Wild Geese, The (1978) Movie Script

# Sad are the eyes
# Yet no tears,
# The flight of the wild geese
# Brings a new hope
# Rescued from all this...
# old friends
# And those newly found,
# What chance to make it last?
# When there's danger all around
# And reason just ups and disappears
# Time is running out
# So much to be done
# Tell me what more...
# tell me what more
# What more can we do?
# There were promises made
# Plans firmly laid
# Now madness prevails
# And lies fill the air
# What more... what more
# What more can we do?
# What chance to make it last?
# What more...
# What more can we do?
Colonel Faulkner
- You're late
- Sorry
We thought it better for you to come
into the country without
going through immigration
Took a bit of doing
I assume you're keen
I am. I'm also cold and tired.
Could we move rather rapidly on?
This way, sir
Colonel Faulkner,
I'm Thomas Balfour
How do you do
You'll be meeting Sir Edward Matherson
Matherson the merchant banker?
That's correct
What do I call you? "SIR Edward"?
You do
You drink whiskey, I take it,
soda or water?
Large and straight, thank you
Good of you to come at such short notice
That depends on your definition of good
A first-class air ticket and an unsigned
cheque for 2,000
are persuasive
I assume that's for
my time and my trouble
And a rather rough meal on the plane
Would you be good enough to sign?
Thank you
Another, please
Please, feel free with my whisky
I will
Thanks I'm dry when I work
So I've heard
There's a special clause in my contracts
that says that my liver is to be
buried separately, with honours
I'm not a very humorous man
So I've noticed
Tell me what happened with your contract
with Julius Limbani
You know very well what happened
You didn't pick my name out of a hat
It was a disastrous failure
But not my failure. He didn't arrive
Don't move
Mr Limbani, sorry to interrupt your nap
We are going to divert the plane. An old
friend of yours is waiting for you
Just sit quietly
That was two years ago
I've got your autograph Sir Edward. Why?
- Copper.
- Copper?
Now let's see if I can put all of the
pieces together
just for the exercise
General Ndofa was the most corrupt
dictator in Africa,
deposing Limbani as head of state
Do you mind if I cut through all of this?
Uganda agreed
to hold Limbani for them
then they refused to give him back
They announced that he died of a heart
attack, then they set him free
The dogs
Ndofa can't stand the chance of Limbani
reincarnated taking over his country
So he's offered some of our copper
in return for the secret delivery
of Limbani into his hands
And you want me to intercept him
and deliver him to you
Where do I find him?
He'll be moved across the border and
taken to an army barracks at Zembala
Now Ndofa leaves Gurundi the same day
and personally execute Limbani and
scatter his ashes
Any questions?
For the moment, just two
First when can we confirm the exact
date of arrival of Limbani at Zembala?
7 days in advance
- guaranteed
- Good
And two, can you hold General Ndofa in
while I'm grabbing Limbani?
That can be done
Excellent. That's all for now
Don't you wish to discuss
your fees and expenses?
Well first of all I have to determine
if the project is feasible
If it is, I'll send you my account
I don't discuss fees, I get what I want
I realise you get paid for
risking your life
I do hope it's not going to be
too valuable. Goodbye Faulkner
We shan't be seeing each other again,
it's been a great pleasure
Here we are
This is it?
You're too well known to stay
in a first class hotel
Now in here is a passport,
driving licence
all the usual papers and a 'phone number
where I can always be reached
You're to deal directly with me
It's my job to provide you with
everything you need
I've got some jobs for you immediately
I want a detailed map of the area around
a scale model of the barracks
plus all the details you can get
me on the garrison strength
- It will be delivered by hand.
- Good
Now I want you to find me two men
First Rafer Janders. If he's
alive, he's here in London
Rafer Janders...
Fair-haired, cigarette-holder,
wears glasses?
That's the man. This is going to be a
tough assignment
No Rafer Janders, no contract
I'll call you about him within an hour.
And the other one?
Shawn Fynn
Very good looking
I know the name Shawn Fynn
I'll do my best but he's a problem
Find him - same goes for him
No Shawn - no deal
Sit down
Randy, you don't come in here!
We got a problem, Mr Martinelli
I'm really sorry
Go on. Go on. I'll be out in a minute
Close the door
So? Go ahead. What is it?
You should've told me I was carrying
I said: "No drugs"
What did you think the delivery was for?
Hershey bars?
I thought it was cash?
I don't push drugs, ever.
It's against my religion
You're telling me what you do
or don't do for me?
More or less
Randy, break any two items
you like on this man and throw him out
If I ever see your face again,
you're dead
Put your hands on your head.
You, move over with him!
On your head
Shawn, take it easy,
he's just a snot-nosed kid
His old man is something very special
- back in the States
- Have you finished?
Open it
Open it!
I poured all the envelopes into one bag,
it's more convenient
Here I am just starting to work
for you two "beauties"
And I make my first contact
It was a young girl
She was alone on a bed,
And that's when I opened the package
You boys are pushing bad stuff
So what I'd like you to do is
each eat half of it
You're crazy!
She was barely 19.
Now on your knees and eat!
You too
Oh God Please...
I hope you've got a big appetite son.
Because it's all yours
Her words exactly
Now, eat it
Now do it!
All of it!
Pour it down
You look like you need a good
stomach pump
That had strychnine in it
But still, a little suffering
is good for the soul
You have another 20 minutes
Have fun
Corner of Riverdale and Hampstead
Emile, why don't we leave the
dishes until later?
That was pretty good
What do you mean Emile?
That was one of the best meals
I've ever cooked
Cold lobster?
I had to unwrap it didn't I? Come here
You promised me you would
right after dinner
I haven't had my coffee yet
You don't drink coffee
That's true
Are you ready?
Sure? OK
- Now when do the school Xmas holidays
start? - 12th December, you know that
- And when do you go back?
- 9th January,
come on, Dad!
Now isn't that a fantastic coincidence!
You know, this isn't a bad little
wine really
Why? Dad, please!
OK. This is how it goes
December 13th you, me and some suitcases,
are jumping on board an aeroplane
- Where are we going?
- Wait a minute
That same plane brings us back January 3rd
- You got it!
- In Switzerland?
The very same!
Oh boy, that's fantastic!
Oh yes...
Just the two of us?
Who else? We'll be staying in a
beautiful little inn
I'm so excited, I don't know what to do
Why don't you try screaming?
The neighbours are deaf anyway
Oh! Not all of the neighbours are deaf
Hey stop it, you're breaking my wallet
Come on in
- It's good to see you.
- Good to see you too
What was all that screaming about?
Emile was expressing mild satisfaction.
Emile, come here. This is Mr Faulkner
- This is my son, Emile.
- How are you?
Pleased to meet you, sir
A by-product of an expensive education
What a pity they don't export it
Excuse me, sir
- I hope to see you later, sir
- So do I
What a pleasant child
I'll tell you about him later
Now pour me a drink,
sit down, let's talk
It's been 9 years
Ten, in fact. Where did they all go?
We'll drink to something
Let's drink to...
the years that came before the 10
To the next ten weeks
What does that mean?
To you, Rafer, my old friend
OK. To me
- Disgusting
- Yes, isn't it?
What do you mean, "the next 10 weeks"?
Come on, Rafer, let's talk
No, Allen I'm not available
I'm trying to go old and grey
I'm searching to see if I can
find my God
I'm trying to learn
how to appreciate life
And practise the art of inner peace
Now you believe all that
is a crock of shit
- I do.
- You're right
All except the "I'm not available".
I'm not
Alright, I guess I can understand that
Well now, tell me, how did you find me?
I asked
Tell me, how's that 19 yr old
French beauty?
That 19 year old beauty is 29
and she lives in Paris
- She left you?
- Yes
She's Emile's mother She sees him
once or twice a year
I haven't see her since he was two
He goes to boarding school in Kent
What would I do with him full-time?
I love him. He's a wonderful boy
Weekends and holidays are my greatest
moments of my life
I'm taking him skiing for Christmas
3 weeks, leaving December 13th
- December 13th...
- I can't wait
Anyway, enough about me!
How's Jenny?
She died
- 3 years ago.
- How?
Some kind of bone cancer,
in a month she was dead
- I'm sorry.
- So am I. She was a good woman
- She was great Allen...
- The subject is closed
What's done is done
Come on, tell me, how are the kids?
They're alright. Grown up
Don't see them much any more
I think they're not too happy with me
These are beautiful
Yes, they are, aren't they?
I buy them, sell them...
I'm getting pretty good at it
They earn about 15,000 a year
- Julius Limbani is alive.
- I don't care
Yes you do
If there's one African leader you
do care about, it's Julius Limbani
Now I'm telling you, Allen I'm
finished with all of that
I'm getting too old.
By the way, so are you
You know, apart from your
charming personality
and the fact that you're the
finest planner I've ever known
What I've always admired about you,
Rafer, is your idealism
The money wasn't important to you
It was the bad guys
against the good guys
And you were never with the bad guys
Now me, I'd work for anybody,
as long as they paid me
It's an ineradicable flaw in my life
And that's why you've always
impressed me, Rafer, always
I'm glad to hear you say that
Do you know how many times
I've been wrong?
Out there somewhere
singing "Hallelujah!"
fighting and killing for
some god-damn saviour
who as soon as he's got in power
gets to steal his own treasure?
I don't know who the
good guys are any more
You know Limbani
You know he's the best there is
I have a contract to steal Limbani from
General Ndofa
If I don't do it, he dies
If I do, well, perhaps he's running
the country again
I need you, Rafer
The answer's still no
Now, we don't start training in
Africa until January 15th
So I can spare you your holiday with
your child
There's a very big pay-cheque, tax-free
It's really been great seeing you again,
don't spoil it
Can you do me a favour?
Show me... clear that stuff away
Show me how you'd get in and
out of this place
Limbani will be here,
somewhere in that barracks
- I've got Rafer Janders.
- Good
You haven't got Shawn Fynn
What do you mean?
He's either dead by now, or he will be
the second he shows his face in London
What happened?
It boils down...
He removed two of the family's
men earlier this evening
one of whom happened to be
the nephew of the local godfather
There's already a contract out on Fynn.
The biggest London's ever seen
- Get it cancelled.
- Impossible
Edward Matherson and his banks have more
power than the Mafia
That's not even a question
You want Limbani?
Cancel the contract
What's so special about him?
This afternoon, he was a courier
for a 25 year old hoodlum
If you'd ever seen him operate, you'd
know what was so special about him
Also he can fly any plane
you'd care to name
and he's my friend.
I don't have too many left
He's no. 3 on this deal
or there's no deal
It would be a real moral crisis
for kindly Sir Edward
He would have to have
me and Rafer killed
Don't you think?
You get the details of
Shawn's last year over
to my unspeakable hotel
as soon as you can
Rafer and I are going after him
Now wait a minute, this isn't your
territory. You stay out
You're not even meant to be in
this country, remember?
Ask for a doggy bag after
you've paid the bill
I'll be waiting for you in my room
Number 23a
There it is
Keep driving, keep driving!
- How many is that?
- Five
With a welcoming committee in each one.
Boy, what efficiency
- How many are left?
- Four
Good old Shawn!
Living with nine women in the same
year... possibly at the same time
Quite a feat but not beyond him...
Heather Courtney...
Baronet Club, Denby Road
No home address, probably sleeps on the
craps tables. We can but try
You buy the chips here, Charlie
In two stacks
Thank you very much
I'm going to get me some chips, and I'm
going to break the bank
- Heather?
- Black 20
Heather's at the first
Blackjack table over there
Oh yes, I can see her now.
How comes you're wearing her breasts?
- What did you say? - I said
she's got Heather's chest!
Hey brother!
How you doing is this table hot?
How are you?
Now you just tell me how much
you got there in genuine money?
What's the limit?
- Twenty.
- Then give us some, Heather, baby!
If you don't behave you'll have to leave
How do you know my name?
How do we know your name, little Heather?
Don't stop, keep dealing and
listen very carefully
We need your help
Where's Shawn Fynn?
Who? I don't know any Shawn Fynn
Yes, you do
Hey, I got a genuine Blackjack!
I got a genuine Blackjack,
hotter than a fox!
He's in great trouble,
if you know where he is, tell us
The Mafia have a contract out on him, if
they get him before us, they'll kill him
We're down to the last minute
We are his close friends
Check with him and tell him that Rafer
Janders and Allen Faulkner are here
Describe us, and be sure,
and do it now or he's a dead man
OK, I believe you.
He's right here in this building
Behind the men's loo, there's a stairway
Top floor, first room on the left
Shawn, it's Allen
Not even a hearty hand-shake
or a "Shawn, my boy
how are you?"
- Clown
"Clown"? At least that's a start
Do you mind telling me
what you're doing here, thank God?
If we live, I'll tell you why. Idiot
Clown and idiot... you always were a
You never change, do you Shawn?
A whole army out there and
you're still making jokes
- Let's get out of here.
- Now you're making jokes. Where to?
Don't worry
Allen, open up
A car just pulled up at the back door
- Rafer, what are you doing here?
- Cycling a bike!
- Maniac.
- Everybody's calling me names
Another car in front.
We'd better do a little praying
- Somebody's trying to lift this
contract. - What contract?
- Who? Would somebody tell me what's
going on? - Rafer, what you carrying?
This... and this
Sort of balances me up
Mr Martin, I do appreciate you coming at
such short notice
It's 4 o'clock in the morning, I should
imagine you would
And I want to get home to bed
and go to sleep
What do you want?
I want you to lift
the contract on Shawn Fynn
He killed my brother's son
From what I've learned, your brother's
better off without that son
You tell him that. He's grieving
He'll get over it.
Let's get down to facts
Now, I control a number of newspapers
I guarantee you, the day
after Shawn Fynn dies,
you and your family will be
amongst the most written-about
and photographed men in England
Wrong room
Get out, the contract's lifted
I'll be damned!
These gents should've waited 3 minutes
Let's get out of here,
before the police arrive
You're right
- Very gentle, the circles you move in.
- Heather, I'm sorry
She's the one who
told them the wrong room
Get a doctor
You know nothing, right?
I will pay you back, I swear
You run along, love
It was a pleasure helping you out, if I
still have my teeth
Thanks. Well thank her, you clowns
- Thanks, you're a good girl.
- Kiss her and come on
Isn't he a love?
I don't wish to appear rude, Thomas,
but exactly who the devil is he?
Let's just say he's a military adviser
Where's he from?
A government dept who has as much
interest in Limbani as we...
- Which dept?
- And that is all you get to know
Now he's going to say "yea"
or "nay" to your plan
His decision is final, so you
might as well start your briefing
There's no need to be hostile,
Colonel Faulkner
We'd very much like this to succeed
So do we Rafer...
Alright, from the top... we use 50 men
4 officers, 4 NCO's, 40 enlisted men,
1 medic
and one sergeant major who'll be in
charge of training and discipline
Who's the fourth officer?
- Mr Fynn has someone in mind
Pieter... - Coetzee
He's a South African
He served on border security
and knows the bush as good as anyone
He'll be good, I can guarantee it
And we're interviewing him
when you proceed to sign
We'll recruit in London,
group and train in Swaziland.
I assume you can arrange that
We fly from Swaziland here
and we drop from a Hercules cargo 'plane
that's on a scheduled flight to Rwanda
You're going to parachute in?
No, we will be free-falling
from 25,000 feet
You'll be using oxygen?
Could you allow him to pause?
Thanks, Allen
Oxygen, no
The cabin will be pressurised and then
de-pressurised 3 mins before the jump
Parachutes open at 1,500ft. They
won't hear the plane or see us land
The plane will continue, re-fuel, come back,
pick us up
We'll be on the ground
for exactly 3 hours
You're doing beautifully, continue
There's a plateau, here, 7 miles from
Zembala, here
We drop and split into two groups.
The first group,
led by Allen, will take the barracks,
which will be 4 miles from the drop zone
here. The second group,
led by Shawn,
will take the airport here,
which is 3 miles from the barracks
The first group will take Limbani out
and go to the airport
With proper timing, the plane should
land 10-15 minutes
later, and pick us up
And your plan of the barracks?
These barracks were designed to hold 200
men, if my information is correct
It is, I corroborate
25 of you are going to take Limbani
out from 200 men, how?
While they're asleep.
We'll dispose of the guards,
here... here... here
Cut the wires, enter here, proceed
to the barracks here, here and here
With gas masks + cyanide gas canisters,
they really won't know what hit them
My God, you mean to say that
you intend to kill them all
Can you think of a better way?
The UN will go mad
Not if we get Limbani out
General Ndofa won't say a word,
otherwise he'll have too
much explaining to do
to his own people.
You see he's told them that Limbani is dead
And our objective is to get Limbani out
Quite right
Your plan is approved, gentlemen
- Well done, Rafer
- Thank you
Oh, there's one small change.
We received some updated info this morning
The operation's been moved
forward 3 weeks
I assume you can handle that
Excellent. Goodbye gentlemen
If his back was any straighter his spine
would snap
Here's the signed contract
Read it
"Open-ended check-in account on a Swiss
bank. All expenses for weapons,
and equipment etc to be itemised
One third of all wages
to be paid in advance
Fair enough
100,000 for you?
50,000 for Janders
30,000 for each of the other officers
20,000 for NCO's and the RSM
10,000 for the enlisted men
And one half of all amounts
if the mission fails
That's absolutely outrageous!
My sentiments exactly
Sign here
And here
Here's your copy.
You can go and scream in the corridor
Shawn, would you be good enough
to show Mr Balfour out?
Yes of course
- I had no idea.
- I know
There'll be other holidays
Allen, I'd like your approval
on this equipment request
Excuse me, would you know
of someone called Sandy Young?
Colonel Faulkner, sir!
How are you, Sandy?
Couldn't be better, sir! Yourself?
Not bad
I can't say what a pleasure
it is to see you sir
It brings back memories
I never thought I'd hidden
Let me invite you in, sir
- Is your wife at home?
- Yes, she'll be delighted
I don't think so.
I think we'd better talk out here
How's your retirement?
It has its points, sir
Such as?
The fucking rose bushes are whipping
into shape sir, and that's about it
How do you fancy
whipping 50 men into shape for me?
- You're serious?
I need a sergeant-major
and you're the best
- I'm not too old?
- What do you think?
Sir, where do I report and when?
- Tea's ready
- Look who's here, love
Good afternoon
Yes, I see
I hoped I'd never see him again
That's no way to treat an
old friend, Marjorie
He's not my friend
Tea's on the table
You're not welcome here, Mr Faulkner
My apologies, sir
I understand
She'll be crying now, won't she?
A good deal of it, but
she'll get over it. She's a lovely girl
Yes, she is
Well, you go in...
and call me at this number tonight
- Sandy.
- Sir
Excuse me
Can I get you another one?
- Shawn...
- Shawn Fynn
How's it going, Pieter?
That's a good question
if you have a few hours
- What are you doing round here?
- Looking for you
Yes sir?
2 of these please
How did you find me?
Your landlady
By the way, she asked me to tell you you
should pack and get out by the morning
Rent? That's a joke
I haven't even got the money
to buy you one back
Why would you be looking for me?
I might have a job for you
Thanks, I've been in jail once,
I didn't like it
Thank you
I now have to prove to you that crime is
only a hobby of mine
- It's not that kind of job.
- No?
All I want out of life right now
is to get back to South Africa
I don't know why I came here
in the first place
One more week and I'll explode
It's funny you should
talk about explosives
Because explosives could very
well be a part of this job
What does that mean?
It's also in Africa
You must be joking
You're serious?
30,000 how's that for serious
- Right, Tosh.
- Sir
Come in
State clearly your name, age, previous
military experience and rank
Donaldson, sir. Born 1932.
12 years with the paras,
3 tours with you. Rank of Sergeant, sir
- How have the years treated you?
- Not so good, sir
I'm a plumber now, it's not my line
- Married?
- Yes sir
- Your wife know you're here?
- No sir, she'd do her nut
If I'm accepted, sir,
I'll leave her a note
Sir, you won't regret it
I'm as good a man as I was at 20, sir
Why do you want to come with us?
It's what I do best, sir
I love it
Blake, Jesse, Colonel Faulkner, sir
Age: within the acceptable range.
Experience: you name it, I've had it
Financial status: wipe-out
Cannot afford a haircut, sir
Jesse, I'm glad you got my wire
So am I, sir... it was my breakfast
How do you feel about working in Africa?
- I don't care where it
is, sir, except Switzerland
Neatness scares the shit out of me.
And since I see Mr Janders sitting there
I know we're not going up against
any sweet and kindly group
Thank you
So I'm ready, available and hungry
You're hired
Colonel, you've made my day. Would it be
possible for you to advance me 20?
The man has hunger
I have this lady barber who
charges by the inch, sir
McTaggart, aged 42, sir
12 years in the Black Watch,
rank of Sergeant
Undefeated regimental middleweight
champion 6 years running, sir
What year were you born?
Come on now, Jock.
You can do better than that
- Yes, sir.
- How old are you?
- 47, sir.
- You look like you could do
with some exercise
It will take 4 weeks to get down
to fighting weight
- You've been hit a few times?
- Yes sir
A lot of the hitters are
still hearing bells sir
I just like to fight,
with weapons or without
Witty, Arthur. Age: 43. Medical Orderly
You don't need to go over your
qualifications. How are you?
Good, sir
- You look fit.
- Thank you sir
I spend my time cranking
up hospital beds
Patients lying around the wards,
that sort of thing
Keeps me fit
Why do you want to come with us?
Colonel Faulkner,
two years of sorting gall-stones at St
Vincent's hospital
have hardened my heart.
And softened more important parts
I want to reverse the process
It could be a bloody one
Aren't they all. I like to keep fit
Alright, you've got the job
Thank you, sir
Do I have time to get a divorce?
36 hours
Thank you, sir
I can't wait to see his face!
Well-played, Emile
- You played a good game?
- I didn't know you were coming!
It's a surprise. What's the score?
We're winning 4-0.
It's just a knockabout at half-time
But why?
It just has to be
It's Christmas, we were going to have
3 more weeks together
I know what I said, but sometimes these
things just can't be helped
Anyway, you'll be with the Headmaster's
family. It'll be nice
No it won't, I want to be with you
- I want to be with you too.
- Then don't go
Please. It's only business
I have to go
I don't even know where,
what it's about, or anything
One day I'll tell you. That's a promise
Let's sit down for a bit, have some fun
I raided Hamley's
It's called "Xmas whenever you want"
Don't really want them now
I understand
I'll give them to the headmaster.
He'll give them to you for Christmas
My mother was here last week with some
One of the older boys said
she looked like a whore
I didn't know what that was
so I laughed
And then someone told me
You listen to me now
Don't pay any attention to what they
say. 'Cos you know and I know
she's the kindest and finest
woman there is
I want you to remember that
- I've got to get back to the game.
- I love you
I love you too
Some of you know me already
Those of you who don't
are in for a great big fucking surprise
Those of you who do
are in for an infinitely more horrible
time than they care to remember
Any man here steps out of line and
I will kill him stone-dead
It will not worry me in the slightest
There are no Queen's Regulations here
When I say "Jump!", you ask "How high?"
Do I make myself clear?
On the command "Right and left turn",
A and B squads turn to the right,
C and D squads turn to the left
SQUADS! Right and left TURN!
Right! Let's try for our first
heart attack shall we?!
On the command "double march"
You will double in clockwise and anti-
clockwise directions
within the confines of the parade ground
20 paces at the double,
20 paces at a sprint,
fall flat on your bellies,
get up and do it again until
I tell you to halt
At the double,
double march!
Come on, move it! Faster than that!
Get up,
you lazy bunch of bastards!
Get up sir, before I kick your head in
Move it you dozy lot!
Come on, get up!
Witty you screaming faggot
Move it before I sew up your arsehole!
The Lord in his infinite wisdom
would never ordain that
Captain Janders
Get up and run
or I will string you up by the balls
Do I make myself understood?
Get up!
I can't, Sir
Get on your feet, you fucking abortion!
I've tried, sir. I'm dead
Next time you move it,
get out of my sight now
Come on, move it!
Move it you fucking bastards!
If anyone tried to convince
me I was still alive,
I would hardly believe it
Me too, I'm as much of a wreck as anyone
Alright gentlemen,
let's get down to business
We have a problem to solve
The camp sentries Look here
Look at this
There's one here, one here and one here
And all around, open country
We can't make any noise
They must be killed
instantly and silently
And there's no cover for 100 yards?
I'd use a crossbow
Who do you think you are, William Tell?
The one I have in mind
will kill at 300 yards
At 120 yards, the bolt goes
straight through a man
- Where do we find such a thing?
- Somebody I know in Durban
I use hardwood quarrels, with vials of
cyanide attached
The quarrel will shatter inside the man,
and if that doesn't kill him instantly,
the cyanide takes effect in less than
one second. So there is no sound
Get the weapon,
I'll take care of the sentries
OK. You have it
Anything else, sir?
Good night then
Pieter, is something wrong?
In South Africa, we call the blacks
"kaffir", like you call them "niggers"
I don't particularly like them,
but I don't like killing them
I'm sure you've hunted black
terrorists in your own country
Those terrorists hunted me
General Ndofa's army killed
more innocent people in one day
Than your terrorists did in a year
Maybe, but that is in Ndofa's
country, not in mine
Our mission is to save
the life of Limbani
and get him out. He's a special man
I'm no good at politics
I don't know Limbani,
or the people that back him
I only know that I don't like killing
people I've nothing to do with
Then what the hell
are you doing here, Pieter?
You know why
This is my ticket home
My money to buy a farm
Nothing more
So I'll be killing for me and
I'll live with it later
And you'll be killing to impose your
ideas on the future of mankind on others
whether they're right or wrong
I wonder how we stack up
against each other morally
Is that all, sir?
Morals amongst mercenaries...
Who'd thought we'd ever see the day
We'll have to watch him,
can't afford any risks
If he's not with us, he's dead
I know from your records,
you're all perfect
Don't forget to bend your knees when
you hit, to take the shock out of it
and roll over
Esposito, what the fuck
are you waiting for?
A push? Go!
Next man, move it
You have one jump to make,
it better be perfect,
or you get left where you fall. Go!
Very good
That was LUDICROUS, sir
You're jumping from an aeroplane,
not a whorehouse window. Do it again
Keep the rhythm up, not too quick
Get out of the car
I've got an urgent message for
Colonel Faulkner
Get in
Come in
Gentlemen, sit down
We're going in tomorrow night
You're kidding
Tomorrow's Christmas
We'll celebrate on the 26th
How did this happen?
We were guaranteed a seven day notice
According to this message,
a crazy old lady relative of Limbani
had a vision that he'd risen
from the dead
and it spread through the tribe like...
the mumps
Made Ndofa very nervous. He wants to get
this thing over with fast
Now Limbani's being delivered tomorrow
night. We'll be there 4 hours later
Splendid. The best news I've had since
I threw up my lunch
Well, be prepared to throw up dinner
Instead of taking a small bodyguard,
Ndofa's taking the Simbas with him
That's his own regiment
And they're good, as we know
We won't come across them. We'll have
Limbani out before they get close
If all goes well
Alright gentlemen, now to business
Rafer, see that the men make their wills
Shawn, take the men into town
They can kiss their money goodbye
if they're not back by 0400
Drunk, laid and parleyed
They deserve it. That's all
Sit down
I just wanted to have this private
moment with you, old friend,
to thank you.
You're the best of the best
You've earned your money five times over
I appreciate that sir,
but I'm not quite sure what it means
It means that I'd like you and your wife
to spend your money in good health
You trying to tell me
I'm not coming along?
Sir, with respect, you can stick your money
up your arse
- Sandy!
- I love what I do
And believe it or not, I also love those
grubby thick-headed men I trained
you most of all
I expect to be with them
and with you. Because I'm needed
And if you want to see a REAL
revolution, try and stop me
How about that!
Who are you leaving
your money to, Queenie?
Well, if it's any of your business,
To the dearest, kindest proctologist
in the whole wide world
What's that?
"Bum-doctor" to you, chubby cheeks
Come along auntie!
We'll find you a lovely bit of tail
No thanks dear
You enjoy yourselves
I'll be waiting up for you,
with bandages and penicillin
Have your bums ready!
I never think about dying
I've got my death all planned
Blind drunk, lying on the pavement, roll
off, fracture my skull... out
I think about it
- That has no purpose.
- Your children are grown-up
That's true
Allen, I want you to do something for me
If I buy it,
I'd like you to see that my son's alright
- I mean you put me into this pit.
- Don't you have any decent friends?
Well, I've just made you his Godfather
Look, if his mother doesn't
take care of him,
I'd like you to take him away from her
That's absolutely crazy
You must have an IQ of 2
When I'm not employed killing perfect
strangers, I'm an out-of-work drunk
Bit of responsibility would do you good
I want your hand on it
You're not going to die, Rafer
I know it, you know it,
but it's the guy up there who decides
Well, I'll ask him
Come on, move it
Come on, move it up, right down
What's the hold-up? Come on
All in, sir
Service is a bit slow
For President Limbani
Yes, sir. He'll need these
We've got 3 mins left. We're
de-pressurising now Red light on
Alright. Get them on their feet,
On your feet!
I suppose a transfer to the cavalry is
out of the question, sergeant-major?
- Check equipment.
- Stations.
- Get in position for the jump
Shawn, how goes it?
Oh fine, fine thanks. I tell you, Jock,
that's it
My heels are where my balls used to be
I don't believe it!
2 out of 3 asleep! Pieter?
Take the one who's awake first.
You have 3 minutes for the other 2
Get inside the fence there. Stay there
When we've passed, bring your men
Cut it
Stay right where you are. Don't move
Not a sound
We'd like your keys
Whoever has them, just hand them over
Esposito, start with him first
Try the Cuban
I'll go round the other side
Mr Limbani, I'm Faulkner. Just lie there
Come on Pieter, quickly
- Everybody OK?
- Yes
Keith, find Captain Janders
- Tell him to send Lt Fynn to take the
airport. - Sir!
Yes, sir
I've got some lovely pills from London
for your heart
You just relax now
Drink a bit of this, come on
- That's good.
- How is he?
I live, Mr Faulkner
That's the plan, sir
Pieter, you're responsible for him
From now on, he never leaves your sight
Alright, let's go
Well then, kaffir On your feet
Here we go, love
That's fine
Come on
The keys
Here you are
- Come in, Shawn.
- I receive you
We have it. Go ahead
Good luck
ZEMBALA AIRPOR He's all yours, Jock
Come on!
Excellent... excellent
This is Rushton Put Charlie 1 into
effect immediately
That's right, immediately. What's so
surprising about that?
Well, route it through any embassy
you need. That's your job, do it
It'll be difficult, but we'll make it
Get Mr Limbani out first
and be careful with him
Take him to the foot of
the control tower
Well done, Sandy
Allen, let's go and see Shawn
Mister Limbani, the 'plane
should be here any minute
Alright, let's move out to the runway.
Follow me at the double, come on
Put him down there
Iron Man, Iron Man.
Wild Goose, Wild Goose
Well done, Shawn.
Are they on their way in?
The radio's Russian,
the dials work backwards
Iron Man, Iron Man Wild Goose,
Wild Goose. Do you read, over?
"Iron Man", "Wild Goose"... sounds like
a finger up a tin man's backside,
doesn't it?
Wild Goose, this is Iron Man.
I receive you
God bless us, each and every one. Iron
Man, get yourself in here. We're waiting
- Well Allen, we're just 12 mins behind
schedule. - Make you feel good?
If Limbani's heart holds out,
I'll feel bloody marvellous
We've heard the plane sir
Iron Man, we hear your engines
Sounds like you're South-East of us
I have you in sight.
We're commencing descent
There it is!
No, no. Don't move
Right on the money
Let's hope we've got a couple of
stewardesses on board
We need three
Let's go and meet them
Iron Man, this is Charlie 1
The message is: pass them by
I repeat, Iron Man
Pass them by
Christ, those poor bastards
Charlie 1, message received, wilco
Iron Man, Iron Man,
what's going on, over?
Get him up
Get yourselves back here
Sorry, orders. Good luck to you
Orders? We're stuffed...
who's Charlie 1, Allen?
I'm going to speak to the men
we have been double-crossed
But we will plan a way out of here
- Jock
- Sir?
We need more trucks, find them
I want everybody loaded on
and ready to roll, now
- And find all the spare ammunition and
weapons you can. - Sir
I thought we had this in the bag
There's a man called Matherson
who has a lot to answer for
Sir Edward Matherson?
- Yes.
- He's Charlie 1?
Yes, Sir Edward Matherson.
He's the money
What's happened then?
I'm guessing he's made a new deal with
Ndofa. He doesn't need Limbani any more
He could've done that yesterday
and aborted the mission then?
This way he saves $500,000,
the rest of our money
I'd like to meet him one day
Rafer, my friend, one day we will
Alright Rafer, how do we
get out of here?
And where do we go, Allen?
Within hours, we'll have the whole of
Ndofa's army down on
us like a ton of bricks
You'd prefer to surrender?
I'd rather have Witty
treat my haemorrhoids
Rafer, you have 10 mins.
You're the planner
Allen, I've got something to say to you
I'll give it to you emotionally first,
then rationally
- This man, Matherson?
- Yes
He's given us the royal
screwing of all time
Now my first instinct is to give
it back to him, and worse
- Me too, but that's for another time.
- Ah!
We came to get Limbani, we've got him,
so we use him
Show him to his tribe, they'll
think he's been re-incarnated
They're about ready for a civil war
Let's start it, maybe
we could even win it
Stop, right there.
Now you listen to me, Rafer
I've got 50 good men down there
and their lives are my
responsibility. I'm not going on
a bloody crusade. I don't want to debate
with you Rafer, at least not now
So just get on with it and
get us out of here!
OK. Now I'll give it to you rationally
- The North is out of the question.
- Why?
What if we got hold of a
ferry to Burundi?
I wouldn't cross that
lake even on a destroyer,
Ndofa's men will pick us off like ducks
They wouldn't let us into Burundi
anyway, nor Rwanda
Zambia's too far
East? 600 miles of jungle, totally
That still leaves the South
Exactly, the South
Limbani country. I know it well
There's a dry river and
an old stone bridge
If we cross that bridge,
we're on our way to Kalima
What's in Kalima?
Limbani was born there. We can walk it
- Rafer...
- For God's sakes it's our only
way of accomplishing something
from this whole fucking mess!
50 men in the valley of the shadow, and
he wants to take over an entire country!
There's no bloody place to run to!
So why not stand and fight?
And for the cause. For two causes
One: Limbani. He's the best there is,
words from your own lips
And two...
You know Rafer, sometimes it's
almost a pleasure knowing you
Alright, let's do it
Let's do it?
I'm in the hands of maniacs
Have a good trip. Goodbye
Call me back when you get confirmation
Well, here's to General Ndofa
Difficult bastards to negotiate with,
but it's a good deal
- Let's hope Ndofa continues to
honour it. - Oh he will
He's got brand new finances,
and we've got the mines
We're back in the copper business
- They don't build bridges like this now.
- It would go off with a hell of a bang
- We haven't got any stuff.
- Pity
We haven't got time anyway. Let's go
Come on, man
It won't start
Well keep trying
What's happened?
Got a problem?
- Rafer! Take cover!
- Tosh!
Back the Jeep up
Take cover!
Quick, get out of there
Jock, get the men across the bridge
Take cover!
Take cover!
Come on, get out!
Not even Jesus could get through that
You alright, sir?
They'll be back with more planes
before we can get through that fire
Well get moving
Decoy them away from us
We'll cross with Limbani lower down.
Meet you at Kalima village
Alright. Come on men, move out
- A write-off?
- A complete write-off
West, Smith and Robertson, sir
Look after Mr Limbani
Can't leave them for the Simbas
No, we can't. You volunteering?
Suppose I'll do it
We'll keep going for about another hour
Then we'll hole up somewhere for a while
How many men have we got left, Sandy?
Counting the colonel's group,
32 including 6 walking wounded, sir
That's a hell of a formidable unit
I wouldn't like to be up against us, sir
Let's rest here
That's what's good for him sir,
if we want to keep him alive
What happened?
We're going to carry him
We'll carry on until noon,
then we'll rest
I'll take him
You alright? I'll take point
- Let me carry him.
- No way
Just hang on, kaffir
My blood is red, just like yours. Don't
call me kaffir
Take that hand off my face,
- Where do you come from? Rhodesia?
- South Africa
South Africa?
I knew Jan Smuts a long time
He was a good man
I don't get to meet prime ministers
now shut up!
Whatever you say
What do you want?
Just talk
Talk? You're a politician for sure
I've not had anyone to
talk to for two years
Just prison guards
I entertained myself trying
to provoke them to kill me
No point trying with me
Go to sleep man!
That's an improvement over kaffir
- What did you do in South Africa?
- I fought black cops
Who were you fighting against, cops?
If you're asking me if I understand the
politics of my country,
the answer's "no"
At least we have an equal opportunity to
neglect our education
What do blacks do there?
They want to take over my home
That's all saving your life means to me
A chance to live my own life,
a free man in the country I love
That's good enough
Only one thing to remember about Africa
Today, freedom is only a word
for a new oppressor
Black or White, North or South,
if you want to live here,
you've got to think about tomorrow
- That's Kalima
- Picturesque
- Sandy? - Sir? - Post guards,
send a patrol into the village
- Tosh, come on.
- Sir
This will do for now
If your white friends in South Africa
could see you now...
Oh, kaffir,
if you think you can ride me through the
bush like a mule and laugh at me,
you can bloody well crawl
We've carried you people on our backs
ever since we came to this country
It's the other way round I believe
Is it? You need me to save your
miserable black life right now
I do. And you need me to save yours
We need each other, white man
and that's the way it should be.
We've got the whole world using us,
setting group against group,
destroying Africa
For me, "freedom" is just a another
label for the upgrade of slavery
and the final bloodbath is coming,
between blacks and whites,
and then between black and black
when you whites have left
Africa without support
Man, we have built your countries
and now you are kicking us out
of almost all of them
You're living on foreign aid,
robbing your own people blind
You're crying about outside oppression
while killing each other
in great big batches
Now once you have
something better to offer
You come and see us
in the white South Africa
We both have something better to offer
Listen to me. Because the white
south will be next unless they learn
You're joking. The whites were born
here, we're just as African as you are
And don't make any mistake.
We're going to stay
I'm glad to hear that
You need to join us for a better future
Join you?
We've got to learn to care
for each other
or they'll be nothing left of our Africa
except battlefields
You have a point there.
But do you have an answer?
I have the will to look for one
We must forgive you for the past and you
must forgive us for the present
If we have no future together,
then we have no future
That's what I believe in,
and that's what I'm going to die for
You're beginning to sound good to me
Maybe we need you,
maybe you are just the man
Let's get moving
Maybe I'm a bloody fool,
but I'm going to take you there
Let's see if you are lying
Just hang on tight, bloke
Heavenly Father, what's going on?
What's going on?
Get out of my village
You heathens!
You Godless heathens!
Why did you come to my church?
I've got women and children,
waiting to be slaughtered
Tosh, why those shots?
It was nothing, sir. It was just a pig
Father Geoghagen... good God...
I thought you were dead... long ago
Looking at you and your guns... I am
We need your help
To kill your brothers?
I hope not
Always the same,
but I'm glad to see you
I hate the sight of you.
I want you out of my village
Let's talk about it over there
Come on, let's go
- Witty, over here.
- Get your lovely arses out of here
Witty's holding the fort!
Stay down!
Come on, my pretties. Show yourselves
Pieter... come here
Come on my dears! Where are you?
Well look at you, you big bastards
What a shame we can't be friends
- Leave him to me.
- You're welcome
Don't worry. We'll make it
Come on, Colonel Faulkner
Leave me you will go faster
Oh no, kaffir
I have to bring you back
Don't die
Please don't die
Let's go
Spread out
Mr Limbani
You can leave him now Mr President.
He's dead
- How do you feel?
- As you would say, Mr Faulkner,
I'm just hanging on
Tell me if I'm wrong
You want my people to rise up and fight
I'd like your country to be yours, sir
- Yes, so would I. But I think spears
against machine guns was not a plan
If you started it, there'd be
something to back us up
It's happened before
Copper can be powerfully persuasive
I've been through all of it with him,
and God knows we've got enough
commitment but we have no chance
I've heard all that before
I'll tell you now, the Simbas have got
a whole battalion out there
About an hour ago,
there's more following
What the devil are we doing here then?
Possibly saving a good man
for a better day
With 30 men? What are we meant
to do, walk out of Africa?
We could probably try running
Allen, believe me, these people have got
nothing to fight for
There's nowhere to run
God in heaven, it's true. I didn't truly
believe the rumour
We're a little pressed for time, Father
- You're Faulkner.
- That's right
Don't call me "Father",
you murdering pig
I have no time to discuss my
finer qualities with you now
Get those elders to have a look at him
I'd like to talk to my people
I believe you want to start
a civil war here, Faulkner
You'd be responsible for slaughter
and starvation the likes of which
you've never seen
You'll be up to your eyes in blood...
and you'll die, Faulkner. And all of us
I'm against you. And God's against you
And if you'll excuse the blasphemy,
we're both tough sons of bitches
That sort of talk could get
back to the Vatican, Father
You shut your mouth!
I will turn these people against you,
in spite of Limbani,
I curse you from every hill
Alright, that's enough!
The decision's being made in there
I offer you a bargain, Faulkner
About 3 miles from here,
through the bush
There's a mine airstrip,
with an old Dakota
just sitting on the side
You said what?
A Dakota. It's alright,
I've flown in it
And there's nothing between it and us,
but a deserted village
I'll lead you there myself
You've still got time to take Limbani
and leave us in peace
Well, Mr President
They say if they fight now, they'll die,
and they know it
They were willing,
but I can't do that, Mr Faulkner
I can't, do you understand?
I told them to bear their
spears and wait
and be ready for Limbani's return
They agreed
- Without understanding why.
- Alright
You rest here.
We're going to get you out
- We've got Limbani.
- Praise God
Praise Limbani. Now show us
where that aeroplane is
Shawn, take 4 men, check it out
and let me know
- We'll be following.
- Alright Allen
Sandy, get the men out and ready to move
We can't take the dead
Sir! Right, come on, at the double
You made the right decision, Allen
Limbani made it, I didn't
If he can't save his country from here,
the question is, what'll we do
with him once we get him out?
We knows? We may be back
again to do another contract
You never quit, do you?
If I did, I wouldn't have
a future would I? Also...
don't laugh, but, er...
- that man in there...
- I know, he got to you, right?
There you are, boys
There she is, over there
Good afternoon
- Are you gonna fly this thing, or am I?
- What?
Keep going
We were lucky, Colonel
Yes, they could be anywhere.
We'll have to go ahead
Rafer, you're the rear-guard.
Take 3 men, stick close to us
Jesse, take point and go like hell
- Sandy, look after Mr Limbani.
- Yes sir
- When there's no-one else about you
can call me Allen. - Yes sir
I think we've been spotted,
don't call back and
don't start up until we get there.
I want it quiet. Out
Father, I think you should get on
your ass and vacate the premises
You're likely to get your
sainthood shot off
I'll do that
Good luck, you Godless murderers
That's one of the most moving
benedictions I ever heard
Merry Christmas to you, Father
What's left of it
Sandy, there's your killing ground
Take Tosh and 4 other men and
set up a field of fire
Rafer & I will go deep around
& take them in the flank
We're losing light. I wouldn't want
to take this wreck up in the dark
We could try and find them, sir,
and lead them in
We don't know where they're coming from
Derek, you stay with me. Jock, take the
Vickers and set it up this end
Quincy, help me move this out of here
Come on, move
Set it up here
We're dead
Esposito, you're not dead until
I TELL you you're dead, understand?
Fire fire fire fire!
Keep going!
Let's go!
Hold it! They're ours, too
Put Mr Limbani on the 'plane first.
The other 4 will cover
We have to wait for Sandy and the group
Rafer, Jock, set up cover on the
edge of the airstrip, move
- Mr Limbani alright, Daniel?
- Yes, he is
Come on, Allen!
Move your bloody arses!
Hurry up and get on
- It's moving!
- Stay down! They're getting closer
Hit them with the bazooka!
Let's go!
Get on board, fast. Come on
Sandy, go!
Cover us halfway. When you hear
the guns, start running, we'll cover you
We won't wait for you,
we're running out of ammo
- Leave him, he's dead.
- Yes sir
Come on
Rafer! Come on! Come on!
Come on, Rafer!
Shawn, stop the plane
I can't, if we don't get off on the
first run, we've had it
Rafer, come on!
Hang on, Rafer
- Hold on.
- Allen!
Allen, shoot me!
For God's sakes, shoot me!
No, I can't! No!
Stop the plane
Where are we heading?
South Rhodesia
That's 800 miles,
we don't have the fuel
We better have it,
there's no other place to go
Shawn... I killed Rafer
The Simbas would've
chopped him into small pieces
Allen, go and see how the men are
There's 13 of us left
Tell them to jettison everything
that's not nailed down
Everything! Do it
Mr Limbani's getting worse, sir
It was a very good try, Mr Faulkner
It's not over, just hang on.
Don't give up now
About Mr Janders...
There was nothing else you could do
- How's Jock?
- He's dead, sir
Why? What was it for, sir?
I don't know
We have to get rid of
everything on board
That includes old Jock.
I'll leave it with you, Sergeant
Yes, sir
Gennaro, get his legs
How much fuel do we have left?
Bad... we're on the auxiliary tanks
Salisbury control,
9 Quebec November X-Ray Alpha
on 6603
Do you read? Over?
9 Quebec November X-Ray Alpha
This is Salisbury.
State your destination, over
Mercenary unit, departing Kalima.
7 wounded on board
Urgently request permission
to land, Kariba
If they refuse, keep on talking
X-Ray Alpha, stand-by
We're going to need positive proof
that you're on board
Write this down
Got a pen?
X-ray Alpha,
this is Salisbury Control, come in
Reading you at strength 4, over
Permission to land denied.
Do not cross our borders
For Christ's sakes man, we have wounded
on board, we can sort it out later, over
I repeat, do not cross our borders
Our air force has been alerted
Give that to me
We would be forced to shoot you down
Salisbury... X-ray Alpha
Now you listen to me. Julius Limbani
is on board and he's alive
Note this down and pass
it to the highest authority
you can find
Allen, look at the starboard fuel gauge
Mr Limbani said there was a
secret meeting in July of 1960
on the now Zambian-Zaire border
concerning federal intervention
in the Congo crisis
Present at the meeting
were the following:
Julius Limbani...
Brace yourselves,
we've only got one engine
The man is dead, Mr Faulkner
Now only the spirit remains
November X-ray Alpha, this is Salisbury.
Authorisation to land at Kariba
We will turn the lights on
You'll see it just before the lake.
Good luck
Thank you. Allen...
I heard
Limbani's dead
OK, thanks
Goodbye, bon voyage
Will there be anything else
this evening, sir?
No, thanks
Good night, sir
Yes, what is it, Andrew?
There will be something more tonight,
Sir Edward
Go ahead and make your move
That would be mate in two.
I'd like to see you get out of that
That's for another time
There are 6 servants in this house
I saw at least ten. How did you count?
What do you want, Faulkner?
You're a very bad conversationalist!
You'll have to excuse me,
I've had a very tiring evening
I heard, I was in the drawing room
I know you're dying to tell me.
How did you get in?
I did a crash course
in how to trip alarms
You're not very well protected
And I guess you're dying to know
how I got back to England?
Yes, indeed
Well, if I went into details,
we'd be here all night
Let's just say it wasn't easy
I'm sure it wasn't
You're a remarkable man, Faulkner
I have contracts to kill you world-wide
When I have time I'll grow a moustache
and buy a pair of dark glasses
In the meantime,
I have my own contract to carry out
- On me?
- That's why I'm here
Perhaps we can make an arrangement
Yes, we can
You owe me a great deal of money
Also there are 11 men still alive
And I haven't even counted
the women and orphans yet
Let's have a look at your safe
After you. Very slowly
I've turned off the alarm already.
Open it
All the money in the case
- I see you came prepared.
- Yes
Dollars, very good
Very good, thousand dollar bills
I wager the US treasury
wonders where they went
Now tell me about the arrangement
500,000 dollars
Half of what I owe you
I lift all the contracts on your head
and pay the other half in cash,
wherever you choose
- And I trust you?
- Yes
And naturally, I don't kill you?
Do you know, I had a speech prepared
I'd been rehearsing it for 3 months.
It was pretty good
All about betrayal and lost friends.
A sort of passionate requiem
And naturally, what a filthy
cold-blooded monster you are
That part was very eloquent
It even went into the philosophical
of the relationship between
a mercenary and his employer
You'd have been impressed
But right now, face to face with you
I don't want to go through all that
See, I don't mind taking money from you
But having you offer
me money for the lives
of all those bodies littering Africa
is actually degrading
So I turn down your arrangement
I see...
Well, then I suppose
you'd better kill me
You're a remarkable man too, Sir Edward
So I suppose I better had
Now just wait a minute!
Can I ask how it went?
I thought so
Send the ball back, Emile
Let's talk about your Father