Wickedly Evil (2023) Movie Script

[robot whirring]
[logo whooshing]
[Glass clinking softly]
[sirens wailing]
- [Police Dispatch]
All units, be aware,
robbery in progress,
possible shots fired,
four or five males
leaving the location
in green tracksuits and masks
to be considered
armed and dangerous.
[officer speaking indistinctly]
Shots fired, shots
fired, officer down.
Do not approach,
repeat, do not approach.
Tactical response unit en route.
[sirens wailing in distance]
- [Gaz] Right, we're good.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
- [Dancer] No, no, no, let's
get this straight here and now,
yeah, answer my question,
do you think it's
okay to freeze bread?
- [Gaz] I don't know,
yeah, I suppose.
- [Dancer] You suppose?
Oh, Jesus, where do
I bleeding start?
Bread's a convenience
food, if you want a sambo,
the bread is there
ready to rock.
- [Gaz] Just defrost it then.
- [Dancer] Defrost it,
how long will that take?
I'm not sitting
around days in advance
planning my sambos out.
- [Gaz] I don't give a
fuck, Dancer, all right?
You're stressing me
out and another thing,
why the fuck did
you get frog masks?
- [Dancer] What?
- You were supposed to
get the Ninja Turtles.
- I couldn't get Turtle
masks, all right,
I got the next best
thing, didn't I?
The cousin of the
bleeding turtle, the frog.
You ungrateful wanker,
I'm after being up all night
painting these bandanas on.
- Oh, you were up all
last night, were you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Well, what about the
fucking red on your head
I'm supposed to be red,
you're supposed to
be the purple one.
[sirens wailing in distance]
I told you I was the
red fucking Ninja.
- Well, I like red
better, all right?
Team Raph all the way, brother.
- Team Poxy Raph,
fucking hell, man!
You're stressing me
out, do you know that?
I'm getting in the
fucking car, fuck you.
[sirens wailing in distance]
- [Dancer] Will you
slow down, will you?
- [Gaz] Fuck off, will you?
- All I was saying was,
your man, Donatello
was a bag of balls, man.
- What the fuck?
- For God's sake, his weapon
of choice was a stick,
he was a laughing stock,
Raphael was the main man, yeah,
if anyone's him, it was me.
- Do you know what, that's
just fucking it, isn't it?
You do whatever
the fuck you want
and fuck everybody
else in between,
in the middle of all
this, fucking turtles
and frozen bread!
You need to get a grip, Dancer,
you're a fucking psycho.
Do you know what you
need to do as well?
You need to get
your head checked.
Open the car door, will you?
- [Dancer] Will you
calm down, will you?
I only wanted to know your take
on the whole frozen
bread thing, man.
- Name one person in the
history of calming down,
that ever fucking calmed down,
when someone told
them to calm down.
Open the door, will
you, Dancer, quick,
open the fucking door before
someone's sees us, will you?
- Oh, bollocks!
- [Clare] What are
you doing here?
Was that you in there?
Move and I'll fucking kill you.
- All right, calm down now.
[gun firing repeatedly]
[empty gun clicking]
Jesus! [breathing heavily]
Oh, fucking hell, ah, there was
absolutely no need for that,
young one.
- Wait!
[blow thudding]
[Clare thudding to ground]
- Ow!
[Gaz groaning softly]
[tense melodic music]
Brilliant, just brilliant.
[tense melodic music continues]
[tense melodic music continues]
[tense melodic music continues]
[car rumbling quietly]
[handbrake cranking]
[Frankie exhaling heavily]
[tense melodic music continues]
[screeching ominous music]
[birds chirping]
- Under the flowerpot.
What flowerpot?
Where are you?
Fuck's sake, Momo.
Momo, are you in
there? [knocking]
Oh, for fuck's sake.
[flowerpot thudding quietly]
[Frankie grunting exasperatedly]
- Bad morning?
- Oh!
Oh, Jesus Christ!
You're after frightening
the shite out of me.
- Yeah, you scare easily.
- [laughing] Yeah,
yeah, um, today I do.
It's just a bit
of a mad morning.
Who are you?
- Oh, I just heard
someone screaming,
so I was just checking
everything was okay.
- Right, yeah, so you
hear someone screaming
and you run towards it?
- [Sadie] That's what
I do, I'm a nurse.
- Yeah, okay, so you just hang
out in the middle of nowhere
and just look for
people to rescue?
- Cute, no, I'm your neighbor.
- [Frankie] Right, okay.
- So back to that scream.
- I wouldn't call it a scream.
- [Sadie] No?
- Ah, it was more of a,
a loud shout, you know,
men don't really scream.
- I'll have to remember that.
- Well, no, it was
nothing, anyway,
just somebody was supposed
to leave a key out
and they didn't and I was
just looking to get inside
and put my head down for a bit.
- Right, so you know Abe?
- No.
- My neighbor, he
owns the place.
- I thought the place was empty.
The owner is a friend
of a friend of mine
and they said that we can
come whenever we needed to,
just to use it, they
said, the owner said
the owner's name
is Annabelle Rice.
- Yeah, Annabelle
owns the place,
it's just been a while since
she really let anyone use it.
I was just making
sure, you know,
you're not some psycho
trying to break in.
- No, I'm, I-I, yeah, I
get you, I, but I'm legit.
- I believe you.
[Frankie sighing with relief]
She leaves a spare key with
me in case of emergencies,
so I can get it for
you if you like?
- Oh, my God, that'd be amazing.
I, abs, I, please, you will
be an absolute lifesaver.
I mean, you're a nurse, so
you literally are a lifesaver,
but in this context, you,
that would be great, yeah.
- No worries, hang on,
I'll get it for you.
- Thank you, thank you so much.
[birds chirping]
Nice and easy, Frankie Boy.
Send her on her way and
you won't see her again.
- [Sadie] Who's Frankie Boy?
- Oh! [laughing] Gee,
no, that was quick.
That's just ah,
that's me.
- Nice to meet you,
Frankie Boy, I'm Sadie.
- It's just Frankie.
Thanks a million, I really do
appreciate it, Sadie, cheers.
- No worries, it's
actually really nice
to see a new face around here.
So you know, if
you need anything.
- Next, next door, yeah.
- Oh, I'd get some salt
and cold water on that,
if you don't want it to stain.
The blood.
- That's just not,
that's a, a nosebleed,
but thanks, I'll do that.
- [Sadie] You're
welcome, Frankie Boy.
[door clicking]
[door thudding]
[Frankie exhaling heavily]
[soft melodic music]
[bags thudding]
[soft melodic music continues]
[zipper whirring]
[paper bag rustling]
[soft melodic music]
[bottle cap clicking]
[beer hissing]
[bottle cap clattering]
[soft melodic music continues]
[phone ringing]
- Chief. [clears throat]
- We're watching you, Frankie.
- Hello?
Who's this?
[phone disconnecting]
[soft tense music]
[bottle clattering]
[light switch clicking]
Mate, shite gaff.
[soft tense music]
[door creaking]
[light switch clicking]
[car rumbling]
[handbrake cranking]
[door clicking]
[door rumbling]
- What's the story, Frankie Boy?
Somebody rat us out.
- Jesus, man, will you
relax with that thing?
- No, fuck you! Who
ratted, who ratted?
- What are you talking about?
- Somebody ratted us out
and I wanna know who it is.
- [Frankie] I don't know what
you're talking about, man.
- I don't hear you denying it?
- Well, it wasn't
me, it wasn't me!
- Then who was it?
- I don't know,
I don't know, man.
- It was you, wasn't it?
- If it was me, do you
think I'd be here, do you?
And get that gun out
of my face, will you,
you big, fat bastard you
and keep your voice down.
- Why do you have to bring
my weight up into this?
You know I'm emotional here.
- I'm sorry.
- Ssh, don't.
Help us in with Gaz.
- Gaz, why?.
- Just help us in with Gaz.
- What's, what?
[Gaz groaning softly]
[car door clicking]
Fuck's sake, Gaz, what
happened, are you all right?
- I got fucking shot,
what does it look like?
- They fucking knew,
man, I'm telling you,
they fucking knew
we were coming.
- My God! Get me the fuck
out of this car please.
- Get him inside,
get him inside.
- Come on, Gaz.
- Inside with him.
You'll be all right, pal.
- Easy, guys.
- You're all right,
- Jesus Christ!
- You're all right.
- Watch his bleeding
leg, will you?
- Argh!
- What the fuck
do you think I'm doing?
[bottle clattering]
Will you watch-
- I am!
- Take it easy, lads.
What's that?
- What's what?
- Fucking hell.
[Gaz sobbing]
- Easy, easy, lads, yeah.
- Here you go.
- Oh, fuck! [breathing heavily]
- [Dancer] Watch him, will you?
- There goes your
deposit, Frankie.
- Don't worry about it, man,
a bit of salt and cold
water and we're laughing.
We're gonna get you sorted,
we're gonna get you right.
- Geez!
- Here, get that into you.
- They fucking knew,
they fucking knew, man.
- You don't know that.
- I fucking do know that.
They were waiting
for us, they were.
- Yeah, well, we got away,
that's the main thing, isn't it?
- Did we, yeah?
- Yeah!
- Did we, yeah?
- Yeah!
- Did we, where the
fuck's Momo then?
- He was the first one out, man,
I seen him get away unscathed.
- Unscathed?
- Yeah, unhurt, fine,
grand, not a butter on him.
- Will you just
fucking say that then?
You know I don't like big words,
when all the little,
small ones will do the job
and he got out as
far as you know,
what the fuck does that mean?
- I got a call just
before yous got here.
I don't know, the
reception's bad down here,
I don't know who it was.
- Oh, this is all fucked, man!
- Yeah, I'm with you there.
- Hold on a minute, how
did you get in the house?
I don't see a car outside.
- Well, I parked
there around the back.
- Is that right, yeah?
I'm sure Momo has the case.
So how did you get in the house?
- The girl, the girl
next door let me in.
- Is she nice?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean you
don't know, is she nice?
- What part is
confusing you, man?
I don't know, like
where's your head at?
I don't know, I don't know.
- I do worry about you,
do you know that?
- But man.
- [Gaz] Lads, grab us another
one of them drinks, will yous?
- Course, man, get
him a drink, will you?
[bottle cap clicking]
[beer hissing]
[bottle cap clattering]
- Now.
[Gaz gasping]
We need to stop that bleeding.
- I've already put my
belt around it, didn't I?
Stopped the blood flow.
- You're supposed
to put the belt
above the wound, you clown.
- Why would you put
the belt above it?
Sure, you want the blood
to go to the wound,
blood is what heals it?
- You put the belt
above the wound
to stop the blood
flowing out of it.
- Oh, you're talking shite, man.
- Gaz.
- Yeah?
- We're gonna have to move
this belt up over the wound.
- Take it easy now.
- Yeah, hold on a minute.
Hold on a minute,
what do you mean?
- Who made you Tony Holohan?
- Relax, yeah.
- No, Dancer,
I think he's right.
- Ah, what the fuck
do you know, Gaz?
Look at you there losing
blood by the minute.
You're not thinking
straight, man.
[belt creaking]
- Argh!
- [Dancer] Will you
bleeding leave it, will you?
- Will you shut the
fuck up, will you?
Stop shouting in my ear,
why don't you calm it down?
- What are you doing, man?
- Calm it down, will you?
- For fuck's sake!
Sorry, man, it's-
- Argh, for fuck's sake!
- I know, I know, I know.
- You're all right.
- There now.
- Dancer.
- We're there now.
- Go in the kitchen
and see if there's anything
stronger, will you?
- You're the last
man I'd die for.
- I'm sorry, man, that's
it now, done, you're good,
you're good, you're good,
man, we're grand, we're grand.
- Come here, Frankie, come here.
- Yeah?
- He's fucked us, man.
- What are you talking about?
- We were made,
Frankie, they seen us.
- Yeah, but they
didn't see our faces.
We're good, man, we're good.
- [Gaz] [breathing
heavily] We're not good,
we're not even close to good.
[hatch doors thudding]
- All right, ladies,
I have some whiskey
and some green shit.
Creme de fucking
Hulk's balls, what?
Is Gaz dead?
- [Gaz] No, I'm
not fucking dead.
Give us that drink,
will you? [gasping]
[Frankie sighing]
They fucking shot
me, Frank, in my leg.
- I know, we're gonna
get you sorted, man.
We're gonna get you
some help, all right?
- He was all right
when I did the belt.
- What happened?
- [Gaz] They fucking shot
me, that's what happened.
- Ah, it was a bleeding
shit show, man.
Boom Boom goes off,
all the guns go off.
- Sure, you know yourself.
I seen yous, I seen
yous, yous was,
yous was right behind me, I
seen yous getting to the car.
- [Gaz] Yeah, yeah, we
were going to the car.
- Ah, fuck!
- Argh!
- [Dancer] What's in the bags?
- Just what I could grab.
- Give us a look, yeah.
[soft ominous music]
Oh, lovely.
[plastic bag rustling]
[Dancer sniffing]
Jesus, huh, big Sunday dinner
round Bob Marley's gaff.
Bingo fucking bango, what?
- [Frankie] What the
fuck are you doing?
- I'm sampling my product.
- Lads,
I'm gonna go into the bed,
I'm starting to
feel a bit sleepy.
I'm just gonna close my
eyes for a bit, all right?
[soft tense music]
[owl hooting]
- Why am I taking
all the weight, man?
You're just pushing him.
- Will you stop, will you?
[Gaz gasping]
- Jesus, man, I'm telling you.
- What?
- This is the best cocaine
I've ever, ever done,
I'm telling you now, this
is straight from Colombia.
- [Frankie] It's not
straight from Colombia,
it's all synthetic, man.
You've never actually
had real coke before.
- Get up out of that
there, will you?
This is straight from
the Columbian jungle.
First class ticket
straight up my nostril.
- [Gaz] Will you watch
my fucking leg, Dancer?
- Ah, will you shut up,
you're bleeding out, will you?
I swear to Jesus!
- Fuck!
I'll be fucking dead by the
time you have me in this bed!
- Now.
[wood creaking]
- Ah, ah!
- You're after breaking the
bed, you big bollocks, you!
- Fuck off with you, Jesus.
- Fucking hell!
Do you need anything?
- Just turn that light
on, will you please?
[light switch clicking]
Ooh, I tell you, you know
what goes on in here?
- Just try and get a
bit of kip, man, yeah?
We'll check on you in a bit.
- Mm-hm?
- Come on.
- Okey dokey.
[hand tapping]
- Ah, ah, ah!
[Gaz breathing heavily]
[gentle haunting music]
[soft ominous music]
[gentle haunting music]
- What the fuck?
Fuck. [breathing heavily]
[gentle haunting music]
- What, what's up?
- [Gaz] What, what the
fuck was in that green shit
Dancer gave me?
- Just get some kip.
[mellow rock music]
- What did you get?
- [Frankie] It's about 250.
- It's not a bad start, is it?
- Hm.
What about you?
- I got a whopper bag
full of weed and pills,
bluies, looks like Viagras.
- Good, Momo must have
the rest of the cash then.
- Bleeding Momo, where
is he? Ring him there.
- No, the Chief said
not to use the phone.
He'll be here.
[gentle haunting music]
- [News Reporter] Following
up on our breaking news story
from this morning where
it appears a gangland feud
had spilled over onto
the streets of Dublin.
Premises believed
to be connected
to the notorious Lynch
family was the target
of a calculated and
dangerous assault.
Reports so far have eight
people transported to hospital
with three in critical
condition, one of
these is believed
to be a member of
An Garda Siochana.
The Lynch family have
declined to make a statement.
[soft tense music]
[melodic pop music]
[button clicking]
[tense melodic music]
- A garda was shot?
- We don't know.
It wasn't me.
The armed response
unit turned up
just as we were leaving.
[Frankie exhaling heavily]
It all went to shit, man.
Will you relax, will you?
- Fuck, man, if that Guard
dies, they'll be turning over
every stone in the fucking
country to find us!
Oh, we have to get
out of this kip!
- This isn't a kip, you don't
get fancy rockwork like that
around a fireplace
anymore, have some respect.
And when Momo gets here,
the Chief is gonna
get the boat sorted
and we'll be home and free.
Getting your knickers
in a twist over nothing.
[phone ringing]
What did I tell you?
- Give me, give
me it, give me it.
Don't say anything about
that weird call, all right?
Probably wasn't even Momo.
- [Dancer] Of course
it was bleeding Momo,
he's the only one
that has that number.
- And he has all the
money as well, doesn't he?
So don't be saying anything,
that's gonna stress
out the Chief.
- Frankie.
- How you doing, Chief?
- [Chief] Good to hear your
voice, son. Who's with you?
- I'm here, Chief.
- [Chief] Oh, Dancey, in one
piece, good man. Anyone else?
- Ah, poor, old Gaz, Chief,
he took one in the leg,
he's having a little rest.
- [Chief] How bad is it?
- It's pretty bad,
Chief, he's bleeding out.
- [Chief] And Momo?
- [Frankie] Momo's not here yet.
- [Chief] All right,
first thing's first,
we're looking all right.
I've been posting pictures
on social media of you two
in Spain every night
for the last three days.
As far as anyone knows,
you're in Alicante.
- Chief.
- Shut up, Dancer.
We've enough photos
to last us a week,
if needs be, you'll
get a fucking spray tan
and if anybody questions us,
we'll say you were hundreds
of miles away on a beach.
- [Dancer] Ah, Chief.
- [Chief] If you interrupt
me one more time, Paul,
I won't be happy.
Now if that Guard dies,
then all bets are off,
so say a prayer to St. Jude.
There's a boat leaving
tomorrow night direct to Wales,
worst case scenario, we stash
the goodies in the woods
and get them when
the coast is clear.
In the meantime,
don't leave the house.
The less fingerprints we
leave down there, the better.
- But Chief, I,
I don't mean to tell you how
to do your job or anything,
but I think we should get
out of here like tonight.
I-It just doesn't
fucking feel right.
- [Chief] Relax, your
names haven't come up once.
Word on the street
is the Lynches think
it was a few head-the-balls
from up north
and while I'm all for
north-south relations improving,
if they can take the fall
for this one, we're golden.
- Can I say something now?
- [Chief] Jesus, what?
- I was just gonna ask, is
there any vets around here,
you know, the crooked ones
that fix up criminals?
- [Chief] There's no
fucking vets, you gobshite,
check the bathroom
for some antibiotics
and change the bandages
every few hours.
Once things calm down,
I'll have someone I know
down there to look at him.
- Yeah,
are they a vet?
Well, are they?
They are the vet, aren't they?
- [Chief] Well, they are
actually a vet, yeah.
- I fucking knew it!
They're all dodgy, those vets.
- [Chief] Well done, lads,
no one died and you got away.
The hard part is done, now
just keep your heads down,
have a few cold ones and
sit tight and Dancer.
- Yeah.
- [Chief] Stay away
from that fucking coke.
- Oh, of course, Chief.
- [Frankie] Talk to you
later, Chief, right.
[phone beeping]
- Oh, yes.
[Dancer snorting coke]
- What the fuck did
the Chief just say?
- Huh?
- Don't go mad.
[Dancer exhaling heavily]
[Frankie sighing]
- [Dancer] Ah, this
is the life, isn't it?
- Here.
- What?
- Gaz said something
earlier about you
doing something to fuck us.
- Who, Mr. Full
of Beans in there?
- What did you do?
[soft tense music]
[car door clicking]
[thunder rumbling]
[owl hooting]
[car door thudding]
Are you fucking serious?
- Hold on, right,
ah, she seen me, man,
sure, I had to grab her.
- Don't tell me that
you have Clare Lynch
tied up in the back of your car,
please don't lie to me, man.
- What do you want me to tell
you, that's not Clare Lynch
or do you want me to lie to you?
You pick.
- You're a fucking dope.
You have the little sister
of the biggest gangster
in Ireland tied up in the
back of your fucking car
like it's fucking
"Reservoir Dogs," man!
- She tried to fucking kill me.
She-she shot Gaz, fuck her, man!
[tense drumming music]
- Is she dead?
- I don't bleeding know,
do I? I don't think so.
- Well, get her out of
the back of your car
before she suffocates.
[car door clicking]
- Hey, Frankie.
- Fuck! [laughing] Yeah.
You'd think I'd be used to
that by now, wouldn't you?
This is, ah, Sadie
from next door,
ah, this is my friend, um,
who's gonna be staying
with me for, staying,
we'll be staying
together for the weekend.
- [Dancer] Um, how are you,
Sadie? I'm ah, I'm Charlton.
- Charlton? I haven't met
a Charlton in a while.
- Hm.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Dancer] Aye, we're a
dying breed, us Charltons.
- Anyway, look, I was just, ah,
I had some lasagna left over,
thought you might like some.
It's nothing special
now, but you know,
just thought you
might be hungry.
- No, yeah, I love, I
love, I love lasagna,
it's like one of my
favorite ah, meals to eat.
- It's your favorite
pasta, isn't it?
- It's definitely
my favorite pasta.
So thank you, that's so
nice and so thoughtful.
- Very thoughtful, very
thoughtful altogether actually,
yeah, for a complete stranger.
Jesus, you're not a
bad egg, are you, lady?
- Sadie.
- [Dancer] Sadie the lady, what?
- Any more nosebleeds?
- No, no, no, no, no
nosebleeds, must've acclimatized
to the country
air, I was saying.
- Right, look, ah, I'll just
throw this inside anyway.
- No, don't worry about that,
I'll take that, I'll take that.
Smells lovely, nice.
- Something smells
good in there,
have you already
got dinner sorted?
- No, do you know
what, it, um, a...
- Takeaway.
- Yes, we ordered a takeaway,
but we'll still eat this,
'cause we're starving,
I'm starving.
- I know, I'm absolutely
starving, I am, Jesus.
I'd eat a horse's arse
through a letterbox, I would.
- Right, anyway, look,
I'm interrupting again,
so enjoy the rest of
your holiday or whatever.
- Yeah, look, we're just gonna
take it easy for tonight,
but if you wanted, tomorrow,
you could come over,
we'll have a drink, bit of
food, what do you think?
- The more the bloody
merrier, Sadie.
- I'm not trying to be some
weird stalker or anything,
I was just being
neighborly, okay, so.
- Yeah, but honestly,
like I, it'd be nice,
if you came over for a
drink or something to eat.
- All right, maybe, okay.
Sure, I'll see yous, yeah?
- Okay.
[Frankie exhaling heavily]
- [Dancer] Keep your
fucking mouth shut
and your eyes closed.
[car door thudding]
[Dancer inhaling deeply]
- What?
- You told her
your bleeding name.
- So what?
- So what?
Leave no fingerprints, yeah?
What part of that did
you not understand?
- Says the psychopath
that kidnapped the girl
and brought her down here
in the boot of his car.
- I had a split second
to make a decision, yeah,
I think I made a pretty
fucking good one here.
- I had a split second
to make my own decisions.
She sneaks around like a cat
and you didn't
need to be so rude.
- What's her game, man? Big,
happy-go-lucky hen, that.
- People from the country
just tend to be kinder.
- Yeah, that could get
her in a lot of trouble,
do you know that?
What was all that about
the bleeding nosebleeds?
- I told her that I get
nosebleeds, she's a nurse, so.
- Oh-oh-oh-oh, she's a nurse?
How much quality time did you
spend with her, man? Come on!
- It came up in conversation,
what do you want me to do?
- Oh yeah, come here,
how do you know,
that she's not in there now
ringing the Guards on us?
Ratting us out?
- [Frankie] Saying what?
- I don't know, Frankie,
maybe she could say there's
too shady-looking fuckers,
that are rocking up next door.
One of them's
handsome and dangerous
and the other one's
shaking like a leaf
and there's a big,
fuck-off trail of blood
leading straight into the gaff.
- Stop doing coke!
- I'm warning you, all right,
next stranger that comes
to that door gets a bullet,
I shit you not.
- I shit you not?
- Yeah, it's a
common expression,
it means I get the shit
and you don't, all right?
No shits for you,
no shit for you!
- Take her out of that
car, blindfold her,
blindfold her first, I don't
want her fucking seeing me,
do you hear me?
And then take the car and
hide it round the back.
- I hear you.
[car door clicking]
- [Frankie] All right, I'm
gonna tie your leg to the chair,
until we get all this sorted.
- Are you asking
me or telling me?
- [Frankie] I'm just
letting you know.
- You're a terrible kidnapper.
- How do you know?
- You covered my eyes,
not my ears, you dope.
Is Gaz dead?
- Shut your fucking mouth,
when you talk about Gaz,
you're lucky you
didn't kill him.
- All right, okay, everyone
just ah, calm down.
Okay, we'll get this sorted out.
- Jesus.
Right, so, we've got
Gaz who I'm guessing
is probably in the next
room bleeding out, yeah?
"Pinky and the Brain" here,
which would leave Momo
to make up the whole set.
- [laughing] Very good, yeah.
- So why the fuck am I here?
- [Dancer] Oh, I'll tell you,
'cause you've seen something
you shouldn't have.
- I didn't see anything.
- [Dancer] You did.
- I'm telling you, Dancer,
I didn't see anything.
- I seen you, I seen you
seeing us, you were looking.
- She's saying if we let her go,
then she's not
gonna say anything.
- I take it back,
he's the brains.
- Thank you.
- First chance she gets,
she's gonna run home
and rat to her brother
and then we're fucked.
- Well, yeah, I'll have
to tell him something,
but I don't need to
tell him it was you lot.
- Why would you do that?
- Because he'll
kill the lot of you
and probably your families
too, I don't want that.
- You were trying to
kill me a few hours ago,
so I'm calling bullshit on that.
- Okay, so I panicked, right,
I thought you were
gonna kill me.
Besides, I don't wanna get
caught up in some blood feud,
spend the rest of my life
looking over my shoulder
for someone trying
to avenge you.
- No need, I can avenge myself.
- So what did yous do?
- We made a withdrawal from
your family's retirement fund.
- Was my brother there?
Did you kill him?
- No.
- Eight people in
the hospital though.
Do you think maybe Momo's
one of them in the hospital?
Is that why he's not here?
- No.
- No?
- No, he was
supposed to get out.
- [Dancer] But I didn't actually
see him drive off, did you?
Maybe the Guards did get him.
- Fuck!
- Aw, poor Momo.
Don't worry, boys, I'm
sure he won't rat yous out.
- Momo has all the cash and if
he got caught, we're fucked.
- So one shot in the other room,
another one may be shot up in
hospital with all your cash.
I must say, lads, you're not
exactly "Ocean's Eleven."
- Ah, fuck this,
let me kill her!
- If you kill me then
you're fucking dead!
That much I can promise you.
- Don't be stupid, will you?
Put the gun down, give me that.
Come here.
Come here.
- You keep your mouth shut,
or else.
Pew, pew!
- We need to figure out if
Momo is one of the lads,
that got shot in the hospital.
- Yeah, there's that.
- And I don't give a
fuck what the Chief says,
if he's in there, then
we're not safe here
and we need to fucking bounce.
- I'm with you,
but we need to find out
what happened to Momo.
- Why don't you just
call the hospital
and get them to tell you
if your mate's in there?
[gentle melodic music]
- How stupid do
you think we are?
Do you think we're
gonna call up a hospital
on the day eight
people were shot
on the biggest heist
in the history of Ireland.
The most calculated,
brilliant heist
and ask, "Is there anyone
there that was shot?"
[phone beeping]
What are you doing?
- I'll ring the operator,
they'll patch us through
to the County Hospital
and get this sorted.
What's the number
of the operator?
- Fucking operator,
what is this, 1941?
- Man, put the fucking
phone down now.
- Yeah, put the phone down,
Dancer, the boss has spoken.
- There is no boss, right?
Well, there is one but he's
not here at the moment.
Here, we are on the
same level, yeah?
- For fuck's sake.
- What's the number?
- It's 11850.
- What, the hospital?
- No, the fucking operator.
[phone beeping]
[phone ringing]
- [Operator] Directory
Inquiries, how may
I help you today?
- Directory Inquiries,
what the fuck?
This is not the operator?
- [Operator] No, sir, this
is Directory Inquiries.
- [Dancer] Since when?
- [Operator] What do
you mean, since when?
- I mean, are you an operator,
are you not an operator?
- [Operator] Yes,
I am an operator.
- Well, just say that
then, pal, will you?
Listen, do me a little
favor there, will you?
- [tuts] Jesus.
- Patch us through
to the County Hospital
intensive care unit.
- [Operator] No, sorry,
we don't do that anymore.
I can text the number
to your mobile phone,
once this call ends if you like.
- [Dancer] What, no
patching people through?
No switchboards?
- No,
we got rid of the
bloody switchboards.
- That's an awful
shame, isn't it?
- Put that fucking phone down.
[phone beeping]
Before you waste the battery,
it didn't come with a charger.
- He's going to text me
the number, all right?
[phone alerting]
Would you look at that?
- All right?
- Yeah.
It's very efficient, isn't it?
[phone ringing]
- [Operator] County Hospital?
- How are you, what's the story?
Listen, will you do
me a little favor?
- [Operator] How can I help?
- I was wondering if you
can give me the names
of the people that were involved
in that terrible
shooting earlier on?
- [Operator] I'm sorry, I can't
disclose that information.
If you're a journalist,
I suggest you contact
our media department.
- A journalist? God, no.
Sure, journalism is
dead as we know it.
I didn't get your name?
- [Operator] Julie.
- [Dancer] Julie?
- What?
- [Dancer] Julie's my
dear, old ma's name,
God rest her soul.
Are you from Tallaght?
- [Julie] How did you know that?
- Sure, I'd know
that accent anywhere.
Born and bred, I was, you can't
whack the old Dublin accent.
Am I right, Julie?
- [Julie] [laughing]
You're some charmer.
- Go away with that, will
you? You'll have me blushing.
- [Clare] For fuck's sake.
- It's always us
working class, Julie,
that are the backbone of the
medical industry, am right?
- [Julie] You're not
wrong there. [sighing]
- Don't I know it?
[gentle melodic music]
Listen, this is
gonna sound mental,
but are you seeing
anyone at the moment?
- [Julie] No.
- Right, well, how about this?
Do you know that new Italian
restaurant, Cassami's?
- [Julie] The mad fancy place
with a two-month waiting list?
- That's the one.
My best pal owns it, he's
hounding me all the time,
he is to drop in.
The only problem
is I haven't got
a lovely, little
lady on my arm, do I?
Would you be up for it,
one of the nights
next weekend maybe?
- [Julie] Fuck off,
you know the owner?
- Fucking sure I do, sure, I'm
a carer for his dear, old ma.
- [Julie] Really?
- Aye, God love her, she's
worried sick, she is.
One of the oldest
from the family
had to get messed up in all this
and there I'm watching
the telly now,
in Darren and Joe's free gaff.
I said I'd come in here,
give you the little call,
smooth it all out,
put her mind at ease.
- [Julie] I'd love to help you,
but with data protection,
I could lose my job.
- [Dancer] I know, I
understand and you know what,
I respect that.
- [Julie] Thanks.
- It sounds like you've an
awful tickle in your throat
there, Julie, do you?
Let's say if I was to say a
name that was not on your list,
you might have to
clear your throat,
have a little cough, yeah?
The name's Mooney,
Michael Mooney, Momo Mooney.
[Julie coughing]
Good girl, Julie, good girl.
- [Julie] So when are
you taking me out then?
- I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to pass on that.
- [Julie] What?
- There's nothing more
disgusting than a bird,
that has a total disrespect
for GDPR protocol.
Good luck.
- You little fuck!
- No Momos were harmed in the
making of us millionaires.
- Fucking kill me.
[soft tense music]
[Dancer snoring]
[car rumbling quietly]
[soft tense music]
- Dancer, did you
hear that, Dancer?
[Dancer snoring]
Get up, will you?
[hand tapping]
[Dancer snoring loudly]
Fucking why are you
resting your eyes?
[bottles clattering]
[car engine idling]
- Move over, will you?
[soft tense music]
Momo, is that Momo?
- [Frankie] No, it's next door.
- Is that Sadie's gaff?
- Yeah.
- Oh, a gentleman
caller perhaps?
- No, looks like a woman.
- Has Sadie done the
dirty on you already?
With a woman, no less.
The dirty birdie.
- [Frankie] She's
not doing the dirt.
- Listen, man, we voted
so the LGBTQ community
could have their day out, now
don't be throwing your dummy
out of the pram just 'cause
it's backfired on you.
- Shut up, will you?
Look at that car.
- [Dancer] It's
lovely, isn't it?
- [Frankie] Yeah, very nice,
now who do you think would
drive a car like that?
[soft tense music]
[car engine idling]
- Plain clothes copper.
- Plain clothes copper.
- I fucking told you, didn't I?
I fucking told you, I knew
she was gonna rat on us.
- All right, okay, relax.
- Don't tell me to relax.
We have a hostage,
a gunshot victim
and I've done more
cocaine than Maradona
at the bleeding World Cup
and you want me to relax?
- Okay, okay, like, the
Guard wouldn't show up
to your house on their own.
It's probably a friend off duty.
[car door thudding]
- Oh, this is bolloxed.
Look at her, she looks
like the ambitious type,
big, strong hole
and hips on her.
She's gonna be over here
in the next five minutes
putting a boot through that door
and me and you,
compadre, are bolloxed.
- It's not right, okay, think
about it, think about it.
If you called the
Guards on your neighbor,
that you suspected
was an armed robber,
they wouldn't show
up at your house
and send one copper, would they?
- Well, I don't know actually,
I've never rang the Guards,
surprisingly enough.
- Seems civil enough, man.
[car engine starting]
She's leaving.
[car rumbling quietly]
Get away from the window.
Get the fuck out of the way!
[Frankie sighing heavily]
- You've done this.
- What are you talking about?
[soft tense music]
- You've fucking done this,
going over there,
talking to her.
Now I'm gonna have to go
over there and find out
exactly what she's
had to telling her.
- Fuck off, will you? Give over.
- You happy now, are you?
- Happy now?
Yeah, I'm delighted.
She knows fuck all, man.
We have enough
problems as it is.
- Yeah?
- Without throwing
another fucking hostage into
the mix, do you not think?
- I don't fucking trust that.
- 'Cause you're
paranoid, that's why.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, you little wino.
- This conversation
is to be continued.
[car rumbling quietly]
- [Frankie] Shit.
[soft tense music]
- [Dancer] Wait.
- Get down, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh!
[car door thudding]
[soft tense music]
Check the front door.
Oh, fuck, Jesus.
Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!
[soft tense music]
Listen, it's the other
woman from next door.
- Oh, bollocks!
- She probably
wasn't even a Guard.
She's probably not.
- Course she's a fucking Guard.
[soft tense music]
- [Guard] [knocking] Hello,
it's An Garda Siochana,
can you open the door please?
- Oh!
- Ah, ah, okay, um, ah.
All right, I'll handle
it, I'll handle it.
- What?
- You guard Clare.
Okay, make sure she
doesn't make a sound.
- What are you doing?
- Right, listen to me.
- What's going on here?
- Open one of them bottles.
- What?
- Be out in a second!
[bottle cap clicking]
[beer hissing]
[bottle cap clattering]
[soft tense music]
- Here you are.
- Pour it on my head.
[Guard knocking]
- What?
- Hello?
- Pour it on my head,
will you, stop
fucking wasting time.
[beer sloshing]
Be right there!
How do I look, like
I had a shower?
- You look all right, man, yeah.
If she takes one step
inside that door,
I'm gonna kill everyone,
all right, everybody dies.
- [Guard] Who's at that door?
[soft tense music]
- Keep your fucking mouth
shut or I'll kill you.
[door clicking]
- [Frankie] Sorry about that,
I was just taking a shower.
- Detective Murphy,
have you got a minute?
- Yeah, is everything okay?
- I'm investigating the
disappearance of a local couple
from the area last week.
- [sighing with
relief] Oh, great.
- I'm sorry?
- I'm just, it's that's, it's
great that you're on the case,
I-I hope you find them.
- Is this your house?
- No, I'm just, ah, renting
it for a few nights.
- May I ask where you
were last Tuesday night?
- I was back in Dublin.
I literally just came down
here this morning, so.
- [Detective Murphy] And
your name is Frankie?
- How did you know that?
- Your neighbor.
- Fuck.
- Yeah, ah, well, actually
it's pronounced Franquai
with a Q-U-A-I, it's just
easier to say Frankie,
but it's Franquai, it's French.
- Can you tell me where
that came from, Franquai?
- That, that came from me.
Ah, I, I get nosebleeds
whenever I leave Dublin.
[laughing] It's mad, isn't it?
I actually get really
bad nosebleeds,
I thought I cleaned that
up, sorry about that.
[bottles clattering]
- Is there anyone
in there with you?
- Um, yeah, my friend.
- Shut the fuck
up, or you're dead.
- But he's not feeling great,
so he just put his
head down for a bit.
- [Detective Murphy] I see,
would you mind if I come in
and look around inside?
- Actually, I-I don't think
we're actually gonna
be any use to you
in this investigation, we
just got down here today.
- I'd feel better if I could
just have a little look inside.
- Is it just yourself?
- Yes, why?
- Maybe it wouldn't be a
bad idea if you came in.
- Shit.
- Sorry?
- Just for a look
around, you know?
You're a good-looking Guard,
I'm a young Dub down
on his holidays,
all he has is a towel on,
I wonder what's underneath.
- Perhaps I'll come back
when you're fully dressed.
- Don't be like that,
will you not come in?
If you don't say anything,
I won't say anything.
- We'll talk again
soon, Franquai.
- Franquai, I like that,
remember that name, yeah.
Remember that name.
[door thudding]
Oh, Mother of Jesus!
[breathing heavily]
- What are you playing at?
Fucking Franquai.
- Well, I wasn't gonna give
her my real name, was I?
- She fucking knows it's
not Franquai anyway.
Why did you go
and invite her in?
- If I say no to her coming in,
she'll be back in an
hour with a warrant
and then we'd be
fucked, wouldn't we?
- Jesus, man, you went from
zero to Ted fucking Bundy
there very quickly, didn't
you, you little creep?
- Yeah, I learned from the best.
[phone ringing]
- Jesus, it's all go
on this job, isn't it?
Happy birthday to me
[Dancer humming
"Happy Birthday"]
[phone ringing]
Happy birthday to you
The Bucket residence.
- [Chief] Paul?
[soft tense music]
- Speaking.
- [Chief] How's Gaz?
- Um, yeah, no, he's,
he looks like a White
Chocolate Magnum,
that's been left out in the sun.
- [Chief] Get some heavy
blankets on him, keep him warm.
Any word from Momo?
- No, no Momo.
- [Chief] Put
Frankie on the phone.
- I'll put us on
speaker, how about that?
[phone beeping]
- [Chief] Where's Momo?
- I don't know.
- [Chief] I thought you
said he got out before you.
- He did, but I don't
know where he is now.
- [Chief] All right,
now listen up.
Lynch's sister has
supposedly gone missing,
conflicting reports of what
happened to her, but either way,
Lynch is on a Jihad to find her.
- [Dancer] Jihad, is he
gonna blow himself up?
- [Chief] He's on a fucking
mission to find her, all right.
- [Dancer] Ah, just say
that then, will you?
- [Chief] Now, I know
there was a lot going on,
a lot of adrenaline
and all that jazz,
but I need you two to be
completely honest with me,
did either of you see
Clare Lynch there?
- No, absolutely not.
[soft tense music]
- [Chief] Frankie?
- No, Chief.
- [Chief] All right.
- Who gives a fuck
where she's gone anyway?
- [Chief] Because if we
involve family in this caper
or they think we involve
family, all bets are off.
- They don't know it's us, boss.
- [Chief] Leave the
thinking to me, Dancer.
Now, anything else
I need to know?
- Yeah, Frankie has a
little friend next door
and the Guards were just here.
[soft intense music]
- [Chief] What?
- She's not, she's not
even, she's not a friend,
I don't know what
he's talking about.
I-I couldn't find the key,
it wasn't where it was
supposed to be when I got here.
So I was just, I was
looking for it, she's seen,
so she came over and
tried to help me.
- [Chief] And?
- And then later she
brought over a lasagna.
- [Chief] Sounds like
a fucking friend to me.
Does she know your name?
- Yeah, but it's the
countryside, you know,
everyone's friendly down here.
- And don't be worrying
about her, Chief,
I think she's a bit simple,
to be honest with you.
- [Chief] And the Guards?
- There was a-a missing
couple last week
and they were following
up on it or something,
I don't know, nothing
to do with us.
- [Chief] That's it?
- That Frankie fella
here invited her in
for an orgy, he did.
[blow thudding]
Ah, fuck!
- [Chief] This isn't
sitting right with me
and this neighbor just
happened to have a missing key
and bringing over food
as well as the police
sniffing around, yeah.
- Do you want me to go
over and investigate?
- You're not going near her.
- [Chief] You're both
right, Frankie goes over,
find out what she knows.
- What? [laughing
nervously] Seriously?
- [Chief] I need to
know all the angles
before we make our next move.
- Either you do it or
I'll do it, all right?
[soft intense music]
- Right, I'll do it.
- [Chief] Good.
[phone disconnecting]
- Chief?
[soft intense music]
He's after hanging up on us.
I fucking hate when people
do that, do you know that?
It's just rude, isn't it?
- Yeah, it's rude,
speaking of rude,
I had to keep all your
kidnapping secrets,
but when it comes to my secrets,
you're fucking out with it.
- [tuts] The Clare Lynch
thing is easily sorted.
He needed to know the rest
and this cocaine, man,
it's not helping
me keep secrets.
- Now, I have to go over there
and make a fucking
tit out of myself.
- Do you want some of
my courage powder there?
- Fuck off, will you, man?
All you have to do
now is keep Gaz alive
and make sure that Clare
bitch doesn't fucking escape.
- Who made you the fucking boss?
- Fuck off, will you, man?
Seriously, it's not a joke,
will you take something serious?
Look at us!
- "Fuck off, man, seriously."
Do you know what
your problem is?
You take life too serious.
Now go on over there,
sweet talk your little
country hillbilly.
- Fucking coke head.
You'd pay a few quid
on Airbnb for this.
[soft tense music]
[doorbell ringing]
[soft tense music]
[ominous chiming music]
Oh, fuck.
[soft tense music]
[ax thudding]
[soft tense music]
[ominous chiming music]
[ax thudding]
What is that?
[soft tense music]
[ax thudding]
[wood clattering]
- [Sadie] You really
shouldn't sneak up on someone
with an ax, Frankie Boy.
- How did you know it was me?
- I could smell you.
- It's a long drive down.
What's going on here?
I mean, you're cutting wood
obviously, I can see that,
but like why?
A fire?
A fire, probably, these
are stupid questions.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I just, I came
over to check in on you,
see if you were all right.
- Why wouldn't I be?
- A detective came
over to our place
and ah, said a
couple went missing.
- [Sadie] Yeah, last week,
it's the talk of the town.
- That's crazy.
Anyway, I just
thought I'd check in.
Thanks for the lasagna.
- Oh, you're welcome, sure, I
was gonna throw it out anyway,
glad you enjoyed it.
- No, it was gorgeous,
10 out of 10. [laughing]
Do you want a hand?
- Well, have you ever
used an ax before?
- Have I ever, give me that,
will you? Give me that.
Like a lumberjack, I am.
- Go on.
- You hold it here
at the-the trout.
[Sadie laughing softly]
Stick one up there.
[wood thudding quietly]
You watching this?
[ax thudding]
[wood clattering]
That was a loose one.
Ah, now, see, that's
not sharp enough.
That's rusty.
- So Charlton seems nice.
- Charlton?
- Your friend.
- Oh, Charlton,
yeah, no, he's, he's,
he's all right, I suppose.
- [Sadie] Have you
known him long?
- My whole life
since we were kids.
- [Sadie] Yeah, long time.
- It is a long time, yeah,
he's one of them people,
that if you met him
now as an adult,
you'd never be friends with him.
It's just that we were
friends since we were kids,
we grew up together,
we've a history
and I'm just sort of
stuck with him, you know?
- So you wouldn't be friends
with him if you met him today?
- Ah, definitely not. [laughing]
[ax thudding]
[wood clattering]
Ah, still not working.
What about you, did you
grow up around here?
- [Sadie] Yeah, in parts, I've
kind of moved around a lot,
but um, I always seem
to find my way back.
- It's a lovely
part of the country.
- It is, but it's
not exactly a place
I'd think of for
a lads' getaway.
- Well, maybe we're
not your typical lads.
You shouldn't judge
a book by its cover.
- Well, how else are you
supposed to judge a book?
- There's something to
be said for the clean air
and the peace and
quiet, you know?
[ax thudding]
I think this is, I
think this is bolloxed.
I think-
- That's enough of that now.
- Yeah, you've loads of wood,
I think you, you're
good for wood.
You've plenty there, get
a nice fire out of that.
- Come on.
- I'll give you a hand.
[Clare moaning loudly]
- What the fuck did I say
about keeping your
fucking voice down?
[Clare moaning loudly]
You're a bleeding
melt, do you know that?
Hold on, I always
wanted to do this.
[tape tearing]
Did that not hurt you?
- Does it look like it hurt me?
- Oh, this must've lost its
stickiness, hold on a minute.
[tape tearing]
Here, you just give this
about 10 seconds, yeah,
let the stickiness
marry up with your lips.
One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, it's exciting, isn't it?
Eight, nine, 10, are you ready?
Steady, go!
[tape tearing]
- No.
- Oh, fuck, this
is bollocks, man.
I might not get this opportunity
to kidnap someone again.
- Well then, it's a good thing
you didn't have to count
any higher, isn't it?
You'd have to take
off your shoes.
- You see, I'll have these
little piggies here, won't I?
If I needed them.
- What the fuck?
- I'm sorry.
- Are you for real?
- I'm sorry.
[hand slapping]
Oh, silly Dancer.
I thought we had a little
bit of a spark there, no?
- You know.
- Oh. [breathing heavily]
Do we?
- I'm fucking tied up, Dancer,
it's not exactly the
most romantic setting.
- We had a spark though.
- [sighing] Get
these ties off me.
- Oh. [laughing]
Hold on,
this isn't Stockport
syndrome, is it?
- Stockholm Syndrome and no,
I think you'd have to have me
captured for a couple of
months before that kicks in.
- Oh, fuck that,
love can't wait.
- Not in here.
Come with me. [laughing]
- [Frankie] Was that your ma
or your Granny I seen inside?
- [Sadie] What?
- [Frankie] Your woman I
seen inside when I was around
at the door, there
was no answer,
so I just popped my
head in the window.
- [Sadie] Right, that's
a bit weird. [laughing]
So you like looking at old
ladies through windows?
- Yeah, that's
me, you caught me.
I get me kicks from
spying on old grannies.
So are you living together or
what's the situation there?
- Ah, it's just a recent thing.
She needed someone,
I needed someone.
[wood clattering]
So here I am.
- Sounds like man trouble,
[wood clattering]
or woman trouble,
whatever you're into.
- Never tell your problems
to anyone, Frankie Boy.
Sure, half the people
couldn't care less
and I think the other half are
kind of glad you have them.
- Yeah.
- Well, it was man
trouble, if you must know.
[gentle melodic music]
Oh, so you're not gonna
give the usual guy response,
like, "What man would be mad
enough to push you away?"
- I don't, I barely
even know you,
you could be a bunny
boiler for all I know.
Your man's probably
well within his rights
to have done what he done.
- So do you want the
rest of the tour?
- Go on.
- [Sadie] Trust me, if
there's a bad guy out there,
I'll find him, if
he's a bad one.
- [Frankie] There's a few bad
apples out there, all right.
- There, Clare Bear,
what do you reckon,
top bunk or bottom bunk?
- Do you ever stop talking?
Lie back and close your eyes.
[gentle melodic music]
- Oh.
[zipper whirring]
Sure, what else would you
be doing on a Tuesday, what?
[knife thudding]
- Uh!
- Uh, uh!
[tense melodic music]
Fucking hell!
- Like I'd ever fucking
touch you, you creep.
[heads thudding]
- Uh!
[heads thudding]
[blow thudding]
[tense melodic music]
[Dancer coughing]
Fucking hell!
[Dancer thudding to floor]
Clare, I'm not into
this kinky shit.
- You know that couple
that went missing?
- No, I've seen them out and
about, but I don't know them.
- And the detective, is
she from around here?
- [Sadie] I don't know,
I've never met her before.
- Did you say anything to
her about me and my mate?
- No, she just said to me like,
who was renting in the area
and who were residents.
- And you, you didn't
say anything else?
- I don't know anything else.
- She, she knew my name.
- Yeah, because I told
her a guy called Frankie
checked in next door.
- That's all you said?
- Look, if you have something
to ask me, just ask it.
- No, I'm-I'm just curious.
[gentle melodic music]
[sighing] What's going on now?
[tense melodic music]
[Dancer groaning softly]
[Dancer coughing]
[Dancer groaning softly]
Holy Jesus!
The state of you!
- Fuck off, man,
there was a spark.
- Do you know what?
I'm not even shocked.
- Oh man, the universe
aligned, we shared a moment.
- [Frankie] Yeah and?
- It was magical and
it was consensual,
right up until she stabbed me
in the bleeding shoulder, man.
She weaponized love,
didn't she? The evil bitch.
- Shocking, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- And you thought you were
gonna get stuck into her,
you thought you were gonna
have sex with your hostage?
You big fucking eejit, and
now she's out there escaping.
[Dancer chuckling]
Where'd she go?
- I don't bleeding know, do I?
- Well, when did she go?
- I don't know,
a few minutes ago, man,
I don't fucking know,
before you came in.
Time isn't exactly as
it seems right now.
- If she gets to somebody
before we get to her,
then it's game over.
- [Dancer] This could
happen to fucking anyone.
- [Frankie] No, it couldn't,
it couldn't happen to anyone,
it could only happen to a
stupid fucking eejit like you!
- What are you
being so mean for?
- [Frankie] Oh, am I
hurting your feelings, am I?
- Yeah.
- [Frankie] The little, poor
baby having a bad day, is he?
- Obviously, I'm having
a fucking bad day.
- [Frankie] Fuck's
sake, the state of you.
- [Dancer] Fucking
help me, will you?
- I'm not gonna
fucking help you,
nothing wrong with
your legs, is there?
There's a knife in your
shoulder, not your knees.
Now stand the fuck up,
will you and stay quiet,
Gaz is asleep in there.
[owl hooting]
[Frankie sighing]
[Dancer coughing]
- [Dancer] Frankie, help me
take this knife out please.
- My God, man, how
can someone constantly
make the wrong decision at
every step of their life?
You leave the knife in.
- Why the fuck would you
leave the knife in, man?
This is a knife, knives don't
belong in, they belong out.
- Yeah, but once they're
in, they should stay in.
It's stopping the blood
from pouring out, yeah
and you dying.
- What the fuck do you know?
You got an F in biology, man!
- Yeah, right, you're
right, we'll take it out,
we'll take it out.
- Ah, fuck!
- [Frankie] We'll take
the fucking thing out.
- You'd like that, wouldn't you?
- Ah, will you fucking
look at us, man?
Look at us in the
middle of nowhere,
about to go hiking in
the woods for a bird,
that you thought you could
kidnap and have sex with.
Are you fucking stupid?
Get the torches, will you?
We're gonna find her.
[Dancer coughing]
[Dancer vomiting]
[Dancer gasping]
[owl hooting]
[soft tense music]
[Dancer coughing]
- [Dancer] How was your date?
- It wasn't a date,
I was just going to see
if Sadie knew anything
and she doesn't know
anything about nothing.
- Bit an airhead, is she?
- She's not a bit of an airhead,
she just doesn't care
what we're doing.
- [Dancer] And you believe that?
She told a copper who you were.
- Hm, she didn't tell
the copper who I was.
Actually what she said was,
we wouldn't know anything
about the missing people
because we just got here.
- Did you kiss her?
- No, I didn't kiss her!
[owl hooting]
You bleedin' looper.
- I'm sorry, man, all
this coke and fresh air,
makes me very horny, you know.
Do you want some?
- No, I don't want some,
your blood is all over it.
[ominous chiming music]
[twigs snapping]
What the fuck was that?
- Was that her?
It's all all right, we
can go back to the gaff,
do a bit of blow,
have a few beers,
there's a few board
games there, love.
It'll be all all right.
- Clare!
[soft tense music]
Seriously, it's-it's-it's
not safe out here!
Just come back
and we'll let you go as
soon as we leave, all right?
[soft tense music]
Check it out.
- Fuck off.
- Just fucking check
it out, will you?
- Who's supposed to be
the boss around here?
You go check it
out, Mr. Big Balls.
- We wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for you.
Fucking just check it out!
- I could've been on fucking
disability after this, man.
There's a fucking knife
hanging out of my shoulder.
- Just bleeding check it out,
you smart bastard, will you?
Always talking back.
What is it?
- It's her jumper.
Oh, it's covered in blood, man.
- [Frankie] It-it might
not, it might not be hers.
- [sniffing] Oh, yeah,
it's her jumper all right.
- What you doing, you dirty
bastard, don't be smelling it,
will you put it down, will you?
[leaves rustling]
Fuck's sake!
- There's blood everywhere.
- Shit, man.
- What?
- Did you do this?
- No, I didn't do this.
What are you talking about?
- Did you kill Clare?
- No, I didn't kill
Clare, I swear.
- Just please,
please just tell me.
- I swear, man, I
didn't kill Clare.
[soft tense music]
- Was she bleeding when
she left the house?
- She gave me a few solid blows,
but I don't know
for all that, man.
- This is fucked,
man, we have to go.
- I'm the victim in all
this as well, you know.
- You're the victim?
- Yeah.
- You couldn't be
further from the victim.
You're a walking,
talking fucking disaster!
That's what you are!
- Jesus, Frankie, you
didn't hold back, did you?
Tell me what you really feel.
- What I really feel? [laughing]
You're a fucking eejit!
You're a nightmare!
I can't fucking stand
you, you're simple thick!
You can't do the simplest
thing, you're a fucking eejit!
You're an eejit!
Fuck this, man, I'm going.
- I'd never say mean
things about you like that.
[coughing] Not after the love
of your life broke your heart.
[door clicking]
Do you think Clare
will take me back?
Do you reckon she likes
flowers or chocolates?
- Shut the fuck
up, man, will you?
Go check on Gaz, I'm
packing this stuff up.
[door thudding]
We're leaving tonight.
- What about the Chief?
- Fuck the Chief!
- Oh yeah?
- Fuck him, man, I'm sick
of doing what he says!
- Oh, I wouldn't say
that now if I were you.
All right, Chief?
[Frankie groaning softly]
- You know, you two
are about as useful
as Anne Frank's drum kit.
[soft tense music]
- I can explain.
- Sit down, boy.
[Frankie sighing]
[soft tense music]
- We can explain it.
- Ah, don't bother,
let me guess, ah, the Clare
Lynch thing, that was you two?
She did that to your
face and your shoulder
and she managed to get away?
Did you find her?
Momo, I'm guessing
is still a no show?
- Yeah.
- And he got most of the cash?
Oh, your friend next door
is an undercover cop.
- Bollocks, she's just a nurse.
She's looking after
her ma or her granny
or whatever the
fuck that person is.
- Really, because you
know, the funny thing is,
I've looked into this
missing couple thing
and there's very little
of it on the news.
- And we don't know,
that's just what she said
and the Guard and
Dancer heard it too.
- Story checks out, boss,
she came sniffing around
asking about some missing
couple or something.
It was right before
Franquai here
invited her round for a bukkake.
[Chief groaning softly]
- Well, Momo's nearby.
- [Both] What?
- Well, the phones I
gave you, I can track'em.
- Do you not trust us?
- [Chief] No.
- [Frankie] Where is he?
- Well, it's off now,
but the last ping I got
was somewhere nearby.
- You think the little bollocks
has after being picked
up by the Guards, do you?
- We'd know if he was,
he won't go that easy.
- I got a phone call earlier.
I-I think, I'm not sure,
it-it might have been Momo.
- Saying what?
- Um, something like,
"Get out, got, got out."
It was hard to hear,
the-the reception was bad.
- Well, you tell me this now?
You're a pair of fucking
gobshites, do you know that?
- Ah, fuck Momo!
Who cares, man?
- You know he has
most of the cash,
how do you know he didn't
fuck us and do a runner?
- No way.
- Yeah.
- No way, not Momo,
Dancer, maybe, not him.
- Sticks and stones
may break my bones.
Leave it out, Chief, will you?
- Do you know what? It
doesn't fucking matter anyway.
We need to get out
of here tonight.
We take what we
have and we split.
- Fair balls to
you, Frankie, what?
First bit of sense you've
been making all night.
- Stop.
I said stop!
We're not going
anywhere tonight.
Besides, there's
too many loose ends
and I can't just call up
a fucking boat on Uber,
so we're gonna stay tucked
in right here tonight.
We're gonna get Gaz sorted,
clean this place from top
to bottom and then vanish,
like a fart in the fucking wind.
- Yeah, okay.
- Yeah.
- Paul, go next door
and get that girl over.
- Lovely.
- What?
Now, hang on for a minute.
- She's already ID'd you both,
I need to know what she knows.
- I know what she
knows, nothing.
- Maybe, maybe not.
- [Frankie] We're supposed
to be cleaning up our mess,
not making it fucking bigger.
[Dancer snorting coke]
No, we have enough shit going on
without throwing
that into the mix.
- He loves her, he does.
- I don't love her,
you fucking dope.
- You do love her, don't you?
Like all true love,
there comes a time,
when you have to
let it go, yeah.
So you can kidnap her,
tie her to a chair,
hit her a few fucking slaps
and find out what
she really knows
about your dirty,
dirty, little secrets.
- Yeah, you know all about
true love, don't you?
- [Dancer] Argh! Fuck off!
- [Frankie] See what
I have to put up with?
- I don't care, she's
already involved.
- [Frankie] Yeah, think
about it, Chief, will you?
We don't need to fuck
up something else.
- I have already thought
about it, Frankie.
Paul, go and get her, will you?
- No, don't fucking
go and get her.
- Oh, for fuck's sake!
- Hey, come on, picking some
fucking bird over us, are you?
- You're not going over there,
you're a fucking coke head!
- Come on!
- That's enough!
Now, Frankie,
[tense melodic music]
she's already a potential
danger, you know that.
So Paul will go over and have
a proper look around, yeah?
- Just a little look,
Frankie, I'll be gentle.
- [laughing] I did that already.
- I said a fucking proper one.
- Don't do anything stupid.
- Relax.
He won't.
[gun clattering]
Now, come on, time
to get Gaz in here.
[door clicking]
[soft tense music]
- Here you are
with your door open
in the middle of the night,
any psycho could walk in.
[door thudding quietly]
Sadie the fucking
aristocrat, huh?
Rich bitch, nurse, my bollocks.
[soft tense music]
[coins clanking quietly]
[soft tense music]
Fuck them.
Oh, Sadie, come out, come
out, wherever you are.
It's your old pal,
Charlie Charlton.
[soft tense music]
[soft ominous music]
[gentle melodic music]
[Gaz wheezing softly]
[soft ominous music]
- We actually thought
we'd get away with it.
[laughing] Fucking eejit.
- Yeah.
We're not done yet, fella.
- Yeah,
it's fucked.
Not one of us is getting
out of this unharmed.
I didn't even wanna do it.
Dancer, he's coked
out of his head.
Momo's fucked off with
the fucking money.
Clare Lynch is in
the woods somewhere.
Look at Gaz.
That's no way to go,
bleeding out on the couch,
in the middle of this fucking,
- Frankie,
shut up.
Now, what are we gonna
do about poor, old Gaz?
[soft tense music]
- Oh, oh, I don't believe this.
[Dancer groaning softly]
[zipper whirring]
Oh, you dirty bitch,
that's our gear.
[soft ominous music]
[soft tense music]
Straight from the
Columbian jungle.
Oh, fuck, [breathing deeply]
these are Momo's bags.
What are you doing here, Momo?
Don't tell me you were
riding Sadie as well.
Oh no, fuck this, man, I'm
absolutely snapping out.
It's time for Dancer
to get some answers.
[discordant piano music]
[soft ominous music]
- Let me take a look at him.
- Shit!
- Friendly neighbor, I presume?
- Sadie, it's not
what it looks like.
- You're that gang that robbed
the other gang in Dublin
and your friend got shot
in the middle of it.
- Okay, Sadie, it's
exactly what it looks like.
- [sighing] Frankie, you
should've just told me,
I could've helped him.
- Who else have
you told about us?
- No one.
- Now, don't fuck with me.
- I'm not fucking with
you, I didn't tell anyone.
Sure, who am I to
judge what you do?
- Where's Dancer?
- Charlton.
- How am I supposed to know?
- [Chief] We sent
him over to get you.
- Look, I was out for a walk
and I'm just back now, so,
[sighing] just let me
look at your friend.
- Chief, if she was
gonna rat us out,
the armed response unit
would be here by now
booting the door in.
Just let her take a look at Gaz.
- [sighing] All right.
[soft tense music]
- Oh, what the fuck
is going on here?
Momo, is that you?
I'm gonna get you out of
here, it's gonna be all right.
Fuck, let me get something
to get these off.
[objects clattering]
What the fuck happened, Mo,
man? This is all fucked.
- It's not what you think.
- What?
- It's not what you think, man.
She's dangerous.
- What?
- She's killed-
[hand slapping]
- Will you stop talking
in riddles, man?
[soft tense music]
[Momo wheezing]
Who'd believe this?
[soft tense music]
[Dancer coughing]
[soft tense music]
Well, well, well, you
can't stay away from me,
can't you now?
Fuck you, look what
you're after doing to me.
We could've had it all, Clare.
You offered me your Clare Bear,
then you fucked me, didn't you?
You cheeky bitch.
Fuck you, I'm moving on.
I'm gonna find myself a nice
ma, settle down. [coughing]
Come on, man, we need
to get these off you,
get you out of here, man.
- [Momo] Fucking hell.
[soft tense music]
- Can you help him?
- No.
- So you're not much
use to us then, are you?
- Relax, will you? She
came over here to help us.
- Look, I can make
him comfortable,
but the bullet's after
hitting an artery.
If you don't get
him to the hospital,
he's gonna be dead by morning.
[soft tense music]
- Nana?
I don't want any trouble.
You clearly have your
own shit going on,
Lord knows, I have mine.
I just wanna get my pal and
get the fuck out of here.
You can keep her,
the dirty bitch.
I don't know if you know,
but your Sadie and my Frankie,
that they wouldn't lie,
but if they were to get married,
I'll be the best man.
I don't want any weirdness
on the day, you know,
it wouldn't be fair to them.
[tense melodic music]
[Nana growling]
[flesh tearing]
[Dancer shrieking]
[Dancer thudding]
Ah, fuck!
[tense melodic music]
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
[Nana spitting]
- Poison.
- You [inaudible]!
Fuck this, Momo, I'm
out of here, man!
I'll come back for you!
[rapid tense music]
- Right, I'm gonna take
him to the hospital.
- No.
- Yeah.
You and Dancer take the
bags and get out of here.
I'll bring him in, I'll
take my fucking chances.
- I won't let you
do that, Frankie.
You get caught, we all get made.
- If we stay here, he'll die.
- He's dead already!
- [Frankie] Are you sure?
[gun firing]
Oh, oh, oh, what the fuck!
- Yeah,
I'm sure.
[rapid tense music]
- What the fuck?
Why the fuck did you do that?
- [Chief] Because you
didn't have the balls
to do it when you got here.
- You said you were
gonna send help for him.
- Get real, I did him a favor
putting him out of his misery,
while you fuckers had
him suffer in silence,
while you played "First
Dates" with this one.
- Wasn't supposed
to happen like this.
Sa-Sadie, I'm very sorry that
we dragged you into all this.
- Spare me, look, we have
the money, we have the drugs,
most of us are in one piece,
so let's just fucking
calm down, relax, smile
and we're fucking
golden, all right?
[door thudding]
- Lads!
[Dancer thudding to floor]
[soft tense music]
I just found Momo tied
to a fucking chair!
He's being drip-drained
by some fucking old one!
She's on the juice
or something, man,
you wanna see this thing,
she's like Super Granny,
she threw me across the room
like I was a bleeding wet wipe!
[soft tense music]
Oh, fuck!
Gaz! Your head's like
a fucking bowling ball!
Fucking bastards!
They have Clare Lynch over
there too, the fucking bitch.
They're eating and drinking
their blood or something,
'cause they're fucking monsters!
Let's get our shit
together, head over there,
slap the fucking
head off this granny
and save Momo, come on!
- How much coke did he do?
- A lot.
- She is a fucking
psycho monster as well!
- What?
- Yeah.
- He said I'm a
bleeding psycho monster.
- Look, just calm down,
Dancer, now where is Momo?
- We need to kill this
bitch now, man! Come on!
- Nobody's fucking killing her.
- [Sadie] He's right.
- [Frankie] Right about what?
- You need to kill me.
- What are you talking
about monsters?
- I prefer predator!
[Chief shrieking]
[rapid tense music]
[Sadie growling]
- Get off him!
[Chief shrieking]
Get off!
[Sadie growling]
- What's happening?
[Dancer screaming]
[Chief thudding to floor]
[rapid tense music]
[Chief gurgling]
- Chief, Chief, Chief.
Just put the, keep, keep
the pressure on it Chief,
should stop, stop
the bleeding, man.
[rapid tense music]
What's, [gasping] what's
going on, what's going on?
What are you?
- We have many names, the
old ones are my favorite.
I suppose you'd
call me a vampire.
- No, vampires aren't real.
- We're rare,
we're precious, but
we're very real.
[rapid tense music]
- This is fucked, man.
What the fuck are
you so calm about?
- You don't know?
Vampires are real, man.
- [Frankie] What the fuck
are you talking about?
- Everybody knows it,
vampires are real,
I've known my whole life,
where the fuck were you?
- [Frankie] No,
you fucking didn't.
- I fucking did.
I'll spell it out for
you, vampires are real.
Vampires, man, look,
there's one over there.
See, I have a secret too.
- [Frankie] Secret,
what secret do you have?
- I'm a werewolf.
- Is anyone fucking human?
[Dancer yelping]
[soft tense music]
[Dancer groaning]
[cloth tearing]
[Dancer screeching]
[soft intense music]
I'm not a werewolf, am I?
[soft tense music]
- No.
- Oh, this coke has
me fucked up, man.
any chance you can
make us into a vampire?
I'd be deadly.
- Charlton, my dear.
Not a fucking hope.
[neck snapping]
[Dancer thudding to floor]
[rapid tense music]
- For fuck's sake.
That's it, fuck this.
[bottles clattering]
[door rattling]
[rapid tense music]
[Sadie growling]
I never would've
let him hurt you.
- Oh, my savior, whatever
would I do without you?
- Let me go please.
Take the money, take
whatever the fuck you want.
- I don't need money and
I'm not letting you go.
I told you, Frankie, if
there's a bad guy out there,
I'll find him.
- I'm not like them,
I'm not like the rest.
I'm not a bad guy. [sobbing]
- Oh, yes, you are, Frankie
Boy and your bill is due.
[rapid tense music]
Now, what's that thing
you were saying earlier?
- What?
- Something about
men not screaming.
[Sadie growling]
[Frankie screaming]
[light melodic music]
- Police have confirmed that
they have discovered the bodies
of at least five men in
the property behind me.
It is believed that these
were the men responsible
for the robbery in
Dublin several days ago.
Also found in the property
was large amounts of cash
and drugs thought to be worth
over five million euros.
In a further development,
the body of a young lady
was also discovered.
For more on this breaking news,
we spoke with Detective Murphy.
- [Detective Murphy] The bodies
of five men and one woman
have been found dead inside-
[camera clicking]
and have been turned over
to the Coroner's Office
for identification.
[camera clicking]
[soft melodic music]
We believe the deaths may
be connected to a robbery
several days ago in the city
owned by the Lynch family,
which is still
under investigation.
- [Reporter] More on
that story as it happens
and in other news.
[soft melodic music]
[mellow rock music]
I never learned the art
of keeping people guessing
I have no desire to waste
my precious time on wanting
And somehow I have managed
to make it this far
Without learning
the art of hating
And depriving my
open heart, but
I am the cursed
I am the damned
There's fire in
my blood, boys
And there's pitchforks
in your hands, aye
I am the cursed
I am the damned
There's fire in my blood
And there's pitchforks
in your hands
And my words, they
move in the direction
That the water does the moon
But so unfamiliar
are these cycles
That I stand to be accused
Ah, but my pen will
not be silenced
And it cannot be destroyed
I'll write of devilment
and of roguery
And I'll help yous
fill your void, boys
I am the cursed
I am the damned
There's fire in my blood
And there's pitchforks
in your hands, aye
I am the cursed
I am the damned
Fire in my blood
And pitchforks in your hands
[mellow rock music]
No, my pen will
not be silenced
And it cannot be destroyed
I'll write of devilment
and of roguery
And I'll help you
fill your void
No, my pen will
not be silenced
And it cannot be destroyed
I'll write of
devilment, of roguery
I'll help you fill
your void, 'cause
I am the cursed
I am the damned
Fire in my blood
And pitchforks in
your hands, yeah
I am the cursed
I am the damned
[button clicking]
[Momo groaning softly]
- Sorry about that.
Now, who's hungry?
[Sadie growling]
[flesh tearing]
[robot whirring]
[logo whooshing]
[glass clinking softly]