Wild Roots (2021) Movie Script

Hey buddy!
It's time to leave, we are closing.
- I'll just drink this.
- You'll drink it outside. Move!
Sleeping beauty! Wake up!
You can't do that here!
Put the brush back and go!
Are you deaf?
Put the brush back!
- Was she expelled?
- We were going to leave, anyway.
They don't pay much attention to children
there. It's better for Niki here.
Wasn't she going to come too?
She had a bellyache,
and went to the bathroom.
- Are you the child's legal guardian?
- Yes.
- And her parents?
- Her mother died.
- My condolences. And her father?
- We don't keep in touch.
She could join the sixth graders
even today.
But if she feels sick
then she should rest.
Did you hear?
Karola, long time no see.
Hello, how can I help you?
Hello... I have a savings account
with a prize car.
You won a car?
- No, I need the money from the account.
- Your passbook, please.
And if I don't have it?
I'd suggest that you find it
and then come back again.
- Then I'd say I can't get it.
- How so?
Like I said.
I don't want to get into this, but...
You're in it now, there must be some
record of my money here.
That's what a passbook is for.
It's the official record that
you invested at our bank.
Without it, anyone could
come in and claim money.
You mean it's not here?
Where the fuck is it?
Calm down please,
or else I can't help you.
Here you are.
ID. Address card.
Shop loyalty card...
...a photo of my mother, what else
will make you believe me?
That's not how it works, sir.
What's the problem?
What's the problem?
You steal people's money.
You shuffle it then make it
disappear like fucking Houdini!
- Leave the building.
- And if I don't, what then?
- I'll call the police.
- 'Cause I want to take my money out?
- You're disrupting service.
- What service? Your service is shit here!
I want to talk to your bosses.
Fuck, just call your daddy.
You're all clowns. Go fuck yourselves.
- Not bad, but it's not my style.
- I'll try it on.
What did you do in England?
- Well, all sorts. I didn't go to school.
- How come?
- They didn't mind.
- Your parents?
My mom is a musician. She's in a
synth-pop band, and I joined her on tour.
- Is she the singer?
- The drummer.
- Cool.
- Check this out.
Don't you have any
clean socks?
Don't you have any
clean socks?
- You can't try them on without socks.
- Then how?
Only with clean socks.
I'm calling the manager.
Pali, come here.
- What is it?
- He ate the kid's sandwich.
- OK, I'll deal with him.
- Come on, Domi, it's 7:30!
Wake up, already.
You fuckin' ate Domi's lunch.
- A little diet won't hurt that kid.
- Don't be such an asshole.
- Did you go to the bank?
- Yeah.
- And?
- Nothing.
- They need that fucking passbook.
- Maybe you should go and ask for it.
- You go for it.
- Me?
I asked you to pick up
my things, right?
It doesn't matter when
your brother is in need, right?
- It's weird if I go instead of you.
- It's you who needs money.
I need money?
You eat my food, you sleep on my couch
and it's me who needs money?
Every day, my wife asks
when you're going to chip in.
I'll give when I get it.
Hello, va.
Hello, va.
It's me, Tibi.
Can I buy some new shoes?
- You already have some.
- But the sole's coming off.
How much are they?
21 thousand.
Go on, pick it up!
It's Tibi.
Is anyone there?
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who was that?
What did he want?
I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know?
- Why didn't you call me?
- He hung up.
If he calls again,
give the phone to me.
Who's that?
- My dad.
- Got a proper pic of him?
- No, because he's wanted by the police.
- Why?
He has an offshore firm in the Bahamas.
We get a lot of money from it.
He is my mom's manager.
If you're so rich, why do you
always borrow money?
- I told you, I left my purse at home.
- Why are you such a liar?
- I'm not lying.
- Yeah, right.
What's the matter?
How do you have the nerve
to come here?
I need the papers.
You think I still have them?
I told you not to
come here anymore!
- We don't want to hear about him.
- Maybe it was mixed with Edina's stuff.
Get lost!
Why didn't you answer?
Where are you?
At Karola's.
Are you in the city?
What's that noise?
We're on our way.
To their place.
Come home! You didn't tell me
you're staying out!
They live really far.
In Budakeszi.
Then ask her mother
to bring you home!
She's gone to bed.
Next time, tell me
you're sleeping over!
I put up with shit from
your mother-in-law and Kinga.
It's not the best fucking time
to discuss this.
You think it's okay that I go for your
stuff, 'cause you don't dare?
I went back to work.
- I'm tired of cleaning up after you.
- You clean up?
I keep your house in order!
Your fucking garden!
I take your dog for a piss.
Should I fuck your wife too?
- Then she might calm down.
- Give me the keys.
Get out in the morning.
I don't want to see you there anymore.
Stop. Show me your purse.
- You can't take that in.
- Are you serious?
- I said throw it out.
- It's only water!
I don't care, throw it out!
Enjoy the party.
- Hold it!
- What's the problem?
- She can't walk.
- Get off.
Your friend let us in.
- What's wrong?
- She can barely walk.
- Calm the fuck down.
- Don't tell me to calm down.
- I've had it with you!
- They are off their faces!
I don't care! Hey, girls!
Stop! What's the rush?
Back off! You can't take booze in.
Who do you think you are?
Go back!
- I told you, you can't come in!
- Fuck off!
What are you doing here?
Dorci, take this kid away from here!
What the fuck is going on here?
- What have you done?
- They came at me with a wine glass.
Get the fuck outta here.
Your shift is over.
What happened down there?
How did you get in?
Who were you with?
I have to call your parents.
Please, talk to me!
She was walking around alone.
Could you leave us?
- Why?
- Please.
- But Gbor told me to...
- She's with me.
- What?
- Like I said.
How did you get here?
How did you find me?
Who told you I was here? Huh?
Then, how?
Did you see what
happened upstairs?
Why did you come here?
It's no place for a kid,
for fuck's sake!
They'll be
looking for you at home.
Where do they think you are?
With a friend.
I have to get out of here.
I said come.
I'm taking you home, OK?
I can go home on my own.
Are you hungry?
What will you have?
- Come on.
- I'm not hungry.
It's up to you.
I bought these for you.
I don't eat dessert.
You can take it to school, hm?
School lunch is crap.
I don't want it.
Can you believe this?
Are you blind, man?
This guy too.
Can't you see, you prick?
Unbelievable. I mean, seriously.
I'm conquered.
Overcome by the forces of nature.
Where do you live?
Can't we go to your place?
It's not that simple.
I'm in between places.
But I happen to know a place.
In two weeks, they're gonna alter
this place. Until then, it's free.
Can you put on some music?
Do you want to put on something?
- What language is this?
- Icelandic.
What's she saying?
My life is a mess right now.
I have no place to live.
You saw, I couldn't take you anywhere.
If I get a bit more money,
then maybe...
but right now, it's just too complicated
for us to meet everyday.
It's better that way, believe me.
My T-shirts?
Kinga washed them.
They're on the drying rack.
You have a place to go?
Don't act like you care.
- I wanted to help.
- I can see that.
Some people are beyond help.
Last year we learned about
animals with a similar diet: cattle.
This is the third time
you're late.
- Your shoes are cool.
- Thanks.
- You said you didn't like them.
- I changed my mind.
- Is it a problem?
- No.
I bet your criminal father
can buy them for you, right?
Stupid cunt.
What's going on back there?
Niki, stand up.
How many stomachs does a cow have?
69, really?
Okay, bring me your report book.
That is an F.
You've lost this.
Listen, I acted shit, I'm sorry.
Let's sit down somewhere and talk.
Do you know this man?
Do you know this man?
Leave this child alone.
- Let's go this way.
- That's not where I'm going.
- Would you go away!
- Ma'am would you just calm down?
You're not going to molest this child!
- Is he your father?
- No.
- Who are you?
- Fuck, I don't believe it.
I'm going to report you.
Where are you going?
You hear?
Fine, I'm going with you.
Are you serious?
This is so embarrassing.
I'll give you money instead.
How much do you need?
21 thousand.
Maybe not today.
Didn't I tell you
not to come here?
Or else?
What are you gonna do about it?
Keep working.
She is nice.
She sure is.
Check this out.
This is the one I like.
Not bad.
I'm not loaded right now.
But there is something
you could find for me.
A little green book,
with the word Passbook on it.
With that, I could buy you those shoes.
It must be at the bottom of a drawer.
Come with me
and let's find it together.
I'm not welcome there.
Why is Granny so angry with you?
Because... you were in prison?
That's right.
What did you do?
I did a lot of shit. I was all over
the place, making trouble all the time.
Why, what did she tell you?
That I shouldn't talk to you.
And that you'll never look for me.
See, here I am.
- Aren't you going to pick it up?
- It's unknown.
Don't tell them at home
that you met me, okay?
Are you coming tomorrow?
I can.
- Hello.
- Good afternoon.
Is this Tibor Kondor?
I'm calling from the Life Protection Unit
of Budapest Police HQ.
You have to come in
for questioning.
Regarding what?
The man you beat up Thursday night
fell into a coma today.
Come and see me
in Teve street at 10 AM.
Tibor Kondor. Regarding the
life-threatening assault
that took place on Thursday
September 16, at 22:14,
I am questioning you as a suspect.
You can file a complaint
against being suspected,
you are not obliged to speak.
You may refuse to speak at
any time during the procedure.
- Do you understand this information?
- Yes.
In your own words,
tell me what happened.
He came with his girlfriend,
who was shitfaced.
Told them that they can't go in.
But they got in somehow.
Then I told them that wasn't okay.
First, the woman came at me,
then the guy.
He was already on a roll,
so I gave him a little twist.
- Can you be more concrete?
- Concrete how?
"They got in somehow."
"He was already on a roll."
"I gave him a little twist."
Can you elaborate?
They wanted to go in,
but I didn't let them.
- My colleague let them...
- His name?
Zsolt Bene let them in.
I suspected that this was a mistake,
since, as I mentioned, they were drunk.
I told them to leave.
Then she picked up a fat wine glass,
broke it, and lunged at me with a shard.
Well, that's... Only a woman can do that.
Then he hit me...
and I did hit him back,
more than once.
But what was I supposed to do?
Stand there like a dick at a wedding?
- Do you wish to say anything else?
- No.
I checked your record.
You have a criminal history.
You did four years for
vehicular manslaughter.
That is not relevant.
This is not the first time the suspect
committed a life-threatening crime,
so, I believe that it is relevant.
Under the influence of drugs
and alcohol he caused an accident
resulting in the death of his partner,
Edina Vrkonyi.
I'm going to report bias.
Don't you see a pattern
between these two cases?
- Are we going to the theatre?
- To the circus, young lady.
- Evenin'.
- Good evening.
Listen, guys. The doors are open until 7.
After that, you're standing outside.
Richie, look at you.
You want me to button you up?
What a dick.
One more week, then I'm gone.
To fuck about here,
for 1500 Forints per hour?
Looking like a penguin? Fuck that.
I'm outta here!
they are hiring at a casino.
I'd work two days a week,
and I'll make 150 Euros a day.
I'll party the whole time.
Be careful, or they'll
take you as a dancer too.
You're just envious.
I'm at Karola's...
Are you Julcsi's daughter?
Look! It's Julcsi's daughter.
You're Anna, right?
Your mom told me a lot about you.
That you do modeling and such.
Tell me, how is it?
- Well...
- You were abroad... In Japan, right?
Yes, and in Cuba too.
- You hear that?
- Yeah, great.
Yes, we lived
on a yacht the whole time.
Considering that,
you look pale.
They sprayed me with a whitening cream
so I wouldn't get a tan.
- With a whitening cream?
- There you are!
- We introduced ourselves to Anna.
- Hello, I'm Julcsi.
- She is not your daughter?
- I could never get Anna to come here.
So? Where can I buy
that skin whitener?
Leave her be.
This is outrageous!
- What's the matter?
- She sneaked in.
- I'll handle it.
- I'll handle it myself.
She is with me.
For this they could
cancel our contract!
There's no need to be mad,
she'll sit here quietly.
Why aren't you at your place?
- He brought this child in here.
- Who is she?
My daughter.
- What's got into you?
- I'll let you two handle this.
This is a workplace,
not a fucking kids' party.
Is it a problem that
she ate two sandwiches?
No, the problem is that
you always get into trouble.
For me, it's not worth it.
Get outta here, okay?
- Are you firing me?
- That's right.
Right now, right here?
And your free shelter is gone.
Move out from B7.
The exit is not that way!
Bon apptit!
What are you looking at?
This fuckin' shit!
Fuck this!
Hey, Tibi, stop it.
- Come outside.
- I'll eat this first.
- Buddy! Don't do this, come on!
- I said now.
Stop it! Come outside!
Come on.
- You'll have to carry me...
- That's enough.
What is it now?
- Why did you do that?
- Do what?
- We were supposed to leave!
- We did leave, didn't we?
Why feel sorry for them?
Was I an asshole?
Show me how much.
So I wasn't an asshole.
That's all?
I won't ever be an asshole again.
Tastes like shit.
I like it.
You should invite
this Karola over sometime.
It's always them hosting you.
It's not right.
- What her parents do for a living?
- They're lawyers.
What are you looking for?
- Some tools.
- What for?
For home economics.
I'll find you some tools tomorrow.
- Are you coming?
- Coming.
Thank you.
It was next to this.
It was mom's, right?
I couldn't find the other one.
She only wore one.
It was her idea.
She always had odd socks.
What are you doing?
What do you think? I'm cooking.
You don't need that much.
It'll be disgusting.
You seem to be
doing great with this.
- In England, I always cooked for myself.
- You were in England?
I was an exchange student
in Liverpool.
Exchange student...
what the heck is that?
I lived with an English girl,
but her parents sent me back,
because she told them
that I broke her hand.
And... It wasn't you?
No, but she cried so hard,
the teachers believed her.
And when I came back
they kicked me out of the school.
Why are you lying?
I'm not lying.
Don't give me that,
I can see you're faking.
She fell out of a tree.
She was clumsy. That's it.
I built a hideout in a tall tree,
then Emily and her friend climbed in,
and they didn't let me in.
But I built the whole thing on my own!
So I locked them inside,
and took away the ladder.
They sat up there all day long!
Then Emily got out.
But it's not my fault
if she can't jump properly.
Did you tell them this?
If you had said this, then maybe you
wouldn't have to take the blame, right?
But I'd love to have
a word with this Emily.
- Hello.
- Hi!
Can't you see the room is occupied?
There isn't room
for four of us.
It's a shared kitchen,
didn't you see the sign?
I can't believe it.
We can't get five minutes in peace!
- Relax, man.
- Don't 'relax' me.
Niki, come on.
Did you hear?
Thank you very much.
Tastes good.
I got a letter from the police.
We have to appear as witnesses,
because of a fight.
- Did somebody hurt you?
- No!
- What is all this? You can tell me...
- Nothing happened!
What is this business
with the police?
I don't know.
Come home,
and we'll talk about it, okay?
Something wrong?
Granny got a letter from the police.
We have to go in.
Because of that fight.
You don't have to say anything.
Don't say anything,
and it'll be fine.
Niki, do you know
why we're here?
There is CCTV footage of you
on Thursday, September 16...
at the entrance of a nightclub called Red.
That night, there was a fight in the club.
There is no footage of that.
Your father, Tibor Kondor
got into a fight with a man.
Did he come to see you?
It's important that we let Niki speak,
so please...
I told you to tell me
if he contacts you.
If you don't let the girl speak,
I'll have to ask you to leave the room.
You should know that if you tell me
what you saw, it might help your father,
or it might not.
You must be careful to
answer me honestly.
Can you tell me why you went
to the place where your father worked?
- You went there yourself? At night?
- I have to ask you to leave the room.
I have the right to know
what happened to my granddaughter.
You are obstructing questioning,
please leave.
Until you do, we can't continue.
If you are ready,
we can continue.
Can you tell me why you went
to the place where your father worked?
Did your father ask you to go there?
You wanted to go there?
Why did you want to go there?
Did you want to say something to him?
I just wanted to see him.
- I heard that he was there.
- Where was he, until then?
- Inside.
- Where?
In prison.
And did you see him at the club?
And did you see the fight?
You didn't see anybody fighting?
Well... I did. A woman went at him,
and wanted to beat him up.
Your father?
Then did you see the fight, or didn't you?
I saw it.
And did you see your father fight?
Remember, I told you,
there are no right or wrong answers.
What matters is that you tell the truth.
Did your father
strike the first blow?
Thank you for your help.
We are finished.
I'm calling the medical expert.
Do you stand by your opinion?
Please, in a few sentences,
summarize your expert opinion.
Based on my examinations,
I came to the conclusion
that as a result of strikes
from the accused's fist,
and due to a fall to the ground
the victim sustained...
serious injuries that resulted in
bleeding within the skull.
The victim was only saved from death
due to prompt medical assistance.
To this day, the victim is comatose,
and the long-term effects of
his injury are unpredictable.
Go inside.
Hear me?
You have the nerve
to show up here?
You promised me
that you wouldn't look for her anymore.
She came to see me.
And I wanted to see her, too.
What do you want?
Haven't you caused pain enough?
I'm sorry.
If I see you near her again,
I'll tell her what you did!
You took her away from me...
- I didn't mean to.
- You didn't mean to...
You made her get into the car
while you were drunk!
She pulled the wheel.
What did you do?
We were driving.
We had a fight.
I was being jealous again.
I was driving too fast.
I was really mad, and she...
...she wanted to get out
while the car was moving.
We crashed into the guard rail.
I didn't want to hurt her.
You two were my everything.
I don't know, I think it's math.
- We have physics next.
- How do you know?
We got the final schedule.
Well, the teacher told me that
she'd send it to me, but she didn't.
- But then what is the next class?
- I don't know.
Something really stinks here.
It really stinks here.
What's going on here?
Both of you, stop it, this instant!
Give me your report book, now!
I'd like to see both of your parents.
In this closed hearing,
the court has reached,
and announces
the following verdict.
The accused, Tibor Kondor, is guilty
of causing life threatening bodily harm.
The court now sentences him
to spend three years in prison.
The sentence is to be spent
in a medium-security prison.
This fucking thing...
Closing time!
I'm closing up now.
Wake up.
Let me drink this one.
This is what I owe you, right?
You want to come in?
Get inside! Shoo! Get in!
Get inside!
I'd rather not.
When are you going inside?
The lawyer called.
I'm sorry.
What are you lookin' at?
No more walks.
Can you come to school now?
Room 8b, fourth floor.
What is it?
Can I take the car for a ride?
I have to make a stop.
I'll bring it back right away.
Did you tell them at home
about the meeting?
- Yes.
- Then why did nobody come?
Show me your report book.
This isn't signed.
This will have consequences.
I'm going to speak
to your grandmother.
Sorry, we'll have to
reschedule this meeting.
I left work early today.
Karola missed sports practice.
I see, but we can't proceed...
I'm sorry you had to
come here for no reason.
- Afternoon!
- Good afternoon.
I'm Niki's father.
You didn't tell your grandmother?
Thank you for coming, but the fact is
that you aren't Niki's legal guardian.
And without the legal guardian
we cannot represent Niki here.
What legal guardian? Did I invite myself?
My daughter called me.
Yes, I know, but you can't stay here.
What's the issue?
Go on.
Tell us what you did.
You're not proud of it, are you?
- I had a fight.
- She attacked Karola.
Scratched her so badly,
it left a wound on her face.
Did anyone ask her why she did it?
I don't think this level of aggression
is ever acceptable.
So are they just here for decoration?
All right, Niki...
...would you tell us
what made you so angry?
She smeared
dogshit on my shoes.
- You did what?
- Is that true?
- She got the same ones I had!
- I wanted them first!
- Why didn't you buy them?
- You said you didn't even like them!
Tell me something you fought for.
Something you really wanted
and you did everything for it.
We'll deal with this, okay?
- We came first in volleyball.
- What did you get for it?
A medal.
- What if I pissed on your medal?
- Leave my child alone!
- That tone isn't necessary, OK?
- We won't resolve things like this.
Would you be pleased?
I'd be a real asshole,
if I did that, right?
Niki worked fucking hard
for those shoes.
Oh really? And so she can fight?
As if that were an excuse.
You know what?
Here, buy the shoes.
But my daughter was hurt,
and this won't undo it.
Do you want it?
Me neither.
It seems the only way to get even
is if I shit on your daughter's shoes.
Let's stop, right here.
Please, leave.
Niki, are you coming?
You have a car?
Where are we going?
Elvira lawyer
Wanna come with me to Barcelona?
I'd have a job there...
What do you say?
We'll leave all these assholes behind.
- But we can't take your phone with us.
- Why?
Don't worry,
I'll buy you a better one.
What's the beach like?
Pebbles or sand?
- Whichever you want.
- I'd prefer pebbles.
The water is much clearer,
and I can see my feet.
Pump no. 4.
5710 Forints.
This too?
8805 Forints.
Fuck, I thought I had more money.
Do you have any?
That's enough for the gas.
- Then we won't take these.
- Just leave them here.
Yes... that's a good girl.
We're almost done.
All right.
Good girl.
You're a good girl.
We're almost done.
There you go.
Now we lift this up.
It's okay now.
Almost done.
We're just about done.
If all goes well,
we'll be on the beach tomorrow.
Cool right?
- What's wrong?
- Be quiet for a moment.
What's going on?
Are you hurt?
What's wrong?
I thought we were in trouble.
Everything will be all right.
Everything will be all right.
Why have we come back?
We're not going away?
- You promised!
- You're expected at home.
You promised!
- We can't go to Barcelona right now.
- Why?
I was convicted.
Because of that fight you saw.
Will you go away?
I'll come back.
Now, go.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
I think you're looking for me.
Tibor Kondor.
- Get to the front of the car.
- I'll call dispatch.
Put your hands on the hood.
I'm going to frisk
your clothes, understood?
-I understand.
...Tibor Kondor gave himself up.
He is currently being taken into custody.