Widows (2018) Movie Script

Let's go,
let's go, let's go!
Come on!
Come on, come on.
Fuck! Move, move,
move! Get the door!
Shut the fucking door!
- Florek! Florek!
- I'm okay!
- I'm okay!
- Gotta keep him awake.
Get us out of here,
You said
this was handled!
You said this was handled!
Kick that fucking door off!
Damn it!
Come on, come on, come on!
I want my money.
"I want my money."
I thought it was our money.
It's my store, Carlos.
My store.
Every time I give you a loan,
it's like an IOU,
but this is a new low.
What, you accusing me
of stealing your money?
Why do you
look surprised?
You do it for a living.
Where you get the balls?
What I do for this family.
I risk my life.
Yeah. You risk your life
and then
you piss it up a wall.
Mija, come here.
I love you. Huh?
Listen to your mother
even though she crazy. Huh?
She's always crazy.
Always crazy.
Come here.
- I love you.
- Always true.
Always true.
Just let me out!
Let me out!
No way.
We're sticking to the plan.
You should eat something.
Does that hurt? That?
Boop, boop.
You need to do
something with makeup.
Makes me feel bad
to look at that.
It makes me feel bad, too.
Come here. I love you.
...today with your
forecast for the Windy City.
Hi, I'm Christine Dawn.
Winds are going
to continue to be
out of the north
for most of Tuesday.
...at 28, and that westerly
wind direction for your...
Gotta run.
Let's get in the other van.
We'll fix him at home.
Let's go!
Hang in there.
Hang in there.
Come on!
That's it.
What the fuck?
Most people don't know
what an alderman does...
including a fair number
of aldermen.
It comes from the Old English,
meaning "older man."
When I was a younger man,
Back then,
a face was something
you tried never to forget.
A book?
A book was something you read
to your son. My son, Jack.
Stand up, Jack. Stand up.
My son.
The best candidate for
alderman of the 18th ward.
He's your man. Believe me.
What, you can't speak?
Yo, could I get
a piece of that?
Gotta get a loan, player.
I got good credit.
What's up?
Mr. Mulligan.
- Mr. Manning.
- Hmm.
My aide, Siobhan.
- This is my brother.
- Jatemme.
I love you, too.
As a kid, I used to help out
with my dad's campaign.
It looked a lot like this.
Except a little whiter,
- I imagine.
- Yeah.
- Mind?
- Please do.
My father always thought
it was a good idea
to keep the lines
of communication
open with his opponent.
Keep things honest, dignified.
Maybe he could be
more honest and open
about whatever deal he made
with the city council
to call this special election
instead of waiting
until February
like the law says.
He had to step down.
He had a heart attack.
Who does waiting serve?
Everyone who's
not named Mulligan.
First time
I've run for office.
I'm already ahead of you
by 12 points in the polls.
The Mulligans have run
the 18th ward for 60 years.
My grandfather, my father.
These days it's
all about name recognition.
You wanna go against me?
You don't inherit
a ward, Jack.
You run for it.
You have much experience
in government?
- I live here.
- So do I.
No, no, no.
You, uh, own a house one block
into the ward.
A house people might actually
want to live in.
It's a smart idea.
Running headquarters
from a church.
I mean, it's illegal.
There's that whole
church and state thing.
More illegal than nepotism?
Nepotism isn't illegal.
It's actually celebrated.
This is Chicago.
Your daddy can put you
on some commission
where people
don't have no say.
Let you be a big boy,
play with a few trains, but...
Extending the Green Line
is the best thing
for the people
of the 18th ward.
Brings them closer to jobs,
closer to culture.
Those people
don't seem to be the ones
getting rich though, Jack.
What about you, Jamal?
What have you been doing
to improve the lives
of the people of Chicago?
I bet your reputation's
a real problem
for your communications team.
Maybe you the one who need
the communications team.
I've never been arrested.
Let's see if you can say that
a few months from now.
If you pull out now,
you can save yourself
some money,
ton of embarrassment.
Come on, Jack,
I don't pull out
when it feels this good.
All right. Don't forget
to vote on August 8th.
Absolutely. Hey. the election
is on the 7th, Jack.
Oh, I know.
Why you wanna go
into politics anyway, man?
Passing bills and shit.
Whatever the fuck they do.
Alderman of this ward
makes a $104,000 a year.
Shit, we make
more than that in a week.
But then you add in
the juice, right?
He gives his friend
a contract
for a new building,
gets a kickback.
Gives his brother a contract
for construction.
Hell, he give his mama
a contract for construction.
That man owns a piece
of every fucking thing.
The only people
coming after him,
they got cameras
and microphones.
People coming after us
with guns.
I'm 37 years old, Jatemme.
I don't want this life no more.
I want his fucking life.
Harry Rawlings is dead.
What that
gotta do with us?
Hey, what?
He took
our money with him.
Medical examiner
say he can still ID them?
I think off the teeth maybe?
I always said
he should burn in hell.
But, hey, Chicago'll do.
He who admonishes
the young to live well
and the old to make good end
speaks foolishly,
not merely because of
the desirability of life,
but because
the same exercise at once
teaches us to live well
and to die well.
Much worse is he who says
that it were good
not to be born,
but once one is born
to pass with all speed
through the gates of Hades.
He was
so beautiful, wasn't he?
His eyes. He got away with
so much because of those eyes.
I know, I know.
Because they
didn't let me see the body.
I couldn't say goodbye
properly, Ma.
I wanna see it.
I promise you, Alitzia,
you don't wanna see his body.
What's left of it.
What do you think
of my new painting?
The artist
is really blowing up.
I got in early,
got it for 50,000. Drink?
To the masterpiece.
Yeah, so...
Did you get him to concede?
Go back to his
normal business?
Now, let me
tell you something.
I don't wanna see you
become the first Mulligan...
to lose to a nigger.
Especially this guy.
He's tricky.
He's staying in.
- But it's fine.
- Okay?
Yeah. It's dealt with.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Dealt with? What do you mean,
"dealt with"?
Maybe you shouldn't have been
such a hard-ass.
Now, if you'd have
just rolled over
for the mayor
on that housing development...
I don't roll over for anybody!
- He had his agenda, I had mine.
- Look where that's got us.
The lines of the ward
are redrawn
and we're down 7,000 votes
that would've gone our way.
You created this problem.
Now we might be left
without a pot to piss in.
Oh, says the man
with the $50,000
piece of wallpaper.
It's art.
It's wallpaper.
Yeah, I said
what the fuck is up
This the script
get a couple bucks
Hit a brother,
that's the shit
Pick a couple up for 35
With a telescope,
that's a Hubble
Buckle, buckle up,
buckle up
Man, I do this for my guys
If you diss,
then you gotta die
That's a simple fact,
simple truth
I could never lie
Dios mio, man
If we see your hand
we chop it off
Let me see your chains
Think you got that
at the shopping mall
By Cinnabon or the GameStop
Boy, I shop...
Whole time caught the niggas
in the back rapping.
They cold though, Ja.
Hey, man, it wasn't our fault.
They knew where we were
gonna be. That shit was a setup.
They had to be professionals
or some shit.
You let
Harry Rawlings
get away with our money.
No, that's not what I'm...
I wanna hear what you were
doing. Do it again.
Your music. Hmm?
I'm not kidding. Do it again.
All right,
let's get it.
Yo, I said
what the fuck is up
This my script, get a...
Yo, I said
what the fuck is up
This my script,
get a couple bucks
Get some rubber,
that's the shit
Pick a couple up for 35
With a telescope,
get your Hubble up
Buckle, buckle up,
buckle up
Man, I do it for my guys
If you diss,
then you gotta die
That's a simple fact,
simple truth
I could never lie
Dios mio, man
If we see your hand,
we chop it off
Let me see your chains
Think you got that
at the shopping mall
By Cinnabon or the GameStop
that I shop a lot
I'm shipping balls
from the same spot
Take care of this.
Is everything taken care of?
Yes, ma'am,
I got the roses you wanted.
They got three
different dove gray caskets.
You'd be surprised how much
they want for those things.
You wanna guess how much?
No, no, I don't.
I just wanna go.
Harry said if anything
happened to him,
I should give this to you.
Honestly, I don't remember.
I don't remember
things too good.
Then he will
see you face to face
and in your light will see light
and know the splendor of God.
For you live and reign
forever and ever. Amen.
Harry Rawlings.
He never messed with me,
I never messed with him.
We in different games.
I always had respect.
So why'd he hit me now?
Oh, I know why.
He thinks
you're setting your sights
on something higher,
you're getting sloppy.
Mrs. Rawlings,
I'm Jack Mulligan.
I had the privilege of working
with your husband
a couple of times.
He was a wonderful man.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
If there's anything I can do,
please don't hesitate to ask.
I'm not a hard man to find.
- Thank you.
- God bless.
Harry wouldn't have liked it.
The backhoe.
Should've hired gravediggers.
I don't think they have
gravediggers anymore.
I want you
to give me the names
of all the men
that died with Harry.
Who is it?
Mrs. Rawlings,
my name is Jamal Manning.
I'm a friend of Harry's.
Evening, Mrs. Rawlings.
My name is Jamal Manning.
I'm running for alderman
of the 18th ward.
This is not the 18th ward.
Yes, but I'd like
to have a word with you
to discuss some
urgent matters if you...
It's not the 18th ward!
Get out!
Come here, little fella.
Because I didn't know
your husband.
I didn't know your husband,
not really. Mm-mm.
But he stole
two million dollars from me.
He stole it...
right out of a van
like he knew
where it would be.
I just wanna know why.
I'm not involved in my
husband's business at all
and I don't know
why you're here.
It'll only take
a moment to discuss.
Oh, yes.
Mama's got a big house, yeah?
See this one?
Still haven't read that.
Everybody out there involved
in Harry Rawlings' business
as far as the eye can see.
But you, you here living
with him, and you're not.
I didn't work
for Harry.
I work for
the teachers' union.
I understand.
Criminals like cops, they
don't bring their shit home.
You have no idea, do you?
Or did you choose not to know?
It doesn't matter.
Please join me.
Oh, come on. I don't bite.
What do they
say about dogs, huh?
That they're good judges
of character?
You see, that money
was meant to...
buy me a new life,
help with my campaign.
You understand?
Listen, I don't
have your money.
Now, why don't you
just go out and make more?
This is about my life!
This is about my life.
Because it's about my life,
it now becomes about yours.
I told you.
I don't know anything...
and even if that's true,
you have
a nice penthouse here.
You got
a lot of nice furniture,
you got cars, you got
a closet full of clothes,
none of which burnt up
in the van, by the way.
I'll give you
one month to liquidate.
I'll call the police.
Mrs. Rawlings, do you know
what the police did
the night
that Harry died? Do you?
They laughed.
They laughed
over his melted, burnt body,
and they scraped whatever
they could into a bag
and they went to a bar
to celebrate,
because they give zero fucks
about Harry Rawlings'
fucking widow.
You're nothing now.
Welcome back.
So, uh, my money...
one month.
What the hell
are you doing?
How'd you get in here?
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you?
I'm calling the cops.
And saying what?
That you're
in my fucking store!
That wouldn't be true.
This is not your store.
Obviously, your loser husband
didn't tell you.
You knew him?
Yes, and he knows
this is not your store.
I have a lease.
I pay that shit every month!
You gave that money to Carlos,
and he spent it all at Arlington
until the money ran out,
and he couldn't keep up.
Then he started
paying it to us.
Then he fell behind,
then he gave us the store.
Or, to be fair, we took it.
It's like this.
Carlos doesn't own it,
you don't own it.
It's a system.
Fuck your system!
That's my money!
Maybe I'm
not explaining this clearly.
- Ask Carlos.
- He's dead.
I'm just collecting
a debt here, ma'am.
He should've loved you more
and the bookies less.
Mrs. Rawlings,
I wanted to say that, uh,
you don't have to keep me
hanging around
the way that Harry did, if you
don't want. You can hire
- someone else, if you want.
- I can't afford to hire
someone else, Bash.
I can't even afford to keep you.
You don't have to worry.
I can always get a job working
security at a bar part-time.
What if you keep the car?
- This car?
- Yeah, you drive me around,
you get me back on my feet,
and you keep the car.
Where do you wanna go?
The people I know
are never gonna pay you
for a notebook, Mrs. Rawlings.
So, let's pretend
you just came down here
to refill Harry's flask
and have a drink.
What if I told you that
Harry owed a lot of money...
and now those people
want it from me?
And what if I told you...
a construction accident
didn't put me in this chair?
A debt did.
This is not your world.
Use that notebook
to settle the debt.
They might take it.
It's what Harry
would have wanted.
Render unto Caesar...
what is Caesar's,
Mrs. Rawlings.
Albert Woodfox
organized a chapter
of the Black Panther Party
in Angola Prison,
then spent 44 years
in solitary.
Yeah, I don't know
if I have the adequate words
to describe what it's like
to be in a state
of where nothing you do
is gonna change
your situation.
I went almost 20 years
without any
disciplinary reports.
It made no difference
when I went
before the review board.
No matter how much
you change,
it makes no difference.
I need those names.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, my God!
It smells like a dead rat!
I think I should get a job.
As what?
A house cleaner?
Serve coffee?
Why would you ever do that?
What else am I gonna do?
I went from your home
to Florek's home.
Men are supposed
to provide for you.
Where did all the money go?
I told you, Ma. We spent it.
Wanted me to have a nice life.
How much did you
get for your things?
Three thousand.
What about the bike?
Gave it to Florek's friend.
What am I gonna do
with a bike?
You idiot!
- You never ask for enough!
- Why? I should be like you
and ask for everything,
like I deserve it?
Drive my husband
in the ground?
Take care of myself
before my children?
I'm sorry, Mama.
I just don't know what to do.
a beautiful girl I made.
I wanna show you something.
It's an arrangement site.
these girls are smart.
They go out one night a week
and make as much
as they'd make
in a month at a 7-Eleven.
On top of that,
if you're sweet...
like you...
they get bonuses.
They get jewelry.
They get treated
like a princess.
And they go to college.
That's what I want for you,
Is that so wrong?
I'm not gonna sleep
with men I don't know.
That ain't my life.
What do you mean by that?
Who the fuck do you
think you are, Alitzia?
You forget whose roof
you slept under
when you were 16, 17, 15.
So don't act like you're
the fucking Virgin Mary.
Those boys didn't pay me.
thanks for coming today.
Today, we are
standing on a vacant lot.
But tomorrow,
thanks to MWOW,
the Minority Women Owned Work
initiative my father started,
this will be
a thriving business,
owned and operated
by the women of this ward.
And it is my dream
to continue that amazing work
that my father began,
because this
is the 14th business
that has opened
in the past three years.
As long as there is
a Mulligan in office,
there will be 14 more
in my first term, I promise.
Now, can I get an "M-Wow"?
Can I get an "M-Wow"?
- All right, all right.
Now, where are my, uh...
- Where are my success stories?
- Yes!
- We got some success stories.
- Come on.
Mr. Mulligan,
we want to talk about
the audit that just came out.
- Come on up!
- All right, let's...
Perhaps some
of your constituents
will be interested
to hear about it.
These women, they aren't just
in business for themselves.
They're in business
for the whole community.
Over a million dollars
they have generated
in the past three years.
That's money that goes back
into the community.
It's money that stays here,
- in the 18th ward.
- Mr. Mulligan,
an audit by the Cook County
shows over five million
dollars in overages...
All right. Here we go.
...from the proposed
- extension of the Green Line.
- M-Wow!
During that time, you were
head of the CTA's commission.
- Congratulations.
- A position
you were appointed to
by your father.
Do you care to comment on the
contracts you awarded while
- serving on the commission?
- Mr. McRoberts. Sorry.
I'll see you all on the 7th.
Thank you for coming out.
Come on, Jack!
Give me a quote I can use.
What about the contracts
you awarded
while serving
on the commission?
All right, that's, uh...
What about
the proposed extension
- of the Green Line?
- That's enough questions,
- thank you.
- The Green Line
should serve
the people of this ward.
Now, it can bring customers
to business like this
and at the end of the day, it
can take tired workers home.
Without that kind
of infrastructure
MWOW is just another
empty gesture doomed to fail.
You asked me about my father.
My father taught me
about this neighborhood.
He taught me
to empower the very people
that this city has
overlooked for so long.
But I'll see you, 18th,
and I'll make sure
the rest of Chicago does, too.
Thank you.
End fucking quote.
That fucking
scumbag McRoberts!
Won't he ever just give up?
He's been shit on the sole
of my family's shoes forever.
I wouldn't worry
about McRoberts.
I'd be more worried
about the numbers.
Your friend Jamal's no joke.
Fucking Jamal...
Tell me, have you ever slept
with a black guy?
- I'm sorry?
- You heard me.
Have you ever slept
with a black guy?
What does that have
to do with Jamal, or anything?
Just answer
the fucking question.
We are in a situation
where you could lose everything.
You've got the IG's office
and the Feds
breathing down your neck.
You got Jamal Manning
climbing in the polls,
and all you're concerned with
is whether or not
your dick is bigger than his?
What are we
fighting for? This?
You know how many
shootings happened
in this city
last weekend alone?
Thirty-four! These people
are killing each other!
This is not where
I wanna raise my children.
What are we
fighting for exactly?
I feel suffocated!
I'm not a Mulligan,
I'm my mother's son!
God rest her soul!
The shit she had to put up
with from my father!
I'm putting up with it, too.
That's what adults do, Jack.
I never wanted to be
in this fucking business
and that's all this is.
It's a fucking business!
Christ! I just wanna
be free of this shit.
Can't take it anymore,
I just...
Wake the fuck up, Jack.
You are not going
to pussy out now.
What are you gonna do?
Work in a bank?
Take the train downtown,
punch a clock?
This is your life!
This is our life.
It's what we do.
Everyone has
a fucking sob story,
most of them better than yours.
So, if the idea is to be
mayor one day,
you'd better man the fuck up!
Dollar signs
and empty promises.
Anybody who thinks different
are fooling themselves.
It's the God's honest truth.
Thanks, John.
I can't believe
none of us have ever met.
Are you sure we
should've ordered champagne?
She invited us.
It's fine.
So she didn't tell you
anything else on the phone?
Just the time and place.
Is one of you Alice?
- Mm.
- Amanda?
I'm Linda. Who's Amanda?
Let's hope it doesn't matter.
I'm Veronica Rawlings,
Harry's wife.
You're Harry's wife?
How'd you two meet?
Follow me.
Your husbands worked
a long time for my husband.
With your husband.
How you doing for money?
Here. To tide you over.
Till what?
How are the children?
She's the one with the kids.
They're fine.
I have a business proposition.
If you have
a high-risk threshold.
We're in trouble.
It was Jamal Manning's money
that our husbands stole.
Who's that?
Somebody you
don't wanna fuck with.
The money burnt up in the van,
and Jamal Manning,
he wants it back.
From us? Or from you?
Harry left me the plans
for his next job.
It's worth five million dollars.
I take two million,
give it to the Mannings.
We split the rest.
- You want us to...
- Pull off the job, yeah.
A million apiece.
A million?
Maybe you have a secret plan
or a special skill
that can make you
that kind of money.
But if you don't,
there's an address
in the pads of money
that I just gave you.
Meet me there
tomorrow at 11:15.
What if we say no?
She'll give him our names.
11:15 AM?
- It's not easy. I have kids.
- I don't want any trouble.
Listen, our lives
are in danger.
Our husbands
aren't coming back.
We're on our own.
Now, I'll be there tomorrow.
I hope to see you there.
So, what has
happened in the world...
that normal now
passes as excellence?
When did we lower
our standards?
There seems to be
no expectation
to go above and beyond
what one might know.
- Yeah. Yes, sir.
- Or might want to know.
It seems people are blissful
in their own ignorance.
How far have we fallen?
Indeed, how far have we fallen?
We are living in an environment
where people are blind!
What you don't see,
you don't know.
Out of sight, out of mind.
So now ignorance
is the new normal.
In fact, ignorance...
Ignorance is the new excellence.
The less you know
the more seemingly you gain.
Not to care is deemed
to be smart.
When you subtract
love from any equation,
from any situation,
from any location,
the result is always hurt
and pain on all sides.
That is why
we need to bring love
back into the equation.
In Jesus' words,
"Thou shalt love
thy neighbor as thyself."
So he can hear you on high,
say it with me.
"Thou shalt love thy neighbor
- as thyself."
- Amen!
Even when it ain't easy!
Even when
you've been done wrong!
When this world's got you down
on your knees...
love thy neighbor as thyself.
All right. Amen.
Noel, how are you, my brother?
Reverend Wheeler.
I'd like to introduce you
to Jamal Manning.
- Jamal...
- Yeah.
You know,
that's Arabic for beauty,
and it is beautiful to see you.
It is so good to meet you,
I've admired you from afar.
Now you can do it up close.
Take a seat. Take a seat.
How about I go first?
Now, as of the last poll,
you were down by 12 points.
Now it's nine. Margin
of error, could be seven.
Could also be 11, too.
Thought I was going first?
Election's in less than a month.
If I was a doctor,
I'd be telling you
to get your affairs in order.
Three weeks from now,
you won't need a doctor.
You'll be asking someone like
me to give you last rites.
So says you.
So says me.
Exactly. Me, the guy
with the largest congregation
in your ward
and an even larger outreach.
I've known the Mulligans
since I became a pastor.
No, he's not helping anybody.
Like I said, I know him.
So you're endorsing
the Mulligans. Can we go now?
I didn't say that.
The ward has been redrawn.
The Mulligans
weren't playing ball.
For the first time,
someone like us has a shot.
I'd be an idiot to ignore that.
I'm gonna cut to the chase
here, Reverend.
I'm in the driving seat, I just
don't have a set of wheels.
All I need is your endorsement
and your contribution
to help me
get across the finish line.
How much of a contribution
do you need?
And what's it worth to you?
You mean worth
in terms of funding?
I can fill you in on that,
but what matters
is that you're with us.
Someone's ears are burning.
Gentlemen, let's discuss this
further another time.
One always must
weigh out options.
Jack Mulligan.
How are you, my brother?
No, you know me.
Praising Jesus, as always.
School was good?
Okay, I gotta
get back to work.
Can you put your
grandma on the phone?
Mommy loves you.
Hey, Ma, will you
put her to bed for me?
I'll be back as soon
as I can, all right?
You keep asking me,
- asking me for money...
- All right, bye.
So, I asked her,
how does she know it was true?
Who told her?
I'm tired of y'all
motherfuckers coming up here...
- What the hell is that?
- I don't know.
What'd you call me?
You deaf?
Motherfucker. Goodbye.
What is going on?
Who was that,
and what does he want?
I don't want to talk about it.
are you in trouble?
I said
I don't want to talk about it.
How long am I supposed
to be under this thing?
Thank you.
I'm sorry
about all that.
Oh, that's all right.
- Everything all right?
- Mm-hmm.
Wait for me here.
I really don't think this is
a good idea, Mrs. Rawlings.
Bash, give me the key.
Hey, I'm meeting
someone here.
You must be Alice.
You look just like you.
I'll take that
as a compliment.
Have a seat.
And you should.
Although, I gotta say,
you're even more
stunning in person.
I'm David.
Just David for now.
Can I get you a drink?
- Definitely.
- Yeah?
Vodka rocks.
Are you from Russia?
No, I'm Polish.
My grandma came over, but...
I just like vodka.
Hey, excuse me,
can you get Alice here
a vodka rocks, please?
What are you drinking?
Just ginger ale.
Have you done this before?
I'm not really sure
what you mean.
If I said no,
what would you say?
I would probably say
something reassuring.
Okay. Do that.
Well, Alice...
I feel lucky
to have met you tonight...
and hopefully, in time,
you'll feel the same way.
Baby. Hey.
You look beat.
I've been up since 5:30.
I had to...
Bailee, it's okay. Come here.
Come here, baby.
I can take the bus. I'll be
there in about 20 minutes.
Come here, sweetie.
Cabs are a little hard for me.
Twenty minutes.
Baby, you just got home.
Twelve bucks an hour.
I gotta take it.
Bailee's been waiting for you
- all night.
- Ma, please.
At least let me
fix you something to eat!
I'mma be back.
I see you!
You can't run
from a brother, baby!
That one.
That one's
the Jewelers' Building,
designed by
Giaver and Dinkelberg.
Five hundred and twenty three
How do you know all that?
I told you,
I develop buildings. Big ones.
Some you can see from here,
some in other countries.
That one.
That one is a hotel.
You wanna go?
Look, I promise, I'm a nice guy.
I used to be married.
Two years followed
by three shitty ones.
I work 80 hours a week.
I miss the intimacy.
I miss the way women smell.
The way they talk.
You want all the good stuff,
none of the bad.
Don't you?
- Belle? City Sitters?
- Yeah.
Hi, I'm Linda. Come on in.
I'll only be a few hours.
Don't worry. I'm fine.
Hey, I'm Belle.
I'm gonna be hanging with you
while your mom
does what she's gotta do.
I've got one of my own.
Don't worry. We'll be fine.
Well, you kids be good, okay?
We're closed. Can I help you?
I'm here with a few questions.
About Harry Rawlings.
I'm betting you heard
he stole from
the Manning brothers.
Score one for us, huh?
I want you to tell me why.
What makes you think
I care about your wants, huh?
Oh, fuck!
Jesus fucking Christ,
you shit!
Why'd he fucking do it?
Let me ask you again.
Why'd he fucking do it?
Get the fuck off me, man!
I see you're paralyzed
from the waist down,
but chest up... You feel this?
What the fuck?
Oh, you feel that.
You fucking shit!
Oh, man.
Oh, this is like
that old game Operation.
You know that old game?
Now, where the bread basket?
So, once again...
why... did... he... do it?
Does his wife know?
She doesn't know
anything about anything.
Does that tickle? Mm?
She's got his notebook, okay?
Just get the notebook.
What I want with a notebook?
Harry was old-school.
Wrote every single detail
of every job down on paper.
How that gonna help me?
It's all in there.
Every contact,
every bribe,
the last job, the next job.
Down to the fucking
piss breaks, okay?
You bullshitting me?
She has it.
I swear, all right?
Your swears
don't mean shit to me, dawg.
I have a no-kill
order right now,
so your timing
is very fortunate.
If I find out
you're lying to me,
there'll be an unfortunate
act of God, my nigga.
You fucker!
We can't do it,
the two of us.
It's over. She's a flake.
- Just give her five minutes.
- Why?
Because our lives
are trickier than yours.
What's tricky
about being on time?
If she can't show...
What the hell are you wearing?
A condom.
I'm here. I didn't
have to come, but I did.
We're screwed.
You know what?
If you don't wanna be here,
then maybe you shouldn't.
There's the door. In or out?
Out, and you take your chances
with the Mannings.
In, and there's no going back.
How do we even know
what "in" means?
Why should we
trust you, anyway?
Because I'm the only one
standing between you
and a bullet in your head.
Because I wouldn't ask you
to do anything
I wouldn't do myself.
and you're on your own.
I'm in.
Like I said, this next job
is worth five million dollars.
From what I can tell
with Harry's notebook,
the money is either in a house
or an apartment.
So the first thing
we're gonna need is a van.
Don't you have a car?
Probably a nice one.
The car is registered
to Harry. Think.
- I'll buy a van.
- Good. Progress.
What do I do?
Find out what this is
and where it is.
What? How am I
supposed to do that?
By being smarter
than you are right now.
Listen, we'll work out
what we need,
and we'll take it
from there, all right?
We'll meet here on Wednesday,
same time,
and I expect these items
to be off the list.
I'm gonna need
transport money.
Phones. Use only in emergency.
This is for the guns.
- Guns?
- Three Glocks. Ammo, too.
- No more than $2,000.
- Me? From where?
It's America.
Come on.
You don't have a jacket?
No. I think she's crazy.
Yep. She's got money.
Might as well see
where this goes.
Hundred dollars.
Nine, nine, can we get $900?
There's nine!
Thirteen. We got 13.
To 13, 14, 14...
Now 15, 16. And $1,500...
Now, 16. Right now, 16, 17.
Took a bid. 18, $1,800...
Nineteen. Can we get 19, 19, 19?
You don't want this one.
The gearshift pops out at 60.
And sold.
Buyer number seven.
Next coming up.
'98 Dodge Ram van. '98.
500, 550.
Now, this one looks good,
but you're gonna be
at the mechanic all the time.
- What do you want this for?
- Sold it there.
Here's what I need.
A van, good pickup, low miles.
'05. Got the
white van. Got the white van.
- Buy this one.
- Wait, which one?
This one, this one.
Five, 550.
Six, six. Somebody...
Thank you now. Six, now seven.
Eight now. Nine.
No. You're going higher
than what it's worth.
And six, six there now.
- A lot higher.
- Will it do what I ask?
Then it's not too much.
My boss is kind of a dick.
One! Sold it there, $6,000.
Buyer 47 bought it, $6,000.
I won!
So, where are we
gonna go celebrate, huh?
Gold Chevy.
I'd say it's a $1,200.
That was my first auction.
Jennifer Christie?
- Can I please have it delivered?
- This isn't Grubhub.
How do you go
to a car auction to get a car,
and you don't know
how to drive?
I didn't know they just
gave it to you right there.
I can't think of everything.
When I assign you a task,
you're supposed
to complete that task.
You were meant to drive.
We're already one person down.
Now I have to ask Bash.
- Who's Bash?
- Harry's driver.
- Can we trust him?
- We have to now.
- Why didn't you ask Linda?
- Because there is a plan!
Just shut up!
- How much you pay for it?
- Six thousand.
The point of an auction
is to spend less
than what you came with.
It was a good deal.
Don't let your dog
shit in my lap.
She's house-trained.
We have a lot of work to do.
Crying isn't on the list.
Mom, why do we
have to go to Lita's today?
Because she loves you.
Because she's mad at you.
I know.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm with Gaspar-Judd.
This was designed by your firm
and I was wondering if
you could tell me where it is.
- I can't, really.
- What about who designed it?
Wait a minute.
Let me ask someone.
They told me
I can't tell you anything.
My boss...
It was designed
by Delia Foster.
Thank you.
Good afternoon, folks.
Thanks for coming
out here today.
We're gonna be talking
a little bit
about handgun marksmanship.
I don't understand.
I'm sorry,
I'm hoping I could
get your help to buy gun.
This is hard. I'm a,
how you say, mail-order bride?
When I arrived, my husband,
he took my visa,
passport, everything.
He beat me, always.
I finally left.
I had to for my babies,
but he swear
he going to kill me.
I can't go to police.
I'm illegal.
I want a gun
just to feel safe.
I have cash. I know what I need.
Will you help me?
Mom, you always say
a gun is a girl's best friend.
What do you need?
Three Glock 17s.
That's a lot of firepower.
I want one for every room.
- Mr. Foster?
- Yeah.
Hi. I'm Annette Castille.
I work with Bridges and Getty.
Oh, uh, I'm sorry,
I don't think we've met.
Um, I'm new.
I work mostly as a secretary
with Miss Christina Glickman.
Uh-huh. I think I know her.
May I come in?
Oh, um...
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I was trying to get in touch
with your wife, Delia.
I have a few questions
about some projects.
I have a client who would
really like to speak with her.
I think you should leave.
What? Why?
I'm not interested in talking
to you or whoever sent you.
you're not with Bridges,
as everyone there knows,
my wife died.
Four months ago.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I asked you to go.
I lost my husband
two weeks ago.
Oh, my...
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
What do I know
about blueprints anyway?
She's probably gonna
make me walk the streets
of Chicago
until I find this place.
Leave them with me.
- What?
- Leave them with me.
Come on. It's our stop.
So, Harry Rawlings
kept some sort of diary.
Liked to write
shit down longhand.
- What kind of shit?
- Plans, people.
Details on how he robbed us
and who was next.
His woman has it.
You sure?
Easy enough to find out.
That notebook could lead us
to some big money.
You do not touch her.
I don't need
that type of heat.
No touching.
She got two weeks
to pay us back.
If she don't...
she gonna need more than
a notebook to bargain with.
It's Welsh.
Bobby Welsh, yeah, yeah.
Have you, uh...
Have you given up that notebook?
- Yes.
- You have?
Good. Good.
That's smart. That's smart.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yes, thank you.
Thank you for calling.
I have to go now, Mr. Welsh.
Listen, if there's anything...
Seriously, Jack, what
the fuck are you gonna do?
I'm gonna beat
his gay black ass.
I'm ahead in the polls.
It's a six-point lead,
and it's falling.
Is he gay?
He doesn't have
5.1 million question marks
- around his name.
- Should never
have taken the appointment
on the Green Line commission.
Bad optics. You and your dad
should've known better.
Green Line seems
to run right through
your own personal cookie jar.
Get the fuck out of here.
You don't believe that shit.
Jesus Christ!
Trains are expensive.
So are swimming pools
- and paintings and boats.
- And I work hard.
He's got four kids at Latin
- and the Jag.
- Used.
One exquisite ex-wife.
That's not exactly
the adjective I'd use.
You know what? Fuck.
I'm not gonna
stay around for
the rest of the math lesson.
I'll see you all at my
- victory party.
- Where's he going?
Where you can beg me not to
have the IRS audit any of you.
- Jack... Come back.
- Yeah, Jack what?
- What? Come on!
- Oh, come on!
- You still got my vote.
- Yeah, I won't need it.
Jack, come back.
You cocksuckers.
Hi, baby.
Never thought
I'd marry a white man.
Or a criminal.
Fucking me
won't make it better.
Don't make me feel
like my only regret
is having a child with you.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe you should've had him
with someone else.
Then he'd still be alive.
It just comes in waves,
you know?
Sure. Sure.
Yeah, I can do that.
I wasn't
trying to be rude
by not turning up to the spa.
I was just scared.
I don't know.
A lot of things. Scared, sad.
What do they say about grief?
How many stages?
I'm not sure which one I'm in.
Maybe I was even angry.
I got the impression from Jimmy
he wasn't so sure
about this one.
Thought Harry
was getting sloppy.
Harry was never sloppy.
Thirty years of doing
what he did, not one mistake.
I guess he was
human after all.
So what did you
wanna talk to me about?
I just wanted to know
how you were
since losing your husband.
I'm a single parent
of a four-month-old baby boy.
How are you
coping on your own?
Getting through it.
What are you gonna do?
Look for answers,
try to figure it out.
Well... I hope he left you
enough to start over.
Maybe go somewhere else?
That a Super Bowl ring?
1985 Bears.
You played
for the Bears
when they won the Super Bowl?
Hey, Asthma.
Did Bash Babiak
win the Super Bowl?
Don't believe he did.
No. It was a birthday
present from Harry.
I want you to help me
get Harry's notebook.
I don't have it.
I know you don't.
She has it.
Mrs. Rawlings. Your boss.
You're gonna agree
to get it for me.
I don't work for her.
She don't have any money.
She doesn't have any notebook,
far as I know.
Give that
motherfucker two piece spicy.
- Fuck!
- No biscuit!
Pass rush coming.
Two guys, stretched out,
landing. Just on the 40...
Settled, stretching out,
playing brilliantly
despite that low angle...
Mrs. Rawlings,
we have an envelope for you.
There you go.
Bash? What's going on?
What's going on
is you have one week.
I thought we were going out.
I thought so, too,
and then I saw you.
I decided
we should try being late.
Leave them.
What, are you building
a safe room?
A what?
This. It looks like a...
It looks like a safe room.
A nice one.
You can tell that
just by looking at the plans?
- Yeah.
- Can you tell me where it is?
I know a guy who can find out.
If you're really asking that.
How would you feel about
making this
arrangement exclusive?
I think I'd like that.
Oh, shit! That's my ma.
- Your mom?
- Yeah.
- You shitting me?
- No.
- Oh, fuck.
- Get your clothes on.
Just a minute. Mom?
It's Veronica.
What are you doing here?
I didn't know
where else to go.
Come in.
Just sit on the bed.
I'll just finish
getting dressed.
Your mom, huh?
Your husband's
been dead a month.
Why are you being
such a bitch?
You're being a cunt.
Don't you say that word to me.
It's appropriate.
You're being a cunt.
A friend lets a friend know...
- when she's being a cunt.
- You're not a friend.
You're just a stupid girl
with nothing in your head.
I'm not stupid.
Then why don't you
keep your legs shut?
- David is gonna help us.
- Help us do what?
He thinks the blueprints
are a safe room.
He's gonna find out
where it is.
- You idiot.
- You're a cold, old bitch!
I'm done being
treated like shit.
Not again.
Not by you.
Not by anyone.
They killed Bash.
Who did?
- The Mannings.
- What? How do you know?
I know.
I'm not Harry.
All this damage, I...
I can't be responsible
for all of it.
Why do you have to be?
Because I don't own anything.
Not even
the apartment I live in.
I have nothing.
We can't tell Linda
about Bash.
She'll back out.
You need to find us
a new driver.
That's not easy.
Don't you
know anyone else?
No! I'm working on it.
What have you been
doing all week?
She's had a rough time.
They wanna repo my home!
My bitch of a mother-in-law
wants to take away my kids.
What's your kids
and mother-in-law
have to do with me?
I gave you one job,
and you couldn't even do it,
so don't tell me
how to do mine!
If we fuck this up
I know what the consequences
of this shit look like.
Have either of you ever
been to a prison? Once?
I didn't think so.
Six days.
Find a fucking driver!
I know.
- Can I come in?
- Did you call?
No. Can I ask you
some questions?
Oh, sure. Of course.
Let me put Albert in his room.
- Albert? Beautiful.
- Thanks.
- Can I put my dog down?
- Sure, of course.
Um, this is actually not
a very good time for me.
The baby is really fussy today...
Did Jimmy tell you
about anyone else?
Someone who could drive a job?
- Veronica, what are you doing?
- Someone with some skills.
Maybe the person
who prepped his cars.
You need to leave this alone.
Sorry, I gotta...
I'll be right back.
We should have left sooner,
like you said we would.
You always want more.
Your medical examiner
friend open his mouth yet?
Grab the leg!
Get the leg!
Not yet.
But he wants his money.
Even dead bodies cost money
in this economy.
What about that detective
scumbag, Fuller?
He's just happy that
you'll never show your face
in Chicago again.
He's retiring a wealthy man.
You know, your guys went
a little heavy
on the accelerants.
I was lucky to get away
with half of that.
I want the full amount, Harry.
One million, like we agreed.
I thought this was about
stopping the Mannings?
Don't think you can fuck me
over like you did your crew.
Harry! What the fuck?
Fuck, man! Come on!
Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
You piece of shit!
I want that money.
I can get your money,
but I need time.
Before the election.
If not...
you're gonna be alive again.
In all the worst ways.
You hungry?
I told you, after
school I was taking the car,
and you didn't say anything.
Mom heard me. Dad,
Dad, ask her. Mom heard me.
How is it my fault
if you left it in the car?
How would I even...
Can I just bring it
home to you later?
Dad, I'm really about
to miss, like, half the game
if I have to turn around now.
I'm not saying
it's more important
than your anniversary.
I'm already on my way back
right now, Dad.
I'll be there in, like,
15 minutes or something.
Oh, fuck!
Dad, Dad, Dad, I...
Dad, I just got
pulled over now.
- Dad, I gotta go.
- Get out of the car. Keep your
- hands where I can see them.
- I gotta go deal with this.
- Marcus! Marcus!
- Oh, shit.
Hands where I can see them!
Marcus! Marcus!
Look what I found.
So I have to go to Shanghai
for a few nights.
There's a site we're
thinking about developing.
You wanna come?
To Shanghai?
You ever been?
Uh, no.
No. When?
I can't.
You can't?
I got commitments here.
I can't just drop everything
and fly to Shanghai.
My life's
different than yours.
It seems to me
if you can ask me
to get the address
off a permit, which I did,
then I can certainly ask you
to ditch your commitments
and fly with me to Shanghai
for a few days.
Or do overseas adventures
cost more?
Is everything
just a transaction?
They brought us these drinks,
next they're gonna
bring us the bill.
It's the way the world works,
as far as I'm concerned.
Next time.
Is that the one?
- Hey, Xavy.
- Hi.
- Thank God.
- Smells good.
It's almost done. You hungry?
Mom, can I set
the table for Belle?
You don't have to run, you know.
Don't worry. I'd rather
be here on your dime
than sitting on that damn bus,
not making any money.
Belle, can you drive?
Solved our problem.
- What's this?
- This is Belle.
She's fast, she's smart,
and she can drive.
Come on. We can't do this,
the three of us.
We need a driver.
This is not your place.
Please ask her to leave.
I'm standing here.
You can talk to me.
- I don't know you.
- You don't have to.
I'm happy to leave right now.
Wait. We need a driver.
You girls happy
to split your cut?
Split our cut?
It's equal or nothing.
You vouch for her?
I don't require a vouch.
- We're gonna need another gun.
- I got my own.
You need to watch
how you talk to me.
If you're in, we need
to get you started right away.
Expecting someone?
You never can be
too sure in this neighborhood.
My gosh, how many security
guards do you have?
Oh, just the one.
The neighborhood's
really changing.
Yes, it is.
- Would you mind waiting here?
- No.
Mr. Mulligan
should be free momentarily.
He's in a meeting.
We appreciate
your support. Bye-bye.
Excuse me,
can I help you?
I was just looking
for the bathroom,
and I was just
admiring this map.
Sure. You are?
I have a meeting
with Jack Mulligan.
Ma'am, there's
a restroom downstairs.
I can show you the way.
You got a weak bladder
or something?
My wife told me
I need to drink
eight glasses of water a day.
I guess...
I'll tell you exactly why
I fired your campaign manager.
He told me we would get
the endorsement of Wheeler
and now the good reverend has
decided to sit this one out.
He doesn't get to do that.
Let me get this straight.
You fire Hillsman.
He's been working with
our family for 30 years.
So you just
put a bullet in him.
When the polls drop to, what,
three percent? Why? Why?
I got a new guy coming on.
Black guy. British.
Black guy? Oh, really?
A black guy.
Gavin Cunningham.
- What?
- Gavin Cunningham.
Fuck me and fuck him!
Fuck you and fuck the fucking
horse you came in on!
You fucking asshole!
What a fucking
asshole you are!
Talk about loyalty. Hey!
Maybe I'll call the mayor
and tell him
we gotta have
this election tomorrow,
- before things get any worse.
- You won't call the mayor.
I will take care of Manning
at the debate,
and that will be the end of it.
Might I add,
running in your shadow
would be a hell of a lot easier
if there weren't piles of shit
scattered everywhere I walk!
Keep your fucking mouth shut,
or I'll fucking whip your ass!
I can still do it. Believe me.
JFK, huh?
You think you're gonna
make things better.
They're not gonna be any better.
You think you're gonna change
things? Change them to what?
You're not gonna
change anything!
They'll never change
under you.
The only thing that matters
is that we survive.
That's all.
Look around you.
It's like Custer's Last Stand.
It's kill or be killed.
Now, listen to me, son.
Listen, we made this city.
We're not having it
taken away from us
by people
who come here illegally...
or by people who can't stop,
you know...
making babies.
That means staying in power...
at all costs. You got that?
You listen to me, Father.
I'm looking forward to the day
when all this bullshit is over
and I don't have to talk
to people like you.
Because you won't be
here anymore.
My son.
- You finished?
- Yeah.
Now, hear me.
Tell your redheaded
paperweight here...
to call Hillsman,
and hire him back.
He's gonna make this
Gavin whatever, whoever,
your debate prep consultant.
You need to pick up your toys,
put them back in the box.
When you're done, we will
continue this conversation.
Get the door.
My jacket.
- Who are you?
- I'm Veronica Rawlings.
We met a long time ago,
when I was lobbying
for the teachers' union.
I hope you can teach my son
better than I did.
Mrs. Rawlings, I don't think
you're on my schedule today.
I'm not sure
I have the time to sit.
You do. You absolutely do.
She's from the teachers'
union. All right?
Yeah, let's go.
We're leaving. Okay.
Sorry to interrupt,
- Mr. Mulligan.
- Yeah?
Taking the car to the garage.
I'll be back in a few hours.
Sure, John. Just see
Siobhan before you leave.
Mrs. Rawlings, please come in.
I know that guy.
Seen him at the salon.
When was the last
time you saw my husband?
Before he died?
It was a while.
I can't remember.
Why do you ask?
Jamal Manning threatened me.
He says Harry stole from him,
and he presented me
with the bill.
He wants his money.
I'm not sure I follow.
From what I understand,
we both have
a Jamal Manning problem.
You don't...
You don't live in my ward,
Mrs. Rawlings.
But if you're aware of a crime,
you should really
go to the police.
Mr. Mulligan, you said
whenever I needed help.
Now, your family's been involved
in Harry's life for many years.
When I say help...
- I mean help.
- I understand, but...
I'm not my father.
As you can see, the years
have taken a toll on him...
and I do not want to go down
that same road.
So with much
admiration and respect
for your late husband
and yourself, of course...
I don't see what I can do.
What I've learned
from men like my father...
and Harry...
is that you reap what you sow.
Let's hope so.
That guy who was here,
in the suit, who is he?
I told you, I don't want you
to get involved.
What do you mean?
He works for someone.
So who really owns this salon?
How is that
any of your business?
What doesn't bother you
doesn't trouble you.
- Jack Mulligan?
He empowered me.
I am a female minority
business owner.
But the powers that be
take a very healthy cut.
So why do you stand for it?
Where exactly would you
like me to stand?
I needed money
to start a business,
he gave it to me,
and now I owe him.
No bank was gonna give me
any money. He did.
All I wanted to do was
have a business of my own
and this way I'm allowed
to think I have one.
Does that sound right to you?
Because it doesn't sound right
- to me.
- You got a customer
right over there.
Two of the three
cameras at the back
are covered
by the construction.
And what about
the codes for the safe room?
Veronica's on it.
Why isn't she here?
Why are we
- doing this by ourselves?
- I don't know.
Why are we doing this anyway?
Wait, who's
watching your kids?
My mom.
So while you were
sitting her kids,
your mom was
watching your daughter?
I work two jobs.
What do you do for money?
I had Florek.
I had a business.
Did you know
what they did?
I thought I did.
If I asked, he'd hit me.
After a job, though,
he was nice.
What about Veronica?
You think she knew?
I bet
she knew everything.
"You girls
happy to split your cut?"
What about this? "You
vouch for her?"
She'd be a lot nicer if she
just took that stick
out of her ass.
You know why
we need a new driver?
The last one was killed.
So if you're not serious...
If this whole thing
goes wrong...
I just want my kids to know
that I didn't sit there
and take it.
I did something.
Our go date
is in three days.
The night of the debate.
Now, all of our work
is worth nothing
if we don't move
this money and fast.
The notebook says
five million dollars.
That's exactly
the amount of money
Mulligan was accused of taking
in commission kickbacks.
So over here we have
two million dollars.
Twenty Tupperware boxes.
Each box has 100,000 dollars
in 100-dollar bills.
It weighs 44 pounds.
Now, over here we have
two million dollars.
Forty Tupperware boxes.
Each box has 50,000 dollars
in 50-dollar bills.
It weighs 88 pounds.
I feel like I'm in school.
- Tell me about it.
- Okay, Linda.
That bag has the weight of
two million dollars
in hundred-dollar bills.
Put it on.
All right.
Run to the back
of that van and back.
This is nothing.
All that for this?
- Now, Belle...
- That was easy.
Put that on.
Watch you back.
Bend your knees.
Okay, run to the back
of the van and back.
Come on! Come on!
It's not funny now, is it?
And it won't be
if we get caught.
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on, run!
Get this thing
off of me.
Now, that bag had double
the weight of before.
Why the fuck
would you do that?
Because I had to think
of the best-case scenario
and the worst-case scenario.
We gotta move fast.
We gotta start thinking
like professionals.
We're in business together.
There's not gonna be
some cozy reunion.
After this job, we're done.
We have three days to look
and move like a team of men.
The best thing we have going
for us is being who we are.
Because no one thinks we have
the balls to pull this off.
Can I ask you a question?
As long as I can answer it
and still get to my meeting.
How come we
never go to your place?
My place?
That's your question?
I'd like to see how you live.
I could cook you dinner.
We could watch some TV.
Look, I really,
really like you, Alice.
I don't think I've ever been
this happy with a woman.
I truly do care about you.
I really do.
But I'm not your husband.
I know you're not.
Look, this is an arrangement,
okay? It's not a marriage.
I pay for things, and outta
that, you get a nice life.
I don't need you
to have a nice life.
Look, if I ended things
right now,
what would you do for money?
Excuse me?
My money, the way I live.
I'm offering you
a nice life, Alice.
You say "a life" like it's yours
to offer. But it's mine.
It's mine to be ashamed of
or be proud of.
Mine to fuck up or make good.
It's mine.
I don't have time for this
right now, okay?
I have to go.
Can I drop you somewhere?
I'll get where I need to go.
It's over.
It was a mistake.
I know the codes
change every day.
I need those codes, Ken.
I thought I was off the hook
now Harry's dead.
It'll be the third time
my alarm systems get hit.
People are asking questions.
You should have thought twice
before cheating
on your wife with your niece.
You made a choice.
Now, I'll go wait
at the gas station.
If you drive away,
I know you're out.
If you come to me
with the codes...
maybe you have a future.
Please, I'm begging you
as a human being.
Please! I can't!
I'd like two return tickets.
The polls say
you're gonna win.
So before you come out swingin'
at the debate tonight...
What if I stop spending
money on advertising?
You know, level the playing
field, so to speak.
I stop making appearances,
scale back my
"get out the vote" program.
Make some calls.
Jamal Manning...
the first African American
alderman of the 18th ward.
And I'd be there to advise you,
you know,
on every important matter.
Behind the scenes, of course.
As far as everyone else
is concerned...
you the man.
Think about it.
Not offering you charity.
I'm offering you power.
On whose terms?
You decide.
See you at the debate.
Oh, and send my best
to the Reverend Wheeler.
Everybody ready?
You got the codes?
Something goes wrong...
you're all on your own.
I'm gonna go get ready.
Each candidate has
three minutes to give
an opening statement.
Mr. Mulligan, you're up first.
You all know me.
I'm a proud
sixth generation Chicagoan.
We laugh louder,
we work harder,
we sleep to the rattle
of the "L" train.
- Hey!
- Go.
Let's go.
Put your
fuckin' hands in the air.
Hurry up.
Don't even think about it.
Get down!
Get down!
Take his gun! Take his gun!
How do you know
she's not gonna call the cops?
She's not that stupid.
What the fuck?
What the fuck is wrong?
Hang on.
It's upside down.
Come on.
Hey, I got the hundreds
right over here.
Come on.
How much time
do we have?
Just get it done.
Let's go. Let's go.
Hands in the air!
Drop your weapons!
Hands in the air!
What, are you takin' my money?
Who the fuck are you?
Let me have the gun.
Get him off me.
Get him the fuck off me.
It's your shoulder.
Here we go. Here we go.
But why do we have to?
Chicago is a city in free fall.
Money, greed, avarice.
Fat cats in city hall
getting fatter on our meals.
We, the people,
are not people to them.
We are a mass of ugly need
they don't want to see.
Let us have a chance at life.
Not just to exist,
but to live.
Get him, bro. You call
that motherfucker out!
Let us live!
Pass it on! Pass it on!
- How's she doin'?
- She's losing blood.
You gotta stay awake.
You gotta keep her conscious.
Stay up. Listen.
- Shit. All right.
- I don't know
- if I should put pressure.
- Okay, you're okay.
- Oh, my God.
- Where is it?
She's bleeding
all over the place.
- You're okay.
- You need to stay awake.
Come on, Alice.
You're okay.
You guys take off.
I'm gonna stay with her.
Almost there.
No. No, no, no. No, no.
She's been shot.
It's a drive-by.
She lost a lot of blood.
What's your name?
What's your name, ma'am?
Her name's Jennifer.
It was meant to be simple.
Why couldn't you just
sell the book to Jamal
and leave it at that, Ronnie?
You're not supposed
to be here.
You left me alone,
you evil bastard.
Wanted to start a new life
with your new son,
your new white, happy family.
I couldn't save him, Ronnie!
I couldn't save us!
I had to save me!
You're a fucking coward!
I need that money, Ronnie.
I need the money.
Muted celebrations
in the Mulligan camp
as Tuesday's
election results sink in.
In a late rally,
there was a resounding
victory for Jack Mulligan,
seen as a sympathy vote
following the murder
of Alderman Tom Mulligan.
Reverend John Wheeler
was outside
the Mulligan residence
this morning
to talk to reporters.
Brothers and sisters,
we ask that you keep
Jack Mulligan in your prayers
as he tries to find
the strength, with God's help,
to begin his term of office
and to continue
the program of change
initiated by
his beloved father.
I know you remember
all the good work
the Mulligans have done
for this community.
So we hope that
you will join us Sunday.
We will be holding a service
for Tom Mulligan
to pay our respects to this
great servant of our ward.
Mommy, can we go now?
Come on, open!
Come on! Come on!
Come on, open it!
Come on.
Come on.
You're not getting it.
No! No!
I'm gonna get you!
What are you doing?
We're bubble fighting.
- Hi.
- Just one?
Uh, two.
- This okay?
- Great, thanks.
Can I get you
something to drink?
Some coffee, please.
- Hi. How are you?
- Hi.
- Good.
- Oh, my God.
It is crazy out there.
Driving like crazy people.
You beat me, of course,
as always. I'm always late.
I'm so sorry. Did I tell you
about my neighbors?
They're already putting out
their lawn chairs
and the kitchen chairs...
Thank you so much.
In preparation for
the winter, and it's like...
"Come on, you guys.
The season is just starting."
Are you okay?
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah?
Anyway, they were,
like, already putting it out
and so John's really frustrated,
so he's gonna put some
of the lawn chairs
the kitchen chairs
back on the...
Mrs. Rawlings, I was
surprised to hear from you.
I want you to listen to me.
Underneath this table
is a bag of money.
I want you to use that money
to help rebuild
the school library.
All I ask...
name it after Marcus.
How you been?