Wicked (2021) Movie Script

Sometimes I wonder
what it would be like...
to be like everyone
walking up and down the
living in blissful ignorance...
having friends where memories
instead of secrets linked us
If I had been born to
any other family,
so many things would
be different.
But as my foster mom
used to say,
"If wishes were fishes,
we'd all cast nets."
Give me.
I believe the correct
response is:
I love you so much for getting
me iced coffee,
You know I could totally
just ninja kick your ass and
take the coffee.
But you'd never do such a thing
'cause I'm your best-est
in the world-est.
Okay, so, I have a hot date
Saturday night,
Well, hopefully, a hot date,
but David has me on the schedule
to work the Quarter,
You want me to take your shift
in the Quarter?
- Mm-hm.
- On a Saturday?
Smack dab in tourist hell?
Pretty please?
Sure. Not like a I
have a hot date.
I mean you could if you went out
than once a year.
I'd totally do you.
You know I swing both ways.
I like boys...
and can we not talk
about them or swinging?
This conversation is gonna lead
to dwell on the severe
lack of orgasms in my life.
Fine, I dont know, I dont get
why youre going to college.
I mean, you already have a job
that pays extraordinarily well,
even if it does have the
shortest life span
of any job out there,
but it's just like, another
not to waste your time on...
Okay, how about a
friendly wager?
Most kills by one in
the morning.
Deal, what do I get when I win?
If you win.
I'll bring you iced
coffee for a week,
and if I win...
Fucking fae.
That one's mine.
Thanks for Saturday.
I'll get laid and you can live
vicariously through me.
Peace out.
Your whole world is
about to end.
As last words go, I've
heard better.
I'm sure you have.
Kind of tacky to bring a gun
to a knife fight.
And stupid to let you
walk up behind me
and stab me in the back
like the last one just did.
Good point.
You're not a normal fae.
And you're not a stupid cow.
Oh... Wait. I know what you are.
A dead fae.
How weak do you think I am, cow?
Come on, David, come on.
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message
Someone's triggered the alarm.
Someone's down on the stairs.
She's alive.
And she's staring at me
really intensely.
Who is it?
She kinda looks like
she's from that movie Brave.
The one with the curly,
red hair.
Shit! That'll be Ivy Morgan.
Don't... touch me!
That's not what I usually hear
from the ladies.
- Doc.
- What happened to you, girl?
A fae shot me.
Girl, fae don't use guns.
It was a fae. A fae that didn't
glamour to hide its identity.
- What?
- That can't be true.
This fae didn't have silver
but it had fae eyes.
And it conjured a gun...
- out of thin air.
- I'm thinking you might've hit
your head, girl.
- Let's get you upstairs.
- No, I'm telling you...
I'm assuming this is why
you called me last night?
Would've answered, but...
well, Laurie would be downright
if I let her hanging if
you get my drift.
I talked to Doc Harris.
He said it was just a flesh
that bled a lot.
Probably made worse by
your running.
I didn't run because
I'm a coward.
I didn't say you are
were coward.
That man had a gun,
you can't fight a bullet.
I'm gonna pull you off rotation
until next Wednesday.
But I'm working for Val
this Saturday.
- I know what you told Harris
and Ren...
- Ren?
Who's Ren?
Ren Owens.
Transferred to our sect
from Colorado.
Are you sure it was a fae, Ivy?
It didn't look like a regular
but it made a gun appear out of
thin air.
- Possible.
- I know what I saw.
And you know me.
Never once have you ever
had to question me.
Except for the time you
ended up in jail.
Except that one time,
but what I'm telling you is the
And if hitting a fae with iron
does nothing to them,
then they would be unstoppable.
No. They would be an ancient.
I thought they were all sealed
in the Otherworld.
It's possible that a few
could've remained
here undetected, but it is
highly unlikely.
I saw it.
We don't know what
you really saw.
We don't, Ivy.
I'm gonna contact the
other sects.
See if they have any
experiences like this,
but until I hear back from them,
you need to keep this quiet.
We can't tell anyone.
Not even Val.
Do you understand me?
I understand, David.
Did the fae say anything to you?
Just the same old
"your world is about to end "
Guess who got shot last night
by some punk?
You must've been off your game.
Yeah. And I have bad news.
Well, worse than getting shot
by some punk?
I can't work Saturday night.
David pulled me.
Honey, that is the last thing
you should be worried about.
Want me to swing by?
Nah, I'm just gonna get
cleaned up and sleep.
Be careful, please.
You promised me that, okay?
I'm always careful.
Bite me and I will bury you
in a shoe box.
Where have you been?
You didn't come home.
I thought you were dead.
No one knows about me,
and I would just be left here,
I'd starve, Ivy, starve.
Doesn't look like you
were starving.
I had to eat to get through the
of being abandoned.
I knew where you were.
And you don't engage
in any bow-chick a-wow-wee.
You always come home.
where were you, Ivy Divy?
I got shot last night.
What? You got shot?
Where? How? By who?
Did you cry? I would've cried.
A lot, like, a river of
motherfucking tears.
- A fae shot me.
- When did they start using
And the fae didn't have
silver skin either.
And it conjured a gun
out of thin air.
And I stabbed him with an iron
and it did nothing.
- Sound like an...
- Ancient?
Oh, they're badass.
I've never seen an ancient here.
Exactly how long have you been
in this world, Tink?
I hate it when you call me Tink,
evil woman.
Well, you won't tell me
your real name.
It's a good thing you hate the
as much as the Order does
or I may not have rescued you
and harbored you.
I've seen the ancients in
the Otherworld.
I've even seen the prince.
He's dreamy, but really scary.
Do you know anything
about the ancients being here?
What about why an ancient
would suddenly make his presence
I have no clue.
You wouldn't lie to me,
would you, Tink?
No. You have Amazon Prime.
Good to know
how I can secure your loyalty.
By the way, while you were
passed out,
there were deliveries for you.
I put them on the counter.
Why did you wait until
now to tell me?
But you're okay, right?
You're not gonna die on me
while you sleep?
No one knows about me
so no one will know to come
looking for me.
You know, I already ate the
out of the Lucky Charms.
I'm fine!
Tink, I'm heading out.
You're not going out to work,
are you?
I'm just going out.
I won't be late.
I don't believe you.
You're up to shenanigans.
You want me to bring you back
some beignets?
Would you? For me?
A whole plate for me,
all mine, not yours?
Then get the hell out of my face
and get going.
You're welcome.
- Ivy!
- Trent.
Didn't you get shot?
Yeah, but it was just
flesh wound.
Nothing big.
- I'm not working.
- Then why you're here?
Why are you here?
I wanted to see the score.
I caught of couple of fae coming
out of this bar over the last
I wanted to check it out.
I saw fae out here last night.
Thought you said you
weren't working.
Just because I'm checking
something out
doesn't mean I'm working.
Heard you said a fae shot you?
This wasn't a normal fae, Trent.
I stabbed him with iron and
it did nothing.
That sounds batshit crazy.
Like as crazy as Merle sounds.
Merle was a member of the Order
and you should respect
that woman has sacrificed.
I knew it was a bad idea
when the Order started allowing
females in.
You just can't handle...
Handle that, asshole.
I wouldn't do that!
I'm gonna put you down.
And you're not gonna punch me
or kick me.
Nod your head if you feel me.
I'm sorry for snatching you
off the street, Merida,
but you were about to make
another big mistake
like the one you got you shot.
I didn't make a mistake last
I was doing my job.
The moment you thought
you could engage that fae
you made a mistake.
And you're about to do it again.
I just saved your life,
Wow, you're so
incredibly modest.
Can I make you some cookies?
And you're a one bundle
of kickass hotness.
But you're not ready
to face off with an ancient,
What makes you say
that's an ancient?
- David said...
- Let me guess.
David said it was
highly unlikely.
None have been seen in decades.
Go home.
Otherwise I'm gonna tell David
you were out hunting.
You're a dick.
- Where are you going?
- Get some beignets.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You look like crap.
Thanks. I feel even better now.
Seriously, are you feeling well?
I think I might've had
a stomach bug yesterday.
Do you need anything?
I can make a mean bowl
of chicken noodle soup.
Straight out of the can.
- Hi!
- Jo Ann!
You seriously need to
talk to him.
I can't. You just saw that.
It happens every time I try to
talk to them.
I sound like Beaker.
Oh, my God, you totally did
just sound like Beaker.
We'll be late for class.
Hey, Jerome.
Look. It's the crazy bitch.
I'm surprised you're
walking today.
I'm surprised they still allowed
in the Order
after you spotted that crazy
Everything okay, Ivy?
Everything is peachy.
Doesn't seem like it.
It's nothing.
Sounds like it might be
more than nothing.
Especially since Trent was just
talking about
what you said you saw.
David and most of the Order
were listening.
I don't think you should speak
so openly about what you saw.
But I didn't ask for
your opinion.
You don't need to be at
this meeting, Ivy.
I told you to keep your mouth
you did not do that.
I only said something
because Trent...
I didn't ask for an excuse.
You know he's full of shit half
of the time.
You should've left it at that.
Seems like that issue
is with Trent and not Ivy.
I didn't ask for your opinion.
Half of the Order thinks
Ivy got a screw loose.
The other half thinks we got
a fucking ancient running
Trent wouldn't have said shit
if Ivy hadn't bruised his balls
He wanted to file a
complaint against you.
You're damn lucky I
hate paperwork
and already had to file one
on your ass this week.
Because I got shot since maybe
we do have
an ancient on the streets.
You, on the other hand,
do need to get your ass over
The other sect members
need to know you
so they don't end up
accidently trying to kill you.
I know I pulled you
off rotation,
but I can't spare anyone else.
So I'm gonna have to have you
show him around town.
You won't be hunting.
If you do happen to cross a fae,
he will handle it.
You don't have a say in this,
You let that sink in
for a second
before you continue
with whatever you're about to
- Got it.
- Good.
Meet me back here
tomorrow at five.
You no longer need him now.
You were shot by an ancient?
Thought it was a thug.
You need to call me girl,
bc every1 is saying cray cray
Stop leaving these things
around the house.
It's weird.
I did no such thing.
I told you what they do.
They come alive when I'm
It's not my fault.
How was your day, honey?
Not the greatest.
You wanna tell Dr. Tink
all about it?
I thought you didn't like
to be called Tink.
Don't question my
I don't wanna talk about it.
I have pralines.
You do this a lot?
This "stare at me and not speak"
kind of thing?
If you don't let me go, I
swear to God...
I didn't come here to fight you.
I need to talk to you.
You could've tried it,
I don't know... calling me.
I did. You didn't answer.
How'd you get in here?
Your windows were unlocked,
which I discovered
after scaling the vines.
You broke into my place
and watched me sleep?
That's got creep factor
written all over you.
Are you... talking to someone?
You really are Merida.
Who in hell is this Merida?
The chick from the movie Brave.
Frizzy red hair. Got it.
I'm seriously gonna stab you.
She could kick ass. She was hot.
This conversation is
taking a weird turn.
And if you slide an inch or so
things are gonna get real
Why do you need to talk to me?
I know you're pissed.
You made me look like a
fool to David.
I told you David wouldn't think
that there was an ancient here.
I know you don't have a reason
to trust me, Ivy, but...
you should.
See something you like?
I bet your boyfriend is
one happy man.
My boyfriend's dead.
I'm sorry.
Was he part of the Order?
But I doubt that's relevant
to why you're here.
I'm here because I know
there are ancients in New
I'm hunting them.
I'm part of a secret
within the Order that hunts
David doesn't even
know about us.
Look, I'm starving.
Can you grab something to eat
with me?
I'll explain everything,
and you can tell me exactly
what happened the other night.
Do you want some extra coffee
with your sugar?
I like things sweet.
Well, secret organization
within the Order.
The only reason I'm telling you
is because, well,
we're sorta stuck together
the next couple of days,
and I can't afford to waste time
by keeping you in the dark.
Gee, thanks.
I belong to the Elite.
Never heard of it.
It's existed since the beginning
of the Order.
Just like the Order,
the members are generational,
runs in the family.
We hunt fae like everyone else,
but we're trained to handle the
Did you manage to stab
that ancient?
I did.
But it didn't do
anything to him.
It just pulled the stake out
and tossed it aside.
If people in the Order, people
like you,
know about the ancients,
why isn't it common knowledge?
Not knowing is dangerous.
The ancients are rare.
They don't usually
engage the Order.
But how do you kill them?
Thank you.
There's only on thing that
will kill them.
A stake fashioned from a
thorn birch tree
that grows in the Otherworld.
Yeah, so you can imagine
getting that shit isn't easy.
I have one.
That ancient conjured a gun.
As long as they touch something,
they can conjure.
They are powerful, Ivy.
You're damn lucky you got away
from them
with just a flesh wound.
The fact this one was out on the
and hunted you down means
We've lost three skilled
Order members since May.
We've been tracking
movement of the fae,
at least a hundred have
ended up here.
There's a gateway to the
in New Orleans.
How do you know that?
The Elite knows cities
the gates are in,
but we don't know the exact
or who guards them.
You don't happen to guard
a gate, do you?
'Cause that would make
my job so much easier.
Do you ever wonder what it would
be like
to be one of them?
They're lucky.
We never had a chance.
We were born into this.
You know what's coming up,
The fall equinox.
The gates are always weaker
during the equinox.
The fae, the ancients
coming here,
they could be gearing up
for something to do with it.
Do you believe me now?
I might believe you,
but that doesn't mean
you can steal my bacon.
I wanna show you something.
What are you trying to show me?
If you don't let me go,
so help me God...
You're so full of threats.
Watch that car.
That better Theo James
or Jensen Ackles getting out.
- Don't.
- We have to do something, Ren.
I know how hard it is to stand
and let that happen,
He'll put you down and glamour
into thinking someone else
killed you.
- Who's this guy?
- I cannot stress enough
how dangerous ancients are
and you're not ready to fight
How did you know he
would be here?
I've been in town for
about a week.
And before that suspicious look
on your face
grows into a "lets-stab Ren"
I checked in with David the
my fine ass stepped foot in this
I found that bastard last night,
did some research.
He's registered in this hotel
as a Marlon St. Cyres.
Wait... that name.
He's some kind of
huge developer in the city.
Yeah, he is.
Holy shit.
The fae masquerade as humans all
the time,
but never in such a public
They fae don't age so existing
in the public eye is risky for
What the hell?
You look like you could use one.
I look like I could use
a kiss on the cheek?
You are bizarre.
I think you kinda like
my bizarreness.
You know I kill fae
for a living.
You didn't have to walk me home.
Call me chivalrous.
I was wondering
if you were gonna show up.
Not sure what I'm
supposed to do with you
since you already know
your way around the city.
I'm sure there are places
you can show me.
You don't get out much, do you?
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah.
What in the hell?
She took a bite out of that guy.
She was fae food,
that's why she went nuts.
She'll be dead by midnight.
You got this?
Hey, don't forget, we
need to talk.
It doesn't get any easier...
Oh, my God,
I almost got taken out by a
Good thing you have me around
saving you from crazy moped
- Ivy?
- Yeah?
I mean, you don't have to,
but if you keep tugging it like
I'm gonna get all
kinds of ideas.
We should probably clear the
there'll be cops.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Hey! You're back,
and you didn't get shot.
- You weren't shot again, right?
- Nope.
You know what I've
been thinking?
That guy that was in here last
I think you wanna get it on with
You left the house with him
after he obviously broke in.
I'm telling you what, you
females are freaks.
Females of my kind?
If you broke in, they'd eat you
for dinner.
And not in the fun way.
Firstly, I don't think breaking
into someone's apartment
is something to swoon about.
And secondly, Ren didn't break
because someone left
the window unlocked.
I did no such thing.
Okay, I might've done that,
but he climbed a a wall
and that's kind of...
Actually, that's kind of
I bet that means
he could pick you up and...
Oh ,my God, Tink, really?
He's a member of the Order
and I'm not talking about sex
with you.
Sex is good.
Shut up, Tink.
Sex is fun.
Sex is best when
it's one on one!
Isn't that a George
Michael song?
Maybe. But he was wrong.
I like to think sex is best
when it's three on three or
Seems more adventurous.
Good night, Tink!
Hey! You got me worried, Ivy.
People are talking...
And they're saying I'm crazy.
Trent said you told David
that it was an ancient?
And he's not the only one.
I saw another ancient
in the Warehouse District.
Marlon St. Cyers,
a huge developer.
Fae don't make themselves
public like that.
Okay, so, I mean,
why do you think they're here?
I think they may be planning
something with the gates.
I don't know what, but I...
What I'm about to tell you
can't go any further, okay?
Honey, I am a vault of secrets.
Ren knows about the ancients.
He's part of the Elite.
What in the fuckity fuck
is the Elite?
A secret branch in the Order
that fights the ancients.
That's why he's here
in New Orleans.
Okay, so what's the plan?
I was thinking about
seeing Merle today.
If anyone knows about the gates,
it's her.
The last time you visited Merle
with me,
she called you a harlot and the
slut of Satan.
The slut of Satan?
That's actually an
impressive title.
All right, fine, so is Renny boy
going with you?
No. I haven't told him
about her yet.
My momma always used to talk
about the ancients all the time.
She said that they ran the
in the Otherworld.
She said there was a prince,
a princess, a king and queen,
and that they
controlled the knights.
What if the ancients here
wanna open the gates for them?
That would be very bad.
Hi, you've reached Brighton,
leave a message.
Hey Brighton, it's Ivy. I'm here
at your
place looking for your mom.
Give me a call back
when you get this. Thanks.
- For you.
- Why?
I saw this on my way here
and thought of you.
This is the part where you take
the rose from me.
What did you do today?
It's just a simple question.
I bought beignets
and staked out the hotel
we'd seen the ancient go into.
What do you carry around
in that bag pack?
Textbooks. Notebooks.
I'm going to college.
Majoring in Sociology.
You do that and this?
Do you plan on leaving the
I'm pretty sure the only way
you leave the Order is in a body
People have left the Order, Ivy.
I don't wanna leave,
I just wanna do more.
I wanna be a social worker.
I don't think I've ever met
anyone like you.
Is that how you talk to a lady?
Who in the hell do you
think you are?
It's okay. He's a
jerk to everyone.
Not everyone.
Your dog doesn't count.
You owe me. This is the first
you've forgotten.
Forgot what?
The best damn chocolate cake
I've ever had.
That girl brings it to me
every Monday.
I'm sorry.
I'll bring it to you tomorrow.
You'd better.
And why haven't I
been offered any?
You're gonna have to get to know
me better
before you taste my cake.
Was that an invitation?
That's not what I meant!
We got work to do, come on.
You expect me to get on that?
That is a Ducati.
Look, I got a job to do
that doesn't include tracking
normal fae.
I don't think I like you.
I bet your taste is as sweet
as one of those beignets
you've got me addicted to.
But you got one hell of a kick.
You like me.
You're just not ready
to admit it yet.
You're coming or not?
You're gonna have to hold on,
I've been keeping an eye
on our friend.
At night he leaves the hotel
and goes to this club.
Ever been in there?
I don't go to a lot of clubs.
I did the partying thing before
I turned 21,
drove my parents crazy.
Your parents still alive?
Yeah. Yours?
My real parents died
when I was just a baby
and my adopted parents...
they're gone, too.
That's him. The fae who shot me.
You think that alley runs
behind the club?
Only one way to find out...
Stay back.
You're not supposed to hunt.
The Order.
Must be getting desperate.
Take him out,
we don't have time for this.
Well... that was fun.
I thought I told you
to stay back!
I wanted to keep at least one of
them alive
to, you know, question it.
I saw that. You flinched.
Let me see, Ivy.
I'm fine. Jesus.
How would you like it if I ran
pulling your shirt up?
I'd fucking love it.
Oh, no.
- Do you see Val?
- No.
We lost Trent tonight.
He was found just outside
of St. Louis Cemetery.
His neck... was broken.
Amongst other things.
He was tortured.
He's the fourth to die
in five months.
Were the others tortured?
From now until further notice,
you all will be working in
groups of two.
No one hunts alone.
Stay safe out there.
Where were you tonight?
- I was out with Ren.
- Where?
We started out by Jackson Square
and then headed down
to the Business District.
We ran into three fae.
So you weren't in the Quarter
except for the beginning of your
No. Why are you asking me this?
Just checking.
That's all.
I gotta go too.
- I'll call you tomorrow.
- Okay.
You and Val are close?
She's the first person I made
when I moved down here.
Every one of those members
could've been guards of the
They were all highly skilled.
If the fae knew to target them
then that means someone within
the Order
could be assisting the fae.
How is your stomach?
No bullshit.
It's a little tender,
but it's not a big deal.
How are you... up here?
Trent wasn't always easy
to get along with,
but I'd never wish him dead.
You think David knows
more than what he's putting out
Everything has to be connected.
The fae migrating here,
club FLUX.
Something's going down.
We need to get in there.
Hi, Ivy. It's Brighton.
I got your message.
I can't believe
what happened to Trent.
We're in Texas now,
but we'll be home tomorrow.
And please be careful!
You look like you're going out
trolling for sex.
Like the dirty, nasty kind that
ends up
with a wide array of STDs.
Thanks for the input.
Are you sure this is smart?
If there are ancients there,
you shouldn't be near them.
It's the best chance we have
of finding out what they're up
Ren's here and he can't see you.
I'm not afraid of him.
I didn't say you were
afraid of him.
Don't I always?
This is wrong.
It's the only dress I could
Val made me get it,
I've never worn it before.
Oh, sweetness.
You did wrong in all
the right ways.
How in the world
am I gonna pay attention
when you look like that?
You are absolutely beautiful,
What was that?
I... I have a cat.
It probably knocked
something over.
It's old, and annoying.
Gonna die soon.
We should get going.
You are carrying, right?
Damn. That's what
fantasies are made of.
You ready?
Are you?
You're seeing what I'm seeing?
I've never seen so many humans
and fae together.
What are you doing?
He's by the dance floor.
What do we do now
since this was your genius idea?
We just blend in.
Blending in means having sex,
or haven't you noticed
that's what's happening around
Oh, I've noticed. Dance, Ivy.
You're doing good,
but I know you can do better.
Try to keep an eye on
the ancient.
Careful. I know damn well
he hasn't forgotten that face of
Tell me yes... and I'll do
anything you want.
Marlon is here.
We need to get up there.
It's too dangerous.
If he suspects you're with the
I won't be able to get to you in
I don't need your permission.
Oh, I know what you need.
That's good.
How many will that make, Roman?
Five, once it's carried out...
We don't have much more time.
We cannot let him down.
We know the location,
the bastard broke.
We will not fail this time.
Little one, you look a bit lost.
I was just looking for
the restroom.
Do you know where it is?
This is not the restroom.
What is your name?
A silly little name.
Perfect for a silly little
You pulled the fire alarm?
I totally had it under control.
Sure you did. It looked like
you were about to be his pop
I think they know
where the gate is.
If they do and we don't,
we are fucked.
Can't we go to David?
What if David is the one
working with them?
Are you serious? It could be me.
They shot you. I don't think
they'd shoot
the person helping them.
I don't trust
any other member of the Order,
except maybe Jerome.
Jerome has been
deemed trustworthy?
He's too damn mean
to be influenced by the fae.
I guess tonight wasn't
a total bust.
You're right, it wasn't.
Because I'm awesome.
Like I put the awe
with the some. Admit it.
You know what I'll admit?
I'll admit you felt sweet as
against my fingers
when I had my hand
between those thighs...
I was acting, you arrogant,
self-important, mother...
Bullshit! You're acting
like nothing happened between
You lit up for me
like a goddamn firework.
What is the deal?
Do you still love him?
Your ex?
A part of me... always will,
but no.
I don't get it then.
Why do you want me?
You barely know me.
What I know is that
if you want something, you go
for it.
I wanna know your story.
I wanna know you.
I want... oh, fuck it!
Let's not rush forward.
But don't let us take three
back from this, okay?
- Can't make our coffee morning
date, sorry.
- Okay.
- Ivy, let's get together.
- Can you meet me for coffee?
I met a guy.
You did?
- He works with me.
- Is he cute?
I don't think cute is
a strong enough word to describe
So he's hot. And you like him.
I have a mad case of insta-lust
when it comes to him,
but in a way,
we're kind of strangers.
You know, people usually are
when they meet
and then they get to know each
through, I don't know, dating.
I don't know if he's interested
in dating or just hooking up.
I don't even know
if I'm interested in dating.
Then what's the problem?
If you both want it, go for it.
The last guy I dated,
the only guy I've been with...
he died.
He died with my adoptive parents
in a car accident.
I get it, you're not entirely
ready to move on.
I think I'm ready to move on,
but is that wrong?
Am I somehow betraying him?
Oh honey,
that is not betraying him.
If he cared for you,
he wouldn't want you
to never go out
with another guy or fall in love
Moving on is the right thing to
but do you trust him?
Yeah... I trust him.
See ya in class.
- And thank you for the coffee.
- You're welcome.
- Ivy?
- That would be me.
I'm just surprised
you're calling me.
Are you busy?
Get used to it.
My friend Brighton lives here.
Her mom Merle
used to work for the Order.
She was pretty high up.
She might know where the gate
You've known that this woman
could tell us the location?
Yes. But I didn't
exactly trust you.
So you're saying you
trust me now?
Merle was caught by
the fae once.
They fed off of her,
she was never the same since.
Sometimes doesn't act right.
She could be completely normal
Hey, Brighton!
Thanks for seeing me.
This is Ren.
He's part of the Order.
You're new.
Yes ma'am. I'm from Colorado.
Just transferred here.
You're a long way from home.
That I am.
May I ask what you'd like to see
my mom about?
We've lost four Order members
in a short time, and we think...
they may have been
guardians of the gate.
We think the fae are trying
to open the gate here on the
What does David have
to say about this?
We haven't told him yet.
If the members killed
were guardians,
then someone within the Order
has to be feeding names to the
And you wanna talk to my mom
about the location of the gate?
Even if there's a slim chance
she could tell us...
She's in the garden.
- Mama...
- I know. We have company,
I may have a few bats in the
but I'm not deaf.
Well, hello there.
It's been a while since I've
seen you.
And you brought someone
other than that hussy with you.
Val. Merle, this is Ren.
I know who he is. Renald Owens.
Your full name is Renald?
Why do you think I go by Ren?
Ooh, call me Merle, sweetheart.
Mama, they're here to ask you
something important.
I know they are.
Why don't you two take a seat?
Cop a squat.
I'll get us some tea.
We're here...
Like I said, darling,
I know why you're here.
It has to do with the Elite.
I know all about them.
If you're here...
that means the ancients
are up to no good.
You know about the ancients?
I know that not all fae wish
for the same thing.
Son, I also know
why you're really here.
The Elite hunt the ancients,
but that's not the only
duty you have.
What do you wanna know, doll?
They wanna know
where the gate is here.
I used to be a guardian.
I know about everything.
The wards used to seal
up the gates,
the blood required to open them,
the crystal that heals.
Then I met my match.
So they say.
I really don't recall that day.
Mama, do you know
where the gate is?
My darling girl,
there isn't only one gate in our
There are two.
Are you sure? I've never heard
of two doors being in one city.
One is in the sanctuary,
and the other is in a place
where the atmosphere is so
not even the humans
or the spirits can rest.
Oh, it's pretty simple, girl,
I don't know how much clearer I
can be.
But back to the more important
Have you found it yet?
You're gonna need to find it.
You know what will happen
if they come through that gate.
I know.
If the prince comes through,
or the princess, and they find
it'll all be undone, Renald.
Mama, what are you
talking about?
I fear those gates
will break this time, Renald.
It's in the wind.
It's in the very song of the
It's in the soil.
Everything will be undone.
You must find the halfling.
Halfling? Mama, what are you
talking about?
Because it's a threat to it all.
To everything.
I'm sorry, but you
two need to go.
A halfling? What...
We should leave.
I'm not going anywhere until you
tell me
what the hell is really going
I'll tell you everything,
I'm not gonna do it here.
I like seeing you in my place.
Start with the halflings.
Good choice.
A halfling is a child
of a human and a fae.
There used to be thousands,
but now there's only a few left.
Why are there so few now?
Our job, the Elite's,
is not just to hunt down
We're also given the duty
of hunting down the halflings.
As in killing them?
When the gates of the Otherworld
were created with magic,
they were done so with the
to be closed and opened.
However, there is a loophole,
one act that could open all
and we would never be able to
close them.
If the prince or princess
were to procreate with a
the child resulting from such a
would undo the original spells
creating the doorways.
Holy shit.
It's like the apocalypse baby.
We have evidence
there is a halfling in New
The person probably
has no idea what they are.
The fae can't even sniff out a
unless they get near their
How do you find them?
Well, most of them are
in the Order.
You mean an Order member
had sex with a fae
knowing what they were?
Another constant among halflings
is that they are adopted.
I'm adopted.
You're not one of them, Ivy.
How do you know?
Your real mom and dad were
happily married before they were
Plus, when you were shot,
that ancient likely would've
if you were a halfling.
We're reviewing members
of your Order now,
so far we've learned that Miles
is adopted
and there's at least one more.
And when you find this person...
you're gonna kill them,
aren't you?
That's part of my job, Ivy.
My best friend...
His name was Noah Cobb.
We grew up together, like
What happened?
He was raised in the Order.
From what we gathered,
it was a one night stand,
his father and the fae.
She brought the child to him.
The woman his father married
accepted Noah as her own.
But they had no idea
what being a halfling meant.
He knew what
I was being trained to do.
There were no
secrets between us.
It was an accident.
But it was my fault...
I brought out a thorn stake.
We were in our backyard
screwing around.
My dad was there, and so was
another member of the Elite,
I let Noah pick up
the thorn stake.
And he cut himself.
When a thorn stake cuts a
their blood bubbles.
Noah's blood bubbled.
My dad saw it and...
so did Kyle.
Noah left...
And I just stood there...
in that damn backyard.
And then Kyle left.
I wanted to go after them,
but my dad stopped me.
And Noah never made it home.
Ren, I'm so sorry.
To this day, I think about all
the things
that I could've done
Like, if I never told him
about the Elite,
then I never would've had
that thorn stake out there.
He never would've cut himself.
What happened to him
wasn't your fault.
I didn't stop them
from killing him!
What happened was terrible,
and there are a lot of things
that could've been done
but I doubt it
would've changed the outcome.
I let him die.
I don't ever wanna be
in that situation again.
I like the way you look at me...
Bake some brownies
I'm a brownie
You're interrupting my me time.
And you know baking is my me
When I found you by the
how far away from the gate you
I told you, I don't even
coming through the gate.
Did you know
there were two gates in the
No. There've never
been two gates.
Merle said there were
two gates in the city,
one in an old sanctuary,
and the other in a place where
"no spirits or humans could
Two gates would be very bad.
Do you know about halflings?
Why haven't you told me
about them before?
Having that kind of information
would've been very helpful
since I'm assuming
you're aware of what could
if the prince or princess
gets a hold of a halfling.
I had one job and I failed.
You're not an internet meme.
My job was to destroy
the gate in New Orleans.
If the blood of an ancient is
on the doorway from inside the
it destroys the door.
If the blood of an ancient is
on the outside, it opens the
We destroyed all the gates
in the Otherworld
by luring ancients to them
and killing them.
Are you saying all the gates
have been rendered useless?
We had no idea
there were two gates here.
That's why I've never been too
about what the ancients are up
but if they have
discovered a second gate,
they'll open it,
and the knights will come
They'll bring the princess
and prince and you...
you do not want that to happen.
Everything's fine, babe.
Oh, I have to go. Yeah, no.
I'll call you and let you know.
I am so sorry
about blowing you off yesterday.
Were you with the guy
you're seeing?
Okay, actually I needed to sleep
because he blew my back out...
I get the picture.
- I get it, that's enough.
- He blew it out.
Like, I have no more back.
Back is gone, but...
I think I just got pregnant.
I've been waiting all day
for you to text or call me.
It's okay, you're out
of practice,
but I want to hear from you
day, night, morning.
And I've got no problem
with anyone knowing
what you and I both
got going on.
David, you got a minute?
Do I wanna have a minute?
Yes. Yes, you do.
What are you doing?
We need to talk to him.
I found some stuff out. Trust
I didn't invite you.
Whatever is said in this room
goes no further.
Hot and obvious.
Make this quick.
And they're planning on opening
the gate on the equinox on
In two days.
She's not bullshitting you.
They're here.
They've been in a club downtown
that caters to fae.
I'm surprised you've actually
a fae since you've been here,
because I'm pretty sure
the only thing you've been
concentrating on
is how to get in that
girl's pants.
That's an unjust observation,
I can multitask.
The ancients are going to open
the gate
and we know there are two in the
And the one by the cemetery
isn't working anymore.
How the hell do you know
the location of that gate?
Does it matter?
I also know about the halflings
and what will happen if the
or princess comes through the
and gets their hands on one.
Halfling? What the hell
are you talking about?
A half human, half fae.
If you don't listen to me
and put every member you have
on the other gate in this city,
they're going to get through,
and whether you believe
in halflings or not,
we're gonna have
a huge friggin' mess on our
If she's saying
that there are two gates
and that one of them
isn't working,
you need to tell me
where that gate is.
Pull your fucking resources,
and get it guarded now.
Everyone but you...
out of the room.
You know what
the really bad thing is?
Someone in the Order
is working with the fae.
It's the only thing
that makes sense.
How does that make sense?
All the members
who've been killed were
There's this club
where I overheard an ancient say
they know the
location of the gate.
Holy crap.
I have to go, but...
I'll call you later?
You know we found Trent's phone.
There's pictures of you and Ren,
by Jackson Square,
looking mighty close.
Well, that's kind of creepy.
That was the night
he was killed.
You know why he was taking
those pictures?
He didn't trust you.
He was worried that you'd
influenced by the fae.
Why the hell would
he think that?
I'd have to be
without my clover for that.
Something about your past, Ivy,
pointed out things
that just didn't add up.
Miles, I need to see you. Now.
Where are we going?
Holding hands is something that
people do
when they like each other, Ivy.
David will have
both gates guarded.
He doesn't believe
that one isn't working
and isn't willing to risk
the other one unguarded.
Where did you hear
about the other gate not
I... saw Merle this morning.
She said the gate by the
wasn't working anymore.
And that all the gates had been
except for the second one.
Did David tell you where it is?
We're standing right
in front of it.
Come home with me, Ivy.
I don't know...
I'm not gonna take you
to my place and ravish you.
If you don't want that from me,
I do want that from you.
Hell, it's all I've been
thinking about
since the first time you took a
swing at me.
But it's not the only
thing I want.
There's something
I wanna show you, give you.
It's a thorn stake,
so you can kill an ancient.
I can't say a guy has ever given
a weapon of stabby awesome
For tonight, let's just be...
Like those people we
saw in the diner.
We should probably
put this away then.
Ready for bed?
It's really late.
I'm not suggesting anything,
just stay with me.
In your bed?
It's a big bed.
Like three people could sleep in
And I have a shirt
if you wanna change into.
Wearing my shirt might not
have been one of my brightest
I'm guessing you've never worn
a guy's clothes before?
Shaun and I...
we never got to that point.
Make yourself comfortable,
I'll be right out.
I'm happy you're here.
Are you?
That's all I wanted to hear.
What are you doing?
Waking you up.
You were all tangled up with me.
You're a cuddler.
God, you're beautiful.
Can I keep you?
Hey, what's wrong?
I have to go.
Whoa. Ivy, talk to me.
Did we move too fast?
Did I hurt you?
No. You didn't hurt me...
Not yet.
Not yet?
You wouldn't mean to.
You'll promise me
everything will be okay,
and then it won't be
because you can't control it.
Let me get dressed though.
I'll take you home.
No. I don't need you
to do anything.
You're a great guy,
but this, whatever this is,
isn't going any further.
This was a mistake.
Hi, this is Val.
Leave me a message after the
Oh, my God, what happened?
I ran into a fae last night.
It didn't wanna go down easy.
Yesterday you and Ren
were locking lips,
and today he's
standing over there,
looking like he wants to put
his fist through the wall.
It's a long story.
I tried calling you earlier.
Yeah... I'm sorry.
We now know that tomorrow night,
on the equinox,
could very well be the fae
We could be facing
the ultimate fight.
We cannot allow
an ancient near the gate.
Their blood will open it.
We need to keep them back,
no matter what.
With all that being said,
there will be no patrols
If you have family,
I suggest you go home,
spend time with them.
If you don't have
anyone special,
I suggest you use tonight
to find someone.
Some of you will not be
coming home tomorrow night.
That's all.
Got plans for tonight?
I can't guarantee you'll get
laid though.
Hmm... I think I'm gonna go
see my parents, okay?
For someone
who is so strong and brave,
I never would've thought
you'd be such a coward
when it really counts.
You have no idea
what you're talking about.
Then tell me, Ivy.
All of us have lost someone,
Make me understand.
If you tell me to leave,
I'll walk away. I swear.
Im not going down
without trying.
Ivy, talk to me.
I had just taken
the mark of the Order.
I was... supposed to meet Shaun
at this restaurant in the city
and I dressed up for it.
I put on this...
silver chain
because it matched the dress.
took off my protective clover.
I was at the metro
and I saw a fae.
She must've recognized me
because all I remember
is her making a beeline for me,
right in public.
Before I could do anything...
The fae compelled you.
I don't remember her telling me
to take her to my house.
I just remember... being home...
in my living room.
I remember...
seeing my dad... lying
on the floor.
His stake...
was in his chest.
And the fae, she practically
put me through a wall.
My mom tried to help...
but the fae snapped her neck.
And then Shaun showed up...
looking for me.
She didn't... outright kill him.
No. She toyed with him.
Its my fault.
I'm responsible for all
their deaths!
Ivy, no...
That fae fed on me too...
would have drained me
if another Order member hadn't
shown up.
They couldn't figure out
how the fae got in the house.
I could never
tell them the truth.
I don't even know
why I'm telling you all this.
It's not... justification
for how I behaved.
It's not an excuse.
I know you're not
making excuses.
You made a shit choice
when you were young.
God knows I understand.
It's not the same.
It's not?
My best friend was killed
and I did next to
nothing to stop it.
You can't tell me
I can't feel guilt over what
Maybe neither of us
can truly forgive ourselves.
The only thing we can do
is learn from our mistakes
and not make them again.
I've lost everyone I loved.
I've lost everyone.
You haven't lost me.
But what if?
Tomorrow we could die...
or we could live.
But we're both here, right now.
I want you.
Is this okay?
You really are wicked.
Someone's hungry.
You owned me with just one kiss.
I'm getting us breakfast.
I wasn't doing anything!
You were in her kitchen.
Eating her Frosted Flakes.
What in the actual fuck?
I always eat her cereal,
and you're naked, completely
I can explain, Ren,
but I need you to let him go.
You heard the woman.
You want me to let
this thing go?
He's my thing, I mean,
he's not a thing.
He's a brownie, and he's okay.
He's not gonna hurt anything.
What do you mean he's yours?
I come into the kitchen
and he's sitting in a bowl
of Frosted Flakes like a talking
- I'm not a rat, you
- Tink!
His name is Tink?
Well, that's what I call him.
Am I high? I gotta be high.
Is he wearing doll pants?
What's it to you?
I'm sorry.
I should've warned you...
You should've warned me.
I'm the one who had to see
his dong swinging around.
Tink! Okay.
I can explain everything,
but I need you to let him go,
and... you should probably
put something on.
Oh, my God!
What were you doing?
You had to know he was here.
Oh I know. I heard.
I didn't think he'd stay the
One night stands don't
stay the night.
Not a one night stand, asshole!
Him? Really? You decide to dust
the cobwebs off with him?
Nothing is wrong with him,
you little jackass.
No one knows about him.
Not even Val.
He's a creature
of the Otherworld, Ivy.
I found him a couple of years
badly hurt, by the cemetery.
I'd never seen a brownie before
and even though
I was supposed to finish him
I took him home and healed him.
You know how powerful
brownies can be?
He's good at cleaning the house.
So you basically
have a pet brownie?
I wouldn't necessarily
call him a pet.
Then what do you call him?
I call him... Tink.
He's my friend.
And I protect her.
I wouldn't go that far.
Brownies hate the fae, Ren.
They aren't the enemy.
The brownies have destroyed
almost all the gates
from inside the Otherworld.
That's how I know
about the gates being destroyed.
Merle didn't tell me.
It was Tink.
Please don't tell
anyone about him.
I don't trust the little shit,
but I respect your decision.
Well, I don't trust you either,
so what-the-fuck-ever.
You gave Tink a scarf.
Tink is free!
Jesus. A fucking brownie.
I was not expecting that.
Listen, tonight's gonna be hard.
I just wanna make today
special for you.
Don't go tonight.
I have to. It's my job,
you know that.
Ivy, please be careful,
because there...
There are worse things
than death if that gate opens.
You make sure
you walk back down those stairs,
You, too.
Thank you for today.
It was probably my favorite day
in... well, forever.
Me too.
So... where's the gate?
It's in the master bedroom.
Oh, my God.
That is crazy.
We can't let an ancient
near the door.
If one happens to get close,
do not cut it,
their blood opens the gate.
Push them back.
It's time!
They're here.
Hello there!
Guess what? You failed!
Val! No!
It's the prince!
- Ivy...
- Why?
I wish it hadn't been you
that chased after me.
Your hair. It's the
color of fire.
It's rather... abrasive.
I'm not here
to talk about my hair.
You're here to fight me then?
I'm here to end you.
You humor me.
I'm feeling... kind.
I shall let you live.
A thorn birch stake
from the Otherworld, I presume?
You betcha.
And you think that you can use
successfully against me?
That is silly.
You talk too much.
I do not wish to harm a female,
but my kindness
is rapidly diminishing.
I give you one last chance.
But you will not like how this
my lovely little bird.
I'm not your anything, buddy.
What did you do to Val?
I did nothing. I think she is,
perhaps, intelligent?
She knows we cannot be stopped.
No. She would never willingly
help your kind.
If that makes you feel better.
Too slow.
You cannot fight me,
little bird.
I no longer have any patience
or kindness left in me.
Fly, little birdie.
You should've left
when you had the chance, little
Ivy, stay with me.
Ivy! Stay with me.
Hey there, sleepy-butt.
I thought...
when I saw you in that room...
I'm okay... I think.
The knights...
the prince, they got out.
Strangely, it wasn't the giant
we thought it would be.
The Order...
or what's left of the Order,
has been on patrol.
We haven't seen
a single knight or that...
David and a few
are heading to Flux tonight,
but I have a feeling
they aren't gonna find anything.
We managed to get
the gates closed again.
Have you found Val?
No one's seen her,
not even her family.
She was carrying something, Ren.
She went to the headquarters
for a reason.
I know.
That was crazy
going after the prince.
You could've died.
I don't know what I
would've done.
I'm here.
How bad do I look?
You've never looked better.
I'm gonna have to go
back to the Order.
Aren't you supposed
to be at work?
You're not my keeper.
I just wanted to stop by real
Make sure you're okay.
You could've texted me.
What's that smell?
I really don't like that thing.
I'm sure the feeling is mutual,
but thank you for the beignets.
It was really just an excuse
to come see you.
I hate the idea
of leaving you alone right now.
I'm not alone.
That little freak doesn't count.
Hey, he's my freak.
Are you sure you're okay?
I'm okay. I swear.
I plan on showering,
crashing on the couch
and then hopefully,
if Tink doesn't devour them all,
eating sugary goodness
until I pass out.
I'll be home as soon as I can.
When a thorn stake cuts a
their blood bubbles.
What are you doing?
The prince was gonna kill me.
But he healed me,
and he said halfling.
When I was bleeding...
he said... halfling.
Brownies have always been able
to sense the Otherworld
in other creatures,
no matter how minimal.
It wasn't a coincidence
that I found you, was it?
Don't do it, Ivy.
And when you find this person...
you're gonna kill them,
aren't you?
Oh, my God.
That's part of my job, Ivy.
I told you not to do it.
to be continued....