Wild Kratts: Creatures of the Deep Sea (2016) Movie Script

Wild Kratts!
We're here in eastern
North America
on the coast
of the Atlantic Ocean.
At the Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution,
aboard the research
vessel Atlantis.
It's us, the Kratt Brothers.
I'm Martin.
I'm Chris, and here at the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution,
some really important work
is being done.
You see, we humans
know quite a bit
about creatures of
the African savannah.
And we know a lot
about the animals
of the temperate forests.
We even know pretty much
about the creatures
of the rainforests.
And a whole lot about
the coral reefs.
But there's one habitat's
that humans know
very little about.
Almost nothing really.
And that habitat is
called the deep sea.
Part of the reason is because
it's really hard to get to.
We're just not built for it.
So just like space travel,
we need an awesome,
state of the art deep sea vessel
like this one.
This is Alvin.
Alvin can travel to the
deepest parts of the sea.
It's like another planet,
filled with darkness, hot black
smokers, and volcanic action.
And when you do get down there
and shed light
on this mysterious,
deep sea creature world,
scientists are
discovering life forms
that we never even knew existed.
Animals that can do
amazing things
and that have strange and
incredible creature powers.
Imagine if we could discover
the strange creatures
and creature powers
of the deep sea.
What if?
On adventure with
the coolest creatures
From the oceans
to the trees
The Brothers Kratt are going
places you never get to see
Hanging with
their creature friends
Get ready, it's the hour
We're gonna save
some animals today with
Creature Power
Gonna go wild, Wild Kratts
Gonna go wild, wild,
Wild Kratts
(Wild Kratts)
Gonna go wild, Wild Kratts
Gonna go wild, wild, wild
Cheetah speed
and lizard glide
Falcon flight
and lion pride
Gonna go wild, Wild Kratts
Gonna go wild, wild,
Wild Kratts
(Wild Kratts)
Gonna go wild, Wild Kratts
Gonna go wild, wild,
Wild Kratts
Go wild, wild, Wild Kratts
(Muffled grunting)
That's 50 feet, Martin!
A pretty good dive.
(Muffled grunting)
For a human.
But for a sea creature like you,
it's like baby stuff.
Well, good one, bro!
Aw, but my ears were hurting.
The pressure down
there is crazy.
You made it pretty deep.
See, to about here.
But the ocean's about
three miles deep.
So you'd need to dive
at least 40 skyscrapers more
to get to the bottom.
Are you kidding?
That's impossible.
For us maybe,
but not for sea creatures!
Yeah, you'd need some
serious creature powers
to get down there.
It's ready! Come on!
It's time!
Aww, this is it!
Get ready for
an epic journey,
a voyage to a new frontier,
a place where people
have hardly even gone before.
It's mysterious and full
of undiscovered creatures.
We're in!
Lay it on us!
Yeah, maybe I'll
pass on this one.
Okay, we've had problems
reaching the
deep sea before, right?
Uh-huh, yeah.
The Amphisub couldn't
handle the water pressure
in the whale and
squid adventure...
That was close.
And our adventure was cut short
because of power problems
in the yeti crab adventure.
Almost didn't
get out of that one.
Well, we've solved all that.
Koki and I used all
that we've learned
and have come up with
something that we think
can get us to the deepest
depths of the ocean.
And stay there for a while.
Oh, boy!
Oh, yeah!
It's a dream come true!
Let's see it!
Show us!
Show us!
We've been waiting
for this moment!
I haven't.
Okay, so now...
we present to you,
the latest
in deep sea technology,
a vessel that will take us where
no human has gone before...
Do you know what this means?
Finally we just might be
able to discover a new species.
Maybe two or three!
With new creature powers that
no one ever knew even existed!
It's one of
our lifetime dreams!
I'll be monitoring our depth
and charting the unknown
territory for science.
I can't wait to see
how our new invention
holds up
on her maiden voyage.
I'll have to find
a name for her too.
And I'll stay up here
and wish you guys luck.
Sorry, Jimmy.
You're driving.
We need everybody
on this adventure
and you're a valuable
part of the team.
Aww. Why do I have
to be so loved?
You're a top notch pilot.
I just hope we
make it back alive.
So is everybody ready to go?
To the deep sea!
(All cheering)
Ha! No one will
have seen me out here.
Now let's try this thing out.
I don't know why I didn't
think of this before.
If the deep sea has so many
undiscovered creatures,
I need to be the first
one to lay claim to it.
This Varmitech Industries sub
will get me there
before anybody else.
Well, it better anyway.
I had to give Zach a certificate
for a lifetime supply
of deep sea cuisine for it.
But the rest of
those creatures are all mine.
Now on to my own
personal deep sea cupboard!
Okay, we're passing
the 650 foot mark.
Entering the Twilight Zone,
where only faint amounts
of sunlight can reach down
and the pressure would crush
a person into a human pancake.
Love pancakes,
but not human pancakes.
Whoa! That's weird!
Ah! An alien fish!
New species?!
New species?!
A barreleye!
A barreleye!
Not a new species,
but only recently discovered.
It has a see-though head!
Exactly, just like an alien.
Why does it have that?
Hey, let's get out there.
We gotta see what
that head is all about.
Okay, thanks to
my new technology,
I think I can
get you out there.
What technology?
Deep sea fish have a special
kind of fat in their cells
that miraculously keeps
them from getting crushed.
I developed a similar
technology for this ship.
And I also updated the Amphisub.
You can use that
for exploratory missions.
All right!
Ready to deploy.
Cool. This docking port has
miniaturizing capability.
Hello, barreleye.
Is he looking at us?
I don't know.
What are those green
cylinders all about?
Whoa! They're eyes.
Now he's looking at us!
He can look straight up
through the top of his head
or straight to
the front! Weird.
And cool.
Oh yeah, and those black things
are actually his nostrils--
for smelling.
So Crazy Eyes, what's up?
Why are you
always looking up?
He looks up into the light.
Oh, wow!
The jellyfish caught
some little copepods
in his tentacles,
and now our barreleye
is darting in
and stealing the little snacks.
Some of the weirdest
swivel eyes in nature,
but they work for this guy.
Let's swivel,
barreleye style!
Wahoo! Swivel up. Swivel back,
up, back, up, back!
A little less swivel, bro!
Up and back and-- ah!
Goblin shark!
(Both yelling)
Easy, sharky.
We're out of here.
Did you see those jaws?
They shot right
out of his mouth.
Where'd he go?
He could be anywhere.
He acted like
an ambush hunter.
Hunting by surprise.
Ah! Surprise!
Ah! I don't like these
kinds of surprises.
I can't get
a tracking on them.
Their GPS transmitting
module is not responding.
How are we
going to find them?
I don't know. We're in
the Midnight Zone now,
3,000 to 13,000 feet,
or around the length
of 20 skyscrapers down.
No sunlight at all
reaches this far down.
This is what they mean
by the deep, dark sea.
Oh, no.
He's sucking us in!
Oof! Guess he didn't
like the taste.
Not again.
I got a scan of the jaws!
Check it out.
The jaws have ligaments
like rubber bands.
When his jaws are closed,
they're all stretched out,
but when he releases them,
his jaws catapult
outward in milliseconds!
Well, it was great to
know how he captured us.
Now, it'd be really nice to
know if he's going to eat us!
Not this time!
Now we know Goblin sharks
don't like to eat Amphisubs.
Lucky for us,
they prefer fish.
Where are you guys?
What's wrong with
your GPS modulator?
Ah, funny story. It kind of
got crushed by a Goblin shark.
Goblin shark?
We'll never see
the warm, dry sun again.
No problem.
We'll shine a beacon light.
See you soon.
Okay, look for their light.
Uh-oh, there are lights
everywhere down here.
It's like outer space
with stars all around.
Yes, of course.
Lots of creatures down here
have built-in natural light.
Remember that anglerfish
we bumped into one time?
Right. So if you head
to a light in the deep sea,
you never know what
creature you're going to get.
How are we
going to pick one?
Eeny meeny miney might,
pick a light
and hope it's right.
If it isn't,
what will it be?
Brand new species
or monster of the sea?
Ha! That's the Tortuga.
Okay, that light it is.
Let's go.
I have a good feeling
about this, Chris.
Me too, Martin.
Hey, it's coming into view.
The Tortuga?
Um, I think we picked
the wrong light.
Now what have we here?
I bet nobody has
ever cooked you before!
Come here, tasty little morsel.
You got me!
Now I got you!
And we'll see how you taste.
Now get back here,
weird little fishy.
I hope Chris and Martin
can see our light
with all the other
light-producing fish around.
Okay, but I thought light bulbs
made light, not fish.
It's bioluminescence.
Some sea creatures can make
two different chemicals
inside a special body part
called a photophore,
and when they mix them together,
they make a glowing light.
It's kind of like a glow stick.
Two chemicals inside
and when mixed... it glows!
But why do so many
sea fish have it?
Jimmy, quick.
Shine the light there.
Go closer.
Okay, so I know those
zooplankton glow
to find each other and stick
together in the deep sea.
That's one reason for
bioluminescence: communication.
And the deep sea shrimp
knows they do that,
so they're attracted to
lights hoping to get a meal.
But bigger predators
know that little predators
like the shrimp do this,
so another use of
bioluminescence: hunting.
That anglerfish has a
built-in fishing pole.
Wow! He really
fooled that shrimp.
And there's a third use
of bioluminescence:
Wow, there are so many uses
for bioluminescence!
It's only one of
the most important
chemical reactions in the sea!
And you know what that means.
I do?
It means I've got to
figure out bioluminescence
for my next
Creature Power Suit!
I guess it's up to you and me
to find the lost Kratt brothers.
Do I have to do
everything around here?
A dragonfish.
We hit the jackpot, bro.
These guys are the masters
of bioluminescence.
They use it for everything.
Tell me about it!
Those photophores on
the side are for communication
with other dragonfish.
He can turn them on at will
when he has something to say.
And the light on the tip
of the barbel is sometimes used
to confuse predators,
but mostly,
it's used as a fishing pole.
And wait,
what's that under his eyes?
Oh, got to scan this.
It's a special red light!
A spy light that other
fish down here can't see.
Humans can't see it either.
So dragonfish have
invisibility power!
They're like spies.
They can see with that light,
but other fish, like predators
and prey, can't see them!
Wow! Are you thinking
what I'm thinking, bro?
I think I'm thinking
what you're thinking.
I think we're thinking
the same thing.
Aviva, come in!
Dragon Chasers here!
Dragon Chasers?
We need a dragonfish suit!
They have the coolest
Okay, I'm already working on
bioluminescence, so no problem.
Listen, guys, I hate to burst
your light show bubble,
but we still don't know
where you are and--
(Alarm sounding)
(Both gasping)
And our power is dying!
This is serious, guys!
In just a few seconds,
your power will go.
Uh-oh. If the power goes,
all systems will shut down
and you'll sink
like a stone.
That doesn't sound good.
I'll check
the reserve power.
Uh-oh, it's falling fast.
No, no, no.
Come on. Come on!
We've got to get
that GPS working
so they can find us and now!
I'm on it!
Maybe I can retro-engineer
Yeah, with what?!
There's nothing
but water around here.
I don't know! If I can reload
the transmogrifying circuit,
and attach it to
the P24 modulator
through the electrostatic
bypass, it might-- oh.
It just needs
to be plugged in.
Goblin sharks.
Plug it in! Quick! While
you still have some power!
Here goes!
(Powering up)
We didn't make it in time.
We're doomed!
Oh, this is horrible.
They're falling
into the Abyssal Zone,
the deepest,
darkest part of the ocean,
13,000 to 20,000 feet,
over 40 skyscrapers deep.
We may never find them there!
Got it!
I got their coordinates
just a millisecond
before the power ran out!
All right.
Awesome, Koki.
Let's go get them.
Full speed ahead!
Hey! What?!
Why aren't we moving?
Huh? Aahh!
Is that what
I think it is?
Well, it's
not fried calamari!
It's... a Colossal squid!
Like we didn't
have enough problems,
now we have to be caught in the
clutches of a deep sea squid
the size of a bus!
If we can hold him off
a little bit,
I just might have an idea.
We must be in
the Abyssal Zone now.
We've never, ever
been this deep before.
Yeah, we made it to a new
creature adventure frontier
for humankind.
Kind of hard to
enjoy it though,
with the Amphisub
crushing and all.
The new pressure
systems Aviva designed
don't work without power.
We'll be crushed
by the deep sea pressure.
Well, it was good creature
adventuring with ya, bro.
We had a good run.
Yeah, we sure did, bro.
But it'll be really nice
to see a new species
before we turn
into human pancakes.
Hey, Dragon Glow!
Dragonfish Power Discs!
Aviva did it!
It says "mayday"
with their coordinates.
They must be in trouble now!
We gotta hurry.
Touch dragonfish.
Activate Dragonfish Powers!
Human-sized dragonfish!
Love it, Dragon Glow.
This is awesome.
Ooh, maneuverable!
With working photophores, ha-ha!
To the Wild Kratts
Team Rescue!
Ooh, better take the Amphisub.
I think it's repairable.
(Gourmand groaning)
Let go,
you toothy fish face.
I can't break free!
It's tentacles are too strong!
I can't pull away!
Uh-oh, those serrated,
cutting discs.
Look out!
I hope the guys
got our delivery.
I don't see them anywhere.
They should be
around here somewhere.
But where?
There they are!
Yeah, I'd say this is a
"mayday" kind of situation.
Let's put our suits
into spy mode
so the squid can't see us.
Oh, yeah, this calls for full
dragonfish cloaking power.
Deep sea invisibility, on!
Let's just hope
Colossal squids
can't see our
red lights either.
It's working.
We can see him,
but he can't see us.
Now let's put these
sharp jaws to use!
Yes! These dragonfish teeth
are impressive, Dragon Glow!
It's a good thing we're
super huge dragonfish,
because otherwise this
squid would never feel it!
(Jaws snapping)
(Both grunting)
I'm feeling that! Ow! Hey!
The jaws work, but there
are so many tentacles. Whoa!
Ha, missed me!
Keep going, Martin!
Take that!
And that!
And one more!
I'm not sure why, but it seems
like he's loosening his grip.
It's us!
With Dragonfish Power!
Woo-hoo, over here.
Can't catch us.
Okay, get ready to make a break
for it if you can, Jimmy.
We're free!
We did it!
Whew! Now finally we can
get back to our search.
Deeper than we've
ever gone before.
New species with new
creature powers, here we come!
Let's do it for science!
Here, fishy, fishies.
(Gourmand chuckling)
Look at those
deep sea creatures.
What's Gourmand up to?
I don't know, but it's
a good thing we still have
dragonfish invisibility power!
Dragon Glow! Look out!
Ha ha! With this green light,
they just come right to me.
At this rate, I'll harvest all
the creatures in the deep sea!
Oh no!
Gourmand is going to destroy all
the creatures in the deep sea!
Before they're
even discovered!
Okay, systems check!
Everything seems to be
functioning fine
with our new deep sea vessel.
Koki, bearings?
Looks like we're in
the Abyssal Zone.
This area right here.
13,000 to 20,000 feet down.
That's the distance of
40 city skyscrapers!
Wow! That's a new low!
I mean, it's the deepest
we've ever been before.
Not a lot of humans
have ever gone this deep.
Our new deep sea vessel
is holding up great!
Yeah, but I'm not.
And Chris and Martin?
Don't tell me
we lost them again?
Creature alert!
Don't sneak up on me in those
dragonfish Power Suits.
Hey, those look good,
if I do say so myself.
Dragonfish are pretty
for a little deep-sea monster
that only gets about
six inches long.
Quick, let us in.
We've got a problem.
Okay, so go to the portal
for re-docking.
Glad you're back.
Uh, the Amphisub
got a little crushed.
A little?!
But you can fix it, right?
So what's the creature alert
all about?
It's not good.
Gourmand is down here.
Somehow he got hold
of a submarine
that can go this deep too.
You're kidding?
It's true.
We saw him with our own
dragonfish photophores.
The ultimate deep sea spy
creature power.
Gourmand's down here collecting
deep sea creatures.
He got our buddy DragonGlow.
And a lot of other creatures.
We are down here trying to
discover and understand
unknown sea creatures, and he's
down here destroying them
before people
even know about them?!
That's wrong!
That's right!
I mean, that's right
that it's wrong...
Hmm... you know what I mean.
We've got to stop him!
Aww, but we can't stop our
search for new creatures.
We're on a once-in-a-lifetime
Breaking new ground
for science.
Trying to discover new species.
I know, but if we don't
deal with Gourmand,
there might not be any new
species left to search for.
Well, one thing is for sure.
Sitting still won't help.
So we better get moving
and just search.
And we'll see what we find.
Let's go!
And I'll get to work on this.
(All gasping)
We did it! We made it to
the bottom of the sea.
Giant Isopods!
I never thought
we'd meet creatures
that live on the bottom
of the ocean!
Whoa... I didn't think anything
could live down here!
How do they do it?
Yeah, and what do they eat?
Believe it or not,
they eat mostly things
that sink down from above.
Little pieces of dead things.
Or big dead things.
Whoa! A whale fall!
Whale fall?
Yeah, when a whale dies,
it sinks and becomes a feast
for creatures at
the bottom of the sea.
Those guys will eat now
and then they can go for four
years without eating at all!
By then, they may find another
whale fall or smaller meal.
Whoa! That's weird.
Like food falling from the sky.
Yeah, and you never know
when it's coming.
What's that?
Qu hermoso.
That thing must be
new to science.
Mission accomplished?
Can we head back to Earth?
Sorry, Jimmy.
It's a type of dumbo octopus.
And deep sea remote cameras
only recently captured
this guy on film.
He's named after those ear-like
wings that help him swim,
but hardly anything else is
known about this octopus.
Ahh, pulpo!
Pulpo. It's the Spanish word
for "octopus".
You know, I didn't even know
this guy existed,
but he looks a lot like
my new deep sea vessel.
Hey, I think I just found
a new name for our vessel.
The Pulponaut!
I'll name it after him.
Well, then I guess this guy's
name should be Pulpo.
I think he likes it.
Pulpo, where are you headed?
It looks like... a mountain.
Um, was this on the map?
This must be the
Mid Atlantic Ridge.
It's the longest
mountain range in the world,
but still so unexplored.
I've got to map it more.
These underwater mountain ranges
have to be home to lots
of new creatures.
We need to explore it!
And who knows, Gourmand just
might be hiding out somewhere
around this underwater
mountain too.
Pulpo, nice find.
Hey, I think he wants us
to follow him.
Well, it worked so far.
Hey, wait for us, buddy!
Whoa, Jimmy... slow down.
He just pounced on something,
Oh boy, we're about to witness
a new behavior!
And a new creature power!
An oven mitt?
Dumbo octopus can cook?
Not a new behavior,
but it is a sign
that we're on the right track
to find Gourmand.
He's been here for sure.
Hmm, I think he wants us
to keep following him.
Do you think this undersea
alien of a creature
is trying to
lead us somewhere?
Well, octopus are super smart,
and this is his world.
So maybe he knows something
we don't.
Show us the way, Pulpo.
What's our position, Koki?
The depth meter
is saying we've risen
all the way back up
to the Midnight Zone.
This range is already taller
than any mountain range
on Earth.
Koki, look!
Wow, we made it to
the mountain summit.
But there's a crack
in the middle!
The earth is cracking open
like an egg!
The world is about to end! Oof!
It's splitting all right, but
believe it or not, it's normal.
If we head down there,
I'll show you.
Are you crazy?
Hydrothermal vents!
What planet are we on again?
This is Earth, all right.
Guys, I remember these
from your adventure
with Seasquatch the yeti crab.
These hydrothermal vents
are a part of many
underwater mountain ranges.
They're formed when water
leaks down
towards the hot Earth's core.
When it gets superheated,
it's forced back up
through the rock and bursts out
of the rock, forming the vents.
It's scalding hot and full of
chemicals and minerals, right?
Yeah, and a special kind of
can actually live off
that hot chemical soup.
Kind of like plants on land
and microscopic plankton
on the surface of the ocean
can live off sunlight.
Only a few years ago, scientists
thought all food chains
began with energy from the sun.
But when vents were discovered,
everything changed.
They realized that new food
chains start way down here too!
With energy not from the sun.
But from the hot chemical soup
spewing from the Earth.
I'm dizzy.
I know!
It's dizzyingly cool!
Down here, it all starts
with a little bacteria
that can convert the
chemicals into food.
And animals eat the bacteria
which starts whole food chains
that people never knew existed.
With strange animals like yeti
crabs, and who knows what else.
That's it!
Where is it?
Here-- oh no-- uh...
Got it!
My yeti crab Power Disc!
And... in my creature
souvenir kit, I have...
Got it!
A shed yeti crab carapace
that I collected.
Guys, do yeti crabs even live at
this particular thermal vent?
Nobody really knows.
It's still pretty unexplored.
But we do know yeti crabs
have the power to survive
hydrothermal vents,
and I've got to get out there
with the creatures.
I'm going yeti!
Activate yeti power!
Oh, yeah!
This suit is awesome!
The hairy arms that collect
The crushing claws.
I am ready to go!
Let's get to it, bro.
I'll take the Amphisub.
I just finished fixing it.
Ehh, don't worry.
I won't smush it this time.
Maybe I'll leave
the tools out.
Might be needing them again
real soon.
Okay! We're ready
for deployment!
And launch!
Jimmy, now I can show you what
this giant crack in the Earth
is all about.
Uh, you really
don't have to.
Down we go!
Pulpo touched down.
I'll check it out!
He's eating a... shrimp!
Makes more sense
than an oven mitt.
And look here. Chemobacteria
is covering these vents.
And the shrimp
are munching on it!
They're vent shrimp.
A special type of shrimp
that only lives here...
miles and miles under
the surface of the ocean!
And they're all picking
at that chemobacteria
that is growing here.
Grinding it up.
They're grazing on the bacteria
like rabbits or gazelles
graze on grass.
Pulpo, you led us
right to the start
of a new underwater food chain.
Aww... hey, thanks for
showing us your world.
and for the fun ride!
Hey, Chris, this little guy
is eyeing me.
Uh, I don't think so.
Vent shrimp don't really see.
They only see heat, remember.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
I mean, down here
it's pitch dark,
so seeing isn't really
but finding chemobacteria
by the hot smokers is.
So they see heat.
Ha ha ha!
What a creature power!
And I'll call you...
Over there!
Behind Pulpo!
What's that!?
I've never seen anything
like it before.
Could it be?
I think so.
A new species!
Let's go!
(Gourmand snickering)
Ooh! Rare never-tasted-before
Might go good with
some of these clams.
And I'll use this as a garnish!
Gourmand! We found him!
But... we also found a new
species back there!
(Gourmand chuckling)
I'm ready to cook!
Off to the boiling pots!
But... new species!
I... aw...
Gourmand always shows up
at the wrong time.
Stay right there, new species.
I'll be back.
Wow, look at all that underwater
volcanic action and lava.
See, Jimmy? That's what this
crack in the earth is all about.
The sea floor is spreading
and widening,
but only a little bit
every year.
And the lava bubbles up from
this long line of volcanoes,
forming this mountain range
that stretches down
the entire Atlantic Ocean.
Oh, great.
Like, could it get any more
dangerous down here?!
Well, yeah, they could erupt
at any time.
Did she have to tell me that?
Amphisub to mother ship!
We've got a problem!
Go, Chris.
We found Gourmand.
And it's way worse than we
could have ever imagined.
He's set up a massive
deep sea kitchen down here.
Let the deep sea cooking begin!
Oh no!
And that's not all.
He got Martin.
Can't we catch a break?
We got to get out of here.
Gourmand! No!
Huh?! You!
Blueberry in the deep sea?!
Well, no blueberries down here,
but, yeah, it's me, Martin.
And you need to let all these
deep sea creatures go.
You can't cook 'em.
We hardly know anything
about them!
Exactly, we don't know
how they taste.
And that's what
I'm going to find out!
Ugh. But look, this is a
barreleye we just met.
He has the coolest eyes and
nobody knows how they work yet.
I call him Crazy Eyes.
And here, meet DragonGlow,
the dragonfish.
Dragonfish have a special
invisibility power
that is hardly understood.
And Goblin sharks,
like Snapjaw over here,
are one of the least understood
sharks with awesome jaw power.
Yeah, I know.
And here is little Heatseeker,
a totally cool vent shrimp
who sees heat
and supports tons of life that
we still have yet to discover.
Well, thanks for the
factual tidbits, crab cake.
They'll help me write my menu of
rare delicacies from the deep.
You can't stop me!
But we can!
Let them go!
That may be a pretty
formidable sub, Gourmand.
But mine is built
to last down here.
Oh, yeah? Take this.
(Gourmand shouting)
Deep sea dough balls!
Jimmy, evasive action!
You can't stick me!
Can I try that again?
Now stick around
while I cook.
Uh, you're sure
it's hot enough?
Nice stall, bro.
We need some deep sea help here
and I know just
who I need to find.
Now let's stoke up these
boilers, nice and hot.
Uh, Gourmand, I wouldn't
do that if I were you.
Yeah, why not?
Uh, because you really don't
want to go banging around
with a giant mallet on an
underwater volcanic ridge!
Yeah, really.
Underwater eruption!
Look out!
There you are!
We need your help, buddy.
Insert Creature Power Disc,
activate giant squid power!
Now this is a
true monster of the deep.
A 40-foot long multi-tentacled
Giant squid power
for a giant rescue!
Look out!
Red hot magma chunks!
Whoa! We got to get out of here.
Well, I can't break free!
Keep trying, Jimmy!
Use full power!
I'm trying,
but this dough is sticky.
Look out, creature pals.
If one of those rocks hits us,
we're toast.
To the creature rescue!
You're free!
Hey Gourmand,
these creatures don't want
to be fried or boiled.
Huh? Ohh!
Way to go, Chris.
I brought reinforcements.
Ta da!
Bumper's mom!
Just in time.
Activate sperm whale powers!
Yes! Swim, creatures, swim!
The power of one of the deepest
diving mammals
in the creature world.
No! Those creatures are mine!
No, they're not, Gourmand.
They belong living free
and in the deep!
Guys, help!
We can't break free!
Sperm whale powers
to the Pulponaut rescue!
We're free!
Let's get outta here!
You better go to Gourmand,
or you'll get cooked!
Whoa! Abandon ship!
Oh, my poor sub.
You can keep your
deep sea creature, for now.
You thinking what I'm thinking?
Oh yeah, we're thinking
the same thing.
To the new species!
I don't see him. He's gone.
No... he can't be...
He was right here.
Guys, we got to go back up.
The Pulponaut needs a detailed
status check, pronto!
Well, bro, we didn't quite
find that new species.
Yeah, I'll always wonder
what he was...
and what creature power
he had.
So close to a dream come true.
Cheer up, guys.
We made the right decision.
We protected those
deep sea creatures
for future expeditions.
It's true.
We did find some amazing,
little known creatures
that were only
recently discovered.
And you know what? All the new
species we were looking for
are still down there, just
waiting to be discovered
by someone.
Thanks to the new sub you made,
I think we'll be
down there again.
Yeah, she did hold up great.
And we got deeper
than ever before!
And don't forget,
I got some good mapping data
of unknown territory.
So, till the next adventure.
Step by step, science and the
quest for knowledge marches on!
But right now, I'm just
marching to my lounge chair.
And that's a...
Creature mission accomplished!
So the deep sea is
the most difficult habitat
on Earth to get to and explore,
but it's an amazing place filled
with incredible creatures.
And inventions like Alvin--
here at the Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution--
help us to learn more
about the Earth's last
great creature frontier.
Hey, do you want to check
out some of the features
of this amazing submarine?
Alvin has seven
different thrusters
to help move the vessel
in all different directions.
These thrusters propel
the submarine forward.
And a thruster like this, helps
the submarine move up and down.
This incredible hull
is made up of
three-inch thick
titanium metal
and is able to withstand
6,800 pounds per square inch
of pressure.
It is total darkness
in the deep sea,
so if you want
to see any animals,
you got to bring
your own lights.
The Alvin is also equipped
with high definition
video cameras,
so if there are any new forms
of life swimming around
that we haven't seen before,
those cameras can spot them.
Oh, yeah, check out
these robot arms.
They're fully functioning,
can move in all different
directions very precisely
and even pick up
specimens off the sea floor
and put them right
here on this basket
to bring them up
to the surface.
Whoa! This is so cool.
This is it,
the inside of Alvin.
There's enough room
down here for a pilot
and two scientists,
three people total.
It would take
a long time to learn how
to pilot this submarine.
There are five windows,
and right through here,
if you get lucky, you could spot
an unknown species of animal.
Wow, Alvin and the scientists
here at Woods Hole
have made major
contributions to science.
And there is still so much
of the deep sea to explore.
Who knows what new discoveries
and new creatures are
waiting for us down there?
Now let's have a look
at some of the samples
Alvin has collected for science.
Come on!
Hey, Tim, how are you?
Great, good to see you.
How's it going?
Good to see you again.
This is our friend,
Dr. Tim Shank.
He's a deep sea biologist
here at Woods Hole
and an expert on
deep sea creatures.
So what do you got today, Tim?
Right, we got a variety
of animals here.
Some that are from
two miles down.
Some that are from
five miles down.
Some of the greatest
collections we have here
are those from the
hydrothermal vents.
This is a giant tube worm.
So they're awesome.
The tube worms, yeah.
They grow like seven
to ten feet long,
and they have no mouth,
no gut.
They just have a plume that
takes in the hydrothermal water
and brings it to a
big bag of bacteria.
And the amazing thing is that
these tube worms
can get energy
from the bacteria.
The bacteria are actually
getting it
from the hydrothermal vent.
That's right.
We're use to all energy
coming from the sun,
but these tube worms
changed the game.
So these are the tubes
that the worms live in, right?
This is the riftia tube.
Yeah, the giant tube worms.
Yeah, okay.
These are
smaller ones.
Like I said, they get
to about seven to ten feet.
Really? Seven to ten feet!
Really cool.
Have you ever seen
a yeti crab?
I have seen a yeti crab.
I love that bacteria collecting
hair covering their bodies.
Now check this out.
This one here...
these are the vent shrimp?
These are my favorite.
They're so cool because of
their creature powers.
These guys live three miles
down in the deep sea
and yet they can
see dim light.
That's what we said.
There's hardly any light
getting down there.
That's right. But the black
smokers are so hot,
they emit black body radiation
and the dim light,
right at the throat
where the water comes out.
It's almost like seeing heat.
That's an amazing
creature power.
Isn't that amazing?
It's amazing.
It's so cool.
Have you ever encountered
any new squids
or octopus down there?
Yes, all the time.
We see octopus more.
There are certain species
that only live at vents.
They love to eat mussels.
When we collect mussels,
we look at their shells
and sometimes they
have a hole in them
and that's where the octopus
has grabbed it
and drilled in there
and had a meal.
Wow, they is
awesome stuff, Tim.
Thanks for showing us.
Yeah, and remember there's
always so much more to discover
about this amazing planet
upon which we live.
And the fellow creatures we
share this planet with.
Keep on creature adventuring.
We'll see you on
the creature trail.
To find out more
about cool animals...
And collect your own Wild
Creature Powers...
Go to the Wild Kratts
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We'll see you there!
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