Wil (2023) Movie Script

[Wil] They say history is important.
In school I had to learn
dates and names by heart.
Because that, according to them,
that is history.
The year of a particular battle.
The date some asshole died who as a leader
did unspeakable things for years.
You name it.
But nobody knows what history really is.
You know what I'm saying?
You'll have to see it with your own eyes.
People say, "Gosh, you survived the war.
What's more, as a policeman, respect."
Others will say, "You scumbag,
you should have done this, or that.
Why did you let that happen?"
You know what?
People are judgemental.
And it's always after the fact.
But when you're in the middle of it,
if you don't know
what tomorrow will bring,
and nobody knows that, not you, not me,
well, maybe you don't know shit.
[man] Welcome to the Antwerp police force.
You men are the buffer
between our people and the Germans.
You command respect with your uniform,
so keep it clean. And yourselves as well.
You must always check first
with your superior officers.
And follow their orders always,
of course, to the very letter.
There, that's the official part.
Now off the record.
Clment, shut the door.
Men, know that tomorrow morning
when you start work,
everything you learned
from your two-and-a-half-weeks of training
is not going to help you
in any way whatsoever.
No fucking chance.
Because there's only one thing
to get into your thick skull.
One thing.
I saw two bears buttering their bread
What a wondrous thing
Sing with me.
It was a wonder
- Come on, men, sing along.
- [all together] What a wonder
- Come on, everyone.
- That those bears could butter
Ha, ha, ha
Everyone. Dieter.
I stood by and watched it all
Did you hear that?
"I stood by and watched it all?"
Put it firmly in your skull.
That's the thing you need to remember.
You stand by and watch.
[thunder cracking]
- How big is your Aunt Alice's arse?
- Easily as big as this, I'd say.
This is perfect as a shelf.
Wait, let me show you. Aunt Alice
squats down and while doing so,
she looks me straight in the eyes.
And she keeps staring.
Just like this.
- You got that?
- [laughter]
That's a big arse.
Is that her?
Is that her?
Three francs for a drawing.
[thunder roaring]
[soldier] Recruits!
There are work refusers living
in this address. They must be arrested.
Take me to them.
- Shouldn't they always work in pairs?
- I thought so too.
What's with the talking?
Come on.
It does look like an order.
[soldier] You're a funny one.
What are you waiting for?
Let's go.
[training passing]
[loud knocking]
[soldier] Chaim Lizke?
- Yes?
- Come with me.
Uhm, what for?
Officer, there must be a mistake.
Right now.
- Do you have a warrant?
- I don't show Jews the warrant.
[Chaim] Ah, I understand. You want money.
Yes. You'd better come in.
Come inside.
[soldier] Nobody leaves this house.
Where's the money?
[Chaim] Yes. Follow me. It's this way.
Let me through
to leave her with the neighbour.
I beg you.
- Jeanne, can she stay with you, please?
- Myriam.
- I'll come back as soon as I can. Yes?
- Yes, of course. Come.
[Myriam] Don't you be scared.
It's alright. I'll come back. Promise.
Come on, my dear.
[door closing, footsteps approaching]
[Myriam crying]
[door opening]
[man] No, I'm sorry.
- Mummy. Let me go!
- [policeman] Shh! Quiet. Please.
- Mummy!
- Please, calm down.
[soldier] I don't have all day, old man.
- [Chaim] Hold on. Wait, please. Please.
- [soldier] That's it then!
I've had enough of this.
Tell me where.
Or I'll shoot you all right now.
[Chaim] I'll get you the money.
I swear. Yes.
- [soldier] No more games!
- [Chaim] Please.
[soldier, angrily] Out! Out!
[box of pills rattling]
[ominous music playing]
[soldier] Shit. My pills. Nobody move.
[muffled crying]
Stop her, you idiots!
[soldier grunts]
[Myriam screaming]
[heavy breathing]
[screaming] I'm going to kill you!
[screams and crying]
[soldier] Let go of me!
- [policeman] Mate!
- [soldier] Dirty Jew lover!
- Look what you've done now!
- [policeman] Please.
- Dirty Jewish pig!
- No!
Look what you've done.
[Wil screams]
[Myriam and the child crying]
[ominous music]
[child] Daddy.
[policemen grunting]
[music stops]
[door creaking]
- [woman] Wilfried?
- [man] This isn't a dovecote.
Just cause you got paid, doesn't
mean that you can do whatever you want.
What happened to you then?
[policeman breathing heavily]
- [nurse] Come on, you have to leave.
- [woman] Lode?
Where have you been all night?
Hey, hey.
Come here, brother. What happened? Huh?
It's alright. Hey.
[suspenseful music]
[people talking in the background]
- An SS officer, I heard.
- Don't be stupid, it's a Feldgendarm.
They are the ones with the iron plates
around their necks.
- Anyway, it seems he disappeared.
- Really?
- Here somewhere. Sixth district.
- On shift or off duty?
Well, if you think about it.
Come on, men, sign in.
Daft. Who would go to the Jewish quarter
on their own time, just for fun?
[man] Maybe he was visiting a girl
or something.
Alright, come on.
[Jean] It's a wasted visit. He did
not pass my station. You have my word.
- [man] This is all very strange.
- [second man] I agree.
I assume that you've asked around,
There's nothing to investigate. I was here
And we didn't see a Feldgendarm.
As I said.
- Um, I was on duty...
- Do you think we're complete idiots?
The missing Feldgendarm was given orders
for which he first was to receive
a police escort.
And this police station
was the one directly on his route.
- Look in the logbook.
- Yes, I'll get it.
And what does his colleague say?
Because they have to patrol in pairs,
Or was he maybe involved in something?
- [German officer] What are you implying?
- [Policeman] It's alright.
It was a joke. Humour.
There's nothing in the book.
[ominous music]
[Wil] The way Jean looked at us...
He saw us.
He saw us with that Feldgendarm.
Calm down.
Jean insists that the guy was never here.
You heard that, didn't you?
What if they come to question us?
Then we say the same thing as Jean.
[Wil sighing]
- What if someone else saw us?
- There was no one else, was there?
[man whistling]
Come with me. I have a present for you.
Ah, these two.
Gentlemen, I require, please, an urgent
a transport escort. Communists.
[solider] Get out!
So, who's hungry then?
Communist swine will eat anything.
[Officer] I want to give all those present
one last opportunity.
Can anyone tell me what happened
to the missing Feldgendarm?
[soldier] Give me a number.
Between one and eight.
Come on.
[soldier] One...
The Feldgendarm. Who knows something?
Get down.
[rifle cocking]
[soldier] One, two, three.
For every German soldier that gets hurt,
a large number of you will pay the price.
here you've got off lightly.
You're going on a journey
to the communist paradise.
[ominous music, gunshots fading]
[music fading]
[phone ringing,
gramophone playing opera]
Bloody hell.
[Jozef] Sorry for disturbing you,
Mr. Verschaffel. It's Jozef.
- Can we come in? It's urgent.
- Yes.
I would never bother you
this light, Mr. Verschaffel. My apologies.
- But you said if there was a problem...
- Of course, of course.
I always thought
you become an artist one day.
Do you still draw, Wilfried?
I paint too. Look, self-portraits. But
you must be much better than me by now.
I'm certain of it. With your talent,
you'll surpass everyone.
I've brought you something. A herring.
If I can just tell you, Mr. Verschaffel.
- [Verschaffel] Did the Jews run away?
- [Wil] Yes. Here we are. It happened here.
You really were alone?
Yes, just me. It was my first shift.
I don't know anyone yet.
And it was an accident.
You're sure of that 100 percent?
- I swear. He slipped in the mud.
- Ah.
Alright, let's take a look.
The hole was the only place we could...
that I could think of quickly.
[Jozef] You think
that was a mistake?
[Verschaffel] Yes. You should've...
Wil. What...
[Wil] He's gone.
He was here, I swear.
The Germans have already found the body.
Oh, Wil.
Come here, the both of you.
Listen carefully.
Should this ever come out,
it'll be the wall.
What's more, what you've just done here,
by telling me about it,
that makes me an accomplice.
You understand?
Anyway, I'll do my best to sort it out
with my friend Gregor. But...
of course, I'll need something in return.
- We don't have a lot of money.
- Who's talking about money?
Your son is a very talented painter.
That can be useful.
Also, is he not now on the police?
That can be even more useful, no?
For me, and my friend Gregor.
[ominous music]
We understand each other?
- Yes.
- Are we agreed?
- Yes.
- We understand each other, right?
[suspenseful music]
[Wil] The body is gone.
Did you go back?
It's disappeared.
You haven't told anybody, have you?
And the Jews? Did they get them?
They're still on the run.
Who said that?
Who told you that Wil?
Just me.
[woman] Think it through.
It's a dead Feldgendarm.
Everyone is looking for him.
Our lives are at stake here.
- Wil saved mine.
- How long have you known him?
How long did he train for?
I want to know who this Wil is.
Where he lives, his parents.
And I want him to know
that he's being watched.
[music fades, background speaking]
Thanks a lot for the invitation.
- You've won a lot of prizes.
- They're not mine, they're the animals'.
[Lode] Wil, give me your coat.
Go through.
- Madam.
- Maria.
I hope you're hungry.
[Wil] Hello.
[Maria] Yvette, this is Wilfried.
People call him Wils.
He's a friend of Lode's.
Please, call me Wil.
You are different to how I imagined.
Son of the hairdresser on Rotterdamstraat?
No, unrelated.
My father works at the Town Hall.
- [man] Town Hall?
- [Wil] Yes.
Do you speak German at home?
A little. Like everyone else.
Ausweis, bitte, Kartoffeln...
Enough of that. Go on, have a seat.
You shit your pants?
- [Wil] No.
- [Yvette] Father.
Do you have a radio at home?
- What stations do you listen to?
- He's always butchering people.
I'm curious about everyone I meet, right?
I ask all my customers.
Go on, tell me, what stations
do you listen to at home?
There isn't much on the radio.
What should I listen to?
You are here
as right now we don't trust you.
Our lives are in your hands.
And we do not trust you.
- Your father works at the Town Hall.
- Yes.
That does you no favours at all.
Who did you tell anyone
you killed that Feldgendarm?
I told nobody.
How do we know that?
How do I know you all can be trusted?
We're all in the same boat.
We couldn't help it.
[door opens, footsteps]
Lode, hey.
[sad music]
If you betray him, I'll slit your throat.
[car engine revving]
Here it is, Wilfried. Look at this palace.
You see, I took it over from a Jew
who had to leave urgently.
I'll take care of it,
as a favour to that man.
And what if he comes back?
Don't worry about that. My friend Gregor
says he won't be coming back, I'm certain.
But look at this, Wilfried. In this space,
we can paint as much as we want.
Honestly, fear not. The Jew won't be back.
I have it on good authority.
- Do you understand?
- I think so.
Let me show you something.
Do you know what's important these days?
Knowledge. Knowledge and ideals.
I, for one, am an idealist.
Four years before the war,
I was already keeping my eyes open
watching the port and relaying information
to my friend Gregor. And that's knowledge.
I gave him information, and every month
they paid me 1,000 francs for four years.
- They were involved that long ago?
- Oh, everyone was asleep.
I see an idealist in you, my boy.
- Me, an idealist?
- Yes, they're the best.
Idealists who don't even know
they're idealists.
And with you, there's the added fact,
look you here, that you're an artist.
You have skill.
Art, my friend, is struggle.
You understand?
I feel that through history we've allowed
the Jewish nation to degrade our art.
And one day, when you're a celebrated
artist in a country freed of the Jews,
then I'll say that I discovered you.
[In German] They are cunning, cowardly
and cruel, and appear in massive hordes.
They represent the element of insidious,
subterranean destruction among animals.
No different than the Jews among men.
Sidelocks and beard, cap and caftan
characterise the Eastern Jew for everyone.
If he takes them off, only people with
a sharper eye recognise his racial origin.
His homeland is Asia.
From there, he migrates in crowds via
Russia and the Balkan countries to Europe.
[people shouting angrily]
[ominous music]
[crowd] Sieg heil! Sieg heil!
[microphone sound]
The Israelites are a poison among us.
Enough? How long must we suffer
this cancer?
Are we a nation that weak and sick?
- [crowd] No!
- Or is this nation filled with men?
- [crowd] Yes!
- With lions!
A country that ignores its beating heart
can never be worthy of nationhood.
An Aryan who stands there
looking on
while his blood and soil are being defiled
isn't worthy of being an Aryan.
Stand up! Jews out right now!
[crowd chanting]
Jews out! Jews out! Jews out!
To the synagogue!
[suspenseful music]
A mob is heading to the synagogue.
It's going to be carnage.
Everyone, come now!
[music stops]
[man] Now you're not so tough, are you?
Hey, now you're not so tough, are you?
[woman screaming]
[woman, screaming] No! Help me!
[man] Stop it! They're here!
They're coming!
Come on!
[Jean] So? Are you watching football?
For fuck's sake!
Are you winning?
Don't you dare say you weren't here!
Now move your asses!
All of you, go! Goddam! All of you!
Fuck off!
Wilfried. Dear boy.
Where did you go? You only missed
the beginning of our dream.
It was fantastic.
It was fantastic, my boy.
It was fantastic!
Where have you been? Huh?
Yes, yes, it was fantastic!
Who's that? A new friend of yours, huh?
[water stops]
Not here.
I got to show you something. Come.
[Wil] Lode, calm down!
It's not what you think.
- Calm down.
- [Lode] Asshole!
[fighting continues]
- [Wil] Will you calm down?
- [Lode] Asshole.
[Wil] Come with me.
I have to show you something. Come.
[Myriam] Ah, you brought your friend.
Thanks for all that you've done.
I let them hide in the electric cabin
and then I brought them here.
- How is she?
- She still hasn't said a word.
- Did you bring any eggs?
- [Wil] Sorry, I didn't bring food with me.
Here. Ask them to throw this out.
Thank you.
Now I want to know
what happened to the body.
We threw him in the Willem dock.
With Yvette?
White Brigade?
[man] Friends,
we are all scared.
No one should be ashamed of that.
What we do here is vital.
Yes. Even though
most probably
not one of us will be remembered for it.
Anyway, that's not why we do it.
Our sacrifices are...
And so are our fears, huh? There.
And in the meantime,
many are taken from us.
And what do we do?
We cut a few cables.
We paint some slogans on walls.
Really, we're a bunch of children
harassing the Germans a little
instead of finding ways to fight them.
We know that there are raids coming.
We know that.
We don't know when,
and we also don't know by whom
or where, we have no idea at all.
We don't know anything.
So, I want to know...
Can we do more?
Are we able to save lives?
We're all pleased to see you.
Go on through then.
[Wil] I've come for some meat.
- Perhaps I was wrong about you.
- Oh?
Who are you really, Wil?
I'm happy I'm not the chicken.
[Yvette] Huh.
Well, chicken, can you dance?
- Huh?
- Can you dance?
[Yvette laughs]
[man] Wils.
Here. There's no pork in there.
There's a hard-boiled egg.
[Wil] Huh.
[swing music playing, footsteps]
[Marie] Ah, Fred Astaire.
Be careful, with Yvette.
I'm really not like that, I assure you.
I don't mean you, I mean her.
Be careful.
She'll hurt you.
[eerie music]
[Yvette] One, two, three...
Thank you.
[music stops]
[In Yiddish] Years of childhood
Sweet years of childhood
Forever you will stay in my memory
Whenever I think of those years
My heart sinks and I feel sad
Oh, how quickly did I become old
In my mind still stands
the little house
Where I was born, where I grew up
There I see my cradle
It still stands at its place
All that is faded away like a dream
[song fades, suspenseful music]
[door bell ringing]
- [Yvette] I'm here for the brooms.
- Which ones?
- The red ones.
- They're upstairs.
[background talking]
[voices from radio in background]
I've told them.
Is this the man
who you told us about, Bianca?
You have to choose a code name.
I'm Valentino.
[Yvette] Angelo.
- Huh?
- Angelo is a good name for you.
[man] Welcome, Angelo.
It seems that you get along well
with those bastards from the caf.
Yeah, well...
[man] That's good.
There's nothing wrong with that.
If you hear anything about any raids,
for example, then feel free to tell us.
But be careful,
it's a dangerous game with that lot.
But get close to them.
[happy music and talking]
Where was I?
Oh, yeah, so I tell that Jew:
"This is my time. And yours is over.
You understand?" [laughter]
Put that thing back in your pocket,
Mr. Verschaffel. Three gins?
- Yes.
- A pint for me. I can't handle hot liquor.
A pint for our artist.
And one for Sus as well.
- Hello, Mr. Verschaffel.
- Sus, a poet. Another discovery of mine.
Sus, for me, is the new Paul van Ostaijen.
I mean that. I'm not exaggerating.
- Come, sit with us.
- [woman] Forget it.
Go and sit over there, scrounger.
He can shove his rhymes up his ass.
- [Verschaffen] Wilfried, this is Jenny.
- An honour.
- Pleasure.
- The boss.
I'm the flame in his cigar.
- [Verschaffel] Come on, Jenny.
- That's not a lie, is it, Felix?
Felix has promised to secure
a cigar shop for me.
That's what he said.
Someday, when I have grey hair.
- Patience, my dear. That shop will happen.
- The next raid. I've waited long enough.
Women are expensive. Cost you a fortune.
Come here, let me take a look at you.
[door opening and closing]
- Omer?
- [man] Yes?
- I believe you know Wilfried.
- Ah, the painter.
Wilfried, this is Omer Verschueren.
A notary.
Why don't you ask Wilfried
to paint you a portrait?
- You do portraits, don't you?
- No. They're really very tricky.
- [Jenny] Yes, but not of my face.
- [Verschaffel] Will you make it?
Irma, a double shot for Mr. Vingerhoets.
Come and join us, Edouard.
What's this traitor doing here?
Who brought him along?
- Does it matter?
- What has this lad done to you?
Hey, sit, he's one of ours. This lad
is with us. So, what's the problem?
[Verschaffen] Huh.
[Edouard] Thanks, Irma.
In our march on the synagogue,
this idiot gave the alarm.
He couldn't run fast enough to the station
to snitch.
There could have been an accident.
It's my duty to report it.
Ah, enough, Edouard, the boy
was just doing what he thought was...
You are wrong!
And you're defending him now?
How long has he worked for the police?
He knows nothing.
[Edouard] Really?
What about you, Verschaffel, hmm?
Maybe it was you who sent him back
to sabotage us.
- Edouard.
- Calm down.
You shut your mouth.
Watch what you're saying.
We'll see what Gregor has to say.
My friend Gregor will laugh at you.
Say no more.
- [Edouard] He's a traitor.
- Say no more!
- [Omer] Gentlemen.
- Say no more!
[Omer] Felix, calm down.
Be careful with what you tell Gregor.
Gregor is an odd one, Felix.
No one sent me to the station,
certainly not Mr. Verschaffel.
Ah, I admit, I should have prepared
Wilfried more for what could happen.
It's He has a poetic soul,
he didn't know any better.
With his dirty sketches.
He's a "Poetic soul."
If someone shouldn't talk about dirty,
it's you, Mr. Dirty Finger.
Unbelievable, why do they keep calling
him Finger, with that nose.
That says it all. Or shall we tell them
who you really are? Are you kidding me?
[Omer] Come on! Everyone, drink!
To the naivety of youngsters!
May they do a lot of stupid things.
Drink to the stupidity of youth!
- Now we'll shoot.
- [Verschaffel] Cover your ears.
[Jenny] Don't do it.
For fuck's sake!
Go do that outside!
- I have to get going.
- [Jenny] Alright.
[man] Pour me another.
[door opening, ominous music]
This is an address book.
It was hidden in a vase.
Here. Gregor Schnabel,
Chief Secretary, Secret Field Police.
Two telephone numbers.
"My friend Gregor."
Are those his German contacts?
- Yes, but there are also some local names.
- [Wil] Are they known collaborators?
Yes, many people we know,
but a few surprises here.
You cosying up with Beard Man
wasn't so bad after all.
Here. Title deeds for seven houses
in the Jewish quarter.
This is more than seven houses.
All for next to nothing.
And all from Omer Verschueren.
There are more.
[Wil] A cigar shop.
He promised a cigar shop to Jenny.
- Rijfstraat.
- [Yvette] Is that one among those deeds?
- Here.
- No.
She hasn't got her shop yet.
After the next raid, he said.
We have to continue looking, ehm.
Here, wait.
[door opening]
[Verschaffel laughing]
[Jenny] Did you leave the lights on again?
You do that every time.
You're trying to get me drunk.
[Verschaffel] Ready, my dear.
[Jenny] Put some music, come on.
[Verschaffel and Jenny laughing]
[music playing,
laughing continues]
[Verschaffel] Wait.
- Hey, ho!
- [Jenny] Ah, yes!
[Yvette] Come on, Will, come on! Yeehaa!
Giddy up! Faster!
- [Wil] You're heavy.
- This is fun.
[Wil] Let me catch my breath.
No, no, wait, keep going. Please.
[train honking]
[Wil] Come on, come here!
[Yvette laughing, Wil panting]
Come, Wil. Let's go, boy.
Ah, our deputy. Congratulations.
I'm very happy for you, Finger.
Did everyone understand the orders?
Close off the streets,
let no one in or out, and that's all.
And what they do is not your concern.
[soldiers shouting in the background]
[soldier] The Jews have
obviously been warned.
[policeman] What?
They had lots of warning.
That means it is a rat.
My unit only received their orders
a little over an hour ago.
Apart from that,
not one word
of the plan was mentioned.
There were only three people who knew
of this, me, Felix Verschaffel, and you.
I'll find the rat and deliver him to you.
Yes, for your sake, I hope so.
Don't disappoint me again.
[ominous music, car engine starts]
[music playing, background talk]
We're going out.
[swing music playing]
Come here, my godson.
- Are you two together?
- [Wil] That's Yvette.
- Yvette, this is Aunt Emma.
- Hello.
You're a pretty young thing.
Come, I want you to meet someone.
Aren't you thirsty?
[ominous music]
[Emma] Come on, Wil, let's get a drink.
This is my nephew Wilfried,
and his friend Yvette.
So delighted. If you would do me
the honour and join me on the sofa.
We know each other.
[Emma] Your hair is gorgeous.
Tell Aunt Emma your secret.
This is really an incredible coincidence,
isn't it?
Would you care
for Champagne? Schnapps? No?
What's the matter? You seem a bit tense.
Forgive me, I don't want to embarrass you.
I am and remain your occupier
and I apologise for that,
but I am not your enemy.
And it wasn't my intention,
but your wonderful Aunt Emma and I
have just fell head over heels in love.
This woman just drives me crazy.
And so, if you ever find yourself
in difficulties of any sort...
A representative
of the Antwerp police force. There you go.
No schnapps for me.
[soldier] Oh?
One, two, three... Bottom's up!
They're real athletes
these Antwerp policemen.
Wil, shall we dance?
You're among friends here.
And if you're one of us, you drink.
If you don't, it is no good.
Sorry, it may sound a bit boorish to you,
but it's simple
when you're among soldiers.
If you drink, then you're a comrade.
Whoever doesn't drink, is a fucking
milk rat. And I hate milk rats!
[music starts again]
Drink something, please.
You're so incredibly tense.
[man] A milk rat!
Hold on...
Gregor, you're being awful
to the young lad.
Angel, that is not a young lad.
That is an excellent man.
- That is good. Very, very good.
- [man] Now we're really getting started.
One, two, three... Bottom's up.
[all together] One, two, three...
Bottom's up!
Stop it, Wil.
[Yvette] Wil?
[slow dance music]
[Gregor] How are things at work?
All good?
Your aunt told me a wild story
about your first day at the police.
You came home in the middle of the night
with your uniform all covered in mud,
and that of your colleague too, I suppose.
And I said to your auntie
that I cannot wait to hear your side.
Can I hear it?
I'm sure it's very amusing.
Hilarious even.
I need to piss.
Wil? Wil!
Look who's here.
- Fuck off.
- With your little pee-pee.
You're pissing me off.
I'm not going to ask again. Fuck off!
"Fuck off, fuck off."
You got a big mouth.
You have a big mouth, lad,
but you're like a little puppet,
a play thing for Verschaffel.
[Emma] Wil. Wil! Stop it, Wil!
[screaming] Wil!
Well? Are you proud of what you've done?
Do you have a death wish?
He's able to talk.
- Explain what you did.
- Emma said you were provoking SS soldiers.
Don't you remember? Let me tell you.
You were blind drunk
and you put him in the hospital!
He's a friend of Mr. Verschaffel!
Don't talk to me about Verschaffel.
- Don't you realise we're in his debt?
- No!
I know you kiss his arse
and he now expects me to do it too.
- You ungrateful dog.
- Come on!
Show your father respect!
Emma said it was disgusting
and that beat the living hell out of him!
[ominous music]
[Yvette] You don't remember
what you said.
Yes or no?
in front of all those Germans...
yelled that you'd throw Sus
in the Willem dock
and that there was still room
next to that dead policeman.
If they start dredging that, we'll hang,
all of us.
It's possible
they didn't understand your babbling.
- But they may piece it all together.
- [Lode] Jean could work it out.
He saw us with that Feldgendarm.
They have us.
- We have to go into hiding.
- I've had enough. This'll get us nowhere.
Lode, get in uniform
and go to work. And you too.
Come on, Maurice, pull yourself together.
Pull yourself together, I said. Come on.
You weren't there for me.
[sombre music]
[soldier] Hey, you! Come with me.
Get in.
[Gregor laughing]
Ah! There he is, the man of the hour.
The wild beast.
The biggest drinker in Antwerp.
Did you sleep well? Hungover?
Don't just stand there, come on up.
Come here.
How well do you know your local history?
Did you know that the Willem dock was
commissioned in 1803 by Napoleon,
but not put into operation
until ten years later? Know that?
And did you also know that it isn't
as deep as one might expect?
Only six metres. No current.
Why am I telling you this?
I want to show you something.
Well, we found this in the jacket
of a murdered Feldgendarm.
They are his orders.
See here, he was on his way
to arrest work refusers.
And you know the protocol. He must first
request a police escort. Come here.
From your police station.
Do you know anything about it?
Why did you stop? Come with me.
And I'd like to show you something else,
if I may.
[ominous music]
Do you know how disappointing it is for me
that this body was found?
The murder case was closed.
There was retribution.
The communists punished.
And yet I have to start
the investigation all over again.
So be it, that's my part in this story.
I don't know yet
what your part in this is.
Maybe you do?
This way.
[soldier] Ah!
Our milkman.
[Gregor] Take a seat.
[soldier] Your colleague still denies
that the murdered Feldgendarm
presented himself at your station.
[Gregor] Do you believe him?
We don't.
[man screaming in pain]
The Feldgendarm was seen
on the way to your station.
I didn't see him come by.
[Gregor] Hm.
[man screaming in pain]
[soldier] At your station,
nobody saw him alive.
But you knew
that his body was in the Willem dock.
Uhm, I was drunk.
And yet, your instructions
were correct. How come?
- I heard it.
- [Gregor] Heard it. Good. From whom?
From him?
[Jean moaning in pain]
Is there anything
you would like to say?
Come here.
[soldier] Who saw the Feldgendarm?
You or him?
You or him?
Or the both of you?
[Jean] There is...
A... [unintelligible]
He was so...
That those bears...
Smearing butter
Hey, hey, hey
I stood by and watched it all
[sad music]
[Wil] Jean did nothing wrong.
Well, it's good to see you protect
each other. Trust me, it has value.
- I'm not protecting him.
- It doesn't matter if he did it or not.
We wanted rid of him anyway
and this was a welcome pretext.
We know that many police officers
have joined the Resistance.
The men of the White Brigade. Have
you come into contact with these people?
Please don't lie about this.
- I'm not lying.
- Huh!
I am not entirely convinced. But I am
prepared to continue playing along.
Your friend...
She really is a...
very lovely girl.
A knockout on the dance floor.
I heard she's the sister
of your colleague Metdepenningen.
Does he, perhaps, know what happened
with regard to the Feldgendarm?
I like you. Huh?
I think.
And I'm trying to help you.
You have a nice family.
You have a lovely girlfriend.
And if you and her want to have a future,
then it's time that you took sides.
As you all know, Jean has been arrested.
All I know
is that he went looking for trouble.
Just as right.
If you're against authority,
you shouldn't be in the force.
You mean he wasn't black enough.
If someone here
can exonerate Jean,
or the opposite,
then now is the time to speak up.
[ominous music]
Why don't you sit down?
There. Just there.
[music stops]
There he is. [coughing]
The prodigal son.
You know that parable.
- Mr. Versch...
- Let me be honest with you.
Our side
is winning.
My time wins.
And you?
You betrayed yourself and you betrayed me.
Do you know that I treated you like a son?
Do you see? No.
You don't understand at all.
Here's one last chance.
A real opportunity
for a real opportunist, here.
Here is your last chance
to better your life.
[Verschaffel imitating gunshot]
You kill these rats.
Kill this rat in front of me.
Kill that Jew,
that stinking filthy rat, for me.
Now I say, just do it! They're mine!
[suspenseful music]
[Myriam screaming, Verschaffel grunting]
[swing music playing]
[Lode] Dance.
Guys, we're going to climb mountains.
[soft music]
This person was pulled
from the train to Brussels.
He had a Belgian passport,
a pretty good forgery,
but he was circumcised.
A Jew.
His real name was Lizke.
This way.
By chance, we had just arrested
the forger.
It took him less than a minute to betray
the person who had employed him.
Do you happen to know someone
called Valentino?
Or who is known as Valentino? No?
And what about Bianca?
Still no.
And Angelo?
Get me out of here.
Get me out of here.
- He doesn't know what he's saying.
- Stop insulting my intelligence.
You are Angelo.
The butcher's son is Valentino.
And Bianca,
I've seen her dancing, right?
- What do you want from me?
- Let me explain.
I'll make sure that you, your beloved,
and your family survive this.
But you have to help me. Understood?
How does that sound? What do you think?
Did you really think that I was
actually interested in your aunt?
Did you think I didn't know
you were hiding those Jews in that cellar?
Just like I predicted,
everything is sewn up.
You want to save your life
and the lives of your loved ones.
That makes you a real man.
Who knows what it is to fully commit.
Who knows what it takes to protect someone
and you've got to get your fingers dirty.
And when you understand that,
then one day, you can look in the mirror
and see a real man in there.
But it is your choice.
And so...
what will you do?
[water splashing]
[door opens]
[Yvette] You're still alive.
[Wil] Lizke is dead.
Myriam is dead.
The little girl as well.
They have the Professor.
The Germans know it all.
They beat the Professor
and he gave it up.
It's done. Finished.
Yeah, well...
But we can survive this.
Gregor wants me to give you
and the whole of the Resistance
false information.
There's a raid on Saturday.
And he wants us to pass on
the wrong hood to the Jews.
We have to know
where the raid will really happen.
I already know
the right address.
But if I tell you what it is,
then we'll die.
Give the address.
I could never ever forgive myself.
Can you see?
Give the address.
Then we'll just die.
I felt that I had to give you
both the choice.
Because you can't do it.
This is about survival.
Conscience is a luxury.
Is that what you'll tell your child?
I won't.
I'd rather die.
Give me the address.
[melancholic music]
[Lode] Yvette.
Stay here.
Let her go.
We will survive.
We're going to survive this.
- It's Pelikaanstraat.
- I was told Terliststraat.
No. That's what they want us to think,
but it's Pelikaanstraat.
- Someone leaked it to the Professor.
- We got it from the Secret Police.
Gregor Schnabel himself.
Make sure the Jews know, for God's sake.
[dogs barking]
I don't want this.
Me neither. And then?
Change of plans.
The Germans aren't coming.
It's been agreed with the mayor's office.
Our orders are to take over the operation.
And the raid will be moved
to the Terliststraat.
We pull the Jews from their houses and
throw them on the truck. Is that clear?
One more thing.
With no Germans present
the Jews won't be very compliant.
[Gust] We'll see about that.
That's right, Gust.
They'd better not give us a hard time.
Don't let them push you around.
Understood? Dismissed.
If we do this,
we will have to carry on doing this.
And if we don't...
what then?
[man] All the Jews on the truck! Faster!
- Faster!
- Get out. Hurry up.
Outside. Come on. In the truck.
- Let's grab those rats.
- Come on!
[shouting and screaming]
Come quietly. Don't make it difficult.
Come on, man. Pull up your trousers.
Come on. Come with me, damn you.
Wils, Metdepenningen,
what the fuck are you gawking at?
You two, move it.
Get the Jews on the truck!
What is wrong with you?
You're a coward.
Hey, Wils. Look at this. Goddammit.
This is worth a sketch, huh?
Come on.
Move it! If you don't do your part,
I'll throw you both under the truck.
To the truck. Come on!
I've had enough of this!
I can't do it!
Get your hands off me! Don't touch me!
Come on, get up there!
- No.
- Get on!
Good Wil. There are more rats upstairs.
Come on. Come on!
You have to go upstairs.
I can't do this.
I can't do this. I just can't do this.
I can't do it. I can't do it.
- Gaston, put those kids on the truck.
- I can't!
I told you to put them on the truck!
Come on.
Here, take the little one.
Do you have him?
No, leave them here.
Leave them here, please. Please.
You coward!
[policeman] Shut up! Get on the truck!
[Wil] In the truck.
- Take the little one.
- On the truck!
The children as well!
On the truck!
There's plenty of room. Get in!
Get in!
Hey! Push them in the truck.
There's plenty of room. Come on!
Wil, where are you going?! Traitor!
[train passing]
[train passing]
[Wil] And afterwards,
people kept their mouths shut.
And yesterday immediately became history.
Because you have to move on.
That's what they said.
There's no other way.
And it's true.
There is no other way.
[sad music]