Wiener Dog Internationals (2015) Movie Script

[boy] Yes! Wake up, girl.
We're going to the races! [dog barking] [announcer]
Ladies and Gentlemen! The race you have all
been waiting for! [man] Alright, kiddo. What is
it you want for your birthday? -[boy] I was thinking' a dog.
-[man] Dog? [boy] I wanna enter
my dog in the race. [woman] How much would
you take for that dog? [boy] She's not for sale. She made it in three... [man] Indiana? We can't afford
to go to a dog race in Indiana! [boy] I think Shelly hurt
her leg. Please help her. [woman] Fast little friend
is a bit of a pushover. [man] I don't trust this
Ms. Merryweather woman. [woman] I don't race for the
money, I race for the dignity. [man] And you got his name
because he had a birthmark. [boy] Just like
the one Shelly has! [man] May the best wiener win
and the rest roast! [dogs barking] [barks] Hey, Shelly.
What do you think? [whimpers] [barks] Really wish I knew
what you were thinking. Good morning! Ready for the big day? As ready as I'll ever be. Hey, I'm really sorry that
we had to cancel going to
the Internationals, bud. I know how much
that meant to you. I know how much
this means to you. Yeah, well, we're
starting a family. Sort of a race
in itself, right? That's a race? [chuckles] Well,
more like a marathon. You know, I'm sad about
missing the Internationals, but I'm happy
that you're happy. Well, I'll be happy
if she says yes. She will. Alright, well, go get your
brother and sister up. I gotta get going. Alright, you kids be
good while I'm gone. -[Danny] We will.
-No fighting. -[barks]
-[Bridget] We'll play nice. -[Phil] And get to bed on time.
-[Skip] I'll get them to bed. Yeah, that goes
for you, too. [Skip] Mm-hmm. You guys sure you're
okay with this? Bringing Melanie
officially into
the family? She became a part of
this family the second
she stood up for Shelly. Alright, cool.
Alright, well, as soon
as she gets moved in and this feels real,
then I'm sure
everything will be fine. No, it'll be better than fine.
It'll be awesome! [chuckles] Am I over doing it? Yes. Go. Before she
changes her mind. Alright. This will be simple.
Go to Paris, propose, she says yes, we come back here
and she lives with us. Forever. -Nervous?
-No. [whimpers] Yes. It's okay, Dad.
You've got us to
get you through it. -Alright, well,
I love you guys.
-Love you, too. Aunt Jenny is gonna
be here tomorrow and she's gonna cook
for you guys for
a couple of days and take care
of you, alright?
Be good for her. Relax. We've got it. [chuckles]
Alright. -I mean it, please.
-[Danny] We will. [all] Bye! -[Bridget] Good luck!
-[Phil] See ya! Well, Dad has officially
left us alone to fend
for ourselves. I know. Isn't it great? [Skip] Hey, love will make
you do crazy things. I still can't believe he's
going to propose the same
week as the Internationals. It's the only week he could
take off. You know that. Well, um... since
I'm in charge now, there's gonna be no
more talking about
wiener dog races, okay? That's like, all
I have to talk about. Alright, well...
go clean your room! What? Relax, I'm just kidding.
Go clean my room. Ha ha. Here, girl, have
some Canine Caviar. [door bell rings] You're so lucky,
your food's already made. I know it's good, but it'll still be there
when you get back. Danny Jack? Um, yes. Is it true Shelly will not
be racing in this year's
Internationals? [sniffing] Come on kid, just
give me a sound bite. [sighs]
[Shelly growls] It's true. It's not what I wanted. It's not what we wanted. But it's bigger than just us. This has to do with
our whole family. I can't say what
our Dad's doing right now because it's a surprise. But we're happy for him. We're also really sad to be-- Quitting. Is something
wrong with Shelly? Has Shelly not
been working out? Tell me, really.
Is something wrong
with the dog? Hey, what do you
think you're doing? Are you Skip? You can't just walk on our
property and roll cameras. Get outta here! Come on. But I wanna be a movie star! Goodbye. Will Shelly be
racing next year? [sighs] [Danny] Who's on our lawn? It's just the neighbor girl. She is so weird. Here you go.
Here you go. Wow. You cooked this? I thought you didn't
know how to cook. Relax. Dad made it
before he left. -Oh.
-I thought so. Your cooking usually
comes out of a box. And includes the directions
"just add water". You better eat up too, girl. Can we take Shelly
on a walk after dinner? Ooh, do you think we'll
see any more reporters?
How's my hair? I don't know, how's mine? Hey! You two can go on a walk
but no more talking about
wiener dog races, okay? -Okay.
-[barking] You're lucky
you can't talk.
Skip is so mean. Okay, the only one that should
be giving me puppy dog eyes,
is Shelly. 'Cause she is a puppy dog. I don't need a guilt trip
from either one of you, okay? Now eat. What if we go to
the Internationals? You know, just
for a little bit. Danny! Just for
a little bit? The races are like
thousands of miles away. Yeah, but-- Never, ever thought
I'd be saying this, but I'm with
Skip on this one. No more talking about
wiener dog races. I mean, at least for today. Unless we see more
reporters, of course. Really, how is my hair? There you are! I've been
looking for you everywhere. -Judge Brown.
-What have you done? -What's going on?
-You have withdrawn
from the race. You're not going to
the Wiener Dog Internationals? We can't go.
Our Dad's on his way
to propose to Melanie. Ugh! Those two
and their blatant
disregard for the rules! Oh, this is bad.
This is very, very bad. Wait, are you upset because
you won't have a U.S. racer? Well, it's not we won't have
a racer, it's who we will
have if you two don't race. Can't Handshake
go in our place? Or one of the other dogs
that placed in the Nationals? Does anyone read
the rules, except me? No! That's not how it works! Just as the Nationals
have a rulebook, right, now, so do the Internationals. But the International rulebook
is much bigger and thicker and longer and harder
and much more cumbersome
for me to understand. Mainly because it's composed
of 37 different languages, and I don't speak
Swahili that well. So, who will go
in our place then? -Mrs. Merryweather.
-She was disqualified! Oh, for the Nationals, yes.
But this is the Wiener Dog
Internationals. -They are two
separate organizations.
-What's the difference? One ends in an "N,"
the other ends in an "I". But isn't a race a race? [sighs] Little Bo Bridget,
you obviously have never been
to the Internationals. It's not just a race. No, it's the motherload
grand dame of all races. I must speak to your father.
Here, have him call me. We need to make sure
that you stay in the race. Now, I leave tomorrow. Perhaps, you could ride
with me if you like. I can't even look at you,
Shelly. I'm just too upset. Okay, well if you insist. One, just one
little itty-bitty,
teeny-weeny little pet. [speaks in baby-talk] That's such a good puppy.
Such a good, good, good girl.
Yes, it is. -[Danny] Judge Brown?
-Well, we must speak
to your father. Rule 12.23 clearly states
that if you are not
in the stands at the time your race is announced,
Mrs. Merryweather
will race in your place. Now, you can sign this form
withdrawing from the race and I will contact
Miss Merryweather. Or you can convince your father
to let you partake in
the Wiener Dog Internationals. The choice is yours.
Choose wisely. So, if we sign this,
can we go next year? [laughs] Yes, of course. But only as
a mere spectator. Good day. So, this may really be our only
chance to go to this thing. Keeping her warm
for next year? Yeah, I guess. You know, I thought you two
would be having more fun
giving me a hard time, making my life
all difficult and all. Is that what
you expected? If I were you, I'd be
giving me a hard time. I can be more difficult
on you, if you'd like. I didn't mean for it
to sound like I was
asking for it. [laughs] Can I show you something? Sure. [blows whistle] Come on! Yes! Distance divided
by time equals speed. Shelly went 22 miles per hour! Wow. You're way too into math. Well, I'm gonna go spend
the rest of my time inside. Wait, Skip! What? [Danny] What if... What? What if we were to go
to the Internationals? Dad wouldn't find out,
and we'd be back before
he even knew it. Not a chance. No puppy dog eyes! Well, there's
always next year. Yeah, I guess so. What are you doing? Trying to cheer myself up. Well, come on. Let's watch some
TV to get your mind off things. Yes, please. I don't know
what to do with sad Danny. The Wiener Dog Internationals
is only days away, and we're told the U.S.
is unsure of who will be
sent to represent America. Oh, that's not helping him
get his mind off the race. -Shh!
-[Shelly panting] On one hand you have current
champion, Shelly Jack. On the other,
two-time champion, Princess. Boo! Some think Princess
is the stronger racer. It may almost be better
for the U.S. if the Jack family
lets this one go. Hey! However, after
Miss Merryweather was ejected from the Nationals
for unsportsmanlike conduct, it's this reporter's opinion
that the U.S. is rooting for an honest champion,
and that's Shelly Jack. That's right! Of course, everyone's
favorite to win is Russia. Hailing from
the small town of Birsk, the Iron Hammer is thought
to be a clear contender
for the title. The Hammer will crush
the competition. The Hammer will
pound you to the ground.
The Hammer will win! Ooh, she's scary. Yeah, well that puts
an end to that.
Time for bed. -[barks]
-Come on, Shelly. This parenting thing
is not that hard. I don't know what Dad's
complaining about. Kids. How are you feeling? I'm happy that Dad's
moved on. I am. But I really wanted this race. Shelly's good, you know? She's really good. Mom would have been proud
that you made it this far. -You think so?
-Of course. Nobody thought we were
gonna win anything when
we adopted Shelly. [Shelly whines] I don't know.
This whole thing is silly. I know, but somehow it's
the only place I feel so alive. It's so... big, you know. Hey, I thought I told you guys
to get ready for bed. No puppy dog eyes! Alright, I've had
enough of this. Living room, five minutes. Living room? Five minutes? Oh, no! He's calling a meeting! He thinks he's Dad. Take a seat. So I was thinking and-- You're gonna let us
go to the race? [barks] Let Skip speak. So I know I'm not the first
to admit that the Nationals changed our lives for
the better, but it did. And you'll never get me to
repeat that to anybody else. That's okay. I recorded it. Hey! Gimme that! So, the way
I was thinking it, the Internationals might
be good for us, too. We can't let Miss Merryweather
race. Don't forget about her! -Mean, Miss Merryweather.
-[whines] What if you two went with
Judge Brown to compete? [screeching with excitement] I mean, he's
a responsible adult. He is a stand up guy. Probably a lot more
responsible than me. The best. So, if you do go race
and you come straight back, Dad may not be the wiser. So... yes? Yeah. Why not? Yes! Can we get up
and scream now? Sure. [barking] [screaming] We're really going to
the Internationals? Wait, how are we gonna convince
Judge Brown that Dad said yes? Leave that to me.
Go pack your bags. [squeals] Come on, Shelly!
We're going to
the Internationals! [Bridget] Come on, Shelly! [sing-song] Internationals!
Internationals! Internationals! [both] Yay! Alright. Take care you two! [Bridget] Hey! I didn't
get a hug. Get back here! Alright, come on. Uh-uh. [Danny] Um... I cannot believe
I'm letting you do this. [sighs] Happy now? Yeah. No puppy dog eyes.
I told you guys. Goodbyes are stupid anyways. You know what,
you two stay together,
don't talk to strangers... Look both ways before
crossing the road.
We got it. -And take care
of yourselves, okay?
-We will. Thank you for doing this.
You're a pretty okay
older brother after all. Pretty okay? Okay, whatever. Get outta here before
I change my mind. Oh, and it shouldn't take us
more than 20 minutes to get to his house.
So set an alarm. Are you afraid I'm
gonna forget or something? Yeah. What do you think I am? -Our older brother.
-Get outta here. -Bye, Skip.
-Bye. See you. Miss you already. This is probably
my worst idea ever. [pop song ringtone] Go time! Hello? Skip-a-doodle-do! Hey, Aunt Jenny! What's up? I'm just at the store
getting a few things, and then I'll be heading over
to see everybody real soon. Oh! I thought you weren't
coming until tonight. Well, you're in luck.
I'm early. I know. [chuckles] Okay, Aunt Jenny,
I talked to Dad, and he said you don't
need to come by anymore. Really? Well, I... I... I just
got some food and I'm here. So I... well, maybe I'll...
I'll just come by for dinner and then I'll head out.
How's that? Um... yeah. Sounds great. Well, put one of those buckets
of sunshine on the phone. Danny and Bridget are outside
playing Cops and Robbers so... Um... they have tape
over their mouths? They both have tape
over their mouths? I never said they
were good at it. Well, uh, Skip.
I'm not gonna ask you again. Put the kids on the phone. Danny, Bridget! Aunt Jenny
wants to talk to you. [Bridget] Coming!
Hi, Aunt Jenny! Hi, little curly top.
Is Skip treating you okay? [Bridget] Skip's been great. He's doing a really good
job taking care of us. [Danny] Skip's the best
older brother a little kid
could ask for. We're so super excited to be
spending all this time
with him alone and bonding. It's nice with
no adults in the home. But... are you two
on separate lines? How can you both hear me? Okay, have fun kids! Ah, kids! They went
back outside to play. Well, get 'em lined up
for when I arrive. I wanna collect me
some hug sandwiches. [laughs] Mm-hmm. Sure.
Definitely will do that. Bye! Awesome! Ah, so excited!
Nom nom nom! [chuckles] [Skip sighing] I need to come up
with a new plan. [alarm ringing] Ooh! Go time part two. Oh, good morning. [barks] Is that the withdrawal form? [sighs] I'm so sorry
to see it end like this. I understand your father
is proposing to Melanie, but this is
a very important event. [whines] Wait... wait this
is not signed. Nope. We're going
to the Internationals! [barks] Yeah, oh, yippee! Yeah! -Yeah.
-[clears throat] We must have your
father's approval. [phone buzzing] Uh... Judge Brown.
You better get that. Oh, yes. My pocket's ringing. Hello? [deep voice] Judge Brown.
Do you know who this is? Uh, no. Actually I don't. [Skip] This is Phil Jack. Oh, oh, of course.
Yes, Phil Jack,
how are you? I'm... I'm... I'm...
[whispering] It's your father. -Yeah.
-[Skip] I head that you are
willing to take my kids -to the Internationals?
-Yes, yes, I am. I'd very much appreciate that. I heard Mrs. Merryweather
will be taking your place, so I feel it's best
if we right this wrong. Yes, of course. I will take
excellent care of the children. [barking] And little Shelly. And we will see you
at the race, I assume? Uh, well... of course! Yeah, of course.
I'll see you in a few days. Goodbye. Goodbye. Well, it looks
like you three are going
to the Internationals. [barks] [Bridget laughs] We'll take my car.
To the Wiener Mobile! [all] To the Wiener Mobile! Oh, we cannot let this
happen, Princess. Those kids have
got to be stopped. Looks like you and I
are taking a road trip. [chuckles]
Let's go! -[engine starts]
-[all singing] Ninety-nine hotdogs
and buns on the wall Ninety-nine,
hotdogs and buns You take one down
You pass it around Ninety-eight hotdogs
and buns on the wall Ninety-eight... -Oh, hey, Aunt Jenny!
-Hey, Skip! That was fast. Um... I was
actually on my way out. Yeah, the store was really
close. You look great! Uh, you look...
like it's windy. Come on! [hissing] Um... your car's smoking. Uh, it does that, but I'll...
I'll move it later. Look at you!
You're so grown up!
[laughs] -Okay.
-Oh. I suppose you're too old for a hair ruffle
and cheek pinch. -Little bit.
-Are you gonna invite me in? Oh, like I said,
I talked to Dad. Um, he knows
everything's good now. So, if you have anywhere
else to be, I mean... [scoffs] Nonsense.
No. Where are those
two little munchkins? They're not too old
for a hair ruffle
or a cheek pinch. Yeah, they're at the park. But you said they were already
playing in the backyard. But you're supposed to be
watching them at all times. Uh... yeah...
well, it's a very safe park? Sounded like a question. No it's not a question,
it's just... It's a very safe park,
for sure. Okay, good. Well,
I'll tell you what... I have to run back to the store
because I forgot a few things. Oh. Oh, so you're staying. Yeah. Just for dinner. And the smoke usually
means I shouldn't
drive for a few hours. Yeah, I am pretty sure
that's not supposed
to happen to a car. I know, um, but when I say
I'm gonna run to the store, I mean I'm gonna
literally run to
the store, 'cause I can't take the car,
so... I'll see you in a bit! Okay. Crazy. [all singing]
Fifty-nine hotdogs
and buns on the wall Fifty-nine hotdogs and buns [Danny] With relish. You take one down,
you pass it around... [Danny] This is getting
really boring... ...buns on the wall [Bridget] From the top! [squeaking] [man] Can I help you? Yeah, I need a... I'm looking' for a wiener dog. There's one right down there. [snorting] Yeah, that's not
a wiener dog. That's a pig. Alright, alright.
Excuse me, okay,
but I'm in sales. Right down there,
if you want her,
you bring her up here. -Hey, Shelly number two.
-[whimpers] She'll do. Okay. Is that a... Art? Yes, it is. Okay. [Danny] Look!
Wiener-schnitzel! Okay, everybody, from the top.
And a five, six, seven, eight! Go to the store
And buy some more Ninety-nine hotdogs
And buns on the wall So, you're saying this race
is bigger than the Nationals? Oh, yes. Very much so. But it can also be
very intimidating. Eight races, with
eight dogs in each, all competing for top dog. Wiener of the World! -Wow.
-[sighs] Sixty-four countries?
That is a bit intimidating. Yes, well for some.
But not for Shelly. 'Cause she's
a natural, she is. [kissing sounds] I didn't even know there
were that many countries. Oh, there are quite
a lot more than that, but some of them don't have
enough wiener dogs to compete. [sighs] So, who are we
up against first? Well, that will all be
determined tomorrow
when we arrive. It's all done randomly. Let's say a prayer you're not
stuck with mean Russia. That little mutt
is favored to win. Hey! Watch what you say
in front of Shelly! -[whispers]
Oh, oh. Sorry, Shelly!
-[whimpers] [coughs] Delicious! [clears throat] Hand me my vintage
gold embossed, Teflon coated, chiffon buffed, hot pink,
tire deflater, please. [air hissing] I'm back. Are
the kids back yet? Uh, yeah... um...
Danny's upstairs. He's not feeling well. [gasps] Is this Shelly? Hi! Uh-huh, yeah.
Yeah, that's, uh...
That's Shelly. You should've heard
your Dad talk about you guys
winning the Nationals. He was so proud. Yeah, well, he has
a funny way of showing it. Well, it's his way
of showing it. [kissing sounds]
Yeah, so just don't touch her
birthmark, that whole side. -She got hurt
in the last race. So...
-Oh, okay. Hi! [growling] That's weird. No, no. That's not weird. I mean, she just doesn't
like new people. So... Well, she's hopping
around okay. [chuckles] Get the kids
out here! Where are they? Yeah, yeah. Well,
I mean Danny he's, uh... ...he's upstairs,
like I said. Um... And Bridget? Hello. [exhales] Oh, wow. Is that really you, Bridget? Of course that's her! Yeah. [scoffs]
Course it is. [chuckles] Yeah, just you look
so grown up. [laughs] Come here!
Give your aunt a hug! [chuckles] [exhales] What's that? You're supposed to
be the warm one. [chuckles] Remember
our secret handshake? Secret handshake? Yeah. Oh, well... well,
it's been a while. You guys hungry?
Let's eat. Yeah? So, you did good.
I need to get home soon. Can you please just
stay for dinner? I mean, she'll be
out of here in no time. [sighs] That means I'm going to
have to eat dinner twice? Well, you'll deal. That was good. Nothing beats a good wiener! [gasps] Oh, no! No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no! -This... this will not do!
-What is it? Ah! Someone let the air
out of our tire. Or we have a big hole. Did we run over anything
sharp on the way here? -I didn't hear anything.
-Me neither. I hope this doesn't make us
late for the Internationals. [Danny] Hey, look! Let me see. Looks like dog hair. Hmm.
[sniffs] Very suspicious.
Proceed with caution. So, what's been new
with you, Bridget? Bridget.
[chuckles] Oh, um... new with me... -That's a tough one, because--
-Because? Because... there are so many
new things about me. Oh, I bet. You are
at a fun age. [chuckles] Not sure if fun's
the right word. [laughs] You know,
I'm gonna go check on Danny. No! I mean, he's sleeping. So... I just wanna peek.
I'll be quiet, don't worry! Go stop her! You're not paying me enough
to get that involved. I like the real Bridget better. [whispers] Hey, Danny. It's me. Aunt Jenny. I just wanna look
at you, okay? [whispering] I took
his temperature before
you got back, so... Oh, how bad was it? -Um... 108
-What? -I mean, 98. Ninety-eight.
-That's not that bad. No, I mean it seems like
the sleep's helping. So... Yeah. He's... so quiet. It's... it's like
he's not breathing. Yeah... He lost his voice. Really? Your Dad said
he just spoke with him. Well, you know
how colds are. They're, uh... here
one minute, gone the next. Well, at least he has his dog. -[whines]
-You can tell they're close. [growls] Yeah, very close. We should probably
leave him alone. Yeah. His hair is so soft. What kind of shampoo
does he use? Uh... doggie shampoo. Okay. [man] It seems to be holding
the air just fine. My guess is somebody
deflated your tires. Could have been
some bored kids. Or it could be somebody
with an agenda. That's a little dramatic. Who would wanna stop a couple
of kids on their way to a race? I can think of someone. Me too. Me three. Wow. This place is nice. [whines] Now, kids. You
are right upstairs. I'm down the hall
if you need anything. Now, do not charge
anything to the room. -[barking]
-We'll be good. [screaming] [barks] What is it, girl? [barks] [barking] Alright, kid. Alright. Let's just keep this
our little secret, okay? [screaming] -Judge Brown!
It's Miss Merryweather!
-Stop the racket. [screaming] Mrs. Merryweather! This is not what it looks like. [scoffs] Oh. [whimpering] It's a match. Alright, fine.
It's exactly what
it looks like. But can you blame
me, honestly? I mean, I should be the one
at the Internationals. Not you! We won the Nationals
fair and square! It's not our fault
that you cheated! [barking] Cheating is such a harsh word. I prefer to think of it as...
creating an advantage. And what do you call this? Oh, I call this creating
a very big advantage. Oh, Mrs. Merryweather.
For three long years
I stood by your side, promoted you with this
wonderful wide world
of wiener dog racing. But no more. Yes. I can see whose side
you're standing on now. Well, fine. You caught me trying
to damage your vehicle. Fair enough. Well played. However, the Internationals
are a public event. And I assure you,
I will be there with
more allies than enemies. You don't scare us.
We've got Shelly. [barks] Yes. For now. What do you mean? Hey, well, uh... thank you
for coming, Aunt Jenny. It was so nice to see you. Yeah, you too!
Sorry I had to
be so quick. Quick like a bunny! [laughs] Gosh,
I do love bunnies. Yes, it was really
great meeting you. I mean, meeting you here.
At the house. [chuckles] Well, hopefully
I'll be able to come out
here again soon. I feel like I hardly
recognize you two
anymore. [laughs] -[Skip] Yeah.
-I know the feeling. Can I go home now? Yeah, sure. Your family is so weird. I know. [engine sputters] What? Hey! What do you
think you're doing? -Excuse me?
-What are you doing
with Bridget? Who's Bridget? [knocking] Hey, Aunt Jenny! I see that you found Bridget. And the neighbor lady. This isn't Bridget, Skip. And I'm guessing Danny's not
sick, either. What's going on? Yeah. [Bridget] Skip's
the best older brother a little kid could ask for. What did you do
with the kids? Uh... -[Jenny] Okay.
-[Phil] I can't believe
he did that. I understand Phil. Bye. I just spoke to your dad. He's furious about
what you did. He was just hours
away from proposing and now he's hopping on
a plane to California instead. Danny and Bridget
gave me puppy dog eyes. I'm not good with
puppy dog eyes. He said you need
to take responsibility
and clean up your mess. You're gonna go
meet him there. I'm going to California? How? In a car that
barely even starts? It's good enough to
get you to the airport. Okay, now grab Shelly. You're gonna be
taking her with you. [Skip] Uh... What? What is it now? Nothing. Yeah, yeah,
nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing at all.
Come on, Shelly. [growls] [crowd cheering] [Danny] Shelly! [Bridget] This is exciting. [sighs] [Danny] So, where
are we going now? [dogs barking] [inhales]
You smell that? [Danny] I smell greasy food. Ew! And dirty laundry. No, no, no, no, under that.
The undercurrent. [inhales deeply]
That is the smell
of the race. [inhales] Nope.
Still getting' dirty laundry. Me too. And dog. Alright, let's just get you
checked into your dorms, okay? -We get our own rooms?
-Well, sort of. Each racing team gets to bunk
with another racing team, so you get half of a room. Is that the real Shelly? Um... yes. [cheering] Victory, victory!
That's our cry. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!
Yay, Shelly! [barking] Can I pet her? Sure. This is my dog, Pretzel. Aww, this is gonna be fun. Watch it, termites.
Or I will crush you. I will crush you,
like something that
crushes with a crunch. -[growls]
-Excuse me. That's the Russian
I was telling you about. Let's hope she's
not your roommate. She's even scarier than on TV. Definitely. Well, soon we will
have to part ways, as I step foot onto sacred
ground, which is the racetrack, I will have to look out,
not just for you, but for all
the other racers equally. So, I guess now
it is... [inhales] ...time for a... hug. -Thank you for
bringing us here.
-You're the best. Okay, that's enough. Alright, I will
call your father and let him know that
you've arrived safely. Um, that's okay.
We'll do it from
the dorm room. [chuckles] okay.
Well, suit yourselves. I will see you
and you, at the race. This is gonna be fun! Come on! How are we supposed to
find out which room is ours? Do you two need some help? I think so. We're pretty lost. You're the Jack family,
correct? How do you know? Your race last year
was very famous. [whimpers] As far as wiener dog races go. It was all over Japan. You're the Japanese racer?
Yoshi, right? I'm Etsuko.
My sister is Ayameko.
Our dog is Yoshi. It's more her thing than mine,
but, yes, we represent Japan. So, how do we find out
where we're staying? First time here? Well, there's a very long line around the corner
but lucky for you, you don't have to stand in it. -Why not?
-'Cause you're bunking with us! -I like you!
-I like you, too! I know we may be enemies if we both make it
into the final race, but until then you'll
want to stick with us. These races can be brutal. Hmm. -Hmm.
-Hmm. Look who I found
wandering the halls. Shelly Jack and the kids. -I'm Danny.
-And I'm Bridget. Yes, yes, of course,
I know who you are. And this is Shelly. My goodness, she's standing
right there in front of me. I am so excited,
I could just squeeze her. I won't really squeeze her. I was just stepping forward to
take a look at her birthmark. The famous lightning bolt. Ah, yes. The mark
of a champion. You should take
a look at Yoshi. -Is that...
-It's a bird. Birthmark of agility,
grace and high aspirations. Never seen another dog with
a birthmark in the exact
same spot as Shelly's. Oh, keep your eyes peeled here.
There are several. Seems to be a universal
mark of a winner. It's kinda weird that
there would be so many. Don't worry your
pretty little head about it. Come on, Bridge. You can leave Shelly here
with me if you'd like. No, that's okay.
I wanted to see where
she's racing tomorrow. Visualize the win?
Is that your tactic? Um... no. We don't visualize anything.
Win or lose, we do it together. That's very Zen. [whispers]
What does Zen mean? [whispers] I don't know.
It's a Japanese word. I think it means like,
like you know um...
humble or something. I really don't know. [woman speaking
Japanese on phone] [Etsuko] Is that
Miss Merryweather? Give me a second. She wants us to dognap Shelly. I don't know about that. That wasn't a question.
If Mrs. M says jump, you jump. She was kind of weird. Yeah. The other one
seems nice though. I wonder how Skip's
doing with Aunt Jenny. I'm sure he's got
it under control. Wow. I thought it was gonna
be bigger than last time. It is bigger. It's televised
all over the world. Come on. We'll be starting
about here... And ending over there. Wanna give it a try? I think that's
a yes. [chuckles] [Bridget] Okay. Ready? [Bridget] Come on. Come on! Go! [Bridget cheers] -Yes!
-[barking] Go get them and bring
them back to the car. You're not racing.
Not after what you did. -Dad, I'm so, so--
-Not now. Go. Okay, I'll go
find them. [Bridget] Hopefully, this time
around she gets a fair race. There's no Merryweather,
at least. -Well, that's not very nice.
-Miss Merryweather! Yes. What kind of dog race
would it be without us? A fair race. Oh. That's mean. How about a smile
for an old friend? We're not old friends. There you go, sweetie. Girl, you better
watch that attitude. You're gonna wind up
not that different from me. What do you want? Well, with you?
Nothing, actually. I mean I admit, I did
try to prevent you from
getting here earlier, but now that I see
you on the track... Well, I just saw her run. Timed her, actually.
Sixteen miles per hour. She is never gonna win
if that's the best she's got. She can do better. I hope you're right. Actually, I don't
hope you're right. That's just an expression.
I hope you're wrong. Why are you here
if you can't race? Did you know this
event is televised? One hundred and twenty
million viewers worldwide. That's more than
the Super Bowl. Well, give or take
a hundred million. Why are you here? Besides the chance
at eternal fame... Well, let's just say I may
have some investments. Investments? Merryweather Industries
is the major sponsor of the event this year. Ah, along with
other involvements. You own a company? It's called
a conglomerate,
actually. We have subsidiaries
all over the world. I mean you didn't really
think I made my fortune
racing wieners, did you? -Well, kinda.
-Yeah. Ah, children.
So simple. Hmm. Come on, Danny.
Let's head back. They'll be announcing
the racing brackets soon. Yes, yes. Take care
of yourselves. We wouldn't want anything
to happen between
now and the race. You go along and take
care of yourself. Maybe I'll just stay here
and warm up Princess. [barking] Just in case. Come on, Bridget! [Bridget] Come on, Shelly! [Danny] Looks like we can
put off racing Russia. At least until they win their
bracket and we win ours. Let's see. U.S., U.S.A., U.S... US, USA, US, USA, US, USA. Looks like we're going last. [barks] That's what you
save the best for. Come on, Shelly! Judge Brown. Judge Brown. Skip. What are
you doing here? Oh. First I wanna apologize. I'm really sorry
for what I did. What did you do? Oh, you don't know yet. Great, never mind.
It's nothing. Where are my
brother and sister? Oh, they're in
the dorms. Room eight. But, what... what are
you doing with Shelly? -Okay. Thanks. Bye.
-[barking] Wait, Skip!
What did you do? Oh, this can't be good. Oh, heavens to wieners.
This cannot be good. It's wrong.
Don't you feel bad? I don't care how it feels. I'm paying you, and you
do what you're paid for. Oh. I'm looking for
my brother and sister. Danny and Bridget? Yeah. That's them. Yes, they went to
see the racetrack, but they're in here
with my sister tonight. -Oh.
-We're from Japan. Nice. That's cool. Hello. [chuckles] Hi. Sorry about the melodrama, but, um... we're rehearsing
for a play. [chuckles] "Best Friends." Seems like the name needs
a little bit of work. But... seems cool. [groans] You excited for the race? Yeah, well, that's... more of
my brother and sister's thing. Mine too. Is that really Shelly? The one and only. How come you have Shelly
if you haven't found your
brother and sister yet? Yeah, that's kind of
a weird story. [chuckles] Yeah,
I got a few of those. Actually, I had
a question for you. Could you possibly
watch Shelly, while
I go look for the kids? Oh, I don't know. Oh, I mean, if you
have somewhere to be
or somewhere to go-- [Ayameko] What are
you talking about? -[growls]
-It's fine. [chuckles] Awesome. Thank you. I'll be
back right after I find them. Okay. Thank you. He's cute, if you like
that blonde hair,
blue-eyed kind of thing. Too bad we'll
have to crush him. -Oh, great.
-[whimpering] You have a crush on him. No, I just met him. Right. So did I. But I can
still tell you like him. Keep it in check. 'Cause if he likes you back,
we might be able to use that. [sighs] We're only keeping you
just through the race, okay? Then it's back
to your family. Stop with the puppy dog
talk to the dog. Okay? Sorry. Just remember what
I hired you to do. Of course. Quick thinking with
the rehearsing the script bit,
by the way. I thought we were busted. You know what they say.
Save the best for last. And I think you're the best. Me too. Come on. [growling] Hey! We're back. Wait. You have Shelly? Of course we do.
You saw us leave with her. Yes, but... But, what? [Danny] What is it? Nothing. It's just...
always good to see
the one and only Shelly. Oh, um. They announced
the racing brackets. Did you girls see it?
You're in race number two. Will you stay here
while I go take a look? Yes, of course! Do what needs to be done. Your brother was here,
looking for you. What? Skip's here? That means that
Dad found out. This isn't good.
Where did he go? I think he's headed
to the racetrack. We got to go after him.
Can we leave Shelly
here with you? Yes, of course. I keep an eye
on her. Make sure she's safe. Thank you. Come on, Bridget. It's okay, girl. It's only for one day.
[chuckles] [barks] Danny! Bridget! Shelly? Oh... I think you
just missed them. They were just here.
You must have crossed paths. I think they were heading back
to check the racing brackets. Okay. Uh... thanks. Oh, wait. Um... before you go,
I have a quick question to ask. Yeah. Sure. What is it? Well, if it were just you, what would you
sell that dog for? Okay, no matter how I answer
this Miss Merryweather, it's not gonna change a thing
because it's not just me. I know. But still... Skip! What's going on? Hey, you two! [both groaning] Yeah, okay.
I'm sorry. That was...
that's really weird. Aw, you miss us! Are we being kicked
out of the race? Wait, does Dad know
that we're here? Yeah, he doesn't just know,
he actually, uh... He flew out here to meet me, and he's trying
to take you two back. Wait, wait, wait!
Your father didn't know
that you came here? Oh. Excuse me. I really must
start warming Princess up. Two Shellys. One has got
to be real, and one fake. But why? One thing we learn in improv
is to never question why. Just go with the flow. Occasionally you
give good advice.
Hand me a tissue. [whining] Guess we know
which one is real. We'll have to switch
their collars. [whines] [growls] I don't want to do this. Relax. It's just for the night. I don't know.
It doesn't feel
right anymore. When you hired me to
pretend to be your sister,
I thought it was more... More what? More sisterly. I thought you were lonely
or just wanted someone to walk
around with you on campus. [laughs] Do I look
lonely to you? I own the fastest wiener dog
in all of Japan,
and soon, the world. [barking] Everyone will wanna
be my friend. That's not real friendship. Real friendship doesn't
cost you anything. Everything costs
you something. Lunches, visits,
every friendship has a cost. Now go put her somewhere
quiet for the night. -[whines]
-Okay... [sighs] But if I get any indication
that you might hurt her-- What do I look like
to you? A monster? Why are you so
afraid of this dog? I'm not afraid.
It's just... She's got the drive,
the determination to win. -[knocking on door]
-Keep her out of sight. Hi, I'm looking for
Bridget and Danny. Shelly? Come here, girl! Shelly! She never listens to me. Hi, how are you? [barking] Come on. Good girl. [whimpering] -Is that another dog?
-Um... That's Yoshi. Our dog. [whines] Hi, Yoshi. Whoa! Well you've put on
a few pounds, haven't you? [growling] [door opens] Dad! I thought we were
meeting you at the car. I'm really angry at you. And I'm glad you're okay. But being glad
that you're okay and okay with what you did
are two different things. We're really sorry, Dad. It's just... this race
means a lot to us. Can we just stay
until tomorrow? I mean, we're...
we're already here. After what you did? No way. But-- No buts. No what ifs,
no pleases. I've got Shelly.
Meet me downstairs. But, Dad,
what if... Please. I'm sorry to see you go. I was really looking forward
to watching Shelly race. I'm sure she would have
surprised everyone. [chuckles] [Danny] Come on, Bridget. [sighs] [door shuts] So... where's the other dog? She's safe with us.
I'll adopt her. You got the real Shelly back
and that's all that matters. Okay. Ah, well, thank you. -Skip!
-Yeah. I'm really sorry
how it worked out. I know that that
meant a lot to them. Well, it's kinda my fault.
I messed up. So... yeah. I was actually
hoping, maybe... Yes? Never mind. I'm gonna be
leaving town anyways so doesn't really matter. But um... Where you going
to ask me out? I don't know.
I think so. Sweet. But he's gone now,
so do what I hired you for. Maybe we should
just give her back. I mean, they're not even
going to race her now. Are you mad?
This is high stakes. This is Internationals.
I'm not taking any chances. Now go put Shelly in
a nice, quiet place
until after the race. Then she'll either go
back to the family
or to the highest bidder. You said you weren't
going to hurt her. And I won't. Don't worry, the Jack family
still left with a dog. I doubt they'll know
the difference
without racing her. [Shelly whines] [whines] I can't believe you're
pulling us from the race. You created
the position you're in.
I told you to stay home. And miss the biggest
opportunity in me
and Shelly's career? Career?
Are you kidding me?
You're nine. I'm ten, Dad. We're really sorry that you had
to fly all the way out here, but we weren't in big trouble.
You could have
just let us stay. We would've been home
before you, and it would have
been fine and-- I'm not discussing
this anymore. [sighs] Get to bed! We're leaving in the morning. [whines] [sighs] I should probably
mention something. -[Danny] What?
-[Skip] Never mind. Yeah, Dad's right.
We should probably go to bed. -Uh, guys...
-[whining] Ooh, yeah. Her birthmark's leaking. Yeah... I think I know
what's causing that. You're not gonna
like it though. Dad? This is just for
a little bit, okay? I suppose we can't be
friends after all I'm
putting you through. [whines] [chuckles] Oh, wow.
[laughs] Maybe we can. I'm sorry. You shouldn't be
locked up in here. You should be out there racing. I can't believe
you could make
a fake Shelly. Okay, I'm sorry. It was only
supposed to be for a day. Yeah, well, Skip, that's
why it's necessary to start thinking further
ahead than tomorrow. Skip. Really, how could you
leave Shelly behind like that? Etsuko said she was
the right dog. You relied on
the enemy for
information? Okay. Etsuko is
not the enemy. Really? She lied to you
and stole our dog. You know, Skip,
that's what most people
would call an enemy. Listen, that's enough, alright? We're gonna get Shelly,
and then we're gonna go. We're not racing.
We got a plane to catch
in three hours. Let's go. -Listen to me...
-Okay. If she has a scratch,
you get a scar. Oh. Have you thought of
a name for this little guy,
besides "Fake Shelly" yet? Honestly, I haven't
thought that far ahead. That's okay. I'll think
about it for you. How we gonna find Shelly
with all these people
and dogs around? That's easy. Follow the only
person who knows where she is. Where do you think
she's going? Let's find out. What is this? [yawns] She was cold. [Ayameko] She's our prisoner. You're not supposed to
cuddle with the prisoners. Well, I was cold, too. [sighs] Look. Ayameko, I don't feel good
about this whole thing. She should race. You think I went through
all this just to have
a change of heart? That's not how
the world works, Etsuko. Fine, well, I'll just
tell them myself. Oh, I'd be scared if they
weren't already halfway
across the country by now. Remember our deal? You go along with this
and my sponsor keeps
paying for your college. You stop and... bye, bye. Well, maybe that's
not such a bad thing. You know wiener dog racing
is everything to me. There's only a few people
on this planet who understand
how badly I want this. Ms. Merryweather,
for example, and... I can't think of anyone else. You're crazy. There's a fine line
between crazy and genius. I like to think of that line
as the starting point
to wiener dog racing. Let's go. Now let's get her
back in her cage. We'll need to bring her
to the races so she can
watch someone else win. [barking] Come on. [Danny] Why did
you take Shelly? -It's not what it looks like.
-What is it then? My real name is Cynthia. I'm not even Japanese.
I'm half-Chinese,
half-Vietnamese. I knew it! Okay, I didn't know it,
know it, but I knew
something wasn't right. Right. Why'd you take Shelly? Ayameko hired me to pretend
to be her guardian so she
could enter the race alone. She has some kind of sponsor. Merryweather. Once she saw that you
brought two dogs to the race, she told me to take
the real Shelly and hide her. We were going to return her
to you after the race. Why would you do that?
We weren't even going to race. I know, but Ayameko doesn't
leave anything to chance. That's what a race
is all about. Chance. -Yeah.
-Not in her world. Look, I know it may
not appear this way,
but this isn't me. This isn't who I am. You guys still have
the fake Shelly, right? Her name's Tricksy, now. She's with our dad. Well, how about we let Tricksy
do what she does best? [vocal exercises] [Danny] Judge Brown! I need to speak to you. Yeah, make it quick. I'm about
to go announce the races. [vocal exercises] What's that? Vocal exercises. Oh. Okay. So, we picked up
Shelly yesterday. At least, we thought
we did and-- Yeah, you have
to excuse me. I... I'm about to
walk on to the stage.
[clears throat] The Shelly we
picked up was a fake. -A fake dog?
-No, no, no. A fake Shelly. What in the wonderful world
of wienies would you be
doing with a fake Shelly? -That's a long story.
-Well, I-- The point is,
Ayameko dognapped Shelly. You mean Ayameko,
the champion from Japan? Oh, Danny, Danny,
that's a very
serious allegation. Accusing another racer of...
of dognapping is a direct
violation of rule seven... Well, actually it's not
seven point it... I'm not... Make a note. We need to add a rule
about dognapping, -and dognapping allegation.
-Yes, sir. Yes. Now, what
is it you need? Have you noticed how a lot of
the dogs have similar... birthmarks to Shelly's? Yes. They're calling it
the "mark of a champion"
this year. Don't you find it
a bit suspicious? You mean, coincidental? No. I mean suspicious. We think
Miss Merryweather's
behind it. Miss Merryweather? What would Miss Merryweather
have to do with
hundreds of dogs having identical
birthmark placement? I mean... [vocal exercises] Cloning. That's ridiculous. It's not ridiculous. Merryweather Industries is well
known in the scientific world
for aggressive experiments. [laughs] Yes,
but there wouldn't-- It just... Please look into it. We made a list of
all the different countries with dogs that have
birthmarks like Shelly's. Huh, well, that's why
I have an assistant. Now, you understand
it's too late for us to do anything about this
before the race today. Of course. Also, I need to know,
who will be representing
the United States? Will it be Ms. Merryweather
or the Jack family? I believe we will, sir. There's just
one more thing
we have to do. Well, you do understand
that by the time
I announce the race, you must be seated
underneath the U.S. flag or Mrs. Merryweather
will race in your place. -Yes, sir.
-Yes. [clears throat] -[hums]
-Judge Brown? -Yes? [hums]
-I owe you. Oh, oh, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no. Owing me, well,
that would be in direct
violation of rule 2.9. [hums] If a dog chews shoes,
what shoes would he chew? -Rules.
-If a dog chews shoes,
what shoes would he chew? [hums] If a dog chews shoes,
what shoes would he chew? If a dog chews shoes... [Judge Brown] It brings me
great excitement to kick off the 13th annual
Wiener Dog Internationals. Televised in over
100 countries. Viewed by over
20 million people. It's the biggest
wiener dog event
of the year! [cheering] Thank you! Thank you! As some of you may know,
I was recently asked to take over as head judge
for this esteemed organization, after serving for 15 years
for the U.S. Nationals, and I am excited to be part of
this international legacy. And now to kick us off,
open your ears and listen to the wonderful recording
by Barking Tempo of
the Internationals theme song. [song plays] Hello, Jack family. You don't scare us. Oh, good. I just wanted to wish
you luck on the race today. Really? -No, not really.
-Oh. That was sarcasm. Ah, sarcasm. Something
my protege excels at. Merryweather. Why the glum face? I mean, it's just
a race, right? Not like anyone
has to get hurt. Right. Oh, and I see you
brought Shelly. I guess that means I'll be
sitting on the sidelines, huh? That's where you belong. Let's just hope
she lives up
to her reputation. I wouldn't want her to
feel she didn't belong. Yes, I'm sure that
would really devastate you. Have a nice race. You know, for someone
who has so much money, you sure do
blow a lot of it
picking on kids. Oh, thanks for noticing. Let's go. [crowd cheering] [Danny] She knows
this Shelly's a fake. [Bridget] But she doesn't
know that we know. [Judge Brown]
Ladies and Gentlemen, with 64 countries
present here today, it is a verifiable
War of the Wieners. [cheering] Now, today you'll
witness eight races, with eight dogs in each race. The winner of each race will
advance to the final showdown. Let's welcome the racers from
our first eight countries! Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Venezuela
and... Russia. She's warming up herself
not the dog, but why... Why would you be doing that? -Just focus on what
we're here for.
-We're here to get Shelly. Alright. And now, the moment we
have all been waiting for. The moment some of us
have traveled halfway
around the world for. Ladies and gentlemen,
start your wieners! [bell ringing] [cheering] I don't believe it. Russia has been defeated
in the first race. Thought to be a favorite, well it turns out that
Clementine from France has snatched sweet victory
right from the claws of
oppressive Mother Russia. [sighs] Unpredictability is one
of the many qualities that makes Wiener Dog racing
one of the most
beloved sports around. Aw. I guess you don't
know what to expect
in a race like this. -[growling]
-[Danny] I hope so. [whispers] Go to Etsuko. Go! [Danny] Go that way. That way! [Bridget]
No, to the right!
Other right. That way, that way! Yeah! [sniffing]
[whining] [both] Not the hotdog! It's unedible. [barks] That way. Yes. Good. [Bridget] Bye, Tricksy! We're up. This is it. -Good luck out there.
-I don't need luck. Make sure the Jack family
doesn't get near
that dog carrier. You got it. [barking] Hey, Tricksy. Go to Danny! [barks] Shelly! Two-four-six-eight!
Who do we appreciate? Shelly! Shelly!
Yay, Shelly! We're being watched. [whispers inaudibly] Hey, now that we got
what we came for, let's go. What? I already told you. After what you did,
I'm not letting you race. Dad. Look, we got her back. It's the most
important thing, right? -Yeah, I guess so.
-Come on, Danny. I don't believe it. As the racers lead
to their marks, it appears the Jack family
have conceded their bench. Boo! Get off their bench! Oh, no. [announcer] Race two. [bell rings] [cheering] And it looks like
this race goes to Japan. We are leading up to one
very exciting final race, with France and Japan taking
two of the eight spots. [announcer] Race three. [bell rings] [Judge Brown]
Antarctica, wins! [announcer] Race four. [bell rings] [Judge Brown]
Germany, wins! [announcer] Race five. [bell rings] [Judge Brown]
Jamaica, wins! [announcer] Race six. [bell rings] Singapore, wins! [announcer] Race seven. [bell rings] [Judge Brown]
United Kingdom, wins! [speaks French] [speaks Japanese] [speaks Russian] Now we are getting down
to the final race, and it still appears
that Ms. Merryweather
is on the U.S. bench. Oh, Princess. This is it.
This is our big moment. The question on
everyone's lips, what happened to
the Jack family? Dad? Are we going home? Excuse me. [clears throat]
Judge Brown, sir. Yes, what is it? I have the results of that
research you wanted me to do. And? Well, it's not
looking good, sir. -I think the kids
may be right.
-Hmm. There are several instances
of known cloning, and Merryweather Industries
recently became a sponsor of several of
the countries involved. Hmm. In fact, most of
today's winning dogs. Ah, a wiener conspiracy. -I'm afraid so, sir.
-Ooh, well. Is there any way we can stop
Mrs. Merryweather from racing? Well, there's nothing
in the rulebook that
specifically forbids it. Now, have you checked
all 37 translations, including Swahili
and ancient Greek? I don't believe so, sir.
I'll check again. Good.
[sighs] This isn't good.
This is not good. [applause] I... I...
I don't believe it. The Jack family is back! We'd like our bench back. [Merryweather] You just can't
seem to make up your mind about this whole
racing thing, can you? Why don't you just step
aside and let me show
you how it's done. Our mind is made up.
We're doing this race. Yeah, it's time for Shelly
to show the world
what she's made of. Oh, I've seen what
she's made of.
Literally. These jackets have
gotten too tight. So last race. Definitely. [chuckles] They are bringing it
right down to the wire, as the eighth race
is about to begin. Look, look, look,
it's Shelly! Oh! This is excitement. [crying] [woman] Come and pick
your wiener winter wear
this Wednesday. Buy one, get one free! Watch your family go down
in the record books as the worst racers
in U.S. history. [chuckles] What is this? We have the fake Shelly.
How did this happen? Her name's Tricksy, now.
And she's mine. Hmm. There seems to be
some sort of commotion in the Japanese corner
as the eighth and final race
takes to the track. This is it, girl.
You can do this. Listen, win or lose,
I love you, okay? Excuse me, coming through.
Hey, have fun. And you, do what
you do best. Win! Good luck, Shelly!
Excuse me. [Danny] Shelly, you
were born to run. -[announcer] Race eight.
-[bell rings] [Judge Brown] And the U.S.
pulls way ahead. Yes! Shelly Jack possessed
as she pumps her way
to the finish line. No! Oh, my gosh!
I think Shelly Jack has
set world records today! This is not how it's
supposed to go down. You're fired, Etsuko. Fired! You can't fire me.
I already quit. Eight races have been
completed today, folks. And here is who
remains for the final. France, Japan, Germany, Jamaica, Singapore,
United Kingdom, Antarctica, and the U.S.A. We are now gonna let the racers
regroup, but sit tight people, because the final race
is about to begin. This is a private area.
Private. Private. Shoo! [scoffs] [moaning] Hey, uh... thanks. For what?
Stealing your dog? Well, maybe not for that part, but, you know,
for the other stuff. You know, where
you helped and stuff. You're welcome. You know, since you don't
actually live in Japan, you know, I mean, I... I don't know,
maybe... maybe we could-- Meet at another race? [chuckles] I'm joking.
I'd love to see you again. Good. I mean, if that's
what you want. Yeah.
[chuckles] You know, I think Tricksy
is taking a liking to me. You think she may
wanna adopt me? I think she'll
make room for you. You've gotten this far,
but that doesn't mean you won. Nope. Just means
we have a chance. Not much of a chance
if you ask me. You notice something
about most of these dogs
you're up against? They're all cute. A lot of them have birthmarks,
exactly where Shelly does. You said that was the mark
of a champion, right? Merryweather Industries
cloned your dog, Danny. Shelly's racing
a bunch of Shellys. And one of us
is going to win. -That's not true.
-They don't all look alike. Improvements on
the original. I don't care if
you believe me. I didn't tell you
so we could be friends. I told you, so you know
exactly what you're up against. There's only one Shelly. Not today. Ladies and Gentlemen,
we are calling the racers
back to the track. The final race
is about to begin. I'd say good luck,
but, you know... Look, don't listen to her. Okay, I don't care
if Miss Merryweather
did clone Shelly. They were basically just
a bunch of blank slates
when they were born. They won't have
this girl's heart. I hope you're right. Me too. [Judge Brown] This is it.
The final moment. The winner of this race
will be the winner of
the Internationals. A full year of preparation. A full day of races have
led us all to this moment. And the bell will ring in
five... four... three... ...two... one... Ring it! [bell rings] Move your feet! Come on, Shelly! Come on! Wowie, wow, wieners!
That was a close one. Oh, we're gonna have to go
to the cameras to see that. [squeals] No, no, no! I'm still mad at you. But I'm really
proud of you, too. [laughs] Good job. This isn't over, Shelly.
We'll be back next year. Right, Princess? Miss Merryweather?
Um... you'll need
to come with us, with the security guard. We have to ask you
a few questions about
Merryweather Industries. Everything I did was within
the confines of the rulebook. You may not be technically
breaking the rules today,
Ms. Merryweather, but rule 4.26 clearly states
that we reserve the right to add a decimal point
to the rulebook. You wouldn't. Oh, wouldn't I. You may have bought your way
out of your last race. You can't ban me from racing,
Judge Brown. I'll find a way. I know you will. And I'll be right there,
waiting in the wings of the great Wiener Hall
to stop you. Now, take her away! Wiener Hall? So, do you think we're done
with this whole wiener dog
racing thing for a while? I don't know. Ask her. [man] Can I get a quick picture
of you two and Shelly? -Sure.
-Yeah. She is
an international treasure. [laughs] [camera clicks] Okay. I'm about
ready to head home. Got my bunny
loaded in the car. She was such a good find. And this, for my
mediation room. I just need to
fill my hug meter. [Jenny] Ah, so many hugs. [laughs] I'm sorry for tricking you. Hey, you put that brain
to some better uses, you might change the world. Maybe I can clone something. Just hope you don't
clone yourself. Hey! So, you're taking off? Yep. It's about that time.
Oh, Melanie called. She said she's
back in town, and she wanted you to
meet her in St. Joseph's. Michigan's most
romantic city. What? Now? Look, I mean,
the sooner the better. I may have let it slip about
what you were planning to do. [chuckles] Why would you do that? Well, she needed to
know that the reason
you went to see her, and the reason you left
before proposing were
the same. Family. Go, Dad. This is your chance
to be super romantic. -Instead of all grouchy.
-Oh, really. What do you think? Yeah, Dad. Relax.
I got the rugrats. Go! Sure? Come on, I'll drive you! I'm great at
watching' proposals. Hardly know I'm there. Okay. I'll... I'll go. [barks] -Thank you, guys.
-Go! -Thanks, guys.
-Go! -Go on, go!
Get outta here.
-Go! Go! Go! -Okay, okay.
-And remember, Dad, it's a marathon,
not a race. I will remember that. [Skip] So, anybody ready
for a new adventure? We're always ready
for a new adventure. You know, I hear there's some
really great wiener dog races
happening in Mexico. [Skip] I'm not going to Mexico
for a wiener dog race. [Danny] I knew
you'd say that. So I actually made
an itinerary of other things to do in Mexico
while me and Bridget race. [Bridget] Oh, and we can sing
that "99 Hotdogs" song again! But maybe this time
let's start at one thousand! -[Skip] Yeah, not a chance!
-[Bridget laughs] [pop music plays] [speaks French] [speaks Japanese] [speaks Russian] No. No. No, no, no, no! Just go away! I have no
comment. No comment! Hear me? So rude. What has
happened to the press? [woman] Merryweather Industries
was taken down today, as speculation for its
contribution to cloned
wiener dogs everywhere, sent proponents of wiener dog
racing into a flurry of
allegations and lawsuits. The Jack family,
whose dog, Shelly Jack, named in honor of
shelter dogs everywhere,
had this to say. We've had run-ins with
Miss Merryweather in the past. So I guess it's not that
surprising what she did. She's a pretty mean lady
for sure, but she's also
kind of brilliant. I mean, who would have ever
thought she could be cloning something
and still remain so classy. But in an evil kind of way. Told you we'd see
more reporters. "Told you we'd see
more reporters." [pop music continues]