the other side, Ton.