Wi-heom-han gyan-gye (2012) Movie Script

I missed you so much.
Were we meeting today?
Who are you?
Fan who is this woman?
But you said I was your one and only.
So she's 'the barnacle'.
Stand up!
So, I'm standing.
Who'd you think you are?
Say that again?
You pushing me?
Don't touch me.
Get out.
You get out.
Don't make a scene. Get out.
You're the slut.
Did we have a date?
You're not... Meiling?
She's Fenyu.
Your second cousin from the Northeast.
A young gentleman should have class
and some sense of restraint.
Grandma why didn't you
tell me you'd drop in?
Lake crabs are in season.
I know you like them.
I chose the fattest, juciest ones for you.
I've given them to Cook.
Xie Yifan!
Xie Yifan you're a cad!
How embarrassing.
You're a cad!
It's our first story
on a woman entrepreneur.
Good, a bit to the left.
How do you feel?
Confidant that I won't be the last.
There'll be many more outstanding women.
Are you buying
30% of
Jin Zhihuan's company?
Is that true?
Until the board announces it,
it's merely rumour.
Miss Mo, have a look at the paper.
Love at first Sight for Tycoon Jin?
Miss Mo, please smile.
Let's take a little break.
Okay, just a little break.
Love at first Sight for Tycoon Jin?
I'm sorry, sir.
How long have you been here?
Two weeks.
Go go go.
Move on, move on.
I'm so hungry.
Have pity on me!
Director Xie, nice to see you.
This way, please.
Hello, Miss Mo.
How's it feel to be dumped?
What do you think?
Nothing stands between us now.
We could start over.
I've already got someone new.
That babyface?
Isn't he a friend of yours?
Is anyone in Shanghai a friend?
Fan, I invited you here tonight
to ask a favour. Okay?
What's that?
Mrs Zhu!
Hey, Miss Mo.
You've really gone all out tonight!
This must be Beibei.
Have you heard?
Our Beibei is engaged to Mr Jin Zhihuan.
Really? Congratulations.
But she's terribly young only 16.
She knows nothing of the world.
I'd love it if you could mentor her.
Alright I'll be her godmother.
Oh, this is Mrs Zhu.
Mr Xie, have you met?
Mrs Zhu.
This is her little jewel.
There's Madame Du. Excuse us.
Mrs Zhu, nice to see you.
Fenyu, when did you get to Shanghai?
I've just arrived.
So what's the favour?
Take care of that virgin.
Jin Zhihuan insists his wife be a virgin.
If you can manage to have her first,
he'll be the laughingstock of Shanghai.
Crossing Jin Zhihuan is a dangerous game.
He needs a taste of his own medicine.
I thought you liked danger.
To be on your bad side that's danger.
So will you do it for me?
Good evening, ladies and gentleman.
The exiles from the occupied Northeast
share a common fate with us.
We must help them onto their feet
and give them the means to live.
Please keep in mind
a donation
is an investment in Shanghai.
It benefits every person in this city.
Thanks for your donation
and Mr Xie Yifan
for providing the venue.
I want one. I want one.
Me too!
Where are you from?
So will you do it?
Why not?
Too young.
Are you kidding me?
I thought you liked them young.
Too easy. Boring.
Let us welcome Madame Du Fenyu.
Madame Du Fenyu.
Madame Du?
Madame Du Fenyu, this way.
Madame Du Fenyu is approaching the stage.
Please give her a warm welcome.
Hello everyone.
I have in my hands
a necklace of great personal significance.
It was my late husband.
Huimin's engagement gift.
I'm donating it
to help the refugees.
If he were alive, I know he'd approve.
Our compatriots lost their homes.
But they survive, as does the nation.
Our hope hasn't been destroyed.
I assure you
your donations give them hope.
Thank you.
Besides, I have a new target.
May I have this dance?
Sorry, I can't dance.
I'll teach you.
First time I've seen a woman refuse Mr Xie.
Madame Du, it's been a long time.
Jieyu, you just get prettier and prettier.
This lady is the pretty one.
It's Great-Aunt who's the most beautiful.
Miss Mo, this is Fenyu.
We're distant cousins.
May I accept the dance on your behalf?
I'm honored.
Excuse us.
You're crazy.
Not at all.
You want to seduce her?
You seem to know a lot about her.
The newspapers say she's like a goddess.
She's not your usual type.
I'm growing sick of Shanghainese women.
Even me?
You're the exception of course.
Her late husband was so famous,
and she's so proper.
You're a famous playboy.
Will she really take the bait?
Shall we bet?
What's the bet?
I bet I can get her into bed.
You're serious?
You'll lose spectacularly.
We'll see who wins and who loses.
Fine. It's a bet.
What are the stakes?
Name it.
The land at the mouth of Soochow Creek.
I want to build a port there.
Okay. And if you lose?
What would you like?
If you win, I'll give myself to you.
Left. Right.
You turn too.
Fan, hello.
Grandma, you dance beautifully.
You never sleep.
What are you doing?
I've made you some coffee.
Sorry. I don't drink coffee.
You making textbooks?
Why are you avoiding me?
I'm not.
Did someone warn you about me?
I've got quite a reputation in Shanghai.
Mr Xie, I never pay heed to gossip.
I believe only what I see.
Try drawing it like this.
These paintings are by a
female German artist.
Have a look when you've got time.
Okay. I'd better be off.
Where are my keys?
Give me them.
Don't make a scene. Ah-Wen's right there.
Without a bike, I'll have to walk home.
Miss Mo.
This is the director of the Hudong Bank.
And this is my drawing teacher, Dai.
How do you do?
You're a teacher?
Not a teacher, just a college student.
A college student.
Excuse me.
From which college?
Shanghai Fine Arts.
What's up?
The light's not working.
Let me have a look.
Forget it.
Better to call Ah-Gen.
What if the darkness
incites my naughty side?
Oh right, did you know?
This was my late mother's room?
I hear she makes frequent visitations.
Grandmother tells me
we've met at my mother's funeral.
I can't see. Lift it higher.
Climb up.
Not a big problem. The fitting's loose.
Thank you.
If Mama's ghost pays you a visit,
please say hello for me.
I will.
Good job.
Nice shot.
Thank you.
rumor has it Playboy's
in love with the Angel
and is giving up his life of love-crime.
What progress on the battlefront?
It's like watching a canary
fly into a trap.
It'll be dead for sure.
You're too dangerous.
How is it you can control anyone?
To capture a man's heart,
you have to play games.
I really can't work you out.
Since being widowed at 20,
I've lived in a man's world.
A poker face is the key to survival.
Even if under the table
my wounded hand bleeds,
my face still wears a smile.
Surely when I'm with you,
you needn't work so hard.
You're really good.
As for me...
If I'm still seeing you in ten years,
maybe we can be together.
Oh, Miss Mo.
I'm so glad you could come.
Here, have a seat.
Some boy is leading her astray.
She never reads books like "Call to Arms".
Besides, she's driven to school and back.
Her maid is always with her.
And it's a girls' school.
Where'd she meet such a little devil?
If Mr Jin finds out, there'll be trouble.
True, true, true.
Whatever happens, he mustn't find out.
A powerful man like that
has his pick of women.
He knew Beibei
was a good girl.
Real Virgin!
Why don't I speak to her?
Oh, thank you, Miss Mo!
Thank you!
It's the latest style from Paris.
Beibei looks sensational in it.
Young Dai isn't she lovely?
She's beautiful.
So pretty. Careful.
Godmother, is it pretty?
Beibei's fiance is a lucky man.
I don't think the veil is quite right.
Young Dai, pretend you're the groom.
Any suggestions?
I'm sorry.
I have to be somewhere. See you.
I only just realised
you're in love with young Dai.
Ever thought of marrying him?
Mama says I have to marry Mr Jin.
Do you love Mr Jin?
Mama says I don't have to love him.
He's rich. I just have to marry him.
Men are all alike.
If they have money and power,
they ruin the lives of young women.
If Wenzhou was rich, it'd be okay.
If you'd model for him,
Dai could become a great artist.
Great painter.
Could I really be his model?
Beibei look.
See how lovely your skin is.
Such a beautiful figure.
In Young Dai's eyes,
your body is a work of art.
What are you...?
Move, move.
Hi, Miss Mo.
Thank you for asking us to the opera.
How'd you know I love this one?
Mrs Zhu, it's such a stellar cast
I thought of you straightaway.
Thank you so much.
Let's go.
Bravo! Bravo!
He's really good.
What is it, Beibei?
My tummy hurts.
I need some air.
- Is it serious?
- Mrs Zhu
I booked the VIP lounge.
I'll take her there to rest.
That's such an imposition.
Shang Xiaoyun is due on stage soon.
Aren't you a great fan of his?
Thank you so much.
Ah-Wen, go with them.
You hardly touched lunch. It's hunger.
Ah-Wen will get you some wonton soup.
Ah-Wen, go to Qiaojiashan.
Ask them for extra pepper.
It'll warm her stomach.
I should tell Mrs Zhu.
It hurts go now.
Keep the change.
Thank you, Miss Mo.
You could be an actress.
The key.
Young Dai is crazy with impatience.
What if Mama checks on me?
She couldn't tear herself
away from the opera.
But what if...
So don't go.
Who said I'm not going?
Then hurry.
Get back before the final curtain.
Otherwise, she'll have your head.
Reflecting on life, my sorrow streams.
Oh, humanity!
We shan't meet again but in dreams.
How's Beibei?
She just needs to rest a bit.
Um, I'll look in on her.
Bravo! Bravo!
It's Shang himself!
Sit down.
The peonies are blooming.
Beibei, what are you doing?
I want you... to become a great painter.
Put... hurry, put your clothes back on.
Godmother says
if you want to be a great painter,
you have to paint nudes.
Let her sleep.
Grandma it's the "Patriotic Tattoo" scene.
Fan, I'm thirsty.
You know what I like.
Yes. I'll get it.
Fenyu, why didn't you wake me?
They've already started.
Return the righteous to power,
sing victory o'er the land
and restore peace under Heaven.
Loyalty to the nation never forget it!
If you die in battle,
your glory lives on.
Regain our land.
Return it to honour.
We'd rather die than be slaves.
Regain our land. Return it to honour.
Hurry, catch him!
Don't run!
What's wrong?
It's one of Huimin's students.
Don't run!
Halt! Halt!
Over here.
You're being silly.
She's a kid. She'll be fine.
Better to be careful.
Mr Jin asked me to keep an eye on her.
Beibei, you okay?
Beibei, feeling better?
Young Miss is asleep.
Asleep? So she's okay?
Yes, fine.
I'll just look in on her.
May I help you?
Mr Xie!
Mr Xie knows Chinese medicine.
Why not let him check on her?
I could take her pulse.
Oh, no, no, no.
Ah-Wen, let her sleep.
Close the door.
Miss Mo, shall we return to our seats?
Mr Xie, after you.
Sure it was this one?
Let's go.
What are you doing?
Oh, Mr Xie, sir.
This is my private box.
We're chasing a man who's
a security threat.
I saw him go in myself.
You sure?
Yes, Mr Xie, sir.
Yes, yes.
Who are you after?
Mr Xie, sir, who's this man?
Young Bao, I'm tired.
Help me to the car.
Wait a moment.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Oh, Beibei, feeling better?
Cai Lu! Step on it!
He only painted her.
Mrs Zhu, hello.
Oh, Miss Mo, hello.
I'm not sure if I should tell you this.
What's it?
It's about Beibei.
Look do you like my drawing?
What's that in your hands? Let me see it.
What did you two do?
Mrs Zhu, Beibei gave herself for art.
Gave herself?
You... you misunderstand.
It's art. It's about beauty.
What do you want?
You after our family's money?
I love Beibei.
And I love Wenzhou.
You're the son of a lowly rickshaw puller.
You think you're good enough for Beibei?
That you're her social match?
You should know your place.
My father may be poor.
But he'd never sell his
own child for money.
Little scoundrel!
What's more, he understands art.
Take one step and I'll disown you.
Ok, you can take a look.
Thank you.
What do you think?
It's not your colour.
I'll give you another.
White is so marvelous on you.
Thank you.
Paul, what do you think?
Sorry, monsieur. It's sold out.
Maybe you should wait for some days.
Never mind. I can wait.
By the time this dress is finished,
you'll be mine.
Why not wear it and
travel with me somewhere?
Well, then, good luck.
Isn't the water cold?
To my dear Fenyu, from Huimin,
in the 15th year of Minkuo.
Huimin your husband?
I'd love to know
what sort of man he was?
He was a respected teacher
modest and patient.
He knew me better than anyone.
If you gave me a chance,
I could understand you even more.
Don't say that.
Fenyu, you mustn't live in the past
and let your beauty wither.
You don't need to tell me how to live.
What are you doing?
I want you... to say goodbye to him.
I'm helping you be resolute.
You won't read it
I'll read it to you.
My darling, my Fenyu...
On September 7 this year I was reborn
because that's when I first saw you.
You're the first to show me
how love and anguish go hand in hand.
But it's your fate to know me.
Grandma. I'm reading a letter to Fenyu.
Let me bask in your glow.
Let me gaze upon you.
Let me love you.
Why are you so cruel to me?
I said I love you, I truly love you.
Is that so wrong?
It's not wrong.
But I heard you say that to every girl.
Who said that?
I didn't think you'd listen to gossip.
Please, leave me, okay?
If my leaving you makes you happy,
I'll go.
My dear Fenyu,
A day apart from you
feels like a year.
Though you tear up my
notes, I'll keep writing.
What's happening to me?
I'm unhappy and anxious here.
I used to find it so oppressive there.
But now I dream of its tranquility.
That's because you're there.
Thank you for alerting me. Otherwise.
It's what a godmother does.
Miss Mo, you know?
Mr Jin is nearly back from overseas.
Help me think of how...
to keep Beibei away from that scoundrel.
Why not visit Madame Du in the country?
Separate them.
Puppy love comes fast, goes just as fast.
In a month or two, she'll
have forgotten him.
That won't do.
Xie Yifan is there. That's even riskier.
Don't worry. Xie Yifan is in the city.
That's good. I could speak
to his grandmother.
You know, I called Fenyu the other day
and warned her to beware of Xie Yifan.
For a good woman to fall into his clutches
it'd be like being bitten
by a dirty blowfly.
A blowfly?
It's time I made my move.
This blowfly will bite
that cow's little darling.
We're both onto the same prey now.
And the other one?
I can't work her out at all.
Is that so? Are you in love with her?
My whole life, I've only ever loved you.
If you love, you lose.
Of course.
She should be losing her heart by now.
Young Dai.
This is China's future Cezanne,
Beibei's former art teacher.
The owner of Golden River,
Mr Xie Yifan.
How do you do, Mr Xie.
How do you do.
Beibei will be staying
with Mr Xie's grandma.
He may be able to help you.
Then thank you so much, Mr Xie.
I'll take my leave.
Fenyu, you seem pre-occupied of late.
I'm fine.
Be at ease in the world.
The heart like a floating cloud.
The mind like a flowing stream.
How lovely this place is!
It'll be fun to spend a few days here.
Mrs Zhu, Miss Beibei, this way.
This way.
Madam Du!
How are you?
We're putting you to so much trouble.
If possible, I'd love to hear you sing.
Sure, we'll do that soon, it'll be fun.
Fenyu, are you well?
This luminous monk's robe.
We give to you.
This precious bowl and staff.
We give to you too.
Wenzhou, I miss you so much.
Me too.
Your poor Juliet, she's suffering.
Please comfort her for me.
Thank you.
I'll comfort her.
Please tell her
I'll call again tomorrow at this time.
Have her...
Wenzhou, don't be sad.
I'll cheer up your Beibei.
How should I comfort her?
You want me to hold her?
Okay. I'll do my best.
You heard that.
Wenzhou asked me to hold you.
I promised him I'd make you happy.
I've good news for you.
What's wrong, Beibei?
Miss Mo!
Beibei's refusing to eat or drink
and won't come out of her room.
I really must thank you.
My pleasure.
Listen whatever you do, keep mum.
Don't panic. I'll be there right away.
Thank you.
Miss Mo, Beibei is out of control.
I am so ashamed. Whatever should we do?
It'll be fine. Let me talk to her first.
Beibei worries you're in love with her.
Really? I'll go see her right now.
How caring of you.
Hold on a sec.
What can I do for you?
The light.
The light?
It's not working again.
I'll have a look.
It's been ages, Miss Du.
Miss Mo, you're here too.
Mr Xie always speaks so highly of you.
I thought you hated me.
Let me go.
Please spare me.
Stop avoiding me.
What are you afraid of?
I know you love me.
Master, master.
Miss Du has packed up and gone.
Mr Xie please wait a moment.
I'll telll Miss Mo you're here.
Mr Xie.
Mr Xie, sir!
You just barge into a woman's bedroom?
Is this the fruit of a Western education?
So I came running back.
Besides, I'm only exercising my rights.
Your rights?
What right is that?
My right of being your man.
You've lost the bet.
Wait for me in the living room.
Renunciation of Late Husband's Estate.
Miss Du, you wish to forego
your late husband's estate?
Very well.
I advance, she retreats.
I stop, she comes closer.
This proper lady is really something.
I almost told her I loved her.
Oh, is that so?
She's extremely sensitive.
If it weren't for Fenyu,
I might never have met such a woman.
You're in love with her.
No I'm not.
You are.
She's touched your heart.
I was only playing the lover
to conquer her.
If what you're feeling isn't love,
there is no such thing as love.
All I've done has been for you.
She was just our wager.
If she's just a wager,
then you're only halfway there.
Abandon her and you'll have succeeded.
Then you can come and collect your reward.
What about your new loverboy?
When Du Fenyu has been
dumped, he'll go too.
Hello, Xie residence.
Hello, is Mr Xie there?
May I ask who's calling?
It's Du Fenyu.
Hello Miss Du.
Please wait a moment.
Master, Miss Du is on the phone.
Say I'm not here.
Miss Du, Mr Xie has gone out.
Oh. If he comes back,
please pass on the message.
Tell him I'm waiting for him.
All right.
Hello, wait
and say the dumplings are waiting too.
Fan, when did you fall in love with me?
You know,
you've given me courage
to leave the past behind.
If I could be by your side every day,
passing the time with you like this,
I'd be so happy.
And if I were gone? What then?
If you were gone, I'd die.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hong, Master insisted I bring him here.
I'm sorry, Mr Xie.
It's really very late.
Miss Mo has already retired.
Please go home, Mr. Xie.
Mr Xie.
Mr Xie, you can't go in.
Mr. Xie! Mr Xie, you mustn't go in.
Happy to see me?
Do you know what time it is?
Go home.
I'm sleeping here tonight.
So it's you.
Mr Xie, thank you for looking after Beibei.
Stay here.
Fan, you need to leave.
Did you know...
Beibei's in hospital?
Didn't Miss Mo tell you?
Is that true?
So it is.
be good.
What's with you?
You're not yourself.
Is this how things should be?
Miss Mo.
Call back Cai Lu.
Cai Lu.
Where are we going?
Um, to the place where Mr Xie is waiting.
Has he eaten?
Probably not.
Miss Du, what're you doing here?
Why are you here?
This is my home.
Please, have a seat.
Smells great.
Did Fan call you here?
Where is he?
He's in there sleeping.
I'll wake him up.
Your proper lady is here.
You called her.
Fenyu, Fenyu.
Have you forgotten?
Tell me what's going on.
Let's finish this.
What do you mean?
Let's split up.
I'm tired of you.
Fan, say you're joking.
I said I'm tired of you.
You're tired of me?
You were the wager in our bet.
Who's 'our'?
What sort of wager?
It was about your chastity.
If I got you to bed, that finished it.
Why are you doing this to me?
Tell me why you're doing this?
Are you even human?
I was always like this.
Didn't you say you loved me?
I'm willing to be yours.
I'll do whatever you want.
I'll do whatever you say.
I'll be good...
There's someone in my heart.
But it's not you.
I've ended it with Fenyu.
Is that so?
Fan, I've got a guest coming.
Are you staying?
We ought to celebrate.
You have to it's my right.
I don't take orders.
You know why I never remarried?
So no man
could order me around again.
Why are you doing this?
Because you love her.
I just pushed you a wee bit
and you gave up the woman you love.
What a pity.
Xie Yifan you lose.
I want my prize.
I want it now.
I said the loser has no right to the prize.
If you turn me down, I will destroy you.
What did you say?
I'll destroy you.
As you wish.
Wenzhou, I saw Beibei today.
I heard some shocking news.
She was deflowered by Xie Yifan.
She's lost the will to live.
If you still want her, go to Jin Zhihuan.
Tell him everything.
You say you love Beibei, yes?
More than life itself.
Then let's do business.
Restore the nation.
Return it to honor.
We'd rather die.
Cherish China!
Make China strong!
Boycott Japanese goods!
Buy Chinese products!
Return it to honour.
Restore the nation.
We'd rather die.
Cherish China!
Boycott Japanese goods!
Buy Chinese products!
Return it to honour!
We'd rather die.
I know you're in there.
I want to see you.
Can I see you for the last time?
Please let me see you.
Maybe I really am going to die.
Maybe death will finish this.
I finally understand
how happy I was with you.
But I found out too late.
Oh my God.
What's all this blood?
What happened?
Do you still wish me dead?
Miss Mo, the tailor delivered this.
Jieyu, by the time this dress is finished,
you'll be mine.
Take it easy. Hold on, one at a time.
Thank you, teacher, thank you.
Settle down, take your books.
Go over there and sit down.
Line up.
Who knows what this picture is of?
I do.
Tell us.
It's a train.
Yes, it's a train.
A train can take us to go home,
no matter how far away that is.
we'll learn a train song.
Recite with me, okay?
Long long train is like a dragon.
Choo choo, crossing the Yangtze.