Wild in Blue (2014) Movie Script

Fucking shit!
Do you think you come
in the sky, Charlie?
I would first believe in God.
- You do not believe in God?
But is nonsense.
- And where we come from?
From happiest of all accidents.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned
A man once said that
there is not something like film.
That film does not exist. All
that exists is the documentation
of the origin of the film.
I've noticed that there are no
good deeds in the world.
One can only choose between the lesser of two
And in a world of sin
is the last sin of being caught.
How do I tell you how I feel?
How do I tell you the truth?
I can only continue to do so
what I do best.
I make it for you.
After this madness, the
decay, through all this hatred...
... you'll love me.
Need help?
- No, thanks.
I'm waiting for the tow truck.
That could take a while
, I can help you.
No, no! The Instant,
which are already on the way!
're Almost there, but thanks anyway!
- Yes...
May God protect me
and my body.
All my life,
day and at night.
And now I pray, I
, Justine Therese...
I pray, God,
the father of my soul. I...
God, the Father of my soul.
I pray
God, the Holy Spirit...
To the body
sake and for the sake of the Son.
I pray
that the Holy Spirit
order of God,
To the son's sake...
the sacred body of God That
protect me from all evil.
Before completely everything!
The fact that the holy body of God...
Protect me from all evil!
I'm begging you.
I beseech thee, O Lord,
protect me from all evil
! Please protect me.
I wanted to make an honest film.
Absolutely without lies.
I thought I had something to say
, something useful for everyone.
With a film that buries all the dead
things that we carry within us.
The idea of theater is lost...
And as long as the theater so
carries on themselves restrict
by me a few intimate scenes
shows of the same puppets
and me into a voyeur transformed,
it's no wonder that I
exercising my power to them.
But we madmen are feared
because of our great ideas.
And we will use the delusion
to hide the noose
has placed around our neck
You see, little Charlie,
You see, Charlie, Charlie
is bathed by Daddy.
Want to sit down?
Come on. Come, come, sit down. Wow!
Okay, you know what...
Oh, do not like you the water?
Daddy bathes you but only!
What a baby! Look at you!
You stand there like a big boy!
You're a big boy.
I tell Mommy that you can already talk.
You like it when you stand, right?
Yes, you're so cute. I love you
. Yes, everything is okay.
You must also not
swim if you do not want.
- So it's easy. You are master of the house. Yes.
- Look here!
- Look, there's Mommy! As it is, look!
- Charlie!
You see the camera?
- Look at me!
Look, the camera!
Uh look, times!
Wow, hey, Mom! Hi!
Hey, Mom! Mami!
Charlie! It's your birthday
. Mommy loves you!
Bubble out the candles, Charlie, and then brings
Mami you to the beach.
Hey! Pass on bare! You rat!
Come on further, you wanker, I
told you to hit him harder!
You rat!
- Come on!
You've now it!
What did I say?
I've told you to hit him harder
What did I tell you, huh? Rat!
If you only times
feel the whip, you always want more of it!
You always want more of it! Hit him!
Hardener! Come on, you filthy idiot!
And that's the beauty of film.
A world in which the
camera tells the truth.
And lies are not allowed.
Hello, how are you?
Tonight I'm the lucky one.
Hell, wake up, Ben. In it goes!
So, that would then be 200 for
my girlfriend, 200 for me,
In advance and cash!
And another thing, it costs 100
extra dollars for the small camera.
Shit, make me horny!
Look at me!
You Scheihure!
Show me your tits!
Casting the stuff on the bitch.
Yes, you like that?
Oh, do you like it when I ride on your tail
Should I tell you how big your dick is
Ah, fuck you!
- Who?
They chucked as condoms.
Do you have never used a condom
shit on the road?
Um, yes, I did.
Yes, you too!
In the Halloween night.
- And on the day.
Oh yeah, right, that was middle of the day.
- And even right in front of a school.
Yes, okay, I guess. See
times, a pair, no doubt.
It was a couple. Namely, in
their own fucking restaurant.
That was a really, really
chaotic night.
The broken glass.
It was also really handy.
- Yes.
The cop! The helicopter,
the rescue helicopter.
Oh, the helicopter type.
Nothing is more beautiful to hear as a
screaming accent!
The helicopter rescue type.
Oh, hey, hey, wait,
I want to try it.
Under the bridge here
stand in front of me!
Recovery Type.
The Recovery Type.
Survived, although he is gebrettert with 150 km / h on the motorway
but two days with us
he holds not.
Come here.
What are you doing?
Here, look at this briefly.
- What?
Come on, what. For a pussy whipped
- Come on!
Come on, come.
Come on. Come on!
Come on!
No, really!
Come on, you whistle!
With family it was best.
There harming families?
- Yes. In the back room.
And somehow everything
stunk after piss.
Oh, the families.
- Yes!
The woman had not the slightest idea.
- Yes.
Did I really liked looked at.
Here it is good.
Here, take time.
Do you have it?
Do you think that he will forgive us?
Depends on whether you
still believe in God.
I hope you're right. I
hope there's a shit God,
then I spit it into
damn face.
God can still forgive us
. There must be some...
What, you're hanging around with God?
You take people's lives and are
still looking for God?
Is quite amusing, I think.
But he can still save us.
Save us? Exactly. What are rescue?
Against this icy rock called
earth? Here there is nothing to save.
There's nothing in you,
what needs to be rescued.
I was just thinking about it.
Do you think God sits up there and
listening to us?
Us two idiots?
Do you think he is praying for you?
I think still to him.
What do you think still
to God? He? Wanker!
Who is your favorite God?
Who is it? Tell Charlie!
Say "Thank you, Charlie!"
Thank you, Charlie.
Say "Thank You Say" Thank you, Charlie "
- Thank you, Charlie!
Thank you...
- I've never heard or
I've never heard
I!?! will my shit movie new
cut. And you are flying out!
Say "Thank you, Charlie!"
- Thank you, Charlie.
Say it!
- Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, Charlie!
Because of you I have not enjoyed my
I first saw how they walked.
They appeared as if they
fallen from heaven.
She was beautiful. The only thing the
it was worth being stared at.
I wanted to scream: "You idiots
Do not you see what running around here?"
She was a sweetheart...
I love to watch you when
other people are in your area.
You're not there and also. Distracted,
but almost aloof.
But I knew better.
Occasionally a really
true gesture and a smile.
I wish you'd smile more.
I have so many words for you. My
terrified you in any
to disappoint way
make me silent.
But one day I'll find the right words
Two streets from here turn onto
you at the stop sign turn right.
Wait here, Benny.
I followed her to a
coffee shop on Broadway.
I drank black coffee,
they had a chai latte.
I wanted to invite
I took over the bill.
I wanted to invite her for anything.
She smelled formally for sex. Not
of rotten, dirty sex,
but after precious sex.
But it was still sex.
So this is your room?
- Yes.
I like.
Thank you.
- And what do you do for a living?
I turn movies.
- Something familiar?
And what are the movies?
- A bit of everything and nothing.
Want a cigarette?
- Please.
Tell me your name.
Whom you know but already.
Say it in the camera.
- Hi, my name is Ashley.
And what you are doing here today, Ashley?
I play. And what do you
here today, Charlie?
I film a beautiful woman.
- Life is good.
Tell me about you.
I was born in a small town
, and a year ago
I came here to work.
And where do you work?
In a hair salon.
And this is worth it for you?
- All depends on the day.
So you're not an actress?
Why do not you tell me, what was the scariest
you've ever seen?
The scariest,
I've ever seen?
When my mother my brother gave birth to
What is the scariest,
you've ever seen?
And what has made you so afraid?
- The noise.
It was loud.
I thought a birth
should be something nice.
Something that you love and not fear.
- Yes.
Want to have children?
I do not know.
Influences the the reason
Why do they do?
Gives me afraid.
Tell me, Ashley, what pleases you most about
horror movies?
Knowing that they end.
But the beginning is the best part.
The Beginning?
- Yes, the beginning.
No, I like the end.
In the beginning you do not know what is
scare scary.
I like the expectation.
- Yes? I like Disney.
Blasphemy. You're too sexy
to be blasphemous.
Tell me what is your favorite Disney movie?
- The Beauty and the Beast.
They are raping this poor girl
There's a whole song about it.
This makes you not afraid?
I guess that's true, but when
7 years I have not seen such.
And I thought
7-year-old think differently.
You're crazy.
I know.
Most people like it
not to be filmed.
I'm not "most people".
- Why?
I love movies.
They tell the future, this
hopeless future of the world.
Fuck me!
What are you thinking?
I do not know.
What kind of food?
Eggs. I love breakfast the night.
Shall we go eat?
- No!
I want to stay here for now.
Caress my head.
Make it as hard as you want.
It will not hurt me.
Tell me when to stop.
- I'll never tell.
Feels good.
Hey Ben, hello to Ashley... tell
hello to Ashley.
Power you two a movie?
- We always make films.
Ben here is my star.
I And?
- Supporting Role.
But perhaps
is it but a major role.
What do you think of Charlie?
I like him.
Hey Ben, fuck off now.
Somehow pathetic, right?
You like breakfast than dinner.
Is that so?
- Yes, it is.
What does it mean to you?
It's not you
Why she's so fucking what specifics Deres?
You losing your mind, Charlie.
I hardly think so.
You should be significant.
I am synonymous.
And you're a fucking pussy.
Come on.
Come on, man.
Only once.
Get in the car, Ben.
Hey, all right?
- You talk to me?
Who should I talk because otherwise?
- Uh, how do I know that?
That's my little secret.
And what is that there?
- This is my friend. He likes cameras.
I also like other things.
- Oh, what?
Movies, music, a bit of everything and nothing
Heard as well as a dance floor on this?
A dance floor always belongs to this.
The question is...
Are you a Whiskey Girl
or a vodka girl?
Hm, whiskey.
Vodka for club sluts.
- Nice. Come here.
What is your name?
Nice tattoos.
- Thank you.
Say hello to Ben.
Course. Hello Ben.
Here is your dance floor, baby.
Fuck, I love this shit song!
I hate you. I hate you so much!
I love beautiful skirts. You
show how dirty is the sex.
I love beautiful skirts. You
show how dirty is the sex.
You'll destroy them, you know that
- If you let me..
If she had a choice...
You always have a choice.
And I never.
And you know, even
if I have a choice,
I would not have chosen the
normal life.
Sure, I could have been better.
I could have done many things differently
, Charlie.
I could have done a lot
without you!
Say "Thank you, Charlie!"
Say it!
- Fuck you!
Say it! Or I'll break you
the Scheiarm!
Say "Thank you, Charlie!"
- Fuck you!
- Ah, fuck!
- Say "Thank you, Charlie Say" Thank you, Charlie "
Say" Thank you, Charlie "
Thank Charlie
Thank you, Charlie!!!.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...
Good boy.
Good boy!
Lie on the bed.
Do you like this?
- Yeah, and do you like it?
Loose with your ass!
Do you like this?
- Yes...
You want to be a star, right?
- Yes.
Want to be famous?
But only for you.
Say "Thank you, Charlie!"
- Thank you, Charlie.
Say "Thank you, Charlie!"
- Thank you, Charlie!
Say "Thank you, Charlie!"
- Thank you, Charlie!
Leave me alone!
Say "Thank you, Charlie!"
- Thank you, Charlie!
Thank you, Charlie!
Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes!
Let me go! Fick
you! Get off me!
Get off me!
- Say "Thank you, Charlie."
- Do not you like that?
You fucking prick!
Fuck you!
- Well, how do you like that?
That was good, right? Or not?
Fuck you!
- You fucking whore!
You fucking whore! Yes!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Whore. Whore, whore!
Fuck you!
Serves you right!
Fuck you! Fuck your home in the Hills!
Fuck your clock! Your Mercedes Benz!
It serves you right! You
got what you wanted!
The fucking gutter in which I let you lie
! I'm going to kill you,
strangle and leave bleeding!
Fuck you because you were never grateful
for what I have given you!
Each one of you!
You'll understand never!
For you there is no turning back...
I'll never be like you!
You've done that.
And you've never thanked me for it!
I've given everything for you!
What the hell is this shit?
Driving carefully!
Shit, Ben, driving more slowly!
What are you doing?
Stop now to the fucking car.
Over there. Before charging, stop then on.
Hold on now.
Come on out!
Get out of the fucking car!
What is wrong with you the hell not?
What's wrong with you, eh?
I just can not feel anything.
Keep talking.
I feel nothing. It
feels everything equal.
What do you want from me, huh? What the hell are you
want from me?
I do not know.
I just want
everything is as before.
The air is out.
Aha. And what do you want from me?
Now it's my turn!
- Oh.
I want that you hurt me
really wehtust.
Good boy, Ben.
Good boy. Steig now the shit car.
Francois Jacob
has said that the
pleasure can be found
between the spinal cord and the brain.
Where is the displeasure?
What if it's the same place
I love your legs.
What about my hip
? Do you love the well?
Yes, I do.
- And my butt?
- I love every centimeter of your body.
I want to explore you.
Each spot, each track.
Everything we do. Whether it
is now sex or violence...
It all ends on our bodies.
The lies were so brilliant.
You were brilliant because they were stupid.
And simple.
You've deceived you.
That's why we are
both Kurtz's skull.
Unfortunately, this is the whole meaning of history
That's all the rules unnecessarily
and unnecessary.
Verpisse you!
A long time ago.
How do I get the honor?
I only wanted to see your face.
I wanted to see one last time
Some things never change.
- No.
What? What do you want, Charlie?
That's, uh, that's really good.
Yes, that's really good.
You know what came first: the
turntable or the board?
Turntables came first.
Long before the board.
Thomas Edison made the first
She ran up and down
on a cylinder.
You know, at that time sold
furniture retailer, uh,
they sold turntable as furniture.
And they wanted to Edison's design not license
, so they have begun
to make their own plates.
Companies like
Columbia Furniture Company and
Paramount Furniture Company
began to make their own plates
. They looked so.
Not for Sale! No.
It was all about the
furniture. They made furniture.
Why it never went.
It was never about music, Charlie.
It was about furniture.
And musicians were just a tool.
Well, Dad, now it's just a
to motherboards and computer logic,
so it's shit.
Do not worry drum.
Hm, okay.
- I love them.
She reminds me of Mom
You piece of shit!
Speech ever again about your mother!
Take their name in your mouth!
Thank you, sir.
I love you, Dad.
Do you get out here! Crawl
out of here, you useless, soulless,
goddamn piece of shit!
You love absolutely
nothing! Just nothing!
You've no love in you! Verpiss
now finally! Crawl out of here!
Do you get out! I
beating yourself together, you wanker!
Thank you.
Do not look so at
, dirty bum!
Should make me afraid? You're just a little
Nothing more than a small Dreckspisser.
What do you think seriously, you're making me
afraid? Should I really be afraid?
Hey? Come on,
make me afraid, motherfucker!
You do not even know what love is.
I just had a nightmare.
I've invented everything.
I'm a weirdo.
A Pussy and useless.
I do not wanna die.
I love you.
Do you know?
I'd do anything for you!
I am aware of.
Why did you do that, Charlie?
Because films let you do things that
you can not do in real life.
I've done that for you.
Because I love you.
Thank you, Charlie.
Charlie, stop it!
- Why?
Au, Charlie. Charlie!
- You can not hurt me.
What? Stop it!
Get off!
Stop it!
- I'm the fucking king!
Let me!
- I'm the best!
Charlie! Let me go!
Charlie, you stupid bum, get off!
Ouch! Charlie! Charlie!
Charlie! No! Beat it!
Au, you fucker!
Do you like it?
- Get off me! Charlie, no!
Fuck you!
What did I say? I'll thrash you
now right!
You can not hurt me!
Please stop!
Charlie, please!
Please do not!
I wanted to make an honest film.
Absolutely without lies.
I thought I had something to say
, something useful for everyone.
With a film that buries all the dead
things that we carry within us.
Instead, I was the one who had the
not have the courage
ever bury anything.
I really have nothing to say.
But I will say it anyway...
How did it look?
How did it feel?
I loved it.
What we do next?