Wilczyca (1983) Movie Script

Film Polski Presents
Supporting cast
Director of photography
Directed by
How is Mary?
The doctor's here.
- Is she conscious?
- She still is.
For God's sake Matthew...
What happened?
She destroyed her unborn child.
Take your hands off!
- Who was the father?
- You ask me that? Her husband?
You know how long
I've been away.
Don't go in. You won't help.
Please, leave the room.
She needs peace.
Get out, please, both of you.
Bring me hot water.
There's nothing I can do.
She's all torn up inside.
I'll pay you as much as
you want...
For what?
No fee will help here.
Except one for the Almighty,
What do you mean?
She's dying.
Yes, Mr. Wosinski.
You're back.
Are you glad?
You'll get rid of me at last.
Why did you do it?
You ask me that now?
- Where's Matthew?
- Here I am.
Give me something to drink...
some wine.
I'm weak, very weak.
Mary, Mary...
What is it?
What do you want?
Shall I call a priest?
A priest... for me?
Are you in such a hurry
to get me under the ground?
The devil take your priest.
This is good enough for me.
Mary, for Christ's sake,
what are you saying?
You called me a bitch...
And I'll die like a bitch.
Where's the crucifix?
You won't find it.
I burnt it at Candlemas.
I'll find you...
It's over.
What's that?
Leave it!
Don't touch it!
Do you hear the din outside?
What is it?
- Nothing, nothing.
- Tell me!
We must burn it.
But why?
I must try to remember.
What did she need it for?
- Why are we stopping?
- Casper, hold the horse!
What are you doing?
- What needs to be done.
- But why?
- It's for her.
- Are you crazy?
This is preposterous.
I'm quite sane.
Hold your tongue.
I know what I'm about.
She was a witch.
Let's get to it.
I won't allow it.
You're courting disaster.
She'd find you wherever
you went.
Only this will stop her
for good.
- May she be damned!
- No!
You won't drive that stake
through her!
But you will.
Let's wait.
Perhaps he'll turn up.
I'm sure he won't.
He'd have been here by now.
A burial without a priest?
- Wait!
- No point in waiting.
Very well. You shall hear
the whole truth, if you must.
The vicar won't come.
He's known us since childhood.
- Perhaps you paid him too little?
- Too little?
I gave him 5 Imperial Gulden.
He turned his back.
Wouldn't even look.
Nothing would persuade him
and you know best why.
Yes. Some of the fault is yours.
Months at a time you were away,
and she...
I'm ashamed to say it.
The neighbors saw it all.
Drunkenness, debauchery!
Lately she dabbled in black magic,
and now this...
Her end was as wicked
as her life.
So don't expect the priest
to come.
He was adamant: no last rites.
You'd do better to help.
You have to do it!
You, her husband!
No... I can't.
Are you afraid?
It's only a corpse,
- a rotting carcass.
- For God's sake!
I'll do it then.
Let's hope you won't regret it.
Cover her face!
Must you go?
You're going to be a steward
at Rosolowice?
My brother - a flunkey?!
Your home is here.
What are you looking for?
I don't want to set eyes
on this place again.
Stay here, Casper.
No. Good bye, Matthew.
You know where to reach me.
What the devil?
She's found me...
Anyone at home?
Quickly! Open up!
What's the hurry, you blockhead?
His lordship... the horse...
He's asking for you...
Mr. Smorawinski's here.
He rode his horse to death.
Such a fine animal!
I didn't recognize him.
He rode like a possessed.
- Did you notice anything?
- What should I have noticed, sir?
A wolf... a big she-wolf.
A wolf? What would a wolf
be doing here?
Get away, you oaf!
I'm glad to see you.
Jarmolnice's been burnt down.
Here's the witness.
I don't think you've met.
Casper Wosinski. My comrade-in-arms
during the insurrection.
We have no time, Louis.
The Hussars are very close.
But you see...
I really can't do it.
What can't you do?
Especially just now?
What do I tell Julia?
Would she rather see you
in handcuffs?
- Perhaps they won't come here.
- Why shouldn't they?
It's all over.
There's no hope.
Too late to argue.
Have the horse saddled
and get ready.
But where?
Where are we going?
Abroad. To Hungary.
Better exile than prison.
Tertium non datur!
God's will be done.
I'll go.
Go and see to the horses.
In the meantime we'll get ready.
Have some food prepared
for the journey.
What is it, Victor?
He's alive.
But what happened? Why?
It's exhaustion.
He must be bled.
What is it?
You have blood on your face.
It's nothing. It's just a scratch.
It was the crucifix.
He must be put to bed
Hey there! Come quickly!
- More?
- More. - More?
Forgive me, I'm only...
That is...
Why are you laughing?
Forgive us my dear,
you startled us.
Who's the visitor?
Well, sit down.
Hortense, my dear...
I attire myself...
What else should I do in
this wilderness?
You, men meet and play politics.
Ridiculous pipe dreams.
They're not pipe dreams,
we're fighting our oppressors.
You fight! Who does?
Why use the plural?
Are you trying to prove
you're a man?
But to whom, my dear, to me?
You've been trying hard
since our wedding day.
If it were not for Hortense...
That's enough!
So, you're fighting!
With whom, may I ask?
Perhaps it's a secret?
I'm still young, do you hear?
I'm young!
I won't waste my life for
patriotic nonsense...
and delusions of young
fools and dodderers!
That's right.
Repulsive old dodderers.
- Miss Hortense...
- I'll go away... I'll go...
Please, leave us, count.
Madam must rest now.
Everything's ready.
The carriage is waiting.
And Mr Smorawinski?
The doctor applied leeches.
He's feeling better.
- But he's still week.
- How will he travel?
In the carriage, to begin with.
Then I must get ready.
The boy will bring you boots.
- I told him to grease them.
- The hunting boots?
They'll be the most serviceable.
I entrust my wife
and house to your care.
I should be frantic to think
they lacked anything.
You'll give me your word.
I pledge my honor.
Victor! Take care.
It's nothing.
Are you ready to start?
What is it?
There's no time to lose.
- I haven't taken leave of Julia.
- You went up to see her!
but you know what women are...
- I didn't have time to tell her.
- Then write a letter.
That's a good idea.
Not now.
You can send a messenger.
Mr Wosinski, we'll need you.
You'll go ahead in the carriage...
...and we'll follow some way
behind on horseback.
Permit me to suggest...
...that you had better use
the carriage.
My dear Wosinski...
I know best what I should do.
Besides I'm fine.
You'll go first and send the groom...
...to let us know if the roads
are patrolled.
We'll keep a lookout for you.
Is that clear?
Yes, sir.
Go and get changed for a journey.
And take some pistols.
Do you have any?
Hey there!
I told you to go ahead
and keep a lookout.
That's what I'm doing, your honor.
Don't answer back.
Get going.
Ride ahead and let me know
if anything's amiss.
Nightmare, begone, for God's sake!
- Who's there? What is it?
- It's me.
- What happened?
- Open up, sir!
Why are we stopping?
We're at the Tartar crossroads,
your honor.
Are their lordships behind us?
I don't know.
There's a thick mist, sir.
Put your ear to the ground,
and see if you hear them.
Instead of smoking you'd
better look after the horses.
I've put blankets on them.
They're all right.
Not a sound.
Get on your horse and go back!
Tell his lordship we're
waiting at the Tartar crossroads.
Did you look in the inn?
I didn't go inside.
Why not?
I was afraid...
someone was standing outside.
Silber, of course.
The innkeeper.
What, a Jew without his cap?
Hurry up and find the master!
This place doesn't feel right,
your honor.
Old wives, tales!
It's the graves.
They're all around.
Now, three years ago,
I remember...
...I was out alone, at night...
I lost my way coming back
from town.
Satan brought me to this spot.
The Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit!
I stood here in front
of the inn...
It was freezing cold, like tonight.
Who is it?
- Did you see?
- Yes, sir!
Heaven help us!
Be gone evil spirit!
It's only a trick of the mist.
There was no one here.
Nobody, your honor?
And the horses?
Quiet, quiet! Cool down!
What's going on here?
Have you gone deaf?
What happened?
I didn't expect you from
that direction!
You gave me a fright.
Where's the count?
I'm here.
We lost our way.
Something startled the horses.
Ours were startled too,
but what was it?
Just imagine a wolf
crossed our path.
- A wolf...
- That's right!
The ugly brute!
The horses nearly threw us!
Let's go to the inn.
I can hardly stay in the saddle.
- Someone's outside.
- I know, the groom told us.
What does it matter
if anyone's there or not?
I'll go first and see.
Get in and let's be off.
Put down the lantern,
I can't bear to look.
He's cold. The hussars
must have been here.
Perhaps they questioned
him about me.
A pity. He was a decent Jew.
Mr Wosinski...
Please, give this letter
to her ladyship in person.
- Sir, let me come with you.
- No,
I'm sorry my friend, but I can't.
Take my horse.
I won't confide this letter
to anyone else.
We're going abroad.
Who'll look after my household?
Take good care of it.
My honor is in your hands.
I give you my word.
And I thank you.
God be with you.
Good bye, Onufry...
Look after your master.
What will I do in foreign parts?
They'll kill me!
Rely on the Lord.
Time to go.
God be with you, Wosinski.
Hot water, quickly!
Plenty of it.
Were the hussars here?
They were.
- Well?
- They asked about his lordship.
- Did they search the place?
- What?
- Did they look through the rooms?
- No.
They said there's been
a plot against the emperor.
Ask Dr Goldberg to come
and see me.
I must be sick.
Was it the night air?
Can the master take food?
Not at present.
Give him a teaspoonful
every two hours.
Wake him up if he's asleep.
Why has the master been
taken bad?
It's the damp.
He has marsh fever.
Will he be sick for long?
Long enough. Why do you ask?
Her ladyship said
she wanted to see him.
She'll have to wait.
Say Mr Wosinski won't be
up for some time.
And that he needs quiet.
Who's that?
For God's sake, who's there?
Leave the candlestick
and go to bed.
Come closer.
- Where's the dog?
- She wanted to go out, so I let her.
Why aren't you in bed yet?
The Frenchwoman told me to
polish the silver.
- Was Mlle Ruttier here?
- No, she wasn't.
I locked the door downstairs.
She doesn't like it here.
What's that?
What's that?
A wolf.
It'll be a long winter.
Well, go to bed.
Jesus Christ!
Hush, hush...
So I found you at last.
You came here then.
Why did you choose this place?
Because I like it.
And you?
From today I do. Most decidedly.
They were trapped on my
father's estates...
...and presented to his
Imperial Majesty.
You might say they are
my countrymen.
I can see they don't like you.
They're afraid of me.
It's you who's afraid.
Look out, the footman.
What are you doing?
I'll take you home
and bandage your hand.
Why did you leave without
a word?
Welcome to my home,
Come in.
Mr Wosinski...
I see you have recovered
after your mysterious journey.
I have a letter
for you from your husband.
Do you have to shout so?
Put the letter down.
Good bye.
I thought you'd never come.
I've been here over an hour.
Welcome Matthew.
Heaven sent you.
I'm in a bad way. I've been sick.
Will you drink something?
I was afraid I wouldn't
get here.
There are soldiers
and gendarmes everywhere.
I had to pay 20 Talar for a pass.
Listen, Casper,
I've brought the rent for
the estate.
Why the hurry?
I haven't asked you for it.
I'd like to give you back
the lease as well.
Why, for heaven's sake?
I won't stay there a moment
longer... not a moment.
Have you lost your senses?
Have some wine.
Listen, Casper...
A few days ago I woke up
at night and heard...
...the dogs whimper...
I was sleeping above your
former alcove...
Quiet, quiet now.
That's all I remember.
I must have fainted.
The watchman found me...
And what was he doing there?
He came to tell me a wolf
had been seen nearby.
A big she-wolf? Was that it?
Later I saw her myself.
Wait, wait a moment...
Listen to me. Hear me out.
The day before there'd been
a battle nearby.
But Rymwid's manor is
a real stronghold.
With loyal men who'd been
in the insurrection.
- They even had a cannon.
- Spare me the tale of the battle.
But it's all part of the story.
Dear God...
The whole place was laid waste.
The cemetery was ploughed
up by grenades.
I tell you, bones were thrown
beyond the wall.
Skulls and everything
else mixed up.
Fresh bodies
and rotting carcasses.
Did you see Mary's grave?
It was only a hole and
mounds of earth.
I wonder,
- can she have got away?
- Nonsense.
No, Casper. It's not nonsense.
There was no trouble while she
had the stake in her heart.
But when the grave was
- The stake must have come out...
- Impossible.
Take my word for it!
Since then I've felt her
presence in the house.
I hear her steps in the garden,
in the alcove.
I hear her laughter.
What's that?
Take a look.
The countess?
No, that's impossible.
I recognized her right away,
right away...
But that daguerreotype always
stood on your desk.
A speaking likeness.
Are you drunk?
Of Mary, your wife.
Why did you bring it?
It's yours, after all.
A keepsake.
Maybe she's looking for it.
pay for a mass to be said
for her soul.
Do it, believe me,
or you'll regret it.
I know what she was like.
But your only hope now
is in the Lord.
Don't you see that I hate her?
I hate her!
Today she dishonored me again!
I shan't forget it.
I thought it was all over,
and now once more...
Accursed bitch!
Good evening, my friend.
I dozed off.
Take a seat, doctor.
I am still weak.
Any news
from the world of science?
Don't you joke about that.
It's some years since
I practiced official science...
...and came to this lonely spot.
In that case tell me the latest...
...news from the mansion.
Lady Julia and that officer...
How do you know?
It's enough to look at them.
As for you, my friend,
I advise you not to do
anything rash.
You know very well what
I have in mind.
Tell me, doctor...
...you have studied the secret arts...
Can a dead person take over
the body...
...of someone alive and beautiful?
For this you need
no secret knowledge.
The answer is in the Holy Bible.
Here you are, see for yourself.
When the unclean spirit is
gone out of a man,
it wanders over the desserts
seeking the resting place
and finds none.
Then it says
"I will go back to the home
I left".
And when he returns he finds
it empty, swept and tidy.
Off it goes and collects
seven other spirits...
...more wicked than itself,
and they enter and dwell there.
And in the end the man's plight
is worse than before.
And that is how it will be
with this wicked generation.
Now you understand?
What must I do?
That I don't know yet.
Not yet.
Your honor!
What is it?
Something should be done,
your honor.
- There's a wolf about.
- How do you know?
Not an ordinary wolf, sir.
It's as big as a calf.
A she-wolf. God forbid she
should whelp here.
That's enough.
What's that singing?
The women are returning
from church.
It's Candlemas today, sir.
People say that the bullet
for a beast like that...
...must be cast in holy water.
Now's the time to try
and get her...
It's a new moon.
What was it you saw, then?
Why don't you answer?
That's enough.
Now you prefer Otto,
but that won't last long.
I warned you,
but you wouldn't listen.
You have changed, Julia.
You are not yourself.
Be on your guard.
Against whom?
I don't know.
You're jealous!
I no longer need you, Hortense.
For anything.
Au revoir, Mr Wosinski.
Why won't you say what
It's just a scratch.
I don't remember how I got it.
So careless.
My poor little one.
So you came after all.
Have you any wine?
I have. Take a seat.
Thank you.
There's a wolf about.
I saw her myself.
A she-wolf, big as a calf.
She killed your dog.
- Will you join me?
- No,
you shouldn't either.
You need a steady hand.
I missed, doctor.
For all my reputation
as a marksman, I missed.
Though perhaps I didn't?
I need a silver bullet.
- Will you cast one for me?
- I will.
In holy water,
for it's an unusual beast.
Tell me, Goldberg,
why is she pursuing me?
What does she want from me,
for God's sake?
It's true,
I beat her and called her bitch.
And she said:
I won't be a bitch but a she-wolf.
- On her deathbed she said that.
- You should have forgiven her.
I couldn't.
Did you love her?
Like my own soul.
Look what she was like once.
Leave that!
So that's what you meant...
...when I read the verse
from the Bible.
So, you've made up your
mind yourself.
Go down, spirit of darkness.
Through iron to fire.
Through wood to water.
Turn into stone
and drink my blood.
Ariel, Sabbath, Ashtaroth,
thrice three, a triple trinity...
Ariel, Lucifer, Baroeth,
let your fire burn her.
Be damned, threefold and thrice,
the Trinity on the cross.
Open the door.
Excuse me, I've come for
the doctor, sir.
What's the matter?
Her ladyship's fallen ill.
Please come at once.
- When did it happen?
- Just now.
She's in terrible pain
and screaming.
Where's the pain?
In her chest.
Go back. I'll come right away.
Did you hear?
Now you know...
...what forces you unleashed.
Listen to what I say.
Her pain will pass.
Now everything depends on you.
Some time after I've left
you must pull out the pin.
But you mustn't look at
what you're doing.
After that burn the picture.
But don't look at it.
- I knew they wouldn't come.
- They'll be here soon.
I know them too well.
- How are you feeling?
- Quite well.
Won't this tire you?
I can't lie in bed during
the carnival season.
I'm glad to hear that.
- Hasn't anybody come yet?
- No. And nobody will.
There are no snowdrifts...
The snow doesn't matter.
It's a demonstration.
A demonstration?
Yes. My esteemed neighbors
are playing patriots.
I don't see what patriotism
has to do with a ball.
It's tomfoolery. Come along!
I want to dance!
Have you brought it?
- Is it consecrated?
- I went to the church myself.
Pour it out.
What's going on at the mansion?
They're having a ball.
Very good.
Are there many guests?
None. Who'd celebrate
at times like these?
There are still some
decent Poles left.
You'd better think about
yourself now.
Have you brought the weapon?
I'll load it for you.
I'll do it myself.
Welcome home, sir.
Where is she?
Where was she buried?
There, under the wall.
It wasn't our doing.
Even I wasn't present.
You should have had her
re-buried later.
We hardly dared without
your approval, sir.
- Shall we go?
- I think they've finished digging.
You must try to stay calm, sir.
It's nothing. Come along,
the sheriff will find us.
Can we start?
Go ahead.
I beg you to desist.