Wild Country (1947) Movie Script

What do you say, Caxton?
Not yet.
But it's getting late,
and they're going back to
the big house in a minute.
Stop bellyaching,
will ya?
I promised to get US
out of here, didn't I?
Now, look,
you pick a fight with one of the men.
When the guards
come over to break it up,
I'll make my get-away
in the dirt wagon.
Sure, Caxton.
Take me with you, won't you?
We're partners in this,
ain't we?
All right,
everybody, line up!
We'll go back
to the pen.
What's the idea of rattin'
to the guards on me?
Who says I've been
rattin' on ya?
I say so,
you're a stool pigeon!
And I say
you're a liar!
Come on,
get out of the way!
Come on, move!
All right,
break it up!
Take this guy
off me!
I said
break it up!
Hey, Caxton,
wait for me!
Eddie, I don't mind
telling you I'm worried.
This Rip Caxton
is the worst outlaw
we've ever had in the west.
When did he break out?
Which break-out
do you mean?
He's been in the pen
five times,
and he's got away
every time.
I don't get any idea the
guards were ever at fault.
Caxton's clever
as they come.
Looks like we'll
have to outsmart him.
If you can.
When was the last check
you had on him?
We got a report
that he was operating
somewhere around the town
of silver spring.
Silver spring...
An old friend of mine
is sheriff out there now,
Bill Devry.
That's right.
Bill Devry's the one
I was going
to ask you to see.
He sent Caxton up
the last time.
Knows all his tricks,
and he should be able to help you.
The way
you've been talking,
it looks like I'll need
Devry's help
don't make any mistake
about it...
Caxton's mean, ornery,
tough, a good shot,
and he likes to kill.
Got any pictures of him?
Caxton has a complete
disregard for the law.
Even goes so far as to wear
a polka-dot band on his hat
so he'll be sure
to get full credit
for all his crimes.
An eccentric sort
of a fellow, I'd say.
Polka-dot head band, eh?
Shouldn't be too hard
to round him up.
Don't be too sure.
Caxton can spot a law man
ten miles away.
You'll have to figure
some way to draw him out.
I'll figure something out.
Good luck, Eddie.
So long, marshal.
Hope the next time
I see you
we'll have this Caxton back
where he belongs for good.
What's cookin', Eddie?
We got a tough one
this time, Soapy.
Hey, where do you think
you're going?
See Bill Devry.
Save your breath,
Joe Spindle.
Ain't no lawyer
gonna do him no good.
He was framed
and you know it.
And when you've been sheriff
a little longer, Hutkins,
you'll learn that you can't stop
a lawyer from seeing his client.
All right, go ahead.
Hold his hand...
'Til sundown.
How're things going, Joe?
Not enough time.
Well, at least my daughter
will be home before...
Before anything can happen.
I don't know how she's going
to stand up under this.
I'll take care
of tellin' Martha.
Who would want
to do this to me, Joe?
And why?
It's got me ripped.
A man of forty years' service
with the law.
A man that's been sheriff,
once a judge...
A man like that
isn't going to turn around
and hold up a stagecoach
and kill a guard.
Everybody knows that.
Joe, will you open
that window over there?
It's awfully stuffy
in here.
Sure, Bill.
Take a good look,
Bill Devry,
it's me all right.
I took a lot of trouble
breakin' out and framin' you.
But I swore I'd do it.
How do you like
being locked up
behind bars?
And how do you
like this?
don't go in...
Joe, what's wrong?
I want to see dad.
It's too late.
What's happened, Joe?
It was
a dirty rotten frame-up.
Your father was arrested
for holding up a stagecoach
and killing
a shotgun messenger.
And then he was shot down
right in front of my eyes.
Who did it?
An escaped outlaw your father
sent up a long time ago.
He had a mask on,
but there's one thing
that makes me certain
it was Rip Caxton.
What was that?
They say this Rip Caxton
always wears a polka-dot
band on his hat.
So did the killer.
Has anybody ever seen
his face?
Nobody around here.
Then all we've got to do
is find a man
who wears a hat...
With a polka-dot band.
# My home is wild country
# with rimrocks to the sky
# in the solitude
# I never feel alone
# wild country
# I'll ride it 'til I die
# for there a man
# can call his sole his own
# the mountains meet
the sunset
# until they meet the plains
# rainbow-tinted valleys
# green with summer rain
# for they're in my country
# it's mother nature's best
# wild country
# my home, the west
# where life is well
worth living
# and men are really men
# where there's less take
than givin'
# I'm headin' there again
# for they're in my country
# it's mother nature's best
# wild country
# my home, the west
Soapy, we've been
on the trail two whole days,
and you haven't peeped
about where we're heading'
this trip.
Well, Eddie,
anytime I ask you,
you always give me
that look
and say,
"you'll find out."
So I decided
not to ask you anymore.
You know Bill Devry?
Heard of him,
sheriff of silver spring.
And one of the nicest old
crook spotters I ever met.
The U.S. Marshall says
there's an escaped convict
prowling his section
of the country.
That I reckon'
without too much brain work
is why they sent you
up here.
Ol' Soapy Jones,
he just goes along for the ride.
Not this time, Soap.
Fact is, I don't expect
a real fist fella
without you swingin'
your share of the loop.
It's Rip Caxton.
Rip Caxton?
Say, that's the man that wears the
polka-dot hat band on his hat.
So that's why you dressed me up
like a fly-trap salesman
in these fancy duds, huh?
Oh, no, you don't put
me out for any hunk of bait.
All you gotta do is walk
around town behavin' yourself.
Caxton'll get curious,
show his face
and we nab him.
That sounds fine
spieling it off like that,
but will it work?
It oughta work
without a hitch.
It oughta work,
but will it work?
Or the hitch'll be a noose
around my n-n-n- throat!
Thought I told you
to stay away from here.
I was gettin' kinda lonesome
hidin' out in that shack.
I thought I'd like
some company.
People are beginning to talk
about you being around town...
You and that polka-dot hat band.
You want to get picked up
and have the whole story
come out?
Nobody's pickin' up
Rip Caxton.
Lock the door.
Look, Caxton, I'm doing
all right in this town.
And I'm not jeopardizing
my control
by having you
doggin' me around.
Sit down.
All right.
Why'd you kill Bill Devry
in the first place...
Instead of involving me in that
stagecoach holdup and the murder frame?
Because I wanted
to do it my way.
Make him sweat behind bars
for a while,
like he made me sweat.
Well, he's finished off now.
What more do you want?
Bill Devry's ranch.
What are you going
to do with his place?
Fella could live
in clover on that place.
It'd be easy pickin's.
Nobody'd know I was
up to anything
but tendin' cows...
Maybe churnin' up
a little butter.
Look, Caxton...
I'm runnin' this town,
and it isn't big enough
for the both of us!
Look, varney, you're wanted
just as much as I am...
Only you were smart enough
to keep outta sight.
Oh, yeah,
and change your name.
Now, if you don't want
to play along with me
until I get
what I want...
You win!
What's up?
I'm hangin' back.
You ride into town
and head
for the main saloon.
But, Eddie, alone?
I'll be there
in a little bit.
Now quit lookin'
like an old moss horn with a shake.
We've got work to do.
Work to do...
And, remember,
don't let on you know me!
That hat band,
Rip Caxton.
Rip Caxton's comin' in.
Look out, boys,
Rip Caxton's comin' in.
Watch your step,
Rip Caxton's comin' in.
Give me a glass of sandwich
and a ham of milk!
Yes, sir!
Do you see what I see?
Yeah, I see it.
What do you want to do,
go out and yell fake?
They think that chump
cow hand is me!
Get your sheriff
and lock him up.
What a break!
Everybody'll think
the law has Rip Caxton.
All right,
but - never mind the talk!
Put away that phoney.
See the fella
with the polka-dot hat band?
Arrest him.
I said arrest him!
Hey, that's my gun -
hi, ya, sheriff,
my name's -
I know who you are!
My name's Hutkins,
sheriff of silver spring.
Get up!
Hutkins? What happened
to Bill Devry?
I said get up!
Oh, Eddie.
Do you know
this man?
Sure, it's Rip Caxton.
I've heard plenty
about him.
He seems to know
who you are.
It's me, Soapy Jones,
They'll hang me!
So what!
You shoulda thought
of that before.
Take him away!
But, Eddie,
you don't understand.
They'll break my neck!
Find out
where he's headed.
Beg your pardon, mister,
but can you tell me if I'm on the
right trail to Cascade Falls?
Cascade Falls?
That ain't where you're headin'
and you know it!
Hand over your hardware.
By the belt.
Is this the Devry ranch?
That's right.
I'm looking
for miss Martha.
This ain't no time
for visitin'.
Miss Devry's father
was killed this morning.
Bill Devry killed?
Who is it, Ace?
Are you miss Devry?
Why, yes.
I'm Eddie Dean.
I was an old friend
of your father's.
I just heard
the news.
How'd it happen?
He was framed...
And then killed
in cold blood!
Do you know
who did it?
Well, we have
an idea.
Yeah, I think
I have too.
It's just possible
this job I'm here to do
and this business about
your father might tie in.
Would you mind
tellin' me all you know?
Not at all.
Won't you sit down?
Come on, now, confess.
I know your record
a mile back -
killin', Arson,
Even framin' Bill Devry.
And even killin' ol'
Bill Devry right here in this cell!
When the U.S. Marshall hears about me takin'
Rip Caxton single-handed,
it oughta be good
for a nice reward.
Yeah, it should.
Say, you got
any money on ya?
Money? What good
would money do me here?
Where could I spend it?
Well, I know
a lawyer in town,
smart one too.
But you have to send him
his fee in advance.
Yeah, I could use
a good lawyer too.
How much you think
he'd be?
How much you got?
I've been robbed!
You're doin'
the right thing, Caxton.
This lawyer
will be perfect for ya.
You see, he's
the undertaker too.
Well, sooner or later,
we're all going to need a good under- t-t-t-
Must have been horrible.
What an awful way
for him to die...
Bill Devry would make
a mighty big fuss
if he saw you actin'
this way.
# There's a saddle
with a golden horn
# way up high
# in the sky
# just as sure
as you were born
# there's a saddle
with a golden horn
# there's a pinto
who was my ol' pal
# way up high
# in the sky
# in the boss's big corral
# there's a pinto
who was my ol' pal
# settle down, you doggie
# day is nearly through
# and we have had
a long, long ride
# there's a range for doggin'
and for cowboys too
# beyond the great divide
# rest my pinto
in a martingale
# I'll be there
'round the morn'
# and I'll ride
the glory trail
# in a saddle
with a golden horn
# there's a range for doggin'
and for cowboys too
# beyond the great divide
# rest my pinto
in a martingale
# I'll be there
'round the morn'
# and I'll ride
the glory trail
# in a saddle
with a golden horn
# way up high
# in the sky
# there's a saddle
with a golden horn
You know, from what
you've told me,
I think I'll start by having
a little talk with Varney.
For some reason,
I don't like his looks.
Keep your chin up.
Find out
what I told you to?
He rode off
to the Devry place.
Are you sure
of that?
Well, he was headed
in that direction.
What happened
to you?
My horse
broke his leg
mm-hmm, must be
a pretty smart horse.
He patched up his own leg
and trotted back here.
He's down
at the gypsum place
four miles
the other side of town.
Now suppose you walk
down there
and bring him back.
Can I have a little
talk with you?
Sit down.
How's business,
Mr. Varney?
Fine. Fine.
Good whiskey, clean games.
I'm showin' 'em
how to run a business
strictly on the level
and still make money.
Got any sideline?
You mean like
the hotel part of the saloon?
I mean like avoiding a
sheriff who takes his law
from someplace besides
the law books.
I don't get you.
Varney, you knew all along
the man you locked up
wasn't Rip Caxton.
So somebody must've ordered
you to do it.
Who was it?
Look, cow puncher,
you can't come in here and -
I can if the U.S. Marshall
sends me.
You've got nothing
on me.
I run a strictly
legitimate place!
It looks like
somebody else has.
Maybe when I round up Caxton,
you'll have a little
company on that long trip.
How long have you been going
under the name of "Varney"?
Maybe that'll teach him
to keep his nose
out of other
people's business.
What happened,
Mr. Varney?
Never mind!
That cow hand you arrested
and this hombre are both
working for the Marshall.
Tie 'em up good, Sam,
and lock 'em in the office.
I told you
there'd be trouble!
Now we've got the u.S.
Marshall's men on our tail!
Cool off,
What's the matter
with your sidekick?
He ain't scared,
is he?
Take it easy.
We're still
in business.
Only you're too jumpy
to run it anymore.
From here on out
I'm callin' the plays.
Sit down.
Now, look...
What happened to you?
Run into
a rattlesnake's nest.
Serves you right
for lettin' me down!
It was
a bad deal, Soapy,
but I couldn't let on
I knew ya.
you didn't have to put on such a good act!
You've got me believin'
I am Rip Caxton.
Listen, Soapy,
Bill Devry's been framed and killed.
I know.
But what I want
to know is...
How do I get out
of here?
I'll get you out as soon
as I find the sheriff.
You better hurry up
and find him quick!
All right.
Now, you wait right here
'til I locate him.
Your darn right
I'll wait right here
until you locate him.
Where else could I go!
I tell you I don't want
any part of a killing!
All you have to do
is like I said
and leave the rest
to me.
Count me out!
You've got an awful short memory,
You're forgettin' I know
who you really are.
So that's why I couldn't find either of
That Marshall's man
got away, boss.
Thought I told you
to tie him up good!
I did.
I'll bet you did!
You know what to do
but watch your step.
That Marshall's man
is on the loose.
We better get out
to that shack
in cobra canyon
right away.
Well, you're a free man,
Mr. Jones.
Your partner
straightened me out.
You're to meet him at the
shack in cobra canyon.
Do you know
where that is?
That's mighty nice
of ya, sheriff.
Yeah, I know
where cobra canyon is,
but I don't remember
any shack.
It's down the first road
after you get into the canyon.
You can't miss it.
By the way,
your horse is out back.
Thanks again,
Don't mention it.
Oh, sheriff,
I'm sorry for the way
I stepped on your toe
coming out of the saloon.
Oh, that's all right.
Here's your gun.
And as I was sayin',
I am sorry the way
that I stepped on your toe
coming out of the saloon.
I didn't step on it
hard enough!
Something's happened
in that jail,
and I'm gonna find out
what it is.
Where's your prisoner?
I don't know.
He got away.
Don't give me that.
Varney was just here.
You two fixed up something.
What was it?
He found out
he wasn't Rip Caxton.
Said to let him go.
Found out?
He knew all along
he wasn't Rip Caxton.
Now start talkin' fast.
Varney made a mistake,
that's all I know, I swear!
Now, what did you
and varney fix up?
I don't know. Don't ask me.
I don't know!
All right.
Rip Caxton's fixin'
to get rid of the Devry girl
and frame
your partner for it.
Where's all this
takin' place?
At the Devry ranch.
Varney rode off
the other way!
In case you were watchin',
he figured it'd throw
you off.
If you're lyin',
I swear I'm not lyin'.
I told you everything.
It's him.
Hi, gentlemen.
Say, where's Eddie?
He'll be around.
Just relax.
How can I relax.
There's somethin' fishy goin' on here.
See that the gent's
made comfortable, Sam.
Say, where's Eddie?
What's this all about?
Just a little surprise party
put on especially for you.
Miss Devry.
Oh, miss Devry!
That Marshall man,
is on to us!
Who told him?
He beat it outta me!
We're gettin'
outta here.
You're stayin' here. Rip Caxton
told US he's giving the orders now,
and I'm seein'
they're carried out!
Where's miss Devry?
Me and the boys were on the
way back from the north 40
when we saw miss Martha
and four men ridin' off.
Who were the men?
Couldn't tell,
but they sure looked like
they were up to no good.
We followed them for a piece,
but we lost 'em.
Come on!
Well, here it is.
It ain't
like your place, miss,
but, to me,
it's been home.
Looks like you need
a little persuadin'.
Well, go ahead.
That's no toy pistol you've
got strapped to your hips.
Use it!
You won't get a way
with it, Caxton.
There's a Marshall's man
in town.
He knows who you are!
Everybody knows
who I am, miss.
Only nobody around here's
ever seen my face.
When they do, they'll see
a smart lookin' gent
who moved
into the Devry ranch.
You'll have to kill me
before you can move
into my ranch!
Well, that was
the original idea, ma'am.
Sit down and make
yourself comfortable.
They must've taken
a shortcut.
Don't you understand?
It won't work!
The Marshall's man knows!
You told him?
But I didn't know -
save it!
I'll take care
of you later!
You ain't
backin' out now!
Oh, no?
Maybe my men will have
something to say about that!
Your men?
Double-crossin' me,
huh, Varney?
Did he tell ya
who you were workin' for?
Sure, he told me
and the boys
to ride for him
and nobody else.
He's a liar.
I knew trustin' you
was like pourin'
good whiskey down a drain pipe.
You dirty, double-crossin' -
Don't tell me
you couldn't help tellin'
that Marshall man
everything you knew!
Let me go, Caxton,
I swear I'll get
that Marshall's man
I know where he went!
You're stayin'
right here!
I've got some use
for you later.
Where's Eddie?
Where'd ya see him last?
Over at the jailhouse.
Said he'd meet me here.
At least that's
what the sheriff told me.
You oughta know better
than to believe anything
he told ya!
Miss Devry, come 'ere.
I said come 'ere!
The shack!
And a good place
to hide out in.
put her on her horse and let her ride.
I'll give her three
to get goin'
before I draw
and fire.
Listen, Caxton,
take this rope off me
and let's go
at it fair.
Those are the men
all right.
Watch your fire.
Miss devry's in there.
Drop your hands
and come out, Caxton.
Come on out, Caxton.
We've got you covered.
Don't shoot!
I'm givin' up!
You're finished, Caxton.
Come on out,
or we're coming in!
Stay close to this gun,
or you're a dead woman!
Start walkin'.
Stay close.
Make another move,
and I'll kill the girl!
I thought
you'd seen enough
of that polka-dot
head band, Soapy,
injun's wear scalps
in their belt, don't they?
And you had a hard time
cuttin' this one down,
didn't you? Ah, shucks.
It was a cinch!
I think it was
a little more trouble
than you both expected.
Things didn't look too
promising for a while,
but when the U.S. Marshall
gives us our orders, why,
we try to do
what we can.
Eddie, why don't you
and Soapy stay on
in silver spring?
We'd like to,
but we have work to do.
Well, you can work here
now that dad's gone.
Hmm, settlin' down
kinda frightens me, ma'am.
Especially with a right,
smart lookin' girl around the place.
I should think some day
you'd like to settle down.
With a right,
smart lookin' girl.
Someday maybe,
but right now...
# Ain't no gal
got a brand on me
# no, sirree, I'm too smart
# ain't no gal gonna
get my heart
# yippee ki-yo
# ain't no gal
got a brand on me
# no, sirree, bet your life
# ain't no gal
gonna be my wife
# yippee ki-yea
# with a pretty little gal
# I love to Terry
# but pretty little gals
# all love to marry
# ain't no gal
gotta brand on me
# no, sirree, I should say
# ain't no gal
gonna get my pay
# yippee ki-yo,
comma yippee ki-yea
# ain't no gal
gotta brand on me
# no, sirree, this I know
# ain't no gal
gonna get my dough
# yippee ki-yea
# yippee ki-yo
# ain't no gal
got a brand on me
# no, sirree, bet my horse
# ain't no gal
gonna be my boss
# yippee ki-yea
# comma yippee ki-yo
# with pretty little gals
# I wanna woo so
# but pretty little gals
# all want a trousseau
# ain't no gal
got a brand on me
# no, sirree, wait and see
# ain't no gal
gonna hog-tie me
# yippee ki-yo,
comma yippee ki-yea
# with pretty little gals
I never mingle
# cause pretty little gals
all know I'm single
# ain't no gal
got a brand on me
# no, sirree, I should say
# ain't no gal
gonna get my pay
# yippee ki-yo,
comma yippee ki-yea
# comma yippee ki-yo,
comma yippee ki-yea