Why Stop Now (2012) Movie Script

- Hey.
- Hey, you're almost late.
Are you trying to make me nervous-
- Yeah, whatever, Dave.
I'm here, okay?
- What-what's with the hand?
- Nothing, I'm fine.
Do you know
how serious this is?
They only have one spot to fill.
I had to do a lot of talking
to get them to see you.
I had to explain
what you've been doing
since you graduated.
I've been stocking shelves
at Price Mart.
Does that embarrass you?
- Whoa!
- Okay, sorry.
Sorry, I'm just...
Look, I don't think
I can do this, actually.
I think I'm gonna go.
- Eli, Eli!
- What?
You're the one, E.
I'm the one what, Dave?
You believe in me,
but you're delusional.
And you have no idea
of the shit
I put myself through today
just to get here.
I should have gone to bed
early last night,
rest up for my audition,
or at least practice.
Yeah, but some jock assholes
were having a party
in the neighborhood,
and, well,
no one invited me...
so I showed up.
Yes! Yes!
Suck it.
No, no, round three,
round three!
Round three!
All right, all right!
Come on, come on!
You're not in the game!
You're not in the game!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
What's your problem, man?
You're making a mess!
- One second, okay?
One second.
One second.
One second.
I said you're making a mess.
- And I heard, I heard,
but listen,
get a towel
and clean it up, okay?
I'll owe you.
- No, no, no,
you're coming with me.
- You're the one
spilling everywhere.
You're done.
Nobody likes you.
Fuck you, seriously.
Get the hell out of my house!
- No, dude, no.
I'm still here.
- I said, get the hell
out of my house!
- Hey, relax, dude!
Eli, are you okay?
- Yeah.
Oh, God,
what the hell's that?
Yo, yo, yo, watch it!
Hey, yo.
Hey, asshole, get out of here.
- Chill out, man.
Nobody wants you here.
Eli is a train wreck.
And I like it!
- Shut up.
Oh, God.
No, I'm fine.
- You're done.
Get up.
Get up!
Sorry about that.
I am okay.
The ground is, like,
moving around a little bit.
You're good.
Mr. Badass Piano Man.
All right, all right-
I'll see you-
- I shall see you soon.
BYE. guys.
Take your pants off
and use protection, okay?
- How are you?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm great.
How you doing?
I'm-l'm okay.
But I didn't just puke
while I was playing
beautiful music.
Yeah, I think the beer
was stale or something.
I think that's
what did it.
Sure, all right.
We'll call it that.
Are you gonna drive home?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm drinking water.
I'm sobering up.
I'm fine, really, seriously.
I'll wait it out
for a few minutes here.
I'm good, but thank you.
- Okay, yeah.
Uh, so...what else is new?
- What's new?
- Yeah.
There's a two-for-one sale
on saltines.
It's $2.85.
There's a 24-pack of water
that's $4.49.
- No!
- Mm-hmm.
- Wow.
I stock all that shit.
You don't have to tell me.
- How about you?
How's, um-
how's school?
It's good.
I didn't get as good of grades
as I wanted,
but, um...
I'm getting a good internship
from my anthropology teacher,
That sounds nice.
What's "not too well,"
like, 3.8?
Ifs a...
3.6 G-point average.
- Oh.
Letting yourself go.
- Mm-hmm.
- You too busy fending off
boys or something to focus?
What are you doing?
You need to stop.
I'm an asshole.
I forgot, sorry.
Anyway, it was good to, um-
Okay, I gotta go.
Oh, there's a checkpoint
on 28th,
so drive carefully,
all right?
All right.
Mom, are you up?
We gotta be out
in five minutes, okay?
- J' That it would take
more than I have J'
All right, looks good.
Nicole, you gotta
eat quickly today, okay?
We're in a hurry.
Nicole's not hungry.
Okay, Nicole, you gotta eat.
Nicole's not hungry!
- Two bites,
then get your stuff together.
Hey, Mom!
I'm not hungry!
' Mom!
Day one of rehab starts today.
28 to go.
That's new.
goddess of motherhood.
The goddess of motherhood.
That's good; that's, uh-
that's relevant.
That's just like you, right?
- I just wanted to finish it
before I, uh...leave.
Good, it's good.
You're really
hitting your stride.
I think you'll be
gallery material in no time.
What's with the jacket?
You look like you're headed off
to a Young Republicans'
- I just-
I wanted to look good...
uh, for you.
Lose it.
Doesn't look good on you.
- All right,
thanks for the fashion tip.
You told work
you were taking off?
- Yeah, I told them I was
taking you guys to Disneyland.
- Disneyland's the one
in California, so...
You ready?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
After you.
Hope you have everything.
Okay, and you have Julio, right?
- Yep.
- You have Julio.
- Okay, then let's go
Let's go-.
- He's gotta go to camp too,
You going to be nice
to the other children?
Okay, I love you, Julio.
- All right, you got everything?
You have your ID?
You have
your social security card?
- One, two, three,
- Clean underwear?
- Yeah, calm down.
What's got into you?
Buckle up.
- Ah, yes.
Thank you, Julio.
Emergency brake's still on.
- What?
- The emergency brake.
- Oh, the emergency brake's on.
Park in this driveway
without an emergency brake.
Why are you so nervous?
I'm the one who
should be nervous, not you.
- Yeah, I have a lot
on my mind, all right?
I have a life too, okay?
Hey, Nicole, listen,
don't get into a fight
with anybody today,
and don't spit.
- She's an angel.
Aren't ya, honey?
- Yeah, I know.
She's an angel who spits.
Hey. hey, hang on.
I'll take her in today.
- No, no, come on, Mom,
just say good-bye.
We're gonna be late.
- Late?
Who cares?
I just want
to walk my daughter in.
Come on, Coley, let's go.
Come on, sweetie.
That's a girl.
You know how much
I love you, right?
You okay with me going away
for a little while?
Got some stuff I need
some help with.
Are you sick?
- No.
- Yes.
I'm fine.
Don't-don't worry, okay?
And Eli's gonna
take care of you.
- Yeah, yeah, of course, Coley.
It's gonna be fun.
We're gonna have a blast.
We'll have pillow forts
and ice cream every night.
I am gonna miss you, baby.
- All right.
I love you GUYS
- Okay, we love you.
Come on, come on, Coley.
You have fun!
- Good, and try to be nice
to the other kids today, okay?
- I will.
- Okay, good.
You were so good last week.
- Hey, Nicole, why don't you
go ahead inside?
I'm gonna need to talk
to your brother for a bit, okay?
What's up?
Hey, watch it, butthead!
- Hey, watch your mouth.
Take your bag.
I love you.
I'll see you later.
And don't wait in the street.
Wait in the same place,
all right?
What's up?
- So how's it gain'?
- I'm fine, fine.
How you doing?
Did you get my letter?
- Your letter?
No, I think we missed that one.
Whats wrong?
Nicole is having some issues.
- Issues?
We all have issues.
What's the problem?
- Julio.
- on.
- Okay?
Eli, this isn't a joke.
- I know.
No, I know.
It's annoying.
No, it's more than annoying.
It's filthy,
and she won't take it off.
Two weeks ago,
Julio told Billy Johnson to...
fuck off.
- No, I know
It's bad-.
When she doesn't have
that thing on,
she's, like, an amazing kid;
I get it.
- Wow!
- What?
You been drinking?
- What?
You smell like booze.
- No, I haven't-
I haven't been drinking.
It's 9:00 in the morning.
Jesus Christ.
Look, I will-
I'll talk to Nicole.
We'll work it out.
Thanks for your concern, though.
- What time you gonna
come pick her up?
- Uh, 1:00?
Maybe 1:30?
- Will you call
if you're gonna be late?
Yeah, maybe.
- Let's go.
What are you doing?
- All right, I'm just rolling
a cigarette for crying out loud.
- No, we can roll it
when we get there.
Come on, Mom.
Let's go.
- I want to smoke it
while I'm driving.
- You can smoke there!
You're an adult, Jesus Christ.
Mom, ifs gonna be great.
Don't worry.
They let you smoke in rehab.
You can drink all
the decaf coffee you want.
- Decaf? Ugh.
I hate decaf.
People clean up after you.
It's basically like
living with me.
I heard the food sucks.
- No, this place
is really nice.
Look at that.
They got a lot of trees
and grass,
and trees create oxygen,
and that's good for you.
You should be
breathing oxygen for a while.
It would be
a nice change for you.
- I'm not gonna be out here,
I'm gonna be in there.
Look, there's a deck up there.
You can make
some nice little friends.
I think this place
is really nice.
- Ah, "nice."
A really nice prison.
Here, take this.
- Eli?
- Yeah.
I don't think I can do this.
- Yeah, but-
- No, sweetie.
I don't know if I'm ready.
- Yeah, right.
You're going.
I don't care if I have
to drag you in there.
You're going, come on.
- What are you doing?
I'm dragging you inside.
- Eli, stop it!
This isn't funny!
- Nope, not joking.
Come on.
- Let go!
- Okay.
- What the hell
is wrong with you?
- I told you, if you won't go
on your own,
I will drag you inside.
I was about to drag you inside.
You're crazy.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I'm crazy.
I'm crazy,
not the 45-year-old drug addict
who refuses
to get her shit together.
No, me, I'm crazy.
- My problem is not
as big as you think.
Oh, no?
You were missing
for 24 hours straight, okay?
We went looking for you all day.
Your daughter thought you
had killed yourself, okay?
She's nine years old,
and she was hysterical.
- I know.
- Okay, you remember that?
- Yes, I do remember.
Thank you for reminding me.
No problem.
Please don't fight me on this,
If not for me...or you...
do it for Nicole.
Okay, good.
You need some help
with your bags or something?
No, I've got it.
- All right, come on.
Give me your hand.
Okay, all right, good.
It's not that hard.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Very good, you're doing so well.
Come on.
Okay, come on.
There's some nice people
for you to be friends with.
Hi, this is my mom, Penny.
They didn't seem interested.
- You never heard
of ana-nom-anymity?
In you go.
In you go.
Come on.
So we are, uh-
okay, all right.
Can I help you?
Checking in.
- Fill this out.
Fill that up.
You should be really proud
of your son.
It takes a lot of courage
to walk in that door.
' Mighty proud.
Wait outside for me, baby?
No, I mean it, Eli.
Wait outside for me.
I'll come say good-bye, okay?
No, no.
I don't smoke.
- It's not like I use drugs
every single day.
I just, you know, um-
sometimes when I get started
that I kind of find it
hard to...stop.
- And you've tried to stop
using drugs and alcohol before?
Well, yeah, kinda sorta.
"Kinda sorta"?
We got a problem here.
What's the problem?
- First, you don't have
dirty urine.
- Well, yeah, I mean,
I was kinda getting ready
to come into rehab.
I haven't used in several days.
- Second...
- Yeah, well, what?
You don't have insurance.
- Penny, listen,
you can't repeat
what I'm gonna say
to you.
Go out, cop, get high,
and bring me back
some dirty urine,
and I will fight
to get you that bed.
- You're telling me
to go get high
so I can get into rehab?
That's the beautiful system
we got, right?
Yo, w-what are you doing?
- I don't qualify
for detox rehab.
You have to be high
to get in here.
You believe that crap?
- Wait, how do you not?
You abuse drugs, don't you?
Doesn't that qualify you?
You have to have insurance.
I wait tables.
They don't give us insurance.
- I can't believe this.
- I don't know.
I feel like, you know,
the government
should help people.
They want to get help,
they should help 'em.
- Oh, it's the government's
fault, of course.
It's the government's fault.
Who else?
Fuck! Fuck!
Now you are fucking up my day.
- What-sweetie,
what do you want me to do?
- I want you
to get your act together
and get clean
so I can leave, okay?
I am sick of taking care of you!
I can't do this shit forever!
I want...
I want fucking normal things!
- Eli, how am I
fucking up your day?
- I have an audition today,
- Huh?
- It's for
a music conservatory.
They have one spot open.
- Listen, listen!
It is in Boston.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
- And why didn't you tell me?
It's four hours away.
You have to take care of Nicole,
because if I get accepted,
I leave in five weeks.
I'll be gone for a year.
A year?
- Dave had to pull some strings
just to get me the audition.
So you have to get clean.
It's a good school?
Yeah, it's a...
it's a really serious school.
all right, so now what do we do?
- You know, Eli,
the guy in there, he tells me-
and I know
this is gonna sound crazy...
- But if I get high
and can produce dirty urine,
then I'm in.
That's crazy, right?
- Yeah, yeah,
it is pretty crazy.
All right.
So let's do it then.
Come on.
Let's get you some crack
or something.
Come on.
- Eli, I can't have you
be a part of this.
Mm-mm, no.
- Mom, I'm already
a part of this.
I've been a part of this
my whole life.
Okay, so come on, you know what?
I will pay for it.
It'll be my treat, come on.
Come on.
- And I don't do crack,
all right?
You'd be a fool to do crack.
What do you think I am,
some kind of dirt bag
or something?
- Yeah, I do.
Yeah, get in the car.
It's my car.
- I know.
I'm driving it.
Get in the car.
Mom, hurry up.
The audition's
in two hours, okay?
- People shouldn't
have to go through all this
when they want some help.
It's ridiculous.
- This is where
you buy your drugs?
It's suburbia.
- Eli, you don't buy;
you cop.
All right, park here.
I'm sure they're really happy
you're bringing business
into the area.
All right, make this quick.
- I can't go in there.
- Huh?
You've gotta get it for me.
You said you would.
What, are you crazy?
Eli, you said you would.
I cannot go in there.
I owe the guy money.
- Fuck
You're killing me, Mom.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
- You look ridiculous.
Lose the tie.
What's wrong with the tie?
Take it off, Eli.
Just take the stupid tie off.
- All right.
- Now put this on.
There you go.
There you go.
Put it on; we've got to
rough you up a little bit.
What is this?
- It's something I got you
for Christmas years ago.
You never wore it.
- You got this for me?
Can't wait to see it on you.
- You got this
in the women's department?
You look adorable.
- You think
I'm an adolescent teenaged girl?
- Sweetie, ifs unisex.
Come on.
This looks all right?
- I wish you had
a little more scruff on you.
- Yeah, well, I shaved,
you know, for the audition.
- Oh, yeah, that, well...
you look great then.
But you can
change back later.
All right, here.
Put these on.
There you go.
All right.
Oh, we'll do this.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- It's all right?
- There we go.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- I think so.
- No, ifs not.
I look like the Unabomber.
Oh, my God, you're right.
Forget that.
Okay, here.
- Good?
- Good, yeah.
Okay, so what do I do?
You knock on the door.
- Okay.
- And you ask
for Sprinkles, right?
- Ask for Sprinkles?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's a person?
- Yeah.
If he asks who you are,
you tell him you're a friend
of Pauly Rezzer's.
He'll know who that is.
- Okay.
- When you get inside,
you ask for a 20 of blow.
Uh, no.
You'd better-
better make that 50, right?
Sure, why not a kilo?
Just listen, all right?
All right, sorry.
Then you give him the money.
He'll go in the back,
get the shit,
and then you get out of there,
all right?
And do not tell him who you are.
- Why?
Who am I?
My son.
Go make your mother proud.
This is ridiculous.
Ah, ya fuckin' door!
Don't speak espanol.
Don't hold out on me, Black.
You know
I don't speak Spanish.
Help me help you.
I can't do everything.
Hold on!
Acting like you the damn police.
What up?
- Hey, not much.
How's it going?
- I'm good.
Can I help you?
Good, good.
So, uh, okay, so I'm a friend
of Pauly Rezzer's.
He's a good friend of mine.
He told me to stop by.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
What's his middle name?
I, uh...
I think it's, uh-
Nah, I'm just fuckin' with ya.
Come on in.
Gotta stay on my toes.
Wipe your feet off.
My mother just cleaned.
N' nI nI no-
No, no.
No, see, no, dude, English!
No, man, I need you
to speak English, okay?
How do you know Pauly?
Yeah, we play-
we play music together,
- I didn't know Pauly
played music.
Yeah, big time, big time.
We, uh, tickle the ivories
sometimes, I guess.
- Anybody there
speak English?
I love sports.
- What kind of sports that,
- Ma, why you giving me
a hard time?
I'm talking to the white boy.
So you like Mozarts and shit?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you like that shit?
You like that fucking shit?
Me too.
- Nah, I'm not partial
to Mozart,
but I love music.
No comprende, maricon.
- Fuck he want?
- No comprende.
I don't know.
He keep talkin' about persona-
- Yeah, hey, guys, can I get
like, a 50 of blow?
I'm kinda feeling like-
- So what the fuck is he saying?
- A little jonesy.
- Watch your mouth!
- Sorry, Mommy.
- I don't know.
We need to get Javier in here
to translate, man.
I don't understand this.
- I'm quite sure
restauranto means restaurant.
Yo, so can I, uh,
can I get, like,
a 50 of blow, you guys?
This is torture, man.
- Uh...
- You hungry?
- No!
- You sure?
- Yes, I'm sure-
I'm sorry.
Yes, hi.
It smells very nice.
I'm just-l'm kind of
in a rush here, you guys.
Can I just get
the stuff, okay?
- Hold on.
What he talking about?
I don't know, man.
He got this, uh, uh, negociar,
- Negotiate.
He means negotiate, okay?
Ah, gracias.
There you go.
What was that?
- He said to meet him
at the restaurant in 20 minutes
to negotiate,
to make the deal.
You speak Spanish?
- Si.
- That's cool.
- Thanks.
Thanks a lot, bop.
- All right, man.
So, uh, all right,
can I get a 50 of blow?
- All out.
- You're all out?
- You heard the man.
He said we all out.
- What are you,
a vending machine?
You're a drug dealer.
How do you run out of drugs?
You have nothing here?
No, that was my connect.
It's re-up time, homes.
- That was your guy?
- Yeah.
- Fuck!
Okay, well-
All right.
I'll go with you, okay?
And, uh, I'll translate for you.
How does that sound?
How about that?
- Hell, yeah.
That's cool.
- Good, we can even take my car.
What do you think?
- I might even throw in
a free eight ball.
- Whatever.
I can buy you dinner-
- You're leaving after I cooked
all this food for you?
Ma, not now!
You're driving me crazy!
I told you today
was a re-up day!
Them collard greens
didn't buy themselves!
- Come on, Black.
- That's all it is.
Save me a plate, Moms.
- What you said
your name was again?
Uh, Mozart.
- Mozart.
Like the piano man.
You a funny man.
Ain't he funny, Black?
Yeah, he funny.
Let's do it.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
- Hey, man,
I know I owe you money.
I shouldn't have come.
Eli, get in the car.
- This your moms?
- Not by choice.
You sent him here?
Let me wrap my brain
around this fucking one.
Black, does this bitch
owe me money?
- Yeah, the bitch
owes you money.
- I oughta fuck you up
real bad, Penny.
Or your boy.
- Whoa, wait, wait, me?
No, I'm going
to translate for you.
- Translate what?
- Yo, Mom, shut up.
Yo, does that cancel her debt?
- We are not doing anything.
Fuck that!
- Yes, we are.
- Oh, yes, you are.
Your boy works for me now.
Yeah, and what if I say no?
- Black beats the shit
out of Mozart,
and I'll pull all your
fucking teeth out of your head,
then make you gargle vinegar.
- Good?
- Yeah.
Let's get in the fucking car.
Come on, man.
- Yo, Mom,
just shut the fuck up, okay?
Hey, hey, hey, listen to him.
Get in the car, okay?
I'm driving.
Come on.
Come on.
- Put that boy's life
in danger?
You fucking idiot!
Hey, hey, hey-
- Look at all this garbage
in here.
How long this Pamper
been sitting here?
Come on, move the car!
Got to pump the gas.
- Mom, stop it.
What are you doing?
All right, okay, all right.
- Yo, let's start
this bitch up.
We're trying.
- Trying to do what?
Turn the key.
- Move the car.
Come on!
This raggedy shit.
- Stop all the shucking
and jiving up there.
- Jesus Christ,
you're embarrassing me.
Mozart, let's go.
Come on, man, y'all slow,
and y'all dumb.
- Turn the key and let's go
get the hell out of here.
Slow and dumb.
- Yeah, slow and dumb.
Let's go.
- Is that possible?
- I don't know.
Move the car, Mozart!
- I got it!
- Thank God you got it going.
- You got lucky.
- Let's go.
- Oh, man, ifs a traveling dump
you got here, man.
- What kind of damn car is this,
- Look at this.
Look at this right here.
What's that?
Mozart, you better know
that Spanish.
Oh, he knows Spanish.
I'ma whoop your ass,
and you can believe that.
He look half Puerto Rican.
- Puerto Rican?
He's Jewish.
- Got good hair.
- He does have good hair.
Let me hear you say something.
- You know, you don't have to
prove to them you speak Spanish.
Yeah, I do know Spanish.
Eli, there's no-
you don't gotta show off,
all right?
You better know that Spanish,
or I'ma whoop your ass
in Spanish.
No, I do know.
- You ain't never had your ass
whooped in Spanish.
- Guys, stop; I know
how to speak Spanish, okay?
- Stay in the car, Penny.
- No way.
You're taking him in there,
I'm going too.
- This better not
take too long.
- Listen, Penny-
- I go where my son goes!
End of discussion!
- Don't bother with her, okay?
- Don't worry about it, Sprink.
Bop, I'll keep an eye on her.
- Mozart.
- Yeah.
- Come here.
- What?
- This is not a game.
- I know.
You hear me?
Isn't there some, like,
back entrance we can go
to buy your drugs in here?
Hola, Mama.
He said to sit down.
What's happening?
- Sorry, we're just doing
some introductions,
and also,
he's insulting me.
- What are you laughing about?
- Nothing.
- What's going on, man?
Come on.
All right.
Okay, gracias.
Okay, sorry, um, all right,
so what did you want to buy?
- Tell him to give me
two ounces of that Snow White,
two ounces of Beetlejuice,
and a forest full of trees.
Tell him that.
- Beetlejuice?
- Just tell him.
- All right.
Oh, shit.
- Sorry.
He said I could.
Okay, hello?
- Hey.
- Hi, Chloe.
Yeah, hi.
Sorry, um...
- Mozart.
- Okay, yeah.
Sorry, I can't actually-
Come on, man, let's go.
Pass on that.
- Okay.
Let's tighten it up, man.
Mozart, get off the phone.
Okay, I gotta go.
- Thank you.
Get off the phone.
- Mozart!
- Sorry. sorry. okay.
- What's up?
- All right, not much.
Okay, let's do this.
What are we buying?
- Tell him to give me
two ounces of coke,
two ounces of heroin,
and a pound of weed.
Tell him.
Just keep it down, okay?
- All right.
- Okay.
- Wow.
It's, uh, $7,000.
- Seven fucking
thousand dollars?
Are you fucking crazy?
You won't get a dime
past $5,000,
you Clark-Kent-looking
- Hey, calm down.
Calm down.
It's fine.
Um, I got it.
You got to calm him down,
seven thousand fucking dollars.
I'll take care of it.
- What are you on,
dope or dog food?
All right.
- Fucking
seven thousand dollars.
- All right, so-l got it.
I got it, okay.
No, sorry.
- Okay, gracias.
That's good.
Um, now he's saying
that he can do 6,000.
Uno, dos, tres,
cuatro, cinco.
Cinco, that's it.
- No, no, no, no.
I'm not saying that, no, no.
No, okay.
He says that if
you don't like it-l got it-
he says if you don't like it,
you can take your black ass
somewhere else.
Black ass?
I'm African-American,
Hey, you lay off of him!
- I'm fine.
Hey, stop.
I am translating, okay?
That means I repeat
what he says, okay?
- Well, you translate this
to that man.
You tell him
I'll give him $5,500
if his mother and his sister
come to my house and clean it.
- No way.
- Say it.
- No, no, no.
Yo, no way, man.
You just hit me for saying
what he told me to say.
Now he's going to hit me
for saying what you-
Fuck, no.
I'm not saying that.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Ow, ow.
Mozart...say it.
- Okay.
All right.
All right, um...
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey, hey, hey!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Mom, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
All right.
- You happy?
- Gracias.
- Oh!
- Shit.
No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- We're fine.
We're fine.
Come on.
- Eli, Eli,
what happened?
Come on, it's fine.
Oh, God, you're bleeding.
- Let's get out of here.
Let's just go.
- Eli, are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- What did he say?
- He said he'll call me later.
- Let me see your hand.
Oh, my God.
- Call you?
- Yeah, he doesn't like you.
He only wants to talk to me.
- What about the money?
- I told you already.
Stop asking me about
the fucking money, okay?
It's 5,500.
- I said cinco,
not cinco cinco hundred.
- Five five hundred?
That doesn't make any sense.
- Mozart, blood is dripping
on your shoe, boss.
Sweetie, let me see it.
- Ow.
- Oh, my God.
That's a lot of blood.
Okay, ooh, there's glass in it.
It really hurts.
- All right, okay,
now, just wrap it up tight.
- Wait, Mom,
how am I going to play later?
- It's all right, sweetie.
You're going to be okay.
- No, how am I going to
play later?
- We'll wrap this up tight.
We'll stop the bleeding.
You hold on to it, okay?
There you go.
This is a bunch of bullshit!
Ow, ow, ow, ow.
- Jesus.
Eli, get in the car.
Just get in the car.
Get yourself in the car.
You talked such good Spanish
with him, sweetie.
I was so proud.
- Oh, shit, yo,
this really hurts.
- You know, I've got some Motrin
in here somewhere.
- Shit, now I'm not going
to be able to play.
Tough luck, kid.
- I get the worst cramps
on my period,
and nowadays, whoa,
jeez, I get hot flashes
and cramps at all the same time.
Nobody wanna hear this shit.
Come on.
- That's how God made women.
Can't knock it, man.
- Could you look
under the seat, please?
It's somewhere in here.
- This'd be easier if this
wasn't a junkyard on wheels.
Oh, hey, thanks a lot.
- Uh!
What is this?
Oh, who knows?
Yeah, no, I wouldn't touch
your face with that hand now.
- Ah, fuck.
Ow, shit.
My hand is totally busted.
I can't play with it.
- Let me see.
Let me see, sweetie.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Let me see.
- Penny!
- Keep your eyes on the road.
- Penny!
You're swerving off the road!
- All right!
I am just trying to help you.
- Where did you learn
how to drive, kindergarten?
- Penny!
Penny, watch the road!
- Mom, just watch the road,
I'm fine.
- I just want to see
if it's still bleeding.
- Sprinkles, you got to do
something about this woman.
- She's gonna kill us!
- Yeah, I know!
- Mom, just look at the road,
- I know, Eli!
- Mom.
Whoa, whoa, Mom, look out!
Look out.
Oh. my God!
- Penny!
Damn it!
What's wrong with you, lady?
Okay, okay, all right.
- You two are a bunch of wild
and crazy kids, the Blooms!
Who knew?
- Here, man.
- What did you find?
What is that?
Got 'em?
Red ones, right?
What, what are you taking?
That's Oxy!
There was two in there.
Did you take them both?
- Yeah.
I took two.
Now turn around.
- Oh, sh-
You about to be stratosphere,
That's beyond high.
And buckle up, kids.
It's about to get wild
and wooly in here.
- Sweetie, I did not know
I had this Oxy in the car.
And what is this on my hand?
People don't live in squalor
like this no more, man.
- Yeah, I guess they do,
though, man.
- Bunch of gypsies living here
that don't wear shoes,
'cause it
smell like feet.
I know some gypsies,
and they ain't got a place
as nasty as this.
- Somebody need
tough-actin' Tinactin.
That's all I'm sayin'.
- All right.
There we go.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All righty.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, no.
- Huh?
I'm starting to feel weird.
- Yeah, and it's gonna get
really weird pretty soon, okay?
But do you know what, baby?
- You can still make
that audition.
I know you can.
- Mom.
Mom, ifs pointless now.
- Honey, you play better
than most people
if this hand was amputated,
for heaven's sake, all right?
I know you think
I don't want you to go,
and...you're right.
I don't want you to move away,
This is such
a huge opportunity for you.
You have got to try.
- Look at this crackhead
Christmas tree.
What the fuck is this?
What is this?
I don't know what that is.
A golf club with a sock on it?
- Pom-pom
or something like that.
- Yeah, I bet you Tiger
don't do nothing like this.
This is crazy.
- Got to get something
in your belly, sweetie,
or you're gonna get so sick.
- I'm not hungry.
I don't think I want anything.
- Just a second.
Oh, not much.
What's that?
- Hey, Mom?
- Ooh! Oof.
That's not--
Easy, baby.
Let's get you up here, baby.
Up on the counter.
- Okay.
- Oh, my God, we got to lose
those couple of idiots soon.
What you in here cooking, Penny?
what are you doing
with my stuff, for God's sake?
- Hey, y'all got any food
up in this joint?
Just a minute, Black.
- We know
you don't be playing golf.
- Mom, he found the golf club.
- Just put my things down.
- There's actually
a really funny story
about that golf club.
My mom tried
to kill her boyfriend
with one of those golf clubs.
She hit him in the head
with a nine iron.
It was a seven.
- Ha, ha, whack!
I think it maybe
rubbed him the wrong way,
so he left us the house,
and he moved to Florida.
And Mom let him take my piano.
- It was his piano.
- It was my piano too.
- No, not really.
- Well...
- Tried to kill your pops?
- No...
- No, it was just a flesh wound.
- It was a flesh wound.
That's why they ave him
47 stitches.
No, no, no,
she tried to kill Barry.
That's Nicole's father.
- Here you go, eat this.
What is this?
It's for your belly, sweetie.
No, I don't eat jelly.
I don't eat jelly for my belly.
My pops was a junkie.
Hey, Eli, stop it.
No, no, no, he was a really-
he was a really talented
and famous guy.
Guess what he was famous for?
- What?
Being a junkie.
Thanks for everything, Dad,
you jerk-off.
- Eli, just stop it!
- Okay.
- Don't talk about
your dad that way.
He was a great artist,
just like you're gonna be
one day, sweetie.
Now, um,
listen, you guys,
my son has some really important
stuff to do, all right?
So you think
we can just be done here?
You ain't done with shit.
Your son works for me
all day long, and so do you.
I'm under his thumb.
Look, Sprink.
I'm not afraid of you.
Nobody in this town
is afraid of you.
Why do you think
I ripped you off?
- Penny, I don't want you
to be afraid of me.
Oh, good.
- But I do want you
to know this:
I'm not into hitting women,
but I will fuck you up.
Hey, now, wait a minute.
- Come on, come on,
okay, okay, okay.
Okay, no, please excuse me.
You'll go with us, okay?
Okay, does that satisfy you,
Mr. Drug Dealer?
Mr. Drug Dealers?
No, no, no, no, no.
Mom, it's okay.
They'll come with me.
I'll play the audition
with a stupid club hand, okay?
We'll get these morons
their drugs
so we can
get your stupid ass high,
and then we can go
on an airplane.
Not an airplane.
No, where are we going?
Oh, yeah, where do we have to-
oh, the audition.
We have to go to the audition.
- Oh, easy, baby.
- Penny!
- Yeah?
- Get something
in that boy's stomach.
Hey, honey, we're here.
Whoa, look alive.
Put your jacket on, Eli.
Your jacket.
Oh, this is going to be great.
Black, what are you doing?
We don't need you in there.
- No, no, I'm not letting you
out of my sight.
- And I'ma be
on your back.
Oh, fabulous.
Come on, baby.
Let me help you with that.
Here you go.
Easy does it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Silly, yeah.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Are you gonna be able
to play?
- Yeah, I'm gonna
tear this shit up.
I like this guy.
He's crazy.
Things have changed a lot
since I went here.
That was a long-ass time ago.
- Wait a second.
You guys went here too?
- Yep, all-state track runner,
two years in a rizzo, izzo.
Wait, you actually ran track?
- Fastest 1,500
in the state qualifiers.
Come on, Penny, don't act
like you don't remember.
You know I was the man.
- Mm-hmm, I bet
you were super quick.
- Look at this dude.
He got on tights, Black!
Yeah, I like that outfit.
I dig them boots.
Everybody is all dressed up
in costumes.
Mom, stop.
- No, honey, I'm just going
to walk you in, okay?
- No, no, no.
Don't walk me in.
No, no, no, stay here.
Don't come in with me.
No, I'm fine.
Stop, and don't-
don't come in, okay?
Somehow you'd find a way
to screw it all up.
Stay here.
- Okay, no, I'll just be
right here then.
Okay, fine, sorry.
Thank you.
Good luck, sweetheart!
That was harsh.
Yeah, that was cold-blooded.
- He's just anxious about
his audition, you know.
That's why he's talking
to me like that.
Black, look, she hurt.
Just got to deal with it.
You getting ready to cry?
- No.
- She'll get over it.
Look who's here.
They're way off
with their wardrobe,
like, by two centuries.
I mean, it's not even period.
What-what is he doing here?
Excuse me, sorry.
I'll be right back.
That's a gorgeous bayonet.
Oh, hi.
Hey, what are you doing here?
What the hell are you wearing?
- What?
Oh, no, yeah.
This is the family thing
that I was going to
tell you about
when you hung up on me.
- What is all this
weird shit, Sprink?
All these people
in these clothes and stuff'?
Civil War party.
A bunch of honkies
playing dress-up.
What's with you?
- My kid, man, you don't know
what this means to him.
It means the world to him.
He's never taken Oxy
like that before.
I mean, I don't know
how he's doing in there.
I don't know what's going on.
- Wait, so you're actually,
like, one of these people?
- Reenactors?
- Yeah.
Yeah, my mom is a seamstress.
My dad's a captain
in the infantry.
I'm the virginal daughter,
Sarah Collins.
- Really?
You're a virginal daughter?
That seems kind of...
No, I'm kidding.
It seems like a really nice
organization for you guys.
- Yeah, we get to dress up,
be different people.
It's fun.
I'd like to try that.
I'm kind of
dressing up too today.
What happened to your hand?
Yeah, I actually, uh,
actually, uh-
actually fell.
Shit, I don't know how
I'm going to play.
I got an audition for a piano.
I mean, I got a-
what am I doing?
Wait, what is going on?
No, no, I have a-
I have a piano audition
for a piano school,
for a, um-
for a music conservatory,
and ifs, like, right now,
so I got to-
- Let me help you.
- Okay.
Are you nervous?
- No, I mean,
ifs just an audition.
I probably won't even get in.
Maybe you will.
Am I okay?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Why don't you go in there
and check on your boy?
Well, you're his mother.
You shouldn't be
out here worrying.
You're right about that.
I'm going in.
Me too.
They probably still got
my picture hanging.
- All right, I'll stay out here
with the car.
I'll be right back, Black!
Hey, Miss Muffet, let me have
one of them sandwiches.
Give me a sandwich.
- Hey.
- You're almost late.
Are you trying to make me
nervous or what?
- I'm here.
I'm here.
What's with the hand?
- Nothing, nothing.
I'm fine.
- I've been teaching
for 15 years.
In all of that time,
you are one of three
or four students
who had a true gift.
- Really.
- Okay.
You're the one.
Stop fucking up.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Eli Bloom.
Yeah, hi.
This is Eli Bloom.
Okay, scram.
Hey, so...
I'm Jennifer Michaels.
This is Mr. Spinelli,
and this is Miss Crane-
- Ow.
Oh, shit.
Shit, fuck.
I can't play like this.
Do you need help?
Oh, bravo!
- Mom, what the hell
are you doing here?
I am so proud.
- I think you need some help.
- No, no.
- Don't worry.
I'll get help.
I'm his mother.
Wasn't he wonderful?
- Hey, shut up.
- Eli, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Thanks a lot
for the audition, Dave.
Thanks for squeezing me in,
and, um, well, don't call us.
We'll call you, I guess.
Oh, easy, easy, baby.
We gotta go 'cause you see,
my mom's got a drug dealer
waiting for us in the car.
Oh, no, you know what?
He's right here.
- He's a friend.
- 'Sup?
- Yeah, we gotta go do
some gangster shit, but, uh...
- But you said I'm the one,
right, Dave?
I'm the one!
Gotta make a pick-up.
He's having a rough day.
That boy got talent!
You got that right.
Eli, slow down!
You were fantastic!
- You the man on the keys,
- Amazing!
- I ruined it.
No, Eli, you were wonderful!
- I wasn't.
Shut up.
- Eli.
- What?
You-Sprinkles saw it.
You should have seen the look
on their faces, sweetheart.
They loved you.
- They loved me?
What planet do you live on?
Even when you're not high,
you're still high.
- Okay, hold on,
let me show you something.
You talk to him, Sprink.
- What?
- Eli.
- Yeah.
- That's me, my junior year.
That's you!
I won state.
Almost nationals.
- Wait.
Leopold Leonard?
That's your name?
My mother gave me that name.
You got a problem with it?
- After all, Sprinkles is
a pretty stupid name,
you know what I mean?
Penny, shut up.
At least I have a trophy.
And I still got the record
for the 100-meter dash.
What's your legacy?
- I'm sorry, man,
really, truly.
Just tell the kid what you know.
Go on.
Go on.
- I ran anchor
on that relay team.
Came back from behind.
Won the shit for us.
They never let me
hold the trophy.
That is so wrong.
Never gave me the glory.
- Yo, fuck the past, man.
- Yeah.
Fuck the past.
Fuck the system.
Fuck my fucking hand.
Fuck it.
Yeah, fuck it, man.
Fuck it!
- Fucking hand!
Fuck it all!
Fuck the past!
- Fuck it all!
- Fuck everything.
Go, Leopold!
Go, man, go!
- So what is this now?
- This is my trophy.
I won it.
I own it.
It's mines.
- Eli, where'd you go?
- Dave.
Thou shalt not steal.
- Wait, they want me
to come back?
No, I was terrible-today?
- Eli, who's that?
- Sorry, uh, wait.
No, I don't think
I can come back today.
You know, it's not stealing
if it's yours
in the first place.
- Bullshit.
- Thank you, Penny.
I appreciate that.
- I mean, really,
he just took what was his.
- I gotta go.
I'm sorry, Dave.
I got another call.
- Damn $2 trophy.
- Hello?
Oh, hi, hi.
Yes, hola.
Okay, yeah.
Como esta?
- Hey, is that our guy?
Is it on?
- Your piano teacher?
- Will you please shut up?
- What did he want?
- Sprink.
- Sorry, hi, okay.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- What did Dave want,
though, honey?
- Yeah, yeah. SI.
SI, sf, sf.
Yo entiendo.
Llegaramos alli pronto.
All right, si, gracias.
- Who's that
on the phone, Mozart?
- Adios.
- Who's that?
Is that our connect?
- Yeah, that was Eduardo.
He said the stuffs ready.
We gotta go over there
and pick this shit up
and get it over with.
We gotta go pick up Nicole.
Who's Nicole?
Yeah, who's Nicole?
They're not coming.
Yes, they are.
Cut that out.
They would never forget me.
Wanna bet?
They've abandoned you.
And now you're homeless.
- Nicole.
Stop that.
Stop what?
- Your sock puppet thin
It's weird-.
Here they come.
- Yo, yo, Nicole.
Get in the car.
Come on, sweetie!
- Yo, guys, open the door.
Be polite.
Bye, Nicole.
No, Nicole, get in the back.
Say hello to the nice men.
Where are you going?
We're taking her to Tricia's.
- I can't go there.
- Why?
She hates you, not Nicole.
She treats me like trash.
She thinks I'm a bad mother.
- Oh, yeah, well, she's totally
out of touch with reality.
She's my sister.
- Who are you?
- I'm Black.
I can see you're black.
What's your name?
It's Black.
- Black, black, black,
black-ety, black, black.
Nicole, shut up.
Mom, this puppet thing
is a problem.
Julio is her friend.
That's a stupid trophy.
Nicole, shut up, okay?
- You stupid,
talking through that puppet.
I'm not stupid.
Guess what.
- Hey, Nicole.
- What?
- Chicken butt.
You dummy.
Chicken butthead.
- You need to learn
how to respect your elders.
Hey, y'all need to teach this
girl back here some manners.
Her manners are fine.
Mom, don't baby her, okay?
- You need to teach this girl
some manners, huh?
You need to teach yourself
how to go on a diet, fatty.
J' Fatty, fatty, fatty J'
You're gonna learn now.
- Ow!
You're hurting Julio!
- Hey! hey!
- Mommy!
- Nicole.
- Eli!
- Let go!
- Say you're sorry!
- Nicole, say it.
- No!
- Say you're sorry!
- Black, chill.
- Say you're sorry!
- No, I'm not!
- Say it!
Let go of my daughter!
- Let go, fatty!
- Nicole!
- Coley, are you all right?
- Black, chill out!
- Say it!
- Nicole, say you're sorry!
No, I'm not sorry!
Black, you let go of her!
' No!
- Problem solved.
- No!
I am gonna kick your ass!
You want a lesson too?
I didn't think so!
Drive the damn car!
Discipline's gone
out the window these days.
Sometime I be bugging on you.
Why are you arguing with-you-
a little girl?
I didn't do nothing!
She back here with a sock.
- Exactly!
She got a sock on her hand!
I didn't do nothing!
The girl is-something wrong!
Borderline psychotic, whatever-
Go inside the house.
Lock the doors.
Hey, Aunt Trish.
- She started
messing with me.
Just a couple of hours.
That's all we need her for,
all right?
And do not let her
talk trash about me.
I don't control her.
Hey, Trishie, I was wondering
if you could watch Nicole
for a few hours?
- I thought you were
coming over to practice.
Oh, my God, what happened
to your hand?
- No, no, nothing, nothing.
I'm fine.
- Oh, look at this.
Here we go.
This is-
I want Julio, though!
- I know, baby,
but this is Mario.
He's Julio's brother.
But I want Julio.
Yeah, I know you do, honey-
Who are those guys?
No, they're, uh-
they're my colleagues
from the supermarket.
They're good 9"Y$-
HEY. guys!
How's it going?
This is, uh-
that's Terry and Marty.
They're fine.
- There we go!
Look, look, look, look, look.
There's Mario!
- I told you I didn't want
to see your mother here again.
Every time she comes,
she causes some kind of drama.
The last time she was here,
she completely ruined Christmas.
Trish, please, okay?
Please don't do this now,
all right?
Just watch Nicole
for a few hours.
Don't ask me why.
Don't give me a problem,
not today.
I'm not in the mood.
Please just do this.
- Okay, all right, E.
I'm sorry.
- All right.
- I'll watch her.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
All right, thanks a lot.
Hey, Coley, come on.
You see, baby?
He says, "Hello, Nicole."
I want Julio!
- Ah, sweetie,
it'll be okay, okay?
You go play with Cousin Stevie.
- Mom!
Just say good-bye.
- Go on, sweetie
It's okay-.
- Hey, they got
a nice place here, bop.
It's butter.
We should come back
and rob this motherfucker.
- All right, good.
There you go.
Have a good time.
Thank you.
Hi, baby.
All right, come on, let's go.
Get in the car.
- What'd she say about me?
- She didn't
say anything about you.
- What do you mean
she didn't say anything?
- You're not the center
of everybody's universe.
Get in the car.
- Want me to clobber
the bitch with my cane?
- Slash the bitch's tires?
- Now, that's a good idea.
- Obviously not.
Get in the car, come on.
All right.
Watch out for the paint.
- If you got a bat,
I'll put a knot on her head.
- Yeah, I'll get her
pregnant on purpose.
- Come on in.
- Everybody in?
Oh, my God!
- Come on, man.
Let's get this bitch running!
- Come on, don't worry.
The car's fine,
for crying out loud.
It's fine!
- We weren't supposed
to go in your car!
It's fine!
- You need a new alternator
in this motherfucker.
Let's go, Penny!
Don't make me turn it up to 10.
- What do you think
you're gonna turn up to 10?
- So, Eli, where you learn
to speak Spanish?
- I learned in middle school,
high school.
- You fluent?
- Yeah.
- You eat bacalao
and all of that?
- What is that?
- It's fish.
Oh, yeah, I eat fish.
Spanish fish.
All right, gracias.
He says to go, uh,
in the back with that guy.
They're ready.
- Cool.
- All right.
- What's he talking about?
- Uh, nothing-
He wants to dance with you.
- Oh, I don't dance.
Thanks, I'm good.
- It's not a choice.
You gotta go.
What is he on about?
Have a good time.
- What did you say to him?
- I don't know.
Uh, tequila, por favor.
- You got it.
He asked me, all right?
Here you go.
- I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
- No, ifs-
my son speaks Spanish.
I don't understand.
Oh, my God.
Oh, that feels kinda nice.
My man, Mozart.
What you slurping on?
Uh, tequila.
Nice, get me one.
- All right.
He don't drink.
That shit'll fuck you up.
I drink pop.
All right.
Dos tequilas, por favor.
Me and Sprinkles drinking.
- Yep.
- You ready?
Ah-a h-h a-h a-h a-haaaa!
That's nice, right?
- Yeah.
- I'll have another.
Preciosa, two tequilas.
And your phone number.
Yo, Mozart.
- Yo.
How do you become this, like,
this crazy music genius kid,
Crazy, maybe.
I'm not a genius.
- No?
- No.
No, I'm not buying that.
Not even for two dollars.
Nobody does anything great
without they heart
not being into it.
What I want to know is,
what does that do
for your heart?
It lets me disappear.
I get it.
- Yeah, I imagine it's the same
when you run a race, right?
Like, what do you think about?
- Nothing.
Just the finish line.
Yeah, and I know.
The finish line, but...
for that minute and a half,
what do you think about?
Think about nothin'.
I just ran.
There you go.
You're a smart little fucker.
I'm so smart.
So you got something for me?
For my mom?
You like doing this
for a living?
Mozart, I don't know.
I've walked that road,
and I've traveled that path,
but I'm okay with it.
You, youngblood,
YOU got a gift.
You gotta fight
for what you love, man.
You understand me?
Don't ever lay down,
not even once.
If you do...
you'll never get back up.
- That was really nice.
Thank you.
More fun
than I would have imagined.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Come on, baby.
I danced real good.
No, no, listen, hold on.
Listen, we got to go
in the bathroom first
and do this, okay?
I don't need to do that, baby.
I have not felt this good
in a long, long time.
I feel great.
I'm gonna be fine.
- Whoa-you're gonna be fine?
- Totally.
- What are you talking about?
I'm not asking you, okay?
I'm telling you, okay?
You're gonna go in the bathroom.
You're gonna do this.
We're gonna go to rehab.
I don't care if I have to force
this down your throat.
- First of all, sweetie,
you don't eat it.
You snort it up your nose.
- Whoa,
don't-don't touch me.
I don't care
what you do with it.
Just put it in your body, okay?
- You don't understand, Eli.
I don't need to go to rehab.
For crying out loud, I'm clean,
and I can stay clean on my own.
There's nothing to worry about.
I am not doing this!
I am not having
this conversation with you
for literally
the one millionth time!
- Oh, come on.
You've got a drinking problem.
You want to have
that conversation?
No, I don't.
- You get wasted
every single weekend,
two, three times a week.
You're sucking down tequila
right now, sweetie.
You know what I think, Eli?
I think you have a problem.
So why don't you
go into the bathroom?
You do the drugs,
and you go to rehab,
because I am fine!
You are not fine!
You are a liar.
And you are a junkie.
Eli, what the-
- You!
Let those prisoners go!
- Take your British
hands off me.
- Chloe! Hey!
Hey, Chloe!
- Eli?
- Chloe.
- Eli!
- Chloe.
Why are you tied up?
Do you want me to free you?
- Yes, free us.
- Shut up!
We're part of the story.
The British burned down my house
and kidnapped me and my sister.
- Oh, my God.
Are your-are your parents okay?
My dad got shot.
My mom's missing, and they stole
all of our livestock.
- Really?
All the livestock?
- Yes!
- Oh, no. Wow.
God, all those poor cows
and chickens, Jesus.
Well, that's terrible,
and the British are assholes.
I hope they lose.
How was the audition?
Uh, not so good,
but I'm-l'm so glad
I found you.
- Young sir,
stand down there.
- Uh, yeah, me too, but, Eli,
you should not be here.
This is, like, a big part
of the event,
and I don't want
to piss anybody off.
Back away!
- You are, like,
this beam of white light.
You have no idea.
- Stand down, young hooligan!
- Stop, no, seriously,
you are, like,
this little revolutionary
semi-virginal angel.
It is so adorable.
That's really sweet, Eli.
I like you too.
I mean, I've always liked you.
But you cannot be here.
They're gonna burn you alive
if you stay.
I told you away!
- Why can't I stay here?
Why can't I stay here?
I could be
the strapping young peasant
trying to win the affection
of the golden virgin,
Sarah Collins.
I could rip my clothes
and rub dirt on my face
and be someone else.
I could be someone else too!
Stand down from the wagon!
You're not dressed right!
It's really sweet
that you want to be
a part of this, but not now.
Maybe next year.
My dad can always use
a good soldier!
- Okay.
- You! Step away!
Wait, wait, do you remember
when we were
in eighth grade biology
and I asked you if
it was a maple leaf or an oak?
Don't hurt him!
- No, no, I knew what kind
of leaf it was.
You said maple,
but it wasn't a maple,
and it wasn't an oak.
It was a sumac!
It was a sumac tree.
And I knew what it was,
but I figured if
I asked you enough questions,
you'd have to talk to me
at some point, because-
please, please let me go-
because I thought
you were so beautiful.
Be gone!
Cajole that wagon right now!
- I'm going, all right?
I surrender.
Okay, okay. Okay-
- Come back later!
I'll be here.
Okay, good-bye, Sarah Collins!
Okay, don't push me.
Bye, piano man.
- I'm sorry if I ruined
your war, everybody.
All right.
- That was so romantic.
- Oh, my God, I know.
I never expected
anything like that.
- I mean, it's like
he learned how to be hot.
Um, yeah.
- Hello?
- Eli, I'm gonna kill her!
- Whoa.
- Get over here!
- Wait, Mom.
Mom, slow down.
Hurry up!
Okay, all right, okay.
Just don't do
anything stupid, okay?
- Take aim!
You're acting insane!
That's my daughter!
Oh, Eli!
Thank God!
She has Nicole locked in there!
Oh, Jesus.
- All right, I came over here
just to get my daughter, right?
- And, Eli...
- What?
- She is not coming out of here.
I'll tell you that.
- Hey!
- Shut up!
- Hey, Mom.
- She says to me-
Eli, listen to me!
- What?
- She says that Nicole
would be better off
living here with her!
- Yeah,
that's absolutely insane.
Exactly what I'm saying.
- Calm down, okay?
And go over here.
Go over here.
Come on out of there.
- I just want
to take Nicole home.
- I absolutely will not.
I am afraid of her.
- She's afraid of you.
- Afraid of me?
- Yes, afraid of you.
- What did I do?
- Look at yourself!
Now, calm down.
- Eli...
- Trish, you can come out now.
It's fine.
I'm here.
Just come out, okay?
- I want her away
from the door.
- She's away from the door.
Stay there.
- I'm way over here, Trish,
on the other side of the room!
- Mom, calm down, okay?
Grow up.
Come out.
It's fine.
All right, just relax.
- Ohh, baby!
- Mommy!
- Every single time
she comes over...
- Trish, Trish.
- She makes a scene!
- Every single time.
- Please, don't start.
- Oh, a scene?
Want to see a scene?
Next time you try
to take my daughter,
I will come here
and burn down your house!
- That is a fine thing to say
in front of two small children.
You are scaring them!
- You shut up too.
Sit down!
Sit down!
Mom, sit down,
and you shut up too!
The both of you!
Stop talking!
Stop talking
and stop talking.
- In my own home!
- Shut up, okay?
Jesus Christ, I am
so fucking sick of this shit!
Okay, Trish, you have to stop
patronizing her, okay?
Get off your high horse
and show your sister
a little compassion.
I am so tired of this, okay?
And I know she is
a pain in the ass.
Yes, she is.
- But you are a pretentious
pain in the ass, all right?
You have a very nice house,
and you have a very nice car,
and you have
a very nice television set,
but Nicole
does not belong here, okay?
She doesn't.
She belongs at her home
with her own mother.
- Fine.
- Good.
- Thank you, Eli.
- Okay, okay, good.
And, Nicole,
this sock puppet thing,
it's gotta stop.
- Oh, no.
This helps her, sweetie!
I've told you.
No, no, it doesn't help her
when Julio tells people
to fuck off
and calls them names.
That's not good.
He is right about that.
- Hey, if I wanted your help,
I would ask for it.
Thank you very much.
Nicole, seriously.
It's gotta stop.
Do I, Mommy?
Oh, sweetie, no,
you don't have to
get rid of Mario,
but what if he was kinder
to people, huh?
"Oh, Eli, that's
a very nice tie you have on."
- Okay, Mom.
Mom, stop it, okay?
Nicole is not coming home
unless you get help.
All right?
And if you don't do that,
- Honey...
- And if you don't that-
Please, stop it!
If you don't get help, then...
Well, I don't know what's
gonna happen to us, actually.
Yeah, I don't, really.
- Oh, Stevie.
Sorry about
all the yelling, huh?
He's right.
I know he's right.
You are a pretentious ass.
I mean-God.
- I know.
I am sorry.
I mean, you need help.
I know.
I know.
- Eli's gonna need some help
with Nicole, you know?
Just till I get back, okay?
I know.
You will?
Of course.
Of course I will.
- It'll be okay.
It'll be good.
Who wants a snack?
Come on, come with me.
- Get something
with Stevie, huh?
- Let's go get
something yummy.
That's so beautiful.
Thank you.
Let's go, baby.
Here we are again.
All the decaf I can drink.
All right.
You ready?
You know, after today,
I don't even feel
like getting high.
- You're right.
- Okay.
Time to get clean.
Sweetie, would you keep
a look out of the back?
Yeah, you're good.
You know, Eli, um...
I'm really sorry.
I'm gonna-
I'm gonna take care of this,
and then I'm gonna
take care of you,
and I'm gonna take care
of Coley, I promise.
Thank you.
It's okay.
I promise you.
- Please-
please don't promise me.
We're gonna be okay.
It's gonna be fine.
- Honey, I know I've taken you
through a lot of shit.
I don't want that
to get in your way.
I don't want it to stop you.
I'm so proud of you, huh?
Oh, you played
beautifully today.
Thank you.
- I want you to go
to that school, huh?
- Yeah, I know.
- Just don't forget me
when you're rich and famous.
- I think it would be
painfully hard to forget you.
And I know you don't think
you have a problem...
but you
could end up here too, hmm?
Eli, it's in your genes.
Thanks for that, Mom.
- All right.
Let's get going.
- No.
- What?
- I want to go in
on my own, hmm?
I want to do this.
That's good.
That's good.
I like that tie.
Looks good on you.
All righty.
All right.
Oh, fuck!
Pass that bread.
- Why you eating
so much bread, Black?
You need to cut it out.
I like bread.
Here you are lecturing
somebody about what to eat.
He do eat too much bread, Ma!
Man, it's just a damn roll.
- You gonna catch
a yeast infection
eating all that bread, man.
How's Mario doing?
- Good.
- Good.
- J' I'll never leave
my heart with another J'
J' I'm taking you
home with me now J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
Hey, you're back.
Yeah, how's it going?
You got free.
- That's great.
- Do you like this?
- Yeah, yeah, I think
I really like this war thing.
I mean, not war, you know,
but, um, I think I really-
I think I really
like this world.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
Sorry, hold on.
No, sure, yeah.
- Sorry.
- Eli,
you didn't come back.
Wait, what-
They still want to see you.
- Whoa, whoa, wait, wait,
the judges?
They think you're great.
Eccentric, but talented.
- Wait, eccen-
did they say eccentric?
- No, they said crazy.
I'm saying eccentric.
Eli, this is serious.
They want to give you a chance.
- Okay, no, no, that is-
that is great news.
- I can tell them
you'll come back tomorrow.
- Yeah, no, it is.
Thank you, Dave.
They want me back.
I thought I ruined it.
- No.
I'm proud of you.
You know, you can be proud
of yourself.
I am.
I in
I think, uh...
Okay, yeah.
- Okay.
I think I am.
- Do you want to, uh, be
one of us?
Do you want to put on a hat?
- Yeah.
I mean, that's a step.
That's all it takes, right?
- Well, that and courage
and integrity.
- Okay, I'll find those
You look great.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Like a pirate?
Like a revolutionary pirate?
You want to mix that.
You need a name, though.
I'll name you, uh, Elliot Bloom,
son of John Bloom.
He's a great guy,
and he's the village artisan.
Okay, that's perfect.
- J' And you
will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' Carry me, child J'
J' I know I'm asking a lot J'
J' Please tell me I'm not J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' I'll never leave
my heart with another J'
J' I'm taking my home
with me now J'
J' If you take my hand,
if you will join me J'
J' I'll give you my back
as my vow J'
J' Some of us have been
captive by whispers J'
J' But I wish we're
all screaming out J'
J' I'll never leave my heart
with another J'
J' I'm taking my home
with me now J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'
J' And you will never leave me J'
J' Standing on my own J'