Wilby Wonderful (2004) Movie Script

Watch the birdie.
Hey, let me give you a hand.
- No, I got it, I got it.
- Yeah?
How did that happen?
Just Exercising.
- Oh yeah?
- Anyway
I'll see you then.
See you.
It's 10 minutes
before the hour of 8:00
and another beautiful
Wilby morning,
here at WLBR Island Radio,
the music of your life,
yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Please note, the Wilby
Island Sea Kayaking Club
has shifted its activities
from Wilby Watch
to the municipal docks
until further notice.
News is next at the top of the hour.
Our headline stories:
Mainland fish plant workers
strike a deal with cannery,
names in Wilby Watch scandal to be
published by the "Sentinel" next week,
and Mrs. Margo Mosher
of Clam Cove turns 101.
that's my
my aching chest
give me a clue
think I might
fall in love
if given the chance
Morning, honey, I
made you some waffles.
- Uh, yeah, I gotta run.
- Wait for me?
No, that's okay,
I'll just open up for you.
that's my
my aching chest
give me a clue
think I might
fall in love
if given the chance
suddenly I'm filled with hope
To become
views turn
into action
that's my
my aching chest
give me a clue
think I might
fall in love
if given the chance
suddenly I'm filled
with hope
to become
views turn
into action
that's my
my aching chest
- My god, you're so late.
- Shut up, come on.
Don't tell me to shut up,
that's so rude.
- Come on.
- We're lucky if they're even still there.
Okay, they'll be there.
Fall in love
if given the chance
if given the chance
if given the chance
If given the chance
Deena, it's me again.
When you get in
make sure you call
the town council office
and tell somebody with a title
the festival banners are
going up today and tomorrow.
And tell them the signs for
the planters on Main Street
won't be ready
till the middle of next week.
There was some confusion about
everything being ready by this weekend,
but that's
just not gonna happen.
And whoever you talk to
at the town council office,
ask them what their title is.
I think they let the janitor
answer the phone there.
And very, very,
very important, Deena,
if Mayor Fisher calls,
give him my cell number.
Why aren't you in now?
"Early bird" and so on.
Hi, Carol French here. I'm
at my mother-in-law's place
and I'm expecting a battalion
of cleaners over here.
Oh well, it's, uh
It's It's half past that now.
Yes, that's right.
The open house is tomorrow, so
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
- What's that?
- The view from the watch.
Can you put it with
the other stuff in the shed?
You're not giving this away?
Your mother always said
it was ugly.
Why don't you paint anymore?
Let's just call
it part of another life.
I'm thinking, should I give
Brent Fisher a call?
- It's not even 9:00 yet.
- Yeah, I know, but
If I call after 9:00
it's more like business
and I'm calling the mayor.
If I call before 9:00,
it's more like friendly
and I'm calling Brent.
Well, which is it,
business or friendly?
Well, both
Friendly, in what time are they
coming over for drinks tonight,
and business in when do
they want to see the house.
It all sounds
like business to me.
- There's a few other
things left over in there
you might want to give
a once-over.
Oh Deena, another thing.
I'm gonna need flowers for tonight.
A truckload of flowers.
The historical significance
of Wilby Watch
dates back to 1875,
when Neil Peter French
and a group of settlers
landed on this very spot
and founded Wilby.
Yes, Stan, we know.
What about the investigation?
All we can officially say
is that certain individuals
became aware of the goings-on,
ergo we received
the information,
ergo the current official police
investigation is currently under way.
- Can we get a shot?
- Of what? Me?
Okay, kind of like what?
Kind of like
Let's try one not smiling.
Oh, okay.
Mr. Jarvis, hi.
Carol French here.
Just wanted to let you know you've
got two showings this afternoon.
Get back to me and let me
know you got this message.
What are you doing with that?
- It was my mom's.
- For god's sake, buddy,
it's a piece of junk.
Leave it for the cleaners,
they'll be happy to have it.
I'll call you later.
Deena Yeah, yeah fine.
Don't worry about it,
you're in now.
Did Mayor Fisher call yet?
- Morning, duck.
- Morning, Sandra.
- You're looking fit.
- Yeah.
I've been working on my abs.
Give that a feel.
- Uh, my hands are all
- Maybe later.
Here, take that,
I can't even read it.
- What is it?
- That business at the watch. Poor bastards.
Oh, yeah.
Probably better off on
the mainland, really.
Catch ya later, percolator.
I gotta go, Emily, I gotta go.
I gotta go.
- I gotta go.
- No.
Taylor, I gotta go to work.
Will you come by for
coffee later or something?
Okay. And then tonight, right?
- Yeah yeah, tonight.
- Excellent.
Do you think Stuart's gay?
Something's coming
I just know,
I can feel it
and it's
something good
and I'm just
getting near it
I like to walk barefoot
on the ground
and all around
a thousand birds
make the sweetest sound
something's coming
I just know,
I can hear it
oh so pure
and clear
and I'm just
getting near it
I like to run barefoot
in the wind
Where were you?
- I thought you were going to open up?
- Right. Uh
Yeah, I I just went for a run.
You went for a run?
Oh my god.
You're sneaking off early in
the morning to see a boy.
- Shut up, mom.
- Don't be embarrassed, honey.
Mainlander or islander?
I'm not even an islander.
You are so the daughter
of an islander.
What are you doing?
We've got to get
the kitchen going.
Nobody's coming in anyway.
Maybe they would if the
dining room was open.
Everybody goes to eat
at "The Loyalist."
We're not leaving here, mom.
Is that so? What's his name?
Shut up, mom.
Mainlander or islander?
- Islander.
- Oh thank god.
- My little girl is growing up.
- Shut up, mom!
Island weather
TODAY: Sunny this morning,
chances of showers
early this afternoon,
clearing later today with
fog expected this evening.
Temperatures steady at 22,
down to 15 tonight. Mainland weather?
Who cares?
No, just kidding.
Rain throughout the day,
heavy fog for this evening.
"Ossifer"! Hang on, Ossifer!
- I'm sorry, sir, I didn't
- What sir?
Brent, Brent.
Look, I'm sorry about this.
A couple of business
associates of mine.
Yeah. I didn't rec
I didn't see the car.
Right. Well, they're
just in for the morning.
Just doing a little
pre-lunch wining and dining
before they get back
on the ferry.
So, let me take care
of that ticket for you.
- No, no, no, I just
- Come on.
No special treatment for the mayor.
There you go.
All right. Hey, we're gonna see
you guys tonight, aren't we?
- Yeah.
- I can't wait to see that beautiful house.
- Sorry about your mom.
- Well, you know, it was a long
Cheers. Guys, sorry
It's all about you, isn't it?
- It's not about me
- Hello?
Oh, no, no, Mr. Jarvis.
You shouldn't be here.
An agent's coming over
with a family in 15 minutes.
You don't
wanna be here for that.
Oh my goodness, is that gas?
- What?
- You don't smell that? Oh my god.
The pilot light
goes out sometimes.
Open the windows in there.
But it's going very well.
Apparently there's two
families coming in today.
Oh, darn if I'd known
you were coming
I would have brought
those transfer documents.
We should get them signed today
in case there's an offer.
You want everything in your wife's name.
Val, isn't it?
- Yeah, that's right.
- Where is she?
- She's out of town.
- You're both from off-island, right?
Yeah, west coast, originally.
There's not a lot
of us non-islanders here.
We'll have to get together
for dinner sometime.
She won't be we'll both
be we're moving on.
Oh well
It's hard to meet people.
Anyhoo, so why don't
you drop by my office?
- Uh
- To sign the documents.
- Well
- IF IT'S BEFORE 3:00, try my office.
After 3:00 I'll be getting
ready for an open house,
so drop by there.
Now you go on.
I'll call you
if there's any news.
Oh, my god, oh!
Oh god, oh no!
Up next is news,
followed by "Memory Lane"
- I just thought
- Sponsored by Dover Beach Cabins,
Wilby's getaway
from the fast Lane.
Today's seventh caller to identify
our "blast from the past"
That sounds good.
Yep, okay, bye.
- escape to Dover Beach.
- Don't want to be going to Dover Beach.
- Why's that?
- That's where the queers hang out.
Ever since they got the
boot off the watch,
now they hang around the
change rooms for the beach.
- Give it a rest, Irene.
- It's true.
My cousin works
for the "Sentinel,"
I've got the inside
on the whole story.
Did you ever hear of "live
and let live," Irene?
We don't do that here,
thank god.
- Are you smoking?
- What? No
You smell like smoke.
Does he smoke?
- Shut up, mom.
- What's his name?
- Shut up.
- Honey, what's his name?
Mr. Jarvis?
Oh, Jenny. Hi there, hi.
How are you?
Sorry, I thought
you'd checked out.
Uh no, no, no
not till tomorrow.
I was just checking the
Seems pretty sturdy.
Sorry, I
How's your mom,
your dad, everyone?
Deena, did Mayor Fisher
call yet?
Well, did you get in touch
with the town council?
What have you been doing?
What kind of flowers?
Oh, that sounds good.
Oh no, oh
I'll call you right back.
Oh, no, no, no
Hi, it's Carol French
from the merchants' committee.
What do you mean,
everybody's at lunch?
Yes, it's an emergency.
Thanks for stopping by, boys.
So, where's the problems?
Same place?
- Yeah.
- Mind if I grab a coffee first?
I'll take care of this,
Stan, don't worry about it.
Emily, can you get Stan
a cup of coffee?
And if you want a doughnut,
take a doughnut.
- Great.
- Okay.
There's nothing
missing or anything,
but there's something funny with
the lock on the door again.
- Same as last time?
- Pretty much.
Worse a bit.
Can I help you
with something, Irene?
Those Hawaiian fresh?
- So it's worse, is it?
- Yeah, a bit, quite a bit.
- Quite a bit worse?
- Worse worse.
- Worse worse?
- Yeah.
Crazy worse.
- We can't keep doing this.
- We haven't done anything yet.
Not here.
I'm closing up at 6:00.
- 6:00?
- 6:00.
- Ahem
- What are youse doing out here?
- The window.
- The window.
It's not locked.
Well then, there you go.
It's not locked.
True enough.
There you go then.
We better get investigating.
Carol and I used to
come here all the time.
She loved it here.
She said it was
a very important place,
because when you looked out there
you could see where you came from.
And if you can see
where you came from
you can remember
what you wanted.
Oh yeah?
So what do you think,
your grandfather
just climbed up those rocks there,
stuck a flag in the ground?
- It was my great-grandfather.
- Those were the days, huh?
Explorers and settlers and all that.
And now what?
It's too bad it couldn't
come to something.
- Come to something how?
- All this beautiful land
just sitting here empty
like this.
This is the only piece of coast
that hasn't been developed.
That's what I mean,
it's a shame.
Going to lunch.
Here comes one of the
queers from the watch.
- I'll have a
- Double double?
No wonder his wife took off back
where they came from. Who wouldn't?
Irene, shut up.
Forget it.
We'll be seeing
who's shutting up
when the paper
comes out next week.
What are we supposed to
be looking for anyway?
- Evidence.
- Evidence of what?
- Wrongdoings.
- Oh, right.
They're making a circus
out of nothing.
I think it's only
gonna get worse.
- What is?
- Oh my, looky-looky.
What was I just saying?
Look at this, buddy.
Drug paraphernalia.
Who put that there?
- The drug addicts.
- What drug addicts?
The only drug addicts in Wilby
are the ones who buy it in a
bottle at the "loyalist."
Obviously they're bringing
the drug addicts in.
Who's bringing
the drug addicts in?
- Them. The bad people.
- Oh yeah?
Now they've set up their
headquarters here at the watch.
It is a cancer on the face of
Wilby and must be ecradiated.
- What?
- You know, got rid of.
Right. Well, keep looking.
No, no, wait. You stay here.
I'll have a look.
All right. Right on then, buddy.
WLBR Island Radio
Carol French real estate.
Deena, do you have a number
for Walter MacDonald?
- Who?
- Walter MacDonald, the workman.
Oh, "duck," the painter.
Yeah, yeah, he's a real Picasso.
Everybody calls him
"duck" ever since high school.
Because when he was little, he was really
short, but nobody calls him Walter.
They'll be calling him unemployed
when I get through with him.
- Uh-oh, how come?
- Just get me a number for him.
I'm gonna need you
to do something else.
You're gonna need a piece
of paper and a pencil.
- You got it? Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- Get the town council on the phone.
- Now?
No, once I've explained
what you have to do.
- Do you wanna hear about the flowers?
- Not right now.
- Paper and pen?
- Oh
Get the town council on the
phone, someone with a title,
and tell them there's a
problem with the banners,
and they won't be
ready for two weeks.
For two weeks, that's easy.
Then wait 10 minutes
and call back.
- Uh-huh.
- Tell them to disregard the first message,
that everything's gonna be fine,
that I'll take care of it,
and the banners will be ready
by the middle of next week.
Do you want me to say you, Mrs.
French, will take care of it,
or you, Carol,
will take care of it?
It doesn't matter.
Um say Carol.
Okay, I was gonna
be taking my lunch.
- What time is it?
- Lunchtime.
Can you do this first?
- You got your highlights redone!
- Yeah, I did them myself.
Oh yeah. They'll fade in nice.
Chop chop.
- Ding-ding.
- I'm closed.
I just brought you your
coffee on my way to lunch.
- Dan, right?
- Yeah.
Sandra Anderson.
Been away awhile. Just trying
to make a go of iggy's.
Do you remember iggy's?
No, it was closed
when I got here.
Listen, don't mind Irene.
She doesn't know
anything about anything.
She really should
just keep her hole shut.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Okay, well, we'll see you then.
Not another trace
of nothing anywhere.
Well, that's a lot though there.
- I'm gonna hold off on the report, though.
- How come?
'Cause I wanna get
these needles tested.
It looks like
they've never been used.
Oh uh
We'll do another search
tomorrow then.
Why is that, Stan?
You think there's gonna be a
lot of action up here tonight?
No, just You know, no.
Come on.
Right right.
Thank you.
Oh I should have
had the tuna melt.
This gravy's
yesterday's for sure.
I can't wait until you get
your kitchen running.
- Oh, we'll see.
- I'm telling you,
you get that dining room done, they'll
be lining up from here to Dover Beach.
- Emily's got herself a boyfriend.
- Oh my god!
- What's he like?
- Don't know, I just found out about it.
- She's sneaking off early in the morning to see him.
- I hope she's got protection.
We don't want her ending up like you.
Hold on. Hey, Mrs. corkum?
- Hello, Deena.
- You remember Sandra Anderson.
- Hi.
- Sandra's running iggy's now.
You should drop by.
She's gonna be doing lunch soon.
I've been away for a while.
I know you, though.
I went out with your
son in high school.
Oh yes, while he was
dating Pam hillman.
She was a lovely girl.
Bye, Deena.
Oh my god.
That woman wouldn't know class
if it crawled out of her ass
and started to speak French.
Hey, you're late. I've
gotta get out of here.
- Oh.
- Hi.
I thought you were Deena.
You wanna go for lunch?
- For lunch?
- Yeah.
We used to, you know,
go for lunch.
Oh, I had something.
- Sorry I'm late. Hey, buddy, what's new?
- Hi, Deena.
Oh you know, just
Um, why don't we
go for some coffee?
For coffee?
I gotta pee.
I've got 50,000 things on
the grill right now, buddy.
Plus the mayor
hasn't called yet.
So are they coming over
tonight or not, I don't know.
- Yeah, they're coming.
- How do you know?
I saw him this morning.
He said they were coming.
And you didn't mention it?
Did you tell them to call me?
- No, but
- For god's sake, buddy,
can we be working together here?
I'm talking about our future.
Our future?
Carol French.
Oh hi, Mr. Jarvis.
I'm leaving the office now,
so can you meet me
at the address I gave you?
10 minutes. Fine. Okay, bye.
Time now for
"community notebook."
The women's auxiliary of St.
Agnes by the sea hospital
hold their
strawberry pancake breakfast
and bone marrow drive
this Saturday at 10:00 am
at the legion hall
on garden road.
Admission is $5.
The first annual Wilby daze
festival runs all next month
and this is an early call
for table registration
for the flea market
and craft fair
which will be taking over the back
parking lot at bargain giant.
for the table begins
How heinous is summer school?
God, how heinous is algebra?
What do they mean "a equals"?
A equals apple?
MacKenzie, it's non-smoking.
There's nobody here.
- God, I hate my parents?
- Why?
They said that if I don't pass algebra
and physics, I don't get my car back.
- That sucks.
- Yeah, it's basically abuse.
Hey, can I take you
to the mall later?
I wanna buy you something.
- You don't have to buy me anything.
- But I want to.
Oh god, you two. Get a room.
Mmm That's the plan.
There's no smoking, miss.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
Can I get another coffee please?
Oh yeah, sure.
- Is that him?
- Shut up.
- He's gorgeous.
- Shut up.
- Hello?
- Oh Mr. Jarvis?
Hi, come on in.
I'm just getting ready
for the open house tomorrow.
I had cleaners coming this morning,
but if you want something done right,
you've got to do it yourself.
Unfortunately, the gas smell was a
bit of a problem at your place.
The people were a bit put off.
Gas will do that.
I had someone from the
gas company drop by
and apparently
there was no leak.
So really it's just a problem
of dealing with the smell.
Now I can do that or you can do that.
It doesn't matter to me.
One more
Just sign here. There.
Okay, and here.
Perfect. I'll check on your
house when I'm done here then.
- Bye then.
- All right, bye-bye.
- Hi, buddy.
- Hi, duck.
Got a sec?
Uh sure.
- How are you doin'?
- Oh, not bad.
- And yourself?
- Fine, better than some.
So do you have any
Pull at the "Sentinel"?
What do you mean?
Like they're
planning on printing
those names from the
watch and all that.
- Apparently, yeah.
- And what is the point of that?
I mean, you can imagine
that's gonna have
a pretty bad effect
on some people.
- Like who?
- Hey, sexy?
- Duck, hi!
- Hi, Sandra.
Anyways, buddy,
I'm so glad to see you
because there's something
Oh yeah, you were saying
you had that trouble
With that thing with the
Thing right there.
Anyway, I'll
I'll see you around.
Yeah, well
I'll catch up
with you later, duck.
- Bye, duck.
- See you.
Those jeans look so hot on you.
- They were expensive.
- They were worth it.
They make your ass look amazing!
- Shut up.
- I'm serious.
Thank you for the stuff.
Don't you like it
when I kiss you?
No, I do.
I do.
- You're so beautiful.
- No, I'm not.
Could we go back to
your place for a while?
My mom's gonna be
home soon, so I
For a little while?
Yeah, for a little while.
Excuse me. Oh, it's you.
- Don't you have a phone?
- Yeah.
Well, why hasn't anyone been
able to get in touch with you?
I'm not home.
We have a very serious problem.
- With what?
- What do you think? With the banners.
- Oh?
- They're backwards!
- Backwards how?
- It's "Wonderful Wilby."
- What?
- You got it backwards.
- No.
- Yes.
I just put it
the way they gave it to me.
Who?! Who? On what,
on what, on what?
A piece of paper,
the people from the
- The woman from the
- Can you read?
What?! Fuck the flowers, Deena!
It's two words,
it's two simple words.
They go together two ways,
the right way and the wrong way.
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry. Shut up! You're sorry.
Do things the right way
and you won't have to be sorry.
It's that easy. Just do things the
way they're supposed to be done.
That's all I'm asking.
All I want is
for things to be done the
way they're supposed to be.
That's all I want. You're sorry?
You have no idea.
I work and I work
and I try and I try.
And I'm the one who's
And what's wrong with
talking about the future?
What are we doing if we're not
talking about the future?
How are things
supposed to get better?
And he wants to go for coffee?
I don't drink coffee.
I haven't had coffee since I
quit smoking six weeks ago.
"And how's that going?"
Oh great, oh fine,
thanks, thanks for asking!
All I want is
How's it supposed to be?
I don't know.
The sign, I mean.
The other way
"Wonderful Wilby."
- Okay, ma'am.
- Don't call me "ma'am."
Do you smell gas?
Good. Fine.
My job is done.
Can you go now?
Thank you.
I don't know, it's just
I mean, I know seven years
is not all that long.
But at first, it was like
It was like a perfect thing.
It was easy.
And then, mostly I
think it was my mom.
Her and my mom never got along.
Now my mom is gone
and I just I thought
I guess I
I thought maybe
that would make her
Make it easy again.
And then now
I look at her sometimes
and I see
It's almost like
"Where did you go?"
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize to me,
apologize to your wife.
- I know
- Don't worry,
a couple of sessions of heavy
petting in the back alley
won't add up to much more
than a night on the sofa.
We're probably just playing out
what we wanted to do
in high school.
You wouldn't even
look at me in high school.
All I ever wanted was for
someone to say "I love you"
and not want anything for it.
Somebody will.
We're not doing this.
That's what I'm saying.
No, that's what I'm saying.
That's what I'm saying.
That's a decision
I'm making, all right?
All right.
What do you think your wife
sees when she looks at you?
The statement
made the bigger go
in your mind
long ago
it dare not speak
and did not show
the dark's gotten
you to grow
let it out
let it out
let it out
on his own
by himself
not yet full-grown
the statement
patiently at rest
sits atop
a brown wooden shelf
get it down
get it down
get it down
get it down
get it down
get it ooh
Get it down, get it down,
get it down
I love you.
Oh no, let's just wait.
- You're killing me.
- No, it's just
My mom's coming home soon, so
Okay. Tonight.
Meet me there at 8:30.
I love you too.
Hey, you're cutting it close.
They're gonna be here
in 15 minutes.
Did you get something to eat?
I cooked some cheese
stuff and Sushi.
What do you see
when you look at me?
Someone who's
not dressed for company.
Oh no, don't you dare.
she's deathly allergic.
If you wanna smoke tonight,
you'll be smoking outside.
Go get cleaned up, please.
And no talking about politics.
I've just been living day to day
I've got me
a love that's true
Honey, are you here?
There you
are, my beautiful baby.
- Mom, you're drunk.
- I'm not drunk.
I'm celebrating.
Yeah, and what
are you celebrating?
We are celebrating.
Yeah, well,
I'm actually going out.
- 'Cause this is extra important.
- Mom
Okay, what?
We are celebrating
that you are starting out
on your beautiful life
with your beautiful self
and we're celebrating
that you're not gonna make
a big mess of your
life like I did.
- Come here.
- Mom, I
Come here.
Come on, come sit by me.
Come here.
That's right, honey.
I don't want you getting too
attached to this guy, okay,
'cause I don't think we're gonna
be staying much longer in Wilby.
I just don't think things
are gonna work out.
Why, did you already sleep
with all the men here?
That's what always
happens, isn't it?
We have to move because you
have sex with everyone,
or someone turns out
to be a psycho
or someone's wife finds out.
Is that what happened
with that cop?
Stop that.
Everything is not
always about sex.
I never said it was.
Right, right, so then why
would you give me those?
So that you won't
end up like me.
No, I won't.
Don't worry, I so won't because you
are the last person in the world
that I would ever end up like.
What's the matter with you?
Some things are about love, but
you wouldn't understand that.
Emily. Emily.
Take these, take these.
Take these, take these!
- You are so fucking stupid.
- Take these, Emily!
- You are so fucking stupid!
- Em
- Welcome, welcome!
- This is our daughter MacKenzie.
Hi, MacKenzie. You know buddy.
No, no, hello!
Yeah, you two met. He
works with your brother.
- Which one?
- Stan.
Oh! Right, right! You work
on the force, right, right?
- Duh
- Duh yourself!
- So shall we go?
- Sorry?
- We're gonna go see the house!
- Tonight?
- Wasn't that the plan?
- Tonight? Well
The open house
isn't till tomorrow.
I know, we were gonna get
in before the crowds.
Right, sure, but
- If you don't
- Fine, no, no, fine.
Fine, why don't we
just have a drink
and I've got a few nibblies.
A drink? Oh, okay! Twist my arm!
- Please sit down.
- Sure.
I thought were
just gonna see the house.
Be social for a minute! Come on!
Ah-choo! Sorry, could you?
- Oh, what?
- Pollen.
- Oh buddy
- I'm gonna wait outside.
MacKenzie, just shut
up and get inside.
Please, Elaine, don't be
telling her to shut up.
- Pardon me?
- Now she says it to me. She got it from you!
She's not getting it from me! You
tell her to "shut up" all the time.
Shut up!
Hey there.
I thought that was your car.
Got a couple minutes?
I'm-I'm just on my way out.
How 'bout a minute then?
- Here.
- What is it?
Rum. Go on.
- In a minute.
- I already had mine.
You have to have yours or we
won't be on the same level.
Why didn't you wear your new outfit?
Don't you like it?
Yeah, yeah. I
It's just my mom came
home and we had a fight.
Forget about your mom.
- Listen.
- Listen to this.
I love you.
I love you too.
Sorry to hear about your banners.
That's a shame.
Two words and he gets it backwards.
What are the chances of that?
- Is he dyslexic or what?
- Maybe.
I think it's better
the backwards way.
Well you can like
the backwards way,
but the backwards way can't be better
because the backwards way is wrong.
That's true.
But I hear they're postponing
the festival anyway.
Er where did you hear that?
- What with all the trouble down at the watch.
- Oh yeah?
What do I know?
Don't listen to me.
- I mean, it's your baby.
- I don't listen to her.
- Speaking of the watch Brent, what's the story?
- This Sushi is great.
I don't know. You're in
charge of the investigation.
You tell me there, buddy.
I don't know. I haven't seen
too much out of the ordinary.
- I don't think that'll be for too much longer.
- Oh yeah? Why?
- Um, Sushi.
- No thanks.
Just an instinct.
I think when the
stuff hits the fan,
and they publish the names
of the individuals involved,
- I think it's gonna be a different situation.
- Yeah, but see,
I think that's going to
attract more attention to it.
Don't we want it to fade away?
- Well I think it's a serious thing.
- Oh come on.
People have been getting up to,
whatever it is that they get
up to out there, for years.
- Shrimp?
- Yeah, sure, sure.
Yeah, well, I think
we're dealing here
with a different level
of deviant underbelly.
Why is that?
It's just an instinct.
- Well I think it's a whole
lot of noise about nothing.
- Nothing?
- Yeah, well, I think
it's a little short of
nothing there, buddy.
Hmm? Oh, sorry. So sorry.
You'll excuse me.
Sushi, shrimp?
Oh no, thanks.
I can't have shellfish.
- Oh.
- I get hives.
- I'll have some.
- Oh sure.
Mmm. They're good.
You gonna have a seat?
I would have brought a bottle
but I gave it up.
Didn't agree with me.
Well, it did agree with me,
but on all the wrong stuff.
How you doing with everything?
Maybe it's for the best.
I mean, once they publish
the names, right?
Everyone will know.
Maybe next year
we'll have a parade.
Mind some music?
Yeah, sure.
So what do you like to do?
- What do you mean?
- I mean what do you like to do?
Do you have
any hobbies or anything?
I don't know. Not really.
Got another one of those?
- You allowed to smoke?
- I should think so. I'm 16.
- They're bad for you.
- So is this hellhole.
What's a hellhole?
- Wilby.
- No it isn't.
What's a hellhole about it?
What's not?
The people.
Some maybe.
- The weather.
- In the summertime.
- The land.
- Which land?
- The watch.
- Not for much longer.
- Why not for much longer?
- Unless you like golfing.
- What do you mean?
- It's gonna be a golf course.
- Says who?
- My dad.
These old guys
who were at our house this
morning are buying it.
How's that supposed to happen?
Because of all the sex
and drugs up there.
- What do you know about drugs up there?
- My dad told me.
The watch has become
"a cancer on the face of Wilby
and must be eradicated."
- He said that?
- Yeah.
- Are these lights?
- Um-hm.
Lights suck.
- Wait.
- For what?
- I just wanna wait.
- Don't blueball me, Emily.
I could get sick. I know a guy
who ended up in the hospital.
No, just for a little while.
Oh, great! You're a tease!
What, did you get that
off that bitch MacKenzie?
- You don't want to be a tease, Emily.
- I'm not.
I mean, you don't want
people to think that.
That's the worst thing
they could think.
- It's warm.
- Just drink it.
There's ice out by the office.
Okay, I'll take care of it.
Why don't you get ready?
I'll be back in a minute.
That's a good one.
When I told my wife she said,
I mean
We never really had that
Kind of physical type
type of relationship.
But when it happened,
I told her
And I knew she'd be
She said, "I hope
you rot in hell."
It takes time for people.
It's rough.
- Sorry.
- No, I like it.
I like westerns.
- What do you mean?
- Something I like.
I like western movies.
That makes sense.
You're kind of a cowboy.
A quiet cowboy.
No, you should go. I sorry.
No problem.
I got some things to do.
I'll see ya.
No problem.
If-if you ever need
You know, I'm around.
Good, thanks!
- Open it!
- See ya.
Open the fucking door!
Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
- You got a problem?
- Mind your own fucking business.
You all right?
- Stay still.
- Tell him to go!
- Go.
- My coat's in there.
What the fuck do you
think you're doing?
What the fuck do you
think you're doing?
- My coat's in there.
- Get him his coat.
Don't fuckin' move.
- My dad's paying for this room!
- Yeah?
He'll be paying for your
fuckin' hospital bill.
Get the fuck out of here.
He's gone!
Aren't you your
mother's daughter?
Oh yeah, sure.
- That's a great wine.
- Oh, it's Canadian.
Yeah, and it's a nice price too.
I'll make sure
I pick up some more
- before you guys come over next time.
- Speaking of a nice price,
shouldn't we be headed
off to see that house?
And so sorry to hear
about your mom.
She was sick for years.
Oh, so is Brent's. It's hard.
Emphysema and diabetic.
God knows how she takes
those needles every day.
I couldn't do it,
I couldn't do it.
- You know, I had a co-worker
- Yeah, the house?
You guys should get going.
Well, how about you all
finish up your drinks
and I'm going to run
over there ahead
and make sure everything's
as it should be.
Um Brent, you've
got my cell number.
- Just give me a ding when you're on your way.
- Okay.
Buddy will entertain you.
You know what, you guys?
I just realized
I have a little errand
I need to run.
- You know where the house is, yeah?
- Yeah?
The door's locked, so just
pull it closed behind you.
All right?
- Jesus.
- Huh.
What's so good
about islanders anyway?
I don't know.
People gotta call themselves
something, I guess.
Do you know him?
- Do you want to say hi or something?
Nah, I tried that.
Who can figure people?
Your mom, she's good at that.
She knows people.
If only she knew herself
a bit better, huh?
She wants to leave Wilby.
That's what she said
all through high school,
but as soon as she left Wilby,
all she talked about
was coming back.
So she doesn't know
what she wants.
She wants to love and be loved
Just like all of us.
Yes! Hello? What?
Brent, yes. Um, maybe
we should wait until
Oh, yeah.
Oh yeah, I see now. Right, then.
Oh, no! No!
Hi! Come on in.
What you doing there, Stan?
A little "ecradiation"?
These ones are used, at least.
This is something else. I have to
tell you, this is something else.
Oh, that's nothing.
It's a chair.
It's included,
even though it's junk.
That's not that's not
Elaine's style of chair.
- No, but I'm loving this!
- It's creepy.
Oh MacKenzie, shut up!
- See?
- Brent, shut up!
What's that?
Oh, nothing!
That's peculiar. What is that?
What is that?
That's just left over
from work they were doing.
What kind of work?
Big work, heavy work.
- Why don't we just go this way?
- Is it included?
- Where are we going now?
- The dining room. Chop chop.
Look at these moldings!
I'm drooling!
Look at me drooling!
It's a bit excessive
on the woodwork for me,
but I'm thinking
a wedgwood blue maybe.
- No!
- What?
No, it's just that that's
just off limits for now.
MacKenzie, please. Come on!
- Let's go.
- What was she looking at?
What's in there?
- Rags.
- How big is it?
Small. Tiny.
- Oh my god!
- Nothing! Yes, what?
- Look at this gorgeous yard!
- Lots of mowing.
Oh, Brent, shut up!
Not particularly spectacular.
Carol, tell me something.
Is that window facing east?
- Then it'd let in nice morning light
- Where is the girl?
- What?
- Where is she?
MacKenzie is probably
looking around the house.
- MacKenzie?
- What?
Everything's fine!
Everything's fine!
Right there in the living room.
The fellow from the video store.
He was one of the
ones from the watch.
It's gonna get worse
when the names come out.
Good, ship those freaks back to
the mainland where they belong.
I hear you loud and clear.
Oh, hey, where's MacKenzie?
Where's Elaine?
Home by now, I guess.
So what the hell is this, buddy?
- What is this, Brent?
- I haven't got a clue.
I found Insulin
on these needles.
Your mother's diabetic,
isn't she?
I-I'm not getting
your point there, buddy.
Stan's come clean
about the whole thing.
Well, that's Stan's problem.
You're a golfer,
aren't you, Brent?
You like golf, don't you, Brent?
Look bud
I'm retiring after this term.
I was trying to make a
good deal for myself.
So that's You know
"Golf is a good walk ruined."
Who said that, Brent?
I don't know, I don't know.
Mark twain.
I've never been much for golf
myself, but I like Mark twain.
- You know what else he said?
- No.
"Faith is believing something
you know isn't true."
You know what
I have faith in, Brent?
That you're
a good man deep down
And you're gonna
do the right thing.
You're gonna turn this whole thing
around and just let it fade away.
- Or what?
- Oh, I don't know.
Conflict of interest,
planting of evidence,
not to mention Dan Jarvis.
Okay, well, what do you want?
What do you want me to do?
Keep that under your
tongue, please, sir.
Look, I don't care
how you kill the story.
Just kill it! Yes, you can.
You're the editor.
- Hey.
- What?
Hold on a second.
You can pay your own tickets.
Yeah, just say
you lost the men's names.
I don't care The dog ate them!
Yeah, I owe you big time.
Yeah, big time. Yeah, right.
You know, if you
hadn't been there,
if you hadn't cut him
down, he would have died.
You saved him.
What's happened to me?
Let's just say it was
part of another life.
Come on.
Come on.
Something's coming
I just know,
I can feel it
and it's
something good
and I'm just getting near it
I'd like to walk
on the ground
and all around
a thousand birds
make the sweetest sound.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
This is the part where
you say you're sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- And well you should be.
The language on you!
And don't you call me stupid.
- You're not stupid.
- I know.
Did you hear about Dan Jarvis?
But he's gonna be
all right apparently.
Thank god.
We should send something over.
Us freaks need
to stick together.
How was your night?
Yeah, he's an arsehole.
How far did he get before
you found that out?
- Mom!
- Huh?
Not far.
The gorgeous ones usually are.
Well, you're gorgeous,
so what does that make you?
Yeah, well
- I'm my mother's daughter.
- God forbid.
So were you here all night or
Look at that kitchen. You could
eat an egg off that grill.
That's what you're
supposed to be able to do.
I'm sorry.
You said that already.
I love you.
Will you come
with me
my love?
All my love
of a thousand lives
will you
come with me
my love?
I see it all there
in your eyes
How are you doin'?
I'm good.
I picked you these myself.
Would you put these
in some water, please?
Have a seat.
No, no, here.
Nice shirt.
Yeah, well, it's my good one.
You're a bit
of a cowboy yourself.
Oh, I'd like
to lie down
gentle in your arms
oh so warm
and with peace
in my heart
I can start
to call this world home
you come with me
my love?
Oh my love
of a thousand lives
will you
come with me
my love?
I see it all there
in your eyes
will you
come with me, my love?
Oh my love
of a thousand lives
will you
come with me
my love?
I see it all there
in your eyes
oh yeah
oh yeah.
You can't
always change your mind
good things happen
from time to time
his company is smooth
like a rock
from the sea
and breezes
if you go alone
you know
you won't make it
I'm waiting
for my day to come
you know you'll
always be from away
but not as far
as he has strayed
her company is coming
like the tide
when it pulls
her under
she will realize
if you go alone
you know
you won't make it
I'm waiting
for my day
when will
my day come?
will be will be
will be will be
when my day comes
will be will be
so you can't believe
everything you see
and nothing's ever
the way it oughta be
no company
can comfort me
if I'm the one
to blame
but the sun
shines on me
just the same
if you go alone
you know
you won't make it
I'm waiting
for my day
when will
my day come?
will be will be
will be will be
when my day comes
will be will be
will be will be
when my day comes
will be will be
when my day comes
will be will be
when my day comes.
Good Dutchie.