Wicked Mom's Club (2017) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
I'm so sorry.
We should be a family.
You know that.
I'm so sorry... for everything.
Please forgive me.
I'm a great mom.
I'm a great mom.
[keys jingling]
I'm a great mom.
[engine rumbling]
Guess I'll be adding
that to the list.
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, Doug, what's up?
Again? You just got back.
It's fine, it's fine, um...
She's getting ready for her
big day tomorrow anyway.
Here she is.
Hey, Dad.
Listen, I'm-I'm afraid that
I can't see you this weekend.
I've gotta go to Chicago.
But when I get back,
we'll do whatever
you wanna do, okay?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I'll see you when you get back.
I love you, sweet pea.
Love you too.
You okay?
I'm fine.
Like you said, I gotta get ready
for my big day tomorrow.
[indistinct chatter]
Getting excited?
Come on, it's your first day.
No? You're nervous.
[female announcer]
Seniors, just
a friendly reminder...
- Hey, don't play with...
- Ha, I'm sorry.
...prom tickets
are still available.
So, where is this front office?
- I don't know.
- Any idea?
- You looking for the office?
- Yes.
- It's this way.
- Thank you.
You gotta be careful.
You've got that new mom scent.
Her last school
was dr off and go,
so I'm not used to such
heavy parental involvement.
Oh, you have no idea.
- I'm Suki.
- Hi.
Mandy. This is Riley.
- Ninth grade?
- Yeah.
I've got one in ninth grade too.
- Oh.
- Zailey.
Mandy Wallace.
- Yes.
- Good luck.
Olivia Peterson.
- Hi.
- Momager of the team.
Coach Shaw couldn't make it,
so I'm your welcoming committee.
And you must be Riley.
Aren't you gorgeous?
This is my daughter Chelsea.
She's into gymnastics too.
So, my mom said
you just moved here.
Yeah, from the city.
Is that where you
got those boots?
Yeah, from Wicker Street.
See, Mom, people do shop there.
Ah, I'm such a mean mom.
[Mandy laughs]
Coach Shaw asked me to give you
these before practice.
Uh, Riley's not sure she wants...
No. Um, I'll go.
Why don't you take
Riley to Homeroom?
You can't be late
on your first day.
I'll pick you up after practice.
[school bell rings]
Looks like she's
right at home here.
You're a lifesaver.
Things were pretty shaky
on the way over.
Oh, teenagers.
So, I've heard great things
about this school.
Yeah, it's great.
We have our issues, too.
Like cliques, for example.
With a group
of high school kids,
isn't that kind of unavoidable?
I was talking about the moms...
Madam President.
...of the PTA.
You really need to talk
to Principal Marcus again
about the dress code.
Because I don't want
my husband seeing that
when he drops Paige off
for school.
'Cause he gets plenty of that
when he's watching online porn.
These are my girls.
Colleen and Reyna.
Hi, I'm Mandy.
Mandy's one of us.
Well, except for being
impeccably dressed at 8:00 a.m.
Don't worry, Olivia
will help you with that.
Come on, I'll show you around.
So, how's Havenhurst?
It's good so far,
everyone's really welcoming.
- Great, good.
- Yeah.
Tell me about this, uh,
account that you landed.
You're never gonna believe it.
- What?
- Oh, thank you, Sarah.
Um, Health Corp Global.
You're kidding me.
You're kidding me!
They stay with their
ad agency for years.
I know, I'm still
pinching myself.
Oh, my gosh.
So, they want
a multi-platform campaign
to get into the family market.
And I want you
to write lead copy.
- I would love to.
- Yes.
Um, is it okay if I still work
from home, though?
I mean, with the move,
and with Riley
and everything, it's just...
No explanation needed.
- Okay.
- Take a look at the file.
- And we'll strategize.
- Mm-hmm.
Sounds good.
- But first, coffee.
- Yes.
Hi, uh, these bulbs
keep burning out.
Is thenother brand
that I could try?
- Um, let me go check.
- Thanks.
My guess is there's something
wrong with your fixture.
Said the strange man behind you.
[both chuckle]
Um, is there somewhere
that I can find
a new fixture around here?
Something on the off-beat side?
- On the off-beat side?
- Mm-hmm.
There's a store called
"Feather Your Nest" on Main.
It's got some
pretty eclectic stuff.
Okay. Thanks, I'll check it out.
[cell phone ringing]
Uh, pardon me.
- Hi.
- Hey, mama.
I was just about to
head to practice.
Doesn't that end at six?
Oh, we always go early.
You should come hang out, the
girls just love having groupies.
Uh, I'm not really sure that
Riley fits in that category.
Chelsea was resistant at first,
but... since I
started showing up,
we have gotten... so close.
Alright, what the hell, um,
give me fifteen.
- Actually, make that twenty.
- Great, see you there.
Okay, bye. Thanks.
- Whoa.
- Whoo!
Chelsea is amazing.
Number one. Star of our team.
She's definitely gonna
make it to state this year.
My Paige, however,
is a disaster.
Please, mine is
the biggest disaster.
- Taylor, stop slouching.
- Okay, Riley.
- Show us what you got.
- Oh, Riley's up next.
Uh, she's just
getting back into it.
She took eight months off.
[Coach Shaw]
Really great job, Riley.
Wow, she's really good.
Do you think she's
better than Chelsea?
Yeah, I think so.
I think it was too soon for her
to try to tackle that.
She'll nail it next time.
- Yeah.
- Nice work, ladies.
[Coach Shaw]
Let's take five.
Mom, what are you doing here?
You know, just hangin'
with the moms.
[Coach Shaw]
Mrs. Wallace.
I'm Eileen Shaw.
Mandy, please. It's so great
to finally meet you.
Riley has magnificent form.
Now, I know why she placed
so high in her division.
Well, it's nice to see her
out there having fun again.
Riley, wow, you're really good.
Are you girls reading that
ridiculous blog again?
The "Pain Inside" blog.
A teen writes anonymously
about her pain-filled life.
The girls are obsessed with it.
"I feel so much pressure
to be perfect all the time."
Why do you read this garbage?
It's not garbage.
And it's not just us.
The "Pain Inside" blog has
more than one million followers.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
She writes from the dark place
of inner pain.
It's so cool.
Okay, that's enough, ladies.
I'm sure Mandy
doesn't want Riley
reading a bunch of nonsense.
But it's real.
Girls, on the mat, please,
let's get back to work.
Hey, Suki.
Is Zailey on the team?
Yeah, that's Zailey.
Oh, I saw her on the bars,
she's wonderful.
Does she do privates?
I know a lot of moms do that
for the girls.
Keep your distance from them.
It won't end well.
It never does.
Mom, Chelsea invited me
to have a sleepover.
Please, please, please, please.
- Please?
- Not tonight.
Please, we promise
we'll go to bed a decent time.
Riley, it's been
a really long day, okay?
And what better way to end it
than with a strong martini?
Besides, when's the last time
you went out with the girls?
- Well...
- Don't bother.
I already know
the answer to that.
Come on.
Ugh, let's go.
Mandy, this is my husband Beau.
Beau, this is Mandy.
He can take the girls.
It's a pleasure
to meet you, Mandy.
- Hi, thank you for doing this.
- Hi.
No, it's no trouble.
I'm just gonna go
check on the girls.
He's well-trained.
[both chuckle]
Come on, let's go
drop off our cars.
I'll spring for a driver
so that we can drink.
Alright then.
Welcome to Havenhurst
Country Club.
[Mandy sighs]
This place is incredible.
I know, right?
My home away from home.
I wish this was
my home away from home.
[Olivia chuckles]
I know, it's pretty great.
[Mandy sighs]
Such a tragedy,
what happened to Ginny.
Oh, look, Colleen and Reyna
beat us here.
I'll be right there.
[indistinct chatter]
Holly Rosten.
President of the Board.
She loves cornering Olivia.
I wonder what she's
gossiping about this time.
Another mom?
She was a total mess.
Popping pills.
Sleeping around.
She lost custody of her kids.
Husband left her.
How awful.
I'm surprised you
don't know about this.
The realtor didn't care to share
your home's unfortunate history?
What do you mean?
Honey, you're living
in her house.
You know nothing was happening
between Ginny and Beau.
We all know Ginny's past.
It's hard to believe
she didn't try.
She made a mistake.
And now, her children
will live without a mother.
But I guess that's
on your conscience.
Kinda like it's
on your conscience
how your daddy bribes his way
into government contracts.
Guess it would be rough-going
if that income stream dried up.
It was so great catching up.
- Ha.
- Hey.
You guys ordered me a martini.
So, how long have you guys
been coming here?
Since we were kids,
Olivia was a member
and Colleen was her plus-one.
And Reyna was her charity case.
[Colleen laughs]
Can we get a round
of your best champagne?
Oh, no, no, none for me.
I, I'm a lightweight.
Don't be silly,
I got us a driver.
It's like you had
this whole thing planned out.
[Olivia laughs]
I'm gonna do whatever
I need to do
to get you to have fun.
[Mandy laughs]
What I wouldn't give to put that
cute waiter in
a doggy bag for later.
[all laughing]
So, Mandy, I'm curious.
Why'd you decide to move here in
the middle of the school year?
Your husband get a new job?
Uh, no, I'm divorced.
Oh, I, I didn't know.
No, it's fine, um...
Tsk, I love the area,
and I, I figured it was
as good a time as any.
Two months before
the end of the school year?
Yeah, a little jarring
for Riley, isn't it?
Okay, alright, ladies.
Her daughter's having
no issues adjusting.
Enough with
the inquisitions, jeez.
Ah, perfect timing.
A toast to Mandy.
Welcome to Havenhurst.
- Welcome.
- Welcome.
- Hm.
- Oh, that's good.
Hey. I'm sorry about
Colleen and Reyna.
They have zero tact.
It's okay.
It's just hard
to talk about, you know?
It's been so complicated.
I'm here for you.
Whatever you need.
We have to look out
for each other.
Being a mom can be... so lonely.
Ugh, tell me about it.
I'm just trying so hard
to keep everything together.
I hardly get time for friends.
Everyone needs a friend
to confide in.
Truth is, um...
I moved here to get Riley
out of her old school.
Oh, yeah?
She was, um,
suspended for drugs.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
The thing that hurts the most
is I missed all the signs.
She dropped out of gymnastics,
her favorite thing in the world.
She became secretive.
A pair of my earrings
went missing.
You can't blame yourself.
And the whole time,
my husband's cheating on me.
You deserve so much better.
You should do things
that make you happy.
I was hoping to start
by writing again.
Are you talking about
"Mandy's Mom Adventures"?
How do you know about my blog?
More people should
know about it.
And I wanna help you.
I was in a preschool playgroup
with May Cummings,
do you know who that is?
The parenting guru.
She's amazing.
Yeah. I can reach out to her
and see what she thinks.
If it's okay with you.
I would be way okay with that.
Like I said,
we've gotta look out
for each other.
Here we are, ladies.
Alright, I'll see you at 7:00.
Wait, I thought the PTA meeting
was at 8:30.
I'll swing by and pick you up.
Hey, Olivia, um...
Please don't tell anyone
what I said about Riley.
I just... wouldn't
want it to get out.
Don't worry, I never would.
"Property of Ginny Renlow."
"Whoever fights monsters
should see to it
that in the process,
he does not become a monster.
And when you look long
into an abyss,
the abyss also looks into you."
She was unhinged.
[knocking on door]
Morning, how'd the girls do?
Oh, like two peas in a pod.
[Mandy laughs]
I brought you a few things.
Oh, thanks. Come in.
Oh, yoga clothes.
You sure you don't want these?
I was about to donate them
to charity but then
I thought that they would be
perfect for you.
- Oh, I, I didn't mean...
- No, no.
I'm just teasing you,
I don't mind your hand-me-downs.
This is cute.
Yeah, why don't you try it on
and see if it fits?
Okay, I'm gonna change my bra.
Just, uh, help yourself
to some more coffee.
[instrumental music]
Oh, cute.
Yep, that's perfect.
Hey, girls.
Oh, hey, um... I left
my cell phone in the car.
Can I borrow your keys?
Just in case Riley calls.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
You didn't say Mandy was coming.
I didn't say she wasn't.
Hey, does your cousin
still need referrals?
That lawsuit really
took a toll, didn't it?
We wouldn't want
his business bottoming out.
Do you have anything
to add, Reyna?
- No?
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Thanks.
Hop on. We're in the front row.
Trust me, you wanna be
near Raphael
when he does downward dog.
The PTA bake sale was a hit.
And before we finally dive
into fundraising goals,
I wanna introduce you all
to Mandy Wallace.
Hi, everyone.
Mandy writes copy
for an ad agency
and has the most charming
mommy blog.
So, she's the perfect person
to handle marketing
for our spring fair,
if you're up for it.
- Sure, I'm happy to help.
- Fabulous.
As most of you know,
Suki was handling the marketing
but too much responsibility
with Zailey
and being a working mom, and...
Oh, wait.
Most of the moms work here too.
Why don't we take a break
before we move on
to fundraising, okay?
- Hi.
- Hey, Colleen.
Did you get my message?
Mess... Yes, yes.
Uh, I agree,
her dad is a bit overzealous.
Overzealous? I thought he was
gonna punch out that raft.
I know.
Hey there.
- Hi.
- Did you find your fixture?
Uh, you know,
it's on the to-do list.
Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt.
Oh, no, no, no, we're just...
trashing another dad, as usual.
- My name's Ellis.
- Hi. Mandy.
- Mandy.
- Uh.
Ellis is our resident architect.
He did the brilliant design
for our new wing.
You should walk Mandy
through it.
We may need to pull her
into marketing down the line.
Well, actually, I have
to stop by Feather Your Nest
on Sunday, you wanna...
Oh, you're booked.
Chelsea's birthday party.
- The moms are invited.
- Oh.
Can you do Monday?
Say, late morning?
Perfect it is.
I'm looking forward to it.
The hot PTA dad.
I saw him checking you out.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
I guess she's not so broken up
about that divorce anymore.
I guess not.
Great job, Riley.
Alright, ladies, listen up.
For the meet on Monday...
Chelsea, you're
in first position.
Riley, number two.
Number two.
- Fantastic.
- Yeah.
You and Riley have to celebrate.
Oh, I wouldn't want to put
too much pressure on her.
I'll be back.
Hey, Suki.
Uh, do you have a second?
I already gave you my advice.
I just wanna let you know
that I took on marketing
for the spring fair.
But you're welcome to do it.
Trust me.
The PTA is the farthest thing
from my mind.
Uh, hey.
Uh, Zailey's, uh,
crying in the bathroom.
She's upset
because she didn't get invited
to Chelsea's birthday.
I tried talking to her,
but, um...
I just thought you should know.
Meet you in the car.
I'm the bad guy here.
I rented out a high-end salon
for Chelsea's birthday
and I told her she had to
limit the number.
Then, you know girls,
friends one day,
enemies the next.
Kind of like you and Ginny.
Look, I know it's
none of my business. Um...
But I live in Ginny's house,
you know?
Yeah, um...
We were friends.
Or at least, I thought we were.
And then, things got weird.
Weird how?
She just... sort of lost it.
She spiraled out
of control, and...
developed, like, an unhealthy
obsession with me.
I tried to help her, but...
I guess I didn't
help her enough.
But... the past is in the past.
Let's go get the girls.
Sounds good.
When's dinner?
Soon, uh...
Don't fill up on junk.
Uh, hey, Riley,
have you seen my watch?
I thought I left it
on the counter this morning.
You sure you didn't see it?
I wasn't here. I stayed over
at Chelsea's, remember?
It was a question,
not an accusation, okay?
Uh-huh, smile and nod.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Nothing.
New topic.
So, what do you
know about Zailey?
I know she's got issues.
Yeah, what kind of issues?
She's a cutter.
Oh, my God.
So, Chelsea stopped being
friends with her for that?
I have no idea.
Paige was the one
who told me about it.
But when you have problems,
that's when
you need your friends the most.
Why are you
lecturing me about this?
It's not like we were friends.
Anyways, Chelsea's really nice.
Forget it.
I'm gonna go finish my homework.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I just can't
finish my homework.
Which, I'm sure,
you're heartbroken about.
You bet.
Hey, you know, Dad didn't call
tonight like he said he would.
I'm sorry, honey.
You're always sorry, Mom.
Sorry you had to
come in on a Saturday.
Oh, don't be silly, I got
buttloads of work to do anyway.
[Mandy chuckles]
And... I am so excited for you.
Health Corp Global is seriously
talking about sponsoring.
Okay, are we really talking
about "Mandy's Mom Adventure"?
Because my blog has a total
of 12 followers.
Not anymore, my friend.
You blew up overnight.
Check it out.
- I have 90,000 followers?
- Ninety.
- Ninety thousand?
- Thousand.
Ninety thousand.
What the hell?
Getting May Cummings
to champion your blog
was a brilliant move.
Ah, yes.
Well, I have a,
a really great connection.
Mm, thank that connection,
and then some.
This is big time, Mandy.
- Oh, yeah.
- This place is nice, huh?
[female #1]
Oh, she's doing great...
- Hey.
- Hi.
Welcome to Chelsea's party.
- Wine for moms.
- Oh, thank you.
Mocktails for girls.
Hey, why don't you
take Riley to the back
so she could pick out a dress?
I'm so glad you're here.
Mandy, we're all getting
facials with Katerina.
You need that new
power blogger glow.
I can't thank you enough,
I have a huge meeting
with a sponsor next week.
- Health Corp Global.
- That's amazing.
Never heard of them.
That's because the only food
you eat is fried.
Hey, Mom.
Oh, wow, oh,
don't you look gorgeous?
Careful, Riley, it's a loan.
Oh, no, please,
it's a party favor.
Olivia, that's
too much, seriously.
Relax, I only go all out
once a year.
Besides, it's technically all
on Colleen's account anyway.
She gets a family discount.
This is my sister's place.
Don't worry, Olivia
will pay me back...
with interest.
Mandy, you should take
a picture with Riley.
She looks beautiful.
Oh, yeah, do you mind?
Not at all.
Say, "Cheese."
Super duo.
Ah, gorgeous.
Can I come in?
Yeah, come on in.
What's on your mind?
I'm sorry I've been
giving you a hard time.
I am.
I just...
I really like it here.
I'm glad to hear that.
'Cause we're not
moving again... ever.
Riley Wallace.
Chelsea Peterson.
[indistinct chatter]
She's good.
[male announcer]
- Oh, no.
- That doesn't look good.
Poor Chelsea.
So, everyone knows we have our
qualifier for state coming up.
So, make sure that you practice
every chance
you get, understand?
Yes, coach.
Uh, Chelsea, Riley,
can you stay for just a sec?
Chelsea, I'm gonna try
you out in second position
and Riley, I'm gonna
put you in first position...
But Chelsea's always
first for the team, Coach.
Mom, really, it's fine.
No, um... shall we see
what the principal
has to say about this?
Well, actually,
this is my decision,
not Principal Marcus'.
I apologize, Coach.
That is not what I meant to say.
I honestly just think
I should have spent
more time with you
discussing this
so I could understand.
Maybe we can have dinner
tonight at the country club.
Oh, well, sure,
that sounds good.
So, ladies, go home,
get some rest.
And if you want
to go to state, moms,
I need those completed
drug testing forms.
Let me see it, I'm so proud!
Come on, hold it up.
Hold it up, hold it up.
[camera clicks]
How did you like that extra
backhand spring that Riley did?
That is Chelsea's
signature move.
I guess Mandy decided to exert
pressure on her after all.
I guess so.
The most obnoxious part
was when Mandy goes,
"Poor Chelsea."
She said that?
This is...
this is, like, nothing.
Oh, well...
Maybe if you were
lighter on your feet,
you'd have better balance.
What's that supposed to mean?
We own a scale.
Olivia, are you
serious right now?
Do you have any idea
how much money we've poured
into training
and summer programs?
I expect more than
half-assed beam work.
Riley's better than me, okay?
So deal with it.
She's only had
four years of training
and she can do everything I can.
Like that signature
backhand spring
you taught her.
She's only your friend
so she can manipulate you.
And you are too much
of a sap to see it.
You are just jealous
because I have a real friend.
"The road..."
"The road isn't always easy.
So, stop...
and celebrate
hard work...
and its sweet rewards."
What else do we have to discuss?
Ah, yes, so, can I
get a quick update
on the spring fair
from co-chair Colleen?
We have Tasty Spoon
and Sushi Nozawa
on board for booths.
And I have a couple feelers
out to boutiques.
Uh, what else?
- Oh, I got a page set up...
- Oh, sorry to interrupt.
Um, I set up a page as well
since I thought I was
handling marketing.
Something happened?
I will explain
to you afterwards.
Just a few minutes.
Moving on to facilities.
How's the renovation going?
Oh, sorry, uh, needy client.
Renovations are,
uh, going along on schedule,
and no new drawings necessary.
Then, if there's nothing else,
we are adjourned.
So, Suki was really upset.
Whatever you said
to her, she was...
Said about what?
You know, the marketing.
Well, we never spoke
about marketing,
so that makes no sense.
Relax, I'm not attacking you.
I'm happy to do something else.
How about I follow up
with the boutiques?
That's handled.
But maybe we could find
something else for you
down the line.
That's fine,
I'm up to my eyeballs
with my blog, anyway.
That's right.
You must be so busy
with your blog.
We wouldn't want
to overwhelm you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You still have time for
Feather Your Nest today?
- Absolutely.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- How about now?
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
This place has stuff
from every decade.
Ah, there's one for you.
Really, it doesn't
get any worse.
My ex brought an exact
replica of that home.
Wow. Okay.
Well, I give her
points for bravery.
My ex was never satisfied with
anything that I brought home.
Is he a designer?
No, um, he is a lawyer.
But, um, a control freak.
Well, that's a bit more
than I wanted to spend.
And I need to lock down
that deal with that sponsor
so I can spend
a bit more on fixtures.
- I'll tell you what.
- Hm.
Why don't you take a picture
of it and post it on your blog,
and I will talk to the owner
about a, uh...
a 40 percent architect discount.
I like the way you think.
Can I treat you to lunch?
You're in luck.
I never turn down a meal.
It's good to know.
How did you end up in the PTA?
Uh, Olivia said she needed help
with the plans for the new wing.
She's very persuasive.
Yeah, that she is.
She's also the reason
why my blog is doing so well.
And, um, the girls
really hit it off
which matters
more than anything.
Sure, yeah, your kid's happy
you're happy, I know that.
I was just curious...
Did something happen with Suki?
I mean, she seems like
she used to be more involved.
Well, I don't know for sure,
she just said that
she had some personal issues
but she didn't go
into any detail.
Well, Colleen was just, was
trashing her at the meeting,
so I had to wonder.
Of course, Colleen
trashes everyone.
You've no idea what I'm
talking about, do you?
- Probably not, you know.
- Ha-ha-ha.
Uh, apart from helping
with the designs,
I'm really there
to just fulfil...
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
that you're the hot dad quota.
"The hot dad quota"?
I was about to say, the,
the token dad quota,
but I will take that.
I'm so embarrassed.
I can see that, I like that.
- I think I'm gonna milk it.
- Just stop.
- I'm gonna milk it.
- Stop. Stop.
Your cheeks are getting about
as pink as that strawberry.
Okay, I will stop
if you will agree
to accompany me
to this art gallery opening
coming up.
- Mm.
- I would love to have a...
Well, uh, frankly,
a very beautiful, uh,
distraction from all
the pretentious designers.
Well, you're in luck.
I never turn down
a gallery opening.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- You're just gonna love her.
- Thank you so much, I...
And there she is.
Amanda Wallace,
meet Leonard Harbinger
VP of marketing
for Health Corp Global.
It's so great to meet you.
We're crazy about
"Mandy's Mom Adventures."
I'm crazy about your company.
- Thank you.
- Please.
Our lawyers are putting together
a proposal for sponsorship.
I'm thrilled to hear that.
Uh, what I wanted
to talk about today
are suggestions for redesigns
to fit our brand.
Great. Let me pull it up.
I've never got such
a spiteful comment, ever.
This is strange.
There was nothing negative
when I was looking
through it earlier.
"Check out her daughter's blog."
My daughter doesn't have a blog.
There's a link.
Probably to some porn site
in the Czech Republic.
- "Pain Inside."
- You know it?
Yeah, it's a really popular
blog, apparently.
- So, your daughter wrote it?
- No, of course not.
"I had to steal pills
just to get through the day."
My daughter had nothing
to do with this,
I promise you.
You sure?
I know my daughter.
Obviously, someone's
trying to make it look
like she posted this.
I understand there's been
some issues in the past.
- With Riley?
- What?
Look, we're
a multimillion-dollar company,
Miss Wallace.
We have a major
reputation to uphold.
So, we research
people we might be
doing business with
very carefully.
Full background check,
the whole works.
Mr. Harbinger, I can
vouch for Mandy, and...
That's not necessary, I...
I have seen and heard enough.
Mr. Harbinger, please.
This... website was up
long before we got here.
I'm sorry, but we
have to make sure
we place our products
in a conflict-free environment.
I wish you the very best
with your blog.
Damn it.
- Mr. Harbinger...
- Jill, please.
Please wait. I am so, so, sorry.
Do you think you can
save the deal?
I don't know. I'll try.
Thanks for coming over.
Martinis, the cure-all.
So, everyone has been reacting
to the initial post.
It's like a Trash
"Mandy's Mom Adventure"
I'm sorry.
"Hey, Mandy, why don't you spend
more time with your daughter
and less time posting
about her?"
"If I was her daughter,
I'd be pissed, too."
"A mom profiting
off her daughter."
I haven't earned a single penny
from this blog.
These people need to get a life.
I mean, come on,
you must have to laugh at it.
Yeah, I may need
12 more of these.
It's like they're
shaming me, you know?
I'm the worst mom ever.
You believe that?
That I'm the worst mom ever?
God, I hope not.
That Riley didn't write it.
Of course, she didn't.
Did Riley say
something to Chelsea?
No. No.
Are you sure?
Did she suggest anything?
Olivia, I need to know.
You told me how Riley
had a hard time before.
Being secretive.
- Your watch went missing.
- My watch?
- It wasn't my watch,
- Oh, I, uh, I thought that...
No, I said it was
a pair of earrings.
How did you know
my watch was missing?
You told me.
Wow, you are really losing it.
Seriously, you have to relax.
I'm on your side.
[keys clacking]
It's a question,
not an accusation, okay?
Uh-huh, smile and nod.
Riley, you scared me.
That's pretty clear.
I thought you were
having pizza with the team.
I was. Coach Shaw
just dropped me off.
What are you doing in my room?
Were you on my laptop?
Did you write
the "Pain Inside" blog?
What? No.
Someone made a comment
on "Mandy's Mom Adventures"
and linked you to it.
Some random person
wrote a comment
on your stupid blog,
and you think it's true?
It's bookmarked
to your laptop, Riley.
That's private, Mom.
You have no right to snoop.
I have a right to be concerned,
I'm your mother.
And if there's
a sign of anything,
I will be speaking
to you about it.
It's bookmarked
because I read it.
Taylor, Chelsea, Paige,
and plenty of other girls
at school read it too.
But I didn't write it.
So you believe me now?
- We're good?
- Yes, I believe you.
Riley, I just got so scared.
Things were really bad
for you before
and I don't wanna go back.
You think I do?
That's not what I meant.
Just leave.
[instrumental music]
Oh, what's happening to me?
[cell phone rings]
Hi, Jill.
Hey, so, I spoke with legal
about the situation
and they suggest that
you shut down the blog.
- For just a little while.
- Uh, for how long?
I don't wanna jeopardize
things with Health Corp Global.
You couldn't save the deal.
It's gotten really
complicated for them.
Okay, um, that's fine,
I can, um,
put the blog on hold,
and then I will just
write copy for the ad campaign.
Are you kidding me?
They're taking me
off the campaign, too?
We're gonna find
something else for you,
I promise.
Okay, uh, if it's best.
You just, you gotta
give me time.
I'm gonna put out some feelers.
Put out feelers?
Am I being fired?
Health Corp Global is
a really important client.
I had nothing to do with this.
My daughter didn't
write that blog.
I know. I-I know.
I've been working for you
for ten years, Jill.
I'm raising a kid
on my own, I...
I really need you to back me up.
You know, a call's coming in.
I'm-I'm so sorry, I gotta go.
[breathes heavily]
[shaky breathing]
- I can't believe she did that.
- She is a terrible mother.
Oh, she's a drunk.
[indistinct chatter]
[door opens]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Did you get that info I sent you
about the gallery opening?
Um, I haven't had a chance
to look at it yet.
Yeah, it doesn't matter.
We should go anyway.
Is it okay if we get together
in a few weeks?
- Things are...
- In a few weeks?
It's a little complicated
right now.
What's up?
Sorry, I just, um...
I'm not sure I feel
like talking about it.
Well, why don't we
go to my place?
No, I'm-I'm...
Just to talk, it's very close.
I make a mean latte.
- Okay.
- Okay.
There you are, milady.
That is the best
no-foam latte in town.
So, is there any chance that
your ex wrote the initial post...
No, no, no, he's not
a vindictive guy.
But I wouldn't put it past
Colleen or Olivia.
Olivia? I thought
you said Olivia
was the reason
your blog took off.
Well, she was, but...
- But what?
- I just realized something.
That was before.
Before Riley nabbed
the top spot in gymnastics
and knocked Chelsea
off her perch.
I don't know,
that sounds a little too...
What? Manipulative?
She manipulates
everything and everyone.
Uh, no, I was gonna say
a little too, uh, convenient.
But... I don't know.
If you want,
I have a friend in I who can track down the computer
who sent the initial post.
Even if the site is down?
That's no problem.
Is there something else?
Seems like there is.
Oh, it's just that, um,
I got this note the other day...
that said I was gonna
end up like Ginny.
- Ginny Renlow?
- Yeah. Did you know her?
Well, the rumor was
she killed herself.
- Because she couldn't be with...
- Let me guess.
Olivia's husband Beau.
- Am I right?
- Yeah. How did you...
No, doesn't matter.
- You need to call the police.
- And say what?
That I got a generic
blank envelope
and a typed note?
Well, is there at least
somewhere you can go
until this whole
blog thing blows over?
Riley's just getting
settled in, so...
Even if there was
somewhere to go, I just...
I wouldn't want to
disrupt her again, you know?
If there is anything I can do...
Well, you've done
more than enough, so...
Thank you.
You know what? I should go.
I have taken up
way too much of your time.
You've been amazing. Thanks.
You're pretty amazing yourself.
I can't believe you're saying
that, I am such a wreck.
Well... I like wrecks.
I'm sorry, um...
I just, I just need
some more time.
Well, of course, yeah.
Yeah, I'm a patient man.
[both chuckle]
Ugh, that's so tacky,
always have one.
Wow, apparently,
it's always a good time
for a mid-morning quickie.
- Hm.
- Olivia is going to love this.
Are you sure
you wanna tell Olivia?
I mean, it's just
such a small thing.
What's wrong with you?
Dad's meeting is running late.
He's not gonna be
able to make it.
Well, you know how busy
work is for him.
You'll see him next weekend.
Riley, great, you're here.
- Hurry up and get changed.
- Yeah.
- Oh, oh, and Riley?
- Yes, Coach?
Chelsea will be back in first
position for state, okay?
Sure, no worries.
Hey, wait... That's my watch.
- What, this?
- Yeah.
That's my watch.
No, this was a gift.
Let me guess, from Olivia?
Mandy apparently thinks
that I swiped her watch
to give it to you.
I loved your watch,
so I ordered one
and had it engraved.
Show her.
It was a gift from
all of us gymnastics moms.
I guess you missed the e-mail.
I, uh... I apologize.
No problem, Mandy.
- Why don't you take a seat?
- Sure.
[indistinct chatter]
Okay, what's going on?
There's a rumor
that you're hitting on
all the married men.
What? That's ridiculous!
Do you know who started
the rumor, Colleen?
Or should I be asking if you
were the one who started it?
Oh, please.
I find it awfully ironic,
since you're the one
who throws yourself
at any man in your vicinity.
That is called flirting.
I'm not screwing them.
I didn't do that.
That's a complete lie.
- Okay.
- Ladies.
Let's not distract
the girls from warming up
for the competition.
Mandy, let's take a walk.
[indistinct chatter]
Mandy, you're bringing
this on yourself.
The whole thing with Ellis.
What thing with Ellis?
Colleen and Reyna saw you
getting out of his car today.
We're spending time together.
That's none
of anyone's business.
He's married.
No, he's divorced.
Ask him.
- Look, if I had known...
- If you had known?
You're the one
who scheduled the date.
To hang out with him.
- As friends.
- "As friends." Give me a break.
I never would
have encouraged you
to be involved
with a married man.
This is a small community.
That kind of thing
rubs people the wrong way.
It's like you set
this whole thing up.
To what, pull out the rug
and turn everyone against me?
- It's just like my blog.
- What are you talking about?
You know, those martinis
whipped up pretty quick.
Or maybe they were
already chilled.
I have been nothing
but generous to you.
Blaming me for what Ellis did...
that's unfair.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, you.
Apparently, Riley's dad
can't make it,
so I'm gonna sub in.
You okay?
I was.
Until I found out
you were married.
I'm not married.
So, you're divorced?
No, I'm separated.
So, you're really st...
You're still married.
No, no, I'm getting divorced.
It's taking a long time,
uh, for the two of us
to agree on a settlement.
Information that would've
been very helpful to know.
Uh, uh, hold on.
Where is this
really coming from?
People who are separated
date all the time.
Do they have kids
at the same school?
Ellis, my ex had an affair.
I don't take this issue lightly.
Or did Olivia not tell you
that part when she set us up?
What the hell
are you talking about?
What is this obsession
you have with Olivia?
Alright, I'm sorry,
I should've told you.
You're right, but you have
so much else going on.
And now, I have
even more going on
because everyone's
talking about this.
I really didn't need this.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
Pay now.
I'll get to you later.
Oh, God.
Pay... I don't know when.
[glass shatters]
Did you hear that?
- What's happening?
- Stay here.
[brakes screeching]
Riley, I told you to stay...
Just go in the house,
I'm gonna call the police.
Hi, uh, yes,
I'm calling to report
an incident of vandalism.
Yeah, um, somebody smashed
the window of my car
and, uh, tagged my house.
No, um, I-I don't know
the license plate.
I didn't chase the car down,
I was making sure
my daughter was safe.
I know, I know, I'm trying
to calm down, I just...
Please send someone
as soon as you can.
Mom, wake up.
We're gonna be late,
it's after seven.
Mm, just give me a second. Ugh.
You are so
unbelievably talented.
And that's why it's so hard
for me to tell you that
your drug test
came back positive.
Th not possible.
Yeah, painkillers.
I didn't do it.
Let me see the test results.
I swear I didn't do it.
This must be a false positive.
She has to be retested.
The lab tests and retests
to make sure that can't happen.
I don't even know
where to get OxyContin.
What are the consequences?
So you believe her?
No, Riley, I'm just
trying to understand
what we're up against, okay?
If she won't be able
to participate in state,
she's off the team.
She's also suspended from school
until Principal Marcus
can decide
if wants to take
any further action.
Not before I hire a lawyer.
We're not trying
to punish you, Riley.
We really wanna try and help her
get the help that she needs.
I, um...
understand that she had
a problem at her last school.
Riley, go outside.
I need to speak to Coach Shaw
alone for a minute.
This is ridiculous.
How did you know that Riley had
a problem at her last school?
I heard about it
from her former coach.
She called me.
Her former coach
isn't a she, it's a he.
Coach Bill Hall.
Wha... My mistake, you know?
I talk to so many
different people.
I think the person that you
talked to was Olivia.
She's the only one who knows
what happened to her
at her last school.
Look, she might have
said something, but...
It makes it much easier
to believe that Riley failed
her drug test
if you know her history.
Okay, hold on.
Just because she...
And knocking Riley
out of gymnastics
is a great way to ensure that
Chelsea shines at state.
Bottom line.
It's impossible.
We use an outside laboratory.
There is no way
she could have had
anything to do with this.
Nothing is impossible
for Olivia.
Hey, Riley.
I heard what happened.
What are you worried about? You
have state all to yourself now.
How could you even say that?
I've been your
biggest cheerleader.
Really? Then how come
you told Coach
what happened at my old school?
I didn't.
What a bitch.
You heard her, bitch.
You're just suck-ups
who act all nice to Chelsea
so she'll give you
expensive stuff.
- At least our mom's not a slut.
- What did you say?
Your mom's dating
Colin's married dad.
You're a druggie
with a slut for a mom.
- Take it back!
- No!
- Get off her!
- Guys, stop!
- Hey, girls, cut it out!
- Stop it.
- Break it up.
- Riley, you're out of control.
Don't you dare talk
to my daughter like that.
- Riley, go to the car.
- What's going on?
I think you know
exactly what's going on.
Did you know that falsifying
a drug test is a crime?
God, you are delusional.
- Why are you obsessed with me?
- Obsessed with you?
That's what you
said about Ginny.
But I'm beginning
to think it was
the other way around.
That's ridiculous.
I don't want anything
to do with you.
You better tell your daughter
to stay away from Chelsea.
Let's go.
Mom, but Riley
didn't do anything.
You said if I hated it here,
we can move back to the city.
I wanna move back.
We can't just leave, Riley.
Then I'll go live with Dad.
Everything is gonna be fine.
Will you stop saying that?
Nothing that's
happening here is fine.
And... I don't understand
why would you wanna stay here
after everyone is trashing you?
Paige and Taylor said you're...
hooking up with Colin's dad.
I'm not hooking up with him,
we're spending time together.
How could you do that?
After all your issues
with Dad cheating.
This is completely different
than with your father, Riley.
How is it different, Mom?
Colin's dad is married.
- You're a hypocrite.
- Okay.
You need to give me
the benefit of the doubt
just like I'm giving you
the benefit of the doubt
on that drug test.
[siren wailing]
What's happening?
Stay in the car, Riley.
But why? I'm alright.
Because I said so.
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
Good afternoon, ma'am.
Something wrong?
Jim. Hi, uh,
you're Colleen's husband.
I didn't recognize you
in uniform.
Noticed you're driving
Excuse me?
Ma'am, do we have permission
to search your vehicle?
- Yeah. Sure.
- Step over here for me, please.
[indistinct radio chatter]
- Riley, it's fine.
- Mom, what's he doing?
It's fine, shh.
Were you under the influence
of these narcotics
while you were
driving your vehicle?
What are you talking about?
Those aren't mine.
Then how did they
get inside your car?
I don't know,
the window's broken,
maybe someone put them in there.
Ma'am, you have the right
to remain silent.
- Mom!
- You're arresting me?
...can and will be
held against you.
- This is crazy.
- Mom, what should I do?
Riley, call your father.
Come on, let's go.
- Okay.
- Alright, come on.
[indistinct radio chatter]
Thanks for, um, bailing me out.
- I know it's awkward, having...
- Mandy, please.
I'm not gonna
let you rot in jail.
Riley, what are you doing?
I'm going to live with Dad.
And I told her she could.
Riley, honey, why don't you
go wait in the car?
Let me talk to your mom.
You said that she can
live with you?
Just because I bailed you out,
doesn't mean
I'm gonna let you
ruin things for Riley.
What are you talking about?
Really, Mandy?
After everything
she's been through.
You have no idea
what's been going on here.
I know exactly
what's going on here.
And you're in no condition
to raise our daughter.
I know you don't believe me,
but Olivia's behind all of this.
Okay? She derailed
my blog, she...
She falsified your drug test.
And I can prove it, okay?
She's trying
to poison everything
including our relationship.
I'm not gonna let her do that.
I promise you, okay? Just...
Just give me some time
to prove it, okay?
I'm sorry, Mom.
I have to get away.
Get yourself together, Mandy.
Then we can talk about
you seeing Riley again.
[engine starts]
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[phone buzzing]
Thank you for calling me back.
I feel like I really
messed things up.
Yeah, you're not the only one.
But I think we can fix it.
At least I hope we can.
Yeah, so do I.
Do you have time to meet me?
Um, about an hour?
At that place
we first had lunch?
Sure, yeah, I'll be there.
Oh, hey, um...
I also called
because my IT friend got
the IP address of your
"Mandy's Mom Adventures"
hack job and traced it back.
And where did it lead to?
The country club computer.
It's not proof of anything
necessarily, you know.
It's just access,
someone at the club
would have to check out
the security footage to verify.
I can't prove most
of what Olivia did, Ellis.
But I can make sure it doesn't
happen to anyone ever again.
Zailey, why are you
out so early?
You left me this note.
Didn't you?
Look, I'm just trying
to make it through
these next few months.
We're moving over the summer.
I'm not leaving
until we talk about this.
But we can't talk here.
When Zailey started Sayre High,
I was overworked.
Miserable in my marriage.
Olivia took me under her wing.
Drinks at the club...
I was finally having fun again.
And Zailey had
a new best friend.
- Chelsea.
- Chelsea.
It's like dj vu.
Then, word got around about
Zailey being hospitalized.
Rumors were flying like crazy.
e started cutting again.
The tension was too much
for my marriage.
My job suffered.
My life fell apart.
And you're sure it was Olivia.
She's the only one who knew.
And I was a threat to her,
because I questioned the way
the renovation
was being handled.
- For the school wing?
- Yeah.
I worked at the construction
firm they hired.
There were miscellaneous items
that no one could track down.
Payouts being made
that no one could account for.
So, are you saying
that you think
Olivia was skimming off the top?
Honestly, I was
too exhausted to prove it.
I figured I'd just bide my time
until my house sold
and just get the hell out.
And not end up like Ginny.
Ginny and Beau dated in college.
They remained friends.
Beau was a sweet and caring guy.
He'd never cheat on Olivia.
The truth doesn't
matter to Olivia.
She saw the relationship
as a threat.
And destroyed her.
With the right amount
of pressure,
any one of us could be pushed
into a very dark place.
Yeah, I felt that pressure.
And I really screwed
things up with Riley.
Uh, I don't think you
ought to blame yourself
for what happened with Riley.
If you act like
the perfect parent all the time,
like Olivia...
then I'd have to wonder
about you.
Can you get a copy of the budget
for the renovation,
and the expenses?
I wish.
I don't have access
to those files anymore.
Oh, I know someone who does.
- Really?
- Who?
The architect on the project.
[Mandy laughs]
What did you find, Doug?
Well, it took one of my famous
threatening attorney letters,
but I found out
that the lab tech, now fired,
was in fact bribed to switch
the student ID numbers
on the drug test.
Wasn't even Riley's test.
I knew it.
Um... did he say who,
who paid him?
Nah, money came in cash
with a typed letter.
Of course it did.
Oh, and listen, uh...
I'm sorry
about everything, Mandy.
I hope this can make up
at least a little bit
for my not having faith in you.
We're good, Doug.
Kiss Riley for me, okay?
Will do.
The mother load.
Pun intended.
We're talking six figures here.
That's big time embezzlement.
It's a start, but...
It's not enough.
Can you guys handle this?
Absolutely, my pleasure.
We'll hit the country club
after we're done here
and I've picked up Zailey.
- Call you later?
- Yeah, I look forward to it.
- Okay.
- Bye.
May I see your card
for a minute, Olivia?
Have you been demoted
to security detail now, Holly?
Sorry, Olivia.
As president of the board,
I'm revoking your membership.
You used one of our computers
to cyberbully and harass
another individual.
Mandy Wallace.
That's a crime.
Tons of people
use those computers.
You can't prove anything.
Actually, we have
CCTV cameras here.
If you pursue this,
you'll regret it.
I promise you.
Tsk, no...
I won't.
I'm finally doing
something for Ginny.
Oh, and by the way,
I have lots of friends
in the media
who would kill
to run a story like this.
Goodbye, Olivia.
[indistinct chatter]
Ms. Wallace.
I'm really sorry about Riley.
I miss her.
Yeah, me too.
Look, I had nothing
to do with it.
I wanted Riley
to make it, I swear.
I don't even wanna
do gymnastics anymore.
Then why do you do it?
Why don't you stop?
I gotta go.
Chelsea, wait, talk to me.
Because my mom
wouldn't hear it, okay?
It doesn't fit with the program.
I have to be perfect
all of the time.
You're the one writing
the teen blog, aren't you?
Chelsea, I'm not gonna
tell your mom, okay?
Like she'd believe you anyways.
She'd have to notice something
outside of her orbit.
She's nothing like you.
You'd do anything for Riley.
You moved all the way out here
so she could have a fresh start.
I'd kill to have a mom like you.
Oh, honey.
What if I told you I was gonna
even the score a bit
with your mom?
I'd say do it.
And can I watch?
You can do one better.
If you have the courage...
I could use your help.
Anything for Riley.
[indistinct chatter]
Shame on you.
You didn't RSVP.
Well, I had to make sure
my date was available.
U-um, sorry, my friend.
There she is.
Hi, Olivia.
Where are you?
Alright, folks,
let's get this party started.
Yeah, welcome.
Can everybody please
take their seats?
Welcome to the Sayre High School
Athletic Awards.
Alright, let's get started off
by rolling the presentation.
- Here we go.
- I'm so excited.
[male narrator] Sayre High School prides itself
on running one of the finest
athletic departments
in the country.
For more than 40 years,
Sayre has been
a symbol of excellence
in the field of sports.
And more importantly,
This year...
What's going on here?
Can't this school
do anything right?
More than a million
of you out there
have known my blog.
What the hell is this?
My best friend...
her mom...
who's a really great person,
she told me that
to make a difference,
I have to have courage.
I am...
The "Pain Inside"
anonymous blogger no longer.
[audience gasping]
I am Chelsea Peterson,
Olivia Peterson's daughter.
What is going on here?
Sit down, Olivia.
Now, I have practically
killed myself...
to try and be the daughter
that she always wanted.
But I'm not perfect.
And I'm still not good enough.
So I'm not gonna
take it anymore.
I don't know what
she's talking about.
You go, Chelsea.
How many of you have ever
felt like Chelsea?
How many of you moms have been
bullied by Olivia?
I just know you have
your white trash hands
all over this.
What did you do? Bribe Chelsea?
Pay her?
Sleep with Beau?
- You know what, Olivia...
- I got this.
You wanna bully me
or wreck my life,
that's one thing.
But these are
our daughters' lives
that you're messing with.
And I know you sabotaged
Riley's drug test.
You are so crazy.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Your daughter is a drug addict.
And you're just in denial.
Can you believe this nonsense?
It's not nonsense.
You and I used
to be friends, Olivia,
until you drove me away
by going after my daughter.
You're a bully, and this
whole room knows it.
And I took pain pills
from your purse.
I'd seen you give them to Ginny.
- What?
- Give Ginny pills?
- She gave Ginny...
- Oh...
You ungrateful little shit.
Leave her alone.
I did...
everything for you.
You think you would have
placed on top
if I hadn't pressured you?
Championed you?
You didn't do
any of this for me.
You did this for you.
You wanna go through life
like your father?
Be my guest.
Maybe he could kowtow to his
parents to pay for college,
like they pay for our
mortgage every month.
Did you already burn through
all the money you embezzled
from the renovation funds?
- What?
- Oh-ho-ho-ho.
Don't act so surprised.
You know what she does.
She blackmails you
until you cower in fear,
and she can do
whatever she wants.
Now's your chance
to stand up for yourselves.
And each other.
I'm with you, Mandy.
I'm tired of being
tormented by you, Olivia.
I know you all are, too.
Aren't you?
- Yeah.
- I'm with you, Mandy.
- We're with you, Mandy.
- Don't...
You little bitch.
- Oh.
- Oh, oh.
You are under arrest
for assaulting an officer.
Don't dare try
to stop me, Colleen.
I am done taking orders
from the PTA.
Now sit.
You can't do this.
Get these off of me.
I'm sorry about your vehicle.
I appreciate that, Jim.
You're all gonna pay for this.
Mandy, you're gonna
have to watch your back
the rest of your life.
This is bullshit.
Okay, I'm going...
I've missed you.
I missed you too, Mom.
I'm sorry.
I never should have left.
Would it be alright
if I come back
and live with you?
We're the super duo, right?
I love you, Mom.
[Coach Shaw]
I think this belongs to you.
I'm sorry.
[indistinct chatter]
Okay, last few, guys, I do
still have a PTA meeting to run.
- One quote, one quote.
- One quote.
How do you feel about
the social media craze
and the number one
trend on Twitter,
after your latest blog post
went viral?
I'm very proud.
I never knew that it would
blow up in quite this way, so...
it's a bit overwhelming.
But there will
always be bullies.
Both young and old.
So, it's amazing to see
so many people
coming together
to empower those who were...
shamed into believing
that they're not worthy.
Like former "Pain Inside"
blogger, Chelsea Peterson?
Chelsea needed to stand up
to her mother.
Heck, we all needed
to stand up to her mother.
I understand Olivia Peterson's
been brought up
on charges of embezzlement.
Okay, that's enough, guys.
Thanks to the press,
which, as you know,
supports Sayre High School's
new zero-tolerance policy
for those who thrive
on the intimidation of others,
no matter what their age.
[instrumental music]
Rest in peace, Ginny.
[music continues]
[music continues]