Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue (1991) Movie Script

Ain't she something?
Yeah, I was blowing through
a town like this when I met
your mom the first time.
Never even talked to her.
She was just
standing out in front
of a little white house,
smiling as I drove by.
Then what?
-Oh, you've heard this
story a million times.
-Tell me again.
beautiful girl,
started haunting me.
I played her face
over and over again
in my head.
A month later I came back,
gave her a piggyback ride
straight to hell.
Hmm, you only saw her once?
And that was enough to know?
I knew.
Yeah, I use to feel terrible
dragging you around
from town to town,
but I swear you're
better off for it,
you're better educated.
Morning, Colonel.
Hey, Snookey!
-Fill it up for me, huh?
-Yes, sir!
Give her a shine,
we'll pick her up
after church.
Come on, May.
Come on, Son.
You probably think I'm just
a regular kid on his way
to church with his parents,
but what I really am
is an escaped convict
from the prison down the road.
COLONEL: Joshua!
You know, there was a time
early on before prison,
I was a horn player.
Sort of
a child prodigy.
That kind of means
divinely gifted.
You probably think I'm crazy,
but I'm not.
Guilty, yes, crazy, not.
If you were locked up,
you'd try and escape, too.
COLONEL: Joshua!
The problem with escaping is
they always come after you.
They don't if you're lucky.
Uh, who was that
you were talking to?
Just some horn player.
Yeah, I thought
he was hearing it.
-Hearing what?
-The beat.
Is that good or bad?
Oh, that's good, honey,
that's good, yeah,
that's excellent.
You know what I mean,
you gotta be a little
extraterrestrial these days,
otherwise you wind up being
a lawyer or a banker
or something like that.
That boy's got it,
he's tuned in.
Yeah, he's headed
for the moon.
-You need help.
Oh, God, it's Jules.
I can't...
Oh, I can't let him
see me like this.
If we lose this gig,
money's gone.
No clubs worth a damn.
You gotta go out there
and tell him.
Don't let him
see me like this.
Tell him anything...
Tell him... Tell him...
(YELLS) Tell him!
He's got the flu.
It came out of nowhere.
He'll be all right
in a day or two,
he'll make it up to you.
He's so sick.
I really don't know
what to do.
Sure you do, honey.
You know as well as I do
what he needs.
Where do I get it?
No problem.
You got the money?
Now, that's a problem.
I can work for you.
Wait tables.
Around here, you gotta
be 21 if there's liquor
on the premises.
Then give him an advance.
I already did.
I paid him half
when I booked him.
Don't play games
with me, Jules.
If you got something
on your mind, say it.
You ever been with a man?
Come here, I wanna
show you something.
Your dad and me
go back a long time.
That's your mom.
And that's you.
BLUE: Can I have it?
Can I have the picture?
Can I have the picture?
There's a robe on the back
of the bathroom door,
you can use it if you want.
I don't think so.
I'm afraid if I go in there,
I'd lock the door
and never come out.
You might not like
looking at me,
but I love looking at you.
The first time I was
with a woman,
we did it just like this.
Wasn't planned,
we just, uh,
sort of took off our clothes,
and lied down
and stared at the ceiling
for a while.
I'm cold.
I'll warm you up.
How long have you known?
Let's not talk about it.
We never have before,
so let's not start now.
I tried to quit.
A thousand times.
So I'm going to try again.
Soon as we're out of here.
Jules may have been
my angel of mercy last night,
but he's gonna come
collecting this morning.
I know him well enough
to know that.
If he's your friend,
why couldn't he give you
something for old times sake.
Did you ask him?
Did you ask him
why he had a picture
of your mother up there
where he could see it
all these years?
In his office,
his bedroom.
What were you doing up there?
What were you
doing up there, Blue?
What were you doing
in his bedroom?
You wanna talk about it, fine.
Let's talk about it.
Don't you think I know what
goes on in every bathroom
and in every parking lot
of every club you play in?
(YELLING) What were you
doing up there, Blue?
What were you doing
in his bedroom?
I spared your mother,
but goddamnit,
I couldn't spare you!
Stop it!
No! Get off him! Get off him!
Don't you come near me,
I'll knock your
fucking head off!
I'm not the problem here,
you know it.
You eat shit!
Get out!
Get out!
Gotta play.
Gotta pay the damages.
You know, it's something
I would have done sooner
or later anyway.
It's part of growing up.
I think what some people do is
they pretend they're in love
to just kind of justify it.
Not me, uh-uh.
I'm not gonna bullshit myself.
Never have, never will.
I love you.
I know.
I know.
I'm Elle.
A friend of Jules.
I'm truly sorry
about your father.
I didn't really know him,
but I did have the pleasure
of hearing him play
over the years.
I've always wondered
what it would be like
to have this kind of
poetry rattling around
inside your soul.
What do you want?
The question is, Blue,
what do you want?
Do you have a place
to spend the night?
Do you have any family,
any friends you can go to?
Any way of earning a living?
You could stay on here
and clean motel rooms.
I'm sure Jules would
grant you that favor.
In return for other favors,
of course.
Or if you're strong enough,
brave enough,
you can come with me,
work for a short time
and have everything
you ever wanted.
What does Jules
get out of this?
More than the cost of a plate?
More than the cost
of 10 plates?
You still ahead
of the game, Jules?
You still making a profit?
Are you crazy?
Are you fucking crazy?
Fucking whore.
Just like your mother.
What did you say?
You heard me.
I give him 10%
of whatever you earn
for the first six months.
Who do you think paid
for your father's casket?
And who do you think
is going to pay
for the windows?
I'm offering you a home, Blue.
I think you need one.
Take off your coat, Blue.
Your opportunities here
are boundless.
Your only limits
are your own moral qualms,
and perhaps your stamina.
Though in your case,
I plan to use you selectively.
Take off the rest
of your clothes
and step into the shoes
by the window.
Aren't they?
Everything here is.
The finest French wines,
waterford crystal goblets,
Egyptian cotton sheets
pressed to perfection.
See my clients are used
to the very best.
So are my girls.
I've asked you to
take off your clothes, Blue.
Is this really necessary?
Mary, it seems Miss McDonald
has changed her mind,
would you please
show her to the door?
I haven't changed my mind.
I know exactly what I want,
and I know exactly
why I'm here.
Hide your emotions.
There's no shame here.
You're an actress,
the role you play
is your shield, your armor.
If you don't like
the situation you're in,
then become someone who does.
ELLE: Perfect.
Always in blue.
Blue gowns, blue shoes,
blue handbags,
that will be your signature.
Dominique was
trained in Paris.
Watch her.
Watch her undress.
Her technique is impeccable.
Watch her.
Watch her eyes.
Long hard looks
with just the hint of a smile.
Naked women sitting
on straight backed chairs.
What could be more beautiful?
Elle wants to see you.
Put a robe on and come down
just the way you are.
ELLE: This will never
happen again, will it?
MONA: No, never.
You're no longer the baby
of the house, Mona.
We have a new baby.
This is Blue.
Come into the office, Blue,
there's someone
I'd like you to meet.
this is Captain Edwards.
How old are you, honey?
She's 18, aren't you, dear?
You got some identification?
Birth certificate,
drivers license?
Anything with
a date of birth on it?
Do you, Blue?
Now, that could be a problem.
It' important to know
who your friends are.
See there are
no witnesses here.
Only co-conspirators.
You understand?
But don't you ever hit me.
I'm sure I'll never need to.
Wanna meet some of the girls?
That's Celeste.
She's from Martinique
by way of Selma, Alabama.
She's got a real pretty voice,
you should hear her sing.
This is Judy and Suzy.
They always work as a team.
Look at that guy,
he's a regular,
he likes to pretend he's dead.
Hey, you like Elvis?
I fucked him.
Well, not really him,
just somebody that
dressed like him.
But it affected me the same,
I swear it did.
That's Del.
All she does is laugh,
and cry, and dance.
I was tricking out of my
mama's house for pocket change
when Elle discovered me.
And when she asked me
to go with her,
I said, "You must be crazy.
I mean, I ain't got no tits
or nothing."
She said,
"Honey, what most guys want
is exuberance,"
whatever that means,
"and you've got
that in spades."
This is Ruth.
She sort of handles
the rough trade,
but you'd never know
in real life, though,
'cause she's so sweet.
RUTH: Bernard, you're
a very naughty boy.
And bad boys
have to be punished.
That's Dominique.
Watch her face.
She's like me.
She loves what she does.
There's something
about passion.
Real passion
that just does it
to me every time.
what did Mona show you
that made you run away?
You know, there are so many
different kinds of love.
If you only believe
in the storybook kind,
you'll always be disappointed.
Watch their faces.
What they'd really like
to do is take a knife
and slit my throat,
but they can't,
so what they do instead
is smile.
That's Mrs. Lloyd.
Now Mr. Lloyd likes to do it
in the kitchen on the linoleum
with the lights on.
But you won't do that,
will you, Mrs. Lloyd?
No, real ladies don't do
that kind of thing.
Ah, and that's Mrs. Frank.
Mr. Frank likes to be scolded,
loves to be spanked.
Sit down, darling.
Thank you, Henry.
Unsettling behavior
wouldn't you say,
for the president
of one of the largest banks
in California?
Look at them.
-They can't take their eyes
off you.
If I wanted to,
in 20 minutes
I could have your dance card
filled for the whole year.
Would you like caviar?
I feel like I'm in a dream.
To dreams.
To the ladies that lunch.
To the duplicity
of their husbands.
To courage. To freedom.
To money.
And to your future.
The man at the bar,
he wants you.
Go to him.
It's time to go to work.
Over there.
On the chair.
Sit back.
Put your feet on the stirrups.
Do it.
If you are strong
as I think you are,
you'll stay.
If not, you'll run.
I have to know.
So do you.
Do it.
Don't think about it.
Just do it.
-Senator Todd Dixon, Blue.
Forgive the formality.
I've just escaped
from a terrible
sit-down dinner.
Not a soul there under 50.
Turn over and lie
on your stomach.
What are you afraid of?
You got three weeks.
And that's being optimistic.
After that, you're hooked.
Not to the money
or to the sex.
But to the power.
'Cause little by little,
you become
You see, most of them,
even though they're paying,
they want to at least think
they're special.
And because
you don't give a shit,
that gives you the power.
And when that happens,
it's all over.
You're hooked.
What would you say, Blue,
if I told you
that in less than 10 years,
the United States
would be capable
of sending men to the moon?
I like the moon
the way it is.
Is that so?
I know, it's not gonna
happen to you.
You're only doing this
until you get
enough money together
to get whatever it is
you want.
Then you'll just walk away
like it never happened.
If you really wanna
make it work,
what you oughta do
is to take the money
you're spending on me,
and buy two plane tickets
to Miami beach,
sit by the pool,
put a little sun tan lotion
on her,
rent a convertible,
take a drive
in the Everglades,
fuck her in the backseat.
Stuff like that.
-It's true.
That's what I told him.
You can't do that, honey.
You keep talking like that,
you're gonna put us
out of business.
Oh, now,
that's never gonna happen.
There's girls you fuck
and girls you marry
and never the twain
shall meet.
Don't you think
that every single one
of Ellie's girls
start out the same way?
But the years go by
and there they are.
-Still dreaming
the same bullshit dreams.
Three weeks, darling.
The meter's ticking.
I killed my father, Sully.
I broke his heart.
You okay?
I think so.
Take my hand.
Scream for me,
will you, my dear?
Just put your head back,
No one will hear you
but me.
Was that so difficult?
Somebody pays you to scream,
you scream.
You open up
your goddamn mouth
and scream!
What were you
planning to do, darling?
Save me again?
What you don't
seem to understand
is there are some people
who just don't wanna be saved.
-MAN: Fucking bitch,
I'll kick your fucking ass!
Hey, what's going on here?
I was just... Just talking!
I was just talking!
You wanna talk to someone,
you talk to me! All right?
-Get out! Get out!
-I'm going!
-Fuck you!
-Get out!
Fuck you, bitch!
Fuck you!
She'll kill me,
I know she will!
Not if she can't find you.
Just come with me.
I'll stop the bus.
Just get on the bus
and come with me.
Please. Just come with...
Hey, wait! My salvation!
-I know you!
Oh! Hi, it's me, Josh,
remember, the trumpet player?
I can't believe this!
What are you doing here?
I live here.
Thank you, God, thank you!
Give me an address
or a phone number
'cause I gotta see you.
I gotta see you!
COLONEL: Joshua!
Ah, um...
Ah! Look.
Meet me tomorrow
at the bus station, okay?
Four o'clock!
Four o'clock, sharp!
Hey, baby!
Hey, beautiful!
Where are you going?
Look. Hey, beautiful!
Hold up! Hold up!
I'm just trying
to talk to you!
-Please! Why don't you
give me a smile?
Come here. Touch me.
Hold my hand.
Where you going?
Ah! She's giving us the slip.
Go on!
MAN: Hey! Forget it, baby!
You can run
but you cannot hide!
Come on! A phone number, baby!
That's all I'm asking!
I gotta be able
to find you again!
Oh, baby!
You're breaking my heart!
Baby, baby, baby!
You wanna come down
for a milk shake?
A movie? A drive-in?
-Anything! Anything! Please!
What the hell is this?
It's where I live.
You wanted to know
where to find me.
Now you know.
-Let's go!
I'm coming back!
And I'm gonna buy your ass!
You hear me?
My name's J.J. Clark!
And I'm gonna
fuck you, whore!
I'm gonna split you apart!
Come on! Come on, goon!
Aw, shut that
music off, Ellie!
We didn't drive
no goddamned 65 miles
that my boy
couldn't have his pick
of the litter.
Come on, girls,
let's get your clothes
off now.
-Let my boy see
what he is buying!
-Come on!
Get your clothes off, ladies.
-Excuse me, ladies.
Um, as you can see,
-my dad, obviously,
has my best interest at heart.
But I want you to know
the only reason I consented
to come out here at all
is, uh, I was getting
real tired of him
calling me queer.
I want this clearly understood
I'm not queer.
-I'm just a virgin.
Not to worry.
I come prepared.
My very best and favorite pair
of paisley pajamas.
A Christmas present
from my aunt, Esther.
To be worn only
on special occasions.
I think this qualifies.
Hey, cut out
your bullshit, boy.
Take your pick!
How long is this
supposed to last?
15 minutes?
A half hour?
An hour?
No offense, but, uh,
I kind of made up my mind
before I came here
that I wasn't gonna
do anything.
I kinda got this notion,
see how...
How the first time should be
with someone that I love.
Sometimes I think my old man
knows me better
than I know myself.
Look at you.
If you were just ordinary,
I could resist.
I know I could.
Ridiculous pajamas.
Christmas present.
What are you gonna do?
(SIGHS) I really am a virgin.
Uh, but I believe
in beginner's luck.
That boy.
If he ever shows up again,
I think Mona might be
the girl for him.
Oh, that's right.
Mona's gone.
How much money
did you give her?
Everything I had.
Did she tell you
she was going to Vegas?
She usually does.
She'll come back.
They always come back.
If I wasn't so sure,
I'd be angry.
Oh, by the way,
do you always cry
when you make love?
If she didn't tell me,
I never would have
recognized you.
You look good like this.
Better even.
I told you
I was gonna be back.
My, uh, buddies over here
chipped in to get me
a stag party present
a little early.
I'm getting married a month
next Sunday!
what did I tell you?
-What did I fucking tell you?
-Yeah! Yes!
(CHANTING) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Get the lady a drink.
Whatever she wants.
-It is on us!
-MAN: Whoo!
So, tell me
about your bride, J.J.
She must be some woman
to land a man like you.
Well, her, uh, daddy
owns one of them
plastics factories
-out on thirty-three.
I'm not interested
in her daddy, J.J.
-MAN: Oh! Okay!
Tell me something about her.
What color hair does she have?
Probably, even natural.
-Except, you never know
for sure, until...
Until what, J.J.?
Until you can get a chance
to match the color of the hair
up here
with the color down there.
MEN: Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
-Go, have fun!
-What about your hair, J.J.?
-MEN: Oh!
Looks to me like
you put on
a little lemon on it.
And sat out on the sun, huh?
Are you a real blonde, J.J.?
Let me see.
You're not.
Do you wanna go upstairs?
Is that what you want?
Let's go.
Come on, let's go upstairs.
Why go upstairs, J.J.,
when we can do it right here?
If you're gonna rip apart,
don't you want
your friends to see?
After all, they're paying.
Get up!
What about your plastics
queen, J.J.?
Are you gonna tell her
how ripped me apart?
How you made me scream?
No problem.
You want someone to scream?
You scream.
You just open up
your goddamn mouth
and scream!
How does it feel to be
a piece of ass for sale?
How does it feel to be
marrying a plastics queen
whose daddy's gonna
own your ass
for the rest of your life?
Come on, J.J.!
Come on! Come on!
This is not what I paid for!
I don't need a monkey suit
to get laid!
Come on!
Fuck you!
Get your hands off me!
Get away from me!
Come on!
Somebody help me out!
-Stop it!
-I told you never to hit me!
Well, you repeat after me!
You stop it!
"I will never humiliate
a client again."
-Now you say it!
-I hated him!
-You hated him?
-I hated him!
Why? He's nothing!
He doesn't exist!
-That guy!
-I cannot do this
anymore, Elle!
I can't! I thought I could,
but I can't!
Well, I've got a lot of time
and a lot of money
-invested in you, Blue!
-I'll pay you back!
Yeah? How?
With 25 cent tips you'd make
waiting on tables?
Don't be ridiculous!
I can see you now.
Hamburger fat
with varicose veins
running up and down
your thighs!
Babies sucking on your tits!
And a husband
who beats the shit out of you
when his dinner is late!
That's the real life,
But lucky for you,
you'll never have to live it.
-You wanna know why?
Because I won't let you!
I won't let you!
If she should disappear,
I'll hold you responsible.
I guess I couldn't stay away.
Guess not.
You get used to things.
I guess so.
You. Go put on
your best dress.
You're coming with me.
Give her a break, Tommy.
The guy's a goddamned senator.
He wants Blue, I deliver Blue.
So don't fuck with me!
You got it?
Do as I say!
Get in the damn car!
Let's go!
I need to speak to you.
Of course.
I don't wanna do this.
Don't be frightened.
Think of them
as extensions of me.
Turn around, Blue.
Turn around and face me.
There's at least $5,000 there.
Enough, I'm sure
to handle any reservations
you might have.
Do it, Blue.
Let me see your fangs!
If you're angry,
show me your claws.
It's liberating.
-Undress her.
No! No!
BLUE: No! No!
Take that shit off her.
-You wanna try, huh?
Take it off her!
How much is this
gonna cost me, Sully?
What's the deal?
You wanna make a deal?
You shut your mouth
and I don't blow
your fucking head off!
Get me outta here!
SULLY: Come on!
Do you have any idea
how much trouble you just
bought yourself?
You wanna talk about trouble,
How about the newspapers
get a hold of this?
Sucker, she's just
a fucking whore!
SULLY: Come on!
Get me Edwards!
Get me the fucking mayor!
No, I won't go back there!
SULLY: It's okay.
-No! No!
-It's okay.
-It's okay!
It's okay!
I don't wanna make trouble
for you, Sully.
You're not making any trouble
for me, darling.
The question is,
what do you want to do now?
In a perfect world,
tell me what you'd want.
There's no such thing
as a perfect world.
Sure there is.
Right up here.
Everybody has one.
Compliments of the senator.
Are you crazy?
What about Elle?
We're talking about you.
My daddy and I,
we use to have this idea
about having
the perfect place.
A house,
stuff like that.
You wouldn't wanna
come with me,
would you, Sully?
Sort of
pretend to be a family?
Just for a little while?
I'd be honored.
SULLY: How do you like
your eggs, darling?
I hope you like 'em burned.
In the play,
Shakespeare examines
the deterioration of a family.
Greed, illusions,
broken dreams.
King Lear is getting old,
so he is going to divide
his kingdom
among his three daughters.
And the one that loves him
the best
will get the largest share.
this is Blue.
Blue McDonald.
tell us a little something
about yourself, Blue.
there really isn't that much
to say.
And where did you call home
before joining us?
Ah, Sacramento's
a lovely city.
Yes, it is a lovely city.
All right, class,
we'll discuss the first act
so be prepared.
It's King Lear, dear.
Enjoy it.
You might think I'm just
a normal high school senior
with a football scholarship
on his way to West Point,
but what I really am
is a space traveler
from Saturn
sent down here to find
the perfect woman.
You know, when you didn't
show up that day
in Sacramento,
you broke my heart.
And now here you are.
Is that really your name?
My father liked
the color blue.
Blue skies, blue moon,
like that.
Blue McDonald. (CHUCKLES)
All right now,
grab a partner.
We're gonna have
a little competition.
Okay, behind
the white line, girls.
Wheel barrow race.
Wanna be partners?
On the whistle.
Do you wanna be
the wheel barrow?
Maybe you should.
It's the difference
between an empty one
and a full one.
-MRS. FELT: All right.
Down to the green line.
This is stupid.
This is high school.
MRS. FELT: Ready?
We're winning!
We're winning!
We won! Yes!
We won!
Oh, my God! My God!
We won!
I can't believe it.
Oh, gosh...
This has been
one of the best days of school
I've ever had.
Does your, uh...
Your dad let you go out
on school nights?
Sure. I think so.
Good. Friday night then.
No, that's not good enough.
Meet me after school tomorrow.
I'll ditch practice.
There's something I gotta
tell you, Sully.
This place...
It's not just 'cause
my father and I
drove through here once,
it's more than that.
There's a boy here.
He came by Elle's
with his father once.
He didn't recognize me.
To him I'm just some girl
he's seen a couple of times.
and that's, uh...
All he needs to know.
JOSH: I love this place.
It used to belong to these
two old brothers.
They hated each other so much,
they didn't talk
for 40 years.
But they grew
the most beautiful flowers
and they used to pot 'em here
and, uh,
sort of sell 'em.
Can you imagine that?
Living with someone
for 40 years
and never saying a word.
The bed's, uh...
The bed's mine.
I bought it at an auction
and, uh,
the sheets and pillow cases
are my mom's.
I sort of borrowed them.
Whenever I run away from home,
this is where I come.
As long as we're here,
you don't mind
if I air out the sheets,
do you?
You read On The Road?
It's like Kerouac
jumped right inside my head.
Driving fast back and forth
across the country.
One adventure after another.
Free thinking,
free falling.
My dad's got this...
This idea how the Point
is gonna straighten me out.
Brain wash me maybe.
Straighten me out.
My God, you're pretty.
Seriously pretty.
Squint my eyes just right
and I can almost see
through that dress.
Just kidding.
You probably got a boyfriend
who's gonna come here
and kick my ass,
but I don't care.
I don't have a boyfriend.
You do now.
You probably think I bring
every girl I meet here,
but I don't.
It might sound crazy,
but I've
always had the idea that
the first time should be
with someone special.
How I'd wait until I found
someone I loved.
And did you?
Kind of. I don't know,
there was this
kind of Oriental girl.
I never heard her speak.
-Did you make love to her?
Did I say something wrong?
Did I do something wrong?
Did I?
Wait. Wait.
Did you ever see anybody walk
on their hands?
I can go all the way
to Pittsburg like this. Watch.
WOMAN: Blue?
Blue McDonald?
There's a phone call for you
in the Principal's office.
It's your mother.
If you'd known it was me,
would you have come
to the phone?
What the hell are you doing?
Getting out of here.
She knows where we are.
It's over.
She knows exactly
where we are.
She called me at school.
At school!
Where are you gonna go?
Somewhere, anywhere,
I don't care.
You don't care.
And what are you gonna do
when she finds you? Run?
And run again?
And run again?
You gotta stand up to her.
She senses any weakness,
she moves in for the kill.
My mother!
She told them
she was my mother!
Blue. Twenty-four. Sweep.
On hut.
ALL: Ready! Tigers!
-Time out. Time out. Time out.
The last play of the game.
The California division's
two championship
come down to this.
Boy, let me tell you
something, you're not
gonna embarass me.
This is for
the state championship,
Now just get your ass
back in there
and win this game.
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Let's go!
(SHOUTS) Down!
I'm a fake!
Everything about me
is bullshit.
I'm a fake, too.
I love you.
I know you do.
Come on out.
Hell, it's important.
There's some scouts
that saw you tonight.
They saw you play and
they want to talk to you.
Hell, you never know,
you might change your mind
about going to the Point.
You know what
your old man says.
It's always a good idea
to have a back up.
Come on, Josh.
Come on, Son.
Wait for me.
COLONEL: Sit down, Son.
I think this is just about
the hardest thing
I've ever had to do
in my life, Son.
But you would have heard
about it sooner or later.
And it's better you hear it
from somebody that loves you.
Now, I wouldn't have
believed this
if I hadn't seen it
with my own eyes.
I know how hard this is
for you, Son.
Turn it off.
Please, turn it off.
Let it run.
Let the fucking thing run.
Who are you to judge me?
Who are any of you
to judge me?
Do you finally recognize me?
Do you?
The girl you just
couldn't resist?
(SHOUTS) What?
You always got so much to say.
Say it!
Aren't you even
going to ask me why?
I understand.
I know you wanted it
to be different.
You hope and pray
it'll be different,
but it never is.
They hate people like us.
Hate us because we tell
the truth.
Because we live it.
Son of a bitch!
Run the motherfucker down,
-Run him down!
Goddammit, Sully!
ELLE: Sully...
SULLY: Are you nuts?
Are you fucking nuts?
She's made up her mind.
She's coming with me!
You wanna live
or do you wanna die?
You go with her,
it's the same as dying.
Let me make it real fucking
easy for you.
I lived in the sewer
all my life
and I can't stand seeing
one more person I love
drown in it!
Who in the hell are you
to judge anybody?
Do you wanna live
or you wanna die?
You say it!
Say it, goddammit!
She can't do it, Elle.
Don't make it about winning.
Just let her go.
ELLE: You'll come back.
I can wait.
you awake?
What do you think?
You wanna hear the good news?
Are you kidding?
At least I don't have to worry
about him finding out anymore.
The cat's out of the bag.
What do you think he'd say
if I showed up at school
on Monday morning,
my homework done,
my book report finished.
What the hell, right?
Coming from Saturn I...
I sometimes get confused
with Earth people,
their customs and...
So what I usually try to do
in the really tough situations
is to
let my heart do my thinking
for me.
Heart my ass!
Talk is cheap when
you've never had to worry
about how to get out
of the goddammed rain.
Let me tell you something.
You are really starting
to piss me off.
Just put yourself in my shoes,
It's kind of hard to adjust,
see, when all of a sudden
you find out the girl you love
was a prostitute.
So it kinda disoriented me
for a second, okay?
So I...
It took me 10 minutes
to adjust, all right?
What am I supposed to do?
Punish myself for the rest
of my life?
I loved you the first time
I saw you.
I loved you the second time
I saw you,
even though I didn't know
it was you.
I loved you at the farm
and I loved you
under the bleachers and...
And I love you now.
You know it's possible
you could be my salvation.
You know I think I like
"I love you" better.