Wichita (1955) Movie Script

In the city
Wichita, Kansas
There was a man of peace
There was a lot of violence
in Wichita, Kansas
He told them all
that the killings must stop
He faced the gun
the worst men in Wichita
It forced them to lay down their arms
Nobody could play
with the Sheriff of Wichita
And for me,
it is a beautiful town
There Wichita
prevailing law and order
Take me Wichita
let me ride
on the trail of Wichita
The leader calls you, Ben.
Yes, Mr. Wallace?
There is water there
we spend the night.
It's less than an hour.
We stop soon.
It will be like that now.
It must fatten cattle
What's going on?
Now we work half a day?
Calves have lost a lot of meat.
They have to eat to recover.
- Well, we ride for two months.
- Two more days, it does not matter.
There is something, Ben?
No, your little brother
is eager to arrive.
I too am a little worried.
So do I. Tell her to take
2 or 3 days.
We will show
how to make a city.
What do you think, Ben?
Well, this is not an Indian.
It could be a scout of thieves.
It y 'has a lot around here.
He goes to us
and it does not hide.
Sure he only wants
eat for free.
Okay, he will eat.
But do not take risks.
Go and investigate this jumper.
"Investigate" to what extent?
Make sure he is alone.
If there are others who come
behind, we are ready.
My name Earp.
Wyatt Earp.
Go down and take a plate.
Tie your horse.
Thank you
Seeks some big gun he carries.
Thank you.
I was tired of my kitchen.
My name is Clint Wallace.
I know. I saw
W on your livestock.
And I saw your land grow.
Is that true? When?
A few years.
Beautiful region.
Quite a piece of artillery
you wear this, my friend.
Yes, I need
in my work.
Beautiful revolver.
But that is not appropriate
a Texan.
We love them
of normal size.
Do not fight against a
Texas bringing this stuff.
It would half an hour
to draw.
Recently, I fight
only against the Bison.
And they are not very fast
to draw.
You've been in Wichita?
here we go.
No, but I heard that
it is a great city.
It grows rapidly since
there was the railroad.
Your herd must be the first.
It will be welcome.
It suits us. How long have
we have seen neither drinks nor women.
There are even those who could
take a bath.
If you are looking for work,
you can come with us.
It's always good to have
Using the end of the trip.
Thank you, Mr. Wallace, no.
I would arrive in Wichita
before you.
I think I will open
trade there.
I hope
you are my customers.
You can be sure,
if you open a bar.
I go to bed.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Breakfast at dawn.
- Thank you.
Ben Thompson.
- Nice to meet you. You're the boss?
- Yes. See you tomorrow.
Then you open
trade, eh?
- Hunting the buffalo, it must report.
- Yeah.
What is important
is to find savings.
This one looks like one of those
that save.
Bad habit.
Yes, very bad.
The saddle bags.
If he wakes up, I type.
Hunting bison is better
than driving the cows.
And hunt the hunters,
is even better.
With this, our first trip
Wichita will be ...
He woke up.
Yes. And how!
Okay, to you now.
You heard.
After you.
Let me, Gyp.
What is happening here?
It's over, Thompson.
Two of your men
I wanted to fly,
but I convinced them
to return my money.
- He lies, Ben.
- Wait.
I saw you draw.
Whether you right or wrong,
you will not kill my men.
All right.
Well, I'm going.
Thank you for your hospitality.
Bring something
for cleaning.
It's over, guys.
We return to sleep.
I will be in Wichita.
- You arrive early, eh, cowboy?
- Yes, ma'am.
Like. "Bar and Lounge
Dance Empire. "
The most beautiful girls
of the city.
Good morning.
I finished, Mr. Whiteside.
Good. Get out the "Aes" and "Es"
and bring them to me.
Next, arrange up and go
the ceremony of the station.
- And hurry up.
- Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
We do more ads.
We must get out the paper.
I just want
find out.
Is there another
team in town?
I do not want to leave
the horse in the street.
It's full, eh?
It's been like this for 2 weeks.
You're one of those cowboys
that need to grow Wichita?
No, I'm a traveler.
if I find business.
Maybe another team?
A living room, that's the case
the most profitable.
It's not my department.
I respect the horse ...
Leave it behind the shop.
Thank you.
- I will pay you.
- No way.
You are the first
not wanting to open a salon.
It is a pleasure to help.
- How do I go?
- It will do the trick.
Wait. Pass it by.
It will not be dirtier.
Are you still there?
A reporter should be in 1st place.
And do not forget the ads.
- You do not come, Mr. Whiteside?
- No.
What's going on?
A ceremony.
For the arrival of the railway.
Speeches, local color, even
of speech. Everyone goes there.
They are mine, young man?
- Yes, sir.
- Let me see.
Well, I think it's good.
Distributes them to the station and
brings the rest to my office.
I can not, Mr. Black.
I have to cover the event.
- I do not have time to distribute.
- Find the time I pay you.
That's not it, Mr. Black.
I work for the newspaper.
I was told to you
give it in the station.
And that's all.
Stop. Do not
the devil with me.
Let me go.
Let me go, Mr. Black
or I'll kill you.
Excuse me.
I know where
is the station?
Yes, sir.
I go there.
- Thank you.
- Nothing.
- My name is Wyatt Earp.
- Bat Masterson.
You were brave
to face a gun.
I do not know what got into me,
Mr. Earp. I lost my cool.
It was a mistake.
For sure.
But you could not
do otherwise.
It starts.
Wichita would be a
point on the road ...
... If there had been a man,
I am pleased to present.
Ladies and gentlemen, the man who
brought the railroad to Wichita.
Sam McCoy.
I just want to say something
and in a few words.
Wichita is the largest and
prosperous city in the West ...
... If anyone remembers
one thing: the cattle!
It is a terminus
The point of embarkation
the breeding area.
From here we feed
all the United States.
Do not forget it.
It is a city farm.
A city for breeders.
Here, we will ship
thousands of cows.
Hundreds of cowboys
will come here.
This will be our bread every day.
Yours, mine, that of Wichita.
Very well, work!
You have all noticed, Bat?
Almost everything.
I will interview Mr. McCoy.
See you, Mr. Earp.
I'm glad to see there has
effective journalists in Wichita.
Thank you.
I would like your story.
My story?
Where you are, what
you did before, and so on.
Okay, my friend.
I have to go to the bank.
Come with us.
- We will discuss the way.
- Good.
- Where were you born?
- Born? I was born in Philadelphia.
Good morning.
I want to open an account.
Wyatt Earp.
General Delivery to Wichita.
Any file you want?
Everything except that.
There are 2460 dollars.
- All right, John.
- Thanks Sat I'm proud.
Sign here, please.
Everybody quiet!
No one moves.
Well, close.
Take the jewelry.
Relax, it's over.
You, the men go out from here.
Come on, move.
I owe you a debt of gratitude.
All of us.
- I am Sam McCoy.
- I know. I heard your speech.
- My name is Wyatt Earp.
- Nice to meet you.
Ladies, I present
Wyatt Earp.
- My wife.
- How are you, Mr. Earp?
- And my daughter Laurie.
- Hi.
It is an honor.
- Thank you.
- Nothing, Miss McCoy.
You are here on business?
I would like,
but I do not know what.
Well, if you want
work ...
... We have a problem
enforce the law. Wichita grew up ...
Thank you, Mr. Mayor, I am
merchant, not police.
In addition, you have a Sheriff.
We would not refuse a
another, especially a man like you.
Think about it. I assure you,
together, ...
... We will pay you very well.
No, thank you, Mr.
Good. Good luck
what you do.
- Count on me.
- Thank you. Good day.
Your book, Mr.
Thank you.
I was going to lose, right?
A real man. Too bad he did not
accepted the position
He may accept it soon.
This is a lawyer born.
Do not lose sight of.
- Good evening.
- Bat, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Whiteside.
What a title!
"Foreign leaked bandits."
Masterson loves alliteration.
You should have seen the title
he wanted to.
= "Pistolero Protects Pognon
Felling guilty. "
- A glass?
- No, thank you
I explained to our reporter ...
... There is a difference between
a gunslinger and a gunman
How do you know
Am I?
I judge by deeds.
An armed man defending the law.
That's what you did.
Did you like my story?
This is the first.
It is well written, but you do not say everything.
You do not say what you did, you.
He is a young very modest.
and it is difficult to talk about
himself in third person.
By the way ...
... We talked about you.
It is not the only,
for that matter.
If it's for the office of Sheriff,
I'm not interested.
We want to know why.
Do not say anything if you do not want.
I think there are others who
would work in this career.
Not me.
Frankly, I do
not blame you.
It's hard work and thankless.
Yes, in addition to maintaining order,
Sheriff is always a target.
Several gunmen dream
to become famous by killing one.
Count on me,
Mr. Mayor.
But only as a citizen,
not as a man of the law.
Good evening.
It does not seem too much
worry about the danger.
Nobody likes you
shoots him.
No one fired at the
Sheriff we have.
Billy Smith?
You call that a Sheriff?
He was all his life.
He was fired from all the villages
this side of the Mississippi.
How can he take
when these cowboys are crazy here?
I heard he had the chips
Allsworth to it two years ago.
Expression of the West, which means
he was scared to death.
I think I remember.
Cowboys had drunk
started shooting into the crowd
They got rid of Smith.
... But put them in a foreign
prison without firing a shot.
And I remember his name.
Wyatt Earp.
What a shame.
This is what we need.
You should have seen how
handles the revolver.
He drew to injure,
not to kill.
He has other qualities,
know how to take apart.
He is a man of law,
by vocation.
But he refuses to admit it.
What are you talking about?
In Boston, I met a blacksmith
which was the same.
In his case,
was religion.
He was a born preacher.
But he resisted.
One day the preacher
became ill.
The blacksmith was replaced.
He spent the rest of his life
to serve God.
The best predictor
I've seen.
Serve God and serve the Act,
is not the same.
I do not agree.
Both need
a dedicated man.
You know what I mean
by "dedicated".
Go to bed, Arthur.
Bat ...
If I take care of him.
You think Wyatt Earp
accept the position?
If he does,
is that it's crazy.
If he does not
it will become unlivable here.
You saw the cowboys
terrorize a city?
No, sir.
I do.
This is the show.
They draw on windows,
the lights ...
... Objects ...
One night
they killed my wife.
You close, right?
Yes, sir.
Here they come,
those who make history.
It's yours!
The Texans are there
and this city will never be the same.
Listen, guys. I do not want
see one sober man.
- It is here, Sam
- Well, Clint.
How long
will you stay in Wichita?
There is no rush.
The cowboys will not leave that
when they will have more money.
Or when you will
more alcohol.
About alcohol.
I pay the first round.
With pleasure.
I pay the next.
Babylon on the Arkansas River.
Without hanging gardens.
You have decided what kind
business you get started?
No, not yet.
There is room for
other bars.
- I saw Bat come with chefs.
- It will be good. He does not drink again.
As long as it is with Wallace,
the cowboys leave him alone.
I hope.
It's a good boy.
His problem
that he does not know fear.
- And you?
- Yes, I have learned.
No, what you have learned,
is discretion.
Which, according to philosophers,
is the best part of courage.
Maybe. I have never tried
problems deliberately, but ...
... But they are the ones
who you are.
You have a drink
with me, Wyatt?
No, thank you. Good evening.
Yes, that's for sure.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
I help you?
Very kind of you,
it is very heavy.
Well, they are there now.
It's interesting, right?
Yes, we can say that.
Miss, I do not advise you
to go alone in the streets.
At least
until the start of the cowboys.
- You believe that there will be violence?
- Yes, I think.
- Thank you.
- It was a pleasure.
Ah, Miss McCoy.
It may be that you hear
shots that night.
Do not worry, your mother and you.
Stay away from windows
and turn off the lights.
I have heard of these
Wild nights in the West,
But I did not think it existed.
If it exists.
It is a concern, is not it?
I have always lived in the West.
I saw many villages like this one.
Violence always affects me.
I should be used.
You are strange.
- You think so?
- Yes, the bank, you were different.
I was born under an unlucky star
It happens all the
time things like that.
You will be careful tonight?
Yes. Thank you.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Hey, boy!
- Fill the glass.
- Yes, sir.
And voila, Gyp!
I told you that you're swimming.
We Texans,
you can bathe together.
I sold the entire herd.
He leaves tomorrow.
I saw several villages ephemeral
but remain Wichita.
- Ha!
- Why do you laugh?
You are drunk.
Whiteside, you are
a reporter drunk.
I do not like journalists drunk.
and sober.
And I hate the breeders!
We drink to that.
Wichita and the Wild.
Where were you, kid?
Take a drink.
No, thank you.
Come on, sir.
I think he does not like cowboys.
Of course, if everyone likes you.
He can not drink like you, that's all.
If I resist alcohol.
Take us at Bar Keno.
Clint, we are too old
to drink all night.
Maybe you're right.
Let's go home.
Mary prepared you a room.
You know, Sam? The Mary
a woman is very hospitable.
How are you, sir?
What time is it, Bat?
20 midnight.
It will soon begin.
Do you think they will sow
the mess in Wichita?
Take note of the paper and
all the details as you can.
- Gyp Clemens!
- I arrive.
What is the matter?
Taste it.
I like it.
No, it tastes horrible.
You're right. It's disgusting.
Alcohol is adulterated, guys!
We need fresh air!
What's going on?
You'll soon find out.
Stay inside
until everything is finished.
Make her sit down.
Call a physician.
- There is no doctor in Wichita.
- I know a little.
Bring towels
and water.
It does not matter.
- Well ...
- What, well?
Give me your badge.
You are mad, you do
no time will stand out.
Give it to me!
- You have a gun?
- A gun?
You heard.
I have one. Go get him.
One moment, Wyatt.
Raise your right hand.
Do you swear to defend the law of the United States
and this community?
- I swear.
- I called Sheriff of Wichita.
It's a dead man.
There remain 20.
Others have fallen horse
or left.
They will continue until
too tired or hungry to gallop.
Which may last until morning.
Mr. Whiteside, look!
Hey, boys!
Look who is!
And he wears a badge brand new!
Hey Gyp! Where are you?
I have two loads of buckshot
pointed at you.
At this distance, I can remove 5.
What are you playing?
I play to stop.
Tell them to throw their weapons.
You have ten seconds.
Throw it out, guys,
He was not joking!
Open the prison,
I stopped.
- You make a mistake.
- You will die for it.
Take your men in prison.
Let the horses tied.
- Listen ...
- You are all arrested.
I'll take my gun ...
- ... and we will ...
- No. You're under arrest.
Really? So come on,
help yourself a gun.
Only in this way
take me to jail.
Take this and cover the men.
If one of them moves, shoot.
No need to aim.
I do not want to kill you, Clemens.
Now or never.
Turn around and goes to prison.
Keep your gun.
Ah, yes.
- Thank you.
- Nothing.
- Good evening, Mr. Mayor.
- Wyatt.
The trial will take place at ten o'clock.
I need your testimony.
Good. I'll be there.
- What should I do about them?
- I do not know, it's your job.
I can only condemn
in fines.
Well, do it,
and I will make them leave the city.
There are many people
who will not like that.
And you?
This may be a bit harsh.
- Good night.
- Good night, Wyatt.
Good morning.
You have enclosed my men?
- Yes.
- For what reason?
- Disturbances of public order.
- "Disturbing public order"?
I pay their fines and you make them out.
They have to die of thirst.
Judging will take place at 10 am.
You can pay then.
I pay now
they spent enough time there.
I'm sorry, Mr. Wallace.
In 10 hours.
There are only 3 hours.
See you soon.
Maybe you do not understand.
I will speak clearly.
I want them free
for 10 minutes.
If they are not in the street,
we will destroy you with the prison.
Of calm.
You will not come,
because you will be in prison.
For threats against an officer of the law.
Tell your friends free.
Judging will take place at 10 am.
You can attend.
I'll kill the first
trying to escape.
By this, Mr. Wallace.
I do not want more problems,
Mr. Wallace.
Lets through.
You're a dead man.
Thou art conscious?
- Hello.
- Hello, Mr. McCoy.
I'm glad you
accepted the job.
What made you change your mind?
Well, several things.
I saw you in action
How you
handled these men is admirable
Thank you.
What you do
make them pay fines?
This is the case of the mayor.
The trial will take place at ten o'clock.
If you'll excuse me,
I'll take my breakfast.
You stopped Clint Wallace?
Why? It did not take part
disorders of the night.
I stopped to avoid problems.
He wanted to free his men.
He was not speaking seriously.
Surely not.
He only wanted to bluff you.
I do not think so. In any case,
I would not risk more violence.
You do not think of one thing.
Wichita depends on these breeders.
Men like Wallace
and cowboys.
They are important to us.
Occasionally, they make noise
but we must make concessions.
I do not agree, McCoy.
Not when there is damage
and the dead.
Somebody died tonight?
- Of the city?
- Yes.
His name was Michael Jackson.
It was 5 years old.
- And do not come back!
- Who do you take?
I'm the Sheriff and I do not want
see these men here.
Me too?
No, neither you nor those
have fired that night.
Here is your weapons.
Thank you, Bat.
This also applies to residents.
I want to be your assistant.
It would take me a year older than you.
Good question.
I know no one else here.
I'll call some friends.
Meanwhile, ...
... the job is yours.
You know you use this?
I know shoot
but I'm still not fast.
Do not try.
If you must use them as,
you have to fly the first time.
Yes, sir.
Come, I will procure a badge
and we will put up posters everywhere.
I believe in what you do, but I
do not know if this is the right solution.
However there is no other, Mr. Whiteside.
Unarmed, they can not
is shot. It's that simple.
This measure will not
make you popular.
Without guns, people
are defenseless.
As you watch over their safety.
You know I did not want
of this work.
But you accepted
and you will.
Bat and I are with you.
I read your editorial.
It is a consolation to know
we are not alone.
A newspaper is a little more
a consolation.
It should guide public opinion,
exert influence.
But it takes time,
Mr. Whiteside.
How long have you, Wyatt?
- What it takes.
- Good.
Take it.
Thank you for your support.
Both of them.
It is a pleasure
and a privilege, Sheriff.
I think it will get there
if they leave him alone.
- "They," the cowboys?
- No, citizens.
What will happen to Wichita when
it is known that there is a Sheriff crazy?
I can tell you.
It will be a ghost town.
No breeder will come to a city
which can not carry weapons.
- We need to ...
- Hi, Doc, John, Andrew.
- Sam, you must do something.
- I know it's why I called.
Andrew, talk to him.
Tell him that he exaggerates.
It is not the type to which
they say how do its job.
It does so in its own way
or it does not.
- I think it's good.
- What do you say?
We need a good sheriff.
You agree.
Sam, we can all be ruined ...
... If you can not stop the Sheriff.
Much money has been invested in this
city into a center of cattle.
And if the farmers do not?
And they will not believe me.
What will become of us?
- What will transport your train?
- Doc, it's not as bad.
Not yet, anyway.
Here's what we will do.
We will invite the Sheriff
a ceremony.
We will explain the situation.
Maybe he did not understand.
It's a good idea, Sat
And if it does not work?
It gets rid of him.
Andrew was recruited,
Andrew return it. That simple.
Even the cake, Sheriff?
No, thank you, ma'am.
I thought the country people
had an appetite.
Out of town.
You should see me in a picnic.
- I would like.
- Tomorrow, then?
The new Sheriff
do not waste time.
Ladies, we take coffee
while the men are smoking?
Do you like fried chicken?
Let's drink to Wichita.
Although the children.
- Come see the guest.
- Certainly.
It is our pleasure to hear that,
if they are not empty words.
I do not know if I understand you.
Listen, we are
business people.
Citizens of Wichita.
We can say that we ...
... Represent the city.
- Up to a point.
- That is to say?
No one can represent
a city ...
... If he was not elected
by citizens.
And the only elected here
Hope is the mayor.
It's true.
Andrew, you should talk to Wichita.
Good idea, Andrew.
Cards on the table, Wyatt.
This group, which is
as a city council
... Believes that your reforms
are too severe.
I see.
I guess it is the prohibition
of weapons.
Of course.
It is a mistake.
Men sometimes freely choose
to leave their guns at home.
But that day has not arrived yet.
In Wichita, if
As Sheriff I would.
- It can get better.
- One moment, Doc.
Enervon does not.
We know you
act in good faith.
Whether your interest in Wichita
is sincere.
It's just that you do not see
the business side, that's all.
- You have to recognize it.
- Yes, I admit.
I know that depends Wichita
cattle and cowboys.
- It is a growing city.
- No.
That's not it.
She is tall, it grows
and we hope to grow with it.
But we need farmers.
Remember that I did not
applied for that position.
You have offered me and I refused.
I changed my mind tonight
and you know why.
Now I am committed.
I will not change in method
and I will not give up.
It will remove me.
As Doc said
there is a time ...
- ... It can be arranged.
- Well, fix it.
Well, Andrew, go ahead.
My gun, please.
Who and where, Bat?
Cowboys from those of W
that you stopped yesterday.
They are in the Texas House.
So, Mr. Mayor?
So what, Sheriff?
- Andrew, you have committed ...
- Calm down, calm.
Well, Andrew.
it can be done tomorrow.
The Clemens are in town.
Although they will be
solve it themselves.
The Sheriff does not seem
want to come.
He will come.
A large W.
- What you gonna do?
- Look at this.
Hands in the air.
Raise them!
I will not bother
to stop this time.
- What was there, Sheriff?
- Shut up!
No one can pay
one hundred dollars.
I told you not to return
As I am the Sheriff.
If I see you again here,
I kill you.
Now, get out!
Not now.
We will return.
Do not come back. I told you
what would happen.
If you had wanted to kill us,
why you did not.
You have had the opportunity.
I do not want, Gyp.
Do not make me.
It was you who roast the chicken?
Of course it's me.
- And the cake too.
- I'm impressed
Well, I do not know why.
The kitchen is made of 90%
by women in that country.
- Who taught you?
- My mother.
It is the habit, you know.
Apparently you're interested
little girls.
It would have interested
if there were more like you.
You do not lose
time, eh, Wyatt?
Before, time did not seem
not important.
Now if and I do not want
lose a minute.
We should leave.
What do you take?
You have not seen the posters?
No revolvers.
We know read.
Doc, you expect from gunmen
Grand W?
Yes, for several days,
they arrived?
It seems.
Two types of drive type that does
are not separated from their artillery.
Tell them to enter.
The leader wants to talk.
- What?
- I do not know. He is there.
- What do we owe you?
- The house calls.
Did you hear?
This place will please us.
Welcome to Wichita.
Doc I'm Black.
You are not in tune with the times,
with guns in this town, huh?
This is Wallace, Grand W,
sent you?
By the way, my friend.
You wanted to see us here.
That's good.
I pay 1000 dollars
to do a job.
It will use that.
Are you interested?
It interests us.
I thought.
You have drawn attention.
If the Sheriff sees you, you will remove the
before you can use them.
I doubt it.
Here's the money.
I will give
when it's done.
Do not think that I try
to teach you your job ...
... But I know better the situation.
Go ahead.
First, ...
... One of you must remain hidden.
- Sam, please.
- I'm sorry, honey.
I have to stop this before
it goes too far.
But why?
Why can not you
resolve your differences ...
... without involving Laurie?
She likes him.
They are all against him,
not just me.
It can not end
only one way
I do not want Laurie
either side of him at that time.
The do you want?
- Hi, Dad. We ...
- Between, Laurie. We'll talk later.
- But, Dad ...
- I beg you.
- Good evening, Wyatt.
- Goodbye, Laurie.
I ask
not to see my daughter.
You understand why, right?
- Yes, I understand.
- Sheriff!
- There is a gunslinger.
- Who is it?
I do not know, but it is a revolver.
He saw the posters.
Is he alone?
Yes. He sits and drinks.
All right.
Excuse me.
It happens.
Hi, Wyatt.
Morgan. So you,
the great gunslinger?
- Where is Jim?
- Hi, Wyatt.
I bring you a good customer.
You know him?
Yes, I know.
What did he do?
He has offered $ 1000
to kill you.
If they are friends to you,
tell them that the joke is over.
I have never seen.
I believe you, Doc,
but they are not friends.
They are my brothers.
Very clever.
- Well, you already know my position.
- Here, you run out of position.
You have one hour
to leave Wichita.
- Help him for luggage.
- Certainly.
Tell your brother that I will return.
In your place I will not.
Well, let's go.
We can reach
the dark.
And if Earp is not in the street?
It will be. It is a round
looking for problems.
It will be on the street
or the newspaper.
Perhaps tonight
there or elsewhere.
Then we come back tomorrow.
Remember, we will cross
the city slowly.
It will be too dark to
that we recognize.
If we do not see,
we return to the other side.
Let's go.
- Hello, Miss McCoy.
- Hello. The Sheriff and there?
- Yes, I'll call.
- Thank you.
Ah, Sheriff,
I would pick you up.
Good evening. I went home.
I know. Dad called you.
Wyatt, what there was
between you two?
It does not tell you?
He only said
not to see you.
A difference of opinion
of Wichita.
This is an explanation rather short.
It's long to explain
and I do not have time.
Wyatt ...
... which of you is right?
This is not to be right,
but what is right.
Promise me that there will
no problems.
I beg you,
Promise me.
Come, I'll ride.
- Hi, Andrew.
- Hello, Mary.
Give me your hat.
Leave him a hand.
I will not stay long.
What will happen, Andrew?
I've never seen so irritated Sat
as against the Sheriff.
- Why he hates so much?
- It is not hatred.
It's not as simple.
It is there.
Good evening, Sat
Good evening, Andrew.
And your Sheriff?
It happens.
You know why I called you, right?
Yes, Sam, I know.
So you know what you do.
- Yes, I know.
- Good.
Sit down, Andrew.
Tell him to take his brothers
with him.
I want them out by tomorrow morning.
No, Sat
- What?
- I can not.
I see.
We will also need
of a new mayor!
It's possible. Perhaps the citizens
are in agreement.
You can be sure.
Well, we'll see.
It is 7 or 8 months
for the elections.
You have time to look
another candidate.
We will make special elections.
It is I who am the mayor.
I was the only candidate, Sat
I do not even need
Now I have one.
The law and order.
Good evening, Sheriff.
You wanted me to talk about Black Doc?
Yes. How can you believe ... ?
I did not have to be accountable
for expelling Doc Black in Wichita.
- Listen ...
- I've heard enough.
I have a job to do
and I will.
I will enforce the law and I will deal
my way those who violate.
- You understand.
- I'm not Black Doc.
You can not threaten me.
You are an ordinary citizen,
no special privilege.
I see.
Well, next time
I go out
... I would have a gun.
I'll wait.
Sorry, Laurie.
Sheriff, please.
There is no other way?
I'm afraid not, ma'am.
There he is!
Bring the horses.
- Mary!
- Mom!
Yes, three horses.
- Come on, do not stop.
- What is your problem?
Pull Wyatt Earp.
Without it, others do not count.
We need fresh horses
to continue.
Do not worry.
It will be another day.
- How are you, Jim?
- It does not matter. It is in the shoulder.
Back to Wichita
to wait for those of W. Grand
Do you think they will?
They will come, yes.
We killed two of their men.
Hello, Sheriff.
How will Miss McCoy and his father?
Hello, Wyatt.
Miss Laurie,
I bring you breakfast?
No, thank you, William.
Laurie, I can do
No. But thank you for coming.
I'm sorry.
Wyatt! She has never
hurt anyone!
I know, I know.
- You come back?
- Yes.
You must be tired and hungry.
I'll cook.
Thank you.
But I want to talk with your father.
He does not want to see anybody.
It is with my mother
since last night.
I have to say can wait.
It will make furious
but it might do him good.
It has to do with that shot?
Yes. We had two.
The third escaped.
This is where someone
your father's trust.
- Who?
- Black Doc.
But it was our friend!
I know.
It is not complete,
is not it?
No, not yet.
Now you know why
your father does not want to be seen.
Too many people I shoot.
- But you will not give up.
- No.
Never give up. Not as
things like that happen.
It might take me a lifetime.
And mine.
Because I will be with you.
Come. I bring you your breakfast.
They started shooting at us
when he saw us.
They did not given
the opportunity to travel.
Sure my brother is dead?
Sure. And the other.
They have put their more than ten bullets.
I go to Wichita.
Anyone would come?
Chief, he killed two of us.
He was murdered.
You will let him get away?
We are going with you.
It's me they want.
Take your men,
What are you doing, Sam?
Two of my men died.
We want those who killed them.
Your men have killed my wife.
Sam, I do not know.
Where is Doc Black?
He did not come with us.
U-turn. We're going.
- Well, Gyp.
- I came to kill a man.
Forget it.
Your brother got what he deserved.
Although the children.
Do not shoot to wound.
Or it is you who die and that's me.
I know, Gyp.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, Mr. McCoy.
We can shake hands?
Of course.
The bride and groom are coming!
I did everything that he does
not work in Dodge City.
Dodge is twice as bad
that Wichita.
Not for him.
And even if it were,
he must go.
Yes, I guess so.
he had a daughter
and he married her
she said of love
to his great fame
nobody plays
with the Sheriff of Wichita
and me
it is a beautiful town
there in Wichita
prevailing law and order
Take me Wichita
let me ride
on the trail of Wichita