Wife to Be Sacrificed (1974) Movie Script

A Nikkatsu Production
Uncle, what are you looking at?
A pretty lady.
Nasty man.
You said you didn't
like older ladies.
But that was a lady I knew
a long time ago.
Uncle. Uncle.
What's wrong?
Uncle. Uncle.
What about Uncle?
He disappeared.
What's wrong?
She's a lost child.
Where are you from, little girl?
Do you know your address?
The police is here to see you.
I'm afraid to ask, but...
your husband disappeared three years
ago, is that right?
His last name was Kunisada, but he
changed his name after the marriage?
He was a high school teacher
at the time.
Before he vanished, he was arrested
for sexual indecency.
Something happened between
him and a young school girl.
Regarding that lost little girl.
The little girl in town?
She's not just lost, she's
been kidnapped.
And it appeared she was sexually
She showed signs of abuse.
We think it's the result of recent
sexual activity.
I don't want to hear this!
It's you.
Your mother passed away, didn't she?
Accept my condolences.
What are you doing here?
After everything, do you think
you can just come back?
I didn't come home.
I just happened to be here.
You never remarried?
I'm through with men.
Is that true?
I'm scared of women too.
I don't know why you're here.
Alright, this is for you.
I won't accept anything from you.
What are you doing?
You haven't changed at all.
It hurts!
I just want you to wear this.
You are...
You are wanted by the police.
You're only going to get in more
trouble by doing this.
I'm expecting the worst.
Before I went into town, I was
living with Mika.
I don't know why somebody abandoned
this house.
It's very peaceful here.
It's a comfortable place.
Why are you doing this?
What do you want from me?
What are you laughing about?
I'm not laughing.
At last, I'm happy.
What are you trying to do?
Promise me you'll let me go.
Promise me!
What are you doing?
Let me go.
You promised.
I won't report this to the police,
so, please...
You lied to me.
You should eat something
or you'll be sick.
Is something wrong?
Please. Please.
Let me go to the bathroom.
Just do it there.
You made a real mess here.
I need a toilet.
Wait while I clean things up.
Please untie me.
I can't do it this way.
Close the door.
I can't. I want to watch.
If you won't let me watch,
then I'll take you back inside.
Don't look.
Don't look at me.
Is the water warm enough?
It's very nice.
You must feel much fresher now.
Don't think I forgive you.
I just don't want you to lose
your beauty.
I was really surprised
by what you did.
You wanted to kill me, right?
Stop. I'll do whatever you say.
Forgive me.
You are so selfish.
It's time for the punishment.
I can see everything.
Does it feel good?
Do you like to be watched?
You were a really bad woman.
You tried to kill your ex-husband.
That's not very nice.
Excuse me.
It's been a long time.
Help me.
What's wrong?
I've been kidnapped. A crazy man.
Help me please.
What are you doing? No!
I remember our wedding.
The beautiful ceremony.
I'm thinking.
We'll get married again tonight.
But without the audience.
Please don't do that.
Don't move. If you move,
it might slip.
Stay still.
I don't need soap. You're so wet.
Now, you're truly naked.
Another burden? More problems
for yourself?
Envious of what?
She has a smile on her face.
She had totally believed
in their love.
So you're actually jealous of this
suicide couple's love?
Where am I?
I saved your life.
Saved my life?
You tried a double suicide, right?
Double suicide?
Kiyoshi! Where is Kiyoshi?
Don't worry about him.
- Untie me.
- I can't.
Why don't you just die?
You'll only live with shame now.
No. I don't like this. Untie me
Untie me now!
Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi!
So. You're awake now?
- What am I doing here?
- Kiyoshi.
Kaoru? Why are you...?
Don't look at me. Don't look.
Hey you! Quit joking around.
Untie her.
You both loved each
other to death...
Nothing can change your love
for each other now.
No matter how embarrassing.
People like you could never
understand our love.
Untie her!
What are you doing to her?
She has a cute ass.
White. Right amount of fat.
No one could expect more.
What? What are you doing?
I don't even know.
When I see a cute ass, I can't
control myself.
Hey! Wait a minute!
Hey! Stop! Please!
Stop it! No more!
Stop moving, or else your boyfriend
will see your asshole.
It's your turn now.
Make her wait.
The longer she holds it,
the better she'll feel later.
Kiyoshi is watching you.
So hold it.
I can't hold it.
Well, maybe that was too
much for you?
For a man who was almost dead,
you sure are strong down here.
He's yours.
Do it right there.
So Kaoru can see.
Now it's time for Kiyoshi
to discharge.
I just realized something.
I've never washed your back before.
It's so strange.
I'm so comfortable here.
I want you to whip me hard.
I was a bad woman.
- Akiko.
- Darling.
Kiyoshi, do you still love me?
I give up.
What did you give up?
You're hurting me. I don't care about
anything anymore.
You only think about yourself
Don't move. It hurts.
I hate you. Go to hell!
What's wrong? Such a baby
Let me see. Open wide.
I think you should go to hell.
I got it.
I don't need you two anymore.
You can stay here, or you may leave.
Embarrassed. I've embarrassed myself.
I can't believe
I've became like this.
Do you think they have left?
They are just two empty bodies.
Filled with hatred.
You destroyed their love.
- They're gone.
- Yes.
What difference does it make?
They don't know anything.
What can I do?
They played the last joke.
You're right.
It's the ultimate joke.
Darling, be strong.
They were supposed to be dead
long before now.
Now. Tie me.
I have changed.
You haven't changed.
Your real side is now exposed.
Quickly, please rape me.
Do you think the girl is going
back to Kunisada's place?
Yeah. I'm sure of it.
She's pissing.
This is terrible.
Don't untie me. I like it this way.
Where is Kunisada?
He escaped.
It's funny but I think
he's afraid of me.
- Let's go.
- Okay
Written by Yozo Tanaka
Cinematography by Masaru Mori
Original Music by Taichi Tsukimizato
Akiko : Naomi Tani
Kunisada : Nagatoshi Sakamoto
Directed by
Masaru Konuma