Wild Eyed and Wicked (2023) Movie Script

[eerie music playing]
[man] All right, Lily.
Today we're testing
how much you've learned.
This time I won't be telling
the name of each bird
after it sings.
This time I'm just
gonna be playing the bird songs
and it's up to you to name
You ready?
Let's try.
[bird chirping]
[Lily] Bluebird.
-[bird chirping]
-Golden finch.
-[bird chirping]
[bird cooing]
Mourning Dove.
[owl hooting]
[birds chirping]
[tense music playing]
[bin clatters]
[crickets chirping]
[gravels crunching]
[Silvia sobbing]
[Silvia sniffles]
[Silvia] Get back inside, baby.
Are you okay?
Lillian Pierce,
get back in the house!
[eerie music playing]
[leaves rustling]
[engine humming]
[leaves crunching]
[music continues]
-[gunshot popping]
-[Lily screaming]
[swords clattering]
Remember to watch your footwork
before you are post.
I just get ahead of myself.
[Lily] Oh, good. Let's go again.
[both laughing]
[both sighing]
No, you're-- you're doing well.
You just gotta keep
sharpening up the footwork.
Yeah, and-- and keep
the left shoulder bag, I know.
But anyway,
thanks again so much for this.
And, uh, yeah.
Catch you on the next one.
Oh, uh, I actually have a...
I have an extra ticket
to a DJ Starfish concert
next month.
Yeah, my girlfriend's
not a huge house fan, so.
[laughs] I mean, I'd be down.
Super down.
Fuck yeah. [chuckles]
How has the fencing been going?
I've been working
on cursing less at the students.
Cursing less at students
shouldn't be something
you have to work on.
It should be something
you choose to stop.
Yeah. Wow.
Platitudes like that
what I pay for?
The problem with platitudes
is that they're usually true.
Should we talk
about your dad today?
You told me last time
that you were anxious
about him contacting you soon
because of the anniversary
of your mother's death.
let's just hope he doesn't.
Wouldn't be the first time
he forgot an important date.
And what about the nightmares?
-Have they been--
-[Lily] Same.
But I'm not worried.
[Genevieve] What do you mean?
Well, it's better to see Mom
in a nightmare than not at all.
[pills clattering]
[phone buzzing]
[lock clicks closed]
[laughs] Are you mocking me?
[coughs] Me?
Never. I'm not funny.
Who said that?
Uh, my mom,
my brother, first boyfriend.
I think you're funny.
Only took you
16 dates to notice.
-[both chuckling]
-But who's counting?
Me. Definitely me.
16, what is that?
-I hope.
-[both laughing]
-[Lily] See, you're funny.
Look, you did
sweet chili salmon
just seared to perfection
with, um, what?
Fucking like ginger
and I don't know.
Cream cheese mashed potatoes
and toasted sesame green beans.
Toasted sesame green beans.
You're-- yeah,
you're definitely getting
whatever you want
tonight. [chuckles]
Toasted sesame?
Is that what it was?
Or was it this green bean?
I love a green bean.
Everybody knows what happens
if you eat green beans.
[both laughing]
[upbeat music playing]
-Wait. I--
-No, I don't want you to--
I just learned that I have to
go away for a week to New York
I don't want you to think
that I'm, you know, disappearing
after the first time
that we sleep together.
I-- Yeah, that's fine.
But I didn't want you to feel
like I was abandoning you...
or forgetting you.
For-- Forgetting me? [laughs]
[both laughing]
Take a picture then.
[soft music playing]
Over there?
[both chuckling]
[Lily] Whoo!
You know, like, maybe some,
like, over the shoulder.
[tense music playing]
Is everything okay?
Is that too much?
No, no.
[upbeat music playing]
hey, um,
you want help with your stuff?
Before you head home?
Could I maybe just...
stay over?
I'm sorry. That was...
assuming of me.
We're not there yet.
No, I just...
It's okay.
You can talk to me.
[Lily] Uh...
I've just been having
a lot of nightmares recently.
That's all.
My dad was a sleepwalker.
So anything less
than chasing
a 50-year-old naked man
down the driveway
is a peaceful night for me.
a lot.
Maybe with someone here,
it wouldn't be so bad.
I don't mind a 30-minute drive.
I just want you to...
want me to stay.
[Silvia] "Martha
with her sister possessed,
by the heritage of their mother,
the Castle Magdalene,
and Bethany,
and a part of Jerusalem.
Martha inherited
quite a bit from her mother.
It is nowhere read
that Martha ever had any husband
or fellowship of man.
Now there was, at that time,
a great half beast
having teeth sharp as a sword
and horned on either side.
at the prayer of her people,
led it to town to be slain
with spears
and axes of the people."
[Lily] She led it
to town to be killed?
I prefer the knights
who got their hands dirty
like Galahad or Roland.
You love Roland, don't you?
[chuckles] Come here.
[Lily groans]
[gunshot popping]
[tense music playing]
[Willow grunts] Ow! Fuck!
-[Lily breathing heavily]
[tense music playing]
[swords clattering]
-[Liam] Hey, Lily.
-[Lily grunting]
Lily. Lily.
-Lily, you won the touch.
-[Lily breathing heavily]
Are you okay?
I know we talked before
about the facility in Chicago.
No, I-- I told you
I can't just...
I can't just disappear
halfway across the country
for five weeks.
And I mean,
I'm a fencing instructor.
It's-- the cost alone is--
I know, but we're running out
of options here, Lily.
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
[Lily sighs]
[man] Let us begin.
Situating ourselves
Sit or lie down,
whichever you prefer.
You can choose
to be inside or outside.
And we will begin
with a breathing exercise.
-[phone ringing]
Close your eyes
and concentrate on
how the air around you feel.
[phone ringing]
-[Lily sighs]
-[ringing continues]
-Hi, Dad.
-[Gregory] Hey, Lily.
How are you?
Why are you calling?
[Gregory] I, uh...
well, I'm sure you know
we're coming up on the 20th
anniversary of her death.
well, I thought it's time
to finally get rid
of some of her things.
But before I did that,
I wanted to see
if you wanted any of it.
Yeah, of course I do.
Um, when are you doing this?
[Gregory] This weekend.
I know it's short notice.
You think?
You could stay the weekend.
[clears throat]
I'll make dinner.
[phone ringing]
[Willow] How you doing?
[Lily] "How you doing?"
Yeah, I gotta get ready
for New York.
I'm gonna do Rosetta Stone
New Yorker English on the train.
What are you attending again?
It's a conference
for sustainable solutions
for modern architectural needs.
Uh, how we are gonna use
silk worms for making pavilions
or like frog vomit
for roof tiles, I don't know.
Poor frogs.
[chuckles] Yeah, it's time
those little green bastards
did something for society.
What about you?
Have you got
any plans this weekend?
My dad invited me out
to the old house,
but it's...
creepy as hell.
The-- uh, the new part
was built in the '50s.
The rest is pre-revolution.
Sounds kinda cool.
[Willow] I'm surprised.
Just wouldn't have thought
you'd be scared of anything.
That's sweet.
Especially said to someone
who nearly clawed
your face off in fear.
Nightmares are different.
You're a, uh,
special catch, Willow.
[Willow] I know.
You are, too.
I mean,
how many beautiful as hell
house music-blasting badass
fencing bitches do you know?
I know maybe two,
but I like red hair especially
when it's kind of wavy,
kind of curly.
The kind of in-between,
you know,
where it doesn't really know
what it's gonna be.
-That's really my type.
-[laughing] Oh, my God.
Yeah. Well, that was good.
[soft music playing]
[keyboard clacking]
[phone chimes]
[pills clattering]
[birds chirping]
[engine humming]
[insects chirping]
[gravels crunching]
[car door shuts closed]
[chickens clucking]
I was gardening out back.
I heard your car pull in.
Can I have a-- a drink
or something or--
It's a long drive.
I don't keep alcohol
in the house anymore.
-I promised, never again.
No, I-- I know that I--
Um, I meant, like...
tea or...
juice, or something.
I'll get the door for you.
[soft music playing]

[eerie music playing]
[soft music playing]
Blue jay.
Wood thrush.

[crickets chirping]
So I, uh-- [clears throat]
I, uh, joined a garden club.
There's a couple members,
old ladies mostly.
We chat
and do lunch and play chess.
It's nice just to...
help them feel good, you know.
It's good for me.
Really good for them.
They don't have
much companionship or much...
in common
with the younger generations.
My knowledge of history
-allows for a deeper bond and--
-You should fuck.
You know?
If you really wanna make
old women feel good.
Just saying.
I'll stick to chess.
Yeah, you'll contribute
the bare minimum.
And that's enough
for you to feel good.
I was hoping
this would go differently.
Why would this go differently?
Because you made dinner and...
you're telling stories about
how now you treat women better
than you did Mom?
make me regret
inviting you here.
And there it is.
Like always.
Good guy routine gets challenged
just a little bit
and you hit the fuck off button.
Where you start
talking about the fall of Rome.
it wasn't a single
cataclysmic fall
so much as it was a slow decay
of the imperial system--
I wasn't asking.
So... [clears throat]
...are you seeing anyone?
Her name's Willow
and she's an architect.
She's very successful
and very supportive.
[Gregory] How about friends?
Any luck with those these days?
Yeah, yeah, actually, um,
one of my adult students, Liam,
we hang out all the time.
-[Willow] How's it going?
Uh, well,
my dad is doing his whole...
"pity me,
I'm a better man now" routine.
I'm not having it. So...
kind of feel like a bitch, but--
Why do you feel like a bitch?
He made me dinner and I told him
to fuck an 80-year-old grandma.
[Willow laughs]
Hey, they need it too.
That's what I said.
Maybe just give him
a little bit of a chance,
you know,
while you're there at least.
Just a bit.
Like, a pinky of a chance.
[eerie music playing]
[music intensifying]
[birds chirping]
That's right, boy.
That's right. That's right.
[chuckles] Okay.
Thank you...
for dinner.
Some of the fondest memories
of my life
are teaching you how to ride.
My favorite was the horseshoes.
You taught me how to shape
the iron and the forge.
That was cool as hell.
What? You ready for more?
You ready for more?
Yeah, that's right. That's it.
[soft music playing]
-You're getting rid of those?
This is your family's,
not Mom's.
Yeah, I know.
A lot of the books
weren't hers either, but...
she obsessed over this stuff...
and I can't look at it
without thinking about her.
Is thinking about her
such a bad thing?
When it's all
you think about, yeah.
Whose idea was it to Marie Kondo
your whole fucking life?
You're not the only one
seeing a therapist.
It's the same therapist
who helped you quit drinking?
You say that
like it's a bad thing.
The cute one?
Yes. Yes, it is.
[soft music playing]
[man] Welcome.
Today's meditation
will be focused
on achieving a deep relaxation
and oneness.
We will be reconnecting
ourselves to our bodies.
And so it's often best
to do this meditation
either alone or in a place
where you feel safe.
As we delve deeper
into our minds,
we will encounter energies,
frustrations, and fears.
[voice distorting]
Do not be concerned.
We will work
through them together.
[ominous music playing]
And you know [indistinct]...
[floor boards creaking]

[music intensifying]
[Lily gasps]
[floor boards creaking]
-[eerie shrieking]
-[Lily gasps]
[Lily screams]
[breathing heavily]
I read that when sleepwalking,
it can seem
like you're in the real world...
but your subconscious
can create a half-world
where you're aware of the real
space you're moving through,
but your mind
can still dream things into it.
So that was probably all it was.
There's nothing out there.
I know what I felt.
Something was there with her
in the end.
Something that--
that took hold of me
when she died.
Maybe whatever it was
is gone now.
Please talk to me.
I'm concerned.
You barely even spoke to me
until I was 25.
I mean, yeah,
we had our-- our moments,
we had the gardening
and horseback riding.
But what is this?
You're concerned now?
Why? What has changed?
My grandmother
was the same way, honestly.
She was a real bitch
until her 80s
and then she softened.
Something about
seeing the grave coming.
Colon cancer.
Couldn't change fast enough.
70% chance of survival
so, not bad.
But I start chemo in two months.
I wish I could have...
changed the way
your childhood was.
I could have been around more
if your mom had--
Lily, she cheated on me.
I loved her always.
Still do.
I can't, um--
I can't get into this.
I'm sorry about your diagnosis.
I really am, but, um, I just--
I'm only gonna be here
a couple more days, so.
A couple more days?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Nothing is coming for you.
You've had this irrational
fucking fear ever since--
since I don't know when.
Yeah, you don't know when.
'Cause you were never
fucking around for anything.
All you were doing was--
was, like, wallowing
for decades.
Have you even once
thought about things
from my perspective?
Sure, let's see,
middling history professor
knocks up his TA.
And then, oh, wow, big surprise.
Loses his career.
Then you expected Mom
to-- to what?
Follow you forever
just into this futureless life
with a ruined professor?
I loved her, Lily.
I loved her
with all my fucking heart.
You loved her.
And that's why
you were always moping,
never fucking present for shit.
'Cause you could not stand to be
in the same space as her
without her affection.
You couldn't stand
to be in the same room
as men she was seeing,
men she was fucking.
[breathing deeply]
And don't tell me that I don't
know what I'm talking about.
You're right.
I never loved you
the way you deserved.
But I didn't deserve
this life either.
You're why I lost everything.
Why I lost her.
Thank you.
For what?
Finally admitting it.
[thrilling music playing]
[wind howling]
[music fades]
[soft knocking]
[gunshots firing]
[eerie music playing]
[gunshots firing]
[Lily panting]
[Young Lily]
Did they really have
so many monsters in the past?
These are just stories, love.
Have you ever seen anything?
You're too young
for my stories, little love.
Too young to hear about...
yellow eyes.
Wild and wicked.
Not ready to hear about
the pain that never leaves you.
Huh! I heard that.

Yellow eyes.
You look like
you were up all night.
Are you leaving today?
[scoffs] No.
You taking time off work?
I haven't taken
a vacation day all year.
It'll be fine.
How did Mom
come to be in your class?
She loved folklore
and everything medieval.
You know that.
And how did you come
to teach it?
Oh, that's a long story. But...
my family was into it,
I guess you could say.
"Into it."
I see.
You really dug deep.
Mom never read me this one.
But there's a page torn up.
Your mother, before the end,
started to believe
some wild ideas.
What sorts of ideas?
The book
you're holding is called
Those Creatures Born
Whilst God Did Sleep.
It is a compendium
of medieval demonography
written by a 12th-century friar
named Athol Beman.
Everything in this box...
should be burned.
It's a collection
of the last things
your mother ever wrote.
Letters mostly.
She said some-- many...
terrible things.
Among them, though...

there's so many crazy texts
in the Middle Ages like this.
Friars were drunk
most of the time.
"As for those...
monsters and demons beyond...
the knowing of
this humble chronicler.
Beyond perhaps even
the comprehension of man,
we name them
innominatum metus.
And I beseech those tormented
to use against
their wretched tormentors,
a deadly
and powerful antidote to pain...
and in battle...
let the matter be settled."
I-- Innominatum metus?
Nameless fear.
[phone ringing]
-[Willow] Hey.
Shouldn't you be
learning about the uses
of beetles sperm
in insulation or something?
[Willow] Oh,
I'll be hearing all about
the Beatles splooge soon
But there was some time
between presentations
I needed to attend, so...
You could be
checking out the city.
[Willow] I'd rather talk.
You still there?
[Willow] I wanna show you
something I'm working on.
-Can I share an album?
-Yeah, of course.
Designs for my ideal house.
[Lily] No way.
These are incredible.
Frog vomit roof tiles
and everything.
Why don't you come to New York?
Yeah. Leave the past behind.
We could dance until dawn,
hit a few puffs.
[laughs] What you need
is fresh air, new ideas.
I go on these walks where I
at all the different ways
-that architecture just--
-Willow, stop.
Come on, Lily--
I have-- I have to go.
Talk later.
I can't believe this shit.
Listen to this.
"I can't take it anymore.
I can't take it anymore.
Greg is so weak.
He's so weak.
I wanna hurt him sometimes."
I wonder
if I should have aborted her.
I could have been free.
I could have gone anywhere,
done anything...
and been young."
It's possible that this
was just an exercise and--
and not an uncommon one,
to write all
your worst feelings down
in letters and then burn them.
Then why didn't she
fucking burn them?
Maybe she was going to...
but wasn't ready yet.
-A-- and then--
-Then shot herself.
No. There's more to this.
[eerie music playing]
[cell phone buzzing]
[soft music playing]
[music turns tense]
[floorboards creaking]

[owl hooting]
[bird chirping]
[chirping continues]
[pigeon cooing]
[bird sounds continue playing]
[recorder clicks]
-[Lily gasps]
[Lily gasping for air]
[phone buzzing]

[Lily breathing heavily]
What the hell are you doing?
Making sure you're not dead yet.
[Gregory sighs]
I'm very tired, Lily.
Can we talk tomorrow?
[eerie music playing]
[heartbeat thumping]
Fuck this.
"I beseech those tormented
to use against
these wretched tormentors
and a powerful
and deadly antidote to pain,
and in battle
let these matters be settled."
Let's see how
this monster's claws do
against fucking steel plate.
No, I've looked
through all the books,
and the one thing
I see universally,
the guys trying to
kill these things are armored
head to toe.
So, Mom...
This stuff, this was how
she was trying to escape.
It was her antidote
to-- to pain.
-[steel clatters]
Can we talk through this?
Sure. Yeah.
Who wants to go first?
Okay, I'll go.
When my mother was killed,
this thing attached to me,
and it's been feeding on
my pain the way it fed on hers.
It wants to scare me away
with these visions.
I wasn't gonna run
so it can keep fucking feeding.
Before Mom, maybe it was
connected to your dad, right?
You always said
he was a bastard, a tyrant.
And then-- and then
his mother before him, right?
You always said
your grandma was this--
this depressive,
angry, awful person.
And then just back and back.
And then this thing
probably followed our family
over from Ireland.
I mean, maybe that's why
our ancestors came here,
-to escape it.
-What about me?
Maybe it's...
feeding on you too.
-Killing you.
You gotta be kidding me, Lily.
You sound--
Say it.
[soft music playing]
[metallic clattering]

[thrilling music plays]
[hammer clangs on metal]

That's not a foil
you're holding.
You hold it
like you mean to kill.
Not fence.
This isn't a sport.
You're not trying to score
by poking someone's foot.
Get your power and your strength
from your core.
So maybe you want it lower.
[hammer clanging]
[imitates whooshing]
When you strike,
just get an impact...
on each one of those thrusts.
[Gregory grunting]
-[Lily grunts]
-Oh, that's death.
Far behind, that's weak.
Here you have power.
-[sword swishing]
-[hammer clanging]
[Lily grunts]
[music fades]
[horses neighing]
[Gregory sighs]
Your mother did love me...
for a time.
But she got tired
of my relentless sadness.
She was young, of course,
she started seeing other men.
I should have forgiven her that.
She was a good person,
and I regret
many things I said to her.
I know she wouldn't want this.
She'd want you to be happy.
Move on.
Not fighting this old fight.
There is something out there...
and I need to kill it.
Remember Don Quixote?
He imagined different realities
from what was actually
in front of him.
He took everyday things
and made them part
of a great knight's tale.
Born to wallow.
You told me that.
I love you, Dad.
But I...
I don't need lectures.
I love you too.
Even if I've been terrible
at showing it.
We've both been terrible
at showing it.
[Gregory sighs]
[video call beeping]
I, um...
I wanted to apologize.
Last time we talked,
I was a little...
You were.
But I also tried
to get you to come away,
so I'm sorry too.
I need to give you
the time that you need
and I shouldn't have
been that way.
Is there anything else I can
You know,
to help you through this?
there might come a time
when I tell you some crazy shit
and I just need you
to hear me out.
That's all.
Pineapple on pizza crazy,
or vegan cat crazy?
[both chuckle]
Anything you wanna
talk about now?
Not on the phone.
when we're together again,
then yes.
Yeah. When we're together again.
Every day here, away from
I keep feeling as though...
it wasn't you who needed
to be pried away from there,
but maybe me
who needs to go to you.
-Um, you have a job.
-I know. I know.
I just-- A feeling is a feeling
and I-- I feel
like I let you down.
If you need to take
space from me...
I-- I understand.
Is that your dad?
Oh, I'll call you back.
[eerie music playing]
[floorboards creaking]
[flies buzzing]
[ominous music plays]
[Lily panting]
Keep trying, you fucker!
I'm coming for you!
You took my mom.
You're not taking me,
you're not taking my dad.
You hear me?
[Gregory sighs]
[Lily sighs]
They always show
armor getting penetrated...
-in movies.
-Yeah, that's a crock of shit.
If armor didn't do its job,
no one would've bothered.
Sword feels right.
Feels like a part of mom.
I was thinking I might just
take the pistol too, though.
If you're gonna fight in armor,
don't take anything with you
that can be used against you
if taken away.
The sword
won't penetrate steel plate.
[inspiring music playing]
[horse huffs]
[horse whinnies]

[owl hoots]
[ominous music plays]
[Lily sighs]
[steel plates clinking]
[steel plates clinking]
[Lily breathing shakily]
[bait snaps]
[demonic voice]
I did not kill your mother.
I tried to stop her.
I showed her
what would happen to you
if she's gone.

It feeds you, doesn't it?
This pain?
I can feel it.
You're trying to trick me.
I can't take it anymore.
Then leave.
Get some air.

I'd rather die than have Lily
think I didn't love her.
[demonic voice]
I showed what she would do
and she did it anyway.
[dramatic music playing]
[demonic voice] Your mother
was a monster, Lillian.
Let me show you
what she really was.
Lillian Pierce
back in the house!
[demon growls]
[eerie music playing]

[dramatic drumming]
Go home, Lillian Pierce.
You won't kill me.
If you wanna see Mom...
just sleep.
I'll be right there.
Young forever.
Just like I always wanted.
Better to see me
in your nightmares
than to not see me at all.
[pensive music playing]
[somber music building]
I stabbed it right in the chest.
Nothing happened.
This thing's gonna be attached
to me forever.
You know,
I just need to accept that,
like, live my life
the best I can.
Keep pissing the bed
in fear every now and then.
Won't have a relationship.
It's fine.
Plenty of people don't.
Let's say...
if you were following
what was written on that page--
Don't pretend that you believe
a goddamn word that I've said.
I wasn't finished.
What I was gonna ask is...
how are you satisfying the part
about those tormented
use a deadly antidote?
"I beseeched those tormented
to use against
these wretched tormentors
a powerful
and deadly antidote to pain
and in battle
let the matter be settled."
That's what I've been doing.
Using in battle
a symbol of Mom's love the--
the armor
that claws can't penetrate.
She loved
everything medieval,
yes, but...
what about you?
Maybe there needs to be more.
More of what you
specifically love.
Stop going through Mom's stuff.
Go through yours.
[soft music playing]

[birds chirping]
[soft music continues]
[fire crackling]

What if creatures
like this operate...
in a place in between?
One foot in the real world.
And one in another that we can't
possibly understand.
And fear is here
to protect us from that world.
Maybe it's a delusion...
and I have lost it.

I need someone to believe me...
and to see...
what I see.

[fire crackling]
-[ominous music building]
-[armour clattering]
[owl hooting]
[faint sigh]
I am right here.
I'm right fucking here.
[dramatic music playing]
[both groaning and grunting]

Holly berries.
[dramatic music continues]

Fuck it!
Mr. Pierce?
Mr. Pierce, I'm Willow.
I'm Lily's girlfriend.
Lily told me about you.
Has she told you
what she's doing?
A little.
We may not have much time.
Is she in danger?
Should I call the police?
They'll never believe this.
How can I help?
[both struggling]
[dynamic music playing]

[both grunting]
[Lily grunts]
I should have cut you out.
Fuck yourself.
You are not her.
[Lily groans in pain]
[Lily panting]
[grunting in pain]
You can't keep me off forever.
[demon sighs]
[claws scraping]
What the fuck!
Need a plan. Need an idea.
Willow, listen to me.
[claws scraping]
[faint up-tempo music playing
over speaker]
[screaming over speaker]
[Lily panting]
Dad, did you-- did you see it?
Hang on.
Yeah. [winces]
[up-tempo music playing
over speaker]
He said just play the music.
He said just play the music.
[Lily panting]
Dad, what do we do?
I wasn't enough.
That's not true.
That is not true.
You are fighting it.
Just like your mother.
And if she hadn't been alone..
it would've been different.
You didn't cower
like I've always done
for my fears.
And I am
so fucking proud of you.
[Gregory sighs]
We need this thing
drowning in poison,
not just slashed by it.
Dad, what are you saying? Dad?
I love you, Lily.
Should have told you that
a hundred thousand times more
than I did.
[somber music plays]
Let me be the father
I always should have been.
-[Gregory coughing]
Dad, don't take another step.
[fire crackling]

I missed your bedtime
story tonight, didn't I?
Why didn't I tell you
what I know by heart then?
[Gregory panting]
There once was
a brave little girl.
And she was quick.
And she was strong.
And she was going to be okay...
[Willow grunting]
[somber music playing]
...even if her mom couldn't
always be there for her.
Because some things
are too much to bear.
But that brave
little girl was stronger
than her mom could ever be.
[inspiring music playing]
[Gregory groaning in pain]
-[sword scraping]
-[armour clattering]
[tense music building]
[Lily panting]

Willow, go help my dad
stop the bleeding.
[sword clangs]
I had rather claw
my fucking face off
than spend another day with
[Lily gasps and grunts]

This is not who you were.
My mom was a human.
She was afraid
and she was in pain.
She wasn't a monster.
She died long ago
and you are not her.
[growling and screaming]

[music fades]
[Gregory grunting]
Stay with me, Dad.
Is that just--
Is that all really just...
70% chance?
We are here now.
That's all that matters.
[birds chirping]
That's all that matters.
Let's go.
[Gregory grunting]
[dramatic music playing]
[upbeat music building]